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Manhattan DA convenes new grand jury in Trump Org. case to weigh potential charges

Ron DeSantis Caves To Trump And Announces New Florida Election Police - Ring of Fire

1933 Nazi Book Burning Redux

The Daily Show: Rep. Katie Porter - How Companies Use Bankruptcy to Avoid Liability

AZ is Number 1.

How low can they go? It seems to be a bottomless pit.

China's fresh moon rocks are younger than the Apollo samples and no one knows why

The Daily Show: Johnson & Johnson Is in Some Big Legal and Financial Trouble

Solar storm brings the Northern Lights to the northern US

Colombia to ban "anti-vaxxers" from public venues

CNN- Youth Climate Activists calls out World Leaders

In the coming second American Civil War, which side are you on?

The Supporters - Full Movie (MeidasTouch)

Jeopardy SPOILER 11/04

Happy Diwali!

Farrokh Bulsara must be turning over in his grave.

Congressional Black Caucus welcomes it's newest member - Shontel Brown!!

☮️ Peace on its day off...just taking a walk 😁

it's been almost a year...

So, The Raiders QB Says Ruggs "Needs People To Love Him Right Now"

Justice Dept. Sues Texas Over Voting Restrictions

After reading the same misinformation 30x today... Rittenhouse's mom did NOT

King Tides Will Gain Extra Force From Storm; Coastal GA, SC, FL Will See Flooding Through Weekend

Shortage of herbicides - hopefully more farmers will go organic

We have a serious problem

Progressives declare victory in spending bill fight

Sen. Mazie Hirono Says Everyone Benefits From Voter Protection Laws - MSNBC

The Supporters

Playing with food #2, peppers galore:

Bruce Harrell wins mayoral race, as Gonzalez concedes following latest vote tally

This evening's sky.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread

Biden Vaccine Mandate comes in the form of an emergency temporary standard from OSHA

At least Rolovich was honest; not so with Packers' Rodgers

Just heard on Rachel that the ReTHUG loser in NJ is not conceding

Cancn tourists rush to shelter as armed gang storms beach at luxury hotel

Don't Count on Leaving Your Family Death Benefits if You're Unvaccinated

Shontel Brown's "official" swearing-in photographs, and nice comments from Whip Clyburn...

Chris Hayes: How Democracy Is Threatened If Every GOP Election Loss Is 'Rigged' - All In - MSNBC

'Egregiously incorrect': Fauci rebuts Paul in another tense exchange on pandemic origins

Ignoring Trump worked for Youngkin. It won't work for the GOP in 2024.

NRA gave ReTHUGs 35M in illegal donations -Updated with link, snip

GOP Senator Rand Paul's religious litmus test for public service should alarm us all

I'm loving all these Shontel Brown photographs/tweets from her first day in Congress! The latest:

Parrot Slowly Accepts His New Puppy Brother -- Cute odd couple!

Remembering the dead: Dia de los Muertos celebration returns to historic California town

Global Food Prices Are Getting Closer to a Record High

Concert in Central Park - "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"

Rowdy cat has a new puppy friend - Worse than toddlers!

Jurassic Park but with a Cat

Lindsey Graham OUTED By Mind-Blowing Insurrection Details

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 15 debuts Dec. 1

In School Board Races, Opposing Critical Race Theory Wasn't A Knockout Winner

Hilarious 2-min cat and a box cartoon. Well worth viewing (28 million views)

Rachel just said the votes will happen in the House tomorrow.

Seth Meyers - Pelosi Optimistic About Biden's Trillion-Dollar Agenda - Monologue 11/3/21

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven Live

Who is Joe Manchin representing?

Eric Boehlert: Virginia lesson for Democrats: The media are not your friend

403 forbidden 😐

Students expelled for the year over video mocking death of George Floyd

Labor Sec. Marty Walsh On New Vax-Or-Test Guidelines: 'It Is A Choice' - All In - MSNBC

Republican elected Seattle City Attorney

Danish studio Tegnestuen Lokal has transformed an apartment block in Copenhagen, by replacing its

Tiger King's Joe Exotic asks for release from jail after cancer diagnosis

I saw a pic today of the three men in the Ahmaud Arbbery trial

New book shows how disinformation, mistrust worsened pandemic in the U.S. - PBS NewsHour

The Democratic Turnout Myth Unravels

LA 'jetpack man' was probably a balloon

The far right's secret weapon

James Carville is exactly right.

Stephanie Ruhle calls out this lying Republican on child credit. Democrats must jump on this bigly!

When a live performance makes the studio version seem kind of dull and lackluster...

Microsoft warns Windows 11 features are failing due to its expired certificate

"It's Better Than Covid," Says 7-Year-Old After Getting Vaxxed - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Jacob Wohl: Jews should assimilate at put up Christmas lights

The filibuster...can the Dems swing it...

Book on the Operation to Save Evo's Life Presented in Argentina

Tim Eyeman defaults on court-ordered payments.

American tourists shelter during deadly shootout near Cancun resorts

NBA launches investigation into Phoenix Suns owner after explosive ESPN report

Friday's digit: 8/10 - A little brisk, with midday breezes, but it's super sunny

manchin's delay strategy gets a big boost as the senate takes a 10 day vacation

TCM Schedule for Friday, November 5, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Columbia Musical Gems

Randi Weingarten's perfect response to Tom Cotton's homophobic statements

The most hated SNL host voted by the cast of all time

*Midnight, HBO

House Expected to Vote on Biden Infrastructure Bills

Mitch McConnell is blocking the voting rights bill because he knows Republicans CANNOT win

Dog receives COVID vaccine waiver as TV station investigates Tennessee doctor's website

Colin in Black and White on Netflix

Bolivian journalists abducted, assaulted by armed men while covering land dispute

"Don't choose extinction."

FBI to weigh prosecuting 37 unruly passengers amid uptick of incidents on planes

Former spy Christopher Steele warns that 'Russian hostility is growing'

Seth Meyers - Democrats Win in New Jersey; QAnon Supporters Await JFK Jr's Return: A Closer Look

Bolivia Denounces Dismantling of Public Media During Coup Gov't

So you can face 20 years in prison for disrupting an airline flight

Happy Diwali to all at DU!

Southwest accused of 'racist assumption' after suspecting mix-race family of human trafficking

Strzok Calls Out Durham's Russia Scandal Investigation For Pushing Pro-Trump Narrative - Rachel Maddow

Is there any news on Jen Psaki?

top 100 albums january 30, 1965 in the usa according to record world mag

Elie Mystal tweet: 'Whitest fucking headline possible.'


☦ Orthodox Christianity

Aaron Rodgers Has COVID, Trump Has Expensive Wrapping Paper & DeSantis Has Another Terrible Idea!

PoliticsGirl calls out the MSM

Son tells mom he's gay, she reacts in the best way!

Rep. Adam Schiff: Trump Lawyers 'Trying To Put On A Show" In Jan. 6 Exec. Privilege Case - The Last Word

The man who took Cleo - the missing Australian girl who was.found safe

Friday Morning Weekend Vibes - Bossa Nova & Autumn Jazz Streaming

pete yorn w/liz phair - here comes your man (studio - 2018) excellent pixies cover!

Bolivia: fate of 11-year-old girl raped by family member sparks abortion debate

This tribe helped the Pilgrims survive for their first Thanksgiving. They still regret it 400 years

You know nothin' Jon Snow.

Steve (Schmidt)

Just checked my email and seems John Cornyn got my address...

iowa has covid positive deer. oh great. (or maybe i should say: oh deer)

Herbalist's murder highlights assault on Mayan spirituality in Guatemala

Energy Company Files Lawsuit Over Maine Referendum That Blocks Mass. Hydropower Transmission Project

Pa. voting official alleges Trump and Giuliani election claims led to his 2 heart attacks

Lead pastor at Virginia Beach's Rock Church steps down after being charged with soliciting sex with

Biden administration sues Texas over voting restrictions

Rep. Katie Porter Details Her Call From President Biden - The Last Word - MSNBC

Texas homeowner fatally shoots man with medical condition who wandered onto porch in middle of night

'Indigenous people have the knowledge': Conservation biologist Erika Cullar on restoring the planet

Arizona won't stop using COVID money for anti-mask grants

'My thought of modern art is Leroy Neiman.' L+O

Wu Raises Concerns About Mass. And Cass Evictions Process, But Makes No Policy Promises

Indonesia signals about-face on COP26 deforestation pledge

Lawsuit Alleges Trump, GOP Senators Took Illegal Campaign Contributions From NRA - The Last Word

Gabby Giffords Group Takes NRA To Court Over Millions In Donations To Republicans - Rachel Maddow

Workers digging gas pipes in Peru find 2,000-year-old gravesite

Parents of 270 children separated at border still not found

L.A. sheriff's deputies use minor stops to search bicyclists, with Latinos hit hardest

Durham Spins Trumpian Tale With Russia Scandal Investigation Indictments - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Honduras presidential candidate arrested on murder, drug-trafficking charges

Canned Heat, Jamiroquai

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/4/21

Breakfast Friday 5 November 2021

As negotiations on Democrats' social spending bill draw to a close, they tackle a final thorny issue

New York Mayor-elect Adams says he will take his first three paychecks in bitcoin

Joe Manchin blockaded in his car by climate protesters who claim he tried to run them over

It is coming ; Fascism

'Kids feel like school is a safe place and that has been taken away.' Boston school shaken by attack

Federal Judge Chutkan Destroys Arguments by Donald Tump's Lawyer on Executive Privilege. - Kirschner

Homeless in RI: If we leave 600 people out there, people will die...

Governor McKee pledges $5M to shelter the homeless this winter

Festival de Barriletes Gigantes or Day of the Dead Kite Festival 2021

SF police sargeant arrested... demanded painkillers at Rite Aid

A CNY man was wanted for shoplifting hygiene products. A stranger got him out of trouble

Illegal Immigrant Payoff Prohibition Act of 2021 November 4, 2021 Press Release WASHINGTON, D.C.

Oxford Scientists Find High-Risk Gene That Doubles Risk of Lung Failure & Death From Covid

Street art:

Watch how the cat watches the cute hopping goatlet:

Interesting interaction with Madoc, last night

China LGBT rights group shuts down amid hostile environment

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been fined $48,000 for not wearing a mask on House floor,

Martinelli's sales were plummeting then a TikTok video revived the company

Iran says has enriched over 210 kilograms of uranium to 20%

Colorado Gun Shop Owner Killed Wife, 2 Children Before Taking His Own Life

Suspected Islamic extremists kill 69 people in western Niger

Biden's Schedule for Friday, November 5, 2021


Question about DOJ strategy regarding Jan 6th insurrection

U.S. cancels multimillion-dollar deal with covid vaccine maker whose plant ruined Johnson & Johnson

New York City cuts vaccine mandate deal with four unions

DOJ suing TX over voter suppression

Friday TOONs - The Card Player

Virginia Attorney General-elect Miyares plans to investigate school assault cases in Loudoun

Whatever you do, Don't read the lead editorial

Gram Parsons was born on this date.

US Navy sacks commanding officers of crashed submarine

New COVID-19 pill cut hospital, death risk by 90%

Nurses union: Hiring replacements 'a slap in the face' to state-employed nurses

A peaceful moment for you today

The origin of Super Heroes: The Rocketeer

Records show 60+ people have died in East Tennessee jails since 2016

31 Years Ago Today - The Last Wheezing Gasp Of Republican "Fiscal Responsibility"

Understand the Claim of Executive Privilege in the Jan. 6. Inquiry

Better than defunding the police.

Labor secretary to states suing over Biden employer vaccine mandate: Read the rules

S.F. police sergeant arrested in Rite-Aid robbery

Remember, remember the 5th of November

Russia's COP-26 Team Wants Carbon Credits For Its Burning Forests: "Unproven, At Worst Unrealistic"

'It ought to be better:' Outcry over sex assaults culminates in Liberty University ...

Lawsuit alleges Hawley received nearly $1 million in illegal campaign funds from the NRA

Greg Abbott leads Beto O'Rourke by 9 percentage points in hypothetical matchup, UT/TT Poll finds

Sydney Man, 73, Announces Plan To Phase Out Drinking Beer By 2050 To Improve His Health

Look what just happened with Madoc and Gryff! (It's GREAT)

Morrison Puts Fossil Fuel Company Branding, CCS Bullshit Front And Center In Glasgow


'Please, please, please': How Beshear got the Biden administration to lift bourbon tariffs.

Rep. Liz Cheney says Jan. 6 committee has conducted more than 150 interviews

Eugene Debs was born on this date.

Did Democrats make a mistake by tying the infrastructure bill together with the BBB bill?

The Rundown: November 5, 2021

NSW Environmental Offsets An "Appalling" Mess Of Double-Counting, Profiteering And Inertia

1,000 W.V. Hospital Workers Strike to "Build Back Better"

Pentagon Report: Navy 2020 Suicide Rate Lowest in Four Years


October jobs report: Payrolls grew by 531,000 as unemployment rate fell to 4.6%

Military Planners Should Map Out Operations in Warming Arctic Waters, Expert Says

Richest 1% will account for 16% of total emissions by 2030

Biden economy adds 531,000 jobs in October, UE falls to 4.6%

October: 531,000 rise in Payroll employment, Unemployment at 4.6%

"History Hurts My Feelings"

Mr Sandman

Republicans are already trying to adjourn


Shitstain Still Lying Re. Climate "Hoax!" As GQP Tries To Rebrand; Hard-Right Still Dug Into Denial

Middle School Teacher Recorded Making Comments On Hunter Biden, Presidential Election And Vaccines

Even Mid-Pandemic, Brazil's GHG Emissions Rose By 9.5% YOY In 2020, Thanks To Deforestation & Fire

Baltimore loses appeal to stop Inner Harbor rally featuring Milo Yiannopoulos, Steve Bannon

CNBC just now: Private sector jobs +604,000

Kirk Douglas assaulted Natalie Wood, her sister alleges

This lie from Rep. Kevin Brady to this MSNBC host on taxes makes Trump's lies seem minuscule.

What If You Could Make Your Cat Hypoallergenic?

Momma Dog Had Her Babies In A Tiny Hole In The Ground, But Look At Her Now!

the national christmas tree goes thrugh sonora thur nov 4.

The Republican who beat the NJ Senate president on a shoestring budget turns out to be a monster

Recently, I've noticed large "Rest in Peace" messages on the rear windows of cars & trucks...

Why won't the Marine Corps release public records from Lt. Col. Scheller's court-martial?

I took the borrowed pet carrier back to the vet, this morning

Watch Live: Colin Powell's funeral held at Washington's National Cathedral

Pfizer says COVID-19 pill cut hospital, death risk by 90%

Sandie Shaw - Puppet on a string

California Tries to Close the Gap in Math, but Sets Off a Backlash

Google wants every account to use 2FA, starts auto-enrolling users

U.S. Economy Added 531,000 New Jobs In October (CNN)

Bombshell report shows Colorado Gov. Jared Polis avoided paying taxes

Rudy Giuliani challenged under oath on his election lies (CNN)

It's time to freak out about methane emissions

Playing with food #3, peppers galore:

Wow GOP in the House is trying to block the vote on the BIF

You have to show your what now?

Why the f#*k can't trump be charged for his call

Whew! The clinic goes months without a case of syphilis, then BAM! Three cases in one week!

Republican hypocrisy, example 8,319,447

Police officer arrested and accused of sexually assaulting a teen

Pfizer CEO on new pill data: I think it's a great day for humanity (CNN)

I want to talk to you about maintaining control of our majorities in Congress

Russian diplomat found dead outside Berlin embassy

The rise and fall of the Jack Daniel's committee: How D.C.'s police lodge made thousands selling..

Is Qanon a Tragedy, a Danger, or a Terrorist Group? (Thom Hartmann)

"Falling back" to Standard Time this weekend.

What would you do? (Former friend who's gone full GQP)

2021 Horse Racing - 2021 Breeders' Cup Thread

"Wall. Flower." An afternoon study.

NFL - Odell Beckham Jr being released by the Cleveland Browns

Covid Denier Found Dead Days After Video Claiming He Was Sick But It Wasn't 'Con-vid'

Well folks, here it is: The wildest sports stat of the year...

Well folks, here it is: The wildest sports stat of the year...

BTRTN: Not the End of Biden's Beginning

California counties that backed Trump suffer much higher COVID death rates than others.

BTRTN: Not the End of Biden's Beginning

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- November 5 2021

Pic Of The Moment: Don't Forget To Turn Your Clocks Back This Weekend, Folks

David Rothkopf: American politics in a nutshell:

John Harwood on CNN: 'after the very bad election results Democrats suffered Va & NJ'

Some of dis and some of dat

Florida Man + Airport + Alcohol

Cost for one vial of insulin in 1996: $21

If losing one state gubernatorial election

More Americans Now Socially Liberal Than Conservative For First Time, Poll Finds

Honest, folks----there used to be a concept called "consequences".

#ThankYouBrandon is trending

The World Will Radically Change In The Next 10 Years - Are We Prepared?

3813 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 58 cases

Playing with food #4, peppers galore:

Good Day DU (November 5, 2021)

Chris Rock: "Where's my anti-vaxxers at?" Some in the NYC crowd: *cheers*

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Paul Rodgers (live, 2006) / The Firm (1985 official video)

what is going on in the house this morning?

House republicans are whining that the vote on the Motion to Adjourn is being held up, ignoring.....

Colin Powell's memorial--I wish they'd all talk about unity.

So this weekend - I head to my maga brother's house for my dad's "Celebration of Life"

The Senate has confirmed Robert Santos as head of the Census Bureau

In praise of Facebook

The Fox News Effect

Rates vary by zip codes?

Colin Powell is a fcking war criminal and torturer of human beings ya LYING FKING MEDIA

Brexit: EU warns of 'serious consequences' if UK triggers Article 16

Brexit: EU warns of 'serious consequences' if UK triggers Article 16

These are the witnesses for the prosecution?

Macron's ex-bodyguard given jail term for assaulting protesters

In the beginning of October, I had a severe attack of sciatica

Across the Desk - S4:E16 (Stitt Fit - More Tantrums from Oklahoma's Governor)


We have to let go of the idea that investigations and disclosures...

You know you're a pariah when even Cheney comes out of his crypt

Nasalot Gives Birth to a Second Baby Bull

Economist blows a hole into deficit myth: It's like the last 30 years of history didn't happen.

Prosecutor: Arbery's killers 'did everything' on assumptions

Former Delaware Gov. Ruth Ann Minner has died

No Mr. Manchin American knew what President Biden

Is "thinking things through" a lost art?

Guy Finds A Freezing Kitten While Hiking In The Snow

Were any elections held three days ago to fill the late Hastings' seat?

One of the saddest local news stories I ever read

Yoon Seok-yeol Wins Conservative (PPP) Nomination for Presidential Candidate (ROK)

Majorie Taylor Greene Visits Capitol Rioters In Jail

U.S. Job Growth Quickens as Gain of 531,000 Outstrips Estimates

Top 10 Cities That Will Be Underwater Soon Due To Climate Change

Iran claims to have nearly doubled enriched uranium stockpile ahead of new talks

Raise your hand....

Pollster (Monmouth): 'I blew it.' Maybe it's time to get rid of election polls.

In race to provide internet from space, companies ask FCC for about 38,000 new broadband satellites

ISO guidance re permanent RV setup

On this day, November 5, 1893, Raymond Loewy was born.

$3.95 a gallon...

I love technology, but...

World food prices surge 30% in a year

Ahmaud Aubery - the fix is in

People Tied to Project Veritas Scrutinized in Theft of Diary From Biden's Daughter

Thousands of intel officers refusing vaccine risk dismissal

Democrats plead with Biden to get more assertive

Aaron Rodgers claims he's a victim of "the woke mob" and "cancel culture"

Majority of US workers to fall under vaccine mandate on Jan. 4

The Problem With Jon Stewart The Hypocrisy of Bailouts The Problem With The Economy

Beautiful Anglican service for Colin Powell

Bitcoin scam: Kroger confirms press release was faked

Public opinion is important, Senators. The people are watching.

President Biden tells centralist Democrats to "vote yes" on both of these bills right now!

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" mix. Prince, Winwood, Harrison,

LGB! 15 POINTS IN 8 GAMES! That includes a win and a shoot out loss in a west coast Back to Back...

I gave Gryff a bath, today, and lived to tell the tale.

Shoganai ! Not all MONSTER hunts go well that end well


To counteract racial politics, Congress must protect federal voting rights for all

Fed Inflation Risk Puts Summers at Odds With Krugman

U.K. Rejects EU Proposals on Northern Ireland Border as Prospect of Trade War Increases

Mayor Adams Of NYC Wants To Be Paid In Bitcoin

How Democrats can win the critical race theory war: Call out the Christian right behind the movement

Guests in the front pew at Colin Powell's funeral:

Powell's funeral

Miriam Margolyes Knew She Was Going To Be Searched Naked When She Got Arrested - Graham Norton Show

John Fugelsang tweet:

Why doesn't Jaime Harrison have a kit for parents and pols to respond to CRT

hey lounge. anyone looking for a one of a kind apartment in chicago?

Pfizer antiviral pill 89% effective in preventing hospitalization or death from COVID

Aaron Rodgers "talked to his friend"

Another John Fugelsang tweet:

Reverend Solomon Sir Jones was both a filmmaker and a minister who, between 1924 and 1928,

Paul Rudd Shows Off His Hilarious NSFW Camera Trick - Graham Norton Show

California nurse charged in death of jail inmate

So, yeah. Turns out Aaron Rodgers

On this day, November 5, 2021, there was a well attended funeral at Washington National Cathedral.

Letter: Former Trump DOJ official declines to answer Jan. 6 questions

Just got boosted! #funkycoldmoderna

Big storm developing offshore Florida that could bring top 10 coastal flood event to areas near Sava

Liz Cheney's revelation on 1/6 committee interviewing 150-plus witnesses should terrify McCarthy

Most Republicans Want America To Become Nazi Germany - Just Say It Democrats - New Rule

Texas AG Ken Paxton sues Biden administration over new COVID-19 vaccination rules for big businesses

Once in a while I screw up, last time I'm doing this (Dr. Glenn Hurst D-IA)

Emmanuel Sjourn: Attraction (short version) performed by Christoph Sietzen 7,983,074 viewsJun 10,

Active duty police in major U.S. cities appear on purported Oath Keepers rosters

As winter looms, reports of starvation in North Korea

Lucky Number .. Nicholas Brothers .. 1936

Full Nazi Baseball

Capitol Rioter whines that the court should pay him to defend himself

US figure skating coach had teenage skater removed from her home in 2020

I am now Florida Man.

Marjorie Taylor Greene & Louie Gohmert Make Complete Fools Of Themselves AGAIN - Ring of Fire

Some updates on this week's edition:

Sinema's raking in cash from MLMs. They want to kill her party's labor bill.

John Deere considers using overseas plants and US strikebreakers

No Time to Lose: Why Democrats Should Include Voting Rights In Their Build Back Better Compromise

John Deere considers using overseas plants and US strikebreakers

I Can't Run But

Leader of U.S. Catholic bishops decries social justice movements as 'pseudo-religion'

11/5/21 Gov Murphy 35,718 More votes than Shitty

Joe Bolkcom retiring after next year's session

As many as 7 moderate Democrats were not ready Friday morning to pledge their support for the BBB

Virginia Gov.-elect Youngkin's underaged son tried to vote in Tuesday's election, elections official

Bolsonaro Is A Threat to Life on Earth, Says British Activist

Jared Yates Sexton: Fascism as Capitalism's Emergency Protector

Captain White Seafood leaves SW wharf after decades

(Jewish Group) Women's Western Wall service interrupted by protesters after Netanyahu amplifies call

UN rights body holds urgent session in wake of Sudan coup

House Dems delay huge social bill, plan infrastructure vote

Giraffes are f*cking sh*t at hide and seek (Twitter)

BELFAST - Official Trailer - Only In Theaters November 12

Well, it's about f*cking time (Twitter)

17-year-old son of Glenn Youngkin tried to cast a ballot TWICE on Tuesday

republicans go nutz about port congestion and the damage it's causing. you know what would help?

Critical Race Theory - the quintessential example of right-wing tactics, perfected

They're voting again on whether to keep debating the BBB bill.

The Civil War in Ethiopia is breaking my heart

What word is spelled wrong in every dictionary?

Thank You Brandon. nt

CDG Leader "El Gero" Arrested In Cadereyta, Nuevo Len

UT professor set to digitize thousands of records from oldest psychiatric hospital in Texas

Giant, invasive spiders have taken over Georgia. Will they spread across the US?

Desperate, Deranged DeSantis Devolves Into Dumb Troll

FBI executed search warrants for Project Veritas locations in stolen Ashley Biden diary case 😳

Not so fast on the Cuomo case

Having been a LONG time fan, I will say this loud and clear

Perhaps not significant ? Fatality rate for COVID-19 in Florida is trending very slowly upwards

Cartoons 11/5/2021

Top Democrat goes viral with MUST-SEE speech - Brian Tyler Cohen

Cuomo Sex-Crime Charge May Be 'Defective,' D.A. Says

Quote of the Day

Harrop: Texas imposing a MAGA nanny state on business

Baby Gus Buttigieg is home now.

Edmonds company fined $575,000 for improper asbestos removal

EvCC president leaving to take similar post in Maryland

New Jersey Truck Driver Edward Durr's Offensive Social Media Posts Emerge

Tulalip Tribes flag to fly at Marysville schools, as mascots change

An interesting interview with Aaron Rodgers today on the Pat McAfee show.

I'm watching the Kyle rotten house trial. I'm not an attorney but this guy Sam sounds like a

Rand Paul shows his communication skills by talking through his ass

After Virginia, GOP toots the dog whistle even louder

ABBA's first album (and last ?) in 40 years is now out

CNN- Rudy Giuliani under outh on his election lies.

Haddad: Why I am running for Congressional District 15

Deer walks into a store for some cookies...

Manhattan prosecutors are looking into expensive fees Trump charges new members of his golf clubs

A hellofa Optical Illusion - Column moving???

Rupert Murdoch, world class hypocrite, demands COVID tests to go to his 90th birthday party

Climate change protesters abandon 2-week hunger strike and swarm Sen. Joe Manchin's Maserati

House Caucaus will wait for thr CBO Score also.

View the salmon migration in full swing with guided tours on Saturday

Brazil is Leading the Way

Country singer Twavis Twitt wants to infect South Carolina

Newly released FBI tapes show white supremacist members of 'The Base' plotting terror attacks

What's for Dinner, Fri., Nov 5, 2021

Anti-maskers assault a small business store owner, then calls the cops

Retiring GOP lawmaker warns Trump will try to steal the next election

Adam Schiff Confirms That Trump's Staff Are Flipping On Him

Mayor Durkan expands unlimited transit program to include Seattle middle school students

Doing Nothing - Causes Democrats to Lose (NJ Forum)

Looking to get your child vaccinated in King County? Expect a waitlist as supply will be limited

Freddy Fender

Judge Randy Jinks Dismissed After Saying George Floyd 'Got What He Deserved'

Amazing economic news this morning..500,000 plus jobs created

NY Lawmaker Introduces Leafblower Ban

Whooping cranes are making their way to the Texas coast

Judge nixes challenge to ban on Florida school mask mandates

When you love your job

Handmade Candy Making / 수제 사탕 만들기 / Korean Candy Store

Word of the day... is 'apricity' (17th century): the warmth of the sun in winter.

The Harder They Fall- Easily now in my list of all time favorite movies- Netflix

Anti-Vaxxer Nurse Who Claimed Vaccine Kills People Dies Of COVID-19

D Magazine Booted off Grocery Store Magazine Rack

CNN Now: Pelosi pushes Infrastructure vote tonight:Sources: Roughly 20 PROGRESSIVES Won't back Bill.

Al Gore speech on Climate at COP26

Al Gore speaks at COP26

Ron DeSantis is the current stupidest elected assh**e in the entire world..

FBI Raids Offices of Project Veritas

What if the UK Gunpowder Plot of 1605 had succeeded ?

The Fake Ricky Bobby Crime Spree of Rural Oregon

ABBA: 40 years later...They can still sing.

Washington Post: THE ATTACK (28 pages, this Sunday)

It is fucking hilarious that a fat, bald drunk has caused a landscaping company to rise to fame

USPS running tv ads bragging about itself. odd thing for a biz that is allegedly going broke and

Message from the future

Pelosi Discusses House Votes On 'Historic And Transformative Agenda' - MSNBC

'COP26 is a failure': Greta Thunberg says climate summit has turned into a PR event

House Select Committee Issues 20 New Subpoenas BUT We're on Day 15 of Bannon Indictment Watch

What's the deal with "Dancing Queen" at the Powell funeral?

'COP26 is a failure': Greta Thunberg says climate summit has turned into a PR event

ed case has a primary opponent for next year. good news for hawaii

Russian diplomat mysteriously falls from window in Russian Embassy in Berlin

United Airlines to indefinitely suspend flights out of Columbia starting next year

The Ocean Cleanup begins cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Tucker Carlson Is FURIOUS That Trump Isn't Sending Money To Capitol Rioters - Ring of Fire

Nicaragua's Elections and the US' 'Color Revolution'

Aaron Rodgers is unhappy with the media.

University Of Florida caves...

Scary presentation on Nicole's about gubernatorial elections in 2022

Billy Preston - Nothing From Nothing TopPop

Billy Preston - Will It Go Round In Circles

Social and Climate 1st...

Trump Legal Nightmare? New Grand Jury Tapped As DA Eyes Finances - The Beat - MSNBC

Why no mention on any news program

Happy Xmas, (War is over)?

Glenn Youngkin's Son Committed a Felony Under Virginia State Law


I'm shallow, but--doesn't Joy Reid look great in red-orange tonight? Nt

Billy Preston - My Sweet Lord (Live)

We Still Haven't Seen The 'Big Fish' Cooperate With The Jan. 6 Committee - Deadline - MSNBC

Neal Katyal: Texas Has An Outsized Hold Over The Justice Department - Deadline - MSNBC

Democrats ramp up filibuster talks after voting rights setback

Emilio Estevez Not Returning for 'The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers' Season 2 Over Vaccine Requirement

Disturbing: 2 arrested in Eugene cookie shop assault over masks

NYPD Sergeant whose union office was raided loses vacation days

Evening in southern MD

'People have free dumbs': Republicans hope to make Biden's vaccine mandate a 2024 campaign issue

Backers of Iran-linked militias try to storm Baghdad's Green Zone after election losses

Ok, hate to do this, but need some debunking help...

In 187 minutes , 4 people died, and scores were injured, some permanently....

US court convicts Chinese intelligence agent of economic espionage

Amazon to pay back nearly $60M in withheld tips to Flex drivers, FTC says

Family behind Kenosha car dealership says Kyle Rittenhouse wasn't asked to guard their property

GEO Group: Company halts work program instead of upping detainee pay

GEO Group: Company halts work program instead of upping detainee pay

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I used to like Aaron Rodgers, but!,,,,

Ahmaud Arbery murder trial: Prosecutors reveal full footage of black jogger's death