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Archives: November 8, 2021

A month ago I found some chains...

21st Century's FDR...

Buffalo traffic jam at Yellowstone

Moon tonight

GA Special Grand Jury To Be Impaneled To Investigate TFG For Racketeering

The school that pioneered polio shots will give kids the covid vaccine, too

Pomona defunded school police. But after a shooting, campus officers are coming back

Mom says airline thought she was trafficking her biracial daughter

Poland tells doctors: Ailing women have abortion rights

We are waiting for Sununu(R-NH) and Johnson(R-WI) to make a decision on 2022 US Senate runs.

WTF is wrong with Elon Musk:

Sununu says he'll decide on Senate bid 'in the next week or so'

Only You - Yaz

Texas cracks down on migrants but dozens of trespassing cases fall flat

Willi Carlisle with a charming little number

'There's a lot of hurt out there,' N.J. governor says of close reelection

Don't frame it as a big win for Biden and Dems

88% of the American people support our efforts to lower prescription drug costs -- 88%!

New York outlaws selling used cars without working airbags

Kitty attack thwarted by gravity

Cheshire Cat moon

Just a reminder about the economic situation with some historical perspective...

All progressive people should start using the phrase "corporate media"

UPDATE: Hey, my pot smoking friends. Give me your best guess.

Powerful Landsat 9 satellite beams home 1st photos of Earth

Joni Mitchell: Morning Morgantown, A Case of You, & More: Rolling Stone Tribute-Survey 2021

Three Black soldiers executed by Confederates are finally being honored in Virginia

US Senate races that Democrats are likely to win in 2022 by a landslide to narrow margin.

In Trumpland parallel reality, election was stolen and racism was long ago

WaPo Youngkin runs a religious non-profit out of his house -- he gave $23M to it!

GOP's Ciattarelli Digs In Despite Murphy's 65,000-Vote N.J. Lead

NASCAR does it right: driver Carson Ware indefinitely suspended for domestic violence

The Freak Brothers are coming to TV!

'You cannot pay your workers in passion': Hot Topic workers walk out, leave viral letter calling out

Disregard: Needle in haystack ask: If you have a smallish, paperback indian curry cookbook:

90% of school employees in Whatcom are COVID vaccinated -- here's how each district fared

Report Shows Arizona Man Infected His Dog, Cat With COVID-19

Don't fight the last war

TFG bashes Senate Republicans, McConnell over bipartisan infrastructure bill

Trump Tells Group of Veterans to F*** OFF

Trump's Supreme Court nominees/appointments will haunt us for years.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUGGGHHH ! ! ! I dropped a bottle of olive oil

Hey Grandpa. What's for supper?

The U.S. Navy has christened a ship named after slain gay rights leader Harvey Milk

"TFG" Slams McConnell Over Infrastructure Bill

"Woke Mob" as conservatives call it.

Doonesbury, Sunday, November 7, 2021

She told the truth about Wuhan. Now she is near death in a Chinese prison.

President Biden compliments Big Bird on getting vaccinated

Right-Wing Aristocrats Fund Critical Race Theory 'Backlash'

Veteran U.S. Diplomat Comes Under Criticism for a Trip to Myanmar

Terry Bradshaw explains to Aaron his reality.

Four Seasons Documentary on at 10 p.m. EST, Sun., MSNBC

How do the culture lies get started by republicans

Moderate Covid spread.

Good night all.

Brandon And Karen - Rocky Mountain Mike

A statement made....and kinda profound if you ask me.

Waxing Crescent Moon and Clouds

Four Seasons Landscaping Documentary on msnbc, 10pm.

MSNBC hosts mock conservatives' latest war against fictional character Big Bird

The Daily Show: Why Arizona Opts-Out of Daylight Saving Time

Chi Coltrane - Thunder and lightning

Has a treatment for Alzheimer's been sitting on pharmacy shelves for decades?

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 10: Sydney Greenstreet

Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder

So, I am a bundle of small aches and pains. Will be more so tomorrow AM.

Kansas' Democratic governor said it was 'too late' for Biden to issue a vaccine mandate, siding with

Weezer - Africa (starring Weird Al Yankovic)

It's a joy to watch the St Louis Cardinals play defense.

Ezra Watson is one of four Democrats running against Elise Stefanik in NY-21...

Velshi: Even "Q" Is Disavowing Some of QAnon's Fringe Conspiracy Theories - MSNBC

Amtrak chief outlines expansion plans with infrastructure spending

In 2022, Pat Leahy will be easily re-elected to the Senate from Vermont...

Down By The River - Buddy Miles

Shrewsbury's Amanda Berry Smith: 'Our house was one of the main stations of the Under Ground Railroa

So, yeah... I've started trying to learn some Japanese

New Missouri state law effectively ends local enforcement of federal gun laws - 60 Minutes

Dog Was So Scared He Hid Behind Building From People

Jerry Remy / Dan Orsillo's - last game together.

Al Franken: Our Climate Guy - Nobel Prize Recipient Michael Mann on COP-26 (Nov. 7, 2021)

Virginia parents manipulated into CRT astroturf campaign by right-wing billionaire Kochs and the Fed

Covid vaccine side effects 5-11 yo

Be on my side

Remember this about recent polling


Democrats can't keep ignoring the culture war. They should fight it -- and win Will Bunch

America marks sobering COVID milestone amid new hope for kids - Face the Nation

AP News: Roads, transit, internet: What's in the infrastructure bill

(Nov. 5) Matthew M. Graves Takes Office as United States Attorney for the District of Columbia

Rep Pramila Jayapal On Passing The Infrastructure Bill

Far-right Extremists Are 'Not Just Doubling Down, They're Quintupling Down' - American Voices MSNBC

"Lie flat." What would my life have been like?

Work Training Program for SNAP Recipients

Once Judge Chutkan Denies Trump's Bogus Executive Privilege Claim, Will Appellate Court Act Swiftly?

This is very strange.

Jim Acosta: No more whining, sore losers or lies. Just stop the squeal (CNN)

Far-Right Extremism INVADES TikTok - The Damage Report

"Protect Nebraska Children" is backed by an international hate group

Insurrectionist Jenna Ryan who bragged she's "definitely not going to jail" Gets prison sentence

Monday Morning Jazz - Bossa Nova Music To Work or Study By, De-stress To Streaming

Lincoln is paying a shockingly terrible company tens of thousands of dollars to find a new

The Women's Report - snips from a bi-monthly feminist magazine from 1978

Cops Kick Hole In Teen's Head - The Damage Report

The Daily Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 11/1/21

MI Secretary of State Warns of Anti-Democracy Agenda: 'We're Not Rising With The Same Intensity'

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - The Power Grid

Pillen businesses returned bulk of $7 million in pandemic loans

Large new reservoir between Omaha and Lincoln eyed for possible pandemic funding

Johnny Mnemonic trailer

School closures haunt Democrats as frustrated parents cast their votes

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: Prayer to St. Michael Archangel, Feastday 08/21 November

Ted Cruz Talks About Joe Rogan Being 'President' Of Texas If State Secedes From U.S.

Pillow Guy Who Promised 'Reinstatement' Of Trump Is Planning A Black Friday Stunt

TikTok videos humanise Colombia's cocaine workers

The space telescopes inspired by lobsters

Vestas and Orsted warn of tough times for renewable energy; Sector hit by low wind speeds, supply...

There is an Anti Constitution and Anti Democracy Movement developing within the United States

This is a true story and emblematic of today's America:

Middle Age Riot tweet:

I don't have much confidence in polls since in 2020 Lindsey Graham and

Biden's Schedule for Monday, November 8, 2021

Breakfast Monday 8 November 2021

I slept through any kitten antics, last night, and evidence shows there were some

Monday TOONs - Least Valuable Player

Just to update you Re: My wife and Sen. Kelly's involvement

Documents: Connecticut city used COVID relief funds to hire a marching band

A peaceful moment for you today

'Critical race theory' divides, then unifies Guilford as Republican school board candidates are

Biden needs to sign the Bill on Prime Time TV

"..and Ted Cruz picks a fight with...Big Bird" Mika on Morning Joe (link to story here) 😳👀😆

This week's major U.S. economic reports (November 8 - November 12)

US lifts pandemic travel ban, opens doors to visitors

On this day, November 8, 1946, Roy Wood was born.

Poor Teddy! They didn't make him happy by using Big Bird!

Whiting Task Force wants lawmakers to consider abolishing the PSRB

Eric Boehlert: A wave of good news for Biden wrecks media's doomsday narrative

I'm a big fan of women vocalists, acoustic guitars and Iron Maiden

Guyana, Poor And Vulnerable To Rising Seas, Pushed For Warming Policies. Then Exxon Found Oil.

Right-wing operatives deploy massive network of fake local news sites...

Killingly power plant dealt a major setback as ISO-NE abandons plans

Senator Cruz had better watch himself when he picks a fight with Big Bird!

I can't blame Ted Cruz.

Gee, That's Too Bad - GQP Delegation Visit To COP-26 Undermined By Their Party's Continuing Idiocy

After emailing to express outrage over something way back when, I got on Senator Daines's email list

Cops escort Big Bird into custody for pecking Aaron Rodgers into submission.

"The Brady Bunch Hour, 1977, the Bradys performing the Motown classic Get Ready ... "

A Look Back At Australia's (Not In A Good Way) "Extraordinary" Performance At COP-26

On this day, sixty years ago, November 8, 1961, Leif Garrett was born.

Capitol Riot Suspect Evan Neumann Claims Asylum in Belarus After Fleeing FBI

Global Banks Trumpet Their Net-Zero Commitment; Very Recent Investment History Suggests Otherwise

The "Trump Plague" did not begin in January, 2020 and its name is not "Corona virus".

Chris Christie was part of the "big lie"! Now his hoping to get his a cake and eat it too!

The red and blue Covid gap.

Teenager rescued after showing domestic violence hand signal to motorist...

Sooo... midterms are in exactly one year from today...............

Washington Post Examines Nations' New Climate Pledges And The Results Are Not Encouraging

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 11/3/2021

The Rundown: November 8, 2021

Trying to listen to Brianna's tough interview of Republican Rick Scott. He is doing a Ralph

"Nico, 1988". Riveting biopic about the Velvet Underground singer.

Was at Wal-Mart yesterday...

'Propaganda': Ted Cruz sounds off at Big Bird for promoting vaccine (CNN)

Northern Ireland Health Minister Sues Van Morrison For 'Dangerous' Dig Over COVID

We got a $100 donation this morning (kick Sen Grassley's butt)

& I'm the sheep?

Satellite images show China built mock-ups of US warships

Kaiser Health News-Uninsured in South Win Big

This is what happens when winter and fall collide.

Still hate Hillary? Get over it: She was right about Trump then -- and she's right now

This is one hell of an ad from the Democrat running against Republican Nancy Mace.

Rancher Vandalism on the Dixie National Forest

Good morning from Ohio!

The Pandora Papers Are Back in the Spotlight in Ecuador

I have some questions about long term alcoholism.

Trump told RNC chair he was leaving GOP to create new party, says new book

Rancher Vandalism on the Dixie National Forest

I don't want to take advice from fools

If you need some "Dad" or "Grandpaw" jokes for your kids---

Some of dis and some of dat

"Consider My Mind Blown" - The counter-intuitivist -by Tom Tomorrow

"You're upset about Sesame Street encouraging vaccination while Paw Patrol is brainwashing our ... "

I listen to the BBC at night if I can't sleep. Here's something I heard:

" ... we shouldn't forget that these maps were drawn to elect almost 70 Republicans."

"In Tokyo, I'm always fascinated by vehicles that have been parked interestingly."

I knew how "effed" up our country was when I was required to take a drug test for a minimum wage job

Listening to Obama.

Bari Weiss has started a new "university"

Cruzin' around the bend of sanity

#inbox: Justice Department to Make Announcements in Significant Law Enforcement Matter

The Cornfield Resistance Podcast

Notes on an Authoritarian Conspiracy: Inside the Claremont Institute's "79 Days to Inauguration"...

The Cornfield Resistance Podcast

Yikes....and I know a poll, but Biden @ 38% approval???

I'm an old man now, and the Holiday I miss most from my youth is -

Rudy Giuliani Admits That He Never Checked To See If His Election Fraud Claims Were True

Artist and his Topiary Cat works

Album released on this date in 1971

That's all folks (sound up).

Gaming the political system corrupts us all

Report Says Critical Race Theory Bans Threaten Free Speech

Trillion dollar companies

Bonnie Bramlett has a birthday today.

Green light for mining project raises red flags for Chile penguin reserve

Evan Neumann is on the FBI's Most Wanted list for violence at the Capitol.

Bonnie Raitt has a birthday today.

I'm not making myself popular in my conservative town

Norway has Best Drug Policies and Brazil Has Worst, According to New Index

Rickie Lee Jones has a birthday today.

Pic Of The Moment: The Difference

Brazilian scientists turn down medals in repudiation of President Bolsonaro

2657 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon ; 0 deaths

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- November 8 2021

Boebert and the Infrastructure Bill

Need a laugh? These ROAST MEs are funny 😁

A mountain of unsold clothing from fast fashion retailers is piling up in the Chilean desert

Dan Rather reminds the press: don't let them claim credit if they didn't vote for it

'Tell the Truth': Chris Christie Begs Trump to Shut Up About 2020 Election

Obama hits Russia, China for "lack of urgency" on climate

The QAnon Followers Who Went to Dallas to See JFK Refuse to Leave

The stench of death

Jurrasic Park but with a Cat

Ted Cruz dunks on Big Bird! Not cool Ted.

Report: Police personally warned Travis Scott about crowd before show (CNN)

one thing that always gets me about the right-wingers complaining about being called racist,

DOJ to announce significant law enforcement matter 12:30 EST

Kyle Larson wins 2021 NASCAR title

& just in case, this is NOT real either...

Dr. Annie Andrews in SC for Congress

Tucker Carlson Is a 'Manipulative Son of a Bitch' -- and Other Thoughts from Adam Kinzinger

!!! Official November Photo Contest Submissions Thread !!!

Democrats will retain control of the US Senate in 2022. Here is how.

Loved Bill Burr's response to Joe Rogan Covid medical advice

So is it totally cool to wear pajamas everywhere now?

Brazilian Federal Deputy Submits a Bill to Allow Workers to be Paid in Crypto

Are part of Biden's ratings due to his happy shift to the left?

!!! Comments Thread for the November Photo Contest !!!

Twitter thread: how the GOP parleyed the nonexistent CRT boogeyman into the VA governorship

"Killing Kenosha" documentary...Jacob Blake to Kyle Rittenhouse. Day 1

Kaaron Rodgers!

Forbes: Texas Gov. Abbott Leads Beto O'Rourke By Just 1 Point In Potential Matchup, Poll Suggests

Right-wing operatives deploy massive network of fake local news sites to weaponize CRT

7 suspected hackers arrested in global ransomware crackdown

ex Dem strategist, now Trump-Hugger Mark Penn: Manchin & Sinema are the very heart of the Dem Party

The Aristocrats Funding the Critical Race Theory 'Backlash'

How did the enslaved workers of Pompeii live? A new discovery provides a rare glimpse

'Catastrophic implications': UN health expert condemns US over threat to abortion rights

Who gives a damn what a handful of corporate donors want from Congress?

Yellowstone Season 4 Premiere Recap: You 'Herd' It Here First

Vaccine-Mandate Debate Makes It to Top Federal Research Agency

For those wishing to know more what "The Metaverse" is all about

Justice Department to make announcements in significant law enforcement matter, 12:30 PM

Chile's desert dumping ground for fast fashion leftovers

Spiritualized - Always Together With You

Texas Jails Fill With Migrants as Border Arrests Overwhelm Courts

I just learned that there is a town in Arkansas named Romance.

Students barred from games after chants at female goalie

"9 to 5" Trio Reunite On "Grace & Frankie"

In rural, white America, "the bottom for the Democratic Party is zero."

Leaked data link cops to the Oath Keepers. It gets worse.

I have *never* been able to handle chopsticks, but look at this baby girl deploying them

Any chemists here, amateur or otherwise?

CIA Director had rare conversation with Putin while in Moscow last week

How I got trumpers to actually search for the truth.


NBC pumps Trump in hopes of boosting their ratings.


Memo to DOJ: The name is B A N N O N

GOP Senators doing what they do best, nothing.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Republican governors mostly silent on infrastructure bill

Another Middle Age Riot tweet:

just back from a nice walk, then a quick perusal of conclusion -

Conspiracy theorists think Democrats let them win in Virginia to empower future election fraud

This is stunning work:

Marjorie Taylor Greene praises Louis Farrakhan and NoI for espousing COVID conspiracy theories.

Barack Obama Says He 'Wasn't Real Happy' When Donald Trump Left Paris Accords

Refresh Frequency

Pete Buttigieg Press Conference on now

"My Opening Farewell"- Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne: Happy Birthday, Bonnie!

Attempt to harness train a kitten (watch to the end):

For those who keep up on Seth Abramson's investigations -- the latest (on Durham etc)

I actually have a Bachelor Button that just bloomed. In November. In Michigan.

DOJ breaking news...

Tacoma Housing Authority to open low-income housing waiting list for first time in 2 years

Rick Scott Wouldn't Rule Out Wife Abuser As Senate Candidate

What's happening behind the wall?

The gap in Covid's death toll between red and blue America has grown faster

I love the way all cats seem to know how to play red light green light:

What a pleasure to watch Transportation Secretary Buttigieig.

"Rock Steady" Bonnie Raitt, Bryan Adams - Live

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Cleared "For Full Return"

Oh, my! This looks more like a cartoon than real life:

Newsom and guards challenge vaccine mandates at prisons, warning of staff departures

Aaron Rodgers outs himself as delusional, pathetic, stupid person in rambling interview

Why millions of job seekers aren't getting hired in this hot job market

Sorry, Josh Hawley, the left doesn't hate masculinity, women just don't want to make you a sandwich

Neighbor's 11-year old developed MIS from a mild case of COVID

Gun maker Remington moves to Georgia in $100M, 856-job deal

just watched the head of DOE

Paul Gosar Posts Video Showing Him Killing AOC

I hate soybean harvest time - It gets pretty dusty around here

Cheese it, Comrades! They're onto us! (RW Galaxy Brain explosion)

so what was the "big" announcement by the DOJ? nt

I was dumbstruck first time I heard "I can't make you love me"

Travis Scott says "he will cover all funeral costs and provide further aid to Astroworld victims

Travis Scott says "he will cover all funeral costs and provide further aid" to Astroworld victims

NJ Group Democratic Committee Volunteers - Get Involved

The yearly invasion of multi-colored Asian beatles

Lawmaker catches COVID-19, must miss his anti-vaccine rally

Tiny Foster Kitten Becomes King Of His House

What scares the shit out of Republicans?

Railroads fight with unions in court over vaccine mandates

Dem Kingmaker Jim Clyburn Endorses in Key Race for Senate (Mandela Barnes - WI)

The murder portion of the Rittenhouse trial is pretty much over.

Eric Swalwell slams Ted Cruz

It is a sad day for Houston and what happened at the concert.

Stranded Manatee Rescued by Bulldozer (very cool)

Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding's response to a Rex Chapman thread starter:

What's Going On With The 1/6 Investigation?....

Anti-Vax Celebrities Can't Stop Telling On Themselves

Cartoons 11/8/2021

How much longer do we have to wait on Merrick Garland to deal with contempt charges on Steve Bannon

Oscar the Grouch Cuts Ties with Ted Cruz

Just gotta say here. What's going on in America? (I know it's NOT this but is)

How America Got (And Lost) Universal Child Care

Unfortunately this is an Amazon ad, but it still caused me to get all choked up:

Man Who Only Recently Cracked Code On 'Buck Fush' Still Puzzling Over 'Let's Go, Brandon'

Too many sidewalks aren't built for people with disabilities

Barack H. Obama is the greatest orator of the 21st century.

Forecast: A quadrupling of Paine Field passengers by 2040

Sarah Jessica Parker Slams "Misogynist Chatter" Over 'Sex and the City' Cast's Growing Older


Two oldest boys sixteen and seventeen volunteering at no kill shelter

Lovecraft and the GQP

Nicaragua's Ortega leads in vote tally after jailing rivals

Aaaggghhh! Nope. Nope. Nope.

Nearly 20 years on, Israeli barrier shapes Palestinian lives

Grandparents await hugs, spouses reunite as US borders open

California Man Who Allegedly Took Part In The Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Is Seeking Asylum In Belarus

Paul Gosar is a deeply disturbed individual:

Where Online Should I Look For A Couch?

Joe Biden defended Sesame Street's Big Bird after the character was attacked by Republicans

GOP Rep. Clyde racks up $15,500 in mask fines

More Texas voters unhappy than satisfied over power grid, abortion, property taxes

'He's Comin' Across Like the F---ing Tin Man Up There'

Fibromyalgia FM/a Test Scandal

GOP digs in on blocking Biden diplomatic picks

Mitch McConnell spent decades chasing power. Now he heeds TFG, who mocks him and wants him gone.

NEW: The Select Committee has issued subpoenas to six of the former President's allies and advisors

The racists next door: Inside a California church that preaches a whites-only gospel

Speaker Pelosi: "In the year since your 81 million votes elected Pres JoeBiden and VP KamalaHarris."

Trump Gets DUNKED ON By Biden

Did critical race theory really swing the Virginia election? VOX

Elaine Chao: Workers have "a patriotic duty" to take jobs companies can't fill.

Kentucky Woman Stabs Her Cousin When He Asks Her to Return a Sex Toy

Kentucky Woman Stabs Her Cousin When He Asks Her to Return a Sex Toy

You know there Norm, something interesting not a lot of people know about Star Wars

Biden team defends worker vaccine rule, wants cases combined

Love the discussion on MSNBC regarding the newc1/6 Committee subpoenas

Name a character from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win.

Ca. Highway Patrol helping child's family perform traditional customs where he was murdered.

If you're a fan, a reboot of Babylon 5 helmed by JMS is official.

Who gets indicted first Steve Bannon or Andrew Cuomo

(Jewish Group) Vice President Kamala Harris Says Antisemitism 'Is Not A Relic Of The Past'

How NASA Plans to Save Earth from Asteroids The Space Show

Weird Al Yankovic - I bought it on eBay (I want it that way paraody)

John Fetterman: This weekend we hit a big one. $10 million total raised for this campaign

January 6 committee issues 6 subpoenas to top Trump campaign associates, including Michael Flynn

B&W video of workers up high building the Empire State Building:

Volunteers NO LONGER needed for the six remaining photo contests in 2022 !!!

What's for Dinner, Mon., Nov. 8, 2021

So what was "the big news"that the DoJ was supposed to have @ 1:30 PM?

Speaking of crickets. . .

Gov. Greg Abbott tells state agencies to develop standards to block books with "overtly sexual"

Drummers. AmIright? 😳🙄

Ted Cruz Talks About Joe Rogan Being 'President' Of Texas If State Secedes From U.S.

The pipeline at the heart of Ted Cruz's State Department blockade

A very sweet foster fail story:

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Pretty hard to be a victim and a leader at the same time....

Let me remind my conservative Democratic colleagues who are concerned about fiscal responsibility,

Would you report a rape?

Consequences of World War I

Josh Hawley says men watch porn and do nothing??

Big Bird (parody account) is running for Senate against Carnival Cruz

Brand-new 'University of Austin' launches with controversial board of directors

Republicans Especially Vulnerable to Misinformation

Ron Klain, White House Chief of Staff demonstrates what not to do

You can't always get what you want

Jim Jordan Could Be Out Of Congress As Proposed Ohio Map Removes His Seat

Houston chief says he met with Travis Scott before concert

Tatjana von Stein and Gayle Noonan on life at their plush, 1970s-inspired apartment in Hampstead,

Why Republicans Won in a New York County Where Democrats Outnumber Them

The Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want (Official Video) [4K]

White House Plans Tour to Tout Infrastructure Bill

I heard that if Big Bird had not been vaccinated.

"Hell & High Water: Joe Biden's Moment and America's Existential Election"

On Jan. 6, before we knew what was going to happen, I asked whether Hawley and Cruz could be charged

Code Red Scene, A Few Good Men

Why Democrats Are Losing Texas Latinos

Kevin McCarthy Just Tried To Threaten Corporations And It Went Very Wrong

Vaccination Mandates Do Not Violate Religious Freedom

January 6th Select Committee issues 6 more subpoenas to Trump allies...

Military Surgeons Are Losing Medical Skills

23 million people are at risk of starvation. Afghans facing 'hell on earth' as winter looms.

Apple TV+'s First Korean Series 'Dr. Brain' Is Mind-Melting Horror Hit

If You Think Passing BIF Would Draw VA Swing Voters, Think Again

Politician to miss his anti-vaccine mandate rally because he has COVID

Picked up my newest foster kittens today. Meet Shirley & Sharona.

Aaron Rodgers is being killed in the media

I found something useful for Senator Ted Cruz

Neil Frances - Be Free - (a little techno, a little 80s dance)

Old Henry

It's story time! so tell us a story! I'll start!

5 TikTok Recipes to Try This Month

French, Chinese firms restart lithium project in Argentina

French, Chinese firms restart lithium project in Argentina

Is the petition supporting absentee voting legit?

I hear the infrastructure bill is the largest infrastructure

In the Middle of Infrastructure Talks, Joe Manchin Has Pursued a Book Deal

Dennis Prager thinks anti-vaxxers treated worse than AIDS patients back in the 1980s

Fan thrown down stairs

Colbert's analysis of this Tuesday is really good!

Anti-vaxx muppet speaks out:

Metallurgist admits faking steel-test results for Navy subs

Well the mall is decorated for Christmas now.

Posted the whole program. PBS NewsHour. Kabul. Children/babies starving.

When your song is interrupted..

Non-Critical Race Theory

Cannabis Bust in San Bernardino Leads to the Arrest of 34 People

How Trump steered America's police straight into the Oath Keepers

Glenn Miller - In The Mood - Sun Valley Serenade

Josh Hawley thinks he can make telling his base to stop watching porn a major political campaign