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10,345: Netherlands reports most new coronavirus cases since Christmas

I'm not a good person

The extreme heatwave baked sea creatures in their shells in Western Canada

HeadsUp for the COPA final

Haiti's interim prime minister says president was tortured before being killed

Who's paying for TFG to fly down to CPAC? You are. We are. He gets $1,000,000 a year for travel

I really screwed myself this time...

Wisconsin priest who called pandemic restrictions 'Nazi-esque' and said Democrats would burn in hell

Giuliani assembled the Trump campaign legal team in a room that overflowed with trash and had a

GOP Pols Forced to Admit the 'Big Lie' Is BS During Farcical Texas Showdown

Florida Man Pleads Guilty to Hiring Woman to Kill Couple, Frame BLM Activists

President Obama's 2021 Summer Playlist

Courthouse having structural problems

Since q-bert does not believe in gov't handouts, when is she resigning? And returning her

CPAC hand-out "plan" for reinstating Trump

Alaska Republicans Endorse Murkowski Challenger

Carol Burnett, OMGAWD her show is so great......and NO FAWKING ADVERTISEMENTS.......

An ex-GOP staffer pleaded guilty to child pornography charges and now faces up to 15 years in prison

How failure on Covid-19 has exposed the dangerous delusion of "Fortress Australia"

Live Beatles tribute band

Bernie Sanders said he'd oppose a $3 trillion Democrat-only infrastructure plan since it's 'much too

Hawaii people - John Cruz in concert live right now you guys

A Philly-made USPS mailbox that danced outside Convention Center will go into Smithsonian

GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn Warns Taylor Swift Will Be Banned By Socialists

'I hope I made Evonne proud'

Pacific Northwest Heat Wave Made Baby Hawks Hurl Themselves Out Of Nests

Murkowski: Trump has 'threatened to do a lot' to those who stand up to him

Mo Brooks Delivers CPAC Speech Reminiscent of 1/6 Address: 'Are You Willing to Fight?'

30% of Mt Rainier's snowpack melted off during historic heatwave

Small-town Saturday night

Power shuts off at political conference CPAC for 10 minutes

Texas Governor Candidate Tells CPAC Trump-Backed Abbott Is a 'RINO' Who 'Doesn't Want to Face You'

California's wildfires off to 'a daunting start,' currently outpacing historic 2020 season

Republican Governors Are BEGGING Republican Citizens To Get Vaccinated

Parrot Loves Relaxing Foot Rubs

The Jan. 6 Capitol attack was, in fact, a violent insurrection

Latest figures put 98% of Utah at worst levels of drought

Raging Bootleg Fire in Oregon threatens vital Northern California power grid lines

Trump Org Terminates CFO Weisselberg From Some Duties. Is Trump Org Setting Him Up to Take the Fall?

Watching Copa America final.

Historic Miami-Dade courthouse closed due to 'safety concerns' following condo collapse.

Death Valley hits 130 Degrees as heat wave sweeps the West

JD Vance has turned into a troll.

Beto O'Rourke's Testimony against SB 1 elections bill in the Texas Senate

The Lords of The New Church - Livin on Livin

The maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with after 2022 is going to be 55

Argentina wins Copa America soccer championship over Brazil

Argentina wins Copa America soccer championship over Brazil

DFW DUers - No plans for Sunday? Attend Jeff Fest


The storm hit, we had no power for 20 hours

Rent prices are soaring as Americans flock back to cities

headhunters can't find jobs for former Trump officials

Mr. Leon Redbone - Please don't talk about me when I'm gone.....

Partial guest list at Rosalind and Jimmy Carter's 75th Wedding Anniversary Party:

Trumpy Bear in a high chair

Sumo: Hakuho v. Tobizaru

Utada Hikaru: Prisoner of Love


Is it legal to sell this?

Jimmy Carter, wife Rosalynn celebrate 75 years of marriage

Hervis Rogers is no longer in jail. He shouldn't have been arrested and charged in the first place.

Do you expect violence between now and August 13th?

This is the picture of failure. Map was all yellow with some green a few weeks ago

California wildfire advances as heat wave blankets US West

Tomorrow, 3 PM E: Euro Cup Final

Japanese Reacts to All US State Accents !!

1924 Mikiphone - world's first pocket record player.

Shocker: US falls to Nigeria 90-87 in pre-Olympic opener


The most number of amount of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 55.

Why most economists continue to back lockdowns [in Australia]

Anyone try that Pabst hard coffee yet?

January 6 reality vs. Tucker Carlson's propaganda - mediamatters4america

Jared Kushner Convinced Trump Not To Pardon Himself - Ring of Fire

Physics, mathematics and dogs

Stewart Copeland and Ricky Kej - "Himalayas"

PA Lt. Gov. John Fetterman On Why GOP Efforts To Overturn Election Are Bogus - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

King T'Challa lives! Disney's new upcoming Marvel Series- What if??

Okay, so check out the H2O situation, less than 1 hour later ...

'An incredible day' as Lee statue removed in Charlottesville

are we good on the timeline?

Coco Montoya - "Old Habits Are hard to Break

Midland lawyer surrenders license after capital murder trial botch

Altered 5 Blues Band - Don't Rock My Blues

Sonny Landreth, Cherry Ball Blues - Last one tonight people. Hope your evening was grand. G'night

Atlanta LB Mingo charged with indecency with child in Texas

Ok. this is the last one. I mean it. This is a really cool song, can't help but to post it

Union Pacific jobs must stay in Palestine in compliance with 1955 judgment

Tweet of the Day

anyone ever have frozen pancakes?

Elon Musk says SpaceX still growing in Texas, plans rocket engine factory near Waco

US Senate Elections the Democrats need to win in 2022, 2024, and 2026 to have 60 US Senate seats.

Covid Now Infecting Mostly Younger People In Los Angeles; 83% Of New Cases Under 50 Years Old

Yes, Lauren Boebert Tweeted That 'Turning Off CNN' was the 'Easiest Way' to Make the Delta Variant G

OK fine, so this TARANTINO thingy is a masterpiece.

4 arrested at Maven Hotel, police feared a 'Las Vegas style shooting' during All-Star Game in Denver

Richard Strauss's 'String Quartet', Enso Quartet playing

Victims and family members take legal action following Surfside condo collapse - CBS News

Woman Faces Year in Prison for Smirking While Stomping a Back the Blue sign

Hyde: The Cape of Storms

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christian Hymn: 'Who Is So Great a God As Our God'

Facing a Year in Prison for Smirking While Stomping a Back the Blue sign

Trump Family CUTS OFF Rudy Giuliani - The Damage Report

Sundae 🍨 Baroque 🙂 (Knocked myself out with this one.) Love to y'all...

U.S. agrees to $65K Nevada settlement over radioactive waste

So who knows what geographic feature Mr. L is looking at in this pic

Caitlyn Jenner was harassed yesterday at CPAC.

tis true!

Lyon County to revisit naming of road after Trump

She has found her forever passion

What's a LUMP/bump on side of head -

In Nevada, Vilsack says he's 'encouraged' by talk with Manchin on reconciliation bill

GOP has slight edge among older voters; Democrats have huge edge among younger ones

Giuliani assembled the Trump campaign legal team in a room that overflowed with trash and had a 'rot

Murkowski: Trump has 'threatened to do a lot' to those who stand up to him

Breakfast Sunday 11 July 2021

State resumes weekly briefings as cases rise and feds send help to boost vaccinations

As Nevada sets heat records across the state, NV Energy asks customers to conserve energy

The most amount of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 55.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Summertime Squeeefest 2021 Edition

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, July 11, 2021

Victim Wanted to Die, South Dakota AG Ravnsborg's Claim about the man he struck and killed

How big oil keeps a grip on New Mexico - with the help of a major lobbyist

Governor taps Idaho National Guard for firefighting

Haitian leader's widow blames political enemies as power struggle intensifies

Why were Colombian guns for hire allegedly key to Haiti assassination plot?

Critics: Postal Service plans imperil community newspapers

A Texas man was arrested on charges that he voted in the 2020 Democratic primary while on parole.

Open letter from Civil Rights Movement veterans to teachers

Trouble in Alaska? Massive oil pipeline is threatened by thawing permafrost

'Fear on top of fear': Why anti-gun Americans joined the wave of new gun owners

New footage shows Capitol rioters drag officer into crowd

The Carter Anniversary Party

Clapton and Marsalis "Just a Closer Walk with Thee."

New January 6 bodycam videos show police trying to help a trampled Trump supporter being brutally be

Mitch McConnell doesn't know the answer to the simplest question in the world

Trump wasn't just an abnormal figure- Psychiatrists say his rhetoric

Billionaires ego not yet launched into space today 7-11-2021

This Twitter thread has many excellent suggestions for what to watch next

1976 Chowchilla kidnapping

Wildfires spark evacuations in 3 U.S. states and Canada amid heat wave

New Orleans March 2014 - The House of The Rising Sun

Pearls Before Swine - Enlightenment

Non Sequitur - Book of Revelations for the Clueless

UVA and the History of Race: The George Rogers Clark Statue and Native Americans

We Ain't Feeling Time

Conviction of Things Not Seen: The Uniquely American Myth of Satanic Cults

Fifty Great Things Biden Has Accomplished in less than half a year in office

Delighted Doggy Reunited With Human After Four Long Days

Happy Birthday, Yul Brynner!

Huh, Where is CPAC?

CPAC has become the place Republicans go to sit around the campfire and scare themselves sillier

Mama Moose and Her Calf Cool Off Under Sprinkler

Never play the other guy's game --- The other guy's game is designed for the other guy to win.

Woman Wasn't A Cat Person -- Until She Met This Kitten

"Sure, I got vaccinated, but . . . " Please come CAPTION Tucker Carlson!!!

At CPAC, a reporter is given a pair of eyeglasses by an old woman who quickly departs...

Potentially the most ironic moment in space travel history

'I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.'

Miami-Dade temporarily shuts down historic downtown Miami courthouse

AZ SoS Hobbs: Election observers no longer allowed on counting floor.

Democrats, heed the warnings: 18 months to a Republican Congress -- unless you fight

Pope Francis makes first appearance since intestinal surgery

Branson: It's a beautiful day to go to space.

I'm not a Lawyer, but I can predict the outcome of this case...

I got ripped off...

USS Indianapolis, July 30, 1945: Worst Sea Disaster In US Naval History, Near 900 Men Died, Sharks

Trump's still waging a war on truth -- and it's still bad for democracy

The high cost of being a recalcitrant ***hole when flying

After days roaming the rubble, Surfside survivor Binx the cat was reunited with his family

Chris Wallace nails Greg Abbott for racist election law: 'The point is to suppress voting by people

Thankful Welfare Queen, Gets Gov't Cheese, Enters Congress, Wants to Cut Safety Net for All Others.

Wimbledon finals - spoiler

They Relied on Chinese Vaccines. Now They're Battling Outbreaks.

Two from the window

Randi Weingarten Rips CRT Critics for 'Trying to Stop Us From Teaching Students Accurate History'

Lesson on how to use your blue check on Twitter for the greater good:

The Trumpian Roots of the Chip Crisis

Watch Live: Richard Branson launches to space aboard Virgin Galactic rocket plane

Try this at home: Example of teaching your kids media literacy

Second Fire Causes Further Damage to the Historic Krispy Kreme on Ponce

The martyrdom is complete

After a 24 hour hearing, Republicans voted voter suppression out of committee along party lines.

Last week: Krispy Kreme roars in 2nd IPO, adds 23% as CEO sees 'transformed' company

WATCH LIVE: S.S. Unity 22

Rich guys in private spacecraft advertising seats for other rich guys.

Potential mass shooting foiled ahead of MLB All-Star game

Good Day DU (July 11, 2021)

James O'Keefe or Elaine from Seinfeld?

About private flights into space . . . .

Morning + afternoon, + Sunsetting ospreys

Maria Bartiromo describes Ashli Babbitt as "a wonderful woman, fatally shot on January 6th as she tr

What a trip!

"I've heard also that it was the head of security for a certain high official. A Democrat."

Watch: Virgin Galactic Spaceship Takes Off From Runway

TV greatness: Richard Branson on "Baywatch"

Rupert Murdoch Reportedly Made the Call to Bury Trump's Election Night Dreams in a Shallow Grave

I was on an elementary school playground at recess when the news spread that

Florida man 'sparks security scare and flight chaos by threatening to BLOW UP Ft Lauderdale Airport.

803 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 4 deaths

Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic crew safely back from space, ushering in a new era

Branson Said His Space Tourism Will Be 100% Carbon Neutral By Buying Offsets

Top headlines this morning:

GOP Demands Investigation of Professor for Anti-Trump Tweets

does anyone think Feds were undercover at CPAC?


Where can I find: Charlottesville Mayor Nikuyah Walker's comments re: Lee statue removal.

What Fiction are you reading this week, July 11, 2021?

Ken Paxton bragging about suppressing the vote in Texas

TFG craps his pants on Fox News, says it's a victory for free speech

After the Florida building collapse, condos struggle to fund big repairs

Has anyone attended a legendary sports event?

Governors' races see flood of TFG sycophant candidates

Most Brazilians in new poll support Bolsonaro impeachment

Republican Rep. to GOP: It was an armed insurrection. I would be careful in the side you're taking.

A man who sued airlines over the face mask mandate has taken his case to the Supreme Court

Yeah...I Dunno....this space stuff...

Trump files for divorce from Rudy?

White nationalist Nick Fuentes banned from CPAC but other RWNJs were welcomed

The US Government subsidizes religion and charities.

Texans reportedly waited 17 hours until the middle of the night to testify on GOP voting restriction

Michigan mayor defended spending $4,500 of campaign money on an open bar for his daughter's wedding

So yesterday a restaraunt that I used to frequent lost me as a customer. Probably forever.

Pope Francis makes 1st appearance since intestinal surgery

Charlie Kirk specifically named the cop who allegedly shot Ashli Babbitt on Fox today

TX AG Brags to CPAC: Trump would not have won TX if he hadn't won 12 voter suppression lawsuits

what do you think

Congratulations to Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter on

TFG on Jan. 6 insurrection: 'These were great people'

Agency: Endangered salmon can co-exist with dams on Kennebec

'This is not a great outcome': Supreme Court ruling brings fear of explosion in voting restrictions

We all need to join

A billionaire funds a vanity project

Democrats 'can't be so idealistic that we're not realistic,' Eric Adams says

The right is correct that there are good guys with guns

Made for Vegas: Trump's rallies now a 'nostalgia act'

Janet Yellen Warns That Coronavirus Variants Threaten Global Recovery

excellent tribute to Dick Gregory on Showtime/BET

U.S. "analyzing" Haiti's request to send troops

There are two major political parties in America

from the medical mysteries column of wapo-

I feel tired

Biden's executive order will (probably) restore net neutrality

We're getting cluster-bombed with phone calls. One after the other.

Because of SHIT reporting... how many believe the MLB All Star Game was a terror target?

While you were in COVID isolation, Massachusetts decided to renumber all their highway exits.....

Dan Rather: Lies Beget Tragedy

Cali Venue Reportedly Boots Matt Gaetz's, Marjorie Taylor Greene's America First Rally

Morning Light Leaf

'Unrecognizable.' Lake Mead, a lifeline for water in Los Angeles and the West, tips toward crisis

Young Americans Aren't Getting Vaccinated, Jeopardizing Covid-19 Fight

Chris Wallace Confronts Texas Gov. Over Making Voting 'Harder' for People of Color

Pizza chain owner who pays $16 an hour says there's no labor shortage, just a shortage of businesses

If tRump REALLY wants to bring down Facebook....

The maximum amount of seats the Democrats will have in the US Senate after the 2022 elections is 57.

Wow! Lightning strikes golf ball in flight:

another way to lose a customer - a local farm stand with the best corn - no longer for us.

SF Chorus pushes ALL the wackjob buttons with hilarious video... and are getting death threats now.

(Jewish Group) David Mermelstein, Holocaust survivor, longtime advocate for restitution, dies at 92

Mike and Mother Pence send condolences to Haiti and Mrs. Moise. "That could have been us."

Can Branson's flight push children to STEM?

Arlington and Marysville trade open space for local jobs

My son has a 23 year old friend in Ukraine who was scheduled to come to the USA

Wonkette: We Must Discuss This Bonkers 7 Point Plan To Re-Install Trump Going Around CPAC

Hampton Lumber makes big purchase for small-town Darrington

Cartoons 7/11/2021

Brooklyn Dad Tweet...

Inslee meets with 'Science Guy' Bill Nye at Mount St. Helens

Are those botanical scented air sprays OK? I tried one lilac scented one on a very small half bath

Young Americans Aren't Getting Vaccinated

I didn't come here to kiss your f---ing ring': Sidney Powell ripped into Rudy Giuliani

"A message for people who don't want the covid vaccine"

Anyone here ever watched BBC Television Series "SS-GB" ?

Rob Schneider shows why his career is in the shitter.

Those who say the GOP no longer has a "core principle" are wrong. It is this, succinctly stated:

Republicans Follow A 'Winning At All Costs' Strategy Into The Midterms

MGT's bat guano imitation

Race increasingly listed as 'unknown' in Minneapolis Police Department Use of Force reports

Border crossings are not up under Biden, just catching up to pre-pandemic levels

Reuters Videos India set to overtake China as most populous nation

'It's horrifying,' Fauci says after CPAC crowd cheers lack of vaccinations

Netflix documentary series How

A fraudster set up fake call centers to threatened Spanish-speaking immigrants to the US with

Rosanne Cash - Seven Year Ache

Booster Update

This likely is the nuttiest thing I have EVER read

Question on wedding vows should I honor them

Republicans Are Wiping Themselves Out

Tattered Flags...I just drove back to our new home from our old one.

What I learned in Trumplandia today. Number one

Chief Guantanamo prosecutor announces abrupt retirement

The Motels - Shame

Brown(D-OH) is up for re-election in 2024 and he defeated DeWine-R in 2006 by a 12 percent margin.

Transphobic abuse hurled at Caitlyn Jenner at CPAC conference

Lake Stevens faces fine for alleged worker safety violations

Death toll rises to 90 in Surfside condominium collapse. Up to 31 remain missing Sunday

Netanyahu finally vacates prime minister's residence in Jerusalem

Pizzeria Owner Mounts Truly Bizarre Defense for Jan. 6 Riots

More than $1.7B needed to remake state psychiatric hospital in Lakewood, new plan says

Why are the results from the Arizona "recount" being delayed?

No seat is safe when Ohtani is at the plate

So many sour grapes being served up regarding Manybucks in Space. I'm thinking of Bi-Planes...

Sawant's Campaign Will Help Gather Signatures to Put Her Own Recall on the November Ballot

Howard Hughes was the weirdo, flashy, self-aggrandizing "billionaire" of his day.

Surfside collapse death toll rises to 90

Shivaree - Goodnight Moon

💙 Shontel Brown OH-11 endorsed by The American Federation of Teachers

King County Councilmember proposes waste-to-energy alternative to Cedar Hills Landfill

Totally believable

Don Winslow's latest video about Boebert.

Ryksopp - What Else Is There ?

Dammit! *SPOILERS* (Star Wars timeline related.)

0 Covid deaths in Mass on Jul 9th

"American Folk". Just a great little indie film!

Santigold - L.E.S Artistes

What's for Dinner, Sun., July 11, 2021

Why Trump's Vacations Are Still Costing Taxpayers Thousands Of Dollars (MSNBC)

Just learned something the hard way! (Folks with autoimmune conditions maybe listen up?)

When Shohei Ohtani signed with the Angels, I thought the idea of a two-way player was ridiculous.

U.S. Regulators to Assess Climate Risks

Restaurant blames govt asst for slow service

I'm So Tired Of It All

Yeah! A billionaire makes it to 'SPACE!' NOT! We are so gullible as we funded their billions.

Is this true?,

Per Mayo Clinic, only 46.7% of Florida is fully vaccinated

The Spokane City Council intends to give Cupid Alexander a public exit interview

It was at this moment Louie realized why Rob bought him lunch everyday for the past 2 years

Georgian cameraman dies after attack by far-right, anti-LGBTQ mob

THAT'S IT!!!!!!! I have completely had it!!!!

Turkish parliament approves long-awaited animal rights bill

Top rightwing Brazil newspaper demands removal of Bolsonaro

Remembering Reagan

I wonder if it would not improve our government if more of those in charge knew what

We are talking about Critical Race Theory because the Republicans want to

Bullet(s) dodged?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 12 July 2021

Police Escort Gaggle of Geese Down Schuylkill Expressway

Mental health professionals - not police officers - could soon respond to some 911 calls in Spokane

4 weeks old tomorrow

Going too far with the statue removals?

Netflix: Cobra Kai

January 6 was all Nancy Pelosi's fault. CPAC is where GOP talking points are born.

What drives the MAGA crowd?

The Trump Party in pictures:

Laura Branigan - "Self Control" Live

I just can't accept that the people at CPAC REALLY believe "The Big Lie". They're not THAT stupid.

DEBUT: 'The Newlywed Game' hosted by Bob Eubanks premiered 55 years ago today, July 11, 1966, on ABC

Beach House - 10 Mile Stereo live

Japanese Reacts to "12 things not to do in Japan" Abroad in Japan

Fauci Said It's 'Horrifying' That CPAC Attendees Cheered About The US' Lagging Vaccination Rate

David Bowie released his song 'Space Oddity' 52 years ago today, July 11, 1969

The number of US Senate seats the Democrats will definitely have after the 2022 elections is 54.


How do progressive whites wade through all the racial programming we're all...

Matt Gaetz' allies promoted an "official" CPAC speech. CPAC officials tell a different story

#IAm Ming-Na Wen Story

Trump on Jan. 6 insurrection: 'These were great people'

It's going Rome

trump just said that John McLaughlin told him, "you got 65 million votes, just get more than that...

Hubs has CNN on in his office. I can hear Idiot ranting and raving from my adjacent office.

Damn... women reaching out to women on Twitter (DV/football game related):

The question keeping Trump-loving men up at night: Why won't women date us?

Trump tells the truth!

Police in East Texas encouraged not to enforce the laws that they believe are unconstitutional.

Peter Schilling - Major Tom

Fauci: 'Inexplicable' People Not Vaxed- Delta, More Vaccines Than We Know What To Do With, Boosters?

Ex-Nixon White House counsel says he'd pay to handle Trump's deposition (CNN)

I believe there are zero GOP senators who believe the Big Lie

Priming the pump for violence (and revolution?)

For your Disco listening pleasure I present the "Dee Gees"

Rump just walked off the stage to YMCA.

Has anyone else noticed that August 13th, the date Pillow Man is certain will be when

RIP Byron Berline - COVID

Remembering Barnett Moss, a Capitol fixture who charmed many with his silence

Ask a question about an American writer & see if anyone knows the answer w/o using google-Part 2

Can you count on one hand how many really, really close friends you have.......

What's Really Fueling The U.S. Labor Shortage The Mehdi Hasan Show

Inslee tells tribes WA's Snake dams could be replaced. Will he even listen to Tri-Cities?

Boston Globe Editorial Board Advocates Prosecuting Donald Trump

The difference is pretty clear...

Fox "news" has destroyed my family

The End of the Flowers

I just talked to a DJ from a country station here in the Florida Keys.

Eviction Tsunami Looms Despite Congress $46B Rent Relief: Black Families, Single Moms Most At Risk

McConnell's Republicans are withholding funds for the Capitol Police.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb on booster shots (for Covid) - from Face the Nation

Senior FBI, Homeland Security officials in Haiti to discuss U.S. assistance after assassination

Relief in sight as extreme heat wave in West breaks more records. For Death Valley? Cooler temps

TFG, DeathSantis lead CPAC straw poll

China threatens retaliation after U.S. blacklists more companies