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The Rangers Play Baseball in Front of a Packed House

Easiest way to create character animation

Accurate Cartooning

Senate Parliamentarian Allows Use of Reconciliation Again

Bernie Sanders and Chris Hayes are feasting on MoscowMitch, the

After new law, McConnell warns CEOs: 'Stay out of politics'

I watched the Hardy Boys on HULU...I really enjoyed it...I reccomend it to those who like shows

Randy Rainbow's take on Ted and Lindsey

Military voters have had enough of the GOP

Teens accused in fatal carjacking of Uber Eats driver to reportedly get cushy plea deal

Democrats Running Out Of Time To Undo Trump Regulations

*Hemingtway, WETA ch 26 PBS

Former Cop Arrested for Storming Capitol Was Once Named 'Officer of the Year' After Falsely Accusing

Alice In Chains - Would

Any birders out there have raccoon problems?

State GOPers Craft Wild Gambits To Wriggle Out Of Fed Gun Control Measures

Mitch McConnell Is Barking Scared Now That Corporate Power Is Against Him

Governor tests positive for COVID-19

We know Chauvin is a hater of black and brown-wonder how much he hated his Chief?

Trump's Mar-a-Lago charged Secret Service almost $16,000 for $396 hotel rooms during presidential Ch

Voters say *this* is the biggest election problem in the country

Feds propose prohibiting US foreclosures until 2022

Legal scholar: There will never be enough consequences for what Trump has done to the country

Five people sickened after drinking raw milk produced in Clallam County

Pwned by FB breach

King County health official: The virus is spreading more quickly than we can vaccinate

Jefferson Davis's chair is being held for ransom. Will be turned into a toilet

Allan Clarke (the Hollies) un-retires after 20 yrs for new album....well new in 2019

Bernie: ''Mitch McConnell and his friends are very upset.''

Evening insurrectionist roundup

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

China spends more on infrastructure projects in other countries than the U.S. spends at home

Republican congressman condemned over Islamophobic tweet to Ilhan Omar

Help is on the way Billboards across the country - go Rachel

Good rendition of the national anthem, and definite statement...

On Rachel just now, she announced that the Senate parliamentarian...

Fresh trouble in Northern Ireland despite appeals for calm

Boycotting Coke products?

Buccaneers CB Carlton Davis apologizes for tweeting anti-Asian slur

'Extraordinary': Bernie Sanders Welcomes McConnell's 'Concerns' On Corporations - All In - MSNBC

**Breaking** MLB All Star Game coming to Coors Field-Denver per source (YEAH!!!!)

@SecDebHaaland: Later this week, I'll be in Utah to discuss the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escal

Mauna Loa Daily Readings Break 420 ppm Carbon Dioxide; 1st Time In Instrumental Record

Chauvin 'absolutely' violated policy while restraining Floyd, police chief says

Thinking of moving from NYC to Denver in 2 years. Should I do it?

Stephen Colbert FTW

Biden records video welcoming new US citizens for naturalization ceremonies

Group-Chat App Discord Says It Banned More Than 2,000 Extremist Communities

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte has tested positive for COVID-19

Someone posted this on Parler. 😂

The 1884 Berlin Conference and the Partition of Africa

Fantastic photos show wild birds thriving on native plants

VA-01: Retired Marine colonel seeks nomination to challenge Rep. Rob Wittman (R-Va.)

I am doing the tourist thing for a day in New York in late June with my niece.

Cactus - Evil

Jordan's Prince Hamzah pledges allegiance to king after 'mediation'

A year after pandemic hit, Haiti awaits vaccines amid apathy

A year after pandemic hit, Haiti awaits vaccines amid apathy

A simple explantion: For all those people who still gave $ to Trump knowing full well what kind ...

'People hate us': Racist prank calls, fake orders threaten Tea 'N' Bowl Chinese restaurant

Montana thug governor tests positive for Covid.

As loud as you can take it - That's my advice

Help! I am beginning the process of remodeling a bathroom and am overwhelmed already.

A special visitor came by to visit the @PressSec today in the briefing room. Check it out 🐰

Putin signs law that could keep him in Kremlin until 2036

Does The Special Olympics Financially Exploit Their Athletes?

Policing with heart - a view appreciated after today's powerful testimony

Republicans Ramp Up Attacks on Corporations

The Road Less Traveled...Iceland Edition

The Lincoln Project: "Why We Fight"

Schubert's 'Arpeggione Sonata', Rostropovich/Britten

TheHiCulture 8.74K subscribers The ultimate gu

Former White House Chef Reveals President Barack Obama's Favorite Pie And His Unique Eating Habits

Enya - Orinoco Flow

Fallopians 2:14

President Biden USCIS Naturalization Ceremony Video - This reminds me of the day my mother.....

Someone please help me find a political answer to a voting question.

Bob James - Heads

I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle just watching this.....

MN Republicans fighting over use of WinRed

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Matt Gaetz's Sex Trafficking Allegations & Trump's Newest Scam

Nearly 40,000 fans sit side-by-side at Texas Rangers home opener

I am here!

This cat has some magic powers 🤩🤣

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper Debunks The "Good Guy with a Gun" Argument

Fox host tries 'gotcha' question on Pete Buttigieg. It fails MISERABLY - Brian Tyler Cohen

The Daily Show: Career Day With Guidance Counselor Lew(is) Black

Rep. Meng to Huckabee: Be a Role Model and STOP STOKING HATE!

President Biden congratulated the Baylor Bears

If Jethro Were Here

Laurie Garrett: 'We're In A Time Of Real Confusion' - Deadline - MSNBC

can not KNOT.

2021 MLB All-Star Game coming to Coors Field, source says

Sibelius: 'Violin Concerto', Augustin Hadelich on violin

Netanyahu trial: Editor 'told to drop negative stories about Israel PM'

Google wins big in Supreme Court clash with Oracle

All A Scam: Trump 2020 Exposed For Defrauding Own Fans, Echoing Trump U. Debacle - The Beat - MSNBC

2 months 3 weeks, 6 days ago, Former Guy attempted a coup...

Covid rule-breaker 'dies after exercise punishment'

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 4/5/21

Are Republicans/conservatives actually very good at boycotting anything?

Remittances to Mexican families rise to record high for February

Vladimir Putin Has Signed a Law Allowing Him Two More Terms as Russia's Leader

Bernice King tweet:

A Stranger Who Doesn't Speak English ...

Trump Backers Unwittingly Drained Of Cash By Campaign Trick - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Companies back moratorium on deep sea mining

Dinosaur-killing asteroid strike gave rise to Amazon rainforest

Dinosaur-killing asteroid strike gave rise to Amazon rainforest

Long spaceflights and endurance swimming can 'shrink the heart'

Democrats Find Crack In GOP's Filibuster Stonewall; Legislative Opportunity Doubles - Rachel Maddow

Mayor Pete Explains That Humans Need Water to Live

Tweet of the Day

Who wore it better? Ted Cruz or Fidel Castro?


Man Wanted for Yelling Anti-Asian Slurs, Spitting at Mom and 3 Kids on Subway: NYPD

The catastrophic Brazilian response to covid-19 may amount to a crime against humanity

8 police in Jalisco believed responsible for disappearance of family on vacation

Honduran civil groups call for president's resignation over drug trafficking charges

U.S. begins indirect talks with Iran Tuesday on reentering nuclear deal

A Lovers Concerto (How Gentle is the Rain) - The Toys [from Shindig tv show 1965]

He constantly lied to them ...

I'm struggling. More daffy than ever. Mb it's something physical. I dunno.

Moderna Covid vaccine set to start being given to Brits in just two weeks' time

CERN scientists cool antimatter with lasers for the first time

7 year old asks Old Navy to make girls jeans with "real pockets" "would like to put things in them"

SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule swaps docking ports on space station


Time to regulate AI that interprets human emotions

NASA puts final pieces together for Psyche metal asteroid mission

NASA's last Bennu flyby will check damage caused by touchdown mission

What a prehistoric pair of pretty pants can tell us about the spread of early languages

Early humans in the Kalahari were innovative

(Jewish Group) Red paint, baby dolls and anti-Semitic literature outside Jewish cemetery in Denmark

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Complains About Cancel Culture, Wants EVERYONE Canceled

Is empathy uniquely human?

They did it! Baylor Bears dominate Gonzaga to capture first NCAA basketball championship

New deadly snake from Asia named after character from Chinese myth 'Legend of White Snake'

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats will be winning by a landslide to a narrow margin.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/5/21

Norwegian to require vaccinations before cruises, pitches CDC on July 4 start date

Stephen Colbert: Guest Senator Tammy Duckworth

Muscular dystrophy patient can't get insurance company to pay after alleged drunk driver totals his

I don't want to see women's athletics get the same degree of support as men's

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats win to retain control of the US Senate.

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, April 6, 2021

A Biden or the Bidens will be in Alexandria this afternoon.

Republicans Are Screwed As Pepsi Has Signaled Support For LGBTQ And Voting Rights

Tuesday TOONs - Stop The Steal

Israeli president picks Netanyahu to try and form government

Neat Article about how everyone who wants a vaccine can get one 16 and up

Biden to announce all US adults will be eligible for coronavirus vaccine by April 19

MeidasTouch: #NeverForgetJan 6th.

MeidasTouch: #NeverForgetJan6th

Former lawmaker says Gaetz fought 'revenge porn' law: 'He thought that any picture was his to use

Can AI read your emotions? Try it for yourself

After the pasta, we sleep.

Republicans Switched Votes on Bills They Supported

Russ Millions x Tion Wayne - Body [Music Video] GRM Daily

Came across this old article

His Patient Refused the Vaccine. She Died of COVID in the ICU.

Trump and his allies abandon Gaetz

Gov Greg not satisfied with Texas' Death toll yet

Warming Worsening Prospects For Earth's Boreal Forests - 1.8F Rise Means 40% Increase In Lightning

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 7: 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

Indonesian rescuers dig for people buried in landslides

Just saw a clip on Morning Joe

Koch Vision

Biden set to announce he's moving deadline for all US adults to be eligible for Covid vaccine to Apr

Trump Urges Court to Throw Out Congressional Subpoena to Mazars

New Comic Releases for April 7, 2021

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 3/31/21

Ghosts of Comics' Past: April in Comic History - Sexy Edition

Frank Jacobs, MAD Magazine Writer, Dead at 92

Francisco Haghenbeck, Mexican Author, Dead at 56

The Rundown: April 6, 2021

To paraphrase Hawkeye Pierce: "The instrument has yet to be invented that could measure

New data disproves a big concern about Covid-19 lockdowns

Trunks Up Tuesday: Baby Wan Mai mastering her trunk. At least she's trying to.

The Authoritarian Plan for a National Abortion Ban

Americans' Worry About Catching COVID-19 Drops to Record Low

About that "Best economy in history"

FiveThirtyEight: Why The Republican Party Isn't Rebranding After 2020

Gov Not Perfect Cuomo Announces the Roll Up Your Sleeves Project In Queens

Farm Bureau Now "Embracing" Climate; Untested Carbon Sequestration Also Lets It Fight Regulations

5 GOP presidential contenders for 2024. Cream of their crop? LOL

Hey! It's April 6th again! ONE YEAR WITHOUT A CIGARETTE

School buses

Republicans have advocated/litigated for "corporate personhood"...

Congressman Alcee Hastings, after career of triumph, calamity and comeback, dies at 84

Eating our lunch: Biden points to China in development push

Breakfast Tuesday 6 April 2021

GA's Lt Governor admits some provisions of voter suppression bill were 'insensitive and not timely

Lawrence Tribe: Capitol police have the best case against Trump for the insurrection

Thousands of Louisiana voters have left Republican party since Capitol riot on Jan. 6

Orphaned Baby Elephant Bondeni's Rescue and Recovery Sheldrick Trust

A covid thought for you!

Matt Gaetz Said His 'Travel Records' Would Exonerate Him. They Don't.

I just appreciate that Trump's new desk is from Hooker furniture.

Biden administration announces next steps in overhauling Title IX campus sexual assault rules

Sounds so good to me... Cheesy muffins with a hard boiled egg stuffed inside

Alcee Hastings, longtime Congressman, dies at 84

How the pandemic ruined sex

When Parents in Their 90s Die, They Leave Behind Children in Their 70s.

Infrastructure bill debate.

Stolen Confederate monument will become a 'toilet' ...

BLS Report: Job openings and hires edge up in February; total separations little changed

New Hypocritical Version - Matthew 25:35-36

Jordan Peterson expresses shock after discovering his ideas are part of Marvel villain's philosophy

I am running for re-election and vote is today

Bring It On Home To Me

Florida dismisses 2nd breach risk at phosphate reservoir

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

Hartford police sergeant under investigation after punching Black woman in face during fight ...

Pete Souza posts beautiful photos of pre-Melania White House Rose Garden

Suicides fall in 2020 by 5.5% from 2019 and 6.5% from 2018

Quote of the Day

The US economy is growing at its fastest pace since 1984

Capitol Police Officer William Evans, killed in attack, will lie in honor at US Capitol

Only Congress Could Give Us a Matt Gaetz: Government has none of the measures in place that other

Greg Olear: SCIF-laws

More than 150 gravesites vandalized inside Portland, Maine, cemetery

"Blank" needs to stay out of politics

Snow owl

ex-Trump official Lynne Patton fined $1000 and barred from federal employment for 48 months for viol

Why half-hearted conservative boycotts rarely take root

NJ: Man attempts to strangle Burger King employee in mask dispute

Sgt. Marcus Flowers Runs Against Marjorie Tayler Greene

BREAKING: Russia arrests CNN correspondent @mchancecnn along with others. They really don't care wha

This is actually a full mobilization of the Russian armed forces into combat readiness. Everything

Anyone seen the Biden billboards that are supposed to be along interstate highways?

@mattGaetz: "...I am a [GOP] representative in Congress, not a monk, and certainly not a criminal,"

(PA) Years after conviction, former County Councilman McCullough taken into custody

Am I the only one working with a bunch of SOCAL vaccine queue line jumpers?

GOP Voters Heard More About Dr. Seuss Than Relief Plan

Rock Me Gently.

Ex-Trump Official Fined For Hatch Act Violation Over GOP Video With Public Housing Residents

NASA releases spectacular photo of 'rainbow' on Mars

WILD: mercenary spies pretended to be @FoxNews reporters. Targeted lawyers. There is audio. @Face

The Karen's Will Come Shanty

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats win by a solid to slight margin.

Good Day DU (April 6, 2021)

Krispy Kreme Offers Vaccinated Customers Free Ride On Glaze Conveyor Belt

McConnell: Citizens United 'Leveled the Field' for Campaign Finance

Want to feel old? This is what the star of "Night of the Lepus" looks like now.

How the far-right group 'Oath Enforcers' plans to harass political enemies

For DUers who got 2nd Pfizer shot, how long before side effects?

2 People Injured and a Suspect Is Dead in Shooting in Maryland

Senate Democrats Destroy McConnell's Complaints About Corporations...

How a facial recognition tool found its way into hundreds of U.S. police department, schools, etc.

Families are 'self-separating' in Mexico after being expelled from the US, Border Patrol says

What the Republicans call a "working class" agenda is just a revamped Fox News culture war

GOP Infrastructure Bill Jam Plays Right Into Biden's Hands

Bill Gates is the biggest private owner of farmland in the United States. Why?

Kyrsten Sinema Defends the Filibuster

570 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues.; 6 deaths

Republicans & Trump have thrown Evangelical Christianity into a full-blown crisis

Mars Helicopter Ingenuity snaps 1st color photo on Red Planet

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Vaccinated at Ford Field

Fears of White People Losing Out Permeate Capitol Rioters' Towns, Study Finds

Chance of contracting COVID-19 from surfaces nearly zero: CDC

Does anyone have neuropathy and what do you do for it?

Fears of White People Losing Out Permeate Capitol Rioters' Towns, Study Finds

CDC distributes $3 billion for vaccine preparedness

Big Walter Horton was born on this date.

Investigating a Crisis: A Comparison of Six U.S. Congressional Investigatory Commissions

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issues order prohibiting 'vaccine passports'

Former Trump staffers are facing a 'job desert' in Washington after the Capitol siege

Gerry Mulligan was born on this date.

"Almost certainly by the end of this Congress, the majority of lower court seats will be filled by D

Michigan university first in nation to offer cannabis chemistry scholarship

Covid-19 Vaccine Developed by U.S. Army Begins Human Testing

Are youth sports an engine of B.1.1.7 outbreaks?

Dorothy was born on this date.

Are youth sports an engine of B.1.1.7 outbreaks?

US Air Force test to launch ultra-fast hypersonic missile fails

Shadow got an itch. (She has more pics in the Pets group.)

Man who police say threw rocks at Asian woman driving her 6-year-old son charged with hate crime

Republicans want to make 'woke' corporations pay -- literally

Alexei Navalny moved to prison sick ward as health worsens

Big strong construction worker sobs"Thank you sir, for the great stock market".

Ukraine urges NATO to speed up membership in 'signal' to Moscow

ShadowSmileyGirl (She has more pics in the Photography group.)

Stray Kitten Asks a Man For Help And Chooses Him Forever

Goater Suppression!

Video visit with a new doc to discuss medical MJ today. Nervous...

🚨ALERT: @patagonia CEO releases public letter calling on businesses to take concrete action to prote

Question about the name change.

Shareholders target 'white man's world' with record demands for diversity data

KC off the ground in the barn. (He has more pics in the Pets group.)

KC's at home in the haystack. (He has more pics in the Photography group.)

This is not photoshopped.....Gaetz is not doing well

Merle was born on this date.

Voting rights: Why the GOP and corporate America are breaking up

Danny Kortchmar has a birthday today.

Chauvin's attorney using the "bore the jury" defense.

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah! Matt Gaetz's aides reportedly sent embarrassing videos of him to other Republican

A racist, a pedophile, and a drunk walk into a bar.

Brain fog is common in COVID-19 survivors. Experts share helpful advice

Washington health officials report six cases of salmonella linked to wild songbirds

Credit Suisse Loses $4 Billion

56 orcas, including rare white one, spotted in Salish Sea over weekend

Is there a firewall/anti-virus software that works best with Windows 10

Joe Biden will have it so all Americans will be eligible for C-19 vaccine by April 19.

Time running out as lawmakers race to fix drug possession law tossed by state high court

@RandPaul to appear at WFAF (Jan 6 hosts) fundraiser this weekend.

"Same state where the governor is trying to blame migrants for new Covid cases"

Biden's attempts to diversify federal courts can't come fast enough

GQP in Action ...

Progressive hero Rep Katie Porter even with an on-air sneeze demands Biden honors promise to women

"What the trophy case in the school lobby says about our values"

Video: Amazon Workers In The United States vs. Europe

Amazon Workers In The United States vs. Europe

Surface Contact Spread of COVID is Real

Fauci hits back at rightwing criticism and says attacks on him 'bizarre'

Finding amount of your stimulus payment rant

McConnel filed lawsuit against federal laws limiting corporations' ability to support politicians:

Lego art!


Justice Department Affirms Title IX Protects LGBTQ+ Students From Discrimination

Bill to reduce Democaratic participation on Management Council nears passage

CBP stopped two men on terror watchlist at border, says such incidents are rare


McConnell versus the First Amendment

New one to me. The former guy can run for Congress in 2022 and become Speaker of the House

I just realized what Trump's new replica office in Florida is.

University Of Wyoming Team Identifies Rare Jaguar At U.S.-Mexico Border

81% of teachers vaccinated or have appointments, according to union survey

Tuesday's Psaki Bomb

Giant Facebook data breach: How to check if your phone number leaked

Trump has an office to play in now. 🤡😆😳😁

Seattle monorail station upgrades begin in preparation for Kraken fans

County's sixth mass vaccination site to open in Tulalip

All veterans and their spouses can get vaccinated at the VA. Here's how

The biggest investment in American jobs since World War II.

Cartoons 4/6/2021

Happy anniversary to the funniest POLITICO headline of all time

It has been one volatile year in Snohomish county's job market

Jen Psaki annihilates Peter Doocy's misleading question on Georgia voting

Dems OK'd to use reconciliation for infrastructure bill

Fears of White People Losing Out Permeate Capitol Rioters' Towns, Study Finds

White House rules out involvement in vaccine passports

Gov. Gordon Signs Water Bill, Giving UW The Right To Drill Wells, Operate Own Water System

Biden boosted by Senate rules as GOP bucks infrastructure

Florida At Risk of Massive Toxic Flood

NRA's Wayne LaPierre Hid On Yacht Following Sandy Hook, Parkland School Shootings

Highly contagious COVID19 variant has spread to all 50 US states, alarming experts about new wave

US Navy confirms 'active shooter incident' at Fort Detrick; says US sailors were involved.

Rand Paul calls for Republicans to boycott Coca-Cola

Biden's Infrastructure Ideas Are Popular, His Plan Less So

I got my 2nd Moderna shot today!

Russell Honor calls for background checks on all congressional staff

Damn. Atlanta is a state on Fox News.

Shillin' 4 a remarkable podcast - Dave Broker's 'Industrial Revolutions' - Part 1.

Got my stimulus today. How many of us had it spent before it got there?

What Should The Penalty Be For Lying About Being Vaccinated Or Holding Counterfeit Cards?

NYC doormen fired for not coming to aid of Asian-American woman attacked outside luxury building

What I see when I sit down to eat *ANYTHING*

Eric Trump's wedding planner fined + banned from govt employment

Thank you for your silence, John. Sorry about the 560,000 people we killed.

IMF says US economy is growing at its fastest pace since 1984

Implying 12 hour lines are not that bad because voters will find a way to make up for lost wages or

Many people are saying nobody understands the #FloridaSwamp as well as @chipfranklin!

traffic stops as mother bear struggles to get four cubs across road (Connecticut)

If any Michigander is still looking for a vaccine (for yourself or family/friends)...

Mrs Sri Lanka beauty queen's crown snatched from head over divorce claims

Galaxy Quest --full movie (loved this!)

Why do bystanders fail to intervene when they see others in pain?

On this day, April 6, 1934, Guy Peellaert was born.

Vote today! I was #345. Voted Underly, Parisi, and, well, myself

On this day, April 6, 1965, the Beach Boys began recording "California Girls."

This Former Trump Official Was Just Banned From Federal Office for Violating the Hatch Act

Mysterious X-rays are flaring out of Uranus

Mysterious X-rays are flaring out of Uranus

Mini-rant... 538 has Biden at 53.6% approval.... 39.6% disapproval....

Still think Tom Cotton isn't a fascist?

Shut the front door! - young Dems now like Biden more than Bernie

The White House Rose Garden:

Man pleads guilty in NY to money laundering charge linked to PetroEcuador

Oath Keepers Founder Is Under Scrutiny, Court Documents Show

Navy hospital corpsman wounded 2 in Maryland shooting before being killed at nearby Fort Detrick,

Scoop: Caitlyn Jenner explores run for California governor

NYC rolls out Mobile Vax Bus. J&J vaccine & 200 pr day.

@SenDuckworth Instead of holding DeJoy accountable, the USPS Board of Governors confirmed what I alw

Brown University and Northeastern University will require Covid-19 vaccines for all students...

NYC doormen fired for not coming to aid of Asian-American woman attacked outside luxury building

K&P - How To Tell An Alien Imposter

So this newly discovered image from Jan. 6 might not look very important. But it is.

Colombia's capital Bogota to enter three-day quarantine from Saturday

Argentina benefiting from higher world food prices: IMF economist

On the filibuster's future, Arizona's Sinema makes a flawed case

Chauvin's lawyer might be doing better with all this drug bullshit if Chauvin

Paris Walks, Hemingway's Paris: PBS, 'Hemingway Behind The Scenes'

How's that boycott going, Lard Butt?

Putin Plans to Attend Biden Climate Summit Despite 'Killer' Jibe

Wind Turbine Farm Installation From Scratch :: Engineering On Another Level

Did you all see the wonderful bill boards on TRMS last night? I'm so excited...

The Green Plan really needs to be implemented now!

How to Make Stunning Croissants at Home

Biden cautions pandemic is 'not over yet' as he visits pop-up vaccination site

Ted Cruz Is Taunted by French Human Traffickers at the Border

Does anyone else here think that Mark Zuckerberg

House Democrats release list of 22 targets for midterms

THREAD: 50 Reasons Why Georgia's New Voting Law Really Is That Bad.

Life As an Ex-Trump Official

Middle Age Riot FTW

4 cats rescued from sinking boat by Thai Navy Sailors --- Yeah!

North Las Vegas mayor couldn't figure out why his iPad is full of child porn -- so he had police...

President Biden coming up re Covid Status n/t

U.S. considering joining boycott of 2022 Beijing Olympics

With voters 'fed up of politicians,' Peru's election is wide open

Brussels Sprouts Gratin

Vandals deface and destroy Native American site

Doesn't he want to see a big Biden success story? Go big on infrastructure, it is a win!

Biden making a speech on vaccines & religion. He cares. He is tooting his own

Matt Gaetz's staffers were sending videos of his outrageous behavior to other Republican officials

Jim Bakker Is Now Using His End Times Broadcast to Warn About Zombies

California Plans 100% Reopening of Economy by June 15

Carbon dioxide spikes to critical record, halfway to doubling preindustrial levels.

Bezos supports a rise in corporate tax rate to help pay for infrastructure investments

Moderna shows robust antibody levels six months into study

Newsom says California will fully reopen on June 15 -- if certain conditions are met

On this day, April 6, 1938, Roy Thinnes was born.

"I'm not talking about political contributions": McConnell adds important caveat to corporate threat

On the morning after his big debut, @Gutfeldfox is not trending but Brian Williams is. Smirking fac

Saying the quiet part out loud.....

Norwegian Cruise Line wants CDC to let vaccinated passengers sail

The Future of Heat Pumps is Underground (and other places, too!)

Sen. Al Franken on Sen. Ted Cruz from a talk with Franken and Chelsea Handler at Live Talks LA

The Lincoln Project: The Squalid

I finally have a vax appointment on Saturday, but it's for the Janssen/J&J vax.

Trying to sign up on

Arkansas legislators enact an anti-transgender law over the governor's veto.

'Built on a lie': Jen Psaki annihilates Peter Doocy's misleading question on Georgia voting:

The cops could've issued George Floyd a ticket. No use of force necessary

If It Looks Like Southlake Racists And Klux Like Southlake Racists

Do you think "Vaccine Passports" are a good idea?

Bonus Quote of the Day

I've finally figured out the only difference between Trump and Gaetz.

4 news outlets team up to reveal police dogs bite and maim thousands of people a year

Photographer Puts Dogs In A Special Photobooth And Captures Their Reactions (30 Pics)

Sick Wild Fox Gets So Pretty And Playful

Jen Psaki for the win:

WHAT'S ON TONIGHT: 8:00 pm The 400 Blows (1959)


Would someone explain to me what is "new" about Democrats' use of reconciliation?

So did Amazon vote to unionize the Bessemer Al facility ?

Small woodpecker clears runway for gigantic incoming woodpecker

Regarding knuckle draggers

President Biden's Update On Vaccinations And The Covid Pandemic

Gaetz Will Speak At Trump Doral For Summit Hosted By Jan. 6 Rally Planners

RNC Will Require COVID Test for Donor Retreat

Study: Jan. 6 Riots Motivated By Racism and White Resentment, Not 'Election Theft'

Pfizer has developed a protease inhibitor for the treatment of infected CoV-Sars-2 patients.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Deadpan Jen Psaki Mows Down Newsmax Reporter Over 'Secret Memo' Question

Navy Seabees Build VP Kamala Harris a Desk Out of Wood from USS Constitution

Netflix Concrete Cowboy

What's for Dinner, Tues., April 6, 2021

Jeff Bezos Backs Corporate Tax Hike

Gaetz fought revenge porn law to protect his own stash

Holy Two-Face, Batman! 3 Strikes and Yer out, QOP.

The thing about Spring is, beauty can occur in the most unexpected places.


AlJazeera Newshour story: Tropical fish species are migrating due to ocean warming.

Judi Lynn thread: *Is empathy uniquely human?*

WV Ramp Dinners & Festivals

Finally! A good pic of my girl

I thought Golden's were nearly always nice...

The attack on the Capitol was a race riot. We should talk about it with that understanding.

Tanzania's new president to review COVID-19 stance, lifts media ban

Liberal Redneck - Georgia Boycotts

Matt Gaetz - The Lincoln Project

VOTING LOCAL: Kendra Hicks for Boston City Council

"Gaetz dumped by trump* amid sex allegations" breaking news headline on MSNBC, right now

4/7 Mike Luckovich: Woke now

'Conservative Christian Activist'

Tx Governor abbott just on the local news stated there will be no

Atlanta mayor issues executive order against Georgia's new voting law

Jen Psaki DISMANTLES Fox reporter over ridiculous rightwing question - Brian Tyler Cohen

An Cafe: summer Drive

@BetteMidler: Read the sign on her midriff..#CruzGotPlayed

DeSantis threatens CBS with 'consequences' over 'pay-for-play' vaccine story on '60 Minutes'

One of the joys of being an expert on the sovereign citizen movement is that you get to read judges'

Ghislaine Maxwell Prosecution Reveals Nearly 3 Million Pages of Evidence

Mark Your Calendars For Booster Shots

Myanmar forces arrest comedian, break up doctors' protest

The Best Part of the Psaki Bombs Happens Offscreen

now hear this,

This is your brain on Fox News

🔴🚁 We are just days away from Ingenuity's first flight on the Red Planet! In anticipation, we're in

Leave it up to Arkansas. . .

My boys.

Oath Keeper, who showed up with bear spray Jan 6, close to a plea deal with

North Korea drops out of Tokyo Olympics

How to hide when you're an elephant

As in Georgia, Texas Democrats look to mobilize businesses against voting restrictions

The Trump media era ends not with a wow but a whisper

Joe: Despite the progress we're making as a nation, I want every American to know in no uncertain te

Insurrectionist roundup

Head of Capitol security task force says Trump fed insurrectionists 'a little BS'

A 'double mutant' coronavirus variant found in India was spotted in California - but there's no

Final Jeopardy (no spoilers)

RNC requiring attendees of the party's spring donor retreat in Florida to get tested for COVID & sub

Jeff Bezos says Amazon supports a corporate-tax hike, arguing that Biden's infrastructure plan will

Atlanta mayor issues order to 'mitigate the impact' of Georgia's new voting law

I just heard that a friend of mine, an Airman I deployed to Afghanistan with back in 02

CDC says passengers could be boarding cruise ships in US ports as soon as July

I just found out that (some anyway) hyper-Christians don't believe that dogs go to heaven

Nats beat Braves @ home!!!

Allen Foundation donating $1M to improve vaccine equity in King County; reach BIPOC communities

Fred Hersch Trio: Wichita Lineman

Some news on the variants of SARS-CoV-2 and the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine, (good news)!

King County sheriff vows to stay put

Pierce Council wants to hire ex-federal attorney to probe sheriff's run-in with Black man

Abbott: Do as I say, not as I do.

House to vote on admitting Washington, D.C., as a state

Gaetz asked Trump for blanket immunity for himself and allies.