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Archives: April 7, 2021

MLB pushback: Republicans falsely claim Colorado's voting laws stricter than Georgia's

NRA's Wayne LaPierre hid aboard luxury yacht after Parkland shooting: Trial deposition

OK, who makes the best fries...

A little confidence please.

City moving forward with Gateway Center in SE Albuquerque

NRA leaders defend bankruptcy petition in court hearing, saying the move is necessary to protect the

How do you compliment a southern race car fan with regards to a new auto purchase?

Tucker Carlson defends zip tie guy

Democracy vs Anocracy vs Authoritarian Government... the COVID-19 Connection

Could Index Funds Be 'Worse Than Marxism'?

New Georgia Poll Shows Kemp Losing Governor's Race to Can of Coca-Cola

*Hemingway, WETA ch 26 PBS

Say what you will about him...Ken Klippenstein is a master at trolling.

Rep. Matt Gaetz Sought Preemptive Pardon From Donald Trump: NYT

Observations from volunteering on a COVID vaccine site.

Trump Org CFO's ex-daughter-in-law has 'several boxes of documents' left to give prosecutors

Ransom note threatens to make Confederate monument from Alabama into toilet

Republican delusion -- not disinformation -- is the bigger danger to American democracy

I could just cry: just found out my BIL & SIL are not getting the COVID19 vaxx...

Gaetz Fundraises Off Of Alleged Sex Trafficking Investigation

Amnesty International says Russia may be slowly killing Navalny

Video: The For The People Act Will End Dark Money In Politics

Isn't Showing Nude Pictures Of Girls You Took Illegal Matt?

The For The People Act Will End Dark Money In Politics

Anyone still experiencing mail delay?

Trump Fan Indicted For Dragging Cop Into Capitol Mob By The Neck

Ari Melber Says Biden Increasingly Sounds Like 'The New Bernie'

Gaetz asked for blanket pre-emptive pardon for himself and some

Campaign-finance experts puzzled and stunned by Trump camp's reported 'money-bomb' ploy

Judge says...You didn't seem concerned while in "mob" on Jan 6 "without a mask"

White House to Have States Compete for 10 Biggest Bridge Fixes

Behold, the greatest CAPTCHA:

Democratic mayor says he's switching parties over 'socialism' but voted for Trump twice

Katie Hill Calls Out Matt Gaetz's Hypocrisy Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Iran Says Nuclear Talks 'Constructive' as Sides to Meet Again

Newly disclosed CIA memo reveals U.S. concealed high-ranking Nazi's role in Holocaust so he could

Russia stages mass military drills as tensions climb with Ukraine

U.S. could consider boycotting 2022 Beijing Olympics with allies

STATNEWS:1 in 3 Covid-19 patients are diagnosed with a neuropsychiatric condition in the next six mo

some people are skipping the 2nd dose.


China tells Japan to stay out of Hong Kong, Xinjiang issues

Amid Sex Abuse Allegations, Rep. Gaetz Invited To Speak At Pro-Trump Event At Trump Hotel

Facebook is letting China run state ads denying the abuse of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang

Sleepy boy Khun Dej and his loving nanny, SookJai

"amateur eater" dies several minutes into taco eating contest. family sues

ProPublica: False Barriers: These Things Should Not Prevent You From Getting a COVID Vaccine

President Moon facing tough election fight in South Korea's biggest cities

Ben Carson wants to launch a new version of the Boy Scouts

There Was a Problem With Tale of K-9 Shot by Suspect . deputies had shot the dog

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Robyn Kincaid substitutes for Mike

On Rachel's show right now re Gaetz (with notes for those who missed it):

Jungle Blues

Biden doesn't want to give student loan relief to kids who went to private schools?

Rachel Maddow - you're simply the best

GOP lawmakers can't give examples of why states need anti-transgender sports bills (CNN)

Housey Doingz - Gobstopper [1996]

Watch McConnell's warning to corporate America (CNN)

Rachel Maddow FTW

Thousand-year-old Native American rock carvings have been vandalized in the Chattahoochee National..

Right wing disinformation is powerful. I lost a friend to it.

Trump Insults Supporters After Bankrupting Them

Today Chandra is studying stars in #Sagittarius. Nearby in the sky is star-forming region NGC 6559.

Wynton Marsallis - St. James Infirmary

@NASAPersevere: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Bot

April 2021: Wisconsin spring general election results

Preservation Hall Band - Basin St. Blues

NBC News: NRA's Wayne LaPierre sought refuge on friend's yacht.

In my 68 YO life......this might be one of the "yes" songs to play at my demise. That and 1972 Dead

Jelly Belly jellybeans

Progressive Jill Underly elected Wisconsin Superintendent of Education over Scott Walker minion.

need DU help... not really a cooking question.....

6 Months After Surviving COVID, 1 in 3 Have Neurological or Psychiatric Problems

Wish DU would divert Music Appreciation off the Front End on Latest Threads.

Stuck in the Middle With You -Stealers Wheel

Pre-Buffett music, I think.

The Gracie (BJJ) family who train cops in restraint techniques, are close with the far right.

This breaks my heart:

New study sows doubt about "dark energy".

Tweet of the Day

Harry Connick, Jr. - All Of Me. Frank would have been jealous.

Bonnie Raitt - Right down The Line

Dr. John - Such a Night...........enjoy.

Have been watching the Hemingway documentary on PBS

Dick Gregory interview on C-Span 2001

Gaetz to speak at fundraiser "Women for America First" event

RACE CALL: DDHQ projects Jill Underly (@underlyforwi ) has won the Wisconsin State Superintendent o

Patagonia asked other corporations to join them in taking 3 steps to defend voting rights:

An exact duplicate of the @NASA_Orion spacecraft makes a splash as it is dropped from 7 feet above t

Progressives unseat incumbents for St. Louis Board of Aldermen

interactive Map by county........april 6

Synchronized pets

JUST IN: a progressive win in Wisconsin. Jill Underly, a progressive who was supported by teacher's

Middle Age Riot tweet:

NYT: Matt Gaetz sought preemptive pardon from Trump

Jack Teagarden

Baby has ice cream for the first time...

Trump will be allowed back on YouTube and soon Facebook too...

Atlanta Mayor Issues Order Against New Voting Law

He seems legit...

Miracle comes in tiny package with arrival of baby elephant Lapa

Has anyone applied for a mortgage online?

MSNBC/CNN legal commentator Midwin Charles has passed away

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Georgia Restricts Voting & Corporations Snap Back

Re: Corporations speaking up on voting rights...

Kimmel Live: Things Are Going So Well for Biden, Trump Says Someone Else Must Be Running the Country

Cheers: "What happens if Norm doesn't have his stool"

The Daily Social Distancing Show - A Race to the Finish: The Coronavirus Vaccine vs. The Fourth Wave

Novak, Curtis, Faure, Khachaturian

Tishaura Jones becomes first Black woman elected mayor of St. Louis

EPA, railroad agree to $140,000 settlement for Wyoming spill

Harris moves into official residence after delay

I got my second dose of moderna

Georgia Boycotted Over Restrictive Voting Law - NowThis News

New law allows road kill to be picked up in Wyoming

Ex-prostitute, 'Jesus' actor line up for Peru Congress race

The Anti-'Cancel Culture' Republican Party Is Trying to Cancel OnlyFans

First dose scheduled this Friday.

An invitation from Dan Rather

Chile president enacts election postponement

Candid Camera Classic: The Green Kid

Candid Camera Classic: The Green Kid

New phase of light holds the key to quantum encryption

Smart lighting solution harvests daylight for underground light

We now know why US cannot share its COVID19 vaccines with the world - TRUMP

'A biological Fukushima': Brazil COVID-19 deaths on track to rival US

Why the Filibuster Has to Go, By Adam Jentleson - NowThis News

☦ Orthodox Christian: Psalm 34 sung by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

A 1916 propaganda map created by the Allies during World War I.

A third of COVID survivors suffer neurological or mental disorders: study

White Supremacist With Wyoming Ties Sentenced to Life In Prison

Democrat wins statewide election for Superintendent in Wisconsin.

Tishaura Jones WINS mayoral election in St. Louis.

OLBERMANN VS. THE VACCINE HESITANT: I went to a hockey game. Never thought I might die. GET THE SHOT

A possible QAnon slip-up suggests the truth of Q's identity was right there all along

Rachel Maddow On Gaetz' Pardon Trophy Request, Corporate Voting Rights Support in 2006

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Vaccine Passports: What Are They And Why Does Fox News Hate Them?

Helium Eric is back

Three visions for recreational marijuana emerge from Montana House

National Parks of the Future (American philanthropist Douglas Tompkins)

National Parks of the Future (American philanthropist Douglas Tompkins)

Matt Gaetz Asked Trump For Blanket Pre-emptive Pardon For His Crimes!!!

When We Lose Weight, Where Does It Go?

Breaking: Rep. Matt Gaetz Asked Trump WH For Blanket Pre-Emptive Pardon

The Daily Social Distancing Show: How the Pandemic Drives More Women to Leave the Workforce

Montana Senate advances income tax bill

Does anybody else encounter this?

Morgan Freeman: "If you trust me, you'll get the vaccine"

Yamiche Alcindor: Voter Fraud Is A 'Conspiracy Theory Coursing Through Republican Party' - Deadline

NYT: Matt Gaetz Said To Have Sought Blanket Pardon - All In - MSNBC

This is why conservatives are not funny.

Nuclear scientist argues for refurbishing, not replacing Minuteman III missiles

Harris puts DC condo up for sale.

Dr. Patel On Vaccine Resistance: 'We Do Need A Lot More Communication' - Deadline - MSNBC

Brook Shields is learning to walk again after gym mishap

Let's vote up Catty McGee's definition of "Rittenhouse" on Urban Dictionary.

Letter Sent By A Singaporean Principal Before Exams

Postpartum Resource Group Wins Federal Funding for Mental Health Services

Gianforte Signs Bill Banning Sanctuary Cities in Montana

Progressive LGBT candidate is elected to Springfield, MO City Council

Another win. Progressive is elected to Columbia, MO City Council

Clinic escort elected to St. Louis Board of Aldermen

Anyone watch besides me Jeopardy today?

There were no fake Trump supporters': Joy debunks GOP false claims on the Capitol riot

There were no fake Trump supporters': Joy debunks GOP false claims on the Capitol riot

My new Obsession: The Volcano in Iceland

Rode my e-bike today!

Illinois Democrat unseats Republican mayor

Wisconsin Democrat unseats GOP mayor in Sheboygan

Gaetz Denies Report That He Sought Blanket Pardon From Trump - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Mboka Mwilambwe elected Bloomington, Il's first Black mayor

Tishaura Jones Makes History By Winning Race For St. Louis Mayor

Name that tune...

How an Abstinence Pledge in the '90s Shamed a Generation of Evangelicals

Group advocating for militia meets in East Helena

Senate Republicans advance Colstrip bill, which critics say burdens NorthWestern ratepayers

'Leave no Tigrayan': In Ethiopia, an ethnicity is erased

Israel-Iran Sea Skirmishes Escalate as Mine Damages Iranian Military Ship

At Clemson, unmarked slave graves highlight plantation past

Defending Democracy, Corporations Reprise 2006 Role, This Time Against Republicans - Rachel Maddow

What Happens When We Can't Vote? Beto On Why Politics Is Personal In A Democracy - Rachel Maddow

Derek Chauvin's Actions Condemned by Police Chief - NowThis News

NRA Fights To Declare Bankruptcy As NY AG Lawsuit Threatens To Dissolve Organization - Rachel Maddow

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/6/21

Austin Leans in Hard to Change TxDOT's Mind on I-35

Stephen Colbert: "This Is Not Going Away" - Ronan Farrow On How Conspiracies Fueled An Insurrection

City Officials Rebuke Out-of-Town Rep Wanting Austin's Sound Levels Decided at a State Level

Protesters Allege Austin Police Dumped Quadruple Amputee Activist Whitney Mitchell Out of Her Wheel-

A QAnon Power Couple Is Behind the For God & Country Patriot Roundup

Has the West Lost it?

Innocence Project now assisting in Brandon Woodruff case

Share of Democrats in U.S. Spikes After Biden Win

Big businesses are starting to recognize republicans are really fascists,

I noticed at work last night at lunch

My biggest concern over these new election laws in states like Georgia, Arizona, etc., is the

Houston Democrats And Civic Leaders Lash Out Against Texas GOP-Backed Voting Restrictions

Wednesday TOONs - Corporate Contributions Are People, My Friend

Texas Had An Outsized Presence At The Capitol Insurrection. Why?

Could all republicans who are attacking our Democratic process be criminally charged?

'No Teeth and No Funding': How Regulators Failed to Police the Oil Industry

Shocked, Shocked! JP Morgan Chase Talks Green, Emails To Shitstain Admin Show The Reality

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, April 7, 2021

If We're Going To Plant Trees, We Might Want To Deal W. Annual Shortfall Of 2 Billion Seedlings

"Staggering" number of children have lost at least one parent to Covid-19, model estimates

Talks On Ethiopia's Nile Dam Break Down; "Last Chance", Per Egypt, Before Filling Resumes

Democrats: Party for Adults

Old School Republicans are not wanted within the "New" GOP! Donald Trump Lives!

Oh, Yay, We're Saved: Opaque, Unverifiable Carbon Credit Market Booms In Void Bolosonaro Created

If I ran Coca-Cola and if Coke delivers direct to Mara

Could the Democratic Party sue trump and all the GOP for defamation and fraud?

Democratic backed candidate wins Wisconsin statewide election

Corporate America isn't welcoming former Trump Cabinet officials with open arms, headhunters say

Become a better conversationalist (cartoon)

Delta airlines announced today that it thought "the entire rationale [for the Georgia voting bill] w

Things MAGAs hate

Let's say that the allegation is true that Matt Gaetz preemptively asked for a Presidential Pardon

Drucker clearly forgot about ReTHUGs corporations and the Voting Rights Act in 2006

UK Deliveroo riders to strike over pay, gig work conditions

Eric Boehlert: Why are we still seeing Trump Voter stories?

Breakfast Wednesday 7 April 2021

Puppies Find a Way to Fit Into Bucket

Man, 77, Shoved to Ground, Woman Has Hair Grabbed in Latest Possible NYC Asian Attacks

From The Guardian: 'A system of global apartheid': Harsha Walia on why the border crisis is a myth.

I was dreaming I was at Walmart (cartoon)

The Weekly Pull: Green Lantern, Warhammer 40,000, Beasts of Burden, and More

This Month In Comics: March 2021

The Webcomics Weekly #131: Frosty Doggos (4/6/2021 Edition)

The Rundown: April 7, 2021

Billie Holiday was born on this date.


Birds Without Borders: The Audubon Society's 'Mapping Migraciones'

Mick Abrams has a birthday today.

Techno tabloids. It occurred to me, (before coffee!), that the whole qanon/rwnj fantasy world,

So true.

'We Are Doomed': Devastation From Storms Fuels Migration in Honduras

'We Are Doomed': Devastation From Storms Fuels Migration in Honduras

Joe Manchin Joins Republicans To Place Corporate Profits Over Job Creation

Then, So Be It.

Without naming your home state or province, post something it's famous for!

Outta Sight

Ohio nearly last in US for health, report shows

Both the $600 AND $1400 stimulus checks were deposited in my bank account this morning!

Could be a game changer

Yesterday's Fort Collins mayoral election...WIN!

Over 4,000 people died in Brazil from Covid for the first time

10 House Democrats join suit against Trump for role in Capitol attack

Amazon Is the Target of Small-Business Antitrust Campaign

A visit from the Sheriff is not the best way to start the day.

Young America's Foundation

The Rose Garden. Hope Jill Biden can Build it Back


Biden Aims for Universal High-Speed Internet in Infrastructure Plan

Same response

US trade deficit jumps 4.8% to $71.1 billion in February

AstraZeneca's coronavirus vaccine plausibly linked to rare brain clots, European regulators say

A monitor lizard .... looking for food

There aren't just right-wing loons...

Mississippi Elections Chief Warns Biden May Register 'Uninformed,' 'Woke' College Voters

"Secret pardons"? Is there really such a thing? How would they work?

Pa.'s largest pension fund under federal investigation

Pic Of The Moment: Report: Gaetz Sought Blanket Pardon From Trump

The 14th Amendment gives us tools that haven't been used in over a century

Republican supremacy: Inside the GOP's plot to hijack American democracy

The tighty righties are having a hissy fit on Twitter over this United Airlines announcement:

Blood type not a factor in COVID susceptibilty

This is how it should work!

Dog sings her heart out to wind chimes.

Andrew Giuliani says he plans to run for New York governor

Russia Might Be Slowly Executing Alexei Navalny in Prison, Says Amnesty International

John Prine died one year ago today.

Andrew Giuliani says he plans to run for New York governor

Man Charged With Reckless Driving After Cars Stop Beltway Traffic to Do Doughnuts

UK aviation chiefs urge swift opening of travel corridor with US

Logic is not the Repukes' strong suit.

WaPo's Philip Bump charts-literally-the astonishing collapse of The Former Guy as a media sensation

Trump's low-ratings Newsmax interview proves his 'grip on our attention has collapsed': columnist

Returning Snowbirds, no doubt. Fl, Mi, NY, Pa, NJ lead current Covid surge.

Valid Arguments

NJ attorney general launches public website to track every case in which police use force

30 Times People Gave Thrift Store Art An Upgrade

Math problem solved!

Husband of Pa. high court candidate begins prison sentence

Good Day DU (April 7, 2021)

Twitter users......don't look to see why Amy Poehler is trending.

The Trump media era ends not with a wow but a whisper

Defense team in Chauvin case grasping at straws. Tried to get the witness

Disney World will soon update its mask policy again: Here's how

750 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed.; 27 deaths

Meanwhile in Miami - woman being evicted opens fire on cops and is killed

Turkish man allegedly pushes pregnant wife off cliff after taking selfies

Posting without comment

Tiger Woods car crash was caused by speed

ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D『リバイバル』Revival

EU drug regulator: Unusual blood clot is 'very rare AstraZeneca side effect'

Atlanta Mayor Signs Order Meant To Fight Georgia's Voting Restrictions

Are Republicans and Trumpsters beginning to see that Americans are not going to forget January 6th?

India coronavirus: Can its vaccine producers meet demand?

The Biden administration seeks to raise $2.5 trillion through corporate tax increases.

NC Senate wants to use the power of the state to mandate rigidly conformist gender performance.

Tune in as First Lady Jill Biden sets course for the next phase of Joining Forces.

the "bamboo ceiling"

With COVID-19 surging again in MI, there's a race for vaccinations. Getting one at the FEMA site....

Judge restores insurrectionist Cuoy Griffin's right to keep guns in his home

Depending on the weather site, it's either 75, 80 or 85 degrees in Flint, right now

the "bamboo ceiling"

Husky REFUSES Carrot Then EATS it In SECRET!

National Review saying the quiet part out loud.......

JUJU UPDATE: says she will be coming home from the hospital today

I am not to young anymore!!

Trump confirms Gaetz asked him for blanket pardon

Trump denies Gaetz asked for blanket pardon

Barred Owl

Ted Cruz hit with multiple complaints for 'illegally' using campaign funds to shill his book

Anyone use Bublup to share photos?

New Enrollees in Obamacare Exceed Half a Million

Are people getting more oblivious nowadays?

MAGAt trying to cope with which companies to "cancel"

Tucker Carlson defended a man accused of storming the Capitol with zip-tie handcuffs, asking for

May's Vogue cover: Amanda Gorman

Porcupine has birthday party:

Florida GOP targets 'intellectual diversity' on campus with survey about beliefs

65-Pound Pit Bull Is The 'Fun Uncle' For Tiny Foster Puppies

Trump Attacks Georgia Election Law as 'Too Weak and Soft': 'Far Too Many Days Are Given to Vote'

Senate Republicans voice opposition to Biden on Iran

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will hold onto, lose and pick up.

Piggies are so smol

Which companies, networks, celebrities are on your "CANCELLED" list?

Biden to unveil long-awaited executive action on guns

Chauvin should demonstrate

Pupper doesn't want his toy in the washing machine:

Lawyers Say Texas AG Ken Paxton Admitted His State Violated the Constitution While Accusing Biden

NAACP's Trump insurrection lawsuit expected to add 10 new plaintiffs, including members of Congress

Little bird chooses funny perch:

The Trump Fundraising Scams Continue with the NRCC

County Solicitor General Brian Whiteside Will Not Enforce Food and Water Ban in Georgia Voting Law

Newsmax host has a meltdown over 'Kamala's cackle' -- and insists she is the 'new witch in town'

The rise of electric vehicles is disrupting life in a small Western community

Former Trump Official Files $10 Million Lawsuit After News Called Her Denouncement of China racist

How Trump's toxicity continues to poison the Republican Party

Chauvin trial: "Chauvin's knee wasn't really on George Floyd's neck after all!!"

Cute Kittens First Day Home After Adoption

"Scientists Have Successfully Transformed Stress Into Electricity"

Federal appeals court rules in favor of prison contractor in amputation lawsuit

Biden task force finds 5,600 files that may identify more migrant families separated under Trump

#Sia created a fun, fact-filled music video featuring the Ingenuity #MarsHelicopter as it gets close

No, thousands of people did not die from the coronavirus vaccine -- and other news literacy lessons

Anybody wanna die Shocking video shows enraged woman opening fire while stuck in Los Angeles traffic

10 more Congress members join lawsuit accusing Trump, Giuliani, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers of ...

Breyer: Expanding Supreme Court could hurt public trust

A word of warning about jumping into bed with Corporate America

Alexandria, Virginia's DASH bus could be fare free by fall

The Broken Front Line

The toxic elitism of declaring voters to be unworthy of the task

Fulton DA won't charge lawmaker arrested during election law signing

Disgraced Former president Donald Trump tumbles nearly 300 spots in Forbes billionaire rankings

Math problem solved!

Study: 1 in 3 Covid-19 survivors live with mental or neurological disorders

Pence launches political advocacy group with an eye to the Trump legacy -- and his own future

Who is behind the QAnon convention coming to Dallas over Memorial Day weekend?

Justice Breyer Rejects 'Conservative' Tag for Supreme Court

Why are conservatives against rural communities' getting broadband internet access?

Some people see a scary lizard. Some of us see a deep-fried appetizer and new boots.

Taiwan says may shoot down Chinese drones in South China Sea

US military cites rising risk of Chinese move against Taiwan

Why would Matt Gaetz want a preemptive pardon from Trump?

Georgia lawmaker won't face charges for voting bill protest

Bellevue launches 'Hate has no home here' campaign

COVID Vaccine Line--Intrepid Person I Admire

Totally innocent!

New York Times: Boehner lays blame for 'that bloody insurrection' at Trump's feet

Matt Gaetz sure isn't acting like an innocent man

Biden administration to restore millions in aid to Palestinians

'Tantalizing' Results of 2 Experiments Defy Physics Rulebook

He said his wife fell off cliff, sparking huge search. She actually faked her death to avoid prison.

Why are republicans afraid?

A bold fix for US international taxation of corporations

Mike Pence & Kellyanne Conway join forces to launch new group that will promote "traditional values"

The number of Americans identifying as Republican is the lowest it has been in a decade: Gallup poll

Police who shoot civilians can hide their names under victims' rights law, court rules

Jack Hanna to withdraw from public life after Alzheimer's diagnosis

Still Want an EV? Watch this:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sues in effort to force Biden administration to deport more people

Giuliani asks court to throw out Dominion's $1.3 billion defamation suit

These things must be done delicately!

Opinion: McConnell's self-defeating battle against woke CEOs

Michigan AG Says Sidney Powell's Claim that 'No Reasonable Person' Would Believe Her Kraken...

Tiger Woods Was Driving About 85 M.P.H. in a 45 M.P.H. Zone When He Crashed

See old Soviet version of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings

GOP Congressional Committee Threatens Supporters: If You Don't Donate 'We Will Have to Tell Trump...

Curious as to reactions to 2nd Pfizer shot

Cow cuddling has become a thing for lonely hearts in the pandemic

New York Times: Boehner lays blame for 'that bloody insurrection' at Trump's feet

Biden ally in U.S. Senate says Republicans have until end of May for infrastructure deal

District attorney won't prosecute Georgia lawmaker arrested for knocking on governor's door during v

Sorry Mitch, good American companies have been defending civil rights for decades

Kentucky Gov. Beshear signs into law bipartisan elections bill expanding voting access into law

Tiger Woods accident caused by 80+ mph speeding, no braking

Breakdown of Matt Gaetz Allegations

All I want to do is print a screenshot. Why is this so difficult?

Biden to unveil long-awaited executive action on guns

We got our first Pfizer shot today

The Case for Becoming a Biden Republican

Deal with Bolsonaro would sanction Brazil's tragedy, NGOs tell Biden

The money came in.

Joe is LIVE on on the historic infrastructure investments in the American Jobs Plan

The French army is testing Boston Dynamics' robot dog Spot in combat scenarios

Got my second Bill Gates microchip implant today!

Daniel Dale Fact check: Republicans falsely equate Georgia and Colorado election laws

Second Vax Report

Biden says he's open to compromise with Republicans on $2 trillion infrastructure plan

I learned something about COVID-19 Vaccination Records in Minnesota

Governor Aims To Reopen California By Mid-June, Contingent On Public Health Metrics

States that Biden or Harris need to win in 2024 to get over 270ev.

McConnell Says Corporations Should Follow His Example and Not Get Involved in Government

Jen Psaki pushes back after right-wing media slam Kamala Harris over bakery visit

The bizarre yet true story of how the US Army tried to conquer the American West with camels

A question about FB

Puget Sound region receives $97M for transit projects

Goodbye to Gate 35X, cursed portal to the rest of America

So Trump's library? It's a problem. He wants to raise 2 billion for his monstrosity.

I need help finding the name of the classical piece at the end of this clip

Cartoons 4/7/2021

Biden: "Is That Not Infrastructure"?


US military cites rising risk of Chinese move against Taiwan

Snohomish County shows signs of losing ground on coronavirus


Pandemic Wilderness Explorers Are Straining Search & Rescue, Inexperienced flooding remote areas

Surefire method to get Dotard under oath...

Capitol Rioters Face the Consequences of Their 'Selfie Sabotage'

Trump's sad, incoherent baseball ravings

BROKEN: List of Right-Wing "Traditional Values" Released!

cause and manner of death of four people who died during January 6 riot at US Capitol.

Detective Joseph E. Franco lied to arrest people on drug charges. fallout is widespread

Rachel Hollis explains how she's just like Harriet Tubman

The somewhat hidden ruins of the US Capitol building deep in a forest in Washington D.C.

Second Pfizer vaccination...

Democrats Cruise to Victory for Wisconsin Education Post

I get my first Pfizer in a couple of hours. I'm needle phobic and feeling nervous.

Ancient human migration into Europe revealed via genome analysis

Fucking Defense Lawyer just showed the wrong exhibit

Opinion: Our greatest libraries are melting away

Deplorable Coachella

Justice Breyer Insists SCOTUS Isn't Political, Warns Against Court-Packing, and Doesn't Talk About R

As Vice President in 1974, Nelson Rockefeller was asked by President Ford to become the first VP to

The verdict in the Floyd trial is very important

Evidence in the NRA bankruptcy trial: One of the lines charged $59,155.25 marked "Russia," the invoi

High turnout in yesterday's Wisconsin statewide election.

The @NASAPersevere rover has returned its first weather report from Mars! ⛈

Matt Gaetz story getting weirder every day....

A key detail in the corporate tax debate: the GOP's cut didn't work

Just watched Giant again for at least the 6th time.......AND I STILL LOVE IT.

Well, I moved the lawn mower from the barn to the garage.

US actor in low-budget films accused of running $690m Ponzi scheme

National Review: Why not fewer voters?

Task force finds 5,600 files that may identify more separated families

Would a cut off date for the free vaccine encourage pukes to get it?

I'm sick and tired of ordinary people being fleeced," President Biden says regarding his proposal to

Arizona fires Sean Miller.

I guess this is what happens when you don't have access to "the help"....

'The fault line is inequality': JPMorgan's Dimon calls on fixing America's 'self-inflicted' problems

Don't laminate your vaccination card

Ellen Foley - Stupid Girl

The Elephant Sanctuary: Nosey and Tarra Meet Over the Fence Line

Your Weather Forecast Update: Warmer Climate Will Be The New 'Normal'

Second Pfizer shot completed this afternoon...I hope.

Lynne Patton, Former Trump Aide And HUD Official, Barred From Federal Employment

OK -- This is mean (but funny)

PETA Asks Marines to Stop Drinking Cobra Blood

NASA's Webb Telescope Packs Its Sunshield for a Million Mile Trip

I propose a poll test to make sure uninformed voters don't vote.

Osprey landing! Meeting up with his mate.

Aaron Rodgers hosting Jeopardy. What do you think?

CBS shake-up: TV station executives exit following L.A. Times investigation

MadDog PAC put up a Gaetz billboard

Nature: Why US coronavirus tracking can't keep up with concerning variants

GOOD news SoCal?

Biden to unveil long-awaited executive action on guns tomorrow.

Shaquille O'Neal Buys a Young Man's Engagement Ring for Him

NY Times columnist Frank Bruni on Mitch McConnell:

McConnell says companies should stay out of politics -- unless they're donating money

Getting 1st Pfizer today. Question: how long does it take?

George Floyd: "I ain't do no drugs"

What exactly is Trump doing at Mar-a-Lago all day?

Matt Gaetz as a role model

Pence, eyeing 2024 presidential bid, launches group to defend Trump-era policies from "liberal attac

Insurrectionist Chris QUAGLIN is a real charmer.....

Red Bull, Elon Musk, and Matt Gaetz: Politics and the attention economy.

McConnell Backs Off Warning to Corporate America

What's for Dinner, Wed., April 7, 2021

Republican held US Senate seats up in 2022 that Democrats need to win to remain in the majority.

Wayne LaPierre has now taken the stand in the NRA bankruptcy trial.

Well, I spent the afternoon out stimulating the economy,

Got lunch at Lukes

Komodo Dragon Goes Wild in Store

Biden to nominate official from gun-control group to head ATF

A study in gray

Supper time insurrectionist roundup

Whistle blowers wanted

Why You Can Be Forced To Get The Covid Vaccine

@NASAPersevere Two bots, one selfie. Greetings from Jezero Crater, where I've taken my first selfie

Kentucky high school student reportedly dies in snowboarding accident in Park City, Utah

UAE general unsuitable for role of Interpol chief, says UK report

Trump falls nearly 300 spots on Forbes billionaires list

Looks Like We've Got a Clear Problem with Men Not Get Covid Vaccinations

"Wait a minute!! We're boycotting Coke? "

Infrastructure looks a lot different than it in the 1950s.

Make it clear to AZ Krazies Now

Pakistan PM Imran Khan criticised for rape 'victim blaming'

Tucker Carlson Goes Full Revisionist On The U.S. Capitol Riot

Utterly fabulous. The ceiling of the Opera Garnier by Marc Chagall.

U.S. restores assistance for Palestinians, to provide $235 million in aid

BREAKING: Virginia General Assembly Votes to Move Up Legalization of Adult-Use Marijuana to 7/1/21

New Mexico ends qualified immunity

On this day, April 7, 1954, Jackie Chan was born.

Adorable moment two elephants aid one another out of ditch

Even being vaccinated, I am still wearing my mask....

Hardships of Black Farmers

G.O.P. Group Warns of 'Defector' List If Donors Uncheck Recurring Box

Use-of-force expert testifies at Chauvin trial (CNN)

Joe: We are America. We don't just fix for today. We build for tomorrow.

Author of Trump's tax bill says it reduced the corporate rate too much and is fine with Biden propos

Capitol riot defendant flips against Proud Boys

10 Democratic members of Congress join lawsuit against Donald Trump over Jan 6 Capitol riot

Ten more members of Congress, including Maxine Waters, Karen Bass & Jerry Nadler, have joined a laws

The number of Americans identifying as Republican is the lowest it has been in a decade: Gallup poll

Possible Full Vaccination

Remember the insanity at the start of the pandemic, I gave serious thought to the idea that society

Gallup poll shows largest increase in Democratic Party affiliation in a decade

Anyone know what's going on in Oklahoma regards todays death count?

GOP: We're Comfortable With ...

Self-described Member Of Boogaloo Bois Arrested, Charged With Illegal Possession Of A Machine Gun

Ari is killing it with the silence from the DC pundits

Georgia Governor Suggests Voters Waiting In Long Lines Order Uber Eats

Looks like Trump's Newsmax interview was a ratings BOMB:

Navalny: "Police detained the head of the Russian Alliance of Doctors, Anastasia Vasilyeva"

Former NFL receiver Travis Rudolph charged with murder following shooting in Florida

Matt Gaetz trip to Bahamas is part of federal probe into sex trafficking, sources say

Virginia 16th State To Legalize Recreational Pot, Latest To Emphasize 'Social Equity' (July 2021)

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 8 April 2021

Vaccine confidence fears as under-30s in UK offered AstraZeneca alternative

4/8 Mike Luckovich -Moving Day

What Marjorie Taylor Greene's Fundraising Haul Tells Us

My dastardly wife and I just laid a goof of a time bomb

If that MURDERER chauvin gets off-this world is going to be in trouble

I'll take Things That Make You Pause for $2000.

Chauvin's attorney argues Floyd saying, 'I can't breathe,' was a form of resisting arrest

Colorado Democrat flips Republican-held mayoral office in Ft. Collins

My Betty Crocker cook book has let me down twice this month

Mayor Kate Gallego defies Gov. Ducey, says Phoenix will keep mask mandate

Arizona Governor Ducey signs bill to preempt federal gun laws

Masters chairman Fred Ridley against boycott over Georgia voting law

Is there a DU thread for mushroom hunting?

Sec. State John Merrill should resign NOW.

What is your favorite name for our recent un-re-elected president?


What makes Red Bull, Elon Musk and the Republican Party the same? All are decadent. Excellent read.

howdi all. was there a initiave on the ca state ballot for the 2020 ge ?

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats win to remain in the majority.

Donald Trump One Year Ago Today: Coronavirus "Will Go Away" "Just stay calm."

Aaron Rodgers guest-hosting Jeopardy--What do you think?

Myth of the Supernegro Comes to Chauvin's Defense - only thing tiny white cop could do was kill him

It's always a pain when the thing you want is on the top shelf...

Does Stupidity Doom Us?