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Just got harassed on the road by a MAGAT

Satellites versus stars: Which will dominate the sky? (

Do DUers realize that last year on the 1st Saturday in November we were watching this

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google - Part 46

Marvel finally adds a gay title hero in "Eternals," only to have film banned in some countries

Usman wants to fight Canelo Alvarez for a big money boxing match.

Former Knox County Republican Party Chairman Ray Jenkins calls it quits on the party

American Airlines increases flight attendant holiday pay after operational meltdown

Biden is on to something important

MLK suffered prison and worse to make us a better country. Rodgers wouldn't even wear a mask.

They're mad at big bird again, lol

Washington state senators to need COVID-19 test or vaccine to attend votes

Getting "403 Forbidden" messages

Who wants to talk "ETERNALS"?????

480 Kellogg employees in Omaha still on strike as union rejects company's final offer

Pissing match continues between Idaho Governor and Lt. Governor

They wanted to make a stink about CRT. So how do we make them choke on it? I never heard of it

Detail of my county's courthouse

GOP erupts over its House members bailing out Biden

Penn. Gov. Tom Wolf said it was 'embarrassing' the state min. wage has been $7.25 for more than a de

Let's be clear...

Biden: Families of separated children deserve compensation

Man burst into flames after police tasered him, remains in grave condition

A California city council voted to make itself a 'Constitutional Republic City' to skirt state and f

Maureen Dowd: "Wokeness Derails the Democrats."

What do Boston, Seattle and Cincinnati have in common? Their new mayors signal change

When it comes to canceling student debt, Trump was the party of no. Biden is the party of 'conversat

Good night from Madoc and Gryff

The Supreme Court aims at striking down New York's firearm permitting system, which would be a disas

At least 15 students were lured to Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach mansion

"This is Ellen Alaverdyan. 9-year old bassist. Wait for the smile."

TFG's 'Mar-a-Lago Three' had unusual, improper access on vets policy issues, VA now says

Live Beatles tribute.. again :)

Strange and gorgeous! (Mount Fuji)

GOP erupts over its House members bailing out Biden

How the Texas abortion law endangers gun rights

SPOILER ALERT Eternals post credit scene and Secret Cameo Scenes Explained

Honduras presidential candidate arrested on murder, drug-trafficking charges

50 Year anniversary of Stairway to Heaven - 100 version mashup

Sunrise movement confronts Manchin climate policy outside his yacht

This is fun

This sucks, and not just a little bit! Radio edit. Stairway to Heaven. LOL Like a turd in a

F.B.I. Searches James O'Keefe's Home in Ashley Biden Diary Theft Inquiry

Here's a good summary of what's in the BIF.

NC Senate: Tillis faces FEC accusations of illegal contributions, and Burr insider trading

"Get Back" Beatles docuseries - episode 1, Nov 25, 2021

Iraqi Prime Minister survives exploding drone assassination attempt

Lauren Boebert Reminds Everyone That She's 100% Trash

Must Be Eliminated': Trump Republicans Vow to Oust GOP Members Who Voted for Infrastructure


'Brainwashing children!' Right-wingers attack Sesame Street's 'Big Bird' for promoting COVID vaccine

This is child abuse! DeSantis encouraging young girl to not wear a mask as she continues

House Panel to Subpoena Trump Allies

Standard Time sucks

Trump basically accuses Alec Baldwin of murdering 'Rust' Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins

U2 & BB King " When Love Came to Town" 1987/1989

The War on Drugs - I Don't Live Here Anymore (2021)

Finally! A good use for "Let's Go Brandon!"

Elon Musk Asks Twitter If He Should Pay Taxes

SNL: Aaron Rodgers Trump Cold Open

Is in-ing (as opposed to outing) celebrities still needed in today's society?

To all the Trump supporters complaining about vaccine mandates taking away your freedom

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Originally from Toronto, but an adopted son of St Louis

KC and the Sunshine Band - I'm Your Boogie Man [TopPop].VOB

Honest Government Ad - Net Zero by 2050

UNM disenrolling 286 students

SNL: Cancelling Cable

Commodores - Nightshift (Official Music Video)

NY mayor's office reaches deals with 20 unions but not NYPD or FDNY

Carlos Santana "Oye Como Va" 1970

LA: Crenshaw High School football team sidelined, lacking enough vaccinated players

In the ICU where only Maria is vaccinated, others die in disbelief (Australia)

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

'Jeopardy!' fans flip that Aaron Rodgers could've been host amid vaccine uproar By Samantha Ibrahim

Croz's best friends

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Another Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

I think the post understands the Brandon thing--but they're flipping the "Brandoning":

One more Tiedrich tweet:

Democrats are rebuilding streets. Republicans are attacking Sesame Street.

Cops Scramble to Deal With Deadly Road Rage During Pandemic

SNL: Weekend Update

Saving Social Security - A Winning Idea for Dems

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Psalm 34, New Living Translation

UC Hastings College of the Law to rename school after reviewing founder's role in mass killings of Y

'Must Be Eliminated': Trump Republicans Vow to Oust GOP Members Who Voted for Infrastructure

'This cannot possibly be legal': TikToker shows landlord's 'solution' to collapsing ceiling

SNL: Car Heist

Sunday Morning Jazz 🍂 Autumn Weekend Bossa Nova & Coffeehouse Jazz Streaming

Roman mosaic in Turkey so well made it shows wave of earthquake without breaking its pattern

"Today is Kukur Tihar in #Nepal, a festival celebrating dogs."

I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille:

Va. House Dem. rescinds concession of 91st District seat

"take a moment to process the fact this is a cat" !!!!

The PTB in the GOP ...

About that new antiviraldrug for covid...

Hoheisel wins late mail ballots, cements Democratic majority on Wichita City Council

House Jan. 6 Committee to Subpoena Trump Lieutenants From D.C. 'Command Center:' Report

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Squawk This Way Edition

Kansas state mental health hospitals reach 'crisis level' with low staffing, capacity

The Rude Pundit: The Fuck, Joe Manchin

Autopsy huckster without Kansas medical credentials guilty of six offenses

Woke up, this morning, to find Gryff had curled up around my left arm, and Madoc on my right

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, November 7, 2021

A teenage girl in Kentucky was rescued from a 61-year-old man after she flashed viral TikTok hand ..

Today in history: FDR Gets a Fourth Term

Anti-masker's profane outburst targeting Kansas Reflector editor restored to video recording

Mean is Mean and Kind is Kind. Tis ever thus.

Mattel remote job description: "periodic unplanned visits" from boss, no "caretaking of others"

A movement formed around Kyle Rittenhouse. It's a serious threat to democracy and justice.

Is Aaron Rodgers being a prima donna?

Regarding spam scam and FB friend requests

I hope everyone remembered to

Potter Stewart parody Twitter account

man walks too near bull elk in Colorado... man had been warned

"Woke up this morning with light in my eyes, and then realized, it was still dark outside."

PSA. How to set your clocks back one hour if you use military time.

NKorea stages artillery firing drill in latest weapons test

Winning the US Senate Race in GA in 2022 will keep Democrats in the majority like it did in 2020.

More progress with the feral kitten, Scooter

Breakfast Sunday 7 November 2021

Biden Backs Payments to Families Separated at the Border!

Ghislaine Maxwell loses key rulings ahead of trial for Jeffrey Epstein sex crime case

$1.3M awarded to Black man arrested by Boston police after having a stroke

On this day, November 7, 1968, this was the front page of the New York Times.

"The core localities of the Shenandoah Valley are one of those already-red areas where Youngkin ..."

Victims of wokeness tell their harrowing stories

I used to be

All I want for Christmas is one of these sweatshirts

Family behind Kenosha car dealership says Kyle Rittenhouse wasn't asked to guard their property

Question for the left (EVERY member of the left): Did you trust the vaccine when TFG was president?

Turn on Velshi he is talking about Q.

The CNN special was good if you missed it

Small school asswhoopings 11/6/21 🏈

Should I take a meeting with Nick Kristoff?

States that Democrats(Biden/Harris) did better than in VA in 2020.

Hey World! This is 'MURKA dammit! 😆 🇺🇸

Annnd, the war on Big Bird has been picked up by Faux:

(potential) Changes to MLB

We're going to Hell in a hand basket.

Rafael Nadal takes on 97-year-old tennis player

Rebel advance to within 200 miles of Ethiopia's capital puts the city and wider region on edge

I can't make a good choice...what to do...what to do....

Here's what the unvaccinated can expect from taking Ivermectin to treat Covid

It was 10:O0am. I just made it 9:00am

Why can't Democrats win in rural areas?

Pope decries Ethiopia's humanitarian crisis, urges dialogue

What Collective Narcissism Does to Society

Is anybody going to fix the "403" problem? Can't put anything below title for last 30 hours.

Democrats sweat midterm fallout from Nevada party crack-up

Congratulations to Mini Timmaraju, incoming President of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

The local Sinclair tv station hasn't played an ad for

Yawn, Mike's at it again

This should scare the crap out of everyone.

S4:E17 (New Oklahoma Congressional Maps & the Art of the (R) Gerrymander)

Has Steve Bannon been arrested yet?

'Four Seasons Total Documentary' Takes Us Inside the Trump Presidency's Most Humiliating Moment

Pa. township's new ordinance will only permit consumer fireworks to be used 7 days a year

Johnny Rivers was born on this date.

REMEMBER - Daylight savings time- reset those things

Joni Mitchell has a birthday today.

Pittsburgh, county employees push back against COVID-19 vaccine requirements

Fox invades field

New nicotine tax in BBB House version, going to hit vape products hard

But, sometimes those voices have some really good ideas.

Last nite SNL led with judge idiot Jeanine and Aaron Rodgers

3231 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 1 death

Ricky Schroder Is Mentally Deranged - Richard Ojeda Breaks It Down.

A little Sunday morning bliss...

Has there been any legal challenge to the Cal-OSHA emergency temporary standard?

Former Strongsville, OH, priest used confession to exploit teens

US Senate Races that will keep Democrats in the majority in 2022.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 9: New Waves Around the World, Continued: Australian New Wave

Mochi, the dog with the world's longest tongue, has died

Democrats are retiring faster than they can be replaced.

Did anyone notice McAuliffe's face? Starkly white with dark lips

The Madness of Global Sport - the Cricket T20 World Cup Death

Nikole Hannah Jones: You want the glory of our history but not the burden.

What instrument is he playing?

CNN Tried To Steal Rachel Maddow From MSNBC With A Monster Offer

Please learn CPR and basic first aid.

Legal Advocates Call For Merrick Garland To Resign For Not Prosecuting Trump

Anti-vaxxer gets the vaccine

Japan reluctant to accept proposal to declare Korean War over

Their "cancel culture" vs. our "woke"

NASCAR Steering To The Left, Decries "Let's Go, Brandon" Chants At Its Races

A probable Fox Sitcom in the plans:

Multi-Billionaire Brazilian orange juice magnate to face trial in London for the operation of an ill

One year ago today,

What's next for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers?

Bitcoin shills.

What A Fool Believes

Iran begins annual war games ahead of nuke talks with West

How time flies - 1st yr. Anniversary of 4 season Rudy Fiasco

Guys and guns: Why men are behind the vast majority of America's gun violence

I'm surprised we don't have more Paul Rodgers fans here. This is why:

Supreme Court stepping into fight over 'welfare' immigrants

Cherry trees at the Tidal Basin are approaching peak fall color.

Top Biden aide "very confident" infrastructure projects will begin by spring

The race to $3 trillion: Big Tech keeps getting bigger

The Supreme Court must decide if it loves religious liberty more than the death penalty

The Supreme Court must decide if it loves religious liberty more than the death penalty

Every time a Christian defends Trump an angel loses its lunch.

Dozens convicted as Italy begins huge Mafia trial

No, the Democrats' Reconciliation Bill Is Not "Twice as Big" as the New Deal

Ok, this is funny. Unless you are frightened by birds. Then it's scary.

So It Was The CBC Who Actually Came Up With The Compromise That Got Infrastructure Passed

Navy christens ship named after gay rights activist Harvey Milk

GOPer Raffensperger confronted after attempt to blame Stacey Abrams for Trump's election lies

SALT Plan Would Mean Tax Cut For New Jersey, Democrat Says

Kaine: Democrats 'blew the timing' of infrastructure, spending bills

DeSantis' Past Comes Back To Haunt Him - Rebel HQ

Republican In Trouble For Insider Trading Scheme? - The Damage Report

I'm not anti-Garland, but have one question

US Senate Races that will keep Democrats in the majority in the US Senate in 2022 are in PA and WI.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said his wife dropped off his ballot for him, which is illegal and punish

Here's the first U.S. city to cut gas and oil for all-electric, on the path to zero carbon emissions

West Ham looking very good today

"I'm just asking the question"

The US Navy just launched a ship named after Harvey Milk - nearly 70 years after the gay rights icon

What Fiction are you reading this week, November 7, 2021?

Liz Cheney Rips 'Un-American' Tucker Carlson, Fox News for Jan. 6 Conspiracy Theories

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 8 November 2021

Snow lovers rejoice at season's first storm blanketing Snoqualmie Pass

Adam Schiff Mocks Republicans' Infrastructure Vows Under Trump: 'They Never Delivered'

Where the Hell Is Kim Jong Un's Eric Clapton-Obsessed Brother?

Holocaust hidden child, who never knew his family, meets a cousin for first time

The Wieners Circle on Clark St in Chicago always has an appropriate timely message on their sign.

SNL Has a New Trump

I finally heard Gryff meow in a non panic way. (Panic meowing occurred during his bath.)

An example for the day, of SUPERB messaging.

The working class is FIGHTING BACK against corporate greed.

The next time someone says "Let's go Brandon," SHOW THEM THIS!

From the war on Dr Seuss to Big bird

Question regarding Criminal Defense Attorney Costs.

Officers shot a Black man 59 times. Convicting a federal agent won't be easy.

Neglected Dog Transforms Into The Happiest Girl

Elected Republicans are about one thing and only 1 thing.

Over half of employees would report a coworker for violating vaccine mandates

Spanish Speaking Parrot Mothers His Human Brother

Ted Cruz accuses Big Bird as part of gubmint conspiracy to implant microchips

Another Update on my brother

jury of 'peers'

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Good riddance to 34 cops

Kevin McCarthy Faces Republican Attacks After Failing to Stop Infrastructure Bill's Passage

One year ago today

'People have lost their empathy for others': Health care providers angry, bitter about vaccine hesit

Editorial: Transportation spending now will save money later

Woman prosecuted for miscarriage highlights racial disparity in similar cases

Cartoons 11/7/2021

Everett considers fees on new construction to fund parks, trails

Dividing the Democratic Party Would be Suicidal.

83% of Mukilteo voters don't want 'high-density' housing

It was all GOP judges who put Biden's vaccine mandate on hold.

Who should the Democrats in VA nominate in the 2025 Governors Race?


Rudy Giuliani press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping almost sunk a business

Liz Cheney to Fox News: 'Un-American' to Call Jan. 6 a 'False Flag'

My 9 year old granddaughter is getting her first Covid shot today

Cowards, not crazies, are destroying America

Aaron Rodgers Worries COVID Vaccine May Cause Infertility

Floriduh Judge's order bars court mask, distancing requirements

It's Easier to Get Into Mexico Than Costco Jimmy O. Yang

Humans gave leprosy to armadillos - now they are giving it back to us

Trump Republican's Horrific Violent History EXPOSED - Rebel HQ

Terence 'Astro' Wilson, of British reggae band UB40, dead at age 64

After Sheldon Adelson's death Republicans are groveling in front of his widow.

NJ Gov: Dem now leads by bigger margin in NJ than Rs in VA

Ted Cruz Blasts Big Bird

After Tuesday's election Bloomington will now have a mayor

My little panther is napping

Sleepy Donnie

'Extraordinarily rare': intact 1,200-year-old canoe recovered from Wisconsin lake

Wooden bird bought for 75 revealed to be Anne Boleyn's - and is now worth 200,000

TFG Cashed In On Jan. 6 Riot Furor, Records Show

Does anyone have a plan for combatting this?

Which Side Are You On? Almanac Singers, Pete Seeger

Newsmax to require employees to be vaccinated

Is it too much for the media to ask any Republican what policy they're for?

Kyler Murray & Deandre Hopkins out vs 49ers

funny tweet from Matt Oswalt

Glenn Youngkin condemns report his son twice tried to vote in Virginia

I don't know who Brandon is, but

Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Reality Check: 'Commie' Infrastructure Funds Built Highways

Critical Republican Murderer Theory

You did this to Josh Hawley

Insiders Claim Trump Organization Engaged In Insurance Fraud

Videos show Travis Scott's Astroworld concert continued despite desperate pleas for help from crowd

The Republicans destroyed Rural America. Their NO vote on BIF is the proof of that

Ladies Of The Canyon, Joni Mitchell

Seattle TV pioneer 'Wunda Wunda' dies at 101

10 Republicans that took part in the insurrection on 1/6

Ravens-Vikings game is tied at 24-24 in the fourth quarter -

FAA To Take Regulatory Action Over 5G Altimeter Interference

"I got the COVID-19 vaccine today! My wing is feeling a little sore, but it'll give my body an extra

Melania Trump, accompanied by escort, receiving the 2021 'Spirit of Lincoln Award' from the Log Cabi

Jaguars Josh Allen sacked and intercepted a pass from Josh Allen QB Buffalo

The latest polls from Suffolk & Emerson are awful.

what do you think of this premise re: Durham and Garland and Mueller?

Is the GQP going to boycott Star Wars next?

Laramie WY student arrested for mask violation sues

Up against the wall, redneck mother!

Was that the ambulance carrying madinmaryland to the ER I just heard?

Day after Cleveland releases Odell Beckham ...

'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrae

The incessant "We're going to lose" "if the election were held today" threads are trolling...

What's for Dinner, Sun., Nov. 7, 2021

I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys

Does anyone have a list of ReTHUGs who went to Russia for July 4

Shifting from oil/gas/coal to electric

LIVE: kittenwatch at TinyKittens

Today I Learned that there is an⚡ electric eel⚡ on Twitter. A conversation

Do your research!

Gemma Chan for Vogue Singapore.

California middle school removes teacher who told her students that Trump is still president

'Early' sunset, actually 16:26, or 4:26. and FINAL, @ 5:01.

Sanders holds essay contest for Vermont high school students

I feel so broken...

Exiting a parking lot this afternoon, I wound up next to a "lifted" pickup to my left as we waited

Dec. Cozy Mystery List

Host raked over the coals for letting Matt Schlapp lie about the 2020 election

Former Coworker Murdered Yesterday - Edited

100 Proof Aged In Soul - Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed...Extended Version!

Normalization of camaflouge gear?

Sun's down.

"You People Want Everything For Free": Black McDonald's Worker Allegedly Told--And Company Fires Her

A friend noticed 3 good headlines in WaPo one day: 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill approved;

Baby born with a tail

Great thread from Howard Forman-we don't always vaccinate children JUST to protect the child

What time is "Trumping Democracy" on tonight?

The Milky Way viewed along the Oregon coast

Willman-Bell is dead. Long live Willman-Bell !

Get Together: Joni Mitchell, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Be mad at him. Curse his duplicity...

I had my annual physical last week.

Turns out that the woke mob coming to cancel Aaron Rodgers is *checks notes* Terry Bradshaw

Empowered Realtree Huntress Exacts Revenge!

Suzanne takes you down:Leonard Cohen's Muse Suzanne Verdal

slow down people! life is short

Biden's first year was always going to be tough

Let's talk about what's in the infrastructure package and the squad's vote...

Ween - Cornbread Red - 2021-10-01 Las Vegas NV Brooklyn Bowl

Chemo Scar Was Edited Out Of Yearbook Photos Without Her Consent