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Lara Trump throws a tantrum over Jill Biden's Vogue cover

Yep - on Joy Reid rn:

TFG Aide Balloonhead Says Incoming T____ Org Charges 'Politically Terrible' for Dems

Another Oath Keeper Flips

Toto - I Will Remember

The EPA must follow Canada's lead and issue new rules for ballast water to protect the Great Lakes

I've been working on the RAILROAD.....

One thing is crystal clear - it is only the Republicans that are "playing politics" with 1/6 ...

Washington traffic expected to return to pre-pandemic levels as state reopens

"The Skeleton Twins" What a powerful movie!

Isaac Hayes - Precious, Precious

In Rio de Janeiro, Indigenous people fight to undo centuries of erasure

How miserable are people here going to be with tomorrow's indictment?

his University a fraud, his charity a fraud, his corporation under criminal indictment.

Rumsfeld is dead. Cosby is sprung.

Supreme Court ruling for farmers against organized labor has broad implications

Blinken Says US Amidst Comprehensive Cuba Policy Review

Madredeus - coisas pequenas . o paraso . haja o que houver (letra)

Another One It Took A While To Run Down

Frank Sinatra - Willow Weep For Me

The election mess in NY is entirely the NYC board of election's fault

Honey. Nut. Cheerio.


Robert Palmer - Give Me An Inch

The link between business and religious Republicans is Authoritarianism.

Ed Henry Sues Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott

Australia Covid: Seventh city locks down amid vaccine chaos

Masks Again? Delta Variant's Spread Prompts Reconsideration of Precautions.

Who are the most notable people who follow you on Social Media?

Federal judge blocks Florida law that would penalize social media companies

Lawyer for 'Q Shaman' asked a judge to release him from jail, insisting his spear wasn't a danger

Can the PA Supreme Court ruling on the rapist be appealed to the USSC?

Kristi Noem raises ethical concerns with privately bankrolled National Guard border deployment

Yes, a Florida man is actually accused of hiding meth inside this body part


US Congressmen Demand No More US Funding for Colombian Police

NYC Mayor: How Andrew Yang Went From Front-Runner to Fourth Place

Majority of Florida condo board quit in 2019 as squabbling residents dragged out plans for repairs

Trump Jr. posts INSANE video while HIGH on DRUGS

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are favored to win by a wide to narrow margin.

Donald Rumsfeld, Former Secretary Of Defense, Dies At Age 88 - MSNBC

CDC Director Weighs In On Wearing Masks Amid Delta Variant Spread

Federal judge blocks Florida law that would penalize social media companies

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

NY DA Vance/Grand Jury Set to Indict Trump Organization & Trump's CFO Allen Weisselberg Tomorrow

Madonna - Shoo-Bee-Doo

New Arkansas laws remove barriers for immigrants, despite legislature's rightward turn

We are probably just hours away

WOW! rumsfeld bought and lived in Mt. Misery,

Rachel is the best - at home with Rumsfeld at Mount Misery

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 2, 2021 -- Primetime Theme: Friday Night Neo Noir

WAPO: Indictments filed: N.Y. grand jury said to return criminal indictments against Trump's company

It's OFFICIAL - Weisellberg and trump organization HAVE been indicted. No rumor or speculation....

Bruno the bear had to be euthanized.

Shocker! Rich Donors Don't Get Access To Kamala Harris

Leaders of Young Dems call for end of "slate," urge accountability and change

Chief Inspector Murphy stays in shape

Branford Marsalis - Hear Me Talking to You,

"you know who's not getting indicted tomorrow?

Transcripts - Oath Keeper Flipper (must see!)

The Lost in Vegas guys react to Ocean Size by Jane's

The Dream of Florida Is Dead

Most are familiar with the "frog in the pot" example of how a temperature increase of just a degree

Mike Curb joins fight against Tennessee anti-trans bathroom signage bill with federal suit

What's your favorite Frankenfood?

Trump went down to the border today to get his mind off the indictments coming down...

Tweet of the Day

San Jose Will Force Gun Owners to Cover Costs of Gun Violence After Mass Shooting


120 Republicans Vote Against Capitol Confederate Statues Removal - NowThis News

Latest rumor about Ashli Babbitt: Pence's protective detail responsible for shooting

BREAKING: Grand Jury Files Charges Against Trump Organization, CFO Weisselberg Reports WaPo - MSNBC

Cracks At Key Biscayne Building Raising Concerns

CWS Miss State up 9-0 oer Vandy in 9th

Judge Denies Britney Spears' Request to Remove Father From Conservatorship

Left out of state budget, Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement will 'maintain minimum services' with Ag

How Rumsfeld Deserves to Be Remembered

Who should be on the list of witnesses for the Select Committee?

US Senate Elections that Democrats win in 2022 by a wide to narrow margin.

I was considering what music should precede the announcement

Manhattan grand jury indicts Trump Organization and CFO Allen Weisselberg, sources say

Would This Be Irony

Judge Denies Britney Spears' Request to Remove Father From Conservatorship

Wynton Marsalis - 2:19 Blues


Radioactive wild boar-pig hybrid emerged from nuclear wasteland of Fukushima

N.J. attorney general stepping down to lead SEC's enforcement division

In 2010, Sinema blasted the "false pressure to get to 60" votes.

Methane Keeps Showing Up on Mars. NASA Just Got Closer to Solving The Mystery

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh move ahead with plastic bag bans as Pennsylvania's preemption nears its

Bruce Castor, Trump, and Cosby can all go eat shit.

Confusion builds over face masks as Delta variant spreads across U.S. - CBS News

There is a reunion in hell tonite.

Prepare for disappointment

Do you think Rummy knows now?

AZ budget bill provision allows Dept of Public Safety to block release of all video records

ExxonMobil lobbyists filmed saying oil giant's support for carbon tax a PR ploy

Wynton Marsalis jam

Revised vote count shows Adams ahead in NYC mayoral primary

Do you think this is too much, or just enough?

Kristi Noem Is Activating Forces That She Does Not Understand and Will Never Be Able to Control

Now This News - Media bias Fact Check / is this news source legit?

Central Maine checking in. So far, so good/

GOP congressman (Chip Roy) flouts mask rules on airline flight to Texas

'Massive' firework explosion in South Los Angeles

Unvaccinated are "at significant risk" as COVID-19 Delta variant spreads, Fauci says - CBS News

Never Goin' Back To Georgia

11 Senators ExxonMobil Claims To Control

Yes - Perpetual Change. Thanks Chris Squire for the great music

The Senator Who Decided to Tell the Truth

The first recorded song of Hank Williams

The latests survey of presidential greatness is out

Assignment, Lounge: Let's define "love".

Town of Lytton in Canada broke heat records. Now it is on fire.

Kenny Loggins - Love Will Follow

In case you missed this story on Rachel:

Everyone has the right to speak about the Cosby case, but

American Taliban (aka GOP) says Amy Coney Barrett set to overturn Roe v Wade - 'imminent'

Report: Trump Organization, CFO Allen Weisselberg Indicted By NY Grand Jury - The ReidOut - MSNBC

What are your favorite seasonal foods?

Former daughter-in-law of Trump Organization officer says she's prepared to testify to grand jury

Bomb squad truck carrying illegal fireworks from South LA explodes, blowing out windows, damaging ca

Here's something to ponder - the trump organization has LOTS of outstanding loans with various.....

Rep. Jackie Speier Rips GOP For 'Political' Thumbs Down On 1/6 Committee

Politico: 'Not a healthy environment': Kamala Harris' office rife with dissent

Have a job interview

on the lighter side: new world record ... "it's harder than it looks"

23 Workplace Horror Stories/Best of Ask A Manager

Turkey formally quits treaty to prevent violence against women

Making a Hummingbird Cake Tomorrow

(Jewish Group) The Time Has Come for a Domestic Anti-Semitism Czar in the U.S.

Trickle-Down Economics Isn't Even a New Con

This guy is running for State Senate in Oklahoma. Seriously.

(Jewish Group) Teenagers shatter 19th-century synagogue's windows in Romania

(Jewish Group) the post-pandemic joy is tempered by concern for rising antisemitism

Behind Marvel and DC's Pride Anthologies

McCarthy wants Nunes to investigate the NSA because Tucker, but he won't investigate January 6...

Covid transmission 'common' in pet cats and dogs

Rep. Schiff: Donald Trump Is A 'Grifter From Start To Finish' - The Last Word - MSNBC


TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 1, 2021 -- Primetime Theme: Seeing Double

Lightning absorb Canadiens' best to claim 2-0 series lead in Stanley Cup Final

Donald Rumsfeld, Master At 'Lying About The Most Consequential Things,' Dead At 88 - Rachel Maddow

TLC finally cancels Duggar series 'Counting On' after Josh Duggar's child-porn arrest

Historic Relief For American Families Is On Its Way To Your Bank Account

Yesterday, Lytton BC Broke The Canadian Heat Record. Not Surprisingly, Today It's On Fire.

Trump Is Still Bragging About Passing His Cognitive Test (MSNBC)

we are in so much trouble

Two Republicans Join Dems Voting For Jan. 6 Select Committee - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Bonus Tweet of the Day

California hate crime up 31% in 2020, led by anti-Black bias

California hate crime up 31% in 2020, led by anti-Black bias

What Will Likely Happen Next After Trump Org. Indictments? - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

*TCM Sunday July 4: Music, Dandy, 1776

Se7en is still such a thrilling movie

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Some consolation...

Wonder how Manchin is going to be affected by the release of this video.

'Who Would Do That?': Rumsfeld Made 'Mount Misery' Getaway Home - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

CNN says the judge in the case against TFG's business ought to issue a gag order

EmptyWheel: Roger Stone security staffer FLIPS.

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Mull Monastery, Scotland/Sts. Cosmas & Damian, July 1st

Louisiana state worker insurance to cover obesity surgery after governor signs bill into law

Looking for Help with Certification Assignment on "Opt-Out" Movement

Robinhood pays $70 million to settle range of allegations

Breakfast 1 July 2021

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/30/21

Any other Patty Melt fans here? I actually got a great one today from a fast food joint

Pope Francis to meet Indigenous survivors of Canadian schools abuses

Fears for Chilean indigenous leader's safety after police shooting

Meet the burrowing space robot that could explore the moons of Jupiter

A White Dwarf So Massive That It Might Collapse

Paintball business owner charged in Capitol Riots

July 1 ;-)

US Senate Races in 2022 that Democrats win by a wide to narrow margin.

Happy July - Woke up singing this for the indictments and the Select Committee

Ancient culture had exchanges with distant societies

Milwaukee Newspaper Torches GOP Sen. Ron Johnson With Long List Of His Failings

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, July 1, 2021

Rioters broke into the US Capitol by at least 8 separate points, more than previously known, NYT inv

Condo board quit in 2019 as squabbling residents dragged out plans for repairs

FBI, ATF offer $20,000 reward in shooting outside Annapolis hotel that killed Naval Academy mom

Best front porch shirtless press conference you'll see today. 😳⚠️👀Accused Jan. 6th suspect.

Thursday TOONs - Water... Water...

Man who jumped from a moving plane at LAX tells FBI he bought 'a lot' of crystal meth before the fli

Trump Refuses DeSantis Plea to Cancel Florida Rally

Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg surrenders in criminal case over company's business dealing

A peaceful moment for you today

Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg surrenders in criminal case over company's business dealing

This alone should end whether Trump won 2020

Mississippi State wins CWS, brings home Starkville's first ever national title

Rioters broke into the US Capitol by at least 8 separate points, more than previously known, NYT inv

BREAKING: Tropical Storm Elsa Forms: Florida, Caribbean Should Track Forecast Closely

Tropical Storm Elsa Forms: Florida, Caribbean Should Track Forecast Closely

On this day, July 1, 1963, the ZIP Code was introduced.

You know which Organization isn't going to be indicted today?

MSNBC's Claire McCaskill: Once Trump Org. Goes Belly Up, Trump Will Be "Out There Selling Pillows"

The Republican Party is a lost cause.

Nicolle Wallace Tells Democrats To Hold 1/6 Hearings In Primetime To Expose Republicans

I wonder if Ivanka still doesn't know who Allen Weisselberg is and his job title?

McCarthy is threatening his entire caucus?

Arkansas cop shot a kid last week. A white kid this time...

Bill McKibben: As Warming Cycles Acclerate Further, Human Responses Slow To A Crawl

Network News Far More Interested in the cosby case Than trump company Indictment

Previews: Short-Term Unsurvivable Wet-Bulb Temperatures Popping Up In ME, Asia

Does anyone know what the grievances were, of the mob that attacked our Capitol?

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 6/30/2021

Art of the Week: Week of 6/30/21

The Rundown: July 1, 2021

Illegal Fireworks Explode In Los Angeles Bomb Squad Truck, Hurting 17

Just saw a blurb from "Daily Mail" that Meghan McCain to quit "The View" today.. Good news? n/t

Of Nearly 200 Countries In UN Sustainable Development Report, Australia Ranked Dead Last

McCarthy threatens to strip any GOP member of their committee assignments if they accept an offer f

If Trump were less unstable, or if he were less obsessed with dominating the GOP...

US Chamber Executive Warned Of Warming Impacts In 1989 - Then Came Decades Of Lies And Denial

General Michael Hayden to Kevin McCarthy: "You're an asshole"

Drought Monitor 6/29; States 100% In Level 0-4 Drought; CA, NV, NM, AZ, OR, UT, ND, WY, MN, ME, ID


Prisons Have a Health Care Issue -- And It Starts at the Top, Critics Say

Infrastructure: "More than 1 in 5 Americans care for an elderly adult or

Rising Crime in Cities Like Chicago Should Not Lead to More Policing

My kids bus driver reminds me of mailman in movie funny farm

Will Biden get a 4th July gift in a

SCOTUSblog: Announcement of opinions for Thursday, July 1

Heat, Then Fire: Huge Pyrocumulus Clouds From BC, CA Blazes; Record Temp Holder Lytton Evacuated

Jobless claims: Another 364,000 Americans filed new unemployment claims last week

Another one Bites the Dust...AND FLIPS !!....Mark Grods,

Too soon?

Things to celebrate this 4th July

A Thunderhead Above Baffin Island In Arctic Canada, Where Thunderstorms Were Unknown 50 Years Ago

It's great day in Virginia! Today, thanks to our of our Democratic Majority...

Tie the Republican party to autocracy.

ISO good accountant in Mobile who has our values

WAPO: Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg surrenders in criminal case over company's business d

LAPD explodes fireworks in a residential neighborhood during a drought

Lytton BC Hit 121 F On Tuesday; Today, It's Unknown How Much Of The Town Survived Forest Fire

I know that most DUers do not need to read this:

Next Democratic US Senators from each state.

Headlines from the last 24 hours

Two men who ran onto Super Bowl field given year of probation

Splish, splash cats hate bathes

3 years ago, Weisselberg was granted immunity to testify against Trump

New Mexico fully reopens, drops all pandemic restrictions

Ben Franklin's anti-vax tragic regrets.

Did the DoJ issue agreements to not prosecute the trump clan (similar to bill cosby's deal)?

Meghan McCain, 36, will announce her resignation from The View on today's show...

Pic Of The Moment: The Priorities Of Kevin McCarthy

Uber app keeps sending verification codes to my landline but they never arrive.

(Pa) Heroin dealer ordered to prison

Charles Booker Will Challenge Rand Paul

Charles Booker launches another Senate bid in Kentucky

Supreme Court upholds restrictive Arizona voting laws in test of Voting Rights Act

Voting rights act.......Supreme Court.......what does this mean?

A couple bulldozed 36 Joshua trees to build a home. Now they face an $18,000 fine.

Those who said in 2016 that the SC didn't matter, and either didn't vote or voted third party

Supreme Court leaves Arizona voting restrictions in place

Woman who falsely accused Black teen of stealing phone charged with federal hate crime

A Lovely Day

The Supreme Court just gave the Republicans the Country

The Supreme Court has just hung the Sword of Damocles over voting rights

My, my - You can't argue ancient villians had style

Just registered for the vaccine lottery

Anyone remember Elfego Baca? El Gato.

ATTN Rep. McCarthy .... Trae Crowder aka the Liberal Redneck speaks for me.

Liz Cheney appointed to Jan 6. Select Committee

A week before Election Day 2016, an unfounded rumor began to circulate about the Clinton Foundation

DeSantis signs bill allowing concealed carry at churches that share land with schools

Donald Trump. Under Oath. 11 hours.

I hope Meagan McCain starts her own View, Here's why:

It's time to expand the SC, asap.

Let's Face It - If The Dems Don't Get Rid Of The Filibuster And Start....

'Y'all are crappy neighbors': Rutherford County residents slam landfill expansion plan at public

Michigan is Changing How Political Maps Are Drawn

Tropical Storm Elsa forms, expected to reach Gulf of Mexico next week

So The Tr**p Organization Is Indicted But....

Some nostalgia in the lead up to Independence Day

Supreme Court strikes down disclosure rules for political donors

Pelosi appoints Liz Cheney to House select committee investigating Jan. 6

The question of Georgia's new election law giving the Elections Board the power to replace a


The GOP Is Trying To Outlaw Democracy: Hightower

Hey Kevin McCarthy

Liz Cheney named to select committee

Good Day DU (July 1, 2021)

So what are the chances Stephen Breyer announces his retirement today?

Tour de France drops lawsuit against fan who caused massive crash

President Biden meets with Gov. DeSantis, local officials and first responders

Wallet found!

Revealed: ExxonMobil's lobbying war on climate change legislation

CNN: Surfside rescue work halted over fears rest of tower could fall

Donald Rumsfeld Survived By 1 Million Fewer Iraqis

Uproar in Zimbabwe as teenager who 'fought off sexual assault' charged with murder

Search at Florida condo collapse site pauses amid concern about the structure that's still standing

WaPo: Group caps methane-spewing abandoned oil wells one at a time

Kansas groups halt voter registration drives to avoid being jailed under new law

About Liz Cheney.

472 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; 3 deaths

HUGE Endorsement! Marcia Fudge's mother has endorsed Shontel Brown!!!

One for us: "Federal judge blocks Indiana 'abortion reversal' law"

The Fearmongering About Rising Crime Has Got to Stop

"I can't figure out why the C.I.A. turned down my application." Please come CAPTION Tucker Carlson!

Glad Wimbledon is back.......

"Experts Warn Heat Wave Could Lead To Huge Surge In Shirtless Italian Grandpas With Wet Washcloths

the NBA: when sports is not just sports

Next Democratic US Senators from each state.

Excited Dogs Knock Down Unsuspecting Owner

President Biden in Surfside - live


The NASCAR Xfinity race on July 17 is named "Get Vaccinated 200"

Kevin McCarthy is an asshole.

Driving fast and furious? That's Ludacris

Before, they were able to track down reporters in Trump rallies and kick them out

Jimmy Fitzmorris, Louisiana politician who lost squeakers for mayor, governor, dies at 99

Control of the SCOTUS was on the ballot in 2016 as well as the fate of Roe v. Wade and VRA

'We can do it': Biden brings message of comfort to Surfside

OMG, if My dad ever did this to me.....

Has Anyone Asked Don Jr., Eric or Ivanka If They Would Go To Jail To....

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy vows to punish members who serve on Capitol riot committee

Trump supporters seethe after 'cuck' Ron DeSantis thanks Joe Biden w/help on Surfside condo disaster

"S.A." the young guy on Jeopardy last night. Have you EVER heard anyone talk so fast?

Texas Gov. Abbott Blocks Media--Including CNN's Jim Acosta--from TFG Border Event

Number one on Billboard fifty years ago this week:

Trump Organization Charges Magnify Risks of Debt Refinancing

It's 4 years old but sounds 54

'It's political': Idaho county's GOP commissioners drop doctor from public health board

Good Morning ospreys, afternoon, storm, and sleep

I did some drawings Years ago... sent these recently to Mr. S

Yes, It's Still a Conservative Supreme Court

The MAGA hell house.

Pres. Biden thanks first responders for their work following the Surfside building collapse.

Why the Covid-19 Pandemic Weakened Far-Right Groups in Europe

New Covid Wave Could Be Imminent As Delta Variant Sweeps Europe, WHO Says

Question about Bill Cosby...

free Medicare info/WA

Very strong dissent. Justice Kagan really rips rw majority opinion,

Homemade Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp Recipe

DeSantis Hails 'Very Supportive' Biden in Wake of Building Collapse

Trump Org CFO Allen Weisselberg surrenders ahead of charges

Will Wilkinson: Q, Trust, and You

Biden and DeSantis play nice as president surveys Surfside

Weisselberg is a relative of Michael Cohen?

"I won't have Jesus Christ or God's name taken in vain." said a coworker of mine

A judge blocked Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' 'deplatforming' law, saying it would violate social-media

This is NOT a nation of laws.

A former Fox News anchor fired over alleged sexual misconduct is suing the network and one of its

LOTS of doom and gloom around here on indictment day

US Senate Races that Democrats win in 2022 by a wide to narrow margin.

Washington's entertainment venues excited to welcome back audiences

I really hope this is true. Though many will emulate the formula

Washington's reopening marks turning point for Seattle tourism, hospitality industries

Sometimes, interaction with the police goes well.

Police Officer Admit He's Playing a Taylor Swift Song to Keep Activist's Video Off YouTube

Bangladesh Locks Down As Daily COVID Cases Quintuple

While Congress squabbles over a select committee, reporters are putting January 6 puzzle pieces

What I want to know is if the TFG corporation is indicted

California high school stripped of basketball title after tortillas were thrown at opposing Latino

McCartney fan? You gotta watch this video of Sir Paul with James Cordon in London.

The Supreme Court Just Rendered The Landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965 A Dead Letter

US, UK agencies warn Russian hackers using 'brute force' to target hundreds of groups

Rumsfeld Family Immediately Squabbling Over Who Will Inherit Mounted Heads Of Iraqi Civilians

Chuck Todd just WENT THERE...

BBQ Grilled Eggplant!

Biden Expresses 'Disappointment' With SCOTUS Voting Decision, Reemphasizes Need For S1

'No one has waited longer': trailblazing female pilot Wally Funk will go to space with Bezos

Joe Biden is a great gift to the U.S.A. at a very difficult time in our history.

Our trump worshiping governor does it again

Those bunk beds and now knowing that two little girls died. I shudder and Pray for Surfside

Kyrsten Sinema speaks in favor of reconciliation

See Fulton ballots with unclear markings and how officials ruled

Weisselberg just walked into the courtroom HANDCUFFED!!!!

Perp-Walk! Weisselberg on MSNBC

Heat Dome: Terns nest that held 3 eggs is now empty & abandoned.

Please be careful out there this holiday weekend re COVID-19

Happy Bobby Bonilla Day!!

I hope the hits keep coming for fatnixon. Make him regret he ever rode that escalator down.

Who dresses these people, here we go again the delta variant is a hoax

National Catholic Reporter: It's time to kill the filibuster before it kills the democracy.

Hold your tears: Lloyd's of London Won't Renew Insurance for NRA Directors, putting leaders at risk

Grand Fucking Larceny Motherfuckers!!!!!!!

I-GRANDPA World's first ELDERLY sex robot with 'wrinkles and silver hair' created by RealDoll

Not that Cannabis is a big thing in Japan... if at all

DC area rain just starting in western burbs. Quick 10 degree temp drop. Ahh.

This is what marijuana has turned our community into

FYI: Trump/Mazars Case live streaming on Court's Youtube Channel

Prosecutors charge Trump Organization with a 15-year tax scheme

And People Thought Weisselberg Would Flip

NUL. / XStream (these guys are my new love...

Prosecutors allege 15-year tax scheme, charges include 15 felony counts against Trump Org Source: CN

Released On His Own Recognizance

And now Rep Mondaire Jones has introduced a short (2 pages) bill to counter the Brnovich ruling

Delta variant infected all unvaccinated at superspreader event

Trump Org.'s response.

Donald Trump's GETTR social media just launched today, but the Nazis already feel right at home.

Record heat stark reminder of climate action need

McCarthy on Liz Cheney: "I was shocked that she would accept something from Speaker Pelosi. It would

Kevin McCarthy tries to shift blame for the January 6 insurrection to law enforcement

2:50 p.m.: Line of severe storms from Germantown to Manassas to sweep through DC in next 45 minutes

Cartoons 7/1/2021

Ron Brownstein: The Only Way to Save Voting Rights

Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg has just been brought into court in handcuffs. @MSNBC

Move-in day nears as homeless get tiny houses of their own

Governor and others celebrate end of pandemic restrictions

Here is the UNSEALED INDICTMENT against Weisselberg and the Trump Org.

Tucker Carlson's history of fearmongering about white replacement, genocide, and race war

Alien Astronomers on exoplanets could see us, just as we see them.

Trump is still bragging about passing his cognitive test from 2018

Mortgage servicers can soon resume foreclosure proceedings. But there are limitations.

Feeling whiney.

As the U.S. tries to beat the heat, a shaky power grid is pushed to the brink

Ghislaine Maxwell's legal team hopes to secure her release on basis of Bill Cosby ruling

Did I just hear a DJT lawyer complain DJT was targeted for "political reasons?"

One flew over the cuckoo's nest.

1967 - The Association "Never My Love"

any outdoor growers here? what happened to my poor plant?

3...2...1...WITCH HUNT!

crossposting a gardening question

Meanwhile on Fox.....

When and Who will be the next Democratic US Senator from FL,IA,NC,OH,PA,TX, and WI.

Jennifer Weisselberg's MSNBC Interview After The Indictment

Science: "SARS-CoV-2 immune evasion by the B.1.427/B.1.429 VOC" (California "epsilon")

Tucker Carlson told associates he voted for Kanye, not Trump

Un-indicted co-conspirator #1 is back.

I had no idea that such purchases had now been rendered so convenient ...

Smoke 'em if you've got 'em....

Tucker Carlson told associates he voted for Kanye, not Trump

Specific dollar amounts of Weisselberg tax evasion scheme

Having watched and listened to the Trump Oganization attorneys---one man, one woman---

Watch out. I hear Weisselberg's going to pull out the infalliable Free Parking defense.

"Looks Like We Made It"

Do you believe this video was really taken 15 minutes before Champlain Towers South collapsed?

Overdramatic Cats Who Deserve An Oscar

focus on 50 year old 600 unit condo high rise in Marina Del Rey California, inspection ordered

Fireworks! Photo tips.

Well, this was a fun day. Power went out at 11. Came back on at 3:30

Who else can't wait to hear today's episode of "Mea Culpa"?

I would like to congratulate TFG for being

This is what "Topshelf" looks like xD !!

It's time to redefine the term "freeloader"

Google will spend $500,000 to create new monarch and other pollinator habitat

Trump Organization maintained internal spreadsheets that tracked the amounts it paid Weisselberg

Internet Trump trolls seem to be crowing about Weisselberg's indictment.

With Respect To Ivanka's Company - Was Weisselberg Ivanka's CFO As Well?....

Thing never change.

So does the defense call Trump as a character witness for Weisselberg?

T****'s Lawyer Is Right - Rich Scum Like T***p Cheat All The Time On Taxes And Never Get Jail

Condos in Kissimmee

The Supreme Court just made Citizens United even worse

Young Republicans Don't Oppose Teaching About Racism

DeSantis signs rare Florida bipartisan environmental protection law

GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert Suggests Ridiculous Way To Tackle Delta COVID-19 Variant


Team Trump Quietly Launches Social Media Platform

Seattle to close 3 miles of streets to cars on Lake Washington Boulevard on weekends

Global tax reform: 130 countries commit to minimum corporate rate

For those of you who can not get enough of the IMPERIAL MARCH theme...and Darth Vader

What is with Daniel Goldman (on Deadline WH)?

"And if it snows, that stretch down south will never stand the strain.."

(Jewish Group) 35 years, this mother-daughter duo has run a radio show on Ladino and Sephardic Jews

Joe knows how to comfort without too much drama.

We are perilously close to Repub nirvana...

One trapped, several hurt in Washington, D.C. building collapse

Bloomberg report: GETTR is NOT Trump's Social Media creation...

Please explain this..

A thought experiment about SARS2 origin

Does anyone know if you can even get an A/C in the Seattle area right now?

What's for Dinner, Thurs., July 1, 2021

Tea Pain: Fun Fact.

No way will a NYC jury think THIS was a trivial offense: Alan Weisselberg

Not sure if this is related to climate change.....

Rep. Andy Biggs speaking on behalf of the witches: GOP should boycott the 1/6 "witch hunt,"

I found the pie I will make for my birthday

Louisiana Democratic Party loses another state lawmaker

7/2 Mike Luckovich- Waiting for you

As climate crisis intensifies, (some) Republicans take an interest

Gerry Mulligan & Johnny Hodges - Shady Side

Kinzinger on McCarthy warning about Jan. 6 commission: 'Who gives a s---?'

A great twitter thread by Kurt Eichenwald as to how the charges against tfg org will affect his


Southern University in Baton Rouge is 'falling into the river' and needs $32 million to stop erosion

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 2 July 2021

Pay raises for Southern and UL system's faculty and staff coming this year

Lina Hidalgo's Political Rise

Supreme Court rules Arizona laws don't violate Voting Rights Act (CNN)

Well, why didn't he report this SOONER?

Greek police arrest fugitive deputy leader of neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn

Richard Painter: How people like Trump justify breaking the law

Woman Gains Trust Of A Giant, Feral Dog

'The whole nation is mourning with these families,' Biden says in Miami

Newsom recall election set for Sept. 14

Exxon Lobbyist CAUGHT On Video, Confesses Undercutting Climate Action - The Damage Report

Trump Organization CFO Weisselberg Pleads Not Guilty To Tax Charges (MSNBC)

Cohen coming up on Ari

Sweet dog wants to snuggle with mom, but scared to wake the cat.

US state department names more than 50 corrupt officials in Central America

Louisiana Senate president supports session to override veto on transgender sports ban

Attorney General Merrick Garland has ordered a temporary halt to federal executions

Tax relief

Delta Variant Exploits Low Vaccine Rates, Easing of Rules

Michael Cohen: "The evidence is in the hands of a very capable RICO Prosecutor!"


Louisiana police leaders blocked charges against trooper involved in Ronald Greene's death

'Waiting is unbearable': Biden consoles Surfside families

Time to dig deep, DUers. You know how during sports events they have a gadget they give the

mRNA vaccines appear to last for years.

These 3 New Orleans parks, 1 street to get renamed after council vote; Fats Domino among new names

Meghan McCain is leaving 'The View,' will stay on air through July

KC -- "Outrage"

White House to deploy response teams focused on combating Delta variant of Covid-19

Tweet of the evening:

Cosby Comedy Tour?

Ha, at least on 1/15/21 TFG knew he was terminated

Trump signed personal checks on his own account paying for Weisselberg's family's tuition expenses.

New Orleans approves $15 minimum wage for city contractors, but city employees say they deserve the

As of July 1, 2021 most firearms and ammunition are exempt

2 OTHER employees (besides Weisselberg and his family) ALSO were given

'My God, this is some street-level mobster stuff': Lawyers on what we know now about the Trump...

The Trump org also reported executive employee compensation as non-employee compensation --

Exxon Lobbyist Caught On Video Talking About Undermining Biden's Climate Push

42 found smuggled in trailer, McMullen case heads to U.S. Attorney

51 years ago today an album I was destined to steal from my youngest Uncle was released

The Upside to 2020's Polling Misses

"Here's an Idea for Liberals: Propaganda" about a new kind of campaign ad?

The lies Rethugs are saying about the pill.

Let's not forget who paid $750 dollars in Federal taxes in each of his last two years in office...?

Progressives Don't Need to Downplay Rising Homicides

EXPLAINER: How could the indictment hurt Trump's company?

Howard Students and Alumni Are Furious With Phylicia Rashad's Support of Bill Cosby

Josh Duggar trial on child porn charges moved to November

DeSantis Vetoes Civic Education Bill Passed Unanimously After 'National Review' Op-Ed

Blue Origin will fly female aviator Wally Funk, one of the Mercury 13, on 1st crewed launch

You know what else rolls downhill?

My brother says Trump will be reinstated as President Labor Day weekend

Democrats sigh as prosecutors strike harder at Trump than they could

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Handcuffed Allen Weisselberg escorted in NY court

TFG Asks 'Who Killed Ashli Babbitt?' -- Just After RWNJ Outlet Alleges it Was Pence's Security Detail

Game commission recommends removing bird feeders as disease spreads

Hong Kong night life in Lan Kwai Fong after COVID-19 Pandemic 25/9/2020

Vietnam Nightlife 2020 & 2021

Teacher Fired After Allegedly Calling MLK Jr. Day 'Black Privilege Day'

Geldingadalir is really pumping out the lava now

Has Melania Already Left? Orange One Will Be Broke Why Would She Stay?

Biden mourns with Surfside building collapse families as rescue operations start up again

As insurrectionists turn into snitches for federal prosecutors, circle tightens around conspirators

Trump Organization controller Jeff McConney is "Unindicted Co-conspirator #1"

Biden, Democrats Have No Choice: Fight The Supreme Court Or Consign American Democracy To History

How many forum members does it take to change a light bulb?

EJ Dionne: Oligarchy Day at the Supreme Court.