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Archives: February 4, 2021

Did you hear that MTG has her own candy bar?

Neat little ditty re: M T Greene. Gave me my laugh for today.

Roughly half the House GOP conference gave Marjorie Taylor Greene a standing ovation

New Start: US and Russia extend nuclear treaty

Cowboys for Trump founder appeals ruling

New GOP logo

Obama Presidential Center groundbreaking in 2021

Threat Of Financial Repercussions Makes Some Right-Wing Media Change Their Tune Deadline MSNBC

Marjorie Traitor Greene feels strong enough to take on McConnell

"invertebrate---without a backbone",

Parler, the social media platform popular with the American far right, has terminated CEO John Matze

Intentional or not, it's a huge distraction from the "Main Event"...

QAnon Supporter Tito Ortiz Remains Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem After City Council Shelves Removal

'Poland's War On Abortion Should Scare You: The Beginning, Actions Could Spread Across Europe'


Fox News is silencing liberal voices!

MSNBC don't say Sicknick died from the riot. Say he was beaten to death. He .....

Rothschild Space Laser staffed by lizard people

I have not received my $600 stimulus check. Anyone else?

It's my birthday!

@RepMTG tells fellow members she thinks school shootings are 'real and awful.' Says she doesn't kn

Former Columbus Police Officer Is Charged With Murder

U.S. Supreme Court: Germany Can't Be Sued In Nazi Stolen Art Case, Guelph Treasure Owned By Goering

House Republicans about to vote on booting Liz Cheney...

Buckle Down Jen Psaki, Buckle Down!

The 13 additional groups listed as terrorist entities in Canada

Dancer Accidentally Catches Historic Moment On Video

CNN: 84 THOUSAND more deaths in the next 24 days.

Stop giving credence to bad-faith negotiations on pandemic rescue package

Looks like that old chestnut "Who you gonna believe: me or your lyin' eyes and ears?"is

Harry Dunn: Suspect Anne Sacoolas 'worked for US intelligence'

Best thing you've seen today (Dog singing a duet w/ Pavarotti)

Intriguing dark streaks on Mars may be caused by landslides after all

Madam Minority Leader

Twisted light from the beginning of time could reveal brand-new physics

Must see...promise

Sen. Sanders: Now is the time to restore faith that the American government works for all of us ...

Country star Morgan Wallen suspended by record label, dropped by hundreds of radio stations...

Dan Pfeiffer: The Party of Q

Republicans privately gave conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene a standing ovation in a caucus

I replaced Randy Cunningham in Congress. He is still a traitor.

House Republican leader punts on punishing Marjorie Taylor Greene as Democrats move toward removing

Arizona Lawmakers Renew Push To Criminalize Abortions, Latest Challenge To Roe v. Wade

I prosecuted Duke Cunningham and Duncan Hunter. Trump's pardons of them are shameful.

Former Columbus Police Officer Is Charged With Murder

Judge extends order requiring advance notice to Trump in tax returns case

Theme From Mahogany - Diana Ross

'We are coming for them': Feds charge West Coast Proud Boys leader in Capitol riot investigation

The Downside to Life in a Supertall Tower: Leaks, Creaks, Breaks

Biden Says $1,400 Checks a Promise He Won't Break -- but He's Willing to Limit Who Gets Them

"Liz isn't your girlfriend."

Just saw a new one on Twitter, and it's trending: GQP!

Rudy Giuliani Responds to Lincoln Project's Litigation Threat: 'I'm Writing Them a Letter Back

Liz isn't your girlfriend!' GOP caucus meeting on whether to keep Cheney in leadership turns ugly

Heilemann: Everyone In The Republican Party 'Lives In Fear Of What It's Become' Deadline MSNBC

Cheney vs. Greene.....who to root for?


Mitt Romney points out double standards within the GOP

Biden's surprisingly successful first two weeks...

Arctic Ocean was once a tub of fresh water covered with a half-mile of ice

Colombia's ex-president asks Biden to remove Cuba from terror list

lack, Latino New Yorkers Vaccinated At Lower Rates Than White Counterparts NBC News NOW

When will anything be done about the incessant lies spewed forth by Fox News?

Rick Wilson on AC: When a freshman Qanon nut case

145-61 for Liz Cheney to retain her leadership position

MI State AG Dana Nessel was just on MSNBC doing a Zoom interview with a pic of her kids . . . .

The "Stupid Fool Association" now inducts....Member #1-- Marjorie Taylor Greene

Safeway, Albertsons pharmacies across Washington expected to start giving coronavirus vaccines

GOP States Weigh Limits On How Race & Slavery Are Taught, Promote 'Patriot' Education

A 'Jewish space laser' sounds funny. But Marjorie Taylor Greene's anti-Semitism is no laughing matte

I've Got A Great Idea How To Turn Florida BLUE. PERMANENTLY.

Liz Cheney . . . Marge Greene? . . . Cheney? . . . Greene? Wow

Feds: Member of Proud Boys arrested in Washington state

steely dan - josie

Kansas City Chiefs barber tests COVID-19 positive ahead of Super Bowl

Gop leadership is ok with MTG. Hey, it was a long time ago.

I know the Republicans voted to take no action on Q-Queen Greene, but does she get to

Why Donald Trump could melt away

War - "Slipping into Darkness"

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Science is back at the White House; now it must be integrated into American diplomacy

House Republicans vote to retain Liz Cheney as their No. 3 leader, rebuffing push by pro-Trump conse

Speaker Dick Gephardt

Nine parents deported by the Trump administration landed back into the U.S. Wednesday to reunite wit

Liz Cheney defends backing impeachment as defense of Constitution: 'I won't apologize for the vote':

Joe Biden is expected to announce increase in amount of refugees admitted into US

Fearing violence and political uncertainty, Americans are buying millions more firearms (WP)

This is hilarious and extremely pathetic

Anne Feeney died of Covid

Randy Newman - Putin 2017

Let MTG make this a teachable moment

Sailor Admits to Hanging Noose by Black Crewmate's Rack on Navy Cruiser

President Biden

The Virginia Senate just voted 21-17 to abolish the death penalty.

How is this not Seditious Conspiracy?

Contractor Who Was Awarded $34.5 Million in Government Money and Provided Zero Masks Pleads Guilty..

Ry Cooder, Dave Lindley - Jesus on the Mainline

Just everything with the politics

12 Mexican state police charged in massacre

Memories of the Tulsa, OK Massacre 1921: 'Goin' Back To T-Town' PBS American Experience

Best sax I've ever had!

Sanders shakes up Senate staff

Maybe President Biden can hold a little ceremony

Jewish Space Laser?

New Permanent Representative of Bolivia Pays Courtesy Call on Secretary-General

House GOP keeps Cheney as No. 3 leader, stands by Greene

US blockade against Cuba: 59 Years Hurting Cuban people

Not important,......but what does the earring choice of the new CDC director mean??

Quick Silver Messenger Service - Fresh Air

The Oil Tanker Waiting to Ruin Yemen's Coast

Pentagon reviewing how to better screen recruits for extremism after Capitol attack.

Never heard of this group. GOP internal war has moved to the videos. No mention

Chichen Itza to open new site, new experience in 2022

Wisconsin prosecutors seek Rittenhouse arrest, higher bond

Now that the first 9 parents have been invited here, should the US offer them green cards?

Marjorie Taylor Greene refuses to confirm that she denounced her pet conspiracy theories

Popped in on a conspiracy website just for fun today

Boeing outsources most of its IT infrastructure to Dell in 6-year deal

this should be played at the capital esp in the senate . battle cry of freedom.

Ry Cooder Thread. Because OAITW r.2.0 posted a great song, and I am easily distracted

Missouri Republican Indicted On Fraud Charges For Selling Fake COVID-19 Stem Cell Treatments

Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms

State employees return to office despite extended remote work agreement

CNN is now calling it the "QOP CONFERENCE"!!!! This is great, how long can Qevin last as leader??


Don Lemon is calling the GOP the QOP.

An optical illusion for tonight. First you see a man running into the snow ... and then ...

Wolf calls for income tax increase to close looming state deficit, fund education

He Threatened Pelosi. Agents Didn't Wait to See if He Really Meant It.

McCarthy just said he doesn't even know what QAnon is.

Today's edition of Conservative Self-Own

Anyone claiming the slaughtering of children in a classroom is fake...

Top Internet, Phone Service Cos. Verizon, AT&T Cut Nearly 100,000 Jobs But Keep Tax Break Billions

Mexico says five of dead in U.S. poultry plant incident were Mexicans

GOP a 'grotesque caricature' of what it was before, says former Sen. John Danforth

Bill Would Require State Agencies, Local Boards of Elections To Live-Stream Meetings

Well, I guess we can now call them the Qpublican Party.

Joe Lockhart: Why it matters that Biden team restored regular press briefings

Ali Velshi: "Private prisons are a stupid amoral idea." - And so is private healthcare.

Newman, Ronstadt, and Cooder - Rider in the Rain

The Divine Miss M, Cruz and Hawley. Meidas Touch.

So *WHO* is this person then?

Hot Tuna- Full Show - 1979

Must-see: Great, and emotional, comments from Sen. Jon Tester on Oval Office meeting today

Biden makes plans to undo 'national shame' of Trump child separations

New from Keith....

New from Keith...

Northrup Grumman to name a spacecraft for NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson.

The Squalid

Northrup Grumman to name a spacecraft after NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson

Honduran women protest law that locks in abortion ban

The moral collapse of Republican Party

Ouch! - The Lincoln Project

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that favors the Democrats.

It's snowing...

Tweet on Fox News hypocrisy:

D.C.-Area Planning Board Slams Hogan Administration Plan for Widening Capital Beltway, I-270

Here's how DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas plans to address domestic terrorism (CNN)

Students Return to School as D.C. Files Restraining Order Against Teachers' Union

The Trio - Ennio Morricone - Good, the Bad and the Ugly [Expanded] - 1966

Ry Cooder - Theme from Alamo Bay

My dispensary has THC CO2 concentrate. Anybody know how to use it?

The Squalid

Record-breaking roller coaster will travel more than 155 miles per hour

GOP Senator tries to avoid question on Marjorie Taylor Greene on air. - Brian Tyler Cohen

Could The House Democrats Introduce A Motion To Censure Liz Cheney For Her Support Of Impeachment?

Biden chooses California's Su as deputy Labor secretary

"President O'biden"

Justice Department Unveils Further Charges in Capitol Riot (NYT)

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What Will the New Coronavirus Relief Package Look Like?

An Extremely Detailed Map of the 2020 Election

Longtime NFL coach Marty Schottenheimer moved into hospice care

The Untouchables (End Title) - Ennio Morricone - The Untouchables - 1987

Mrs. Betty Bowers: Republicans' Liz Cheney vote proves that if the impeachment trial were done by

Tweet of the Day

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Chile Convicts Dictatorship's Ex-Agents for Poisoning Prisoners

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Australia Goes Back Into Lockdown & Pilots Forget How to Fly

Fox News blasted for lack of coverage of Capitol police officer memorial

Hope it works doubly.

Arizona Senate Republicans all back arresting Maricopa County supervisors for contempt

Greene, Greene (She's Marjorie Greene)

Rennie Davis, 'Chicago Seven' activist tried for organizing anti-war protest outside 1968 DNC, dies

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Courtside Karen Heckles LeBron & Inspires a Karentervention

CO-03: State Sen. Kerry Donovan jumps into CD3 race to challenge Boebert in 2022

Gabriel's Oboe (Whispers In A Dream) Hayley Westenra, Ennio Morricone & Roma Sinfonietta

I give up

Porter Wagoner - Green Green Grass of Home

DC waitress reveals Trump team was tight-fisted with tips and exhausting to serve

The State's Largest Provider of Community Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Services Seeks a

From The Onion...

Parler CEO John Matze Fired by Board

Finally saw the sun for a bit today, then this:

The NFL's Covid-19 Finding That Saved the Season

Conservative Anchorage School Board candidates abandon plan to run together as one draws scrutiny

Pelosi pushing Newsom to pick Schiff for next California AG: report

Raising the minimum wage to $15/hr is the moderate position.

Seth Meyers - McConnell Says Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's "Loony Lies" Are "Cancer" to GOP - 2/2/21

Rep. Lauren Boebert received $22,000 worth of gas reimbursements while running for Congress

OLBERMANN VS:..... THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Defending Greene, it died by suicide. It's the Q-Party Now.

Remember their names and vote the GOP bums out!

Gov. Ralph Northam elected co-chair of Appalachian Regional Commission

Former Illinois (R) Senator/Gubernatorial Candidate Sam McCann Indicted for Fraud

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Republican Party Hates Democrats, Democracy and America

The Byrds - Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man

Hyde-Smith reintroduces balanced budget amendment resolution

We talked to the Marine from this viral Inauguration Day photo with Lady Gaga

"Only thing worse than being a Mean Girl is being a really, reeeeeeallly dumb Mean Girl."

Here's what they don't get....

B. B. King - The Thrill Is Gone (Live at Montreux 1993)

Nevada Jockeys to Be First on Presidential Primary Calendar

Insurrection Day: Follow-up links Pt.15

Seth Meyers - GOP Stands by Marjorie Taylor Greene; My Pillow Guy's Newsmax Meltdown: A Closer Look

Life With A Cat Is Always Full Of Surprises

I am so mad at that Jewish Space Laser!

Robert Hunter.

Republicans push for bill allowing public education funds to go toward private schools

At Fox, Rupert Murdoch Is Reportedly Stepping In To Right The Ship

Nurses at state run facilities to get $10 an hour pay boost

Without Lobbyists to Pay, North Dakota Republicans Want Taxpayers to Cover the Tab

Restrictive Legislation Would Impact Voter Rights in North Dakota

Vermont Law School gets $3 million for National Center on Restorative Justice

Can someone loan Liz Cheney their space laser tonight?

CNN Dana Bash dings Senator with his own words on Trump's insurrection culpability

As details emerge about major state data breach, governor's office steps in

Kimmel Live: Eric Trump Defends Daddy, Lindsey Graham Defends Q-Anut & VERY Conflicted T. Brady Fan

State OK's wind lease for 675-foot turbines near Laramie

Wyoming lawmakers defeat suicide prevention legislation

Wynton Marsalis and the Band - Jungle Blues

Texas temporarily blocked from kicking Planned Parenthood out of Medicaid

The thought occurs to me;

'QAnon shaman' granted organic food in jail after report of deteriorating health

Palm Beach reality check

Expert rebuts impeachment defense

The orange memes just keep getting better

Impeachment filing contains bizarre argument

I am running against @DevinNunes but I have a confession.......

Gov. Greg Abbott vows Texas will do 'exactly' what federal judge requires on foster care

(TLP) "The Squalid"

Impeachment defense amounts to 'absurd constitutional arguments'

Response to impeachment includes obvious lies

Senate names first Black Secretary of the Senate

Old and In the Way - The Hobo Song

What shall we call the Republican Party now? GangGreene or Vanilla ISIS? n/t

Problems with impeachment defense

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

For a change of pace-- here's a technical look at Lady Gaga's inauguration arrangement...

Amazon Launches Aggressive Anti- Union Drive To Discourage First- Ever Warehouse Union

American Airlines will send out 13,000 new furlough notices to employees Friday

Eating oreos at 2 am

Scintillating discovery: these distant 'baby' black holes seem to be misbehaving -- and experts are p

University of Dallas will not take action against professor who denounced transgender Biden nominee

Scientists Want to Save Trees With Lab-Grown Furniture

Arlington Southern Baptist pastor receives racist letter over split with denomination

Congressional Staffer: 'The Directive Is Clear, We Must Convict Trump' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell Sentenced to 6 Years in Federal Prison for Role in Multimillion-Dollar

Rep. Ilhan Omar: GOP Bid To Tie Me To Marjorie Taylor Greene Is 'Desperate Smear' - All In - MSNBC

Dishing up 3D printed food, one tasty printout at a time

Fractured GOP's Fight Over Reps. Greene And Cheney Boils Over - The 11th Hour - MSNBC


When trump told the proud boys to stand back and stand by during the debate with Joe Biden, that

Delius, Farnon, Strauss, Schubert

Anglo-Saxon Cemetery Found Beneath Demolished University Housing

No Escape: Trump's Death Star is circling the GOP.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/3/21

New Bill Sponsored by House Speaker Kotek Would Decriminalize Homelessness

Sitting on billions, Catholic dioceses amassed taxpayer aid

Republicans dont want any of the credit? Fuck em then.

State to pour millions more into addiction treatment despite little proof it works

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are going to be winning.

Fact checking websites

Tokyo Olympics Chief Suggests Limits for Women at Meetings

Can the Democrats reboot the tax code to 1980?

Starting to cook meals for my terrier. Suggestions requested.

Marjorie Taylor Greene raises $325,000

guy who killed 2 FBI tracked their movement through his doorbell camera and fired thru unopened door

Dog Kept Guard Over Owner David Deshon Who Was Found Dead In Snow

10 Battleground US Senate Elections in 2022.

Gah, I hate insomnia.

Biden is being a hardass to Trump aides...not letting them extend their parental leave

You know this is the party that the Republicans have become

Is there anything better than slow-cooked bacon?

Silent Vigil (update)

By trump refusing to reject Greene and supporting her over Liz Chenny,

Proud Boys member who brawled at Portland protests arrested on Capitol riot charges

I think we came very close to losing our country on January 6

Remember when stuntmen were top quality?

Woman's Entire Family Dies After She Hides Positive COVID Test

Federal judge orders Oregon to immediately offer COVID-19 vaccine to inmates

Virginia Senate passes bill to abolish death penalty

Opinion: Tom Brady has gotten an undeserved pass for his past support of Donald Trump

Was this a dream or reality?

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, February 4, 2021

Biden Nominates Gavin Schmidt - Director NASA Goddard - As Top Climate Advisor To Space Agency

Nations Slowly Coming To Terms With Huge Costs Of Dealing With Aging, Unsafe Dams

"All missing person cases need an ending" - Wednesday (Feb 3rd) is National Missing Persons Day

Exxon Announces Investment In (Surprise!) Carbon Capture; Activist Investors - A Hearty "Feh"

Oh No! Republicans In Congress Aren't Happy With Biden's Climate Policies! Whatever Shall We Do?

Bernie Sanders optimistic about Covid-19 relief plan after meeting with Biden

Skinny Puppy - Worlock (Ed)

On what would have been her 87th birthday

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats have the advantage to win.

When Jackie, John Jr, and Caroline visited the White House in secret

Fancy Tower for Billionaires Revealed to Be Horrifying Hellhole

Here's the new Democratic plan for $1,400 stimulus checks

Korean jump roping champion shows off his insane speed skills

Breakfast Thursday 4 February 2021

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 2/3/2021

The Rundown: February 4, 2021

Art of the Week: Week of 2/3/21

Once this Covid Relief bill is finally signed

Biden boots 'Union busters and anti-government ideologues' from key labor panel

Terry Moore's How To Draw Gets an Expanded Hardcover Edition

In First Speech as Budget Chair, Sanders Rebuffs 'Partisanship' Complaints From GOP...

The US may soon have its first standards for consumer face masks. Are they strict enough?

'So Utterly Disingenuous': Republicans File Slew of Unrelated Amendments as Dems Push Ahead With...

Thursday TOONs - That'll Wake 'em Up

A tune from Spinal Tap, dedicated to the the suffering billionaires at 432 Park Avenue

Why doesn't the DOJ indict Trump in Federal Court for inciting insurrection?

This little girl's been looking for her cat for 3 YEARS - and her mind's about to be blown

Undocumented immigrants urged to get COVID-19 vaccine, but many fear arrest, deportation

Republicans revealed themselves as the 'lynching caucus' last night: MSNBC's Morning Joe

When the choice is; "are we the party of Liz Cheney, or Qanon freaks"?

'It's a good feeling': Boy and his friend clean snow off cars of hospital staff to say 'thank you'

'Outhouse rat' Marjorie Taylor Greene is now the 'dominant strain' of the GOP: Rick Wilson

450,000 Dead From COVID--and These Fools Are Rolling Back Mask Orders

COVID Mutations Spell Catastrophe for Black America

AP-NORC Poll: Americans open to Biden's approach to crises

Trump's Political Appointees would not acknowledge Biden had won

Oh my McCarthy! You're such a wimpy ass kisser!

Found on FB

Meidas Touch: "Cruz and Hawley" with Bette Midler!

Democrat wears jeans on Iowa House floor to protest lack of mask mandate

"I got it under Trump, but not Biden"

Biden plunges fully into Covid relief talks

Lawmakers near big response to military 'rape epidemic'

Guardians Seeks Endangered Species Listing Protection for 80 Remaining Texas Ocelots

Biden to signal commitment to US diplomats and allies with State Department visit

The So-Called Moderna Vaccine Is a Publicly Funded Miracle

Hawley Has Opposed Every Biden Nominee

For the 1st time in my life I might be wrong but I think Joe's cabinet and team is the best ever ...

McKinsey SettMcKinsey Settles for $573 Million Over Role in Opioid Crisis

You know the only reason that Lindsey Graham is holding up Garland's appointment hearing?

Regardless of the policy, politically it is stupid

Exclusive poll: Republicans favor Greene over Cheney

How to claim missing stimulus payments on your 2020 tax return

TIME: 'Unity With Purpose.' Amanda Gorman and Michelle Obama Discuss Art, Identity and Optimism

Pic Of The Moment: Republican Party Reaches A Fork In The Road

Janet Yellen warns of 'tough months ahead' for Covid-hit US economy

Jobless claims: Another 779,000 Americans filed new unemployment claims last week

Hunter Biden's memoir 'Beautiful Things' out in April

Sitting on Billions .... Catholic Dioceses Amassed Taxpayer Aid

Biden administration weighs plan to directly send masks to all Americans

Movie at the Ellipse: A Study in Fascist Propaganda

Poll: Most Americans support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants

Fight for $15

📺 Feb 4 - The View: Sen. Sanders joins us LIVE to weigh in on the latest political headlines

Republicans target Rep. Ilhan Omar after Dems try to oust Marjorie Taylor Greene

'Boy, the lies': Cuomo reacts GOP leader's QAnon remark

Rockwiz - Radar Love

Speaker Pelosi: 'If the Q fits.'

Coronavirus: Trained dogs detect COVID 94% of the time, German study finds

How to Win at the Stock Market by Being Lazy

Anti-mask, anti-vax Ohioans support bill targeting health dept. authority

C-bus Ohio Cop facing charges for murder after on duty shooting of a AA man

Love some Amy Klobuchar

WATCH LIVE: Experts, leaders testify before House on the small business economy during COVID-19

AZ Senate eyes hiring a Trump guy to do its election audit.

CNN Host Dana Bash calls out Senator on bill: "Explain why it was OK for Republicans and not Dems"

Kentucky GOP blocks governor from making voting safe during pandemic

"The Rachel Maddow Show" is the #1 Regularly Scheduled Show in All of Cable Television, Overtakes F

MyPillow Guy TOO CRAZY for Newsmax, Host WALKS OFF

Come Go With Me

Trump Pocketed Entire $76 Million Raised for "Voter Fraud" Challenges & GA

Anyone else looking forward to giving away hearts?

Virginia Senate Passes Death Penalty Abolition Bill

President Biden, VP Harris, attend the (virtual) National Prayer Breakfast.

UK Launches 'World First' Trial Mixing Different Covid Vaccines for First and Second Doses

what does the stock market think of Joe Biden as president?

Have the Republicans normalized violence as a political discourse

U.S. Is Worst Among Developed Nations for Worker Benefits

Good lord, but can Qevin McQarthy give a cheesier feigned lack of knowledge?

Sane Americans Love Joe 61% Approval

Good Day DU (February 4, 2021)

Denmark and Norway join European nations recommending against AstraZeneca vaccine for older people

Africa will receive nearly 90 million vaccines from COVAX by February

Maddow: This is repulsive. "Derges, a 63-year-old Republican who was elected to the Missouri state

Now officially the Qop

Homemade Corn Tortillas Recipe

New report finds toxic heavy metals in popular baby foods. FDA failed to warn consumers of risk

Mexico stops accepting Central American migrant families expelled at the U.S. Border

These local newspapers say Facebook and Google are killing them. Now they're fighting back.

Video shows unmasked customers, employees in Florida grocery store

Militia alliance in Georgia signals new phase for extremist paramilitaries

Cartoon: Navalny By Clay Jones -February 4, 2021 9:00 AM

Does anyone know if the vote re: stripping Greene's committee assignments will be on tv

After a campaign full of questions, advancing racial equality has been a foundation of Biden's...

Cory Booker's 'baby bonds' giving $1,000 per newborn could get a new life in a Democratic Congress

Vote-A-Rama in the Senate today... and tonight, tomorrow

Marjorie Taylor Greene debate will begin at approx. 1 PM...

My Biden-Harris inaugural commemorative button arrived today!

Winter fall-out

Proud Boys may have sought revenge against police at Capitol siege: report

THIS is a very clever, and true, cartoon:

Kevin McCarthy pretends he doesn't know what QAnon is

More Names Line Up to Guest Host "Jeopardy!"

Demolition of Paul Rudolph's Burroughs Wellcome building underway in North Carolina

Biden Doesn't need to cut direct payments

All school children


AV Club: Every LGBT Joke In The Simpsons Ever

Georgia militias forming alliances. Some are MTG-related.

Why do republican politicians act this way?

Sanders replacing top staffers with campaign aides

Congress wants answers after hundreds of meatpacking workers died from COVID-19

'So utterly disingenuous': Republicans file slew of unrelated amendments as Dems push ahead with COV

Well, at least my brother is getting the vaccine.

This is so sad and ridiculous. Over snow shoveling.

WATCH: Pelosi holds weekly news conference

CPD officer Coy indicted for murder

Last Friday, GAME STOP was at $379...

Rick Wilson. June 2020. Right on the money.

China promotes education drive to make boys more 'manly'

Children's ID tags unearthed at Nazi death camp in Poland

A little context: some recent polls ask the opinions of people who "identity" as Republicans.

Israeli hackers breach KKK-affiliated website

Republicans revealed themselves as the 'lynching caucus' last night: MSNBC's Morning Joe

US Navy honors Black American Month

Fuck Fox.

Newsmax Host Grovels to MyPillow Guy After Storming Out of Trainwreck Interview


Jenny Cudd and cohort Eliel Rosa indicted

I know that your were expecting that $1400 stimulus, but

4417 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; 176 deaths

Biden, at Prayer Breakfast, Calls Out 'Political Extremism'

"Another Republican willing to lie for a violent mob of cop killers."

Student Debt Anti-Corruption Video

Student Debt - For The People Act Video

Consulting Giant McKinsey Agrees to Pay Nearly $600M Over Opioid Crisis

I may continue to wear masks, even after the Covid-19 crisis has passed

Nasal vaccine could be a superior solution for many reasons

Worlds smallest sunflower 🌻

Militia alliance in Georgia signals new phase for extremist paramilitaries

DOJ Moves Towards Parallel Conspiracy Prosecutions of the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys

Cheney exposed this flim-flam by demanding a vote and defeating Gaetz by more than 2 to 1

'Boy, the lies': Cuomo reacts GOP leader's QAnon remark (CNN)

Trump rioter who begged judge to let her go on Mexican vacation hit with five more criminal charges

The song "Fake Woke" that's trending on iTunes right now...

For Black History month

Biden freezing Trump-ordered withdrawal of US troops from Germany, Pentagon to conduct global review

Trump Launders Money through Scottish Golf Properties

After Hundreds of Meatpacking Workers Died From COVID-19, Congress Wants Answers

Biden halting U.S. support for Saudi Arabia's offensive in Yemen

Attention world, Nancy is PISSED OFF, don't mess with her today:

Released on this date in 1977

Video shown during Jan 6th rally was shot-through with fascist imagery & symbolism.

MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Quote of the Day

Jen Psaki's daily briefings are really must see TV.

Illegal? Mark Meadows is the only person ever to spend campaign funds on the Secret Service

Marjorie Taylor Greene's ideology isn't just QAnon. It's also MAGA.

What is Trump's favorite toy?

N.Y. Repeals Law That Critics Say Criminalized 'Walking While Trans'

We are witnessing pro-Trump media become full 1/6 Truthers.

Perfect Pitch (Valentine's Special) - Simon's Cat

If Liz Cheney can have a secret ballot, can the Senate do the same on impeachment?


True story

When Jen Psaki says "that's a good question"....

NewsMax right-wing commentator shows how stupid he is...

Rev. DR. William Barber II FTW

Taxes - 2020 W-2 had quite a surprise almost nothing withheld

I'll bet Trump had a Trumpster keeping track of those who didn't

Val Demmings may run for 2022 Senate. Hey Florida!!!

Mitt Romney has a plan to give parents up to $15,000 a year

A thought regarding that repellent "Six Million Weren't Enough" (killed in the Holocaust) meme.

Did you catch this comment from Speaker Pelosi? :)

Trump is so frustrated by his Twitter ban that's he's writing out insults and asking aides to tweet

It's getting beyond bad at Media Matters...

Sea levels are rising faster than most pessimistic forecasts

Newsmax guest: Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was "chosen probably for his skin color..."

I made $122,000 in 2019; $48,000 in 2020 so.

Oh Lord, MTG is holding forth. She's everything we thought and more.

Why the G.O.P. Argument Against Trying Trump Is So Dangerous

Crazy Greene is on CNN lying her ass off - clearly terrified

Kyle Rittenhouse intentionally falsified Court documents...

twitter meme of the day

The Terrifying Warning Lurking in the Earth's Ancient Rock Record

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

We should all follow Pelosi's lead, re "If the Q fits"

John Fugelsang tweet:

Anybody else see this coming? Anybody? ANYBODY?

Need a photoshop of MGreene's speech denouncing Qanon..

Federal watchdog investigating Sen. Ted Cruz for changes he sought to pandemic loan program

Who is the ass making loud comments off camera while McGovern speaks? (at hearing

Smartmatic files $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox News, Giuliani & Powell over 'disinfo campaign

I still think that Facebook and Twitter need to have a "dislike" button

Movie at the Ellipse: A Study in Fascist Propaganda

PBS News Hour YouTube link for watching House debate & vote to remove MTG from committees

Now Greene is walking back her rhetoric!

Raskin sent letter to Trump asking for testimony under oath!

Breaking CNN: Someone is suing Fox news for spewing conspiracy theories.

Marjorie Taylor Greene brought a cardboard cutout of Trump onstage, and rubbed his crotch

Watching Biden working these past weeks, one thing popped in mind today--that we all knew, of course:

WATCH : Labor Secretary nominee Marty Walsh testifies before Senate committee

Per CNN, Dems have asked Trump to testify.

Impeachment Trial: They have just sent a letter asking Trump to testify

So Israel's Conservative party is watching the QOP's overt antisemitism

Capitol rioter who asked to go on Mexican vacation hit with 5 new felony counts

"...these Democrats are gonna keep eating babies and cutting the faces off of them."

You know how Facebook wants you to friend people "you may know"?

WWII Sacrifice At Sea: Feb. 3, 1943, The 4 Chaplains, Sinking of the S.S. Dorchester

Impeachment managers call Trump to testify for his trial

David Roth: The March Of The American Kooks

Fox excited to see kitty friend:

Idaho Senate approves constitutional ban on legal marijuana

How Nancy Pelosi Wields Her Power

Surfing sea lions:

Anyone else think a lot of Republicans believe that Democrats should be killed?

Perkins unfit to hold office at any level

President Biden about to speak at the State Department n/t

Trump resigns from Screen Actors Guild in rant-filled letter after they threatened to expel him

How screwed, going forward, is a state like Louisiana (my own)?

Oregon Legislature and secretary of state argue over who will control redistricting

Impeachment Managers - remind Republican Senators and the Nation, 'Bin laden didn't fly the planes'

We are looking at another coup attempt!

Smartmatic files $2.7 billion defamation suit against Fox News over bogus election-fraud claims

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Spinning Round ( Extended Version )

Coming technology for Photography

Gaetz says he would resign from Congress to represent Trump in impeachment trial

Wyden bill would add nearly 4,700 miles of protection on Oregon rivers

I'm wondering why trump wasn't also named in the Smartmatic suit. That thing started it all.

Re the stimulus pricetag

Biden at State: America's back-Diplomacy's back! Nt

After hundreds of meatpacking workers died from COVID-19, Congress wants answers - ProPublica

Fake "preacher" (guess who?) says "Christians don't riot..."

How does one go about re-posting a post on DU? n/t

A congressman caught in the 1970s Abscam sting is now at the heart of a Philly election fraud probe

ITS AMAZING what happens when pure sunlight hits a laser made bag

Bend closer to buying motel for homeless shelter

We've decided to buy the car we've been leasing...

Sen. Sanders Discusses Impeachment Trial, Possibility of Trump Running Again - The View

Biden administration to house migrant teens at overflow facility in Texas closed under Trump

Has anyone been watching the MTG debate/vote to remove her from comittees?

Computer Rants %#&@$...

Biden to reverse Trump policies of supporting offensive operations in Yemen and redeploying troops

Pence to join Heritage Foundation, organization announces

Matt Gaetz and the Trump wing just took a gut punch on Liz Cheney

Sen. Sanders Explains Why Minimum Wage Must Be Raised in COVID-19 Relief - The View

Trump quits SAG Screen Actors Guild union. Includes fun letter.

Proud Boy arrested in Corinth, accused of entering U.S. Capitol during January siege

Biden would 'love to see action' from Congress on firearms, press secretary says

Daily Beast - OAN Declares War on Newsmax for 'Censoring' MyPillow Guy

$1400 Stimulus Fast Track Could Mean Checks Before March

SD8 Senator Angela Paxton Complicit In Insurrection, Now Calls For Unity

So, re-post from Tuesday past ... SHIP OF FOOLS

I'm making a batch of Hot and Sour Soup because we're about to get a blast of winter here in

Maskless people 2/3/2021 - in Florida grocery store

Voting technology company Smartmatic files $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox News, Rudy Giuliani and

OPS, teachers' union agree to new contract that includes salary increases for teachers

OPS, teachers' union agree to new contract that includes salary increases for teachers

Smartmatic sues Fox News, Giuliani and Sidney Powell for $2.7 billion over false election claims

Looking for a book recommendation...counter Q-Anon

Mitt Romney Wants Parents to Receive Hundreds of Dollars Per Child Monthly Till They Turn 18

Greene regrets 'words of the past,' without specific apology

Mexico arrests ex-governor in case of tortured journalist

Intro: "The Earth is round." Here is the 285-page, $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit that election tec

Gov. Northam hints that school will be extended into summer for Virginia students

High levels of toxic heavy metals found in some baby foods: report

Trump so frustrated by Twitter ban that's he's writing out insults and asking aides to tweet them

Another day of trying to schedule for an COVID vaccine appointment without any luck.

Sen. Ted Cruz responds to billboards calling for his resignation in San Antonio, across Texas

Hope you are having some fun today..I am

LOL SAG -Statement on Trump's Resignation from Union

David Hogg launching competitor to Mike Lindell's MyPillow

The problem with Jim Jordan's slippery-slope defense of Greene

Four Stimulus Check Scams To Look Out for As Government Issues Warning

FREE CONGRESS (call)# 866-338-1015 (for those w Limited Data Plans)

The shape of things

Rep. Greene Claims She Never Promoted QAnon After Her Election Win. That's Not True.

We got our first vaccines today and I have to say, I was shocked that it doesn't hurt at all.


'Please send more vaccines': Covid crisis engulfs California's farming heartland

Republicans Repeal Wisconsin Mask Mandate - Way To Go! NSFW

Russian doctor who treated Navalny after poisoning has died

Good news- Carbon Capture plant shuts down

Hunter Biden to publish memoir detailing drug addiction

Florida Lawmaker Wants to Legalize Psychedelic Mushrooms by 2022

She posted an ad for a roommate. What's the worst that could happen?

Is raising the minimum wage a sneaky way to also raise the tax on capital gains?

Have you seen this? Marjorie Taylor Greene and Katie Hopkins.

Sources: High-powered explosives missing, possibly stolen from Southern California military base

Florida Bill May Expunge Some Cannabis Arrests -- Does It Go Far Enough?

Family tips off FBI to Capitol rioter who smashed windows where Ashli Babbitt was shot

Newsmax host throws fit over McDonald's fish sandwich -- then storms out when workers call him 'Male

YES! America is back.

Bette Midler Slams Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley in Withering Parody Video

How is your community handling the influx of homeless?

DOJ's Office of Legal Counsel Came Up with a Way to Block Biden from Reading Trump admin archives

So, will trump be tried as an adult?

DeSantis' budget on algae blooms offers plenty of irony

NSFW video of MGT rubbing her hand on crotch of life-size Trump cutout figure

Let's talk about the farce tonight in the Senate - Beau of the Fifth Column

Republicans target Democrats and teachers unions over school closures in bid to regain suburban ....

October 2, 2020, video in which MTG criticized the House resolution condemning QAnon

Newly discovered 'nano-chameleon' is world's smallest known reptile

Wisconsin Republicans repeal Democratic governor's statewide mask mandate

"We did break down the .. um .. Nancy Pelosi's office door"

Biden: I made it clear to President Putin, in a manner very different from my predecessor, that...

'Remove Ron' movement: Grim reaper lawyer launches political committee to unseat DeSantis in 2022

Stop COVID19 in its tracks. Well, technically, it does not have tracks, however...

218 to 210 so greene's off committee now


Sanders Applauds White House Announcement to End U.S. Support for Yemen War

Movie at the Ellipse: A Study in Fascist Propaganda

After Trump failed to overturn 2020 election, Republicans are trying to steal the next one

sam fender - hypersonic missiles (live on Kimmel - 2019) this tune is pretty great

Santa Fe minimum wage rising to $12.32 an hour March 1

Secretary Pete on MSNBC Joy Reid 7 ET

Sen. Sanders: The Senate Must Take Unprecedented Action

Biden: "America is back. Diplomacy is back"

Legalize marijuana in Delaware? Doing so could bring plenty of green, state report finds

CELEBRATION (The House just removed Marjorie Taylor Greene from all committees)

Holocaust comparison to prairie dog management has Boulder council member facing backlash

Thanx to DUer sanatanadharma: Trump Raised $76 Million -- Then Spent Nothing On Vote Challenges

Take a stand against the planet-threatening Line 3 pipeline

Trump legal team response to House impeachment managers calling on Trump to testify.

There are a lot of people who made decent money in 2019, but lost their jobs in 2020 & are

From now on I'm spelling it "RepubliQans". n/t

Trump will NOT testify in impeachment trial.

Some Q people believe Trump is still in power and has been secretly executing people for 10 days

USA must invade!

Just wondering what House members who serve on no committees do with their time?

Man, the "Q" usage today is amusing me!

Militia Alliance In Georgia Signals New Phase

When your music video goes off the rails

I cannot perform at my impeachment trial because I am no longer a member of SAG-AFTRA. Check mate, m

FBI at home of local woman wanted for role in violence at U.S. Capitol (Rachel Powell/pink hat lady)

TODAY Margie Q Greene fired off fundraising email smearing AOC, Tlaib, and Ilhan.

AOC Knocks Down Disgusting GOP Attacks - The Damage Report

Militia alliance in Georgia signals new phase for extremist paramilitaries.

Marjorie Greene Caught Tweeting In The Middle Of Her Removal Hearing - The Damage Report

Mid-March is deadline for stimulus

Urgent: 9 Senate Democrats sponsor amendement to screw middle-income earners out

Every antisemitic thing Marjorie Taylor Greene has said and done (so far)

MTG debate up shortly on C-Span


Tony Evers issues new statewide mask order after GOP votes to strike current measure down

Biden Masterfully Traps Republicans As Majority Of GOP Supports Stimulus

Trump quickly rejects impeachment managers' request for testimony at impeachment trial

CNN: You-Know-Who won't testify (Hooda thunk TRUMP would ever turn down a chance to yak...?)

Gay conversion therapy banned in Victoria (Aust.) after marathon debate

Ok, the House is now going to debate removing MTG from committees for 1 hr

Who Sang The "Nessun Dorma" Climax The Best?


Sen. Graham calls request for Trump to testify, a "political, showboat move"

Fayetteville AR first U.S. city to receive international Bike City designation

Movie on the Ellipse--A Study in Fascist Propaganda

Rep. Jim Jordan Finds No Love On Fox News

This what I think the consevative repubs are cooking up

Miserable, horrible Republicans overturn the mask mandate

Some Nebraska GOP members want to censure Sen. Sasse for criticizing Trump

Senate begins debate over budget bill to pass Biden economic relief plan

@SecretaryPete:Whether you're hopping on a bus or ordering a ride-share, wearing a mask is the best

My eyes are worse.

(Jewish Group) Latest salvo in ethnic studies curriculum: Its writers want no part of it

Oh, Floozy Q

Virtual Court Hearing Quickly Devolves Into Cavalcade Of Dick Pics, Obscenities, General 'Circus'...

Republicans Accuse AOC Of Not Being Anywhere Near Place They Told Capitol Mob She Would Be (🧅)

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 5 February 2021

Fox News, Trump allies sued for $2.7B over election disinformation

I Bet If Trump Heard Enough Of Us Calling Him A Chicken For Not Showing Up To Testify......

Impeachment managers ask Trump to testify at trial

MTG - see how hard GOPers fight for their people

I guess I am old-fashioned: I sometimes get embarrassed FOR people, usually those who are too

Marjorie Taylor Green tried and true defense to House of Rep:

Lindsey Graham Simps For GOP NUTJOB - The Damage Report

MTG "I was allowed to believe things that weren't true"

New judicial vacancy of note: US District Judge Emmet Sullivan is taking senior status in April

Key Judicial Seat Opens Up for Biden to Fill

This is the way you do a press conference! Top-to-bottom recognition!

Virginia photographer challenges state LGBTQ protections

Rudy Giuliani lashes out at his employer, WABC, for adding a legal disclaimer to his radio show

Val Demings Open to Running for Higher Office

Al Qaeda's leader in Yemen under arrest, UN report reveals

Opinion:Kevin McCarthy is now our most disgraceful political leader

Oopsie! Smartmatic sues Fox News for $2.7 billion over its election fables

Let's be honest: we're to blame.....

Is it wrong of me to laugh at Louie Gohmert, ranting behind his slipping mask?

Marjorie Taylor Greene's most dangerous conspiracy theories and comments.

Fact Ck: SD Gov ignores poor health numbers to claim state's pandemic performance has been 'better

Two in St. Louis area arrested, accused of role in US Capitol riots

MTG seems to be losing her QANON fanbase.....

When did Kevin McCarthy move from this to the man who headed down to Mar-a-Lago to

"Some MAGA responses to Marjorie Taylor Greene's speech on the House floor today."

Why doesn't the Speaker (Rep) interrupt these morons who say Democrat party

Blame the Democrats?

Thousands of Progressives Want to Run for Office

'Corporate Greed New Low'...Kroger: #1 In Grocery Bus., World's 4th Largest Retailer

A danger to oneself or others..

Texas congressman hilariously fails attempting to use Bible to slam Democrats

Microsoft prepares to make its Redmond campus a COVID-19 vaccination site

The Fairness Doctrine won't solve our problems -- but it can foster needed debate

How about if we just call her "Greene" or Ms. Greene?

Al Franken is no longer a Senator.

Pentagon's social media accounts need to familiarise themselves with QAnon slogans fast

Tell me your favorite way to make chicken wings

I will never forgive you people here on DU.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Febr. 4, 2021

Amazon to pay $62M for stiffing drivers on tips

99-1, the Senate adopts amendment offered by Sens. Susan Collins and Joe Manchin to exclude...

Voting technology company Smartmatic files $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox News, Rudy Giuliani and

Ok, Steny Hoyer is making chills run down my spine with that poster. (Edited for more info)

Republicans Forgive Liz Cheney for Having Conscience

I will match donations up to $5,000 for Anti-Gerrymandering efforts in Kansas!

Cartoons 2/4/2021

Pay freeze for Inslee, lawmakers this year; pay hike in 2022

To any elected DC Dem who happens to read DU, a request, please . . . .

Lou Reed Thread. No I won't post "Walk On The Wild Side"

Indoor vaccination commences at Boeing Activity Center

The Pandemic Is Heading Toward a Strange In-Between Time

Joe Pesci - Fixin' a F***in' Hole, Henry!

Vote To Remove MTG From Committees Is Starting nt

Mommy bear with her cubs.. 😊

Biden team pitches rest of US on big virus aid

Trump's About To Lose A Major Presidential Perk At His Mierda-A-Lago Club

Biden health team hatches new vaccine strategy as variant threat builds

Proud Boys may have deliberately planned the Capitol siege as revenge against law enforcement

Programming Announcement: Stupidest State 2021 Is Coming 3/3!

Norm Eisen: Trump can run but he cannot hide

McConnell and the GOP are preparing a barrage of budget amendments to water down Biden's COVID-19

So is Liz Cheney voting to keep GangGreene on the committees?

Jeffrey Epstein fund abruptly halts payouts to victims

FBI launches new photo-packed website for those wanted in Capitol riots

GOP Rep. Anthony Gonzalez risked his career to impeach. He's not sorry.

Biden just withdrew a pile of Trump nominees (32!)

J&J applies for emergency authorization, FDA expected to greenlight in coming weeks

Biden administration delays Trump rollback of migratory bird protections

David Hogg is on Ari now

Fascinating how folks outside the US view the Trump / GOP impeachment drama. (BBC)

I'm afraid MTG will strike back

Next Cudd court appearance pushed back?

North Carolina state legislators introduce bill to end child marriage

Has Screen Actors Guild ever revoked someone's membership before?

I can't get my vaccine, local officials in Md. don't get supplied adequately.

Who are the 2 rethugs voting yay ?

China's racism: Powered by AI

Moderate Democrats Want Vaccine Package Before Biden Stimulus

Wow - so far, 7, wait EIGHT Republicans are voting with the Democrats to sideline Green!

My monthly budget in reference to the debate on the stimulus.

More repuQs have now voted to kick Greene to the curb

230-199 with 11 GOP votes

Eric Trump Is Freaking Out Because Scotland Wants To Investigate His Family

With no committee assignments for Marjie...

I think I heard an old fashioned issues based interview of a Republican...

The eleven R's identified that voted against MTG:

Proud Girls: Greene And Boebert Rise


So given the chance, who would the Pubes strip of committee power?

House ejects Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees over extremist remarks

'Pile of rope' on a Texas beach is a weird, real-life sea creature

Congressman... Why did you vote to keep an anti-Semite on committees?