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Lou Dobbs's Show Is Canceled by Fox Business

When did Hitler become governor of Florida?

Rome, Georgia appears to be the largest city in Marjorie Taylor Greene's district, and...

President Biden's first Marine 1 & Air Force 1 trips as President

Psaki bomb: "He didn't run on a promise to unite the Democratic and Republican parties..."

New video shows Roger Stone in DC on Jan 6 with Oath Keepers

Can Bernie in his new Chairmanship declare Covid an economic emergency

The QAnon Rep Isn't Owning the Libs. She's Leading the GOP's Space-Laser Suicide March.

Kurt Bardella: "The words Donald Trump, and intelligence, have no business being in the same phrase"

The Scariest Thing About Marjorie Taylor Greene? She's Not Alone.

Chicken -- TLP 😂

Biden says Trump should no longer receive classified intelligence briefings

Rachel Maddow's Podcast is being made into a movie!

A lawyer who filed Sidney Powell's Michigan election lawsuit says he shouldn't be disbarred...

Lyle Lovett & His Large Band featuring Francine Reed - What Do You Do?

Joy Ann Reid: "Eww...ewwwww"

Is there a path to electoral victory for an old school Republican in Arkansas?

NEW: Inside a QAnon meeting in Arizona. Some attendees went on to DC on January 6th.

Pres. Biden Puts Kibosh On Trump Post-Presidency Intelligence Briefings

A mother's path to insurrection

Libya crisis: Vote to unite splintered nation

Carry on my wayward LFR...

Bank of American snooped through records to help find Jan 6th rioters.. anyone with a purchase in DC

Prediction: Hysterical zealot Mike Lindell will flush all his vast wealth down the toilet

Dan Levy (SNL) 02/06/2021

HEy Dobbshave a great weekend. This PRESIDENT (Biden) makes it so you can

warning about the 2022 midterms-- especially the House: GOP could pick up enough seats to win

How cold is it where you are right now?

Park Service permit for the Jan. 6 rally says: "This is a static rally not involving any marches."

AOC calls out stingy Conservadems for trying to block middle-class from their promised stimulus

Al Franken: Surprise! Surprise! Republicans Care About Deficits Again!

Lou Dobbs's Show Is Canceled by Fox Business! (HAA! Another DT liar GONE!

Donald Trump's Business Sought A Stake In Parler Before He Would Join

Bernie: My message to Jeff Bezos and Amazon is clear: These despicable anti-union tactics must stop.

Amazon Workers Share the Shocking Tactics the Company is Using to Stop Workers From Forming a Union

Steny Hoyer delivers powerful speech denouncing Marjorie Taylor Greene

I think I know Matt Gaetz's problem: he's the love of his life. nt

42 House republicans ask the Speaker to disarm the Capitol before their next insurrection

Rep. Boebert paid off nearly $20K in state tax liens in 2020 (Hmm...)

The Greene Party....

"The Party is his, it doesn't belong to no one else"

I'm Your Captain/Closer To Home - Grand Funk

Fish would like you to shut up, please

Lou Dobbs' Best Prediction

Time to weigh the penguins!

Relatively new to DU

States redistribute hundreds of thousands of vaccine doses unused by nursing homes

Politically Charged: Officials create 'fictional gang' to punish Phoenix protesters

Amanda Gorman will recite

Wow. Phone data shows the massive migration of MAGA from ellipse to Capitol.

Democratic group American Bridge plans $100 million midterm campaign to back President Biden

Politically Charged: Officials create 'fictional gang' to punish Phoenix protesters

Biden says Trump will not receive intelligence briefings

Edelweiss (Christopher Plummer's real voice) The Sound Of Music

Biden sharpens attack over GOP stimulus approach as Democrats advance plan in Congress

NY State Assembly/ Bill to Rename Donald Trump State Park & Cancel all Trump Contracts

Bills to legalize cannabis in Virginia have passed in both the House and the Senate

U.S. Will Examine Giving F.B.I. More Resources to Counter Domestic Extremism

New Brazilian variant of COVID-19 confirmed in Oklahoma

US Senate seats that Democrats are going to be favored to win in 2022.

In ongoing House election contest in #NY22, NY court finds "systematic violations of state and feder

Poll finds 65% of Republicans say they don't believe Biden's election was legitimate

Robert Reich tweet:

Whipping Post (Live at Fillmore East)

Daines seeks to block Haaland confirmation to Interior

To give the Devil his due.

Rural community in shock after Georgia health officials raid clinic vaccinating teachers

People are saying that Flynn stating there is no plan makes them trust the plan even more. 🤦‍♀️

A Man Who Allegedly Maced Police Officers During The Capitol Coup Attempt Has Been Arrested

Obscure Bob Dylan

Does anyone know which school shooting MTG was in as a teen?

Can someone please explain the status of redistricting and the 2020 census,?

Hey Judy...who you gonna talk too when the republican party is gone?

Joe Jaworski makes his case to be Texas Attorney General

George Conway's Lou Dobbs limerick:

Armageddon Update: Cancel Culture Is Canceled!

R.E.M. - So. Central Rain

AP sources: Alabama senator (Shelby) has indicated he won't run again

So, Fux Noise Cancelled Lou Dobbs? All I Can Say Is...NICE TRY, Dipshits!

Larry Summers's Churlish Payback to Biden

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

R.E.M. - "Fall On Me" (LIVE @ Unplugged 1991)

The Allman Brothers Band - Instrumental Illness

SoCal Congresswoman breaks with Republicans in vote to remove Greene from committees

Signing up for Covid vaccine is a nightmare in Pennsylvania.

Ten Years After - I'd Love To Change The World

Cygnus X-1

Yep, judge just ruled the Texas florist/insurrectionist can travel to Mexico, after all

Did I miss this on DU? - David Hogg launching pillow company to 'put MyPillow out of business'

PoliticsGirl: 'Congrats Republicans, you're useless.'

led zeppelin - Trampled Under Foot

Poll: Biden notches higher approval rating in Texas than Gov. Abbott

WandaVision episode 5

Top Republican RIPS his own party for trying to punish him over anti-Trump vote - Brian Tyler Cohen

Lindi Li: Secret to getting T**** to Shut Up FTW

Barry Manilow - Halfway Over The Hill

black pumas featuring lucius - strangers (released yesterday) cover of the kinks

Friday Talking Points -- Republicans In Disarray


The Biggest Changes to the White House Under President Joe Biden

Marjorie Taylor Greene has heated exchange with CNN reporter (CNN)

Captain & Tennille - The Way I Want To Touch You

Mike Pence Lands Job With Anti-LGBTQ+ Group After Getting Booted From White House

Marnie Stern - Year of the Glad

Police: "No vandalism, & no threats were made." --at josh Hawley house protest

Diehard QAnon followers think Trump is secretly still president and carrying out executions at White

Virginia legislature votes to legalize marijuana, abolish the death penalty

Steve Sack FTW

Adam Schiff: Republican Party has 'essentially become a cult'

Pupper in a skateboard "sidecar," riding with skateboarding pupper:

I am FINALLY getting my stimulus check....

You won't believe kitteh's jumping ability!

Pillow humper Mike Lindell says if election fraud movie flops 'we pray and we go to heaven'

These people are just f****ng insane!

Oh, the price of arrogance! Cha Ching.

Joe: This morning, I met with House Democratic leaders to discuss the American Rescue Plan. As I sai

Trump funnelled money from donors into private business after election loss, report finds

199 House Republicans have embraced anti-Semitism and violence

Chuck Schumer Urged to End Filibuster in Letter From 62 Groups Including Unions, Greenpeace

Take on Why a 15 Buck Minimum Wage Now Could Help the Economy, Dems & on the Pandemic

They Asked for PPE and Got Body Bags Instead--She Turned Them Into a Healing Dress

The GOP is making a very risky bet

Imagination - Just An Illusion

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

Anyone else

Paul Simon - 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

Biden Won't Restore Bar Association's Role in Vetting Judges

SATURDAY *8:00 PM -- The Producers (1967) 10:00 PM -- Blazing Saddles (1974)

George Takei weighs in on Lou Dobbs...

Quarterflash - Harden My Heart

John Lennon - Bless You

Did they find the zip tie guy?

Middle Age Riot: Never kick a man while he's down.

The Isley Brothers - Harvest For The World

nathaniel rateliff - and it's still alright (live acoustic - 2020) just a freaking great song

Megadeth "Angry Again" Guitar Center Sessions

Stupidest science fiction movie ever: DustWalker.

Megadeth - She Wolf [Live At Guitar Center]

Isaac Hayes - By The Time I Get To Phoenix

No Sleep Till Brooklyn - Beastie Boys

Tool - Stinkfist [clone cover]

Meet a 33 Year old Bat named Statler.

Two Texas real-estate agents who flew with Jenna Ryan also arrested

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Biden Mask Plan, Olympic Head's Sexism & Lil Uzi Vert's New Rock

KISS Detroit Rock City 1976

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jenny Cudd, and Mike Lindell? Man, Fuck the News. (F/SC)

Fleetwood Mac - Dreams

Mutated virus may reinfect people already stricken once with covid-19, sparking debate and concerns

Spotted on an NYPD cop at a protest tonight.

Did you see the full page "My Pillow" ad on page 3A of today's Strib?

Donald Trump's Business Sought A Stake In Parler Before He Would Join

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Super Bowl LV: Ticket Prices Soar and Advertisers Pull Their Ads

Congratulations to the first graduating cohort of Hillary Clinton Global Challenges Scholars

February 2020-Imagine the lives that could have been saved

Rachel went way overboard in her careless criticisms of amniotic tissue injections.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Rep. Cori Bush - Standing Up for Her Constituents in Congress

Bruce Castor says you can count on "dueling videos" during the impeachment trial

So I had to run some errands today and

David Bowie - Fame

Tidbits about Christopher PLUMMER that filtered down to my level, while never seeing more than clips

Sly & The Family Stone - Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

al franken in rolling stone: "surprise! surprise! republicans care about the deficit again"

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's Election 'Documentary' Flops: YouTube Removed It And Fact Checkers Are..

I so wanna see Fetterman run for PA/Senate.

After a busy week, President Biden departed Washington, D.C. on Air Force One for the first time as

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Safe Democratic to Safe Republican.

Microsoft suspends donations for politicians who attempted to overturn the 2020 election

Seth Meyers - Biden Commits to Boosting Coronavirus Relief Checks - Monologue 2/4/21

The good thing about Trump, MTG the My Pillow guy, other crazies and the lawsuits against Fox et al

Ha! Fox fires Lou Dobbs for lying and being sued for fraud?


Rockford Files is on the Roku Channel, all seasons.

Dog sleep farting makes the cat angry

The Payback - James Brown - Live - Zaire 1974

George Takei nicely sums up "cancel culture" as it applies to Lou Dobbs

Middle Age Riot tweet: "Elections have consequences. So should insurrections."

They won't get 17 Republicon senators to vote to convict.

George Takei: 🎶 You aboutta lose Lou Dobbs...

I have an opportunity.

Joe tweets

Hate the vote? Go broke!

Trump Excitedly Accepts Democrats' Offer to Star in New TV Show

These Anti-Vaxxers Are Desperate for COVID Shots

Any MCU fans here watching WandaVision? (SPOILERS)

Diamonds need an electric zap to crystallize deep inside Earth

Scientists narrow down the 'weight' of dark matter trillions of trillions of times

Joe Biden's 'Unity' is working.

Wynton Marsalis - Jungle Blues

Donny Hathaway: The Ghetto, Live

NewsMax, or OAN for Lou Dobbs?

Virginia State House and Senate Votes to Legalize Marijuana Starting in 2024

Ecuador's main left-wing candidate cannot vote in Sunday poll

Guatemala: US ending accord that sent asylum seekers back

Trump is back on social media again

Guatemala: US ending accord that sent asylum seekers back

First Lady and her puppers coming up on Brian Williams (MSNBC). (nm)

I made a dumb funny at my nutjob cousin

Pentagon: Active duty service members participated in Capitol riots - timeline of phone calls

Spain high court upholds conviction of Salvadoran colonel in Jesuit murders

The Clash - London Calling

The Lincoln Project presents the GOP 'Valhalla' Fund.

*12:30 AM -- The Killing Fields (1984)

China opens its 50th nuclear reactor.

D.C. Police arrested Ruben Verastigui (Sen. Rep. Conf.) on distribution of child pornography

need to get something off my chest.

Kaiser keeps COVID and non-COVID patients in same units

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 2/5/21

Alicia Keyes: Fallin, Live

Tiny egg rescue - guaranteed to make you smile 😊

What's the difference between the 1st and 2nd Impeachment of Donald Trump?

Just got an email from Desantis bragging about being the first governor to fight Silicon Valley...

Al Hirt and Pete Fountain - Basin Street Blues

Gov. Kim Reynolds: Still an idiot.

02/07 Mike Luckovich - Complete, now

Slip, Sliding Away

Tennessee Democrats call for 'pro-family reforms' for working class ahead of Lee's State of the Stat

U.S. to revoke terrorist designation of Yemen's Houthis due to famine

U.S. to revoke terrorist designation of Yemen's Houthis due to famine

Christopher Plummer - 'Edelweiss' (The Sound of Music)

International Criminal Court says it has jurisdiction in Palestinian territories

'Have You Been To Jail For Justice?': Anne Feeney, Folk Singer, Activist Dies of Covid, RIP

Biden ends deadlock over first African and first woman to lead WTO

Dead, Paris, France, 1972 Sing Me Back Home

AP analysis: Federal executions likely a COVID superspreader

AP analysis: Federal executions likely a COVID superspreader

Saved By Zero - The Fixx

Diamonds and Rust - Nice Cover

Woody Guthrie's students in 1972

Here's a gQp Graphic, made by me...

Susan Sarandon says Biden is pulling a 'bait and switch' by promising $2,000 stimulus

Richter, Lovland, Gjeilo, Schwantner, Respighi

Bill Withers - Use me

Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues (Live)

Otis Taylor - Resurrection Blues

'The Fixx'--Coat-tailin' on a recent post by a DUer. 💞

David Bromberg 1977 - Come Into My Kitchen

Whattup wi' me an' Jose... He turn me on... 😍

Eating Oreos at 2:48 AM

Susan Sarandon says

Aw man, it's his 'fro❣

TheDonald's owner speaks out on why he finally pulled plug on hate-filled site

After Capitol riot, desperate families turn to groups that 'deprogram' extremists

2 more Jose James...

what are your Superbowl Sunday goodies ??. I make this every year

Sam Bush, Tony Rice - White House Blues

Pepin's 'Apricot and Pistachio Souffle'

Judge rules Trump hotel in Chicago violated Illinois environmental laws

Judge rules Trump hotel in Chicago violated Illinois environmental laws

The Infamous Stringdusters - He's Gone

What is your favorite kind of cookie?

Wisconsin Election on Feb 16th & Apr 6

Spencer Ludwig 'Diggy'

Breakfast Saturday 6 February 2021

New York judge rules Tenney wins last undecided House race

Alarm: Dr. Fauci On New 2021 Covid-19 Strains That Could Be Worse Than 2020 - The Beat - MSNBC

State Republicans Fixate On Defying Medical Advice On Covid Safety - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

By his deeds shall a man be known - Deaths: 470,705

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will be winning.

Trump shifted campaign donor funds into his heavily indebted private business after his election los

Girl Discovers a Secret Door in Her Bedroom And Opens It As Her Father Looks On in Tears

OPEN Democratic held US Senate seats in 2014 that went Republican.

Gun seller turned congressman becomes first of 2 republicans fined for 'skipping' metal detectors:

U.S. Supreme Court rules against Newsom on indoor church services in California COVID-19 case

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, February 6, 2021

God's Will Be Done

Incoming US Senators from the 2022 US Senate Elections.

It's all kicked off on Handforth Parish Council!

Non sports fans support group.

Myanmar coup: Internet shutdown as crowds protest against military

Morning Dew

Basking in the afternoon sun on a chilly winter day

A No-Bid Contract to Track Covid Vaccinations Draws Frustration, and a Cease-and-Desist

Lincoln Project co-founder resigns amid John Weaver scandal

Hudson Yards - largest private development in US history - unsold condos, barren mall

Stove died

Warehouse Workers Wage Historic Fight for Union Recognition at Amazon


Biden Goes Big on Immigration and Dares GOP to Stop Him

Rebekah Mercer is "one of the chief financiers of the fascist movement," says longtime GOP insider S

Tom & Jerry

'This could be huge.' Should a Fresno County farmer get $3.7 million for fruitless harvest?

Florida Democrats can agree on one thing: DeSantis must go

House members aren't excused from rules on guns

Having an opinion means you have the opinion. Being opinionated, the opinion has you instead.

"If you can only be tall because someone else is on their knees, then you have a serious problem."

Another reason I love Costco!

LA city budget gap widens to more than $750 million, despite recent labor concessions

😃🇺🇸🥢🗓❗️What's your favorite food to eat with chopsticks?

Weekend TOONs - Wearing Their Underbelly On The Outside

Don't sue me bro'

DC press: Maybe spend a little energy asking why the GOP hates unity.

The Wind Cries Mary

Rock Me Baby

Peanut the dog escorts newly-rescued elephant Ratana Kham to the good mud bath spot.

I found the Qoolaide

Finnegan Fox and Muttias pounce in snow piles

On hearing that her elderly grandfather had just passed away,

With no real facts to base it on ...

Sidney Powell team doubles down on debunked Michigan claims in effort to avoid sanctions

Republicans seek to pin California's Covid-19 problem on Biden's HHS pick

What's Next for Morgan Wallen? The Country Music Industry Considers His Future... and Its Own

Ivanka Trump, crusading criminal justice reformer? Pull the other one

World & Nation California Rep. Josh Harder faces anger intended for Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley

Obscure corporate donors flooded key 2020 Senate races

Extremists like Marjorie Taylor Greene are the real face of the new Republican party

What Do Americans Think Of Marjorie Taylor Greene? Liz Cheney? Josh Hawley?

An alarming story:

Artist And Her Dog Team Up To Recreate Famous Paintings And Have Some Fun During The Pandemic

Is forever a long time?

Island Nation Maldives

Woman charged in US Capitol riot can take trip to Mexico, federal judge says

Sean Hannity's Promotion Of Conspiracy Theories Exposed In Scathing Supercut

So, how many Repugs do you think would believe this?

Trump's new PAC dodges its first subpoena, thanks to loyalist Jason Miller's legal woes

Cell phone data tracks the attack on the Capitol.

If the identity of Q were revealed...

Space Oddity:Astronaut sings David Bowie in outer space

Robin Trower Thread. No "Bridge of Sighs" Edition

Lessons learned as vice president shape Biden decisions on covid relief package

Cage match

Fox Forced To Cancel All Hosts Who Promoted Falsehoods

For all the crime book readers see where Louis gohmert came from

Marjorie's defense

Scientists Have Proposed a New Particle That Is a Portal to a 5th Dimension

Supreme Court: CA Can't Ban Indoor Church Services, Even to Prevent COVID Spread

Seventy six years ago today

Fetterman(D-PA) entering the 2022 US Senate Race proves that Democrats will gain seats in 2022.

Where Rep. Hakeem Jeffries drags Utah's new Trump-supporting Black republican

Hakeem Jeffries went OFF on Republicans

entry level job titles I should be searching for????

Good Day DU (February 6, 2021)

Guardian: 235 arrested thus far, 26 charged with conspiracy and/or assault, charges escalating

In NC, schools should open up for Super Bowl parties--- big ones. We could

Thinking about having me a mid life crisis...

Rep. Cori Bush: "If they hit these doors, we banging 'til the end."

Shattered glass portrait erected in DC to celebrate Harris

Bob was born on this date.

Engelbert Humperdinck's wife battled Alzheimer's for 13 years. She has died of Covid-19

The Babe was born on this date.

Cuomo: Inside a Trump propaganda video that may have helped incite the Capitol rioters.

Hawley's wife files complaint against organizer of protest outside their home

Supreme Court Partly Backs Religious Challenge to California Virus Restrictions

YOU raised $0 on 2-5-2021 DU for Kansas Fair Maps: Anti-Gerrymandering Fund ($5,000 match)

Pope Francis appoints a woman with the right to vote as undersecretary of the synod of bishops

State tax liens paid off in October: $20,000 Campaign "Mileage"reimbursements reported in November:

I actually agree with Lou Dobbs here...

German Shepherd hilariously reacts to classic song lyrics

Nearly Half of Santa Clara County Sheriff's Deputies and Staff Decline Vaccine: Report

I'd like a bit of help, some ideas from all of you.

3471 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat.; 63 deaths

Where are the Moon Trees?

Since President Biden isn't granting trump* access to security info, I wondered what trump* did

More than 100 students and staff quarantined in San Diego County 2 days after resuming in-person lea

Geophysical Research Letters - CA Rainy Season Now Begins One Month Later Than It Did 60 Years Ago

Where is Kyle Rittenhouse? We still don't know.

"What impact does he have at all, other than the fact he might slip and say something?"

We know we're spoiled and we like it.

Trump campaign paid Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem $6,000 during effort to overturn election result

"The powers of the president will not be questioned."

Phoenix Police officers kept trophy to commemorate shooting man in groin during protest

QAnon Believers Are Obsessed With Hillary Clinton. She Has Thoughts.

Phoenix AZ cops have invented...a new "ACAB Gang" that wears black and carries umbrellas

Well, now I know why I haven't received that $600 stimulus payment yet

Pumas Legends of the Ice Mountains on PBS, can watch with link online

There are multiple coronavirus vaccines available. Is any one of them better?

Top of my diary

Rebekah Mercer's long lost sister?

Eleven Films/Tom Petty: Square One

can a federal judge be removed if appointed under a prior prez?

Rise of the Warrior Cop (Chris Pratt, MGT edition)

The film Trump used to incite supporters on Jan.6 was textbook fascist, anti-Semitic propaganda

Iowa Gov Reynolds lifting Iowa's mask requirements, gathering limits Sunday

Tea Pain thread on White Christian Nationalism.

Threatening a federal official? It is a federal felony.

Republicans: turning Texass blue since 2018.

Drought Monitor 2/2/21 - Some Level 4 Easing, 100% Levels 0-4 In CA, NV, UT, NM, CO, NE, SD, ND, MN

Conservative Host Nicolle Wallace: The Left was right about everything. ... End of story.

Great optical illusions.

📺 Sunday Feb 7 - LIVE: @BernieSanders joins @jaketapper on #CNNSOTU.

this is in my earworm player today. ( hernado's hideawy.)

Right-wing dogfight

A Note about doing Research ..."The Good Old Days"...vs..".NOW"

Happy Bday Ronald Reagan from the extinguisher caucus

Amazingly Enough, In An Oceanside District Visibly Foundering, A GOP Rep Admits Warming Is Real

And In Case You Were Wondering What Different USDA Drought Categories Mean, A Primer

She wrote a letter to President Biden to share her story. He called to check in.

Auto industry peers into an electric future and sees bumps ahead

Biden administration likely to reverse Trump's 11th hour Magnitsky sanctions reprieve for Israeli bi

White nationalism movement has long history in Michigan

How knitters are making their favorite garments from pop culture - Doctor Who, Outlander, Star Wars

Eric Boehlert: It's ok to enjoy their suffering!

The D.C. statehood issue: Is it worth it for the Biden admin to ditch the filibuster...

Maximum number of US Senate seats Democrats will end up with after 2022 is 54.

I am so tired of thieves

Happy Birthday, President Reagan! Without you, my #MAGA morons would never have come to accept the k

Republicans have been living the big lie for too long

Lou Dobbs owns Lou Dobbs

Turkish potato salad!

No! AOC did not lie about her insurrection experience. Here are some excerpts from her riveting stor

Commit treason and traitors then walk away free men...

SPEAKING OF Susan Sarandon (lately for some reason), a friend of hers wanted to chime in...

So Senator Richard Shelby (R-Alabama) has indicated he's not running again in 2022

back yard just now -

Senator Durbin speaking of the supreme court last night (link)

Pete Buttigieg: I want the United States to be leading the world in high speed rail

Mace fundraising off the false smear that AOC misrepresented her experience during the insurrection

Former Indiana First Lady Susan Bayh dies at 61 after years of brain cancer treatments

I heard last week and again this morning on the news ...

A beloved San Diego teacher, Mario Fierro, was murdered by a MAGA this week.


Front-line transportation workers 'concerned' over lack of vaccine access

My brother had the first Moderna injection yesterday and it's kicking his butt, today.

John Danforth dismisses the GOP as 'a grotesque caricature' of its former self

Thomas Newman - Theme From "Scent Of A Woman"

Joe Scarborough ridicules Kevin McCarthy & his Democratic list: The 4yrs of McCarthyism are over.

Michiganders drank more than the CDC defines as 'heavy drinking' in 2020, according to survey

Could we leverage the Post Office to help distribute information about the vaccine?

Trump must be convicted

Tracking QAnon: how Trump upended conspiracy-theory research (Nature scientific journal)

I think the second COVID-19 vaccine dose is kicking my ass.

No jury will ever convict Trump, citizen or political

Trump impeachment lawyer says he'll use video of Dems' own remarks at trial

John Barry & Dame Shirley Bassey - Theme From "Diamonds Are Forever"

Now that billionaires are launching themselves into space....

Three Most Dangerous Underlying Conditions for COVID-19

Sanders shakes up Senate staff

House gives final approval to budget plan including Biden's $1.9 trillion stimulus

Woman charged in US Capitol riot can take trip to Mexico, federal judge says

Biden doubles down on normal at White House

Cat taking it all in overlooking an Italian Village

Guns: No federal building allows anyone to carry a weapon

So Q clearance is something that occurs in the Department of Energy

Warehouse Workers Wage Historic Fight for Union Recognition at Amazon

Anime - Girls' Last Tour

Andy Reid's son, Britt involved in accident

How to add a picture to my signature line. Thanks.

What is the deal with school openings being political?

Oh, Texas-Texas- Another bit of insanity from a Yahoo

The Liberal Who Terrifies the GOP Isn't Who You Think It Is. For Starters, He's Dead.

What is your favorite Super Bowl commercial?


BECU Washingtonians donate over $72,000 to KEXP

Mehdi Hasan slams Nancy Mace for lying about AOC #Nancymacelies

GOP must decide between conservatism and madness

Buddy Guy & Tracy Chapman - Ain't No Sunshine

Chicago hotel violated environmental protection law

Cartoons 2/6/2021

Official Overseeing Biden's Daily Briefings Defended The CIA's False Intelligence About Torture

Watch: Dick Durbin gives Tom Cotton a history lesson -- and a smackdown -- on judges

SC's role in Capitol riot

Voter Suppression in Full Force in Georgia George Takei and Oh Myyy!

Calendar quirk means virus deaths won't be seen in census

Good news: There's been almost no flu in Snohomish County

Jerry Coyne emphasizes that COVID-19 is EVOLVING.

Jerry Coyne emphasizes that COVID-19 is EVOLVING.

Trump could be fined $12 million after an Illinois judge ruled his Chicago hotel violated an

New Texas law would require fetuses to have a lawyer

Steve Bannon throws Trump under the bus

Jill Biden Mask PSA - Puppy Bowl XVII

I'm getting my first vaccine in one hour. UPDATED!

Rudy Giuliani slams radio station live on air for adding disclaimer to his show:

Chris Cuomo Hits GOP With A Damning New Nickname

"Bill Gates Created COVID for the ghost of Hugo Chavez."

Marjorie Taylor Greene says Republican Party is Trump's and 'doesn't belong to anyone else'

Brianna Keilar slams Sean Hannity after his QAnon comments

Inmates jump guard, set fires, smash windows at downtown St. Louis jail

Mars, Mars, and more Mars: Three probes are going to reach the red planet in the next two weeks

Nevada governor touts proposal to allow tech companies to create local governments


Perseverance Arrives at Mars February 18, 2021

Hillary Clinton says conspiracies about her spread by QAnon followers are 'rooted in ancient scapego

White House revives weekly address to push Biden agenda

Isn't it about time voting fell under the auspices of the first amendment and freedom of speech?

Eleven Films With Another Magnificent Video

Could deliberative democracy depolarize America?

Republicans look to pummel Democrats on school reopenings

MSNBC Katy Tur describes supermarket perfectly, a chunk of this country losing its grip on reality

Some Jeffrey Epstein-related subpoenas

Go FundMe update... THANK YOU's

I'd like to take a brief moment to thank DU

Pupper is going to take that couch apart!

I want to renew membership without using Paypal

What do you want to bet

NFL offers Biden all 30 football stadiums as mass Covid vaccination sites

A pupper racetrack in the snow:

Mike Flynn, who swore an oath to QAnon, almost convinced the president to impose martial law

This is similar to the 5th of November

Former Indiana first lady Susan Bayh dies at 61 from cancer

Rabbit frees kitty friend from shed

AMBER ALERT: 2005 white Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV, CRY-611

SOEN - Illusion

"1984 (Keeping in Mind that I've Never Read It)"

John Maynard Keynes, Political Theory, Keynesian Economics

The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning

Tweet of the Day

Now I can never unsee it

Before and After: the effects of post-processing

I would love to get rid of gerrymandering and have independent commissions, BUT

Rep. Nancy Mace was busted cold lying about AOC and now she's fundraising off the lie

America needs the impeachment trial

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will win US Senate Elections in states Biden carried.

Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail

Like my cousin Roy Cohn, he's lost New York's respect

USPS deliveries stories today 2/6/21

Minocqua Brewing Company!

Constitutional lawyers call First Amendment defense legally frivolous

chart really emphasizes how scientific visualization is really cool and very important!!

Andy Kim: It was a month ago when I found this broken eagle while cleaning the Capitol...

The Senate has ways of making him talk

Would he have won if not for impeachment?


Is impeachment trial unconstitutional?

THE 626

The Democratic Party Has a Fatal Misunderstanding of the QAnon Phenomenon

Stephen Breyer, 82, should retire before Nov 2022 so that Biden

Impeachment trial confronts memories of siege

Generation VLT (MUSIC VIDEO) - Fung Bros

What's for Dinner, Sat., Febr. 6, 2021

Broken Eagle

This Is The REAL Marjorie Greene! - The Damage Report

Lauren Boebert may be overstaying her welcome with Colorado voters: GOP strategist

Strategy straight out of the Pizzagate conspiracy playbook

Margie Q said she stopped posting conspiracies after her campaign. Surprise, surprise: she lied

First Aid Kit - "The Look Of Love" (Burt Bacharach, Hal David)

Historic images from the "Borderlands of Southern Colorado" explore daily lives of people

New Rule: America's Mass Delusion Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Biden says minimum wage increase looks like it's not 'going to survive' as part of COVID-19 relief p

Bail hearing for Rittenhouse next week

One month ago today, Terror Gripped the Capitol.

Anyone here have a Roku or similar streaming service gizmo?

Guest Commentary: Natural gas pipelines induce fear, anxiety and loss in Appalachia

Fox Business Network abruptly cancels 'Lou Dobbs Tonight'

The Democratic Party Has a Fatal Misunderstanding of the QAnon Phenomenon

Trump Loses MILLIONS of Vaccine Doses

Guest Commentary: Natural gas pipelines induce fear, anxiety and loss in Appalachia

Painting a stranger on the NYC subway

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that are vulnerable.

So QBoebert took campaign funds for nonexistent miles

Fleetwood Mac Feat. The Spirit of Troy - Tusk

Drumpf's Tariffs Failed to Curb Trade Deficits

Nabisco plant to close, leaving as many as 600 jobless

Can anyone help me understand the marathon amendment rally in the senate?

Man shot, killed after 'prank' robbery for video

House Votes to Remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from Committees: A Closer Look

UNC vs. Duke

What Happened at the Capitol, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Look at this thing. I want to go here.

Men have to dress alike; women are able to vary their attire.


Post Vax #1

My Latest Show is UP!!

'Ecologists Warn of A Lethal, Ghastly Future & They Insist We Stop Sugarcoating It'

Our Time Machine

Top 10 dog names of 2020

Violin Concerto #1 Max Bruch

Pringles Update

...and our flag was still there...

Krugman thread on Biden's COVID relief plan

2021 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2021 Withers Stakes

Pete Townshend - Face The Face

Wyoming GOP demands Liz Cheney resign 'immediately' -- and repay party for past donations: report

Ginni Thomas went too far

Trump's election fraud lie has cost taxpayers $519 million -- and his tab is still rising: report

Biden administration works to clean house of Trump appointees

girl rides the Gobi Desert

I'm worried that Q-Lady (Greene) is still a violent threat.

Biden inherited a USPS crisis. Here's how Democrats want to fix it.

Kagan Warns the Supreme Court's New COVID Decision May Kill People

D'espairsRay - MIRROR and TRICKSTeR (Human Clad Monsters FINAL)live 2011

D'espairsRay - MIRROR and TRICKSTeR (Human Clad Monsters FINAL) live 2011

I'm a centrist. And it has nothing to do with my political views

TRICKLE UP! - A relevant quote from Will Rogers

Meet NYPD Sergeant Dana M. Martillo - wearing Trump badges on her uniform and getting called out for

Sack cartoon: Occam's razor FEBRUARY 5, 2021 -- 6:00PM

Florida man with Florida tattoo on forehead arrested for calling 911 to ask for ride home

Jill Biden @FLOTUS: Don't forget to mask up - even when you're out walking your dog. (P.S. - Champ a

Anyone have any experience with the Always Pan?

Can someone help find a video that was on DU this morning?

The ballroom that held Buddy Holly's last concert becomes a historic landmark

Nearly 150 Constitutional Scholars Reject Trump's Defense: 1st Amendment Does Not Apply...

Faulkner Wrote It Well

Coast Guard honors veteran, NFL great Emlen Tunnell

Edwin Starr - All Around The World

Heilung LIFA - Krigsgaldr LIVE

How can Andy Reid not be distracted by his son's epic screw up?

Defiant Marjorie Taylor Greene Creates Own House Committee on Semitic Aerospace Weaponry

The Chaotic Life Of Charlot The Mustache Cat

Otava Yo - Про Ивана Groove

Middle Age Riot: How many Fox News shows have to be canceled...

Myanmar junta blocks internet access as coup protests expand

I think I threw up a little in my throat...

The Amazing Life Cycle Of A Clownfish

The Read South - In Hell I'll Be in Good Company

I would like the DU experts to explain to me how protesting over the

Chris Rodrigues & the Spoon Lady - Angels in Heaven I Know I've Changed

Qanon special

Scientists spot 'one in a million' super-Earth.

Can right wing billionaires be prevented from interfering in our political process?

OLBERMANN VS...THE "MOVE ON CROWD." Trump wanted to make Flynn FBI Director?

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Fresh Air

Chechnya: Two escaped gay men sent back by Russian police

Wyoming Republican: Liz Cheney's vote was 'middle finger' to residents (CNN)

Trump's lie that the election was stolen has cost $519million (and counting) as taxpayers fund

The Gateway Pundit has been booted from Twitter.

Protecting Our Free Press During A Time of Attacks On Journalists, Fake News, Rising Authoritarians

Third Stimulus Check of $1,400 Will Be Passed Before End of February, Nancy Pelosi Says