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I was doing a tarot reading

Thank you - I needed that..

Michigan GOP candidate for governor is a Black man who wants to cancel Black History Month

Trump's lawyers are panicked.

MAGA Meltdown Full Uncut Video. Trumper Crying For Trump! Hilarious!

Quick Question Regarding Fmr AG Eric Holder... Why does LG want to impeach him?

Good Lord this is Sick! Leon covers Dylan...

Anti Government domestic terrorist arrested for Buffalo shooting

DeSatan still using GOP donor organizations for giving out the vaccine...

Resolution question.

Boy, tRump really could have used Rudi today.

When asked, Mr. Castor commented "I think we had a pretty good day!"

Why We Don't Believe the Big City Obituary

Let's not forget that trumpie was impeached while in office.

Why David Schoen held his head while drinking

What The Hell Do You Have To Lose?

Charles Pierce: The Trump Defense Team Were Beamed In From Dimension X

Thanks for the hearts everyone!

I'm sick of MAGAts still calling Biden senile

You Know The Drill

Chris Coons for the win!

Democrats are going to remain in the majority in the US Senate in 2022.

I saw a hand written in bold black letters yard sign on the side of Interstate 20 yesterday

We The Jury, Find The ...

Thanks for all the 💖's

CNN is reporting......

The strangest lines from Trump lawyer Bruce Castor's opening statement

Oath Keeper Charged W Conspiracy Jan. 6, FBI Work Past: Msg. 'Seal In, Gas Legislators In Tunnel'

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'QAnon Shaman' regrets Capitol riot, says President Trump 'was not honorable'

Stuff Republicans can no longer brand themselves as.

Just for fun

Trump's second impeachment trial - clip conglomeration from 1st day

Republicans criticize Trump lawyers' performance on the first day of impeachment trial

Do you remember the meme during the 2004 or 2008 primary, I forget which one, where everybody said,

LOL! Donald Trump probably needed a new TV after throwing the remote through his old one

Steve Sack FTW

I love you all. Thank you for the hearts.

Sen. Ryan McDougle, R-Hanover, not realizing he's {not} on mute, repeats at least twice: "This ... "

My elderly parents got their first Covid-19 shots today!

Nicolle Wallace slams GOP: Day the GOP broke up with The Constitution. They are impervious to truth.

4-Star Admiral Visited Strike Group After Racist Graffiti Found on Ship

What makes Romanesco broccoli so mathematically perfect?

Texas attorney accidentally leaves cat filter on during Zoom call: 'I'm here live, I'm not a cat!'

Trump Partner Looking to End Business Relationship

Man, 100, charged in Germany over 3,518 Nazi concentration camp murders

So I work and wasn't able to listen to anything until around 3

What emotion did you feel today if you saw the Impeachment video?

Regent University Dean

Schoen was slated to speak first, but Castor stepped in at the very last. "Why" you ask?

Why WOULDNT Trump FIRE his attorneys now??

Trump didn't have to be part of the mob...

Government experts fear Trump left behind a roadmap for how to abuse the presidency

Thank You!!!

Jenna Ellis: Impeachment Trial Is 'The Left Trying to Intimidate Conservatives Into Silence'

Exclusive: Ukraine Releases 'Shock' Call With Giuliani As Trump's Second Impeachment Trial Begins

Chris Hayes playing entire Jan 6 video now.

Castor and Schoen are the proof the legal profession in America needs reform.

How fitting that Trump would hire Shoen as a lawyer who represented bodyguard/associate of Balagula,

In a televised interview. Senator Coons said one of his female Republican colleagues was

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Police fatally shoot Idaho man in his backyard after mistaking him for suspect

Louisiana GOP rebukes Cassidy over vote saying Trump trial constitutional

Dems for MTG

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*Graphic Video* Jan. 6 Capitol Insurrection Opens Trump's Impeachment Trial

Trump was represented by the Lawfirm of Meandering & Furious

After watching the Super Bowl Halftime Performace...

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Constitutional argument gone-Republican escape route cut-off

ACLU Sues Lancaster And The LASD For Criminalizing Poverty With $500 And $1,000 Citations

Can Democrats prevent Qpublicans from reading books and not paying attention during the trial?

Here is the obviously crazy thing about this Insurrection Mob.

7,000 unfilled FIRST dose vaccine appointments today (Feb 9th) at Dodger Stadium.

In Lawsuit Against MSNBC Anchor, Lin Wood Claims He Has Evidence Mike Pence Is a 'Traitor' and Will

Announcing GOOD PILLOW...

Dad's Army streaming on BritBox

If Trump Can't Find or KEEP A Defense Attorney, There's Always...

Big hugs and kisses to the givers of my hearts!!!

Tracking QAnon: how Trump turned conspiracy-theory research upside down

Minnesota bomber is older dude with "anti govt" sentiments

Cops fired over photos tied to Elijah McClain not reinstated

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Rudy Giuliani Was 'Sh*t-Faced' Almost Every Night

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FBI launches probe after Alabama inmate activist injured

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So under what circumstances...

America's homicide rate compared to the EU

Senate schedules confirmation hearing for Merrick Garland

About Trump's "dissatisfaction" with his attorneys---in fairness to them, you can't give your

Google expands election security aid for federal campaigns with free training

The Republican Party hates America

WAPO: Exiled Klansman has a sad

Woman Spends 5 Months Saving A White Squirrel

What's the difference between our socialism and Russia's?

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Underage gambolling of the day.

*Liz Holtzman on Hayes show NOW!

On the video it's heard

The lawyers here at DU might appreciate this one. Man activates a Zoom Cat Filter during hearing.


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Trump advisor: "He would be F-ed if he faced criminal charges."

My Q anon inauguration day experience

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Mike Luckovich is BRILLIANT

So,Trump's first lawyer (Bruce Castor) was a meandering mess, but was his suit really so bad?

Owl acting like a cat

Conservative El Salvador lawmakers question president Bukele's sanity

Think mcturtle didn't prepare for a trial thinking it wouldn't happen?

How are the Senate desks set up? Who sits where?

With George in mind,

Why no witnesses

New York DJ who appears to have smoked pot during Capitol riot arrested after tip

WTF happened to John Turley??

BWAHAHA! Orange Julius Caesar was "beside himself with anger" over Lawyers-R-Us "defense"

Toto - I Will Remember

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

The Elephant Sanctuary: Nosey Explores Her Habitat

Why Jamie Raskin's Speech Resonated

Home invasions have suspected connection to FBI-investigated national theft ring

Lawyer Reacts to the Newsmax/MyPillow Implosion, Part 2 #shorts

Eva Cassidy--- I can't believe I've never listened to her--unreal good voice.

Home invasions have suspected connection to FBI-investigated national theft ring

Smart Dog Takes Herself Sledding

Have any of you suddenly discover something about yourself that you never realized?

Glacial episodes of a freshwater Arctic Ocean covered by a thick ice shelf

"But where are the clowns---

Senate Agrees Trial Is Constitutional

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Natasha Bertrand: Trump hid his calls with Putin. Now, Biden has access to them.

Trump hid his calls with Putin. Now, Biden has access to them.

I'm NOT thanking a single damn one of you...

Lilly Covid Antibody Combo Gets U.S. Emergency Authorization

Holy crap, watching clips from Castor.

From This Canadian!

Rachel is playing clips from Trump's lawyer Castor....

Lol! Trump's new addition to his law team Michael Van Der Veen called Trump a "f-ing crook"

Dear Secret Admirers: I'm humbled by your generosity. I ❤ you back! nt

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World's second-oldest person survives COVID-19 at age 116

House chair wants to know who's financing Parler

Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179): Antiphons to St. Ursula (NY Ensemble for Early Music)

Don Jr. on Hannity...

Sen. Manchin asks Biden to reverse Keystone XL rejection

Wow! I have a HEART ❤️ now...


Doesn't it seem strange that all this stuff about Trump is being broadcast...

Mocking Bird (I think)

Mocking bird? On my yard, southern MD

The Typical Retiree's Income Is Shockingly Low

See two Mars moons shine over Dubai as the UAE's Hope probe arrives at Red Planet

Mark Cuban and the Mavericks are done playing national anthem before games

Trump hid his calls with Putin. Now, Biden has access to them.

'Vaccine appointment roulette': King County residents frustrated over COVID vaccine scheduling

Pictures from space! Our image of the day

Jaime Raskin....whoa, powerful. He represents every way.

Jamie Raskin like Biden also knows tragedy.

Pennario: March of the Lunatics

Dog saves life of man who had just adopted her

Here are the RNC talking points defending Trump tonight.

Thank you for the hearts, dear hearts

Joplin - The Great Crush Collision March

Thanks for the thumpers, droogs!

Rachel Maddow mocks Trump for hiring lawyer who called him a 'crook'

"This cannot be the future of America"

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Stella Destroys Everything on Her 8th Birthday

Should they go after the Army over the Native American tribal names on its aircraft?

Sleep like a baby elephant 💞💞

SLAM DUNK!!! Democratic Impeachment Managers Prosecute Their Case Before the Trial Even Begins!

Rush - Time Stand Still

EPA alleges Trump officials interfered in toxic chemical assessment

Thanks for the Hearts

Raskin Shares Details Of Personal Tragedy That Unfolded Alongside Capitol Attack

Army Special Operations School Drops 'III' Logo Adopted by Extremist Group

You know who's having the *best night EVER*?!

We can't say it because we don't want to hurt their feelings or say something divisive....

Missed my nap watching Senate trial, so took a late one

U.S. to start sending COVID-19 vaccines directly to community health centers

What's wrong with almost half of America, part 204,661

Researchers create bone replicas using a hot nano-chisel

Mmmmmmmmm pretzels in my Reese's peanut butter candy bar......

Five hearts!

Legal Scholar Chides Trump Impeachment Defense For Misrepresenting His Writings

wow, *rumper Dad, swillin' on some Fux Qoolaid...

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Part - Cantus in memory of Benjamin Britten (Paavo Jarvi, cond.)

Lindsey Graham making the case against Trump

Is FaceBook is at it again?

Marc Elias on today's performance by the Trump defense

I ❤ that DUer's gave me ❤'s.

Armageddon Update: Qrazy Qongress Qaren

South Dakota Mines seeks state funds to help build $34 million Mineral Industry building

Ana Vidovic plays Bach

Huge antenna ready to support China's Tianwen-1 Mars mission

Toto - 99


Dine woman appointed to vacant seat in Arizona Legislature

I'm seeing tweet after tweet tonight suggesting Trump's legal team needed a kitten filter

From 1990...

HB 1245: Republicans Want to Take Away 35% of Early-Voting Days

When all seems to be going to shit...this young lady comes along...

Trump never conceded he lost, but his impeachment lawyer did

Aaww, y'all are so sweet.

Take that Ted

The three witnesses I would like to see testify?

"We're gonna walk down to the CAPITOL." I keep going back to how dump emphasized the word

Raskin delivers emotional recollection of Capitol attack - Powerful!

Should we close with Adam Schiff's words from the 1st Impeachment?

Steven Beschloss: they're not even listening to the House managers or watching the video

Well, this may be why some are not getting their vaccination appointments!

Hamill: Castor's opening statement like watching student bluff through report on book he hadn't read

In honor of ❤❤❤ at DU let's post songs with Hearts! I'll start

Aylward, Karr Catch Coronavirus; Republican War on War on Pandemic Continues Unabated

NEW: Twitter suspends the account of Republican Rep. Devin Nunes:

Dark Money Laundry Opens Front in Sioux Falls Law Office

US Senate Elections that Democrats are likely to win in 2022 by landslide to narrow margin.

Joe: This afternoon, I met with business leaders from across the country to discuss the state of our

If the Legislature fails our democracy, will the Judiciary also fail us?

tweeting some senators tonight

Norm Ornstein just shared this perfect meme

Republiconstipation. Whaddya think?

Impeachment Recap, Day 1: It Was the Best of Lawyering, It Was the Worst of Lawyering

He's the Loser Whisperer.

Send in the Clown!

Difference in browsers?

A Reminder....It's day 21 of the Biden Presidency

Schoen says Trump team will be 'very well prepared' after criticism

Don't pee in the bushes - Grohl & Fallon at the White House

Who else cries easily over sad movies?

When you've lost Frank Luntz.......

Michigan Senate leader labels D.C. insurrection 'a hoax': video

Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place

Brian Williams is getting snarkier by the day

I'm Kind of Worried About My Dad...

Mark your calendars. Committee Vote on Garland nom set

I hate to say this but...

My last 2 hearts are going to 2 women I've consistently locked horns with...

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Brady's Big Win, Trump's Impeachment Trial & A Vacationing Rioter

Several greeting cards at the store today were priced at $8.50. A person making

In Memoriam, Mary Wilson - The Supremes, Our Day Will Come

Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey calls Capitol riots a "hoax"

You're Not Voting To Acquit Anyone --- You're Voting To Convict Yourself

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump's Rolls Out Trash Lawyers For His 2nd Impeachment Trial

This is the best he can do?

Matthew Dowd dissects the real cause of today's Republican Party and the insurrection

I thank you so kindly for my hearts, DU

The internet is so fast.

Virginia authorizes public sector unions

Please stop sending me hearts, goddam it.

Seth Meyers: Aides Claim Trump Feels Happier Since Leaving White House - Monologue 2/8/21

He got the defense he deserved

Thank you so much for the hearts, they made my day!

Rupert Holmes - Get Outta Yourself

Adoptive Dad of 3 Goes Viral on TikTok

Thank you for the heart

Stunning video of destruction of dam by a glacier in India

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Circus Back in Washington for Impeachment Trial #2

So, anything interesting happen today?

Even Frank Luntz thinks those who encouraged the insurrectionists need to go to prison!

Top Republican DEMOLISHES Trump's impeachment defense ON NEWSMAX

Stunning video of destruction of dam by a glacier in India

dua lipa w. dababy - levitating (studio - 2020) this a dope jam y'all ...

For my 5,000th post I want to thank everyone

Thanks for the hearts.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 10: Noteworthy African American Performances

Our forefathers were incredibly wise.

i thought this tweet was heartwarming & it made me smile; "the atmosphere has changed"

Thanks for the hearts.....

Without the makeup

Russian hack used a technique experts had warned about for years. Why wasn't the government ready?

Seth Meyers - Impeachment Managers Make Powerful Case Against Trump to Open Trial: A Closer Look

Impeachment Day One Notes and links to articles

TRUMP is too scared to testify in his Impeachment Trial.

McConnell Signals to GOP Trump Impeachment Is a Conscience Vote

One thing I gotta give Dershowitz. My guy stays on brand:

Rush Limbaugh is ailing. And so is the conservative talk-radio industry.

"I'm here live. I'm not a cat."

I am an expert on Presidential Impeachments...been through 4.

A Georgia teenager shoved a police officer and incited people to 'fight' in the Capitol riots, FBI s

Thank you so much!

We know he's not going to get convicted. I wonder how things will look a year or two from now.

The Rascals: "People Got to Be Free"

Brenda Lee - Ride Ride Ride

Trump's Lawyers Stun Senate by Claiming Jared Made Him Do It

I have noticed Trump supporters don't even try to defend him with facts anymore

trump's third impeachment lawyer called him a f**"ing crook?

Smoking gun of rare "zombie star" supernova discovered in Milky Way

DARPA's NOM4D program seeks to manufacture large structures in space

Cold gas cloud in our galaxy could be hiding universe's missing matter

Thank you to whoever sent me hearts.

I lost a close relative over the weekend due to a heart attack from shoveling snow

The Founders of This Country Would Have Convicted Trump & Banned Him From Office...Unanimously

Opinion: Jamie Raskin won the impeachment trial before it began.

I'm not a cat! Very funny!

Schumer: Trump Impeachment Has 'Most Serious Charges Ever' Levied Against A President - MSNBC

Historian Heather Cox Richardson Says Trump Could be Convicted Amanpour and Company

In a courtroom today: An attorney turned into a cat!

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) accuses the left of "politicizing"

Wynton Marsallis in Chile - Jungle Blues

"Impeachment has been great for uniting the country around how bad Trump's lawyers were."

FULL: 13-minute Capitol Insurrection Video from Trump's Second Impeachment

VA-GOV: Republican gubernatorial candidate sues Virginia GOP over nominating process

Gary Kasparov tweet:

Lincoln Project tweet:

Just saw the 13 minute video presented by Rep. Raskin today at the beginning

Lincoln Project warns corporations about tying their brands to Republicans:

*Bourdain in Spain now,

O My Dog! Hold me down! I just suffered thru Martucci.😓

I'd love to see The Lincoln Project to get Bob Odenkirk to play Saul Goodman coming on

For once, Trump can honestly brag ...

Huey Lewis & The News: I Want A New Drug

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

'We have a lot of questions': Lawmakers aim to slash embattled Texas AG Ken Paxton's $1.26B budget

Rusk councilman backs out of gubernatorial race following backlash over comments

Dvorak, Saint-Saens, Albreschtberger, Munktell

"Who Owns Kavanaugh?"

After calling COVID a hoax, U.S. Rep. Chip Roy says someone in his household tested positive

Robert Hunt's 'Ave Maria mater dei', Blue Heron

Sen. McConnell, Vote to Convict Trump - The Republican Accountability Project

Yah, I'm being annoying bc I'm annoyed! The local public station is KILLING me with a lot of their

San Antonio native who worked as Trump aide arrested in Washington D.C. on child porn charges

The Buc-ee's Stops Here: Why the Iconic Chain Is Facing a Backlash East of the Sabine

Dominion says it hired private investigators in a bid to reach pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell

Former SNL cast member said Trump loved his blatantly racist character on the show

One of Trump's impeachment lawyers reportedly sued the former president last year over his voter fra

Vote to remove Maine statue of Supreme Court justice who upheld segregation laws comes next week

Back in the 80's I had a chance to bet big money on my dad's death.

The legendary Krispy Kreme location on Ponce De Leon is currently on fire. Fire Disappointed but re

Chief Federal Judge in D.C. Overrules Magistrate, Orders Proud Boys Leader Held in Custody -- For Now

What mysteries of the past four years would you like to see solved?

Crap Been Digging Through Trump's Papers We Are Gonna Have To Impeach Him A 3rd Time

If trump is not found guilty this time around then there is no justice. The GOP is a failure!

To state the obvious ...

Thank you so much fellow DUers for the hearts, I really appreciate your kindness and generosity.

Rs could get rid of tRump and protect their reps from being primaried if they wanted

13 Accused Capitol Rioters: Trump Incited Us - Mother Jones

The hidden story of when two Black UMaine students were tarred and feathered

Just finished playing on one of my besties' public radio station, WETA. 🥰

'Union avoidance' campaign in full swing at Maine's largest hospital

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/9/21

Thank you for the heart

Aunt Jemima Has a New Name

Stephen Colbert: Guest John Oliver

'It's the right thing to do': Bills would expand labor protections to farmworkers in Maine

Those Senators that voted against the oath they took, and the Constitution for trump,

We're running out of time to preserve endangered Jewish languages.

(Jewish Group) We're running out of time to preserve endangered Jewish languages.


Sedition Tracker!

Cold enough for you?

I get my first COVID vaccination Friday.

My hearts! Thank you!

Playful persistence (panda!)

Heart, Heartless

USF arrests five protesters for trespassing, violating coronavirus policies

Link to the tweets Nunes deleted (he also lost his blue checkmark, heehee)

Breakfast Wednesday 10 February 2021

Pfizer hopes to cut vaccine manufacturing time by almost half

ex Columbus Ohio cop Adam Coy pays his $1 million bail, leaves jail

ex Columbus CPD cop Adam Coy pays his $1m bail and leaves jail yesterday

Janet Mills Says Plan Puts To Rest Three-Decade Mental Health Consent Decree

Weird runaround with the United States Post Office

Scientists ramp up work on vaccine that would address every type of coronavirus: report

I broke a tooth two weeks ago, which I have had fixed by a new dentist.

Jewel - Who Will Save Your Soul

They weren't even watching

Why Thousands of Republicans Are Leaving the Party

Savage Love: My teenage son is stealing our sex toys

Portland prepares to seek bids for 200-bed homeless shelter

Why won't Rubio & Scott watch the impeachment evidence?

Bucs will have boat parade in Tampa Wednesday to celebrate Super Bowl 55

Biden is giving the boot to all Trump-appointed US attorneys

The Ghost in the Machine had a message for me.

Does anyone know if fox showed that 13 minute video presented during the first day of the trial?

Oath Keeper Charged With Conspiracy Re: Insurrection - Claims To Be Former FBI Section Chief

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Thanks for the hearts, folks!

Legal expert on CNN says the R Senators are on trial too. I like that idea.

DOJ dismissing suit against author of Melania Trump tell-all book

Since Castor invoked Sen. Dirksen...

About "hearts"...

Dallas Mavericks To Cease Anthem

Great Blue Heron

Jamie Raskin heartfelt speech

Mitch McConnell's hypocrisy is sickening. He and the forty-four Republicans he led to

On February 9, 1909, Carmen Miranda was born.

Farwell beautiful dinosaur.

The helmeted hornbill

CVS vaccine rollout

Māori lawmaker ejected from New Zealand parliament for refusing to wear a 'colonial noose'

When the video was played showing the thugs inside the Capitol and surging in unison

Hold all of the Republicans who enabled Trump accountable

@ RetireMarco - Rubio is getting nervous.

Pandora's box

Does it really matter what they think is constitutional?

Damning evidence against Trump can be found in MAGA rioters' own legal defenses

Republicans, Be Yourselves...

Yes, as a matter of fact, I DO want to replace every single Trump-enabling seditionist now in

Topps trading cards (Inaugural Edition):

Focus on the conspiracy.


Capital rioters: commonalities identified (NPR)

How 'Conspirituality' Wrecked The Wellness World And Destroyed Our Response To COVID-19

Trump hid his calls with Putin. Now, Biden has access to them.

These 47 House Democrats are on the GOP's target list for 2022

Oldie worth repeating: "You say 'Trump hater' like that's a bad thing!" nt

Trump hid his calls with Putin. Now, Biden has access to them.

Democrats eye big ACA changes in COVID relief bill

Trump unhappy with his impeachment attorney's performance, sources say

What are the dangers of propane gas driven firepits?

GOP Image Slides Giving Democrats Strong Advantage

I'm gonna post this again and if you have a R senator send it to them.

Thank you anonymous person for my third valentine!

Large bipartisan majority of Americans favor more COVID economic relief

And, Iowa Republicans have decided to go full fascist!

I'm not a cat.

French drain placement against a retaining wall, question.

The Rundown: February 10, 2021

The Webcomics Weekly #123: Count With Me (2/8/2021 Edition)

Biden to visit Pentagon and pay tribute to Black service members

Comics Should Be Cheap (2/10/21)

The Weekly Pull: Black Panther, Green Lantern, Radiant Black, and More

Facebook to pilot new ways to reduce political content

A majority of the people arrested for Capitol riot had a history of financial trouble

In Mass at least, the VA is scheduling vaccinations for vets....

I am so blessed, another heart today. I am very grateful, thank you all.

Decision to seek federal search warrant in Rudy Giuliani probe could be early test for Biden's DOJ

Whistleblower allegations of mismanagement incompetence at billion$ coronavirus lab in Santa Clarita

Dozens of states see new voter suppression proposals

When Trump flees his crimes, is this a depiction of his first week in Russia, at Vlad's compound?

MI Sen. Majority Leader Apologizes After Video Shows Him Lying About Capitol Insurrection...

So Marsha Blackburn is the senator from my state.

Trump Lawyer Says 'We Changed What We Were Going to Do' Because House Managers' Presentation Was...

This album released on this date in 1964

Trump Ordered The Code Red

Guess what day it is!

Curt Flood's Fight Was About More Than Baseball

Rock Hall of Fame: Jay-Z, Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, Tina Turner Lead Nominees

GOP eyes working-class future

Wealthy vaccine cheats prove we were never all in this together

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Wednesday TOONs - Incitement Indictment

China's huge FAST telescope to open to international observers (

They never show the craziest part of the coup footage

Rudy Giuliani's Twitter Following Drops by Tens of Thousands After Joe Biden Inauguration

Could a wartime defense approach to vaccine production

Thanks for the hearts...

Is it defeatist to assume the party of MAGA will find its GOD EMPEROR not guilty?

Check out these new Sun Science stamps!

Impeachment trial 2, day 1: Now the Republicans are the party of terrorism

Those hearts -- warm my heart. Thanks DU Donors! n/t

NASA Awards Contract to Launch Initial Elements for Lunar Outpost

QUESTION: Could Red Don run for office after he's convicted in federal court incitement ? tia

Sen. Kevin Cramer (ND.) Never buy a used car from this weasel.

Bruce Castor, meme generator.....

A moon rock decorates Biden's Oval Office (

"Q Sent Me: Causes & Consequences of Conspiracy" - A virtual conversation via Zoom

Many thanks to all who've given me hearts.

'I bought into a lie': Infamous indicted MAGA rioter now says she regrets 'everything'

Powerful 7.7 earthquake hits north of New Zealand, triggers tsunami watch

Irish Girl - The Dirty Knobs

Lunar New Year 2021 starts February 12 in Asia, amid {superspreader} concerns (

What'd I say

Trump's lawyers make a mockery of Republican senators: Impeachment trial makes GOP complicity clear

Hey, kids! Meet the new Hot Wheels Mars rover! (

"The Democrats are scared to face Trump in 2024" is the dumbest talking point ever.

Hearts keep coming

What grade would you give Joe Biden's first few weeks in office?

Get ready for Perseverance's landing on Mars February 18 (

Republicans have become soft on crime, if it suits their political purposes

Josh Mandel is back y'all! might recall Sen Brown whipped his ass in 2012 and his fin corruption

What grade would you give the Biden administration's handling of the pandemic?

Election of new chair portends change at U.S. Postal Service

A few thoughts:

Thank you for the hearts...

Defense Dept. failing to track and prevent sexual harassment and assault of civilian workforce...

Another waste of time. I logged on to the Publix vaccine website

Alleged Capitol rioter asks judge for permission to travel to Peru to be married

Good Day DU (February 10, 2021)

Nuts, cheaters, and Ron DeSantis

A quote

Per CNN - Impeachment Managers will be showing never before seen video

Retrumplicans need to tread carefully regarding voting against impeachment

Georgia Prosecutors Open Criminal Investigation of Trump Call

House Democrats Continue Push For $15 Minimum Wage Increase

Impeachment managers to show never-before-seen footage of Capitol attack

Which Retrumplican senator is the most deplorable?

Impeachment Managers: We're Bringing "The Goods"

Poll finds Yang with big lead in NYC mayor's race

Capitol rioter asks judge for release to get married in Peru

Watch live: Day 2 of the second impeachment trial of Trump

I read on Twitter that Trump's ban from Twitter is permanent, even if he were to run again

Thank You!!!

Why you should stay away from snow covered roofs (rooves?)

Very much a must read

NYT: Georgia Prosecutors Open Criminal Investigation of Trump Call

Inspectors find exits blocked after leak at chicken processing plant.

StopTheSteal Timeline: Social Media, Extremist Activity Up To 1/6 Insurrection (Just Security)

House Impeachment Managers Have New Video

My letter to Bill Cassidy

Common asthma drug cuts COVID-19 hospitalization risk, recovery time - Oxford study

Trump's lawyer makes puzzling reference to Sen. Sasse

Dear DU friends, thank you so much for the hearts.

Trump's political operation paid more than $3.5 million to Jan. 6 organizers

LOL: Biden Approval Higher in Texas Than REPUBLICAN Governor

Trump Sends DERANGED Impeachment Letter

Annapurna Avalanche

I think the crazies, and the racists, have hit their high water mark.

Annapurna Avalanche

While visiting the famous theme park a little girl got spun around by

Tom Petty - Saving Grace SICK!

This is what we're up against:

Notorious Giuliani witness Mellissa Carone said she's running for a state house seat in Michigan

Attorney-Client privilege


One of the best things about DU

Rebekah Jones drops lawsuit against state of Florida, plans to refile

Awww - another heart! Diolch yn fawr! (Thank you very much!)

1977 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed.; 176 deaths

Now this was FUNNY:

YOU raised $50 on 2-9-21 DU for Kansas Fair Maps: Anti-Gerrymandering Fund ($5,000 match)

Tom Petty - Big Weekend

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

First big break of the cycle for @DSCC and its effort to expand the Dem majority in the US Senate!

Twitter CFO says Trump's ban is permanent, even if he runs for office again

That row of hearts below amazes me. Thank you. nt

Cats, y'all...

Hillary for the win

Tax you select for the presidential election fund on your return?

New York state will offer free diapers at food banks amid ongoing COVID-19 recession

Doug Jones on why the House managers' showing video & tweets is more powerful than calling witnesses

A scene I'd like to see

Future Breaking News

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I love New York...

My letter to Ron Johnson

Poor Kitty Seeing Her Deceased Owner On Video

Trevor Noah on Castor's presentation:

Trump's political operation paid more than $3.5 million to Jan. 6 organizers

A HUGH (!!!!!) "thank you" to all who helped.

What's the best way to heat milk for a coffee latte

Why I hate all royalty - Prince Charles vetted laws that stop his tenants buying their homes

Miami-Dade courts say jury trials will resume on March 1. No trials have been held since March 202

A map and an article about Min. wage

Tweet of the moment

Thank you so much for the heart! Thank you too :)

Just now, SML Mike Shirkey, on a hot mic on the floor of the Senate speaking to Lt. Gov. Garlin...

Fulton County prosecutors have opened up an investigation into Trump's attempt to overturn election

The very best I can say of republicans is they are a bunch of selfish pricks! n/t

Lincoln Project: Trump's legal team preparing their defense.

Iron Maiden is a nominee for the Rock Hall of Fame

On a lighter note - 111 yr. old Vermont bridge collapses from snowmobile fire

seen on fb- witches

Tianwen-1, China's mission to Mars, has entered orbit

WATCH NOW: WH covid briefing

"Rand Paul doodled."

ON CNN NOW: GA to open CRIMINAL investigation of Trump Call

On this VERY cold morning, I am toasty warm inside, thanks to the incredibly kind and generous

Breaking: GA announces criminal investigation of trump call.

Sally Field comes to mind...

I can see Trump's defense now in the Georgia case

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Rep. Jayapal


The Trumps could be like the Marcos family in the Philippines or the LePen family in France...

Trump's political operation paid more than $3.5 million to Jan. 6 organizers

I just have to say something

Biden now has access to all of the phone conversations with Putin and Trump

NYT: Prosecutors open criminal investigation of Trump phone call (CNN)

Two more hearts...I am humbled. Thank you.❤✌

This describes what's going on -

Biden DOJ to continue to seek Assange extradition

Richard Haass quits GOP after 40 years

Phrasing is everything: Trump Insurrection

How Right-Wing Radio Stoked Anger Before the Capitol Siege

I REALLY want to Watch MSNBC...but Toad.

Does Megan McCain still think she's 14 😆🙃😆

Thank you for the hearts. I may not be able to reciprocate directly

Laredo's Princess Pocahontas Pageant And Celebration Of Colonialism

Orange Acres Ep 3 - Trump & Melania forced to work in retail hell during 2nd Impeachment.

The combination of Chuck and Andrea

Stranded on deserted island, they lived on coconuts for 33 days, Coast Guard says

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Trump lawyer suggests arresting Trump instead of impeachment

Ex-Wisconsin pharmacist pleads guilty to vaccine tampering

Biden support among 18-29 year olds...

❤️******Day 2 - TRUMP INSURRECTION thread ******🇺🇸

Health care, employer groups call for broadening Affordable Care Act

My letter to Mitch McConnell

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Ethernet connection from Comcast/Xfinity; Data usage; good cable modem recs

What's the worst that could happen ...?

7QQ club today promoted the idea that Democrats are really just Communists

Incoming US Senators from the 2022 US Senate Elections.

To whoever sent me a valentine heart, thank you 😊

The C.D.C. says tight-fit masks or double masking with cloth and surgical masks increases protection

Church forced to close after three priests test positive for COVID in California


I dream/pray/hope Ernst and Grassley say enough and vote to convict at the end of this.

How Republicans plan to sink Xavier Becerra's nomination

On the blight side of history. . . . Please come CAPTION ex-PresiDented Trump!!!

Thank you

Covid greetings


Pittie Rescued From Cliff Has A Superpower

I love Jamie Raskin

Nobody really noticed bc it was blue already, but MD shifted left harder than any other Dem state

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Forensic research group confirms Capitol attack was not spontaneous

So I guess the US attorney for DC will be charging trump for sedition.

More fallout from Sen. Shirkey's 'hoax' comments

More fallout from Sen. Shirkey's 'hoax' comments

Add to the schedule for 1 PM: THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks on the administration's response to t

Cat Washing Her Face is Too Adorable

The way that Trump emphasized the word Capitol on Jan 6

Unhinged Trump Was Screaming At His TV During Impeachment Trial

Republicans are more apt to think of Democrats as enemies rather than political opponents.

Just imagine the distractions

The difference between 52 and 72.

"Dick Cage Maker Says IoT Chastity Belt Is Safe After New Penetration Test"

Rep Joe Neguse is terrific in his presentation

"Remember this day forever!"

'QAnon Shaman' Lawyer Trashes Memo Alleging His Client is a QAnon Leader: I'll 'Shove It Right Up...

My fave live tweeting of the impeachment trial

@RepRaskin quoting black officers who described being called the n-word multiple times during the at

Trump impeachment defense team scrambling to make new videos to bolster case

NEW: Proud Boy Dominic Pezzola delivered a blistering takedown of President Trump in a court filing

Trump refused to testify but his words are being used over and over again by Democrats to make their

Proud Boy charged in insurrection blasts Trump's 'deception' in new court filing

There's one part of dump's speech to the mob on 1/6

Ignoring danger, Trump didn't just tell them to fight like hell. He told them where, how and when.

Biden admin on track to meet goal of 100M coronavirus shots in first 100 days

"I'm not a cat"

Not even Drumpf's lawyers conceding the charges will change the Repukes' unscrupulous votes

Not even Drumpf's lawyers conceding the charges will change the Repukes' unscrupulous votes

Who knew there would be a coup attempt Jan 6?

WATCH: Liz Cheney, ON FOX NEWS, tells their audience that Trump was trying to steal the election.

twitter says trump ban permanant even if he runs again


Watching all this presentation and seeing the complete evidence of

Biden no longer receiving daily covid tests now that he's gotten two doses of the vaccine. She says

Saudi Arabia releases prominent women's rights activist from prison as Biden presses kingdom...

I just had a RW relative say that Florida's vaccine distribution is better than most blue states.

Never-seen-before security video of Capitol riot to open Trump impeachment trial Day 2

Raskin: "This case is much worse than someone who falsely shouts fire in a crowded theater. It's mor

Biden to get tested for coronavirus every two weeks after receiving vaccine

Over 30 percent of Americans say they won't get COVID-19 vaccine: poll


Top, pinned post on pro-Trump forum TheDonald the morning of 1/6: "TRUMP TWEET. DADDY SAYS BE IN D

Thank you so much to the endearing souls

Which 5 whiskeys, $100 or less would you choose if you couldn't have any others until next election?

Trump Supporter Who Told Cops 'We Back the Blue' at Capitol Blamed Cops for His Actions

Jeffersonian Democracy Or The Third Reich - Soon Republicans Will Get To Decide Which One

Dong Wang screwed his Zoom class.

Thoughts on the Democratic impeachment managers (both sets)

It appears that looking at Federal prison time is a good first step to se-programming these magats.

Jan. 5 top post on TheDonald forum - "Congress has a choice to make tomorrow"

Last night Lindsey Graham told Trump "the case is over" and the trial will end with his acquittal.

The Republican Leaders Who Claim the Capitol Riot Was a 'False Flag'

The House Manager's case is absolutely devastating. GQP Senators must be

Will the Prosecution bring up Trump's well-documented history of encouraging violence

Mika Brzezinski Tells Viewers, 'You're Not a Patriot' if You Don't Support Impeachment

Mighty Swalwell at the plate

Do y'all know about Radio Garden? Listen to local radio from all over the world!

Exiled Saudi Dissident Sues McKinsey in U.S. for Outing Him to MBS

Podcaster explains QAnon belief behind March 4th - CNN Video

"The only way CHUMP could lose is if he was cheated."

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Tweet of the minute

Ice storm forecast: A crippling storm will stretch 1,600 miles across the US

Don't Tell Me That Tr**p Has Dementia, Is Stupid, Doesn't Know What He Is Doing.....

Dominion says it pursued Sidney Powell "across state lines" after she "evaded" $1.3B suit for weeks


Imagine being so delusional to think a lot of people don't loathe CHUMP!

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'Trump in heels' emerges as problem for GOP in Virginia

Trump lawyer David Schoen's crazy theory on 'Hannity' unmasks the GOP's ugly core

My profound thanks to my

Republican state lawmakers want to punish schools that teach the 1619 Project

"We have the goods..." Never before seen footage

What channel has the best coverage?

Save the Date! LOL!

Biden admin to name refugee advocate director of task force to reunite separated families

Do you need a hug (heart)?

I Could Swear Representative Swalwell Almost Said "Commander In Tweet" Before Correcting Himself nt

Even right-wing pundits had no clue what Bruce Castor was doing during his impeachment trial speech

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Baghdad Bob. Flat earthers. 9/11 Truthers. Senate Republicans.

All the Coronavirus in the World could fit inside a Coke Can

Hey MAGAts and Freepers---

Castro is Fantastic !

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Why is Sen. Rand Paul tweeting during trial?

24% of Michigan adults say they don't plan to get COVID-19 vaccine, Census survey shows

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Eric Swalwell is blistering

Hillary with the tough question -

Impeachment trial:

"Bible" verses used against Rubio.

Trump's Treason Is Now Recorded History

Trump and his supporters were tweeting over and over about January 6,

MSNBC reporting Josh Hawley putting his feet up, reading unrelated material, and ignoring the case

DeSantis' angry response to questions about huge maskless celebrations in Tampa after Super Bowl

Does anybody know who Gina Carano is and what she did?

Impeachment cartoon:

Before-and-After Portraits of Kids

Biden orders sanctions against Myanmar after military coup

Embedded within a mass delusion: The challenge of reporting on QAnon - Poynter

He should have been impeached for all the lying and incitement regardless..

"There's Nothing Left"

I Hope That The House Managers Get Around To Telling The Repug Senators How....

It would be interesting to hear Mike Pence testify.

Senators still expecting/hoping that the impeachment trial could end Saturday night or Sunday.

This time *impeachers* have more & more powerful resources than ex-president:

Do not be disheartened by certain republican senators paying no attention to the house managers

Deplatforming the Far-Right Could Accelerate an Extremist Underground

Thank you for the hearts, this really means a lot to me!!!

Details on new $2 trillion aid package?

x-post from LBN: Saudi Arabia's most prominent women's rights activist released from prison, family

Sanders confronts Tanden over past 'vicious attacks'

❤️❤️** Thread#2****Day 2 - TRUMP INSURRECTION ******🇺🇸

I hope that one of the final closing arguments will be

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Thank you all for the hearts

I feel EVERY rethuglicon senator that is sitting back doing OTHER things (not listening to the trial

Senate Budget Committee considers nomination of Neera Tanden, Biden's pick to lead OMB

Another Middle Age Riot tweet:

Milley and Austin greet the first female, black VP @KamalaHarris on the steps of the Pentagon

And allthe time he was trying to overturn the election

Pupper learned WWE moves:

Twitter says Trump ban is permanent, even if he runs in 2024

Georgia Prosecutors Open Criminal Investigation of Trump Phone Call

Sen. Josh Hawley Is the Ultimate Karen

A good news tweet from the US Holocaust Museum and some follow up info

Why workers need the Protecting the Right to Organize Act

Seems Bruce Springsteen was busted for DUI last November...

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Golden retriever Mom & pups play together in the snow:

Cartoons 2/10/2021

They rioted at the Capitol for Trump. Now, many of those arrested say it's his fault.

An oldie but goodie--cracks me up every time! (2nd tweet)

I can't think of a more important case for a politician to go to prison for than the GA case

Trump fumes, GOP senators baffled by legal team's debut

Thank you so much for the hearts They are very much appreciated.

Thank you very much for the heart!

'There's Nothing Left': Why Thousands of Republicans Are Leaving the Party

My update for surgery

Someone's going get shot, someone's going to get hurt, someone's going to get killed

And We Watched All This Play Out In Real Time As It Happened And Did Nothing.....

Was the insurrection planned?

LOL! This cat!

Michigan GOP Leader Spews Conspiracies, Ponders 'Fistfight' With Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Seattle to open severe weather shelter as temperatures drop, snow possible

What's for Dinner, Wed., Feb. 10, 2021

Cute bouncy-toes colt:

Report: Ohio fracking counties saw declines in jobs, population and income

Sammamish earns top spot as safest large city in Washington: study

FOX News just cut away, the testimony was too powerful. n/t

Any Republican Senator hearing the Democrats presentation and arguments

Rand Paul passing notes to Trump's attorney

Got my first Pfizer

Democrats need to be sure Hawley gets destroyed


Ted Lieu just said the P word

Fox just interrupted Ted Lieu as he was describing republicans going against trump on his false

I gotta say, House Management Team is kinda low key crushing it.

And There It Is - The Sound-Byte For Pence's Commercial When He Runs For President In 2024....

1979 video to make you smile: Electric Light Orchestra, "Don't Bring Me Down"

Trump never needed to testify

White House is expected to select Michelle Bran of the Women's Refugee Commission

Here's a True Antifa Warrior

Thank you for the hearts. I really appreciate them

garbage truck employees spot sex offenders car with 10 year old girl, block his car

Rare earth in 'God's country': $30M contract could bring processing plant to Hondo

Let's see them defend the stand back and stand by message from trump to the proud boys?

Dick Cage Maker Says IoT Chastity Belt Is Safe After New Penetration Test

I forgot about the MAGATERRORIST bus attack!

Blood - The Lincoln Project

Hawley: "What is going on right now is people do not approve of it," he said.

The ratings for the trial must be too high for FAUX News, they cut into Ted Lieu's testimony for ...

Durbin, Duckworth to Biden: Do not fire top Chicago federal prosecutor John Lausch

*10:00 pm The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1939) 11:45 pm The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (1968)


Durbin, Duckworth to Biden: Do not fire top Chicago federal prosecutor John Lausch

Sorry for the bad quality video. I think this is a red shouldered hawk that keeps

Sitting and watching this trial, what pisses me off most...

So some Texans are mad at Mark Cuban for not playing the national anthem at Mavericks games

Thank You!!!

"Zip tie guy" Cites Impeachment Managers' Trial Memo...Trump's Lies Led to the Insurrection

Gaetz: You can't own me if I own myself first.

The best laid schemes of mice and men - Go often askew

Don't forget in the trial, Trump said he was going to go with the mob to the Capital building.

"We are in the post-legal phase of our society."

So they can stop saying AOC had no reason to worry since she was in a tunnel

Smoking Gun

Tune in as @POTUS, @VP, and @SecDef deliver remarks to Department of Defense personnel.

Sumpin for the Polack Msgt's Nova....Ozzy - Crazy Train

The House Manager from VI is quite good!

It just kind of hit me as Rep. Plaskett is laying out the shananigans...

As the evidence is so overwhelming the gop is duty bound to convict drumpf Anything else means

how this ends - insights from really, really old alligators

📣 Ady Barkan's ''Not Going Quietly'' documentary will have its world premiere at @sxsw

Thank you...

If I had sat with my feet up on the desk in front of me while ignoring the teacher ...

Coronavirus update: CDC endorses double-masking as COVID vaccine push continues

Huge Bipartisan Majority Wants Relief Package

Trump BLASTED In Explosive Video Evidence - The Damage Report

January 6, he finally told them specifically that NOW was the time to fight and he told them where t

Trump's ogres saying, "Destroy the GOP" I wonder how Mitch and Marco and

The managers are presenting such a compelling package of evidence, it could easily be used by DOJ

The Biden administration is considering whether to impose domestic travel restrictions, including on

Almost quitting time....Cmonmonmonmonmon baby, bottoms up!

A tasty arrest and some delicious indictments today:

Trump DOJ Leaders Mounted 'Resistance' to Prosecutors' Plans to Seek Search Warrants Against Rudy

Many Capitol 1-6-21 rioters were in financial trouble

A cry for help. I LOL'd 🥂

Let's face it

I'm listening to the hearings, but his nauseating whining voice, OMG it's horrible hearing that much

Hey Trumpsters- STOP THE SQUEAL

Cases in point meme.....

Let's hear it for Madeline Dean

Masterful presentation by Democrats nt

13 minutes left in the work day....Hows about some live Van Halen?

Extremists and QAnon supporters are organizing on message boards to take over the Republican Party

❤️❤️❤️**Thread#3** Day 2 TRUMP-INSURRECTION****🇺🇸

The Democratic House Managers are showing evidence

Graham assures Trump of acquittal after rocky start to trial

People DIED. And Republicans are .... bored?

NBA Pushes Back On Dallas Mavericks' Plan To Omit National Anthem At Games

Norah O'Donnell: "The weight of the evidence is suffocating."

Fellow Four-Eyes, what is your never-fail mask trick to keep your spex fog-free?

Some House manager needs to

Grassroot Dems should start a movement to motivate Republicans dismayed by the treachery to leave

Has Trump's offer to pay supporter's legal fees been brought up yet?

Trump's ONE reference to "peaceful demonstration" was to provide him with plausible deniability

Essential history

Republicans should be so angry at trump

Thank you for the new heart!

Publix expands COVID-19 vaccine appointments to all Central Florida counties

House manager claims Trump knew rioters were planning the Capitol attack online months in advance

Rembrandt, Dutch Slave Trade On 4 Continents: New Exhibit, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

can someone help me understand this...

I like this part - destroy the gop, destroy the gop - these are the voter base, huh?

Just because it had to happen.

The Future Obituary of 40+ current Republican Senators will read like this....

Rep. Swalwell Makes Point To Distinguish Between Protesters And Rioters

Jamie Raskin Just Gave Warning That Some Graphic Footage Is About To Be Shown nt

Did I miss it?

Thank you for the beautiful heart!!

A hat tip for these Floridians (Bucs celebration):

Stacey Plaskett appreciation thread

Quiz: Gas Tank or Cat?

Thank you to my heart givers.

If conviction isn't the end game, we may still have recourse to prevent it from running again.

Trump Lawyer David Schoen Shames Orthodox Jews Like Me

So, Little Marco, this is what you want us to "just move on" from?!?

I just heard a very Trumpian argument on (no surprise) Fox News.

I don't like the post-legal phase of the country idea...

The word "patriot" sure ain't what it used to be.

Deli Chicken so many ways to enjoy


Officer Goodman used himself as bait

These videos are scaring me . My nerves are on edge. This is the kind of stuff

Wow. Officer Goodman possibly saved Mitt Romney's life.

Crime Scene - Luckovich

This is really deep. and upsetting.

"Evidence" schmevidence. Then there's ABC News' Terry MORAN.

In largely virtual markup of Covid bill, Tom Emmer is asked to figure out why he is upside down.

Phantom Pain (in the ass)

I have about 10 hearts left to give to anyone who needs a bit of love.

less then 100 feet from the Vice President of the United States

Jenna Ryan, Texas realtor who flew private plane to the insurrection, is...embarrassed

Watching MSNBC: Are other people also crying?

Toes up, clipping nails in a trial. Perhaps this explains the low-rent Josh Hawley.

Has anyone yet pointed out that the "clear intent" defense shouldn't matter at all?

Jesus. This is way worse than any of us ever thought.

Aw, tanks for da harts. Ala dem!!

The House Managers are excellent.

Is anybody else getting spam email from conservative lists?

The managers are doing a great job, but

Mob came within seconds of grabbing Mitt Romney.

Any judge that releases anyone on bail in that mob who committed or threatened violence, or

'Trump's mob,' good phrase.


I hope Trump can be jailed for this.

In Chgo. trial is on all major networks in DC notsomuch.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #10-3: This One's For All The Haters In The Room Edition

Watching the trial and the red dots on the simulation of the capital remind me of the corona virus..

Florida Man, 23, Arrested Following Indecent "Civil Rights Protest".

Florida Man, 23, Arrested Following Indecent "Civil Rights Protest".

I got a bad premonition of tomorrow's line of defense...

They're going to show babbitt coming through the window

To protect the Members in the lobby, he discharged his weapon

Funny meme about Castor & Schoen:

Explosives are missing from the nation's largest Marine Corps base

Trump campaign paid at least $3.5 million to planners of the Jan. 6 rally

Jake Tapper comment:

I worry about what's going to happen when the eviction moratorium ends...

While watching Eric Swalwell's presentation about the senators escaping from the Senate Chamber,

Watching the Managers, it's a miracle more were not killed during the insurrection!

It's puzzling to me why

These insurrectionists need to be put in jail for life

I hope a few Dems just gave Cruz the stink eye

He wanted everyone exterminated...get rid of one entire wing of government...

Hero: Officer Eugene Goodman

"There's gotta be SOMETHING we can use against these f***ing scumbags!"

what would that mostly white male maga trumper crowd done to Pelosi?

Regardless of the verdict, the case has been made to the American people, and that is what is

I know it is wrong, but I would love for someone -mitt- to punch teddy right in the face on camera

Isn't it time to start drowning the thug phone lines...

Goodness me, my lovelies :)

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 11 February 2021

White Horse and Erotic City

"We love you, you're special."

Stacey Plaskett: The horror of the Capitol riot is that it was incited by our own President.

How are the insurrectionists going to get a "fair trial" after this trial?

I started bawling just now because of Claire's reacting

I appreciate the consummate professionalism of the House Managers....but

We've lost the line . . we've lost the line . . . I'm bawling now.

Devin Nunes -- So Stupid He Suspended His Own Twitter Account

Law enforcement folks: What does "DSO" stand for?

Checked Fox "news" channel - talking about the NBA

The heavy lift is done, he's out of office

Dank u wel! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

All Americans are in one of two states right now

If one of the rioters harmed Mitt you know Trump would have loved it.

'Vaccine Chasers': Hordes Overwhelming Clinics I Run, Outsmarting CA's Vaccine Appt. System

If You Pour The Gasoline ...

Garrett Haake: Romney is "shaken" because he had no idea how close he had come & that he

has Pence said a damn thing since this?

The CDC Says Tight-Fit Masks or Double Masking Increases Protection

Here's the sadist who tried to rip Daniel Hodges' gas mask off

We The Jury Find The ...

The next time Hawley is being questioned by a reporter ask if he would pose for a picture with his

Wish they would show Don Jr's video

what happened to that officer that was screaming and being smashed? Is he okay?

Rush Limbaugh takes a day off, staffers pray for him

A little recess happiness to make you smile

There is one rioter that needs to be caught. I haven't heard anything about him.

"There cannot be a principled Republican Party that continues to pledge allegiance to Donald Trump."

Golden Retriever Spent His Life In A Cage And Now He Runs On The Beach

NEW: The RNC is fundraising off of Trump's impeachment inquiry. The committee sent out a fundraising

Looking back at the exact time the Chump mob committed violence against the Capitol I was

Can I offer someone in the Lounge a heart? I have a few left

wow, so Sen. Lankford got emotional watching this?

If You Ever Feel Sad, These Sleeping Cats Will Make You Smile

I'm Starting To Think The Only Person ...

Imagine being a Capitol police officer. Imagine guarding Republican MCs

Fox conservatives are angrier at the National Anthem not being performed...

The most vulnerable Democratic held US Senate seat up for re-election in 2022 - NH-if Sununu-R runs.

A little levity is in order


Lincoln Project - you have a hell of a job to do

Wouldn't It Be Nice If Pro-Lifers ...

Just turned to Fox News

Two Real Simple Facts

Repuke senators meet behind closed doors to discuss the trial

Thank you to whoever gave me another heart! nt

A little levity is in order (REDUX)

I'm glad I'm watching this trial, but it is beyond emotionally exhausting.

If you are wondering why cameras are not showing GOPers with feet on desk......

What does it mean when somebody "gave you a heart" ?

Thank you

Thank you to the person who gave me another heart.

If not now, when?

Right-Wingers Supporting Impeaching Former Presidents Until They Didn't

Will the House Impeachment team cover the "stand down" aspect of the Pentagon's

Thanks for the ❤️ (made my day)...

Every dog has his day

The missing elephant in the room at Trump's trial: Ongoing GOP radicalization

I am still shaking from watching the trial.

Oh! 😳 (Daily Show tweet)

F*ck their denial.

Why are only 200 people arrested so far?

Most gracious thank you to those who shared their hearts with me...I'll try to be deserving...

New video shows Romney running to safety as rioters breach security

Larry Flynt dead at 78

Ok which one of you furry assholes ate cream cheese

I believe trump wanted those rioters to kill the congressional leaders, thinking he could declare

Blunt: "I don't know what the other side will show from Seattle and Portland and other places..."

So can someone give me a quick rundown of went on today?

Conspiracy to commit murder. That's a crime right? Palm Beach county prosecutor has work to do.

What did Cruz say/do?

I haven't watched all the trial maybe I missed it. I haven't heard anything about

Larry Flynt, pornographer and self-styled First Amendment champion, dies at 78

Another heart! Thank you!!! nt

metallica - enter sandman (two nights ago on stephen colbert) in case you missed it

Hey, who gave me a heart around 1:30?

Stephen Colbert Singles Out 'Coward' GOP Senators Who Did Not Watch Capitol Footage: 'See No Evil, H

I'm so glad we have hearts week THIS week. Sharing affection with y'all is such a welcome

Can someone point me to the video shown today by the Democratic managers? I had to be out all day.

One thing for sure...

Android/Win10 graphics editing app recommendations requested please.

A much-needed uplift that I didn't know I needed

Anybody catch Angus King's Interview on MSNBC?

Thank you for sharing your heart with me.

Meet the man opening doors and making history in the meteorology field

GOP Sen @lisamurkowski says after seeing the timeline leading up to the 6th laid out "I don't see ho

A very HEARTfelt Thank You for the hearts. Love DUers. ❤💕

New footage shows Officer Eugene Goodman rush Sen. Mitt Romney away from the rioters

"You Can't Yell.."Fire" in a Crowded Movie Theater...(not part of 1st Ammendment)


Manu Raju just said on CNN that trumps lawyers are going to be comparing...

Possible snow/ice for Houston On Monday

Even 'Twitter' knows the truth._

Aaron Rupar tweet:

WV: 81% of Available Vaccines Distributed, Decade of Bad Luck Helped Steel It To Fight Covid

#1Punk in the senate...

Thank you for my hearts. I appreciate your kindness and it has lifted my spirits...

Wow, didn't realize I had hearts...

Hillary Clinton for the win...

CBS NBC ABC not showing the impeachment trial now

Just called my Rep. John Moolenaar.

OH, MAN!!!

I hope the Dems bring up the fact that...

Maybe had they been chanting Oh mitche...he might be more upset. I now understand Pence's anger

If this is a prosecution vs defense, prosecution states it side, then the defense states their side

I only hope they call out that miscreant Hawley from his perch on high tomorrow.

Re: Impeachment Witnesses: They need to have them, and

Swalwell: "Uncertain what would happen next, I sent a text message to my wife. 'I love you and the

This cannot be acceptable to any true American.

WATCH: New footage shows Officer Eugene Goodman rush Sen. Mitt Romney away from the rioters

I will call and email both of my senators. One may have a conscience.


Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL): "... [but] this is a complete waste of time... it's vindictive."

Yeah I'm praying, that he never returns...

Michigan's Dr. Joneigh Khaldun gets spot on Biden's COVID-19 task force

Rep. Joe Neguse: He blew me away today.

Nicolle Wallace just asked Mark warner if McConnell should just call it off and summon his caucus

Tubberville gonna have a hard time now....hehehehe

Republicans prepare their response

Impeachment Day Two notes and links to articles

First RightWing Extremist Announces Run For Portman Seat

"Hustler" founder Larry Flynt has passed away!

What say you??

The horror show Republicans want to ignore

Somebody loves me.

Government investigating massive counterfeit N95 mask scam

Oh wow I can't believe it about that...

Nearly half the Republicans who will judge Trump bolstered the falsehood that drove the Capitol riot