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HAPPY to catch the sun, end of this grey/dreary day.

Climate change is destroying Central American coffee farms

Exit Polls CNN: Perdue dramatically increased white coĺlege educated

What If Trump's Call The Other Day Was A Distraction To...

Destroy the Republican party

BREAKING NEWS: Ossoff and Perdue tied 0:0; Warnock and Loeffler tied 0:0

These three states have the worst Covid infection rates of anywhere in the world

CNN Exit Data: Demographics: Voters of Color and White College Educated

The city of Detroit has just asked a federal judge to refer Sidney Powell, Lin Wood for disbarment

Stop the runoff now!

Ask a trivia question about a fictional person, place, thing, TV show, or movie - Part Nine

Can Alex Padilla take over as Californian senator the moment Kamala Harris resigns?

I'm calling it for Perdue and Loeffler

FBI found Ghislaine Maxwell using mobile phone data

Georgia live results - Washington Post

I am very concerned about the Proud Boys

Trump signs order banning transactions with eight Chinese apps including Alipay

Is this an early summary of the trumper beliefs:

Detroit has filed its motion seeking sanctions - & disbarment proceedings - for Powell & Lin Wood

Grammy Awards postponed until March

Music for our days

Republican objections to Biden's win are 'crossing the line,' Rep. Jim Clyburn says

Just ranting

Here's the NY Times Election Needles: Georgia Senate Runoffs

Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Efforts to Overturn Biden's Win 'Crazy and Evil'

Early Georgia Results

Washington Braces for Chaos as Trump Supporters Descend for "Final Stand"

Watch graphic showing Tesla growing to overtake the next 10 biggest car makers over a few years.

Chilean lawmakers propose making coronavirus vaccine mandatory

Ho-Ho--wait, what?

My wife says to turn over all the vaccine to Amazon drivers ...

Violent threats ripple through far-right internet forums ahead of protest

Gov. Ron DeSantis spars with CNN reporter over state's COVID-19 vaccine rollout, blames hospital

Jair Bolsonaro on Brazil Crisis: "I Can't Do Anything"

I have to say that Alex Trebek really sounds sick - hoarse even in his last week

Cuomo Confirms Who's Next to Get COVID Vaccine in New York

INBOX: Pelosi announces additional committee assignments for 117th Congress

Beaten Republicans Follow Trump In Seeking to Overturn Their Election Defeats

If Anyone Wants To Watch GA Vote Tracking Online

Crowds in Rio mourn man slain by police; his daughter calls them 'bandits'

An early snapshot 7:00 pm cst....

Arizona Supreme Court upholds election challenge dismissal

Sen. Mitt Romney Blasts Trump Administration's COVID-19 Vaccination Roll-Out

Hug a stranger at this mass spreader event

Trump supporters' last-ditch downtown DC election protests got off to a bleak start

Breach of air traffic control sends chilling threat as revenge for killing of Iranian general

Great up to the minute page

Pence Said to Have Told Trump He Lacks Power to Change Election Result

Despite pressure from Trump, Pence won't interfere in election count Wednesday: advisers

NYT: Pence Said to Have Told Trump He Lacks Power to Change Election Result

Completed Small County Turnout in Core Trump Republican Area Down 23% from 2020

Following Senate Races on WP website

NYT Live Updating: G.O.P. bars reporter from election-night headquarters

Last dawn from the 17th floor balcony.

Gov. Ducey can't get his own son to wear a mask and you wonder why COVID is kicking our butt?

Dems are doing well-- so far (Georgia) - CHECK IT OUT

US election 2020: The people who still believe Trump won

Cuomo Unveils Updated Plan to Expedite New York Vaccine Process

Oil company that hired Interior official won't seek ANWR acreage

Wave of plastic' washes up on Brazil beach

"The president has told several people privately that he would rather lose with people thinking it w

I'm calling it right now

I obviously want both Democrats to win, but

Trump administration locks down border wall contracts, complicating Biden's pledge to stop construct

Last Known Surviving Widow of a Civil War Veteran Dies at 101 in Missouri

Stephen King FTW

Thoughts so far on Senate races???

Here's where investigators are focused for December derailment of Custer oil train

And the 2020 Heisman Trophy winner is.........

Pelosi announces additional committee assignments: Oversight and Reform

My word, it's a coup d'twat

Donald Trump's election delusions are getting grander

Nightmare 2024 presidential race!

California's Prop 22 Sparks Outrage as Albertsons, Vons Lay Off Drivers

Cashier: "May I see some ID for the beer?"

If GOP lose in GA, Trump will say it's voter fraud. If they win he'll say it's evidence of GE fraud.

83% of Fulton County Vote is Already In

If you listen to Kornacki, it seems the important thing is beating Biden's numbers.

The GA results look good to me so far.

Small nugget of encouraging runoff news....

Raffensperger calls on Perdue to apologise to wife over death threats

Dr. Dre is in the ICU. he suffered a brain aneurysm.

Dave Wasserman: More Evidence of Rural County Vote Down for November 2020

Election Night Filler While We Wait: Biden's AG and the Georgia runoffs

The Exploited - Dead Cities EP (1981)

So far the numbers look good for a win in Georgia?

Breaking News!!!

Trump shared the wrong number for a Michigan lawmaker. A 28-year-old has thousands of angry calls.

Georgia Senate Runoff - Ossoff and Warnock are leading with about 54% of vote in

I think we might actually pull off the double whammy for the GOP.

Is it bye bye Moscow Mitch tonight?

Predictit betting heavily for democrats in Ga.

tennis - never work for free (studio-2014) just discovered these guys ... great stuff!

Cherokee County?

GOP underperforming in Oconee Co. (outside of Athens)

Fox News just cut away from election coverage to this urgent story

YES. It is finally here and it is looking soooo soooo goood.

The Winning Argument

Is Trump crying yet? nt

Begging the question: How long is this GA race going to be...

Wisconsin Pharmacist Who Destroyed COVID Vaccines Thought Drug Would Mutate DNA

One way to fight invasive species? Eat them.

I'm calling it

Attention DU photographers- January Contest Information!!!!!!!!!!!

It's OVER. Congrats to Ossoff and Warnock.


Uh oh, the polls closed about 2 hours ago, trump's last tweet was 3 hours ago.....

GEORGIA: 51% in:

Rural Democratic Macon County sees improvement in turnout

It is looking like my theory is holding and that is great for the Senate

Nyt needle just tightened to ossoff by less than 0.5%. Gonna be a squeaker....

Dear Speaker Pelosi I do believe that people that want to turn our republic into a side show and

Sen. Josh Hawley claimed his DC home was vandalized by 'Antifa scumbags

Most up to date tracker I can find

9/11-Style Threat to Attack DC Broadcast During U.S. Flight Ahead of Trump Rally

Forecast: San Diego home prices to rise 8.3% in '21. Most in nation

Atlanta Journal Constitution has nearly instant results

How are we feeling, everybody?

Who Is Lin Wood, The Pro-Trump Lawyer Spewing Conspiracies About Lizard Squads?

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Father Michael Pfleger asked to step aside following child sex abuse allegation

Fucking Kornacki

Kentucky GOP Set To Strip Dem Governor's Emergency Powers To Control The Pandemic

Who are these Warnock/Purdue voters

Wasserman: "This is a clear pattern now."

Damn, some of those GA counties are nothing but magats!

A judge barred Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio from DC ahead of this week's pro-Trump rally.

Perdue now in the lead

Dems overperforming, repubs underperforming.

Music playing in the background tonight.

RESISTING msnbc & others

Are Georgians each voting for both candidates?

Good news! Dems outperformed Rockdale county by 4% over November! Update-even better news!

NTY Election needles have been Very consistently blue all night

At this point, I believe that it's our duty to save the Republican Party...

SALT WARNING!! Are you secretly watching the Puke party to get recordings of magat tears tonight?

If this is very close there could be a recount, correct?

Predictit is bullish for democratic win. 85

Debbie Wasserman Schultz files censure resolution against Texas Republican

Debbie Wasserman Schultz files censure resolution against Louie Gohmert

Looking for Big Votes from DeKalb, Gwinnett and Cobb Counties (Atlanta Metro) Vote

Whatever the outcome, I want to nominate Stacey Abrams for...

Forget all of this b.s.about election fraud...

NYT 68% vote in: 71% Warnock/63%Ossof chance to win

Georgia 11/3, 9:00 PM - Trump 57, Biden 42


Lou Dobbs Wonders Why It's Been So Hard 'Finding Actual Proof' Of Election Fraud

Question...not looking at the numbers.. but has the mail in and early voting started to be counted

Showwahanz . . . . . can anyone actually follow Kornacki? I cannot.

Election needle: Dems current forecast to win by 1.6% and 0.9%. Dems 82% on predictit betting market

Per Maddow MSNBC. GA SOS press conference coming shortly

I have seen enough. I'm calling the state of Georgia for Warnock Rev. and Jon Ossoff

I Think Gwinnett County Just Came in Strong for Democrats

Both races are now 50-50 per AJC

Does the 50% rule apply for this runoff?

NYT Essentially Calling It For Dems

If it makes you feel better, our FRiends are not happy with the results to date...

"We warned you these psychotic freaks would turn on republicans once Trump lost.

NYT 10:06 - Dems close in on win UPDATE

75% of vote in for GA Special Election - too close to call per MSNBC

Steve Kornacki: 45% of remaining vote expected to come from Metro Atlanta.....

Dalai Lama's reincarnation included in Congress' $900 billion COVID relief bill

One thing I don't like about Republicans

Dave Wasserman Has Seen Enough

Dave Wasserman says Senator Warnock it is!

Cruz sounding...deeply unenthusiastic

COOK POLITICAL calls GA-SEN-S for Warnock

Wasserman: I've seen enough. Raphael Warnock (D) defeats Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R)

Looking at the AJC runoff update site - we're not going to capture both seats.

Wasserman just called it for Warnock!

and one Democratic victory won't be enough right, we NEED BOTH OF THEM TO WIN RIGHT???

I bet you that Trump is furious with the results right now and trying to call the Georgia SOS!

PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) -- The State Bar of South Dakota ethics committee says a South Dakota lawyer may

New York Times Live Forecast: Warnock +1.7%, Ossoff +1.0%

live fivethirtyeight link

why would anyone vote for warnock, and not ossoff?

Why I Voted for Trump and Believe He Will still Win (LOL)

NYT Chance to win: 83% Warnock, 70% Ossoff, 79% vote counted.

Wasserman leaning toward an Ossoff win.

Katie Porter!

Wasserman: Democrats now favored to control the Senate.

If the republicans do indeed lose the senate they will trash trump

Predictit has Ossoff 93-10

"We're going to find out Loeffler knew she would lose 3 weeks ago..."

Blame for a G.O.P. loss would 'fall squarely' on Trump, a top election official in Georgia says.

Holy shit. I think we did it.

PBS Frontline

NYT's Probability numbers for likely winners. [email protected] 95%. Ossoff @ 95% at 10:23 CT. With link

just started watching websites. If the blue counties do come in now, this will be delightfully

NBC-Alexi Laiho, former Children of Bodom singer, dies at 41

NY Times is showing Warnock with 89% probability of winning, Ossoff at 75%!!

Come on Dekalb County!

Florida man rides airboat on neighborhood streets, deputies say

This Week in Hell: Everything is Stupid and Dangerous and I Hate It (Yay Georgia Though)

My spouse goes to Raw Story all the time...

DC Dems think they've got both seats.

tomorrow is Epiphany how ironic

CNN- George W. Bush will attend Biden's inauguration; Jimmy Carter will not travel to ceremony.

Kornacki: "Significant release of votes" from DeKalb County "in the next 45 minutes or so"

Your mom is all of us

The RWNJ who couldn't do anything right.


I don't want to get ahead of myself but may I make a request?

86% of ther vote in please tell me there are democratic districts still to come in

DeKalb will be uploading 171,00 early in-person votes "any minute now"

Per NYT - Fox News expressing concern about a depressed republican voter base today

Regardless of how this race turns....

Here are the PredictIt pages to watch:

"Jon Ossoff winning a Senate seat at 33 would set an impossible standard..."

Massive ovation for Stacey Abrams.

Trump statement re: pence authority to act ... (note date on memo)

Stacey Abrams will never have to buy her own drink in this country again.

I just keep refreshing DU ... G.D. ...

How do you pronounce "DeKalb"?

Is This True??????? I hope Not

So what will we see first from Trump?

THIS is how we know the Democrats are in great shape now:

I Bid you all farewell until the next one. Keep up the good fight folks.

Dumb Donnie tweets -

C'mon DeKalb!!!!

The suspense is killing me! So I will say goodnight, DU, with a Joe Ely tune:

New: Trump supporters and police are clashing tonight in DC (video)

Are we going to see an ugly break-up tomorrow?

130,000 Votes Left in DeKalb County (CNN)

If there are indeed 130K early votes coming in from Dekalb

Nate Cohn saying estimate for Dem win has actually gone up, despite current gop lead

Donald Trump seems.....unsettled?

10:41 - about 1000 people in Dekalb have split their vote; Warnock - Perdue.

Maggie Haberman: Here's the president's denial of our reporting, which we stand by.

NYT needle just change Ossoff from "leaning" to "probably".

Trump supporters clashing with police

Because everyone is paying attention to GA, Chump has to get attention.

Trump supporters marching on Black Lives Matter Plaza clash w/ DC police (12 tweets w/video)

The NYT knows something. Warnock 95% Ossoff 83%

Why are we celebrating? Am I wrong to be worried?

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 6: Whodunit Wednesdays

This reminds me of the race for Virginia Senate years ago

Trump administration seeks to undo decades-long rules on discrimination

Either the NYT and Dave Wasserman are way off, or CNN & John King are...

CNN is sounding very negative

I absolutely LOVE these NY Times graphics:

NYT estimate of *remaining* votes

Gabriel Sterling: DeKalb has 171k+ advance votes to upload

Rachel is trying to sound so positive for the Dems.......

Anyone been following Ivermectin use against COVID?

Is Pence and 'mother' still leaving the country Thursday?

Trump claims that Pence agrees he can reject Electoral Votes. And yes, that's a date typo...

If (when) our 2 guys win, how soon are they seated with voting powers?

Do the numbers being reported now include mail-in votes or do those come later?

Chatham County election workers going home for the night.

I love seeing all this celebrating

Amazing how the feeling at the moment is so, so election night-esque.

I hate these cliff hangers!

10% of the vote is approximately 400K votes.

Back to 171,000 Left in Dekalb County (CNN)

**sweet movie The Lady In The Van

They are 171,000!!!!!!!

Stacey Abrams is a hero and is the true definition of what it means to be an American patriot

Uh oh, there's been a discrepancy!

RWers on Twitter boasting about harassing Romney, calling him traitor, on flight to DC

lovely sunset while watching GA election news. nt

This is a rare moment for DU lately....the collective DU breath holding means few new posts

Sounds like DeKalb is going to be awhile.

NYT SITE has removed both R's

So when are these Dem areas that lean 70% coming in? We are at 91% of the vote.

John Barry: Out of Africa; Flying Over Africa- 2 (Movie Soundtrack)

Joy doesn't know whether Ossoff would be the first Jewish Senator.

Tweet of the Day

Nate Cohn: Ossoff up to 92% probability

America is safe again?

Don Winslow Films: Josh Hawley is a Liar

just for interest - the stock futures numbers below - at 11 last PM, 8 this AM

Sounds like dekalb is not coming in anytime soon

"Republicans have largely exhausted their vote"

Ossoff at 94 and the Rev at 96 at the needle

New Goalposts for Trumpers: GA elections were conducted in violation of "Biblical rules"

There is the big bump - Ralph in the lead! 95% of vote in

Democratic Raphael Warnock defeats Republican Kelly Loeffler to become Georgia's first Black Senator


Thank you to all the poll workers in Georgia nt

Total cheese from Randy Vanwarmer

Final update before I go to bed (maybe) - Warnock 99% chance of winning, Ossoff 93% chance...

Ossof Gains 100,000

OMG both just took the lead as DeKalb Co reports 93%

The Republicans think they are losing

Josh Hawley just admitted on Laura Ingraham's show that Pence can't overturn the election

DeKalb dumps: Ossoff -2,140. Warnock +32,214

We won both

Warnock leads by 32,000

Warnock now leads by 32,000 and Ossoff only down by 2,000 votes!!!!

So it actually is DeKalb County, not DeKab county

Vox announces Warnock as first black senator to win the state of Georgia!

95% of the vote. This election is getting to be tight

Wrong number entered?

Yess!!! Dekalb. Warnock leads Ossoff tied

Dekalb mostly in, 83% for ossoff

Decision Desk HQ projects the special election runoff for Warnock!

Everyone online and over the air is desperately showing us each .01% twitch and repeating...

Conservatives blame DJT as early numbers look grim

"Good news is, if Loeffler loses tonight..."

Will we know tonight or not???


ABC's Jon Karl: "Donald Trump is prepared to go after his own VP and go after him hard, if..."

From NYT - optimistic news on Jon O's chances

Nate Cohn seems to think Ossoff wins.

If one Georgia Senate candidate or the other loses, and the other wins...

DrudgeReport headline.. Dems take total control!!!

Call. It.

12000 Fulton county votes added, Ossoff down 3000..............

Trump is too crazy to tell his supporters challenging DC police to go home. RW talk show host did.

Dana Perino (on Fox News): Stacey Abrams got young people TURNING 18 to register and vote...


Tarrio admits to selling gun magazines, snitches on the buyer

About that earthquake down South...

What is this? Are Trump and the Proud Boys going to incite violence tomorrow

New York time now projects "PRETTY LIKELY" win for Ossoff, "VERY LIKELY" win for Warnock

My Prediction for the Proud Boys in DC Tomorrow

In the Ossoff race

And so it begins....

Ossoff down by only 456 votes now.

Everyone together now....

My hubby switched to FoxNews just now.

Perdue's lead over Ossoff is now down to 456 votes. (eom)

Perdue margin over Ossoff now.....456 (per CNN)

If the Dems win tonight.....ya celebrating??? And how???

Any bets as to who is going to scream "voter fraud!" tomorrow?

Funny thing about the "5G Tracking Chip" design currently being circulated by anti-vaxxers...

The mid-evening GOP leads are gone; most still uncounted votes in Atlanta area

released transcripts of Pence - Trump meeting re: Congress can't reject EC votes

Regardless of the outcome tonight, President Biden should award the Medal of Freedom to Stacy

If we get both GA seats, who will be the senior and junior senator from GA?

GA SOS saying another race had quite a bit more repub votes than senate races!

You know that Purdue and Lloefler will delay

I never thought anything could ever be as nerve-racking

Trump is officially useless to the GOP. Finger pointing to ensue

Sneak preview of how Nancy Pelosi is going to handle Republicans who protest the Biden win

The turtle can now be sent back into his shell

I didn't let myself go there before but now. we might be rid of Mitch!

I'm losing track of the NYT needle descriptors.

Possibly Georgians are saying no more Trump and his cronies!

If McConnell winds up losing control of the Senate, We have

Breaking News!!! Bob Kornacki (Name Joke)

Ossoff just erased Purdue's 19K lead - it's only 456 now - woohoo! Warnock ahead by 34,692

Claire McCaskill not holding back. Saying president is LYING

Yeah, maybe. (It might be premature to post this, but...)

Wasserman: Warnock's victory clearly going to wind up outside of Georgia's 0.5% recount threshold

Newsmax calls it for Warnock!

I thought DeKalb was heavily Dem

How many more votes are left in Dekalb Co.?

Wasserman: Democrats win control of the Senate.

Wasserman has seen enough. Dems take the Senate

What a strange world we now live in -

COOK POLITICAL calls victories for both Warnock and Ossoff!

Come'on Mitt...

watching results live beats watching some crummy sitcom or crime show

That last 6% of DeKalb on their way to certification

John Lewis...

Holy cow... Threat on Capitol??

Ya know...Don't even act like it doesn't happen

Congrats from Canada!

Challenges aside...

Maybe there was a reason ot happened tonight

Marc Elias: Democrats will take control of US Senate.

Trump was correct, Stacey Abrams is laughing at them all.

I'm looking at the NYT election site...

I'm ready to donate to and volunteer for Stacey Abrams' 2022 campaign RIGHT NOW!

South Carolinians Mock Redesigned Palmetto Tree on Proposed State Flag

Lincoln Project twitter page is so much fun right now:

Wasserman: Not yet assured but likely Ossoff's victory will end up outside recount threshold

How do you know the Democrats have won both Senate races?

And we want him to run for the Senate.

I can only hope that Perdue ends up like Google translate

11:24PM EST - Stacey Abrams: With new votes joining the tally, we are on a strong path

BREAKING: Raphael Warnock to speak in 10 minutes

About the Capital threat...

The "Proud Boys" vs the police in DC tonight. Damn.

Has anyone heard rumors of people blocking and harrassing poll workers?

Scotland's leader humiliates Trump at press conference, refuses him entry to Scotland

Let's not forget.

Meanwhile on the streets of D.C.

Like Ken Nordine, I love a groove.

So how long can they tie this up in court?

NYT: The 10-year Stacey Abrams project to flip Georgia has nearly come to fruition.

If both GA Senate candidates do win. I won't reccomend they thank Donald

If these projections hold...

Seth Abramson....

Roy Buchanan - You're Not Alone

The Washington Post:Pro-Trump forums erupt with violent threats ahead of Wednesday's rally...

Heads-up... Firefox blocked a 'cryptominer' for me this evening.

Trumps boys threatening repukers...

Were geishas prostitutes? The history of "adult entertainment" & how they can "entertain" you today

John King (CNN): "Discouraging texts from Republicans"

I'm going to get these....

All I can say is Holy crap!

I really hate to say this, but...

Ursa Major - In My Darkest Hour

Senate minority leader...

Seth Meyers - Mitch McConnell's Home Vandalized - Monologue 1/4/21

Randy Rainbow: Don't cry for Kelly Loefflor...

If Dems win senate..priority for next 2 years: judges

Tomorrow will be a glorious day!

John King CNN: 50,000 votes in Atlanta still out.

dear du. tonite i am a happy man. with dr. jill biden joe biden and ms. harris

Brian Williams- Pence is a supplicant

The Daily Show: Everything You Need to Know About the Georgia Runoffs

Thank you Stacey Abrams, Raphael Warnock, and Jon Ossoff.

A Night In The Life Of A Blues Singer

Kilauea Eruption Update: Lava Lake Dome Fountain Emerges (Jan. 5, 2021)

Trump Cosplay, let's talk about it.

For those asking about seniority.

BREAKING: NEWSMAX calls GA-SEN-S for Warnock!

Trump is on the phone to Mark Meadows demanding Republicans repeal the 13th Amendment.

James Carville!

How to respond when a Proud Boy goes on a tempter tantrum

If you had known on election day 2016

Is anyone else hearing that there are 17,000 military ballots yet to come in on Friday?

What Do The Big Cats Think Of The New Year?


Trump is just retweeting McNinny and Tomi Lahren to bolster his conspiracy theories

Rep. Kevin Brady tests positive for the coronavirus

Chaotic scene in BLM Plaza as police clash with Trump supporters

Commander.......Beat me Daddy,

Warnock speaking

This live republican watch party is off the chain!!!

Seth Meyers - Trump Falsely Claims Pence Can Overturn Election Results: A Closer Look

My general impression of GOP reaction to Georgia

Trumps last song on AF1....

The Reich Wing is truly learning

Beavis rage tweets at Republicans who are disloyal to the coup attempt

Trump and the Proud Boys are a highly incompetent treason gang

Why am am most about happy tonight: health care

Otter Jumps Onto Boat Escaping Orca With Seconds To Spare

McConnell is probably kicking himself

Delicious! Eric Trump threatening Republicans who don't go along with their coup attempt

Ossoff has closed back in to under 1100 votes!

Remember now - no matter what - this is a great night for Dems

I believe that we will win!!!!

Montrose Is Dead. Long Live Montrose?

When shit really happens

I would like to shout out a heartfelt THANK YOU to the voters of Georgia

Republican Georgia election official has a message for President Trump

Where is that healthcare plan Trump promised?

The Humans are Dead!

Stacy Abrams should be the next Democratic Party Chair

11,780 VOTES - by Founders Sing with OranguTrump, Brad Raffensperger & Stacey Abrams

Our boy Steve just said tomorrow we'll find out.

We won both. It's over, relax. Here's what's left.

Since there are two Senate races at once, and Senators don't have districts...

Democrats are definitely going to regain control of the US Senate in 2022.

Iko, Iko

A silent hero

Can You See It?

Wait for it?

2016: GOP had Trump, House and Senate

Does anyone know how long a Georgia recount would take?

Celebration: Kool & the Gang, Thank You Georgia!!

No he can't

Why all Warnock voters not cast ballots for Ossoff?

Well, folks! I'm calling it for the night!

Has anyone ventured over to Parler or other conservative sites to see how they're doing?

Michael Beschloss unusually humorous and glib:

"Defund the police" did not prevent Democrats from controlling the house, senate, and presidency

"Mike can send it back!" - trump just did a total handoff to Pence

Candid photo of McConnell wondering where it all went wrong...

Loeffer goes the way of McSally.

holy shit, my MSNBC stream is artificially sped up, so Kornacki sounds like a gerbil on crack

Wow 😳 Into the Free Republic dark side

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Showdown Brewing Between Boss Baby Trump & Vice Poodle Pence

538: It seems, the more heavily a county backed Trump in the November general election, the more its

I gotta go to sleep

Top skywatching events to look forward to in 2021

The truth is Mike Pence can make HIMSELF President tomorrow. And he should.

HIM: talk dirty to me

How Long Will Mitch McConnell stay in the Senate as Minority Leader?

Micah Cohen on 538 tonight:

CNN is reporting that there is a glitch in DeKalb.

Just imagine if Fox is the 1st network to call it for Warnock just like how they did for Biden in AZ

Baking in a time of plague.

LeBron James talking about buying Loeffler's WNBA team....🤣

Legionnaires Outbreak: 1 Dead, Residents Evacuated From Oregon Apartment Complex

Georgia on My Mind

Shoot. While it is not over, I guess Perdue/Loeffler's Pledge to ...

Some good memes I've found online:

Lindsey Graham wins the Nostradamus Award

No More Mitch No More Mitch No More Mitch

St. Paul, Buffalo Restaurants Lose Food Licenses For 60 Days For Indoor Dining - first time ANY

Heads-up... check your PBS listings for Jan 12th, 2021.

First you create the tiger, then you ride the tiger, then the tiger eats you.

Warnock declares victory over Loeffler

It is always good to be a Democrat

A Sky Full of Stars

Ossoff just pulled ahead by 3560 votes!!!

Ossoff just jumped AHEAD by 4K!

The picture I want to see very soon

I don't believe Kamala will be casting any tie breaking votes in the Senate.

NBC projects Warnock the winner (finally!)

MSNBC just declared Warnock the winner!!!

NBC Calls It for Warnock

NRPS - Henry


GOP Rep. Kevin Brady tests positive for COVID-19

My artwork for tonight

Whaa? Gatsby et al. from 1925 enter Public Domain, Muppets thrilled to star in it!1

Military vote..

Tweet of the minute

Eric Trump warns of primary challenges for Republicans who don't object to election results

Stacey Abrams just made Joe Manchin the single most powerful person in the USA

My heart just sank. 19,000 votes outstanding because of a "technical glitch"???

How violent will the MAGA protests be in DC?

Osoff Ahead! Warnock Win 1st Black GA Senator


will repubs now back down some on the electoral vote challenge?

George W. Bush to Attend Biden's Inauguration in Signal of Unity

Get her on the next flight to DC.

Keep Our Lamplights Trimmed and Burning

DC Police make several arrests ahead of major pro-Trump election protest

A Warnock/Ossoff win is gonna pour high octane gas on the Repuke civil war.

Let's put Stacey Abrams in charge of GOTV-19

CNN Calls for Warnock !!!

If this holds up as a North Carolinian I'm embarrassed

NYT calls Warnock race!

If Ossoff wins, the Democrats had better not waste one day of the next two years pushing . . . .

Great to see all these MSNBC anchors

Ossoff Campaign Election Night Statement

I went over to Free Republic

It looks like a clean sweep!

I now see the genius of the Republican GA election official

Loud aka Proud Boys Being Kettled by Police

Um, Ossoff has not won (yet?) Just want to save others from being

Georgia is the new "Ohio".

On a plane - Trump supporters display pro-Trump projection & harass other passengers bound for DC

Washington Posts calls it for Warnock

Tommorow night's dinner includes a heaping plate of crow.

How many more US residents would be alive if Trump had been proactive?

I can't stop laughing...the image of Twittler shitting himself right now

Trump/Barr's quiet sneaky move..pare back civil rights projections for minorities and others

Black women in these elections

Ossoff's lead jumped to 9,500

Ossoff now 9.5k ead

Ossoff now 9500 more than votes over Purdue

Ossoff now over 9000 ahead

Ossoff Needs About 22,000 Vote Lead To Avoid Recount

Just for Sh*ts & Giggles

Warnock makes history with Senate win as Dems near majority

VIDEO: Mitt Romney called 'traitor' on flight from Salt Lake to DC

Ossoff up 10,000 at 2:30 am EST

"Thinking of John Lewis tonight. His memory, his spirit and all the change he fought for."

Knocking down that wall in more ways than Trump wanted!

Jon Ossoff is 33 years old. Joe Biden won his first Senate race when he was 30.

Decision Desk calls race for Ossoff!!!

Don't ask me to eat crow.

Only two weeks left!

The Big Con legacy...biggest political loser in American history

Man am I gonna have a shit eatin' grin on my face on my morning walk! I'll go right

Thank you, Georgia

Georgia (Probably) Just Elected A Black and A Jewish Senator- That Is Rather Significant

Leslie Jones calling it for Warnock:

Republican Shit Sandwich Pandemic Pass Off

Trump one hour ago.

Going to bed, going to sleep with a big sh/t eating grin on my face

Is it just me or is this what winning The Civil War felt like in 1865?

Jon Favreau: In just 4 years...

Warnock Wins Georgia Senate Election, NBC News Projects - MSNBC

Here's a possibility

I can't wait for the payback

FAUX News, "democrats will still need 60 votes to overcome the filibuster...." ...

"Hey Trump , John Ossoff found your 11,000 votes in Georgia."

Almost Australian: the Georgia run-off candidate with roots Down Under

WOW - NYT journalist posted this: will Dems try to recruit Republican Senators to switch sides

Ossoff's lead just jumped to 12,800!!!

While Republicans Fractured, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff Teamed Up -- And It Seems to Have Worked

NOT tired of winning!!!!

Ds have two years to show this country what they have been missing by voting for Rs

Decision Desk calls it for Ossoff

3am results. 98% in......

Stacey Abrams Describes The Voting Rights Work That Made Georgia A Swing State - MSNBC

New DEM Agenda for the next Senate session: DC & PR statehood, expand the SC, restore Voting Rights

Blue FUCKING Wave!!!

TurboTax and H&R Block customers are left waiting for $600 payments, funds are sent to middleman

Remember, the pundits told us that save for losing the presidency, the Rs did great this election

Ossoff's lead continues to grow. He's now up by 12,806 votes. That's larger than Biden's victory.

Virginia Democrats retain State House seats in both special elections


Have a couple of vibes. If MAGAts keep devolving, some GOP Senators might just retire.

Please, please, please, when the dems take over...

Well, tried to go sleep!

Video shows Romney being called "traitor" by Trump fans while on flight

The U.S. Senate....

Don't look now! Kellyanne Conway is on CNN!

Now ... about that $2,000 stimulus check

A question about the new Senate

Trump must be so pissed right now

Dear Prez Biden, please reward Georgia. Sally Yates for AG.

Two places I'd like to observe surreptitiously right now

Tuesday was my birthday and all I wanted was for Ossoff and Warnock to win ..

I betcha Lindsay is upset..He might lose his cushy seat on Judiciary..

Did I just wake up to a dream?

well i found out what happened to my stimulus money

RE: Fulton County Ballot Stuffing -- This Tweet at 12AM, followed by Trump at 12:06AM

Can we never mention it's name on DU again ✨🙏✨

I am celebrating

Let their excuses begin!

Had to share, given Stacey Abrams performance for America tonight.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Time to get to work

OK, bedtime here on the West Coast. It's 4 AM in Georgia; Jon's been steady at 12,806, I'll wake up

Beautiful graphics from NY Times!

Ossoff is in the lead now!

I wake up to this!

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Feastday of Holy Theophany, 6 January

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/5/21

"It's pretty clear where that midnight train to Georgia is going" @ForecasterEnten nt

Thinking about all those grim faced GOP senators and their objections tomorroow....

Ossoff expands lead to 16k+

Mitch McConnell for LEADER !!!

Texas governor's ban on abortions last spring led to out-of-state treks, more second-trimester

Dozens of Hong Kong pro-democracy figures arrested in sweeping crackdown

Saw this on Twitter. So Darned True

Ossoff's lead grows to 16,370 (50.2% - 49.8%)

Got my first Covid shot 10 days ago.

Stephen Colbert: Guest Dr. Sanjay Gupta Says Mask-Wearing Is Still Essential Even After Vaccination

Texas gives Medicaid recipients using Planned Parenthood until Feb. 3 to find new health care

Is it "Senator the Reverend Doctor" or "The Reverend Doctor Senator"?

Transgender Texas Politician Addison Perry-Franks Dies at 39

Ted Cruz climbed aboard the wrong wagon and now his political career is in a ditch.

We need to replace all Confederate Monuments with bronzed statues of Stacey Abrams

How does a political party split, how does it start?

So, when does the circus start tomorrow...?

Stuart Stevens: @ReverendWarnock and @ossoff just pulled off ... an 'Amazing Political Feat'

Hi there DUers!

COVID Hospitalizations Surge and Houston Area Heads For a Rollback

4:20 A.M. CST: Ossoff + 16,511 per CNN

Ya think Tя☭mp is rethinking his future right now?

Delaware health officials say COVID under control at poultry plants

Karma is a beoach,

George Will: the video of Pence copying Trump is a sufficient biography of him

NYT - Ossoff and Rev. Warnock: Mail-in & Early votes were the key to winning.

Vlad, if you're listening...

So about the Working Families Party...

Majority Leader Schumer has a very nice ring to it!

Covid-19 Was Consuming India, Until Nearly Everyone Started Wearing Masks

Tulsi Gabbard hits Fox News to bash gender neutral language less than 24 hours after exiting Congres

Trump auctions Arctic refuge to oil drillers in last strike against US wilderness

Guilty Plea In Bomb Threat Against DC Private School

🔥 Chairman Sanders - Budget, Health, Education, Labor, Pensions

Chesapeake Bay receives another D+ on health report, due largely to struggling rockfish population

If Jon Ossoff reaches .5% lead, no mandatory recount. Right now he is with .4% lead

Loeffler and Perdue yelled "socialist!" like southerners used to yell the "N" word 70 years ago

Democrats decry "farce" as Senate descends into chaos over swearing-in

We really have to undo the damage done by the Supreme Court by removing Section 4b of the

I will personally lobby to nominate Stacey Adams for DNC chair!!

If Kelly Loeffler had any pride she would sit out today's vote.

Now it is time to make Mitch sit back and watch as Biden nominates left wing judges to the federal

Mitch McConnell will have to move out of his plush Senate office now

If Wyoming can have two Senators, so should Washington D.C.

Q&A: What happens if the U.S. Senate is equally split [50-50] after Georgia's runoffs?

GA: The Black Church triumphed over the White Evangelicals.

Probably a good time to mention this

congratulations all, we won! ... now it is time to temper expectations.

WSJ: Tech-Stock Futures Fall as Democrats Lead in Georgia Elections

Has Ossoff won for sure!?

was this really the U.S. president?

Did Ossoff win or not?

I do not see Ossoff declared the winner in online news sites

Wednesday TOONs - Just Peachy

Wake up to find out...

After helping to get tRump elected Commie Comey now wants us to forgive tRump

Breakfast Wednesday 6 January 2021

And now they must rue the day they suppressed votes to stop Stacey Abrams from being the governor.

Virginia Democrats claim victory in special elections, holding two seats in House of Delegates

So I guess Trump really did buck that status quo, huh?

Stacey Abrams saved America from itself.....just thank you Stacey!

Dave Wasserman of Cook Political Report on Morning Joe now,

A sign from above...

North Carolina Republicans continue to defy governor's orders by holding large party without masks

Rep Katie Porter---SAY IT WITH ME...............

"This is a big fucking deal"

So trump is going to address his protesters today

Trumpers attack black women and then immediately regrets it afterwards.

Perdue Already Talking Courts

Earth, Wind & Fire - Sing a Song (Live)

If I were Biden, Harris, and Schumer

Trump supporters are threatening the police.

We need to thank this group of people who got the ball rolling and helped to make change happen

James Joyce "The Dead."

MeidasTouch: This is the beginning of a very bad year for Donald Trump.

I'm almost sorry I retired, because now I know what to do when interviewed but don't get a job.

Trump's Schedule for Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Chaney. Goodman. Schwerner.

If we clinch the Senate, I wonder if Justice Breyer is considering retirement?

Dear Mitch: Is It Too Soon To Say...?

Song of the day: "The Power" by Snap!

Democrat Angelia Williams Graves defeated GOP Sylvia Bryant to win former Del. Joseph Lindsey's seat

I want Sally Yates for Atty General

Bwahahaha... Seems the first 'news' outlet has called it for Ossoff...

I sure hope Chuck and Kamala are preparing a heapin' helpin'

Biden will now get the Cabinet he wants and the USA deserves

Have any pundits given any credit to Joe & Kamala for the double win in GA?

Hours long anxiety attack an NO sleep last night, but if Jon Ossoff wins, it's absolutely worth it

Warming Oceans Drive 90% Collapse Of Multiple Shellfish Species In Eastern Mediterrenean

OK here is a question, Can Trump be Impeached say next week

Australian Wildlife 20X More Likely To Be Killed By Feral Cats Than By Native Predators

A question just occurred to me on Senate Committees.

Let's sic Stacey on TX and FL next

Time to encourage moderate Rs to switch parties in Congress?

Bill McKibben: In the spirit of bipartisan camaraderie, let us reach across the aisle and extend

Good morning! Here's the news from Georgia:

The best part of waking up...

When I finally fell asleep it was almost 3 am.

Senator Raphael Warnock is coming up on Morning Joe Scum

What should Doug doug Emhoff's Full title be?

What's The Newest Bipartisan House Interest Group? The Wildfire Caucus - But Don't Say "Warming"!

After four LONG years, today I feel like I can exhale. nt

Why, at this point, should Pence fear trump*? A dossier, perhaps?

I can see clearly now.. bright sunny shiny day

Florida needs a Hispanic Stacey Abrams

Bureau of Land Mgmt Withdraws Cattle Grazing Plan at Elkhorn Mtns, Montana

Our U.S. Postal Service delivered for the country again.

We have a lot of people to thank for the Ga runoff wins,

Julian Assange in court: Masks were compulsory.

The Donald went down to Georgia he was lookin' for an election to steal

James Comey: Donald Trump should not be prosecuted after leaving office

A personal plea to the news networks: Please put an exclusive camera on Mitch McConnell.

With all of the "Stop, drop, and roll" practice I had as a kid, I'm surprised I'm not

dear duers , we have a lot to celebrate today. but we have a lot of work ahead of us .

Do turtles cry?

Yeah, I know it's early, I don't care, Aaron Rupar JUST WON TODAY'S INTERNET.

Trump's Final Insult

This was on my CNN feed this am. Cars in Norway....

This is a blue wave folks!

Finally, Republicans in Disarray

I went to bed wrong but

Interesting: Fox & Friends says Pence role is ceremonial

Is the Sedition Caucus plotting to prolong the Electoral Vote Count as long as they can,

Memorandum on Inadmissibility of Persons Affiliated with Antifa Based on Organized Criminal Activity

No one who has participated in this poisonous buffoonery should ever hold office again.

Georgia Revolution Is a 'Fuck You' Aimed Right at Trump

The Rundown: January 6, 2021

Today is National Stacy Abrams Day!

This Month in Comics: December 2020

Webcomics Weekly #118: The First Webcomics Weekly of 2021 (01/05/21)

Soliciting Multiversity: Image's Top 10 for March 2021

Thje Weekly Pull: DC's Future State, Star Wars: The High Republic, Eternals, and More

NYDN COVER: Jumping off the crazy train

What Mike woke up to

Two Questions...

"Yeah, democracy ain't so fun when it f*cks you, huh?"

State of the union address 2021

Jim Jordan is on Fox News.

Chuck Schumer tweet moments ago: "Buckle up"!

Seasons of Love Remix for Trump's request for 11,780 votes

Now it is possible to expand the Senate with Statehood for Puerto Rico, as well as Washington, D.C

What time does the Senate certification process start?? eom

"I've been to the mountaintop ... And I've seen the promised land."

MAGA is Cancelled

Tell Donald (& Mitch). I Want Him To Know It Was Me.

Lindsey Graham saw the future. He predicted imminent destruction.

After the Senate wins , we'll see many GOP members

It's done. Olympus Imaging Division is now OM Digital Solutions.

Any tweets from ReTHUGs?


Mitch is about to officially become the thing he hates most in this world. A minority.

Time to drag Leningrad Lindsay before a Senate committee

The Turtle is pissed off.

Hey Ivanka! If you want to win *anything,* you'd better get

This song goes out to Stacey Abrams, Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossoff & to all the good people of Georgia

Chris Murphy on Republicans Objecting to the Electoral Vote Counting

I want to thank Donald J. Trump for making Arizona and Georgia blue.

A few takeaways from last night:

A serious message to the outgoing White House occupant----

Pence has more power than he realizes against trump,

So non-stop 51/50 votes for the next 2 years?

Pence has more power than he realizes against trump,

When Kamala Harris is presiding in the Senate

NOW will the MSM talk about the disorganized Republican party

Prediction: Stephen Breyer retires at the end of the Court's term in June...

Greetings from Georgia's Blue Wall

I'm no fan of Sanders, but

'The Times They Are A-Changin'

Stacey Abrams!

Raphael Warnock has NOT won the GA Senate race...

Buddy Weed was born on this date.

1/5/2021 - tThe Night the lights went out in Georgia

THIS is how much the DU raised on ActBlue for the 2020 election cycle (UPDATED)

It just hit me: there might be an annual budget for FY 2022

Earl Scruggs was born on this date.

She saved our asses, the least we can do is spell her name correctly

Trump will address the Washington demonstrators at 11:00 a.m. eastern time

The DIFFERENCE between DEMs and reThugs.

A year ago, if you had told me Georgia would go blue in the presidential race AND elect 2 Dem Sens..

Oh Lindsey! You were right!

MSNBC better than CNN on election coverage

Sandy Denny was born on this date.

Crazy ass tweet from the Crazy ass 'president'

"Give us money !"

I predict Mitch's response to the GA results will be...

Mikey: Do it, you'll like it

Playful dog photoshoot results in funny epic fail

Pic Of The Moment: Making America Great Again

Since the Senate will be even

Ex-Russian Foreign Minister Sees Echoes of Putin's Rise in Donald Trump Election Demands

Republicans at a crossroads

dear du. im a happpy man!!!!

Mitch has got to be pissed this morning.

It's too early for the drinking games, but... Wah Wah Wah for Trump rally this morning

Ga. Officials: "Trump "pissed" off the voter"!

"Fort Trump": President wants to rename base honoring Confederate general for himself

Il est perdu

The media needs to ignore them

C-Spin is showing the tRump rally.....Michael Jackson's Billie Jean is blaring

I nominate Stacey Abrams for a Presidential Medal of Freedom

LeBron James wants to kick Kelly Loeffler out of the WNBA. . .

CNN Chyron: "Trump to Speak to Reporters in Desperate Coup Attempt"

Has anyone taken the shoelaces, belts, bed sheets away from the FReepers yet?

When are recounts automatic in Georgia? n/t

Trump is going there!

Cheri Jacobus - MAGA dies off

Does anybody know how many people showed up for Trump's putsch?

Jon Ossoff Declares Victory

After leading Lakers to victory, LeBron James looks for WNBA win over Kelly Loeffler

Ex-Russian Foreign Minister Sees Echoes of Putin's Rise in Donald Trump Election Demands

No logic my head hurts sarcasm


LeBron James wants to kick Kelly Loeffler out of the WNBA. . .

Wow, any updates on this

you want a constitutional loophole? hoo boy, have i got a constitutional loophole for ya!

Private-sector employment decreased by 123,000 from November to December, seasonally adjusted

Here is another good thing with the Georgia wins!

Only one Dem should talk during debate

Profiles in Perfidy XLI. . . .Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump

AND, Good Morning NRA!

Abrams' March to the Sea

"Phenomenal" Black turnout won the Senate for Democrats in Georgia

I can't post what I believe should be done in DC.

Republicans have a decision to make.

Lindsay Graham in 2016 - truer words were never spoken:

As President of the Senate with a tie-breaking vote, Harris will become incredibly powerful

When being demoted is worse than being fired

I would've been laughing my ass off at the mook!

Prepare For Republican Sabotage Of Government

Romney heckled by Trump supporters on flight to DC

Republicans in Disarray! Republicans in Disarray!

Look how happy these two guys are....

I think the election results last night

DOJ eyes undoing some protections for minorities: reports

Editorial: Ron Johnson's dangerous shilling for Donald Trump makes him unfit to represent Wisconsin

F*** You, Ted Cruz

Trump administration scales back wild bird protections

24-year-old CNY woman with Covid gives birth to healthy baby girl, but is now on life support.

Stacey FTW

Do you suppose that the "shocking thing" Pat Robertson said would happen before January 6th

Trump's Last Rally Ever Goes Horribly Wrong

Fox Host SHUTS DOWN Pro-Trump Republican

Trump era bows out with scorched-earth drama in divided GOP

This is the best I have felt in more than 4 years..

FOX surrenders

Have We REally & Truly Won?

Didn't M$Greedia say Dems had done really badly in the November elections

I wish I could hire a plane to fly a banner with GET OVER IT! over the mob in DC

My strangest dream ever....Lightning / Explosion could have sworn I was awake.

Ted Cruz is Trump's 'biggest lickspittle' -- and all his colleagues hate him: Former Sen. Al Franken

Six Arrested as Pro-Trump Demonstrators Converge in DC to Protest Election Results; Streets Closed

FOX & FRIENDS: Warnock and Perdue were "invigorating" candidates compared to Perdue and Loeffler...

Martha McSally and Kelly Loeffler

Like waking up on Christmas morning to see I finally got my pony!!!

If the distance between Jefferson memorial & the Smithsonian is too far for you to walk, maybe...

Biden to make final decision on attorney general, with new arguments for Yates and Garland

The "Rally for Trump" is playing the music from...TITANIC.

has wis done automatic expungements like us flatlanders did?

So...what does it take to make DC and Puerto Rico states?

Turn up your speakers and bask . . . . .

I didn't win the 400M Mega millions jackpot last night, but I sure feel like I won Something.

Hillary's succinct five word tweet this morning:

Don't be so complacent folks. Even if Dems have House/Senate/Presidency

Schumer declares Democratic majority in the Senate

Will the GA win change what the Repukes do today?

In stilettos no less.

It's A Rush Limbaugh miracle!

Stock market largely saying it is happy.

Liberals to Breyer: Time to retire

To All the volunteers and organizations that did this and Stacey Abrams and you the VOTERS,,,,,,,TY

Hillary Clinton Tweet - Short & Sweet

What happened in Georgia can happen in other southern states.

Republicans voting against counting electoral votes.

A message from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer

Ossoff's lead increasing again, now 17,000.

Cartoon: Coupfefe By Clay Jones -January 6, 2021 9:00 AM

Love Twitter - Nancy on her way to Capital this morning

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

Husky argues about stealing shoe, eventually brings it back

What cannot get lost in all of this joy - COVID is raging. Loads of deaths yesterday -

Today beautifully summed up in a cartoon:

They're using "Funeral for a Friend" for their intermission music!

They're playing Funeral for a Friend at the Trump rally right now

Jeff Flake to Republicans: 'There is power in standing up to the rank corruptions of a demagogue'

Small crowd

A devastating day

Kelly O'Donnell says the mood at the rally is different

Now we don't have to reach across the isle.

Black turnout drives historic Warnock victory in Georgia

I hope the media does not fall for this again.. Trump and the trumpies gather together

Eric Trump now speaking at the rally in Washington.....

This one goes out to Moscow Mitch and all his repug minion

YOU raised $455 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 1-5-21 (over $250,000 raised)

Anyone else excited to see who Joe picks for AG?

Gretchen Whitmer lit a candle last night:

Who knew

KKK, Neo-Nazis, et. al. in DC waiting for Dear Leader to speak

WikiLeaks founder Assange denied bail in UK

Rude Pundit: Trump's Madness Has Made Fools of Everyone Who Thought He'd Give Up on...

The very first thing President Biden should to is award the medal of freedom to Stacey Abrams.

Wonder how much sweat will be flopping around Pence's face today.

Some one posted a gif of GOP hitting brick wall of democracy

Just thinking..... Might be too late for Trump to return to The Apprentice.

Thanx Don. We had the people, protocols, and materials in place to stop the virus but Trump just...

Democrat Jon Ossoff Claims Victory Over David Perdue In Georgia Runoff

It's not how you win

Protests of this size would normally not be covered by media

Fantastic! Some chairman turnovers with Democrats expected to win the Senate:

The media keeps pumping this narrative of thousands of Trump supporters descending on DC.....

Yale's Sonnenfeld says CEOs may stop supporting Republicans who back Trump election challenge

If the Senate is ours, we can hold hearings against frump

Happy Days are here again!!!!!!!

The election had to have been stolen because he can't comprehend loss.

7206 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed.;127 deaths

Jason Kander FTW! 'Elections Have Consequences.'

LIVE COVERAGE: Joint session set to debate Electoral College challenges

Holy crap.....Donnie jr. sounds just like his old man.

Have either of those fucktards in Georgia conceded yet?

Watching live feeds in DC...

Here's how it looks on PredictIt

Olive and Mabel look forward to 2021 in heartwarming NYE dog video from Andrew Cotter

Just judging from the attitude and the expressed intent of this crowd of knuckledraggers in

McConnell will never be able to slam the door on deciminalizing marijuana at the federal level again

Kool & The Gang - Celebration (Official Music Video)

Stacey Abrams speech at 20 yrs old !!!

John Kasich on CNN

One of Donald Trump's final legacies in office appears to be leading the Republican Party to defeat

In the Midst of All This Good News - It Is a Sad Day for Me

Who thinks moscow mitch will retire to spend more time with family?

Can I call it, or what?

Self Flagellation From The National Review

FROM AZ to Feckless Cruz

Willie Nelson - Ray Charles - Georgia on my mind

Mitch has no clue about the ....."payback coming"....

Michael Steele: Republicans are sealing themselves inside the tomb that Trump created for them

This morning I heard Paperback Writer on the radio.

America's anti-democratic Senate, in one number

Well, it happened - Trump bankruptcy run continues

If politics follow form...

The start of a new era with a huge mess to be repaired. Dems to the rescue yet again

As native Georgians, now living in Mexico, but yes we voted

Victory Lap - checking into DU today

I just want to throw this out there...Kamala Harris is now not only VP but..

2022 - time to start working on that. Dems can not afford to lose EITHER house of congress.

anybody have a streaming link for the idiot rally?

The market is up 400+ points.

Fox News host claims Blacks were 'captured' and blames 'AA culture' after Georgia runoffs...

Mitch McConnell this morning

Reporter in DC: Trump crowd planning to try to storm the Capitol Building after Trump's speech

Jon Ossoff is only 33!

How many bills that the House passed are still valid and able to now get a vote? Can Senate

Love and Happiness

On this fine morning, we are forgetting to thank:

Oh, if this was his final flight ----

I hope Mitch's involvement in a Kentucky Aluminum plant gets scrutinuized..

I love this Dodo rerun.

Fox news reporter at magat rally "I don't work for cnn"

"If we are wrong, we will be made fools of"

Jay Seculow is not going to prison or disbarred for Killa Kon

Encore: Joe Biden Speech on Racial Justice and Voting in Warm Springs, Georgia

January 6, 2021 is the 80th anniversary of FDR's FOUR FREEDOMS Speech

Ding Dong the Mitch is Dead!

Here's how Ted Cruz inadvertently handed Kamala Harris a massive amount of power

Is trump about to incite his magats in D.C. to violence?

Rudy Giuliani: "Let's have trial by combat."


Gooliani is lying his ass off in DC, inciting violence (link)

Very simply with hope, good morning

Rudy G calls for "trial by combat"

I'm not trying to pressure anyone, but Breyer should retire this summer, right?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West......divorcing???

MAGA Fans Clash with Police on Eve Of Trump Election Protest

When did this clown become the Bible quoter for repugs ? Was he always like this? Tweet

wow - now Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

The Dream Team: Rosa Parks. Martin Luther King. John Lewis. Stacey Abrams.

How can we keep Moscow Mitch and his band of bastards from abusing the filibuster AGAIN

i told you all id be making ship horn noises , but have nothing to record on, so

The last train for Republicans to board for the preservation of our democracy left on December 14th

Blue Skies

Right-Wing Activists Ask SCOTUS to Take Up 'Shadow Banning' Case Alleging Conspiracy ...

CNN chyron: "...a desperate coup attempt."

Any reports on crowd size?

MAGA rally today playing "Funeral for a Friend" YES! WE HAVE VIDEO!

The MAGA crowd they're showing in DC is

Georgia Senate runoff

"Bout that "crowd"-someone tried to Beachball it....Major fail.

Playing Elton John (my fav) Saturday Night at DC protest

Security cam caught UPS driver's racist rant as he declined to deliver Latino man's Christmas ...

Today's disgusting show of GOP...

Hillary Clinton Trolls Republicans After Georgia Loss: 'Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell'

John Roberts fox news (here's another hail mary)

I almost agree with this

How to prosecute Trump and not look like a banana republic.

Great guy on CNN just now from NACA, "WE DID IT WE TURNED GA BLUE!"

Ossoff leads by 17,025 votes, this is not too close to call

thank your President Trump (yes really in a weird way)

Hey, Siri? How do you say "lost" in French?

Thank You to The People of Georgia for changing this show..

Tiny, Scared Puppy Falls In Love With A 120-Pound Great Dane


Proud Boys marching to the Capitol shouting "we're going to let this f*ing city know we f*ing exist"

Georgia Election Official Sterling says based on what's to come Ossoff is likely to win and

all-right! I'm stoked. when does the socialism start?

Whither Mitch?

First you create the tiger, then you ride the tiger, then the tiger eats you.

So now can we have...

CNN: Black Georgia voters' high turnout helped solidify a historic win, organizers say

Rudy calls for "trial by combat"

Does anyone have a link for DC aerial crowd size?

Sanders: We must keep faith with the working families of this country ...

It's perfect that the GOP objectors have been labeled "the Dirty Dozen." That label will be

trump loses one quisling. OK Senator Lankford will NOT object to any state's electoral votes

Add these fuckers to the no-fly list

Assange denied bail

The Georgia election official on CNN right now.

Has His Lardship claimed yet that the GA results are proof

What time do they start opening the envelopes of electors in the Senate?

The Republicans knew Donald Trump was a snake when they took him in

Ted Cruz the Craven Opportunist

What is this weird unfamiliar feeling?

Democrats will have 51 to 53 US Senate seats after 2022.

Ya know, I even hate to admit this.....BUT, am seriously loving watching faux noise now.

Hey-Lurking Republicans . Music to start your day

Any bets on whether we nuke the filibuster?

republican gabriel sterling blamed trump for the results of yesterdays runoffs, and said based on

So, Loeffler Is...

This is so me!

If race called by 1 pm and ossoff wins?

Good story on MLB player whose career was sidelined for taking a knee

Earth is whipping around quicker than it has in a half-century

Majority Leader (to be) speaking now

Decision Desk HQ projects @ossoff (D) has won the Georgia Regular Senate Runoff Election

Based on trump's latest Medals of Freedom assignments, perhaps Joe should consider

Dave Wasserman: "I've seen enough. Raphael Warnock (D) and Jon Ossoff (D) will win by ....

Biden tweets & it's pitch perfect for today

NYT: Someone finally said no to the idiot dictator-wannabe

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing!

Jeff Tiedrich FTW

BREAKING: GA Election official says Ossoff will win outside margin needed for recount.

The ONE THING I want minority leader McConnell to experience.......................

The Dow is up 487. They must like what happened in Georgia last night.

Governor Cuomo Briefing January 6 2021

But, but, but, she went to Harvard!

I've decided to be generous to Trump.

Some thoughts, one unpleasant to some.

Abrams: "Revenge can be very cathartic"

Trump jr screaming and threatening at todays rally

GOP's Protect the Vote org had plenty of signs up in Georgia.

Let's take a closer look at this corgi, shall we?

Is the idiot an hour late to his speech... The crowd size must be giving him a sad. Nt

I don't remember when the Democrats held all three

We Dems should send Trump a box of lemons with a note attached that

What kind of damage can Mitch McConnell do in his last 14 days?

Please join me in watching Trump's time left to drop to under 2 weeks @ 12 noon

Captain Fucko just came on stage! Swoooooon!

2 weeks

Republican senators are being swarmed by Trump protesters on the Hill. Here's an exasperated...

GA election officials were 'overwhelmed', so GOP's answer? ALREADY scheming to suppress the vote.

OMFG Chuck and Andrea on MSNBC. Switching to Jake on CNN

Powerless to change result, Pence braces for Trump's fury

Guys Helps Wild Bird Dig For Worms

the orange slob is lying right now inciting his sheep (link)

Oh no! Trump's mic doesn't work

Jon Ossoff will likely have a margin outside of the .5% to avoid a recount.

John Lewis must be so proud today

The Epiphany holiday, today or tomorrow, depending on the country and

The T party

Poor Meghan McCain was having some trouble functioning on 'The View', today

⚖️NEW: Rep. Louie Gohmert just filed an emergency application to SCOTUS

Cowboy poets

Potential OPEN Democratic held US Senate seats in 2022 and the likely successors.

Halle Jackson is pissing me off today. Acting snippy..Must be a Trumpie. Nt

This has got to be the biggest rally of all time

The Italians finally get their revenge for the undoing of Columbus Day in the krakenverse 🙄🙄🙄

has anyone heard a crowd size estimate

Is the person in charge of music at Trump's rally trolling the crowd?

trump just called the election they are chanting Bullshit

Breaking Politico: Joe Biden has selected Judge Merrick Garland to serve as his attorney general

Ossoff will be youngest senator since this guy...

THANK YOU to everyone who did even the

I got cspan up... smoking a nice indica and have plenty of munchies...

Looking for lunch in southern MD!

Hikers find ghostly 'hair ice' clinging to trees in an Irish forest

Wow! He's absolutely nuts.

IF he had lost gracefully

Killa Con is about to walk down to the Capitol with his goons to cheer on Mike Pence

Poor Trump jr.?

Trump announces he's going to Capitol Hill this afternoon.

Merrick Garland is Biden's choice for AG

Gabriel Sterling: "Jon Ossoff will likely have a margin outside of the .5% to avoid a recount."

Can you OD on schadenfreude? /asking for a friend

Pres Trump says he just spoke to VP Pence & told him it takes "courage" to *not disrupt* the count &

LIVE: Congress holds joint session to count Electoral College vote

BTRTN was the only site to accurately predict a Dem sweep in the Georgia Senate Runoffs

the Sedition Caucus.

Will Garland prosecute Trump?

Interesting that msnbc won't broadcast frump speeches today

BTRTN was the only site to accurately predict a Dem sweep in the Georgia Senate Runoffs

As Trump continues to set Pence up as the fall guy, he can blame it all on Pence because Pence

The View's Meghan McCain pesters Raphael Warnock until Whoopi Goldberg pulls the plug

Merrick Fucking Garland

Trump, like a good Bolshevik, is shooting his own troops in the back to urge them on. nt

The Top 10 Things Trump Supporters Have Said And Should Be Reminded Of Daily.

Neera Tanden-Thinking of John Lewis tonight. His memory, his spirit and all the change he fought for

Trump - Lied Piper taking his crowd to Capitol Hill today?

Did Biden ever make his list of potential SCOTUS nominees public?

CNN reports Garland for AG

This should be Merrick Garland's official meme

Mandatory abortions, Hands on Homosexual training, Re-education camps, Praise Allah, Outlaw guns

Donald Trump's wild rumpus is going so, so well

McCarthy to oppose certifying Biden

trump claims he has hundreds of thousands of people in d.c.

"If you're looking for real-time info about fash movements, this is a good follow"

Additional benefit of Garland as AG: vacancy on DC Circuit

How can somebody be so pathetic and desperate, and yet still very dangerous at the same time?

Karma - Republicans lose because

Well, I did it. I turned to fox and listened to Mango Mussolini's bloviating for a full 2 minutes.

I want Hillary Clinton for Attorney General

There will be an opening on the DC Court of Appeals.

Joint session of Congress is expected to last into the night as Republicans try to subvert the elec

Raphael Warnock gives first interview after projected Senate win (CNN)

Today's Last Gasp Violent State of Trumpism Outside, Now Inside

GOP officials, donors blame Trump for weak Republican showing in Georgia runoffs

Spunktorum on CNN right now still whining about "irregularities"! What a frothy bag o shit.

Anthony Fauci Says Joe Biden Will Hit Target To Vaccinate 100m People in First 100 Days

Justice was his record?? More conservative or liberal......

This day keeps getting better and better (you may need to be a parent to appreciate this).

Karma via imagery

WATCH LIVE: Congress holds joint session at 1 PM to count Electoral College vote

Biden picks his AG

Please, replace this flag at a Marietta polling location

McConnell's efforts to block $2,000 stimulus checks hurt the GOP in Georgia

so garland is ag

Reader Brad Hurley kindly sent in this AMAZING photo of his great great great grandfather ...

So, the words "Benedict Arnold" have been forever equated to "traitor", and now

#EntitledPrincessofArizona looks unhappy...did you know her father was John McCain?

So where did Pence's loyalty get him?


Do they need to recount Ossoff - Perdue because it is less than 0.5%?

Trump split the GOP and may have cost them the Senate as he pursued revenge against election

Looks like Flynn, wife swap boy and all the traitors--

Donald went down to Georgia

Will we know today or on another day if Ossoff is the winner?

Before now, only ten African Americans have ever served in U.S. Senate. One fifth of them are ...

Love love love this pic of Stacey Abrams

Is ANTIFA blasting AC/DC in DC?

George W. Bush says he will attend Biden's inauguration as Trump considers plan for a rival

Can I say the 'rally/protest is small and ineffective...somewhat pathetic-just like Trump.

Video: Republican senators are being swarmed by Trump protesters on the Hill. Here's an exasperated

The Senate Republican divide over certifying the election results, explained

Damn! Was looking forward to the next round of Beghazi hearings...

Listening to hair furor do his comedy act

Huge kudos to the Washington Post & whoever it was who leaked the audio of the phone call to them

QAnon Figures Share Parody Fake Emails on Mike Pence 'Conspiring' Against Trump

Lindsey Graham is 100% correct...

Commentator warns fellow Republicans after Warnock projection (CNN)

Trump has now publicly attacked his Supreme Court appointments

Will the Trump/Pence bromance survive the final season?

It's pretty delicious

Trump Era Ends on a Sour Note for a Wall Street Power Couple

Desperation Marathon is on Fox right now.

Louisville Police Department fires two detectives involved in Breonna Taylor raid

Chaos as Pennsylvania GOP state senators refuse to seat Democrat (CNN)

Denmark launches children's TV show about man with giant penis

LIVE VIDEO: Congress Meets To Certify Electoral Votes

BREAKING: Pence announces he will NOT interfere with the EV count (per CNN)

From what I understand there will be two hours debate for each state contested, then go back and

All You Fascists - Billy Bragg

The irony about Mike Pence.

Oh my, newsmax is showing the tRump, but faux noise is showing split screen of

Pretty shiny forehead, Mikey Pence. Is that flopsweat?

An outbreak of sanity over at the National Review

Time To Watch The Circus

Meet the New DA Who Could Prosecute Trump for the Georgia Call

Watching Pelosi and Pence just's Master and stooge

Real Gun Control must be done and done fast

I'm not buying it. I will not accept GOP trying to escape responsibility by blaming only tRump.

I think

Why Kelly Loeffler can take part in the Electoral College count and David Perdue can't

Does anyone know if someone's been dispatched to

Pence says he lacks authority to throw out Electoral College votes

Did demonstrators actually try to kick Hawley's door down?

what happened to the fly on Pence's head

Everything Trump Touches Dies - Literally And Figuratively Pence

Nancy having none of it.

A shocking diagram on how people communicate today:

****Election Certification Thread****

Here we go! They are counting the votes!

Dow and S&P 500 Set Records as Democrats Lead in Georgia Elections

Talk radio this morning (Prager)

Merrick Garland for AG!!!

Trump falsely tells thousands of supporters in D.C. that he won election

Pence just 'nicely' shut down an 'inquiry,'

"The fascists totally are going to take over DC but first they need to find parking."

There MUST BE JUSTICE! You DO NOT Get To Foment Sedition, Treason and a Coup

Debate is not permitted in a joint session of congress.

Stocks jump, Dow hits record high as bank shares rally amid Georgia runoff results

Sammamish Cancels Large Events Into The Summer

Man who threatened to blow up Democrat office faces prison

The reporter describes Trump as the failed leader of the GOP with these inconvenient truths.

Arizona up next. Here we go

There it is. Gosar (R-AZ) objects to AZ and now repukes are applauding. This will take FOR-EV-ER

Looking All Them Traitors A Clappin

Tyson Foods adds alt-meat sandwiches to Jimmy Dean line

'We will never concede': Trump urges thousands of supporters to keep fighting to overturn election

Trump calls out Mike Pence in effort to overturn the election (CNN)

Trump crowd has broken barricade and is heading for steps of Capitol--police trying to hold them

Looks like Pence may have to start attending a Trumpanon support group...

YMCA revisited.... he just went to the tune after the rally. HAH!

I thought objections had to wait until all votes were counted and certified? nt

oh boy AZ is first

Hundreds of Trump supporters have stormed the barricades at the back of the Capitol

The Republican Party Just Died

For the first time, ever probably, I just yelled "Fuck You!" at my TV.

Just saw Kelly Loeffler in the Senate

Democrats Eye Voting Rights After Georgia Win: Election Update

Favorite moment of the count so far...

US Senate seats the Democrats could win in 2022 to increase the Democratic US Senate Majority.

61 objections over Arizona - Joint Session of Congress for Counting of Electoral College Ballots

So Paul Gosar thinks that his election was fair?

Pence 'hasn't been this stressed since the time he saw a woman in short sleeves'

Here's a live stream that shows the certification of Biden/Harris:

Pence accepting a signed objection to the electoral votes of the State of Arizona, on the grounds th

Here's why Manchin, Romney and Collins are about to wield serious Senate power

61 UNPATRIOTIC and Sedition scumbags.

More Video of Trump supporters clashing with Capitol police on steps of Capitol

They're going to retire to debate after *each* objection?!1 I thought the objections would all

Hill staffers have been told to evacuate the Madison building.

Freshman Congresswoman caught on tape at a rally in the Nation's Capitol saying "Hitler was right"

Why the difference between Warnock and Ossoff?

Cannon House Office Building has been evacuated due to protesters headed toward the Capitol.

Fuck this asshole.

GOP senator confronted by Trump supporters over electoral challenge: 'The law matters'


This crazy election

Where is the tear gas and the rubber bullets?

A point that doesn't get stressed enough

Breaking: House/Capitol offices being evacuated because of possible bomb

Oh now these corrupt turds wanna talk about the Founding Fathers and the Constitution.

Now comes the bloodshed

Thunderous applause

Freshman Congresswoman caught at the rally in the Nation's Capitol saying "Hitler was right"

Congressional Gopigs waste no time wasting time.

I really hope Adam Schiff gets to address these republican assholes

Well, we knew they were going to burn the Reichstag at some point... n/t

Excellent Stuart Stevens tweet:

*McConnell speaking.

Swedish Winter Picnic tips

um, whoa? Is MoscowMitch gonna flip Twitler the bird???

Mitch McConnel is up.He looks like he was crying all night, but it looks like he might do the right

Gym Jordan

Why isn't CNN showing the violence in DC on a split screen?

The sorest losers in the history of all losers

I humbly offer an amnesty to those whom I have ignored.

With brazen assault on election, Trump prompts critics to warn of a coup

McConnell close to tears (hehehe)

Hey MSM! I've got your "shared power" Senate right here

Is Mitch going to cry?

Thank God they're airing McConnell and not vile Gym Jordan who is silently gesticulating wildly.

Passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Act should be non-negotiable. This could be how they do it.


Payback is a bitch, Mitch.

Ossoff: "I'll be a John Lewis Democrat"

Oh Great! MSNBC brought back the Electoral Scoreboard-HORSERACE

I will neither watch or listen - just check in to DU now and then knowing that

McConnell to Trump- You're no longer useful, loser!!!

Hundreds storm Capitol barricades; two nearby buildings evacuated

Give em hell Adam!

Senator Double Standard declares there should be no double standards.

Nothing clears the mind like viewing your own mortality

Adam Schiff is now speaking in the House. On C-SPAN

Where can I watch the Senate online today?

Rep. Ted Lieu tweets that he has been evacuated from one of the House buildings

I think my favorite Mike Malloy quote would be fitting here...

Garland as AG Will do What is RIGHT and PROPER, Which Means Mitch McConnel Should be VERY NERVOUS

*Schumer speaking.

Trump loyalists in USAGM (Voice of America) are rewriting contracts to keep Biden from firing them

No Mitch!

Kpete, in another thread, asked if it was possible to overdose on schadenfreude. As I listen to

Price changes over 20 years -

Sen McConnell delivering a blistering take down of Pres Trump's arguments. McConnell says if the e

I've said history will mark this day as the start of the death spiral of the Repub Party or of

Adam Schiff sounds like he is about to cry. This is bad

National Lampoon Nixon swearing out

Spot on Dan Rather

Mitch McConnell and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day...

Please for those of us that are working and can't watch. Lets have one running thread we can follow

Omg!! This is outside the Capitol!!--Trump fans are storming the

Schumer just nailed it

Schiff: This election will not be overturned, but what about the next

How come none of the House GOP objectors have a properly fitting face mask? All of the

Stock Market is booming. Anything special happen today?

So much winning

when a huge cult does not get its way and continues to be egged on by it's leader

Thank You Donald Trump

Oh Mitch, you tried to be a Statesman

Why hasn't one Democrat pointed out the obvious?

Cruz up

*Jamie Raskin speaking.

One of the grimmest messages on social media I've heard in quite a while.

Cruz starts to speak, I turn to the House where Rep Raskin, who just lost his son is speaking

Turtle says we cannot overturn an election on an 'Extraordinary thin basis'

Here's why it's a bad idea to try to force your way into the U.S. Capitol.

Ted Cruz...ugh...ugh...ugh...greasy pig speaking in fancy words that mean nothing.

Listen Ted Cruz

Live Stream. They are attacking police and destroying property

Pittie Asks Her Rescuer To Hold Her Paw On The Way To The Vet

2 Louisville police officers fired for roles in Breonna Taylor shooting

Republicans right now

Ted Cruz

What I like about the two CSPAN stations for the House and the Senate, when the republican

Cruz saying "do it for the people who believe it was stolen" (objecting)

Lauren Boebert (R) Suffers from voice modulation disorder.

Pro-Trump protesters break police barricades at Capitol

Fucking Chuck Todd ignored Amy Klobuchar's remarks and substituted his analysis of Cruze's

Somebody loud just flew over Alexandria headed east to west, and he's not showing up on ADSB.

Behold The Maskless Idiots Mourning The Loss Of The Worst President Ever

United States Capitol (Washington) Webcam live feed.

Amy Klobacher is really calling out ted cruz what a f**king hypocrite he is

Faux noise just said they received a notice that the Justice department got hacked!!!

Amy Klobuchar!

Cat love (calico- my favorite)

With the Capitol Building under attack, I don't see how the Joint Session goes to completion.

Toomey up.


And They Allegedly "Support The Police"

Members of Congress Sheltering in Place

Banish SC Confederate license tags -- and take these away with them

Where's the tear gas or boiling oil?

Jesse T. Smith was right. The GOP is worse than ISIS.

Absurd (is that the right word?)

538 is live blogging the process. I've put some good posts below as well as the link

Florida company accused of giving vaccines to rich donors as seniors struggle to get shots

WATCH: McConnell says challenging Biden's victory will 'damage republic forever'

If only

Stacey Abrams Has A Blunt Reality Check On Georgia Secretary Of State Brad Raffensperger

New: Rep. Luria tweets that she has had to evacuate House building and she hears gunshots

WATCH: McConnell says challenging Biden's victory will 'damage republic forever'

Where in the hell is the national guard?

Protestors break through police line at US Capitol

Should we just accept that the GOP is now the DOP...

Trumpsters assault Capitol Police officers

It is time to arrest Donald Trump for sedition

Tim Scott disagrees with fellow Republicans planning to object to Electoral College certification

This is going to get ugly!

Livestream outside the Capitol. Holy F*ck.

it appears that DC police are choosing to allow thugs to breach capitol

Congressional aids warned hill police are about to destroy a suspicious package


They are locking down the Capital. Via faux noise.

Why a Democratic Senate majority 'likely moots' Supreme Court ObamaCare challenge

Biden Letter

I hafta admit it---I'm sorta impressed with Cruz's wordy speech. Before deciding to ply his

Live stream (shared on 538) of up close and personal to the protests

They just ran into the Senate

Secret Service just removed VP Pence from the Senate

WATCH: Schumer says 'Congress does not determine the outcome of elections'

Al Gore sez:

Georgia results could pave way for quick additional U.S. pandemic support

You've got to like the kid gloves treatment violent Trump supporters are getting from LE in DC

UPS worker seen on racist rant video while delivering to a Latino household has been fired

WATCH: Schumer says 'Congress does not determine the outcome of elections'

United States presidential election of 1876. Don't know why this is coming to mind.

Is the assault on the capitol (EDIT: Just popped up)

So, can we add "Inciting A Riot" to Trump's list of crimes? nt

Inevitable violence.

Pence just evacuated from Capitol by the Secret Service

The jackasses are breaching the steps of the Capital. Where is the National Guard? If this was

Watching these protesters is disgusting

Jon Ossoff is the youngest Democrat elected to the Senate since Joe Biden in 1973

Double standard

Trump openly incited a riot which placed the Vice-President at risk

HuffPo is said to have pictures of protestors inside the Capitol.

Trump should be arrested right now for what he has caused.

on PBS - they say protestors are attempting to bust the doors to capitol bldg.

I take it that trump* is not leading the charge on the Capitol Bldg, ala George Armstrong Custer?

CNN LIVE: Pro- Trump Supporters Storm US Capitol To Protest Election Results; Insurrection, Riot


Library of Congress, Congressional office buildings being evacuated

Legalizing marijuana, once a pipe dream on Capitol Hill, takes an important step forward

And Amy had just called it a Coup

just saw posted a big cross was erected "they are claiming the nation for Jesus" - what the fuck?

We Now Need 49 Stacy Abrams Clones

The Senate has entered into a recess as the United States Capitol Police lock down the building

And Putin is loving all of it...

Members of Congress have reported gunshots...Protestors are steps from the Senate.

Protesters have breached second floor of Capitol Building according to live CNN. nt

Trump needs to be arrested for encouraging this bullshit

Trump is repaying Pence's 4 years of unflinching loyalty by making him a scapegoat for his election

Apparently some are inside.

Protesters in wheel chairs were arrested

Thy basket runneth over...

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee texts "they are attacking us"

Now the police have finally shown up.

Protesters are inside the Capital Building (Twitter + link)

Jake Sherman: The Capitol is literally being broken into. We're under siege.

You know...

When order is restored and congress together Impeach and Convict

Trump attacks Pence on Twitter

How the Fuck is a breach of the Capitol allowed?

The day the United States of America died: Jan.6, 2021.

In June, peaceful protesters were tear gassed so Trump...

Chuck Todd should not be leading this broadcast

Why weren't the Capitol police ready for this?

Didn't the Mayor of DC call in the National Guard for today for just this circumstanct?

Justice Department says it has been hacked by Russia

Where is this so-called "War on TERRORISM" when we need it?

White privilege on parade.

Trump turned his mob on the capital building so the Secret S evacuated Pence & that stopepd the coun

This is NOT a peaceful protest!


But Antifa and BLM are the bad ones

latest set of posts on 538 - about the violence from the live blog

I'm looking forward to the resignation of the heads of the Capital Police tomorrow after this

Well we are having a revolution, and not in a good way.

CSPAN has video of many of them in the building.

What are the Capitol Police doing?

'Let's have trial by combat' over election -Giuliani

US Capitol under lockdown as Trump supporters clash with police

"Let's talk about Comey's book and prosecuting Trump..." Please listen.

*now* can we call it a f*cking coup attempt???

Order of succession. Pompeo would be next in line

Protesters are in the Capital Building!

Trump will pardon every one of them.

Holy shit

Put down the fucking coup right fucking now

Invaders, but look clueless!

Get under your chairs???

Mike Dunford: Yes. This is sedition


And the counting of electoral votes has been stopped

CSPAN has a live shot of Statuary Hall...

Another Trump crime. Inciting a riot/insurgency

Arrest Trump--he sent these people to do violence.

C-Span Senate shows the thugs walking around unbothered.

End this shit already!

18 USC 1505

Protesters roaming inside US Capitol. Added videos 2:40pm, 2:50, 2:53

They're just letting them into the Capitol

How did these assholes breech the barriers?? Where the fk were the teargas and rubber bullets??

trumpers in front of the locked doors of the Senate

If Donald J Trump is not impeached following this debacle, in addition to all his other

BREAKING: "Mayor Bowser Orders Citywide Curfew Beginning at 6PM Today"

Why the HELL is there no tear gas dispersing this GD lawless crowd?

Where are the DC police

Trump needs to be removed from office now!!! If they won't do the 25th amendment, then do

Seeing what appears to be tear gas on Capitol steps

they could be bringing automatic weapons and bombs into our Capitol and

A perfect time for the U.S. to be attacked.

RETHUGS need to completely WITHDRAW their objections

They have breached the doors. They are now inside.

I'm glad that you won, PRESIDENT Biden and VICE-PRESIDENT Harris, but....

The INVASION of the Capitol is EXACTLY why we cannot allow for people "to move on"!

Where are the helicopters, gas and N.G. they used on

Senate being evacuated now

It's not too late to invoke the 25th Amendment and make Pence president.

Al Jazeera English live

Jake Tapper calling it sedition on-air

We are now officially a banana republic

This Is Trump's Fantasy Come True...

Senate evacuated on MSNBC now

Whoever thought we would ever reach a point like this?

PBS says Mayor Bowser has declared a 6PM EST Curfew

MSNBC said they (lawmakers) were told to "get under their desks".

Tear gas is being used in THE CAPITAL members are being told to wear gas masks.

Anyone else reading that Russia has hacked

Drump must be having a mushroomgasm over this coup his crazies are attempting...nt

This is what Putin wanted

Gee, it's almost like Trump coordinated the police response.

This is a terrorist attack.

Welcome to the Third World courtesy of the GOP and tRump

Capitol Police asking for assistance

The US Capital has been breached and invaded to stop its legal proceedings by a bunch of people who

That strange shift in the earth's vibration you may have felt was me SCREAMING at trump*

So what do these brainless dumbfucks hope to do here? Start kidnapping congress members?

OMG! The chaplain is praying in the chamber as protestors have reached the doors.

Banana Republic Law & Order

Water cannons, rubber bullets, tear gas anybody.

Where are the demands that Trump get on tv and stop this madness

When a reckless moron realizes things may be getting out of control

Fuckin CNN !!! These are ... NOT ... protesters !!! This is rioting and some other shit

CNN Live showed snipers on roof of Capitol Building.

I hope every last one of these yahoos gets severe cases of Covid

Where is VP-Elect Kamala Harris? On Edit: She is in an undisclosed location (per MSNBC)

Were the Capitol Police told to stand down

This may seem trivial, but on top of all this we're also witnessing an extreme superspreader event.

Statutory definition of sedition.

So much for "it'll only be a handful of diehard Trumpers"...

Republican congressman tweets: "This is a coup attempt"

Bunkerboi tweets:

The Confederate Flag never made it into the Capitol between 1861 and 1865

Well, the Revolution IS being televised...

I don't remember any President siccing thugs on the Congress

The world is watching the US Capitol under attack by a mob

Reports of shots fired - CQ reporting on CSPAN Live

The entire right wing media should be arrested for sedition

Jim Acosta on air just called it "Trump's Rebellion"

Look at this BULLSHIT

Lock Him Up! n/t

CNN reports guns drawn at the House doors

CNN: House being evacuated

Right wingers like to say

They need to impeach trump's mushroom by morning

Hey, Susan Collins! What exactly was that "big lesson" that Trump learned...

Bet Putin is really enjoying the show

This is the fucking Capitol building

UPDATES Huffpost Senate chamber entered

Shots fired. Armed stand off at House side.

Every enabler should be arrested with Trump

Besides the obvious, this is the mother of all super spreader events. nt

there MUST be hell to pay by the Capitol Police and others

This was the security at the Capitol when protestors were black...

Woke up in New Zealand to read Capitol building in lockdown

The only time I've ever seen this, I was in a Shithole Country! n/t

Where are the Votes from the Electoral College?

Would use of deadly force be justified?

they KNEW there were going to be problems today...

Shots have been fired in the House chamber

CH Police now arming with long rifles and armor.

GUNSHOTS in House Chamber

Frank Zappa: Apostrophe(') and Over-Nite Sensation (Documentary)

I'm watching the events unfold on channel 26, WETA.

What should we call this attempt to overthrow the election results?

National Guard called in by the Speaker and Mayor

National Guard has been requested by D.C. Mayor and Speaker's office

Is this Capitol Building siege being carried live on EVERY F'n network???

Reports of Pipe Bombs in DC CNN nt

Why is PBS filming where the Senators are evacuating? Why did PBS report no police in building

This is happening on Federal land. DC police have no jurisdiction.

In short, WTF is going on at the capitol is incredible. And where is any strong police presence.

C-SPAN 2 is reporting capital police attacked by demonstrators

well now we know - peaceful protests, minorities, women - teargas, helicopters, disperse.

How FUCKING STUPID is Eric Trump???

So, he isn't going quietly.

Deplorables was too nice for them.

Tweet with video from Claire McCaskill. Added video 3:04

Per PBS Newshour/Twitch Feed, Officers are trying to clear the Capitol

This outrage should

Like to thank our side for not being in the fray.

Is now the time to invoke the 25th Amendment?

Madison said impeachment would shut down pardons

Fucking Fox news is calling the current situation "a victory for these protesters"

Maybe Senator Cruz should go outside and talk to the mob

Gun play inside the House

"What are they doing? Why didn't they stop this? Etcetera." It's the EVIDENCE, friends.

So Nazis are storming the capitol. Reichstag fire anyone?

So MoscowMitch and Mike Pence - how did all that enabling work out for you?

Trump's nazi defense department deny national guard request

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. God I love the sound of that!

Trump will pardon anyone of these idiots if charged!

I'm having that eerie, shocked feeling again.

Anyone in the Capitol NOW who is NOT Authorized, Is Committing a Felony

Fascists Reported in the Senate Chamber. -NT-

Be sure to flood your congress critters' voicemails with congratulations for fomenting a coup!

They just carried someone out on a stretcher!

You know Trump is dancing a little jig over this

Idiots nibbling at the toes of a giant.

JFC LOOK @these people tweet

They just brought out a woman covered in blood

UNREAL! TERRORISTS all over our congress buildings, AND

There are certain words I do not use lightly


Defense Department has just denied a request by DC officials to deploy the National Guard

The TV anhors need to stop calling them Trump "supporters." They are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS, period.

They just wheeled a woman out on a stretcher covered in blood on msnbc.

Former DC police chief says Trump is responsible for lawless breach of the US Capitol: CNN

Congress needs to come back in session and immediately vote to impeach Trump

This has to be illegal

Cuccinelli playing CYA now

The Whole World is Watching. Putin and Xi are laughing

ATTN VP Pence:

So What Do You Think Trump Is Thinking Now...

I hope the congressional members remember this day and their fellow

Ted Cruz brags about "leading the fight": HuffPost

trump activated his "army" & had US law enforcement stand down. Where is National Guard?

Where the fuck were the barricades?

I wish I could reclaim the joy i was feeling this am.

C-SPAN 2 just showed a photo of a demonstrator sitting in the chair of a speaker of the House

Gil Scott Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

assuming the House does NOT get back to counting today, D.C. MUST go on FULL lockdown

Let's Get #RESIGN NOW trending

How far away are we from martial law? n/t

Several Live Feeds in One Place.

Andrea Mitchell: There are protestors on the Senate floor

CNN armed standoff on the House Floor

If the protestors were black

VP Pence has refused the use of national guard to the capital

Not a fan of facial recognition

Any bets on when Dipshit invokes the Insurrection Act?

DoD denies request by DC for National Guard

Pentagon Denies Request for National Guard

Trump needed an excuse for martial law

There was more police presence for a photo-op

The mayor of DC does not control the National Guard. Guess

DU experts - The Legislative branch has just been attacked by the Executive

Wow! Just when we feel good about the outcome......

Video of assholes on the floor of the US Senate

Inside the senate chamber

Will the republicans continue this bullshit farce when the counting resumes?

Romney tells NYTs reporter that Trump is to blame .. calls it insurrection.

Hey, News Guys and Gals

Former Drumpf press secretary begs him to stop the siege: HuffPost

Can there be any doubt that Twitler will now invoke the Insurrection Act...


these are indelible images that will be a part of American history FOREVER

Is President Voldemort going to declare martial law now?

When all is said and done, I wonder how many of these protesters will be found to be Blackwater

House floor...guns drawn. (Picture)

I wish the talking heads would stop saying

MAGAT clown inside the Senate

Why I vote Democratic.

This is the craziest thing I have ever seen in my life.

Someone has been shot inside the Capital

Just in case you're not getting enough of this ...

A protester is sitting in the chair's seat in the Senate Chamber

THIS TERRORIST ON THE SENATE FLOOR is the face of the Republican Party.

tRump must be removed TODAY! Period!

Rep. Karen Bass just called for Trump's arrest on ABC.

The True Power is with the People

This is bloody insurrection incited by the POTUS.

How long before Law Enforcement regains control from Maga Terrorists?

this should end the republican party....

If this was a BLM protest, rather than a bunch of pissed-off ...

This is a perfect example of why DC needs statehood.

Anyone else reminded of the 1973 rightwing coup in Chile by Pinochet,

Protesters are on the Senate floor now:

Injuries reported and one person shot reportedly...

25th Amendment. NOW!!!!

Washington DC City District of Columbia Live Audio Feeds


How does Trump really think this is going to end? Seriously?

Does anyone know if our members are safe?

Hey trump supporters


Looks like Clockwork Orange x1000 inside the Capitol.

Arrest trump excuse now

Were some law enforcement in on this?

Is Speaker Pelosi safe?

Hey trump supporters

Don't just blame this on Trump... Hawley, Cruz, all of the Sedition Caucus in both houses

Where the hell is Homeland Security? Why wasn't there any preparation?

new trump tweet:

Rioters are on the Senate floor now (video)

Still no attempt to drive the terrorists out of the building


Trump caused this. Trump did this. This is what Trump has done to America.

This will be Putin's Whore excuse to declare martial law, I'm disgusted at the level of enabling the

will this give them an excuse to call a new election?

What the Capitol steps look like for a BLM protest

Rick Wilson: If this was BLM there would already be a drone strike.

When this is over, I hope the new AG

All repukes own this and ALL should be arrested

As posted by another DUer earlier, this will give you a better look than the TV.

More police force was used in Breonna Taylor's apartment than is being used right now

Will Fox, OAN and Newsmax Call These Rioters Patriots?

🎶 Give me something to sing about!🎶

The National guard should encircle a 1 square mile

There is NO way the Anus is tweeting "calm"

These domestic terrorists are stealing papers from desks in House/Senate offices

these fuckers are dumb enough to put their own faces on social media while committing treason

Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney reportedly excoriated his colleagues in the Senate as chaos erupted

And they have been characterizing BLM protesters as "antifa thugs".

Time for Trump

every fucking republican needs to be on record responding to this.

Insurrectionist terrorists egged on by Trump have taken over both chambers...PICS....

If these fuckers think they are so tough

**Hearing sirens, so maybe FORCEs arriving.

Trump tweet just now: WE are the Party of Law & Order

Lock up every one that breached the barriers - ALL OF THEM, NOW!

Blaming Antifa


Heard the C word on TV.

post your pix:

WaPo reporting that DOD has denied request to deploy NG to Capitol

This was intentionally enabled

echoes of Matt Gaetz storming the SCIF

Well. here we are. The POTUS is an enemy of the State.

MAGA thugs breaking the Capitol building windows to get inside. Annnnd still no National guard!

Next time anyone asks what "White Privilege" is point to this

The day the repute party died. Not a moment too soon.nt

"That's the confederate flag flying outside the Senate chamber"

Treasonous twitler calls for calm. "WE are the Party of Law & Order - "

Is Trump blocking the DoD from deploying the National Guard?

Live: protesters breaking glass windows and entering Capitol builings CNN

Goopers chime in on "protestors"

Pipe Bomb Threat in DC

They broke the glass and are climbing through the windows.


Trump supporters riot outside U.S. Capitol as Congress debates certified Electoral College

Some idiot just broke the window of the building without a mask.

Another thought...

MSNBC - Please Take Chuck Todd Off O This Broadcast....

And again on PBS

Republican politicians will all lie and continue business as usual

I just started to cry.

The DoD has hesitated to call the National Guard for a good reason

This is what the Capitol steps looked like during BLM protests, for the record.


PBS interviewee saying entire Capitol bldg will have to be sweeped

Woman in critical condition shot in chest Capitol Grounds CNN nt

NPR: Shots fired in the Capitol Building: 'People are hurt'

We've seen something like this before.

Remember this? President Trump: White supremacist group Proud Boys should 'stand back and stand by'

This shit is breaking me down

God bless Joe Biden.

This just showed everyone around the world

I don't EVER want to hear;

Impeach the mutha RIGHT FUCKING NOW! nt

one time sarah sanders was asked to leave a restaurant

The Fox News coup.

We told you last week

The POTUS should be arrested now.

CNN reporting Senate side has been emptied, protesters still in rotunda.

Are they arresting any of these traitors or are they just forcing them to leave?

If Capitol Police don't move vigorously to clean up this mess...

Wheres the pepper spray and tear gas

"How come...?"


One person shot inside the capital by capital police

Trump supporters just ripped down the American flag on the Capitol and raised a Trump flag.

That photo of the guns drawn and pointed toward the door

Fox news is actually showing more than msnbc

Lester Holt on NBC said we are in the midst of a coup

The great MOCO police have arrived!

Montgomery County police MD have arrived: CNN

GOP - the party of betrayal

Ted Cruz sent a fundraising email while the Capitol was being stormed

LOOK at this picture.

where is Franklin Graham and all the preachers ?

"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."


Hopefully facial recognition of every terrorist is possible and they all lose their jobs!

Seal The Capitol Bldg Off And Arrest Everyone....

CNN: Trump admin decided earlier this week civilian law enforcement would protect federal facilities

This is what happens when you allow "Alternate Facts" to take hold in a country.

"Sen. Josh Hawley greeting protesters in the east side of the Capitol before riots began."

protesters looking at staffers emails on their computers which were not locked:

NOW the media are decrying this...

Now Pence and McConnell should 25th

Herd Mentality. Nt

HuffPost: DC Mayor has no authority over DC National Guard

Ok now your in so what next ?

a repub has a moment of sanity "call it off"

I'm sure he is

I live just outside the Beltway, about 400 yards south of I-66.

The Virginia National Guard and 200 state troopers are being sent to DC, per a top Va official.

For those who said "this and that" can't happen.

So, will all of the "protesters" ie domestic terrorists, receive pardons?

Virginian Gov Northam is calling the Guard

I feel worse than I did on the morning of 9/11. If these terrorists get shot by defenders . . . .

declare the Republican party as a terrorist party

CNN: Republican lawmaker says "despicable" Capitol riots were started by not telling people the trut

White Privilege On Display N/T

Watch this Capital cop run away from these assholes...

Virginia National Guard and state troopers to the rescue

Trump encouraged these terrorists to march on the building and some of them actually thought

Bret Baier: "It's not like it's a siege ... it seems like they are protesting."

PBS: VA Gov Northam to send VA National Guard!

Why Are The Pro-Trump Folks Not Being Called Rioters?

Fuckers now replacing American flag with Trump flag. nt

No one has mentioned on MSM that Giuliani called for

I don't see this as a "coup"

The damage inside the Capitol....How about the White House????

TRUMP needs to come to the podium and demand his fans to stop and GO HOME NOW. ONE SHOT ALREADY!

VA Gov Northam sending 200 VA State Troopers and the VA National Guard to DC at request of DC mayor

Mike Gallagher just told Chuck Todd that he "doesn't want to politicize this."

"What if they had been black"? Here's the answer.

McNinny just tweeted that "at Trump's direction" the National Guard is on the way

Shitbag mccarthy interview on cbs now

Well the NAACP is right

Why aren't the cops arresting these thugs?

This is just sad. It took 231 years to build this. It took MAGA four years to ruin it.

Trump being urged to do more on chaos unfolding on Capitol Hill, but so far has refused CNN

DC National Guard is under Trump's control as commander in chief. We want DC mayor in charge.

FUCK NO! If these people were 95% black they wouldn't need "enough forces" they would start shooting

Ooo Ivanka just tweeted the violence has to stop

Somewhere Putin is laughing.

My God. My God. Guns drawn inside the House chamber

NAACP: And you thought "Taking A Knee" was too much!?!

If any GOP senators are truely outraged, they should either join the Democrats or become Independent

All the surrounding states should send in national guard

So there's your coup.

Kevin McCarthy on CBS now is saying don't blame anyone, let's all look at what we've all done wrong

USA: Usurp by Seditious Anarchy! Pathetic!

Hey Missouri...your Senator did this today.5pm est, he has a statement

PBS NewsHour at the Capitol

We're watching "The Trump Show" and he's getting off on it. eom

Anybody have relatives who refuse to see the reality of the situation?

if they would have found Dem Members they would have killed them

Hey Media, DO YOU HEAR HER NOW? Go f yourselves.

Chuck Schumer: It's a little late for that. Don't you think?

HOW DO WE CONTACT OUR CONGRESSPERSONS? Trump must be impeached tonight and dragged from office!!

President-elect Biden to address the situation 'very soon'

broke into Nancy Pelosi's office - looking at her open emails.....

Anyone else hoping Prez Joe cuss these losers out when he speaks in a bit?

are the Capitol Police waiting from them to kill Members before they start shooting people?

Garrett Haake- MSNBC just says Trump is sending in the National Guard.....

Virginia Governor Sending in VA National Guard and State Troopers

Delay in deploying Nat. Guard apparently due to fears they'd be reporting to TRUMP

First time Capitol has been invaded since War of 1812?

So trump started this shit and now he is calling national guard on these

Remember guiliani this morning: lets have trial by combat

So, a request for the NG is under review?

Democratic held US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win in 2022.

Protestors: "Hang Mike Pence" WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!


NPR reporting 3:33pm, local time

The Big Con should be arrested...

All of this was predictable

Every time somebody calls these thugs "protesters" ...

Biden expected to address Washington riots and crisis in afternoon remarks

Someone needs to call for Trump's arrest.

Remember THIS show of force for BLM

Van Jones telling it like it is! eom

Lockhart: What needs to happen. Jail domestic terrorists, expel Cruz & Hawley, impeach & try Trump,

I don't see how this gets better by night fall, is Trump keeping NG from being involved?

So many pictures, so much evidence

The Speaker's podium has left the building.

Trump is not just leaving a scar on our nation

picture of trump supporters in Capitol building

Vice President Pence calls for rioters to leave the Capitol building: CNN

Banana Republicans really want to turn US into a banana republic

What a farce: FOX News banner says,"TRUMP ENCOURAGES SUPPORTERS TO

On the bright side, Trump's 2024 presidential ambitions...

This is Another Reason Why DC Should Be Given Statehood

Feeling just numb today

Ivanka Trump calls rioters "patriots," then deletes tweet

Yet another reason why DC should be a state.

Look at their gasmasks.

Trump is a stochastic terrorist. from Wikipedia...

Imagine if you will if 30,000 "protestors" stormed the White House

I think we can all spell the word: T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-T

As far as I am concerned trump incited this to stop the certification, and why he needs to be

Governor Ralph Northam is sending VA National Guard to aid against the seditionists. nt

One last use for Gitmo

Rep. Will Hurd: This is "a coup led by a president that will not be peacefully removed from power"

Trump is now trying to cover his ass by sending in NG

trump had one more rape to commit - the RAPE OF THE US CAPITOL

I never thought I'd see anything real that so closely resembles a zombie apocalypse movie.

more pics from capitol

Hey Senators, House members?

Is this happening elsewhere in the nation?

It is time to invoke the 25th Amendment RIGHT NOW n/t

Igor Bobic was just crying during an interview on ABC.

Fuck you Maggie Haberman

For Every Shocked Talking Head

The entire Republican party leadership needs to demand Trump's resignation today.


per PBS, 6 people taken to hospital,

The newest nut job congresswoman from Colorado:

Multiple police injured, at least one to hospital CNN

When new Senate formally sits

woman shot capitol building, in critical condition

National Guard from MD and VA on their way per Wolf Blitzer at CNN

This will be trump's legacy...PERIOD.

I predict after normal order restored, all GOP elector objections go away

A frightening image for me was the protestors on the Senate floor taking pictures of . . . .

18 U.S. Code 2383 - Rebellion or insurrection

Scotland and South Africa on what they are seeing happening in the U.S.A.

Trump supporters have stormed and trashed Nancy Pelosi's office

UPDATE: Entire DC Natl Guard activated, moving in CNN under US Justice Department

I guess we no longer see planes flying into buildings for shock effects.

Watch these coward rats scatter when ng starts arriving

Vanity Fair headline "Trump Unleashes Fascist Mob on Capitol Hill to Overthrow Democracy"

Trump and the entire Republican Party must be held accountable for this outrage

These next 14 days will be the longest days of our lives...

Someone I know from social media is down there and probably participating.

Calls to deactivate Trump's Twitter acct CNN

Pelosi and Schumer call on Killa Kon to order the protesters to leave the US Capitol immediately

MSNBC (Pete Williams) reporting at least one IED found on Capitol grounds.

Hey, remember this morning?

Explosive device found -

So what do I do?

New report breaking: Improvised Explosive Device (IED) found on Capitol grounds

"Be there, will be wild!"

Hogan's called up Nat'l Guard.

John Podhoretz: "Donald Trump Should Be Impeached and Removed from Office Tomorrow"

Dear, Susan Collins

Where's the tear gas? Where are the troops? Oh, they're white folk, I see.

"message" left for Spkr. Pelosi

Get ready to see the pathetic cowards start running away when the reinforcements finally arrive.

MD Governor sending MD state troopers to assist

Why the hell were the Capitol Police not preparex for this??

Arrest trump!

Pelosi calls on Trump to demand that protesters leave Capitol: HuffPost

Hey police and National Guard! Don't be too nice! Maybe let them hit their heads

You can see the thugs brginning to sneek away. they have heard ng on the way

Trump terrorist sitting at Pelosi's desk--pic.....

Jail to the Thief! n/t

Sundown at 5:02 in DC

Evidence of gas being disbursed,

we are watching in fear, horror, and anger. trump must be beaming with pride.

I'm so upset right now. My country is under attack!

See if it were me that treasonous scumbag putting up the Trump flag after taking down the US flag

BREAKING: Explosive device found at RNC -- DNC has been evacuated.

And I thought trump was going to invade Iran, Instead it's Washington D.C.

Every one of these criminals must be arrested. Let none leave except in police custody.

State capitols are being "breached"

Uber driver from Cameroon listening to @CNN says to me:

How could we be caught so flat footed. Those in charge of security need to account.

Cops taking selfies with terrorists

We are only a conflagration away

All this because an insecure moron does what to face his legal problem?

In the Speakers Office

Protesters breach Kansas state capitol, but then leave HuffPost

Cops taking

Trump can't put this genie back into the bottle.

Let's be grateful that the Rightwingers don't have the numbers that BLM protestors had

DC Nat'l Guard activated.

Fox coverage was actually decent but I'm switching back to MSNBC now that Todd's done.

ABC saying Trump will not take phone calls from Christie and other advisors who want him

The best thing about this is there are surveillance cameras ALL OVER the building....

Everything Trump orders is now an illegal order.

CNN's Abby Phillip contrasts Trump response to Capitol mob versus BLM protesters, calls it "shameful

White supremacists Tim Gionet (aka Baked Alaska) & (edit) in Pelosi's office and others

An explosive device is found at the R.N.C., and the D.N.C. is evacuated.

What happened to "when the looting starts, the shooting starts?"

Ossoff now at a 0.6% lead. We got this.

I look forward to

Anyone remember this Executive Order?

Police use tear gas, push back peaceful protesters for Trump church visit l ABC News

President Elect Biden coming up NOW

What's with all the 'Jesus' signage?

Biden speaking now

man , i go shopping 4 hours and my world falls apart.

BIDEN speaking now on tv (cnn)

Joe Biden on msnbc

What else do we need to see for the 25th Amendment?


So who failed in providing security? This all looked like a setup.

*Pres-Elect Biden up now.

Planning for what's coming

As they were being rushed off by security, Senate Parliamentarian staff broke off

Terrorists now outside the Florida capitol, says my son in Tampa

Per NBC News, Ossoff wins the Senate seat.

$20 says Roger Stone organized this

Utah Capital under attack, also next might be Kansas, Pennsylvania

If these RADICAL REPUBLICAN TERRORISTS were African Americans.......

Biden speaking on National TV right now

Joe is skewering Trump, calls for him to go on national TV....

The FBI has been deployed to the U.S. Capitol

Video of Trump's rioters breaking into the Capitol:

I went to protests in downtown L A

I wonder what they're stealing from people's offices

List of local DC TV stations, with websites

Biden: "This borders on sedition/insurrection..."

'Arrest the President': Accountability Demanded After Fascist Mob Incited by Trump Storms Capitol

There went any scenario where Pence would pardon Trump.

Work on the evidence, but do not file charges until January 21

How long until the GOP uses this to argue that they should be allowed to carry loaded guns?

An explosive device is found at the R.N.C., and the D.N.C. is evacuated.

It's insurrection. He said it.

This is ANTIFA's doing!!! This was the plan all along!!!!!

Smile for the camera, traitor.

President Biden will be

Asking Trump to intervene in this is like asking a producer to cancel a program he's been working on

NBCNews has called it for Ossoff

There's always a tweet (2nd tweet):

White House adviser: Trump doesn't want to do more to calm riots CNN

Cops are taking selfies with the terrorists.

Why weren't there armed police on the steps of the Capital from the jump???

The last time this happened

I know why Bumble Fuck is being quiet

Tantrump Flag

from Norway:

Dreading the Trump low point was draining. We're there.

Not now, Gohmert ...

Cori Bush: Republicans must face consequences

It's Our First-Ever Coup Attempt--and There's No Doubt Who's Behind It

Say what you want but the media is as much responsible for today as Trump is.

Boris Johnson..... "disgraceful scenes.... "


Where is the Goddamn Cabinet? Invoke the 25th!

Dear Moscow Mitch:

Law enforcement has been turned and compromised by trump

Who has the authority to charge Cruz and Hawley for sedition?

I hope all these faces showing up on social meda are at least put on the no fly list...nt

After inciting mob violence for weeks, sore loserman denounces violence:

Biden: "Our democracy is under unprecedented assault"

So, what kind of charge does one of these rioters have to get, before he loses his right

Rudi calls for "Trial by combat", just before the terrorists rioted

Nancy Pelosi is 77 YEARS OLD. How much is she going to be forced to endure

Trump says he will 'never concede,' pressures Pence to send election 'back to the states'

'Unprecedented' How Many Times Have We Heard That Term In The Last 4 or 5 Years?

The coward rats are sneeking away

I am waiting for the media

Canada, Germany, Scotland, views from overseas:


DC police officer taken to the hospital after being pepper sprayed

I wrote this back on december 16th...

Trump just tweeted out a video message:

Coord attacks in DC and state capitals. Terrorists not shy about showing faces. Silent Trump. a COUP

president Preparing Video Speech

BLM protest downtown D.C.

Trumpers are beginning to gather in other cities--Denver Capital is closing down due to crowd

they are giving us full permission for a massive RECKONING against them

Pence Missed His Chance....

Merrick Garland Is Going To Have His Hands Full Now! Lot's of evidence and photographs of terrorists

We see sedition, treason, violence.

Jon Ossoff officially declared winner

Rachel wants them all in jail

Jake Tapper says we must not allow this incident to be whitewashed

CNN: Rioters want to "occupy the Capitol through the night," source says

Every computer in every office in the Capital will need to be "cleaned"...

asshole making a speech now

Covid risk

A bit of good this afternoon!

Why aren't these deadbeats working?

Newsweek: Trump Encourages 'Wild' Protests in D.C. on Date of Electoral College Vote Count

OMG he tweets a video - sickening!

Trump video message begins: I know your pain. I know you're hurt. We had an election that was stolen

drumpf is doubling down on fraudulent election

Hear about it later - VH live

AP calls it for Ossoff!

Why is the police officer running away from the Protester in the Capitol???

Gee Kevin McCarthy seems yo think their are bad people on both sides.

Trump has finally made America a shithole country.

So how long does it take for the additional resources to arrive?

OMFG he just made a speech telling them they're special.

Every Fox News commentator who pushed the election fraud BS

Trump invited these people to Washington saying it will be wild

Twitter and Facebook need to pull Trump's accounts now

trump just destroyed any political career for his children, especially Ivanka

Joe Biden Speaks As Protesters Force U.S. Capitol Into Lockdown

Where the hell is the police???

Jon Ossoff has been declared the winner by AP, NBC, ABC

CNN commentator, TAPPER: "Trump pours more fuel on the fire" in video message

The GOP was already furious at him for losing the Senate, and now he does this.

As Far As I Know, The Last Time A Hostile Force Busted Into The U.S. Capitol, And Flew A Flag OTHER

President-elect Joe Biden speaks after mob storm Capitol, delaying election certification

I'm watching Shep on CNBC.......and gotta say, am liking him....

Bravo Shepard Smith, what you said on CNBC you would never have on Fox

Trump's video message ends with telling the rioters "We love you, you're very special."

The whole Capitol building needs to be sanitized

What a piece of shit Trump is

Northam sending Va. National Guard members and 200 state troopers to respond to unrest at US Capitol

"we love you, you're very special" - trump


they crossed that fucking Rubicon alright

Portrait of a traitor:

Is anyone surprised? Anyone?

What Did We Hear From Adam Schiff In His Closing Comments Of The Impeachment Proceedings?....

Did Twitter cut off all comments to Dump's video? A lot of people were posting

Let's wait 2 weeks...

Congratulations to Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

Am I the only one that shed tears in the last 24 hrs

Last post from me - red hot outrage has burned my heart to ash

At least two real explosive devices in DC rendered safe by law enforcement

Kevin McCarthy says MF45 is going to speak soon. He called him. Kevin says "we are all

Trump's "go home" speech has been locked down by Twitter.

Will Biden's AG prosecute Trump?

the most disgusting coverage Faux News has done

Thought you'd like to know, this is being live streamed over most of the planet.

CNN finally projects Ossoff wins over Perdue!

Twitter restricts engagement with Trump's labeled tweets amid Capitol riots

WHo is in charge? DoD? Mayor of DC? Is Pence invoking 35th the only one who can stop Trump?

Twitter immediately locked down Trump's video (no replies/likes/RTs) because of "risk of violence"

Trump MUST be removed immediately

45 should be arrested!

trump is insane. and he is a terrorist.

UK prime minister describes scene on Capitol Hill as "disgraceful"

making off with Pelosi's podium

Jack Dorsey: Ban the Asshole!

any protestor arrested at teh capitol should be charged with sedition

And how many of these terroists

Rep Cori Bush introducing a resolution calling for their expulsion of Republican members...

police detain some protestors

Anderson Cooper "they're going to go back to the Olive Garden.....

National Association of Manufacturers: "The outgoing president incited violence in an attempt to

Monday morning QB thought

Pic of Senator Josh Hawley greeting the protestors.

These are not "rioters"

The Senate building is trashed

Ted Cruz: Stop using malicious rhetoric (such as false & reckless charges of "sedition").

Where are the arrests?!?!?

That Sick Feeling--Like 9/11

Impeach him now to prevent any pardons

FBI SWAT team in our Capitol

1947 Bing Crosby's "Man Without a Country" - Perfect Punishment for The Thugs Threatening Congress

On camera stealing a lectern from the Capitol as a souvenir:

New - an explosive device was found at the RNC and detonated safely.

Overheard: A metro DC police officer standing behind the Capitol telling Trump supporters that "anti

But her emails.

Next item on Trump's list-

the orange assholes speech will do less than zero...

MSM: remind Americans what capital protection looked

Mitch McConnell REBUKES Trump's Attempt to Overturn the Election - Meidas Touch

You know, I took part in the 1971 May Day protest agaist the Vietnam war

They need to end this before it gets dark, in a few minutes!

Now is the time for Pence to rehabilitate his image

fuck you Santorum

Serious question. Has anyone been arrested? Please post pics of anyone

Mary Trump tried her very best to warn everyone how bad it was going to get

White House is in touch with some of the rioters at the Capitol

Now Trump is trying to weasel out of any responsibility for this lawlessness.


Rep. Bill Pascrell: This attempted coup is treasonous & directly incited by Trump, GOP lawmakers

Fox anchor: Breaching the Capitol building was "a huge victory" for Trump rioters

Tonight is going to be crazy.

Kevin McCARTHY doing the "we're ALL responsible" - Uh, no, what's this "we" stuff!

Articles of impeachment being drawn up

During all this shitshow Moscow Mitch lost his job as Majority Leader...

Congress NEEDS to reassemble at their undisclosed alternate location NOW...

Yes, it looks bad..very bad, but it is a one day deal.

Trump tweeted out a government-produced video instead of appearing in front of the White House press

Cops are taking selfies with the terrorists. Its like a guard taking selfies with a bank robber

I have to get off twitter

from Michael Beschloss, presidential historian

Congress will continue the certification of the Electoral College Vote tonight

BREAKING! Susan Collins...

"When fascism comes to America."

CNN: Get Rid Of Rick Fucking Santorum

UPDATE: CNN Multiple officers injured at Capitol: More law enforcement coming

Looking at all this I remember the government response to

Do you know who knew this was going to unfold exactly as planned?

These are the Freikorps. These are the Brownshirts.

Ilhan Omar: I am drawing up Articles of Impeachment.


Remember Chicago 68?

I wanted throw a brick thru my tv when Trump spoke....

CNN is NOW CALLING IT A COUP ATTEMPT !!! Good for them !!!


Rep. Ayanna Pressley calls for 2nd impeachment and removal of Donald Trump

How do you know that wasn't Antifa? Seeing it already on Facebook

Someplace there are Republican spinmeisters working hard to claim Trump

the national association of manufacturers has called for trump to be removed

from Jamie Raskin:

Lindsey Graham: "stop the madness"

I tried to contact one of my senators John N. Kennedy

Where the fu#k is the National Guard to get those traitors off the Capitol steps

Trump won't address Magyars..

25th amendment time yet?

Vice President Pence, you're already on Trump's shit list. Amendment 25 him NOW!

BREAKING: Mayor Muriel Bowser holding a press conference w Police Chief.

Ossoff wins Georgia Senate seat!

comments from Ireland, Latvia

CNN: Police far outnumbered

Man Who Breached Security Sitting At A Desk in Nancy Pelosi's Office

Programming Note

Damn dumb speech Trump gave, as usual, telling them to calm down, but they were right, the election

Per Muriel Bowser, mayor of DC, Baltimore police and NJ State Police are also assisting.

Trump kids raise a fist against democracy

Swedish PM - putting the blame on the Trump and members of Congress.....


Has anyone been arrested?

Tweet: Ilhan Omar "I am drawing up Articles of Impeachment."

Where is the GD National Guard?

Hey righteously angry/in feelings as we are today. Don't use

Why is there music playing?!?!

Well, confirmation that the cops literally just let them through

is this what Trump plans after leaving office too?

Hawley statement to rioters to leave

Impeach him. Get everybody in the House and Senate on record.

Oh look, a noose

Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) on MSNBC just now: "Trump is a violent man, he is not a well man"

Just think

Here we go: Sarah Palin weighs in .... false flag

"I am making my kids watch this so they can know that this idea that they are guaranteed freedom ...

I wonder how many of those 74 million Americans ...

The republicans

None of the invaders were masked

Ilhan Omar just tweeted: "I am drawing up Articles of Impeachment."

There is a lot of video of faces. I want every single one of these terrorists

House going back into session now in the Ways & Means Committee room

TERRORISTS just sitting there (almost dark)

Former PA state lawmaker (whom Trump held rallies for) among those storming Capitol

I Have A Friend Living In France Watching This Catastrophe

Judy Woodruff on PBS reporting that National Association of Manufacturers is calling

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 6, 2021

They need to restart the confirmation immediately!

Dutch PM

I can't find a video of the traitor's speech this morning.

Former DC police chief Ramsey says Capitol Police "need to gain control"

Del. Derrick Evans participated in the mob that forcefully made their way into the U.S. Capitol.

Newly elected Republican Del. Derrick Evans participated in the mob that forcefully made their way..

October 16 - 28, 1962 - 13 days Cuban Missile Crisis - closest to extinction ever...

Top CEOs consider pulling GOP support

I know the media often drives us all crazy

Smaller protests are happening at Capitol buildings across the US

If this is how long it takes for our military to barely respond to a national crisis

If this isn't an argument for MASSIVE police reform, I don't know what is.

For those GOPers who call civil restore?

Walking them politely off the Capitol steps ... isn't that nice?

Local reporter needs public domain photos of today's storming of capitol

One Saving Grace For Today....

Finally dispursing w teargas flash grenades.

The patriots should tell him to resign(fixed it)

DC Metro police chief declares this a "riot" HuffPost

Why is it that other developed nations never had their parliaments breached?

Round of applause my lovelies


Trump has posted a tweet that can't be shared!

I haven't seen one POC rioter at the Capitol.

Ultimate Irony: MAGAts attacking Capitol Police while waving "Blue Lives Matter" flags...

Trump threw Pence to the MAGA wolves.

The crowning moment of the Trump administration

Capitol Historical Society: "The U.S. Capitol was breached today for the first time since 1814"

They're tear gassing them!


Tear Gas and flash grenades deployed on west side of Capitol (MSNBC)

White House staffers asked Trump to take action on riots CNN

Haven't seen one single terrorist arrested and why are they still on the grounds?

ByeBye y'all

Protests Disperse After Clashes Outside California State Capitol

A source close to the White House who is in touch with some of the rioters at the Capitol...

This right here is why I've always said that white supremacy is the biggest threat to America

"Quick-thinking" Senate aide seized copies of the Electoral College certificates before evacuating

the National Guard never showed up

Flag of Losers

Electoral College ballots rescued from Senate floor by staff: HuffPost

Wtf??? Even my

Cops literally letting protesters in. They're in on it. Identify and fire them.

Anyone think this would have happened four years ago...


Once a seditionist, always a seditionist

Is it a coincidence that the trumpturds have a median IQ of 45!

WATCH: Protesters Reach The Floor Of The House And Senate Chambers MTP Daily MSNBC

Every single one of those domestic terrorists...

First Kansas State Capital and now California's, this is Trumps excuse for declaring martial law !!

Will they scour the building for explosives before

Judy Woodruff is getting played by 2 Rs

They're not leaving

Steve Schmidt on twitter

Every time the Big Con speaks from now on...

Trump tells rioters to 'go home' while repeating election lies

"We've just got to let them do their thing now."

Pentagon Denied the Request for National Guard

I am in tears

Say, the reason we're NOT seeing any arrests........oh, that's right, THEY ARE WHITE.

Capitol police caught taking selfies with rioters

Trump's former homeland security adviser says the President is "culpable for this siege"


Dear Speaker Pelosi

Rioters attacking press: HuffPost

I pray that Biden's inauguration is indoors under tight security!

Rioters just mobbed camera crews and destroyed their equipment.

And.... all for what...?

So, how many documents and how many computer files have been stolen this afternoon?

There has been bombs found at the DNC headquarters

History buff at the Capitol today

I hope those that are on Twitter here and posting

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will win.

Where is the tear gas? Where are the water cannons? How could these criminals

Trump auctions drilling rights to Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on Wednesday

Are Capitol Hill Police Cowards or Complicit with the Maga Terrorists?

But The Dow Was Up 437.80 Points Today.....

In case you want to help archive today's Capitol Hill riot videos:

Malcolm Nance warning

If this keeps up, Susan Collins might be forced into being ... concerned.

You know, I was just telling my wife yesterday...

I'm a black gay guy, and I don't see the problem here

Editorial: Don't mess with elections; honor will of voters

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 7 January 2021

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris calls for "assault" on Capitol to end

Sent this to the local radio talk show wingnut hosts

O Say Can You See ?

Buzzfeed pics: They made a noose from the camera cord and hung it from a tree

MSNBC Has Been Making the Comparison Between Now and BLM, To Their Credit

Will names of those arrested be published?

Capitol police officer: "We've just got to let them do their thing now."

It would never occur to me to betray my country

Tear gas was being use inside the Capital Building.

Trump said 'go home.' Crowds say no way.

Russia hack DOJ today?

This aged well.


Glenn Beck Employee Boasts of Breaching Nancy Pelosi's Office Alongside 'Revolutionaries'

What I saw all day was a planned and executed attempt of sedition.

This ICONIC IMAGE Should Be The Historical Symbol Of The Trump Presidency!

A Senate aide removed the ballots before the criminals moved in

Former DC police chief: Anyone inside the Capitol should be "face down and in handcuffs"

Q-anon viking guy:

From "a shining city on the hill" to "banana republic". Thank you GOP. In just 40 years.

Has the FBI designated the Proud Boys as a domestic terror organization yet?

Trump supporters harassing a reporter for ABC 7 (WJLA) outside the Capitol

fucking pig ass cops always side with fascists

Thanks to WaPo for their streaming live coverage of DC

"We have had something close to the de facto invoking of the 25th amendment."

I wonder if the Collins Asshole still thinks Pussy-Grabber "learned his lesson"?

MSNBC Reporting this Security Breakdown IS NOT NORMAL and NEEDS to be INVESTIGATED!

No link but just saw police moving CNN back

A lot of questions about how this could've happened

Crowd outside the Capitol dissipates as officers use flash bangs, canisters that release irritants

At the very least

Facebook calls Capitol rioting a "disgrace," but won't block Trump's account

Reminder fo what capitol "security" in full military-grade riot gear looked like for Black Lives Mat

HRC: Today, domestic terrorists attacked a foundation of our democracy

Elizabeth of Knoxville Tennessee earned her macing

BREAKING: Arlington County Board Discussing 'Potential Terrorist Activity' in Closed Session

Hopefully, the Capital and all affected areas are swept for bombs, anthrax (etc) & bugs.

Markey: Trump is responsible for today's coup at the Capitol, needs to be impeached and removed

DC police chief says 13 people have been arrested From CNN's Rashard Rose and Katelyn Pol

Everyone of you are responsible for the assault on our Democracy.

Repuke reps not wearing masks in secure locations

"This photo breaks my heart."

Is there a conspiracy of Capitol Police who allowed this to happen?

13 arrests. That's all.

What Can We Do?

The redemption of Leo Frank, the only Jew who was lynched, in GA, in 1915

I just got back from a visit to my Moms all hell has broke loose

OMG - "C'mon guys, go home"...


Rick Hasen statement: Trump Needs to Be Immediately Removed from Office

NYT: Republican Senator Ben Sasse unloads on Trump.

Linda Sanchez

BREAKING: Convoy of Emergency Vehicles Seen Heading Towards D.C.

The difference between a protestor and a domestic terrorist

Has Chump decided to go down in a kamikaze event?

Wherever drump goes, these hoodlums will surround him

Mittens gets verbally attacked by a Trumper idiot.

Does anyone else feel like this afternoon has lasted for days?

If you saw the Brooks Brothers Riot

Did Loeffler actually concede yet?

Tweet from Congresswoman Cori Bush....

well, I'm kind of amazed I didn't get banned from twitter today

They just realized on CBS that they hadn't yet called the race for Ossoff, though they knew he won.

One thing: Notice how many terrorists are NOT WEARING MASKS!

11 months ago during impeachment, Democrats couldn't peel off any Republicon ...

There are so many things wrong with today's events. It stinks to high

CNN's Acosta reported that the WH was in touch with some of the rioters.

Remove Trump Now.

Time for a purge

McConnell wants Senate to return tonight to finish certification, adviser says

Imagine if she was a BLM protester

Trump Terrorists Replace the U.S. Flag with a Trump Flag in Capitol

Business Leaders Suggest Removing Trump From Office To Preserve Democracy

The end of Donald Trump

Could these TERRORISTS be RUMPS excuse to use Martial law?

Capitol Building is secure, according to Sergeant-at-Arms

Did anyone think to cut off the internet at the Capitol during this assault?

Trump Uber Alles

Nighttime: time for Tiki torches to be lit

15 min from now.

Dipshit told his supporters to walk down to the Capitol...

Northam declares curfew in Arlington and Alexandria and State of Emergency in Virginia

Not one arrest. Not one.

ALERT: Person shot at US Capitol today has died, per law enforcement source


Hey we now have the senate

I don't even know. Honestly. I don't know what this is. w t f ??

Cartoons 1/6/2021

Every member of Congress

breaking woman shot has died

Capitol Police Complicity?

Does Pence even need the cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment?

The woman who was shot in the Capital has died

Capitol Police detain about 20 people

I never thought security could possibly be this bad.

MAGAs chanting "Hang Mike Pence"

Looks like the cops let the Radical Right in the gate

At State Capitol, 500 Trump supporters decry certification, move toward governor's mansion

Today reminded me how gently capitol police

First wave of National Guard arriving at US Capitol will be unarmed

Trump unleashed the mobs that attacked the U.S. Capitol. Remove him from office today.

Frank Figliuzzi burn...... re Lindsay Graham's tweet

Per NBC, the woman shot earlier at the Capitol has died.

Virginia governor announces state of emergency in response to rioting at US Capitol

One person who was shot has died, tRump has more blood on his hands.

BULL FUCKIN SHIT !!! The cops were not "outnumbered" they let the terrorist in and took pictures

Every magat has their guns with them

Here Are All The Republicans Who Voted To Object To The Election Results

Pence not Trump activated the National Guard

Republican Governor Phil Scott of Vermont calls for Trump's resignation or removal

Follow the money: Nick Fuentes, vandalizer of Capitol, received $200k at end of December

Justice Department also hacked by Russians in the ongoing cyberespionage campaign, officials said

Tweet of the Day

Senate Aide Rescued Electoral College Certificates

Effort underway to persuade Cruz, Hawley and the objectors to stand down from objections

Remove the MF'er before he pardons anyone else

It Can Happen Here. It Just Happened Here.

Facebook has now completely removed Trump's video telling his "very special" supporters to go home,

Track every ping/shared pic/text from every phone & arrest every owner

To quote a great American President

This was allowed to happen. It stinks like a skunk's ass.

Liberal protest always look worse

Merrick Garland is the man for the moment, with his previous experience of prosecuting Domestic

Whoever is in charge of the Capitol Police needs to be removed.

Malheur Wildlife Refuge, Jan 2016 - Capitol Building, Jan 2021

Man in critical condition after climbing and falling from scaffolding at US Capitol


Warnock, Ossoff win in Georgia, handing Dems Senate control (5:07 ET)

Felony murder.

Will this get worse on the 20th?

Hey US Media...the proper and true term...White Domestic Terrorists

This was decades in the making

I think there is video of the woman being shot in the Capitol.

The anti-democracy rioters are playing the Beatles'

Peacekeeping forces deployed ...

Sec. of Defense confirms that Pence activated National Guard. Trump wouldn't authorize it.

Twitter folks is it true that Pence has unfollowed Killa Kon

White People Protesting For the SAKE of Black People Would Have been Shot for doing ANYTHING similar

Side by side headlines from The Daily Mail. Wow.

Ossoff's lead hits 30,000 and seven-tenths of a percent

After this disgusting fiasco of rioters

Don't any of these people work?

Most of them weren't wearing masks.

Statement from former President George W. Bush on the "Insurrection at the Capitol.."

Here's Trump saying he'll walk with them to the Capitol

Capitol is secure

Woman dies after shooting in U.S. Capitol; D.C. National Guard activated after mob breaches building

Trump has officially shot someone on 5th avenue

CNN Former President George W. Bush: "sickening and heartbreaking"


Trump just tweeted again to JUSTIFY the protesters who stormed the Capitol

From BuzzFeed about the stunning Democratic WIN!

I heard the Capitol is now clear

Protesters? Demonstrators? Activists? Thugs? Domestic Terrorists? TERRORISTS?

George Carlin

found some info on state houses


What the hell is going on?


Daily Mail: Blood on Trump's Hands

Capital police let them in

Nicholas Kristof: Trump Incites Rioters

Rick Wilson is livid on YouTube. It's epic.

So, many of the MAGATs are dispersing and heading to parking at Union Station.

Where is enforcement of curfew?

Trump terrorists now invade Washington State Mansion

(dumbass) witness of the woman who was shot (and later died) storming the Capitol

Members returning to House chamber,

All these people need to have any federal benefits suspended

Any GOPers who object to the election results after this

The Rioters Who Took Over The Capitol Have Been Planning Online In The Open For Weeks

The National Association of Manufacturers Ask Pence to Invoke 25th Amendment

Trump supporters in Washington State's capital have broken gates to Gov. Inslee's residence

How many high profile Republicans have spoken up

Trump Supporting Use of National Guard to Crack Down on Election Protesters...

Mitch, Nancy, Mike.... it's time for the 25th Amendment!!!!

CNN - Presidential Historian Douglas Brinkley:"Donald Trump is ill"

That's His Legacy

Many predictions of this day on here weeks ago & did they release his tax returns yet?

Will these Capitol images make it harder for Trump to run in 2024?

Did they activate the 25th amendment?

Trump Addresses Supporters Gathered In Wash., D.C. 'We Will Never Concede'

Trumpists intended to take members of Congress hostage, hold show trials, conduct executions

Im beginning to think Pence will be President tomorrow

Trump is handling this insurrection the way he's handling the covid pandemic

Acting attorney general calls the riots "an intolerable attack" on democracy

Same as USPS, schools, judiciary: weaken the U.S. from within.

Russian collusion was not a hoax

One announcer on MSNBC wondered why the different treatment of protestors.

Trumpers should be on the terrorist watch list

Trump praises rioters as 'patriots' in new tweet,

Tweet Bill Kristol: We have had something close to the de facto invoking of the 25th amendment.

Rick Wilson: "Donald Trump's Gravywaffen stormed OUR Capitol today..."

Trump will not let up on stolen election claims. He's enjoying this.

This curfew might be a really bad idea. Where do they expect all these Trumpers to go?

This is America's "Have you no sense of decency" moment.

Between light & shadow, science & superstition, at the pit of our fears & the summit of our ...

Trouble now at Black Lives Matter Plaza Washington Post

GET IT GIRL !!! Go Joy, I'm crying ... I can't fucking stand this shit.


Dammit, Joe does not deserve this.

Rioters have broken into the gates of WA Gov. Inslee's mansion.

Now is the Republicans chance to scrape off these neo Confederate parasites

Wow. The Lincoln Project TV. Making Steve Schmidt look mild.

New Rep Lauren Boebert moments before 'her constituents' stormed the Capitol. (Glock lady)

Joy Reid is on fire.

We just saw an attempted coup d'etat. Blame Trump. Blame his Republican enablers.

Facebook removes Trump's video to rioters

Washington Post: Lawmakers describe chaos from inside the chambers

This guy was strolling through the Capitol this afternoon. Deplorable:

BILL KRISTOL calls for impeachment and removal immediately after cert. of the electoral vote

Watching MSNBC

The violence at the Capitol shows Trump's seditious plot coming to fruition

These Trumpist Terrorists Just Violated Six Federal Laws

April Ryan, just now: Congressional leaders in an undisclosed location & focusing on 25th Amendment

A motion should be proposed in the Senate ASAP to vote for the expulsion of Cruz & Hawley

I am getting tired of hearing Republicans reiterate they were only going for

Washington Post: Suspected homemade bombs found near RNC and DNC headquarters

Does the vote get certified tonight

FaceBOOK gives this reason for REMOVING TRUMPS POST...........

Woman shot inside Capitol earlier has died, police confirm.

Washington Post: Sen. Mitt Romney: "What happened here today was an insurrection, incited by the Pre

Why bother to impeach Trump when he's leaving

Trump to far-right extremists: 'Stand back and stand by'

Mitch McConnell's sanctimony is too much to bear

Now the rioters are putting the steel barriers back up?

MSNBC: Rep Gallego (D) Arizona: "Cruz, Hawley, Trump are Traitors"

Sebastian Gorka: "the last four years have been a frightening time"

Assault on democracy: Sen. Josh Hawley has blood on his hands in Capitol coup attempt

Mitt Romney With Strong Statement and Warning

Trump tweet (frozen) - glorification, victimization, righteousness, victimization, making of legend

The man directly responsible for the chaos is Donald Trump

why is twitter aiding the rebellion by letting trump post there?

Gee, Senator Collins seems concerned--but not a word about slimy, dangerous Trump!

Ok. I know nothing. I'm Joe Lunchbucket with a laptop. But I firmly believe this....

Pence authorized the national guard?

Two Weeks (or more) Of Terror is Coming

April Ryan says Congressional leaders are in a meeting discussing the 25th Amendment.

whow. Maddow is talking about ---Will Repugs ask Trump to resign??

Joy Reid speaking the truth

looks like law enforcement is not enforcing the curfew and making rioters leave.

I have feared this type of insurrection since Nov. 3rd

DC curfew began in DC, Arlington, and Alexandria a half hour ago. Why are

I wonder if the Republicans who didn't flinch when

Crowds dwindle at US Capitol following enactment of curfew

Lincoln Project Breakdown LIVE on YouTube. . .

They are literally slow walking anyone in the area down the street...

Who knew you could just walk with a mob into the Capitol?

Trumps mob trying to takeover state capitals...

Thoughts and prayers to anyone in lockdown with Ted Cruz.

not that it matters in the least...

TLP: They're all in tears and now so am I

Pelosi says work of certification will resume tonight according to CNN

Only 13 Arrests?

Why aren't they being arrested for violating curfew?

The 25th Amendment is not sufficient. It must be impeachment.

Twitter just deleted Trump's video message & his most recent tweet justifying the rioters

MSNBC Breaking: Pelosi "House will reconvene tonight"

Brazil Is Broken and I Can't Do Anything, Says Bolsonaro

Capitol Building

Insurrections have consequences.

This is why Barr stepped down.

Welp just got my first trip to Facebook jail

Corporate group urges officials to consider quick removal of Trump

He may be removed within 48 hours

Have to give it to Bill Maher: For four years he predicted all of this

NOW are we at the point of seditious conspiracy?

"Next time we come back, we won't be peaceful." Etched into the door: "Murder the media."

newsflash. Trent Lott on Newshour. still braindead and useless

Trump defends the storming of the Capitol

Astronomers Calculate Universe's Age With Atacama Desert Telescope

U.S. could see up to 150,000 more COVID-19 deaths by February as new strain takes hold, expert warns

How nice of this lady to confess to sedition and give her name and home location

Biden taps Anne Neuberger for new NSC cybersecurity post

If You Wete Getting Unemployment Before, Will You Get It Now?

Twitter is deleting Trump's tweets from his account!

If Trump is removed using the 25th Amendment can he then be pardoned by Pence?

we need to call our reps and the cabinet officials

On whether a sitting president can be arrested...

The 'Curfew' is a farce. No one is leaving. No one is going away.

On top of all the chaos this was a Covid superspreader event as well.

This is Robert "Big O" Burnett. He took a letter from Pelosi's desk after storming the Capitol

I saw port a potties as the rioters were being allowed to leave.

April Ryan: Leaders are in an undisclosed location & focusing on 25th Admendment to get Trump out.

Some cops are taking selfies with terrorists

Impeachment and removal NOW, after certification of Biden. RAM IT THROUGH.

What if some of them had automatic guns in the Chamber ? Think about it. Maybe some were armed ?

"Could be they married the devil without a prenup."

CNN is reporting Pelosi said joint session will continue tonight

This... creature... needs to be expelled from the U.S. House! Let Nancy Pelosi know how you feel!

25th Amendment question

*Sen. -Elect Warnock on PBS now.

Remove Trump Tonight

This tweet from National Securiy Adviser O'Brien about Pence has some people thinking 25th Amendment

Where is that football?

We know RUMP is listens to CNN (cause he hates them)

Is there video of them taking down the American Flag and putting up the Trump flag?

CNN just reported that a source close to the president...says Trump "is out of his mind."

Twitter deleted this Trump tweet:

WOW..... from Liz Cheney "the president formed the mob..... he incited the mob...

Trump is now entitled to the utmost security

CNN: Source tells Acosta "Trump is out of his mind"

CNN just now talking 25th but saying very unlikely his cabinet lackeys would support it.

Michael Moore Emergency Podcast [Link corrected]

Chaos Unfolding in Salem, Oregon


I have two questions

Elizabeth was not ready for the revolution...

I am seeing that there have been 15 arrests as of 5:50 pm central time

We've always known - Had to share

Rioters hunted for Pence after Trump tweet

When will the senators from GA be sworn in?

interesting photos

April Ryan on Twitter: Congressional leaders are in the undisclosed location & focusing on the 25th

Boy, Merrick Garland is going to be extremely busy in 14 days?

The terrorists didn't breach anything - the cops let them in.

Kansas City Star Op Ed: Sen. Hawley has blood on his hands in coup attempt

If this had been a few hundred ISIS members we would be talking about a mass casualty event.

Asked my Trump-voting Dad if he was watching events in DC today.

Capitol under lockdown, evacuations, guns drawn: Sen. Ted Cruz sends a fundraising email/text.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley is calling for Trump to be impeached and removed from office.