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So much bad news

Osprey overlooking creek + nest @ sunset, southern MD

Florida's Trump-Loving Governor Just Made It OK to Hit Protesters With Your Car

Donald Trump wants [his Qultists] to boycott Coke. His properties are still serving it... (CNN)

State Department Plans 'Do Not Travel' Advisories For 80% Of Countries Due To Covid

State Department Plans 'Do Not Travel' Advisories For 80% Of Countries Due To Covid

Hey #ProudBoys any idea why your leader is hiking the Appalachian Trail while all of his boys are ge

Bernie Sanders says Putin is murdering Navalny 'in front of the world' for exposing the Russian

Manchin Backs PRO Act, Bill to Eliminate Right-to-Work Laws

Anderson Cooper on Jeopardy

CNN Host throws back Ted Cruz words for faux outrage over Maxine Waters Chauvin case comments

The war against Russia's spies just cost Putin billions from a cancelled nuclear contract

Alarmed by 'Tiger King,' senators propose ban on private ownership of big cats

Marc Elias: Consent of the Governed

Derek Chauvin trial Prosecutor Jerry Blackwell rebuttal closing argument defends George Floyd.

N.Y.P.D. to Limit Use of 'Sound Cannon' on Crowds After Protesters' Lawsuit

Tweet of the hour

Have you ever served on a jury? I have once and experienced voir dire twice

What no MMA or Boxing Sub Topics in Sports DU still .... really? Also Jake Paul is a Clown !!! Ha.

French Beach Music

High court won't hear Tennessee prisoners' hepatitis C case


Trump and Lindsey Graham are charging $25K to play in their golf tournament to raise funds for

New Mexico's bold plan on methane pollution should serve as a model

No standardized tests this spring for students in Washington schools

Sad news:

Exotic cat bites firefighter battling blaze inside home, Washington officials say

San Antonio entering Stage 2 water rules this week due to low rainfall

Nothing Can Stop Us

So today the fool in Tallahassee

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Out In The Rain

Why the GOP is fretting about its inability to define Biden

Walter F. Mondale, Carter's vice president who lost White House bid, dies at 93

Biden Approval CRUSHING Trump, Bush, Clinton

Walter Mondale through the years (Minneapolis Star Tribune)


Walter F. Mondale, Carter's vice president who lost White House bid, dies at 93

Birds and more birds

Pssssssst. Pass it on. They did a study on $10 a day subsidized daycare long term in

Turn on Rachel RFN! Merrick Garland in Oklahoma today - must see

Hadn't thought of actually loving a U.S. Attorney General, until now;

US Senate Elections from states that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Kim Guilfoyle to chair disgraced fellow freak Eric Greiten's Senate campaign

Ted Cruz Thinks Being A Selfish Idiot Will Win Him The Presidency

Even with the devastating defeat of Carter/Mondale in 1980, Mondale kept his great sense of humor:

Arizona governor Doug Ducey rescinds mask orders for K-12 schools.

On Tuesday, a mass vaccination center will open inside Tysons Corner Center in Virginia.

First Cut Is The Deepest: Sir Rod Stewart

MOM! He's listening to that weird sluff again

Officer Sicknick suffered strokes and died of natural causes, DC medical examiner says

Trove of 2,000-Year-Old Bronze Mirrors Found in Ancient Chinese Cemetery

Montana's Republican governor signs TWO voter suppression bills.

Here's why Trump sycophants in Washington should be nervous after the first Capitol riot guilty plea

Site of Julius Caesar's Assassination Will Be Transformed Into Open-Air Museum

7 and 7 is

첸 (CHEN) - Rainfall (보좌관 OST) Chief of Staff

Joe: Today, I brought together Members of Congress for a discussion on the American Jobs Plan.

Falco Brothers - Rosalie McFall....

I have to admit: A Good Number Of My Friends Are Nazis

Did any of you know Vice President Harris is a crocheter?

😳 n an 80-29 victory in the Class AAA championship game.

Genesis - Throwing It All Away

Having a slice of pizza at a Sixers game 😳 🍕

Scoop: U.S. ambassador refuses Kremlin push to leave Russia

I wouldn't mind hearing from Tweety tonight

After all I've seen about the murder of George Floyd, I only have three words for Judge Cahill:

"You Ought To Be In Pictures....."

In the Chauvin trial, was the 20 dollar bill ever proven to be fake?

Walter Mondale, 1928-2021

Worst before & after ever: Royal Poinciana to frozen dead wood, six of them gone

Amy Coney Barrett receives $2 million advance for book deal: report

Walter Mondale's farewell message (sent to staff)

Attorney General Merrick Garland speaks at OKC bombing 26th anniversary ceremony

Why the GOP can lie about the 'deep state' without fear

Supreme Court scraps last GOP election lawsuit, ending five-month challenge to

Too bad the jurors aren't allowed to know this

'We have failed': Walz admits mistakes in law enforcement response to protests of police killings

'Woman in Motion' Trailer (Documentary)

This man is evil. A trump clone

Does anyone here live in/near Bridgewater?

Highway 1 to reopen Friday.

Trump, McConnell, Barr, Nunes, McCarthy, Cruz, Hawley, Cotton, Scalise, Gohmert, Jordan,

US under Biden will no longer call migrants 'illegal aliens'

Don't Lie To Me: Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan

There's a Name for the Blah You're Feeling: It's Called Languishing

Good night DUMA. It's a cold night here in the prairie, I had to pull out the covers

538 re-rates Rasmussen Reports polls from C+ to B

Dead - 1972 - Paris, France - Beat it on Down the Line.....

When My Blood Runs Cold

The Daily Show - Jordan Klepper Fingers The Pulse - Into The MAGAverse: Full Special

Liberals warn Biden against lengthy talks with GOP

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Fox News vs. Fox News: Border Conditions Edition

Release Me

Worst Star Trek: TOS episode

Has anything ever been done to reverse Reagan's policies that blew up the homeless problem

Obama is Black Panther and

If A Bunch Of Burger Flippers Started ...

Walter Mondale's Reflections on Political Life - PBS NewsHour - October 2010

Seth Meyers - All U.S. Adults Now Eligible for Vaccine; GOP Struggles to Attack Biden: A Closer Look

Closing In On MAGA Ally? Gaetz's Ex-Girlfriend Worried About Calls Amid Sex Crime Probe

KC - "She's not bad. For a dog."

Ahmad Jamal: 'Saturday Morning'

Former Vice President Walter Mondale Has Died At The Age Of 93 - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

4/20 Mike Luckovich: Scary move

VP Harris- Statement on the Passing of Vice President Walter Mondale

A Recap of the Closing Arguments in the Derek Chauvin Case. It's All Over but the . . . Justice

Boogie Woogie By Dona Oxford

Matt Gaetz Using Donors' Dollars on Legal Bills as Feds Investigate Possible Sex Trafficking

Resign Ron

The Mondale family releases this statement tonight

Ted Nugent has COVID

Had to work late tonight and drove home at 10:40 in the blowing snow...

Al Fraken on Mondale:

Duran Duran - Come Undone

Guess Who - She's Come Undone

Police Charge Massachusetts Man With Trying to Run Over Black Children After Playground Fight

Norway: Noted Covid Conspiracy Theorist Dies of Covid

☦ St. Symeon Orthodox Church Chant Selections/one other Psalm 34

Joyce Vance: I Think Prosecution Has Put In Significant Evidence In The Chauvin Trial - The ReidOut

Elderly Korean couple attacked in park in California by same man who harassed Olympian Sakura Kokuma

Chinese company designs 'airbag jackets' to protect the elderly from falls

Video shows pallets of ventilators dumped in Miami-Dade landfill

The 5 Best Foods for the Environment--and the 5 Worst

Freddie Gray was killed in the back of a police van and died six years ago today. All of the officer

Why All New Apartment Buildings Look Identical

'Lifting Up White Supremacy:' Leaked Doc Shows Trumpian 'America First' Caucus Too Crazy For GOP

Substantial Differences in SARS-CoV-2 Ab Responses Elicited by Natural Infection and mRNA Vaccine

Far-Right Republicans Try To Distance Themselves From 'America First' Caucus - All In - MSNBC

Jimmy Kimmel Live: MyPillow Mike's 48-Hour Yellathon & Vaccine Hesitancy Among Republican Men

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/19/21

Stephen Colbert: Guest Senator Mazie Hirono

I had to call the police this morning

DeSantis signs 'anti-riot' bill into law, sparking outcry from Democrats, civil rights groups

" Don't vote stupid like you did up north."

Geico admits fraudsters stole customers' driver's license numbers for months

Breakfast Tuesday April 20, 2021

Tuesday TOONs - Knife's Edge

Eddie Glaude's 'Gut Is Tight' Waiting For The Chauvin Trial Verdict Deadline MSNBC

Search for survivors of capsized lift boat ends

My pillow moron get constantly pranked on his 'FrankSpeech' show...

If the former president was still in office now,

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Carbon emissions to soar in 2021 by second highest rate in history

Cornel West: Howard University's removal of classics is a spiritual catastrophe

Chad's president Idriss Deby dies 'in clashes with rebels'

So we are now told that wiping everything down with Clorox was unnecessary, but...

Golden Globes crisis continues as former president sends anti-BLM email

Its 4.20, so

Had covid, first moderna, second moderna

Lincoln Project: An Idea Called America

Not an SNL Skit 👀

Still trump signs everywhere a reminder of the

Brianna has Eric Cantor on. I had forgotten what a smarmy smirking prick that guy is. nt

In Major Union Endorsement, NYC Teachers Back Scott Stringer For Mayor

Eric Cantor crawls from under his rock

Ghosts of Comics' Past: 1941 - Part 1

Ghosts of Comics' Past: 1941 Part 2

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 4/14/21

New Comic Releases for April 21, 2021

The Rundown: April 20, 2021

Marvel Announces Aliens: Aftermath

The past present and future walk into a bar

Trumps eager political advice

I don't know what Maxine Waters said that was out of line.

Only 14% of remaining unvaxxed population intend to get the COVID vaccination...

Marijuana activist will hand out free joints to vaccinated NYers on 4/20

Bil Keane, the cartoonist who made us smile for years with "The Family Circus", would have

This is why Republicans are always in power even when they don't have the presidency

Mike Lindell's "" has sputtered to life.


SBI arrests former NC police chief on 73 charges of evidence tampering, drug trafficking

Marlon Brando on Rejecting His Oscar for 'The Godfather' The Dick Cavett Show

Judge's divorce file to be turned over to TBI as criminal investigation intensifies

State Department Throws 130 More Countries on Its 'Do Not Travel' List

Just before midnight, DeSantis reveals he's signed $1 billion tax on consumers

Eric Boehlert: New York Times drives Both Sides journalism off the cliff

I get my second Pfizer shot today

Ted Nugent stricken with the virus.

I love Robert Reich

Some Interesting Factoids

Do Your Best, Darwin

Passenger trains make their way to the New River Valley

CN makes $33.7B bid for Kansas City Southern


Coal Financing Costs Soar: Up 38% In Past Decade, Compared to 7% For NG Plants

UMW endorses Biden energy policy in exchange for job training

"No Action On Anything" - Australia's Shambolic Climate Policies Leave It Increasingly Isolated

Cher & The Loneliest Elephant - Official Trailer 2021

New Rule: #BlueToo​ Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

1/3 Of West Virginia Residents Live w/i 1 Mile Of Abandoned Mines; Cleanup Could Mean 7,000 Jobs

Explaining the possible outcomes of jury deliberations in the Derek Chauvin trial

Donald Trump Jr. takes on new role as top adviser inside the Trump family

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Lionel Hampton was born on this date.

Bet he crapped his pants when he found out

Each additional minute the jury is out damages their potential contribution to police reform.

If Chauvin gets convicted on 2 or 3 counts, which count will he serve?

Lindsey Graham Pries Lips From Trump's Ass Just In Time For Earth Day: "Climate Change Is Real"

"On Bullshit"

President Biden called George Floyd's brother yesterday

Chaves County, N.M., Sheriff's Office busts large party over the weekend

This news story out of Green Bay made me sick to my stomach.

Chaves County, N.M., Sheriff's Office busts large party over the weekend

Happy 4/20! Light up!

Family, community stays 'Owen Strong' to help injured teen

Meet the girl lawmakers want to ban from playing sports.

Let's Go Get Stoned

A song from my childhood that still makes me happy.

Saw this today on AZFamily website:

Tool Monkeys! Fuck Yeah! Mauna Loa: Atmospheric CO2 421.21 ppm Record Daily Reading Wooooooo!!!!

Karen Rants Again: Wait for it.

GQP Unveils Earth Day "Messaging": Plant Trees, Cut Mining Rules, Perma-Credit For "Carbon Capture"

Chuck Grassley claims MLB moving the All-Star Game from Georgia cost the state "100 million jobs"

Harriet Tubman's lost Maryland home found, archaeologists say

If you thought Marsha Blackburn was the most stupid, corrupt Senator Tennessee could possibly elect,

On the 13th day of my two week waiting period ...

A New GOP "Big Lie" Plot is in the Works - America can't let them get away with it.

There's a lovely State Park about 1.5 miles from my home

Biden officials met privately with 3M, AmerisourceBergen, PhRMA and more to debate shoring up the na

Let's check to see what serious things Marjorie Traitor Greene is doing...

Need info on the late Marvin Gaye. I'm writing a book on the relationship of art and music

Biden-Suga summit leaves Moon with few options

Good Day DU (April 20, 2021)

Joe: It's with great sadness that Jill and I learned of the passing of Vice President Walter Mondale

CBP Releases Video From Predator Drone Deployed Over George Floyd Protests

There's a coordinated disinformation campaign being pushed around Rep Maxine Waters (again)

Georgia Faith Leaders to Urge Boycott of Home Depot Over Voting Law

Georgia Faith Leaders to Urge Boycott of Home Depot Over Voting Law

Apparently the Wisconsin Unemployment system was hacked.

'Mean girl group chat': Keilar reacts to Trump's interview with Hannity (CNN)

The girl in the Kent State photo and the lifelong burden of being a national symbol

How the hell is this legal? 5% of voters + legislature can create law without governor???

Rubio Wants Trump's Vote - The Republican Accountability Project

The maximum number of US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 is 18.

Feds aren't using posts about plans to attack the Capitol as evidence

Kurt Bardella: Republicans are the EXTREME RADICALS - Meidas Touch

So, we're supposed to compromise . . .

Naomi Wolf has now devolved into full blown conspiracy nut.

How Does A Bill Become A Law?

Ex-Greenwich, CT, police sergeant who was addicted to heroin pleads guilty to federal gun charge

Pic Of The Moment: Just Another Day On Planet Republican

702 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 40 deaths

Covid-19 deaths are accelerating, WHO warns, as world records most cases ever in a single week

J.&J.s vaccine should carry warning of potential risk for rare blood clots, the E.U.s regulator says

*GAG!* the McCAIN made Fritz's death about her father!!!!!!!!!!!! -- because, isn't everything?!

Our trip to Florida in the Fall has been postponed indefinitely

Red Eyes, Dry Mouth & "The Munchies"

Police in New Jersey confiscate bikes from teenagers and arrest one for no reason

For South Korea's youngest 'sea women', warming seas mean smaller catches

Fun Biology Fact!

Toilet paper stolen

Southern Dads Before A Tornado

How long does it take for this second Moderna shot to stop kicking my ass?

Happy 4/20 from the (checks notes) Lawrence Welk Show

Wolf Siblings Howl a Synchronized Song

Happy 420 Everyone!

SBI arrests former NC police chief on 73 charges of evidence tampering, drug trafficking

Wow! About the size of things.

Ted Nugent tests positive for coronavirus he called fake: 'I thought I was dying'

The minimum number of US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 is 14.

Woman buys a rubber chicken for her pet donkey, just to see his reaction.

Archaeologists say Harriet Tubman's home discovered in Maryland

Breaking - Chad President Idriss Deby killed

Why the body count hasn't slowed down America's gun industry

150 Black-Owned Kansas City Businesses To Be Displaced By Omaha Developer

Florida Sheriff Tells People Moving to State Not to 'Vote the Stupid Way You Did Up North'

Isn't it great how police unions lobby for biometric locks on guns

Chadian president killed on battlefield after 30 years in power, military says

'Anglo-Saxon' Is What You Say When 'Whites Only' Is Too Inclusive

2021 Hillman Prizes

The US has reported at least 45 mass shootings in the last month

Three people were shot at a Long Island Grocery Store and police are still looking for the shooter.

John Boehner got slammed on Twitter and the replies are hilarious

Perhaps the one and only true thing Marjorie Taylor Greene has ever said in her entire life.

In early 20th century California, forced sterilizations were an unnervingly widespread practice

Watch Now: Exploding snowman announces warm weather in Switzerland oh

New Rule: The Blue Wall of Silence Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

@SecFudge Today I'll testify before the Senate Appropriations Committee on

Oh great, another active shooter event in Long Island, NY.

On April 17, 1958, Ricky Nelson recorded "Poor Little Fool."

Snopes: Did NASA discover a new planet?

You need to watch @SenatorWarnock laying out Republicans' responding to record voter turnout in Geor

One Adam Twelve, One Adam Twelve

Ted Nugent, A Long Covid-19 Denier ...

Andrea Mitchell is a terrible interviewer

We went to Lowe's on Sunday and there wasn't a mass shooting.


Gunman At Large After Shots Fired At West Hempstead Stop & Shop


Chauvin poll: 47% say he should found guilty

Katie Porter: Today, I'm signing on as an original co-sponsor of the Green New Deal.

Democrats are going to win between 15 to 17 US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022.

Democrats adopting rule to limit Freedom Caucus delay tactics

Aledo: A Destination For Racists To Call Home & Raise A New Generation Of Klan

Missouri state representative sexually abused his children, committee says

DHS watchdog declined to pursue investigations into Secret Service during Trump administration

At least a bit of a Wiki for MONDALE

Schumer: "Today is what you might call a very unofficial American holiday: 4/20"

Ukraine says Russia will soon have over 120,000 troops on its borders

You can't even take a walk on the beach.......

I'm tired of living like this, and I don't really have that right.

Biden administration says it 'strongly supports' making D.C. the 51st state

Muddy Waters: Got My MoJo Workin'

Did I do the wrong thing?

NC is likely to get 2 Democratic US Senators by 2026/2027.

I'm on day six of Moderna fatigue

Great question Ana Cabrera- where was the outrage when Trump told his goons to fight like hell

Judge to throw out 421 convictions

Joe: If we act now on the American Jobs Plan, in 50 years, people will look back and say this was th

Pastor Todd Coconato Believes Trump Will Be President Again, Has God's Mantle of Anointing

Racist flyers promoting 'Sale of Slaves' found in Texas neighborhood

Simon & Schuster workers are protesting their employer's publishing decisions.

Twitter users - what's the weirdest topic that you've been suggested to follow?

Father angry after teacher cuts biracial daughter's hair

Biden: " The evidence is overwhelming in my view."

GOP Congressman Made Emergency Calls To Police Just To See How Quickly They'd Come

Democrats press Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett to recuse in major First Amendment case

These Goldens and Cat are Super Cuddle Buddies

Awaiting Derek Chauvin Verdict, Police Prepare New Approach to Protests

Chelsea to pull out of European Super League

I'm still a zero': Vaccine-resistant Republicans warn that their skepticism is worsening

Dear President Biden, A WTO Waiver Is Vital and Necessary

Bush Criticizes Republican Party in Interview

'Occupy the Capitol': New report contradicts FBI's claims of no evidence in riot planning

Reindeer bone found in Cork shows that humans lived in Ireland 33,000 years ago

Some of you will see it & get it....

Which states that currently have 2 Republican US Senators will elect a Democrat to the US Senate?

Hakeem for the win.

I've got a Ted Nugent story--showing what an ayehole he is

Progressives formally reintroduce the Green New Deal

WATCH: Reps. Val Demings and Jim Jordan got in a screaming match during Tuesday's House Judiciary...

What's for Dinner, Tues., April 20, 2021

Joe Trippi: "The story of these gloves will tell you the kind of man Fritz Mondale was..."

Ted Cruz called out by constituent

McDonald's Is Closing Hundreds of Its Walmart Restaurants

Johnson and Johnson will resume shipment to Europe

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Romans 12

The GOP has been taken over by white supremacists, conspiracy mongers, and insurrectionists.

How Trump's DHS Cozied Up To The Allegedly Fraudulent We Build The Wall Gambit

Puyallup Sued By Shaw Road Warehouse Developer

Instead of the judge in the Chauvin trial calling out and berating Maxine Waters,...

Facebook prepares for Chauvin verdict by enforcing its rules

Florida Senate appears unlikely to pass transgender sports bill

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a solid to slight margin.

Former Obama Education secretary running for governor in Maryland

Montana Democrats sue after Governor signs two election bills into law

LAPD Blocked From Using Less-Lethal Weapons on Protesters

Connecticut lawmakers vote to rescind religious exemption for school vaccination requirements

Chauvin verdict is in

Washington Huskies women's volleyball advance to Final Four

Its a beautiful sunny 71 degrees here in central KY today

SHERIFF, while acting under the color of law, THREATENING and INTIMIDATING voters to sway their vote

Disturbed man climbs outdoor railings between Seattle hotel rooms as high as 18th floor

Why Corporate America Is Acting 'Vaguely Liberal'

Security cameras caught something pretty amazing. We don't deserve dogs...

Pierce County hires ex-U.S. attorney to investigate sheriff. Here's what he'll do and be paid.

85 Million Americans Have Been Fully Vaccinated

Coal miners join climate activists to back Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan

Environmental group appeals West Bay Yards project to Thurston County Superior Court

Oklahoma Governor blames domestic terrorism on "cancel culture" at Oklahoma City memorial.

I'm so glad this woman is on our side. POWERFUL

Ex-cop Derek Chauvin convicted of all charges in George Floyd's death

How US helmet laws are used against cyclists of colour and homeless people

Mitch McConnell has ordered Republicans to heap praise on Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

To Chuck Grassley Staff: Bigger Font Smaller Words for your boss.

CNN Stands by Reporting on Capitol Officer's Death: New Ruling 'Doesn't Change What Happened'

George Floyd: Biden 'praying for right verdict' in Chauvin trial

*RARE* Early King Crimson with Greg Lake ***CAT FOOD***

"Did I do that? Seriously dude, I can't remember..."

A fast jury decision, usually means a conviction. (O.J. was an exception.)

Breaking news on MSNBC

*The American Families Plan*- Biden's Next Big Plan Will Be An Investment In America's Families

Definitely Guilty - but the question is...

Welcome to Arkansas.

Can a plea bargain be offered/accepted, after a conviction, in lieu of an appeal?

Inside an International Tech-Support Scam

Not gonna dignify this by linking to it, but WOW

Will there be protests in the street tonight?

We have a verdict!!!!!!

For the 2nd Time, Brazil Surpasses The USA in Covid Deaths per 100 Thousand Inhabitants

Activists hold news conference outside Hennepin County Courthouse as world awaits Chauvin verdict

Prediction - guilty on two counts

40 years.

Colombia tightens measures after record number of COVID-19 deaths

Keith Olbermann on Kevin McCarthy's resolution to expel Maxine Waters. Oh how I miss....

Canada-U.S. land border restrictions, hotel quarantine extended

'Anti-Riot' Bills In Florida, Iowa Would Crack Down on Black Lives Matter Protests

Whatever the outcome in the Chauvin Trial, four African-Americans and two Bi-racial Americans agreed

I sent the Florida Chamber of Congress an email last evening explaining that as long as

DiCaprio, Katy Perry urge Biden to refuse Brazil environment deal

I live in a fairly blue area. At least the urban areas.

DiCaprio, Katy Perry urge Biden to refuse Brazil environment deal

France Plans to Reopen to Vaccinated Americans This Summer

I'll take guilty on all charges for $1000.

Snohomish County kicks off new rental assistance program

Oh, shit. Don Lemon bringing the fire.

So, what does the Jury do for an hour after reporting they have a verdict?

U.S. Unveils Plan to Protect Power Grid From Foreign Hackers

Cubans turn to herbal remedies, barter amid medicine scarcity

@TedCruz is the FOOL---Cruz seized on the president's comments later in the day, saying Biden's rem

Cubans turn to herbal remedies, barter amid medicine scarcity

Chilling irony: death of Minnesota civil rights champion while Minnesota jury deliberates

I never, EVER thought George Zimmerman would be acquitted, so my hopes are subdued

Joe Trippi on Walter Mondale, a long Twitter thread, and a tear jerker. THIS is the man....

McCarthy now worried about politicians inciting violence

Delhi health minister is reduced to @'ing his boss on Twitter to say there are 4 more hours of oxyge

9 Children Shot at Louisiana Birthday Party

Jim Steinman, hitmaker for Meat Loaf and Celine Dion, dies

Someone needs an intervension on Glenn Greenmold

Whichever way the verdict goes, there will be no calm in the country tonight.

Did you know that, even after vaccination, there's a way to know if you've ever been infected

Death Road to Canada - PS4 - Review

President Jimmy Carter - 2021 Tzedek v'Shalom Award

Can the Judge in the Chauvin trial cause a mistrial for his comments on

Lululemon is testing a resale program where shoppers can sell and buy used items

Riding a Bike While Black

"Justice" Coney Barrett's new book advance. It's "title"...

Stacey Abrams nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.

European Super League: 12 top clubs announce breakout competition; UEFA opposes 'cynical project'

riding a bicycle while black

Hummingbird Waits Outside The Window For His Favorite Guy

Highball right now, kush later.

Would those pundits just SHUT UP?

The House has just rejected a Republican attempt to censure Rep. Maxine Waters.

Same. Damned. Thing.

I just want to believe in this country again.

So One of the talking heads on cnn was trashing HRC a few minutes ago for a

The Floyd/Chauvin verdict is very important, and I believe Chauvin will be found guilty, but

Darnella Frazier's video captured what the police bodycams didn't. (George Floyd)

Chauvin judge live now CNN: guilty count 1, guilt 3rd degree murder

Cartoons 4/20/2021

First count - GUILTY, second count - GUILTY, third count - GUILTY!


G U I L T Y ! ! !

Verdict: guilty on all charges

guilty guilty guilty

GUILTY ALL CHARGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

County plans 7th mass vaccination site, at Ash Way Park & Ride

Guilty, Guilty, Guilty!

Help me out here: mask effectiveness against Covid

Enjoy rotting in prison!

3 guilty votes!?!

Guilty! All three charges! Justice!

GUILTY on ALL counts .....


Twitch, twitch, twitch, little eyes on the murderous little man!!

"Guilty, guilty, guilty!"


Guilty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All three counts


Guilty on all 3 counts.

Oh, hell, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Students statewide returned to school buildings on Monday

BREAKING: DeJoy to deliver a MyPillow for Chauvin to cry on

BAIL IS REVOKED! They're slapping handcuffs on him as I type!

Derek Chauvin: MURDERER

This should make the other 3 cops squirm a bit.

And they lead him away, in handcuffs!

... and REMANDED !!! No longer out on bail !!! AMEN AND AMEN !!! /NT

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 21 April 2021

I wasn't sure they would find Chauvin guilty on any of the charges.



Part of the penalty against Chauvin should also include

Bail Revoked!! Nt

Appreciation thread for the Prosecutors in the Floyd case. They were outstanding!

GOP eyes new strategy to derail Biden infrastructure plan

Shut up Jason Johnson that you're not

Ya know, I don't feel that glad he was convicted on ALL counts......

Do the MAGAts riot now?

Freeperville is unhappy

U.S. envoy to Russia to fly back amid worsening tensions

Van Jones: "We were scared to hope."

Average Minnesota time in Prison for Murder 2... 12.5 years.

"Beware those in whom the urge to punish is strong." - Goethe

That rush of relief I just felt is really wrong. It shouldn't be that way. Imagine being one of the

In death, long after loss, Mondale's liberal legacy stands

Enjoy this day!

I'm Walking On Sunshine. Oh yea!

I am so proud of this jury

The House has just rejected a Republican attempt to censure Rep. Maxine Waters.

... and on FAUX News some apologist for Chauvin offers apologies for Chauvin claiming the ...

Derek Chauvin Trial Live Updates: Chauvin Found Guilty of Murdering George Floyd

This will go down in history as a major turning point.

Amy Klobuchar and Lindsey Graham call on Biden to resettle Yazidi women enslaved by ISIS

Never Stop Jiving: Dietmar & Nellia, German Boogie Woogie Vets

Justice is served.

Justice served!

Elon Musk said he was a Secret Service 'special agent' when he donated to the Republican Party

It's Now Or Never (O Sole Mio): Elvis In Germany 1960

How do you keep a killer cop alive in prison?

Now all we need are a lot fewer murders committed by police...

Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.

Grizzly bear kills guide just outside Yellowstone National Park

Suburban Chicago woman gets 6.5 years for labor trafficking

Images of the moment

US Senate Races that Democrats are gonna win in 2022 by a landslide to narrow margin.

At this brief moment of time, all lives really do matter

The Verdict and The Crowd Are Only the Beginning of Justice

"Daddy changed the world."

Tweet of the evening:

Wealthy Latin Americans flock to US in search of vaccines

"The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long, But it Bends Toward Justice."

This is only the first one. We need several more.

Sheriff: Woman purposely drove into teens playing basketball

Steve Sack FTW

I'm so happy for George Floyd's loved ones.

Can someone explain the criteria for the 3 charges in the Chauvin trial? Or give a link? nt

This cop is still working even after a DUI, asking for special consideration

Every time I see Courtney Batya Ross on television she makes me cry.

Amid Biden Climate Push, a Question Looms: Is America's Word Good?

1 minute video of the handcuffing and walkout

This image of a cop being led out of a courtroom in handcuffs is bittersweet.......

Matt Gaetz sparked William Barr to drop the f-bomb in a legal spat over Florida voting

2 digital designs based on Hawaii photos...

The World Seen and Dreamt: A Collection of Films from Esprito Santo

One America News fires producer who publicly criticized the pro-Trump network's election coverage

Will a prison sentence for Derek Chauvin be a death sentence? Will other prisoners kill him?

So... Those other 3 cops are probably pretty worried right now.

The Chauvin prosecutors were amazing

Sen. Durban: Republicans alarmed that 'too many voters are showing up'

Chauvin and his wife each still face 9 felony tax evasion charges....

I wish George Floyd were here to see this day.

In the words of Donald Trump:

Navalny's doctors prevented from seeing him at prison clinic

What about the other officers that stood by while Floyd was murdered

Democrats devise way to rein in GOP House Freedom Caucus cranks gone wild

The conviction of Derek Chauvin today is an exhilarating, wonderful, thrilling event---but it

Hey Apple, where are the 27" power iMacs with M1 processors?


Garland says DOJ is 'pouring its resources' into stopping domestic terrorists 'before they can

In honor of 420, Star Trek: Acid Party

You'd think Reverend Al would wait for MSNBC to get him onscreen!

Thank you, Darnella Frazier.

Republicans Create White Nationalist Caucus

President Barack Obama statement on the verdict :

Seattle region ranks among metro areas with fewest homes for sale

How many of those same people will have to testify all over again for the other 3?

A diverse jury delivered the verdict. A diverse prosecution team presented the case. ......

President Biden and VP Harris ***SPEAKING NOW***

Norfolk fires police lieutenant who donated to accused vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse

4/21 Mike Luckovich: Finally

Today's Verdict Will Now Put All Law Enforcement Officers Around This Country On Notice To...

Sixty years ago today, JFK sent LBJ this memo ,which jump-started the effort to land a human ...

when you see something you think is wrong-RECORD IT. Had that young girl not recorded

Jesse Jackson has been looking very solemn standing in the back of the lawyers.

in press conference I am so glad Ben Crump just thanked Donald Williams and held up his arm...

Lest we forget.....This is how authorities initially reported the death of George Floyd

Wow! It's like after the Super Bowl!

Trump wants you to boycott Coke. His properties are still serving it...

George Floyd's family reacts after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted...

Watching CNN

Here's the call President @JoeBiden and @VP made to George Floyd's family


Mike Lindell Impersonator

A child molesting abusive drunk claims his expulsion is a result of a "Political Hit"

Right wing pundits get their racism on in wake of Floyd verdict

Pit bull is scared to walk past cat sibling!

Missouri House passes bill for guns in churches, buses

Hearing date for President Biden's three nominees to the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors

Lest we forget: Columbine HS massacre, 20 April 1999. BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, 20 April

In celebration of the verdict, I'm eating pulled pork...

I saw a comment elsewhere that Chauvin showed no emotion when the verdict was announced..

Climate change creates migrants. Biden considers protections

US Senate Races that Democrats are going to win in 2022 by landslide to narrow margin.

Princess Latifa: UN calls for 'concrete' proof of life from UAE

Princess Latifa: UN calls for 'concrete' proof of life from UAE

George Floyd's life mattered n/t

Adorable Dogs Being Shamed For Their Crimes

Did Jesse Jackson have a stroke?

Wisconsin: New State Deal With Foxconn Shrinks Tax Breaks From Billions To $80M

The REv. Jessie Jackson is not well-I am glad they are including him

Florida Governor Signs Sweeping Attack On First Amendment Into Law

My fellow Americans, please stay safe.

George Floyd pictured in an undated photo released by Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump

Racist karen doesn't let soldier leave IHOP.

President Biden and VP Harris address nation regarding Derek Chauvin verdict

Why the F* do so-called "commentators" have to go on about the obvious? Biden and Harris....

Val Demings shuts up Jim Jordan

Well all righty then, who's had to buy larger underpants?? 😂 🤣 😂

Anyone know why Democrats Bush and Omar voted against the last motion of the day? The vote:

BREAKING: Derek Chauvin Found GUILTY

Another sign that things are getting better.

God, I love Joe!

Depressed Police Officer Reminds Self That Chauvin Verdict Not Representative Of System At Large

Biden Plans to Cut Emissions by Half by 2030

Here's one of my new favorite YouTube channels: Griffi the Dancing Cockatoo

I wonder what Chauvin's life will be like in prison. Things could go wrong between now and then.

Wealthy vaccine seekers from Latin America rush to the U.S.

Republicans Blame Biden for Making Millions of Americans' Arms Hurt

I just can't get this dichotomy off my mind today.

Weird moment on last night's Jeopardy...

'Did I strike a nerve?': Val Demings takes on Jim Jordan

'It was a murder in full light of day,' President Biden says of George Floyd's death.

I've been waiting to ask this

Biden: "It was a murder in full light of day & it ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see


Songwriter Jim Steinman has died


This Fabricated Police Story Would Have Prevailed Had It Not Been For Concerned Citizens

You start with an onion bagel...

The doodle today honours Luther Vandross, born 20 April 1951.

Outdoor spigot issue

Columbus (OH) police officer involved in a fatal shooting on the East Side

Today George Floyd rises again, from the ashes of oppression, into power.

We are at 15 entries for the April Competition with less than 48 hours to go...