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Russia cracks down on new independent media after tale of Putin's 'lovechild' riles Kremlin

Shooting pool

GOP lawmaker donates Gaetz campaign contributions to victims of abuse

I'm looking forward to having this picture updated.

GOP Firm Tied To Trump-Endorsed WinRed Fundraiser Tool At Center Of Minnesota Dispute

WH: The American Jobs Plan will create the strongest, most resilient, innovative economy in the worl

Georgia's racist voting law, not Coke or Delta, is the problem, Sen. Rubio -- so are you

For fans of Law and Order SVU

DHS watchdog finds widespread mistreatment of immigrants at ICE facility

Matt Gaetz Poll

Posted without comment

In light of Matt Gaetz, is it time for random drug testing in the house and the senate? nt

'I'm Facing 8 Years in Prison': Georgia Rep. Park Cannon Speaks Out for First Time

'Dumb Fux & Friends' Hosts Yuk It Up Over Black Voter Suppression In Georgia

On this date in 1984... (Trivia question; a GREAT ONE!)

U.S., Philippines officials discuss Chinese activities in South China Sea

O'Rourke says he's not planning on run for Texas governor

Republicans' Plan to Sink Biden's Infrastructure Bill: Lots of Whining, No Solutions

Georgia's Jim Crow Lite Vote Suppression Continues Trump's War on Democracy

Seattle Police Department plans to remove concrete barriers around East Precinct

Jen Psaki SHUTS DOWN reporter who tries to create Biden Easter scandal - Brian Tyler Cohen

New image of Green River Killer victim 'Bones-17' could lead to her identification

@Microsoft's statement on the Georgia voting laws

Debris from SpaceX rocket re-entering atmosphere recovered in Grant County

Senate filibuster stalls Graves nomination to University of Missouri curators

New video..."move the all star game? Great call!

Endangered Sumatran tiger returns to Point Defiance Zoo

WHEN MATT GAETZ IS STANDING THERE - A Founders Sing Parody feat. the Beatles

Governor Mike DeWine gets vaccinated...

Use the word "gaetzeist" in a sentence or phrase.

Evolution of 'Mom Dancing': Jimmy Fallon, Michelle Obama

Comedy and tragedy.

Has anyone seen the really sweet commercial for on MSNBC?

You know gaetz rawdogged it just like his hero- he is putrid personified

Fox viewers being gaslighted is everyday but this is so awful:

You probably paid more in taxes than 55 major companies

Jeff Tiedrich for the win

Probably going to hell - ate a steak on Good Friday

I wonder if Barr told trump about the Gaetz investigation?

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF!

What I see, in the future, for Matt Gaetz

I am going to start taking pictures of maskless people in the store -Maskholes of my city

Lindsey Graham's Garbage Gun Stunt

Ah, HELLO??? Where is Rachel??? She froze and now we've got something else I don't want

@SecretaryPete From roads to transit to our very electric grid, we have a generational opportunity t

Hear odd voicemail Gaetz and friend left female Florida lawmaker

California high speed rail has become a sad joke

Fashion World Outfits - OR- Who is kidding whom?

Gaetz & Greenberg left a creepy voicemail for Rep. Anna Eskamani

Dump New Hampshire.

Friday Talking Points -- Biden Introduces His American Jobs Plan

Joel Greenberg, Matt Gaetz visited closed Seminole tax office together on weekend, source says

One of World's Greatest Hidden Fortunes Is Wiped Out in Days

Texas GOP candidate bashes Chinese immigrants over coronavirus: 'I don't want them here at all'

BrooklynDad: Drop The MicGaetz

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

Tucker Carlson guest claims it's dangerous to vaccinate everyone

My daughter got her first College acceptance letter! UC santa cruz! ** UPDATE: GO SLUGS!

Is there anything Ali Velshi can't do?

Othello in the afternoon

"Other than that, Happy Easter!"

Splish splash, I was taking a bath

From BETO: "Gov Greg Abbott's Top Donors/ 2017-2020/ Oil, Gas, Electricity

So, is GaetzGate the culmination of all of the various "gates"? A double gate!

Newly Elected US Senators from 2022 if the Democrats remain in the majority.

"Iowans, do you feel safer?"

Are Gun nuts...

friend of mine sent me this via skype . a then and now documentary.

Birds in sunlight

A thought, Gaetz is going to do anything to save his skin. How many legs will grow out of this?

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 4, 2021 - 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

Birds in sunlight

Jan 6 rioters killed Capitol police. Another policeman died today. How is that different?

Hear odd voicemail Gaetz and friend left female Florida lawmaker (CNN)

Laser Cooling of Antihydrogen.

TCM Schedule for Monday April 5, 2021 - 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

A poem for the "Florida man."

I'm Sorry, the Line For the Matt Gaetz Dunk Tank Forms 674 Miles Down the Road (F/SC)


Police officer and suspect dead after latest Capitol attack - CBS News

The floodgaetz are open: Matt Gaetz growing scandal is a threat to the whole GOP

Cancel Democracy

New indictment reveals Oath Keepers' chaotic drive to Capitol, flood of communications on Jan 6

The Five Universal Laws of Human Stupidity

The Capitol is a target 24/7, says Lt. Gen. Russel Honore - CNBC

After breaking his ankle -- Russell Jones noticed that his dog Billy was limping too.

Florida Man- A poem for the congressman from Florida

Have any of the GOP Congressional leadership ...

VOTING LOCAL: Janneke Parrish for Round Rock (TX) City Council

As to the Georgia Rep who got arrested for knocking on the governor's door

Dolly Parton gets her shot. (And wears shot-ready sleeves)

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats win to remain in the majority.

U.S. lifts Trump's sanctions on ICC prosecutor, court official

Doing what Retrievers Do

'Bed By The Window' - James King

Mr.Kitty - After Dark

Dear Republican governors,

Evelyn Sakash Emmy-Winning Designer Missing for 6 Months Found Dead Under Garbage in Queens Home

Why no Republicans will criticize Matt Gaetz?

(Iowa Governor) Reynolds signs gun bill easing background checks, permits

Sleeping w/ married legislators. Spending the night at a college sorority house. (Gaetz's game)

So what's the news from Hell lately?

Too little too late, or the BOEHNER-BIRX Syndrome


Guys like Matt Gaetz, Trump, Jordan, Cruz etc. keep reminding me of this AOC video

"He killed a man that was laying down"

Bluegrass virtuosity - Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

The Daily Mail: Gaetz's arrest is imminent

Shadow chasing KC

Shadow chasing KC

Arizona Wildcats (Women) knock off #1 seed U Conn to advance to Ncaa BB Finals!

NBC's Kasie Hunt On The Death Of A USCP Officer: It Felt Like A Punch In The Gut - Deadline - MSNBC

Just When I Needed You Most - Randy Van Warmer

'Bed By The Window' - James King

Gym Jordan Defends Matt Gaetz

Dussek, Glazunov, Renie

Of 1.2 million fully vaccinated people in Washington state, 100 have gotten COVID-19

KC was eating grass, but now aghast -- at what, now we know.

KC was eating grass, but now aghast -- at what, we'll never know.

Dr. Vin Gupta's Message To Young People: 'You Are Not Immune' To Covid-19 - Deadline - MSNBC

Maybe they should make a movie about men like Gaetz. Oh wait.

Florida Hotel Guests Kicked Out, Staff Fired Hours After Business Sold

☦ 2 Talks By Fr. Seraphim Aldea of Mull Monastery. (I resemble the 2nd video.)

GA Republicans Rebuked By MLB In New Push For Equity From Voting To Athletics - The Beat - MSNBC

Spencer Cornelia exposes Con Artist Steve Stevens

The statement from capitol police about the death of Officer Billy Evans is strangely vague ....

question on signing up for a vaccine

San Pedro Birding Fund Raiser for Cochise County Dems

Watching a fantastic political movie on TCM right now

Did ole matty get permission to take the pictures

Anyone notice any big post office delays?

Check out this amazing mini-documentary on the historical journey of beets, cultivar and culture

House Intel Chairman Schiff: 'Capitol Is Still Very Much A Target' - The Last Word - MSNBC

How America's center-right party started to lose its mind,

Multiple Army instructors suspended over alleged sexual assault of a trainee at Fort Sill

What I'm enjoying most about GaetzGate ...

Trump Calls for Boycott of Major League Baseball

4/4 Mike Luckovich- Congested Bunny

Asian health care worker attacked in Los Gatos (CA).

Dallas Woman Sentenced for Fatal Butt Injection That Killed St. Louis Woman

Lorraine Motel, Memphis, today 1968

She Pleaded Guilty in St. Louis' Wildest Heist. Now She's in Trouble in Texas

Tweet of the early morning:

Navajo woman becomes viral sensation with skateboarding videos

Hunter Biden's shocking tell-all is important. Here's why.

Missouri lawmakers move to ban vaccine passports -- but what are they?

How white politicians use dog whistles to divide us -- and what white folks can do about it

He's got a lot of problems......

Minn. Police Lt. Says Kneeling on Neck Isn't Approved Training - NowThis News

Lawmakers call for local utility relief fund in wake of cold snap

Police Witness: Chauvin's Actions Were 'Totally Unnecessary' And 'Uncalled For' - All In - MSNBC

Missouri House formally condemns Dred Scott decision

Activists hail Massachusetts law as crucial step on environmental justice

All hat no horse? What do you think? Ugggg.................

Just how much

Former Missouri lawmaker gets 21 months in prison for misusing campaign funds

First Week Of Trial In The Death Of Floyd Marked By Powerful, Emotional Testimony - Rachel Maddow

Gonzaga Tries to Convince Jimmy Kimmel They Exist (with Fred Willard)

John Boehner admits the truth about Fox News, Conservative media advanced the "Crazy Republicans"

Time to get trains chugging, lawmakers told

Easter Egg-Stravaganza! Here Are a Few Traditions From Around the World

'Voter suppression': Kansas lawmakers advance changes to take control of elections

How politics and religion handicapped Hot Springs in the race to become America's chief gambling

Breakfast Saturday 3 April 2021

Egypt expects $1 billion in damages over stuck ship in Suez

Watch for increasingly desperate attempts ...

State keeps piling up the money

The party of 'We can't police people's thoughts' offers ban on 'divisive concepts'

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, April 3, 2021

Defendants whose non-unanimous convictions were tossed take plea deals on lesser charges

A prudent proposal to save Louisiana's petrochemical industry

Governor John Bel Edwards appoints more women to higher ed boards as LSU scandal escalates

So which other ReTHUG(s) is/are going down

Biaselli Sentenced to 30 Years for Walmart Thefts

A third of Louisianians have no intention of getting vaccine, survey finds

Are there any BoJack Horseman fans here? ***SPOILERS ALERT***

Man who rammed car into Capitol Police a former Alleghany High athlete

Louisiana prison system may seek federal COVID-19 funding for air conditioning

Could Baton Rouge-New Orleans passenger rail finally happen? Here are Biden, Amtrak plans

On this day, April 3, 1860, the Pony Express began operation.

Surviving Narcissists and Psychopaths

Louisiana partners with data firm to boost food stamp enrollment, close 'SNAP gap'

Easter 2010 memories of boog the chocolate lab

Happy 87th Birthday, Jane Goodall!

Republicans push through education reform, prohibitions on diversity training in schools

The Pony Express started on this day, April 3, 1860. Warning: Ted Nugent alert

Appeal for calm after Belfast street violence

Tulsa County Sheriff Vic Regalado says he wants a state law with "bite" to let him protect Second

On the utter shitshow of nasty surrounding the U.S. Rep for Florida's 1st congressional district...

Happy Easter weekend everyone.

Roger Stone is giving Gaetz unsolicited advice how to handle these accusations. Take a guess why.

Famous Last Words...

Today is April 3, 2021!

The Dilemma of a Democracy

Oklahoma state senator no longer employs cousin after questions arise

Schumer: Senate will act on marijuana legalization with or without Biden

I will get my 2nd moderna on 4/22, never been to a baseball

Using lightning to make music........

On a DIY electrical roll this weekend - stove, toaster, computer, phone, and stove again

Every time I see or hear about Matt Gaetz I think of Trump,

Kansas is working to connect dozens of communities with trails

'We've got to do something': Senate moves forward with plan for oversight of KS foster care system

Roswell, NM, prepares for UFO festival

Piney Point phosphate pit seems to be

the waters of Tampa Bay Florida are


Raynal Aaron to Kelly Loeffler: "Please keep my grandfather's name out of your mouth"

If you want to be perfect, go, sell what you have and give to the poor...

Schumer: Senate will act on marijuana legalization with or without Biden

Peck -- already planning his next apology -- is named Kansas cultural ambassador

Devin Nunes

Column: Derek Chauvin's race-baiting defense is rooted in centuries-old stereotypes

Biden bets that he can change how America thinks about migration

CNN's Dana Bash 'Can't Repeat' What GOP Lawmakers Are Texting Her About Matt Gaetz

On this day, April 3, 1941, Jan Berry, of Jan and Dean, was born.

Taiwan prosecutors seek arrest in deadly train crash

New songs by Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison and Amy Winehouse, written by computer

Republicans Sneer At U.S. Capitol Security Fence In Scathing Supercut

Matt Gaetz's fiance is named Ginger Luckey?

Secretary Deb Haaland Launches Missing & Murdered Unit at Interior Dept

All carrot, 'no stick' in Biden's affordable housing plan

Kansas Governor Issues A New Statewide Mask Mandate, But Republicans Scoff And Quickly Overturn It

Matt Gaetz tells WP his dates "joined him at campaign events."

'There's no escape': Ex-GOP lawmaker claims Matt Gaetz's 'political career is over'

Texas GOP candidate bashes Chinese immigrants over coronavirus: 'I don't want them here at all'

If you do not read Heather Cox Richardson daily, I recommend that you do.

More Culture Wars ahead. And more flags.

Haaland Announces New Missing and Murdered Indigenous Unit at Interior

Gaetz mocked the corona virus that has taken over 550,000 American lives...

Free Speech Group Says Haskell Indian Nations University Is Muzzling Students And Faculty

Did Gaetz ever bring up Hunter Biden?

Secretary Deb Haaland Launches Missing & Murdered Unit at Interior Dept

Kansas foster care agency Saint Francis Ministries agrees to repay $9.4M in unspent grant funds

Sometimes, they just nail it.

"Other than that, Happy Easter!"

Feds Tell Judge: Don't Dismiss Steve Bannon's Indictment -- But If You Do, Keep It Narrow

Smerconish is a jackass. On CNN he is arguing the line warming is reasonable because it

William F. Buckley and the Birchers: A myth, a history lesson and a moral

'A 10ft pole is not long enough': Matt Gaetz isolated in sex-trafficking scandal

from Clint Watts, a request on this World Autism Awareness Day

Who is the unnamed Florida politician in the Gaetz investigation? Ideas?

Relationship Between Greenberg & Murky As Scandal Grows Even More Sordid Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Matt Gaetz Explains the Conspiracy Meant to Take Him Down

Amazon acknowledges issue of drivers urinating in bottles in apology to Rep. Pocan

Ghislaine Maxwell's latest argument to be released on bail? Being held in jail is sexist

"Have a little compassion, will ya?" . . . Please come CAPTION Matt Gaetz!!!

Ken Griffey jr / April 3, 1989

Wanna go back to Charleston for Easter? You know you do.

Thank a Pharmacist, Nebraska

Relentless pitties target woman who rescued them


Weekend TOONs - The Easter Dummy

Democratic-led states expand voting rights amid GOP push to restrict access

Their name is Legion for they are many. . . . Please come CAPTION Matt Gaetz!!!

'Don't put your kids' lives at risk': US ramps up ad campaign in Latin America fighting against...

Pick Me Ups oatmeal snacks on display. . .

Iran opposes any 'step-by-step' easing of US sanctions

Pennsylvania Farm Country Bald Eagle Babies livestream

Weren't for Trump, COVID-19 Battle could be won by now.

Nebraska State Government Departments and Foster Care Management Group will be Investigated by

Biden's infrastructure plan could mean progress for NYC's long-stalled Second Ave. subway

Jobs report adds to Biden momentum

The Ku Klux Klan Strongly Opposes The Woke Cancel Culture

If Georgia's new law was around before the 2020 election, Trump might have just 'found' those votes

Chauvin case shines spotlight on Minneapolis police history of mistreatment of handcuffed suspects

BTRTN: The Biden Agenda Meets a Confluence of New Crises

BTRTN: The Biden Agenda Meets a Confluence of New Crises

Joe: This week, I announced the American Jobs Plan, which will invest in our infrastructure and stre

D.C.-area forecast: Still on the cool side today, but lots of nice weather is on the way.

Cat working on his 6 pack in an outdoor gym

The Tycho supernova captured by @chandraxray is egg-cellent inspo for this weekend. The beautiful ar

Tiffany Cross

The Biden-Harris Admin has removed 40 MAGA-appointed advisers from two EPA panels. More of this ple

Georgia Republicans Are Saying Democrats Are Lying About Voter Suppression

Baby goats!

DeSantis disputes that Florida denies pregnant women unemployment benefits. So why were they flagged

Mass shooting at North Carolina party kills 3, wounds 4 others

John Fugelsang tweet:

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

About that third Republican implicated with Gaetz and Greenberg.

Skinny Legs And All

Ricketts says OPS pension bill is a 'slippery slope' to state becoming responsible for shortfall

706 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat.; 2 deaths

Random: WikiFeet rates Gaetz's feet really low prolly cuz scary toenails

Enough you time, it's me time now.

Osprey action in southern MD

Pioneer to buy DoublePoint in $6.4 billion Permian deal

All signs are pointing to Russia preparing an attack against Ukraine without provocation based on pr

Good Day DU (April 3, 2021)

Unique 4/3/21 date draws lines for Vegas wedding licenses

Republican congresswomen revoke endorsements of Texas GOP candidate after 'hurtful and untrue'...

Bus carrying unaccompanied migrant girls arrives at Houston shelter

Baby Hippo and Orphaned Rhino Fall In Love With Each Other

Virginia is the first southern state to ban the 'trans panic' defense that previously gave lighter

The final insult: Some dying of COVID while awaiting vaccine

Guy Who Donated Blood For Lil Nas' Devil Shoes

How Easter Eggs Are Made

Journalists & Others Rip Trump for 'Other Than That, Happy Easter' Statement in Wake of Latest...

Shadow and her buddy Coyote

Opinion: John Boehner is right about the GOP before Trump

Shadow and her buddy Coyote

Taiwan says European countries helping with submarine project

Salt Lake City's 'Officer Of The Year' Arrested By The FBI For His Role In Capitol Riot

Iowa changing it's name to North Mississippi? Flat Wyoming? Green Utah?

For the "just leave your firearm anywhere" crowd.

Obama praises MLB for pulling All-Star Game from Georgia

Rep. Eric Swalwell: How my GOP colleagues turned Congress into the WWE

Happy 4/3/21!

George Armstrong Custer and his Dogs

AZ GOP Senator proposes state-sponsored camps, possible jail for homeless

Matt Gaetz Shared Sex Partners' Nudes on House Floor

Who Do You Think Matt Gaetz Will Blame ...

Huevos rancheros

Is it surprising that one of Trump's most ardent supporters was a sleazeball and predator?

Hidden in the 95 pages of Georgia's suppression bill...

If We're Really Trying To Protect Children ...

Now filming in Georgia: 63 assorted films and television productions

Newest GOP talking election laws are ONLY about Voter ID

All Matt Gaetz Has To Do Now Is ...

KC -- Now What?!?!

ouse and Senate Democrats are working on a bill that would legalize marijuana at the federal level

KC -- Now What?!?!

South Korean foreign minister meets Chinese counterpart

Cartoons 4/3/2021

Tucker Carlson livid after Rep. Matt Gaetz tries to rope him into controversy, source says

Shadow as a puppy

Shadow as a puppy

Both sides cite armed crowd in Snohomish in gun-bill debate

The Gosar siblings are determined to hold their brother Paul accountable for his role in the Jan. 6

Customs and Border Protection Announces Opening of Temporary Processing Facility in Eagle Pass

Fifi Rong - Yi Jing 意境 Episode 1 'Only Man' 04 April 2021 (Official Trailer)

What the F is "Legislative Fatigue"

Wife of the leader of Oaf Creepers is asking for $30,000 in donations to help her divorce

After saying he has "no plans" to run for governor, Beto O'Rourke quick to clarify he might

Trump's last blunder. Small pizzeria in Italy sanctioned instead of a Venezuelan oil exporter.

What's Your Royal Name?

Matt Gaetz's media blitz publicized a federal investigation. Legal experts say that poses risks

The first day the US -- or any other country -- has administered 4+ million shots in a single day.

Group of Perverts.

Why Mitch McConnell Didn't Kill the Filibuster

Can I Say I Went From Honkie To Wokie

Biden's world climate summit must include a pledge to tackle methane emissions

Fauci Hits Back at Peter Navarro's 'Bizarre' Father of COVID Comments

There is No Republican Party

#KinkyMatt made only one mistake! You don't pay for sex with Cash App or Apple Pay or even a few $2

How Trump Steered Supporters Into Unwitting Donations

Argentina posts first current account surplus since 2009

Argentina posts first current account surplus since 2009

New Revelations Pile Onto Matt Gaetz's Really Bad Week

COVID hospitalizations on the rise in Snohomish County

The Unsettling Power of Easter

Momma Bear Struggles with Cubs ViralHog

Butthead Gaetz - sit Down reality not Cable TV

Inspirational photo of Matt Gaetz and the lovely Kimberly Guilfoyle:

After vaccination, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez tests positive for COVID-19

After vaccination, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez tests positive for COVID-19

Let the people have water! Let the people vote!

An update on what's happening with the AstraZeneca vaccine in Europe and Canada.

Brian Kemp's comments on loss of the All Star Game makes me think his next . . . . .

PolitiFact - Mich. GOP's proposed election law changes would make it harder to vote

Let's talk about the GOP and MLB in Georgia....

Brilliant Disguise: Bruce Springsteen

Why Didn't You Stay In Mexico?

'At Some Point, Litigation Must End': Another Federal Judge Dismisses Another Devin Nunes Lawsuit

Joe Biden to Terrorize America With Energy-Efficient Furnaces Once Again

How he survived 18 years in solitary confinement (CNN)

How to NOT talk yourself out of a speeding-ticket:

'Imminent' Collapse at Florida Phosphate Plant Wastewater Pond Threatens Tampa Bay, Neighborhoods

How Trump Fleeced His Own Supporters

He said he spent $15,000 on a Disney World trip. He refused a temperature check and got arrested.

Who are the Collectivists that Marxist-Leninist ideology describes in modern American politics?

emptywheel: DOJ Arresting Their Way to Clarity on Joe Biggs' Two Breaches of the Capitol

The personal data of over 500 million Facebook users has been posted online in a hacking forum

More than 100 business leaders speak out against voting restrictions

Center for Effective Law Making: Highlights from the 116th Congress Legislative Effectiveness Scores

Is this a scam? I just got an email from USPS

Tesla files a petition against U.S. labor board order

SSI Non Filers

Mass shooting in Wilmington, NC

NJ Gov Going After Georgia's Corps to Relocate

Jordanian royal detained in alleged plot against King Abdullah II

A Visual Breakdown of President Biden's American Jobs Plan

So I never ask for help....

I Feel Sorry For...

Any Democrats calling for Gaetz to resign?

VOTING LOCAL: Deborah Peoples for Ft. Worth (TX) Mayor

Inside a stealth persuasion machine promising Republican victories in 2022 - John Tillman,

Regarding MG and his psycho tax collector buddy

NEW: Here's a collection of great editorial cartoons covering the big news from this past week: Matt

Seth Moulton this morning regarding Matt Gaetz:

Great Oscar Wilde quote for Matt Gaetz: "He has no enemies but is intensely disliked by his friends"

The Rude Pundit FTW

Maybe it's time to enforce Section 2 of the 14th amendment

Oops - Did we disturb you KC?

Oops - did we disturb you KC?

Wahoo! I know this seems crazy BUT

4.1 million US vaccinations today!

Baby Wan Mai has fun.

How (the other guy) Fleeced His Own Supporters

Coup attempt in Jordan. Around 20 arrested for attempting to overthrow Abdullah

This Cat Rides Shotgun With Her Truck Driver Dad Every Single Day

Can we petition the White House to give Dolly Parton a Presidential Medal?

Kudlow: I'm particularly worried about corporate taxes which benefit the middle class and blue-colla

Dear republicans, Major League Baseball doesn't want to bake a cake for racists.

Majorie Taylor Greene Stupidly Tries To Fight AOC - The Damage Report

What's for Dinner, Sat., April 3, 2021

Yoga banned. Christians might convert to Hinduism!

Certainly @marcorubio could have used a picture of an actual military family and not a stock photo o

MJ-12, Bennewitz, and Q

Fiery 'airburst' of superheated gas slammed into Antarctica 430,000 years ago

ROTFL - Betty Bowers on Gaetz

I think Facebook should allow the poster of a thread to pick which emoji's can react

Explaining Frasier's (From the The Sitcom) Wealth

Joe: I can't believe I have to say this, but giant corporations shouldn't pay less in taxes than a t

Bossy Goose Is The Queen Of Her Home

Cold War Museum, Vint Hill VA, Camo Dave On The Road

Kate Bush Cloudbusting

Discussion with an Uzbekistan-American friend today re: immigration

Disenfranchising Voters is not "Election Reform" - Greater Phoenix Leadership

Adventure Dog and Cat -- so sweet their bond

2nd dose of Pfizer today

Had Moderna #2 @ 1 p.m. today,

DeSantis declares state of emergency after a significant leak at a storage pond of wastewater...

Dog Steals Microphone From Reporter On Russian TV

George Takei tweet

Why cats hate us😘

Myanmar death toll mounts amid protests, military crackdown

The Chauvin trial is riveting

How a Custody Fight Plus QAnon Turned Deadly

An unwelcome nudge to Pence

This Facebook Page Is All About Animal Images That Need To Be Seen

How The Trump Campaign Stole Over $100 Million From Their Donors With A Sneaky Recurrent Scam

Help......I don't know where to watch Jeopardy this Monday with Aaron Rodgers.

Delta-8 THC is legal in Minnesota and you do get a buzz

Delta-8 THC is legal across the USA, and you do get a buzz

Paul Simon breaks down just how 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' came to be, with Dick Cavett in 1970.

Advice to my children on marriage

Is Jeff Bezos checking out opportunity to purchase Chargers?

I think I may have just figured out the 'Fake ID's' thing ... it was bugging me

Answers to some gun owner restriction ideas

Understand, please, that the new Georgia law not only contains provisions intended to suppress

Josh Hawley tweet re: attack on Capitol yesterday by a follower of Farrakan

You have to watch this

So Now You're Suddenly *FOR* Tearing Down A Wall?

Who should be the most embarrassed - House of Representatives edition:

Happy afternoon when osprey's above my house!

*'Tonight,' TCM, Cat &

Excited pupper plays in hailstorm:

How Trump Steered Supporters Into Unwitting Donations

This baby goat! Sooo cute!

Larry Kudlow, working for the common man since *checks watch* ... uh, well...never.

Nature: After the WHO report: what's next in the search for COVID's origins

Been almost 24 hours, so have claims of 'False Flag' started up on the right re: killing of CP

Let's talk about AOC and the GOP paving the way left....

📺 Sunday April 4 - @BernieSanders joins @jaketapper on #CNNSOTU

Ana Navarro tweet:

Trumpist IQ on Display. Jan. 6 Edition.

Right-wing hoaxers Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman offering 25K for information

Leak at Wastewater Pond Prompts Evacuations in Florida

Traveling With a Disability

A Conservative Can Only Be Happy By ...


I'm not A Racist ...

Weather Service Internet systems are crumbling as key platforms are taxed and failing

'ConspiracyTok': The right-wing's newest attempt at spreading conspiracy theories on social media

Chauvin Trial: First thing Chauvin does is grab Floyd by the neck with both hands.

Virginia Tech students decry club for 'homophobic, racist' leaked chats

You don't need more evidence.

100 best Western films of all time, according to critics

We Need to Talk About the AstraZeneca Vaccine

Facebook data on more than 500 million accounts found on hacker website

"We Will Have a Fourth Surge"

I'm in stunned disbelief over the "outrage" surrounding Trump's donor scam

VOTING LOCAL: Marche' Johnson for Birmingham (AL) City Council

Boris Johnson 'a clown' with no diplomacy skills, says ex-deputy in diaries

Is Baked Alaska the Secret to a Long Life?

Dance The Night Away: The Mavericks

Inside the Last Men's Hotel in Chicago

Apple Barrel owner's letter to DOT foreshadowed Schoharie limo crash

Marvel Studios' Black Widow New Trailer

Crosses removed at 'crucifixion capital of the Philippines' to prevent Good Friday penitents

Anyone have GPS rec for an attachment to a cat harness

@GovMikeHuckabee: I've decided to "identify" as Chinese. Coke will like me, Delta will agree with my

At The Border

King County executive unveils new film production facility on Harbor Island

Georgia governor vows a fight after MLB yanks All-Star Game

Between game performance! Wow!

White House starts selling infrastructure plan to American people

Abandoned $1.6 billion Missouri resort community goes viral - abandoned during construction in 2008