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Archives: April 12, 2021

Supreme Court nixes another California pandemic restriction

Biden's Infrastructure Push Spurs a Flurry of Lobbying in Congress

Every woman's right to choose is protected for the next few years.

Trump Turns Off Donors at Mar-a-Lago Retreat MSNBC

Facing GOP opposition, Biden seeks to redefine bipartisanship

Nevada GOP censures elections official who defended results

Here Comes My Baby: Cat Stevens

Southern California Nazi Rally Ends Poorly....For The Nazis

Protests Erupt After Police Kill Man in Brooklyn Center, MN

Thurston County will spend up to $1 million to manage Olympia homeless encampments

Virginia governor calls for investigation into police pepper-spraying of Black Army officer

North Carolina wedding venue turns away gay couple

Las Vegas pushes to become first to ban ornamental grass

Army Lieutenant Files Federal Suit Against Two Virginia Cops for Excessive Force/Rights Violations

The "secret" to defeating and destroying the present Republican Party...

I absolutely love Nancy Pelosi, AOC and the squad. You kick ass, ladies!

My next new car

Embattled Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is denied a meeting with Trump

Kamala Harris rocks.

For weeks now, the nonsense that "the election was rigged and Trump actually won by a landslide" has

If We Act Like We Already Beat the Coronavirus, That's How It Wins

Trump Lost Millions By Not Divesting From His Business

Former Trump lawyer Joe diGenova apologizes for "inappropriate statements"

One fact I'm thankful for regarding the Former Guy...

Ted Nugent demands to know why there weren't lockdowns for Covid 1 through 18.

Army engineers began preparing Prince Philip's Land Rover hearse after hospital stay

Sharks don't attack the Irish

Tweet of the Day

get ready to cry.

Embattled Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is denied a meeting with Trump

The Anthem of Vietnam "Hippies" in 1968

Trump's Big Lie - The Lincoln Project

On my morning walks I try and get in as much grass as possible. After being way overweight and

Corporate America's Bond With Republican Party Frays In Post-Trump Era

One of the two officers involved in the pepper spraying incident of Lt. Nazaro, has been fired

Caption Meghan McCain

Chris Wallace calls out top Republican TO HIS FACE for faux outrage - Brian Tyler Cohen

When I got divorced I felt like my life was ending.

Turn on MSNBC On Assignment with Richard Engle report on the

Two theories for an unsolved Soviet mystery

CEOs Plan New Push on Voting Legislation

MUST WATCH: Jake Tapper slams Right, their 'bumbling treasonous fools' CW generals worship, & more

'White Lives Matter' rallies flop as hardly anyone shows up

State lawmakers look to block Corporation Commission from setting renewable energy standards

Trump campaign boosted by unsuspecting state GOPs

I really like Midsomer Murders

PopeHat FTW

Revelers at Massive Party in Tonto National Forest Covered the Desert in Poop

I want this mask!

Planned Parenthood was the only health care I had at age 18.

Jim Acosta Mocks Trump's 'Grievance Groundhog Day'

Brooklyn Ctr, MN Police pulled over black driver, fatally shot him, protesters tear-gassed

Arizona Senate Sends Conspiracy Theory-Laden Jim Crow 2.0 Bill To The Governor - Veto This Bill

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 13: 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

Dead - GDTRFB - 1972 - Skull and Roses.

Officer accused of force in stop of Black Army officer fired

Boston Police kept child sexual abuse allegations against police union president secret

Protesters Clash With Police In Brooklyn Center After Deadly Officer-Involved Shooting (MN)

Honolulu - Some businesses are facing a new challenge: Hiring workers back

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 14: 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

536 was 'the worst year to be alive'

An unfortunate headline on tonight's local news

I Was One of the First to Be Vaccinated. Why I Don't Think I Should Have Been.

Fareed Zakaria pays homage to his mother, who died of Covid-19

I may put this extremely important question elsewhere but I need the input of some real Texans.

Turn, Turn, Turn, Mr. Tambourine Man: The Byrds, Dylan

Anyone has been watching Atlantic Crossing on PBS?

Fed Chair Jerome Powell tells 60 Minutes America is going back to work

Ecuador's Guillermo Lasso wins presidential election

MAGA Rioters Flipping On Each Other

My Back Pages: Dylan, Roger McGuinn, Tom Petty, Neil Young..

3 by Richard Danielpour

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 4/5/21

AZGOP Chair Kelli Ward Opposes Ducey Recall, Calls For Defeat Of GOP Legislators

Trump Campaign Boosted by Unsuspecting State GOPs

KKKemp is concerned.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: This Week's Coronavirus Updates - Week of 4/5/21

Business Executives Organize Against Voting Restrictions

Valentin Silvestrov: 3 from his 'Naive Music'

Arizona Is A Cow Thief's Paradise

Fantastic TV commercial for Adobe Photoshop. Every once in a while there's a cool ad.

the strokes - the adults are talking (studio-2020) great rock is still being made

The amazing Paul Rodgers, backed by Queen at Mandela's birthday party in 2008

I Wonder U

I just finished Season One of "Designated Survivor". I love it. Should I carry on,

US Senate seats the Democrats will be winning in 2022 by a landslide to a narrow margin.

Seeing on CNN, a Black teenager, Michael Donald,

Matt Gaetz accidentally embarrasses himself with brutal misstep in speech - Brian Tyler Cohen

Experts Debate Pros vs. Cons of Vaccine Passports Saying They're Desired By Business, Not Government

Biden administration plans to name former senior NSA officials to White House cyber position and hea

Bolivia Saw a Significant Turnout in Second Elections Runoff

Biden is poised to expand Bears Ears & Grand Staircase monuments. The real question is by how much?

Utah's first independent redistricting commission kicks off this week, but will its work matter?

Bolsonaro falters as his COVID disaster becomes impossible to ignore

One day before convention, more controversy emerges in Salt Lake County Republican Party

Utah County clerk/auditor called employee her 'gay democratic assistant,' according to harassment

Man who refused to wear mask in Utah clothing store threatened to come back with a gun

Ting is a disappointment

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Long-Term Care

Raiders go on defense to keep tax exemption

Cortez Masto said she supports capitalism, predicts strong campaigns for Democrats under new

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Lawmakers advance bill that could make Nevada first presidential nominating state, but many

Absolute Power: The Astonishing Personal Photos Of Nicolae Ceausescu (7 pics)

Brightline CEO: Vegas-to-LA high-speed rail line still on track to break ground in 2021

Will Greenburg , then Gaetz flip ?

How Matt Gaetz managed to insult every GOP House member -- and lie at the same time.

racist woman calls cops on Muslim couple. surprised to find herself in handcuffs

Breakfast Monday 12 April 2021

Top official admits Chinese vaccines have low effectiveness

Republicans are afraid of voting methods which they cannot 'fix' the final vote count

Jury returns $29.5M verdict in case involving allergic reaction

WATCH: Police Pull Guns On Afro-Latino Army Officer In Traffic Stop - NBC News

Monday TOONs - Everything's Political

"Wild West Chronicles"

Idaho Legislature's COVID-19 outbreak infected at least 14, spread to household members

Biden's Schedule for Monday, April 12, 2021

"Danny Collins". Great film starring Al Pacino!

Georgia Negro Weeps Open-Eyed at the Death of President Roosevelt

Basically, Republicans cannot accept the truth and are out of touch with reality.

Twelve Commandments for Seniors

Manchin's filibuster defense contradicts the Senate legacy he claims to protect

Iran blames Israel for sabotage at Natanz nuclear site

Federal Government asking staffers to go help at the border.

Why Do Men Take So Long On the Toilet?

Millionaire Banker Beats Economist to Take Ecuador's Presidency

Texas Republican Goes Down In Flames Against CNN Host After Trying To Justify Voter Suppression

Horrific Air Pollution, Health Problems - What Kern County CA Needs Now Is 40,000 More Oil/Gas Wells

France moves to ban short-haul domestic flights

Michigan's Covid-19 crisis could be a sign of what's to come for the US, expert says

Scoop: Cindy McCain set to land Biden ambassadorship

Kinda says it all.....

Everything's fine. Matt Gaetz is on a "pre-planned" vacation with his "fiance" everybody.

GA is updating Jim Crow race laws. Now, he's Dr James Crow - by David Daley and Rev Jesse Jackson

2020 Tax refund.

Sixty years ago today:

Sanders warns Dems not to waste time catering to obstructionist GOP

FiveThirtyEight: Democratic Values Are Still Under Attack -- Even Without Trump In The White House

Biden pollster urges blunt tax talk

Covid-19 Live Updates: Regeneron's Antibody Drug Can Help Prevent Infections, Study Says

A double rainbow day at the White House 🌈🌈

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 4/7/21

Mom: Minnesota Cops Killed Son After Stopping Him on an Air-Freshener Violation

The Rundown: April 12, 2021

The Seemingly Increasing Cycle of Police Murdering Black People

Violence flares after Brooklyn Center police fatally shoot man, 20 (Minneapolis suburb)

How an online 'Lego' gamer infiltrated the White House press corps

Look out for mating crabs on South Carolina beaches, officials say.

Everytime, at this time of the year, Florida gets hit with the bitter cold tears of our Northern

Health expert pushes back on Texas governor's herd immunity claim


Capitol Hill rioter and former NYC cop unhappy about being detained with 'inner-city' criminals

CNN's Jim Acosta Paints A Sad Picture Of Trump's Daily 'Grievance Groundhog Day'

So the neighbor on the other side of me is moving in today from Ohio

A.M. Chuckle

It's A Good Thing That Matt Gaetz Is ...

GQP Gosar's siblings accuse him of being key instigator of insurrection -- VIDEO

He Tried To Get Away ...

Primarily Caucasian LEOs, please take note:

Biden administration stands down on policing commission, focuses on legislative route instead

FEMA line for funeral assistance was busy since 10 minutes before opening.

A link to ALL of MSNBC's VIDEOS concerning the Insurrection

Pelosi in new biography: "Politics is every minute of every day"

Traffic stops as criminal investigations: Pretext stops should be disallowed in Minnesota (opinion)

Eric Boehlert: Two new reasons Fox shouldn't have White House press credentials

I Want Nothing To Do With Asians

Huge Trump-era and pandemic immigrant visa backlog poses challenge for Biden

DOJ has new police bodycam video of accused Capitol Insurrectionist Jack Whitton of Georgia

"Vaccines are like a blanket that you can throw onto a fire (the outbreak) to put it out," (Tw)

What's changed -- and what hasn't -- in 100 days since Jan. 6

The rice of the sea: how a tiny grain could change the way humanity eats........

Raise anti-vaxers health insurance premiums seems be the logical thing to do...

Any vacation spot ideas for late summer family get togethers?

Shame on Biden! Why would anyone want to ban 'assault weapons'?

Accused US Capitol Insurrectionist Federico Klein was a FOIA officer for US State Dept

If I could sell my posts as Non-Fungible Tokens at $10 a piece .....

Democrat Begins Registration Push to Unseat Tim Scott

Hubby and I got our 2nd Pfizer doses yesterday

Riley Williams accused of stealing a computer from Nancy Pelosi office, returns to DC court on May 2

CEOs plan $$$ threats to lawmakers over voting laws

Massive DC Memorial Day motorcycle ride aims to raise awareness of veteran issues

How tragic! Yesterday in the grocery store parking lot, I saw someone with a portable oxygen tank...


Trump finally jumps the shark

Minnesota National Guard deployed after protests over the police killing of a man during a traffic

In 1982 seven people died from poisoned Tylenol ...

Glenn Greenwald defends Matt Gaetz's right to have sex with 'consenting' 17-year-old girl

10 Weeks to the Finish Line: New York's Mayoral Race Heats Up

Matt Gaetz: Hiring Women To Get Things Done

Killed while air freshening while black. And the beat goes on...

The people who won't get vaxxed are like Jonestown in reverse.

Biden admin secures agreements with Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala to secure borders, official says

Hey M$M please emphasize the race is not only between the vaccine

Republicans and "white nationalists" are playing with fire in their efforts to end democracy

Proud Boy begs judge not to send him back to jail where other Capitol rioters are getting beaten up

My brother's neighbor...

Senate Republicans label Biden infrastructure plan a 'slush fund'

Carl Hiaasen on Gaetzgate

Floating Borderlands: Chicanas and Mexicans Moving Knowledge in the Borderlands by Andrea Holm

Good Lovin

Dog at the vet after eating pot brownie

Senate Republicans Give Trump an Award

Tracking variants: (Tw)

What changed in 1980?

New release from Joshua Lee Turner, sitting in with The Gabe Terracciano Trio

Hunter Biden's Book Lands Quietly

'Like the Tiger King Got Elected Tax Collector': Inside the Case That Ensnared Matt Gaetz

Charles Booker Looks at Challenging Rand Paul

COVID vaccine passports: More cruise lines and airlines climb aboard

My concrete suggestion on how to handle Manchin & Sinema, and pass jobs bill and voting rights:

Hound Dog Taylor was born on this date.

Good morning sunshine!

Ex-Australia PM. "Murdoch's News Corp accused of undermining democracy"

How Birth Certificates Are Being Weaponized Against Trans People

Thunder Force on Netflix got bad reviews but we liked it...

Will Smith moving production of new film out of Georgia over election law

"Susan Sarandon just had a racism induced stroke."

Helen Forrest was born on this date.

VIRGINIA Officer Accused of Force in Stop of Black Army Officer Fired

Pelosi's advice for the 'Squad': 'You're not a one-person show'

Pediatric surgeon Dr. Ala Stanford has brought COVID-19 testing to underserved communities and...

Herbie Hancock has a birthday today.

My daughter got me some ramps!

John Kay, Steppenwolf leader

Terrorized by Police: Black Army Lt.'s story must remain at the forefront. This is personal to POCs.

Data about the Capitol rioters serves another blow to the White working-class Trump supporter...

Moonset over the Sawtooth Range

Vince Gill has a birthday today.

Florida Eagle Cam Youtube

Cindy McCain to join Biden administration

Pic Of The Moment: Senate Republicans Proudly Reward Traitor

Jadeveon Clowney, Cleveland Browns progressing in contract talks

Biden set to accept fewest refugees of any modern president, including Trump, report says

Guy who voted for a Reality TV Presidency, doesn't understand how actual presidents are supposed to

Three Score and Ten - and Beyond

Good Day DU (April 12, 2021)

Codifying the Big Lie - The GOP's doubly dishonest "election integrity" playbook

Sheeple: Half of Those Who Won't Get Vaccinated Trust Trump More

This cardiologist on the stand is more really bad news

As Derek Chauvin's former bosses line up to condemn him, 'policing in America is on trial'

Tom Tomorrow shows some generous restraint yet still effectively draws a recognizable Matt Gaetz.

Excellent podcast on the normally dry issues of Anti-Trust, Monopolies, Regulation & Social Media

Netflix: A Monster Calls

Over 100 executives hold call on halting donations, investments to fight voting bills

Republicans have found yet another way to scam their own voters

Reopening economy too quickly could cause new coronavirus spike, Powell says

Since it's National Pet Day - A video to celebrate them in our lives

Watching Chauvin Trial

John Boehner just referred to Ted Cruz as 'Lucifer, in the flesh' on the View, just now

The Good News That Bears Repeating: We'll Never Have Another 2020,

ADL CEO calls for Fox News to fire Tucker Carlson (CNN)

Domestic terror incidents have hit new highs, led by white supremacists, anti-government groups and

The Republicans must be hurting for money.

"Original Thoughts" by John Cornyn


Why is this Russian realtor carrying around a Chanel bag filled with cash in Mar-a-Lago?

When your mother enters the Zoom meeting.....

'Leave no Tigrayan': In Ethiopia, an ethnicity is erased

Trump: You're damn right I tried to overthrow the government & I'll do it again (this isn't a quote)

Clyburn offers Manchin history lesson to clear Senate path for Biden reforms

Biden nominates a critic of Trump's immigration policies to lead Customs and Border Protection.

Officer Swiftly Fired After Challenging Altercation - Audit the Audit

675 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 0 deaths

Asian Americans are the fastest-growing racial or ethnic group in the U.S.

"If you had a pile of money to get a candidate for you state house 1000 extra votes, what could

Minnesota National Guard deployed after protests over the police killing of a man during a traffic..

Dog falls through the ice of a frozen swimming pool -- and his mom jumps in after him

F You Pat Robertson 700 Club Propaganda Outlet And Kevin McCarthy Where Is The Border Legislation?

Oops - that young man the cops killed last night

🌃Beautiful photograph/Nature🌃 🌳🦌🌳🦌🌳🦌🌳🦌🌳🦌🌳🦌🌳

The Tragic Murder Of Henry Lee Johnson

Artists are really clever

Saw a sure sign of spring last night!

Golden Bridge - Vietnam. (We can haz this infrastructure pleez?)

Trump officials bragged about blocking scientists from accurately reporting on COVID-19

Texas GOP Chairman Allen West says Texas should secede, become own planet

The J. M. Smucker Co. Issues Limited, Voluntary Recall of Two Lots of Meow Mix Original Choice Dry

Scandal! Scandal! Scandal!

Science Saved Me a Night of No Sleep

Ocasio-Cortez, Allies Move to Court Establishment, Not Fight It

Behind the incredible display of rainbows in Washington on Sunday

Monday's Psaki Bomb

John Cornyn's ugly, transparent attempt to paint Biden as a Manchurian Candidate

Leaked video reveals a GOP plan to intimidate Black and brown voters in Houston

Biden set to meet with Democrats, Republicans in effort to shore up infrastructure support

Ukraine says Putin ignoring request to talk amid Russian troop buildup

Minnesota Shooting Update - LIVE news conference on now on ABC

It's now or never for Democrats: either pass H.R. 1 or watch voter suppression bills like Georgia's

and you thought hybrids are a new idea. wrrooonnng.

US Senate seats that the Democrats will be winning in 2022 by a landslide to a narrow margin.

Get Together, The Youngbloods


Now theyre saying the shooting of a 20 yr old black man in Minneapolis was accidental.

Biden advisor says the White House doesn't need GOP support in Congress for infrastructure package

Joe: When I served as Vice President, I asked to be the last person with the President before big de

Governor Cuomo Holds A Covid Vaccine Event On Long Island

Judge Denies Chauvin Request for Jury Sequestration After Minnesota Police Kill Unarmed Black Man

Sen John Cornyn Roasted for Complaints About Biden's Tweets, Lack of Cable News Interviews

White Lives Matter Marchers Despondent After Failure: 'I Was the Only Person To Show Up'

Just how stupid is Ted Nugent?

Yer latest insurrectionist roundup

Another sure sign of spring here in Sheboygan...

John Cornyn's ugly, transparent attempt to paint Biden as a Manchurian Candidate

Here's the body camera footage of the killing of Daunte Wright that was just released (GRAPHIC)

If you're a Jeopardy fan...

So the killing was a fuckin accident !? REALLY ?! "oops it was my gun and not my taser, sorry ?!"

Good luck on taking a selfie with a cat

They were right - That IS how babies are delivered

Embattled Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is denied a meeting with Trump

F'n cops need to THINK before they SHOOT!

Help me here: How is a gun mistaken for a taser?

After Georgia, companies are banding together to condemn restrictive voting laws

They say there's a fine line between genius and madness.....

Eric Boehlert: Two new reasons Fox shouldn't have White House press credentials

Some students in Kent returning to the classroom

Don't Talk to the Police

Major will get professional help adjusting to the White House after a pair of biting incidents.

There has got to be a better way to register for the FEMA funeral assistance.

Kitsap County to roll out additional $18 million in rental assistance and eviction prevention fundin

A nurse's perspective on the Windsor Mill shooting

Has anyone here gotten through to FEMA to register or funeral assistance?? i would like to know how

This is How Many People Have Died From COVID-19 in Washington

Hawaii to roll out vaccine passport program by summer

Redfield, former Trump CDC head, to serve as a strategic health and safety advisor to Big Ass Fans

China encourages citizens to report critics via new 'snitch hotline' ahead of 100th birthday

This little girl!

Dwayne Johnson, 'THE ROCK', Says He'll Run for President If It's 'What the People Want'

🐾 Meowee! Winston Biden First Cat here, to purrsent to you my best buddy, Bob Bush.

At The Beginning Of The Pandemic When Food Stores Were Being Emptied - I Bought Some Spam.....

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Osprey ACTION!

John Fugelsang tweet:

How to Stop the Minority-Rule Doom Loop

CEO to median worker pay ratio

US adds Chinese supercomputing companies to export blacklist

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Stupid lazy #Texas @GOP Sen. Cornyn Troubled By Biden Posting Normal Tweets

Inslee: Employers can now seek proof that workers are at high risk for Covid

House transportation package proposes widening Highway 524

GOP is "expert at identifying vulnerable, marginalized populations and demonizing them"

Chief: Officer may have meant to use Taser, not firearm, on Daunte Wright

Cartoons 4/12/2021

I just got the Pfizer vaccine

My gripe: Way too much gullibility here on DU. Please, let's see more skepticism!

Everett couple writes check to clean up the Snohomish River

Matt Gaetz Investigation Explained! - Steve Hofstetter

If you smoke or used to smoke, why did you start smoking?

US colleges divided over requiring student vaccinations

Biden Republicans? Some in GOP open to president's agenda

Why do conservatives want Biden and Harris to go to the border so badly?

Minnesota officer meant to draw Taser, not handgun

"We got caught Brian, just act normal..."

If your first response to yet another shooting of a PoC by a cop

Hmmmm. It appears I missed a phone call from someone named 'Scam Likely'.

Breaking the Silence: Construction workers are at high risk for suicide. What the industry is doing.

First dog Major to get extra training after White House biting incidents

Minnesota Twins postpone game against Boston Red Sox, citing safety concerns in wake of police shoot

Rep. Liz Cheney criticized Trump for 'embracing insurrection' in a wild speech, deepening a GOP rift

I JUST love these...CARAMEL!

Russian prison threatens to force feed hunger-striking Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny: allies

Details revealed about Attorney General probe of Cuomo sex harass claims

Norwegian Cruise Line lost $4 billion last year. Their CEO's pay doubled.

Meet John Doe (1941) Full Length Film

Hawley hauls in $3M after attempt to block election results

Best comment to an article of all time.

I'm curious if someone could answer these questions about Police bodycams.

Curfew tonight in Minneapolis and surrounding area...

George Floyd's brother sheds tears on the stand

'Skilled predator' FBI boss harassed 8 women, watchdog finds

It has now been ZERO fucking days since ...

AOL News: Officer intended to use Taser, not gun on black victim fatally shot in MN.

Pentagon scientists invent microchip which senses COVID-19 in the body

Revealed: the Facebook loophole that lets world leaders deceive and harass their citizens

Revealed: the Facebook loophole that lets world leaders deceive and harass their citizens


Yer daily insurrectionist roundup -part 2

What's for Dinner, Mon., April 12, 2021

Far-right activist Tommy Robinson asked wealthy US backers to help him claim asylum

The most famous person from each state.

trump turned down a meeting with Matt Gaetz

Gee....thanks for your help (wait for it)

Who has worked fast food?

Twitter link

Pentagon cop charged with murder pulled gun on homeless woman in his lobby in 2020 - video

Beaten up, but we did it....

NCAA will pull events from states with anti-trans bills

OCCRP Concerned by FSB Raid on IStories Editor Roman Anin'

Brooklyn Center police are flying a blue line flag outside the station right now

Rescued Baby Black Bear Slowly Falls In Love With His New Friend


Woman Becomes Third Wheel In Her Cat And Husband's Relationship

The Insurrection Is the Message. And Republicans Are All Still Onboard.

6 shot, 1 fatally, in Fort Worth shooting, police say; some were innocent bystanders


Pittie Best Friends Had To Be Adopted Together

Bowie revisiting the Modern Lovers' classic 'Pablo Picasso'

Shooting at High School in Tennessee. Multiple gunshot victims reported, including a KPD officer

Why does someone have to go insane before other will believe them (WARNING possible trigger)

Our horse and rider obstacle course.

It's weird when you think of something and that exact thing pops up the next day...

Here's an example of my white male privilege.

Islamophobic incidents rose 375% after Johnson compared Muslim women to 'letterboxes', figures show

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Michael Herriot: Maybe America Is Racist

This Is Just Sad: Republicans Are Giving Fake Awards To Trump

A coalition of 60 law firms has joined business leaders to oppose laws making harder to vote

CNN Special: The People v. The Klan

Florida Woman Threatened to Assassinate Kamala Harris in Violent Videos: Feds

US Senate seats up in 2022 that Democrats win by a landslide to a narrow margin.

Republican Kelvin King to challenge Warnock in 2022 Senate contest

Chauvin Trial: It is the hypotheticals hour...again.

MedCram COVID update

Kind of upset with my mother

Ted Nugent is a F**KING MORON.

Police kill Daunte Wright in Mpls.: "...meant to draw taser...accidental..."

Mars Helicopter Flight Delayed--no earlier than Apr. 14th

RIP U.S. District Judge Todd Campbell

Who did this?

Scandal-plagued Florida politician Joel Greenberg reportedly tried to leverage his relationship with

MN Governor: 'Stop Pretending' We Can't Do Anything to Stop This

Austin-East Magnet School Shooting: Police Responding to Reports of 'Multiple Gunshot Victims'


7 P.M. Curfews Go Into Effect For Twin Cities Metro Area After Daunte Wright Shooting Death

So, Hawley pulled in over 3 million dollars in contributions in the first quarter of this year.

Larry & Teresa, feat. Hot Tuna - "Sugaree"

Cheeky little bugger

Stop me if you've heard this one...

"We all grieve in our own way I guess."

Herschel Walker and his son are nuts

[WATCH] Florida Woman Living In Alternate Trump Timeline

1977 Boys Wear - Kays Catalogue

Excellent advice ...

Insurgents of the domestic sort

CDC chief says Michigan should 'shut things down,' vaccinating alone won't stop Covid surge

Blackburn's submission for dumbest Senator

Kung Fu

Just got this marketing piece from GunnerWorld

So Tennesee will soon relax more of it's gun laws

A Moment of Happiness...Tourmaline

My reaction video pals, Jamel just posted Society's Child.

Must see: Jamel just posted reaction to Society's Child.

John Boehner on how the rise of ideologues harms America - CBS Sunday Morning

"You are making history"

(English/日本語/romaji) PINK BLOOD 宇多田ヒカル utada hikaru 不滅のあなたへ 主題歌 the

kyary pamyu pamyu - Yumeno Hajima Ring Ring

Beautiful Things Hunter Biden's book-GET IT

If you were a betting person, who will be the permanent host of Jeopardy?

Arrested Development--one of the best shows ever!


The GOP isn't just alienating corporate America, big law firms are joining the fight

Judge grants Nebraska inmate's request to be transported for abortion

Sen John Cornyn questions if President Biden is really in charge due to his lack of tweets

Fox correspondent: "...they are still going to default to the belief that black lives matter..."

Watching the old "The Stand" miniseries

Speaker Boner, bite my ass.


The Minnesota pro teams have postponed games tonight. . .

The Minnesota pro teams have postponed games tonight. . .

One of the weirder wedding anniversaries, but whatever

What Would Fauci Do?

UK hits key vaccine target just as pubs, shops and salons reopen

'You're going to die tonight': Body-cam video shows Capitol riot suspect accused of dragging officer

Cross one candidate off your list...

My latest Tweet seems to have struck a cord....

Noel Casler FTW

Republicans angered after over 100 top corporate leaders meet to push back against GOP war on voting

Traffic light for camels debuts in Gansu - (REALLY!)

News from the photo front . . .

No! Pay attention to me!

Goin' to the dog park. Yippee!

A pinned thread on DU codes/ abbreviations?

I just heard that all the remaining AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines that have not

Do municipalities have quotas for arrests made? If so, could this be a part of aggressive policing?

Tweet of the evening:

great day at my favorite beach on Oahu...

Don't like the Phrase "Defund the Police" We need reform/reorganization something

In America, EVERY DAY Is Groundhog Day

nobody is commenting on the obvious racist trope that windsor, pd officer used

When using both the broiler and the oven

That warrant Daunte Wright was being arrested for is picayune--just like what he was

Gov. Inslee announces rollback to Phase 2 for Cowlitz, Pierce, and Whitman counties

What are the chances "Rock for president" is cloned by "Arnold for governor" hacks?

Meghan McCain Tries But Fails To Get John Boehner To Attack Joe Biden

Ok, so I understand why the RW is so scared of socialism

Eight Miles High: The Byrds

Judge releases Trump appointee charged in Capitol riot

White House targets GOP leaders Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy in infrastructure push


U.S. COVID cases march higher, hospitalizations up for second week in a row

Canada blocks arms exports to ally Turkey

Two people survive plane crash south of Blakely Island

Seattle metro area has the 6th most expensive homes per square foot: study

On the way, but it's running late.

California re-opens enrollment for health insurance coverage

Insecure, Frustrated Bully With Something To Prove Considering Career In Law Enforcement

Reported COVID-19 infections in Colombia skyrocket