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Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill admits affair, won't run for U.S. Senate: There's no excuse

Meanwhile, let's see what the Home Inspector is doing......

Biden to announce executive actions on guns, name ATF nominee

Matt Gaetz trip to Bahamas is part of federal probe into sex trafficking, sources say

Fux Noise guest says Kamala Harris only got her immigration role 'because she has brown skin'

Papers please,

Report: A Proud Boy Arrested in Insurrection Has Agreed to Flip and Provide Information on the Group

A bunch of houses in my neighborhood have flags out today. It's not any holiday that I know of...

*Hemingway, WETA ch 26 and 22 PBS

So I understand that Caitlyn Jenner is considering a run for California Governor. . . .

Florida GOP Targets 'Intellectual Diversity'

Court Rules Daily Mail's Publication of Katie Hill's Nudes Is Protected Speech Under the First Amend

Another Republican's having a normal one, I see (Alabama Secretary of State)

Flagrantly unconstitutional bill presented in Tennessee

Why Republicans Think They Can Regain Power Without Repudiating Trumpism

Joe Manchin: I will not vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster

Indigenous advocacy group launches campaign against new voting bills

Investigator changes mind about what George Floyd said in video (CNN)

Fox News' new comedy show is amazingly bad and here are some funny reviews

What Marjorie Taylor Greene Stands For - The Republican Accountability Project

Celebrity zookeeper Jack Hanna diagnosed with dementia, family says

Megan Rapinoe slaps down Draymond Green's comments about equality

Georgia to lift all remaining COVID-19 restrictions

Bus petrol-bombed in further Belfast violence (Bad News)

Rightwing reporter tries to nail Kamala for stopping at bakery. - Brian Tyler Cohen

U.S. warship transits Taiwan Strait amid China tensions

Rightwing reporter tries to nail Kamala for stopping at bakery. It INSTANTLY backfires

Give Mike Pence's autobiography a title

Water buffalo and elephant hunts just part of NRA head Wayne LaPierre's job, he admits at Texas

keeping my knees working: have to climb steps every day!

Florida man arrested for allegedly impersonating doctor, injecting Botox while drinking

Manchin says there is 'no circumstance' where he would vote to get rid of the filibuster in blow to

Seattle resident? 16 or older? Sign up for coronavirus vaccine appointment preregistration

New Mexico is now the second state to ban qualified immunity

Inslee signs bill restoring voting rights to formerly incarcerated Washingtonians

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Robyn Kincaid substitutes for Mike

Because I am a frequent contributor

Northwest seaports announce plan to cut all emissions by 2050

UPDATE: The NLRB has finished going through challenged ballots in the Bessemer Amazon union election

Florida man captures video showing alligators wrestling in backyard

Georgia's GOP lieutenant governor says Giuliani's false fraud claims helped lead to restrictive...

Boehner levels stunning charge against Trump (CNN)

Recap of NRA Chief lapierre's testimony in bankruptcy trial

Manchin says there is 'no circumstance' where he would vote to get rid of or 'weaken' the filibuster

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 15, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Oscar From A to Z

This shows the problem with the Senate

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 16, 2021 -- TCM Spotlight: Oscars From A to Z

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 17, 2021 -- TCM Spotlight: Oscars From A to Z

5,000 people take over part of national forest for chaotic party, Arizona officials say

St. Louis Elects Its First Black Woman Mayor, Progressive Tishaura Jones

Which other Florida ReTHUGs have gone quiet?

Hunter Biden Tells Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric Trump to Get a Job (Without Their Daddy's Help)

Mitch McConnell clarifies that he'd still like corporations to give money to politicians

Repurposing old cabinet TV into an all-cat TV (bed)

Sen. Marsha Blackburn Mocked For Griping About Funding Elder Care

Matt Gaetz and his wingman

Tonights cool tip from the ACS for cancer patients being treated with checkpoint inhibitors.

GOP Politicians & Pundits Lie About Colorado's Voting Laws In Attempt To Embarrass MLB

Third fissure opens up in Iceland

Nope. Not funny. Not funny at all. Nope not this 30 second clip. Nope.

Trump Organization hires criminal defense lawyer for Manhattan DA probe

Disney's Latest Snack Is a Fried Pickle Corn Dog, Served with Peanut Butter

Federal mass vaccination site opens at Metro station Greenbelt MD

EXPLAINER: What to know about the Amazon union vote count

Expert: Chauvin never took knee off Floyd's neck area

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill admits affair, won't run for U.S. Senate: 'There's no excuse

But Dear Mr. Boehner, what is this "Republican sanity" of which you speak? When did it reign?

Biden to take a flurry of actions on gun control

Documenting a Modern Psychopath (Fascinating expose of Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman)

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Morgan Freeman - Why Everyone Should Get the COVID Vaccine

Charles Butt, Joe Straus call for state to release $18B in federal funds to schools

'Tantalizing' results of 2 experiments defy physics rulebook

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Totally Innocent Matt Gaetz Sought Preemptive Pardon from Trump

Now that Biden is out talking more to the press

Thanks to President Biden we're getting there!

Joe Biden Delivers Remarks on the American Jobs Plan - NowThis News

Better late than never? Post card mailings

Shadow Loves Her Jolly Balls! They are her favorite things in the world. Well, besides dog food.

Just took a break in another crying jag. News segment brought to my memory:

Virginia becomes first Southern state to legalize marijuana

Hello My name is Wan Mai. My life changed when I arrived at ENP 7 June 2020

So is Trump ever going to prison?

Paul Greenberg, Pulitzer-winning chronicler of Arkansas politics, dies

Biden to take first limited steps on gun control, including on 'ghost guns' and pistol braces

The Daily Social Distancing Show: McConnell Wants Corporations Out of Politics Unless He Benefits

Democrat Collier running again for lieutenant governor

Tony Carey - A Fine, Fine Day

The GOP Has a Popular Vote Problem That Cannot Be Ignored

Yaz - Only You

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 8, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Oscar From A to Z

Elon Musk wants to create new city in Lone Star state SpaceX home would be called Starbase, Texas

Over 50% Republican voters support President Biden plan

New Yom Hashoah ritual aims to bridge Holocaust remembrance to a post-survivor world

How Black Churches Helped Dallas Rein In Payday Lenders

James Hampton Dies: Writer, Director, And Bugler Hannibal Dobbs On 'F Troop' Was 84

*WHAT'S ON TONIGHT:Thursday 1:00 AM (Friday) -- Guys and Dolls (1955)

Bill to allow medical marijuana in Alabama advances

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Florida's Toxic Pond, New Corporate Taxes & Yahoo Answers's Demise

To Hell With Joe Manchin!!!

This story puts Gaetz, Roger Stone, Joel Greenburg, and hand surgeon Jason Pirozzolo together

Democrat Mike Collier launches campaign for Texas lieutenant governor

Come On GOP. Let me see some of this bi-partisanship action Manchin talks about

2 by Keith Jarrett and 3 by other artists

Biden administration to launch massive funeral assistance program for covid victims

Haines: Trump Base's Response To January 6th Shows That 'The Big Lie Is Working' - Deadline - MSNBC

Phoenix Suns top NBA-leading Utah Jazz in overtime

What Worries Charlie Sykes Is The Willingness Of GOP 'To Throw Out The Popular Vote' - Deadline

It was past time for the Virginia Board of Elections to crack down on lax candidates

Biden-Harris Administration Announces Initial Actions to Address the Gun Violence Public Health Epid

Colombia strips courts of powers that block Duque's authoritarian ambitions

My letter to Senator Joe Manchin

Julian Castro: Restrictive Voting Bills Are 'Naked Power Grabs' For GOP - The Last Word - MSNBC

The pandemic's devastating impact on poverty in Colombia

4 moments that stood out during the first Democratic gubernatorial debate

Press Sec Jen Psaki invites Dan Rather to the next Press Briefing

Guess which state fairs worse in vaccinations in arms.

Trump Organization taps criminal defense attorney as Manhattan prosecutors close in on business deal

'A biological Fukushima': Brazil COVID-19 deaths on track to pass worst of U.S. wave

With Broad Support For His Infrastructure Plan Among U.S. Voters, Biden Reaches Out To GOP - TRMS

Fort Lauderdale police mistook 'Star Trek' memorabilia for weapons: lawsuit

Fala Roosevelt: His master's voice

Scammy Trump Campaign Repeat Donation Trick Made Even More Predatory On GOP Site - Rachel Maddow

Quest for D.C. statehood finds new friends and foes: Other states

Vox: Marjorie Taylor Greene's incredible fundraising haul reveals what the GOP is really about

Second shot, DONE! New Hampshire has

On Manchin from Ezra Levin -- what is our role now

Boehner Blames Trump For Deadly Capitol Insurrection - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Shrinking sea meadows store more carbon than forests. Scientists are racing to track what's left

Some of Europe's Oldest-Known Modern Humans Are Distantly Related to Native Americans

Kaine trip highlights COVID-19 impacts on 'the heart of the American economy'

Two Hovhaness favorites of mine dedicated to...

Enslaved, hanged twice: The horrifying treatment of Rockbridge County man Isaac Chaney

Activist Group Threatens to Turn Stolen Confederate Monument Into Toilet Unless Demands Are Met

Over 91% in Sweden plan to get the COVID vaccine, only 5% say no, 4% undecided

Virginia law to lower insulin costs doesn't apply to most diabetics

Chinese scientists discover neopterygian fish fossil 244 mln-year ago

Former Albuquerque Police Department assistant faces fraud allegations

Is This 4,000-Year-Old Bronze Age Slab the Oldest Known Map in Europe?

'Exciting' stone age discoveries in the Cairngorms

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/7/21

Breakfast Thursday 8 April 2021

Proud Boys leader from N.C. pleads not guilty to U.S. Capitol riot charges. Detention hearing

Texas Gov. Abbott blames Biden as allegations emerge of sexual assault at child migrant facility

Please remember this when thinking or writing about Joe Manchin and West Virginia

Stephen Colbert - Guest Theoretical Physicist/Futurist/Author Michio Kaku

What do the MAGAs really want?

Former assisted living home owner accused of spending funds for residents on casino trips

Senator Bernie Sanders wants fossil fuel execs to testify to the budget committee

South Carolina House gives key approval to hate crimes bill

Northam endorses McAuliffe for Va. governor

Northam endorses McAuliffe for Va. governor

Growing coyote population in N.C. creates more encounters with humans


5 people dead, including 2 children, in South Carolina mass shooting

FFRF lawsuit ends religious test to register to vote in Alabama

Goodbye, generals

'Could Kill Me': Sacramento Wildlife Rescuer Faces Devastating Diagnosis From Caring For Birds

Funny parrots:

5 dead, 1 hurt in York County mass shooting, including Rock Hill doctor, wife, grandkids, worker

Belfast is Burning. Because of COURSE IT IS.

Iran says initial nuclear talks with world powers 'constructive'

Senators bet on sports gambling to fund NC school construction

Thursday TOONs - The GQP's Alternative Beverage

Crime and Punishment: DC judge REJECTS request from accused Proud Boy & Capitol insurrectionist

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, April 8, 2021

'Damn it ... I'm sick and tired of ordinary people being fleeced': Biden defends corporate tax hike

West Virginia Republicans seek to criminalize removal of Confederate statues

Homicide surge ratchets up pressure on progressive DAs

Defrocked US priest revered in East Timor accused of abuse

Mild Reaction To Moderna #2 (Last Update)

Trump Organization Hires Criminal Defense Lawyer

Laugh: Police: Monkeys on the loose on Cincinnati's West Side

son of Lance Armstrong accused of assault

Joe Arpaio: inside the fallout of Trump's pardon

10 Things the Fully Vaccinated Need to Know

Rep. Zeldin says he will seek GOP gubernatorial nomination in NY

guy denied his right to make formal complaint against police. then public weigh in

Michael Flynn ignored official warnings about receiving foreign payments

Michael Flynn ignored official warnings about receiving foreign payments

Fox's Brain Dead Gutfeld on America's Teachers: They're Corrupt, Incompetent and Lazy

After 11 Years Of Greenwashing, Duke Energy's Pathetic "Sustainability" Goals Largely Unchanged

RW conspiracist: COVID nasal tests take your DNA so the government can create flesh-eating zombies

As Heat Rises, Study Of 50,000 Marine Species Shows Movement Away From Equator Global In Scale

What If Andrew Yang Wins?

Major Spoilers Staff Picks for April 7, 2021 #NCBD

Art of the Week: Week of 04/07/21

The Rundown: April 8, 2021

77% Of Board Members At Top 7 US Banks Tied To Fossil Fuels, Industrial Ag, High-Pollution Sectors

Biden Burns Down GOP Infrastructure Obstruction: 'Inaction Is Not An Option!'

Thursday morning joke (found on Reddit)

Police: Mysterious thief stole the commode from the precinct office

I'll Still Be Diggin On James Brown

Isn't it time for Joe Biden to Town Hall W.VA, Alaska, and N.C. and even TX?

March 2021 Atmospheric CO2 Content: 417.64 ppm; March 2020: 414.74 ppm; March 2019: 412.18 ppm

The GOP can't be saved. Center-right voters need to become Biden Republicans.

Veterans finally get a payment date for stimulus

woman calls police on white boyfriend. Cops arrested the first black man they see. video released

Jill Biden shines fresh spotlight on military family program

If you're on Obamacare like me, call to see if you can lower your monthly premium

Dear Joe Manchin - Want American Business to Invest in W Virginia? Raise their corporate income tax!

Jobless claims: Another 744,000 Americans filed new claims last week

Can Kamala Harris vote for infrastructure reconciliation?

Rainy Day Blues Pets Translated

KC going after a bug. Nickname - "Elasticat"

(N,M.) Easier for elderly to opt out of jury duty

Anne Frank's Stepsister Eva Schloss on Holocaust Horrors and How Trump Reminds Her of Hitler

Biden set to unveil a flurry of executive actions on gun violence.

I like the cut of President Joe's jib. "Inaction Is Not An Option."

Boris was warned by Biden, but he stormed ahead ahead anyway.

I guess I have just about reached my limit in dealing with the utter naked STUPIDITY

(N.M.) Postal carriers' later start could slow mail delivery in Santa Fe

while this is in Vogue Mazazine, I think its cultural value is important politically.

"The Sum of Us" author on what racism costs white people and the lie of a zero-sum racial hierarchy

Study: misinformation related to false election fraud claims fell by 73% after Trump suspended


Electrifying on the bones of an abandoned coal strip mine

(Albuquerque) Volunteers, staff at local senior center caught not wearing masks

Trump-Style Voting

Con Artists & Imposters: 'Clark Rockefeller,' Frank Abagnale, David Hampton; Personality Disorders

Op-Ed: Why Redfield Is Wrong on SARS-CoV-2 Origins

AP Source: SC gunman was former NFL player Phillip Adams

When will MoscowMith announce his retirement?

Not-really-traditional Lobster Bisque Recipe

former NFL player kills his physician and the physician's family

Virginia just legalized marijuana

Pic Of The Moment: Ordinary Joe, Working For Ordinary Americans

Biden seems ready to extend U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan

Monorail remodel gets underway before the release of the Kraken hockey team at Seattle Center

WATCH LIVE: Biden to announce executive actions on gun control at 11:45 a.m. ET

Calls for Further Inquiries Into Coronavirus Origins

Pastor running for New Jersey governor lives in luxury $1.6M home -- tax free

GA's GOP lieutenant governor says Giuliani's false fraud claims helped lead to restrictive voting...

Pigeon won't leave autistic woman after she saves her life

The Republican Party Is Just a Lifestyle Brand

N Ireland leaders call for calm after violence escalates

NC bill would ban treatment for trans people under 21

(S.C.) Car crash led to Surfside Beach Town Council member's DUI charge, police records show

I Apologize For Calling Matt Gaetz ...

I'd say the prosecution in the Chauvin case spared no expense to hire this medical expert, but....

Commie Dictators!

This is catastrophic

If I ever come across someone who believes the microchip conspiracy theory

The Florida Elections Commission may need new legal counsel...

Editorial: Biden's offshore wind plan a boost for North Carolina

That pulmonalogist in the Chauvin case is providing lethal evidence against Chauvin.

@SecDebHaaland Tonight I heard directly from Tribal leaders from the five Tribes in the Bears Ears I

Fox has hired Pompeo

Biden Eyes Russia Retaliation After Review of Meddling, Hacking

Latinas Drove Trump's Gains With Hispanic Voters in 2020

Saying the quiet part out loud on national television

Yip Harburg was born on this date.

The Federalist: Everything Is 'Infrastructure' To A Party That Seeks To Dominate Your Life

Note to @Sen_JoeManchin: Requiring a TALKING filibuster would not "weaken" the filibuster, rather it

Carmen McRae was born on this date.

WAPO: Tuesday, 50 year old Sharon Williams burst into a nail salon in Manhattan, screaming obsceniti

"Other rights, even the most basic, are illusory if the right to vote is undermined."

Floyd trial: This is superficial

North Carolina police chief resigns amid investigation

Steve Howe of Yes has a birthday today.

Prince's 'Welcome 2 America,' an Unreleased Album, Due Out in July

Michigan's redistricting panel to interview expert who guided Arizona process

Observation on Chauvin defense attorney - his speech/vocabulary.

$2.1 Billion for Undocumented Workers Signals New York's Progressive Shift

Mike Pompeo Joins Fox News as Paid Contributor--Because of Course

A 3,000-year-old 'lost golden city' has been unearthed in Egypt

Senator Sanders on Twitter this morning:

670 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs.; 32 deaths

3 Ways to Downsize Life to Save Money, Time, and Stress.

If you had to change the name of the United States to something else, what would it be?

Good Day DU (April 8, 2021)

Matt goes international - None of that small interstate stuff for him

"As long as I'm here..."

Kind People Are Suffering From Cruelty Sickness

@NASA How's the weather up there? 🌡️ 🔴

Watching the chauvin trial on ABC youtube news feed

Owl? What owl?

Florida Elections Commission general counsel arrested on child porn charges

Jimmy Oakley Posts Tweet, ARonUNC then Schools your Typical Trumper 😄

HillaryClinton: We can preserve the filibuster, or we can preserve the voting rights of people of c

President Biden coming up n/t

Rufus finally got his operation. After several months of thinking

Anti-Gaetz TV ad by Matt's opponent in last election

History is being made. Joe and Kamala speaking now on gun violence.

Has Senator Manchin ever filibustered anything in a Republican controlled Senate?

A Target Sex-Trafficking Hoax Is Going Viral on TikTok

Just heard on CNBC 55% of eligible voters voted in the Amazon union vote.....but,

Send in the clowns.....

Did Shakespeare Base His Masterpieces on Works by an Obscure Elizabethan Playwright?

I wish there was a function on my television to auto-mute

Didn't Manchin say he'd give republicans 30 days to work with democrats before allowing any...

Endangered Sea Turtle Migration May Be Linked to Ocean Warming Events

The Black Church That Could Bankrupt the Proud Boys

Doctor says officers' restraint position was like a vise, restricting George Floyd's breathing

2 sue Wake sheriff, saying he retaliated after they reported friend's anti-gay comments

LAPD arrest man without justification, oh, and he's Black

Mainstream Media Is Once Again Falling Into Habit of Adopting Fox News Talking Points

Trump Hires Criminal Defense Attorney Who Previously Partnered With Prosecutor Investigating His Bus

Well, this is cool.......WANT!

The Republican Party Is Just a Lifestyle Brand

Failed dog paddling class!

I Like My Women Like I Like My Scotch

NC GOP lawmakers want to require teaching 'balanced political viewpoints' in schools

Kremlin: Russia could be forced to defend its citizens in east Ukraine

Trump Organization Hires Criminal Defense Lawyer

Neanderthal Deplorable ABBOTT nixes vax passport but likes gun permit for voter ID.

Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley plotted to block Biden's Cabinet nominees -- but the scheme backfired

craigunger: Fascinating thread on key figures in Qanon(some of whom I used to know) and their ties t

Kemp Says Voters In Line Can Just Order Food

US Senate Elections in 2022 from states Democrats will win by a landslide to a narrow margin.

Stray Kitten Adopts a Woman, Leaving Her No Choice

"What's so bad about an existential threat?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

US hits state-owned Myanmar gem firm with coup sanctions

Woman Fills Her House With Tiny, Pink Baby Wombats

JBLM to open vaccine appointments to military, dependents 16+

Bellevue Police Use Of Force Report Includes 47 Recommendations

Anne Frank's Stepsister Shares Memories from Auschwitz-Birkenau, How Trump Reminds Her of Hitler...

The Wire+Waylon+"I got one more high left in me..."

"The Sum of Us" author on what racism costs white people and the lie of a zero-sum racial hierarchy

Seattle Police Department Had Most Officers Identified in DC on Jan. 6

Biden announces limited gun restrictions as pressure rises following mass shootings

65% of voters support corporate tax hikes to pay for Biden's infrastructure plan, new poll finds

There's a simpler remedy for Georgia's election problems (and those in other states)

A Huge QAnon Conference Is Happening in a Dallas Hotel Owned by the City

Top Biden cyber official: SolarWinds breach could turn from spying to destruction 'in a moment'

I've done a new cat painting

Osprey and crow/raven

Four Ways of Looking at the Radicalism of Joe Biden

Michael Flynn ignored official warnings about receiving foreign payments

rotor blades of the #MarsHelicopter, have been unlocked and are ready for testing. Next, we'll do a

Georgia's New Voting Law Is Racist

I am sick of hearing Manchin referred to as a "centrist Democrat".

Former Vice President Mike Pence signs double book deal; first release is his autobiography

NC fines Chemours $200,000, says company isn't keeping 'forever chemicals' out of river

Caitlyn Jenner moves closer to California recall run

Wild geese flying in perfect formation with a boat...

This expert witness in the Chauvin trial, a pulmonologist,

Biden lays out executive orders to curb 'international embarrassment' of gun violence

Texas lawmakers advance restrictive election bill

On the court and online, Justice Clarence and Virginia Thomas hit Big Tech

Manhattan district attorney seizes evidence from Trump executive's former daughter-in-law


Mississippi Elections Chief Warns Biden May Register 'Woke' College Voters

Trump Org CFO's ex-daughter-in-law hired a former top financial fraud prosecutor to pore over...

If Democrats don't kill the filibuster the Republicans certainly will.

A majority in N.C. want to keep Confederate monuments, according to a new Elon Poll

They just had testimony from a Chicago VA Hospital doc in the chauvin trial

A British tabloid did not violate California's revenge-porn law by publishing Katie Hill pictures

Democrats post billboard in Kernersville touting relief, criticizing Burr and Tillis

Aside from "makeup", "breakup", "wake up", "7up", and "look up" what other "up" do you know?

Weekly Ludi #17

Britain set to achieve herd immunity on Monday, UCL modelling shows

Video emerges of Trump and DeSantis meeting man being investigated for human trafficking with...

Joel Greenberg- an associate of Rep. Matt Gaetz is likely to take a plea in his case.

From one of my favorite albums...three of my favorite songs


Big day in Montgomery County as the Montgomery College, Germantown Campus vaccination

God Emperor Joe Manchin Might Singlehandedly Throttle the Democratic Agenda

Never forget...

Jeff Tiedrich with a candidate for "tweet of the day":

Looks like Joel Greenberg just flipped on Matt Gaetz

'We did our part': The overlooked role women played in the Capitol riot

Fox (FAKE) news is the most anti democratic media organization in America.

Billboard targeting Matt Gaetz pops up in Florida as he continues to deny sex crime accusations

Amazon challenges hundreds of ballots in Alabama workers' union drive

Georgia Lt. Gov. Unlikely to Run Again After Taking on Trump

DeSantis sues CDC to get cruises restarted in what legal experts call "political stunt"

Sean Hannity and his Fox News colleagues leave Matt Gaetz for dead

Good boy is seeing Darth Vader for the first time...

Rumor: OMD Solutions to partner with Samsung for an ultra camera phone!

These Oklahoma elementary students lined the hallway & chanted "USA" to celebrate cafeteria manager

Best Dad Award this week goes to...

Millions Locked Down Again as Canada Rues Vaccine Failure

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Raises $3.2 Million in 3 Months Despite Being a Few Biscuits Short...

Matt Gaetz associate likely to strike cooperation deal with federal government, attorneys say

Anyone know any conservative Star Trek fans?

At first it was a quark, now it's a is bmus

GOP identification drops as largest gap in party affiliation since 2012 emerges

make a paper #MarsHelicopter! It's all part of the countdown to first flight. We'd love to see your

Mike Pence signs multimillion dollar book deal on "his journey as a Christian"

Sea-Tac Airport plans $6M upgrade to its Wi-Fi network

State Senate OKs restrictions on police tactics and gear

Tennessee bill would require women getting an abortion to bury or cremate fetal remains

Regarding the Derek Chauvin murder trial

Cartoons 4/8/2021

Misogynistic tweets can be used to track and predict domestic violence, study finds

Edmonds grocery store workers may soon earn hazard pay

Confusion may be Democrats' friend in drive to raise corporate taxes

Trump-era grievances could get second life at Supreme Court

Dan Patrick's Angry And Unhinged Press Conference Was Full Of Lies

Myanmar ambassador to UK says he is locked out of embassy

I admit to not watching the George Floyd trial because I have been too anxious about the verdict

Measure for measure

A beautiful day in New York-maybe not so nice for Trump

"Well, he never trafficked me!" is not the defense you think it is.

A suspected Capitol rioter Googled what countries let people buy citizenships, prosecutors say

Neighborhood segregation persists for Black, Latino or Hispanic, and Asian Americans

Capitol riot defendants may be starting to turn on one another, outing far-right extremist leaders

Wonkette: Matt Gaetz And Dr. Handjob Went To The Bahamas For WHAT? Allegedly?

The Long List of Republican Sex Offenders

My plum tree blossomed, today

DeSantis sues CDC over cruise restrictions

'Every day is a bonus day' for 100-year-old McDonald's worker

INBOX: The Women of U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz's Office Speak Out in Defense of Rep. Gaetz

Stephen Miller launches legal group to block Biden agenda in court

With over 100 towers installed, VIKOR removes many remote learning challenges for Navajos

Update on Chin Music ...

Ghislaine Maxwell ordered to clean her 'very dirty and smelly' prison cell

Ron Paul likes him some short shorts - Givenchy ala Boing Boing short & tight!

Holocaust survivors launch new campaign to show how 'it started with words'

I think I felt a prick...not sure.

This is one of my 'SUPRISE!!!' flowers that appeared in the middle of a garlic patch

How many bad cops has Chauvin's attorney defended?

This is one of my 'SUPRISE!!!' flowers that appeared in the middle of a garlic patch

NYC announces no-appointment walk-in COVID vaccinations for ages 75+

Chauvin defense cross-examination of Dr. Tobin.

Bought a couple things at Walmart this morning. When I got home there was an email from Walmart

COVID vaccines - something very important to remember

Pollen everywhere

I tried making calzones and missed

Fulton DA won't prosecute lawmaker arrested during election law signing.

Have an Android Phone?

Great Twitter thread from a popular Queens Congresswoman....

Boebert again proves she (her social media person) knows none of our history

So it was the Biden family that was behind Tiger Woods' accident! Where do they come up with....

Tourists and looters descend on Bears Ears as Biden mulls protections

Myanmar junta limits internet, seizes satellite TV dishes

My family tree

Facebook jail (warning, harsh language)

2020 was a good year for Michigan billionaires - the richest gained $45 billion

NYT: Michael Flynn ignored official warnings about receiving foreign payments

Gov. Bill Lee signs permitless carry bill into law as Tennessee joins 18 other states

This sums up the last 4 years in one shot.

The Moms Who Fear Child Sex Trafficking More Than COVID

Is the Chauvin trial on the radio somewhere?

CNN: Gaetz's buddy is about to reach a plea deal.

Insurrection denialism is moving from bad to worse...

Air plants are blooming!

"Own the libs, wear a mask and then we won't have these mindless restrictions!"

Obscene income inequality & wealth disparity is exposed as the pandemic shows how it has expanded

North Carolina's Racist Poster Boy

Michael Flynn states that the Jan 6 insurrection is like a false flag situation.

Manchin question here

Chauvin trial: Toxicologist witness for prosecution.

A 'deepfake' of a vaping teen is at the center of a harassment case--but what if it's not faked?

How to Clean Veteran Headstones

Newsweek what are you doing?

I propose a title for the photo of Kemp signing the bill under plantation painting

The Butt-Head double named Matt

i don't know how to keep this for just the Biden admin but I think a strategic error was made today.

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush "seriously considering" run for attorney general, lays out

Video emerges of Trump and Ron DeSantis meeting man being investigated for human trafficking ...

Court says Ken Paxton's case against Austin and Travis County for issuing New Year's curfew is moot,

American Samoa Fruit Bat quarter

Steve Sack FTW

Is the trial recessed for the day?

Congressman Urges Buttigieg to Review I-495/I-270 Project.

next week i get my 2nd moderna shot.:) tue @ 0930.

Texas lawmakers want to ban dangerous radioactive waste. The proposal would give a nuclear waste

Those "vaccine" people got nothing on me.

Why Your Second COVID Shot Might Be a Doozy :: SciShow News

April 8, 2021: Yom Ha'Shoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 8, 2021

Dems blast Oklahoma lawmaker who compared slavery, abortion

Mueller fraud investigator brought in to help Vance's probe of Trump Org.

The Democratic Party has to get an infrastructure policy and plans passed and budgeted.

"The Second Birth"

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #10-10: I Smell Sex And Stupid Edition

Got my first Government Chip today! Or maybe it's just one..

Sandy - Our Sweetheart

Hey! Chattanooga DUers, please keep an eye out for Abby. Some car thief stole her

Eating while in quarantine (cartoon)

NM passes landmark law barring all government workers from using 'qualified immunity'....

John Legend: Meeting Jarrett (Harper) changed me

Ghost guns. A primer.

Bacteria: in nature vs in a lab (humor)

Where Has Robert Costa Gone?

Why you can't compare Covid-19 vaccines


STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 9 April 2021

How is your employer's upper management addressing the CV-19 vaccine question?

Scathing watchdog report reveals Capitol Police had expired ammo and ineffective shields during riot

Scathing watchdog report reveals Capitol Police had expired ammo and ineffective shields during riot

the Tiny Kittens Shelter has a new group

Another shooting -- Bryan TX

There's a store shooting in Bryan, Texas - 6 people are injured

Tweet from Gov. Abbott (guns, sigh...)

US Senate Elections in 2022 from states Democrats will win to remain in the majority.

Mets cheat. Win. UPDATE:

Thanks, CNN. Thanks a lot. Really helps.

No Permit Needed to Carry Handgun In Tennessee

AP Sources: El Salvador president snubs visiting Biden envoy

Anne Beatts Dies: Pioneering 'Saturday Night Live' Writer, 'Square Pegs' Creator Was 74

Goodboi sees Darth Vader for the first time:

Briscoe Cain And Other Republicans Just Passed Jim Crow Bill, HB6

Matt Gaetz Is Elmer Gantry!

Corgi plays with emu chicks:

Texans sue Attorney General Ken Paxton, accuse him of violating First Amendment for blocking them on

1 Dead, 5 Hurt in Mass Shooting in Bryan, Shooter at-Large

Could Trump have beat the hell out of Covid-19 AND won the election?

Republican Elections Commission Lawyer Arrested For Posession of Child Porn

Is there a 'School of Projection' GOP elected officials attend?

Sandy and Lucille our daytime dogsitter.

This is undoubtedly what the former guy fantasizes about--except he could never get on a bike:

HAMILTON anticipates returning to the stage in.....2023

Watching the show from the covered porch

I need tie dye t shirts. Help me out please

Amazon Is Buying Dead Malls - and the Reason Why Is Fascinating

Have you seen this delightful Shaq/Kobe story?

Delightful Shaq/Kobe story:

Isn't it sad? This arrived today, and yet I'm thrilled.

Super Happy Fun America group more popular than ever following Capitol riot arrests

Joel Greenberg's lawyer, Fritz Scheller:

Southwest Colombia massacre highlights ongoing increase in violence


More than 3,600 US health care workers died in pandemic, new report finds

So touching--I actually got choked up:

Tweet: President Biden makes great point about infrastructure:

What experts say Detroit needs to do to improve lagging COVID-19 vaccination rates

What's the issue with the J&J vaccine?

I learned about a new sport I had never heard of: "Ultimate"

Entire Arizona Town Evacuated Due to Wildfire Amid Dry, Windy Conditions

Authorities warn St. Vincent volcano in eastern Caribbean could explode


tRump Organization taps criminal defense attorney as Manhattan prosecutors close in on business deal

This man is looking for the friends who shipped him overseas in a crate in 1965

Another mass shooting in Texas.

The story behind COVID-19 vaccines -by Anthony S. Fauci

Total Deaths in SP Is Already Nearly Equal to The Number of Births

New-ish Palm Beach resident Sylvester Stallone joins Donald Trump's Mar-A-Lago club

UPS To Deliver Packages With Electric eVTOL Aircraft

Video shows Texas GOP official seeking 'army' of volunteers to monitor polls in mostly Black and His

Chauvin Wanted To Kill George Floyd No Other Explanation

Beast of five teeth: Chilean scientists unearth skunk that walked among dinosaurs

Beast of five teeth: Chilean scientists unearth skunk that walked among dinosaurs

Yer nightly insurrectionist roundup

New York politicians voice support 'vaccine passport' system, with some reservations

OLBERMANN VS. MoRON DeSANTIS: The market has already decided. Vaccine Passports are already here.

Rental car prices are up due to high demand and low supply

See How Matt Gaetz Rose To Power (CNN)

Republicans criticize Biden's gun safety executive actions as an 'infringement' of Second Amendment

GOP Pedo Ring - Meidas Touch

Help!!! I can't stop singing this freaking song!!!

Biden remark on 'gun show loophole' spurs claim that he 'lied,' but it's true that background checks

Woman who had the world's longest fingernails cuts them after nearly 30 years

US considering sending warships to Black Sea amid Russia-Ukraine tensions

Trump Threatens Donors In Ominous Message?! - The Damage Report

Florida suing federal government, CDC over cruise industry shutdown

Pakistan's prime minister causes uproar by blaming a rise in rape cases on how women dress

Bad Robot (production company) matching Patagonia's $1M commitment to voting rights

New: Olbermann Vs. Opponents of Vaccine Passports.

Faith leaders call for elimination of Senate filibuster

Forever Young: Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen

Kansas' senate majority leader called a police officer 'donut boy' after arrest following a

Biden administration rushes to open emergency sites for record number of migrant children

This is a really sad story: $1 million settlement in Madison man's death from exposure

Sports Illustrated names 1st male swimsuit finalist

Matt Gaetz associate likely to strike plea deal, attorneys say (CNN)

GOP group tells online donors: Give every month or 'we will have to tell Trump you're a DEFECTOR'

Man who carried Confederate flag to Capitol during Jan. 6 riot indicted

NCAA faces mounting criticism over volleyball tournament in Omaha