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Seattle area breaks rainfall record ahead of another atmospheric river

Jermaine Gales named new Lincoln football coach

We all understand that no matter how many times you call an apple a banana, it will not

Let's talk about Fred Gray, Alabama, and a new south....

Your plastic recyclables are getting shipped overseas

Dallas Cowboys Head coach positive

Philippines Rejects China's Demand to Remove Ship from Shoal

Video appears to show UK F-35 fighter crash after take-off

Austin Denies Oklahoma Bid for Exception to Vaccine Mandate

Ron John the clown Gets Conspiracy-Racist On Dumb Fux & Friends

Retired Racing Greyhound Becomes The Biggest Goofball

The Latest: CDC says ages 18 and up should get booster shot

The Latest: CDC says ages 18 and up should get booster shot

Land-based fish farm in Jonesport gets final state approvals

Skeptic to advocate: Man survives scary bout of COVID-19

Maine DEP suspends CMP corridor permit in another blow to controversial project

Botswana Court Legalizes Same-Sex Relations in Rare African Move

I asked for the German Chocolate Pie

Maxwell, Epstein were 'partners in crime,' prosecutor says

Cosby prosecutors urge Supreme Court to restore conviction

If there are people who believe the earth is flat in 2021, its no wonder there are people

Lyfe Jennings "Must Be Nice"

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Trump allies work to place supporters in key election posts across the country, spurring fears about

Could this latest virus variant be deadly enough to kill

CNN's Jim Acosta Goes for McCarthy's Throat About His Refusal to Rein in "FREAK SHOW CAUCUS."

Bates' latest union-busting hire has long record of being 'not neutral'

Manchin Holds Off on Committing to Moving Biden Agenda This Year

China surveillance of journalists to use 'traffic-light' system

Boosters/third shots work

Applying for a mortgage

I tried to mail a package, UPS today. Emphasis...TRIED.

CNN host Chris Cuomo used his media sources to find out info on brother Andrew's accusers, records s

Maine GOP's proposed 2022 platform targets LGBTQ, abortion, labor rights

For those who want to watch Barbados' Republic Celebrations

Maine lawmaker who flouted pandemic rules resigns after wife's COVID-19 death


Red America has seen the highest rates of cases and deaths, and the lowest rate of vaccinations

How far-right extremist groups face exposure from army of hacktivists

November 29, 1981 Natalie Woods strange death......

This is a very ordinary moon. So, why am I posting it? Well...

Disgruntled QANut Writes Open Letter To Trump

Rent control chaos: Portland ordinance causes confusion for tenants, landlords

Waterville doctor suspended for spreading COVID-19 misinformation

War of 1812-Scented Candle

"Trump looking for 'help' from state legislatures in 2024? Let me rewrite that for you."

Ulysses Grant was a smart guy...

Al Franken's grandchild, Avery: "Grandma, give grandpa a break. He can't control us."

Giant King Shepherd gets his first transformation

L.A. County Sheriff raids Marilyn Manson's home

Laurie is on MSNBC tonight

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread

Jobs report. Democrats deliver.

Trial set to begin for ex-Brooklyn Center (Minn.) officer in shooting death of Daunte Wright

A magat lunatic ran my son's fiancee off the road!

An Ask

Expressive kittehs

Arlene Dahl, who shone in films of the 1950s, dies at 96

Is Trump guilty of infanticide?

Trump's Post-White House Grift - Deadline - MSNBC

Can we all coalesce and fight together to win seats next year?

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells Full Album

Jan. 6 Committee Considers More Contempt Votes This Week - Deadline - MSNBC

'Profanity, jeering': UNH president seeks apology from students protesting sex assault

Dystopian New Surveillance System Will Scan Faces of Journalists in China

School enrollment decline persists despite return to classrooms

'We Need To Change Our Definition Of Success' About Covid Says Dr. Gupta - Deadline - MSNBC

What's on TCM tomorrow:

'Defeated' Mike Lindell Ends 96-hour TV Marathon After Failing to Gain Support

''Rocco, put your tail down": Cat interrupts virtual UK parliamentary meeting

Phoenix House to close all Vermont locations; sell Dublin facility

New COVID Strain Omicron: What You Need To Know - The Beat - MSNBC

North Texas man charged with assaulting cops during Capitol insurrection is running for Texas House

Trombone Shorty, a thread

*Laurie Garrett on MSNBC now.

'Afraid': Trump Allies Dodge Jan. 6 Committee, Face Jail Time - The Beat - MSNBC

Tweet of the Night (fake story) :

MI-GOV: Republican candidate receive corporate board seat just before announcing campaign.

University of New Hampshire: Venom of cone snail could lead to diabetes treatments

Tiny, super cute puppy:

Can we come in? It's snowy out here!

Mothers deal with so much:

What does it mean to be a five fingered being? Navajo traditional teachings.

Bedtime story:

LSU set to hire Notre Dame's Brian Kelly as next head football coach, sources say

Doctors Tackle Your Thorny Omicron Questions - The Mehdi Hasan Show

As cases surge, hospitals pause elective surgeries

Tuesday Digit: 5/10 - Bit better than Monday with less wind and slight warming trend

Don't Confuse the Two


Anyone here still have a 3G cell phone?

Phil Saviano, advocate for survivors of sexual abuse by Catholic priests, dies at 69

The Daily Show - The Omicron Variant: What It Is & Why the African Travel Ban Is BS

Jimmy Kimmel Roasts His Hair on Thanksgiving & Right Wingnuts Blame Omicron Variant on Democrats

Moonshine and Politics

A sad image for the night, one that further perverts a holiday.

Dr. Oz is expected to join Pa.'s U.S. Senate race

eBay allows listings with the 53 cent postcard rate

This Photo Is Ironic In a Sad Way


I am not sure about blocking flight from S. Africa and other omicron states.

Oklahoma National Guard soldiers are roadkill for Gov. Kevin Stitt's political career: Rachel Maddow

Oklahoma National Guard must comply: Pentagon

What's with the wingnut obsession with BUTTIGIEG? - Dana LOESCH & others in a Gay-shaming fad

Dr. Fauci Responds To GOP Rep. Jackson Calling Omicron The 'Midterm Election Variant' - The ReidOut

Raphael Saadiq - Movin' Down the Line

Gun nut slips and calls it Paws Off My Gun (which is what it is )

70 infected, two dead from COVID-19 at Bennington nursing facility

Covid cases dropping in US?

Lauren Boebert Slammed For Spewing Anti-Muslim Bigotry About Ilhan Omar - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Dr. Gottlieb says vaccine makers think 3 shots will protect us

NY-3cd US Representative Tom Suozzi-D has announced his candidacy for Governor.

700,000 Paraguayans At Risk Of Being Evicted By The Abdo Regime

Reporter Captured For Trying To Expose Secret Migrant Prisons Speaks Out - MSNBC

Hank Mobley "Soul Station"

Community remembers fallen Lakewood police officers 12 years later

SCOTUS To Hear Mississippi Abortion Ban Case - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Debbie Dingell's office vandalized, John's memorabilia damaged.

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win by a landslide to narrow margin.

This is the same WH hallway...

'Where's My Stuff?': Ali Velshi Explains The Reality Of Our Supply Chain Issues - MSNBC

'Makes no sense': Lemon reacts to Trump White House doctor's tweet

Bek Ji Young acoustic version "Don't forget me"

Jan. 6 Committee To Consider Criminal Contempt Referral For Ex-DOJ Official - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Tweet of the early morning:

'We Have The Tools To Handle This': Health Officials Brace For Omicron Variant - Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Red States See Highest Rates of Covid Deaths

Woman detained after getting onto tarmac at LAX

Infighting Among QAnon Luminaries Roils Delusional Movement - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

OK National Guard Members Have Most To Lose In Governor's Stand-Off With Pentagon - Rachel Maddow

March 20, 1939: Germany makes an ultimatum to Lithuania about the Klaipėda Region

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/29/21

Stephen Colbert: Director/Producer Peter Jackson On Beatles Documentary "Get Back" (Continued)

Will Jenni Thomas and her SCOTUS husband be called in before the House Jan 6 committee?

'I'm amazed at how GENTLE LAPD is with this white girl that ran on the tarmac at LAX

UK: Labour deputy Angela Rayner tells of fears over death threats

1 dead After massive Oak Tree, Estimated at 100K Pounds, Falls on Encino Home. neighbor had concerns

As China menaces Taiwan, the island's friends aid its secretive submarine project

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley calls on Joe Biden to cancel student loans, payments set to resume Feb

Father held after 4 California children, grandmother slain

Iran makes maximalist demands as Vienna nuclear talks open

Atlanta mayoral runoff: Moore hopes to stave off Dickens

A fellow who had just purchased a thesaurus

Both Sides Do It - Except When They Don't

No answers yet on unemployment insurance trust fund

Mount Everett students wear tank tops for their yearbook photos. The school says no, pointing to

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A Third Trump Golf Course Appears To Be Violating Law By Using The Presidential Seal

Markets jolted as Moderna says COVID shots weaker against Omicron

Iraqi jihadist handed life sentence for Yazidi genocide

Pizza delivery man dies when customer's porch collapses

14-Year-Old Boy Shot Nearly 20 Times, Killed While Waiting For SEPTA Bus In North Philadelphia

Temple University Student Samuel Sean Collington Killed In Off-Campus Shooting In North Philadelphia

Guardian+: Jill Biden decks the White House halls for Christmas - in pictures

Breaking more than par and breaking many enormous barriers.

When an "apology" isn't an apology

A former Providence public school principal was caught working in a Washington, D.C. school at the

A former Providence public school principal was caught working in a Washington, D.C. school at the

Bare Trees

Tuesday TOONs - Tastes Like Chicken

Breakfast Tuesday 30 November 2021

Lobsters, Crabs and Octopuses Will Now Receive Welfare Protection as 'Sentient Beings' in the U.K. T

A handmade blanket by Lizzy Dargie offers no warmth, no comfort

Saving Culture: Meet the man preserving Russia's forgotten voices from a century ago

Bison in Canada Discover Ancient Petroglyphs, Fulfilling an Indigenous Prophecy

Walmart said she shoplifted; jury awards her $2.1 million

Please re-educate Bozo.

When Benjamin Franklin Shocked Himself While Attempting to Electrocute a Turkey

I saw on the internet that many items sold on Black Friday are

Today in history; The First Beer Purity Law

Hours ahead of 1/6 Attack-Trump made several calls from WH to top lieutenants at Willard Hotel

So, take bleach enemas off of your list of Covid-19 treatments

Here's what we know about the plan to fix Eleanor Slater Hospital

Lara Logan Says 'People' Tell Her That Fauci Is Just Like Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele

WARNING: GRAPHIC: Share this with anyone you know who isn't vaccinated

Tim Hortons is dead to me! Dead I tell you!

Oklahoma City Sports Radio Host Terminated After Racist Comments from 2016 Off-Air Conversation Get

"Wellington Paranormal" on HBO Max

Particularly interesting morning sky, after last night's snow

Joe Scarborough Refutes Lauren Boebert Claim She's a 'Strong Christian Woman'

An activist investor has called on Glencore to sell its thermal-coal business, ...



Blast Leaves Behind Mysterious Crater On Fox Island

Biden vs. trump...

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 11/24/21

Soliciting Multiversity: DC's Top 10 For February 2021

Zestworld, a New Subscription-Based Comics Platform, to Launch in 2022

The Rundown: November 30, 2021The Rundown: November 30, 2021

Should 'Baby It's Cold Outside' be banned?

If seditionist attempts to overthrow the duly elected President-elect of the United States

A peaceful moment for you today

Donald Trump Jr., World-Renowned Moron, Urges Vaccine Protests as Omicron Poses "Very High Risk"

You raised $100.00 on November 29, 2021 (kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund)

Awake earlier than usual due to time and $ related call from daughter,

About those smash and grabs...

Mother's Little Helper

Provo man goes viral on TikTok for cleaning graffiti off National Forest sign

Lee Elder, first Black golfer to play in Masters, dies at age 87

Space junk forces spacewalk delay, too risky for astronauts

Josephine Baker Appreciation Thread

For Clarence Thomas, decades-long critic of Roe v. Wade, Mississippi abortion case a moment long ...

Even on U.S. Campuses, China Cracks Down on Students Who Speak Out

Trump Had No Intelligence Briefings After January 6

The life and tragic death of John Eyers - a fitness fanatic who refused the vaccine

I think this is true.

When I was at Aldi, this morning, 3 out of the 4 cars where I parked were Saturns

N95 Tips

Hastings RNLI lifeboat crew 'blocked from going out to sea' by people angry at them rescuing refugee

Editorial Calls For Investigation Of Cruz And Hawley

I feel so old.

Migraine medicine

Robert Nighthawk was born on this date.

Brownie McGhee was born on this date.

Make a hole for the working dog

Texas man who got $1.6 M in PPP loans, bought Lamborghini is sentenced to 9 years

Finally got to see my brother, who lives the other side of Austin ...

Omicron may cause milder symptoms. But experts aren't breathing easy yet.

Home price growth in the US slows down in September

Dell family foundation gives $38 million to 3 organizations to end homelessness

Cuddly cow:

Walmart said she shoplifted; jury awards her $2.1 million

MSNBC David Frum on Why Trump-Russia Wasn't A Hoax

New antiviral drugs are coming for COVID. Here's what you need to know

The pandemic continues to be unkind to the Virginia Railway Express commuter system as ridership ...

Christmas tree shortage? What Christmas tree shortage?

Defense secretary Lloyd Austin says Oklahoma National Guard members must get vaccinated

Lewis Black The Rant Is Due Best of Hanukkah

She knows what she wants...

Does MSNBC Claim to Be A Hardcore Progressive News Outlet?

Kellogg talks to resume Tuesday as union strike nears 8 weeks

Bob Marley - 'Is This Love'

The GOP doesn't care about the suffering it causes -- even among its own base

Should the US discontinue the humble copper penny? Here's some info...

Greece makes vaccines mandatory for people 60 or older, with fines for not complying.

Virginia Governor-elect Youngkin inheriting massive rail projects

Governor-elect Youngkin inheriting massive rail projects

2971 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 77 deaths

Baby Donkey Loves Snuggling On Couch With Dad

Amazing pics

Pic Of The Moment: Another Fine Republican Candidate

Good Day DU (November 30, 2021)

One Happy Puppy

This is what good government looks like...

Hundreds of People Queued Up to Be Injected With an Illegal 'Homemade' Vaccine

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- November 30 2021

"Hopeful Tone" of Washington DC talks cited by Japanese American Review of NYC, November 29, 1941

FedEx driver dumped packages in ravine at least 6 times

How to remove pieces of old, hard rubber bands from other things?

Representative Lauren Underwood is getting another bill signed into law today!

Living on the edge comes with a price:

I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that some of you are saying that

Never forget that the model for the cruelty meted out to slaves

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry's (R-NE) attorneys accuse feds of bias and withholding information

Kshama Sawant recall election is a high-stakes moment for Seattle

Concern expressed after boy left all day on a Tri County school bus

The future of photography?

I'm expecting the court to tell the Slobfather to

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Stray Kitten Approaches a Man And Insists On Adoption Nov Recs

John Fugelsang tweet:

Another John Fugelsang tweet:

Man will spend one day in jail for museum heists

*PSA* At home package delivery theft issue.

Study suggests Sun is likely an unaccounted source of the Earth's water

ON THIS DAY: In 1993, President Bill Clinton signed the Brady Bill, which required a five-day waitin

U.S. consumer confidence sinks to 9-month low on inflation and Covid worries

Josephine Baker Pantheonization live from Paris

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Chicago PMI slumps in November to lowest reading in nine months

Anti-Defamation League and Auschwitz Museum condemn Fox host for comparing Fauci to Nazi

I have found it: The meanest-possible question you could ask a politician.

Canada: Unvaccinated travellers barred from planes and trains as of today

A Frustrated Eric Swalwell Erupts On Those Who Won't Get Vaccinated

Marje goes after Mace: . @NancyMace is the trash in the GOP Conference .


Exclusive: Meadows reaches deal for initial cooperation with January 6 investigators

RIP Robert Farris Thompson, renowned historian of African and Afro-Atlantic art

Pfizer expected to seek COVID-19 booster shot authorization for 16, 17-year-olds

Exclusive: Meadows reaches deal for initial cooperation with January 6 investigators

Florida redistricting gets messy and partisan

It would be nice if the Jan 6 investigation would conclude soon

Walmart CEO says Biden supply chain push is easing bottlenecks

"A Moment of Hope": Xiomara Castro's Likely Win in Honduras Ends Years of Right-Wing Rule After Coup

The omicron variant was in Europe a week before South Africa reported it

World's first living robots can now reproduce, scientists say

67% of Texas Republicans don't wear masks in public. 86% of Texas Democrats DO wear masks

School of Chocolate on Netflix. Must see.

You Narc, you!

Mark Meadows caves to the Jan. 6th committee's subpoena in order to avoid criminal contempt

One of my wife's cousins is attempting to organize a cousins' gathering.

I think the acceptance process is complete - Gryff rolled over and showed me his belly

I am so sick of all these website cookies.

School of Chocolate on Netflix. Must see.

Climate Scientists on the Most Shocking Thing They've Seen

Outraged residents raise money to support Pa. library denied county funds for hosting LGBTQ support

Outraged residents raise money to support Pa. library denied county funds for hosting LGBTQ support

Defense secretary warns Oklahoma's GOP governor that troops who don't get COVID-19 vaccine are putti

Mark Meadows Sabotages Kevin McCarthy In His Own Hometown

The collaboration I never knew I needed....

Patriots. NOT.

Judges grill Trump lawyers trying to block Jan. 6 probe from getting White House records

Porter Airlines (Canada) to require passenger proof of vaccination

Oil prices drop, eye steepest monthly decline since the start of the pandemic

A SWAT Team Blew Up This Innocent Woman's House and Cost Her Over $50,000. The City Tried To Stop He

Dr. Oz intends to run for Senate in Pennsylvania

Is Mark Meadows the First of Many to Come?

If You're a Commuter, You Might Want to Avoid the Supreme Court on December 1

Appeals court meeting Today over Trump documents

If You're a Commuter, You Might Want to Avoid the Supreme Court on December 1

Texas man sentenced to 9 years in prison for PPP scheme

House members descend into a Twitter brouhaha after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene rips Rep. Nancy Mace

Police track down family of nameless boy days after he was found alone on Baltimore street

Police track down family of nameless boy days after he was found alone on Baltimore street

Senate GOP blocks defense bill, throwing it into limbo

Maine Legislator Who Fought Mask Rules Resigns After Wife's Death From COVID

Anti-Abortion Sky Ad

Man accused of using COVID relief funds to buy Lamborghini sentenced to nine years

Get Back

Omicron variant cases in South Africa mostly among unvaccinated

FedEx driver questioned about hundreds of packages in woods

Sad news - Bart the Bear dead at 21

Biden signs four bills aimed at helping veterans

A day in the Life of Sue Republican

Rural Nebraska county parties vote to censure Sen. Fischer (R) for backing infrastructure bill

Mission Impossible clip and the long version of the the to solidify the Ear Worm

The Arctic could get more rain and less snow sooner than projected. Here's why that matters.

Putin warns West: Moscow has 'red line' about Ukraine, NATO

NEW: Another video shows Lauren Boebert suggesting Ilhan Omar was a terrorist at an event in Sept.

Kyle Rittenhouse no longer "enrolled" at ASU.

Maryland Catholic priest: vaccine mandates go against Jesus' teachings

Deaf man is moved to tears when his neighbourhood learned sign language to talk to him!

Maryland Catholic priest: vaccine mandates go against Jesus' teachings

Republican congressman who voted against infrastructure funding takes credit for it.

Trump's coverup of his Jan. 6 corruption takes an ominous new turn

A guy was caught stealing $950 in stuff from Walgreens. It led to 309 news stories.

In hindsight Hillary Clinton was way too mild

The Big Cheat

Are congress members exempt from EEOC laws?

Baltimore County Exec Olszewski calls homicide increase 'tragic milestone'

It Was Start The Steal - Not Stop The Steal

Not reposting it, but...

TFG (Mr. Jan. 6) Decries 'Smash and Grab' Robberies

Republican Congresswoman Busted Trashing Vaccines On Fox Then Praising Them On CNN

Elon Musk reportedly warned that SpaceX faces the 'risk of bankruptcy' from lack of Starship engine

Anti-Vax Televangelist Marcus Lamb dies of Covid 19 at the age of 64

Cartoons 11/30/2021

In bid to block Biden's $1.7T bill, conservatives praise Democrat Manchin at home

Canada's Tar Sands: Destruction So Vast and Deep It Challenges the Existence of Land and People

Job-seekers today are choosy, forcing employers to adapt

 creates Corten tourist route around ruins of Czech Republic castle

White House Considering Richard Cordray as Top Fed Banking Regulator

House Republican comes out and says it: Forcing tax cheats to pay up would 'cost' them billions

Sweeping plan to rezone Tacoma residential areas faces council vote Tuesday

What the Omicron Variant Means for Travel Restrictions and Bans

Black Friday Brought Shoppers Back to Stores

Detroit area High School shooting: 4-6 victims, suspected shooter in custody

In shadow of Texas gas drilling sites, health fears escalate

Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder

Trump Never Got Another Classified Intelligence Briefing After Jan. 6

US border closures may loom amid spread of Omicron variant


The Omicron Information Vacuum

Looking for stocking stuffers this holiday?

Male survivors unite to expose sexual abuse at college football's biggest rivals

FTC orders Walmart, Amazon, Kroger and more to turn over information on empty shelves, high prices

Lin Manuel-Miranda and Broadway stars honor Stephen Sondheim

Michigan office of US Rep. Dingell broken into, vandalized

Another video shows Lauren Boebert suggesting Ilhan Omar was a terrorist

Short of physically assaulting tfg, are there really any "career enders" left for Republicans?

Google ordered to hand over union-busting strategy documents

"Bro" Seok-yeol, South Korea's conservative presidential candidate

People Think Kayleigh McEnany's Latest Attack On Joe Biden Must Be Satire

For the THIRD day in a row, there were ZERO deaths due to Covid-19 yesterday in New York City

Multiple people injured in shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan, officials say

Gov. Abbott says he can 'guarantee the lights will stay on' this winter in Texas

Gov. Abbott says he can 'guarantee the lights will stay on' this winter in Texas

As controversy over his enrollment swirls, ASU says Kyle Rittenhouse is not currently a student

Vet gave boog the chocolate menace of universe a thumbs up

Sometimes It Is About Race

Tiger Woods says he will 'never' play golf again full time

Biden signs Rep Underwood's Bill, "Protecting Moms Who Served Act"

Tweet of the Day

Elon Musk to employees: Space X at risk for Bankruptcy

Death of UNLV student ruled a homicide, investigation launched into boxing match

3 students dead following active shooter at Oxford High School in Michigan.

What's good on Hulu?

Elves - Official Trailer - Netflix

3 dead, several wounded in Michigan school shooting

Chuck Todd dropped false equivalence between Dems & Republicans? Aren't you embarrassed?

Republican Philly elections official who was target of Trump's attacks is resigning

Okay, this makes me fucking nuts

Dr. Oz announces bid for US Senate seat in Pennsylvania

We predict December in the Washington region will be warmer and drier than normal.

Can someone explain to me why gasoline companies are allowed to play games? Today, oil

Covid: Omicron variant in Netherlands earlier than thought

LEAK: QAnon Poster-Boy Calls The Group "Total Nonsense"

Jeffrey Epstein's former pilot testifies Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew flew

What's for Dinner, Tues., Nov. 30, 2021

Another video shows Lauren Boebert suggesting Ilhan Omar was terrorist

The Taliban executed scores of Afghan security forces members after surrender, HRW report alleges

Phishing Alert: email "Varication"

Why Rep. Ilhan Omar says she hung up on Rep. Lauren Boebert (CNN)

Prosecutors demanded records of Sidney Powell's fundraising groups as part of criminal probe

Mace fires back at Greene: 'Bat---- crazy'

North Texas man charged with assaulting cops during Capitol insurrection is running for Texas House

3 Dead In High School Shooting Is Not Nearly Enough To Be Lead News Story

Aaron Rodgers Claims Packers Coaches Might be Leaking His Medical Information to the Media

What's Going On - Marvin Gaye

Donald Trump Is Already Rigging 2024 Election - Rebel HQ

3 killed, 6 hurt in shooting at Michigan high school

Small children are climbing 60-foot trees to harvest your acai

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Pennsylvanians - this guy wants to be your Senator?

Dog Chases Car Asking To Be Rescued

Iraq's Sadr bloc confirmed as biggest winner of October parliamentary vote

Tweet of the Afternoon:

OK, Democratic Party; here's your leverage point

Gaggle on sandbar near sunset, & flying north along river @ sunset horizon

Iraq's Sadr bloc confirmed as biggest winner of October parliamentary vote

US Senate Elections that will keep Democrats in the majority in 2022.

Grand jury empaneled to look into funding of Kraken lawsuits.

I can't stop listening to this. Hits me so deep.

Chris Richards, WaPo: "... the Beatles are overrated. It's our fault, not theirs."

An F.D.A. panel endorses Merck's Covid pill for high-risk adults.

New Peanuts Holiday Special 12/10 Apple TV

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Wisconsin Supreme Court sides with GOP in redistricting case

Conservative Talk Show Host Count Down List Just got another tic. Marcus Lamb just made the list.

Why Can't We Just Send The Unvaccinated To Leper Colonies?

Governor Whitmer is at the press briefing about the Oxford School Shooting

Last November sunset, southern MD, includes geese flying north @ horizon

They trusted a coach with their girls and Ivy League ambitions. Now he's accused of sex abuse.

America Ventura Highway

well done to these brave smart kids

A growing number of Texas Republicans want a fourth special session to pass COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Didn't Jacob Chansley plead guilty for his involvement on January 6th?

This. Sh*t. Has. Got. To. STOP!

"Ugh, I HATE Ms. Coventina's assignments....she makes us THINK!"

Navy medical team heading to New Mexico to help with COVID

New German Chancellor: VACCINE MANDATE

President Biden was just up the road from me speaking today

Meadows has agreed to cooperate---NOT!

Does anybody besides me HATE that T-Mobile "Snowman in the freezer" TV ad?

Manchin Says Inflation, Omicron Should Give Congress 'Cause to Pause' on Biden Social Bill

Breaking: Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger was interviewed by the Jan 6 Committee

Manchin Says Inflation, Omicron Should Give Congress 'Cause to Pause' on Biden Social Bill

Loose Threads Dangle from Bizarrely Expressive Portraits Sewn by Yoon Ji Seon

Anyone know what kind of adapter is needed to convert spectrum

What is so special about frying eggs?

Pretty sure this is the premiss of every singularity warning.

There oughta be a law!!!! (Xfinity/Comcast)

A cute & funny Christmas Ad with a cat, one of my all time favorites ❤️🎄

Greece mandates COVID-19 vaccinations for residents over 60

Qatar's BeIN Sports accused of stoking homophobia after pundit's outburst

Who's Killing the Grizzlies of Fremont County?

The Daily Mail has video on the Oxford School shooter trying to lure classmates out of the classroom

Fights break out at MSP Airport, are quickly subdued

German doctor gives thousands of homemade vaccines

Our Revolution email: "Corporate Democrats are colluding with fascists"

New study finds VA was better at preventing deaths related to COVID-19

Another Sad COVID Family story.

Oxford High School shooting: student video from inside...

Mayors scramble for face time with Buttigieg with billions of infrastructure dollars at stake

Josephine Baker (1975): "Je voulais aider la France pendant la guerre."

Major League Baseball secretly used 2 different types of baseballs last season

Trump Insists 'Everybody Wants Me on Television'

Sutherland Springs victims' lawyer calls government offer 'inhumane, shocking'

Chris Cuomo suspended by CNN

Omicron Variant - The Good, Bad, and Ugly - Doctor Mike Hansen

CNN suspends Chris Cuomo indefinitely

Xenobots - what Possiblly could go wrong?! 🙄

This is a good man and we are lucky to have him. A feel good thread.

Capitol riot suspect entered Air Force basic training in San Antonio, then got the boot

German doctor administered his own homemade vaccine to 20K people

Fed signals it could yank economic support quicker as inflation sticks around

What's going on with the Jan 6 prosecutions?

Elon Musk warns SpaceX faces 'genuine risk of bankruptcy' if engine production troubles continue

If it were up to me...

Are you a COVID survivor?

Trump Supporters Are Taking Over Local Elections To Help Republicans Steal The Next One - Ring of Fire

CNN suspends Chris Cuomo for helping brother in scandal

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Christie's book has only sold

J. D. Vance: CopyCat