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President Biden in TODAY exclusive: 'I don't think the American people are racist'

Maine could end qualified immunity for law enforcement

Joe Biden turns the tables on Republicans

Clueless Repub (Murkowski Edition)

Mills pushes for 10-year ban on offshore wind development in state waters

Erin Burnett glares at Andrew Giuliani

In Israeli first, woman chosen as sole spiritual leader of Orthodox community

Andrew Giuliani accuses Giuliani warrant Judge of corruption.

Blowing in the wind!

U.S. Capitol Police to Be Sued for $10 Million for Killing Unarmed Rioter

Explosive Video Reveals Biden Plot to Use His Power to Improve Living Conditions

Cohen on Giuliani: 'Chickens coming home to roost'

How Can You Tell When Joe Biden Gives A GREAT Speech?

43-year-old man arrested for allegedly threatening to kill Seattle mayor

Legislature looks at gun deaths across nation, says: 'We need more guns'

Giuliani on Tucker: I've known about this for two years. I could've destroyed the evidence a year...

Military intelligence spied on protest organizers in Colombia, US and Europe by Adriaan Alsema April

4/30 Mike Luckovich - Like cattle

Apparently some residents of Ottertail County would prefer DFLers not come up there

Property value assessments rising sharply in parts of King County

Redmond Saturday Market Returns For 2021 Season This Weekend

Sen. Patty Murray says Biden's family plan will help everyone

How Duque tried to violently repress Colombia's opposition and failed

Mullen now supports removing commanders from sexual assault prosecutions

Bombshell Letter: Gaetz Paid for Sex With Minor, Wingman Says

Killings of Colombia ex-rebels could reach 1,600 by end of 2024 -court

Rocky Mountain High, John Denver

Ruh-roh, Raggy... Josh Duggar's been arrested by Homeland Security

NASA's 100 Days

From Say Hey to Say Trey

Number of unaccompanied migrant children held in jail-like conditions dropped 84% in ONE month

Turkey Gender Reveal

Peru presidential front-runner Castillo rushed to clinic, suspends campaigning

'I told you so': Trump's former attorney says he warned Giuliani

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

FBI warned Giuliani, key Trump ally in Senate of Russian disinformation campaign targeting Biden

New Hampshire Lawmakers Consider Bill To Blunt Any Biden Executive Order On Guns

Can Democrats Avoid a Wipeout in 2022?

Anne Douglas, Widow of Kirk Douglas, Dies at 102

Geebus, I almost had to evacuate an hour ago

Jay Peak receiver, People's United Bank reach $1.75M proposed deal

Bombshell Letter: Gaetz Paid for Sex With Minor, Wingman Says

On The Road Again, The Highwaymen: Willy, Johnny, Waylon, Kris

Bishops Could Vote on Biden Taking Communion

Senators examine Caterpillar tax probe under former AG Barr's office

Newsome positioned to survive recall..has strong ratings

What do you know about freedom of expression in Paraguay?

REM - Crazy

No charges in Texas after investigation of alleged drugging of legislative aide

Susan Rice coming up on Rachel after the break n/t

Man charged with threatening Iowa governor cites free speech

Ruby Bridges with President Obama at the White House

"Fold Marks"? Like as in Mad Magazine back covers? AZ ballot "Recount"!

Ted Cruz WRECKED After Falling Asleep (VIDEO)

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, April 30, 2021

UPDATE: High wind watch changed to high wind warning for DC's northern suburbs,

Let's talk about Biden's speech, autocracy, and democracy....

☦ Orthodox Christian Pascha/Easter Holy and Great Thursday Explained (Lengthy)

FBI warned Giuliani, key Trump ally in Senate of Russian disinformation campaign targeting Biden

Town of Bennington announces settlement with Kiah Morris, James Lawton

nice to see pro-biden/dems agenda ads on MSNBC. are they showing anywhere outside the

Loco- Motion, Little Eva

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 1, 2021 -- TCM Spotlight: Oscars From A to Z

Abbas delays Palestinian elections; Hamas slams 'coup'

TV ad just on. AA guy, a looker, drives truck past old guy sitting on porch swing.

In light of the Michael Cohen interviews on Rudy, time to replay the classic "Says Who" one

Senate confirms former Florida Sen. Bill Nelson to lead NASA

"Awaiting on You All" - George Harrison - From the Concert for Bangladesh

Bill That Would Ban 'Forever Chemicals' Advances in Vermont House

Why would they?

Biden will meet with South Korea's president on May 21.

Florida Republicans Want To Fine Social Media Companies $250k PER DAY For Suspending Politicians

Tighten Up, Archie Bell and the Drells

The Mayor Promises a Summer to Remember in New York. Can He Deliver?

Florida legislature passes election bill imposing new restrictions on mail-in voting

Satire to be Banned in Vermont?

States that are losing a seat in the US House of Representatives due to reapportionment.

Life's simple pleasures...

Shelby County lab detects first COVID-19 variant strain case linked to outbreak in India

Vermont's troubled pension system for state workers and teachers threatens state economy

Arizona Recount

Honolulu Prosecutor Promises Independent Investigations Into Police Shootings

Funky Nassau, The Beginning of the End

The Baffling Frustration that is the Bears

Florida Man - The Lincoln Project

The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star

Something to look forward to

Lisa Stansfield - The Real Thing

The Lincoln Project: Congrats, Matt! You are the definition of the Florida Man.

Lyin', Sleepy Ted - Meidas Touch

The way to end gerrymandering

Israeli rescue service confirms first deaths in stampede

Dance: Get On The Good Foot, James Brown, Godfather of Soul

Portland police investigate veiled death threat against Mayor Ted Wheeler

The Daily Show - Biden's Big Speech: Progressive Proposals & Ted Cruz Caught Napping

Top 10 Jim Carrey Moments

Akron-born YouTube star and speaker of many languages dies

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 2, 2021 - 100th Birthday Tribute: Satyajit Ray

Oh swell. My husband has found a new hyper-violent show to watch. "Gangs of London"

TCM Schedule for Monday May 3, 2021 - Star of the Month: Movie Roberts

Covid-19 Vaccination Poll

I was surprised how trump's

Small Town Saturday Night, Hal Ketchum (1953- 2020) RIP

The Daily Show: "Paddington 2" Ousts "Citizen Kane" & FBI Raids Rudy Giuliani

Saving the Bay of Pigs Prisoners: Did JFK Send a Secret Warning to Fidel Castro - through Brazil?

Cruz Takes a Snooze, Biden's 100th Day and Gabby Douglas Teaches Jimmy & Guillermo How to Cartwheel

Boston mayoral hopefuls pitch workforce development ideas

Rudy Indictment?: After Feds Raid Giuliani, Legal Vet Says They Have Enough To Charge Him - MSNBC

Experts: Biden efforts starting to 'pay off' at southern border

Seth Meyers - Rudy Giuliani's Apartment Raided by Federal Agents - Monologue 4/28/21

Why Iowa Has Become Such a Heartbreaker for Democrats

Seth Meyers - Guest Ari Melber on Rudy Giuliani's Apartment Raid and the Derek Chauvin Trial

There is evidence of infections even among the vaccinated in there a new variant?

Meet James Rhodes, proud racist, and formerly employed, now homeless

Healey Doubles Down On Mandatory Vaccination For Public Employees

Seth Meyers - FBI Raids Rudy Giuliani's Home and Office, Seizes Phones and Computers: A Closer Look

'The Farthest Place' by John Luther Adams

If Biden had not been elected, we would be India.

Utahn avoided drug charges -- until he allegedly refused to wear a mask

Newsom gets strong ratings on schools, economy despite recall attacks

Donald Trump and his Merry Cult almost destroyed our Democracy.

Gram Parsons & the Flying Burrito Bros. - Wild Horses

I've Always Been Crazy, Waylon Jennings

Oops! White House Chief of Staff threw shade at Sen Tim Scott's presidential address response. Deep!

Progressive Response to Biden's Speech Doesn't Sugarcoat It

Rudy's Downfall: Giuliani Being Investigated By The Same Office He Once Ran - All In - MSNBC

Fired Marriott Copley Workers Boycott the Hotel

Re the Oregon Legislature: correct me if im wrong

Bombshell Letter: Gaetz Paid for Sex With Minor, Wingman Says

So Ron Johnson and Giuliani both were told that they were dealing with Russian operatives

Rudy Hired Dershowitz for his legal team?

Universal early education, child care would cost $5 billion in Massachusetts, MassBudget says in

Any news on the Cuomo sexual harrassment accusations?

India's PM Modi appears to be Grifting off the Pandemic

Search Warrants Move Feds Closer to Charging Giuliani. Will Rudy Flip on Bill Barr & Donald Trump?

Counting sheep?

Randall Thompson's 'Suite For Oboe, Clarinet and Viola'

Why Are Republicans Still So Afraid Of Trump? The 11th Hour MSNBC

Me, the dog, peanutbutter and crackers.

Actual Elections Experts Head To Arizona As Trump, GOP Fixates On Clumsy 'Audit' Stunt - TRMS

Comedy Actors Roundtable: Sacha Baron Cohen, Jim Carrey, Don Cheadle

Prospect Medical, Neronha square off on Fatima, Roger Williams Medical Center

First witnesses testify in Correia trial, tracing rise from shoe salesman to mayor of Fall River

Biden White House Sees Opportunity For Police Reform Bill - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

About 20 hospitalized after Pawtucket chemical spill

Sylvester - Do You Wanna Funk

Josef Suk: 'Pisen Lasky' ('Love Song')

Financial penalties ordered for Eversource, United Illuminating for storm Isaias response

D Train - 'You're the One For Me'

LIVE UPDATES: Biden visits Plains, pitches his $4T program in Gwinnett

Aliera, Trinity HealthShare agree to stop marketing plans in Connecticut

Senate votes to repeal CT's religious exemption to mandatory vaccinations

Researchers demystify the secrets of ancient Aboriginal migration across Australia

Scientists find 110 ancient tombs from 3 different Egypt civilizations

Biden's Advantage As Political Messenger Is His Political Background, History Suggests - TRMS

Copy of famous Teotihuacan structure discovered in Maya city

Democratic Presidents are such people people

Copy of famous Teotihuacan structure discovered in Maya city

Nicolette Larson - 'Lotta Love'

Indigenous Peoples in British Columbia Tended 'Forest Gardens' Found near villages, research suggest

Florida passes voting law that includes restrictions on vote-by-mail and drop boxes

Dimming of the Day- Bonnie Raitt, Richard Thompson

Rod Stewart - 'Maggie May'

London britches falling down.

Big O ep.7-Big O vs. Dagon (Sea God/Titan) [720p]

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry

A Strange Case of Dancing Mania Struck Germany Six Centuries Ago Today

The 'Tarantella'

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/29/21

Bryan Ferry - 'Don't Stop The Dance'

Bryan Ferry - 'Don't Stop The Dance'

Idaho state representative resigns amid allegations of sexual misconduct

Who stopped the Rudy investigation, Barr, or the former guy?

Is This 10,000-Year-Old Carving Europe's Oldest Known Depiction of a Boat?

Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan violence: Deadly clash amid water dispute

Why Iowa Has Become Such a Heartbreaker for Democrats

Our boys are going into school today career day

Inside Amazon's shadow workforce in Mexico

Your Messiah is a racist landlord from Queens; which makes you a Grab Em By The Pussyvangelical....

Looks like Matty will soon be behind the prison

Biden's Schedule for Friday, April 30, 2021

After Railing Against Science, Trump Wants To Be Remembered As 'The Father Of The Vaccine'

US Embassy limits consular services after Russia hiring ban

Like Cattle - Luckovich

Friday TOONs - This Office Has Gone _100_ Days Without A Trumpcident

Yesterday I got my second Moderna jab. Right after I got it and was relaxing and reading

Marta and I got our second Pfizer shot Wednesday

Dear Mr. Trump: It's me again.

Breakfast Friday 30 April 2021

What exactly are those clowns in Arizona doing looking @ the old ballots?

NYC Mayor: Left-leaning PAC to deploy policy poll against Yang

Ukraine Dirt

Japan, "Swing"

How a top New York mayoral candidate used a charity to boost his profile

good morning DU! Just a few near the 100 day mark feelings and observations

Biden Hasn't Decided on Requiring U.S. Military Members to Get COVID-19 Vaccine -NBC Interview

Republican Logic exaplained

Officials in Switzerland Push Back at Biden 'Tax Haven' Barb

Andrew Brown "driving at" officers...

Soliciting Multiversity: Image's Top 10 for June 2021

Madefire Comics Reading App Shuts Down

The Rundown: April 30, 2021

The origin of Super Villains: Gorilla-Man

Pinned Tweet Matt Gaetz: "Tucker Carlson, has begun publicly questioning whether Gaetz is the target

Lonesome, On'ry & Mean- Waylon Jennings Live

Repeated Reality Stick Blows Have Convinced Some White Fundies That Climate Might Be A Problem

So, turns out the pedo rings are actually the GQP

Brianna Keilar on CNN Some of the ways Capitol rioters were caught

Inside the fight to overturn a ban on yoga in Alabama's public schools

Walk In The Room

BFD! -Number of children held in Border Patrol facilities drops 84%

GQP Climate Proposal - More Oil, More Gas, More Non-Existent CCS - Oh, And Some Trees

I just want to give a shout out to CNN and their "New Day"!

Children in Border Patrol Custody Drops 84 Percent in a Month, Time in Custody Drop By 105 Hours

Gaetz all but ADMITTED underaged sex! "I never had sex with a 17-yo AS AN ADULT"!!!

Here are my two nominations for Acronym Of The Day:

Local walk-in vaccination clinic - majority choosing J&J vaccine!

Rep. Lieu Calls for Rep. Gaetz's Removal From Judiciary Committee After Daily Beast Expos

Global Big Day

Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)- Waylon Jennings

Joe Biden Says 'I Don't Think The American People Are Racist' in Response to Tim Scott Rebuttal

Hey, Why Not? NSW Approves Expanding Coal Mine For 52 Million Tons Of New Production

Rudy Giuliani Claims Feds Raiding His Home Refused to Take Hunter Biden's 'Hard-Drives'

Miss You

How does one trace rumor originators?

Biden: Schools should 'probably all be open' in the fall

Pissy ears

With U.S. hospitals overtaxed by COVID-19, huge numbers died from lack of healthcare access

Carbon Tax Center: "Bipartisanship" A Fool's Errand; BTW, Why Is Gaetz In Climate Solutions Caucus?

It's time to start shunning the 'vaccine hesitant.' They're blocking COVID herd immunity.

Stephanie Ruhle, mother of school children, kicking west virginia governor Jim Justice's butt

NYC Telework petition

501st Legion as honor guard at Star Wars model maker's funeral

Customer attacked massage therapist, hurled racial slurs after refusing to wear a mask

Trump crashes final days of Texas special election

Mike Pence reemerges. But Trumpworld is moving on.

'I'd Never Been Involved in Anything as Secret as This'

"She is waiting in the wings," said first lady Jill Biden about a cat joining the White House.

TURTLE. . . what about your freedom to not have jobs and childcare?"

LAT: The Tucker Carlson mystery -- how does his show survive without major advertisers?

Cartoon: Rudy raided By Clay Jones -April 30, 2021 9:00 AM

So when does rudy whip out his "pocket" pardon

(N.M.) Prison workers alleges retaliation for report of rodents

Biden's border wall funding freeze under review

Court not monitoring GPS bracelets after hours

So, Rudy G. says "I've never represented a foreign national "!

So it's the last day of April - 101 days since Biden was inaugurated

Biden lays border crisis on Trump admin's refusal to cooperate

Bones dating back to ice age found in Las Vegas backyard

No link, but most likely explanation of covid from a professional virologist (lab scientist) I know

You'd have to be abnormal not to have Trump Derangement Syndrome right now

Biden's big-spending agenda, brought to you by the Trump era

Operation Safety Net: Success or 'nightmare?'

The Coronavirus Vaccine Is Very, Very Good

West Virginians eager for Biden money despite senator's concerns

Amtrak says Alabama support not required for Gulf Coast return

Proof you can't fix stupid!

"The President and I..."

2020 Oscar documentaries and short films (winners and nominees) on Netflix

Couple moves into Europe's first 3-d house - wow!

How Identity Thieves Took My Wife for a Ride

188,000 booted from voter list across Wisconsin

Republicans In Texas State House Vote To Support Racism

Once again, The Simpsons proves itself to be amazingly prescient years in advance.

'Utter Nonsense': Chuck Rosenberg Blasts Giuliani's Search Warrant Protests - MSNBC

Fareed Zakaria: As Biden calls out Turkey for genocide, should we call out ourselves as well?

grace jones- 40th anniversary of 'nightclubbing'

Washington Post study reports that Black Lives Matter protests involved little property damage.

Famous black/white team returns to work after a year at home

from Jamie Raskin:

"Everthing is going perfect" God booked Mike on Jimmy's show


'Insane and dangerous': Inside the Miami school that told teachers not to get vaccinated

John Dawson Read - A Friend Of Mine

Inside the Chauvin Jury Room: 11 of 12 Jurors Were Ready to Convict Right Away

Green jobs' path to middle class, sustainability largely blocked to Native Americans

Panel: Remove Fulbright statue, name from Arkansas campus

Family of January 6th terrorist sues

New York police dump controversial robot dog that inspired terrifying Black Mirror episode

My favorite jingle from the 80s Michelob commercials

Aide to Trump-loving Virginia candidate brandishes gun during profane 'road rage' incident

Biden's to get a cat to watch over their dogs

Wait - Rudy claims he has Hunter Biden's hard drives, and he's just hanging on to them?

Reverend Gary Davis was born on this date.

Russian state watchdog adds Navalny network to terrorism database

I watched 2 hours of the public comment

Good Day DU (April 30, 2021)

"Why don't cops just shoot at their legs???"

JUST IN, 1030a Friday: Wind advisory UPGRADED to HIGH WIND WARNING for immediate DC area

We just have a little time to heal the "fake news" ignorance

Wayne Kramer (MC5) has a birthday today.

Would someone help me find a thread, I went back 5 pages

Wisconsin purges 188,000 from voter lists

Something smells rotten in the new report on the Rudy Giuliani case

English rockers 'Genesis' announce 1st U.S. tour in 14 years

U.S. Household Income Surged by Record 21.1% in March

StarTalk Podcast: The Code of Life and CRISPR with Jennifer Doudna and Walter Isaacson

BNSF says it can handle more crude-by-rail shipments if Dakota pipeline is shut

Covigula Was One Good Variant Away From Making India America

First 100

Apple is going to court with Fortnite, and it could forever change how apps work

WINDY day everywhere, so far appears 'my' ospreys (and nest) are OK. (southern MD)

844 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 19 deaths

Joe: This is a birthday I certainly wouldn't miss.

John Dawson Read - A Friend Of Mine

What will be the fate of Aaron Rodgers?

2021 Horse Racing - Free Kentucky Derby Past Performances

Question about the stampede disaster in Israel

Can anyone explain this?

Puppy Found In Desert Becomes An Adventure Dog: The Dodo Foster Diaries

What is your favorite Documentary?

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a solid to slight margin.

Meet Miss Molly. Someone actually rejected and dumped this queen.

I had no idea Disney did this..

This will bring down the Biden-Presidency! DANDELION-GATE!

On this day, April 30, 1939, the New York World's Fair opened.

Times, they are a changin'

10 Things Joe Biden Has Done In His First 100 Days

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week (Friday Roundup)

On this day, April 30, 1904, the Louisiana Purchase Exposition World's Fair opened in St. Louis.

Well, since today is the anniversary of Washington being inaugurated,

*COMING UP on TCM, a CLASSIC! 1:00 PM -- Two Women (1960)

Scoop: Hillary Clinton, Condi Rice concerned about Afghan troop withdrawal


Students call for action against right-wing club after private chats are leaked

The last cat made at the end of the day AND there was no matching parts

OSHA Cites Dollar Tree Store for Safety Hazards

Briscoe Cain Went Full-On Fascist In Racist Attack On Voting Rights

Roku removes YouTube TV from channel store as dispute with Google escalates

Right wing hero Josh Duggar formally charged with receiving and possessing child porn.

2021 and 2022 Governors Elections that Democrats are likely to win.

Canada to start to get Pfizer vaccines from the US next week

Here's a beauty....."a pitta me"

I love that now a days women have broken down barriers such as in the gym...

Merrick Garland rapidly erasing Trump effect at Justice Department

Family of Rioter Sues Capitol Police for $10 Million

George W. Bush Torches Marjorie Taylor Greene's Proposed Caucus Pushing 'Anglo-Saxon Traditions'

Far From Gone: The Evolution of Extremism in the First 100 Days of the Biden Administration

Mike Lindell Stands by Prediction Donald Trump Will Be Back in White House in August

Former Alabama RB Najee Harris returns to homeless shelter for NFL draft party

Former Attorney General Bill Barr's DOJ Spokesperson Takes New Job at Fux Noise

I just saw an ad for Netflix's summer blockbusters and I thought, Damn, I feel like I just

Remains of Alabama soldier missing since 1950 identified

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Dismisses Systemic Racism: 'It's a Bunch of Horse Manure'

Everything You Need to Know about Vaccine Passports

Will Siri play Amazon Music or is Apple Music the only hands free option?

Stately Cypress

Billionaire Leon Cooperman slams Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax, suggests eliminating the Education

Moscow Mitch sends letter to Education secretary demanding removal of the 1619 Project from federal

BUSTED: Josh Duggar charged with downloading child pornography

Pregnant Mummy Discovered

The economy grew 6.4% in Q1 amid stimulus checks, COVID-19 shots, looser business constraints

Antifa fears, UV lights: What the group running Arizona GOP's election audit tried to keep secret

And another one's gone......Landon Copeland

Man receives 4-year prison sentence for police precinct fire

Lave "tornado" caught on video

"There is not systemic racism" says a governor who named April as Confederate Heritage Month

I have never seen so many help wanted signs

'I'd Never Been Involved in Anything as Secret as This' (history of the bin Laden raid)

Pledging allegiance...

Don't let the GOP's buffoonery distract you from its sinister intentions

ENUFF with that laptop movie watching shit - PAY ATTENTION!!!

Whataboutism, the last refugee for Republicans, is on the rise

Bill Preventing Background Checks For College Students Advances

An Ohio freshman died after drinking a bottle of liquor in a frat hazing. Now 8 men face charges.

Minnesota high school investigating photo of racist 'picking cotton' prom proposal

France Will Reopen to Vaccinated Americans on June 9

On this day, April 30, 2011, Donald Trump attended the WH Correspondents' Association dinner.

US intel agencies sharply cut surveillance during pandemic

Dodged a Medical Expense Today with One of My Family Members-With A "Cadillac" Gov't Plan

Tacoma family claims son was harassed while shopping, demands answers

Police ask for help finding missing Everett woman

Illinois Democrat and former DCCC Chair Cheri Bustos won't seek reelection

Schumer backs Sanders push on drug prices, lowering Medicare age

Dakota Access asks Supreme Court to hear pipeline case

Updates after more than 90 people found inside SW Houston home

Giuliani Taps Alan Dershowitz for Legal Advice

My guess is the Reich Audit in AZ will signal its end with the

"Let them stand up in the well of the floor, put on some Depends, let their feet bleed or whatever"

2021 WHCA Scholarship Winners White House Correspondents' Association (WHCA)

Rudy Giuliani claims feds tapped his "iCloud" in Tucker Carlson interview after raid

Wall Street Bonuses at Risk Amid New Clamor to Finish Dodd-Frank

Colorado cops who fist-bumped abuse of 73 yr old dementia patient were in relationship, resigned

Rudy Giuliani Taps Alan Dershowitz for Legal Advice Following Federal Raid

Democrats are going to be gaining seats in the US Senate in 2022.

wednesday hail storm, baseball size hail damages INSIDE of structures. pictures

This is why Systemic Racism still exist in the U.S.

tragic for 7 kids of Josh Duggar... he's been charged with child porn

Man Dies In NW D.C. Road Rage Shooting, Reward Offered For Suspect Info

Biden Responds To Sen. Tim Scott: 'I Don't Think The American People Are Racist'

White House Says It Is Open to Diplomacy With North Korea

Windy enough for you on this Friday afternoon?

The Last Days of Bill Barr

69% of Americans voted in November using methods GOP-led state legislatures are trying to restrict

I'd like to see gas attendants again

Have a Macbook pro question regarding display/screen size

Authorities say they won't seek charges after investigating allegation that a lobbyist drugged a

WOW! Chuck Todd dings lying Republican Rep: While GOP controlled all of government 'Debt Skyrocketed

'Disgusting' robocall accuses Texas candidate Wright of causing husband's death

'Capacity catastrophe': Texas' big outsourcing of foster care tested by system's woes

Favorite cartoon characters of all time?.movie, TV or intenet, doesn't matter. As many as You wish.

Sen. Joe Manchin III says he doesn't support D.C. statehood bill

Till I Loved You- Barbra Streisand & Don Johnson

Matt Gaetz BOMBSHELL, Screwed Over By Best Friend - The Damage Report

Number of children held in Border Patrol facilities drops 84% since peak last month

Joe Manchin announces he is opposed to DC statehood

Cartoons 4/30/2021

Two legs or four: All welcome to board Mukilteo's ferry ramp

TikTok influencers are pushing dangerous far-right conspiracy theories to their young audience

Biden's Betting On Public Support To Push His Agenda. Polls Show His Big Spending Packages Have It.

Police officer in South Carolina racially profiles & harasses an innocent Black man

'I'm still exhaling': Swing-state voters on Biden's 100 days

TSA expected to extend mask requirement for air travel through much of the summer.

US to restrict travel from India over COVID starting Tuesday

Memphis' Juneteenth celebration is moving to the former home of the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a solid to slight lead margin.

Haitian migrants register at Mexican immigration offices in Chiapas.

SEALs tell CBS News "lawless" members plague teams with criminality, drug abuse and profiteering

Elderly Tennessee couple escapes memory care unit by using Morse code training to crack door code

Republican Legislation Would Remove Eligible Voters from the Rolls

Climate change: Amazon may be turning from friend to foe

Climate change: Amazon may be turning from friend to foe

Biden restricts travel from India amid calls for further U.S. aid to fight COVID-19

Stephen Karanja: Kenyan anti-vaccine doctor dies from Covid-19

UConn student painted swastika near Jewish campus center during Passover, charged with hate crime

How scientists caught footage of 'the kraken' after centuries of searching

Calling my son a big fat chicken worked!

U.S. military is cancelling all border wall projects "paid for with funds originally intended for.."

Has anyone seen a video of Rep Jewell Jones arrest?

Biden cancels military-funded border wall projects

Pacaya volcano (Guatemala): after short period of calm, new lava flow descends southwestern flank

Shipping from Germany

A fight over building apartments in mainly white Woodbridge has become a flashpoint in the debate

Indicted Ukrainian Oligarch Issues Statement Distancing Self From Giuliani

IG Report Finds Trump Aid to Venezuela Was Aimed at Toppling Maduro

Outrage as Canadian Regulator Lets Government-Owned Pipeline Keep Insurers Secret

Are algorithms to blame for extremism? Yes. But so are we.

Third Round of Coronavirus Relief Checks Led to Largest Monthly Rise in Household Income Since 1959

You know that old saying "Birds of a feather flock together"? How about an update?

Matt Gaetz, making Florida PROUD!

UPDATE: Just got my #2 Pfizer. Good Luck to those still needing to get a shot!

Capitol insurrectionist is counting ballots at controversial Arizona election audit

Pentagon cancels all of Trump's border wall contracts: report

Brazil registers record 14.4 million unemployed

Brazil registers record 14.4 million unemployed Find a COVID-19 vaccine near you.

Biden Team Launches Website, Text Messages to Locate Vaccines

Andy Slavitt: NEW: Finding a vaccine just got very very easy. ... Text your zip code to 438829


Counties at Highest Risk for COVID Harm Often Have Lowest Vaccination Rates

BUSTED: Capitol insurrectionist is counting ballots at controversial Arizona election audit

"Who is your daddy and what does he do?"

*On TCM @ 2:45 a.m, Victor/Victoria (1982)


Manchin says he doesn't support D.C. statehood bill

Disneyland reopens as California emerges from virus depths

Roger Stone Hangs Matt Gaetz Out To Dry

Judge Slaps Down Election Recount Firm Hired By Arizona GOP Senate

If Democrats lose the NH US Senate seat in 2022, Can they win it back in 2028?

CDC warning states to remove vaccine-card templates as pro-Trump forums spread tips on how to forge

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem sues Biden over Mt. Rushmore July 4 fireworks display

Men with badges tried to stop CNN reporter, but they weren't police. - (CNN)

Another poll showing Joe Biden with 60% approval

Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene are going on tour together to hold rallies. dumb and dumber?

Matt Gaetz & Marjorie Taylor Greene are hitting the road together on a national 'America First Tour

Argentina: Fernandez extends curfew, school closures as Covid-19 cases rise

Argentina: Fernandez extends curfew, school closures as Covid-19 cases rise

Virus surge, vaccine shortages spread beyond India's borders

Stephen Miller derided Biden's speech to Congress lacking 'warmth'

Wildfire concerns loom with dry weather outlook in Washington

Details regarding woman arrested for harassing black delivery guy..she tried to grab steering wheel

"How bad is bitcoin for the environment really?"

What's for Dinner, Fri., April 30, 2021

Stray Dog Looks Like A Totally Different Dog Now

Facing the law may help some Rs open their eyes.

Alert ospreys in the wind.

A journalist covering the recount in Arizona got kicked out for taking a picture of Rep. Biggs:

This is unusual but still dangerous. A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued

This is unusual but still dangerous. A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued

Biden plugs infrastructure with a personal favorite: Amtrak

FOUR MONSTERS in one Pit vs Four Hunters hoping for glory

Bee Gees from 1963 from Australian tv show:

Exquisite rendition of One Voice (Wailin' Jennies - song about unity! ) by USAF band/choir

Ashli Babbitt's family plans to sue Capitol Police, officer who shot her

Tracking Decertified Cops Could Prevent Violence, Experts Say

MSN: Biden administration to return billions in border wall funding diverted from Pentagon

The Cat!

Democrats have a better chance of gaining seats in the US Senate In 2022 than the Republicans.

One way of strengthening police/community relations is to fund PAL and similar programs

Trump Scores $617 Million of Cash With Vornado From Tower Bonds

Catholic leaders' embrace of Trump and MAGA accelerated exodus of church members: report

Guess who doesn't want safe drinking water for all Americans?

Money doesn't buy happiness...

New details emerge about investigation into Giuliani (CNN)

Newsmax Issues Retraction And Apology To Dominion Employee Over Election Stories

Florida's Anti-protest Bill

What this noun/verb/9/11 mess is showing is that

Noem sues Biden administration over rejection of Mount Rushmore fireworks

What's Your Western Movie Hero Name?

Capitol Police official who said to watch for 'anti-Trump' forces on Jan. 6 was deputy chief

Bring your marshmallows....

Diplo - One By One (feat. Elderbrook & Andhim) (Official Audio)

In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, AB Live, Fillmore East

Police drag elderly black woman by her hair out of her car

TV news ratings, online readership plunge during Biden's first 100 days

World's longest pedestrian bridge just opened - in Portugal

I hope the DOJ is looking into pay for pardon schemes that trump and his minions were up to

Someone needs to tell Joe Manchin, Re: DC statehood to read the following:

Interior Department appoints first Native American chief of staff

Scotland's election: a stepping stone to independence?

Petey Martin & Lauren Daigle - Come Back Home

PM Update: Winds will remain very strong this evening, waning some after midnight.

Grand Canyon opens lottery for shooting bison in park

It is Walpurgis Night

Albuquerque ends backlog of untested rape evidence kits dating back to the 1980s.

At a small country church.

I'm a gay dood, Josh Dugarrs is among the most disgusting slimeballs in human history..

3 Colorado police officers resign after rough arrest of 73-year-old woman with dementia

Homeland Security to repair damage created by border wall

Army report finds Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guilln reported being sexually harassed

Details of stunning Maya acropolises and sophisticated civilization revealed by laser scans

Details of stunning Maya acropolises and sophisticated civilization revealed by laser scans

Global groundwater wells at risk of running dry

Typical Delaware County, PA numbskull..

Petition urges US First Lady Jill Biden to restore White House garden to 'former glory'

Faith, Freedom, Fear: Rural America's Covid Vaccine Skeptics

The only dog we ever had: our Dalmation, Meson.

Dark matter could be destroying itself inside the bellies of exoplanets

Nice card reading on Giuliani...

posted on jill biden's twitter yesterday (and i love this picture!)

Antifa cell threatens life of Mayor of PDX

Thank god I didn't marry a religious nut bag.

South Dakota governor sues for Mount Rushmore fireworks over tribal objections

Michael Cohen: Rudy Giuliani Will "Absolutely" Rat Out Ivanka, Don Jr., and Trump to Save Himself

Stars made of antimatter could exist in the Milky Way

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are favored to win.

The FBI already HAS Hunter Biden's Laptop...

GOP senators are mad Amazon stopped streaming a documentary about a Black man in February

Tell me your weirdest dream and I will tell you mine.

GOP lawmakers want to let teens buy handguns before they can buy beer

240-pound fish, 7 feet long, age 100, caught in Detroit River

And how many times have you have you not grown close to someone who tried to kill you?

Army disciplines 21 at Fort Hood in probe of soldier's death

Hillary Clinton coming up on the Reidout (MSNBC)

Blinken Will Visit Ukraine in Show of Support Against Russia

I still love you Kolten.

Joe: This week, I introduced the American Families Plan. It's a historic bill that will make transfo

Russia Fires Supersonic Anti-Ship Cruise Missile in 'Signal to NATO'

US Senate seats that are likely to flip in 2022.

Caitlyn Jenner's campaign goes silent in first week

Update #3 @ 'Operation Dump Cuomo'

Arizona elections chief criticizes policies used in recount

We need to reexamine West Virginia Statehood...