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Archives: April 10, 2021

White nationalists praise Tucker Carlson's full embrace of their "replacement" conspiracy theory

"The racism here is unspeakable." "Being Asian here is terrifying, seriously,"

The Trammps - Disco Inferno

Feds charge Seth Aaron Pendley, 28, of Wichita Falls, with trying to blow up a data center in VA

Tweet of the evening:

Trump continues to enjoy diet coke... pic today

John Boehner Reveals The 'Very, Very Small' Thing That Enraged Trump At Golf Fundraiser

ADL calls on Fox News to fire Tucker Carlson over racist comments about 'replacement' theory

Love for Joan Jett

Thwaites Glacier In Bigger Trouble Than Thought: More Ocean Infiltration, Greater Instability

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Investigates Fox News for Not Having Him as Guest

HUFPO: Jim Clyburn On Joe Manchin: 'How Would He Have Me Compromise' On Voting Rights?

King County remains at risk for 'serious outbreak' with new variants, more activity: health officer

JetBlue has resumed political donations to members of Congress who voted to overturn the election

Suspect accused of targeting Asian American victims with racial slurs pleads not guilty

Stephen Miller should be in jail, House Democrat argues over "heinous human rights violations"

Opinion: Putin is slowly murdering Alexei Navalny. Here's how the U.S. can save him.

FZ & The Mamas - Po-Jama People

National Park Service cancels July Fourth parade in D.C. amid pandemic

Jen Psaki civilly lays waste to reporter as she schools him on Americans' infrastructure wants

Grand Jury Indicts Four Suspected Militia Members Tied to Cop Killer

Will Tucker Carlson be fired????

Fox contributor calls it "opposite racism" to address racial disparities in health care

'It can't just be a coincidence': How Biden is using artwork to underscore his message to America

Russian forces are massing on Ukraine's border

Trump executive's son was given sizable salary, generous perks, documents show

Leaked Chats Show 'White Lives Matter' Movement in Shambles After Antifa Infiltration

The Cranberries - Ode to my family

Reporters Uncover Matt Gaetz's Venmo Transactions to Teenager!!!

Olympic Bobsledder Who Killed Himself Likely Had C.T.E.

Ambitious is not radical Chris Hayes & Ezra Klein

Lawyer for eye-gouging MAGA rioter whines that client is in jail w/people who did 'inner-city crimes

Emma Stevens - Blackbird by The Beatles sung in Mi'kmaq

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF!

Biden's southern border czar Roberta Jacobson to step down at the end of April

Ethics Committee Opens Investigations Into Gaetz, Reed For Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Rachel got a shot, J&J.

KC - do cats dream?

Tom Cotton Says U.S. Mass-Incarceration Isn't Enough

Lukas Nelson: You Were Always On My Mind

New Super PAC "Hold Them Accountable" Launches With Ad Blasting GOP, The Big Lie

Pre-Pandemic: A Day at Doggy Daycare

Amanda Gorman authors first book of poetry to debut at No. 1 on USA Today's bestseller list

The Beatles - The Word

Friday Night Sobriety Thread. One more night on-call.

This dog's excitement is adorable:

Friday Talking Points -- Biden Flying High (And Fast!)

Peekaboo red panda:

Joe: A new study put out just last week found that at least 55 of our largest corporations used vari

Matt Gaetz is a special type of stupid quoting Margaret Thatcher...

The Grateful Dead - Touch of Grey

THE DAILY SHOW: We need to talk about plagiarism at Fox News

Modern Jazz Quartet - The Golden Striker

Surely there's always room for one more!

Tennessee proposed bill would protect drivers who hit protesters and increase penalty for blocking s

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 11, 2021 - 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

Changing password to one that's easier to type in and remember:

Manfred Mann - Joybringer

TCM Schedule for Monday April 12, 2021 - 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

'This is a warzone': Memphis pastors plead with city to lay down guns

Fox News host suggests Meghan Markle may be to blame for Prince Philip's death

Rush - Limelight

Question - What's it Like to Travel for Work?

Matt Gaetz - Good Two Shoes

You May Not Be Able To Paint Like Monet, But With These Recipes, You Can Cook Like Him.

Considerate kitty

Don't Worry, Congressman Gaetz, You'll Hit Rock Bottom at Some Point. Surely. (F/SC)

"Youth Pastor Charged With Production Of Child Pornography" Dept of Justice Western NY

Kitteh gets a faceful of Starbucks

Gifts for people returning to S. Miami Children's Clinic for 2nd dose

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Can We Vaccinate as Fast as Corona Mutates?

Trickle down economics

Woman spends $1.2 million mistakenly deposited into her bank account, arrested

"Grandma once said ..."

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Biden Goes After Ghost Guns & Physics May Be a Lie

a dance celebrating getting the vaccine

The Daily Show - Tucker Carlson: White Supremacist Mass Shooter Copycat

Cruise ships are now evacuating people from the island -- but only those vaccinated against COVID-19

Adopt Prancer........

tweet: "detroit-area hospital is out of ventilators tonight for covid patients"

American Masters, Oliver Sacks: His Own Life

1st No-hitter in Padre History in the books

Dr. Oliver Sacks, 'His Own Life' Legendary Neurologist: PBS Premier April 9

Reihan Salam is a complete waste of time and loves to spout right wing bullshit

Verification Handbook

Old family photos

What am I seeing here? #filibuster #HR1

India objects to US Navy ship's patrol without consent

overdramatic dog faints while a lady tries to cut its nail

Union Loss May Bring New Phase of Campaign Against Amazon

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 4/9/21

How do I find out if NY state got my tax payment?

Space Force field command to be located at Los Angeles military base

Dr. Oliver Sacks, 'His Own Life' Legendary Neurologist: PBS Premier April 9

Rewatching FRIENDS... weird 90's timewarp feelings

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick falsely calls opponents of voter fraud bill a 'nest of liars'

anti-masker republican drove 90 mph in wrong direction with blood alcohol level twice legal limit

Derek Chauvin's Trial Judge Runs a Tight Ship -- Here's What We Know About Him

Sad update on Abby the Senior Golden in stolen car in Chattanooga

Anybody else? Re: Stimulus check

Heartbreaking: Patients dying in isolation warmed by "hand of God" - rubber glove filled w/water.

A tree in Wautoma, WI was struck by lightning...

How California snared 2 elite hunters posting kills on social media

Trump Going Down? NY DA's Key Witness Cohen Says Trump's In Big Trouble

Never forget what Covid means tweet: (hospital picture warning)

Got 8 min. to spare for a very important video

Nassau woman who coughed in face of cancer patient gets 30 days in jail

A piece. nt

Just wonderin' ...

Triumph Attends Trump's Inauguration

Michael Cohen Interviewing John Dean

cutest video of 2021

Powerful Lincoln Project ad ...phew.

3 Ottawa cops discuss race outside private home, not knowing they are being recorded

Believers of QAnon and other crazy conspiracies...

Trump's Ally Under Fire: Amid DOJ Sex Crime Probe, House Launches Ethics Probe Of Gaetz - MSNBC

Eating Oreos at 1:31 AM

Set Your Concerns Aside And Get Vaccinated. Do It For Others If Not For Yourself - Rachel Maddow

Annie Lennox - Little Bird (Official Video)

Donna Edwards: GOP 'Don't Even Need Trump Anymore To Trumpet This Nonsense' - Deadline - MSNBC

vertical forest overrun with plants because lack of tenants to prune balconies

NYC Introduces COVID-19 Vaccine Buses - NowThis News

Perfect Storm Of Rampant Covid Variant & Vaccine Reluctance Puts Michigan In Crisis - Rachel Maddow

Blue Oyster Cult - Before the Kiss, a Redcap

Mitch McConnell-aligned super PAC backs Lisa Murkowski, setting up clash with pro-Trump candidate

Could businesses charge consumers differently based on if they haven't gotten vaccinated?

Layers upon layers ..

Cops Caught on Video Holding a Black Army Lieutenant at Gunpoint, Then Pepper-Spraying Him

Conservatives lick my heel!

Father and Son: Cat Stevens (Lyrics)

Gaetz Case Renews Attention On GOP Fake Candidate Election Schemes: NYT - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

12-foot alligator's stomach contained dog tags from decades ago, SC butcher shop says

Bodycam footage shows Ohio police officer shoving snow into mouth of man while he was on the ground.

Police officer with connection to Proud Boys fired

'A sigh of relief': Crowdfunded cab rides aim to get Asian Americans home safe

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, April 10, 2021

This Is England: Ash Sarkar's Alternative Race Report -Brilliant

'A sigh of relief': Crowdfunded cab rides aim to get Asian Americans home safe

Undercover Asian NYPD Officer Arrests Woman for Hate Crime After Blaming Salon Workers for COVID

Is trump scared of Matt Gaetz?

(N.M.) Six contenders vie for 1st Congressional District seat

Santa Fe man charged with sexual exploitation of children

Colorado State Forecast - Another "Above Avg" Atlantic Hurricane Season: 17 Named Storms, 8 Canes

4 Dead Gray Whales In 9 Days Found In SF Bay: "Tip Of The Iceberg", Per Marine Scientists

New flights coming to Santa Fe airport

Best descriptor of a certain troll demographic, ever...

Dr. Lonnie Smith - Why Can't We Live Together (Feat. Iggy Pop)

Human Activity Is Killing Gray Whales

On this day, April 10, 1963, the USS Thresher sank.

Happy Saturday Morning!!

Battle For Yemen's Marib Heats Up, 53 Dead In 24 Hours: Loyalists

Harry wants to be with royal family after Philip's death; Meghan's wishes less clear

Minnesota GOP gubernatorial candidate removed from Tik Tok

#GOPPedoRing by @MeidasTouch

Wild World: Cat Stevens

Black descendants of Bruce's Beach owner could get Manhattan Beach land back under proposed state la

(CT) Ex-children's museum leader pleads not guilty to child porn

Thousands cheer madly as Titanic leaves Southampton on maiden voyage, April 10, 1912

So was Matt Gaetz part of the ghost candidate voter fraud

Connecticut OKs high school proms, graduations.

I can't stand Chauvin's attorney.

Live-streamer saves an Asian man from being mugged.

Breakfast Saturday 10 April 2021

This is Joe's 12th weekend as President...

And he would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling kids...

On this day, April 10, 1963, the USS Thresher sank.

Millions Are Tumbling Out of the Global Middle Class in Historic Setback

First 79 days as president; Golf outings tRump-17, Joe-0

Happy Birthday, Bunny Wailer, and RIP

FBI says man who claimed to be at Capitol riot wanted to bomb data center near D.C.

12-foot alligator's stomach held dog collar tags from decades ago, SC butcher shop says

Sentara Healthcare now offering COVID vaccinations in Virginia for anyone

The classroom door is ready for spring with Monsieur Le sol.

S.C. man charged with sexually abusing minor at an elementary school

Shadow - Irrigation Dog

Bernie Sanders coming up on Ali

Advice wanted on air fryer recipes,I picked up a farberware this morning

Red States Vaccinating at Lower Rate Than Blue States

Supreme Court strikes another pandemic-related restriction on religious services

'An existential threat': The Republicans calling for their party to reject QAnon conspiracy theories

Electric Avenue

Cops Caught on Video Holding a Black Army Lieutenant at Gunpoint, Then Pepper-Spraying Him

How 'agromining' -- farming plants that contain metal -- could help power the future

TX GOP Chairman Allen West Calls CNN 'Racists' for Accurately Quoting His Comments About Secession

Is it possible for Democrats to move farther to the left than Republicans have moved to the right?

Here's a good question (R. Reich)

Got my vaccine, all went great ! Better than great, in fact.

I dont know how true this is, but I want it to be true. Just happened a few weeks ago.

How is it that Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger are still alive?

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Claims He Has Private Investigators Looking at Fox News

For a guy who thinks he knows so much, Lindell sure is stupid

Cycling is ten times more important than electric cars for reaching net-zero cities

La Soufriere eruptions over the centuries

McConnell Calls Biden Commission an 'Assault' on Judiciary

overjoyed to live in a world with strawberry finches

24 hours after my 2nd Moderna shot...

Putin critic's murder made to look like suicide, inquest finds

Taliban attack on US secret base raises fear of pullout deadline violence

'ASN FLU' License Plate in California Sparks Outrage on Social Media

Michelle Bachmann: 'How Lacking in Self-Awareness Do You Have to Be to Call Fox Viewers Lunatics?'

NC Bill Orders Any School Employee to 'Immediately' Notify Parents if a Child 'Exhibits Gender...

Martin Denny was born on this date.

Bolsonaro's 'genocidal' Covid response has led to Brazilian catastrophe, Dilma Rousseff says

Brian Setzer has a birthday today.

Sarah's cat is still an idiot

Queens, NY, cops bust down wrong door in no-knock raid and traumatize family

Russia & China are spreading conspiracy theories implying that COVID is an American-made virus.

John Madden - What a guy! - From ESPN

jeff tiedrich lists the times republicans have reached out to dems

I want you to work really, really hard so I can make more

Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers introduce legislation supporting transit in smaller communities

Florida legislature and DeSantis want to rewrite First Amendment.

Good Day DU (April 10, 2021)

Buttigieg announces $187M in funding for bus rapid transit projects

Three-year old shoots and kills infant brother

Eddie Murphy from Nutty Prof

Question for legal experts on DU

Too much time on Twitter? Nah.

Europe's oldest map, a stone slab, unearthed in France

Ramsey Clark has died at 93


200 year old Wisteria in Japan

Vaccine Requirements Spread in U.S., Sowing Concern on Overreach

What will happen to the flag?

Early humans still had great ape-like brains...

819 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat.; 30 deaths

I dyed my eyebrows. Ask me anything!

Results of my MRI. It's all good but...

Ramsey Clark, Attorney General and Rebel With a Cause, Dies at 93

A rare moment of a puppy and a tortoise playing ball. Enjoy!

I just saw a car with a sticker of Trump on the backseat side window.

'Clear the Capitol,' Pence pleaded, timeline of riot shows

Sexist PSAs From The '40s and '50s Show How Far Women Have Come NowThis

Got my "one and done" J&J vaccine this morning!

"Rosewood" on TUBI

Got my second Pfizer shot Thursday

Was the 'forbidden fruit' in the Garden of Eden really an apple?

Happy Siblings Days, DUers!

Sunday Is NATIONAL PET DAY - April 11th - Post your favorite pet clip

The GOP and Trumpsters are apparently willing to sicken more Americans to regain political power

Republicans pretend to be worried about sex trafficking at the border

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is a racist and is mad that people are calling him a racist

The march of progress!

Nearly 40% of Marines have declined the Covid-19 vaccine

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is a racist and is mad that people are calling him a racist

NorCal cafe offers 50% discount to customers who trash their mask

Matt Gaetz Didn't Have A High School Girlfriend ...

Clyburn optimistic Congress can close 'Charleston loophole' on gun purchases

Social Media Use in 2021

POW-MIA flag returned to the top of the White House

Petition to Make LeVar Burton the host of "Jeopardy

The Wallflowers - Roots and Wings

Looks like Gaetz's girlfriend is standing by her man......

How to get rid of arm discomfort/pain after vaccine shot.

What It's Like When a Billionaire Surprises You With $8 Million--No Strings Attached

Unions built the middle class and employers built the slums.

Covid 19's shocking figures

Pandemic may give rise to a progressive new era if White House economic team has its way

In Memory of Prince Phillip

The "Hand of God"--in hospital wards where patients die alone, craving the touch of loved ones...

Third Pfizer shot done and I'm feeling fine!

Rep. Dan Crenshaw has a detached retina in his "good eye"

Police Say an Antifa Activist Likely Shot at Officers. His Gun Suggests Otherwise.

"Anti-riot" bill advances in Florida Senate.

4/11 Mike Luckovich -Bad Day

The pro-life bone fides are undeniable, right?

Proud Boys and other far-right groups raise millions via Christian funding site

I have a question about William Hurt's character in the Avengers movie, "Age of Ultron".

Brought To You By Venmo

Weekend TOONs - Vaccine Passport

Trump Aide Failed to Disclose Lavish Gift from Ukrainian Client

My Daffodils are being photobombed.

Parler influencer account is advocating for the killing of politicians, officers, federal agents...

The deception of Trump's stock market

"Just an incredible you-had-one-job situation"

There are some advantages to giant scientific meetings being conducted virtually.

This is why you should consider tipping.

John Boehner doesn't deserve a rehabilitation tour: Mayor of GOP's "Crazytown" sparked rise of Trum

this is one way to qualify for

Trump executive's son was given sizable salary, generous perks, documents show

I just got pricked. J&J.

As long as you have to pee in a jar ...

"Just an incredible you-had-one-job situation"

jeff tiedrich on cdc recommendation, matt gaetz, & selling loose cigarettes (2 tweets)

Kindness matters

Arizona congressional aide found dead, girlfriend rescued in Death Valley National Park

Zeus of Twitter or mouse of Mar-a-Lago? Republicans court Trump in Florida

How do we combat this insanity?

The scandal that wasn't: Republicans deflated as nation shrugs at Hunter Biden revelations

J&J vaccine output to drop 85%, White House says issues tied to Baltimore facility

Politicians in flak jackets on a boat in the Rio Grande going past a petting zoo and playground

"Clear the Capitol" Pence Pleaded

Washington state lawmakers push to provide lawyers for residents facing eviction

Hey Former Guy, Your Coke is showing...

Meet the introverts who are dreading a return to normal

The transient breathtaking beauty of spring prods me to acknowledge that my life is in its

Former GOP House Speaker John Boehner calls fellow Republican Gym Jordan a 'political terrorist'

Out with the buddies

Police Say an Antifa Activist Likely Shot at Officers. His Gun Suggests Otherwise.

Would DU experts please help me out re Antifa

A college student hit a police officer over the head with his skateboard during the Capitol riot, sa

McConnell Calls Biden Commission an 'Assault' on Judiciary

Biden Administration Rebuffs Michigan Officials

The Military Says It's Confronting Extremism. A Prominent White Nationalist Just Finished Boot Camp.

White supremacists plan nationwide rallies on April 11

How Bolsonaro Seized Trump's Crown as the World's Worst COVID Leader

Gerrymandering - Is it really legal?

'If you are unemployed and need an outfit cleaned for an interview, we will clean it for free!'

Voter re-registration in Florida?

The First Cut Is The Deepest: Cat Stevens

Costco has dropped the My Pillow guy and his products

Will This be the Last Anti-Israel Generation?

The cost of a slice of pie in the Caribbean

'Splain this to me, ok?

Explosion of #B117 across Europe

Irrelevant Haberman was a landfill seagull differentiated only by her private access to the dump.

Ron DeathSentence get his YouTube video pulled for COVID-19 misinformation.

An old timey piece of gardening advice

When a dangerous, apex predator animal fixes their sight on you...

My sister sent me a subscription to AMAC magazine

Pelosi planned on retiring until Trump won election: report

Osprey in a tree

A pet peeve of mine

Gov. Inslee alters criteria for COVID-19 reopening phases

Cartoons 4/10/2021

I have pissed and moaned a lot here about the COVID vaccine in Florida.

Pentagon orders "immediate actions" to weed out extremism in armed forces

Mrs. Aristus is drawing up a grocery shopping list. Is it just me or does she have bad handwriting?

Everyone is Talking about Trump's Free Weekend at Mar-a-Lago for all his Devoted Followers!

Biden to surge vaccinators, testing to hard-hit Michigan // Biden spoke to Gov. Whitmer last night

Biden returns prisoner-of-war flag to perch atop White House

Jared Yates Sexton - Replacement and Violence: White Supremacy and American Fascism

'Yippee!' Trump Officials Gloated After They Manipulated CDC Reports And Advice

Reports show corporations and ultra rich get the benefits without paying the taxes

If you never hear from me again

The Daily Show - Tucker Carlson: Mass Shooter Copycat

I was looking for a movie to watch, and saw 'The Monster that Challenged the World' is showing

Momentum builds for police reform measures in Washington state legislature

Pelosi aims to have Biden infrastructure bill passed before August

Brian Stow throws out first pitch @ SFGiants game

Teacher here - School not following protocols

Infrastructure: Ohio bridge a reminder of hurdle Biden faces as negotiations begin

Dave Wasserman: How much can gerrymandering swing elections?

Bernie Sanders Reacts To Amazon Workers' Union Efforts In Alabama

Video: Bernie Sanders Reacts To Amazon Workers' Union Efforts In Alabama

"Clear the Capitol!" Pence Pleaded

Bernie Sanders: GOP Will Try 'To Obstruct As Much As Possible' Biden's Infrastructure Plan

While we're at it, can we please have a national RECYCLING bill ???

Video: Bernie Sanders: GOP Will Try 'To Obstruct As Much As Possible' Biden's Infrastructure Plan

My first red Tulip of 2021

Rep. Dan Crenshaw says he will be 'effectively blind' for a month after emergency eye surgery

Little Larry knows....

In Another World - Cheap Trick

Derek can prove his innocence so easy.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are going to hold on and pick up.

Strong Cold Winter Wind on Horses

Harry Will Attend Philip's Funeral, Raising Hope Royal Rift Will Heal.

"The GOP Is Voting Against Its Base."

Trump's company paid a skating rink manager more than $200,000 in annual salary, $40,000 yearly bonu

The GOP created Matt Gaetz. Don't let them forget it.

With Trump out, Republicans rediscover their concern for the national debt


Attendees at an event here in Trump National Doral this weekend are attempting to re-write...

Another vent opens up in Iceland, total now four

India Tops 100,000 Cases a Day as Virus Races Out of Control

I want a copy of this sign

Lip gloss

Friend with COVID - Update

James Hampton, Bumbling 'F Troop' Bugler and character actor, Dies at 84

Another boycott list from the RWNJs (RC Cola, you're up)

Boycott Failer........

Kim Stanley Robinson's 'Ministry For The Future' is a brilliant, moving vision of where we can go.

VOTING LOCAL: Elisa Crespo for NYC City Council District 15

Mean Ol' Frisco

Let LeVar Burton Host 'Jeopardy,' You Cowards!

Rachael Blackmore is first female jockey to win Grand National, on Minella Times

Things to consider...

Foe of meat industry charged under Iowa's new 'ag gag' law

You Won't Remember the Pandemic the Way You Think You Will

What's for Dinner, Sat., April 10, 2021

Just got back home from Paris.

Rescued Cuckoo Turns Back To Thank His Rescuer Being Flying Away

half price easter candy score-

Rachel Maddow Speaks To Vaccine Fear, Weighing Risk, Makes The Case That the Vaccine Is Not For You

'We're in a lot of trouble': The East Brother Light Station in the San Francisco Bay has no power

Maryland enacts landmark police overhaul, first state to repeal police bill of rights

Michigan's Virus Cases Are Out of Control, Putting Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in a Bind

Army Lt. Nazario was driving his new car home. He was pulled over, pepper sprayed, & arrested.

The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist

Bent - Magic Love

How the word 'woke' was weaponised by the right

Portishead - Glory Box

Lovage - Stroker Ace

U.S. considering cash payments to Central America to stem migration

Video shows officer blindsided in fatal shooting

awake on my airplane my skin is bare awake on my airplane my skin is theirs

Still missing your stimulus check? You can request a trace from IRS

Man With Huge Donnie Flag Prepared To 'Go To Jail'

Lauryn Hill - Doo-Wop (That Thing)

The Avalanches - Because I'm Me

40 percent of Marines have declined the coronavirus vaccine

Khruangbin - Time (You and I)

Have you ever had a day like this? (tweet)

Scoop: Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel escorted out of RNC retreat

How can I get more recs so my post gets more views?

Jamiroquai - Stillness in Time

I just heard the song "Coney Island Baby" on NPR and looked it up on YouTube.

Georgia governor: Loss of All-Star game will hurt minorities

Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart

Propellerheads feat: Miss Shirley Bassey - History Repeating

Around the world - Daft Punk

'It's a way to honor them': Lights glow at unmarked graves in African American cemetery

Yes or No: Monopoly sucks, and is a big reason many people don't like board games

GA gov still crying about the All Star Game; blames everyone but himself for this fiasco

Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction

Mars Helicopter Flight Delayed to No Earlier than April 14

Fatboy Slim - Weapon Of Choice

Sanders Statement on President Biden's Discretionary Budget Request

Portishead - All mine

The Song of the Sex Trafficker

She survived a throat-slashing at age 10. Years later, a man started sending her pictures.

When will the federal government stop using the term "alien"?

bjrk : human behaviour

Just Like A Woman

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick falsely calls opponents of voter fraud bill a 'nest of liars'

'White Lives Matter' Protesters Urged to Wear Face Masks for Anonymity

A Teacher Marched to the Capitol. When She Got Home, the Fight Began.

2021 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2021 Lexington Stakes

Kitten's Revenge on The Cone of Shame !!

Is the Attorney General putting off the inevitable?

Oops! FBI #188-AFO was featured on the HBO doc "Into the Storm"

Ramsey Clark, attorney general who became a critic of U.S. policies, dies at 93

la sufriere volcano, second eruption and manditory evacuations .


Opus Dei, leftist, former goalie: who's who in Peru election race?

Archbishop of Santiago Chile hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19

Venezuela detains Sinaloa cartel members in clash at Colombian border

"Ligaya" by Kitchie Nadal Rock-A-By Mama

Honduras targets U.S. aid for reconstruction after hurricanes

Got my first shot (Pfizer) yesrday afternoon...

Hearing in Colombia ex-president case to resume only after appeals - judge

Coco Lee : Yao Ding Ni

marilyn manson - 3rd day of a 7 day binge (studio-2015) if bowie, u2 & sisters of mercy collaborated

Albanian police seize container with cocaine from Ecuador in the port of Durres

I was all excited about an appointment this Thursday to get the J&J vaccine...

Forbes: A New Billionaire Every 17 Hours

High number of Trump political appointees sought permanent jobs in final year

Ghislaine Maxwell: prosecutors defend new indictment as July trial looms

Sunday MSNBC 10pm ET: New insights into how Capitol riot carried out

'Clear the Capitol': Pence plea amid riot retold in dramatic Pentagon document

She survived a throat-slashing at age 10. Years later, a man started sending her pictures.

The 2nd worst year to year increase in CO2 concentrations over any March in 61 years was March 2021.

An Oath Keeper Did Security For the Capitol Rally. Now, He's A Republican Candidate for N.J....

California now has the lowest positivity rate of Covid in the US

Vogue Magazine: The Amanda Gorman is our May cover star!

Florida woman who coughed on cancer patient in store gets 30 days in jail

What the . . . ?

Alibaba fined $2.8 billion on competition charge in China

Brazil Records 2,616 COVID-19 Deaths on Saturday, More Than 71,000 Cases

Brazil's Health System Has Long Since Collapsed, Says Doctor; Situation Catastrophic

I really enjoy these shows, but I am a bit bothered by this trend of black terrorism being told

People power fuels Mexico's newest wave of murals

Evidence now that the UK Covid variant is not only more contagious, but it's more deadly.

Man caught on video beating a woman identified as National Guardsman

Journalist who published video of migrant's murder accuses cops of robbery

Sure, I'd wish my sister a Happy Siblings Day, if it weren't a corporate scam designed to ...

Johnson & Johnson Shots to Stay Scarce in U.S. Until Plant Is Approved, White House Official Says

Thieves Arrested For Using Monkeys In Robberies, India

Open houses this weekend include a 4 BD/3.5 BA townhome where Jim Morrisons' parents once lived ...

Toyota Donated To A Seditious House Republican And Now They're Facing A Boycott

'A Tremendous Complication': G.O.P. Dances Around Trump's Lingering Presence

Protest near Masters pushes back against Georgia voting law

What Is Alliance Defending Freedom? 'Hate Group' with Ties to New Mike Pence Org