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The Right Honorable Minister of Silly Walks NAILS it!

NYT Op Ed "I've Studied Terrorism for Over 40 Years. Let's Talk About What Comes Next."

GOP 'Image' Ratings Collapse According To Gallup Poll

Adam Kinsinger can't imagine...

Any of you guys remember Spiffy collar stays?

Bernie's Woodland Prints to benefit Wildlife Rescues! 🦡 🐿

Presented without comment. (Senior Editor, The Federalist & Fox News contributor)

Wow, this presentation by Joachim Castro is riveting, and damning. It should put the last nail...

A wealth of discovery built on the Human Genome Project -- by the numbers:

"We've reached Old-South jury w GOP Senators"

Just trying out the speech to text app on my phone.

Hair raising and very disturbing!

Oxford vaccine: Rest of world should follow UK lead in leaving 12 week gap between doses, says WHO


Biden Administration Asks Supreme Court to Reject Challenge to Affordable Care Act

The one thing that's keeping me going as I watch the violence assoiated

More than 83,000 Runzas are sold as part of 'Temperature Tuesday' promotion

I was watching on faux news

So, which vaccine should you take?

Fully vaccinated people can skip Covid quarantines, CDC says

The Rude Pundit: Younger Democrats Are All Out of Fucks to Give for Republicans' Feelings

Code for, '74 million reasons to vote no'

Rick Scott

Dan Rather: A Moment for Reckoning

Murkowski: I don't know how Trump could be elected again

The impeachment managers have been so impressive!

"The President left everyone at the Capital for Dead"

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick announces the 'Star Spangled Banner Protection Act'

How illegal is it to say to your Senator, "F* you you traitorous Nazi MF" to his face in public?

7 p.m. freeperville checkin: jan 6 was false flag, and not destructive

Trump has fomented hatred for Democrats for the last 5 years.

Iran produces uranium metal, IAEA says, in latest breach of deal

I remember my first tuxedo.

Kerfuffle, Lee said what they said wasn't said. EDITED

Biden vows to 'never politicize' the military, honors Black troops in first Pentagon visit

Sit Down And Shut Up Snowflake! nt

Colombia Makes 'Historic' Decision to Grant Legal Status to 1.7 Million Venezuelan Migrants

Can someone explain what is going on at the trial now?

Oh NOW the Republicans want to hang out.... SIT DOWN, LEE!!!

Does Leahy seem like he knows what he's doing?

Ty to my "organ donors!"

Cassidy backlash shows exiled Trump still haunts GOP

I couldn't help myself. Just emailed Arkansas' two Republican Senators.


A while ago, Mick Schmidt (NYT) said


New footage at Trump impeachment trial shows how close the mob got to Pence, Congress and Staff

Tim Eyman, a career anti-tax initiative promoter, fined $2.6 million, barred from campaign control.

This museum takes its name serious!!!

Confronted With Evidence, Republicans Can't Claim Ignorance of Trump's Actions Anymore

The goal was martial law. nt

Does anyone know where Pence is? Has

What was Senator Lee's problem?

These Repubs are between a rock and a hard place.

Hustler publisher Larry Flynt dies at 78

Stella's 8th Birthday Rager

Mike Lee's own spokesman confirmed the call Lee is now denying

Bullshit Bravado

Any Day Now!

The Chunk's All Time Greatest Moments Vol. 1

What video presented today freaked you out the most?

Murkowski: I don't know how Trump could be elected again

Thanks for the hearts...I appreciate it. Thanks again.

GOP's @ChuckGrassley has concealed an iPad-like device in his half-open desk drawer so he can read d

Porn mogul, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt dies at 78

Ty to my latest organ donor!

If Trump is acquitted, will the US ever regain its standing in the world?

#FireGinaCarano Trends After Mandalorian Star Suggests Republicans Persecuted the Same Way Holocaust

Larry Flynt: The Right to be Left Alone - Trailer

I really wish a White House staffer would've surreptitiously recorded Dear Former Leader while

The biggest crime on January 6th was when Rudy butt-dialed terrorist appeaser Mike Lee instead of co

Thanks for the hearts, kind people!

Neil Young has a new song

Thank you for the heart. After today's videos, we need all the love we can get.

Jake Tapper reacts to video of officer rushing Mitt Romney to safety

Sen Josh Hawley Puts Feet Up During Trump Impeachment Trial, Enraging Viewers

Back in the olden days we used to have an open bar in here.

Here is @SenMikeLee own words in an interview he gave to an outlet. Basically this rude interruption

Trump Replaces Legal Team with Eric and Don, Jr.

He's stinking up the whole country

Larry Flynt Is a Bottom Feeder

Thanks to my ❤️ donors

Meghan McCain Fearful 'A Marjorie Taylor Greene' Will Become President, Calls for Calm

Dude you need a new mask n/t

The Mob Was a Hunting Party. They Came to the Capitol to Kill People.

Does anyone have a sense of which Rethuglican Senators


Robert Kennedy Jr Instagram has been taken down

Anti-Tax Activist Tim Eyman Loses Campaign Finance Suit

Rie Fu : Life is like a BOAT

Rie Fu : Life is like a BOAT

Tacoma to deploy snow plows for streets as storm looms

Listening to Republican reactions to the impeachment today on CSPAN...

Larry Flynt - The First Amendment

Affordable Care Act subsidies likely to increase under congressional plan

So today the prosecutors recessed, not rested. That means more to come tomorrow.

Due to work, I couldn't watch much of the trial - if you would want to,

Tom Cotton had staffers fetch his gun from his office during the insurrection

Kittens' reaction to $500 toilet

Some of the Senate Republicans are naked and pretending they're proud of their

Blood, Sweat and Tears - Sometimes in Winter

Do the impeachment managers have time for rebuttal ?

Mystery Russian bought most expensive Florida home for $140M in cash

Convict Trump: Is This America? - Meidas Touch

Did the prosecutors show the tape of Trump and his family watching the insurrection?

Back in 1992 they already knew he was a fraud

If the go with the BLM riot defense

The defendants charged in the Capitol insurrection have something in common: a history of financial

What is Mike Lee objecting about? He wasn't quoted.

"BLM Isn't the president of the united states Trump was" is the pithy retort of "the summer riots"

Remember the "Ed Hardy" trendy fashion craze from around 14 years ago?

A Sea Shanty - Trailer Park Boys style

Study identifies 7 potential foot-ferry routes for Puget Sound area

I was told by a lawyer friend that this is not a viable defense...?

Spotted on I-10 this afternoon

The Keystone XL pipeline is dead. Now what?

Catalytic converter thefts spike nationwide as precious metal prices spike

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Tweet that sums up the GOP position on what is constitutional:

Every house manager needs to end their comments with AND THE FORMER PRESIDENT THINKS HE DID NOTHING

Fox News didn't care about its lies -- until the truth of a billion-dollar lawsuit got its attention

Was the point ever made that Trump knew they were armed?

Trump's real-estate partner is reportedly considering buying out the Trump Organization's stake in

When House Manager Stacey Plaskett so movingly reminded us of "The Brave 44" on September 11

A few things about witnesses or the lack thereof

Ancient graves and mysterious enclosure discovered at Stonehenge ahead of tunnel construction

"Let's get on with this shit show, on with the show"

'Rivers of gold' rush through the Peruvian Amazon in stunning NASA photo

tRump enjoyed

Could there be a cluster of antimatter stars orbiting our galaxy?

Jonathan Last in "The Bulwark" (conservative mag): "The party is rotten, through and through."

And it's a new heart record!

"Hang Mike Pence!!"

I agree with David Waldman: Senator Lee was out of order

poison dart frog

How terrorism works Part 2: Colombia's mafia president

How come the GOP gets a ".GOP" domain name?

University in Norway responds to Will Ferrell and GMs Super Bowl ad - Sorry

Bolsonaro Excludes Vice President from Ministerial Meeting

Dana Milbank - You can't hear that officer's scream and acquit the man who caused it

Watch the mob break the doors and windows to invade the Senate side of the Capitol........

Brasil: Ex-President Mello Becomes Bolsonaro's Adviser

Here's the White House summary of Biden's call with Xi:

After today's compelling presentation by House Managers,

Potentially habitable exoplanet candidate spotted around Alpha Centauri A in Earth's backyard

The impeachment - even if no conviction, as expected...

If They Don't Convict Him ...

Parscale Is Back Working for Trump

Kitty centric Sea Shanty

would double jeopardy prevent DOJ from trying Trump for his actions on Jan 6 in court?

February new moon 2021: Bright winter stars abound as planets fade near the sun

I have a question for Rand Paul and others who insist this trial is unconstitutional.

Imagine, for a moment, that congress was attacked and Donnie had nothing to do with it.

Lindsey Enigma

How can anyone call these people leaders...????????

Argentinian Parties Call for Cuba's Removal From Terrorist List

This is how cashews grow....

Local Committees Attack Republicans Who Turn on Trump

Lee shows more outrage about being 'supposedly' misquoted than Trumps insurrection...!!!!!!!!!!!!

BBC TWO's excellent doc about Trump's last few weeks in office

Finding the Sea Dragon's Tomb

Will ethics ever become normal again...?

The Orange One always lavished praise on first responders...

**'s words are damning: "If you don't fight like hell you're not gonna have a country anymore!"

Ofc. Goodman was at work*in the Senate today* as those videos of him played as he saved the country

To all the wonderful DUers who send me hearts, back at ya...

Explained: The American Rescue Plan

Honduras investigates police in case of murdered student

What messages does it send if Trump is acquitted after the trial?

To those trashing the Boss for his DUI he blew a .02

HRW blasts Colombian govt over rights activists' murders

A takeaway from day 2 of impeachment: Trump tried to have Pence killed

Malcolm Nance: Today's lesson...

I just knew somebody would be brave enough, but I would have never guessed...who

Awww, thanks for the heart!

Huge Thank You goes out to to the Voters who elected such Wonderful Democratic Representatives.

Call witnesses damn it!

This tweet from Lindsey Graham is so offensive I can't even.....

Jen Psaki reminds reporters the 'commentator'-in-chief was the last guy

Exclusive: Dozens of former Republican officials in talks to form anti-Trump third party

"This is infowars shit, just a completely batshit conspiracy theory blasted into your meemaws face"

Creepy Lindsey makes me puke:

The Truth shall set you free....

Whitehouse on Last Word now.

I'm gonna go out on a big limb....

Party Over Country, Trump Over Country...

In Pentagon debut, Biden promises break from Trump-era politicization of military

Trump advisers say he hasn't shown remorse for the insurrection - CNNPolitics

Oh please let them nail the ****ers.

Winners of the 2022 US Senate Election.

why have they not talked about Jenni Thomas (clarences wife) bussing people in????

David Rothkopf: We must never forget any of it.

In historic first, women begin boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego

Retired general takes down Mike Lee after senator objects during Trump impeachment trial

So, you know those "Life is Good" shirts?

Minnesota health clinic shooting suspect targeted site over his opioid prescription, report says

Joe: "I've said for many years, less than one percent of Americans do what you do: put yourself on t

White House looks at domestic travel restrictions as virus variant surges in Florida

Fox News Abruptly Cuts Off Impeachment Trial During Chilling Testimony

Of Fucking Course

to the four star admiral who wants to clean up racisim and bigotry in the navy.

Dogs Report The Weather

Opinion: You can't hear that officer's scream and acquit the man who caused it

do photographs from the WH photographer exist of Trump between 1-4pm on Jan. 6?

Neal Katyal: The one person he imagines following VERY closely is . . . .

Dow Jones Hits New High As Market Comes Back; Marijuana Stocks Soar

I Don't Know If This Is Real Or Not

Springsteen charged with drunken driving; Jeep ad on pause

I have a very tough question for the DU cognoscenti . . . . a really tough one.

Hey, Mikey!

Those Senators that were complicit with the "Big Lie" should abstain from voting?

I am sure Dem impeachment team wanted but couldn't get

Exclusive: Dozens of former Republican officials in talks to form anti-Trump third party

Ancient shell horn can still play a tune after 18,000 years

Biden in call with China's Xi raises human rights, trade

At this point there are only two possibilities remaining for Republican Senators who vote to acquit

Nun named to voting position at Vatican praises 'brave' pope

TUBERVILLE on 1/6: "I said 'Mr. President, they just took the vice president out, I've got to go."

A Previously Unseen Chemical Reaction Has Been Detected on Mars

Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene are mad at Adam Kinzinger. They sound scared.

One incendiary thing Trump did that the House managers are leaving out.

The first Hindu US Senator will be from CA- 2024(successor to DiFi)

"Gina Carano Is No Longer a Part of Star Wars"

A 45 Ft 'Ice Volcano' Has Emerged in Kazakhstan. Here's How It Works

In historic first, women begin boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego

With 8 hours to fill, I think the * legal team is smart to have decided to try to . . . . .

I wanted to mention it earlier, but thank you for the hearts

Watch: Pacaya volcano continues to erupt in Guatemala

Laura Ingraham's Lies

U.N. in talks with U.S. on Central American refugees applying for asylum from home

Know your terms: Flying Monkeys

I'm not just thanking DUers for the hearts,

Thank you whoever gave me the heart ❤️

Thank you anonymous friends for the hearts.

will trump

I think there's room for just one more Thank-You-for-the-Hearts thread...

Someone gave me a heart tonight.


It's hard to overstate just how vile and racist this Tucker Carlson clip is.

Even if Trump is not convicted in the Senate, the House Impeachment Managers...

A.B. Stoddard is really ticking me off on 11th Hour with Brian Williams. She criticized

Whitehouse suggesting some GOP senators delayed certification so the mob had time to show up.

Pithy comment (2nd tweet):

Is it just me or have an unusually large number of famous people died in 2021?

try not to be too surprised.

thank you to the giver of heart number 4....

Fox correspondent tries to embarrass Biden's Press Sec... and gets put in his place- Brian Tyler Cohen

There is more than enough evidence that Trump was aiming for an excuse for martial law,

Tweet of the night.

Just did some googling and Wikipedia browsing and stumbled on something crazy

"This is an easy word problem to figure out"

Twinsthenewtrend on Songs They've Never Heard Before - SNL REACTION

Ex-GOP Officials Look to Form Anti-Trump Party

Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha *breathe* hahaha hahaha

Find me GOPer who will stand up for the constitution and I will call that person a hero!

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Impeachment Trial Continues: Trump & GOP Slam Trump's Lawyers

The rarely seen "Reverse Nuremberg Defense."

Thank you for the hearts but please share with others. Spread the love

What do you suppose is going through the mind of the Mad Monster of Mar-a-Lago tonight?

Megadeth - The Threat Is Real

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Robin Roberts - Telling the Story of the Tuskegee Airmen

As the George Floyd trial begins; Take a look at the security

Hat's off to 2naSalit !

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Never-Before-Seen Capitol Riot Videos Provide Damning Evidence Against Trump

Archibald Cox letter: "What should Americans learn from Watergate?"

*11:45 pm The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (1968)

Who's No. 4? (Jeopardy question)

Seth Meyers - Trump's Second Impeachment Trial Begins - Monologue 2/9/21

It's not just what Trump did between mid 2020 to January 6th 2021...

Northam tells school districts to offer in-person learning by March 15

"Did the impeachment managers bring up the 'Trump Army' emails he sent to millions of people...?"

Seth Meyers: Anthony Atamanuik's Show Predicted Trump Would Deny Losing the Election

Fox News: Dead cops are a nothingburger if Trump causes their death.

Over the years I've had a watch tan, a sunglass tan, a farmer's tan, and even a Speedo tan...

Seth Meyers - Trump's Impeachment Lawyers Are Very Bad: A Closer Look

2/11 Mike Luckovich-Unseen

Pedro Pascal casted as Joel in the Last of Us adaptation

Republican Senators will not convict Trump because they're sorry the insurrection failed

El Salvador opposition reverses proposal to oust president

Trump's strategy in 2016 also was to basically say: "If I didn't win, the election was rigged"

Rep. Joaquin Castro Lays Out Impact of Trump's Big Lie - NowThis News

Who needs/wants a heart?

The Five Erupts in Shouting Match After Juan Williams Tells Co-Hosts They're 'Ignoring' Trial

Trump in 2016: I will accept election results ... if I win

Scientists develop transparent wood that is stronger and lighter than glass

Remember this? 'That's a beautiful little girl -- it'd be a shame if something happened to her mom'

Beaumont engineer pleads guilty to $10M in PPP loan fraud

US and South Korea nearing agreement on cost sharing for American troops

COVID-19 vaccine 'ruled out as a contributing factor' in Placer County man's death

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been banned from Instagram

Michael Moore: When the President incites, you must indict

I happened to be out sick on Jan 6th and on my computer when everything started.

Hey, Thanks for the heart!

Trump's Tweet Attacking Pence Came Right After Learning His VP's Life Was In Danger

Oh my God. I... I... I'm not entirely sure what to do with this information

What will it take to get Republican Senators to convict?

Wake me when Trump is actually INDICTED.

Gina Carano Fired from The Mandalorian, Lucasfilm Calls Social Media Posts 'Abhorrent'

What Sen. Mike Lee told me about Trump's call the day of the Capitol riot The call became a controv

Iron Age Pottery Found on Remote Scottish Island

I dissed Martucci the other nite, so making up for that: Veracini's 'Overture' 😇 & a Buffardin

Flashback: As riot raged at Capitol, Trump tried to call senators to overturn election

Thank you for the hearts Secret Admirers!

"Tom Brady supported a white supremacist. So never mention Kaepernick being "too political" to me"

If the US manages to come out on the other side of the trump years

Dan Patrick makes "Star Spangled Banner Act" a legislative priority after the Mavericks go 13 games

Climbers explore the 'Underground Everest' known as Dark Star

West Texas is on track to get even more nuclear waste -- thanks to the federal government

Any recommendation for a trail cam?

New Details Emerge About The Federal Fallout Of The 2013 Explosion In City Of West, Texas

Randi Rhodes was suspended from YouTube for showing the Impeachment Manager's video.


I've made the switch and have no longer used any butter or other oils.

Baby food allegedly riddled with poisonous metals--and the Trump administration did nothing about it

Eating oreos at 1:58 AM

It's officially a permanent ban: Trump's thumbs will never tweet again

Rep. Schiff on MSNBC: Trump Pointed His Mob Right at the Capitol

Here's Laura Ingraham on FOX telling trumps lawyer what to do

Koala rescued after 5-car pileup on Australian freeway

Will adult Republicans ever split off to form a new party?

Chemistry in ancient India, from Harappan to Ayurvedic period

Gustavo Dudamel and the LA Phil: Tchaikovsky's Scherzo: Pizzicato

Sen. Murphy: House Managers Laid Out More Than One Impeachable Offense From Trump - All In - MSNBC

Squawking bird blows the whistle on fake video trying to tilt Ecuador election

Miami Beach commissioner Ricky Arriola has been censured by the Democratic party for "dangerous rhet

Congressman: Border Patrol to discontinue use of costly surveillance blimps on border

The Victim of Tyranny and Opression Starter Pack

There Is No Defense--Only Complicity

Trump's Tweet Attacking Pence Came Right After Learning His VP's Life Was In Danger

Republican senators are shrinking.

Harrowing New Audio Reveals Panic As Trump Mob Overran Capitol Police - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Ocelot fest going virtual for 2021

Local psychologist pleads guilty to HUD fraud charge Son previously sentenced for equity skimming

That story about Sen. Lee that made him so furious? The SLC Trib published it w/VERBATIM statement

State Senate panel advances near-total ban on abortions

Brilliant Jazz-Rock in 9/8 time--Bruce Hornsby's "Tango King"

Pigs can be trained to use computer joysticks, say researchers

Life on Mars? Escaping water vapour offers new clues

We Need A Forever Memorial To The Senate Traitors Who Will Vote For Trump

Backers Of 'Law & Order President' Attacked Capitol Police - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The first 16 seconds.

Firing upheld for officers who mocked Elijah McClain's chokehold death

@LindseyGrahamSC, Repug: claims to know what senate GOP thinks..........

Shorewood Attorney Charged With Hate Crime Tried To Change Name

DUI: Springsteen blew 0.02 - quarter of legal limit, source says

Ancient Amazonian Farmers Fortified Valuable Fertile Land

How Rocks Rusted on Earth and Turned Red

Some Republican senators will choose to embolden domestic terrorists.

US Senate Elections in states that Democrats are likely to win in 2022.

To the senators who won't convict

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/10/21

Corporate and wealthy donors will be targeted if they continue supporting the GOP

Double exposure to the power of a lot

Donald J. Drumpf: The biggest crime on Jan 6

New Hampshire lawmaker calls colleague vulgar name while unmuted during hearing

How Vermont hospitals are faring nearly a year into the pandemic

Krugman on inflation concerns

State Contractor Fires Employee Who Uttered Racial Slur in Legislative Meeting

New Hampshire man sentenced for threatening BLM activists

Why is Pence not speaking out after he was targeted by trump goons

Got a real dandy of a paranoid nutcase in Ozaukee county, here in WI...

Northern Vermont University Alum Takes On Offensive Company Name in Pro Audio Industry, and Wins!

Former executive pleads guilty in college admissions scandal

The extraordinarily beautiful 'Dance Of A Thousand Hands'.

Yoshiro Mori: Tokyo Olympics chief to step down over sexism row

Breakfast Thursday 11 February 2021

Covered bridge destroyed by snowmobile fire

AMA Victoria (Australia)president slams nebuliser use at Holiday Inn after COVID quarantine outbreak

Thursday TOONs - Non-Judicious Thinking

Leonard Bernstein - Prelude, Fugue & Riffs (Benny Goodman, clarinet)

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, February 11, 2021

A split is coming!

Manuel De Falla: Psyche (Dawn Upshaw, soprano)

Going Maskless on Planes, Buses, or Trains Could Now Cost $1,500 or More

You know, I was thinking last night as I drifted off to sleep

Kasie Hunt still looks shaken, on 'Morning Joe', today

Ex-GOP Officials Look to Form Anti-Trump Party

John Meacham finally goes there on Morning Joe.

The most dangerous time is when you decide to leave...

If Trump is found not guilty, then is that an indictment of these Republican AGs who called people?

Not All Heroes Wear Capes But,

Cannabis stocks soar as Reddit crowd that spiked GameStop jumps in, Tilray surges 50%

'The Mandalorian' Star Gina Carano Fired Amid Social Media Controversy

All the last-minute changes at the top of the Pentagon

Does that despicable Senator Tim Scott believe people looking like him have the

Meanwhile during the impeachment trial:

Forty Percent of America's Coronavirus Deaths Were Avoidable: Lancet Study

Exclusive: Dozens of former Republican officials in talks to form anti-Trump third party

What I saw watching the Trump trial yesterday

Find the difference....

'They ruined my family': Women say they lost their parents to QAnon

Besides TurboTax, who else does taxes online, both Federal and State?

Some day a trophy will end up at the bottom of Tampa Bay...

When Trump started his speech before the Capitol riot, talk on Parler turned to civil war

Marlboro College campus has new owner

Very interesting point. trump down to 11 hardcore Senators. Hmmm.

Where is video of the taking down the US flag from the Capitol

Fox's Tucker Carlson (desperate for a distraction) full conspiracy and rewrites George Floyd murder

Wouldn't it be nice if the Turtle vote to convict?

Scaramucci: Trump will go down in history as a 'domestic terrorist' and 'insurrectionist'

WHY can't the House Managers argue ...

Another heart! I'll be smiling my whole drive to Aldi, this morning!

Police stops skyrocketing in Vermont

The House impeachment managers did create the 1st official historical record of Jan 6th events.

GOP senators signal they plan to acquit Trump despite visceral presentation by House Democrats

Morning Joe compares Capitol riot to Hitler's infamous Nero Decree

Is Little Marco saying the Trump Insurrection is a criminal matter?

Kim Weston - Lift Every Voice And Sing

I wanna hang out with Spotify's algorithm at a dive bar. Imma call him Al, he get's me

A 'Scary' Survey Finding: 4 In 10 Republicans Say Political Violence May Be Necessary

Stubborn Golden Retriever refuses to leave the dog park

The Vaccine Had to Be Used. He Used It. He Was Fired.

Rick 'Snake Head' Scott Calls the Impeachment Trail it a "Complete Waste of My Time"

January 6th did not "just happen" was pre-meditated evil.

NH Primary Source: Sununu to propose 'tens of millions' of dollars in tax cuts in budget address

The pets make staying at home (pandemic) easier

40 Percent of U.S. COVID Deaths Could Have Been Averted If It Weren't for Trump: Report

Todd Rundgren - Hello It's Me

Can Republicans vote Present on the conviction vote? They should

Peter Allen - Tenterfield Saddler

40 Percent of U.S. COVID Deaths Could Have Been Averted If It Weren't for Trump: Report

Tuberville says he informed Trump of Pence's evacuation before rioters reached Senate

To the TOTAL ASSHOLE GQP ASSHOLES who plan to aquitt

Johnny Rodriguez - Love Put A Song In My Heart

Jobless claims: Another 793,000 Americans filed new unemployment claims last week

HUD to pursue gender identity-based discrimination complaints, reversing Trump policy

A teenager that jumped onto subway tracks was saved seconds before an oncoming train pulled...

Fox cut away from Swalwell's presentation of horror

New Hampshire lawmaker calls colleague vulgar name while unmuted during hearing

New details on Capitol's day of terror are devastating indictment of Trump

Where were McConnell, Graham, and Paul during the mayhem?

To whomever gave me heart- Thanks, you have made my day brighter-n/t

Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Rumplestiltskin

Trump's Mob Would Have Killed Them If It Had the Chance

McConnell not pressuring GOP to acquit Trump

This man feeds 3,000 wild parrots a day

The Republican Party has a fundamental choice to make.

The Rundown: February 11, 2021

S. Clay Wilson, Underground Cartoonist, Dead at 79

Art Of The Week: Week of 02/10/21

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 2/10/2021

Hassan among 8 Senate Dems to oppose COVID relief for undocumented immigrants

Where is the follow up to the story of TrumpenFuhrer asking

Eric Boehlert: Biden has 98% approval rating from Democrats -- where's the avalanche of media covera

Two decades in the making, Rosa DeLauro's plan to cut child poverty in half is on the brink...

How do you "unify" with people so empty of humanity and rationality?

Manson did not say "Go kill Sharon Tate" and the 8 others. We put him in prison for life.

Senate Ethics Committee to Investigate Coordination Between Trump and GOP Senators During Capitol...

Ben E. King - Supernatural Thing

The pandemic is in retreat

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Banned From Instagram for Covid Misinformation, Anti-Vaccine Claims

Hey, Republicans!

Dog gets emotional while watching 'Marley and Me'

Which congressman or senator ...

There are not any Republicans that are going to "come to Jesus".

Someone should take a hidden camera into the Senate chamber today

Thank you for the heart, secret Valentine.

To The Republican Poseurs Planning To Acquit Donald Trump

I'm overwhelmed with 'heart felt' gratitude!

The Bus Boys - We Stand United

AG Bill Barr Reportedly Nixed Third-Degree Murder Guilty Plea by Police Officer Who Knelt on...

I Got a Woman

Date For Conviction Amended

TwinsTheNewTrend reaction to their being spoofed on SNL.

Could Trumps *IN*action after everything started make him an accessory after the fact?

House Manager's oratory yesterday ranked up there with Lincoln, FDR, MLK.

WSJ editorial: Trump will never live down 'disgraceful' conduct even if he's not convicted

Thanks to all my hearty friends!

was at my local wal mart shopping and in the pre order pickup

Michael Steele roasts GOP senators who got 'called out' by impeachment evidence

Gorilla glue surgery successful!

Democrats should not forget that they are trying to persuade the American people...

Retiring Washington Post Executive Editor Regrets the Washington Post's Reluctance to Call Out Trump


The company behind 'Fortnite' just made it shockingly easy to create lifelike people

My Sister Is Getting Her First Vaccine Shot Today

Mike Lee's spokesperson confirmed the story that the senator called a lie during impeachment...

Trump has not been silenced - he is choosing to remain silent.

Words i would like to see in the closing arguments are this

Why is it? If the Prez of the USA tells someone to buy a plane ticket and a flag, ...

The next insurrection (Ammon Bundy related)

Did someone say impeachment? Biden avoids wading into debate

Trump's biggest threat,

Chris Wallace: Pence Team Considered Trump's Behavior During Capitol Attack to Be the 'Ultimate...

Sharing my letter to Grassley

Chuck Schumer's Recess Announcement Yesterday

I'd like to say something about veterans who participated in the insurrection

U.K. variant could 'sweep the world,' warns top British scientist

Yes or No on conviction is equivalent to approve or disapprove of insurrection

Alternet "The Fix Is in -- Republicans Are Showing the Dark Truth about Their Party"

Gaetz to Kinzinger: 'Fucking Bring It'

Thank you for the heart

Hitler didn't kill anyone.

Wow! It makes one wonder?


Good Day DU (February 11, 2021)

Graham, Paul. Cramer, etc.----Know why this trial is unquestionably constitutional?

Did MSNBC hire a glam squad?? All the women anchors are much more made up recently.

Berkeley Law professor shares his morning Zoom class

McConnell saying this is a 'vote of conscience'? Huh? Conscience is sadly lacking in the GOP.

A point to consider about the mob that stormed our Capitol.

A warm Thank You to the secret admirer that gave a heart, peaceful days to you..

Trump Impeachment Lawyer HUMILIATED, Trump FURIOUS

Sarah Palin's DEVASTATING Interview with Piers Morgan

FAUX News: "... Trumps lawyers will show violence in Seattle and Detroit..." 🙄🙄🙄

Who was the insider that fed info to the terrorists?

The current trial in the Senate is like the trial of Hitler after the Beer Hall Putsch.

the rally was to be AFTER 1/20 until Trump White House got involved, per official march permits. WH

Observation on today's Trumpists.

Just got a message that the state of FL is out of vaccines until next week.

1861 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; 200 deaths

How Republicans Could Rig the Battle for Control of Congress

Seen on a drive through south-central MO

YOU raised $25 on 2-10-21 DU for Kansas Fair Maps: Anti-Gerrymandering Fund ($5,000 match)

Does anyone here use a Vape pen?

My response to Trump's "Do you miss me yet?"

QAnon Conspiracies are Tearing Families Apart

I Just Switched To CNN From MSNBC.....

The right's hatred of AOC isn't just racism and sexism: It sums up the entire toxic Trump era

84 years ago today, Flint Sit-Down Strike forced GM to recognize UAW

Must-read: Thread & govt court filing on female Oath Keeper's preparations for & storming of Capitol

A humble proposal to end "policing for profit" when we have time......

Trump on path to acquittal despite stunning evidence

Fawlty Towers: C.K. Watt

Fawlty Towers: I know nothing

Ali Alexander talks about his new Mega MAGA city and how it will be segregated from...society.

Some Republican Senators are looking at their constituencies

Justice Department says an Oath Keepers leader waited for Trump's direction before Capitol attack

Impeachment managers plan to zero in on Trump's lack of remorse today

There Is No Defense--Only Complicity

Pic Of The Moment: Neither Is A Good Look

I'm so disappointed in the TV coverage of the impeachment trial.

the GOP wants insanity to be the ultimate white privilege

AstraZeneca says vaccine against new Covid variants may take six months

Would somebody please, please, please give Lindsey Graham one of their socks?

Ex-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell served in Biltmore Forest with $1.3B Dominion Voting lawsuit

Thread Man: Seth Abramson's viral meta-journalism unreality

Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, the worst commentators on the Impeachment

GOP Sen. Rick Scott Dismisses Trump Impeachment Trial As 'Complete Waste'

The government has abandoned Trump's effort to repeal Obamacare by judicial decree

Five Biden promises that would be good for Florida Editorial

How to commit treason and get away with it--

Helpful guidance about how and where people can get the COVID-19 vaccine

Where They Stand Might Not Be So Rigid

@BillieJeanKing .. Cheers to Megan & Sue, & all others able to live authentically! Rainbow flag

President Biden terminates Trump's national emergency declaration at the southern border...

McCarthy Attended Son's Maskless Wedding on Same Day He Mocked Newsom's Rule-Breach

i made a kids book about the insurrection okay

What if the Dept of Defense activated veterans convicted in the attack on the Capitol?

Sen. Marco Rubio (R), 2016: "For years to come, there are many people on the right, in the media and

Texas Loves Joaquin Castro

I Can See The "defense" Wrapping Up Their Case On Friday

Governor Cuomo Announces New Actions to Expand Access to Fertility Coverage for Same Sex Couples

Biden terminates Trump emergency order used to construct border wall

What is it with History Channel2's preoccupation with Hitler shows.

Emmer upside down on Zoom

They finally admitted it- Unity means Biden Pardons Trump

TV Ratings: Trump's Second Impeachment Trial Opens With Sizable Audience

The defense will be about BLM protests, and it will be infuriating

Senate panel advances Biden's education and labor secretary picks

Trump Justice Department Sought to Block Search of Giuliani Records

I missed the part yesterday where they introduced the idea that...

87 yr old Willie releases new album based on Sinatra songs

Just gonna leave this here...

Trump's Tweet Attacking Pence Came Right After Learning His VP's Life Was In Danger

Just got a call from the VA and scheduled a Covid shot for Saturday...

The first lady and the second gentleman called nurses to discuss their Covid-19 concerns.

Biden Thinks Some Senators May Be Swayed by Trial

"We need to get back to work helping the American people"

Question I cannot find the answer to

QAnon Can't Decide If Their Shaman Is a Super Soldier or 'Rat Sack of Shit'

Former Ken Starr deputy & Fox contributor Sol Wisenberg says he'd "unquestionably" vote to convict

@WajahatAli Feb 11, 2021 "When You're White and Republican, They Let You Do It." My latest column

Seals & Crofts - We May Never Pass This Way Again

I love it when they confess on video. This guy needs to be identified.

Now out of office, Trump may have to face tax questions

Feinstein's Approval Rating Sinks to Historic Low in New Poll

Pelosi says members of the U.S. Capitol Police will receive Congressional Gold Medal for their effo

Fox News host praises Stephen Miller for Trump policies 'that were so effective'

Sylvester - Here Is My Love

Pelosi says firmly the stimulus bill sent to the Senate *will* include $15 minimum wage.

Thank you to the kind person who gave me a heart. It made my day.

Joy Reid: People on the right are being indoctrinated with "alternate facts"...

Trump Jr.: Just really, really dumb? Or really, really high? Or both?

Impeachment managers are making an argument for conservatives and the GOP doesn't even realize it

Wonders of nature

Even Mike Godwin

This is a real ad running on Newsmax:

Being a US Senator must be such a sweet deal...

The House Managers presentation was reminiscent of Legasov's trial presentation in HBO's Chernobyl.

Iran Has Started Producing Uranium Metal, in Violation of 2015 Accords, IAEA Says. It can be used f

Biden gets 62% approval in CNBC economic survey, topping first ratings of the last four presidents

I hope we can make Washington DC a state. That will go a long way to equalizing things

Pelosi: Officers who protected Capitol will get Congressional Gold Medal

Great DUers warned us in 2001...

If You Ever Wanted To Be A Musician...

At least 5 dead in Fort Worth pile-up after freezing rain causes icy roads in North Texas

Ronan Farrow: Who Were the Rioters on Jan. 6th?

GOP Glossary. That is all.

There Is No Defense--Only Complicity

AP: LP knew about Weaver's problems back in June 2020. They & their outside counsel were told.

WATCH: Fauci projects 'anybody in any category' will be able to get COVID-19 vaccine by April

Adam Curtis' New Documentary "Can't Get You Out of My Head" 2021

A Jury of Accomplices

has right and left ever been so distinct?

Proud Boy blames Trump for Capitol riots: "Many of those who heeded his call will be spending substa

Heather Cox Richardson: Trump Could Be Convicted !

Rudy Giuliani just got served in a massive lawsuit over his 'Big Lie' about the election

TUNE-IN LIVE: The Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump following the January 6th attack on the U

Thank you all fot those big heart ❤️'s

Thank you so much DU!

Donald Trump and the Murder in the Cathedral

Live tweeting of the impeachment trial (if that's your thing)

Email MSNBC, the team of Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd are the worst.

Notre Dame Law School Religious Liberty Initiative files amicus brief in support of Apache Stronghol

Fox News financial pundit: People who need $1,400 relief checks have 'mental health problems'

@Yamiche:Ran up to the Hill to check in on the trial, and in 10 mins, it was clear that things are a

Next week On The Top 10 Conservative Idiots:

Impeachment Day Three notes and links to articles

Roger Stone coined the phrase "Stop the Steal" in the 2016 campaign

Trump's defense team expected to finish its arguments in one day

⭐️****TRUMP INSURRECTION thread Day 3****🇺🇸

It's so ironic

Hot damn, the impeachment managers picked up our story on the lack of permit for the march to the Ca

A Journey of Weee! Delivery ASIAN food delivered

U.S. to resettle more child refugees fleeing violence around the world

'I Miss My Mom': Children Of QAnon Believers Are Desperately Trying To Deradicalize Their Own Parent

Trump and Pence 'yet to repair their relationship' after president turned on key ally over election

Watch Now: Giant snow artwork seen from above in Finland

I know this won"t happen, but I wish there was a way to file charges against those GOPers liable for

All the things the insurrectionists are saying about Trump sending them there,

The Who: Tommy Live at the Royal Albert Hall (Documentary)

Put your boots on. There's some shit kickin' needs doing.

tell them that if they vote to acquit, you'll donate money to their opponents. That, they understand

On this day, February 11, 1964, the Beatles played their first US concert.

spring festival

SAY WHAT? Politician embarrassed to be a Republican says impeachment managers are the conservatives


Impeachment Trial: As a resident of Lansing, Michigan, I'm experiencing PTSD

Impeachment trial:

The Senate Republican position about this trial in a nutshell:

AG Barr quashed plea deal by fired Officer Derek Chauvin in George Floyd death

MacKenzie Scott's Remarkable Giveaway Is Transforming the Bezos Fortune

Nancy Mace went on MSNBC and was challenged to explain why she's opposed to Trump's impeachment.

Home free: Florida town lets Donald Trump keep living at Mar-a-Lago

What an elected Cowboys for Trumper does while on bail for D.C. riot!

Researchers identify social factors inoculating some communities against coronavirus

White wine braised chicken: Poulet Grand-mere Recipe

Catholic church in Iowa, state's biggest religious organization, got $50 million from COVID-19 bailo

Uvula problem

Thank you for the hearts!

Pablo Escobar: Why scientists want to kill Colombia's hippos

Oregon State Capitol visits when my sons were young...

Here's what the Oath Keepers wanted the most corrupt President of the last 50 years to do.

Stochastic terrorism - I want to hear it at the Senate trial

Conservatives always act like they are getting 'canceled' based on a mere difference in opinion

Question: What makes some/many join a cult or movement ?

The impeachment managers have sealed off Republicans' escape hatches

'Oaf Creepers' were ready on Jan 6 to act on Trump's orders, prosecutors say

Am I the only person who does this?

Finally, I have a Covid-19 vaccine appointment!!!

Everyone is going to get to know each other in the pot.

Tester: Senators have a 'solemn oath' to take impeachment trial seriously

It really is this simple...

Lindsey Graham's toadyism on Fox News shows where the GOP is heading

Republicans are a worse disease than Covid-19.

Parents are set to be some of the biggest winners under the Biden administration.

Straight people stop doing this.

Korpiklaani - Beer Beer

On Third Day of Impeachment Trial, Democrats to Finish Presenting Case

A 'Scary' Survey Finding: 4 In 10 Republicans Say Political Violence May Be Necessary

Pelosi aims to finish COVID-19 relief by month's end

Netherlands general elections 17 March Farright candidate copies Trump 😬

Perhaps Trump's Potted Plant Defense Is About Showing Dominance Over GOP

The GOP senators likely to vote for Trump's conviction

The majority of the Senate republicans will not do the right thing, and that alone is why there

4:00 AM -- Vertigo (1958) 2h 8m Suspense/Mystery IF you can stand it!!!

I like these Boogaloo Boys

Trump DOJ officials sought to block search of Giuliani records: report

Pompeo spent $10k on engraved pens for notorious "Madison Dinners"

Roy Blunt is quite the impartial juror.

Man who carried Trump flag in Capitol during riot arrested in Orlando

Trump Defense Team....Defending Trump's behavior as "Appropriate"?

I want to issue an apology for my previous post about TV impeachment coverage.

I didn't see the start of the proceedings today. What happened with Sen Lee's grandstanding?

Did I hear correctly (Cicilline presentation)

Devin Nunes Predicts GOP Will Be Pressured to Impeach Biden If They Take the House in 2022

I'm sitting here watching the Impeachment managers and wondering

Washington officials 'committed' to making sure everyone gets second dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Five proud OF WHAT boys arrested

Lieu exposes Trump's admission of guilt

Animals interrupting wildlife photographers:Humor and cuteness for your mental health break

So now that every single insurrectionist arrest has been proven to be a right wing terrorist

Ricketts calls for 'dialogue' with Sen. Sasse over comments about Trump

Let us not forget the "liberal" media created Trump

South Sound to get snow, major snowstorm expected this weekend

Vaccine: Rite Aide, Other Retail Pharmacies

Taxi in the moon / THE KING OG'S

U.S. federal debt to exceed size of economy even before Biden stimulus is approved, CBO says

If We're Not Allowed To See The Traitors On Television...

Listening to the Impeachment testimony. Now they are talking about how non-congress members.....

show pictures of the feces

Three Storms Have Dumped Snow on Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea -

So, anyone going to watch tomorrow?

Happy Lunar New Year 2021!

@Yamiche: Out of the Senate chamber and here's some of what I saw:

⭐️⭐️**Thread 2****Day 3 TRUMP INSURRECTION ****** 🇺🇸🧈

CNN: Dems are screwing up by...

Democratic Manager: "And, here, you see video and numerous photos taken last evening and

Project Veritas account suspended on twitter

Someone hearted me

Trump lawyer David Schoen said he did a hit on Fox News during the trial because impeachment manager

Just Had A Thought Trump Will Be Prosecuted By DC For This Violence Once Impeachment Over

Jon Ossoff: This morning @SenatorWarnock, @SenSchumer, and I announced that the Senate's COVID bill

QAnon's latest bizarre conspiracy is that COVID vaccines will turn you gay or transgender

Trump's defense team's plan to introduce video of other violence? Bring it on!

They should make the Senate impeachment vote a secret ballot. I want the senators who vote to acquit

I think those who vote to convict ...

A (now former) patient just came in, positive for COVID-19, and contacted just about every surface

It snowed here in Baltimore, and I don't know if I wanna make a pot roast

John Fugelsang tweet:

Pence had a nuclear football with him. How Close Did the Capitol Rioters Get to the Nuclear "Footbal

Why Neera Tanden & Bernie Sanders can work together anyway:

EXCLUSIVE: Embattled QAnon congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene 'openly cheated' (Daily Mail, fwiw)

Abort mission..

Does anyone know the circumstances around the suicides of two...

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Rep. Madeleine Dean said yesterday

Thank you for the heart. Made my day! n/t


Senate is in recess - little known facts

'Death list' uncovered in home search of former FBI section chief who joined the Capitol riot

Tucker Carlson Goes Full Conspiracy Theorist


Gurdeep your Thursday!

watching Impeachment...thinking about how meta this is

Trump Attacked Pence After Learning He Was In Danger

central texas ice storm

This is clever. After Will Farrell picked a (fake) fight with Norway in a GM Super Bowl ad ...

BUCK-TICK / 「ドレス」ミュージックビデオ "DRESS"

Yamiche: Senators Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is sitting legs crossed watching most of the trial

Trump will not be convicted.

"I Think People Will Get Tired of Him": Sarah Palin's Fall Shows the Limits of Media Obsession

starlings and cowbirds oh my!

Yikes. Driver survives freeway plunge.

The phrase of the day is "polyamorous tantric sex guru". Replace any word in a thread

Republicans put forward more abortion-related bills

One of the Most Anti-LGBTQ+ Members of Trump's White House Won't Leave

The Same People Who Can't ...

"If Trump didn't incite the riot, then why were so many in Congress (begging) him to call it off"?

My painting of an abandoned movie theatre

A 'Scary' Survey Finding: 4 In 10 Republicans Say Political Violence May Be Necessary

Some good news

BUCK-TICK Kemonotachi no Yoru (Beasts of Night)


Attorney deems lawsuit against Seattle's 'hazard pay' ordinance a 'long shot'

Hawley and Cruz on the impeachment trial...

The past is prologue.

Dem managers addressing First Amendment 'argument.'

Only 25% of voters say they are Repuiblicans

Democrats Sound Like They're Wrapping Things Up

MaineHealth gave out-of-state union busters COVID vaccines

Cartoons 2/11/2021

Can someone provide a link to

Saudi driving activist's family credits Joe Biden for release.

Question for our great people in the know!!

Shell says its oil output peaked, speeds up emission cuts

Wonder what a cat does while you're sleeping...🤔

Is the movement to recall Newsom (Ca governor) a MAGA thing?

Kyle Rittenhouse allowed to walk free

Trump can't hang on to lawyers after false election claims

New Hampshire Task Force OKs Guidance For Camps, Bar Entertainment

TLP on repubs and the constitution

Federal investigators are looking into whether bear spray caused officer Brian Sicknick's death

The next insurrection

today is my BIRTHDAY. all i want is for the Senate to find Trump GUILTY & Impeach him

Golfing in winter

Voltaire: "Those Who Can Make You Believe Absurdities, Can Make You Commit Atrocities"

Republican Politicians Now Fear For More Than Just Their Political Lives

Amazon Moves On Its Largest Renewable Project. Thank you Jeff Bezos

SK Innovation loses U.S. battery trade case but gets temporary OK to sell to Ford, VW

Ex-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell served at NC home with $1.3B Dominion Voting lawsuit

Terrorism & Travel

I'm so proud of Jamie Raskin

Someone gave me a valentine heart!

@NYGovCuomo: Great video from @HHPHorg featuring @THEKINGDMC and more.

How do these people operate in real life?

FLOW - Sign

They're Baaack: Anti-Vaxxers Who Shut Down Dodger Stadium Plot Creepy Sequel

Quote by Voltaire

PROOF Trump Threatened Pence's Life - The Damage Report

@Yamiche After sitting in the Senate, I'm struck by the fact that former Pres Trump has been impeach

What do you guys do for pain if you take blood thinners?

Anger after senator says Trump deserves 'mulligan' for Capitol riot speech

She never won a Nobel prize. But today this pioneering physicist is getting her face on a stamp

FBI Provides Proof of Incitement

if the insurrection was a success,

Romney says footage shown at impeachment trial let him know how close he was to danger

Biden to announce his administration has secured 200 million additional vaccine doses

"The Mandalorian" SPOILER ALERT - what's her name got fired

Thank you so much for the 💕💕

Another one bites the dust...

Thank you for my third heart, DU!

Tucker Carlson condemned for bizarre comparison between George Floyd's death, BLM and Capitol riot

Silicon knee injections - upside, in six weeks, might be able to walk fairly normally again...

May we have a moment of silence.....

Mike Lee Dragged for Denying Story About Trump Call He Previously Confirmed

Am I wrong in thinking

Michigan GOP leader caught on hot mic doubling down after calling Capitol attack a 'hoax'

Being honest, trumps lawyers defense should be....

Thank you for your generous donations of a heart. Six or a half

One hurdle that stands between the Democratic Managers and a Trump conviction

The Reverse Nuremberg Defense

Rick Scott is filling out a map of Asia at the impeachment trial INSTEAD OF PAYING ATTENTION

Trump Was Sicker Than Acknowledged With Covid-19

Leningrad Lindsey

Every protest I've ever been to had a protocol

56 Votes To Convict With A 1 Vote MOE

GOP Bernie meme

the staff who had to clean up after the insurrection:

Ukraine offers NATO to use airspace near Crimea

What Sort Of Spineless, Craven, Cretin Must Mike Pence Be to Take This Shit from Trump?

Adam Schiff should come out and repeat his speech and last line...I TOLD YOU!

I did not think I could be more in love with Nicolle Wallace, but yesterday ....

Can a criminal trial be had against Trump for the Capitol insurrection?

Is Jamie Raskin wearing a yamaka?

Biden to announce his administration has secured 200 million additional vaccine doses promised

Updated Edit Of Bruce Springsteen's Super Bowl Ad

Jaguars' Urban Meyer makes controversial hire in Chris Doyle

I thought we saw the end of that goll dang Broadway Joe and his sickening Medicare

Is There Still Room In This Trial For Witnesses Or....

when the apricothellbeast went to Walter Reed I *knew* he had lung issues.

NYT: Officials believed Trump would need to be put on a ventilator He was found to have lung infilt

More HEARTS from my wonderful friends at DU

Jamie Raskin is brilliant and worthy. He is also

Marco Rubio reading during the impeachment trial, again, instead of paying attention

Republicans deny their duty of office

Chick Corea has died. 💔

Graham blames Capitol Police for not using lethal force on more rioters


STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 12 February 2021

NEW FOOTAGE: attackers wielding a pole break & kick down a door at #Capitol. They find a single offi

Thanks, you good folks, for the hearts.

Well! The managers put forward their best case.

Trump Was Sicker Than Acknowledged With Covid-19

I am genuinely amazed at the passionate BRILLIANCE of every single Democratic

I still think they should bring in witnesses, let them hear

Big @TheJusticeDept move against #ProudBoys. 5 new conspiracy arrests for actions at #Capitol.

Summer of Violent Policing Means More Federal Review for Portland Police

Speaker Pelosi Appreciation thread

"Damn, that dudes guilty."

3 arrested in Kansas and Missouri on Fed charges related to riot at DC Capitol.

Capitol Mob Got Close To Pence, Romney & Schumer, New Security Film

Not sure if I should continue in the Trial thread

Hearts hearts hearts

Biden hopes infrastructure can bridge partisan divide

If the treason fits

trump's lawyer Castor is related to Steve Castor, the lawyer from Trump's first impeachment

Joe is live! This afternoon, I'm visiting the National Institutes of Health and delivering remarks t

Twitter suspends Project Veritas?

Watch This 10-Pound Adult Husky Get So Strong And Happy

Raskin's closing words: These are the times that try men's and women's souls

When Macro just isn't enough.

What I would ask if I was an impeachment manager

Here's a bit of movie trivia for you.

Unfortunately, this could be a winning argument for Trump tomorrow:

"Kids Guide to president trump": (real ad running on Newsmax)

Schoen on fox blasting impeachment managers' case as "an entertainment package." He said he'll in pa

Letter to John Cornyn, with phone call followup.

If Republicans vote to convict...

Daily Mail: MTG cheated on Husband with "polyamorous tantric sex guru"

...he saw 15 empty GOP seats as impeachment trial continues

The problem with meeting in the middle . . .

gossip from Daily Mail: here's pics of marjorie taylor greens extramarital affair boyfriends

Unfortunately, the Senate Republicans have more empty minds than open minds. Trump may be "saved"

MSNBC: Arkansas Senator John Boozman will vote to acquit. What a shocker.

Parents of daughters are more likely to divorce than those with sons

What's for Dinner, Impeachment Day 3, Thurs., Febr. 11, 2021

Not wanting to believe this but

I Think It's Been Asked Here - But I Didn't Come Across The Answer - Could It Be A Secret Vote?.....

Abort Mission!!!

Is there a doctor in the house?

Roughly 40% of the USA's coronavirus deaths could have been prevented, new study says

I'm giving away hearts.

Senate Republicans siding with Trump are hopelessly evil. They applaud wrong

Cat Having Fun With Leaves

Do you know any "independents" that are actually independents?

cardinal in the ice

Chick Corea - Dead at 79.

what is still in place for republicans in my life. not now, not ever

60% of Republican Senators do not have to run for re-election for 4-6 years.

Newsy was the only network I saw that covered Biden's address at the NIH live.

When I think how Chump has Senate Reich Wing Senators in his pocket

cat roly poly-ing down the stairs: but now with poetry:

Chick Corea, jazz great with 23 Grammy Awards, dies at 79

I have to admit, I'm pleasantly surprised by Senator Cassidy

Hypothetically speaking.....

Senate Ethics Committee now looking into collusion between specific Republican Senators (Hawley, Cru

What did the Sergeant at Arms say about how jurors should behave?

2/12 Mike Luckovich: Missing superhero

The rules for senate trial juries should be the same as for civil/criminal juries, IMHO.

Chick Corea, Jazz Fusion pioneer, dies at 79

here's some of what was going on in the senate chamber during the trial from Yamiche Alcindor:

First step, Donald Trump impeachment conviction - Second step Prison

Doonesbury still speaks for all of us

Will Trump demand witnesses now that Dems closed?

Boston terrier after told "No!"

Cogito ergo spud.

Another massive 100 vehicle pile up accident near Fort Worth, TX.

I hold msgreedia at least partially responsible for the insurrection, the attempted coup, the

The Trump Defense team's argument tomorrow will be...

Judge Sides with Kyle Rittenhouse in Defense Request for Secret 'Safe House' Address, Refuses to

Bavarian (Germany) Supreme Court grants Hitler parole on December 19, 1924

Powerful Image.

Guest on MSNBC made a good point about Trump and his 2024 re-election bid

Graham & Cornyn looked at each other and laughed when Raskin was making his final point...

Earth's mountains disappeared for a billion years, and then life stopped evolving

Former Staffer Kills Himself Outside Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne's Home

European beads found in Alaska predate Columbus, controversial study claims

Particles zipping around Earth at near light-speed finally explained

Gina Carano Was Purposely Cut from Those Big Star Wars Announcements Months Ago

@marcorubio says he thinks the Dem impeachment managers did a "good job" but an impeachment trial fo

Trump's lawyers just met with GOP senators -- including Graham and Cruz

1975 JCPenney Catalog: -- Kitchen Clocks (wow, they are cordless)

To the GQP guilt deniers, answer me one simple question:

"Chair of the Dept of Medicine at UCSF 👇"


Ravi Zacharias, Influential Evangelist, Is Accused of Sexual Abuse in Scathing Report

No mention of the Jan 4 Pentagon memo? WTF?

Christian Prophets Are on the Rise. What Happens When They're Wrong?

Fact Check: Did Trump Supporters Burn a Church in December, as Jamie Raskin Said?

MY good friend Atsu! I miss you

Check out the map at the link below for TX road conditions. Best one I've used.

Oh, good grief. Another heart and I feel so undeserving compared to those

More hearts! Thank you very much for your kindness!

Florida man accused of stealing engagement rings from one girlfriend to give to another

Covid and one impact: my home inspection

What grade would you give our Impeachment Managers?

Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio

Charges dismissed against Buffalo cops who shoved elderly protester

Rep. Raskin ended by quoting Thomas Paine for whom his late son, Tommy, was named

There will be no excuse

In America, you can shove old people to the ground and leave them to die

Thanks so much for the heart!!! It made me happy!!!

Iowa bill would survey university employees about political affiliation

Another reason trump wouldn't stop the insurrection:

I have no words.......... two hearts in a row... am feeling very special!

Much thanks to the unknown DU'ers for the hearts!

15 puke "senators" were absent today? (CNN)

CNN:' DOJ says an Oath Keepers leader waited for Trump's direction before Capitol attack'

Many thanks for these beautiful hearts! 💕💕💕

So much love on DU tonight! Three hearts in 8 minutes... I'm so happy!

An armed insurrection intent on overthrowing a legitimate

! GOP Senator Cassidy wants to hear Defense explain why Trump didn't act for hours while the Capitol

Representative Jamie Raskin's Closing Argument February 11 2021

Now these Trump republicans have lost Jonah Goldberg.

Stupid to not call witnesses.

Because you want to see a raccoon say no to kisses from its human.

I truly wish I could thank whoever gave me this last heart! I am feeling so loved tonight!

Hearts are wonderful! Thank you heart givers!

Alexander Hamilton arguing for including impeachment in the Constitution.

My question: If not an intentional insurrection, then what does he claim WAS the intent??

Elderly Asians on edge: String of attacks in Chinatowns bring ahead of Lunar New Year, 2/9/21

Thanks for the heart. Figured I was the least likely

I heard this last night,

"THEY came NOT to praise Caesar but to BURY him..."

My latest attempt at remaining sane during these times.

I mentor a young lady

Omaha firefighter alleges discrimination after finding her gear hanging from flagpole