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Dershowitz: 'Murder charges should have never been brought against Chauvin'

Just mixed the best White Russian ev-AR!

The Impact of Seaspiracy and the Consequence of Ignoring 70% of the Planet

Happy birthday:

Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats could get from 2022 is 57

"The FBI has been using facial recognition to catch insurrectionists but..."

Rhode Island man assaulted 16-year-old Walmart worker over mask request

Cute puppy cuddles with dad under the car

Othello's birthday/ adoption anniversary is coming up

Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon

Othello's birthday/ adoption anniversary is coming up

Recipe of the Day: Dead Chicken with Old Milk

Montana Gov. Gianforte signs bill invalidating federal gun restrictions

I had my first retirement briefing last week; the clock is ticking.....

Bill taking aim at anti-competitive pharmaceutical pricing passes Oregon Senate

Russia's Navalny ends hunger strike in jail after winning visit from a doctor

City, state lawmakers announce joint legislation to keep rogue New York cops from landing new law

Washington state resumes distribution of Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Saudi Arabia to join international forum on climate change

Jethro Tull -- Aqualung (New Official Music Video) Some powerful imagery.

United States set to embark on campaign of 'vaccine diplomacy'

United States set to embark on campaign of 'vaccine diplomacy'

How low can these anti-vaxxers go? There seems to be no limit.

My wife and I watched THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7 last night...

Klamath Falls Restaurant Fined Almost $28K by Oregon OSHA

Help me make a list of risk.

Republican Lawmakers Afraid They'll Get Sucked Into Matt Gaetz Investigation

*A profile of Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr (1914-2000),

Watching poor hubby get bowled over by Moderna shot #2, do you think boosters will be as bad?

Awaiting the next historic solar storm (

New Mexico is likely the LEAST racist state in the Union.

Last "Gems In The Rough" entry for the evening. Have a great night

James Carville 'Defends' AOC Over Marjorie Taylor Greene

(Christmas) Gift idea ***🤭 WARNING ⚠️ LANGUAGE ***

One day in, Caitlyn Jenner is already proving she has no clue...

Law Student Challenges Ted Cruz on SCOTUS Expansion

Oregon Institute of Technology asks state agency to declare tentative faculty strike unlawful

I would NEVER let my child do this...

Trump's DOJ Equal Rights Decision Reversed?!

Twitter posts no longer visible on DU

Oregon Lawmakers Consider Banning Hate Crime Perpetrators From State Parks

Watching Gargoyles on Svenguoli, how did they learn to speak English? The leader

After Arkansas passes its trans ban, parents and teens wonder: Should we stay?

Oregon lawmaker condemns anti-Semitic flyers found in Clackamas County

I did something childish today.

Doorbell video captures police officer punching and throwing teen with autism to the ground

Sweet, tiny monkey's hand:

This little darling makes exercise a challenge! With love!

Cat doing cat things:

The Beatles - Tell Me Why

Hilarious! A penquin chasing a bird!

Oregon bar and liquor store bills may soon go up as soon as July 1. Here's why.

Democrats, challenge voters. Ask them, Will you allow the GOP to prevent you from voting?

Woman seen almost stabbed in Columbus police shooting video now gets death threats: I-Team

QAnon Candidates Are Winning Local Elections. Can They Be Stopped?

How stupid are Ohio's Republicans?

*SPOILER 🚨 ALERT* Josh won the Josh Fight #JoshFight

Oregon State releases Midnight Roma, an antioxidant-rich purple tomato

He looks like a serial killer in the making.

Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger just told @CNN that his office is cooperating with the Atla

Top 10 new marine species (

Percy's Song

Boulder route 'recommended' by commissioners as Front Range rail momentum builds

This is not a cheap thrift store joke

Historic Jews Town in Saudi Arabia, also mentioned in Bible

the goddess phoebe bridgers with an early track that just crushes all (live in studio-2016)

Did you catch the Bill Maher and Fran Lebowitz interview tonight?

LA-02: Troy Carter wins D vs. D runoff to succeed Cedric Richmond.

Everything is Going Great in Douglas County!

Canada top court rules U.S.-based First Nation has cross-border rights

So how did Qanon get to fondle ballots in AZ?

Pasquotank Sheriff to seek release of bodycam footage, investigation by NC Sheriffs' Association

Costa Rica unveils radar that tracks space objects from a farm

Costa Rica unveils radar that tracks space objects from a farm

Just watched "The Father".

Pfaff Resigns From City Council in Bonkers Facebook Rant

They missed their U.S. court dates because they were kidnapped. Now they're blocked from applying fo

They missed their U.S. court dates because they were kidnapped. Now they're blocked from applying fo

Percy Grainger Molly on the Shore

How the US Stole Mexico

Troy Carter wins 2nd Congressional District seat over Karen Carter Peterson

Ambulance services are on life support across Wyoming

The big Pentagon internet mystery now partially solved

The Beatles - She Said She Said

What are you streaming these days?

The "My Pillow" parody video is out. The angry extremist right is NOT happy. Feel free to hit back!

GOP Speaker Claimed George Floyd's Murder Was Planned

Legislators to study Medicaid expansion in 2021 interim

A parody on the "My Pillow" guy. The radical right is NOT happy. Feel free to hit back!

FINALE UPDATE Prayer, good vibes, healing thoughts for my uncle...

$5 Ladders Thwarting Trump's Border Wall

Any recommendations for Apple Plus?

SNL getting hosted by Elon MUSK in 2 weeks. NOTE to him and other whack billionaires:

Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Bill would launch investigation against 'environmental groups'

☦Orthodox Christian Pascha/Great and Holy Week/Saturday of Lazarus, April 24, 2021

Did you now Jesus was also a gourmet chef?

This posted comment from a Sanders primary supporter says it all about Dems in 2021.

The Power of Love: Huey Lewis & The News

Native lawmakers blast Gianforte after bison plan dropped

Asia - Heat Of The Moment

☦ Orthodox Christian Pascha/Palm and Willow Sunday, April 25, 2021

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats win by a high double to low single digit margin.

Ghost - Cirice

Saturday Night Album Rock - The Black Keys - Brothers

Keith Freakin' Moon

Twitter Agrees To Block Tweets Critical Of India's Government's COVID-19 Response

COVID: More than one-third of California adults are fully vaccinated

Tweet of the Day

Americans give Biden mostly positive marks for first 100 days, Post-ABC poll finds

Good trouble:

Have you ever been on a search committee ? What do you do with Diversity Statements ?

Highway 1 South of Big Sur Reopens After Fix to Section That Collapsed in Winter Storms

Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear The Reaper

Oakland: Kaiser Permanente to pay Black employees in $11.5 million settlement

Contra Costa deputy bails out of jail same day he's booked on manslaughter charge, won't appear in

US Senate Elections that Democrats win in 2022 by high double to low single digit margin.

Santa Clara settles voting rights lawsuit after spending $6 million, four years on legal battles

Forestburg couple arrested in connection with Capitol riot

so I am now in my second week of Invisa Lines

Sunday 💙 Baroque: Matt Haimovitz plays Gabrielli's 'Ricercari', 1-7

INXS - Disappear

Are citizens in "Western" countries more likely to boycott the Covid vaccination?

One more from Matt Haimovitz, cellist/'Variations On A Slovak Folksong'

Eric Clapton - Let It Grow

Fresno settles lawsuit in police killing of unarmed teen. Second settlement this month

3D map finds mud-spewing volcanoes, 200-mile deepwater river on Gulf of Mexico floor

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse - What's Next For The MAGA Movement

Law Student Challenges Ted Cruz on SCOTUS Expansion - NowThis News

Earthquake: Magnitude 3.6 quake strikes near San Jose

VP Harris on Environment and Climate Crisis -- Action Planet - NowThis News

Marvel's Runaways... anyone watching this show ? its freaking awesome

The Daily Show - Who's Who: The Far Right

Far Right Extremism Is Influencing State Republican Parties - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

What Do Women Want? For Men to Get Covid Vaccines. women are getting vaxxed at higher rate

Tucker Carlson: If I Was Younger, I'd Consider Leaving America, wished he hadn't gone to college

Pentagon gave control of millions of dormant IP addresses to Florida company before Trump left offic

Obama Foundation Releases New Details About Presidential Center, Responds To Critics

"Describe your perfect date..."

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Brain Friesian Edition

Turns out fascists are really shit leaders in pandemic times. Who would have thought it?

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, April 25, 2021

My mother in law's birthday is coming up she likes bath products she told me

On this day, April 25, 1946, the wreck of the Exposition Flyer occurred.

Breakfast Sunday 25 April 2021

I'm warming up today by practicing my howls. Gotta be ready for the Full Moon Fever

Iraq Interior Ministry: 82 killed in Baghdad hospital fire

Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Schumer & Dems in general need to do more

Here are 16 of the week's best photos

From The BBC: Your pictures on the theme of 'fences'

The most brilliant way to get dumb and dumber right-wingers to take the vaccination:

Bless their tiny hate filled hearts

How ICE's Mishandling of COVID-19 Fueled U.S. Outbreaks

Troy Carter wins Louisiana special election in blow to progressives

Florida bill would allow students to record professors to show political bias

Ad attacking the idiot conservative parties in Australia re EVs Funny

Ion-capture electrodialysis using multifunctional adsorptive membranes

Has anyone here read 'Braiding Sweetgrass'?

A newly signed Georgia bill . . .

He asked a blind classmate to prom with chocolates laid out in braille..

US Senate Races that Democrats win in 2022 by high double to low single digit margin.

The Failures Before the Fires -42 fires, 61 deaths: A failed system in Chicago puts ...

Little Progress in Boosting Numbers of Black Doctors

Someone explain to me why SNL needs to make this person more famous?

U.S. New-Home Sales Rise More Than Forecast After Winter Setback

Global warming perceptions by states: More Americans accept fault

2 'toons

Whitmer says all state-owned facilities in Michigan will use 100% renewable energy by 2025

Kamala Harris cements her place in Biden's inner circle during a consequential week

British crime shows always get my attention when someone says:

'Reckless' Russia's power is in decline, says British spy chief

McManus: How do Biden's first 100 days in office compare to Trump's?

The first can't hold...

LinkedIn billionaire: Cut off funding for politicians who limit voting rights

Joe Biden Wants To Make Community College Free. Can Progressives Push Him Further?

The chilling spectacle of watching the political class redeem a criminal, again.

Kentucky wins first volleyball title in 4 sets over Texas

Man arrested after Virginia GOP leader killed in fatal hit-and-run crash: report

Doonesbury - Marjorie? What Are You Doing?

Watching faux news Sunday and he showed a survey

Opinion: At the Supreme Court, a tale of two Bretts

House Democrat stands defiant after drawing heat for blasting Tom Cotton's "racist trash" speech

The world isolates. A New Zealand band plays to 50,000 fans

Kevin McCarthy shifts gears...

Millions Are Skipping Their Second Vaccine Shot

NEW arrest in US Capitol riot. Kevin Galetto of California is accused of assaulting police & fightin

'State of crisis': Advocates warn of 'unprecedented' wave of anti-LGBTQ bills

Republican lawyer is key player in voter suppression drive across US

Even when fully vaccinated...

☕️Sunday Morning Read: The Worst Provision of Georgia's Very Bad Law

The End of U.S. Mass Vaccination Is Coming Sooner Than Later

More action, less talk, distinguish Biden's 100-day sprint

Draft email greatly increases in size when saved.

Gubernatorial Candidate Caitlyn Jenner Gets Schooled On How California Operates

Florida man arrested in Capitol riot said he was breaking into White House

On Wednesday, We'll See What A Joke The Reference To "United" States Of America Is

More info on Biden's plan to increase the EV charging network

Graham after Chauvin verdict: 'America is not a racist country'

Waffle cookie crisps that cost more than gold.

Everyone saw this baby pigeon as a nuisance. This woman saw a precious life.

Imperative that Democrats figure out what went wrong in 2020

Wonderful discssion this a.m. w/Jonathan Capehart and Rep. Val Demings. JC has a talent for asking

House Democrat stands defiant after drawing heat for blasting Tom Cotton's "racist trash" speech

Underwater images from Singapore's submarine rescue vessel, the MV Swift Rescue, show wreckage from

From Reuters Pictures: Under the sea with scientists fighting climate change

Watch the Maricopa county ballots being counted.

Biden voters in Pennsylvania see promises kept on Covid. They're watching for what's next.

Tomi Lahren Realizes Her Career Is A Clown Show

109 days after Jan. 6, "history will remember" is a complete joke

For 3 ex-cops, will blaming Chauvin for Floyd's death work?

Enough about 'not picking sides.' The only right position is against white supremacy and extremism

Big ol' crab eating an apple slice:

It Must Be Love

This rocks!

Kamala Harris Defends Handling of Immigration: Migrant Surges Are 'Not Going to be Solved Overnight'

Ah, adorable cat, WAIT - IT'S A WHAT???

Manchin Insists He Is 'Not a Roadblock': 'I Am Not Going to Be Part of Blowing Up This Senate'

Third flight in the history books✅ Our #MarsHelicopter continues to set records, flying faster and

Lotsa cats!

Here's why challenging voters to vote is a winning strategy for Dems. It serves two major purposes.

Edward R. Murrow was born on this date.

Video of White Power banners being draped in the House Chamber?

17 senators ask Biden to push for Medicare expansion

Ella was born on this date.

A Modest Proposal ...

Wow. Maria Bartiromo with an incredible scoop.

Mike Pence's COVID Rule-Busting Vail Vacation Cost Public $757,000 In Security Costs Alone

Albert was born on this date.

DeSantis and Fox are worried about some mobs in America- others not so much.

Hey Senator Rick Scott!

A few takeaways from the MAGA rally yesterday:

How about this as a way to Biden's goal of reducing fossil fuel use?

Congratulations to the Newark, NJ police department. No officer fired a single shot in the whole yea

I'm in a mood to issue challenges today.. next up, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

About the U.S. Military Code of Dress

Good Day DU (April 25, 2021)

661 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun.; 8 deaths

Embassy of Armenia to the United States Holds Virtual Event For Anniversary of 1915 Genocide

Really interesting backstory regarding the song "Strange Fruit" (Graphic Warning):

46 percent of Republicans think the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict is wrong

(PA) Alle-Kiski Valley communities see populations fluctuate, according to census

One computer on home network keeps dropping off

One computer on home network keeps dropping off

Fascist Lies


Caolan Robertson What An Incredible Interview Youtube Promoting Radical Hate Content Reliable Source

Let's talk about Montana's new law and a Republican change of heart....

San Diego Democrats request independent audit of deaths in county jails

Months before George Floyd, Angel Hernandez died at a downtown train station with a knee to his neck

Eeeeeverybody's got one

No 10 aide David Quarrey brought the new Indian Covid variant into Downing Street

Let me get a closer look...

'Stop the Steal' Spread On Facebook Enabled Jan. 6 Insurrection, Internal Report Finds


Manchin says he's 'not a roadblock' for Biden's priorities

Maryland To Probe Cases Handled By Ex-Medical Examiner Who Testified In Chauvin Trial

Bright Moon Tonight, Supermoon Tomorrow

Just comply! Wear a mask! Just comply! Get vaccinated!

Energy company unveils plans for solar farm near Smith Mountain Lake

Osprey huddle!

Unwritten police rule: "You can get away with anything" totally destroyed by cell phone cameras

Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing

Reckoning at San Jose State: Claims of coverup, retaliation in sex abuse scandal grow

White VA state trooper fired after yanking Black driver by neck out of vehicle..

'We are trapped here': A Mexican town isolated by cartel terror

'Not good enough': Some progressives unsatisfied with Gavin Newsom's fracking ban

Guy Finds Stray Kitten And Bonds Hard With Him

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 26 April 2021

What Fiction are you reading this week, Apr. 25, 2021?

US Senate Races in 2022 that Democrats win by a high double to low single digit margin.

Governor, lawmakers unveil plan to use $76.8M federal windfall to fund ferries for 18 months

Another bad apple in the bunch. The whole tree, farm is rotten.

What is it worth?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 27: 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

Alaska Airlines bans Eagle River lawmaker for violating COVID-19 mask policy

Connecticut to end all covid restrictions May 19 (except for indoor masks)

Val Demings Defends Cop Who Fatally Shot Ma'Khia Bryant: 'He Responded As He Was Trained To Do'

Alaska Airlines bans Eagle River lawmaker for violating COVID-19 mask policy

Tracy Beanz, prominent early QAnon promoter, has won her local election in SC

Conspiracy Without the Theory

If DC becomes a state, the maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with is 58

We had a mass shooting Thursday, just another one that no longer makes news.

Texas Republicans Targeting Voting Access Find Their Bull's-Eye: Cities

'F--- You': San Francisco LGBTQ Democratic Club sends pointed message to Tucker Carlson

Politics and the "Rule of Thirds"

Larry Kudlow says that Biden will force Americans to drink "plant based beer" and I...

In the battle against senility, I've managed to smoothly and correctly spell "pyrolysis."

NC sheriff says he'll ask judge to release body-cam video of deputies shooting

Cop in Pennsylvania who sounds drunk racially profiles an innocent Black man

NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Flies Faster, Farther on Third Flight

Fox Host Confronts Kevin McCarthy on Demand BLM, Antifa Be Included in Capitol Riot Probe

Washington Week In Review Replacement Host

'That would be witness tampering': Chris Wallace grills Kevin McCarthy about Jan. 6 investigation

India's richest people are fleeing on private jets as the country hits almost 350,000 COVID-19

U2 - New Year's Day

Stray Goat Declares Independence

Wallace Makes McCarthy Squirm With 'Witness Tampering' Question

CARTOON: And The Oscar For Best Actor Goes To

Biden administration working to deploy additional supplies and support to India

W.Va. Senator Capito: 'I hope that President Trump plays a role' in upcoming elections

Something's up with the USPS -- Just had mail delivered to me today

Teri Kanefield Thread: Fascist Lies

"the Fulton County DA's office are frustrated with the level of cooperation from the Georgia

The Washington Post: Why this conservative (Gary Abernathy)supports reparations.

Awesome Dance Mix: Safety Dance, Men Without Hats

Cartoons 4/25/2021

Spare a thought for the victims of that horrific Covid hospital fire in Baghdad

A budget emerges as lawmakers reach session's final day

Officials create a no-protest zone around Planned Parenthood

Joe: Our best days still lie ahead.

Anti-vaxxers are wearing the Star of David to show how they're being persecuted.

Half a Year After Trump's Defeat, Arizona Republicans Are Recounting the Vote

How broken policing is breaking our democracy


McCarthy skirts questions about phone call with Trump amid riot

🎶Sherlock's going to solve a case🎶

Wow! Frommers has named Detroit one of the "Best Places to Visit in 2021"!

Minnesotans furious that they have to pay for Texas' deep-freeze problems

Lindsey Graham Says There's 'No' Systemic Racism In U.S., Citing Kamala Harris As VP

Daily Kos: Federal judge warns that Trump could be in yuuuuuge legal trouble

Logjam: Yankee Fork of the Salmon River

White neighbor asks & has police search Black woman's home--She can't afford a home & Porsche.

Texas couple who deleted Facebook posts bragging about being at the Capitol riot were arrested for

Georgia AG quits chair of prosecutors' group in riot fallout

Barr FREAKS Over Hidden Matt Gaetz Secrets

Clarks and Jamaica - seriously this is true

Mike Pence's Ski Trip Cost Taxpayers Over $750,000

Harris: I wish the public could see the Joe Biden I see

"There was wine in his system!"

The number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with from the 2022 Elections with DC and PR.

Ted Cruz won't break ties with an extreme nativist group? Shocker.

Republicans Offer Pathetic Two Page Infrastructure "Blueprint" After Biden Challenged Them

In FL, it's illegal to film animal abuse at a CAFO but legal to film a professor to intimidate,

Japan's QAnon disciples aren't letting Trump's loss quash their mission

Sonny Corleone survived the assassination attempt at the New York toll booth

The Pink Triangles: The Story of the Gay Holocaust (Complete Documentary)

What not to do on an online dating site. Brag about storming the Capitol. We are not a match. LOL!

Befuddled Larry Kudlow Rails That Biden Will Force Americans To Guzzle 'Plant-Based Beer'

2 Montana men cited over helicopter poaching of wolves

What is your all-time favorite movie?

BUSTED: Kansas woman arrested after daughter bragged about her role in Trump's insurrection

BUSTED: Kansas woman arrested after daughter bragged about her role in Trump's insurrection

Did Joe Biden order a violent explosive bomb laden drone strike on Roger Stone today?

Hopes dim in Alaska Legislature for a Permanent Fund sustainability fix this year

Oscar winners from the beginning

Harry Belafonte has been on my mind since yesterday

Seeking to prevent teacher layoffs, Alaska House votes to pay for public schools through 2023

Dog and chicken having a bloody good game of chase!

The world has finally gone crazy...

Angela Rye shuts down Chris Christie after claims raising taxes is 'socialism'

Dunbar campaign files complaint alleging over $170,000 in campaign finance violations by Bronson

I have just seen the worst TV show in history: "Dance Moms."

Dali, John, and Yoko

I want to be this happy

The Rapture is Silly and Dangerous

Attorney Generals Matter. Elections have consequences

What's for Dinner Sun., April 25, 2021

Re: Elon MUSK hosting SNL, a fan tweets: "No one wants this"

Young Adults Are Reshaping the Electoral Map

Brian Tyler Cohen DESTROYS Jim Jordan

Another big federal grant for American Samoa -- this time addressing COVID-19 related needs for child

Virginia trooper is fired after telling black motorist: 'You're going to get your a** whooped!' duri

Florida family may spend life in prison after 'church' sold bleach as cure for COVID-19

In the Venezuelan 'Workers' Paradise,' very different pandemics for the haves and have-nots

Mallard pair enjoying my neighbor's field (with small water pool.)

Surprise! - They open the box, and the house cat ain't exactly overjoyed

Rep. Cori Bush says she won't support qualified immunity compromise in policing bill talks

Sen. John Kennedy: We're Spending $75 Billion To Give 'Able-Bodied' People Under 55 Medicaid, Food S


Watch Flight #3, as Ingenuity takes off on a long run (164 ft/50 m) down its flight zone and back.

Indonesian navy submarine found split into three on sea bed (BBC)

The price of gasoline went down when the pandemic hit.

The Media is Turning on Fox: Jim Acosta: There's a new 'big lie' making the rounds

CNMI: No more junket licenses for Imperial Pacific International

Republicans' chaotic audit of Arizona ballots for Trump may blow up in their faces: GOP insider

CNMI senators hear pros and cons of amending Article XII

Covid: Man arrested after infecting 22 people in Majorca (BBC)

Approval ratings and the Goldilocks Syndrome.

CNMI casino commission suspends IPI gaming license, imposes $6.6M fine

There are two kinds of people:

U.S. Supreme Court to hear Guam's dump case, $84M at stake

Ok, ok, ok, I've been watching "E" and ALL the Oscar buzz.

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 24

Somebody read this Manchin news and tell me what it says

New COVID clusters identified; Guam governor concerned

PM Update: Winds calm overnight. Sunny and seasonably mild on Monday.

Top general says military in Afghanistan begins closing down

Today I learned Prince wrote "I Feel For You"

'Lifting Up White Supremacy:' Leaked Doc Shows Trumpian 'America First' Caucus Too Crazy For GOP ...

Biden will close the first chapter of his presidency before a sparse crowd -- and with a historic bac

How Black female lawmakers led Maryland's historic effort to transform policing

Tweet of the evening:

Lawmakers pass bill outlawing intentional balloon releases

Joe: Just as India sent assistance to the United States as our hospitals were strained early in the

More action, less talk, distinguish Biden's 100-day sprint

If there was only a place to put them----

They're citing URBAN motherf*cking DICTIONARY. 😂😂

Bill would require 10% of Hawaii-bought produce to be local

Election conspiracies live on with audit by Arizona GOP

Some states are actually trying to make it illegal to record police.

📸Finals for the April Photography Contest. Roll Up, Roll Up and VOTE HERE! 📸

Heads up, finals are up in GD my loves

Global Emissions Goals Come With Big Cost and Political Hurdles

Lt. Gov. Green visits hospital as variant cases rise on Maui

Malaria vaccine!!! I'm gonna try to learn more about this, but a 77% effective malaria vaccine is

Gunfire erupts in Somali capital amid president's standoff

Man convicted of $26M Ponzi scheme released

Democrats are going to lose US Senate seats in 2024 unlike in 2022.

Chicago: CTA's 7000 Series 'L' Cars Debut on the Blue Line

Anonymous jury in Derek Chauvin trial part of a growing trend that has some legal experts worried

Holy crap. Marcus King Trio @ Carter Vintage Guitar

Virginia trooper fired after forcefully arresting black man during traffic stop (Video)

Excellent Covid Vid

Sen. Mazie Hirono's autobiography 'Heart of Fire' chronicles her rise to success

Only 1 of 4 bodycams caught full Austin-East shooting

'Medical classmates'

'Medical classmates'

60 Minutes doing a story prosecutors in George Floyd muder trial; Russia repeat on Navalny n/t

*What's on TCM tonight: Somebody Up There Likes Me, Sounder

State Supreme Court examines challenges to controversial Big Island power plant

New Taxes, Tourism Funding Cuts Among Bills Pushed Through As Legislature Winds Down

Hall of Fame women's basketball coach Kim Mulkey leaves Baylor for LSU

Wingnuts of the Week Roundup

The 'Mauka Shift' Could Solve Rail's Utility Woes. Why Did It Happen So Late?

Does Derek Chauvin have any perks in his cell?

Dance Mashup: Gonna Make You Sweat, Don't Stop Till You Get Enuff

US Senate seats up in 2022 that Democrats win by a high double to low single digit margin.

Unpublished photos from Sept 11, 2001.

I would love to find this micro-forum energized and beautiful

No idea who this is, except I photographed her/him here at the farm some time or other.

Lindsey Graham gives most cringeworthy comment possible live on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Connecticut: Federal judge tosses suit that sought to block transgender athletes