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Archives: April 15, 2021

What words first came into use the year you were born? - Merriam Webster

Vanky gets her vaccination, Stephanie Ruhle is following her Instagram:

My sweety just woke up

France Joli - Come To Me

Trevor Noah: "We're not dealing with bad apples, we're dealing with a rotten tree."

Defense Argues That George Floyd Died From a Heart Attack During Day 13 of Chauvin Trial

Canadian Member of Parliament William Amos is taking "business casual" a little too far

I've been watching Shep Smith.......not sure how I feel about him....same format

Tornado Warning Halifax

Hawley Vs. Himself - The Lincoln Project

Standing among U.S. graves, Biden explains Afghanistan decision in personal terms

Joe: I am immeasurably grateful for the bravery that members of our Armed Forces have shown through

Secretary Marcia L. Fudge tweet

Women detail drug use, sex and payments after parties with Gaetz and others (CNN)

Hundreds of Companies Unite to Oppose Voting Limits, but Others Abstain

House panel poised to advance bill on slavery reparations

DEVO - Jocko Homo

Falwell's son out as VP at Liberty University

The noose is gone in Placerville! Huge

J&J vaccine remains on pause as CDC panel requests more information

Tucker Carlson is comparing Bree Newson to an Infowars insurrectionist:

You Never Can Tell: Bruce Springsteen, Leipzig, Germany (Live)

Ryan Bingham: Hard Times (Live)

South Carolina shover charged with third-degree assault today

Prince challenge: Find Pat Smear

This going on in front of Pentland's house now.

Black Buffalo police officer fired for trying to stop chokehold wins ruling, to get pension

Gino Vannelli - Powerful People

Nebraska corrections official resigns after inmate is denied abortion, citing 'shame' to public serv

Type O Negative - My Girlfriend's Girlfriend

Soldiers disciplined for helicopters hovering over BLM protesters in DC

Derek Chauvin's witnesses include former Maryland medical examiner being sued over 'chillingly simil

Rep. Matt Gaetz announces ad buy to 'fight back' against CNN, allegations

Republican HUMILIATED when he gets caught thinking a fake op-ed Is real - Brian Tyler Cohen

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

This 23-year-old kept the far right online when no one else would

Spent part of the day walking in hardwoods and marvelling again at the diversity of the annual

Senate's bipartisan swing at China faces GOP curveballs

Matt Gaetz's Wingman Paid Dozens of Young Women

Biden admin as soon as Thurs will sanction Russians for hack & election interference

Louisville cop gets internal slap on wrist for angry email about Breonna Taylor investigation

pick ur favorite from Santana

US Capitol rioter who tried to flee to Switzerland is jailed pre-trial

Ex-Cop Who Shared Explicit Pics of Slain Student Seeks Millions in Compensation

Progressives In Congress To Introduce Bill Expanding Supreme Court From 9 To 13 Seats

Tiedrich tweet:

Fun Facts About Officer Clarence The Capitol Comfort Dog

Attorneys for Wisconsin Governor Say 'Kraken' Attorneys' Motion to Avoid Sanctions Is 'Nonsensical'

Someone called "Tucker Carlson" has trouble with certain names

The DOJ arrested and charged an accused Capitol rioter after he spoke to Insider about his 'fun time

Federal Authorities Executed Search Warrant and Seized Cell Phones of Matt Gaetz and His Former Girl

The little company that broke into a Terrorists iPhone 5C

First lady Jill Biden undergoes 'common' medical procedure in D.C.

Right-wing propaganda is annihilating the truth about Jan. 6 - Democrats must fight back

The Emerging Jews of Colombia

What Dog Grooming/ Hate Crime nightmare is this?

Romney and Sinema team up to try to raise minimum wage

America's longest war.

Arkansas bills that add restrictions to voting process head to governor's desk

America's top spies are coming in from the cold -- Meanwhile in America

WH: "There is no comforting distance of history in Section 60. The grief is raw. It is a visceral re

Cuomo, top aides worked on COVID book alongside publisher's reps at Executive Mansion

At climate summit, Biden will try to reassure a skeptical world that the U.S. is back

Every decade or so I feel compelled to remind everyone that

The vaccine passport debate isn't new. It started in 1897 during a plague pandemic

A slice o' tee-hee for those that plumb...

Talkin' World War III Blues

16+ Vaccine Eligibility Begins In WA: Here's What To Expect

Democrats get good news from IRS chief

Erika Moritsugu named White House Asian American and Pacific Islander liaison

I think it is past time for timid, civil and respectful journalists and media personalities to begin

Trump Spews Verbal Diarrhea Towards Murkowski & Cheney

Biden Rushes to Protect Power Grid as Hacking Threats Grow

Can the mRNA vaccines change DNA?

Scientists asks people to be on the lookout for 'murder hornets' ahead of new season


Italy's Covid-19 Vaccinations Bypassed the Elderly, and More Are Dying


How do you like my photorealistic painting of a cat?

Our State Bird would like to speak to the bird feeder manager...

Lyrebird's amazing vocalizations:

I tested my double knee weight on my scale

Why Americans should "be very worried" about the COVID variant tearing through Brazil

Insurrectionist roundup: lite reading to ensure sweet dreams

LOL! This bird's mating dance is the moonwalk:

Get my first Covid vax shot tomorrow

Bowerbird's fascinating courtship display:

Biden Tells Putin He Must Return His Oval Office Keys

Got My 2nd Dose Of Pfizer Today

It is very clear that the only real hope of restoring any approximation of genuine democracy

Meet Kara Bell Running for Lake Travis Texas School Board

Bird of Paradise courtship display--amazing to watch:

ACLU: Former MD Medical Examiner Defending Police Killings of GEORGE FLOYD, ANTON BLACK

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Officer Kim Potter Charged For Daunte Wright's Death

I got the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Now what?

The Scythe of Life

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Police in America - Where Are The Good Apples?

For years, the Boston Police kept a secret: the union president was an alleged child molester

VICE: "We Recreated the Capitol Riot Through Cellphone Videos and It's Terrifying"

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Fanboy Matt Gaetz's Wild Sex Parties & Bachelor Colton Comes Out

Alaska Airlines inks agreement to invest in sustainable jet fuel

Putin foe Navalny says he sues prison for withholding Quran

Mike Lindell's 'free speech social network' will ban posts that take the Lord's name in vain.

Biden proposes summit with Putin after Russia calls U.S. 'adversary' over Ukraine

Visited the arboretum today to take my newest lens out for a walk.

Dr. Fauci Responds to Tucker Carlson's Anti-Vaxism - NowThis News

Visited the arboretum today to take my newest lens out for a walk.

Missouri GOP state lawmaker Rick Roeber resigns amid allegations he abused his children

FULL EVIDENCE: Climate scientist Michael Mann at the Australian Senate Media Diversity Inquiry

Dr. Fauci on Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Pause - NowThis News

Taiwan says its chip firms will adhere to new U.S. rules blacklisting China supercomputing entities


House panel votes to advance bill on slavery reparations

Europe '72 Vol. 11: L'Olympia, Paris, France 5/3/72 (Live)

Democrats to introduce bill to expand Supreme Court from 9 to 13 justices

An Arabian jumper on our obstacle course.

Ex-Officer Kim Potter Faces Second Degree Manslaughter Charge

Jimmy is a hellova guy

U.S. to Sanction Russia Over Election Interference

Salon: Tucker Carlson's Expanding Definition of Who Shouldn't Get to Vote

☦ Eastern Orthodox Great Lent: Sunday of St. John of the Ladder

Cornell West is on CNN/Don Lemon. He says it's apparent that...

Neville Brothers: Yellow Moon

Mazzy Star - Flowers in December (Live on 2 Meter Sessions)

PBS NewsHour: Gotta have 'them' on here and there. Blah, blah...

Kim Atkins: I Got The J&J Vaccine And I Still Believe In It - Deadline - MSNBC


David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes (Live)

Queen - Radio GaGa - Live Aid : Wembley London 1985

I've been binge watching Game of Thrones, as this year marks its 10 anniversary

Janitors wanted: Canada opens immigration door wider as pandemic cuts arrivals

She Should've Complied


A conversation I didn't have today.

Why Chauvin's Expert Witness, Medical Examiner David Fowler, Actually LOST Points for the Defense

Seth Meyers - Biden Negotiating $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan - Monologue 4/13/21

Kim Potter Didn't Know The Difference ...

Global Warming cartoon by ⁦⁦@mwcartoons

Seth Meyers - Republicans Want to Cancel Dr. Fauci and Major League Baseball: A Closer Look

Tweet of the Day

Dr. Peter Hotez Explains What You Need To Know On The J&J Vaccine Pause - Katy Tur - MSNBC

Craig Ferguson & Geoff Peterson - Careful, Icarus

Do not change clothes while Zooming, not even if you think the camera is off

U.S. seeks to polish tarnished reputation with new climate change pledges ahead of Earth Day

Where is Nestor, Matt Gaetz?

Cats, Cops, and Stuff - Comedy Central 1990 Stand-up Comedy -Paula Poundstone

Officer Indicted In Swift Arrest For Killing Unarmed Black Man - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Thoughts And Prayers - Anthony Jeselnik

Cornell West is on CNN/Don Lemon. He says it's apparent that...

Emo Phillips @ The Roxy - Wash DC 9-24-87 Both Sets

Robin Williams Live at the Met, 1986

Black Prep Player Told To Sit Near Banana Peels: 'I'm Fine'

Killer vocalist in a volcano

Emo Phillips HBO Comedy Special 1987

NIN - Closer

the louder the GOP screams and howls against something - the more we MUST DO IT

Tucker Carlson reminds me of Prothero from the movie V for Vendetta.

Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Director's Cut)


Today's hearing on Michael Bolton's report about the Capitol police failures on January 6th:

Hayes: Jan 6th Would Have Been A Massacre If Police Reacted Like They Do To BLM Protests - All In

US Senate seats that the Democrats are going to be winning in 2022.

Interactive GRAPH: Vaccine Hesitancy for COVID-19: State, County, and Local Estimates

The Core Strategic Impossibility That Kept The U.S. In Afghanistan - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Virginia police chief calls controversial traffic stop of US Army officer 'a teaching moment'

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/14/21

Binged during a meeting (zoom.)

US Senate seats that the Democrats are very likely going to be winning in 2022.

Stephen Colbert: Guest Willie Geist

(Jewish Group) In Yemen, antisemitism is rampant even though few Jews actually live there

(Jewish Group) French Minister: Everything will be done to identify and arrest those responsible for

Jonathan Pentland's mugshot has been released. He's charged with assault and battery

CREW sues DOJ for Erik Prince and Bill Barr meeting records April 13, 2021

VIDEO: Navy Decommissions USS Bonhomme Richard In San Diego Waterfront Ceremony

Funny! Comedian and top Donald Trump impersonator Bob DiBuono arrives in Massachusetts 🇺🇸

Birds by the Billions: A Guide to Spring's Avian Parade

From The Guardian: Scientists sound warning note over malaria drug resistance in Africa

A history of corporate whining

Schumer lays groundwork for future filibuster reform

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, April 15, 2021

Thursday TOONs - A Tale Of Two...

Maybe it is just me

JP Morgan Chase Will No Longer Support Palm Oil Unless Companies Sign Meaningless Piece Of Paper

Slave Trade Snapchat!

Palm Oil Driving Deforestation In Brazil's Remote Roirama State, Pressuring Even More Destruction

Blinken in Afghanistan to sell Biden troop withdrawal

Cruz & Gaetz performing a dual.........

Florida passes anti professor bill

Barack Obama Praises Joe Biden's Decision To Get Out Of Afghanistan

Ayn Rand, Paul Ryan & Rand Paul walk into a bar

Navy veteran Latham Saddler enters US Senate race against Warnock

Oz Shadow Climate Minister Warns Queensland - Right-Wing Base - 2B Hardest Hit By Climate Impacts

Oh the levels of irony

Because we are elderly and my husband has a disability, we hire a worker/caregiver from an agency

Hey Kids! See If You Can Answer Twitter Question Posed By Marine Scientist Terry Hughes!

Biden to Hit Putin With Russia Sanctions After Summit Offer

And this is why gerrymandering is messed up

Former EPA staff like what they see in new administrator

Michael Mann: Smoke And Mirrors Provided By Morrison Gov Will Not Fool US Negotiators

How Much Of Planet's Land Area Is Pristine, W. Original Plant/Animal Species Intact? 3%

I think the former guy should be prosecuted for attempting to overthrow the election.

FiveThirtyEight: Few Who Identify As Independent Are Actually Independent. That's Really Bad...

Prices of tomatoes and peppers in your area

Democrats battle over best path for Puerto Rico

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 4/14/2021

Art of the Week: Week of 4/14/20

The Rundown: April 15, 2021

Ron DeAthsentence: Shitty For Florida On COVID, Shitty For Florida On Dealing With Warming

The White House is announcing the expulsion of 10 Russian diplomats and announcing a new round of sa

At Fox, Tucker Carlson is not the only white supremacist...

US company illegally peddling 'miracle cure' BLEACH for new Covid variants

The Hullabaloo over J&J injections is ridiculous.

Good numbers on new jobless claims and retail sales +9.8%

Conservative groups target swing Democrats in fight against infrastructure plan and taxes

How to use DuckDuckGo instead of Google and other sites to get faster and precise results

Quote for the day.

U.S. imposes sweeping sanctions targeting Russian economy

This wood sat in storage for 100 years. Now it's being used to fix Capitol riot damage

17 requests for backup in 78 minutes (at Capitol)

How Biden's team overrode the brass on Afghanistan

Will all troops leave Afghanistan, or will some remain, as in Europe and S Korea?

Is John Boehner setting up to run for office again as a dem ?

Capitol Police watchdog set to testify about failings on Jan. 6

How the Capitol Riot Suspects Are Challenging the Charges

WP: Why your state might lose or gain clout in Congress after the census is released

Biden's plan to invest $400 billion to make long-term care cheaper is really popular

Lindsey Graham Claims Biden Will Cause "Another 9/11" With Afghan Pullout

Breakfast Thursday 15 April 2021

We have definitely upgraded to a better model.

This record-breaking year for anti-transgender legislation would affect minors the most

Biden resists raising refugee cap over political optics, sources say

The most dangerous part of getting a vaccine is, by far,

Pelosi rips McConnell in new book: He's an 'enabler of some of the worst stuff'

Weekly jobless claims fall to lowest level since lockdowns

Floating solar farms could cool down lakes threatened by climate change

Retail sales surge 9.8 percent in March, spurred by stimulus

Officer Kim Potter Charged For Daunte Wright's Death The Daily Social Distancing Show

MacArthur Grants Community Solutions $100 Million to Address Homelessness

Curfew on New York bars, restaurants extended to midnight starting next week, Cuomo says

The GOP's most important votes: 2 Democrats

Christie Says GOP Must Call Biden a Liar

6 years ago today I raised my company's min wage to $70k.

Pennsylvania GOP launches 'super MAGA Trump' primary

The former White House pResident isn't getting much press

Biden administration asks Supreme Court not to hear challenge to all-male military draft

Othello sniffing the air outside..

With Afghanistan, Biden tries to restore ideal of American -- not partisan -- global deals

📸📸📸April Photography Contest Comment Thread 📸📸📸

📸📸📸April Photography Contest is now LAUNCHED - NOW CLOSED TO NEW ENTRIES📸📸📸

D.C. police requested backup at least 17 times in 78 minutes during Capitol riot, Post exam finds

Loveland (Colo.) police face federal civil rights lawsuit over arrest of 73-year-old woman

Easy and Delicious Blue Cheese Gougere Recipe

Twitter Video: Wolf One-On-One with Senator Bernie Sanders

Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal is a moment of truth -- and a potentially humbling one -- for GOP hawks

Cartoon: Absolut Biden By Clay Jones -April 15, 2021 9:00 AM

Drone Attacks Iraq Airport Housing U.S. Troops

Powerful photo display.....

US expels Russian diplomats, imposes new round of sanctions

Free Course - Music for Wellness! From Berklee College of Music

Chris Christie Reportedly Buries Trump in Closed-Door Speech to GOP Congressmen: I Warned Him...

good people still exist .

Trump 2024

'He's just an idiot to us': Matt Gaetz blacklisted by Fox News and shunned by Trump allies

What Does It Mean to Be a "Good Cop"?

Former world leaders call on Biden to suspend Covid-19 vaccine patents

Tucker Carlson calls the Confederate battle flag "the flag" in broadcast last night.

U.S. says Manafort associate passed sensitive polling data to Russian intelligence

My penny thoughts on Afghanistan

Timing of State Supreme Court's Decision Cost Struggling Families Tens of Millions in Food Aid

Yesterday in Minnesota, white man fleeing police, violent attack, not shot or tased

this is the

Derek Chauvin invokes 5th Amendment and says he will not testify at trial

Texas lawmakers proposed a bill to separate trans children from their families

Bessie Smith was born on this date.

Polling shows Biden is winning -- and that Republicans should be nervous

SOUP!! (The bar has truly been raised in the art of trolling)

The Derek Chauvin Trial

D.C. Guard misused helicopters in low-flying confrontation with George Floyd protesters, Army conclu

D.C. Guard misused helicopters in low-flying confrontation with George Floyd protesters, Army conclu

Cuba's Raul Castro is stepping down as head of Communist Party

CDC Studies 'Breakthrough' COVID Cases Among People Already Vaccinated

DC Police requested backup at least 17 times in 78 minutes during Capitol insurrection

Roy Clark was born on this date.

PELOSI says she does not support the bill to expand the supreme court, and won't bring it to floor

Afghanistan, a war with no enemy can't be won.

Looking for thoughtful responses re Chauvin trial: How do you think it is going?

$1,400 stimulus checks helped March retail sales soar 9.8%

Good Day DU (April 15, 2021)

WANTED: MLB Food Tester - Get paid $500 to eat hot dogs and watch baseball

Spring is finally here!

Oil firm bosses' pay 'incentivises them to undermine climate action'

Rare Ron Thompson tv appearance - Solid Ground (with Mick Fleetwood and John McVie)

Dave Edmunds has a birthday today.

43-year old man suffers stroke after J & J vaccine.

White man with gun at traffic stop.

FL Republicans passed a bill banning trans kids from playing sports/subjecting kids to genital....


Canadian lawmaker shows up naked for online meeting - 'An unfortunate error'

How New Mexico Became the State With the Highest Rate of Full Vaccinations

Pic Of The Moment: Tucker Forgets Which Country He Lives In

460 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; 14 deaths

Scientists Create Early Embryos That Are Part Human, Part Monkey

How have I never seen "Superbad"?

France urges citizens to leave Pakistan amid anti-French protests

France urges citizens to leave Pakistan amid anti-French protests

Police have a dangerous job

Its being rumored that gunslinger Mark McCloskey will announce for MO-SEN

Mueller? Mueller?

'Together With Pride' cereal from Kellogg's and GLAAD to hit store shelves in May

Thomas Hart Benton was born on this date.

Wonder what Tucker Carlson's viewers are up to.... oh

He brutally hit a cop in the head and dragged him alongside his car. Guess what happened next.

Testimony in the Derek Chauvin murder trial has wrapped up in Minneapolis -- both sides have rested

Brooklyn Nets center LaMarcus Aldridge abruptly retires due to health scare.

If 194 million Americans have at least 1 shot of vaccine & numbers are going up then it ...

Popular Japanese biker @azusagakuyuki turns out to be a 50-year-old man using FaceApp

Why can't Chauvin literally beg for mercy? Does he really think he did NOTHING wrong and was ...

Post a pic of the mascot from a school you attended.

Defense and prosecution rest in the trial of Derek Chauvin

N.J. man picking up free furniture hits and kills the owner, then flees

U.S. Imposes Stiff Sanctions on Russia, Blaming It for Major Hacking Operation

"Gubmint kain't do nothin' right . . ."

Pelosi says she won't bring bill to expand Supreme Court to the floor

David Hasselhoff's daughter becomes first plus-size cover model in Playboy history

Congress poised for battle over reparations for Black Americans

US Senate seats that the Democrats are favored to win in 2022 by a landslide and narrow margin.

How a Roger Stone Acolyte and a 'Tiger King Tax Collector' Spawned the Matt Gaetz Scandal

Oddly satisfying 1m video of spontaneous synchronization

U.S. drops plans to send destroyers into the Black Sea due to concerns over Russia

NC Republican bullies going after trans kids, again.

Rescued Kitten Too Excited During Her First Starbucks Run

Appeals court rejects academic's libel suit over claims of affair with Flynn

Speaker Pelosi on Rep. Nadler's bill to expand the Supreme Court: "I have no plans to bring it...

I got the first vaccine shot this morning.

Exclusive: Biden administration frees up $39 billion to help ailing child care industry

U.S. Intel Walks Back Claim Russians Put Bounties on American Troops

Ukraine Foreign Minister Asks Nations to Pressure NATO For Help as Russian Troops Build up at Border

Piece of garbage GYM Jordan put in his place by Dr. Fauci

India's COVID-19 situation is raging out of control with 200,000 cases in a single day

LAPD detective involved in drunken shooting on skid row challenges 55-day suspension

Harry Potter Fans Can Take Free Hogwarts Classes Online Right Now

Many millions have been vaccinated against the coronavirus; 396 later hospitalized with Covid-19

I know we toss around the phrase "worst member of congress" but.....

So Fauci and Gym Jordan got into a heated exchange.

Judge will declare 'mistrial' if prosecution witness 'even mentions' new evidence in Chauvin trial

Texas senator's big 'gotcha' moment in DOJ confirmation hearing made him a laughingstock

Mystery tree beast turns out to be croissant

Biden's poll numbers on the economy rival Trump's for the first time

Transgender students would be barred from school sports teams matching their gender identity ...

Rightwing reporter lies to Jen Psaki, gets smacked down IMMEDIATELY - Brian Tyler Cohen

Tearful mom begs Texas lawmakers not to throw her in jail for supporting her trans child

42 Good things that happened in 2020

Bill Would Make Postpartum Medicaid Extension Mandatory

Puget Sound health leaders urge COVID-safe measures while enjoying warmer weather

Inslee says no to Pierce County's request for more COVID-19 vaccine doses

Inside Nancy Pelosi's War With AOC and the Squad

Snohomish County Sheriff's office looking for help in finding three missing children

Iranian TV network censors footage of female referee's legs

Six Republicans, not Senators, congress people, Americans.

Bill To Create Police Use-Of-Force Database Passes WA Legislature

BBC: India Covid-19 second wave: 'A coronavirus tsunami we had never seen before' (Video)

GOP uses threats hearing to air political, personal grievances

Today is the most significant FEC deadline since the 1/6 insurrection. We'll learn which corporatio

Got my first Moderna shot today

I Ain't Getting No Vaccine

SecretaryPete About to join @AppropsDems to testify on @USDOT's 2022 budget. Watch live:

Kristen Clarke, Joe Biden's pick for top civil rights job, tells senators about her own son

Line up for round two...

Dr. Fauci: "You're indicating liberty & freedom."

Mask Off. Lindsay Ellis talks about her latest cancellation. Great Stuff.

'Voter suppression' or 'voter fraud'? A Quinnipiac poll shows Democrats and Republicans are split

Yes. 49-45: Senate voted to allow for floor debate on Vanita Gupta's Associate Atty Gen nom

'Google Earth' Now Shows Decades of Climate Change in Seconds

Pat Robertson Does Taser/Glock Demo On Air, Goes OFF on Cops: 'We Don't Have the Finest in the PD'

This robot sold her NFT digital artwork for almost $700K -- and has plans to create more

Fox News Causing Death and Chaos

"Them" on Amazon Prime

You won't have Lincoln Chaffee to kick around anymore.....

This was just too fun and awesome

Pfizer CEO says third Covid vaccine dose likely needed within 12 months

Yer midday insurrectionist roundup!

Toddler * Canada Geese * Anti-Vaxxer

Maxine Waters told Jim Jordan "shut your mouth"

It is about time something is done with Cruz and Hawley.

Police use Taser twice on Marine veteran in Colorado Springs hospital room

When you lose even Pat Robertson

Six key takeaways from Biden's Russia sanctions announcement

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says video of Adam Toledo's fatal shooting by police 'incredibly diffic

Only 0.008% of fully vaccinated population get covid infections, and those are mostly mild:

UPDATED insurrectionist spotlight: navy seal (and son) edition

@Pfizer says the $2500 donation in March to @RepAdrianSmith was an Error.......

D.C. Guard misused helicopters in low-flying confrontation with George Floyd protesters, Army...

The hidden world of whale culture

Wonkette: Matt Gaetz Venmo History Shows Cash For 'Love Hotel,' Total Lack Of Judgment

Does anyone have a tankless water heater that you can recommend?

Anyone have a good tankless water heater to recommend?

Am I more likely or not as likely after full vaccination with Phizer to get a mild infection?

Gaetz frantically promotes Project Veritas video to discredit reporting on his sex trafficking ties

Ex VP Mike Pence had surgery yesterday to have a pacemaker installed.

Biden and Obama added to Sunday TV special promoting COVID-19 vaccines

Reuters website goes behind paywall in new strategy

COVID masks and hand sanitizer are now tax-deductible

Joe: Right now, the United States ranks 13th in the world in infrastructure -- but we have the power

Manafort associate Kilimnik officially sanctioned for passing Trump campaign info to Russian govt

Cartoons 4/15/2021

New book reveals McConnell refused to let RBG lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda

Attorneys for Wisconsin Governor Say 'Kraken' Attorneys' Motion to Avoid Sanctions Is 'Nonsensical'

Covid second jab after 18 hours

Carlos Rodon of the White Sox pitches no-hitter after coming agonizingly close to perfection


Harrop: QAnon beliefs should bar followers from teaching

61 Year-Old White Man Fleeing Police

Osprey profiles

Wow, this guy actually didn't get shot during a very volatile traffic stop.

'Not afraid to shoot': Migration raises tension in Texas border town

Columbus & Franklin County area DUers...heads up

A Post-Filibuster World Would Be a Nightmare for Progressives

AT&T will pump $2B in funds toward closing the digital divide

Sarah Huckabee Sanders raises $4.8M in campaign for Arkansas governor

Republicans Air Grievances at Intelligence Committee

Ukraine's Zelenskiy to hold talks with Merkel, Macron about Russia standoff

A covid-infected Republican's anger at Trump signals turbulence ahead

When you are the Surgeon General doing a live shot and your son needs a hug.

'Shut your mouth' - Maxine Waters cuts off Jim Jordan

No criminal charges for officer who fatally shot woman during Capitol riot

U.S. Says Manafort Associate Gave Polling Data to Russia

What makes Ringo a Great Drummer - Tribute by Sina

Liz Cheney's Answer On If She'd Ever Vote For Trump Stumps Fox News Anchor

The best Covid song on the planet

Cariol Horne On Winning Her Case After Intervening In Police Misconduct, Creating New Laws + More

Trump Epically TROLLED By Protester With Soup

Vinegar water mixture cleaning dog ears

Virginia Military Institute names first Black superintendent

POTUS now has a higher approval rating on the economy than Donald Trump ever did.

How Many T Rexes Roamed Earth? Billions

Help - Question re: McAfee Anti-virus (corrupt web advisor?)

They are still doing boat parades.

Jamie Dimon says 'American dream is fraying'

How the Justice Department came to investigate Rep. Matt Gaetz

Adam Toledo Video Shows Chicago Police Shooting 13-Year-Old As He Raised His Hands

Insurrectionist spotlight: 'nuther proud boy

GOP used YouTube to win Latino voters who Democrats ignored

How many cats does it take to change a lightbulb? (Just this one.)

Dangerous Nan McGrew - Helen Kane

Stray Puppy Knew Exactly Who Could Save His Life

"I must go. My planet needs me."

500 Miles, The Proclaimers, Swinging: Benny & Joon Film

If you are from New Hampshire, please contact your governor.

"Where'd go?!"

Each one is different. Touch each to see it.

Herding cats ain't so hard.

Shut the Fuck Up and Get Your Fucking Vaccine

KC -- Who says you have to sleep IN the bed? (Please note quote from Biophilic.)

James O'Keefe banned from Twitter:

Spa day!

Lucy McBath @lucymcbath 🚨A GOP strategist revealed plans to gerrymander me.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 15, 2021

update on "Dine and Dashers" thread: 'We are extremely sorry', we didn't have enough $ to pay

Kitten reacts to taste of beer. (I've seen toddlers do this when an adult lets them taste.)

Auntie Maxine tells Jim Jordan to "shut your mouth!"

Sometimes doing the right thing gets you fired and you have to sue

The problem when the Bloated Fuckturd....

Hawley Complicit

What in the KKK is Going On in New Braunfels?

'22 MidTerm. Between Redistricting and new Maps, a daunting challenge.

Joe: This afternoon, I'm delivering remarks on the new sanctions the United States is imposing on Ru

One of the cops who killed Breonna Taylor just got a book deal.

Loveland attorney alleges in federal lawsuit that Loveland Police forcibly arrested 73-year old...

WH announces several people Biden intends to nominate

13 years old. Hands up. I just can't even

hiker rescued after location determined from this photo by satellite imagery hobbiest

Sixty years after Bay of Pigs, Biden can find opportunity in Cuba after decades of policy failures

President Biden speaking on Russia right now. CNN n/t

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #10-9: The Forwards Edition Repost Redux Reused Recycled Edition

A White Man Writes About Racial Injustice.

Katie Porter Builds Huge War Chest

More COVID state shutdowns unlikely, despite CDC suggestion

Pink badges & pink handcuffs, all meant to grab your attention as we raise awareness and pray for a

Accused Capitol rioter planned an escape to Switzerland, prosecutors said. Now he'll stay in jail.

James O'Keefe of Project Veritas has been permanently suspended from Twitter

Pfizer CEO says third Covid vaccine dose likely needed within 12 months, then annually

Derek Chauvin UNBELIEVABLELY Pleads the Fifth - The Damage Report

Himalayan rabbit stew

Source say WH to nominate Pam Melroy @Astro_Pam to be Deputy Administrator of @NASA

Man charged with hate crimes in burning of Black church

A writer for The Guardian says "Derek Chauvin's trial won't change policing in America"

Tucker Carlson Is Giving 'Red Pills' To Millions. White Nationalists Are Stoked AF.

Is it me or is Gymmie Jordan an asshole?

Osprey female in incubation mode,

Maxine Waters to Gym Jordan: " XXX....chair and shut your mouth."..........

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 16 April 2021


The Clash: The Last Gang in Town

Anyone heard of any instances of insurance companies threatening...

Former Vice President Mike Pence receives pacemaker

Let me Make this pellucidly clear

Is the DOJ going to prosecute Manafort for interfering in the 2016 election?

Tweet of the evening:

Mr. Jones Counting Crows

Ten interiors with pastel colours that freshen up the home for spring

Hell has frozen over.

Allstate Apartment Insurance

Pfizer expects higher COVID-19 vaccine prices, yearly boosters, CFO says. And that means big sales

The Incredible Dumbness Of The Vaccination Appointment Process

A new hero for democracy and justice for all!

The Pimp & the Pimple.

A Connie Schultz moment (because we all adore her):

Mother tells beach-going woman to stop 'distracting' sons who spied on her with drone

US Senate seats that the Democrats are likely gonna win in 2022 by a landslide to a narrow margin.

Twitter Permanently Bans Project Veritas Founder James O'Keefe

Sean Hannity describes Adam Toledo as a "13 year old man"

Georgia Cops Fatally Shoot Black Man Matthew Zadok Williams at his house fixing a leak....

Rusty Young, Poco Co-Founder and Pedal Steel Player, Dead at 75

Woman arrested in bathrobe held in jail without bail on probable cause for rioting

Democratic leaders throw cold water on proposal to expand Supreme Court

I was driving to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned today...

I lick your head clean!

California and Washington open vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 and up

Proud Boy charged with pepper spraying police during Capitol riot contracts Covid in jail

Chicago police kill Black people at a rate 22x higher than white people and kill Latinx people at a

Ron Johnson hasn't just lost touch with Wisconsinites, he's lost touch with reality. Wisconsin deser

Police shooting in Los Angeles from March 19th. (Samuel Ponce)

Capitol Rioter in 'CNN Fake News' Cap Assaulted Police with a PVC Pole on Jan. 6, Feds Say

Twitter Permanently Suspends Project Veritas' James O'Keefe

The Most Popular J&J Vaccine Story on Facebook

AOC calls SALT deduction a 'gift to billionaires,' opposes effort to hold up infrastructure bill

How difficult can it be to change the oil in my lawn tractor

Texas House passes bill allowing open carry without license or training.

Manchin balks at GOP's smaller infrastructure plan - says he can back $4 trillion as long as it's

Another insurrectionist arrested

OLD pic of osprey mom with first view of chick, 2017:

Classic tweet! "Ted Cruz threatens to burn John Boehner's book over criticisms.....

We need a single repository for all the damn cop killing videos

GOP, Businesses Groups Say Democrats Equal Pay Bill Will Lead to 'Frivolous' Litigation

My thoughts on the recent shootings of blacks by police

How the Justice Department came to investigate Rep. Matt Gaetz

Policing reform: Congressional negotiations intensify after Daunte Wright shooting

OK But This Seems Pretty Colludey -Nobody seems to care anymore, but the head honcho of an American

"No more policing, incarceration, and militarization. It can't be reformed."

Flori-Duh Man (Or Woman)

Losing pictures?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Chicago police, strobes, and Adam Toledo....

Police kill man who opened fire outside San Antonio airport

Mask Wearing in Illinois..Everyone does it, at least at the foodstore I went to today.