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Republican Party articulates its reason for intervening to defend Georgia's new voter suppression la

"A slaughterhouse, an outlet mall, slot machines, fear of God"

No, Baby! It's too high!

AND an assistant to Rudy has been subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury.

Looks like mine, but I have my doubts:

Tennessee cop fired after being caught on video high-fiving N-word-spewing Trump supporter

50 lawmakers urging disclosure of secret COVID vaccine + therapeutic contracts with which the Trump

Michael Collins silent appreciation thread

Hard Headed Woman, Cat Stevens

Russia, China sow disinformation to undermine trust in Western vaccines, EU report says

Rudy Giuliani's son EMBARRASSES himself with unhinged rant after Giuliani raid: BTC

I wish 2 Old Hippies Like Cheech and Chong would be doing the State of the Union Commentary

Rudy's Ukrainian Associates Cooperating With FBI?

God Speed Mike Collins!

3 more officers on leave over arrest of woman with dementia

GOP Politicians Won't Delete Tweets About Debunked Kamala Harris Story

Cuomo Aides Spent Months Hiding Nursing Home Death Toll

The Chickens Come Home to Roost for 'Traitorous Traitor' Rudy

Is it just me, or is having Tim Scott, or any Retrumplican give a rebuttal to Biden's speech

Adopted Golden Retriever Gets a Cute Puppy of His Own

Moscow is annoyed Eastern European governments no longer turn a blind eye to assassinations by 'Unit

Raise your hand if the FBI has never raided your home.


Motorcade rolling!!!

Voting: Florida House passes controversial bill that would add restrictions

LIVE: President Joe Biden's address to a joint session of Congress

Tweet of the night:

Surprising no one, Disney is not paying outstanding royalties.

Bellingham City Council approves hazard pay ordinance for grocery store workers

Sen. Bernie Sanders hosting rally in Louisville with former Ky. State Rep. Charles Booker

Now that Ruddy has been "raided", will he make a deal with prosecutors squel on Trump?

Alki Beach closed Wednesday due to sewer overflow

Seattle's 'Justice League' partnership provides free legal help

Republicans would be making a major mistake if they boo tonight.

WA Warns Of Scam Health Insurance Marketplace Websites

Tony Blair's Hair Horrifies Brits Former prime minister sprouted a mullet during lockdown

Tucker casting Richard Barnett, who defiled Pelosi's office, as a victim of anti-white racism

📺 Tonight - Sen. Sanders #LateShowLIVE on CBS

So I'm guessing.....

Steve Kornacki and his 'big board' on MSNBC? WHY???????????????????????

*** President Biden's speech thread 1***

PBS LIVE Now: President Joe Biden's address to a joint session of Congress

I'm settled in with a gin and tonic to watch President Biden's address to Congress.

Search Warrants are Executed on Rudy Giuliani's Home, Office & Electronic Devices

Oh the horrors! Both the VP and Speaker are wearing pants suits!

Can I get a cheer for Doug Emhoff - America's Second Dude.

Dr. Biden looking stunning, as usual...

Observation: the Democratic women are not wearing their Suffragette White outfits...

Historical event tonight, hope there's lots of pics

Does anyone understand sovereign and moorish citizens?

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Late Night w/Seth Meyers -- The Kind of Story We Need Right Now: Man Throws Rabid Bobcat

I hope Rudy passed out drunk last night and they had to roust him up off the floor when they served

Surely they all had to go thru a metal detector?

Hammond mayor braces for possible protests over anti-Biden flag flap


CBS online showed the chamber view from the podium..

Bet Speaker Pelosi

Hey Insurrectionist in Chief

Bodeans - Fadeaway

I love Joe Biden

Will Speaker Pelosi be tearing up a speech later this evening? I don't think so!

Anyone else think this smaller group format

Masks, sparsely populated, spread out, weird echos. It's all so dystopian.



Compare Angelina and Adele

So, I finished reading the book Dune.

He is so quiet,

KIMMEL went totally dark on the My Pillow jerk. YouTube here

"It seems like some people are not happy about cutting child poverty"

Senate votes to reinstate methane rules loosened by Trump

Nice shot of Romney clapping politely

I love my President he sees me...

When Trump addressed Congress, "I" and "me" were given all the credit for any CLAIMED success.

Alternative Kings

When you see Harris looking at Biden,

A Dose of Hope

Why the fuck is Boebert there?

I'm intrigued by Denver's moves here.

What a fucking relief

A beautiful man, gorgeous white hair. Laugh lines and sorrow lines around the eyes. NO orange blob

Our budget now includes $100,000 for the Secretary of State to defend voter suppression bills in co

"I would like to meet with people who have different ideas then me. Maybe better."

I am so goddamn proud of our President again.

Joe is freaking killing it

For your graphical celebratory needs

"Let's end cancer:

This historic moment brought to you by...

PM Update: Remaining very warm through Thursday while spotty showers and storms enter forecast.

Does Colorado getting an extra House seat make Boebert safer

Feds plan to indict Chauvin, other three ex-officers on civil rights charges

But Joe, what about the poor billionaires?

I'd say Biden is nailing it

One of Biden's best lines:

mittens looks pissed at President Biden for taxing the rich.

Angelina Jordan "What is Life " Original song O5/01/2018

Nice suit, too.

Is Ted Cruz crying?

"Trickle down" has never worked said President Biden

This speech is directed to the American people. Are they listening?

Jill Biden's Presidential Address Outfit Has More Than One Special Meaning

Trickle down heads for the piss pot

Reaganomics is dead

My heart goes out to him every time he stumbles a little...

Feds plan to indict Chauvin, other three ex-officers on civil rights charges

*** President Biden's speech thread 2***

One wonders how Manchin can't be 100% behind this

94-1. We're all glaring at you, Hawley.

I'm not transgender, but I'm crying!

Boebert apparently not digging this phase of the speech

This Obituary Made Me Cry: Zachary Joseph Kirchner 2005 - 2021

My Presidential address analysis: Ted Cruz is an asshole. n/t

jeoprady! as youve never seen it.(behind the scenes )

Ted Cruz is a big ass

Ted Cruz is falling asleep.

Manchin looks like he's skulking around the back of the chamber and ready to dart out asap...weird..

President Biden is not just hitting it out of the park. He's doing so after expanding the park.

America agrees with itso should you


Watching them afterward, there really is love and unbelievable respect between Biden and Harris!

Bidens' speech seemed shorter than it was.

I had absolutely no idea President Biden was giving an address to Congress today

Who is the woman with purple in her hair?

Apropos of nothing: I love Nancy Pelosi's buddy Rosa DeLauro

"Looks like Ted's eyes are hooked up to his state's power grid"

How many "sleeping" Republicans were doing this, but with their eyes closed?

Did you guys see Blunt's red and scared eye?

Great job Mr. President.

"To all the transgender Americans watching at home

LOVED HIS SPEECH but I COULDN'T HELP Think of Stephan Colbert

Not since Harry Truman

Who was that lady in red

and now for the white supremacy party rebuttal being given by....

Tim Scott started out negative. Likely to end that way too.

Tim Scott Republical rebuttal.

Bye, scott.

Biden's Address to the Nation....FABULOUS! He hit every issue perfectly.

I thank Tim Scott (I am sincere in my gratitude towards him)

This rebuttal is DOA

Tim Scott just used the CODE - 'I am Blessed'

Is Tim Scott f**king brain damaged?

The 1960 Invasion of Great Swan Island. Territorial Dispute (or was it) between Honduras & U.S.A.

I fully believe

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 29, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Oscar From A to Z

2021 NFL draft (predictions, updates, etc.)

RWers already having a fit because Chris Wallace praised Biden's speech on Fox News

President Biden's State of the Union Address

I am sure Sen. Scott wrote his speech or had it written for him long before Biden spoke tonight.

Tim Scott You Are Just Effing Pathetic

Poor Sleepie Teddie didn't get his nap time today!

Remember this as Tim Scott delivers the response to President Biden.

Haahaa Mitch McConnell

The Cars - Just What I Needed (Official Live Video)

The Rebuttal: Folks, I tried....

I cannot believe he allowed himself .. Tim Scott

Proposed name change: Sen. Tim STFU Scott.

Tweet of the Day

Is Scott running for America's Chaplain?

Fuck You Tim Scott

The rethugs were all engrossed in deep thought of Rudy G

One of the most suspicious aspects of the judges decision about the Brown videos

Can't believe how disengenuious the GQP response is n/t

The biggest lie spoken by Scott in the response

From Ruby Bridges to Kamala Harris, it's all about taking that courageous walk.

Tim Scott was a good choice

If you didn't notice, Rick Santorum was dumped by CNN tonight...

I Still Haven't Heard Anyone Comment About Joe Saying Trickledown Doesn't Work.....

Denver Police Officer Jacob Marsh Arrested On Investigation Of Vehicular Assault Charges...

Lawrence O'Donnell just nailed it - Senator Scott's very first sentence...

What, repukes can't put an old White man to speak their real selves for them?

Watching Dr Jill and her virtual "First Lady's Box Guests"

Keep one little fact in mind as the QOP tries to dissemble:

"Here's our black guy!" See we have black people too.

I felt like President Biden was talking to me personally

Chuck Schumer: President Biden--unlike his predecessor--laid out the facts and appealed to our better

President Biden Says The Wealthy Should Pay There Fair Share In Taxes - MSNBC

Joe just went toe to toe with Trumpism and he's walking away unscathed---not a hair out

And then I remembered

GOP rep to Biden after speech: "I want to help with criminal justice reform but I don't know how to

Republican Rebuttal in a few words

Goodnight Joe, Goodnight Kamala, Goodnight moon, Goodnight Cancun Cruz

The Daily Show - 2020 Census Results: Low Population Growth & A House Seat Shuffle

Biden pitches his ambitious investment and tax plans as he recasts role of government

Joe was flawless

Late 70s Nazareth never goes out of rotation in my house

Feds plan to indict Chauvin, other three ex-officers on civil rights charges

It's lucrative being an anti-black black person

CBS News poll of speech watchers: 85% approve, 15% disapprove

ATTN MSNBC & CNN I don't need any of you tell me about what I just heard.

The Daily Show: Scandal Alert! Biden's Red Meat Mandate & Kamala's Children's Book

Chris Christie Is Running For President

Did anyone else LOVE Pelosi's jacket?

Democrats in LD4. . .I am posting my petition to get on the ballot

Iron Age warriors bent the swords of their defeated enemies, ancient hoard reveals

Al Franken: How Crisis Intervention Training Improves Policing and Saves Lives (April 28, 2021)


Brian W: "Ted Cruz's latest R attempt to disparage Biden as

Ted Cruz looked like he was falling asleep

Everyone in NW Arkansas OK?

CBS: Eight in ten viewers approve of speech

Timbuk 3 - Easy

Michael Beschloss has no doubt that Biden is a transformational president

Blue Rodeo - "Hasn't Hit Me Yet"

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Rudy Gets Raided, Biden Addresses Congress & Lindell Lands at Kimmel

Lindsey Graham just said on Fox ...

Seth Meyers - Biden Announces New Guidance for Wearing Masks Outdoors - Monologue 4/27/21

Republicans accuse Biden of failing to live up to promise of unity as president pushes big agenda

Seth Meyers - Guest Sen. Jon Tester on How Democrats Can Reconnect with Rural America

'Plain of Jars', one of the most mysterious archaeological sites, reveals its true age

In GOP response to Biden, Sen. Scott says America is 'not a racist country

Scientists weaponize bacteria to fight microplastics in the environment

Just had a hailstorm with golf ball size hail 70 mph winds.

Tweet of the late night:

North Dakota Legislature overrides governor's veto of bill at heart of power struggle

ABC source: "many" of the "several" people named on the Giuliani warrant (besides Toensing)

Seth Meyers - One of Trump's Biggest Scams, the Foxconn Deal, Falls Apart: A Closer Look

China launches Tianhe module, start of ambitious two-year station construction effort

Gov. Doug Burgum signs North Dakota property rights and electronic posting law

Quite a contrast from the last State of The Union address, where...

Not a close friend, but a friend of a close friend. Best piano player I ever saw in person

North Dakota House Assistant Majority Leader Louser pleads not guilty to DUI

does anyone know how the CNN

Chet Atkins San Antonio Rose

Letters from an American

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 30, 2021 -- TCM Spotlight: Oscars From A to Z

U.S. Tells Citizens to Get Out of India as Covid Crisis Deepens

Nicolle Wallace Reacts To Biden's Bipartisanship In His Address - MSNBC

Federal hate crime charges likely against Moorhead mosque vandal, former US Attorney says

I just found this guy: Maurice Gendron, chellist! 😊

North Dakota union leaders make plea for safer workplaces

Two SNL skits that were in my Youtube recs today- it's like they have been filming my workplace😁

Noem: You Can Come to South Dakota, But You're Not Allowed to Change It

"hear me clearly: america is not a racist country" -sen. tim scott (reply to his tweet & a new emoji

US Catholic bishops may press Biden to stop taking Communion

Could elections for federal offices be classified as articles of interstate commerce?

Pardoning Nixon unleashed a crimewave among Rethug Presidents Ray-gun, Bush, and Trump.

'Madam Speaker, Madam Vice President': Biden Speech Makes History - MSNBC

The Pretty Reckless - Got So High

South Dakota Doesn't Support ICWA in Court

Possible subject for the May photo contest

Randi lays it all out.

Why Brazil's President Is a Dangerous Steward for the Amazon

good Samaritans stop brutal beating of homeless woman, detain suspect

Our GOP leaders are irrational to oppose Biden's infrastructure bill. This thing will be a bonanza

More Maurice Gendron chello

Chauvin juror: After intense trial, verdict was 'easy part'

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Maxwell - Sumthin' Sumthin'

Supreme Court hears recreational pot case. Now South Dakota awaits a decision.

Jimmy Kimmel's Interview with Mike Lindell

Husband and wife Miami senior cops are relieved of duties - claim of coverup over crashed suv

South Dakota last Juneteenth holdout as Hawaii close to recognizing day

Lawrence O'Donnell: Biden's Joint Address To Congress Had Heart And Feeling

A life with Cats

Stephen Colbert LIVE - Monologue and Opening - 4/28/21

I liked the beginning of the speech. Then it kept getting better...

Texas man dies after attack by aggressive swarm of bees

Stephen Colbert LIVE: Guest Senator Bernie Sanders

It's 'Anyone's Guess' Who Will End Up In The Runoff Expected For Texas' 6th Congressional District

Senator Sanders - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Carthage man accused in U.S. Capitol riots to be on pretrial release

Tim Ryan Announces Bid for U.S. Senate in Ohio

Bart Reagor makes first appearance in Amarillo federal court since being indicted

Will Rudy flip on the former guy and Barr and others?

Hundreds of people showed up to protest a school board meeting over a nonexistent LGBTQ policy

Concerned father arrested while peacefully testifying against Arkansas trans health care ban

Gonzalez seeks presidential meeting over seized border land

Arkansas governor to sign bill nullifying gun restrictions

We'll know very soon the other guy is scared of Rudy,

Prediction ...

Breakfast Thursday 29 April 2021

Zaffirini casts 65,000th consecutive vote, maintains perfect voting record

Coronavirus NY: New York mass vaccination sites to accept walk-ins for 16+

A gay man was targeted for his rainbow house idea. Dozens responded by helping him paint the

Thursday TOONs - Joltin' Joe

Bulldog Tries to Copy Husky While He Howls

Former federal judge George P. Kazen dies

both Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz were SAWING LOGS

GOP response to Biden address credits Trump on COVID-19 success

A prehistoric petroglyph panel near Moab was defaced with the words 'White Power'

Ohio Man Charged After Verbal Attack on Black Delivery Driver Went Viral

Hundreds of 'Jeopardy!' Players Demand Apology for Contestant's Alleged 'White Power' Symbol

Joint Session Cold Open - SNL

Las Vegas police union opposes use-of-force bill

Anyone catch pillow fan Lindell on Kimmel last night?

"An Idea Called America" - The Lincoln Project

County considers fund for permanent Vegas mass shooting memorial

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, April 29, 2021

Keilar fires back at state lawmaker: That's not a spin word, that's a fact

Bill would create public health insurance option in Nevada

Video shows Chicago police killing Anthony Alvarez as he runs away: 'Why are you shooting me?'

Legislative staffer testifies at ethics committee investigating Idaho lawmaker accused of rape

Washington lawmakers have re-criminalized drug possession

One issue I wish Joe would have addressed last night

As for the GQP response

Suitable For Framing!

The Bill Barr Corruption factor unearthed:

Stephen Miller Felt Biden's Speech Lacked Bipartisanship and Warmth

Nicolle Wallace pans Tim Scott's rebuttal: 'Delivered from a planet where facts don't matter'

The feds planned to arrest Chauvin immediately had he not been convicted

Warning: This is a rant.

Actual definition of gawd awful stupidity, LEVEL 100...

Meet the happiest dog ever

Uncle Tim, Uncle Tom thanks you!

10 minutes of Randi Rhodes who ties it all together.

Take Me Home, Country Roads, John Denver

Herr Stephen Miller hasn't been in the public eye much lately. I wonder if he's off

What will the former guy do now?

Olivia Nuzzi is talking about Rudy's messaging habits on CNN

Phony "War On Meat" Claims Shred Whatever Is Left Of GQP Credibility On Climate Policy

2017 vs 2021

The Cows That Ate Point Reyes

RANDom Access Memory - April 2021

G.D.P. growth accelerated in the first quarter.

Scott Morrison's Climate Policy Is Just Another Culture War, Complete W. Wine-Sipping Green "Elites"

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 4/28/2021

Art of the Week: Week of 4/28/21

Comics Should Be Cheap (4/28/21)

The Rundown: April 29, 2021

No one is closer to Donald Trump than Rudy Giuliani.

Republicans join Senate Dems in restoring Obama climate rule

The Fascist Face Of Charlottesville Joined The Military. Then He Got Kicked Out.

We Need Better Journalists On Morning News

Wouldn't Rudy have destroyed any incriminating evidence

This F-ing guy...

Reporters need to ask the former guy ASAP,

Apple crushes earnings expectations but warns chip shortages could hurt revenue

Would some DUer create a deer in kevlar vest image please. Thanks

4/29 Mike Luckovich Evasive maneuver

The Trump economic collapse is ending under the Biden/Harris administration's policies and plans &

Jobless claims: Another 553,000 Americans filed new jobless claims last week, ...

Today's GOP believe in things that are not real and deny things that are.

Harris, Pelosi Make History At Joe Biden's First Congressional Speech

Your porn name is your middle name and the first car you owned.

Tim Scott can go fuck himself.

Boebert takes out space blanket during Biden speech to draw attention to border surge

The Second Gentleman (so sweet)

Another Amazing Pic From Last Night -

Let me just scooch in here...

Oklahoma School for the Deaf students win national robotics championship

Petition calls for Jill [& Doug] to undo changes to White House Rose Garden

Was anyone sadder than Ted Cruz?

De Blasio says New York City plans to "fully reopen" on July 1

Even for Ted Cruz, this is laughable.

"Goodbye, Ronald Reagan."

Punish Republicans with this part of the Biden speech every time they object to his agenda.

MO refuses funding voter approved Medicaid expansion

The orange con is freaking this morning about Rudy singing soon

Springer school bus caught on video failing to stop at railroad track

We Have a Reasonable, Thoughtful, Intelligent President Again!

Richmond police seeking other suspects in Belt Atlantic Apartments mass shooting

Just seen this on Facebook. So Cute.

Let's call it what it is - the BFD -Bubye Trickle Down!

About immigration and vaccination

Watch: Father arrested for going over allotted time while testifying against Arkansas ban on trans h

Deadly California fire was started to cover up a murder: police

Not the Onion. Really.

White World

Would you expect anything different from a state that keeps Mitch McConnell in office?

With Goals Met, NASA to Push Envelope With Ingenuity Mars Helicopter

White Wine Steamed Mussels Recipe

Happy 88th Birthday to Willie Nelson

Pic Of The Moment: In Major Address To Congress, Biden Unveils Latest Shovel-Ready Project

Welcome to New York, Frankie!

WAPO: Scott: Republicans accuse Biden of failing to live up to promise of unity

The Parakeets of London

Emotional Rescue

James Carville is speaking the hard truth

Deputy killed, another shot in North Carolina standoff

Gov. Whitmer to tie lifting covid restrictions to vaccination goals

Dear Sen. Tim Scott - If America Is Not a Racist Nation...

Biden announces 2nd round of diverse federal judiciary picks

Gone Fission: Controversial nuke plant near NYC shuts down

I think Marine 1 (and 2) just flew right over my house.

Kimmel vs. Lindell in a throw-down

We have the President I've been waiting for most of my adult lifetime

Oh Yah, Oh Yah, OH YAH - Feelin' good

One more brilliant thing about Biden's SOTU address, which I haven't yet seen commented upon.

(PA) Kiski Township parents arrested after children found in roach, flea-infested residence

One of the things I liked best about last night's speech.

And they called him "Dances with Shark"

Gov. Whitmer unveils plan to tie Michigan vaccination rates to easing COVID-19 rules

George Takei on Facebook:

Wisconsin to remove up to 188,000 from voter rolls because they have not voted in 4 years

Duke Ellington was born on this date.

I want to adventure to Grease and Due by

Good Day DU (April 29, 2021)

Manuel Herz Architects creates synagogue that opens like a pop-up book

Anti-Vaxxers: How the Media Created a Monster

Finally! A turn around on camera sales!

If America isn't a racist nation, I wonder why Tim Scott ran for his life

INTERPOL/ A network trafficking Brazilian women for the purposes of sexual exploitation taken down

Willie has a birthday today.

'Crazy Times Carnival' to take place on same grounds as Maricopa County election audit

Police: Suspect in hospital killings is clinic employee

Statement From The Office Of The Former President

Biden's Early Tenure Has Improved America's Image Abroad

Maximum amount of US Senate seats that Democrats will have after 2022 is 55.

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The moon orbits around the earth ( which is

General Flynn scam for Arizona audit?

POTUS stops and picks a dandelion for FLOTUS as they board Marine One en route to Georgia

$15 dollar minimum wage could cost 1 million jobs!

CDC to Allow Cruises by Mid-July with Strict Vaccination and Conditional Sail Order Requirements

US Economy grows 6.4% annualized in Q1 of 2021

Medical care is not a right OR a privilege.

I have to apologize

882 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs.; 23 deaths

What grade would you give Joe Biden's SOTU address?

Michigan to tie reopening to vaccine rates

Lol, Joe's even doing the landscaping

Republican Sex Scandal Exposed And Texts With Hate Speech Leaked

What time is today's rallyin Georgia?

BART Silicon Valley PHASE 2 Extension Overview!

For the love of God . . .

West Virginia to offer money incentive to get vaccinated

From an expert: what's happening to Chauvin now?

US investigating possible mysterious directed energy attack near White House

Please remember a bunch of us get our news from DU.

Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 55.

Kamala Harris agrees with Tim Scott that America not a 'racist country' but says must 'speak truth'

Arkansas governor signs bills banning vaccine requirements

Pelosi: Biden's address to Congress "a triumph" for women, families

How India's Vaccine Drive Crumbled and Left a Country in Chaos

Russia's increasing military flights around Alaska are 'a strain on our units,' top US commander say

U.S. Supreme Court hands victory to immigrants facing deportation

SEC enforcement chief resigns just days after taking job

3-day George Floyd commemoration to feature rally, day of action and celebration

Hillary's message to Rudy!

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win.

Democrats, Republicans press Biden's top scientist on gender, race and Epstein connection

The Second Gentleman is very proud of his wife!

To say America has problems with racists is not the same as saying America is a racist country

Peter Cytanovic, Seen in Viral Neo-Nazi Charlottesville Rally Photo, Thrown Out of Military

Three Georgia Men Charged with Federal Hate Crimes and Attempted Kidnapping in Connection with the

The Amish keep surprising me with their worldlyness (?)

Rudy Giuliani's Legal Problems Are Worse Than You Think

An hours-long standoff in North Carolina leaves five dead, including two sheriff's deputies

okay, what is the legit info about Covid vaccine for pregnant or nursing mothers?

Senate Panel Advances Biden's Postal Service Nominees

No thank you

OK GROOMER! Matt Gaetz buried in scorn after he shares list of 'best' high schools

cross post from GD

Ingenuity Completes a Huge 50-Meter Flight on Mars

Biden says he did not have advance notice of FBI raid on Rudy Giuliani, as Trump defends former New

Are you able to watch MSNBC on cable TV?

Pierce County to spend millions on COVID-19 relief for residents, businesses

Seattle Police Department Chief Adrian Diaz: Agency experiencing 'staffing crisis'

Democratic US House Members in +R CD.

Ted Cruz visibly dozed off during Biden speech; right-wing pundit claims he was "praying"

HIGH WIND WATCH issued for DC's northern suburbs Friday,

How Biden's taxes hit the richest, but skip the suburban base

On this day, April 29, 1967, Aretha Franklin's cover of "Respect" was released.

Hawaii legislature passes bill to implement automatic voter registration

THE MODS / Live With Rock'n'Roll

Elections experts call on Justice Department to send monitors to Arizona audit

The Blue Hearts : Linda Linda Linda!!

Religious leaders denounce Missouri bill on guns in houses of worship

Ethics panel: Lawmaker accused of rape should be censured

Kimmel last night after the pillow guy

5 dead, including 2 deputies, after 13-hour standoff in North Carolina

U.S. prosecutors release video of rioters spraying Officer Brian Sicknick in Jan. 6 Capitol attack

How long is a day on Venus? Scientists crack mysteries of our closest neighbor

Paranmaum - We Are Paranmaum (2005) FULL EP

This Company Will Pay You $42,000 a Year to Smoke Weed

Man sentenced to four years in prison for police station fire at George Floyd protest

"There's no good to slavery".....

Can the U.S. and Cuba get along now that the Castros are gone?

Another one bites the dust....Logan Grover,

Malta Will Pay for Part of Your Trip This Summer

Cops Will Search Your Car Whenever They Want - Ep. 7.448 (PA State Police has 50 Reasons)

Ukrainian ex-lawmaker says he spoke to FBI about Giuliani

Michael Cohen on CNN: Ghouliani knows what's coming and he'll start talking.

He's back! No, ranked-choice voting won't stop LePage

Biden's Speech Offers an Alternative Vision for Dems to Love, After Four Years of Trumpian Fantasy

Today I received this letter from President Biden via the US Treasury Department:

Trump Calls for Mitch McConnell's Ouster as Leader of Republican Party

Republican tries to strike word 'racial' from commission that addresses racial disparities

Remember Zinke...

Bernie Sanders to rally with Charles Booker this weekend in Louisville

Colombians protest tax increase proposal amid pandemic

Colombians protest tax increase proposal amid pandemic

Cartoons 4/29/2021

The First Cut Is The Deepest, Cat Stevens- Rare, 1967

Four Seasons Total Landscaping trolls Rudy Giuliani after Feds raid his NYC apt.

Senate Democrats Target 2022 Rivals With Ads on Popular Agenda

"Woke", "cancel culture", and the meaning of words

Unearthed review ruins the 100% Rotten Tomatoes score for 'Citizen Kane' -- now below 'Paddington 2'

Voters give thumbs-up to school levies in Lakewood, Edmonds

Washington state poker night linked to nearly 100 COVID-19 cases

Did Tim Scott really say America is not a racist country, well last year he sang a different tune

'Safe gathering place': Recovery Cafe shows off its new digs

Last night was the first time a POTUS spoke to a joint Congress

U.S. Labor Secretary throws his support behind classifying gig workers as employees

Expedia survey says Americans are itching to travel again

Weekly Ludi #18

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a strong to slight digit lead margin.

Death of Black man in Texas jail ruled a homicide by medical examiner

1,000 birds got stuck in a Calif. home's fireplace - video looks horrific (they are ok)

Texas Republican Briscoe Cain blindsides fellow lawmakers in push for House version of new voting

China launches main part of its 1st permanent space station

Jimmy Kimmel's interview with Mike Lindell has both sides fired up

Deadly air pollutant 'disproportionately and systematically' harms Americans of color, study finds

Learning how to slam a Monster into the wall...difficult!!

Dog and chicken having way too much fun.

A false facial recognition match sent this innocent Black man to jail

Howling winds to hit Mid-Atlantic, Northeast behind vigorous cold front Friday.

Opinion: Dropping an author is one thing. Vanishing his book is another.

Matt Gaetz's theme song (in really poor taste, but I need to plug Dr. Demento)

There's definitely an issue w/ booking a 2nd shot appoint via VDH.

Buying a new iPhone

SOME wind now.

Scott Stringer, New York Mayoral Candidate, Is Accused of Sexual Assault

A mystery series worth reading.

The worst kind of political correctness

Went into my Western Bank branch in far west valley

Aaron Rodgers tells Packers he doesn't want to return, per report

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 29, 2021

Senate Democrats Target 2022 Rivals With Ads on Popular Agenda

Billie Eilish: "Will you only feel bad when they find out?" (New Single)

2 Puppies Found On Side Of Road Reunite Months Later

The National Zoo's Lesser Kudu Family Just Grew By One

For the next three years the feds are more than doubling their investment in my school district

Storm causes structure over Aztec ruins to collapse in Mexico City

Former Georgia deputy wanted to charge Black people with felonies to prevent them from voting

David Corn: The First 100 Days: How Joe Biden Is Giving Big Government a Big Shot in the Arm

Texas State Democratic Party-call House Speaker to protest voter suppression stunt

MLK Jr. and other civil rights movement leaders would be considered "the woke mob"

Chris Wallace praises President Biden's address and predicts it will be 'a popular speech'


Charges Dropped Against Man Who Beat, Spit on 83-Year-Old Korean American Woman

I'm at the Biden 100 Days Getting Back on Track drive-in car rally in GA!

Nicolle Wallace: GOP Rebuttal Was From A World Where 'Facts Don't Matter' MSNBC

God, I love my governor.

Alien child is going to be in a world of hurt as she grows up.

for the Owl lovers of the world....

Marjorie Taylor Greene Sinks To New 'Level Of Dumb' In Biden Speech Criticism

Twitter sucks! They have completely ignored my Bodhi! Also an update about her!


How LONG she looks!

Interior sets new path through land maze

The Supreme Court Is Set to Make America's Gun Death Epidemic Worse

Tax and spend

Abilene flooding submerges cars in Texas:

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #10-12: Teenage Mutant Cyber Ninja Turtles Edition

King County Council bans fireworks countywide, starting in 2022

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 30 April 2021

D.C.-area forecast: Summer-like warmth gets blown away Friday but returns early next week.

Just now on AlJazeera English: India and the 🦠.

Finally found some clones this morning

Liz Cheney

I'm at the Biden 100 Days Getting Back on Track drive-in car rally in GA!

Question for Legal Eagles Re GOP/Trump Campaign Text Msgs

Josh Duggar arrested; placed on a federal hold

QAnon Women in Politics

Why covering up military officer misconduct is harmful to democracy

FDA Moves To Ban Menthol Cigarettes And Flavored Cigars

We're trapped in a doom loop of Trumpian circular logic

I had lunch at a restaurant for the first time in forever

😁 ☀️something I found to be crude but inspiring 🥳🤪

Carville was right. Here's why it doesn't matter

repubs taking credit for things they did not vote for: example:

*TCM tonight

"Five Defendants Arrested in Shooting of Lady Gaga's Dog Walker and Dognapping of Two French Bulldog

Brilliant SNL idea

Guess whose house wasn't raided by the FBI?

Joe Rogan walks it back

Yay, I'm flying again! Thank you Moderna!

The deadliest species.

Took Boog the chocolate lab and Duncan pup to my second vax this afternoon

Question: If I got my 2nd shot yesterday, does that mean that I got in under the wire

Anti-masker has a meltdown at an airport

Stephen Miller's legal group sues Biden admin alleging racism against white racism against white

WH: Today we're launching a brand new White House Photo Office Instagram with the top photos from ou

Here is how to get more people vaccinated.

Texas Enabled the Worst Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Catastrophe in Recent U.S. History

NYT - Rudy's about to go through some things?

Biden says goodbye to former First Lady Rosalynn Carter who walked him to the door

Does anyone know if Lyft will take someone through a drive-through vaccination site?

bestselling lifecoach refers to housekeeper who "cleans the toilets"... it doesnt go well with fans

PBS newshour

'I left horrified': Arizona audit observer says ballot counter instructions were for 'speed, not...

Woohoo! trump is just a bad memory now. It's wonderful...

WH: It's official: Today marks 100 days since President Biden took office. Here's a look at his hist

Reed Galen at 92Y Event - The Lincoln Project

Mesa Public Schools to make masks optional starting May 3

Border Patrol chief is mad that he can't use slurs to describe immigrants anymore

Michael Cohen on CNN Donald I told you so!!

Tim Tebow wants to be a TE for the Jags!

KuluYaKu​ Kraziness

GOP Senate hopeful to campaign with far-right activist who says wives shouldn't vote

dark thought in the back of my mind: Rudy & Trump were planning an acid attack on Yovanovitch

The Fascist Face Of Charlottesville Joined The Military. Then He Got Kicked Out.

Blowing in the wind!

The Chauvin Trial's Jury Wasn't Like Other Juries

Republican Kris Kobach, seeking comeback, launches campaign for Kansas attorney general

GOP lawmakers now celebrate COVID relief they voted against in March

Expandable Pawns!

(PA) Valley High School teacher accused of sending sexual texts to student

Skid Row, Explained

Happy little dog does a dance for chicken.

How it started . . . How it's going . . .

MAY be osprey, I rarely catch them in flight.

Biden speech interrupted by protesters

"It is an honor to serve such a courageous President":

haha Josh Duggar -a huckabee favorite arrested by Homeland Security!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exclusive: Pfizer begins exporting U.S.-made COVID-19 vaccine to Mexico

MSNBC now discussing licensures for police officers!

A former Georgia sheriff's deputy said he wanted to charge Black people with felonies...

Battle over South Portland tank emissions moves to Augusta

Erin Burnett spanks Andrew Giuliani: "You have proof no other judge would sign the warrant?"

Senate votes to open floodgates, passes bipartisan $35 billion water infrastructure bill

Senate approves Gayle Manchin to serve on Appalachian board

Senate confirms former Florida Sen. Bill Nelson to lead NASA

What is Q

Fact check: Kamala Harris didn't say Joe Biden would 'do whatever the Chinese tell you' at debate

Wiscasset jail on lockdown after 27 test positive for COVID-19

Wow. The Royals and the Giants come smokin' out of the gate...