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McConnell walks back 'warning' he had issued to corporations to stay out of politics

JetBlue should change its name to JetRed / Donates to NY Rep Malliotakis

Biden's Treasury has $50 billion to give to renters, but court rulings put millions at risk

Matt Gaetz Paid Accused Sex Trafficker

Wyoming governor signs 'Born Alive' bill modifying abortion restrictions

Opinion position - Gun Violence

No difference...

Shelter From The Storm: Bob Dylan

Today's Very Impressive Young Person Inductee into Stinky's Hall of Fame

Do We Really Have God Given Rights?


Netflix buys Kanye West documentary, reports say

Recliner handle broke

Gaetz Paid Accused Sex Trafficker, Who Then Venmo'd Teen

Georgia faces fifth suit challenging new voting law

Merkel demanded Putin reduce Russian troops around Ukraine: German statement

Made some chick pea and lentil pasta for the first time. I've had two bowls

Multiple Starbucks stores in Seattle to test reusable cup program

Pacific Lutheran University will cut 36 positions, eliminate majors to fill budget hole

@NASAPersevere I've driven about halfway to my overlook point, where I'll watch the #MarsHelicopter'

City to expand access to West Seattle low bridge for certain groups

The Beatles - Love You To

Cop Faces Temporary Suspension for 'Inappropriate' Conduct with 17-Year-Old He Met While

Is it true?

UW Seeks Volunteers For New Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

Mitch McConnell's Favorability Rating Down 10 Points in Months Since Trump Lost Election

Korean gamer Lee Eui-seok describes racism in US: 'Being Asian here is terrifying'

We must stop cutting China slack on climate

Not looking good for a union at Amazon in Alabama.......

Yahoo Answers to end as Trump fans see plot to "silence conservatives"

Wayne LaPierre's Bad Day in Court

Corrine, Corrine - Marsalis, Clapton, and Mahal.....

GRL Study: With 4C Global Temperature Rise , More Than 1/3 Of Antarctic Ice Shelves Will Collapse

Medical Expert Reveals Truth In Derek Chauvin Murder Trial - The Damage Report

Amazon looks to fill hundreds of positions ahead of Fresh grocery store opening in Seattle

A true What-are-you-wearing-Jake-from-State-Farm?-ish story

Octopus entertains the crew of EVNautilus by stretching its tentacles to form a huge balloon.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Median home sale prices across Eastside topped $1M in March

OJ Simpson, Las Vegas Strip hotel settle defamation case

David Corn: Will the Public Ever Get a Full Accounting of Trump's Disastrous COVID Response?

Merkel tells Putin to pull back troops as Kremlin accuses Ukraine of provocations

Singapore Leadership Plan Upended as Heir Apparent Steps Aside

The Point of the Matter regarding the "Cause" of George Floyd's Death...

'This Is A Robbery,' World's Biggest Art Heist, Gardner Museum Boston: Netflix Series

BONK! "Is that you, Dad? Sorry about that." Rory McIlroy picks off father with Masters shot

Biden to request $715B for the Pentagon

How to make a grown man cry.

and a nice finale to the evening show

Defense Chief Visits Afghanistan as Troop Deadline Nears

Tucker Carlson gives a passionate defense of "white replacement theory"

Greenland's new government opposes China-backed plan to mine country's mineral wealth

Some extremists have posted online about a "race war," DHS said

Got my second vaccination today!!!

New York To Give Thousands To Undocumented Workers Hard Hit By Coronavirus

Stand By Me - Playing for Change

Donald Trump calls upon everyone (except him) to boycott Coca-Cola

The #MarsHelicopter is nearly ready to take off. Join the ride on

Maybe Pedo Gaetz will hole up

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg: 'Racially destructive' infrastructure choices were made

Former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal pays off engagement ring for random man at jewellery store

*Park Cannon on Rachel show!

Capitol riot defendant 'viciously' beaten in D.C. jail, lawyer says

(Dec 2020) BioNTech scientist Kati Karik risked her career to develop mRNA vaccines.

Biden says China is 'racing ahead' of the US in a fiery speech bashing Republicans who oppose his

Lance Armstrong's son charged with sexual assault from 2018

Ted Cruz, Other Republicans to Challenge Biden Administration's Plans for Palestinian Refugee Aid

Donors must show negative COVID test results to attend Republican National Committee spring retreat

Gabby Giffords is playing the French Horn and.... gabbing - PBS NewsHour

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.

Three years to go as of today. 8 April 2024.

Matt Gaetz's "Wingman" Joel Greenberg Takes Huge Step Toward Flipping on Gaetz

2022 US Senate Elections from states Democrats will win to remain in the majority.

New book explores the heroic women-run resistance inside Nazi death camps - PBS NewsHour

Another aide to Matt Gaetz is said to have quit

Kicker: Gaetz put one of the teen's nicknames in the memo.

Florida sues Biden administration over cruise restrictions

Couple Won't Give Up Trying To Catch Stray Puppy

GOP Pedo Ring

McConnell backs away from warning businesses to stay out of politics

Mozambique seeks targeted foreign support to help tackle insurgency

Manhattan Prosecutors Get Evidence Related to Trump CFO's Son

Robert Reich tweet:

RIVETING testimony of pulmonary specialist, Dr. Tobin

In New Book, Boehner Says He Regrets Clinton Impeachment

Remember when the GOP accused HRC of running a sex trafficking ring out of a DC pizzeria?

Boehner Says He Regrets Clinton Impeachment

Grim view of global future offered in intelligence report

Wow. Carbon dioxide concentrations measured at Mauna Loa on April 3 were 421.21 ppm.

So anyone know wheer Rachel is?

Senator Manchin Says Pigs Need To Fly

Katie Hill:"The Ethics Committee should be opening an investigation immediately and, for some reason

Tweet of the moment

Great zinger from Erin Brockovitch ( re Gaetz )

US suicides dropped last year, defying pandemic expectations

Amazon early vote tally shows workers poised to overwhelmingly reject union by 2 to 1 so far

CDC Director Declares Racism A 'Serious Public Health Threat'

Marsalis, O'Conner, and Vignolla - Sweet Georgia Brown

Greenberg Hired The Big Lebowski To Act Like His Attorney - Hilarious

Jack Cassidy and Jorma Koukonen - Hestitation Blues - 1970

Just a reminder that with the

You'll Never Know, What The Rain Will Bring

Wynton Marsalis - Smokehouse Blues...

Puerto Rico to shutter schools amid spike in COVID-19 cases

Key Keeper Rules (Luckovich)

Cannons - Fire for You

Video Dump - Kitties

CNN has said Pirozzolo's girlfriend recruited women for Matt Gaetz, according to a source.

Lucy McBath is going to make people cry...............rightfully:

Stain - The Lincoln Project

Adam Kinzinger is the first Republican to call on Matt Gaetz to resign because all the other ones ar

You know what's the best thing about this Matt Gaetz thing?

Dead - 1970 - NFA - GDTHRFB

Women in support of Gaetz. Just Stop!

I need help DUing a poll!

Read All The Red Text In My Bible - Saw Nothing About Abortion

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 9, 2021 -- TCM Spotlight: Oscars From A to Z

*Coming up, 1:00 AM -- Guys and Dolls, & 3:45 AM -- Gypsy TCM

Matt Gaetz got tested for COVID-17

2 by Daron Hagen: 'Grace' and 'Look Away'

unaware of nursery cam, home inspector pleasures himself with Elmo doll

Gaetz-tied PR firm is threatening to sue reporters writing on his relationship with Donald Trump

My 19 year old daughter was vaccinated today! Tears of joy!

'Mrs World' arrested for grabbing crown from head of 'Mrs Sri Lanka'

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, April 9, 2021

Kimmel Live: Pence Signs a Book Deal, Gaetz Never Paid for Sex & MyPillow Mike's $65 Million Problem

Republicans' list of enemies keeps growing

"I don't trust Democrats, I think they are going to try to get every vote they can get"

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Culture War! Diverse Pilots and Trans Rights

Don't blame GA and TX. They are just making laws. And they need to be enforced

Tucker Carlson's stupid comment today ...

Video shows Texas GOP official seeking 'army' of volunteers to monitor polls in mostly Black and...

Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley plotted to block Biden's Cabinet nominees -- but the scheme backfired

Bed Gees- For Whom the Bell Tolls

Follow-up! Senate committee picks symmetrical state flag design

I saw Senator Manchin on CNN today

Matt Gaetz gets bad news as attorney Issues damning statement - Brian Tyler Cohen

2 by Rachel Portman: 'ask the river' and 'leaves and trees'

2022 US Senate Elections that Democrats win to remain in majority from landslide to narrow margin.

South Carolina House passes hate crimes bill, a milestone for long-sought proposal

Alabama GOP Senate Candidate Is Extremely Outraged at Affair Allegations Caught On Tape

Manchin says 'January 6 changed me' as he calls for bipartisan cooperation

Mulligan? Golfers consult rule book after ball lands on alligator's back at South Carolina course

GOP lawmaker marks Holocaust remembrance day by likening child mental health bill to Nazi laws

Polish university calls lecturer's anti-Semitic blood libel part of 'scientific discourse'

Got a surprise bonus from work today.

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Georgia's New Voting Laws: Desi Lydic Foxsplains

Official portrait of Vice President Kamala Harris

Now Matt Gaetz's legislative director-- a very important positions -- suddenly resigns.

Hunter Biden on Crack Addiction, Political Divide, Ukraine, Donald Trump Jr, Laptop & Finding Love

Nicolle Wallace Calls Georgia's New Voting Law 'Racism Plus Corruption' - Deadline - MSNBC

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 10, 2021 -- TCM Spotlight: Oscars From A to Z

Ruth Gipps: 'Ambarvalia'/2 from Sir Michael Tippett

Hilton Head votes to join class action suit against Airbnb, VRBO. What we know

Can't help but notice ...

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 5th Sunday of Lent, St. Mary of Egypt

So Greenberg spent suspicious $300,000 in taxpayer funds on gov't issued credit card

Vaccine reaches descendants of runaway slaves as COVID-19 ravages Brazil

Ecuador to choose between socialism and free markets in presidential runoff

Weatherman shreds selfish viewers over severe weather interruption

It's over 5000 miles from here, but we got a vaccination appointment

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Speak About Gun Reform - NowThis News

West Virginia pins population growth hopes on income tax cut

4/9 Mike Luckovich: Key-keeper rules

SC businesses couldn't pay disabled less than minimum wage under bill advanced by Senate

Voting Rights Advocates Rally To Overcome GOP Vote Suppression - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

So George P. (for "putrid") Shrub pro-gun fetish doesn't wear well after another Texas gun slaughter

Would Lisa Murkowski switch to D or I for her own political survival?

Just-me, strange fascination with Wendy WILLIAMS - blaming late stage quarantine effect

State Rep. Victor Dabney shows why we need a hate crime law

Alan Wilson leading fight against bill that would nullify South Carolina's right-to-work law

'What are you so afraid of?': Despite Clemson protest, Tomi Lahren speaks on BLM, law enforcement

Covid Surge Has Michigan Desperate And Looking For Vaccine Salvation - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Breakfast Friday 9 April 2021

WATCH: Oklahoma students cheer on cafeteria manager who passed US citizenship test

South Carolina employees could get paid family leave as renewed push passes House with a key ally

Explaining the pandemic to my past self

If you love Irish folk music, or if you hate Roger Stone, or both

If you love Irish folk music, or if you hate Roger Stone, or both

US considering sending warships to Black Sea amid Russia-Ukraine tensions

Lung Expert's Stunning Testimony: Floyd Died From Low Oxygen - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Maybe I'm just mean but headline I want to see

Props: She was ahead on the Gaetz Venmo thing, Nestor and covid

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/8/21

Hunter Biden & the Revenge Porn- RW & GOP trying to distract from Gaetz

Final Passage of Legislation to Compensate Wrongfully Convicted Former U.S. Soldiers

Steven Donziger: Chevron's plan is to finish me off behind closed doors without a jury. We must figh

Piedmont University's name change from Piedmont College now official

President Biden's Official Portrait 🇺🇸 And Kamala's too

Ex-Georgia Regent Dean Alford ordered to pay $10.8 million in fraud case

Monkey MindPong

DMT: Democrats are making sausage. Republicans are flinging poo.

Poll: what does the term "Netflix and chill" mean to you?

17-Year-Old Asks Friend What It Means When Guy You Like Wants Blanket Pardon

Nassau DA Madeline Singas drops scores of marijuana, prostitution cases due to recent law changes

Roe Deers - Voodoo Gym EP

Exclusive: How Donald Trump upended Nancy Pelosi's plans, then she unraveled his

Side Effects Of Vax Gone!

Driver found with corpse on wrong side of highway

Prince Philip has passed:

Federal prosecutors get the green light to start offering plea deals to Capitol riot defendants, att

Biden's Schedule for Friday, April 9, 2021

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, dies aged 99

Friday TOONs - And The Elephant Goes: "Har Har Har!"

Down with all monarchies

America's biggest boom since 1946

4 Things to Consider As You Start Traveling Again, According to Rick Steves

Revealed: Republican-led states secretly spending huge sums on execution drugs

LIVE: Prince Philip Dead at 99 :: NBC News NOW - April 9

His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh has died: Watch ITV News coverage

Pig Calling Contest Goes Metal

'War in the woods': activists blockade Vancouver Island in bid to save ancient trees

So Andrew Giuliani wants to run against Andrew Cuomo for the Governor of NY.

Prince Philip has died

Fact check: Republicans falsely equate Georgia and Colorado election laws

Dams, Roads, Bridges All Being Built w/o Reference To Rapid Rise In Extreme Weather, Esp. Rainfall

Rest In Peace Prince Philip.

Leatherback Turtle Numbers In Freefall In California; Down 80% In Less Than 30 Years

The Air Force Is Making an App That Basically Does What a General Doe

Chevron Can't Even Hit Greenwashing Baseline: Shareholder Vote To "Limit Emissions Growth Rate"

Who is Joel Greenberg? (A refresher)

Nonprofit involved with 1,400 California schools accused of fraud, under investigation in Canada

Matt Gaetz wanted a "blanket pardon" for himself and several of his Congressional colleagues?

Getting real

Joye Hummel, Golden Age "Wonder Woman" Writer, Dead at 97

Biden wants to end gun maker liability protections. That could sink the industry, advocates say.

The Rundown: April 9, 2021

These pods are odd looking. Does anyone know what they are?

The origin of Super Villains: Harley Quinn

The old guard of the judiciary moves on as Biden announces new picks for bench

Technology has changed capitalism.

How you can help secure voting rights in Texas.

Chauvin Trial: Will the Prosecution need to show motive?

The Five Universal Laws of Human Stupidity

US anti-abortion groups shift focus to voting restrictions US voting rights The Guardian

I Feel Good

What About the Cops Who Watched George Floyd Die?

Trump officials celebrated efforts to change CDC reports on coronavirus, emails show

Dam safety advocates feel forgotten in Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan

How would describe this genre of rock, or this darker musical mood?

Americans are hitting the road to get vaccinated

The Tragic Mediocrity of the U.S. Congress

paul butterfield blue band. born in chicago.

GQP House Comedy Club To Present New Climate "Plan" For Earth Week; Expect Trees, "Carbon Capture"

Eric Boehlert: Maggie Haberman, and when Trump access no longer matters

Denver's Bar Max Requires Proof Of COVID Vaccination For Indoor Service

156th Anniversary of the surrender of Confederate Traitors

Flyin' Ted Funnels PAC and Campaign Dollars into his Pocket

Trump Endorses Rubio for Re-Election

It looks like our USPS is back and doing a good job again.

2022 will pit a Democratic economic pitch against GOP culture wars

Where Americans stand on policing today

We saved our Masters

Greenberg probably caved

California Highway 1 along Big Sur to reopen by April 30, Caltrans says

Off-duty Pentagon police officer fatally shoots 2 people in Maryland

Rag Mop by the Ames Brothers, 1950

Joe Manchin learned all of the wrong lessons from the Capitol riot: "Jan. 6 changed me"

Duke finds, 2 vaccines in use ... effective against variant...

There aught to be a law - against false caller ID

OMFG there are two van Gogh events coming to Detroit. Here's all the info you need so you...........

McConnell-aligned super PAC endorses Murkowski for re-election

Volcano Erupts in Southern Caribbean

Illinois: Metra adding service on three lines as some riders return

Fear of the "Great Replacement" is now the major driving force in the GOP

Iran releases seized South Korean tanker

At Derek Chauvin's trial, a dangerous code of silence is crumbling

South Korea rolls out the KF-21, joining elite group of global supersonic fighter jet makers

We're all Joe Manchin's prisoners

Got my stimulus!

So much GOP racism hiding in plain sight - by Jennifer Rubin

More evidence of how Putin's regime is trying to start "provocation" to blame on Ukraine.

Man arrested while taking out trash - Police arrest him because? Well the usual

Can you imagine [Gov DeSantis] encouragin' sickness and death is an actual political strategy?

off-duty Pentagon Force Protection Agency officer is charged with second-degree murder in the shooti

Factory Mix-Up Ruins Up to 15 Million Vaccine Doses From Johnson & Johnson

YouTube shuts down video featuring DeSantis that suggests children do not need to wear masks

Hunter Biden Dismisses Laptop Story as 'Red Herring': 'Question Anything That Comes from...

Notre Dame to require COVID-19 vaccination for fall attendance

Pitchman Pete: Buttigieg steps into the spotlight to sell Biden's infrastructure plan

Mance Lipscomb was born on this date.

Your morning insurrectionist spotlight

Been a little while since I last fell into the West African Music rabbit hole

Matt Gaetz is fundraising -- again -- off his sex trafficking scandal

WATCH: Psaki holds WH briefing (@ noon) as Biden makes moves on guns, infrastructure and...

Paul Robeson was born on this date.

Japan's oldest fitness trainer in her 90s. Prepare to get inspired!

Art Van Damme was born on this date.

The GOP's Most Hypocritical Governor DeSantis, #Florida Gets his Vaccination in Private--like Trump

Matt Gaetz is fundraising -- again -- off his sex trafficking scandal

Carl Perkins was born on this date.

Matt Gaetz Hires Criminal Defense Team

Sidney Powell's opposition to WI Governor Ever's motion for sanctions quotes Buzz Lightyear

Judge grants default judgment against Proud Boys for ignoring DC church's civil suit

Steve Gadd has a birthday today.

On this day in 1865, Robert E. Lee surrenders the Army of Northern Virginia to Ulysses S. Grant at A

@GovRonDeSantis Dyes Hair, Gets Spray Tan In Preparation For 2024 Presidential Run

Amazon Appears to Defeat Union Drive at Alabama Warehouse

Biden seeks huge funding increases for education, health care and environmental protection

Cats for a Friday and some small, funny signs

I don't usually post long concert videos, but this is special

UPDATE: Biden unveils commission to study possible expansion of Supreme Court

Kentucky governor signs bill limiting no knock-warrants

BREAKING: Biden Creating Commission to Study Expanding the Supreme Court

Free webinar: The January 6 Capitol Hill Siege & Extremism in the Military

Chauvin trial: Prosecution witness Forensic Pathologist further destroys defense theory.

Oliver Sacks, What hallucination reveals about our minds

QAnon Has Some Truly Unhinged Theories About Prince Philip's Death

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week (Friday Roundup)

Avatar problem

One Godblessyou over the line...

Good Day DU (April 9, 2021)

I need an accountability buddy

The album Nashville Skyline was released on this date in 1969

Statement from President Biden on death of Prince Phillip

1302 new cases on the AZ Dashboard; 7 deaths

"She was actually paying me!" . . . Please come CAPTION Matt Gaetz!!!!

Matt Gaetz (R-TV)

Crime and Punishment: Insurrection Day's Most Wanted, Pt. 30

N.M. Gov Lujan Grisham signs aid-in-dying bill

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats win to remain in the majority.

Feds have charged the organizer of the "Keep America Great Committee" Super PAC

Workers at Amazon's Bessemer, Ala., warehouse have voted not to unionize

'New strategy': Politicians in crisis refuse calls to resign

Image if Joe B always said: Two Weeks

Chauvin trial question.

Levi's CEO has message for Mitch McConnell about voting rights

Alabama Amazon workers voted down Union 2 to 1

Kremlin says it fears full-scale fighting in Ukraine's east

Skinny Mama Dog Is So Pretty And Happy Now

Armageddon Update: Anti-Va

Sec. Blinken in Holocaust Day speech recalls past State Department obstruction of bids to save Jews

Jewish and Arab-American groups join in backing bill that would streamline hate crimes reporting

Jellyfish goes for a spin after wrapping itself around bubble ring.

Blue Suede Shoes: Carl Perkins

New study says Moderna vaccine leads to more side effects than Pfizer vaccine

Didja know the Supreme Court once had 10 justices?

Off-duty Pentagon officer charged with murder in fatal shooting of two men in Takoma Park

Verizon recalls mobile hotspots sold to schools, in stores

DeSantis introduced Gaetz's cannabiz & sex-travel buddy to Trumps

And then there was one...

Wisconsin Supreme Court says don't purge voters from rolls

Earl Simmons, better known as the rapper DMX, has died at the age of 50.

Adorable Cat and Dog Share The Same Fur Colors

DMX dead at 50

On pedophile, sex-trafficker Gaetz (allegedly)

Federal Agencies: Most River Basins In CO In Bottom 5 Yrs For Soil Moisture; Runoff Forecasts Drop

'Yippee!!!': Trump officials celebrated efforts to change CDC reports on coronavirus, show emails

DMX, chart-topping rapper with gruff voice and hardscrabble life, dies at 50

Got an email from Bill Gates today. He wants his microchip back.

Boeing tells some 737 Max customers to address possible electrical issue

How close are Matt Gaetz and Governor DeSantis?

George Takei for the win!

Insurrectionist whines he's housed with people serving time for "inner-city crimes"

Akron, OH, officer who stuffed snow in man's mouth during arrest quits

RWDSU: "We won't let Amazon's lies, deception and illegal activities go unchallenged."


Will Trump's Gains With Latino Voters Last? l FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

Joe will attend the ceremony for fallen USCP Officer Billy Evans at the Capitol on Tuesday -- per rel

It's impossible to figure out where defense is going with the cross-exam of forensic pathologist.

Check out this reporting from Tucson, reporter fact checked nothing.


Primary Care Doctors Are Left Out of the Vaccine Rollout

Meidas Touch for the win!

Yay! POW/MIA flag restored to top of WH

Position Paper - Police Reform

This columnist pulls the mask off far-right Sen. Josh Hawley as he tries to play the victim

My theory on why the poor voters in Eastern Kentucky vote Republican?

Your lies helped get Officer Sicknick killed on January 6th, Mike.

Slavery reparations bill appears set to advance in House

If russia isn't going to invade the Ukraine, they are putting on a good show of it...

Stacey Abrams on voting rights, her next move

Sydney Powell's defense in the $1.3 billion Dominion lawsuit may be used against her in Michigan

LIVE🔴 Join us as we dive into the details of the #MarsHelicopter. The team is discussing what Ingenu

The Constitution Is Like The Bible

Actual photo of service dogs watching Billy Elliot The Musical as part of their training

I KNEW they'd try use Meghan's interview as a reason. These people are SHAMELESS

What did Blackwell say about John Wilkes Booth? Was he sustained?

Biden budget seeks to flip script on Trump administration's spending priorities

Feds told that Gaetz, lobbyist discussed running sham candidate in state Senate race: report

Gaetz loses another staffer as fallout around investigation continues

Olympic karate star hit with anti-Asian rant in California park: 'I didn't think it would happen to

Arrest videos undercut Derek Chauvin's murder trial defense, pathologist tells jury

Tucker Carlson gives passionate defense of "white replacement theory"

Biden administration pressed by lawmaker to label white supremacists overseas as terrorists

First GOP member of Congress calls on Matt Gaetz to resign

Insurrectionist Rachel Powell is mocking a court order requiring her to wear a mask

Jerry Falwell Jr. refuses to believe in Jesus' healing powers

20 attorneys general file amicus brief challenging Tennessee abortion law

Which states will get new US Senators in 2022,2024, and 2026?

New Orleans Bar Giving Out On-the-Spot Vaccine Jabs in Exchange for Free Drinks

soufriere hils volcano erupts . video below.

In 5-2 ruling, the Wisconsin Supreme Court keeps thousands of voters on the rolls

"Exterminate All The Brutes" (HBO)

Biden to host bipartisan talks on infrastructure next week

The Rude Pundit: Conservatives Finally Just Say, "Fuck Your Right to Vote"

The GOP Is Voting Against Its Base

SCARY VOICEOVER: Joe Biden... is he looking out for YOU?

Michigan Gov. Whitmer is working to address a surge of coronavirus cases/hospitalizations.

Did Washington reopen too soon? Numerous counties at risk of moving back to Phase 2 in April

This isn't just voter suppression. It's a war on local control.

Pittsburgh Area: AHN, UPMC plan large vaccine clinics for Pittsburgh area

Biden's first budget includes billions more for high-poverty schools, environmental programs and the

The Birdies' Favorite Tree -- Is there room for one more?

National database of law enforcement officers

Prince Philip will not have a state funeral

Amazing, this from Doctors Without Borders/Mdecins Sans Frontires (MSF)

New Billboard in Florida

Kerry says Biden poised to issue executive order to force banks and investors to reveal climate

The advantages of living in an "alternate reality".

Anyone watching Halt And Catch Fire? Netflix

ISLANDS in Perspective ▬ 3D Comparison

Oh dear, I think I'm getting sick...

I just spotted these white Violets growing in my back lot. I've never seen them, before

Kung Fu (The CW) Trailer HD

Dog gives a sick baby cow kisses until he's all better -- now they play together nonstop!

J&J Covid Vaccine Reviewed by EU Regulator After Blood Clots

Pittsburgh is 'illegally' pocketing $580 on street light small cell fees says AT&T in a lawsuit

Union to file charges against Amazon over 'blatantly illegal conduct' in Bessemer election

The story of Paul Robeson and the unbreakable bond he formed with the miners of Wales

Do not buy the hype. Colorado is no voter suppression state like Georgia.

James Carville worried Dems set to lose over social issues

Cartoon: Georgia's Masters By Clay Jones -April 9, 2021 9:00 AM

Archeologists unearth an ancient pharaonic city in Egypt

Video Dump - Animals

Light rail service to Northgate begins in October

ADL CEO: Tucker Carlson "must go" for endorsing "antisemitic, racist and toxic" conspiracy theory

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden have restored the POW/MIA flag to its original location

Florida woman who coughed on cancer patient gets 30 days in jail

Just in case you need it, here's a dog doing yoga in Italian.

Inside the 2008 financial disaster happened.

Crazy parrot thinks he's a sick turkey

The Birdies' Favorite Tree -- Is there room for one more?

Cartoons 4/9/2021

Film director explains reason for creating films in a sea of light where darkness falsely prevails.

Amazon to open distribution center in Arlington

Dog Hides Blueberries in Her Mouth And Spits Them Out When Owner Asks

Renovated Port of Everett terminal gets first cargo customer

Facebook Is Letting COVID Deniers Promote Mask-Burning Events and Marches

More new stuff from Wolfgang Van Halen

Iran details plan to verify US lifting of sanctions

Democrats have a stronger chance to gain seats in the US Senate in 2022.

trump officials celebrated efforts to change CDC reports on coronavirus, emails show

So this is what we are up against

Bowing to Trump? GOP brings leaders, donors to his backyard

Biden administration proposes record $6.9 billion budget for NOAA.

I know this is a minor annoyance compared to what many are experiencing, but.......

Hunter Biden finds Donald Trump Jr.'s attacks 'wildly comical'

Tucker Carlson goes full racist again.

I read that there have been 13 Presidents since Prince Philip became Prince Consort

On adopting a former Police Dog

This is a beautiful retired police dog

How snails lay eggs 🐌

Levothyroxine for thyroid from Lupin Pharmaceutical (Rite Aid)

Ran across this on The Gilmore Girls

Jim Clyburn On Joe Manchin: 'How Would He Have Me Compromise' On Voting Rights?

William Shatner killing it.

Under pressure over Xinjiang, China takes aim at overseas Uighurs, academics

Joe Manchin is now a certified loon

Matt Gaetz Billboard Pops Up With Quite The Message

Rare 'celebrity' orca whales Tl'uk and Chainsaw spotted in the Salish Sea near Washington

Everyone has an opinion - even a bird!

Alveda King and Ainsley Earhardt agree that voter ID laws are the continuation of MLK's legacy,

Democrats condemn Young Republicans' attack on (NE) Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh

NEW: The House Ethics Committee has opened investigations into both GOP Reps. Matt Gaetz and Tom Ree

Which Democrats in AZ can defeat Sinema in the primary and win in the 11/2024 General?

Tucker Carlson Endorses White Supremacist Theory by Name

GOP Goes Full Psychopath, Threatens to "Tell Trump" About Supporters Who Won't Pony Up Donations

When a translation goes awry

Posted without comment

Watching Star Trek on BBC America. There was a scroll with a special announcement

Zinger of the day... ( MeidasTouch on Gaetz )

Gotta ask!

Amazon to Open Its First Grocery Stores on the East Coast

POLL: The average age in the US is 38.5 years old (What's the average age at DU?)

Kentucky limits no-knock warrants after Breonna Taylor death

Joe Manchin: Any Voting Rights Legislation Has To Make Trump Supporters Happy

LOL heard today.

BREAKING: House Ethics Committee opens investigation into Matt Gaetz

FBI arrests man who allegedly plotted to blow up Amazon data center

"And now a message from the First Ladies"

Quote of the Day

House Ethics Committee launches investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz

Pfizer asks to OK Covid vaccine for younger teens

Chauvin trial: The Medical Examiner isn't playing ball with Mr. Nelson.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are favored to hold on and pickup.

Friday's Psaki Bomb: going over the heads of the Beltway media clowns

NLRB Announces Results in Amazon Election

First Iris of spring: Beloved osprey returns to Missoula

Biden Creates Commission That Will Explore Expanding Supreme Court

Just for us pedants: it's day ten of the Chauvin trial, Fentanyl toxicity is a cornerstone of Eric

Texas AG Ken Paxton Has Been Sued for Blocking People on Twitter

What's for Dinner, Fri., April 9, 2021

20 current Republican Senate seats are up for re-election in 2022

I'm Breathing Sighs of Relief This Afternoon

A friend and former co-worker is in the hospital with COVID

Tiny Piglets Become Siblings With A Pack Of Rescue Dogs

Designing a Flag for Yiddish Takes Chutzpah

The GOP Destroyed Its Brand. Joe Manchin Wants Dems To Follow Suit.

Have these murders even made the TV news?

Very excited puppy getting ready for her Starbucks run!


My niece gets her 1st jab on Sunday. My brother is done and two more friends are one jab in.

So Chauvin was all set to make a 3rd degree murder plea deal

Saw this on FB

Colombia wants court to revise police brutality ban

So about those Trump merchandise booths...

Since we have had two Moderna shots, we are starting to begin to commence to get ready to maybe

JetBlue Makes 1st PAC Giving to Election Objector After Halt (1)

Supreme Court Justice Orders Senate President to Install Commission to Investigate Government's Hand

Pres. Joe Biden, @VP Kamala Harris, Barack Obama comments on death of Prince Philip...

Joe Biden's Presidency Has Highlighted the Rifts in the American Catholic Church - TIME

Haven't been to the nearby grocery store (Giant) for two weeks.

White House border coordinator Jacobson leaving at month's end -White House

White House border coordinator Jacobson leaving at month's end -White House

Matt Gaetz's Most MORONIC Moment Ever!

2nd la soufriere st vincent eruption explosion video today 2021

Peru braces for 'most fragmented election in history' as pandemic grips

Tucker Carlson airs Revenge Porn on FOX News Last Night. Target: Hunter Biden.

Crossing the network threshold. Don on with Joy

Getting my first Astrazeneca jab tomorrow.

Calvert County to Provide Additional Financial Relief to Restaurants and Food Service Businesses.

Chauvin won't take the stand

Weekend at Mar-A-Lago - The Republican Accountability Project

Texas Senate passes bill requiring teams with government contracts to play national anthem at game

*Some history, 'tonight' TCM

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: "We're no longer respected on a world stage like we were when President

Texas GOP Chair Falsely Claims State Can Secede

The GOP is Trump's party, so 'all Republican roads lead to Mar-a-Lago'

President Obama on the death of Prince Philip...

That Awkward Feeling You Get When You Meme Yourself

On this day, April 9, 1942, Brandon DeWilde was born

Flint police make arrest in postal worker attack captured on camera

I told Human Resources I do not need yearly sexual harassment training

Does anyone know

Freedom!! Today is two weeks since my second Pfizer shot!

Good lawd, C-SPAN is covering Matt Gaetz tonight:

Snopes: ✅ Yes, Prince Philip said that he would like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus as a form

Corral at a Wilderness Trailhead

Adorable teeny tiny robot that will go into the body and fix shit!

Moderna #1 3 hours ago.

Monoclonal antibodies: I pulled together a few links from prior DU posts...

Second Moderna shot today

Your Metro SmarTrip card might not work soon. Here's how to replace it.

New report details Matt Gaetz's Venmo payments (CNN)

Video: EXPOSED: Amazon Used Illegal Tactics Including Threats and Intimidation to Defeat Union

EXPOSED: Amazon Used Illegal Tactics Including Threats and Intimidation to Defeat Union

Duke to require students to be vaccinated for fall semester

Cops Caught on Video Holding a Black Army Lieutenant at Gunpoint, Then Pepper-Spraying Him.

Cohen is on Ari now n/t

The real problem with the Georgia elections bill is not about water....

The pure boredom of waiting to get vaccianted

Hundreds of thousands of vaccine doses go unordered by states amid outbreaks, spurring calls for ...

'We are not leaving': Sewanee's first Black leader helps propel a racial reckoning at university

Cute Kitty Thinks She's A Dog

What the hell happened to Bill Bennett??? He was education big man with the Clinton admin

Lights! Camera! Allen! Allegany County town hosts Paramount Pictures movie shoot

Internet pet peeve #718: Express opinion, get reaction as if you insisted on enforcing said opinion

How can you get tree sap out of your clothes?

Judge rules against Amazon in New York lawsuit over COVID-19 shortfalls

Tommy Webster, retired NYPD cop accused of beating an MPD officer with flagpole on #J6, says his cli

"I Can't Stand the Rain" Ann Peebles 🆚 Eruption 🆚 Tina Turner

Vanessa Williams - You Gotta Go

Corey Kluber clobbered ... cool!

CDC ramps up scrutiny of rare post-vaccination 'breakthrough infections'

Anyone with a finger on the pulse of the right know how they're dealing with the Chauvin trial?

Right-wing attorney Larry Klayman has convened a "citizens grand jury"

Brain of mass shooting suspect, ex-NFL player Phillip Adams to be tested for CTE

Region Braces For Drastic Reduction In Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccines

Trump is still 'raking in the cash' from many gullible supporters who buy into his scam: legal exper

Rep. Katie Porter calls Biden's move to split up his infrastructure package 'a big mistake'

Bernie Sanders expresses 'serious concerns' over Biden proposal for modest increase in Pentagon

Mother, may I start writing my memoir?

On CNN just now... Matt gaetz says he is getting support and encouragement from...

Little Marco breaths a sigh of relief after the Mango Mussolini endorses him.

Tui plane in 'serious incident' after every 'Miss' on board was assigned child's weight

I swore I wouldn't use this sobriquet again now that he's thankfully out of office. But does

Ospreys morning greetings! ;-)

"People who do not own guns should not be regulating them."

Rep. Matt Gaetz hires high-profile New York lawyers as sex trafficking probe heats up

Wealthy Florida town said its vaccines were 'residents only.' State denies allowing it

A question about a positive Covid diagnosis.

Argentina curtails leisure, public transport use after hitting new COVID-19 record

Argentina curtails leisure, public transport use after hitting new COVID-19 record

Pentagon orders new steps to tackle extremism in the ranks

GOP lawmakers block Biden assistance to Palestinians

YouTube pulls Florida governor's video, citing misinformation

St Vincent rocked by explosive eruptions at La Soufrire volcano

Georgia day care appears to feeds the white kids first