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Archives: April 24, 2021

Lost submarine in Indonesia leaves rescuers frantic as 53 on board near end of oxygen

US Senate Elections that Democrats win in 2022.

Trump campaign sent to collections after unpaid security bills -- and other cities could follow

Arizona judge suspends Republican vote 'audit' being conducted by Cyber Ninjas, a Florida company

California's Newsom Orders End of Fracking in Emissions Push

Ocasio-Cortez: Activists 'have deeply influenced' Democratic positions on climate

Simone Biles leaves Nike to partner with Athleta: 'They stand for everything I stand for'

Happiness is a warm kitty

DOJ is investigating if Matt Gaetz was illegally influenced to push pro-cannabis legislation

Tweet of the night:

Arizona Republicans Hire PInk Panther To Investigate Ballot Voting Things

Nevada secretary of state finds no 'evidentiary support' for GOP election fraud claims

Nevada secretary of state finds no 'evidentiary support' for GOP election fraud claims

Marvel Announces Captain America 4 Movie With Black Lead.

Houston Methodist employees have until June 7 to get COVID-19 vaccine or they're fired

US Senate Elections that Democrats are likely to win in 2022 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Hunter Biden's wife Melissa is fluent in five languages

"How badass is this shot!" Waters & Pelosi

Yes, vaccines block most transmission of COVID-19

In-custody death reports under former Maryland medical examiner to be reviewed

The Situation Room: Senator Sanders on Biden's new Climate Plan

my favorite picture ever taken inside the Supreme Court, and it's of building support staff setting

Remember This? On 14 February 2013 One Billion People Danced and Rose in 207 Countries

State Attorney General to investigate Pierce County Sheriff for 'potential criminal violations'

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF!

It is my duty to note, once again, that taxes on the rich are at a historically low level in the Uni

A Moderna PSA (from me)

City of Albuquerque sends $211K bill for Trump campaign to Mierda-a-Lago

Living on minimum wage

Biden Tells Erdogan He'll Brand Armenian Massacres as Genocide

Rachel is going down Lysol and Bleach memorty lane

damn I need a teacher & beauty in the broken american moment

HUD Revokes Trump Rule Allowing Transgender Discrimination In Homeless Shelters

White House To Provide ASL Interpretation At Congressional Speech For First Time: Report

The ZIP Codes of the Trump Loyalists Who Attacked the Capitol May Surprise You

Foo Fighters - Run

*What's on tonight, TCM: The Red Shoes, Rhapsody in Blue +

Friday Talking Points -- Biden Enters "First 100 Days" Homestretch In Good Shape

Officers charged with issuing dozens of bogus citations

US Senate seats that Democrats are likely to win in 2022 by a Solid to Slight margin.

Why Capitol Police offered tours to Oaf Creeper lawyers

Baby Lion Tamarin Rescued and Returned to Mother

Housing Market Update

Friday Night Buzz Thread is postponed for my wedding anniversary.

'We Are Not A Match': Alleged Capitol Rioter Rejected On Dating App, Then Busted

Roger Stone claiming the Deep State attempted a drone strike on his office

Video: Vacaville police officer shoves, hits teenage boy with autism

SHOCK: Roland Martin Says CNN Didn't Want Him to Criticize Donald Trump The MeidasTouch Podcast

When tots and pears didn't work - Trump cultist praying at election office for his victory in Nov.

Rachel is laughing but repubs may get the steal in Arizona. D u agree? (poll)

ROF: Ted Cruz Mocked As "Fat Wolverine" After His Latest Lies

Alabama Gov. Ivey signs ban on transgender athletes

Just received a "Bidencare Health" email from [email protected]

Bitcoin Explained

7 Deputies on Leave After Fatal Shooting of Black Man

Global warming hastens microbial evolution. Get ready for more pandemics.

James Brown: Sex Machine, Friday Nite Energy Bump

Never mistake bluster for strength!

Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues

Flying Lizards - Summertime Blues

Carlson, Lindell, Chauvin, and Other Bleached Buttholes of the White Nationalist American Right (F)

Albuquerque refers Trump campaign's unpaid rally bill to collection agency

The consequences of a robust foreign policy.

MC5 - Kick Out the Jams

David Crosby - What Are Their Names

CSN&Y - Chicago

Vangelis - Rachel's Song (From "Blade Runner")

Carly Simon - Nobody Does It Better - The Spy Who Loved Me

The strategy seems to be to keep saying the word "insurrection" until it is meaningless

Not Fade Away - Dead - 1977

The Daily Show: Mapping the January 6th Attack on the Capitol

Idaho Senate OKs bill to kill up to 90% of wolves in state

US Senate Races in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win.

"Did he really just say that?" - The Republican Accountability Project

Vaccine hesitancy in Hinds County, Mississippi, is a story shared elsewhere

First Lady Jill Biden gifted a blanket by the Navajo Nation.

Seth Meyers - Rudy Giuliani's Son Considering Challenging Cuomo for New York Governorship - 4/22/21

A rescue bird -

Trump fan who set fire to hay bales with Biden-Harris 2020 campaign display is sentenced to 1-year i

Ted Cruz tries to corner Stacey Abrams with sneaky question. She BURIES him - Brian Tyler Cohen

What's happening in Arizona is outrageous.

Dr Fowler, who testified that Chauvin didn't kill George Floyd, is having his old cases investigated

If the Repukes take the House in November 2022

Remote learning Chicago style:

With two flights down, the #MarsHelicopter is ready to get sporty. Flight #3 planned for this Sunday

Op-Ed: Maxine Waters: I'm not new to this

2 by Porpora, 1 by Boulogne de Saint-Georges

Bill Maher New Rules tonight was amazing.

Biden working group targets jobs for fossil fuel communities

8 states have now vaccinated more than 60% of adults with a first shot.

Rep. Mondaire Jones Shuts Down Reasons Against D.C. Statehood - NowThis News

Jill Biden tours the Navajo capital as leaders push for a recovery from the pandemic

Officer Who Killed 2 Suspects In Separate Police Shootings Booked On Manslaughter, Assault Charges

At Last, A Murderer Will Go to Jail The Amber Ruffin Show

Kansas Gov. Kelly vetoes GOP election bills, says they're 'designed to disenfranchise'

Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan: Champagne & Reefer Jam.. Damn

What's up with Netflix dubbing every foreign-made series into English??

"Oops" in the offing?

Unidentified man fatally stabs good samaritan in grocery store

So Biden is going to the G7 and NATO meetings. So nice not to have to worry about the US

Dems Demand Justice Barrett Recuse for Conflict-Another Reason to Raise Number of Justices on SCOTUS

The Black Keys - I Got Mine (2nd COVID shot

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 4/23/21

Rachel Maddow's show discussing the recount in Arizona AGAIN, is quite alarming. The whole process

Instagram star cat Ponzu dies in huge brawl in NYC park

Spanish Study: Coffee Still Good For Health, Heart, Maybe Cancer Protection

Hailstork's 'Symphony No. 3'/Grand Rapids Symphony

Planet Earth - Prince w lyrics

Honest Government Ad - Electric Vehicles

4/25 Ike Luckovich- A Dike's not infrastructure

Todd Rundgren & Sparks - Your Fandango (Official Video)

Todd Rundgren & Sparks - Your Fandango (Official Video)

Brazil cuts environment spending one day after U.S. climate summit pledge

Brazil's Bolsonaro says military would follow his orders to take the streets

We Live For Love

Attempt to use AI to decode whale language...

Full Interview: Ayman One-On-One With Dr. Fauci - Ayman Mohyeldin - MSNBC

Lo Fidelity Allstars - Battleflag

Florida McDonald's offers $50 just to show up for job interview

more protect and serve

Tweet of the early morning:

Trump's Legal Tsunami!: 45 Facing Pressure With Growing Lawsuits - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

A couple of notches down from "Despacito": current sticky hook/pop, "Cancion Bonita" -

I just have to post it again

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats win.

Grand Rapids, Michigan police officer punches suspect during traffic stop arrest. Department chief d

Arizona Republicans Conduct Election 'Audit' Fueled By Trump's Big Lie - All In - MSNBC

Black Minnesota Police Chief Describes Being 'Taken Out at Gunpoint and Prone' by Law Enforcement

Obscure 60s song: "My World Fell Down" - Which 1 Roolz?

Breakfast Saturday 24 April 2021

'No Accountability To The Truth': Ron Johnson Tests The Viability Of Trumpism - All In - MSNBC

Bird brain...

1 in 4 workers is considering quitting their job after the pandemic--here's why

Must Be the Music

Perth in Three-Day Lockdown as Australia Quarantine Tested

Fauci rebukes Johnson over questions on vaccine effort: 'We are dealing with an emergency'

Sketchy Pro-Trump Recount Off To Rocky Start In Arizona - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

'No accountability to the truth': Ron Johnson tests the viability of Trumpism

Turkey's Crypto Pain Grows With Second Exchange Collapse

'Just a Touch (of Love)'

Probe stalled by Trump officials finds they created red tape for Puerto Rico relief funds

There should be laws preventing any vote from being rejected for signature differences,

Inside Biden's COVID response team, constant texting and nightly presidential reports

Texas Republicans Targeting Voting Access Find Their Bull's-Eye: Cities

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, April 24, 2021

South Dakota high school rodeo club cancels annual 'slave auction' fundraiser

Los Desaparecidos - Little Steven

Ted Cruz maintains ties to right-wing group despite its extremist messaging

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats will win.

"He [Johnson] is a vacuum of integrity..."

I have no doubt that Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson is one of the 'good guys'.

'Wishing On A Star'

Feeling relieved thanks president Biden Covid vax noon, and I read the Russians are going home.

Political Engagement Is Surging Among Young Voters

Omaha Police Department releases videos of officer fatally shooting man in November

Please, please, please, Democrats---understand this:

Gee willikers, Hoppy! I wonder why Putin's troops are packin' up and

Kate and Koji, a British comedy on Britbox starring Brenda Blethyn

Can We Learn to Live With Germs Again?

As Covid-19 Devastates India, Deaths Go Undercounted

Arizona Lawmaker Uses Racist Slur and Calls for Black Representative to 'Be Sat Down' and Not 'Be

Three Cities Switching To Life-Affirming Economies

This is what you call a eye sore

Q: What do juvenile delinquents (JDs) become when they grow up ?

Democracy dies by degrees and the republican party has made it abundantly clear that they are...

'Grifter' With 'No Experience': Caitlyn Jenner's Run for Governor Slammed as 'Money-Making Gig'

Wild night Friday night Facebook posts from #TX24 Rep. Beth Van Duyne (R) apparently in response to

The truly broken individual RT Editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan sends Navalny a food parcel...

What did Derrick Chauvins have written on his left hand?

Such a sweet puppy! Gentle & successful rescue. Heart warming to watch.

Trump Does Not Miss 'Very Boring' Twitter

Far right gaslighting 101 (or fascist desperation to the rest of us)

Rachel Maddow the New Bill O'Reilly? Matt Taibbi Thinks So

Indonesia navy declares lost sub sunk, all 53 aboard dead

State-Supported "Clean Energy" Loans Are Putting Borrowers At Risk of Losing Their Homes

Maybe I'm missing something (healthcare)

Glenn Greenwald Says 'Whole Me Too Movement Was About Destroying People'

Maryland to Review Reports Produced Under Former ME Who Testified Derek Chauvin Did Not Kill...

This, is one big reason America has humane societies --- happy ending

Senate Democrats Move Fast On Biden's Judicial Nominees To Remake The Courts

On this day, April 24, 2013, 1,134 people were killed in the 2013 Dhaka garment factory collapse.

Virginia GOP Refuses Convention Exemption for Observant Jews

New Mexico sues oil companies for cleanup of abandoned wells

Editor of RT & Sputnick sent Navalny a food package after he ended his hunger strike:

From The Guardian: Henry Fox Talbot auction sale - in pictures

VP Harris Cheers On Nervous Worker Who Gets Lost During His Speech: 'What You Do is So Important't

Litter remains stubborn problem in New Mexico despite nearly 70 years of messaging

Driving while white

Police oversight languished under Trump. Biden's DOJ is bringing federal inquiries back

Driving while rich

Insanity in the dental chair volume 6842:

In my hour of darkness.

From The Guardian: The week in wildlife - in pictures

On this day, April 24, 1944, Tony Visconti was born.

Pop is calling: Kids and grandkids on the line with President Joe Biden

Ted Cassidy - The Lurch

Manchin Urges Focus on 'Conventional' Infrastructure

"Wokeness is ruining Disney World"

Rudy Giuliani, Mike Lindell Win Big At The Mocking Razzie Awards

Anybody remember thunder road the Robert Mitchum moonshine movie, it's my mother in law this morning

AOC says Biden 'exceeded' progressive expectations in first 100 days

A good dating profile is always helpful.....

Unfortunately, still a work in progress...

Armenians spent their lives demanding U.S. recognition of genocide. Victory is finally in sight

Paul McCartney - Coming Up

Self Liberation through seeing with Naked Awareness - Padmasambhava - Dzogchen

'Lost in the shuffle': Republicans battle around Biden -- for now

Idaho anti-wolf legislation stampeding toward a vote, The Wildlife News, Western Watersheds Project

Indonesian submarine sank off Bali, navy says

Ex-Trump Aide Reveals Inside Story Of His Wild Disinfectant Press Conference

Rock the Casbah

Laura Ingraham Kicks Up Fear Factor With Desperate New Attack On Joe Biden

Trump revives feud with Arizona's Ducey over 2020 vote count

Merrick Garland

California is now the first state to declare an end to oil extraction in the country.

Ocasio-Cortez says Biden exceeded progressives' expectations

Joe: The truth is I'm a union president, and I make no bones about that. I'm committed to strengthe

Cops Shooting Black People

Jocelyn Pook - Masked Ball (From "Eyes Wide Shut")

David Hogg is impressed, and happy, with Biden's youth approval rating.

🧵: I've asked my 3rd year illustration students at @sva to come up with a post-pandemic New Yor

Ladies & gentlemen...THE WEEKEND!!!

"Minutes before Trump left office, millions of the Pentagon's dormant IP addresses sprang to life"

Bartos super PAC muscles into Pennsylvania Senate race

Albuquerque teacher fired after pornographic video surfaces

Weekend TOONs - Enemy Of The Statehood

This young fan stole an out with a great catch, and @KoleCalhoun can only show his respect.

NYT: U.K. Far Right, Lifted by Trump, Now Turns to Russia

McConnell runs a 71-year-old woman off the road in Florida :)

Troubled Albuquerque teen locked up again after violating probation

New Rule: OK Boomer Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

It's Time To Blow Up the Maskhole's Sick and Twisted Plan

Willem de Kooning was born on this date.

'Godzilla Shark' found in New Mexico mountains gets an official name

'Godzilla Shark' found in New Mexico mountains gets an official name

This professor tasked their illustration students with creating post-pandemic The New Yorker covers:

Coronavirus: Canadian business bans people vaccinated against COVID-19 from entering

Stereolab - Rainbo Conversation

Sarah Cooper revives Trump's famous snake-medicine cure

Pizzicato Five - Rolls Royce

Watching news conference with Elizabeth City, NC Mayor, City Manager, and Police Chief. This:

Tori Amos - Girl

New Rule: OK Boomer Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Moving Pottery - (Sorry could not post video)

Pittsburgh jazz legend Earl 'Fatha' Hines to receive historical marker in Duquesne

Pittsburgh jazz legend Earl 'Fatha' Hines to receive historical marker in Duquesne

Spanish Study: Coffee Still Good For Health, Heart, Maybe Cancer Protection

Makes you go "Hmmm"

Pet Raccoon Tries To Rub Off Odor From New Diet Food

Maryland launches review of cases by ex-medical chief who served as defense expert for Chauvin

We had fast food last night for the first time in 15 months.

Good Day DU (April 24, 2021)

James Brown: Greatest Dance Moves Ever, 'There Was A Time'

Woman charged with felony for not returning VHS tape 21 years ago

DOJ and judges say Trump supporters could be incited to future violence...

Your favorite best-picture Oscar nominee?

Chocolate chip diplomacy: Biden courts Congress with gusto

The Right to Crash Cars Into People

The Misery That Is The Modern Job Application Process

Jerusalem tension triggers Gaza-Israel fire exchange

School apologizes for teaching that slaves came to America by choice

Sioux Falls man gets double lung transplant after COVID

You Cannot Reason With Right-Wing Conspiracists

Good advice.

729 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat; 22 deaths

Treasure hunter finds $46,000 hidden in family's home after decades of rumor

Friendly sign war in Christianburg, Virginia....this made my day!

The phone rang. Yes, Saturday morning. Hello, my name is Mark (from Mumbai

China Is Set to Launch First Module of Massive Space Station

Should actors be fired for supporting Trump?

Got a great idea!

"Hatchet Man" by Elie Honig

Indiana prosecutor facing criticism after FedEx shooting

YouTube Videos Brainwashed My Father. Can I Reprogram His Feed?

London protest: Thousands march in fury over lockdown and vaccine passports

Modi covering up COVID-19 disaster in India.

Millions of dollars of unsold Girl Scouts cookies stacked up in metro Atlanta warehouse

Biden calls mass killing of Armenians a 'genocide' in break with previous presidents

U.S. adds 116 countries to its 'Do Not Travel' advisory list

Preview of coming attractions: I have had it with this nut case My Pillow guy

As pandemic surges anew, global envy and anger over U.S. vaccine abundance

How Trump's zombie Facebook page became a weird internet memorial

Hospital threatens to fire workers who refuse COVID-19 vaccine

Texas Republicans Targeting Voting Access Find Their Bull's-Eye: Cities

India orders Twitter to take down tweets critical of its coronavirus handling

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Wins Razzie Award for 2020 Election 'Documentary'

FL man indicted for selling over $1 million worth of toxic COVID-19 'miracle cure' that was bleach

Private equity is buying up annuity and life insurance policies. That may be bad for consumers

'No officer wants to deal with this type of situation', 1 killed in officer-involved shooting in Nas

The Beatles - Old Brown Shoe

Biden to name lesbian, trans nominees for high-ranking defense roles

What do you guys think of John Doyle?

Former Louisville police officer Brett Hankison's trial delayed to 2022

Scientifically illiterate NewsMax host fears the Biden administration will make it impossible for...

Is it "Duck, duck" or "Marco Polo"?

NYC mayoral candidate: "Imperative" to remove qualified immunity

US Army Explores Equipping Robots with Living Muscle Tissue

More Election Conspiracy Theories good for a belly laugh

President Biden officially recognizes Armenian Genocide

More than 100 new COVID-19 cases reported Friday in Pierce County

Seems like atheist have more sense than religious types

The mansion's owner said they couldn't get married at his $5.6 million estate. The couple tried...

White House cyber official says action taken so far not enough to deter further Russia cyberattacks

Toxic algae closes Echo Lake in Shoreline to recreational activities

And it goes on and on

Japanese man arrested after dating 35 women at the same time in bid to 'get birthday presents'

Why Capital Punishment Is Dying Out

Smallpox was eradicated because everyone got vaccinated.

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte signs bill nullifying federal gun restrictions

Anti-lockdown protesters defy restrictions in central London march

How to Keep Your Cool When Markets Are Sizzling - Zweig

Covid-19 Mandates and the Holocaust.

Germany's Greens chancellor candidate vows to get tough on Russia and China

Spite vaxxing

Entitled woman lowers her mask on a plane and makes a complete fool of herself

Ron Johnson: "What makes you think they were Trump supporters?"

Boebert spreading lie that Biden's energy plan will limit people to 4 lbs of red meat a year

George W. Bush Can't Paint His Way Out of Hell

#ThankYouJoe is trending at #1 on Twitter!

Baby snow leopard:

Pence's Vail vacation cost taxpayers at least $750,000 just for Secret Service


Got vaccinated? Here's all the free stuff you can get

Polling shows Trump's war on voting has taken hold among his cultists

Cartoons 4/24/2021

Real life hoverboard. $20k.

Republicans seem upset that the economy hasn't collapsed

First time ever: Mukilteo ferry walk-ons get their own ramp

House passes cap-and-trade with a link for a gas tax hike

That's gotta hurt. It does.

Quarterflash - Find Another Fool (Live)

Getting phone calls asking Press 1 to accept etc

PROOF Dogs Are The Most Dramatic Animals

Queens Man Who Threatened Lawmakers Wanted Trump To Be Like Hitler

Navalny's Novichok poisoning was Putin sending the world a message, experts say

Sherman was old, smelled bad and cost $30,000. This man thought he was perfect. (Sad but beautiful)

The Republican Party Has Been Eaten By Fascists From The Feet Up

Morgan Fairchild's cat is named Thunder Dome. That is all.

What could police reform look like? (CNN)

Current metrics put King County at 'very high risk' of rolling back to Phase 2, health official says

As Seattle's vaccine efforts ramp up, car sharing companies are offering free rides to appointments

Anyone who ever worked retail will love the angry IKEA guy

Happy Birthday to singer, actor, director and activist Barbra Streisand.

Republican Congressman In Trouble For Pranking Capitol Police With Fake Calls

Seagull Air Surfing

Cuss words "light up the right side of our gray matter - emotion/cathartic expression"

Mom rejects wobbly raccoon. He ends up discovering human kindness.

Gaza terror groups say rockets fired over Jerusalem unrest, warn worse to come

The look in Derek Chauvin's eyes was something worse than hate

Russia may label Navalny's opposition networks as extremist groups. Even T-shirts could be outlawed.

Russia may label Navalny's opposition networks as extremist groups. Even T-shirts could be outlawed.

As pandemic surges anew, global envy and anger over U.S. vaccine abundance

Second Covid Dose

State Rep. Dan Huberty arrested for DWI after accident Friday night

Meanwhile, back in the German Rheinland

(Rhode Island) Police: Man assaulted Walmart worker over mask request

Late at night, the U.S. is expelling migrants back into dangerous Mexico border cities

ding ding ding! we have a winner!

European Super League: Clubs 'cannot leave', says Real Madrid president Florentino Perez

Greenville ISD teacher resigns after photo shows their foot on Black student's neck

Liverpool, Man United fans protest against American owners

Texas Republicans Target Voting In Cities

The Puppy Rescue Mission

Time to party! It's fresh Dumpstaphunk people, came out yesterday

Kudlow Mocks Biden's Climate Plan

Armenian leader praises Biden's genocide recognition

Highway 61

Biden to Announce Nominees for Key Diplomatic Posts

Asian man, 61, in critical condition after 'horrific' N.Y.C. attack

Barack Obama on Independent Bookstore Day, convo with local owners

Minutes before Trump left office, millions of the Pentagon's dormant IP addresses sprang to life

What Homer's 'Odyssey' can teach us about reentering the world after a year of isolation

Woohoo! First Pfizer in the books!

Is rampant consumerism destroying the world?

Ted Nugent performed inside Florida anti-mask supermarket

Lincoln Project's new nickname for Ted Cruz goes viral

Don't Bogart That Joint

New Mexico city sends Trump campaign's $200,000 bill to collection agency

Call Me A Socialist All You Want

Debris found from missing Indonesian submarine

I Need You!

Rescue Dog - from " Humor & Animals"

What's for Dinner, Sat., April 24, 2021

2 minutes post 2nd Moderna.......


Trump's election lies could incite more violence, DOJ says

For those who don't like the price of GS cookies

Am I not a man and a brother?

Nurse at MAGAt circle jerk in FL still saying Covid-19 is a hoax

All B-1B Lancer bombers grounded for potential fuel filter leak

What's on TCM? SOME decent music + dance:

Severe storms return to the Southeast on Saturday

Puppies are a gift!

Air Force Academy grads revolt against superintendent's 'both sides' position on violent extremism

Tucker Carlson was ashamed of his children going to college:

My Doubt Meter is pinging loudly.

Stray Cats Become Inseparable Once Adopted

PANGO Lineage - Naming conventions for SARS-CoV-2

Western states just lost a major firefighting tool ahead of wildfire season

'Dad' above, and 'Mom' keeping osprey eggs warm (I HOPE!)

Jim Acosta FTW

Bluebirds are nesting!

Putin cartoon

Got My Pa. Mail In Ballot today,

Why Biden's Armenian Genocide Declaration Really Is a Big Deal

We Need to Talk About the 'Conservative Republican' Who Wrote a Whole Essay About...Disney World

"You can't get me!"

🐦 People of my generation may remember the space shuttle mounted on a 747. This reminded me of t

This ostrich is having a great laugh at this guy's expense.

President Biden formally recognizes Armenian genocide.

The story line is SO BAD it sounds fake - It's not.

13 yr old is refused for Beer, Cigarettes, Porn, Loto tickets... But easily buys a gun

What the mainstream media doesn't want you to see

Donald Trump Is Gone, But QAnon's Sex Trafficking Conspiracies Are Here To Stay

A former Navy commander could become the most senior openly transgender Pentagon official

Meanwhile in England, people are donning yellow stars with "no covid certificates" on them.

Daily Kos: New Mexico city sends Trump campaign's $200,000 bill to collection agency

Albuquerque Mayor Slams Trump as He Refers $200K Unpaid Trump Debt to Collection Agency

PM Update: Heavy rain overnight. Sunshine returns tomorrow.

Burn it down Harold. Burn it all down.

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a high double to low single digit margin.

All politicians should have their IQ on a hat

DOJ Considers Charging Derek Chauvin in 2017 Incident

Surprised by this ad -

My avatar vanished.

The REAL Reason McDonalds Ice Cream Machines Are Always Broken

Maybe you could ask Marjorie Taylor Greene to read this aloud to you, Ronna. You seem unable to proc

Joe: Before I took office, I promised help was on the way. Just three months in, I'm proud to say he

Serafy: Uncertainty for Dreamers is costing my business and the Texas economy

Local NAACP chapter calls for Pasquotank Co. Sheriff's resignation, sheriff's office ask for ...

my youtube experiance .

Love how President Biden is such a gentlemen and helps the First lady off of Marine 1. #ThankYouJoe

Rapper singing "Back the Blue" with the Proud Boys throwing up 'White Power' hand signal behind him.

Tom Cotton Accuses Stacey Abrams Of Causing All Star Game Pullout

US Senate Elections that Democrats win in 2022 by high double to low single digit margin.

I am amazed. Young songwriter competing in the "Gems in the rough" contest.

Biden Set to Unveil $1.8 Trillion 'Families Plan'

Argentine Transport Minister Mario Meoni dies in road accident

Argentine Transport Minister Mario Meoni dies in road accident

Movie rec. Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Netflix.

Gonzalez: Cartels have made $1.2 billion this year delivering migrants into U.S.

Donald Trump's resorts In the UK and Ireland charged the Secret Service 17K+ for a series of previo

Out with the buddies.

10,000-years-ago Irish Hunter-Gatherers Were Dark-Skinned.

Proposed legislative bills would make suing student grounds for faculty tenure revocation

After months, finally found a vaccine for parents and myself tomorrow! Woo!

Another rethug arrested in Tx for drunk driving last night

Pls/tia, explain genetics to me - closest cousins/siblings with differences?

Texas Bach Festival gifts Georgetown with concert (free and live-streamed), June 23-27

Texas Bach Festival gifts Georgetown with concert (free and live-streamed), June 23-27

Minnesota county's GOP event keynote speaker: George Floyd's murder was a hoax

Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Oh my goodness

Brooklyn memorial for DMX draws fans from around the nation to Barclays Center celebration ...

National Park Service unveils new Underground Railroad sites

Elvis Presley - One Night

Portland Mayor Wants Reed College to Expel Student If He's Convicted of Smashing Downtown Windows

Hope this legend made it safely

The Beatles - Ask Me Why

Gig workers fear carjacking, other violence amid spike in violence crimes

DOJ weighs charging Chauvin for 2017 incident involving Black teen


Parents help police find their son, the suspect in shooting of 2 children

Vaccine-hesitant, vaccine refusers and anti-vaxxers: There's a spectrum, and the differences matter

Indoor dining could shut down by end of April in Salem as Covid hospitalizations rise

Ohio Follows Georgia Down The Voter Suppression Rabbit Hole