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If Trumps Rhetoric didn't incite the mob, why was Trump required to call them off?

Demolition of tRump Plaza In Atlantic City

airborne toxic event - come on out (studio-2020) delightfully 1980's-style

If they are intent on acquitting as it appears,make them choke on it

No. 2 GOP senator suggests he's open to censuring Trump

Bidens View Valentine's Day Decorations On White House Lawn, Reporters

If a teacher cheats on a standardized test with no financial motive, it isn't a crime but it will

It's Consequence Culture not cancel culture.

Kevin McCarthy to Trump: "Who the f--k do you think you are talking to?"

I'm sure the GOPers won't convict Trump.

Airlines push White House to reject testing for US flights

The "lawyers" who spent this afternoon lying---yes, that is the exact word I intend to use---

Paul Begala tweet:

St. Wonder - Send One Your Love

CNN: Trump Refused to Call Off Attackers

If by some miracle Trump is convicted, I'll bet that a lot of elected Republicans will be grateful.

Sanders Condemns MLB Elimination of Vermont Lake Monsters Minor-League Team

0 virus deaths reported from 520,000 given the Pfizer vaccine in Israel. Hardly anybody got sick,

*Senator Patty Murray interview on PBS NEWSHOUR now.

Doctors warn that Covid will become endemic and people need to learn to live with it

Is This The End of Obsessively Hating Donald Trump?

CNN screen shot

Insurrectionist who pinned cop in door denied release

Donnie's Lawyers Offered NO DEFENSE

Anyone remember (after court cases) where Trump answered question on one more thing he could do?

Nigerian Immigrant Austin Chenge Vows To End Black History Month If Elected Governor Of Michigan

Trump lawyer struggles to answer key questions from Republican senators

What Japanese Think of Weeaboos (Interview Re-upload)

#1smugass in the senate....

So what's to stop the Senate from investigating the US LEO that relate to Congressional protection?

Scoop: Lincoln Project co-founder resigns. DAMN

Q from @PattyMurray: At 6:01pm on 1/6, Trump tweeted: 'These are the things and events that happen

Civil Twilight - Letters From The Sky

Why wouldn't you give a buck or two to DU during Valentine week?

Part - Tabula Rasa

The sad state of our legislature

Neal Katyal: Tomorrow is the day subpoenas can issue:

Ignorant Reporter: Why Won't the Left-Wing Media Condemn Biden's Catholicism?!

After you get a COVID-19 vaccine, what can you do safely?

I really hope Rep Raskin is engaging in self care

Trump lawyer struggles to answer key questions from Republican senators

Fact check: Trump lawyers make multiple false claims in impeachment defense

Coolest cat markings ever. Three with hearts! Today's mental health break.

If I ever get in trouble, I want Jamie Raskin to represent me.

Hilarious 'Malfunctioning' Dogs Makes You Exclaim "What's Wrong With Your Dog "

When JFK was shot, Secret Service in Dallas almost immediately informed Secret Service at White Hous

FOX news tonight? France wants to ban red roses!

Biden administration says it intends to close Guantanamo prison

House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on the Supreme Court's "shadow docket" next Thursday

Donald Trump reportedly called Mark Zuckerberg and asked him to make changes to the panel that's now

Trump's Defense Sourced From Fox News

New VA 2021 Poll: Far-Right Amanda Chase Leads Rs; Terry McAuliffe Leads Ds

I feel like the occupation of the Capitol and the impeachment

Biden considering prominent Republicans for ambassadorships

Scene from my walk this afternoon

Nicole Wallace and Michael Steele On "The Trumpian Trap"

"I Don't Trust the People Above Me": Riot Squad Cops Open Up About Disastrous Response to Capitol...

'Sean Hannity mixtape': Tapper reacts to Trump lawyer's presentation

Massachusetts Lawmakers Urged to Pass End-of-Life Options Act

Joy Reid Just Asked

Fmr. Defense Secy. Cohen Urges GOP Senators To Convict: The Constitution Is Worth Defending

Indiana police officer adopts dog he rescued on 'Live PD'

CHris Hayes covering McCarthy/ Trump phone call during capitol attack

Boris and Natasha leave town.

Holy moly!

CNN: Source close to Pence says Trump lawyer lying about Trump not knowing Pence was in danger

The nation's oldest juvenile lifer, Joe Ligon, left a Pa. prison after 68 years

zero degrees and possible blizzard conditions for much of central TX on Monday

Why bother? Trump's lawyers don't even offer an impeachment defense because Republicans don't care

Tucker Carlson PANICKED Over Viewers Leaving Him For OANN

How Italian is it ? (Tweet)

Will Rep. senators vote to acquit based on unconstitutional view

Dr. Justin Frank on the trial: For Trump, Capitol riot was a source of "incredible pleasure"

Raskin fires back at Trump lawyer: We asked Trump to testify

Super Bowl streaker tries to collect $375K bet but gets shut down by sports book

"A destructive slipper slope"

Lawrence O'Donnell Interview With Evan McMullin

Finally, someone to challenge KevMac

To refer to what has been laid bare within the Republican Party as mere "rot" is as inappropriate as

Cheap Trick - Ain't That A Shame

Thank you for the heart!

The Incredible String Band

Rubio suggests Hillary Clinton could be subject to impeachment as a former official

Republican congressmen reveal Trump had NO INTENTION of calling off the Capitol attackers, AND THAT

Steve Sack FTW

Bobby Blue Bland

Loreena McKennitt - The Bonny Swans

Cruz meeting with Trump lawyers in Senate.

An Oath Keeper Extremist Who Stormed The Capitol Kept A 'Death List'

"Most of you men would not have your wives with one attempt at talking to her"

Inner Circle

Wow, another heart?

Bunny Wailer Cool Runnings

Buddy Guy It Feels Like Rain

So do they ask for McCarthy and Pence as witnesses?

Opinion: Trump's lawyers had no defense because there is none

Chart for tRump on Feb 13

Denver Riggleman: Who is lying? A primer on validating the The Trump-Tuberville call

Bill would shield beachgoers from trespass charges in Rhode Island

Thanks for the anonymous heart from earlier...greatly appreciate whoever gave it...made me smile...

'Jeopardy!' Star Brayden Smith Dead At 24 - Trebek's Last Great Champ

Oh My!

'Stop the Steal' fueled white fears about their country being stolen

Charley Pride - Let The Chips Fall

Every now and then, I find myself shaking my head and muttering "Are we REALLY still

What other bombshells can we expect between now and 10.00am

Tonight in DC: Kitchen table talks vs. $10k sofa talks

Melania shows off her new office

Bikini Kill Reject all American

New details emerge in McCarthy's call with Trump on January 6

HRC and Benghazi

Thanks again to the kind folks who gave me hearts. I'm still looking for a "blush" icon! nt

I walked into a door last night,

Cruz: "Trump now has a consistent pattern of inciting violence" - Beck interview from 2016ish

What's up with Bruce Castor?

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

Trump lawyers hit impeachment trial as politically motivated 'hatred'

Rhode Island Senate approves gradual increase to $15 minimum wage

Raimondo continues making nominations on her way out the door

Happy Valentines to the great Lady DUers.

robyn - dancing on my own (studio-2010) for any of my homies that are alone right now

Stop trying to save the GOP. It's hopeless.

I got another heart!❤️

World's friendliest UPS driver takes photos with dogs he meets on his route

Yesterdays "Roast Me" Insult Day, Wendy's is Savage

Loreena McKennitt - Dante's Prayer

RAchel now covering McCarthy Trump phone call. CNN covered. PRobably others. Hard to ignore now.

Graham's post-election call with Raffensperger will be scrutinized in Georgia probe

Unions tell Lamont they won't forgo raises to spare the rich from a tax hike

I keep hearing how "we need a viable conservative party." Why? What for?

Graham's post-election call with Raffensperger will be scrutinized in Georgia probe

*Emily Litella!!!

Devout Roman Catholic JD Vance condemns the Lincoln Project

Lindsey... better hope they don't have tapes

Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Endicott

A heart felt thanks to you guys for my hearts.

Either way, Trump is psycho

Sly & The Family Stone - Stand!

Asked whether van der Veen was lying, a source close to VP said "yes."

We can still learn from The Lincoln Project on how to message.

THANKS for the hearts!

Parliament - P-Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)

Armageddon Update: Uncomfortably Numb

How much do I love these hearts?

Lamont unveils plans to reduce cost of health care, cap price of prescription drugs

I agree, this just might be a torture device!

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

The GOP playbook is predictable

Barenaked Ladies - Brian Wilson

Couple of questions about impeachment trial customs, regulations, and procedures

Dave Matthews Band - Too Much

Tell me Junior is not high on cocaine................

Actions have consequences - I sincerely hope it will apply here, one way or another

NYT Ed board Op Ed "Trump is Guilty"

Will Republicans ever really pay for crimes committed during the Trump Administration?

Congressional Republicans. Cowards.... Criminals... or Hypocrites??

This rescue dog just wants to hold mom's hand

"If they make a decision to call witnesses, obviously we would welcome that," says Sen. Van Hollen o

George Kranz - Din Daa Daa

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats have a 50 percent and greater chance of winning.

Trump lawyer SCHOEN quit the team last night, over what people with knowledge of the events describe

Redemption Song - Dave Chappelle (reaction to Jan. 6 @ 3:20)

President Joe Biden to visit west Michigan vaccine facility on Thursday


The O'Jays - Livin' For The Weekend (and after this triggering week, you ain't LYIN', Jack!)

Never mind the wheel. Never mind paper or the alphabet. Mankind's greatest invention is....

Do you think Trump wanted the MAGATERRORISTS to kill the vice president and Speaker on 1/6?

One more time: Hillary saw through Donald. Hillary knew! She warned us all!

Herrera Beutler again confirms conversation with McCarthy regarding Capitol attack

In Time-Saving Measure, Biden Signs Mile-Long Executive Order Reversing Everything Trump Did

Steve Schmidt will be a guest on Bill Maher tonite

Christine McVie - Got A Hold On Me


Trumps next lawyers.

May we have a moment of remembrance for DIAMOND & SILK...

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Impeachment Day 3: Unseen Riot Footage & Apathetic GOP Senators

Regardless of the outcome, once this trial is over....


Golly, You Need a Lot of Synonyms For "Cowardice" To Blog About Republicans During Impeachment

The biggest lesson from the The Lincoln Project scandal.

A Lunar New Year message from the Bidens

I like Raskin's response to Van der Veen's whining:

US Capitol Police officers issue vote of no confidence for acting chief, other top leaders

The Daily Social Distancing Show: A Vaccine Loophole, A New Lunch Rule & An Island Rescue

I bet pence runs in 2024

Which Republican Will Take Trump's Place As Biggest Piece Of Sh*t On The Planet?

Rachel Maddow Goes Wonkette For A Bit, Then Shakes It Off

Japan, US broadly agree on Tokyo's costs to host US troops

Graham to meet with Trump to talk future of GOP

I want to thank whomever gave me a heart!

Thanks for the heart!!!

Seth Meyers - Democrats Conclude Trump's Impeachment Case - Monologue 2/11/21

I am very thankful that

After A Life Of Unconscionable Evil Mitch McConnell Can Do One Good Thing

White House suspends deputy press secretary TJ Ducklo for threatening reporter

Thanks to the mysterious person for sharing their heart with me tonight...

Lone Justice Ways to Be Wicked

If repubs voted in lockstep to CONVICT, trumpers would be forced to accept it

Obscure 23 year Old Navy SAM Was So Ahead of Its Time...

Many thanks to my DU friend who

Postmaster general's new plan could include slower mail and postage hike

David Frum: The Incompetence Lasted to the Very End

Please accept my gratitude for the hearts given to me. ♥️

Judas Priest - Steeler

Confirmation of McCarthy phone call

The disgusting hypocrisy of the retiring GOP senators.

The former POTUS incited supporters to threaten to kill my children and put their "heads on spikes"

My heartfelt thanks for my heart. Thank you DU

Budgie - Breadfan

Rand Paul was otherwise engaged.....

Lawsuit: Judge suing CT town, 72-year-old instructor after breaking neck during pickleball lesson

Who will play Officer Goodman in the upcoming movie?

I'm glad David Frum and Jennifer Rubin never joined The Lincoln Project

Why is it not being discussed that Mike Pence

Tuberville stands by account of Trump phone call

Slate "Do Even Donald Trump's Defense Lawyers Believe Him?"

Triumph - Lay It On The Line

Whatever happened about the cops motioning people in, saying come on, on January 6?

Another heart. Thank you.

National Republicans donate $250,000 to Newsom recall effort

Album Rock - The Stooges - The Stooges - 1969

Okay, this could be a line from an SNL skit,

Billy Squier - In The Dark

"Source close to the White House" was also in touch with some of the rioters and knew their plans...

House Republican pleads for Pence, Trump aides to speak out on Jan. 6 insurrection

Atlantic Standard Time? Bill would move CT into a new time zone

Stratford-based Sikorsky lands $1B contract for U.S. Air Force helicopter upgrades

Bill Maher Real Time Feb. 12, 2021

10:00 PM -- West Side Story (1961)

A picture of Biden not golfing, saving us about $600,000 (not just $100,000):

Corgi puppy zoomies:

So, seriously, why are they so afraid?

What no one is saying out loud this evening:

Astronomers confirm orbit of most distant object ever discovered in our solar system

For the Defense: Twisted Facts and Other Staples of the Trump Playbook

Rammstein - Du Hast

Tweet of the Day

You Can Barely Tell It's the Same Trial in Cable Impeachment Coverage

Breaking: Whitehouse calls for trial to be suspended, wants to depose McCarthy and Tuberville.

Diamond Dust- ayumu 【Bass Solo】

Home Care Workers Arrested Protesting Payroll Problems

My thoughts, for what they're worth

Rep. Beutler, WA-Rep. expands on statement about what McCarthy told her about Trump.

Lamont Makes Marijuana Legalization Debate Real


Duque reverting freedom of the press to Colombia's 'darkest days'

Trump's Taste for Blood

Bolsonaro Praises The Military and Says that Brazil under The Dictatorship Was Not Too Different fro

Trump's Lawyers Repeated Inaccurate Claims in Impeachment Trial

Fire destroys part of Paul Newman's camp for ill children

BREAKING (CNN): Source close to Pence say Trump lawyer lied

Lawyers Enabled Trump's Worst Abuses

I want Mike Lee's fucking phone records

Connecticut congressman facing a rare challenge from the left

Trump's lawyers offered an attack on everything but the evidence

Democratic lawmakers say equity is missing from Lamont's new budget

In office, Trump was the greatest threat to U.S. democracy. Now it may be Tucker Carlson.

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 2/12/21

What incredible beauty.

Lamont plans to ease COVID restrictions by mid-March

Scientists find clump of black holes inside the heart of globular cluster (video)

On a bed of lies and rage, Trump's defense rests

"The Republican Party's a domestic terror cell"

WHO was the mystery person close to the White House who was talking to the rioters DURING THE RIOT?

Bolivia Approves Amnesty Law for Those Persecuted by Aez Gov't

Panama Uncovers Sexual Abuse of Minors in Public Shelters

Guatemala's President Asks Congress to Reinstate Death Penalty

Honduras investigates police in case of murdered student

School Doesn't Acknowledge MLK Day, So Student Takes Black History Ed. Into His Own Hands

ON the BIDEN front do we know what is going on with the 1,400 checks? Will we get them? Who gets

Brazilians Are Buying Guns in Record Numbers With Barely Any Oversight

Forecast radar on Saturday. Wintry mix to likely begin between 6-9a Saturday

There's One Place In The World Where AC-47 Spooky Gunships Still Fly

Well, it seems Swede has access to my buttons, and he pushed one of 'em. Again

Missionaries say vaccines will turn tribes 'into alligators'

Albert king love shock

Did I Hear Right - Congressional Aides That Work In The Congressional Offices In D.C......

Man Caught Peeping In Young Girl's Window Evades Police, But Not Her Tackling- Texan Mom

Peru: Bill to ban foreigners children from taking office proposed

The Bidens' Lunar New Year message to America.

Trump Refused To Call Off Rioters During Kevin McCarthy Phone Call On Jan. 6 - All In - MSNBC

Boe Money: Galactic & Rebirth Brass Band

Months after Biden win, Arizona officials still face threats

GOP Congresswoman Confirms Controversial Trump-McCarthy Call, Calls On Others To Speak Up - MSNBC

What the hell is going on with Ted Cruz's hair?

Many Thanks, Generous DUer's, for the Hearts!

Press Release from Jaime Herrera Beutler

Former Trump Aide and Pro-Life Activist Charged With Child Porn Depicting Infant Rape

2/14 Mike Luckovich: Run!

CA-GOV: Grenell lays groundwork for California gubernatorial run

OH-SEN: Ohio businessman Mike Gibbons steps down from super PAC as he weighs Senate bid

Josef Myslivecek's 'Octet' [horns!] Who is this dude...

Trump Was Indifferent To Riot Threat In Call With McCarthy - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The Incompetence Lasted to the Very End The former president's lawyers were bad--but that was all

Need to speak with someone old: Gilbert Glass Blowing Kit for Boys

2 from Eichner: 1st Harp, 2nd Oboe/ 1 from Hahn

2:30 AM -- Crossing Delancey (1988)

'Failed State': Fragile States Index

Desplat, Theofanidis

Trump's Lawyers The Greatest Historic Example Of Total Lawyering Patheticness

Whooo 🦉 sending me mo' hearts? Love y'all back❣ I do, I do!

I'm extremely upset that they now have enough signatures to recall Gov. Newsom

What is the liklihood of Trump et al being indicted for inciting an insurrection?

Thanks for the hearts! (n/t)

I feel bad tonight UPDATE

Patty Murray interview, re 1/6

Trump Impeachment Defense Lied In Senate About Trump's Response To 1/6 Attack On Capitol - TRMS

The Rep party are still attaching their fortunes to Trump...

Steele re: Moscow Ron Johnson:" This is what it sounds like when you sneak one too many blunts at...

An Italian culinary tour, with Stanley Tucci

The Snowman

Capitol Police issues no confidence vote in leaders

Andrew Johnson's impeachment shows only conviction can thwart political ambition

I think Mitch McConnell will vote to convict, and then he will retire.

The Democracy Index 2020, The Economist

*2:30 PM -- Doctor Zhivago (1965) 3h 17m Epic TV-PG

Housing Advocate Will Garcia Is Running for Mayor of Adrian

All the Republicans that refused to convict last time have blood on their hands now,

Michigan election audit affirms November presidential results, Benson says

The Art of the Football Deal.

MA: under 75 can be vaccinated if they accompany over 75. sets off rush for older companions

Rep. Raskin to Former President Trump Defense Lawyer: "You should have been here on January 6th."

U of New Hampshire professor posed as immigrant woman of color to post racist, sexist comments

Name the Boy Band - Twitter challenge

'People are hurting': San Jose's largest Vietnamese mall hanging by a thread

New York seeks dismissal of NRA bankruptcy case

So DUers who thinks Pence called for the National Guard

Who to blame for the Capitol riots - SOME MORE NEWS

Podcast: Cuellar discusses increase in migrants being released at southern border

Appalachian Fracking Boom Was a Jobs Bust, Finds New Report

WTF, TEXAS: 17-Year-Old Sex-Trafficking Victim To Be Tried As Adult for Murder

musical objects

Call them by name.....

Some Humorous Historical Trivia

House Managers: Suspend the trial and CALL THE SECRET SERVICE AS WITNESSES ASAP

Serval jump

Breakfast Saturday 13 February 2021

Nikki Haley criticizes him

This is what happens when you rush to produce and dispense a vaccine

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, February 13, 2021

More sober drivers are being arrested for DUI in Phoenix​

This Is So Cool!

Politics in general and my tooth situation in particular has me a little down lately, so this

Warm Your Winter With These 11 Hot Cocktails From Around the World

Missouri House tucks lawmakers cast out of caucuses into tiny offices

Tennessee Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Allow Fathers To Veto Abortions

Virginia to Launch Statewide Vaccine Pre-Registration Site; Local Forms Close Friday

republicans finally decide to wear masks

Missouri company accused of illegal gambling has sued the state

'Road to hell': Students who faced abuse at Missouri boarding schools call for action

Ohio has 31 active anti-government groups.

A one-day vaccine appt turn-around astounds a grumbling old skeptic.

Amy Klobuchar storming the maternity wing

Please sign this petition to suspend state education testing this year. Please pass it on!

Some parents and bye to state tests during pandemic (Tampa Bay Times)

Winter? I'm over it.

On this day, February 13, 1942, Peter Tork of the Monkees was born.

This is how the Trump era ends...

The Scorpion and the Frog

I got a new heart this morning!

Maybe Trump told McQarthy the mob was Antifa because that was part of the Qoup script...

postman was too "knackered" to help 72 year old woman who had fallen in the snow

I have seen the future, and it's Raskin, Neguse, Swalwell, Plaskett and Castro

The Republican Party schism may end up tearing GOP leadership from the House and Senate apart

A ? For Grandparents , ever ask yourself how in the shit did peanut butter get on dome light

Recall Newsom organizers hit significant milestone for getting on the ballot

Middle Age Riot With Another Pearl Of Wisdom

Pence Gets His Revenge By Letting It Be Known That Trump's Impeachment Lawyers Are Lying

Tell me where I am wrong with this? Trump wanted even more bloodshed and death on 1/6/21 ....

We need a 9/11 type Commission to find WHO ELSE is guilty of Sedition. We have the goods on Trump

City Calls St. Louis Jail Complaints 'False,' Won't Let Attorneys in to Inspect

St. Louis Recipient Boned as Hard-Nosed Feds Seize Illicit Viagra Shipment

Dog cons owner for hug in order to steal her dinner

This Impeachment trial is going to be the Republican Party and Careers

The US Senators' oath of office--how many will break it?

200 years after Napoleon defeat, Russia and France bury their dead

Missouri Bill Would Welcome Our Robot (Delivery) Overlords

Thank you for the heart.

In MA, if you accompany an elderly relative tp a vaccine appt, you get a shot as well......

Donald Trump's last stand: How his desperate attempt to overturn the election failed

Commentary: Business leaders want political civility? Show Mike Shirkey the door.

We ALL watched it on TV. It was on Every Channel. All Day. But HE didn't know?

Thank you for the heart!

Would Republicans have voted to convict if Mike Pence or Mitt Romney had been killed?


Top-15 Cold January For Russia/Scandinavia; Record Warmth For Arctic Ocean - Up To 8C Above Avg.

Silicon Valley Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya (it's just a game to some)

Did Curt Schilling just admit to storming the Capitol building?

An Anti-Smartphone With a Rotary Designed and Built by Space Engineer Justine Haupt

The Senate is scheduled to go into recess this week - call witnesses!

WATCH LIVE: Trump's second impeachment trial begins in Senate - Feb 13, 2021

For the life of me I can't believe

This Pittie Was Determined To Do The Impossible -- And He Did

Rudy Giuliani could be facing racketeering charges in Georgia: report

Shell Pledging Net-Zero By 2050 W. "Technology!" But Meanwhile Will Expand NG Business By Over 20%

Covid Vaccine at -- WALGREENS

Dog Rescued From Puppy Mill Learns What It Is To Be Loved

This weeks Barron's (2/13/21)

We got a new stove this morning

M$NBC reporting McConnell will vote to acquit.

All the more reason to call witnesses.

Issuing Subpoenas on Tuberville, McCarthy, Secret Svc is likely to blow up on us

Norcal's 2-Year Rainfall Deficit 1 Of The Worst Ever; 30-70% Of Normal, No More Feb. Storms Likely

Uh! Who did not see this coming from McConnell?

Trump could face charges for the murder of Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick: ex-prosecutor

McConnell reveals he will vote to acquit Trump

Amber Ruffin. Trump's Impeachment Trial & Congress' Black Patriotism Fight: Week In Review

This isn't complicated. Arrest Trump for sedition and accessory to murder

The truth will eventually come out and it won't be pretty.

When the signers of the Declartion of independence

Australian Science Team Plans 3,000-Meter Ice Core; Will Be Direct 1.5 Million-Year Climate Record

It's time for the criminal courts

The U.S. Maternal Mortality Crisis Demands Action--From All Of Us

Falsehoods and death threats haunt local election workers weeks after Capitol siege

The Horrible Crash in Fort Worth

Seven candidates line up for state superintendent of schools post, with primary on Tuesday

Trump lawyers warn calling witnesses will turn impeachment trial 'real ugly, real quick': report

Tennessee Ernie Ford was born on this date-

McConnell's letter will result in more people leaving the Republican party

Mitch McConnell is such a bucket of slime.

Well, Here's A Twist

The most Redneck headline ever!

"Farcical"; "Abysmal"; "Hamstrung" - Australia's Decade Of Denial And Inertia On Climate Continues

Optimism with Biden's presidency, to me, will be somewhat offset by lingering powderkegs

Shocker: #Moscow Mitch will vote to acquit Trump, he tells fellow GOP senators in email

Court rules against Apaches in bid to halt proposed mine

THEY'RE CALLING WITNESSES, including McCarthy or his notes! (Edit, Buetler's notes about McCarthy)

What history will say about Trump's acquittal

Bam! Subpoenas!

McConnell calls for prosecution of Donald trump

House Managers Will Seek Witnesses

Kern County CA Has 78K Oil/Gas Wells; They Want Another 67K New Wells, W. A 7-Day Approval Process

100 Depositions?

It's all in the interpretation of the vernacular

That fine, Mitchy boy!

what did the president know, and when did he know it?

My question on McCarthy here is

van der Veen is quite the asshole.

So on one hand, McConnell says Trump must be held responsible...

Geez Comparing the McCarthy/Butler to the Lee B.S.

The trial is after the fact, van der ween.

Just started watching Repub side of trial

Do they do depositions for impeachments?

Subpoena Donald J Trump

IMHO, what we are now witnessing with van der Veen is panicked desperation. Hope he

Philly delphia

Tr**p's Lawyer Is Really Agitated...

Caturday & Chill

Van Der Veen making a fool of himself.

Drama Queen squealing

I know he sounds like an idiot but why did people laugh when he was saying

Wow! Van Der Veer is a total ass!

Van Der Veen just got laughed at.

Still blessed with a ❤️. Thank you!

This thought just smacked me in the head

Hell has frozen over...

Analysis: Once impeachment is over, the threat to Trump shifts to real courtrooms

I work at a personal injury law firm and..

It's very clear the GOP is now the star party

Did you know, I ALMOST voted for Reagan?!

Did anyone really think the person who blocked President Obama's SC nominee for a year would do

THE LION DANCE in 8,000 Dominoes! (Lunar New Year Celebration)

Where was McConnell on 1/06/2021?

Thanks for the heart, Anonymous Friend!

Do Dems need the VP for this vote? n/t

Weekend TOONs 1 - Exhibit A

TX State Dems Form New Caucus With Single Goal - Holding A Legislative Hearing On Global Warming

Weekend TOONs 2 - Caught In A Trap Of Their Own Making

Should the impeachment clause be removed from the Constitution?

How did Sen Manchin vote? N/t

Kamala Harris: The exodus of women from the workforce is a national emergency

Ranger Tom.........

Watching on C-SPAN2 - looks like Van Der Ween is packing up his papers

Graham changes vote

Graham Changed His Vote To Yes

San Angelo TX Has No Drinking Water: Benzene @ 35X Legal Limit, Plus Acetone, Naphthalene

Holy Shit Graham chances his vote to Aye! n/t

Van der Veen is now demanding Speaker Pelosi, VP Harris be deposed in his PA office. In response,

Reframing the question

Murkowski, Collins, Romney, and Sasse...and now Graham!

Graham voted yea?

WTF Graham changed his vote?

I knew Trump set up the Jan. 6 attack when I heard the National Guard had been told not to respond

Why is MASKLESS random paul colluding with the trumpet team?

Cassidy was a No!

Senate will vote to call Congresswoman as witness.

1791 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat.; 114 deaths

Melania 'bitter and chilly' with Trump and spending 'hours' in the spa, report says

Per CNN, Lindsay Graham just changed his vote to call witnesses...

The question I would have asked had I been a senator

Fucking Rand Paul

...the sheer weight of evidence we now have that the gov. has been lying to you for the last 5 yrs

What did van der Veen write to Graham?

This guy is the City Commissioner of Philadelphia..... And he's a republican.

Jaw-Dropping Poll Finds Trump Worst President Ever, But Best Among Republicans -- TRIPLING...Lincoln

I just got a Valentine! Thank you thank you!

Has Mitch now said he will vote to acquit? Thought I just heard that. nt

Hahaha! Witnesses!

Talk Radio is in Decline

Senate votes to call witnesses in impeachment trial


Trump could star in a kiddie porn film

Marco Rubio Asks at Senate Trial If Hillary Clinton Can Be Impeached, Convicted, and Barred...

Florida man arrested after exposing himself to cars claiming he was "protesting for civil rights"

Dear media: The Senate voted on Raskin's motion. Trump's lawyer didn't make a motion.

This crap show was brought to you by Trump Corrupt Inc.!

If you were to give Raskin an award...

Everyone thought they knew what would happen today

How far is team rump prepared to go, now that witnesses will be called?

Great comment by Emptywheel

Good Day DU (February 13, 2021)

Unusually Cold Weather and the Polar Vortex

Here's A Legal PSA

Can they call McCarthy

Bill Clinton was a sitting President when he was subpoenaed

RB Hudmon - How Can I Be A Witness?

Jaime Herrera Beutler

Too bad they can't call

What about the letter from McConnell?

The Repugs Could End This Today If They Would Only Agree To Vote To Convict.....

Today is Saturday Too bad the dramatic part of the trial was on weekdays

I wonder if MF45's lawyers will quit,

Thank you to whomever gave me a ❤️.

Effort renewed to expand Missouri's online sales tax

Can you imagine Trump's reaction

Sen. Ron Johnson angry at Romney, apparently

'Do not handcuff me': Trump lawyer rages he will call 100 witnesses

That awkward moment when you use an alias on FB but your real name for how to pronounce section

Woman From Washington Grabs Donald Trump By The

So Trump has to shut up for another week. Ha!

Peter Gabriel has a birthday today.


And so the Witness Wish List begins ..

Mars, Nestle and Hershey to face child slavery lawsuit in US

WATCH: Trump lawyer snaps at senators for laughing at his new demands

Community coalition will gather petition signatures to replace Minneapolis Police Department

Elephant Trying To Call Her Young Bull Back To The Herd

Maybe Having Trumps Mob Almost Kill Them Bothered Some Republicans

The most loathsome GOPer of them all is Lindsey Graham.

what was the endgame? i think it was-

Ali Alexander Wants to Build a MAGA Mega City Where 10 Million Trump Supporters Would Live

Bill Maher and his solar panels tirade

So who is the witness that Trump would like to have?

"The lawyers left were only sticking together because they thought it was over today."

In my opinion, McConnell made a mistake this morning.

Thank you for the valentines and for DU! A refuge from fascists

Get Trump gone. Out of the news. I don't like calling witnesses.

Trump 'Stunned' Trial Will Continue

Looks Like Trumps Fiverr Lawyers Screwed Up By Lying About Pence

Thank you for the hearts!

A big huge thank you to whoever gave me my hearts today!

They didn't know WTF they voted for.

America's Sickness Goes Far Beyond Trump

Meanwhile in non-impeachment news, President Biden is planning to spend his weekend at the White Hou

Sobpoena Mike pence and make him place his hand on his bible

I cannot lie.. I am of two minds about calling witnesses..

Rudy and Dershowitz will end up being Trump's lawyers when witnesses are called.

Based on his track record in courts as private bizman, it's possible that donald will throw in the t

Mike Pence Didn't Sacrifice His Life For Trump's Coup Attempt

Oh, for the love of God!

Thanks for my heart to whomever gave it to me. I

What is the penalty to a senator if they lie during impeachment?

YOU raised $100 on 2-12-21 DU for Kansas Fair Maps: Anti-Gerrymandering Fund ($5,000 match)

Album Rock - Fleetwood Mac - Future Games

Van der Veen Aug. 20 email: "Donald Trump doesn't want you to be able to vote. It's time to stand up

"Knock, knock." "Who's there?"

Can't think of ANY witness who would help Trump or the GQP

Norm Ornstein isn't a random nobody

A curious ad

Myanmar protests in 2nd week, with neither side backing down

Boy - This Really Puts A Crimp In Tr**p's Golf Game Today

People DIED because of trump on Jan 6th, he had people killed

'I did not know if the door was locked': Sen. Patty Murray relives hiding in her office while mob

CNN: GOP senators say witnesses won't change any minds on their plans to acquit

Thank you again for the hearts...Happy Valentine's to all at DU.

Very smart move by Lindsey Graham to extend my impeachment trial. Gives him more time to prepare for

Recess until 12.30pm n/t

TOOO COOL - Synchronized cat- Is it a mirror or???- Wait till the very end

Did Trump Think His Mob Had Taken Pence Hostage?

Call As Witnesses, The White House Staff Members Who Resigned Because of Jan 6.

Sen. Jeff Merkley says trial would suspend as witness are deposed, allowing COVID bill to proceed

Gene Robinson: I say bring on the witnesses! Facts are to Trump as sunlight is to a vampire.

Imagine when McCarthy testifies he told Trump who the f--k do you think you're talking to

Witness questions!

Snowblind in NW Indiana

Trump advisor Jason Miller is walking around the Capitol with a witness list that says *301 so far.*

Trump 'Stunned' Trial Will Continue

This is cute and funny: the most Alabama headline possible

The Senate should vote to form a Rule XI committee to gather evidence

Malcolm Nance: "We are headed into a new phase of American domestic violent extremism..."

CNN just reported that Jason Miller said they have a list of 300 people they want to hear from

Oh my god! Look at this 4 year old singing Bob Marley!

Thank you everyone who gave me a heart .... I love you all ....

Deposition venue: Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Georgia on my mind

Thank you for the hearts kind DU'ers.

Realize what we are watching: virtually every Republican who might be regarded as a leader

Ashley Judd Recuperating From "Catastrophic" Leg Injury After Fall In Congo Rainforest

Can some give me the straight story the Dems bailing out rioters claim ?

Liddle Marco whines about managers "caving" to "left wing Twitter" & Greg Sargent nails him

Thank you so much for the new heart....

My buddy

Nancy Pelosi is basically a witness for the prosecution

Marjorie Traitor Greene goes after Herrera Beutler with a little threat included

Calhoun County GOP censures Rep. Meijer over impeachment vote

And The Coup Goes On - And The Coup Goes On.....

Okay all you sweet-💓💗❣️s......

What Could Witnesses Do?

Is it just me or does anyone else see a similarity between Van Der Veen's performance

2021 - 2025: The Great Hangover

CNN at the White House

Congressman Jaime Herrera Beutler became a hero of mine

Subpoena text messages in the trump associate group

Raphael Cruz

So a few more HEART days! I thought i'd repost my GIF thanks thread from GD earlier

There's Only One Way Out Now for Trump.

Senate Witnesses

It's Lunar New Year--but Asian Americans in the Bay Area Are Afraid to Go Out

Who's your buddy............

Pete Souza: I can't help thinking: do photographs from the WH photographer exist of Trump between...

Florida Is a COVID Nightmare--Even for Vaccinated People

Opinion: Trump's conviction would finally complete the transfer of power

"I wonder why Republicans don't want Trump to testify, under oath, at his own impeachment trial."

Thanks for the hearts!

This is going to solidify the GOP split

Claire McCaskill reporting current plan is that there will NOT be witnesses on the Senate floor.

Screw stipulations, America needs to hear witnesses.

Who was holding up the 301 witness names on that sheet of paper?

MSNBC reporting Senate might just admit GOP Congresswoman's reports into record, NO witnesses

The incitement charge is not confined to the Jan. 6 matter what GOP tries to argue

DON'T FORGET- Send your loved ones a valentine card

Ryan Goodman: "A wide net" (Sounds like multiple witnesses)

The 19th: Inside the Lincoln Project's 'toxic' workplace

Lindsay Graham again consults with Trump's attorneys -- in the middle of the trial: '

Thank you for the new heart, it means a lot.

Sen. Mike Lee turns over phone record to House impeachment managers, Trump defense

Capitol rioters scramble to trash photos and social media posts showing they were part of mob...

Has Anyone Here Seen Ted Cruz's "Viking" haircut?

"A wide net" (Sounds like multiple witnesses)

Michael van der Veen for the defense

Thanks, DUer, whoever you are for the heart.

We don't need deep dives into these traitorous insurrectionists. Rant against WAPO's story

GOP only gets to call the witnesses the Democrats allow...

Thank you for the new heart.

What does Sen Ron Johnson think he knows or is doing

I didn't think I needed to write my D Senator who I knew would vote to convict

Jake Sherman is right. Just entering a statement is a joke.

Today, I did something I have never done before in my life.

Trump World stunned by move to call witnesses

Thank you for my new heart

They were laughing at YOU Michael van der Veen

Special shout-out to the MIRT team!

We have identified HANDGUN on an insurrectionist who attacked the capitol. Carrying a Sig Sauer P3

Think of the historic painting this impeachment will be...

Well, Well, Well...Merc Retro Has Struck Again

In my opinion, this development in the impeachment trial is fantastic.

If any heard Katie Tur state she'd heard that Romney and Rob Portman got in screaming match: WRONG

And another! I love DU

Are we going to let the Trumplicans push us around?

I love the hearts (and TY), but I cringe whenever I get a "You've got DU mail" banner...

Love ❤️ to all of you wonderful people!

Witnesses are needed to address critical questions that have not yet been fully explored, including:

TV ad from Trump's impeachment attorney Michael T. van der Veen

The Longer This Impeachment Trial Proceeds Makes It Just That Much More Harder For....

Just Say Know

Disgraced ex-FBI agent John 'Zip' Connolly dying, up for prison release

Pence & McCarthy need to be called as witnesses. Unless this can be accomplished, no accountability

The internets lapped itself 😁😁😁😁😁

Well done with the hearts everyone!

Why have trials?

Trump lawyers facing 'complete disaster' if they call Nancy Pelosi as an impeachment witness:

What is worse? Trump leaving Pence to the mob, or Republicans finally..

Recess the trial for two months.

Is the senate still in recess ?

I just learned today that the senate didn't experience Jan 6 the same way...

Trump's CRACK legal team blindsided by witness vote, thought today would be Acquittal Day. SAD!

I want witness, but in the end I don't think it will change any votes to acquit or convict?

The Trump Campaign paid 35 million $ to bring these rioters to DC that day.

PBS reporting there might be a deal for no witnesses

Tickled by the tickers. Tanks (updated)

The Trump Campaign paid 35 million $ to bring these rioters to DC that day.

What came first, McConnell's email or the House Managers call for witnesses?

Another heart, thank you!

LOL, did I just hear a hot-mic moment where someone said "This is all Fucked Up."

Did I Hear Castor Mumble "This is all Fucked Up" Into Microphone?

No witnesses!

TRUMP BLINKED! He agreed to entering Buetler's statement into the record. Raskin is reading it now.

Why in the world are they stipulating to this?!!!!???

T H a n k s

So no witnesses it looks like...same old shit

I am beside myself with rage and anger right now.

THKs for all of the hearts. Starting 2 rows.

Senate Dems blindsided by call for witnesses:

Out to lunch. . . . Please come CAPTION Kevin McCarthy!!!

DAY 5 Impeachment Trial Closing Arguments

57 GOP State And Local Officials Were At The Capitol Insurrection

Go Jamie!

Don't know how you'd find out, no doubt a touchy subject, but how many MAGA families had a member

Does anyone think the incoming AG won't investigate the coup attempt?

Thank you for the heart.

The goal of the trial was to expose the perfidy of Trump and his acolytes.

What a rollercoaster

MAGA Troll

He will be acquitted based on the Constitution but 54-46 is still a loss

PEOPLE! PEOPLE! May I remind you. . 45** is the one who needs to stroke out. NOT YOU!!

Here is some of the thinking behind not calling witnesses.

Trump's Stupid Defense Is Another Attack--This Time on America's Intelligence

May I congratulate and thank Speaker Pelosi for her outstanding choices of

Do the Dems control the committees yet?

I got the Moderna vaccine this morning!

Detroit's Pages Bookshop to host virtual chat with 'Medicare For All: A Citizens Guide' authors


best kitchen gadgets ever

Trump lawyer irked after senators laugh at him

Melania Trump has been 'bitter and chilly' toward her husband because of her tarnished reputation

Mitch McConnell threatened to hold up COVID RELIEF if the vote wasn't today

The Capitol is 2.3 miles away from the White House

Henry 'Enrique' Tarrio, Proud Boys leader charged in DC, violated release conditions, court official

The final five-time 'Jeopardy!' champ during Alex Trebek's tenure has died at age 24

Thought they were calling witnesses??

Lead Impeachment Manager Jamie Raskin is my hero. The epitome of intelligence and eloquence.

Fed up Chris Wallace LOSES IT on Trump's lawyers for "ludicrous" defense ON AIR (CNN)

Van Der Veen has no self discipline.

The stipulation does not merely admit the Congresswoman's statement. The parties, Democrats AND

I watched the Nixon impeachment hearings in my high school social studies class.

Another heart. Thank you.

What Animal Are You

Karen Lewis Lit the Spark

what are they claiming Cicciline

Tim Kaine Says 'Most Shocking Revelation' of Trial Involves Trump Tweet Attacking Pence

Really the impeachment show was a waste of time, nothing will come of it, trump gives the world

Trump impeachment witness' statement read into evidence (CNN)

Is Sen. Coons the person sitting by the Senate doors?

We live in a media driven society

In real trials it is generally recognized not to interrupt closing arguments.

If you can't convict, you can't acquit.

Brown blasts 'spineless' GOP colleagues at trial

Smerconish: Only an arsonist lets a fire burn - Trump's second impeachment (CNN)

Senator Lee needs to shut up! He knows is complicit in all of this.

The reaction at DC VA Center as VP pulls up for an unscheduled stop to hand out cookies...

Thankfully once this is all over Michael van der Veen will go back to Philadelphia to return to...

the war on higher ed in Iowa continues; or, pray for us!

I don't understand what is going on

Stipulations of fact matter in a court of law, not political processes

This is the 2nd time Mike Lee has loudly interrupted the proceedings

The piece of shit media is already saying democrats caved.

Capitol rioters scramble to trash photos and social media posts showing they were part of mob

Van Der Veen sounds like a particular actor

Poor Mrs.Glam. When I get my mind made up, I go OCD...

"The former president is pleased there won't be witnesses at the trial."

so no witnesses.

Trump is like a damn Chatty Cathy doll - the same few phrases...

Group of Dem senators calls for McCarthy, Tuberville to be deposed

Meanwhile: New York prosecutors investigating Trump's Manhattan properties

Romney's single vote to convict Trump at the first impeachment was historic

Johnson confronts Romney after vote on witnesses

"If you liked this, Senate Republicans are about to vote for more of it."

what the fuck - it's either IN the record or NOT

Mike Lee is a real horse's ass

Karen Lewis, HS Chemistry Teacher Inspired A Generation of Teachers & Union Organizers

Q: Who's more powerful? Lemmy or God?

And now Republicans are constantly interrupting the presentation

Suck it up, ok? Everything done by the House Managers was not done exactly as I would have done

Poor Melania, she's having a sad because she's unpopular

Several NFL franchise quarterbacks want trades after Tom Brady showed them the way

Lindsey Graham Hisses Directions At Attorneys Messing Up Speech They Spent Hours Rehearsing

WSJ scoop: NY prosecutors are investigating financial dealings around some of Trump's Manhattan

'Embarrassed' Trump Supporter Begs Judge For Son's Freedom After Capitol Riot Arrest

Lindsey Graham Blames 'Liberal Media' Prior to Impeachment Vote, Says Bring on Witnesses

Oh the weather outside is frightful

New to the DUG: the DU Official (Unofficial) information Glossary (Dictionary)...

The few republicans who have shown any guts or honor

The deaths of capitol police are a part of historical record now

Can you imagine the stream of hate that we'd be hearing...

Throw the book at 'em: 57 GOP State And Local Officials Were At The Capitol Insurrection

George Conway tweet:

Joe Neguse said "Exigent"

How statements by Republican lawmakers have made things harder for Trump's legal team

Libby is stuck between libraries and publishers in the e-book war

Request to delay Derek Chauvin's trial dismissed by appeals court

Duck & doggo best friends:

Need to See Much More of Joe Neguse in Democratic Leadership

Oh my, Joe Neguse - he is really something special.....

Joe Neguse is wonderful!

Tweet of the Day

How many ANTIFA and BLM members have been arrested so far for the insurrection

This is Different

The escape hatch Republicans don't seem to see

Kittens: synchronized paws up

WTH just happened?

New York Prosecutors Investigating Trump's Manhattan Properties

Snow storm blankets Western Washington: Additional accumulations of 3-6 inches possible today

"Trump betrayed the mob."

If Trump's speech didn't cause the insurrection why was his speech required to retract the mob?

Corporations continued donations to Sen. Hawley long after they should have known better

Kittens playing leapfrog:

Thou shall not follow a multitude to do evil...

If only the rethugs were actually the people

Tiny kitteh smacky toes:

I'm betting that tomorrow morning Trump announces his candidacy for 2024 and schedules a rally.

Look at this lovely ballerina fly.

Van Der Veen is a jackass.

And I love youses tooses!

Shut up, Ferret Face.

Van der veen talking smack! He is pathetic!

Very Poor Rebuttal Opening

Sure gotta hand it to trump

Thanks again for the heart, to whomever gave it!

This Is What Still Keeps Me Up At Night

Though we are moved and inspired by the words of these great Democrats, keep in mind:

Trump counsel just said they did not stipulate to the truthfulness of @HerreraBeutler's statement.

Trump counsel just said they did not stipulate to the truthfulness of @HerreraBeutler's statement.

Former Marine, cop and metal worker. KC Proud Boys appear in court on riot charges

Be aware: The Rep congresswoman from Georgia just tweeted to Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler that Trump

When does the final vote happen?

Van der Veen radio commerical "be careful on the snow and ice..."


I be damn, Trump wrote the closing argument himself.

Thank You For The Hearts! I Heart DU for being here for us.

America does deserve a reckoning, a peaceful one

Van Der Veen is giving a classically weak closing argument.

All you need to know about *'s moron lawyer: "Democrat Leaders"


When GA-14 or CO-3 Districts send us their people, they don't send us their best.

I am glad they are not moving forward with witnesses...

That asshole just said "... 'democrat' politicians said (blah blah blah) ...". Per my ...


Cartoons 2/13/2021

Seriously? 'the Raskin doctrine'?

fucking trump attorney

Remember this foreshadowing? Oct 5, 2020....

Even with Acquital, the House Mangers still won because of Jamie Raskin...

Should you ever step in a pile of "vanderVeen", don't even try go clean your shoes.

I would hope there is a campaign to make life difficult for Van der veen.

this guy is out of it; I'm turning it off.

Just like a Trumper, accusing the other side

OAN said it was not Trump who led rioters to the Capitol but Pierre L'Enfant, DC's architect

Impeachment as a weapon?

Sounds Like Steven Miller Wrote The Defense Closing Arguments....

Conservative Ontario Premier Doug Ford getting destroyed on Twitter

Miami Herald: Scott and Rubio saw no evil that day at the Capitol -- to their everlasting shame

Any chance the Senate later can take action against Van der veen for lying on the Senate floor?

"Supposed to be a peaceful protest"?

It's been said dozens of times this week by dozens of DUers

He just said "anominous" sources

I wanted witnesses

What's this claim of manufactured tweets/manipulated videos?

What the hell is he talking about? Fraud on the part of the Democratic

I cannot listen any more.

only took 2 mins for my 29 y/o to break my heart again today...

So what happened on January 6th didn't happen?

You can take the assholes out of the gop, but you can't take the gop out of the assholes.

Fake rallies in made-for-Putin videos tell Russia's leader how popular he is

Did Trump Think His Mob Had Taken Pence Hostage? Was his tweet a call to "take out" Pence?

Now Van Der Veen has circled back to attacking the impeachment managers.

It's like Trump has his hand up Van Der Veen's ass

Are the people complaining about the Trump trial armchair lawyers or armchair political strategists?

So Melania is having a sad. I have an idea!

Dems, we have a mandate and a rallying cry: STOP THE BIG LIE.

Dog jumps in snow as though he's on a trampoline:

Half a century ago: Beauty and the Beast

Posted without comment

Michael Van Der Veen's yearbook entry is a weird journey

Trump lawyers hit impeachment trial as politically motivated 'hatred'

The whole trial could be summed up with the answer to one question.

Poll: Majority say Trump should be barred from public office

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Psalm 42:5 (2 versions)

NEW Trump was briefed on Pence's safety on day of Capitol riot

To Those Fearful Of The Demise Of Our Democracy...

They're voting!

Basic premise of trumps nice lil speech on Jan 6th, You can kill em if you want but do it peacefully

The Senate are voting now: the article of impeachment.

My greatest fear after this impeachment effort

Voting now!

"Accusing House Managers of "fabricating" evidence is a serious--and false--accusation."

Remember, we always knew it would go this way

How Soon Will Tr**p Begin Campaigning For The 2024 Repug Presidential Nomination?....

How many Senators are in attendance? n/t

Nice guys finish they ?

Richard Burr (R-NC) votes GUILTY; so do Cassidy and Collins

So about the rule 23 thing

13-6 Stop the Voting-Stop the Steal!!!!!!!!

Trump is still impeached for the second time!

Eichenwald: Dems are correct in not calling witnesses

There were some surprise Guiltys

#1seditionist in the senate...

Cassidy voted guilty!

Was any evidence presented to show that drumpf acted to defend the Congress or his own VP?

Fucking filibuster again...

regarding the vote... as Raskin said: Thou shall not follow a multitude to do evil

They are "voting their conscience" right now

votes so far..........


Assholes are still assholes.


The republicans who voted Guilty need to be recognized for their courage.

Once again, Trump loses the popular vote but wins on a technicality

Neal Katyal...

Did Burr vote guilty?

If you are a center right Republican, there now is NO place for you in that party.

Burr, Cassidy, Collins, Mursalski, Romney, Sasse Toomey, Republicans that voted Guilty

Trump Sets Record for Most Guilty Votes in Impeachment Trial with 57 Votes

Seven Republicans voted guilty

57 to 43

The operation was a success but the patient died.

Former Clinton official lays out roadmap for making Trump accountable for the Capitol riot.

Fourteenth Amendment time!

Wicked. It's time for the right word for the repugs

43 Cowards

Husky tries Salad after failing his latest weigh in

I'm expecting

57-43 is a win, albeit a qualified one.

Simply put: disgraceful

So, what happens next when the January 6 Insurrectionists figure out that

So much for the law-and-order party

Trump Impeachment Vote count: 57-Guilty to 43-Not Guilty

Just made a promise

Expect more Trump rallies

Ok, Georgia - do your thing. Put him in jail. PLEASE

Next time we my not be so lucky

7 Senate Republicans vote 'guilty,' the most bipartisan margin in favor of conviction in history.

Thank you everyone for the hearts.💕 It makes everything a little easier to bear

@SecondGentleman ....

"Vote your conscience"?

Thank you so much for the heart.


I believe that's the best we could have hoped for. And once again, Trump is #1.

New York Prosecutors Investigating Trump's Manhattan Properties

It's what we expected, folks.

The Republicans have destroy our standing in the world we had been a beacon of democracy and laws

I'm sure if You-Know-Who (BLESS YOU, WHOOPI!!!) still had Twitter.

Stray Cat Decides To Move Into Guy's House

May the Republican party now go the way of the Whigs.

If you're disappointed Trump was acquitted you should be

Move along folks, shows over..Next trump show coming

Tweet of the minute

Majority Leader Schumer is bringing it.

Is there a chance the #ApricotHellBeast will be

Bipartisan Senate majority votes to convict Donald Trump

Well, we all knew it would end this way

Senator Schumer is doing an excellent summary.

As always, when things like today's result happens, I think of something that is actually

You couldn't find 17 principled Republicans in the country.

Its -2 and there are homeless people out begging at the intersections.

silent appreciation thread for the House Managers

Do we know why they didn't move forward with Article three (3)

As I watch the response of the Republicans I see this as a life lesson in the depths of depravity

43 Republicans choose Tyranny and Insurrection over Liberty and Democracy

Led Zepplin - Dazed and Confused

The Republican party has lost its way since Watergate and 1974

I despise Republicans.

Savoy Brown - Hellbound Train

Donald Trump on his acquittal: FU! We're just getting started. Stay tuned!

Schumer nails it!


So why didn't you fucking convict? Weasel Mitch trying to wiggle out on the term "incitement"?

I don't know who was speaking on MSNBC

Deep Purple - Child in Time

McConnell Reading from Wrong Speech?

McConnell is completely throwing Trump under the bus.

EF you Turtle!

Mitch now going full CYA.

Zip it, Turtle. Nobody wants to hear from you. Go back in your shell!

And The Demoralization At The Hands Of Tr**p Continues.....

McConnell doing his apology tour right now

Trump revels in acquittal: Our movement 'has only just begun'

Oh shut up Mitch!

McConnell's puzzling speech--he sounds like a House Manager. WTF?

Idiot rethuglicons!! Now it's time

BBC world news is covering this. if you have it on your TV systems

Mitch is Gaslighting us.

Forget Trump. Move On. Our fortunes in 2022 and 2024 hang on getting this country back to normal

I had a very weird dream last night

Do you think their will be any electoral repercussions

What is the point of this speech?

Could it be spring, already?

Joe Biden is the big winner today.

Seven out of fifty Republicans honor justice. The rest are stuck in a sad developmental stage

waiting for Mitch's big BUT...

Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan

Only Seven Republican Senators cared that a mob of Republican voters wanted to hang the Republican

The Nazification of America

Mitch on the floor roasting Trump!

Is this a censure motion coming?

McConnell, translated: I am a coward and scumbag, and voted to acquit based on politics

The senate did NOT AQUIT Trump! That headline on MSNBC is WRONG!!!!

McConnell's gaslighting is worse than his not guilty vote

Is this the Twilight Zone?

Mitch now self-identifying with the concept of a limited tool

Schumer flayed the repugs; the turtle's condemnation of dump means nothing:

This isn't the end. This is the beginning. 43 Repuke Senators just put a millstone around their

I predict a 2021 stealth 99 county tour from our senators. Turd eating cowards.

Is Mitch's speech a lead in for vote to keep

Mitch is a "narrow tool"

New York Times List of Who Voted Yes or No on Conviction of Trump..

There is no justice in this land.

57 guilty votes - NOT BAD

I just got my second Moderna vaccine injection

Cassidy surprises me the most

OMG...McConnell REFUSED to call the Senate back before Jan 20, and SPECIFICALLY stated he

President Joe

I would suggest staffers in the Senate do the following.

Pantera - Planet Caravan

What's for Dinner, Sat., Febr. 13, 2021

Trump isn't going to like this McConnell speech

Thanks for the hearts, DU friends.

Here comes the bullshit excuse for not voting guilty.

Three things cannot long be hidden...

Thank you for my hearts

Ahhhhhh-The January exception

Tongue Tied

Just for you Mitch...

so Mitch OK's the January exception

Mitch is calling for

It's a Beautiful Day - Bombay Calling

The GOP will remember this day and rue it

7 Republicans stood with us? Couldn't even find 10 righteous? God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah...

Thanks for the kind Heart! It sure does help!

How cold is it where you are right now?

Making Lemonade

I feel good

Wolf Blitzer and Brian Williams shut the fuck up and let people watch

Thank you for the sweet hearts, Sweethearts! ❤️

Drumpf Believed Pence Captured Then Tweeted Eulogy

Democrats passed the civil rights act won the space race and tried to end the Vietnam war

McConnell suggests possibility that Trump should face criminal prosecution

Brian Williams in top form at the moment.

If President Obama had behaved exactly the same, ALL of the Republicans would have convicted

Quite the turtle chyron CNN

Complete bull! McConnell could have called the Senate back to try Trump

from a friend who sent me this via skype ,,, enjoy. ohm myyy.

Are we now going to say that the DOJ can't pursue Trump because it will detract from a Biden agenda?

The fear was palpable.

Mitch McConnell apparently doesn't understand...

McCaskill totally nailing Mitch's main motive

Spooky Tooth - I Am the Walrus

CNN cryon says it all

To paraphrase the late NFL coach Dennis Green: "The Republicans are who we thought they were!"

republicans give donnie a mulligan

Have to the bastard going to hold a press conference...

How are you feeling right now?

S. Prestley Blake, a founder of Friendly's ice cream chain, dies at 106

Why are they still making speeches? Are they going to try to censure?

Never before has the GOP stooped so low

The DOJ can make it difficult for Trump to ever run for office

Republicans really are headed for that iceberg, and they have no idea

Schumer, vote on 14th amendment. Only 51 votes needed.

The truth is that there is no point in bringing criminal charges against Trump outside of DC

C'mon moderate Repubs, create that third party

Jury Nullification - Trump acquitted - Quelle Surprise!

We are now in a state of war.

After This Impeachment Acquittal Farce, Here's How We Finally Hold Trump To Account

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming...

The POD (Party of drumpf) just made him the permanent face of their party

"Trump didn't get away with anything yet"?

Cleanup on Aisle R

Jamie Raskin's Closing Statement.-Today, -Sat Feb, 13, 2021- 21:40

Michael Connell

And now comes Susan Collins statement of concern

McConnell's duplicitous legacy

Chump's lawyers started with 45 votes to acquit and ended up with 43

So NOW can the Democrats unite to get rid of the filibuster???

I want to thank the House Managers

So, after listening to Moscow Mitch, I'm sure that if the DOJ indicts Donnie Dipshit

The most damaging trial Trump will face

Takis Gives Hungry Stray Dog His Lunch To Gain Her Trust

The split in the country is widening at an ever increasing exponential rate.

Trump has put out a statement

Thank you for the heart.

After today's "festivities," this iconic scene from "Billy Jack" really resonates about now....

Poll: (71%) Most Americans think Trump at least partially responsible for Capitol attack

Well, it didn't take long for Trump to weigh in.

Posted without comment

I want to extend my deepest sympathies to all respectable members of the legal profession ...

United States 1776-2021

Michael Eric Dyson...

IIOKIYAR now means --- INSURRECTION . . . is OK if you are Republican n/t

I'm feeling a bit like the coyote chasing the roadrunner.

Thank you for the hearts!!!

"Hold my beer."

House Managers Press Conference on mnw n/t

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Robert Reich...

Bonus Tweet of the Day

BREAKING: McConnell hammer Trump post vote...

The Last of the US-93 Traffic on Hoover Dam (October 11, 2010)

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2022 here we come...

First impeachment in history

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IF---there was ever any doubt that Mitch McConnell and his band of fascist white collar

Trumps "witch hunt" first phase over, second phase begins

Nancy Pelosi

Mark Halperin is back on TV??? Well, Newsmax.

Man Raises Condor Later, This Bird Returns And Show Its True Strength

Michael Steele said that if Merick Garland tries to prosecute Trump

Nancy Pelosi "They voted that way because they can't get any other job"

Mitch McConnell is slime. Kevin McCarthy is a seditionist. There is actually a difference

Sticking with Joe and Kamala!

Now we see the difference between Trump and Clinton.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Remarks Following Senate Impeachment Vote (20:33)

Live Ice Storm Coverage: Winter weather impacts DMV communities

Raskin: "We defended our House"

Puppy Abandoned In Creek Bed Becomes World's Goofiest Bulldog

Republican Acquittal of Trump Is a Defining Moment for Party

May I say, for perhaps the bazillionth time: I LOVE Nancy Pelosi

Workers Find A Hidden Staircase That May Change The History Books

Freeper reactions to the 7 Republican Senators that voted guilty

This is totally not relevant, but Eric Swalwell and Stacey Plaskett are really tall!

"Do Not Get Mad, Get Organized" (Obama's Organizing Quote)

It is good that those few GOPers voted guilty, but is it that good.....

Raskin is correct - Trump was found guilty

We need to strengthen the guardrails, checks and balances.

40% of Covid-19 Deaths In U.S. Were Avoidable

Happy Valentines Day from Michael Henderon singing Valentine Love

Right after that travesty of a vote my laptop locked up.

Prosecutors Investigating Trump's Manhattan Properties

Imagine a lawyer that was overruled in court by a judge telling them "fuck you" my objection stands

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Re. witnesses, Raskin said McConnell's statement shows they wouldn't have made a difference

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Smokie - Living Next Door To Alice


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van der Veen's interview on Fox News ... says his law business is under seige.

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Rep. Swalwell, regarding a text message he received from a friend:

Just call them what they are Trump Whores.

Maxine Nightingale - Right Back Where We Started From

Trump has already secured the Republican Party's nomination for 2024

Mitch said it ain't over but...

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The nation should consider itself lucky that we have someone like Biden in charge...

I hope all those fearful Republicans think about this:

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So the fix was in to begin with

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The most honest thing trump ever said

Deadly Hamlet Factory Fire Exposed High Cost of 'Cheap'; 25 Died: Meatpackers Covid Deaths, Congress

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@MittRomney 13m My statement on today's impeachment vote:

So does anyone get held accountable for the murder of the capitol police officer ?


Mitch and most Senate Republicans failed to kick out Trump a year ago, and the consequences were...


Facebook Failed To Respond to Dire Emails Ahead of Capitol Riot

I will keep working to investigate Jan 6 -- especially on the question of WHO FINANCED IT

Idea about Democratic fundraising for DU.

So next up: Schumer was talking about invoking the 14th amendment

Democrats now need to flip Red States to Blue as @staceyabrams and others did in Georgia, resist and

MS-NBC just reported that Lindsey Graham will be heading the Florida next week.

Pelosi shuts the door on censuring Trump. "Censure is a slap in the face of the Constitution." She s

On a scale of 1-10 what do you think the chance is a NON -MAGAT can win the 2024 Rep nomination?

Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana says it straight: "I voted to convict Donald Trump because

43 Senators Just Pled GUILTY to Conspiracy and Sedition

Cheap Trick - Surrender (Live from Budokan!)

Nancy Pelosi at press gaggle after the vote:

How about "Graham Cracker" instead

What are the chances that Romney and a cpl more switch party?

fantastic lineup at Rod Laver Arena at the Aussie Open tonight...


QAnon Lady who had Target Mask Display Meltdown is a PR Rep Rebuilding Her Reputation.

After this week, I certainly hope

So today we learned who the 43 senators are that are neck deep in russian money

Reminder: Avoid frozen and burst water pipes and huge plumbing bills.


Congratulations to President Joe Biden on his stunning victory today!

Email from VoteVets says it all (I'm not a veteran, BTW):

Capitol rioters supported anti-vaxxers and vice versa

Trump lawyers fist bumping on the Senate subway after end of impeachment trial

I'm having wonderful visions of dozens and dozens of civil lawsuits...

Representative government, but of whom?

New video from Keith (Feb.,13, 2021)

The only way to deal with Republicans is to keep them out of power.

Why no witnesses??

The GOP is the party of family values.

Louisiana GOP Executive Committee Unanimously Votes to Censure Senator Bill Cassidy

Do you like living in California?

Don't you love it when an ambulance chaser lectures the Senate on Constitutional law?

If Mitch felt that strongly, he shouldn't have voted at all...

I really like the evolution of TV communications with getting people to

here is a little something that is kind of fun

Trump Vows a Comeback

The Most Corrupt and Mendacious President Was Acquitted For The Second Time Today

McConnell isn't a turtle. He's a...

Trump has privately voiced concern about being charged related to January 6 riot

Mitch admits jury nullification

I believe this Portman ratio says it all:

Actual FOX News alert:

The Boogaloo Movement: ProPublica

Herrera Beutler would have testified

Hey snow-sledding dogs: hold my beer!

'The moral centre': how Jamie Raskin dominated the stage at Trump's trial

We miss our table top Xmas village so much - do they have

Alright, how is Trump going to be charged with inciting insurrection?

I wonder if Collins would have had the deciding

I wonder how much