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Archives: April 5, 2021

Stanford Cardinal holds on to win by 1

Do not ignore the sedition and the continuing threats against our country.

Hey Gaetz the internet keeps receipts

Quite the exciting Women's NCAA championship game

Matt Gaetz Is In Trouble As A Result of his "Bestie", Joel Greenberg, being Indicted for 33 Crimes

KC - What A Life

Couple politicians want to change tax laws...

All those cows looking at Shadow - she's OUTTA THERE!

Why do we need a vaccine passport to show we've been vaccinated

Use sound. 🔊🔊 Awkward and creepy.😬🤯 (Gaetz)

Need opinions on a replacement Photo Printer.

The 2020 Trump campaign accounted for up to 3% of all credit card fraud claims in the entire country

Snowy Sophie

Trump adviser Peter Navarro pressured officials to reward untested companies connected to the WH

Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Violin & Piano Scene: 'Limelight' Movie

Kitten Practices Walking and Has a lot to Say

Sous Vide Leg of Lamb

If Donald Trump really wants to take down Coca-Cola

BBC - The Myanmar beauty queen standing up to the military

What is this personal choice BS??

Marwa Elselehdar: 'I was blamed for blocking the Suez Canal'

Stanford holds off Arizona 54-53 to win women's NCAA title

Stat of the Day

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats win by a wide to narrow margin.

Love Miami Political Cortadito

LOL at COVID Vaccination Site

Sometimes your wish comes true.

Big Meat and Dairy Companies Have Spent Millions Lobbying Against Climate Action, a New Study Finds

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 6: 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

Octopus or balloon?

Like a cartoon...

A real redneck story...

The Trump campaign accounting for up to 3% of ALL CREDIT CARD FRAUD CLAIMS IN THE ENTIRE US

Juju is in the Hospital

Brittlestar: I'm tired of the pandemic

Enormous xylophone in the woods of Kyushu, Japan plays Bach's Cantata 147

Dominion: will one Canadian company bring down Trump's empire of disinformation?

Did Capitol Police erase footage of Rep. Lauren Boebert leading insurgency reconnaissance tours?

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Psalm 34, English Standard Version 🌈

The Egyptians are blaming the nearest woman for the Ever Green

Can You Even Believe These Idiots who are Making Fake Covid Passports?

Will Republican antivaxxers make COVID a Republican disease?

Amid Brazil's tragedy, our hope is the prospect of Bolsonaro's defeat next year

Continuing the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - NowThis News

The Daily Show: How the Pink Tax Is Ripping Off Women

The Daily Show - White Supremacy: The Rise and Spread in America

Why Virginia's abolition of the death penalty is a big deal for the state and the US

Surveillance camera captures man blowtorching East Bay Chinese restaurant

Biden Effort to Combat Hunger Marks 'a Profound Change'

Analysis of police violence brings Don Lemon to tears on live TV

Elizabeth Warren Urges Biden to Cancel $50k of Student Debt - NowThis News

Vice President Kamala Harris To Make First Oakland Visit Since Taking Office

Neighbor's racist rant against Chinese family caught on camera in San Jose

Some Standard Cynical CIA-Style Cuba Covid Reporting at The Washington Post

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - The National Debt

The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism Is Un-American

Tens of Millions in Florida Properties Linked to Ecuadorian Presidential Candidate Guillermo Lasso

Eight is Enough

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats win by a landslide to a narrow margin.

City, state to curb confusion over alien events in Roswell

Glorieta Camps might house up to 2,400 migrant youth

Representative Matt Gaetz Used to 'Score' His Sexual Conquests at Work

Legal cannabis advocate celebrates win in New Mexico

US closes secret Guantanamo prison unit, moves prisoners: Military

US closes secret Guantanamo prison unit, moves prisoners: Military

'We Are So Happy': Migrants Stranded by Trump Are Finally Entering the US


Brazil seeks $1 billion in foreign aid to curb Amazon deforestation by 30-40% -environmental ministe

The Situation At The US-Mexico Border Is A Crisis - But Is It New?

Rugby's victims of Argentina's dirty war show sport cannot evade politics

Satellite images show huge Russian military buildup in the Arctic

Colombia: Massacres Climbed To 25 Over the Weekend

@AmbassadorRice Celebrating ⁦@StanfordWBB⁩ old ass alumnae style

Chile Neglects Ocular Trauma Victims From Police Brutality

Western Rivers Face Pinch as Another Dry Year Takes Shape

Hawaii Covid requirements for travel to the state are great.

Who Is Marjorie Taylor Greene? Narrated by Van Lathan - NowThis News

Joe: Congratulations to @StanfordWBB on their NCAA Women's Basketball Championship win, and to @Ariz

Panel Dismisses Most of Ethics Complaint Against Legislator

Can't help but notice ...

Mypillow loses 65 million in business over ceo's election fraud claims

Durango's COVID 'cowboy' rounds up spring break scofflaws, lines 'em up for shots

Bolivian UN Diplomat Reiterates OAS Role in Bolivian 2019 Coup

How the global media tried to manufacture consent on Bolivia

Bolivian rights activist slams 'hypocrisy' of US over Anez case

Monday TOONs - Unfrastructure

Fog-Catching Towers Could Supply Water to the World's Driest Megacity Using The Ocean Air

25 Organizations Call for an End to U.S. Support for Aerial Herbicide Fumigation in Colombia

Fast forward to Gaetz' wedding...

Another Indigenous People Leader Assassinated in Colombia

ICE removes Colombian crime syndicate leader

Gov. Polis extends mask mandate another month with looser restrictions

Morning Blow doing Georgia voting law rehabilitation

Funny Easter Bunny video:

No Joe Scar, GA Laws constricts Vote By Mail More Than The Last Election Who cares if its ...

Exclusive: 1 in 2 states at risk of "rigged maps," group warns

Transgender rights bill withstands Republicans' filibuster-style tactics

'This is our Flint': Colorado environmental activists call for investigation following whistleblower

I'm smiling a friends son is leaving for benning I think Tuesday

Breakfast Monday 5 April 2021

Derek Chauvin, George Floyd's Killer, Wants to Make His Trial About Anyone and Anything Else

Biden's Schedule for Monday, April 5, 2021

They should've made the Vax Record Card the same size

Lacrosse teams trade sticks for lightsabers

In Ironic Twist, CO Republicans Refuse to Re-Do "Sham" Election of El Paso GOP Leaders

Lawmakers to weigh 3% pay raise for state workers, restoring education cuts and more

If you're looking for something a little different, try "Concrete Cowboy".

Quake in L.A.

Big Log

Eddie Glaude and the books backdrop

My Nephew Didnt Make Easter Dinner Because He Didnt Have A Spare.

Ohio's 'stand your ground' law takes effect Tuesday.

Infrastructure Week

Ohio's 'stand your ground' law takes effect Tuesday.

Trump Abandons His Brand for a Number

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 3/31/21

The Rundown: April 5, 2021

Eric Boehlert: In praise of Jen Psaki

Please support a DUer who is a candidate

Biden's big infrastructure plan hits McConnell, GOP blockade


Corporations gave over $50M to voting restriction backers

Colorado's Sierra Nevada plans to develop commercial space station and serve space tourists

Half of Republicans believe false accounts of deadly U.S. Capitol riot: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Glenn Greenwald Bound and Robbed at Gunpoint in Terrifying, Violent Home Invasion

Lauren Boebert separates personal, private Twitter accounts in response to federal lawsuit

Progressives target Jim Cooper for primary challenge

The Military Case for Biden's $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Opinion

Facebook pledged to suspend political donations, then quietly funneled $50,000 to GOP group...

Randy Rainbow takes on Lindsey & Teddy

Faith in humanity?

If you don't like Hemmingway, DON'T READ HIM

With Mini Helicopter On Mars, NASA Hopes To Reinvent Flight 'On Another World'

On infrastructure, Republicans are using the same negotiation-tactic they used to sabotage Obamacare

Trump biographer nails 'fat Elvis' ex-president as 'begging for people to like him'

Next election, if large numbers of eligible voters are unable to vote, the shit is really going to

Forget the nude pics - this outfit showed her true colors

Russia is preparing for the ability to attack from the north due to climate change

Never Trust McConnell to do the right thing

Northern Ireland police appeal for calm after violent unrest

Have a 3/31 stimulus mail date and still no check

Trump blasted on CNN after shocking new report reveals how he scammed his supporters

Sen. Bernie Sanders On Historic Alabama Unionizing Vote - MSNBC

Sen. Bernie Sanders On Historic Alabama Unionizing Vote - MSNBC

Prescriptions that affect vaccine

Farmers market lies exposed: hidden camera investigation (Marketplace)

Study: Republican control of state government is bad for democracy

When Airbnb goes wrong: Cancellations and covert listings

Human smugglers use Facebook to connect with migrants and spread false hope of reaching U.S.

Colorado Court Halts Funding of Mountain Lion, Black Bear Cull

Cheney snags victories ahead of her next battle with Trumpworld

Micro 4/3 launches a website for the format!

What time does Matt 'Gaetz' in front of the press today?

Trump has been reduced to ripping off donors for millions

Yer Monday morning insurrectionist roundup!

Who heard of the Colfax Massacre?

The entire Trump campaign was a scam -- and it is not over

FiveThirtyEight: Why Being 'Anti-Media' Is Now Part Of The GOP Identity

This chicken is a dog from the future

Just sent a donation to Nina Turner's opponent, Shontel Brown

Scientists just discovered a dinosaur so massive it is literally named "one who causes fear"

U.S. Supreme Court brings end to Trump Twitter fight

Residents in the Los Angeles area were woken up by a series of earthquakes

Is there a site where one can search for a photo of a drug?

Clarence Thomas moves to erode First Amendment in retaliation against tech companies

The Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama (photo)

Michigan Man Confronts Gun Toting Right Wing Extremists, "Get Your F*cking Guns Out Our Town."

Religious Liberty on Winning Streak at Supreme Court

I really hope the Democrats push back on the lies and misrepresentations that

Harry Enten: Why very early signs are good for the GOP in 2022

Historic Board Says Transformer Sculptures Can't Remain In Georgetown

The Walker Sisters of Great Smoky Mtn. National Park

Let's hear the truth, for once, from former Trump officials - Boston Globe Editorial Board

Taxpayer funded golf trips for POTUS

How The Trump Campaign Steered Supporters Into Unwitting Donations: NYT

Supreme Court rules in Google's favor in copyright dispute with Oracle over Android software

Florida Man Steals Ambulance, Gets It Stuck in Mud a Few Miles Away

In video, Biden thanks new US citizens for 'choosing us'

Texas GOP state senator grilled on CNN for pushing a voter suppression bill

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are favored to win by a landslide to narrow margin.

I'm So Sick Of Seeing Christians ...

The Newsroom: Voter ID Laws

Arguments against vaccination -by Tom Tomorrow

Middle Age Riot tweet:

This Is Jen, She's 21 Years Old

Magnitude 4.0 and 3.3 earthquakes rattle Los Angeles

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Sec. Blinken on State Dept.'s cultural diplomacy program

Justice Thomas grumbles over Trump's social media ban

Snow leopard spots camera:

Otter cuddles:

608 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 0 deaths

Boebert: The 'One Thing' Feminists, LGBTQ People Have in Common Is Communism

Beatles tribute to Matt Gaetz:

The Lincoln Project: Michigan

When police kill people, they are rarely prosecuted and hard to convict

All your face are belong to me!

McConnell condemns corporate backlash to Georgia voting law

Fathers in Utah to be required to pay half of pregnancy costs

Randy Rainbow: Ted & Lindsey

Megan on the view, to the Surgeon General , what can the "government" do to

'Reeks of Hypocrisy': Marco Rubio Dares MLB Commissioner to Give Up His Augusta National Membership

this is a house built in south korea. the land is the size of a parking place .

Good Day DU (April 5, 2021)

Just now on CNN - they've removed Derrick Chauvin's 'visitor chair' because nobody has used it

This fucking trial should have been over already

The Big Lie is STILL alive and well in the pro-Trump bubble

Any 'legal experts' here? A question about the Derek Chauvin trial in Minnesota

U.S. Treasury's Yellen calls for global minimum corporate tax

Risky Borrowers Are Falling Behind on Car Payments

Saving Not Just Our Roads And Bridges, But Democracy Itself - by Joe Conason

Photography group: Oly and Pany had a press conference last week.

Fuck Joe Manchin.....objects to 28% corporate tax in infrastructure plan

Gorsuch, Alito balk as Supreme Court declines to hear case about workplace religious accommodations

Half of Republicans believe false accounts of deadly U.S. Capitol riot: Reuters/Ipsos poll

U.S., UAE pledge joint effort to finance decarbonisation

Hey boog traffic jam in the sticks of Pennsylvania, a backup of one just me humor I'm bored

What keeps people from using Word to make a counterfeit Vaccination card? nt

A QAnon revelation suggests the truth of Q's identity was right there all along

"I don't have any specific knowledge on the investigation or any of the facts." (Gaetz staff member)

The First Progressive Primary Challenge of 2022

Only Congress Could Give Us a Matt Gaetz

Overly Attached Girlfriend NFT Sells For $411,000

Philly may have just revolutionized evictions

Supreme Court nixes Alex Jones' appeal in Newtown shooting case

Baby Shadow

Shadow, about to pounce on a field mouse. She loves to hunt them.

Stock markets roar, Dow jumps 300 following jobs report

Children now playing 'huge role' in spread of COVID-19 variant, expert says

Me learning the human's name/me learning the dog's name:

Colorado lawmakers look to expand access to birth control, abortion services through Medicaid

Amazing how many MORNING JOE threads there are today...

New documents show that -- while Trump was trying to overturn the election in December-- he was ...

NLRB says Amazon firing of workers who demanded better labor policies was illegal retaliation

Just Another Big Scam by Donald J Trump!

Crowdfunding Hate in the Name of Christ

Fawlty Towers - 'Talking moose'

This dude @evanmanivong sticking the landing and then whipping out his vaccination card is...

Pic Of The Moment: So Republicans Love America And Hate Cancel Culture, Huh?

Conservatives try to commandeer 'the big lie'

In a Pennsylvania town, a Facebook group fills the local news void

Gov. Greg Abbott decries MLB's dabbling in politics, spurns Texas Rangers' invite to throw out first

Yahoo implosion continues - Yahoo Answers closing May 4

On this day in 2010, an explosion at Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch Mine killed 29 coal miners.

KC is a part-time barn cat.

60% of republicans do NOT believe that the election was stolen.. that is hogwash..

Pete Buttigieg's bicycle stars in the latest rightwing conspiracy theory

It was a treat to see this bird at our feeders.

Two Korean Americans in Congress pull endorsements of Sery Kim over her comments on Chinese

How Did the Proud Boys Have Better Lines of Communication about National Guard Reinforcements than..

BREAKING: New Fissure Opens North Of Geldingadalur, Area Evacuated

On this day, April 5, 1994, Kurt Cobain died.

Fauci says two doses of Pfizer or Moderna's vaccines are better than one to protect against variants

Why aren't we calling the Capitol attack an act of treason?

'Follow the Money':Corporations Gave $50 Million to GOP Lawmakers Behind Voter Suppression Onslaught

Hunter Biden defends taking position on Burisma board

Biden administration apologizes for Trump administration fuck up

Mike Lindell Admits He's SOL on Getting Back $65M in Revenue Lost Due to Trump Ties

6 in 10 Republicans Want Trump to Run in 2024, Think 2020 Election 'Stolen'

Louisiana State fraternity brothers pay cook's mortgage

Amazon illegally fired workers who spoke out, labor board finds

Could Democrats win the 2022 MO US Senate Election if Eric Greitens-R is the Republican nominee?

In the twisted minds of the QaTrump cult

Weinstein Appeals Sex-Crime Conviction, Requests New Trial

Biden gave the Easter Bunny its own mask.

Happy Easter, you crazy Texans!

Republicans Keep Bowing to Cartoonish Voiced Grover Norquist

Who Is Marjorie Taylor Greene? Narrated by Van Lathan Who Is?

Fauci says federal government won't mandate COVID vaccine passports

Fantastic classical music medley played by a train...

Fauci says federal government won't mandate vaccine passports

The Biden Administration Is Doing Great With Vaccine Distribution

Hiker largely unhurt after tumbling 1,000 feet near Blue Ridge Parkway in N.C.

Jair Bolsonaro is planning his own January 6. U.S. invaders "Pitiful".

Hiker largely unhurt after tumbling 1,000 feet near Blue Ridge Parkway in N.C.

GRAPHIC WARNING: OKC police release videos taken during deadly hostage situation at jail

Why Smaller Swing States Will Soon Fade Into Irrelevancy

Rethinking Neanderthals

Satellite images show large Russian military build up in Arctic: report

Has anyone heard from SoCalDem?

Another lawsuit filed against Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson, bringing total to 22

Jesus Christ. . . . The faux outrage is hilarious.

This Is the First Fusion Power Plant to Generate Net Electricity

Study: Washington's economy survived the pandemic better than any other state

WA military employee or dependent? You can get your COVID-19 vaccine here now

Southwest pilot accused of indecent exposure during flight

Arkansas Governor Vetoes Transgender Youth Treatment Ban

This Peeler Did Not Need to Be Wrapped in So Much Plastic

Russell Honor: Head of Capitol security review calls for background checks on all congressional sta

Turkish ex-admirals arrested over criticism of Erdogan's 'crazy' canal scheme


Jake Tapper lets the Mississippi Governor spin infrastructure bill lies. We correct the record.

United joins Delta in Criticizing Election Reform That 'Infringes on the Right to Vote'

Bob employed every advantage to take the leap onto the food counter

If you wanted to explain life in America to aliens, but could only do so with one song...

GOP cancel culture targets Georgia: Republicans want to silence critics of their war on voting

Manchin Says He And '6 Or 7' Democrats Not Yet Behind Biden's Infrastructure Plan

Hours before Rangers home opener, Gov. Abbott says he won't throw out first pitch

Fossil fuels get too many government handouts. Biden wants to cut them off.

ER doctor who treated George Floyd testifies on cause of death (CNN)

Hard Headed Woman

Didn't Don Siegelman go to jail

White Evangelical Resistance Is Obstacle in Vaccination Effort (NYT)

Navajo woman becomes viral sensation with skateboarding videos

Evangelicals' Vaccine Refusal Could Prolong Pandemic

Jen Psaki, Newsmax's John Gizzi, and the infrastructure "secret memo"

Bernie Sanders Has 'No Problem With Going to West Virginia' to Pressure Joe Manchin

Finish Line In Sight

It's a spider, you've been warned.

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will retain majority control of the US Senate.

McConnell Slams Corporate Backlash to Georgia Law

Chauvin's lawyer is trying to argue that the Chief of Police doesn't know what he is talking about.

Republican Legislator wants an "official" Militia in Missouri.....

Video Captures Deputy In Texas Punching Teen Who Had Been Riding ATV

Wild dog simply bulldozes under fence designed to stop it

India Breaks Its Single-Day Case Record With More Than 100,000 New Infections

Rand Paul Claims Biden's Infrastructure Plan Infringes on Bridges' Right to Crumble

Green Bay wants former President Donald Trump to pay legal fees in dismissed election lawsuit

Biden Announces His Broadband Plan--and ISPs Will Hate It

Republicans accuse Wyoming GOP of election fraud


"Today in Jen Psaki elegantly tells a reporter that a secret memo is bullshit"....

GOP Rocked As Report Shows Raising Taxes On Corporations Will NOT Slow Recovery

Gaetz Blames the Liberal Media for His Girlfriend Getting Grounded.

Biden Wants You Out of Your Car and on the Train

Ex-staffer says he can't 'provide any evidence' to clear Matt Gaetz at press conference promoted...

How the Wyoming Senate killed Medicaid expansion, again

Yellen Pushes for Global Minimum Tax Rate on Companies.

Cartoons 4/5/2021

Passenger service at Paine Field is gradually bouncing back

McConnell Defends Fauci Amid Criticism from Colleagues: 'He's the Most Reliable Witness I've Seen'

Yes, evangelicals, you absolutely have the right to live your lives according to your professed

JUST IN: US Covid Daily Deaths Reach Record Low Since March 2020

Deal reached to clean up pollution from closed Maryland paper mill Verso Corp.

If Chauvin is (hopefully) convicted, I wonder if he will claim he had ineffective counsel.

This line of questioning by the defense makes zero sense.

Meanwhile, on Fox....

Greg Abbott's office has been working quietly with Facebook since August with the hope that ...

The eruption of fake GOP outrage at MLB is actually very clarifying

McDonald's, Other CEOs Tell Investors $15 Minimum Wage Won't Hurt Business

Navy Seabees Build VP Kamala Harris a Desk Out of Wood from USS Constitution

matt gaetz 'EXCELS'

We traced the call from that pedophile ring

Paul Rodgers, Pre Bad Company ☠

This should not happen more than once (Gaetz showing nude pics)

Uh oh--Vaccine passport--Calling Fox news:

Contender for stupidest Tweet of the day:

Ultimate flex

Justice Clarence Thomas Suggests SCOTUS Will 'Soon Have No Choice' But to Rein in Ability of 'Domina

Iowa to pay $225,000 to settle lawsuit over state trooper's force; he put knee on man's neck

Biden taps Gayle Smith to serve as global Covid coordinator

Liberace and Little Richard on Mike Douglas Show - added the link ooops

anti-masker vs masker

Companies are condemning Georgia's new restrictive voting law. Their criticism came too late.

Israel's Netanyahu in court as parties weigh in on his fate

A special visitor came by to visit the @PressSec today in the briefing room.

Minorities in Myanmar borderlands face fresh fear since coup

Gov. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas, a Republican, vetoed an anti-transgender bill.

Joe Manchin gives Biden's infrastructure proposal a thumbs down

waikiki tourists - we don't need no stinking masks...

Chauvin's attorney is getting absolutely nowhere with this Chief of Police.

Why food, shelter and clothing should be for free!!!

End the hygiene theater, CDC says

Biden's big infrastructure plan hits a slow moving turtle

What's for Dinner, Mon, April 5, 2021

Thandiwe Newton Reveals True Spelling Of Her Name: "I'm Taking Back What's Mine"

He's hiding his Diet Coke bottle behind the phone a day after telling everyone to boycott Coca-Cola!

Putin signs law allowing him to stay in power for another 15 years after ruling over Russia for 2

Texas Rangers said masks are required to attend. Well...

Proud Boys member, brother held without bond for alleged Capitol riot involvement

PSA: Men who wear their masks under their noses...

Does anyone else believe Matt Gaetz has put pressure on Ginger Luckey to elope?

The Party of Pervy Projection Hits a New Low With Matt Gaetz

I've been attending ACS lectures all day about the development of Covid treatments.

Must hear interview from Hunter Biden

Katie Porter CRUSHES Oil Goon Who Thinks She's Clueless

Why Biden Wants to Invest In Caregiving Infrastructure

5 myths about guns

GOP Wants a Bill, Unless It's Paid For or Not Paid For

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 6 April 2021

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are gonna win by a landslide to narrow margin.

The focus of Godzilla vs Kong is an evil corporation located in Matt Gaetz's Congressional District.

Lebanon's forgotten civilian space program

Dance of The Rolls

Just got this delivered today!

Is it impossible to communicate with Republicans?

Sam Darnold traded to the Carolina Panthers for 3 draft picks

Trump called for a boycott against Coca-Cola -- but photos show he's still drinking it

Just finished a tricky procedure.

What was the name of that young ReTHUG from a couple years ago who

President Joe: "Come on, man. Let's get real."

What's the latest news

STILL: Half of Republicans believe false accounts of deadly U.S. Capitol riot-Reuters/Ipsos poll

On the night of April 5, 1944, Siegfried Lederer escaped from Auschwitz.

Hell, YES!

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, "

What were you thinking?

On the night of April 5 - 6, 1936, the 1936 Tupelo-Gainesville tornado outbreak happened.

McConnell declares war on 21st century America

Who got blamed for the Ever Green wreck? A woman driver of course.

That's it - the most successful Con Artist in American history

A contestant during Final Jeopardy wrote: "Who wanted to kick that field goal?"

McDonald's, Other CEOs Tell Investors $15 Minimum Wage Won't Hurt Business

Teeny Tiny Baby Bat Gets A Milk Mustache

Daughter lost job

Van Jones:

Baby Wan Mai entertains herself while mom and nanny eat lunch.

BREAKING: Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson announces he has VETOED anti-trans bill HB 1570.

Osprey looking for fish @ creek near major river, southern MD

have any of you been following the contiuning volcanic developments in iceland ?

Chuck Schumer scores major win that will allow Democrats to bypass GOP obstruction

Chuck Schumer scores major win that will allow Democrats to bypass GOP obstruction

Chuck Schumer scores major win that will allow Democrats to bypass GOP obstruction

earlier i posted a vid that came from south korea about a skinny house .

Tx Governor abbott backed out of throwing the first pitch

Insurrectionist cop was awarded 'Officer of the Year' after falsely accusing black man of murder

EU pledges backing to Ukraine after Russian military buildup

Far-Right Reinforcements Swarm Judge's House for Ammon Bundy

just now watching todays Chauvin's MURDER trial. Did defense really imply drugs up the butt?

McConnell (Shitbag - KY) wants companies out of politics

McConnell declares war on 21st century America

The GOP said lockdowns were an economic death sentence. They were wrong.

Trump Hides His Diet Coke

The sailor living alone on an abandoned cargo ship

turn on Jeopardy RFN for a good one

Mike Lindell: My Company Lost $65 Million Because I Claimed Trump Won In 2020

Matt Gaetz was one of only two "no" votes in the FL House on a 2015 "revenge porn" law...

Wasn't prepared for this emotional journey.

U.S. Senate Democrats take aim at Trump 2017 international tax reforms

Have you noticed how republicans love things like free enterprise,

Can you guys tell me what exactly "woke" means?

Heavy snow storm hits United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany (April 5, 2021) Blizzard in UK

Prosecutors Are Nearing A Cooperation Deal With A Man Accused Of Using Bear Spray Against Capitol...

Far-Right Reinforcements Swarm Judge's House for Ammon Bundy

Millionaire New Yorkers could soon be paying the highest taxes in the country

N.Y. Attorney General's Office Slams NRA Bankruptcy as a 'Masterclass in Bad Faith' as Gun Group's

would mr. biden be able to put in place a national inforceable mask mandate . yes .no. thanks

Gaetz Military Adviser Comes to His Defense--Armed With No Facts