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Archives: April 27, 2021

Walt Schaub: Appointment of IGs is urgent and so important right now.

Sidney Powell's attorney: Whitmer, Nessel misleading the public about ex-Trump counselor

Go ahead, I dare you, ask for time on Badger and Grizzly...

4/27 Mike Luckovich- Cicada caravan

Former Dallas cop Amber Guyger asking appellate court to toss murder conviction for killing Botham J

Liz Cheney Breaks with Republican Leadership to Support Commission into Capitol Riot

Finally saw "Spirited Away" . . .

'Never heard of them': Republicans hire 'ninja' firm for Arizona vote audit

Oh no! Larry Kudrow says Biden will force us to drink plant based beer!

Liz Cheney leaves open the option of a presidential run

Stephen Miller's group sues Biden for racial discrimination against farmers and ranchers

A woman running as a "Independent" is running for Governor......

GOP Dominionists tear into Kerry over Iran

Anti-Trump Republican group begins grading GOP members: Kevin McCarthy gets an F

Democrats Criticize Justice Barrett for Declining to Recuse from Case of Koch-Funded Group that Spen

The best investment book I have ever read

Pastor E.W. Jackson Says Black Lives Matter Is 'Worse Than COVID'

Does your cat ever do stuff thats

Protesters Call for U.S. Troops to Leave Turkey After White House Recognizes Armenian Genocide

Should a COP have his Hand on GUN or TASER as he approaches a dangerous scene?

This man told me why he won't get vaccinated (yet)

It just gets friggin exhausting fighting back the constant attacks

Andrew Brown Jr.'s family says police 'executed' him, then only showed a 20-second video clip from

Video Shows Minnesota Corrections Officer Harassing Black Protesters: 'F**k You', placed on leave

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Which states gain and lose in the new census report? Here are 3 takeaways.

private school threatens to fire any staff that get Covid vaccine

U.S. to Send Virus-Ravaged India Materials for Vaccines

Jeff has been performing this song for over 50 years, I'd guess more than 10,000 times.

Apple opens South Lake Union towers, plans to double current workforce

Rats Get Fat

As We Try to Reclaim Our Lives

Tucker Carlson is now telling his audience to harass people who wear face masks outside.

DHS chief announces internal domestic extremism review

WV to pay young people (16-35) $100 savings bond to get vaccinated

Masks won't be required outdoors at Cedar Point unless 6 feet of social distancing is not possible

Osprey Hunting For Dinner (11 Photo Series)

Harris tells UN body it's time to prepare for next pandemic

I think the former guy tapped into a pervasive we vs them attitude

March 1939, Europe Before WW2: Color Home Movies

EU chief felt 'hurt,' 'alone' at meeting with Turkish leader

Michael Flynn said today that purpose of AZ audit is to show Trump won and Kelly lost

GameStop's CEO Is Getting Millions on His Way Out. He's Not the Only One.

After 'Despicable Act,' Court Says Man Can Sue Mich. Bar

UW-Madison engineering professor who led 'toxic' lab will resign this summer

A Wisconsin woman has filed a lawsuit against Kraft Heinz alleging CHEESE FRAUD

Millions in Taliban Taxes Show Who's in Charge as U.S. Departs

Insurance Costs Threaten Florida Real-Estate Boom

Jean-Luc Ponty - Far From The Beaten Paths

Fuego volcano news & eruption updates:

Take it off! Take if off! (the ending......🤣)

Why Elizabeth Warren wants to fire the company servicing your student loans

🚨ALERT: Democrats filed THREE redistricting lawsuits tonight in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Penn.

It's AMY K's book!

Gavin Newsom recall gathers enough signatures to qualify for California ballot

When Star Trek TNG's Geordi LaForge meets a Republican;

Not only do Democrats want people to drink plant-based beer, they want our kids

That wasn't so bad... Was it!

Seattle sees monthly increase in housing inventory; prices continue to rise

He made UNBELIEVABLE portraits of his kids

Gov. Jay Inslee signs ban on Native American school mascots

Monday morning and the scammers are out in force

Here it is!


if someone had covid & now has antibodies should they continue to wear a mask?

Homeland Security to Root Out White Supremacists

Oklahoma governor signs 3 anti-abortion bills into law

I guess we're owning the cons now

Sen. Ron Johnson is running for re-election, it appears he'll do so as a culture warrior

'Tequila,' 'Bundle of Love': Rockabilly Jive Mexico- 2

White House Planning for Likely Summit with Putin

Amy Coney Barrett Rebuffs Demands To Recuse From Dark Money Case Involving Group That Supported Her

'Let's Face The Music And Dance'

Employers asking who won 2020 election, to weed out crazies...

I'm In Love With My Car - Sick, sick, sick Queen tune with Roger Taylor on vocals....

The Supermoon is out tonight.

American Nazi Rally, NY City: A Night At The Garden, Feb. 20, 1939

Heitkamp destroys Gov. Christie's double taxation lie: Biggest scam in the history of forever!

Fuckin In The Bushes - Oasis

It took a village to watch & listen to the rank stupidity & incompetence that took so many lives.

Colombian journalist Luis Carlos Ayala survives shooting

Disco Science - Mirwais

The Beatles - Honey Don't

Okay so it ain't exactly big as you can see....

Has anyone here completed the FEMA process for funeral reimbursement for COVID deaths?

McCarthy-Cheney Divide Deepens at GOP Retreat

Rachel Maddow: Essentially Kevin McCarthy ran in fear and left Rep. Westerman to fend for himself.

Brianna Keilar discusses evangelical Christian leaders and their stance on Covid vaccines.

Colorado officer accused of assaulting woman with dementia thought arrest went 'great,' new video sh

Miami Private School's Deranged Rule: Keep Vaccinated Teachers Away From Kids

Jimmy Kimmel on the 2021 Oscars & Guillermo on the Red Carpet!

The Daily Show: Pandemic-Era Oscars, Another Gender Reveal Fiasco & An Insurrectionist Bumble Bust

Paraguay Militarizes Streets To Enforce Health Measures

LOL -- Brian Williams just said GOP is on "double secret probation"

Montana gains second US house seat.

The Daily Show: India's "Tsunami" Of COVID & The U.S.'s Slowing Vaccine Demand

Let There Be Rock!

Father Altman under fire for COVID protocols, vaccine misinformation

A Jan. 6 Commission is Crucial to Understand the Reality of the Attack - Just Security

NASA's Mars helicopter took a photo, and it's a beauty

Tenacious D - Wonderboy (Live 2020)

Trump Organization CFO Weisselberg Offers One of the Worst Excuses Ever: "Legality's Not My Thing"

US to help Guatemala train its border protection force

The Daily Show: Facts Are No Match For Trump Supporters

Scientists: Up to 25,000 barrels at DDT dump site in Pacific

Tony Evers: State's reduced financial commitment to Foxconn opens up opportunities

Seth Meyers - GOP and Fox News Spread an Insane New Lie About Biden Banning Meat: A Closer Look

Jesus Built My Hotrod

Republicans Refuse To Attend Biden's Address To Congress

505 - Arctic Monkeys

Black Sunshine

Black Pumas - Colors

US Senate Races the Democrats will win in 2022 by a high double to low single digit margin.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Kaul reaches $242K settlement on manure spills

Activists Fight Climate-Forced Relocation in Louisiana - NowThis News

Has Tucker Carlson Been Vaccinated For Covid?.....

Powerful new supercomputer will open doors for research and education at UW-Eau Claire

Full Moon Tonight

More canine angels

Rick Santorum Dismisses Indigenous Communities - NowThis News

Former Louisville detective who helped incarcerate innocent men agrees to plead guilty, go to prison

3 arrested during protest in support of Jacob Blake Jr.

Has anyone here ever tried a Peach Nehi float?

Beshear eases Kentucky's coronavirus mask mandate at many outdoor events

Ron Johnson disputes scientific consensus on the effectiveness of masks in preventing spread of

Florida Senate Passes Bill Restricting Voting Rights

In Egypt, archaeologists have made a discovery as important as the finding of Tutankhamen's tomb

Fresh off election falsehoods, Republicans serve up a whopper about Biden

Fox host ADMITS he lied about Biden "scandal" live on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Nicolle Wallace on Republicans: Fear of Trump was the excuse. We were wrong. They are Trump.

Republican Incompetence Shorts Texas By A Congressional Seat and Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

Vikings carved a massive boat into this volcanic cave to ward off the apocalypse

How many lines does Tuckles get to cross before he goes too far?

Cuckoo bird has crossed the Sahara 10 times in 5 years

Arizona Democrats Speak Out Against Voter Restriction Bill - NowThis News

'Crazy worms' have invaded the forests of 15 states, and scientists are worried

☦ Orthodox Pascha/Easter: Tuesday of Great and Holy Week Significance

Meteorite that landed in Botswana tracked to its birthplace in the asteroid belt

Confession Tuesday:

Proxima Centauri shoots out humongous flare, with big implications for alien life

Sykes Says The Trumpian Mentality In The GOP Has Metastasized And The Party Can't Control It Anymore

Ancient settlement 'older than Skara Brae' emerges on Orkney

Acquisition And Retention Of Illegitimate Power': AG Holder On GOP Gerrymandering - All In - MSNBC

US police killings of Black Americans amount to crimes against humanity, international inquiry finds

Social tensions preceded disruptions in ancient Pueblo societies

I guess Chris Christie is running for president in 2024

Beto O'Rourke: 'The Best Antidote To Despair Is Action' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Irish Farmer Stumbles Onto 'Untouched' Ancient Tomb of Stone Near Dingle

Vaccination Day, a Frozen parody

Traces of Bronze Age Village Discovered in Switzerland

Sincere question about safety of airline travel and COVID-19

Nahuatl as it was: an exploration of the great dictionary of Alonso de Molina

Hundreds of stone tools used by homo erectus discovered in abandoned goldmine in Sahara Desert

Recolonisation of Europe after the last ice age started earlier than previously thought

What Doomed a Sprawling City Near St. Louis 1,000 Years Ago?

Tucker tonight has gone batsh**! (Heather Cox Richardson)

Judi - your posted articles are high in the "Latest Threads" "Chart tonight...

The right seems increasingly detached from reality, but it is a detachment with a purpose.

"Vocalise' played by Luka Sulic/2 by Josef Fiala/1 by Carlo Besozzi

Company Hired For AZ Republican Ballot Audit Stunt Abandons Pretense Of Transparency - Rachel Maddow

Trump Effort To Corrupt Census Haunts Release Of New Numbers, Next Decade Of Reports - Rachel Maddow

US Senate Elections that Democrats will win in 2022 by a high double to low single digit margin.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/26/21

Norman Dello Joio: 'Variations, Chaconne and Finale'

What needs to happen now with corruption and election manipulation ,

(Jewish Group) Covid quarantine didn't stop antisemitic attacks from rising to near-historic highs


Mayor, Police Chief issue statements; Three arrested at Kenosha protest sit-in released on bond

Republicans don't want to make government work for Wisconsinites

The finalists for the new logo for Arlington, Virginia

Breakfast Tuesday 27 April 2021

Robin Vos - COVID Denier And Anti-Vaxxer

Agencies Work to Roll Back Trump Directive Targeting 'Unaccountable Bureaucrats

Tuesday TOONs - Whopper With A Side Of Lies

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, April 27, 2021

We tried to extend the census deadline because of the pandemic, but were not allowed.

Survey: 57% Of Americans Think Warming Is Anthropogenic; Only 43% Think They'll Be Affected

A quarter of women say they are financially worse off a year into pandemic, poll shows

Grothman Again Blames Black Women For Decline Of American Society

Miami private school Centner Academy won't employ vaccinated teachers, staff

On this day, April 27, 1947, Pete Ham of Badfinger was born.

Some, like Sens. Johnson and Grassley, aided and comforted the enemy.

The audit of the vote in Maricopa County (Arizona)

New guidelines for masking outdoors are supposedly coming between those vaccinated verses

A man is incomplete until he is married. After that

Where will the CO-8cd be located at?

Is Tucker Carlson Losing His Mind?

Those Destroying Brazil's Amazon Hitting Their Stride Now; Bigger, Faster, More Mechanized Than Ever

Census Apportionment Data:

In order to "observe" this scam Arizona audit, you need 3(!) letters of recommendation

Marc Elias: On behalf of Pennsylvania voter, tonight we filed a lawsuit to ensure fair and equal con

Joe: To the millions of Americans getting vaccinated every day: your actions are a powerful demonst

Joe: Today, we're launching a new program funded by the American Rescue Plan to provide nutrition a

NYC mayoral race: Eric Adams talks gun violence, police reform and subway crime

WTF Oregon Democrats!

claire mccaskill is hilarious.

So my girlfriend is accusing of me cheating

Census results

CNN's morning show very informative and engaging.

About Conversations

West Virginia to entice its younger residents into vaccinating with $100 savings bond

Natasha Bertrand has joined CNN as White House correspondent.

Iran nuclear talks resume in Vienna amid new complications

CEO sam johnson Fired after this exchange with teen over prom dress

'Halt This Nightmare': Alarm as Florida Set to Begin Release of Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes

Idaho could kill over 90% of its wolves

Jay-Z wants to be remembered like Bob Marley

The new religion of masks. Today my be the rapture. 😇

What do you do with a problem like, right-wing Maria?

So You Want to Read Comics: Travelogue Edition

BOOM! Studios for July 2021

DC Comics for July 2021

Marvel Reveals Free Comic Book Day Titles For 2021

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 4/21/21

The Rundown: April 27, 2021

Eric Boehlert: Rick Santorum and CNN's long history of sponsoring GOP prejudice

Yesterday's headlines in Ft Worth Startelegram

Bill Gates comes under fire after comments on global vaccine shortage

Worth your 43 seconds. Nails it. Stay to end.

Dog asks for treat using buttons, it's so cute that owner caves.

Shades of Kennedy in Biden Executive Order

Justice Barrett Declines to Recuse from Case of Koch-Funded Group case

Mrs. Glam took an amazing picture...enjoy

Vaccinations are plateauing. Don't blame it on 'resistance'

I'm giving up drinking martinis for a month. Sorry,

Comedians saw a woman paying for gas with pennies

Meet Elizabeth Caputo

Expand Medicare to include hearing, dental, and vision care.

In Sworn Testimony in Inauguration Scandal Case, Donald Trump Jr. Made Apparently False Statements

Idaho lawmaker (R) accused of rape

Oh yes...Got another one...theyre dropping like flies

Why do magazine inserts only fall out in your house?

Opinion: A cheerleader's salty language gives the Supreme Court a chance to bolster First Amendment

Good news this morning.

Excellent analysis of the 2020 election.

I hope this works. Amazing footage of Bald Eagle vs. Mockingbird from my neighborhood

Good Morning DUMA. Periodically I like to remind folks about Horslips

Biden to sign executive order boosting minimum wage for federal contractors to $15 an hour

New Mexico among slowest growing Western states

Paranoia strikes deep.

Sex toys in the form of hand grenades


The Hidden Secret Behind the Arizona ballot Counting

Tucker Carlson, the Chauvin verdict and the burden of "white civilization"

Pic Of The Moment: Another Trump Lie Bites The Dust

Moonlight Mile

State Foster Care Agencies Take Millions Of Dollars Owed To Children In Their Care

First they came for your hamberders...

Without knowing where the population changes occur, we can't know...

Very nice - Black guys/white woman - Humanity at its best

Jim Keltner has a birthday today.

California: SMART Board approves rail and pathway projects

'WW2 bomb' found in Bavarian forest was a sex toy

Fox News lies. Spends a week reporting on the lie as a fact. Then take 25 sec to say oh we goofed!

Last-Ditch Plot to Sabotage Biden's Election Goes Full QAnon

Albuquerque police union starts campaign to push back against DOJ requirements

Hey, Google? Show me a catastrophic failure of self-awareness.

Maddow on Capitol insurrection detail: Why isn't this the headline?

Joe vs. Don in the Pinocchio arena

Who knows anything about PacToTheFuture?

Yer Insurrectionist Roundup: elevenses edition

2 die when man jumps off building, lands on woman


Good Day DU (April 27, 2021)

'Cyberpunks' Allegedly Steal Large Amounts Of D.C. Police Data In Ransomware Attack

Travis Clardy And The Confederacy's Last Stand

Here's How Much D.C., Maryland And Virginia Grew Over The Past Decade, According To The Census

Experts fear India has more than half a billion Covid cases, 30 times higher than reported

I Won't Take the Vaccine Because It Makes Liberals Mad

London, 1980. Founding ladies of punk rock. 📷

Saturday, DC will transition to walk up vaccinations at city run sites including Arena Stage, UDC, t

Who knows anything about the hecklers at Andrew Brown presser?

Salmon have shrunk so much that Whole Foods redid its guidelines

The CEO of telemedicine company, @VisuWell, harassed a gay teen attending a pre-prom party.

I just saw a video on TikTok that gave a perfect new name to "mansplaining."

Gov. Hogan says Maryland reports biggest drop in new COVID cases nationwide.

Gwen Carr, " .. like all cops are not bad all black people are not bad either ... "

682 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 8 deaths

6 facts about Americans and marijuana

Biden's 100-day stock market performance is the hottest going back to the 1950s

Police killings of Black Americans amount to crimes against humanity, international inquiry finds

The cult of American Christian Nationalism

Judge will not rule today on whether to grant bond, after 90min hearing for 2 charged with bear spra

Elizabeth City, NC fact -

Florida Academy Claims Coming Into Contact With Vaccinated Persons Affects Your Reproductive System

Morning osprey

Tucker Carlson

all these new laws i feel are result of the former guy living there

On this day, April 27, 1972, David Lascher of Nickelodeon's "Hey Dude" was born.

How To Beat Fox News

Russia's list of "unfriendly countries" keeps on growing.

The Republican plot to steal the 2024 election

Florida man accused of trying to smuggle drugs into jail using prosthetic leg

Moron convention rolls into Zero Beach

HHS secretary: 'A lot of folks would listen' if Trump made vaccine PSA

Biden to mandate $15 minimum wage for federal contract workers

"Hell is truth seen too late." - Thomas Hobbes

CDC says fully vaccinated Americans can go without masks outdoors except in crowded settings

Morning prayer sparks pushback from Senate Democratic Leader

Who wants a new brother? (Sound up!)

Put anything greasy and organic on your bird poles and this is what you get......

US House Members likely to lose their seat due to re-apportionment.

CDC says fully vaccinated Americans can go without masks outdoors except in crowded settings

Man Arrested After Police Find His Severed Finger at the Crime Scene

Seven Great Lakes communities collaborate on cleanup effort

Fox & Friends still pushing the lie about Harris' book being given out to migrant children...

Just go ahead and jump!

This video explains a lot about what's wrong in America. Stroads.

When you really need attention:

Phobia vs Hate

Breaking: maskless outdoor activity approved by CDC

No, you can't have my ball!

A Radical Right Wing Dream To Rewrite THe Constitution?

Joe still doing well among Trump-to-Biden voters

Would like your vote----great short video

Vice principal tosses beer on diners as wife argues over transgender woman in restroom

2021 Horse Racing - Kentucky Derby Post Positions

Why Animals Don't Get Lost

The Anti-Vaccine Propaganda of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

2022 US Senate Election- Democrats are likely to gain seats due to recruitment.

"Imagine there's a car alarm that's been going off for a long time and suddenly it's quiet."

After rough street life, tomcat gets cushy retirement he deserves

Jackie Robinson West admits using ineligible players during the 2014 Little League World Series

Biden isn't FDR. He's the anti-Reagan.

It's nice to have a president who isn't a screaming asshole

Got My Second Shot of Pfizer and It Was Pretty Empty...

Everything gets worse with gunz.

Tucker Carlson encourages viewers to confront those wearing masks

Andrew Brown Jr. shot five times, once in back of head, according to family-backed autopsy

US Senate seats that Democrats will win in 2022 by a high double to low single digit margin.

@MotherJones obtained documents and a video indicating @DonaldJTrumpJr apparently made false stateme

Floyd verdict won't remove blocks to police accountability

VP Harris to Guatemalen Pres. (seen that look at :20 before...😏)

U.S. probing two new blood clot cases after J&J's COVID-19 vaccine

FBI opens civil rights investigation into fatal deputy shooting of Andrew Brown Jr.

China Backs Russia After Putin Warns West They'll Regret Crossing 'Red Line'

Liz Cheney thinks January 6 should be 'disqualifying' for some GOPers

Marc Elias still fighting

I switched AntiVirus software this week. Dropped AVAST. Went to McAfee. My laptop sped up...

The Union-Busting Consultant Spreading Far-Right Conspiracy Theories

New York Post deleted 2 stories falsely claiming Biden administration was gifting Kamala Harris' to

This guy proves there's no need to unnecessarily complicate life

So, I'm trying to plan my menu for next year, using only 4 pounds of red meat.

Police Training Seminar Canceled After Uproar at 'Killology' Speaker

Today I suffer from full-on Covid fatigue and frustration

Gavin Newsom Says Recall Threatens Values After Campaign Garners Enough Signatures to Trigger Vote

Americans support Biden's spending and want him to spend more, polls show

President Biden speaking now n/t

Why the Embargo Against Cuba?

Osprey after lunch

Global rights group accuses Israel of apartheid, persecution

What's for Dinner, Tues., April 27, 2021

Drought-hit California orders Nestl to stop pumping millions of gallons of water

Free the dumb -freedom so that people can realize their crooked lies

I .....AM....a funny Tweet 😆

How the Airlines Plan to Achieve a Greener Flying Future

AZ Audit ... Don't see any POC there.

Mexican president thanks Cuba's Diaz-Canel for coronavirus medics

Hundreds Of Eastside Vaccine Appointments Available For May

Consumer Confidence Jumps To 14-month High

My Crabapple Tree is in blossom

Supreme Court weighs whether to limit issuance of exemptions to biofuel blending requirements

Finally got an appt at a drive thru vax clinic Friday - Pfizer

Yes, sometimes I am critical of the Democratic Party tactics

Trump II is now tormenting and taunting others?

Had my 1st (moderna) shot this morning (update)

Latin America and the Caribbean are set for a climate revolution - despite the wishes of Jair Bolson

Joe: Go get the shot -- it's never been easier.

Finally watched "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom"

Brazilian Senate opens inquiry into Bolsonaro's COVID handling

How Venezuela is Rebuilding Its Industrial Base, One Volunteer at a Time

Fact check: Scientific consensus says humans are dominant cause of climate change

Spotify's Joe Rogan encourages "healthy" 21-year-olds not to get a coronavirus vaccine

Highest weather station in the Andes will help scientists search for climate answers

As a CO resident and voter, I am predicting that the CO-8 congressional district will be located in-

Wisconsin A.G. Kaul launches clergy sexual abuse probe

Australian official warns drums of war are beating

A Proud Southerner Displays an Actual Confederate Flag Flown During Battle.


Texas court to hear appeal for Dallas officer's murder conviction

Elizabeth Warren brings back her $700 billion universal childcare plan and wants the wealthy to pay

Murkowski challenger blogged about 'evil' of 'Twilight' movie, book series

A supermoon lit up skylines across the world, captured in Australia, India, Turkey, Germany and ...

Biden capital gains tax plan would raise $113 billion if 'step up in basis' is killed, says Wharton

FBI has opened a federal civil rights investigation into Andrew Brown's death in Elizabeth City, NC.

So, my wife and I got our first shots, and, so far, so good.

Christian site raises tens of thousands for Norfolk police lieutenant fired after donating to Kyle R

YES! The NWSL 2021 schedule is out

Biden will seek $80 billion for the IRS to claw back $780 billion in unpaid tax from the rich


America's Ultra-Rich Fear Biden Will Close Their Favorite Tax Loopholes

Thinking of going to a small outdoor concert next weekend...

DC Water Just Finished Digging A 5-Mile Tunnel 100 Feet Below The City

Let's up vote Catty McGee's definition of "Rittenhouse" on Urban Dictionary

Battle over Jan 6th Capitol riot commission erupts at GOP retreat

2 N.J. cops charged for beating that was caught on surveillance video

Biden is proving 2021 is the comeback we needed

Longtime Amtrak fan Biden to pitch infrastructure at train service event Friday

'Ghost' Candidate Ran In Race With Gaetz Buddy Until Indictments Started Dropping

State Sen. Joe Nguyen running for King County executive

Arizona gave our ballots to a conspiracy theorist

Felix Mendelssohn Violin concerto

North King County COVID-19 vaccination site opening in Shoreline

The Supreme Court's conservatives are quaking over cancel culture

Free meals for Tacoma, Lakewood families with kids available at these YMCA locations

New tsunami maps show how water could reach Seattle, Everett, Tacoma after an earthquake

What do you suppose the Elizabeth City Police are hiding?

It burns a little but good use of topical humor

The maximum number of US Senate seats that the Democrats could end up with after 2022 is 56.


As Austin voters weigh camping ban proposition, Texas lawmakers consider bills to prohibit homeless

National Day of Reason Resolution Introduced in the US House of Representatives

To lead ICE, Biden picks Texas sheriff who criticized Trump's immigration policies

Father and Son: Cat Stevens

New York Post Deletes Story on Kamala Harris

Can we LISTEN to Puerto Ricans for a change?

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller alleges aid to farmers of color discriminates against

Gender-affirming medical treatment for transgender kids would be considered child abuse under Texas

Actor Charlie Sheen is suing a candidate for Flower Mound mayor, Itamar Gelbman

Miami private school Centner Academy won't employ vaccinated teachers, staff

Republican Opposition Backfires As Biden Healthcare Expansion Is Massively Popular

BREAKING: Federal judge orders the release of 1/6 rioter Richard BARNETT, who left Pelosi a menacing

NYPD makes arrest in assault of 61-year-old Asian man

Get ready! We predict cicadas will begin emerging next week. EDITED

Hey guys...sometimes the little guy wins!

Democratic nonprofit files suits in three U.S. states as redistricting battle begins

Secretary Pete Buttigieg: Unfortunately, shield generators are not infrastructure...yet.

When your dog inspects the new carpet..

'Beaten like I was an adult': Police violence against kids spark demand for use of force laws

Judge Royce Lamberth ruled today that he's satisfied with "Bullhorn Lady" Rachel Powell's apology...

ok, i didnt find this guy in the rabbit hole. patrick dexter.

This Tweet didn't age well for old Mitch McConnnell

This guy REALLY scared his dog!!!

Inslee wants one more thing: An extra nickel at the gas pump

Rep. John Lovick saw no justice in Chauvin's verdict alone, but hopes for a path in lawmakers' work.

The first Cancer patient who has to wear a mask that is attacked because of Tucker Carlsons call

Cartoons 4/27/2021

Council affirms ruling against Point Wells condo project

The New Yorker: The Secret Footage of N.R.A. Chief Wayne LaPierre's Botched Elephant Hunt

Congressional Republicans Left Office In Droves Under Trump. Just How Conservative Are Their Replace

The Secret Footage of the N.R.A. Chief's Botched Elephant Hunt (Disturbing Content)

All are welcome at our "Taking Flight: How Girls Can Grow Up to Be Engineers" series.

In fight against virus, Biden looks for path back to normal

A few months ago, Reuters accepted Tass (Russian state propaganda outlet) into its affiliate network

GOP Gov. Larry Hogan Issues Stark Warning To Fellow Republicans

America has become significantly more popular among allies since Biden's inauguration, poll finds

It's easy to see why frolicking, snorkelling, diving and lounging among the lily pads remain...

US agency seeks to speed up Native American land decisions

The Biden Presidency is no longer scandal-free.

NBC Poll: More Concerned About Voter Access Than Election Fraud

Vulnerable Democratic and Republican held US Senate seats that are up for re-election in 2022.

Biden Administration Makes It Easier For Tribes To Reacquire Lands

Ted Lieu: Super excited that I received a ZERO PERCENT rating from the American Conservative Union (

darwin award candidates

Pittie Got Sad Her Brother Is Leaving for Preschool Then She Met a Kitten

'Beleaguered' French Jewry 'Dealt an Incredible Injustice' With Sarah Halimi Verdict

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Apocalyptica - Helden feat. Till Lindermann

Carlson: Stupidity and Evil -L.K. Hanson

Miami private school won't employ teachers who get the Covid-19 vaccine

Real ID deadline for air travel pushed back again due to COVID-19

Insurrectionist Roundup: a light snack before dinner

Not going to bother actually linking to the Breitbart page, but this Freudian slip was something.

George Takei for the win

Tucker Carlson telling viewers to confront mask wearers

Mississippi Fred McDowell...

About this whole Biden burger brouhaha

Isn't this what Republicans calls Socialism?

Are some of our assumptions about the 2020 Election in WI correct?

Are you pulling for Liz Cheney to defeat McCarthy and the Trumpsters?

QAnon Is Obsessively Watching for the Arizona Recount to Bring Trump Back

%$$##!!! bad drivers!

Sign up for a lecture by Amartya Sen, "Attacks on Democracy: Challenges and Solution" at eCornell.

Lin Wood expands his base....

"A Streetcar Named Desire" TCM tonight (Tuesday, 8-27- 7pm ct

"What's the robbing of a bank compared to the founding of a bank?" (Brecht)-minor drug dealing compa

🚨ALERT: Sixth Lawsuit Filed Challenging Georgia Suppression Law

New report exposes thousands of dollars of taxpayer funds that the Trump family sent to their compan

US Senate seats that Democrats will win in 2022 by a solid to slight margin.

GA sheriff accused of restraining detainees in chairs for hours as they urinated themselves indicted

The "journalist" from the New York Post is resigning over the Kamala Harris story:

Most Satisfied with Derek Chauvin Verdict

Judge has doubts on voter privacy in Arizona recount

Six powerful ways "Sesame Street" shaped our culture, as seen in poignant new "Sunny Days" special

CA Governor race getting more bizarre every day........potential new candidate

Epicurious: US food website ditches beef in new recipes over environment

Biden picks Texas sheriff known for criticizing Trump-era immigration policies to lead ICE

US to limit immigration arrests at courthouses under Biden

US to limit immigration arrests at courthouses under Biden

Idaho lawmaker accused of rape was warned about his behavior

The Supreme Court's shocking ruling sends a cold-blooded message

Oh Ptah!

I would put money on it that Tucker Carlson

Kim Mulkey sets a fine example on the first day of her new job

A Rose Breasted Grosbeak just paid us a visit!

Ruth Ben-Ghiat: Crowds and Power

When do you think we will be back to normal?

The hateful nonsense now going on in Arizona is NOT a fourth "audit" of the ballots

Manchin - Passing HR1 could lead to another Jan 6, "not going to be part of it"

Lege Finds Even More Funds for Anti-Choice Grifters

Prancer, The 'Haunted Victorian Child' Dog From Viral Ad, Has Been Adopted

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