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Opinion: Somber statements following Derek Chauvin conviction say nothing, don't address inequity

George Floyd still victim of lies on Facebook even after Derek Chauvin guilty verdict, report says

Joe: Congratulations to Vanita Gupta on making history as the first woman of color to serve as Assoc

Biden Will Declare Atrocities Against Armenia As Genocide

Teen charged with fatally stabbing 13-year-old girl in Winton Hills

In the 21st century, infrastructure is more than just roads and bridges. Watch as @SecFudge explains

Republicans and Democrats are teaming up to take a 'huge step' in the US's battle against China

Windy Windy Windy,

An Asterisk on Those Huge GOP Fundraising Reports

little bit of a lunch snack for $5 at ala moana center

Publix cupcakes

BOOM! "90 pages of documents that show the influence of secretive organizations over state AGs"

Bonnie Raitt: Runaway (Live)

Stacey Abrams Had a Long List

Omaha radio personality fired after offensive tweet, calls it a 'boomer Twitter moment'


Biden to recognize Armenian Genocide

Gaetz? MTG? dRumpf? Mitch?

Expedia to begin returning to its Interbay campus in early July

Arizona rancher gets 41-month prison term for fraud schemes

This KY man was wrongly jailed for 14 months. Then they billed him for his stay.

Ted Nugent Flew With South Dakota Governor While Sick With COVID

Gym Jordan Asked A Snarky Question About Masks And Twitter Users Did Not Hold Back

Netanyahu tries to change election rules as mandate slips away

Northern Ireland will leave UK within 25 years, say majority of people on both sides of border

Harris presses Senate to pass George Floyd Justice in Policing Act: 'The work is long overdue'

Michigan seeks to delay redistricting by nearly 3 months

Pride and Joy: Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble (Live)

Here's why car prices are at record highs - and rising

Special Immigrant Visas for Iraqi and Afghan interpreters and others who assisted US service members

Republican Presidents REAGAN, FORD, and GW BUSH Endorse Statehood for Puarto Rico.

Billionaire Leon Cooperman rejects Elizabeth Warren's invitation to testify on a possible wealth tax

Hundreds of posts about plans to attack the Capitol. Why hasn't evidence been used in court?

Raider Nation, baby ...

A well pumped-up red rubber ball

Say what you will about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but this line is amazing.

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Infrastructure negotiations: Republicans to unveil $600 billion framework

This is what we are up against - "Mississippi Burning"

I've been hesitant to ask this, but any thoughts on Chauvin

An Asterisk on Those Huge GOP Fundraising Reports

DeSantis suggests Chauvin jury may have been 'scared of what a mob' would do

Crime and Punishment: Insurrection Day's Most Wanted, Pt. 31

Tucker Carlson seems to be losing his marbles

Matt Gaetz runs to Roger Stone after support from Republican colleagues dries up

Anti-maskers accosting kids outside their elementary school.

Expel Mo Brooks

Library in Hartford, Connecticut, house of Mark Twain, who died today 1910

Senate Republicans take step to revive debt ceiling brawls with White House

Senate Republicans take step to revive debt ceiling brawls with White House

When Mom Drops the Wolf Pups Off with the Babysitter

Capitol Police official being investigated for directions to pursue only 'anti-Trump' protesters 1/6

I just wrote to Lisa Murkowski for her vote for Vanita Gupta.

Harry floated from job to job and couldn't understand why he kept getting fired

Russia: we'll leave International Space Station and build our own

On Assignment with Richard Engel: Our House

Trial opens for Trump supporter accused of threatening Democrats in case tied to Jan. 6 insurrection

The coldest starting temperature in Astro's history.

Let's talk about why the Chauvin verdict doesn't feel like a win....

7 protesters seeking release of Knoxville school shooting video arrested

Medicaid expansion picks up bipartisan support in the Texas House, but hurdles remain

Explosion Heard Near Dimona Nuclear Reactor in Israel

Biden picks technology expert and first Black woman to be the No. 2 U.S. intelligence official.

Lawmakers back bans on mask, vaccine requirements

Arkansas lawmakers break deadlock, approve Medicaid budget

Maddow is going through ***RIGHT NOW*** what black people on DU have stated ...

Track which corporations are keeping their promise not to donate to Insurrectionists

Misidentification: How The #Antifafires Rumor Caught On Like Wildfire

Would you say this is a woman's or man's watch?

Senate GOP Seeks Showdown Over Debt Ceiling

One senator had the courage to say "No" to McConnell. ONE.

Civil-rights lawyers file federal suit against DeSantis over newly signed 'riot bill'

Record-breaking flare erupts from neighboring star

Burning Man mulling mandatory COVD-19 vaccines for August

DeSantis sued for 'riot bill'

Embattled former judge who resigned amid controversy in 2018 is running for district attorney

Huge plastics plant faces calls for environmental justice, stiff economic headwinds

People who say Ben Carson wasn't a great doctor are nuts!

New Orleans collected $1,500 -- not $1 million -- in short-term rental fines levied over two years

Newshour this evening mentioned China and US carbon emissions about 6 times.

and again.....🤮🤮🤮. Bert favor is jabbering.......

Rare April snowfall, record cold engulf central U.S. while sweeping east.

I got an offer I could not refuse on another Germs painting...

City of Santa Fe, union may be near settlement on contract workers

Colombia's most wanted accountant Part 1: Process #34986

University of New Mexico Hospital seeing surge of patients who delayed care

Achoo! Before the cold front came through today,

Law center: New Mexico labor agency failed to produce unemployment files

Take 5 (cover)

Every Republican insurrectionist voted to censure Waters while blocking probes of their own acts

Ecuador announces curfew, curbs as COVID again overwhelms hospitals

Kamala Harris to speak with Guatemalan president on Monday

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signs bill legalizing marijuana on July 1

Murkowski needs to just become a D

3 additional from Khandoshkin

Update on my side-yard kittens

Barn Dog On The Job

Anti-Maskers outside school in Beverly hills. LOOK AT THE LITERATURE they're handing out

Because I have experienced sonic booms in the past I find this project very interesting

Zorba The Greek Dance: The Greek Orchestra, Emmetron Music

This white guy's comment after the Chauvin verdict should give all hope. He got the wake-up call.

This is Adorable ❤️

Fox host makes comment so gross that EVERY CO-HOST turns on him ON AIR - Brian Tyler Cohen

Black man's message before the verdict about the National Guard is more telling than most realize.

Domestic Enemies

Lawmakers react to Chauvin guilty verdict - Washington Post

Conservatives: The cops had to shoot Ma'Khia Bryant because she had a knife.

NEJM: Vaccine Breakthrough Infections with SARS-CoV-2 Variants

Right-Wing Media MELTS DOWN Over Derek Chauvin Verdict

New report reveals what Joe Manchin told corporate lobbyists behind closed doors

Al Franken: Right Wing Media and the Dangerous Expansion of the Disinformation Universe (April 21)

Social Security has declared me disabled.

MSNBC: Syria's decade long war caused environmental disaster.


Corporate Taxation vs Taxing the Rich

Seth Meyers - MyPillow CEO Sues Dominion Voting Systems for $1.6 Billion - Monologue 4/20/21

CNN: Only 2 "breakthrough" infections among hundreds of fully vaccinated people, new study finds

Seth Meyers: Chauvin Found Guilty in George Floyd Murder As Calls for Police Reform Grow

the marco rubio / jeff tiedrich tweet & reply. (guess who wins)

Half of LAPD personnel have not gotten COVID-19 shot.

I received a "not a bill" notice from my health insurance today re: my Covid vaccine.

Fleetwood Mac - Emerald Eyes

Vasks, Finzi

Got my first zap in the arm today!

fuck Newsweek

This just in! I mean, this just on. 😊

Tucker Carlson & the Jessie Helms Foundation & Dan White

DILK - Bad Habits

Tweet of the late night:

India sets COVID daily case world record

Black Lawmakers on Derek Chauvin's Guilty Verdict - NowThis News

Our vaccine order is turning COVID-19 into a young person's disease

Former state lawmaker's fraud scheme relied on elected office -- until indictment ended his career

Sonia Sotomayor's Lonely Battle to Give the Voiceless a Voice at the Supreme Court

Dee-licious. That's gonna leave a mark. Thanks Lincoln Project

Thousands of chickens killed in fire at Johnston poultry farm

Sheriff: Woman purposely drove into teens playing basketball

They Get Taxed, but Not Vaxxed

MyPillow Mike is Booked on Kimmel, Tucker Carlson's Creepy Laugh & Chris Christie for Prez

cat scares off bear

The Daily Show - Now You Know: Being Black in America

Man Shot by Bodyguards After Attempting to Rob Congressman in His Car

PA GOP: Liminting dropboxes, purging voters and voter IDs are on the agenda

Without Vote, Aid-In-Dying Bill Expires

Iowa woman who hit Black, Latino children with her car pleads guilty to federal hate crimes

Five years before George Floyd, a bystander filmed another pivotal police killing. .....

2 GOP-led states are attempting to bar protesters convicted of crimes from receiving student loans a

In Peru, Pre-Columbian Canals Offer Hope Against Drought

How Police Put George Floyd's Killer Behind Bars - But The 'Blue Wall' Holds - The Beat - MSNBC

Finance Debates Mystery Proposal To Cut State Parks Funding

Viral $80 million "Crystal Palace" for sale in Branson

Indigenous islanders seek refuge as climate change reaches Panama's shores

New Peruvian Frog Leaps Into Amphibian Species Ledger

New Peruvian Frog Leaps Into Amphibian Species Ledger

Chris Hayes: Why The Chauvin Verdict Is The Exception, Not The Rule - All In - MSNBC

Michigan Senate to update sexual harassment policy amid reckoning in Lansing

Brazil wants U.S. to pay not to raze Amazon

Brazil wants U.S. to pay not to raze Amazon

French Retailer Casino Sued By Indigenous Amazonians Over Deforestation-Linked Beef

The Pregnant Woman Who Led a Legendary Slave Rebellion

Michigan regulators will consider climate change in Line 5 decision

Bolsonaro: political suicide by Covid

☦ Orthodox Christianity: "Look up, for your redemption draws near!"

Skull brides and iguana hats: Graciela Iturbide's Mexico - in pictures

GOP wants to split Michigan Electoral College votes. That would help the GOP.

Revolution! Latin American photography - in pictures

Setting @ Patuxent river, southern MD in the wind

Don't Forget To Boycott Home Depot

Police Killings Of Black Americans Continue Apace In Wake Of Chauvin Verdict - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Australia provokes China

Antibody response induced by mRNA vaccination differs from natural SARS-CoV-2 infection

Google Earth's new Timelapse feature of climate change

Republican Bills Attack Protest Rights; Wink At Running Over Protesters - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Sen. John Kennedy Tries (And Fails) To Stump Stacey Abrams - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/21/21

US Senate Elections that Democrats are favored to win in 2022 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Ohio Department of Health keeps Covid-19 vaccine records.

Stephen Colbert: Guest Journalist/Author Susan Page

This Lansing Reporter Calls Sexual Harassment 'A Pervasive Part Of Michigan Political Culture'

Scientific paper claiming smokers less likely to acquire Covid retracted over tobacco industry links

Compassion For Michigan Gov. Whitmer Surfaces Amid Florida Trip Pouncing

Conservatism Means Never Having To Support Whats Right

Rashida Tlaib To Detroit Police Chief James Craig: 'I'm Not Going Anywhere'

J Kimmel: George W. Bush on Friendship with Michelle Obama, Immigration, UFOs & Trump's Inauguration

prominent author's past sexual assaults surface

New VA-GOV Poll: McAuliffe 47%-Fairfax 8%-McClellan 6%-Carrol Foy 5%-Carter 1%

Jimmy Kimmel Live: President George W. Bush Plays "Bushism or Not?"

US Senate Elections that Democrats are to win in 2022.

Investigation suppressed by Trump administration reveals obstacles to hurricane aid for Puerto Rico

A Doctor's Dark Year (Good Read.....See What Our Doctors are Dealing With)

For the record JoeScum: Pfizer was not part of Trump's warp speed

Thursday TOONs - Happy(?) Earth Day

State lawmaker told arresting troopers he would call Whitmer, according to police report

State investigation into Detroit mayor's office, deleted emails results in no charges

White angst keeps Trumpism alive in Macomb County

I need a vacation.

what are the Democrats are going to do

So I quote pollock master sgt, One benefit of the Vietnam war going to school with black kids

Kid arrested for riding bike without a license.

In 2016, poor health strongly predicted Trump voting. A county's rate of diabetes, alcohol consumpti

U.N. Elects Iran to Commission on Women's Rights

A Section of Trump Border Wall in Texas Cost $27 Million a Mile. It's Being Foiled by $5 Ladders


This Morning's Inspirational Thought

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, April 22, 2021

Human remains found during search for Linda Stoltzfoos, Amish teen missing since June [update]

For Earth Day, BAS On The Fresh Minty Flavor Of Greenwashing In 2021

Today's low-IQanon nut

Progression of Relationships (heard on radio today)

Scott Morrison Outlines Oz Policy On Climate Breakdown - Minimal Spending On TECHNOLOGY!(TM)

Two Former Brazilian Environment Ministers Warn That Any Forest Deal W. Bolsonaro Will Fail

Breakfast Thursday 22 April 2021

TODAY (April 22) is the U.S. Postal Board Hearing!!!

Michael Mann On Geoengineering Proposals: Dispensing Climate Methadone, Facing Termination Shock


Impressed! dan crenshaw

Pentagon Suspects Russian 'Directed-Energy' Attacks (Havana Syndrome)

Can you find the Eastern diamondback rattlesnake in this Georgia photo? It's a big one

Injustice is injustice. Bias is bias. Stereotyping is stereotyping. The skin color, religion,

Why Billions of Cicadas Are About to Emerge After 17 years

Liberal advocacy group stirs debate, discomfort with primary challenges

I know I shouldn't care

U.S. sees significant drop in vaccinations over past week

Jobless claims: Another 547,000 Americans filed new unemployment claims

Three things I have difficulty saying: "I'm sorry", "I need help", and

Russia announces end to massive troop buildup near Ukraine

DOJ Formally Alleges the Proud Boys Committed a Crime of Terrorism

Major Spoilers Staff Picks for April 21, 2021 #NCBD

And now a message from the pro-life party...

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 4/21/2021

Art of the Week: Week of 4/21/21

Investigation suppressed by Trump administration reveals obstacles to hurricane aid for Puerto Rico

The Rundown: April 22, 2021

No side effects from my shot yesterday!

Remains of children killed in MOVE bombing sat in a box at Penn Museum for decades


I made my first batch of cannabutter and then brownies with half of it. Total success!

Kennedy asks @StaceyAbrams to give him a list of provisions in Georgia's new voter suppression law

APRIL 21, 2021 Blacksburg Transit Launches Electric Buses on Earth Day

SAVE EARTH-- It's the only place that has CHOCOLATE!!!!

Dick Clark used to say "Time marches on." Do you think it's

On this day in 1987: U.S. Supreme Court Rules Racial Bias "Inevitable" in Criminal Justice System

Good Morning DUMA. Here's a real gem from Debbie Davis

Elon Musk's $150 million charity spending spree

Texas GOP Bill to Bar Drive-Thru Voting Advances

VT NASA Design Team

Bored in the pandemic, she made art by bruising bananas. Now she has an international following.

Amanda Gorman: Earthrise

MTG wants to debate AOC on the GND? Get the popcorn ready!!!

What are your thoughts on interventions?

Biden commits the U.S. to cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030.

CNN been hacked? Click on the article about Tucker Carlson and Chauvin

When you can't tell reality from satire

Republican priorities

Why have laws? Why follow the Constitution?

I am SO old---

Beeaking re Jan 6 attempted coup: Capitol Police were told to ignore Trump supporters

This headline from a paper in Australia.

No abortion past 20 weeks unless rape/incest is reported to police.

Roller Coaster for Croc

Buttigieg names transportation chief science officer

GOP on guns always say do more to keep guns out of hand of "criminals" or "bad" people.

(N.M.) Police investigate rollover crash that injured 13 kids

DOJ needs definitions of racial terms

Earth Day 2021 "Leaders Summit on Climate"

GOP's best issue

A Different Kind of Supreme Court Reform Is Already Happening

The Last Scheme to Discredit the 2020 Election Is On, and It's Even Crazier Than You Think

Pipeline tells Black Memphis landowners: sell us the rights to your land or get sued

Homemade vanilla syrup

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Yesterday, I got a letter from Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Coronavirus: Pfizer confirms fake versions of vaccine in Poland and Mexico

Thank You WIsconsin for Earth Day

Law requiring rape/incest victims to make a police report in order to have an abortion.

Pic Of The Moment: DeSantis Bill Signing Ceremony Violates Law He Signed Seconds Earlier

The rare and unnerving reality of catching COVID after being vaccinated

GREEDY ONE PERCENT. What the GOP stands for now.

Charles Mingus was born on this date.

Happy Earth Day!

Check out today's Google doodle design!

I think Tucker has it backward. It's the FAILURE to convict cops that's caused by jury intimidation.

LIGHTBULB: So CNN is reporting that Cap Cops were told to focus on anti-Trumpers...

Glen Campbell was born on this date.

Celebrating Derek Chauvin's conviction is not enough. We want to live

Perhaps This Is The Story Tucker Carlson Was Trying To ...

Peter Frampton has a birthday today.

Dog And Mailman Have The Sweetest Relationship

House to vote on bill to admit Washington, D.C., as 51st state (TODAY)

Happy Wolves, Happy Howls

A must read. TX Republicans show they know they can't win if they let the people vote.

Sound Check: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Best Guitar Player

The #MarsHelicopter successfully completed its 2nd flight, capturing this image with its black-and-w

"The earth is what we all have in common." - Wendell Berry.

@SecFudge It is my responsibility - and my desire - to change things so that everybody believes that

Soft kitty, little kitty, small ball of fur

Pensioner who took on Donald Trump over Aberdeenshire golf course dies aged 96

Did... Did he have the Home Depot cashier put his board in a plastic bag?

Senate Hearings on 3 Biden USPS Bd of Governor nominees happening NOW. FIRE DeJoy!

Alternate juror talks about the Chauvin trial verdict and the testimony that "really got to me"

Republican Greed Now Dominates Americans' Lives

Totally Non-traditional Sous-vide Brisket recipe

#MarsHelicopter Flight #2 is in the books! I've captured its higher, bolder flight, and I'll be send

What will you be today?

Actors and their Stunt men

punk rock for Earth Day

Joe: The United States isn't waiting -- we are resolved to take action to combat climate change.

Michigan's COVID-19 case rate appears to have peaked as surge slows

Corgi howls along with wolves on documentary

Michael Harriot: Falsified Police Reports

How Can We Encourage People That Are Anti-Vaxxers To Get Vaccinated For Covid?......

.The Bush-Cheney Administration. I am not willing to give W a pass. I condemn him.


As Republicans Push to Limit Voting, Disagreements on Strategy Emerge

Greta Thunberg testifies live in House hearing on Climate Change

Cute owl yawns:

PA Republican Who Objected to Trump Election Loss Has Concluded Fraud Was Committed... By Republicans

Could I have one minute and 13 seconds of your time?

Armaud Arbery trial is happening and it has reached the stage where the defense is using Armaud's ba

Here's why the Ma'Khia Bryant shooting needs a closer look

Joe Walsh: Carlson & Hannity's 'Sea of Disinformation and Conspiracy' is a 'Real Problem for...

Suga to make decision on coronavirus emergency Friday, sources say (Japan)

Hey Congress, the ball is in your court now

Good Day DU (April 22, 2021)

Imagine a kitten staying a kitten forever

Republicans get creative to make sure Democrats don't win any more elections

DOJ Formally Alleges the Proud Boys Committed a Crime of Terrorism

Babylon Sisters

Can't believe it's been 5 years already....

WaPo: 3 in 10 health-care workers consider leaving the profession

How background checks for guns should work.

Police officers in Grand Rapids, Michigan assault a Black man during a traffic stop for littering

Right Wing "Logic"

The Big Lie has gotten so bad that even some Republicans are running from it

I haven't heard this about the Chauvin jury decision...

Speaker Pelosi: "McConnell is still the problem."

📸April Photography Contest Preliminary Round Now Open for VOTING! Thread ONE 📸

📸April Photography Contest Preliminary Round Now Open for VOTING! Thread TWO 📸

📸April Photography Contest Preliminary Round Now Open for VOTING! Thread THREE 📸

NAACP denounces Schor's treatment of employees, references discrimination lawsuits

and there you have it.......H.R. 51 has passed the house....

House is about to pass DC Statehood

Preliminary Voting Threads for April Contest are now up in GD.

Deputies Serve Warrant on Black Man, End Up Killing Him

Racist in South Carolina refuses to leave and says "Black lives don't matter"

Italian employee accused of skipping work for 15 years

"Fat Wolverine doesn't understand that reality has all the receipts."

Could you help me find a meme I saw here a few days ago?

PBS Docuseries all night tonight on PBS entirely on Greta Thunberg.

Mike Lindell's new social platform crashes -- and MyPillow guy didn't even notice

State budget seizes the day with massive investment in education

He Wasn't Shot, Why Was She?

DC Statehood

From the White House: 200 million dose milestone:

The REAL elephant in the room at any Republican gathering? They are a steadily shrinking

I have been on hold with Vanguard Brokerage services

Widow of Daniel Shaver demands police reform and accountability in viral TikTok video

Indy 500 to allow about 135,000 fans this year

Swedish engineer has created a suit that helps people with Parkinson's disease and stroke...

Roy Blunt & the Capitol Police 🤬

High court moves away from leniency for minors who murder

House Democrats pass D.C. statehood -- launching bill into uncharted territory

Ben Shapiro Attempts To "Own The Libs" By Purchasing Wood Plank At Home Depot

"But she had a knife" "The police officer had no choice"

4th grader who shamed Texas Republicans for attacking her rights is now getting death threats

Heinrich, Senate Democrats Call On Biden Admin To Undo Unlawful Changes To National Monuments.......

Indiana lawmakers reach deal on bill limiting local health department emergency powers

The Stupidest Debate In Washington

If you are looking for vaccine in Eastern NC here is a place tomorrow

Two Florida officers arrested, accused of issuing citations to drivers they never pulled over

Brett Kavanaugh's Opinion Restoring Juvenile Life Without Parole Is Dishonest and Barbaric

As extreme weather increases, climate misinformation adapts

Suspect fires 30 rounds from AR-15 at cops; gun recovered, manhunt underway, Lake County police say

Sen. Lindsey Graham thanks Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and Sen. Joe Manchin for upholding the filibuster

Knuckle buster!

Ricketts, other GOP governors attack Biden climate initiative

The Vaccines Are Working

Judge rules that publishing of revenge porn is protected by First Amendment

It is a mystery our dogs mister big paws and the boog

Tennessee House passes bill to ban local, state governments from requiring COVID-19 vaccine

This rooster crows for so long he passes out every day...

UK Parliament declares China's treatment of Uighurs a genocide

Get Ready For The RightWing Screaming

Democrats Ask Justice Barrett To Recuse In Case Involving Nonprofit Donor Privacy

Eric Boehlert: The week Fox News craved street violence in Minneapolis

Am I wrong to laugh at this ?

RNC chair McDaniel floated possible Michigan governor run

Some Illinois hospitals running out of beds due to COVID-19

At Earth Day climate summit, Biden promises 50% reduction in US greenhouse emissions

The 2020 Big Lie just took a(nother) big hit

US military is turning to special operators to fend off Russian and Chinese influence

Terry Callier - I'd Rather Be With You

Wait for it......sound up

Trump's $15 billion border wall is being easily defeated with $5 ladders

Can we establish that Brett Kavanaugh has demonstrated "permanent incorrigibility"?

Trump stalled $20 billion in hurricane relief for Puerto Rico and then obstructed an investigation i

The 15 Most Trusted Brands Globally (you're kidding, right?)

We already HAVE the vaccine passport system, need to expand it.

RNC chair McDaniel floated possible Michigan governor run

"Hindsight Is 20/20": An Internal Report Shows How Facebook Failed To Prevent A "Stop The Steal"...

U.S. Bombers Might Have to Go Back on Nuclear Alert

Yer midday Insurrectionist Roundup!

Neighbor releases home surveillance video. The girl in pink was one quarter of a second away from...

With Trump's backing, Walker freezes Senate GOP field in Georgia

'The Supreme Court ruled in favor of scam artists,' FTC chief says after justices gut agency's power

Ted Cruz wouldn't tell me if he enjoyed Cancun 🏖

Mexico president suggests US citizenship for planting trees

Israel says a Syrian missile struck near its top-secret nuclear reactor, so it attacked Syria back

Gov. Holcomb signs pregnancy accommodation bill. Advocates say Indiana should do more.

Tucker Carlson suggests Chauvin jurors intimidated by protests: 'Please don't hurt us'

Free feminine hygiene products approved for Maine schools

Tucker Carlson's immigration bait-and-switch betrays his desperation

Links Between Sinaloans and Mafia Group 'Ndrangheta Are Uncovered In Italian Investigation Involving

Progressives will deliver their own response to President Joe Biden's speech to Congress

US troops in Syria seem to be getting hit with directed-energy attacks. The Pentagon suspects Russia

Extremely graphic: Butchered Bodies Dumped Across Six Different Parts of Celaya, Guanajuato

US jobless claims fall to 547,000, another pandemic low

Lonnie Smith - Charlie Brown

Here are the top takeaways from Lina Khan's nomination hearing

America's #1 police trainer tells cops that sex after killing another human "is the best sex"

Pelosi: Jan. 6 commission must focus only on insurrection

Report: Many GOPers (COVID Vectors) Plan To Skip Biden's First Speech To Congress If Invited

Hidden rip tide that could kill democracy

Nevada secretary of state finds no 'evidentiary support' for GOP election fraud claims

Pfizer dose numero dos. My wife and I this morning

Happy Earth Day!

Indiana Man Hospitalized After Police Shootout, Long Pursuit

Chicago Seeks Developer to Open City's First Casino by 2025

CNN busts Lindsey Graham for hypocritical whining about Democratic 'power grabs'

Introducing the IN GOD WE LUST podcast...

WATCH: Matt Gaetz Releases Comeback Video Using Project Veritas Footage That Paints Him as a Victim

U.S. commanders request aircraft carrier to protect troops withdrawing from Afghanistan

This #EarthDay, I hope you consider this view and the fact that you're all on this one tiny pixel.

Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans Act passed the Senate 94-1. The "ONE" was Josh Hawley!!!

Texas sheriff 'incentivized' abuses with steakhouse gift cards

Lines On My Face, Peter Frampton: Oakland Concert '77

Bill to combat hate crimes against Asian Americans passes Senate with bipartisan support

The fight for DC statehood gets its best chance yet

Just watched a very informative webinar on Covid19; includes myth-busters you might find handy

Frost advisories and freeze warnings issued area-wide as frigid night looms for D.C. area.

Port Authority Bomber Is Sentenced to Life in Prison

Watching Fox News Is Getting Fun - Not Kidding

WaPo:With Most Adults Now Vaccinated, Israelis Are Busting Lose

Josh Hawley strikes again...

I stand with Ben Shapiro. Support Home Depot to own the libs!!!

California Covid Rates (last 14 days): -27% cases, -45% deaths

Republicans roll out $568 billion infrastructure package that Dems have already rejected

2020 declines in carbon emissions were staggering. Can we keep it that way?

Washington House passes capital gains tax in final days of session, and send back to Senate

Crews complete removal of Seattle's Pier 58, making room for new pier and park

Tacoma bans use of fossil fuels in new city buildings. Are commercial, residential next?

A modest proposal

NYC Councilman Chaim Deutsch pleads guilty to tax fraud, dodging $82K in federal taxes

My friend Laurie Garrett has been asked by the Nobel Committee to moderate a session...

Biden to try to raise Capital Gains tax

When do the domestic terrorists' trials begin?

Stacey Abrams Goes Viral with Her Criticisms of Georgia's New Elections Law

Why We Don't Know Much About Right-Wing Terrorists

Earth Day, Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

'Choose wisely': Greta Thunberg warns House lawmakers on their legacies

Gotta love Rev. Al Sharpton.

The risks of dating a Republican

I got my free doughnut today...

US, Canadian governments to collaborate on green government-operations initiative

Gov Newsom declares drought in two CA counties....

Rev Al is on a roll at the funeral for Daunte Wright

Stopped at a drive thru in Canton Tx Dairy Palace to get a burger for lunch

Amy Klobuchar FTW!

🚨ALERT: TX Republicans Target Companies That Oppose Voter Suppression

I was sitting in the doctor's waiting room this morning

Racist karen doesn't let soldier leave IHOP.

The Mask Map

Mormon sex therapist has been expelled from the LDS Church

@BillPascrell 🚨 After I called on the President to fire the Postal leadership, one of its board memb

How Q's 'Lost Drops' Undermine the QAnon Myth - bellingcat

Sen. Bernie Sanders introduces bill to make college free and have Wall Street pay for it

As I watch it now on Aspire, I still love "In Living Color"

Oklahoma governor signs bill that offers protections to drivers who hit protesters

Propaganda at a Capitol Checkpoint: A Faked Antisemitic Text Resurfaces

Crematoriums in Gujarat (India) operate around the clock as COVID death toll mounts

Rental cars at a premium in Hawai'i: $722 a DAY, tourists renting U-Hauls

NYT: Do we still need to keep wearing masks outdoors?

🧵 Brett Kavanaugh's Opinion Restoring Juvenile Life Without Parole Is Dishonest and Barbaric

America's #1 police trainer tells cops that sex after killing another human "is the best sex,"

Union Pacific profit down 9%, but railroad eyes economic recovery

Biden pushes for paid leave to get a COVID shot

Tucker Carlson, racist...whodathunk it?

Absentee ballot rejections declined after Georgia installed drop boxes

Arizona Republicans to begin auditing 2020 ballots in effort to undermine election results

Fictional lawyer Alan Shore addressing the Supreme Court. Fictional yes, but he makes some salient

Don't lose your COVID-19 vaccine card -- you'll need it in these situations

Cartoons 4/22/2021


El Mundo/Richard Salvino: Archivo de Guatemala review - perfect balance of sacred and profane

Tucker Carlson CRACKS In Horrifying On-Air Meltdown ("JOKER-like")

Costco Is Warning Its Customers About These 13 Online Scams

Tacoma, Seattle ports see big container shipping cargo bump in March

Washington collected $469M from pot sales in 2020. Here's how it ranks nationwide.

Climate Change Could Cut World Economy by $23 Trillion in 2050, Insurance Giant Warns

GOP same old s*#t: County delivers ballots to fairgrounds for Senate audit

Lara Trump is wild card in North Carolina Senate race

Floyd killing has prompted state reforms, but not everywhere

Guy Finds An Injured Dog In The Woods Who Won't Stop Growling

Police chiefs hail Chauvin verdict as a key step to healing

Bodycam shows Michigan cops punching Black man in the face after stop for littering

Seafair will go mostly virtual this summer with just 2 live events

Joe: No nation can solve the climate crisis on our own -- all of us have to step up.

Every day is Earth Day.

Daughter accepted to UC Davis, Irvine, Santa Barbara & Santa Cruz UPDATE & BERKELEY!!!!!!!

Horrific acid attack on Pakistani college student...


Alias Wayne - Radiation Town

Ron Wyden of Oregon unveils legislation that would repeal tax breaks for the oil and gas industry.

'Mean Girls' star Jonathan Bennett his fianc were rejected by a wedding venue because they are gay

So Tim Scott and Jamaal Bowman will be responding to Biden

Brett Favre says it's 'hard to believe' Derek Chauvin meant to kill George Floyd

New Covid variant detected at Texas A&M lab shows signs of antibody resistance and more severe illne

Capitol Police Defend Jan 6 Instructions To Zero In On 'Anti-Trumpers'

grunge for Earth Day

how many y'all use an alarm clock to get up for work.

Nominees for USPS Board of Governors say they haven't been pressured about DeJoy

Houston George Floyd mural defaced with racist graffiti, Artist is redoing his work.

Les McKeown, lead singer of Bay City Rollers, dies at 65

It's an Insurrectionist Roundup early-bird special!

'At least' 100 more to be criminally charged for Capitol insurrection: Federal prosecutors

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #10-11: Don't Take Me Out To The Ballgame Edition

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 22, 2021

Changes to giant ocean eddies could have 'devastating effects' globally

NASA Perseverance rover pulls breathable oxygen from air on Mars

NASA's Mars helicopter makes second flight

Cat Eats Food and Communicates With Owner by Meowing Simultaneously

On April 21, 1910, Mark Twain died.

NASA Perseverance rover pulls breathable oxygen from air on Mars

NASA's Mars helicopter makes second flight

Andrew Yang, Looking for Endorsement, Offends Gay Democratic Club

I need help from someone from TN on Twitter.

Judge Struggles Releasing Capitol Defendant Who Claimed He Was On 'Mission' From God

Justice Sonia Sotomayor rips Brett Kavanaugh with a warning

Czechs order Russia to pull out most embassy staff in worsening spy row

Manchin dismisses GOP-favored gas taxes and user fees to pay for infrastructure

GOP Attorneys General Association promotes operative behind robocalls urging march to Capitol

Sean Hannity Spends $5 Million On Townhouse Near Donald Trump's Mierda-A-Lago

On this day, April 22, 1944, Joshua Rifkin was born.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 23 April 2021

Massachusetts Police Department Facebook Post Attacks George Floyd After Chauvin Verdict

Biden plans to nominate Stacey Dixon as No. 2 intelligence official

India records world's highest-ever number of Covid cases in a single day

Rand Paul Has A Really Dumb Suggestion For Joe Biden To Boost Vaccine Uptake

Washington universities weighing whether to require students get the COVID-19 vaccine

Storms to drench much of the Bay Area this weekend

Amtrak to restore daily service for Pacific Northwest routes in May as travel bounces back

Gender reveal explosion at New Hampshire quarry rattles towns in 2 states

McConnell: Jan. 6 commission should focus on left wing violence as well.

Scientific paper claiming smokers less likely to acquire Covid retracted over tobacco industry links

In 2022, Democrats will have a net lose of 1 US Senate seat to a net gain of 3 US Senate seats.

Anybody else have a boy sister?

Sharpton decries 'stench of racism' in Daunte Wright's death

Pacific Northwest's 'forest gardens' were deliberately planted by Indigenous people

Remains of children killed in MOVE bombing sat in a box at Penn Museum for decades

🚨GOP group promotes operative behind robocalls urging march to Capitol

Who is likely to be the next US Senator from MN?

Bonnie Raitt and Delbert McClinton

Stephanie Ruhle grills GOP Rep. objecting to taxing corporations for infrastructure. BIG FAIL!

COVID-19 hospitalizations tumble among US senior citizens

Republicans Go Berserk on House Floor after Rep. Calls out Their Racist Arguments on D.C. Statehood

Abigail jenks a FO spec 4 at Bragg 319th arty Rest In Peace

during his nomination, Kavanaugh argued that he shouldn't be held accountable for something he did a

A List of 14 Scams that Cosco Talks to:-- Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin

Covid-19: Delhi hospitals run out of oxygen supplies

Indonesia races to find missing submarine before it runs out of oxygen on Saturday

Miami's sea level rise bill is $4 billion by 2060. It won't keep every neighborhood dry.

Traffic pileup on I-41 in Washington County spring snowstorm killed one person, involved about 100 v

Trump delayed $20bn in aid to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, report finds

New Oklahoma law targets protesters while protecting drivers who hit them

Kansas Gov. Kelly vetoes GOP attempt to ban transgender athletes from girls sports

Live grenade found at Spring Hill construction site.

India's Modi Scorned over Reckless Rallies, Religious Gathering amid Virus Mayhem

Liz Cheney Makes it Clear That Donald Trump Isn't Invited to GOP's Florida Retreat

Today is Earth Day and I have something to say,

Iowa woman pleads guilty to hate crime charges after hitting Black and Latina kids with her car

4/23 Mike Luckovich: To a sinking ship

MAGAts, you have been deceived

Harris County Judge @LinaHidalgoTX was nominated for their Gabrielle Giffords Rising Star Award

Explosion at gender reveal party rocks several towns

White House nominates Rick Spinrad as NOAA leader

Former Argentinian president accused of running secretive parallel state

Parents more worried about sending kids to white suburban schools than to Black Lives Matter protest

Regular electric receptacle question

Arizona Republicans to begin auditing 2020 ballots in effort to undermine election results

QAnon received earlier boost from Russian accounts on Twitter, archives show

Ted Cruz EMBARRASSES himself with massive misstep during rant on stage - Brian Tyler Cohen

Who is this?

US Senate seats that Democrats are more likely to win in 2022 by a landslide to a narrow margin.

WTF? Anti-maskers protest in front of an elementary school:

Second Moderna shot today!

Guy Incognito.

I do NOT want be over confident here BUT

Prototype of first US dollar coins going up for auction

Space, the final frontier.

Missouri's Josh Hawley only senator to oppose anti-Asian hate crimes bill

Missouri's Josh Hawley only senator to oppose anti-Asian hate crimes bill

Mama Cat And Her Sick Kittens Adopted After She Carried Them To The Hospital For Help

With Few New Clotting Cases, Johnson & Johnson Pause Could Be Lifted Soon

Kerry on Biden climate pledge: 'We had to prove that we were serious'

Federal safety agency says it has nearly two dozen open investigations into Tesla crashes

Really enjoying Anderson Cooper on Jeopardy

Trump backs Herschel Walker for Georgia 2022