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Protests erupt in Chile after police fatally shoot street juggler

Thanks everyone for the Valentine hearts

Protests erupt in Chile after police fatally shoot street juggler


Here is a thought.

Dingell 'very concerned' about lowering threshold for stimulus

Sen. Ron Johnson Melts Down And Blames Nancy Pelosi For Capitol Attack [so does Mark Meadows11]

White House Chief of Staff: "Things moving in the right direction!"

Got my first shot

Seven ways to restore our press freedoms before we end up with another authoritarian dictator

Peanut Brittle Recipe

First time I received hearts on the first day! Thank you, nice person.

Anyone else remember income averaging from the early 80's?

WSHA: Hundreds of thousands of counterfeit N95 masks purchased by Washington hospitals

I am sorry.

omg...roflmao "Karen" Metal ...She has talent maybe

Crock Pot Candy

"Welcome to the Psychiatric Care Hotline" (joke)

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Don't Be Distracted

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Sign outsde of store in Seattle

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Thank you for my hearts, you wonderful people! Got back from an errand, and there it was! What

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Shelter Posts Hilariously Honest Description Of Cat Leads To Reunion With His Owner

Migrant Parents Separated From Kids Since 2018 Return to US

Viral Tweet Proves You Should Never Give Up!

Cat Is SO Gentle With His Squirrel Brother

Ivanka Trump Used Daddy's Job To Steal MILLIONS

RW activist on Marjorie Taylor-Greene: 'We can't be held accountable for every crazy thing we say'

Hard workin' Joe

So my Trump Chump that I have a bet with regarding Nancy Pelosi's arrest

LOL! Spotted At The Superbowl

Honoring the Birthday of Sandra Bland

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If democrats do not call witnesses they are doing the trial half-ass.

Bijli Celebrates 10 Years of Freedom with Wildlife SOS!

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Big Majority Approve of Biden's Pandemic Response

Countries That Allow Or Assist Gender Self-Determination

Super Bowl Pro-Tip for Trump Supporters

Has any documentary been done on Putin's billion dollar palace?

COVID variant case confirmed in Kent Co.

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Anybody watching the commercials for the Super Bowl?

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Xiao Qi Ji's Epic & Silly Fruitie Battle with Momma

Ruined. Just Ruined

Spoiler alert - Aus Open tennis

OMG my Chiefs are having a rough game

Point Me to A Thread, Please

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stupid questions but: could someone please explain this qanon business to me?

Buddhism and giving anonymous gifts,,,Like a DU star.

Amanda Gorman just performed before the Super Bowl.

Microscopic Baby Mouse Grows Up And Eats Tiny Pizzas

Ctrl+C; Ctrl+V

Alfie will make you fall in love with alpacas

Let's talk about two schools of thought and change....

Superbowl champion takes a year off to work in long term care home during Covid.

A dude in @CranfordTwpNJ built a 14' tall Lincoln Memorial sculpture out of snow on his front yard:

"This icicle looks just like a beautiful frozen hummingbird"--yes, it does!

Time lapse oil painting: lemon with blue and white bowl

Kenya is planting trees with seed balls covered in charcoal dust to keep animals from eating them

Another Superb Owl: Marilyn Monrowl

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So every year I hand out my valentine hearts in this group

To whom it may concern, I love you back!

A dung beetle walks into a bar...

Four Years Ago...

I would have loved

Ron Johnson and Mark Meadows with the exact same message.

Bumper sticker. Ever take too long to find your turn-off?

Worst. Super Bowl. Ever.

Thanks for the hearts. They warm mine.

*All Creatures Great and Small on Masterpiece 9 p.m. PBS

Red Wolf Lovingly Cleans Snow Off His Mate

Some scientists believe life may have started on Mars -- here's why

WE scandal was a nothingburger. Conservative tears must be flowing:

Dems could lose up to 11 seats in the Senate before the next election --

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Hate to say it but Tom Brady is getting Ring #7.

I'm watching the puppy bowl

'Living the dream': Slain FBI special agent remembered by family, colleagues

Statler, at 33 years old the world's oldest bat in a sanctuary, is pampered every day.

Rand Paul Has Been Reduced To Nothing But A Trump Shill

To those who gave me hearts-----thank you for your kindness. I never know what else to say. nt

Lol Four Seasons Landscaping Super Bowl Commercial

Ha, Fivvr ad - mocked the 4Seasons landscaping. LOL n/t

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I love that most high priced football analysts picked KC over Tampa Bay.

Darn it!! I missed Kitten Bowl VIII. I am so disappointed.

Buh-bye, delusional log cabin Trumpy Frumpies. Hello equity and compassion

Michigan man, 26, killed after cannon used at baby shower explodes

Keb' Mo' - Soon As I Get Paid

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Thank you for the hearts. 💕

It's only "cancel culture" when Republicans face consequences:

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i am so happy to see Hearts. My Birthday is just before V day & I always seem to SHARE

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President Biden's Super bowl Interview

Moody Blues - Land of Make Believe

Elizabeth Warren tweet:

About Despoil

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Some selfless and kind DU'er

199 House Republicans have embraced anti-Semitism and violence -Milbank

AOC tweet--She's absolutely right!

In honor of DU's "Hearts Week" I will post love songs!! You are also invited!

Really sweet/beautiful Bud commercial!

Got my first Pfizer vaccine at Greenville convention center this weekend.

Here's to the season of love on DU.

Tweet: "FACT: COVID has killed 1 in 702 Americans."

Boycotts won't work: Fox doesn't rely on advertisers for its income

Moody Blues - Lovely To See You

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Moody Blues - It's Up To You

To the Re-united States of America

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Well, KC fans.

Thanks to all of you tonight for the hearts.

Don't give me hearts, I do not deserve them.

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Higher Income People Paid Higher Income Taxes In Most Cases - They Should Get Rebate

The grift that keeps on giving

Amanda Gorman, in a first, brings poetry to Super Bowl

Where's Dandy Don when you need him

Thank you for my heart. How such a simple thing makes me smile. I am so glad for DU,

This rebellious female painter of bold nude portraits has been overlooked for a century

Officer fired for physically harassing a co-worker, mocking her fear of covid-19, police say

We are going to get there

Thank you to the kind, sweet, and wonderful people who gave me hearts!

Top Conservative Lawyer Says Trump Can Stand Trial

This rebellious female painter of bold nude portraits has been overlooked for a century

One of Washington's leading conservative constitutional lawyers calls BS on GOP claim that Trump

Insurrection Day: Pre-Impeachment Trial links Pt.16

Tampa Bay isn't really winning the super bowl.

Morning on Yellowstone Lake

Well, at least the Bucs will have a real President in White House,.......

Top Republican suggests she'd vote to convict Trump at trial ON FOX NEWS - Brian Tyler Cohen

9 points?

Why we elected you . . .

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Thanks for the valentine heart!

GOP registration drop after Capitol attack is part of larger trend

I Really Appreciate The Hearts...

Fareed Zakaria questions China's ambassador to the US about Uyghurs and minority groups (CNN)

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Stacey Abrams: Our Democracy Faced A Near Death Experience. Here's How To Revive It

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Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Dismantle Kansas City to Win Super Bowl 55

They went bust in the Great Recession. Now, in their 80s, the pandemic took their jobs

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If you want to send a Valentine's Day card to someone you DON'T like

Sleepless nights. Double shifts. COVID-19 is forcing high school students to help support families

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WAIT. It is not over.

We're in a 1 in a 100 years global crisis, yet we're still haggling over public support

Cool the Super Bowl is over

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The major goal of this week's impeachment trial 'is not to convict Trump of inciting insurrection'

Best SB commercial ?

Police unions

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LOL! Funny tweet:

Thanks from my heart to yours.

"The unfair power dynamic between women tipped workers and male customers"

shocking smash-and-grab break-in of a car merging on to freeway in San Francisco has gone viral.

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A consummation devoutly to be wished (2nd tweet; 1st tweet is a response to Giuliani):

Trust the plan.

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

What a great day... we got 6 inches of "aesthetic" snow last night (woke up to it this morning)

Bizarre Giuliani tweet blames Antifa & BLM for the January 6 insurrection!

The Living Son Of A Slave: At 88, He Is A Historical Rarity

NYT "The Women Who Paved the Way for Marjorie Taylor Greene"

Chicago mayor touts deal with union to reopen schools

Chicago mayor touts deal with union to reopen schools

Scared stray dog decides to let herself be rescued -- now she kayaks with Mom

Give Ottawa Public Health a participation ribbon

US House seats Democrats will gain or lose in 2022.

The week ahead

I need recommendations for a tasty dry cat food

Wynton Marsalis.....

Thank you. I love the heart!

Trump Donor/Judge McFadden's Track Record; Insurrectionists Vacay in Mexico/Eating Organic Cuisine

Rescue kanga-dog insists on daily couch cuddles with dad

US Senate seats Democrats will gain or lose in 2022.

Heart Appreciation Thread

Joe Biden Says Trump Administration's Handling of COVID-19 'More Dire Than We Thought'

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Wynton Marsalis JR Morton, JRBlues

some footage from demonstration(?) in Bellingham. WA when homeless were kicked off

SORROW / lynch.

Thank you to whoever gave me a heart.

Chris Wallace debunks Rand Paul's argument against Trump's conviction TO HIS FACE- Brian Tyler Cohen

Jungle Blues....

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Every year Hearts at DU comes around and I'm all "silly hearts thing,"

Ivanka Trump Thinks Her "Political Reemergence" Is Just Around The Corner

Merci, mysterious heart bequeather.

Leftist Arauz to face Indigenous fellow leftist Perez in Ecuador presidential runoff

Leftist Arauz to face Indigenous fellow leftist Perez in Ecuador presidential runoff

Thank you, danke, merci, grazie...for the hearts!

Please pray for my friends. Their teen was in a car that was hijacked-tried to get out was dragge

Memories of last year's Super Bowl celebration.

Remember, GQP Senators ...

Dear Secret Admirers, thank you for your generous gifts. I ❤ you back. nt

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【ダウトNEW SINGLE】鬼願 MV FULL Cheat--Demon Wish

Matt Gaetz Makes Embarrassing Sacrifice For Trump

JINJER - Sit Stay Roll Over (Official Music Video)

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History is not yet finished

MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM [L'Arc〜en〜Ciel LIVE 2014 at National Studium] LIVE

Congratulations to Super Bowl 55 Champions Kansas City!

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: A Black woman will be the world's top trade official for the first time

Rhetoric fueled rioters

Introducing a soon to be former stray cat to my house cat

Tokusou Sentai DEKARANGER(特捜戦隊デカレンジャー) by PSYCHIC LOVER

We may never know who won...!

Rep. Schiff on MSNBC: If Trump Isn't Convicted, He'll Put This Country Through Hell Again

Trump's Wash. D.C. Hotel Nearly Triples Its Rates For His 'Second Inauguration' On March 4

High and Mighty Color - Ichirin no Hana PV BEST QUALITY HD 1280x720

Alaska plans screening changes after '3REICH' license plate

The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

@ the snowy creek

Joe Biden and Jill Biden Honor Front-Line Heroes at Super Bowl LV - NowThis News

☦ Orthodox Christianity: On the Mystery of Marriage in the Orthodox Church

Stephen King helps Maine kids publish pandemic-inspired book

Owner of the newsstand/bodega said FLOTUS Jill Biden stopped by unannounced last week

alice nine. - RAINBOWS (HD)

How the Sunday News Shows downplayed the upcoming Insurrection Day Impeachment Trial

X-JAPAN : Tears

Alice Nine - Fantasy

FBI Washington Field releases new photos

OST DENSHA OTOKO - Sambomaster (Sekai Wa Sore Wo Ai To Yobundaze)

If senators abstain does it still count as a 'no' vote for impeachment?

Who needs the Rapture when QAnon is cooking up conspiracy stew?

Candy heart

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 2/1/21

Blue beads in the tundra: The first U.S. import from Europe?

When dumpy was in office we were all about "Release the Tapes"

The Daily Social Distancing Show: This Week's Coronavirus Updates - Week of 2/1/21

覚醒ロック/GOMES THE HITMAN(リモート・セッションver.)Awakening Rock / GOMES THE HITMAN

Towns and businesses across Alaska brace for a second summer without cruise ship tourists

dir en grey: ware yami tote LIVE

Judge puts plans for gravel construction and mining at large Alaska oil discovery on hold for up to

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Full GameStop Uprising Saga

A thousand thanks for my heart!

Anchorage Assembly to consider taking action against member who made controversial statements on Naz

Insurrection BINGO cards for all who want to follow along

Will Merrick Garland release the FULL unredacted Mueller Report?

Do You Know How The Senate Filibuster Works? Tiffany Cross Explains To Viewers - MSNBC

Renaissance man Shawn Lyons, who wrote the book on Alaska hiking, dies at 66

Buccaneers put on a clinic on how to stop Mahomes

Territorial governors seek comment period extension for threatened coral

IPI found in contempt of court, again

'Add PR, USVI, Guam, A. Samoa to SSI'

How the GOP Surrendered to Extremism

Any others who don't file and just get SS stiil haven't

Thanks for the star . Makes my day. It's so cold here

Waking up at 4 a.m with Oreos

How One Supreme Court Decision Increased Discrimination Against LGBTQ Couples

Russia vaccine at 91% efficacy; now a favorite in pandemic fight

I HATE HEARTS WEEK... but thank you for the hearts...

Biden withdraws Cenzon nomination to federal court

Michael Cohen: Does Donald Trump have a 'secret' pardon? 60 Minutes Australia

Hawaii Confirms Presence Of More Contagious COVID-19 Variant

OAN must pay Rachel Maddow $250,000

Feds Fine Hilo Veterans Home $500,000 Over Deadly COVID-19 Outbreak

Campaign paid AZ lawmaker amidst efforts to overturn election

Michigan man sentenced for pointing BB gun at Black man who was grilling with his child

Impeachment Trial

Impeachment trial memorandum is damning

Paying more for booze? Lawmakers seek a 3 year surcharge in alcohol tax

New greenhouse donated to Davidson County jail, expanding horticulture program

Emoluments fight's just getting started

Impeachment trial a referendum on voters' constitutional responsibility

Ok, let's make this easy for Repuglicans to understand

AP Confirms - Deadly India Flood Was Caused By Glacial Outburst Flood; 9 Dead, 100+ Missing

Stephen Colbert's Super Bowl Special - Monologue and Opening - 2/7/21

Hosts liable for underage drinking on Maui

Sea Otters Dying In Prime Of Life; Toxic Algae Blooms Produce Domoic Acid Which Causes Heart Attacks

if all the legal points were counted, the Chiefs won in a landslide. a sacred landslide

Vaccines - pre-medicate or NOT, an answer

Alberta County Was Working On Developing Ecotourism; No, Sorry, We'll Be Mining Coal, Said Province

Stephen Colbert: Guest Robert Downey Jr.

Biden Team Lawyering Up In Preparation For Challenges On Bears Ears, Other National Monuments

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Thank you all for the hearts!

Biden's Schedule for Monday, February 8, 2021

Lackey Rand Paul: Trump To Blame Black People For Inciting Violence As Impeachment Defense

Mount Rushmore Sunrise

Another Heart! THNAKS!

My class is sending drawings and letters to @VP We can't wait for you to get them in the mail!

This is Paul. He's a retired racing greyhound from Florida. Just moved to Philly with his new family

A very warm heartfelt Thank You for the heart...

Breakfast Monday 8 February 2021

Blush...Thank You for another heart...

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Amanda Gorman performing at the #SuperBowl

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Biden Sets Up Review of Trump's Deportations of Military Veterans and Their Families

Thank you for the heart...

Biden to review deportations of veterans, military family that occurred under Trump

Impeach and try the ex-president already. Nature abhors a vacuum.

Alberta's Premier Self-Immolating; "Incredibly Arrogant" Administration Laced With Clueless Clowns

Eric Boehlert: Biden's already "uniting" the country -- his agenda is wildly popular

Oxford Covid vaccine 10% effective against South African variant, study suggests

Was trapped in my car by my seatbelt

Kagan warns the Supreme Courts new Covid Decision may kill people

Tesla buys $1.5 billion in bitcoin and plans to start accepting it as payment for products

⭐ You like me! You REALLY LIKE me! (Thanks for the 💖s!!)

Joe: Every year service members around the world gather to watch the Super Bowl -- and tonight, I cal

Pundits are saying the Senate will vote to acQuit - I'm not so sure.....

"Yargle, Bargle, AND Blargh." by Tom Tomorrow

Pope seeks 'Copernican revolution' for post-COVID economy

Ok thanks for hearts

Democratic state lawmakers want to tax flared, vented natural gas. Texas oil industry says no.

Woo Hoo! I got a heart. I'll be sure to pay it forward. nt

A Veteran ExxonMobil Engineer Quits After Waiting For Years For Company To Change; He's Not Alone

Boom! MSNBC is reporting impeachment managers will show new evidence

A Caucus Full of Cowards

Thank you dear hearts for the dear hearts.❤️

thank you for all the hearts! Great way to start a Monday...

Oxford Covid vaccine has 10% efficacy against South African variant, study suggests

Conner Capel, Kacy Clemens - son of Roger - awarded $3.24M in lawsuit against bar (GRAPHIC WARNING)

For card carrying Repukes

February 7, 1964: Beatles arrive for first American tour at newly-named JFK Airport, New York

Are professional sports games "rigged"?

Elon Musk just put $1.5 BILLION dollars into bitcoin, holy cow!

I was randomly hearted!

I am so glad that the trial of Donald J Trump starts tomorrow..


Mum's Chocolate/Coffee/Rum and Pecan Fudge and My Jerk Chicken and Corn Soup

Know your parasites.

I'm loving the Hearts sent my way

Many thanks to my heart donors ❤️

Joe making me late for work

The Rundown: February 8, 2021

The future of the GOP consists of nutjobs, cheaters and Ron DeSantis

Why am I getting these hearts? I am a miserable cantankerous

Larry "Coke Is It!" Kudlow Gives Away The Game, Refers To Fossil Fuels Among "Other Cultural Issues"


Alcohol sales on Sundays in Texas could be a reality with this new bill

Transplant recipients/Pfizer vaccine

LOL. When a tweet mixes politics, the Superbowl and pop culture perfectly.

I still wake up wondering what hell trump has released

Monday TOONs - oQQam's Razor

How we became a nation of so many dupes and fools

John Fetterman launches Senate bid in Pennsylvania

*****Submission Thread for the February Contest***"NATIONAL and State Parks***

Trickle down Trumpism: How Pennsylvania's Republican Party radicalized against democracy

If the Catholic Church Were a Country, It Would Be the Third Most Populous After China and India.

"Ride Like a Girl". What a wonderful, feel good movie!

Some of the republican senators have to be really pissed at Trump and what they are

*****DISCUSSION Thread for the February Contest***"NATIONAL and State Parks***

Covid progress

Inside Bidenworld's plan to punish the GOP for opposing Covid relief

Have some leftover Buffalo chicken dip. Thinking about mixing it with mac and cheese for dinner.

The Best (but Mostly the Worst) Super Bowl Commercials of 2021

Damage Wrought by Trump's Border Wall "Will Not Ever Be Remediated or Mitigated"

Great read: The Dangers of the Derp State

Republicans censured Elizabeth Warren for reading a letter from MLK's wife -- but Cruz and Hawley...

If you ever visit Kentucky, try not to drink the water there

What a wonderful way to wake up! Hearts! My deepest thanks to my incredible heart donors.

Forces That Stopped Obama Recovery Will Not Stop Biden

'I Hope to God I Live Up to It'

Convict - TLP

Evers: Budget to have legal marijuana provision

Super Bowl Presidential trivia!!!

To participate in the February photo contest ***National and State Parks*** go here

Florida's push of SunRail to DeLand means state keeps commuter rail for 3 more years

To participate in February's photo contest ***National and State Parks*** go here

What you need to know about the coronavirus variants

Biden Signals He Won't Shrink Relief Package

How did your pets come into your life?

The Religious Right's Rhetoric Fueled the Insurrection

Boogie on Reggae Woman

Stormy Daniels for the Win

President Biden is making a big bet on full employment

Thank you to the wonderful friends who have sent me my ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Most Want Trump Convicted

Biden administration to rejoin U.N. Human Rights Council in another reversal of Trump

TPM--Report: Schumer Privately Arguing Against Having Witnesses At Impeachment Trial

Report: Schumer Privately Arguing Against Having Witnesses At Impeachment Trial

Joe Jaworski makes his case to be Texas Attorney General

Branded - TLP

Bibi's Corruption trial began today

Lincoln Project: We need 5,000 people to respond to this tweet with

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley used campaign funds to pay for $197 in food during family Universal Stud

What was the song that was #1 on your 7th birthday?

Secret admirers are delightful, but only one of you can be my favorite.

Thanks to another kind DUer who gave me a heart!

Contradicting his entire career, Ted Cruz claims to be a champion for unions

'I lost all touch with reality': Recovering QAnon believer shares harrowing experiences

Hope Kamala & Doug have fit Secret Service agents

Dying of Covid in a 'Separate and Unequal' L.A. Hospital

Request for assistance

McConnell and Schumer close to a deal on trial rules. Some of the details below...

Republicans censured Elizabeth Warren for reading a letter from MLK's wife --

DCCC releases Spanish language ads hitting GOP on Qanon

Of all the times to fully retire, I choose now.

Biden says women dropping out of workforce, closed schools are "national emergency"

Once again, Politico Playbook is best experienced as a Star Wars crawl

Congo working to stop new Ebola outbreak in country's east

Fareed Zakaria slams Romney's disingenuous statesmanship. Blames leaders for GOP's looney turn.

Minneapolis police tapped Google to identify George Floyd protesters

Democrats want $3,600 per child tax credits in Covid relief bill

H.E.R. Amazing performance at the Super Bowl

Anger is their only diet

The coronavirus vaccines have shattered expectations

YOU raised $25 on 2-7-21 DU for Kansas Fair Maps: Anti-Gerrymandering Fund ($5,000 match)

Someone gave me a ❤️

Just wondering here. If we did NOT win both seats in Georgia.

Anyone Know When Biden's AG will be Confirmed?

H.E.R.- Hard Place

At the Capitol on Jan. 6, Veterans Fought on Both Sides of an American Battle

ATTN Senators on Trump's guilt before the insurrection/riot. You want proof? Here you go.

Most GOP Voters Want Trump to Take the Lead

The whole story of the GOP effort to end US democracy is complex

Someone hearted me!

Family sings "Bright Eyes" Covid version

Thank you to whoever gave me the heart

Holocaust research could hinge on Polish libel case

Good Day DU (February 8, 2021)

Washington Post: Israel's Netanyahu walks out on his own corruption trial

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Thanks for the heart!

I got a heart

Pantries Revamp Operations to Feed Residents as Less Federal Food Boxes Are Sent to Orange County

I now have two 🥰 two 💕

"Is this how I die?" (CNN photojournalist who was present during insurrection)

I now have 🥰 two 💕

"No committee work means plenty of free time to publicly own yourself."

I quit watching the super bowl at half time.......heard through a "gab" vine that the Biden's

Opened up DU this morning and discovered I got hearts! Thank you so much!

Remember, CDC just said Florida experienced the fastest spread of the new Covid variant

Faith in humanity and faith in god are the exact same thing

For Black History Month. Nina Simone sings about the assassination of the great Medgar Evers.

uhuh! Right???

Why a secret vote in the impeachment trial is a non-starter.

Cartoon: Goodbye to Lou By Clay Jones -February 8, 2021 9:00 AM

Duane Allman thread. No Allman Brothers Band edition

My heart is so glad!!

Super Bowl maskholes booed the Biden's moment of silence

Hearts have a special significance in the COVID-19 era

Trump's Actions Demand a Full Trial. Will Democrats Concur?

US Rep. Ron Wright (R-TX) dies of Covid (part of the sedition caucus)

Pic Of The Moment: A Brief History Of The Republican Party

The Lincoln Project's message to the Senate, especially republicans: "Don't Be Distracted" ....

Impeachment Trial Puts Trump Back on Center Stage

TX-06: Texas GOP Rep. Ron Wright has died.

On the Eve of the Trial I Feel I Must Say We Are Better Without a Conviction.

"Convict trump, save America" - The Lincoln Project, they're not letting up:

Trauma and the insurrection

Many thanks for these beautiful hearts! 💕💕💕

Longtime ESPN baseball correspondent Pedro Gomez dies at 58

Yup! That's our city , alright! good morning!

"I was just following orders."

Oh my gosh, another heart!

Senate Closes In on Rules for Impeachment Trial

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed!!!

Thank you for the heart!

Biden ending Trump-era agreements with Central American countries around asylum

Can someone explain the heart giving?

Thank you for the heart.

Now...that's a bong!!

Ousted Parler CEO says he feels "betrayed" by Rebekah Mercer

New research about the early warning signs of Alzheimer's:

TRUMP impeachment lawyers, without details, say there was a "flurry of activity" to aid Capitol

Deeply touched by the hearts.

Georgia chamber issues official statement on voting rights

House Democrats ask Biden White House for documents related to alleged Trump administration...

Where can I watch the trial??

Nomad by HIZUMI of D'espairsRay/NUL

McKinney Tables Decision to Remove Racist Statue During Black History Month

Rare Footage of a Walking Hummingbird

Rare Footage of a Walking Hummingbird

It's been so nice to wake up every morning

The education of a conservative

Which kind of bouquet do you prefer?

Up to a year in jail for stealing a Trump banner? My daughter has legal issues.

Ohio woman arrested after refusing to wear mask in grocery store

Michael Smerconish: GOP's fear of their base is warranted

So where is the Dem sweet spot for Senate trial?

This morning's WTF?

Trump lawyers blast Democrats before impeachment trial, deny he incited Capitol riot

No more shooting to scare Pyrenees Brown Bears, French court rules

Jonathan Richman - I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar

U.S. Rep. Ron Wright dies weeks after testing positive for coronavirus

HIZUMI (ex-D'espairsRay) forms new band NUL.(jrock news)

Who needs a heart??

Bernie: Jane and I are deeply saddened by the passing of Karen Lewis.

'Butterfly effect': Reporter reveals how a single TLP ad poisoned Trump's relationship w/Pence

Link to new Trial Brief filed by Trump's impeachment lawyers

DESTROYING all arguments against raising the minimum wage in a BERSERKER FURY!

"Hang Mike Pence !"

Got two hearts so far!

U.S. Rep. Ron Wright dies after battle with COVID-19

Tony Evers vetoes GOP-authored COVID-19 legislation

Looking for tips making salt-rising bread

Grieg on Piano for Mongkol the Bull Rescue Elephant

2250 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 7 deaths

AOC and the Senate Leader deliver $2 billion to FEMA for Covid funeral and burial costs

Congressman, Ron Wright, Passes Away From Covid

2 more hearts. Thank you.

Facing 'financial disaster' from COVID-19, UW System pushes for borrowing ability

Thanks again for the hearts. Each one surprises me. nt

thanks for the heart.

Trident - These Ladies ROCK!

Thank you for the wonderful hearts !

Thanks for the hearts.

Thank you so much for the love.

Thanks for the heart!


Walter Shapiro: Democrats Are Screwing Up Trump's Impeachment Trial

'Fox & Friends' furious ICE isn't deporting as many 'hoodlums who are nesting somewhere'

Are there any teachers here that are back in the classroom? How's it going?

Press Briefing just started n/t

RepubliKKKan Responses to different, yet somewhat equal scenarios:

COVID's mental-health toll: how scientists are tracking a surge in depression

Champa Bay had a good year....

On a cold and dreary morning, nothing cheers one up

Patience Is Truly a Virtue! President Biden Needs Our Patience.

The other day I saw a guy

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Robert Reich on monstrous predicament: One political party has abandoned reality and democracy.

Alabama university removes George Wallace's name from campus building

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Shelby won't run for reelection

Analysis: Biden needs to figure out what kind of GOP opposition he's facing

Guest killed when cannon explodes at baby shower announcement party in Michigan

The Urgent Need for SCOTUS Reform, By The Numbers

Zakaria to GOP: Stop lying. Become 'Progressive Conservative' like UK's Boris Johnson to survive.

Karen Lewis, Chicago Union Leader Who Set Off A Wave Of Teacher Activism, Dies

No means test for Covid relief!

Biden's Civilian Climate Corps comes straight out of the New Deal

US Senate seats that Democrats are definitely gonna win in 2022.

Former Overstock CEO Claims Fellow Trump Ally Rudy Giuliani Was 'Sh*t-Faced' Almost Every Night

I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccination!

So now the White House press reporters want to ask follow up questions

Continued repetition of the Big Lie

538 - good read, more truth "In America's 'Uncivil War,' Republicans Are The Aggressors"

Dems could lose up to 11 seats in the Senate before the next election --

Top 15 Female Fronted Japanese Bands


Axios' Jonathan Swan Takes Mediaite Inside the GOP Civil War: 'There's Gonna Be...

538 "A Majority Of Americans Want To Bar Trump From Office"

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📣 Bernie: This means we can clearly raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour under the rules ...

Toddler responds to cashier who questioned her choice of a black doll.

L'arc en Ciel -- READY STEADY GO!!! LIVE at Madison Square Garden

Marking my 7000th post (I missed)--We can't put our guard down

I ❤️

Best of Being Terrible People Vol. 6 - Just For Laughs Compilation

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FEBRUARY 8, 2021 White House Daily Briefing White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing

Gems On VHS FINALLY got around to releasing a Sabine McCalla song. About. Time.

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Bill in Washington state House would eliminate retirement age for State Guard

2 Confederate statues were removed in Georgia within 3 days

Heard on SNL

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Too me, the Greatest Rock song in JROCK history, X-Japan Kurenai (crimson)

Milwaukee rent activists call for rent cancellation

IMPORTANT information about science & technology behind these COVID Vaccines

The State Department's Ned Price Speaks for America. He Also Just Made LGBTQ History.

Governor Cuomo Briefing February 8 2021

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This Bite-Sized Bulldog is Determined to Catch His Cat Sisters

US Committee on Oversight and Reform has sent a letter to social media platform Parler demanding it

South Korea: Civil "lawfare" continues in the Administration of Justice

Majority for first time says US system of government is not sound: poll

BREAKING: Richard Shelby (R-AL) bails...

How Fox News Primetime Jacked Up Trump's 'Big Lie'

House impeachment managers reject calls to dismiss case, say Trump 'willfully incited


Scarred by riot, U.S. Capitol a fortress for Trump impeachment trial

Tensions rise as rival Mars probes approach their final destination

GOP Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama won't run for reelection

The only player to end a World Series by being thrown out trying to steal a base was:

I gotta say, overall I'm pretty impressed by how unified Democrats have remained

Robert Reich "The Monstrous Predicament Trump Left Behind"

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First Ad Blitz in N.Y.C. Mayor's Race Has an Unlikely Star: Obama

Judge Orders OAN to Pay Rachel Maddow and MSNBC $250,000 in Attorney Fees......

World Leaders Were Really Freaked Out Over Their Weird Personal Encounters With Trump

Trump Impeachment Brief Cites Gateway Pundit to Claim Trump Didn't Incite Capitol Attack

Rep. @AOC and Sen. Chuck Schumer announce funeral benefits for low-income New Yorkers who have died

In the spirit of "unity"

Former head of a St. Louis Charter school sentenced for his role in $2.4 million education fraud

U.S. judge in Flynn case retires, joining wave of jurists allowing Biden to name successor

Pro Life trump Campaign Aide Charged With Receiving, Distributing, and Possessing Child Porn

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South Dakota GOP introduces legislation that would allow state to nullify Biden executive orders

Assange rape-accuser pens tell-all book. Describes him as charismatic, two-faced, unhygienic.

Fifty years ago this week

Andrew Bird's Live From The Great Room Feat. Zach Galifianakis

US-China trade war: phase one trade deal largely a 'failure', as purchases fall well short of target

Florida Man Who Ran on Super Bowl Field Half-Naked Has Been Identified

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Tom the Dancing Bug

In His Impeachment Defense, Trump Cites Mike Pence Admitting Trump Made an Unconstitutional Demand..

Resist glossing over Trump crimes and calls to "get over it"

"Joe Biden, our Made in America Man"

Peter Doocy, you can't handle Jen Psaki......

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Did you know about blender?

i dont usually ask for this sort of thing, but send up a wish for my son graeme.

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House panel renews probe into Trump administration's interference with covid-19 response

Bitcoin is taxable. Trouble is no one mentions that

QAnon 'prophet' says Super Bowl is a sign Trump will soon return to the White House

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'Present your data': Jen Psaki smacks down Peter Doocy's gotcha question on Keystone Pipeline jobs

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Interesting talk on brain functions and delusions: A legit professor

Forget Impeachment--Donald Trump Should Be Under Arrest

UPDATE: House Managers Respond to Trump

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Questions for Duer's regarding 2nd vaccine shots

No more shooting to scare Pyrenees Brown Bears, French court rules

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QAnon: Identity Solved!

BREAKING -- @OversightDems launch investigation into Parler's Financing, Ties to Foreign Entities,

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when your target chashier is a bigot and your daughter has the best smackdown,

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Someone tried to poison Oldsmar's water supply during hack, Sheriff says

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Police: Partially Clothed Woman Breaks in to Virginia Home, Attacks Man With Pitchfork

Trump administration influenced CDC guidance to suppress Covid testing, House panel says

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QAnon customer service

The woman who started gender reveal parties wants you to stop having gender reveal parties.

GOP governor upset Democrats might give him the COVID relief he begged for

Germany, Sweden and Poland toss out Russian diplomats over Moscow expulsions

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Great Backyard Bird Count 2021

I am curious about this

Trump's brief misrepresents my 2001 article on late impeachment a lot

Hawley is fundraising off Trump's Senate impeachment trial

Controversial Design Unveiled for a New Supertall by SOM in New York

Trump is Reportedly "Livid" Over Kevin McCarthy's GOP Balancing Act

Johannes Brahms Symphony #1

A Third Of U.S. Families Struggle To Afford Diapers. This Bill Aims To Change That.

Donald Trump should be convicted unanimously by secret ballot

Watching MSNBC right now, and it appears Manchin is still being a pain in the rear

The Very Worst Teacher I Ever Met

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Bobby McFerrin - El Brujo

I Wonder If Ron Wright Caught Covid-19 At Insurrection

Trump Under Investigation For Killing Americans By Muzzling COVID Scientists

Cartoons 2/8/2021

Magistrate judge ordered the release of a top Proud Boys organizer charged in the 1/6 insurrection

24 garment workers killed in flooded factory in Morocco

If Democrats lower the $75,000 threshold on stimulus checks

St. Louis cop used fake doctor's note to claim he needed two weeks of quarantine

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SCOTUS nudges churches' flocks to the slaughter once again


WAPO OP ED: Rump's First Amendment rights don't matter for his impeachment trial

Boeing expands 737 parts production in India after Chinese supplier blacklisted

Elvis Presley - I Feel So Bad

As I was trying to register for a Covid vax

Gasoline prices have climbed back to pre-pandemic levels

Sheryl Sandberg Downplayed Facebook's Role In The Capitol Hill Siege

PCC, an opponent of Seattle's 'hazard pay' bill, proposes temporary pay increase to union

Fetterman, man!!

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The JBs - Doing It To Death

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LOL... Sherwin-Williams "Color of the month"

The GOP is not a normal party

'Nailed it:' Michelle Obama shares picture of Florence kids dressed like her and Barack

100 million households every day view this idiot - God call him up

A Silicon Chip Shortage Is Causing Big Issues for Automakers

Think I'm ready for the trial

"Not sure this guy wants to get into translating names into Hebrew this way..."

Here's how the state will spend $2.2B in federal pandemic aid

Acknowledging the malice of some precedes charity for all

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Biden's climate push gets early backlash from big business

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'We Are Forgotten': Grocery Workers Hope for Higher Pay and Vaccinations

This video gave me a chuckle

WAPO: House panel renews probe into Trump administration's interference with covid-19 response

Republican Senators aren't beholden to their base -- they'll acquit Trump because they agree with him

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Sign on a Seattle food truck.

The 5th Dimension - The Winds of Heaven

Teri Kanefield deep dive thread on Trump's Trial Brief

5,475 days. By the grace of God.

Legislation reintroduced to address the telecommunications workforce shortage

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Capitol Riot Warnings Weren't Acted On as System Failed

Anthony Brindisi (D) has conceded to Claudia Tenney (R) in NY22.

Looks like the Super Bowl had a message from God:

Biden takes what is likely the first step to replace corrupt Postmaster DeJoy.

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Analysis: Trump's Senate trial matters regardless of outcome

Indoor dining in NYC, at 25%, starts on FRIDAY now, rather than Valentine's Day.

Storm Darcy: Netherlands declares 'code red' emergency as rare snowstorm hits

Pro-insurrection Republican Lauren Boebert in bombshell legal trouble - Brian Tyler Cohen

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Don Jr complains about Super Bowl ads, calling them 'woketopia' after first commercial

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GOP congresswoman: It's 'unconstitutional' to keep guns out of the Capitol

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 2/8/21

Biden said Trump's handling of COVID-19 was 'even more dire than we thought' after finding

Uh ooh...could be a problem

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Equine Extraction! Startling Images Show Horse Stuck in Mud up To Its Neck!

A few words on the $15/hr minimum wage freakout

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 9: Star of the Month: John Garfield

Russian state TV launches propaganda campaign against Navalny

Florida man joyriding excavator likely caused neighborhood's power outage before Super Bowl

Searching' for a Heart - Warren Zevon

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro could face Hague court over Amazon rainforest destruction

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Trump's lawyers openly lie in latest impeachment filing: law professor

Extended Conversation with Vicky Ward on "Kushner, Inc." (aired one year ago)

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Ron Johnson attempts to blame Nancy Pelosi, not Trump, for the Capitol riot

The REAL fake news, circa 1993

Georgia removed 2 Confederate statues in 1 week as cities continue to reckon with racist pasts

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Keep me in Your Heart - great cover!!!

Anybody know what is this banana fly that invaded my kitchen?

I have 20 hearts to give away for your favorite Trump-era (error?) comedy videos! ONE DAY ONLY!

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Enough with America's 'thank you for your service' culture. It's betrayal, not patriotism.

And now word to Peter Doocy from Jen Psaki

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Suite Madame Blue - Styx

This GOP congressman wants to remove 4 dams to save Idaho's salmon. It'll cost billions.

This GOP congressman wants to remove 4 dams to save Idaho's salmon. It'll cost billions.

Seattle to see below freezing temperatures, possible lowland snow this week

This GOP congressman wants to remove 4 dams to save Idaho's salmon. It'll cost billions.

precious hardwood bowls and something more...

The false equivalence between violence attributed to BLM protests and January 6th is infuriating.

Toomey Is A Lying SOB

A very humble thank you

Please watch this to the end and then explain it:

We just lost our old kitty Belle. She was almost 22 years old.

David Correia, who used Rudy Giuliani's name to defraud investors, sentenced to 1 year

Children Of The Sun - Billy Thorpe

"Best defence against covid is to get vaccinated."

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Exclusive: Congressional Democrats set to back more than $50 billion for transportation sector

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Twitter seeking ways to take some of your money

'Twas just hours before 'peachment and all through the night

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Florida man sentenced in Giuliani-related fraud case

$15 Wage Now Included in House Reconciliation Bill!

The Confessor - Joe Walsh

To me DU family peeps....

Iowa governor auctioned off access for pork barons' charity

If the 2022 US Senate Elections are held now, Democrats will gain 1 US Senate seat in 2022.

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Alabama university removes Wallace name from building Feb. 8, 2021 Updated: Feb. 8, 2021 10:02 a.m.

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Moving in Stereo - The Cars

Brussels poised to reject UK's calls for extension to Northern Ireland grace periods - The Telegraph

Soooooo...what TF is happening with Stimulus?

Another Capitol attacker blames Trump in court for 'egging on' the insurrection

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Thank you for the valentines................

Top conservative lawyer says Constitution does allow for Trump impeachment trial

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I just hate it when I get lost.. but it turned out okay ...

Election turmoil splits West Virginia city's evangelicals

Trump Impeachment Spirals Into Infuriating Madness - The Damage Report

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For the LubDubs --

Twilight Zone - Golden Earring


Okay, y'all. Ya made sprink 'verklempt'. Grateful for the gifted hearts❣

She reported sexual harassment by a former supervisor -- and was fired soon after

Parents sue Robinhood after 20 yr old commits suicide believing he owed $730K

Franz Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody #1 in F Minor

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more pics of the gladiator frog

Update: How do I hide threads with specific words? I have read I can put in hearts and valentine

US deploying B-1 bombers to Norway to send a message to Russia

It has been years since I posted a wildlife photo here.

Surprise surge in support for anti-mining activist throws open Ecuador election

Abracadabra - The Steve Miller Band

Elephants celebrate birth of newest baby!

Hackers broke into a water treatment facility in Florida, gained access to a internal ICS platform..

Colombia's president spins growing number of lies and conspiracy theories

WHOOPS! Fox News has funny technical glitch 😁

Colombia's new defense minister kicks off first day negating political violence by Adriaan Alsema Fe

ASL interpreter at Super Bowl really works it!

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The Pusher - Steppenwolf

Former 'QMoron' follower: I really believe it's a cult (Target lady)

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A dozen puppers jumping rope!

"Looks like the trial will be over by Monday, Feb. 15, unless there's a deal to call witnesses."

I want to add a photo that isn't so violent.

A question for those who got the Pfizer two shots!

Giuliani to Be First Guest of Lou Dobbs Total Landscaping

NFL Bankrupted After Receiving $6.3 Trillion Bill From Hospitals For Healthcare Workers Appearance

I think he was being funny... though if he was serious, I would believe Hannity said that...

Baby shower with a cannon. 💥 one dead.

Manafort Can't Be Prosecuted in New York After Trump Pardon, Court Rules

Owner of a Lonely Heart - Yes

A pile of kittens being impossibly cute:

Ya think?

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No Quarter - Led Zeppelin

Manafort Can't Be Prosecuted in New York After Trump Pardon, Court Rules

Are these kitties cuddling or wrestling?

I know I shouldn't be mad. But I am.

Women's Labor Force Participation Rate Hit a 33-Year Low in January, According to New Analysis

Rep. Ron Wright Dies After Battling COVID-19, Cancer

President Biden

Trump releases statement on the 'next phase of the unconstitutional impeachment trial'

Sundown - Gordon Lightfoot

Navy Ship Didn't Enforce Social Distancing, Letting COVID Spread: Pentagon Watchdog

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Baby otter falls into water, & Mom gives him a comforting backrub:

too much frog.....

Tampa Bay has the most diverse coaching staff in the history of the NFL.

candy heart generator..... make your own

Just got another 403 error message.

Jump into the Fire - Harry Nilsson


Crash Test Dummies - Give Yourself a Hand

Ex-Trump Supporters Vote To Impeach Him - The Damage Report

Stay tuned... the MSNBC live stream will return shortly.

Fifty years ago, Alan Shepard blasted from an endless sand trap and we just now found his ball

Fatal Mambo - L'Apero

Year of the Cat - Al Stewart

Thank you for my valentine!

If your life was a song what would it be?

RIOT ARREST: Traveling welder and convicted felon who was released from prison due to COVID-19

Neil Young, Heart of Gold, Live

Paolo Conte - It's Wonderful

Hypnotized - Fleetwood Mac

Government Watchdogs Call For Witness Testimony In Trump Impeachment Trial

PA Lt Governor John Fetterman-D is officially in the 2022 PA US Senate Race.

Republican response to Benghazi:

What's for Dinner, Mon., Febr. 8, 2021

Miles Davis - Blue in Green

Former Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow will replace Lou Dobbs on Fox Business Network

Wicked Game - Chris Isaak

Why were panic buttons removed from Ayanna Pressley's office? New details

Top ten Sports people of the modern era

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Bloomfield Kooper Stills - Season of the Witch

Come Undone - Duran Duran

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Miles Davis - Bitches Brew

Some perspective on how far we've come

"What's he done now?"

The Who - Let's See Action

Is this really what republicans are saying?

'Three more men facing criminal charges related to the Capitol riot have implicated Trump....'

Plush - Stone Temple Pilots

From the "Can't argue with that" file.

Police arrest anti-masker named "Karen" for trespassing.

Saint-Saens: Havanaise, Op. 83 (Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, violin)

Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam

SuG -SICK'S plus Bonus video

Now, imagine the Chiefs refusing to accept the score for months and then sending an angry mob to kil

Press Secretary Jen Psaki embarrasses precocious Fox News' Peter Doocy on silly green jobs question

Oh, my. I go away and come back and more hearts are waiting for me.

The Dems need to play clips where trump tells racists to "stand by"

Billie Holliday with her Mister

My Funny Valentine - Chet Baker

Pachelbel: Canon in D (Original Mix)

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for another heart.

David Frum: Impeachment Is Working--Just Not as the Framers Expected

US District Judge Beryl Howell halts release order by Seattle Magistrate Judge

Today's Edition of "I Hate Mitch McConnell"

Minimum wage increase could work under Biden's stimulus, CBO report suggests

YEAH...isn't it NICE for once???

Middle-aged people who put on weight may live longer than those who stay 'normal' weight

Minimum wage increase could work under Biden's stimulus, CBO report suggests

David Corn tweet:

"Damage wrought by Trump's border wall "will not ever be remediated or mitigated."

THANK YOU to the folks who gave me hearts!!!

Wait for it...

Georgia Officials Review Trump Phone Call as Scrutiny Intensifies.

I don't know how she does it but I am grateful that she does

BREAKING: Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has opened an investigation...

Black History Month (Luckovich)

So many Kawaii!

Former state senator to take on Blunt in 2022

Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin, M.68 - III. Forlane (Bertrand Chamayou, piano)

My daughter: "I went full "Karen" at Walmart." ... then her 5 year old ---

Did Donald Trump Have Ties To The Mafia Michael Franzese

Why, thank you!

House Democrats reject plan to sharply curtail $1,400 stimulus payments in new stimulus proposal

Demand a witnessed test of Rick Scotts DNA!

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DOJ drops Trump-era lawsuit against Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania's former adviser/friend

【高音量】ROCK' N ROLL は滅びない THE MODS の歌16曲‼️(Live音源)

This message brought to you by Q

Your Canada Drug Store?

Be still my ❤...thank you for the heart..

Secretary Buttigieg in quarantine after agent tests positive for COVID-19

How Black Composers Shaped the Sound of American Classical Music

New US House seats in 2022 that Democrats win. Democratic US House seats that gets eliminated.

The Heart of Rock and Roll: Huey Lewis & The News

Denis McDonough confirmed as President Biden's veterans affairs chief

AZ GOP threaten mob violence after Maricopa's elections board contempt vote failed

Nicole Wallace just profiled this 9-year old boy who died of Covid on her show (..she sobbed

Gov't Mule feat. John Scofield (Sco-Mule) - Afro Blue

Trump gone, now a heart!!

Donald's trial starts tomorrow, the Georgia Sec of State is opening an investigation,

An act of kindness.

Olive and Mabel - lockdown life

I got a heart! What fun to find it in my inbox! Thank you!

Lunasea - A will

Trying to execute star membership purchase.

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North Dakota high temps stay below zero for at least a week 24/7. brr.

Starship - Sara

Could law enforcement escorting Trump caravans to harass black voters be election

Not having witnesses seems like a mistake

'You don't *ever* have jurors vote on a dispositive question at the *start* of a trial...'

Did This Guy Just Win Dibs? Frozen Pants Left Standing in Parking Spots in Chicago

Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is

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Trump's Crack Impeachment Lawyers Misspelled 'United States'--Again

WTF? Amy Walters, PBS Newshour " Democrats are ready to move on"

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King Crimson - Starless

The Cars - Drive

Unbelievable, that I call him my representative ... like a clock, he is finally right about this one

I just had a thought. Some Trumpers are former Democrats angry at losing good jobs

Ty to whomever bestowed another heart 💕


Steady as she goes Biden 59% Approval 35% Disapproval

How can you tell if someone doesn't have any hearts?

Snoop Dogg Gin

Smartmatic and Dominion lawsuits about to drop on Trump???

The House Managers need to submit this posit:

Bruce Springsteen - Human Touch