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Archives: April 23, 2021

Sotomayor cites Kavanaugh's own words to slam his decision allowing life sentences for minors

Commercial Airline Pilots Keep Reporting UFOs Over Canada

Trump fluffer Lindsey Graham praises Manchin and Sinema for refusing to abolish the fiilbuster

The Sound (& Visions) of Silence

Ronna Romney McDaniel? ROFL.

Housing agency ends Trump-era anti-transgender shelter rule

A dog ran onto the track during a high school relay race in Utah - and covered 100m in 10.5 seconds

Lone Republican Vote Blocks Bill Targeting Mail Ballots

'Teeming with biodiversity': green groups buy Belize forest to protect it 'in perpetuity'

So Publix has Large Reptile shopping hours now?

GOP Sen. Ron Jonhson (Bag o'Dicks) Criticizes 'Big Push' To Get Everyone Vaccinated

Our town is in complete distress

Cielo review - love letter to the desert's starry skies

Tim Scott Will Offer GOP Rebuttal to Biden's Speech

Don't throw stones at glass houses.....

The Florida Supreme Court Won't Let Voters Legalize Recreational Marijuana

What's on TCM, NOW 8:00 PM -- The Producers (1967)

I watched a program about this story and at the end

Just get on the damn float....

White TX Teacher Suspended After Sending Photo of Her Foot on Black Boy's Neck to the Boy's Mother

Attempt to use AI to decode whale language...

Dave Rubin warns that "anti-white laws" are coming

Many "ifs" IF you find yourself in New York City and IF you love Indian food

Biden spells out U.S. climate goal, urges other world leaders to go big

Pentagon Is Seen Short $7.1 Billion on What It Needs to Fly F-35

New York passes bill to automatically restore voting rights to individuals on parole

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Katie Porter asked Greta Thunberg about the emotional toll of climate change on youth

Women For Trump Founder Amy Kremer Fined By FEC

Replace one word in a band's name with the word...BACON! I'll start!

James Baldwin interview: "How much time do you want for your progress?"

Arizona voting bill stalls in Senate amid heated debate between GOP lawmakers

Illinois House OKs bill to license professional midwives

The Florida Supreme Court Won't Let Voters Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Panel: End commanders' power to block military sex cases

🚨ALERT: Arizona Democratic Party SUES AZ Senate officials & Cyber Ninja to stop unconstitutional aud

Tokyo Virus Emergency Starts Sunday and Will Close Bars

Biden Announces Plan to Cut Carlson Emissions by Ninety Per Cent

Did We Forget Our Democracy Is Still Under Threat? - The Bulwark

Inslee warns of fourth Covid surge in Washington as variants spread, urges people to get vaccinated

What are you doing to save the Earth?

Democrats are gonna win 17 US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 getting them to 53 seats.

White House taps conservationist to lead public lands bureau

Senate Democrats' campaign arm taps Ossoff to chair environmental

Blossom Dearie - Figure Eight

Brad Whitford deserves more respect. Yeah, Joe Perry did most of the shredding back then

Montreal: North America's newest Metro train -- Alstom Metropolis

Illinois House OKs bill to license professional midwives

Bryan Adams - Run To You

Florida Woman Survives Being Hit By Flying Turtle

The Temptations - (Loneliness Made Me Realize) It's You That I Need

Minnesota gasps at the financial damage it faces from the Texas freeze

John Oliver poem, "Ted Cruz Can Fuck Himself"

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, April 23, 2021

Amazon and Nestle join public-private plan to save world's forests

This Whiteness of Being By Connie Schultz

Amazon and Nestle join public-private plan to save world's forests

Judge orders third Proud Boys leader detained pending trial

Cheap Trick - Final Days

Key GOP senators say they're open to corporate tax increase

I know I'm a day early so let me be the first to say

Ireland vows to resist US corporation tax crackdown

The jam of the day at work

Jill Biden hears from Navajo women on needs, priorities

Giuliani's Son Wants Trump To Make Him Governor Of New York

Can a band with as many hits as Aerosmith have obscure "Deep Cut" bangers?

Rock Stars pictures from youth - you can really see them 👍

Facebook Knows It Was Used To Help Incite The Capitol Insurrection

Uh-Oh: Tucker Carlson PANICKING, Homophobic History Exposed

Lawmakers question Exelon audit

Trump supporter on trial espoused Nazi ideals (not shocking)

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 25, 2021 - 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

An incredible result of the miniaturization of computers...

Chauvin's Horrific Past Record!

The Proven but Hidden Climate Solution

TCM Schedule for Monday April 26, 2021 - 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

Obscure songs from the most successful American rock band of the 20th century

A year ago tomorrow, @EPA, for some reason, felt it necessary to put out a statement telling America

Bills creating liaisons for homeless college students, addressing dental care in schools advance

The plan is to show that the vote in AZ was incorrect and that Donald Trump actually won ...

Bird enthusiastically plays maracas:

He's gone

Republicans Block One Million Texans From Getting Health Insurance

Digital Underground rapper Greg Shock G Jacobs aka Humpty Hump dead at 57 as pal says 'we took on th

Boom, Boom, John Lee Hooker: Blues Brothers

This Greta Thunberg special is really interesting, well done.

Friday's digit: 8/10 - Below-average temperatures, but

This is how wacky the right are when it comes to higher capital gains taxes

Documents Reveal Cops Chasing Absurd Antifa and BLM Tips

KC, wondering "What shall I do with the rest of my life right now?"

Virginia Man Shot 10x by Sheriff's Deputy After Calling 911 for Help

"Robert Chapman" was texting with his potential date on Bumble as he stormed the Capitol.

Vanity Fair: Brett Kavanaugh Rules Children Deserve Life in Prison With No Chance of Parole

US Senate seats the Democrats are gonna win in 2022 to regain control of the US Senate.

South Florida Couple Attempts to Hold Wedding at Mansion They Didn't Own

The Daily Show: What the F**k Is Happening with Climate Change?/Climate activist Greta Thunberg

Illinois House passes leadership term limits, protections for renters


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Biden Saving Earth, Lie Witness News Oscars Edition & Bring Your Kid to Work Day

Cops Stop Fellow Officer From Punching Handcuffed Woman

Unions warn Senate Democrats: Pass the PRO Act, or else

Stacey Abrams: Why Republicans Are 'Hysterical' About Suppressing The Vote - The ReidOut - MSNBC

How about a laugh? A repeat, but hit the link below, We All Need to Laugh during these times.

Police car hit Tik Tok dancer in Wawa gas station

Good Night. Here's a little straight rock. No chaser

Olive-Harvey College breaks ground on hemp greenhouse for cannabis education program

Progressives swoon over Ellison role in Chauvin trial

Sotomayor blasts Kavanaugh's decision on juvenile life sentences

Sharpton decries 'stench of racism' in Daunte Wright's death

And now for something completely different

At the invitation of the Indonesian government, we are sending airborne assets to assist in the sear

Seth Meyers - Tucker Carlson Claims Derek Chauvin Jury Was Intimidated by Protestors - 4/21/21

I learned that the word "marijuana" is racist and we should use "cannabis"

One by Tournier, 'Three Pieces' by Pierne

Instead of vaccine passports, issue mandatory 'I'M SELFISH!' T-shirts to those who refuse shots

'A Brief But Spectacular' (take on advocating for people with chronic illnesses: ME, CFIDS) NewsHour

Vaccination rates by age group and 2020 election results

Wow, Brian Williams just trashed Trump

US Senate seats the Democrats win to retain control in 2022.

Biden's USPS board nominees aren't likely to oust embattled postmaster DeJoy, insiders say

Texas, Stephen Miller sue to force deportation of children, other migrants due to pandemic

(Jewish Group) Rare 'fortress synagogue' to return to Jewish ownership in Lutsk, Ukraine

(Jewish Group) Germany won't prosecute 95-year-old former concentration camp guard deported from US

(Jewish Group) Museum opens at one of Holland's most infamous Nazi camps

(Jewish Group) Conservatives are more likely than liberals to hold anti-Semitic views, survey finds

So a question.

Seth Meyers - Republicans Freak Out About DC Statehood and the Green New Deal: A Closer Look

Obama Foundation looks to raise $400M for presidential center construction, other investments

Stacey Abrams Shuts Down GOP Senator on GA's New Voting Law - NowThis News

Wait, Why Is GOP Demanding To Investigate Black Lives Matter In Jan. 6 Probe?

Chic - A Warm Summer Night

Bart Reagor indicted on bank fraud charge by federal grand jury

Rev. Sharpton At Daunte Wright Funeral: 'We Came To Bury The Prince Of Brooklyn Center' - Katy Tur

Sen Amy Klobucar Speaks with Democrats Abroad April 29th

Pantex highlights recycling efforts during Earth Day

Chris Hayes: The Case For Optimism About Biden's New Climate Goal - All In - MSNBC

Tuberville and RAGA Now Directly Implicated in Trump's Coup

UT's Longhorn Band forced to play 'The Eyes of Texas' that's become a source of fierce division

Rep. Demings: 'You Better Believe' Chauvin Conviction Gets The Attention Of Officers - The Last Word

Mexico's drought reaches critical levels as lakes dry up

The Lincoln Project-This guy is #TuckingCrazy

Look what I just found. Mo' 'cello overload. 🥰 Who'alls beginning to wonder...

"Your ******* wireless bill is ready."

Fauci on Why Everyone Should Want A COVID Vaccine - NowThis News

BRB. Need to take a powder...

Houston Methodist says it will fire hospital workers who refuse to take COVID vaccine

Patch for gun humpers -- MThLOP LLBS !

NOISE Barred From Governor's News Conferences Raising First Amendment Red Flags

Former Oregon U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Furse dies at age 84

Five Basic Governance Failures Ricketts Hopes You Won't Notice

Brett Kavanaugh IGNORES Precedent And Does The Unthinkable! - Rebel HQ

Kavanaugh An Ill-Considered Choice To Pen Ruling On Incorrigible Childhood Offenses - Rachel Maddow

Brooklyn Councilman pleads guilty to tax fraud charge

Security lapses plague Arizona Senate's election audit at State Fairgrounds

Trump's Business Ventures Come Crashing Down

Albany police clear 'unlawful' encampment of protesters outside South Station, arrest 8

Thailand preparing huge field hospital for next round of COVID

Biden Should Laugh At Mitch McConnell's Joke Infrastructure Plan That Keeps Tax Cuts For The Rich

Alternate Juror In Chauvin Case Speaks Out After Guilty Verdict - NBC Nightly News

On shores of Chesapeake Bay, Blinken charts renewed U.S. action on climate change.

Am I Dreaming/Make It Last Forever

Union will stay at Mountaire Farms in Selbyville. Vote to remove union deemed invalid

On shores of Chesapeake Bay, Blinken charts renewed U.S. action on climate change.

Minnesota gasps at the financial damage it faces from the Texas freeze

33 minutes before moon set!

CDC Investigating New Death And Hospitalization Following Johnson & Johnson Vaccination

Arizona Republicans Embrace The Ridiculous Pursuing Recount For Trump - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Sleep Helps Protect Against Dementia, According To Recent Study

Scorpions - Follow Your Heart (Official Lyric Video)

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/22/21

Stephen Colbert: Mika Brzezinski & Joe Scarborough Think Biden May Be A Transformational President

Breakfast Friday 23 April 2021

Cleared Man Battles Bill for 14-Month Jail Stay, Kentucky Supreme Court to decide on $4K tab

Female Republicans 'horrified' by male GOP lawmaker's description of Cheney: report

I swear, these friggin' Windows Updates are getting worse than viruses!!!

'Intent on disrespect.' NC official ousted after refusing to use Black doctor's title

Four SpaceEx astronauts are on their way to the Space Station

Joe Biden calling for capital gains tax increase as high as 43%. The question really comes down

On the Supreme Court,Ted Cruz pretends to forget his own record

Advice wanted for great relationship... gone...

We made Oxygen!!!! On Mars!!! With a toaster sized thingy!

Friday TOONs - The Queen's Gambit

Biden's Schedule for Friday, April 23, 2021

Donny Deutsch, so-called Dem, who is worth closing in on a 1/4 a billion $, now turns on Biden & the

SpaceX rocketship launches 4 astronauts on NASA mission to space station

A huge explosion cracked house foundations in New Hampshire. An 'extreme' gender reveal party was to

The lies, if permitted to continue, will destroy America.

He boasted on Bumble about storming Capitol, feds say. His would-be date turned him in: 'We are not

Washington DC's population is larger than the state of Wyoming.

How New York's Mayoral Hopefuls Would Change the N.Y.P.D.

Remember Me (Willie Nelson)

One year ago, today.....

David Brooks: The G.O.P. Is Getting Even Worse

Greece reopens to Americans. But paradise is still under curfew.

Apple's tutti-frutti iMacs, grape-flavored iPhones and AirTags just went on sale.....

I brought my girlfriend home to introduce her to the family

Its not unprecedented for Congress to adjust the size of the Supreme Court to defeat white supremacy

Most Americans support greater scrutiny of police as discrimination concerns persist, Post-ABC poll

For Climate Summit, Boris Johnson Shifts From Asshole To Green Asshole; Greta Pounces

I told my wife she drew her eyebrows to high

Russian troops start pulling back from Ukrainian border

Funny scenes: ..Special Post, funniest scene ever, "Zipper Scene" in "There's Something About Mary"

No New Australian Climate Committment - Zero - But "Future Gens Will Thank Us", Says ScoMo

Loss Of Polar Ice Has Shifted Earth's Axis About Four Meters Since 1980

One year ago today the Loser of the United States recommended exposing


As economy spikes, Republicans are still waiting for the 'Biden depression' that Trump predicted

Brianna Keller is like a dog with a bone lol

Man followed woman, shot her on I-85 after she cut him off, investigators say

Have you ever doubted a show you're watching, and jumped to wiki plot to decide if it was worth

"Brazil Exits The Summit As It Entered It - Discredited"; Emissions Cheat Will Boost CO2 By 3.4 GT

A complete and necessary ranking of every alternate Earth in the DC Comics multiverse

Mignolaversity: July 2021 Solicitations

The Rundown: April 23, 2021

The origin of Super Villains: Superia

staggering increase in hopefulness amongst my age cohort (18-29), especially us PoC

No vice president has broken more Senate ties as early as Kamala Harris has

"And the population of Puerto Rico is bigger than 6 of these states COMBINED." PR needs statehood.

Call me a dreamer.

Albuquerque refers Trump campaign bill to collection agency

Breakthrough as highly effective malaria vaccine raises hopes of controlling disease

Navalny signals end to prison hunger strike after access to civilian doctors


Cuddles was spayed yesterday!

Constitutional carry wouldn't eliminate need for safety training in Texas, experts say

It's now 6 days until I get my second Moderna jab. Not that I'm counting or anything. ;O)

We Knew All Along: Russia, Russia, Russia How many more lies have yet to be uncovered?

It's like they were meant to heal each other.

Trump's bleach news conference happened one year ago today. We've never been the same.

You're babysitting a friend's daughter. You check on her and see this:

A long ride with my right wingers brother and sister!

U.S. Embassies Will Fly Pride Flag

On this day fifty years ago, April 23, 1971, the Rolling Stones released "Sticky Fingers."

Animation video by local artist gets attention of Justin Timberlake in fight against the Byhalia pip


Exclusive: Poll finds women, including Republicans, like Biden's child care initiative

Pantyhose justifies oil subsidies per Yvette Herrell 'my' congresswoman

Under-the-radar court case helps piece together cop dragging during Capitol riot

CNN 04 23 2021

George W. Bush walks back 'nativist' comment, says he wrote in Condoleezza Rice last year

GQP Infrastructure "Plan" - 1/4 Biden Package, More Gas Cars Forever And No Way To Pay For It

SC hate crimes bill advances; religious leaders call to remove LGBTQ protection

Half a house!

On this day, April 23, 1940, the Rhythm Club fire in Natchez happened.

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland 16 - 23 April

Tucker Carlson's College Yearbook Entry Goes Viral, And It's A Doozy

'Racist Trash!': Dem Lawmaker Torches GOP Excuses For Opposing DC Statehood

Republicans say Newsom recall is all about the virus. That's not how it started

Val Demings Mulls Bid for Higher Office


If ever there was a time for the sarcastic "HULLOOO????" or "YUH THINK????"...

On this date, a star was born.

Demings 'seriously considering' challenging DeSantis or Rubio

NDSU holds a protest of a bill banning grant money for sex education

Chernobyl radiation damage "not passed to children"

Biden sees record approval among college-age Americans in Harvard poll

Man says he killed his 2-month-old baby because she'd been crying

Panel: End commanders' power to block military sex cases

Biden's pick for supreme court reform panel is a conservative Kavanaugh defender

Scoop: Caitlyn Jenner makes it official for California governor

Scoop: Caitlyn Jenner makes it official for California governor

Humana health plan overcharged Medicare by nearly $200 million, federal audit finds

Our standards of service are so screwed up in this country

Michigan coronavirus rate drops 12.5 percent over last week

Theme from Peter Gunn Blues Brothers

Ron Johnson Questions 'Big Push' To Get Vaccinated

Climate crisis has shifted the Earth's axis, study shows

From The Guardian: "Republicans want Black people to disappear.

Police Training That Teaches "Enjoy The Kill" Now In Texas

My two cents for what it's worth (Columbus shooting)

The logical conclusion

Republicans Aren't Done Messing With Elections

U.S. Embassies Will Fly Pride Flag

If the positive trends continue, will the media even notice?

6 Steps to Restore Democracy & Defund the GOP

Roy Orbison was born on this date.

Judges are being shown 'grisly' videos of MAGA mob dragging Capitol cops that have yet to be seen by

Height of Privilege

Joe: From the moment we took office, my Administration has been working around the clock to get Amer

Album released this date in 1971

Someone told me it sounds like Keats is saying "You're wrong" to my opinion that it's not time for s

Virginia Man Shot by Sheriff's Deputy After Calling 911 for Help

Press Secretary Jen Psaki is back again answering your questions. Watch as she discusses the America

On the apparently unavoidable difficulty that peaceful protesters face.

Three reasons public transit requires robust investment after historic COVID-19 relief funding

White House writes off Johnson & Johnson vaccine after string of production failures

Just a friendly reminder that the major issues with Caitlyn Jenner running for CA Governor

Virginia governor signs bill legalizing marijuana possession starting this summer

Here's where your online returns actually end up

Most officers never fire their guns. But some kill multiple people -- and are still on the job.

Michigan court: Up North bar can be sued for failing to report racist attack

Good Day DU (April 23, 2021)

Looks like they made a malaria vaccine!

This is some sick twisted stuff being taught to police

Which US Senate seat are the Democrats are more likely to win?

Biden is the next FDR.

Cartoon: Enemy of statehood By Clay Jones -April 23, 2021 9:01 AM

Did our vaccines "work"? Neither hubby nor I had a reaction to the 2 Pfizer shots...

Anyone familiar with this? From 2017.


What Workers Could Gain from the Md. Essential Workers' Protection Act

Biden to take first overseas trip as president in June for G7, NATO summits

So, if we need Covid boosters, will that jab have to be the same vaccine we received, initally?

Activists urge movement on Reproductive Freedom Act (New Jersey)

Activists urge movement on Reproductive Freedom Act

Tucker Carlson's college yearbook reveals he belonged to club for Harvey Milk's murderer ...

896 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 17 deaths

Threads from AZ Secretary of State and the media about how corrupt the AZ audit process is....

Caitlyn Jenner says she will run for governor of California

ted lieu, so politely, kicks ass again

the biggest loser tweet -- lol

Senate candidate claims he teaches at Kean University, but school says he doesn't

tiedrich goes down memory lane on this one (and more)

Biden to make first foreign trip to U.K., Belgium

Dear media: 'Military-trained marksman' doesn't mean what you think it means

In Jerusalem, Palestinians and Jews see a night of rage and hate

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week (Friday Roundup)

U.S. police groups to meet with Garland as Minneapolis review begins

Derek Chauvin Trial Juror Speaks Out: 'I Could Feel Their Pain'

Pa. House Republican leadership set to fundraise with lawmaker they called to resign

Black Minnesota Police Chief Describes Being 'Taken Out at Gunpoint and Prone' by Law Enforcement

Will Wilkinson: The Anti-Majoritarian Mistake

Democrats guide to retaining control of the US Senate in 2022 without GA and NH.

Dog Found In Trash Is A Spoiled Princess Now

DOJ weighs charging Chauvin for 2017 incident involving Black teen

Murkowski breaks ranks to advance controversial Biden nominee

DOJ weighs charging Chauvin for 2017 incident involving Black teen

CNN's Brianna Keilar has testy exchange with Arizona state lawmaker over voting rights bill

Hypothetically: If long lines at the polls suddenly started to benefit poor people and minorities...

Memphis faces eviction crisis after court strikes down ban

Former Trump campaign manager advising Jenner on potential California gubernatorial run

Determined dog carries gigantic log during forest walk

NYC: Anyone 16+ can get a walk-in COVID vaccination

Couple planned wedding at Florida mansion. But no one told the owner.

Minnesota police oversight board votes to ban white supremacists, update crowd control tactics

Baltic states join NATO allies in kicking out Russians for spying

Make The Oil Companies Pay To Cap Their Wells Not Tax Payers

Sponsors For The Hill's "Nonpartisan" Earth Day Event? American Petroleum Institute, Phillip Morris

I was VERY worried that 2 nights worth of freezing temps would destroy my blooms

West Virginia Unions Pressure Manchin To Back Biden On Infrastructure Plan

California Guard members feared fighter jet would be ordered to frighten protesters

Turkish crypto exchange boss goes missing, reportedly taking $2 billion of investors' funds with him

City of Albuquerque refers Trump campaign bill to collection agency

BREAKING: House Passes D.C. Statehood

Kimberly-Clark Cuts Forecast as Toilet Paper Sales Plunge

US Senate seats that Democrats are definitely going to win in 2022.

Secret Ballot?

Cameras for Class Struggle

Covid strikes India - Was it inevitable?

Psaki... some shade and some goodies:

Kamala: Good to be here, New Hampshire.

Joe: Heading back to Georgia with @DrBiden next Thursday to mark 100 days of our administration and

There Will Be 2 Types of Post-pandemic Socializers

Just got my first shot!

Andrew Yang, running for NYC mayor, loses endorsement of LGBTQ group

"A Billion here, a Billion there, pretty soon you're talking about real money"

Biden Proposes Government Actually Try to Create Broadband Competition

This little girl!

Kind stranger surprises girls with dog after finding wish list balloon (Updated with video)

Lin Wood Exits Lawsuit Against Joy Reid After the MSNBC Host's Attorney Argued He Isn't Fit...

...and not one young man was shot

Howard Dean: The Republicans Are Now a Neo-Fascist Party

Idaho lawmaker cites 'To Kill A Mockingbird' as proof of critical race theory in schools

Digital Underground frontman Shock G dead at 57

Idaho lawmaker cites 'To Kill A Mockingbird' as proof of critical race theory in schools

dog joins track meet and runs best anchor leg - this weekend

Escazu Agreement set to bring environmental justice down to earth

Escazu Agreement set to bring environmental justice down to earth

He certainly can't be racist -- he fathered a black child

This is an abomination!

Memphis dad, playing with gun, accidentally shoots his son

Cartoons 4/23/2021

A World Where George Floyd And Ma'Khia Bryant Would Still Be Here Is A World Without Police

Trump guidance on "how to spot a transgender person" at homeless shelters ended

Odors are a concern if Stanwood composting operation expands

Marysville teachers vote 'no confidence' in their school board after racist threats against students

Midday Insurrectionist Roundup for your Friday pleasure

FBI shelling out $5,000 reward for info about sabotage of Texas communications towers

MIT researchers say you're no safer from Covid indoors at 6 feet or 60 feet in new study challenging

Regional transit agencies are getting $580M in federal relief. Here's who gets what.

A woman was flirting with me at grocery store , my wife said she has Covid

Everything old is new again. Tesla's 1901 wireless power is fine tuned, being suggested for 5G IoT

Rich Americans Face Biden Tax Hike With Anger, Denial and Grief

Rachel Maddow's Face As GOP Promotes Panty Hose For Big Oil

How Biden's new U.S. climate target compares with those of California and world

A joke :)

About Val Deming

2 Ingredient Chocolate Mug Cake. I have not tried this recipe, but it sounds very interesting.

Letter Carriers' Union and Congressional Democrats Clash Over Louis DeJoy

Officials say carrier to help protect Afghanistan pullout

Townes Van Zandt and Blaze Foley's guitar (you'll want to hear this story from the horse's mouth)

Sen. Ted Cruz Ripped For One Of His Biggest, Boldest Lies Yet

U.S. appeals court denies Dakota Access rehearing request, environmental review to continue

How Iowa Police Officers Are Being Trained In 'Killology'

Republicans blew up after being accused of spreading 'racist trash' in a debate over DC statehood

Wishing the NYT a very happy "Inject Bleach Day"!!

Even children's can animate with easiest animation software

Number of Capitol riot arrests of military, law enforcement and government personnel rises to 52

Ben Shapiro Shows His Wood To The World

Russia jails aviation lecturer for 20 years for treason

Greta Thunberg fights back tears while recalling emotional battle against Trump

COVID-19 has been more deadly in Florida than reported, especially in rural counties,

Trump administration officials thought they'd be memorialized in statues for doing such a great job

Being an editor is hard

Which US Senate Elections in 2022 will the Democrats benefit from the Governor's Election coattails?

'Black Swan' author Nassim Taleb says bitcoin is an open Ponzi scheme and a failed currency

My dad's estate left the beneficiaries 100 shares

Police seeking woman in attempted robbery at Capitol Hill Key Bank

Wanna Know A Secret?

Firearms/ gun owner's insurance

Connecticut lingo... How do you spell package store nickname?

With just days left in Washington's legislative session, what bills are still on the table?

Rep. Mondaire Jones FTW

And now for something completely different: A mountain on film, from long ago!

Sidney Powell Still Wants Her Election 'Kraken' Case Heard In Court

Next lame electric question


I have misplaced my US Savings Bonds

Long, Black Veil

Japan declares 3rd state of emergency due to Covid, 3 months ahead of Olympics

Bones of Black children killed in police bombing used in Ivy League anthropology course

Donnie Deutsch making the mistaken "run government like a biz" argument

Bones of Black children killed in MOVE bombing used in Ivy League anthropology course

On April 22, 1994, Richard Nixon died.

Watch Him Do Zoomies For The Very First Time

Calls mount for video release in fatal shooting by deputies

This Article shows what we are going through in Michigan Re Covid.

Portrarit of Barack Obama - a work in progress by a young artist

Doors (not "The Doors")

Gigi: Guramayle Illuminated Audio (Ethiopian ambient - very beautiful)

GOP mayor candidate says school turned his daughter bi & gays abuse children in unhinged rant

CDC recommends that pregnant people get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Post deleted

PA Republican reveals there was fraud in state's election ... by GOP (CNN)

Reminder Of What America's Violent Insurrectionary & Secessionist Movements Believe

We need to start calling it the sacking of the Capitol.

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win by a landslide to narrow margin.

Feds probe Gaetz trip to Bahamas involving young women for public corruption related to medical

A C.D.C. panel recommends J.&J. shots restart with a label noting the risk of very rare blood clots.

CDC vaccine advisors recommend resuming Johnson & Johnson:

Ghislaine Maxwell pleads not guilty to sex trafficking

Ever So Lonely - Sheila Chandra & Monsoon

The TEXAS State Senate pass police reform bills. (SHOCKING! Right?)

On April 21, 1973, Merion Cooper died.

"Why can't we all just get along?" A little over 30 years ago, Rodney King asked that plaintive

When will KS get a Democratic US Senator?

I'm in a mood today. I'm so tired of investigations,

BRB. Was peeling potatoes and started losing my britches.

NCAA leader nominated for VA deputy secretary post

Matt Gaetz Probe Includes Possible Public Corruption

Lost in the shuffle of Mayor Marty Walsh of Boston being appointed Secretary of Labor is:

What's for Dinner, Fri., Apr. 23, 2021

Political Engagement Is Surging Among Young Voters

Anyone else suffering from severe fatigue following their 2d Moderna shot?

Sheriff's office: 62-year-old man killed in bow hunting accident

Why Is Trump Going to War Here?

"What a year this week has been!" from Brianna Keilar and John Berman on New Day (CNN)

Dinnertime Insurrectionist Roundup: butt crack edition?

Jenner is not only using Russian agent Brad Parscale, but Tony Fabrizio, the GOP pollster/Kiliminik

Nebraska will not join others in calling for convention of states to amend US Constitution

The maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats are likely to win in 2022 is 20.

Who is the present Director of the FCC ??

Rootclaim - anyone know this site or have an opinion?

'Pizzly' bears -- hybrids between polar bears and grizzlies

Sarah Rector - The Richest Colored Girl In The World

Watching Ari because

59% of young people support Biden

Every Friday evening

Book of the Month

Highly Invasive Jumping Worms Have Spread to 15 States

4/23/20. The day Dr. Birx flushed her reputation down the toilet...

Every day on the calendar surely must be the anniversary

(WOW!) Public Statement from Historians at the University of Toronto, April 21, 2021

Here's to you, Catbyte ... you get my 12,000th post for your brilliantly curated animal videos!!!

Laura Loomer, MTG, and Amanda Chase will be here. Qwhite the trio.

Alicia Menendez looks beautiful tonight on Ari

Seen online

Covid in India: Mass cremations in parking lots {Graphic images in replies}

Ask a rock & roll trivia question and see if anyone knows the answer W/O using Google

Feeling poppy tonight after my 2nd pfizer, so - The Weeknd - Full Album - Beauty Behind the Madness

Simon's Cat - Technical Hitch

BREAKING: Japan declares #Covid19 state of emergency in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo prefectures.

Sen RonJon is spewing Russian propaganda. Period.

White House Reverses Trump Policy Discriminating Against Trans Homeless People

Shady outside money is targeting Dallas City Council Races...Trying to install RW

Could DC statehood hurt Republican's chances of regaining control of the US Senate?

Oh no! Not again! Funny Mark Hammill Twitter thread

Elizabeth City, NC: Dispatch audio from 1st responders: "Andrew Brown Jr. was shot in the back."

A Righteous Rant:

US to resume Johnson&Johnson vaccine:

Stephen Miller, White Supremacist Trump Ghoul Launches America First Legal (AFL) To Challenge Biden

Ted Cruz Calls Out Law Student Who Ambushed Him on Camera as Embarrassing and Ignorant

Fact check: Tom Cotton talks through his ass again

"Tak i tak!" Folk songs from Carpatho Rus. One Russian song.

and Tiger Woods is how the dog is looking at his trainer and not his

7 deputies on leave after fatal shooting of Black man

Former Atlanta officer fired over the shooting of Rayshard Brooks fighting to be reinstated