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USTR report calls out China over 'harmful trade practices'

Can't help but speculate ...

Don Gaetz and VITAS Healthcare

Biden urges leniency for harsh crack sentences fueled by his crime bill

(Kansas) Trial date set for former teacher accused of stalking fourth-grade girl

This is the beginning of a authoritarian party and this face is the .......

Aaron Frazer - Bad News [more good new music]

Biden Unveils $2.3 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

Filtration efficiency of face mask alternatives during the COVID-19 pandemic

Canada rejects outright ban on bee-killing pesticides

White Nationalist: Gaetz Better If He Married Her. . . I Guess She Doesn't Have A Say In The Matter

posting images from flickr.....

Canada rejects outright ban on bee-killing pesticides

Photos show crowds returning to Southern California tourist hot spots

Arizona Senate hires a 'Stop the Steal' advocate to lead 2020 election audit

If Chauvin Was Even The Least Bit Likeable, They Might Put Him On The Stand

Derek Chauvin's body camera video shows his reaction just after Floyd left in an ambulance

There's No Age That You Can't Be Sexy

How would you rate President Biden?

Sen. Mark Kelly Volunteered At A Vaccine Clinic In Tucson Wednesday Morning

Who has been grooming their own dog since Covid began? Watch Rebel Wilson Pooch Perfect for tips.

To those who had symptoms after both vaccinations

I have to write somone. There's a law I need repealed.

Florida backs off policy that removed more than 1,700 ex-foster kids from Medicaid

Spring 2021 Hummingbird Migration Map & Sightings

We Will Provide Water To Voters ...

Shadow, as a Puppy, raided the laundry basket one morning.

The bare reality we choose to ignore

Wisconsin Supreme Court overturns statewide mask mandate

U.S. FAA approves design of 737 MAX 8200 variant

U.S. court slams brakes on Trump-era hog slaughter line speed rule; union cheers

Moon over Pine Mountain

Does David McGee Have A Viable Lawsuit Against Gaetz For His Statements?

New Orleans man freed after accuser says he fabricated robbery: 'I have been tortured by the lie I..

Matt and Nestor: Story gets confusing...

Global aviation industry seeks share of U.S. infrastructure package

Every Spring in Lombardy, 'donkey nannies' carry lambs down from the mountains for seasonal grazing.

Nice try, Matty, but the extortion,...had nothing to do with your trafficking underage girls inquiry

The best prank I pulled on my mom

No mask, no vaccine ... on my way!

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 'On Environmental Stewardship' 🌈

Our cat, KC, likes this.

Palin confirms COVID-19 diagnosis, urges steps like masks

Delta CEO and Georgia governor get heated in voter law square-off

Our cat, KC, likes this.

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Church Night!

Wet Sleddale dam spillway creating a mesmerising and hypnotic cascade of water.

About this drug user bullshit

If Floyd was already handcuffed and in the car, why did they drag him out?

Obama Cabinet Official Took Undisclosed Foreign Cash (a republican of course)

GaetzGate: A Who's-Who Guide To The MAGA-Loving Rep's Sprawling New Scandal

Arizona Senate Hires Election Denier for 2020 Audit

These are the top weather photos of 2020.

Climate Deniers of the 117th

Recent works of ephemeral pareidolic anamorphosis

What are your backyard migratory birds?

Just bizarre...

Our horse Kate likes little girls. They like her too!

Our horse Kate likes little girls. They like her too!

The mistress of grift is becoming accountable...

Hunter Biden's Memoir: 7 Takeaways From 'Beautiful Things'

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 1, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Oscar From A to Z

(U.K.) Child molester chokes to death on prison food

Never find enough evidence on Gaetz ....

*AOC on Rachel show now.

X-Rays out Uranus.

Why some people still refuse to get a COVID shot

Badly Timed Tweets


House prices hit all time high in Hawaii - $920,00 median per detached house

I think AOC handed herself admirably on Rachel's show tonight

U. of Pittsburgh orders its 29,000 main campus students to shelter in place as COVID-19 surges

2021 stimulus payments are on the way to Social Security recipients: Here's when they will arrive

Darth Cheney vs Matt Gaetz

Hey all, especially white people: Let's be mindful of the threads posted about the Chauvin trial.

Astronomers see a ghostly 'radio jellyfish' rise from the dead in the southern sky

*Sec. Pete coming up on Lawrence show.

250 million bought 3 Supremes....unfrickinbelievable..

Walmart really sucks! Went to my Covid vaccine appointment today.

Bookkeeper gets 5 years in prison for embezzling $740,000 from law firm, defrauding RI

"That is know what? Fuck it. You dumb GOP shits just carry on."

EPA dismisses dozens of key science advisers picked under Trump

English is so weird, with all the silent K's.....

'Vermonters first': Out-of-state college students ineligible for vaccine

Has Trump publicly commented on Matty?

Philippines hits China on vessels swarming 6 islands, reefs

World War II cost $4.1 trillion, according to the Congressional Research Service.

Rachel Maddow Lays Out Pres. Biden's Infrastructure Plan, Listens to AOC's Case For Building Bigger

Union Leader Dolores Huerta will be on Lawrence O'Donnell's show shortly.

Rep. Clyburn looks tired.

She sings and plays the chimes!

Good night and watch the LANGUAGE 😆🤡😁

DPS trooper shot in Mexia dies at Waco hospital

Facebook takes down Trump interview; hilarity ensues

Promentory - Trevor Jones and R Edelman - The Last of the Mohicans.

New Mexico advances bills to legalize recreational marijuana

Theme from the movie "Missing" - Vangelis

Canada's Ontario to Be in Lockdown for 28 Days, CBC Reports

Italy Pushes Back as Health Care Workers Shun Covid Vaccines (NYT)

How bout some WVH?

U.S. in Talks With Australia on Responses to War Over Taiwan, Diplomat Says

Former General Counsel For Williamson County Attorney's Office Indicted In Javier Ambler Case

Irene Cara - Flashdance - What A Feeling

Do I have a right to know if my Doctor has had the vaccine? nt

Gladiator Now We Are Free Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard

Fox hosts humiliate themselves over Matt Gaetz scandal - Brian Tyler Cohen

Ennio Morricone - Ecstasy of Gold (The Good, the Bad, the Ugly)

Seattle area dethrones Bay Area as nation's top market for big tech leases

Gov. Inslee opens COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to all adults April 15

Amtrak's response to the Biden infrastructure plan:

Texas Lifestyle Coach And Boyfriend Arrested For Joining Capitol Insurrection, FBI Says

I suspect someone in my extended family is forging a CDC vaccination card.

At Least 4 Killed, Including Child, in Business Complex Shooting in City of Orange

Georgia House just narrowly passed an amendment that would repeal a tax break on jet fuel for Delta

Quick question: What kind of ID do you need to fly within the US now?

4 dead, including child, after shooting at California building; suspect hospitalized

Google is accelerating partial reopening of offices and putting limits on future of remote work

Report: Florida May Have Undercounted Its COVID-19 Deaths by Thousands

Kimmel Live: Rep Matt Gaetz's Sex Trafficking Investigation & Uncomfortable Tucker Carlson Interview

Thursday's digit - 2/10: There's no point in lying, gusty winds have blossoms flying.

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Conspiracy Theories: Born in America

*What's on tomorrow, TCM,

Tweet by Kathy Griffin 🤣


The Daily Show: An Amazing Month for Women

The Gaetz-gate is so damn scary because of the incompetence involved. Proves the insanity AND

Cop resigns after video shows him slamming his K-9 into a patrol car, NC police say

Dancing In The Dark- Bruce Springsteen, Mom, Baby Sis, Live London

'This Could Have Been Avoided': Witnesses Brought To Tears By Body Cam Video Of Floyd's Death

Cuomo threatens to delay budget over bonding for controversial Manhattan redevelopment plan

Brazil: calls grow for removal of 'coup-mongering' Bolsonaro as crisis builds

Brazil: calls grow for removal of 'coup-mongering' Bolsonaro as crisis builds

Derek Chauvin's Murder Trial: What's At Stake - NowThis News

'In the middle of a war zone': thousands flee as Venezuela troops and Colombia rebels clash

Try your hand at navigating a tanker through the Suez canal - simulation

Biden's infrastructure plan takes aim at Trump's biggest economic achievement

Shadow at the end of a typical puppydog day. Good night!

Shadow at the end of a typical puppydog day. Good Night!

Dan Fogelberg - There's a place in the world for a gambler

Tom Hanks's son criticized for using 'racist' font on merchandise collection

With nods to FDR, JFK and LBJ, Biden goes big on infrastructure plan

Hong Kong: Media mogul Jimmy Lai found guilty over 2019 mass protests

Another Great Pittie Transformation Video from The Dodo

Another Tiedrich doozie 😉

State Rep. Melanie Stansbury scored an upset win at today's Democratic Party runoff election

New Mexico primed to join US recreational pot wave

Suggestion for a new Republican Party anthem:

If you want to get involved in the Moderna variant-tweaked vaccine study they are enrolling now

Imprisoned Palestinian leader's entry shakes up planned vote

Gaetz Under Fire For Child Sex Trafficking

Reindeer Cyclones are a real thing...

Rep. Adam Schiff on Spectrum News: The Republican Effort to Create Jim Crow 2.0 is Shameful

Emergent BioSolutions: Company at heart of J&J vaccine woes has series of citations

Remove Ron Johnson

Chopin: 'Valse' and 'Ballade'

Nets' Kevin Durant apologizes to Michael Rapaport after offensive rant with homophobic slurs

AOC Hails Biden Infrastructure Bill As Good Start; Pitches Bigger Investment - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Mysterious Ailment, Mysterious Relief: Vaccines Help Some COVID Long-Haulers

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 2, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Oscars from A to Z

4 dead in orange complex shooting

Julia Louis-Dreyfus tweet:

Judge rules against Fattmans in campaign finance case

Cuba vaunts 'technical sovereignty' in COVID battle

Chang-Diaz considering a run for governor

OK, here's where Cuomo and I part company...

spooked cop wildly shoots thru closed apartment door, hears screams and fires more shots

El Salvador president says missing teen found, daughter of woman killed by police

Gaetz isn't worth too much of anyone's time, but a few quick words...

Skull of dinosaur called 'one who causes fear' found in Patagonia

Skull of dinosaur called 'one who causes fear' found in Patagonia

Honduras drugs: President's brother gets life in prison

All those years of economics courses and I am still dumbfounded...

US immigration: The suffocated youth unafraid of a perilous journey

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will be more likely are going to win.

Early humans in the Kalahari were innovative

Earth 'wobbled' before two major earthquakes

Astronomers declare no further research required

Judge: 37 months in prison for developer who billed $2.3M for work never done on Worcester project

Newport man pleads guilty to smashing teen's face with bike lock because he is Black

Schools outline transfer agreements for displaced Becker College students

Fourth stimulus: Sens. Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren push President Joe Biden for $2,000 monthly check

Gaetz's Karma

Joyce Vance: Gaetz Looked Like Someone Who Desperately Needs A Lawyer On Fox News - Deadline - MSNBC

When you have to qualify 'pedophile means prepubescent', you are LOSING

Am I the only one that reacts to Indica and Sativa backwards?

It took seventy-five years but John Fogerty got to play CENTERFIELD - Baseball is here, Baby!

McKee picks Matos as RI's new lieutenant governor

The Dangerous Gamification Of War


A New Lawsuit Holds Trump Directly Responsible For The Capitol Hill Riot - Deadline - MSNBC

Legislators allege years-old findings used as 'pretext' to move patients out of state hospital

Absence From Office No Relief For Trump As Legal Waters Heat Up - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Wall Street agency gives Connecticut its first bond rating upgrade in 20 years

Effort to remove CT's religious exemption from childhood vaccinations heads to House - and Senate

COVID hospitalizations rise at Yale; Younger people account for more cases

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are more likely to win.

With a $900 million claim, battle begins over a coming wave of state retirements

Texas Senate advances bill limiting how and when voters can cast ballots, receive mail-in voting app

Climate change, housing, vaccines: Democrats flex muscle on key bills

Supreme Court Validates Lamont's Executive Powers

WH Press Secretary: We Have To Invest In Our Infrastructure

Romaine recalls: Why our salads can make us sick

Texas officials circulated climate skeptic's talking points on power failures during storm

Texas officials circulated climate skeptic's talking points on power failures during storm

Texas bill will DISALLOW driving of elderly, disabled, or poor people to the polls

Labor Committee OKs Bills on COVID Workers' Comp Claims

Founder of firm hired to conduct Arizona election audit promoted election fraud theories

OMG, (Mitch), 10 out of the last 11 recessions were under Republican presidents

Breakfast Thursday 1 April 2021

More concrete aid may be on the way

Civilian Employee Accused of Supporting Government Overthrow Barred from Air Force Base

Somers approves sale of land to Hillsdale College for $30,000

Well, four one thing....

Biden says Rangers making mistake by allowing full capacity

Republican Sexual Predators, Abusers, and Enablers Pt. 23

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, April 1, 2021

Comparing a wait to ride "Pirates of the Caribbean" with waiting to vote

'We Can Do This' Biden launches community corps to boost vaccines

The joy of April Fools' Day: Why your brain enjoys pranking (and being pranked)

I found out I was wealthy this morning, I have over 2000 sheetz points

Trumpers on the rehab trail: Does America just want to forget this happened?

Australian Academy Of Sciences: 70-99% Of Great Barrier Reef Corals Will Die; 1.5C "Impossible"

I am now officially at the 2 week, post 2nd Pfizer jab chapter of my life.

Sec. Yellen: Global Warming Poses "Existential Threat" To Financial Markets

Tennessee's first federal mass vaccination site opening in Memphis next week

World Bank Goes Full Susan Collins On Global Warming, But End Fossil Fuel Funding? Naaaaahhhh!

Thursday TOONs - GQP GOTV Drive

DC Cherry Blossom Festival Organizers' Message - Stay Away From Muddy, Cratered Polluted Tidal Basin

About the theory that giving food/water to on-line voters ...

Another Denier Coffin Nail: 4 Decades Of Satellite Data Show Sun's Output Has Decreased Slightly

That's Nice: Saudi Arabia Announces Plan To Plant Billions Of Trees In SA, Across Middle East

If you've been wondering why I haven't been posting that much lately...

Surprise, surprise, surprise...

28,232 Abandoned US Offshore Oil/Gas Wells; How Many Are Leaking? We Don't Even Know

7 Hong Kong democracy leaders convicted as China clamps down

Florida Homeowners' Insurance Rates Spike - Storm Damage & Fraud Push 20-50% Increases YOY

Tin Pan Alley

Dutch parliament to hold no-confidence vote on caretaker PM Rutte

Prison official steered $123 million contract, via private e-mail, to company that then hired him.

Cyclone season awaits thousands of Rohingya on Bangladesh island

"Are They Gonna Make Us Outlaws Again? Is That What It's Comin' To My Friend?"

Sarah Palin Reveals COVID Diagnosis and 'Bizarre' Symptoms, Urges Others to Continue Wearing Masks

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 3/31/2021

Georgia House passes bill to punish Delta Airlines after CEO attacks Republican voter suppression...

Art of the Week: Week of 3/31/21

The Rundown: April 1, 2021


Child endangerment?

Progressives say Biden's foreign policy is the same as Trump's. They're wrong.

Sydney Australian: Keith Richards found in hotel room

Exclusive: Nearly 7 million uninsured Americans qualify for free health insurance

Foodies take note: some local markets for international foods

Infrastructure Year: Dems brace for brutal slog to pass Biden's $2.5T plan

The Roger Stone "dirty tricks" culture of the Republican Party.

Trump's own statements in old lawsuit could haunt him in a future criminal case

Spring has sprung!

Kamala Harris dives into migration diplomacy as GOP aims to make her the face of the border crisis

65th anniversary of April 3rd tornadoes

65th anniversary of April 3rd tornadoes

The Strange New Doctrine of the Republican Party -- By David Frum

U.N. special envoy warns "a bloodbath is imminent" in Myanmar if Security Council does not act

COVID data on children (over 3.4 million infected; 13,953 hospitalized; 279 died)

I'm hoping Barr gets caught up in Epstein's / Maxwell's sleaze as well as corruption as DOJ head.

The Pandemic's Wrongest Man

POLITICO Playbook: There's a new honcho atop Trumpworld

Joyce Vance: Gaetz Looked Like Someone Who Desperately Needs A Lawyer On Fox News

Joyce Vance: Gaetz Looked Like Someone Who Desperately Needs A Lawyer On Fox News

New AutoFocus technology for photographers!

april fools du.:)

have heard mentioned on du vaccination passports ? what are these ?

If it's April 1st and April Fool's day?


Guess How Much Glenn Greenwald Is Estimated to Rake In Each Year From Substack?

👍😁 wonderful Tweet this morning 🥸😝

Fauci Defends Birx Against Attacks: People Should 'Cut Her Some Slack,' She Was In a Tough Situation

Second Pfizer jabs knocked us around last night

Lindsey Graham Rumored to be Resigning

INBOX: Ethics watchdog @CREWcrew files a complaint against Gov. Andrew Cuomo alleging he used...

Lawyer for Capitol Officers Suing Trump Says They Want to Know Why Rioters Weren't 'Called Off ...

What ever happened to Mr. Scorpio?

What happened to Joe Walsh?

Son Seals thread

The fourth wave is here

breakfast at the Deocrah nest right now (4/1 9:37 am EDT)

All Russian devices to be pre-installed with Russian software. Meet with SNOWDEN's sniff test?

Kentucky Waltz (Doc and Dawg)

Hillary Clinton: Filibuster should be lifted for voting rights legislation

US man returns from swift shopping trip to find 15,000 bees in his car


Top CEOs speak out against Georgia's voting restrictions

Controversial test flight aimed at cooling the planet cancelled

Consider yourself warned

Remote work is overrated. America's supercities are coming back.

'End this pandemic' Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine protections last at least 6 months

Virginia Supreme Court sides with Charlottesville over Confederate statues

Five Thoughts About the Politics of Infrastructure

'Robbery' on video

Trumpers on the rehab trail: Does America just want to forget this happened?

Matt Gaetz Is Just a Symptom - The GQP Is the Disease

Georgia House passes bill to punish Delta Airlines after CEO attacks Republican

How much forest did we lose in 2020? Like, a Netherlands' worth

Texas Senate passes restrictive new voting bill

Tax Business Owners Wealth Not The Businesses Extraction Already Done

Homemade Gnocchi in a Tomato Blue Cheese Sauce Recipe

Gaetz's latest bombshell

Montana governor signs bill banning sanctuary cities

Voters by a 2-to-1 margin prefer a $3 trillion infrastructure bill that includes tax hikes on $400K+


'Even the smallest feline is a masterpiece of nature.' - Leonardo da Vinci.

Justice Department charges Capitol rioter who allegedly tased and assaulted officer with flagpole

Rejected doodles no one wanted find their forever home

U.S. Supreme Court lets FCC loosen media ownership rules

Big News!

Terunofuji, after winning the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament,

Some of America's wealthiest hospital systems ended up even richer, thanks to federal bailouts

Today is Opening Day for MLB!!!! Unfortunately the Texas Rangers ...

Wow. Instead of being visited by a Dr, @navalny was visited by a team from RT, led by MARIA BUTINA

Joe Biden: "I'm a Union Guy."

I wonder how Kemp and his crew would react if someone giving bottled water to those

How about an infrastructure bill where only States with Senators who voted for it

The infrastructure bill is Biden politics at its purest

The Five Universal Laws of Human Stupidity-for your April Fool's Day Consideration

Heads up central WI!

US Navy: for first time in history four women of color command war ships

Pic Of The Moment: Not An April Fool's Joke

Rachel Maddow slams Missouri Republicans for ignoring citizens vote for Medicaid Expansion

Did we ever establish if Officer Chauvin was a covert racist?

Brits living in Spain face being deported to UK in just two days due to Brexit

MLB discussing options for Atlanta All-Star game following Georgia voting law

Uranus' Rings

Norman Goodwill employee returns $42K of cash found in sweater to owner

Georgia legislator arrested for protesting voting law says signing of bill 'far more serious crime'

The Pandemic's Wrongest Man

Mr. Floyd's girlfriend's testimony is interesting. Cross-rxamination

'Ridiculous': Kemp slams Biden on push to move MLB All-Star Game due to voting law

Biden Undecided on Size of Student Loan Cancellation

Your morning insurrectionist roundup

Co-Presidency - Biden hoping to bring America together by co-running the Executive Branch with Trump

Sabra recalling hummus over salmonella risk

Just read that Sarah Palin has covid and says she lost her taste.

My 18-Inch Long Johnson - LockPickingLawyer

George Takei: I am pleased to see Biden on board with restoring the corporate tax rates that Reagan

Insurrectionist Says She's Too Blonde for Jail

Got my first pfizer shot

The nastiest thing about the voter suppression bills/laws...

Cat in need of a caption. What's he saying to you?

PA couple accused of repeatedly abusing child, sometimes with Taser shocks

Cat in need of a caption. What's he saying to you?

Georgia's Republican Party accused of illegally accepting in-kind contributions from True the Vote

Can you help me with an analogy re: COVID and mask wearing?

Donald Trump's weird post-presidency shouldn't surprise you (CNN)

No foolin' - it's official. I AM RETIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden 'strongly supports' moving MLB All-Star game over new Georgia voting law

President Biden proposes $250 billion for research (science angle)

381 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs.; 10 deaths

'He's running scared': Matt Gaetz buried in mockery after his alibi gets destroyed by fact-checker

Everything You Need to Know About Georgia's New Anti-Voting Law

what does the word cloture mean as per us congress? thanks .

(PA) Fetterman raises over $3.9 million in first quarter for Senate campaign

Republicans Have Been Waiting for a Matt Gaetz Scandal to Break

True Fact

BREAKING NEWS: Nationals Opening Day postponed due to coronavirus concerns, multiple news outlets re

This person is the honest to goodness governor of a US state

Company responsible for ruining some of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has series of citations


Good Day DU (April 1, 2021)

Documents Show Trump Officials Skirted Rules To Reward Politically Connected And Untested Firms With

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are more likely gonna win.

I have no faith the SCOTUS will block any of the new voter bills

Interior Department chief of staff being removed from post after indoor party fiasco

Baby Wan Mai learns how to "elephant" from mom and nanny.

The Pandemic Is Undoing the World's Populists

Smithsonian 'photo of the day' 04-01-2021

Has anyone trolled the Q-Anon folks today.....

U.K. police officer guilty of belonging to banned neo-Nazi terror group

Business class and bureaucracy hell: Surviving global travel during Covid

Supreme Court Backs Facebook, Limits Federal Robocall Ban

Can anyone recommend a good new toilet to replace our old one with constant problems?

AZ Senator Mark Kelly is literally getting Arizonans vaccinated.

BBC: Spaghetti-Harvest in Ticino

These ancient Americans mummified parrots. No one knows why

Uranus is emitting X-rays, and scientists want to take a closer look...

361 bills to restrict voting rights introduced in 47 states as of March 24

Major Lazer - Titans (feat. Sia & Labrinth) (Official Music Video) Premiered 69 minutes ago

(CA) Recent rains send contaminated Tijuana River water farther north

The War of the Worlds 2021 - Matthew Cooke

Vaccine Or Strait Jacket Choose One

Grotesque bigot/antivaxer Laurie Cardoza Moore poised for seat on state textbook board

What a Pepsi can says about the GOP's rift with corporate Atlanta

Fever Dreams Podcast (Twisted Tales of The RW) Why QAnon Is So Bummed to See the Suez Ship Go Free

San Diego Pride announces plans for 2021 in light of continuing COVID-19 pandemic

FDA authorizes rapid at-home Covid-19 tests without a prescription

Defiant Marjorie Taylor Greene Creates Own House Committee on Semitic Aerospace Weaponry

Lowering the age for Medicare eligibility.

Hunters Wreaking Havoc on Roaming of African Elephants

Research Reveals New Link In Australasian and South American Ancestry

Thom Hartman on Sirius XM Progress just mentioned a post on DU!

US factory activity expands at fastest pace since 1983

Ocasio-Cortez rips 'barbaric' conditions at border

Virginia Has Outlawed The LGBTQ+ 'Panic' Defense

Dems AOC & Henry CUELLAR need to focus on border root causes, not give wingnuts ammo

Biden is looking into his 'legal authority' to cancel student loan debt, White House Chief of Staff

Oldest Known Saltworks in Britain Found on North Sea Coast

Opening Day has to be two of the most beautiful words in the English language.

All adults in Virginia will be elegible for a COVID-19 vaccine by April 18

Alabama yoga bill stalls after conservative groups object

Ex-Pence Aide Helps Lead GOP Assault Against Biden Tax Increases that pay for Infrastructure Plan

Almost third of UK Covid hospital patients readmitted within four months

George Takei hoists Georgia on its own petard!

The Texas Covid Undercount: In 239 of 254 Counties Cause of Death Determined by Justice of the Peace

China and Iran announced a new economic and security partnership. That's not as alarming as it sound

Puerto Rico vaccinates thousands in 15-hour mass event

Democratic senator Tina Smith: 'I'd vote to get rid of the filibuster hook, line and sinker'

Marine Corporal Is Outside Cruz's House Demanding Answers for His Anti-Military Nonsense

Gaetz runs the Trump playbook for scandal: Keep talking, and talking

Anyone here collect dolls as a hobby? Just got into it

Illegal card readers found at Bristol gas pumps

Hallmark Is Playing Christmas Movies ALL YEAR LONG, Starting Right Now

The fourth wave is here

Illegal card readers found at Bristol, Virginia, gas pumps

BROKEN: Former POTUS Plans to Build Replica White House in Florida

WATCH NOW: No one injured when deer smashes through windshield of Powhatan school bus

State Supreme Court rules recall petition for Seattle Councilwoman Sawant can go forward

too cool for school

Voters support paying for infrastructure with taxes, especially a tax on the wealthy, poll says

Dept of Health & Human Services PSA: "It's Time"

Church barred woman from fishing trip because male pastor wanted to avoid 'false accusations'

Dept of Health & Human Services PSA: "Protecting Our Lives"

Outstanding vaccine news (UK)

Maria Butina Visits Navalny in Prison

Are you a robot? Choose the images that belong.

Marjorie Taylor Greene offers bills to fire Fauci, ban vaccine passports

Do You Like To Identify As A Christian ...

The usual suspects

Gaetz, on the ropes, finds few friends in GOP

Donald Trump Jr. buys mansion 20 miles from Mar-a-Lago

Steve Guttenberg: 'I learned humility from Laurence Olivier'

Georgia House threatens Delta tax break after CEO slammed new voting restrictions

Length of vaccine efficacy

Congressman says GOP is the party of 'working class' people -- who voted for Biden

Arizona Senate hires firm that spread election lie to audit county results

Biden administration rejects Trump's anti-LGBTQ international rights commission

How Domestic Sheep Threaten the West's Wild Bighorns

Marjorie Taylor Greene offers bills to fire Fauci, ban vaccine passports

tourists to SF try to get their stuff back from robbers - at great risk to themselves

Sen. Mark Kelly helps administer vaccines in Arizona

US Senate seats that Democrats are likely going to win in 2022.

New York man charged w/ climbing the fence and illegally entering......CIA headquarters in Virginia

Amtrak releases map of expanded US rail network it says it can build with $80 billion from Biden's i

This smart-ass Jan-6th rioter will have a rude awakening in court...

Covid vaccine scheme 'unacceptably slow' in Europe, says WHO

Who Backed Up Their Data Since Yesterday?

I'm at a loss to figure out Chauvin's defense attorney's questioning

The Right Curriculum? How PragerU Infiltrates Schools.

U.S. Seeks to Revive Iran Talks by Working Through Allies

UW Study Finds 89% Of King County Masked Up In Public

A plane dropped a pink cloud in gender-reveal stunt. Then it fell to the sea, killing two,

Question for Anyone or Everyone About This Defense Lawyer?

Proposed law would make businesses post signs saying they allow trans people to use the bathroom

Careful who you talk to

North Carolina Tar Heels basketball coach Roy Williams retires

Olympia police chief candidate pulled gun at meeting in joke about mentally ill person

ACLU: The Links Between Racialized and Gender-Based Violence

What Amtrak's expansion plan would look like for New England

The Republican Poseurs Who Claim to Be True Texans

Republicans seek DOJ briefing on claims of 'suspicious' pre-Jan. 6 Capitol tours

Shadow Loves To Dance In The Wind Blowing Through The Barn

Shadow Loves To Dance In The Wind Blowing Through The Barn

Key Parts of Biden Plan Are Extremely Popular

We can do this': Biden unveils pro-vaccine TV ads, network of grass-roots leaders to push shots

Can someone please explain to me...

Anyone have a good article explaining HR1 (the voting rights bill)?

Joe's 71 Days Stats

Georgia Faces Growing Backlash Over Voter Law

The Best of 2020, as Told by Spitting Image

Obamacare Premium Cut In Half!

Here's my idea for giving water to people in Georgia voting lines.

Patriotic enough?

Trump's former bodyguard: 'He's not a man of his word!'

McConnell says GOP won't support Biden's infrastructure plan, vows to fight Democratic agenda

In honor of April Fools Day, I wish to remind you of a DU classic: "Oscar the mixed animal."

Australia announces $10 immigration program for US Citizens on Social Security.

MLB's first HR of '21... in the snow!

Today's Opening Snow Ball Game:

Rescued bull terrier attempts to befriend grumpy cat

Amtrak vows grand expansion under Biden's infrastructure plan.

"...we should be paying particular attention to what is happening in TX..."

from Jamie Raskin:

Pete Buttigieg slams Texas 'Ideological experiments are catching up with them' 'Not befitting '

The battle to control America's 'most destructive' species: feral pigs

Proclivity for younger women': Gaetz's colleagues say he has a 'love of alcohol & illegal drugs...

WHO study in Wuhan offers no definitive answers on coronavirus origins


Remarkable drone footage of Icelandic volcano

These billionaires are paying too much tax in 2021? HA!

Wisconsin gov. asks court to make Sidney Powell pay state's legal fees for fighting bogus...

British Artist Ian Davey Paints Masterpieces on Swan Feathers

Two weeks and two days after my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, I am lightheaded.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee comes out strong for expanding Supreme Court: I'm glad you hear me now.

Matt Gaetz Vehemently Denies Wrist Full Of Sex Bracelets Has Anything To Do With 17-Year-Old

The conservative movement is rejecting America

Cartoons 4/1/2021

Rosalita: Bruce Springsteen, The E St Band, Live London

The City of Everett decries white nationalist propaganda

Vaccines hit 2.9 million per day in US

North Korean hackers return, target infosec researchers in new operation

LOL. This Fox-PAC graphic looks pretty good to me.

Teidrich for the win:

I haven't felt like this before

Sen. John Kennedy says the Texas power grid failures were basically the cost of doing business

I am bullish on Kudzu. It's going places!

Ken Burns: People are making lots of money off 'the big lie' of US election fraud

And the Oscar goes to...

Derek Chauvin used force against suspects before George Floyd. The jury won't hear about 6 of those

Fight for #BlackMaternalHealth

Judge: US agency illegally paid for Colorado predator hunt

California man accused of using stun gun on police officer who had a heart attack during the Capitol

2CELLOS are back!!

Mitch told Pres. Biden his package is "too big" 😆

Baby elephant chasing birds.. 😊

A man in Wyoming is charged with threatening to kill Rep. Matt Gaetz and other Republican officials

Gaetz Investigation Includes Misuse of Campaign Funds

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Proposes Making Fauci's Salary $0

Just how severe will America's minority rule become?

What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

Bruch, Scottish Fantasy

New GOP-led voting restrictions move forward in Texas

"I tried to give him a second chance of life..." because he was a human being!

*8:00 PM -- All the King's Men (1949)

Puppy Shadow loved to chase sticks.

Joe Scarborough Slams Fox News By Airing 'Deeply Offensive' Clip

Puppy Shadow loved to chase sticks.

Charlotte-area productions among movies fueling return to film in 2021 for N.C.

Fox News Signs Bret Baier to Long-Term Contract Extension

Has anyone mentioned that today is Rachel Maddow's Birthday?

NEW from Eleven Films: Enough is Enough

Who is the woman questioning witnesses today? RE: Derek Chauvin trial

Trump Hosts 'Very Special Person' Marjorie Taylor Greene at Mar-a-Lago

Nebraska's Deb Fischer joins six Democrats in letter raising questions about SpaceCom site

Here's How Joe Biden Did Last Time He Threw Out an Opening Day First Pitch

Biden Promised an LGBT Bill. Joe Manchin Is Poised To Kill It.

The frivolous defamation lawsuits by Devin Nunes and company finally earn sanctions..

There's a great story out of Berkeley about the legiblity of license plates.

US officials raise concern about rising Russian-Ukrainian tensions

Anxiety of state test for students grows among parents and teachers

EMT testimony

Mets-Nationals Opening Day game postponed due to coronavirus

witness: There is no reason Minneapolis (police) couldn't have started chest compressions

Antony Blinken Demolishes Mike Pompeo's Twisted Human Rights Approach

DUer in serious surgery today, Chin Music ...

Derek Chauvin used force against arrestees 6 other times. The jury in the George Floyd case won't he

Texas Senate Votes To Punish Wind, Solar For Blackouts Caused By Coal, Oil, Nuclear

Alabama legislature upholds ban on yoga in schools b/c it might cause kids to convert to Hinduism

I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Biden Administration

Biden Promised an LGBT Bill. Joe Manchin Is Poised To Kill It.

Biden Promised an LGBT Bill. Joe Manchin Is Poised To Kill It.

Inspector general report shows Capitol Police knew 'Congress itself is the target on the 6th'

Well, this is just great! I've come down with a wicked case of Shingles!

Christian group blasts Taylor Greene over vaccine criticism

Yay Biden Judges!

Re: Maddow. Just to clarify a couple key points on Biden's plan

Gov. Abbot who uses a wheelchair expected to sign bill against drive-thru voting

Chauvin Trial: Was Narcan given by cops or EMTs?

Fmr. Federal Prosecutor: 'Wisdom Is Not Driving The Day For Matt Gaetz'

Average excess mortality for various countries from March 2020 to January 2021

Your Thursday Psaki

Inside the 'Lord of the Flies' factionalism now plaguing Trumpland

April Fools Karen!

Frosted, Sprayed and Feathered: 20 Hair Product Ads from the 1970s

GOP candidate says God thinks she's 'cute'

High court: Charlottesville can remove Confederate statues

Maria Butina, Russian agent who infiltrated NRA, visits Navalny in jail, with video cameras in tow

Gaetz is an alleged sex trafficker and COVID is on the rise again, and the

McConnell said on infrastructure plan: 'I'm going to fight them every step of the way'

Police Say They Shot and Killed 'Armed' 13-Year-Old Boy in Chicago

Wasn't today the day the insurrectionist in chief was supposed to regain the presidency?

"Xanadu" -- Olivia Newton-John & Gene Kelly's '80s/'40s Hybrid E.L.O. Roller Disco

Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs fed FBI agents information on antifa, was cozy with Oregon cops

Give this reporter a raise.

Russian diplomats complain of acute shortages in North Korea causing foreign exodus

Yian Garguga fight

Maria Butina, Russian agent who infiltrated NRA, visits Navalny in jail, with video cameras in tow

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are likely gonna be winning.

Corruption In Centerville: A Murder Mystery

CEO killed in plane crash was financing an international drug ring and building a Submarine

Amy Schumer explains in less two minutes why the For the People Act is so important

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #10-9: Rule 80: Don't Invite The Former President To Your Wedding Edition

Shots fired inside Alabama high school cafeteria

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 1, 2021

Why buying a fake COVID-19 vaccination card could be a public health risk

If you don't need a mask, because God will protect you


Fire Lookout Moon

One bad apple spoils the barrel.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 5 April 2021

Question about Freight trains

They finally located the original all hat and no cattle guy!

Orange County gunman, shooting seems to be related to business dispute, mobile home company

Marc Elias/Democracy Docket doing the best work on voting rights- can you support them?

Shutting down the 'Kennedy would be a conservative' claims in 1 post

The smugglers at the Mexico border are heartless and vicious.

It's April Fool's Day, so what the heck: The Pepsi Syndrome from SNL!

House Democrats Tap Rep. Jamie Raskin To Craft Organizing Efforts.

Is this former police super

April Fools Day, George Plimpton and The Curious Case of Sidd Finch (a blast from the past)

Bipartisanship Is Not the Goal

IA Junior US Senator Joni Ernst's birth last name is Culver.

House GOP Wants Briefing on Tours Before Riot

Key Parts of Biden Plan Are Extremely Popular

On this day, April 1, 1975, the Bay City Rollers TV show "Shang-a-Lang" premiered.

Video of Obnoxious MAGA anti-masker spewing disinformation on a bullhorn out his window, and...

U.S. Factory Activity Booms

Lindsey Graham, fresh off a patrol in the south Texas bush...

we got our bank statement today. No stimulus checks deposited!

This is so sad... and so gross

Nearly 7 million uninsured Americans qualify for free health insurance...

Justice Department is working with tribes to help find missing persons

Biden Abandons Trump-Era Cuts to Food Stamps

Terrified Stray Dog Finds The Perfect Family

Car Drama And A Question

"I am chemistry taught me to fully inhabit my mixed identities."

CNN Matt Gaetz + Nude photos were the tease before the ad break at 6:22 EST

Car Drama And A Question. Reposted From The Lounge

One hundred years ago today, on April 1, 1921, Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith was born.

Gaetz showed nude photos of women he said he'd slept with to lawmakers, sources tell CNN

Lunch at the "Gris"

Side-By-Side Pics Of Cats Before And After They Grow Up

Vaccine Passports and the Categorical Impermissibility of Inconveniencing Republicans

Feds looking into whether Gaetz used cash & drugs and campaign money with young women

Mozart Turkish Rondo

Ew. Gaetz just keeps getting sleazier and sleazier.

Brought donuts to work.................

Matt Gaetz sex trafficking scandal now includes 'cash and drugs' focus: CNN

US draws close to 100M vaccinations as baseball resumes

Would this qualify as tweet of the day?

Leyna Bloom makes history in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Looks like GOP will rally around their new God; the AR-15.

When did the Q nonsense about pizzagate begin?

4/2 Mike Luckovich: Taking credit


AOC suggests Mexico ban Ted Cruz from vacationing there after he accuses her of pushing open borders

I visit a friend, who is progressive, and lives in a Crazy Reich

New York City Loses Appeal on Lawsuit Seeking to Hold Big Oil Liable for Climate Change

Manchin after border visit: 'Past time to do immigration reform'

My wife's translation of The Gospels

What Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan means for you

Wouldn't it be funny if some of Matt Gaetz's 'conquests' started spilling the beans on him??

Remember when people here were convincing themselves that Manchin would switch to the Republicans?

GOP lawmakers repeal Kansas mask mandate, lawsuits expected against local orders

Washington health officials urge to get in vaccine line as soon as possible, take whichever shot

Our magnolia glows pink in the back yard, the apricots and peaches and redbud are "showing

Officials: Swastikas found at UConn on Passover

California voters aren't ready to get rid of their governor

Taking Credit (Luckovich)

President Biden says Rangers opening Globe Life Field at full capacity is 'a mistake'

Maryland to use federal stimulus aid for broadband, poor families.

Analysis reveals nearly 200 died in Texas cold storm and blackouts, almost double the official count

Chauvin's supervisor says there was no justification to keep knee on George Floyd's neck

Fort Worth-Based American Airlines 'Strongly Opposed' To Texas Bills Limiting Voter Access

Chargers co-owner wants team sold to relieve debt in NFL family feud

WSDOT Begins Annual Spring Clearing On Mountain Passes

A week in which Chauvin and Gaetz are both getting their crap called out

Winger - Seventeen

PM Update: Widespread freeze tonight, with cold conditions lingering Friday

Americans Hit the Brakes on Home-Buying Activity