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Freshman state Rep. Jasmine Crockett is running for Dallas congressional seat, with Eddie Bernice

Fighting the tryptophan with loud riffs

Guam Governor signs order extending public health emergency and declaring day after Thanksgiving a

G.O.P. Cements Hold on Legislatures in Battleground States

The U. K..may run out of booze!

Happy Eagle/Thanksgiving, over river in southern MD!

Beto O'Rourke targets South Texas in bid to win back Democratic voters he'll need to beat Gov. Greg

I switched to FOX news...

Alice's Restaurant. 1969

Alice's Restaurant, by Arlo Guthrie 1969

My nephew picked up Morgan's ashes, for me.

Dallas and Las Vegas tied at 30 at the end of the 4th quarter!

TCM NOW 8:00 PM -- Houseboat (1958)

Police Under Investigation For COVERING UP Their Racism

#! favorite of WETA listeners:

#! favorite of WETA listeners:

The $5 billion hoard of metal the world wants but can't have

Someone told me today

South Africa identifies new coronavirus variant

About being more mature...(better than the "O" word) What was the first movie that you remember..

OTTAWA -- The Greens have chosen a nonbinary astrophysicist as the interim leader of their party.

Did a woman buy an original Bansky for $60 in the NYC subway?

How Ignoring The Warning Signs Brought Us The Donald Trump Disaster - Ring of Fire

Native American Tribes Are Gathering In Plymouth To Mourn On Thanksgiving

Kevin McCarthyism

Mandatory Thanksgiving Mike Malloy thread Repeat

Seth Meyers - Congressman Jim Jordan Refuses to Say if He Is Vaccinated - Monologue 11/24/21

Tony Iommi - Scent of Dark

Rep. Jackie Speier: The GOP Has Elements of a Cult - Amanpour and Company

Shine On Harvest Moon - Leon Redbone

Here is the explanation for inflation in Canada. It is output gap and commodity prices and should

***Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy!!!

Dangerous Covid variant transmitted from one hotel room to another in Hong Kong.

Czech President Zeman back in hospital, now with COVID-19

Friday's digit: 4/10 - It's another windy Friday as temperatures dip behind a front.

Bloomberg Philanthropies Is Giving Kentucky $10 Million To Battle Opioid Addiction

Top Rated Movies- Internet Movie Data Base. (votes by users of data base, not critics)

'Afghan Girl' from 1985 National Geographic cover is evacuated to Italy at age 49

Eric Trump Again Lays Claim to 'The Dumb One' By Threatening to Sue for Burner Accusation

Why Does Hanukkah Change Dates Every Year?

Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for tonight's dinner and allof you!


'We're Hiring..' Lol. Brent Terhune

'There's Still Work To Do' Says Rev. Al Sharpton On Arbery Trial Guilty Verdict - MSNBC

Oil Skids on Concerns of Rising Surplus in Q1

Australia Investigates New COVID-19 Variant Found in South Africa

"No employees showing up today. We are unable to fulfill the orders!!! We are sorry!!!"

Canada taps into strategic reserves to deal with massive shortage of maple syrup

How to combat the recent rise in antisemitic incidents in Austin

(Jewish Group) How to combat the recent rise in antisemitic incidents in Austin

I am making it a point to read one piece of encouraging California history every week

Medical officials warn holiday gatherings could lead to spike in COVID hospitalizations, deaths CBS News

Off Duty Newark Police Officer kills pedestrian, takes body home to mom

Thanksgiving Toon:

Army Cadets steal wrong goat ahead of Army-Navy game.

Cheer Up, Democrats! You've Had It Worse Than This

Crappy Christmas decorations

Two new GERMS pieces acquired today...

Been thinking...

Olaf Scholz set to succeed Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel - CBS News

Mechanized blinds - Do you have them? Do you like them?

'We Are Still Here' Native Americans Dispel Myths By Living Their Truth- Native Amer. Heritage Month

The Science Behind Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons - NBC Nightly News: Kids Edition

Was Kyle's shooting self defense?

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my beloved Loungers!

Tribal People React to Rammstein - Du Hast Live Reaction

Rammstein: Paris - Du Hast (Official Video)

I mean, WOW!

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper's First Trump Rally - Klepper Marathon

True Story on Netflix. I like it

If Mark Udall had not lost re-election in 2014, Would he and his cousin Tom run for re-election

Rainy Day Experiment


Stephen Colbert talks Cancel Culture, Dave Chappelle and the Insurrection - Offline Podcast

Bonus Tweet of the Day

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are definitely going to win without a doubt.

ER At Long Beach Hospital That Initially Closed Due To Vaccine Hesitancy To Reopen Friday Morning

GoFundMe pulls page aimed at raising $5M bail for Waukesha Christmas parade suspect

Shelter animals find homes for the holidays - CBS News

What happened in the final days of the Trump presidency? - ABC News

Play with fire, get burned; Trump is making that clear when it comes to Mitch McConnell

Thanksgiving with the Obama family

Why cultural and political divides in the U.S. seem to be getting worse - PBS NewsHour

Are we getting closer to defusing the right-terrorist movements who stormed our the Capitol on 1/6?

L.A. firefighter accused of wiping butt, leaving fecal matter on non-compliance letter in protest of

'Hellbound' is scaring the crap out of me.

Iron Dome funding actually hasn't gotten out of Congress yet - Rand Paul is why. Yet, no outrage.

Thanksgiving passengers set pandemic record for air travel

Solomon Islands: Australia sends peacekeeping troops amid riots

Bankers Took Over the Climate Change Summit. That's Bad For Democracy.

Alice's Restaurant: a Thanksgiving dinner that can't be beat

NASA mission tests asteroid defense plan - CBS News

Beshear appoints first Black member to Kentucky Fish and Wildlife board, names new liaison

New furniture for Kentucky legislative staff costs taxpayers more than $900,000

Some fear China could win from US spat with Marshall Islands


Clashes as protesters demand end to violence against women

Clashes as protesters demand end to violence against women

Settlement: Old toxic cables to be removed from Lake Tahoe

Former Brazil Olympic boss sentenced to jail for corruption

Former Brazil Olympic boss sentenced to jail for corruption

Montgomery faces fine, lawsuit for dropping Confederate name

Cross-party delegation from US Congress meet Taiwan's president in defiance of China

I'm in a lot of pain and trying to figure out if I should go to the ER

Australia considering 'unofficial' boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

This puppy obviously enjoys the sounds:

Kaesestrudel (german cheesecake wrapped in thin pastry)

Matthew McConaughey says he'll make a decision on Texas governor run 'shortly'

Peter Navarro said he wanted Trump to fire Fauci saying 'strangle that baby in its crib'

BBC: Africa's week in pictures: 19-25 November 2021

Pro-Trump conspiracist Mike Lindell says 'millions' are watching his Thanksgiving TV special

Biden administration approves construction of major wind farm for Rhode Island

Breakfast Friday 26 November 2021

Rare Roman mosaic depicting The Iliad found in British farm field

BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 19-26 November (2021)

South Africa Finds New Variant Of COVID-19 With 'Constellation Of Mutations'

South Dakota Supreme Court rules against pot legalization

Protesters break into Lebanese ministry as crisis deepens

Congressional redistricting map sees first lawsuit, others possible

So the question is how does Taiwam move from being recognized as China itself

Britain says new COVID-19 variant is the most significant yet found

Biden administration expected to restart 'Remain in Mexico' policy next week

Springfield parents file lawsuit over school mask mandate

Controversial murals removed from courthouse head to Columbia College

Dow futures tumble over 700 points on fears over new COVID variant detected in South Africa

WHO: Vaccine hesitancy persists among Africa health workers

NC Lt. Gov. Declares Straight Relationships 'Superior' to Gay Ones - Says Even Cow Manure Is Better

Donations pour in to help man wrongfully convicted in 1979

Happy thanksgiving vets now we start the war on Christmas

Dow futures tumble 800 points on new Covid variant fears

Biden's Schedule for Friday, November 26, 2021

Ice cream shop man pays for COVID tests of unvaccinated, but when he gives a raise to vaccinated...

Prager Cries Unvaccinated Are 'Most Hated Group Since Slavery' After Claiming Gay Men Weren't

Coronavirus: Countries shut borders over new South Africa variant

Ohio missed out on $1.2 billion plus in severance tax revenue

Burial Ground Under the Alamo Stirs a Texas Feud

As of Nov. 24, South Africa asked NOT to be sent more vaccines for the time being,

Donations top $1000000 for innocent man who served 43 years.


Healing Song / Native American Heritage Day

EXPLAINER: What is this new COVID variant in South Africa?

Does sitting in a restaurant waiting for the waiter make me the

Contemporary Issues in American Politics 101

Peter Navarro Says He Wanted 'Baby' Dr. Anthony Fauci 'Strangled In His Crib'

A Tree That Was Once the Suburban Ideal Has Morphed Into an Unstoppable Villain

The horror,.......the horror!🥐

Report: One of Gableman's Consultants Said There Would Be Civil War If No 2020 Audit

Black Friday deals? If you didn't shop early there is good reason to wait

November 26, 1958 🎼

Opinion: With hundreds of nominees to confirm, the Senate doesn't deserve Thanksgiving break

Released on this date in 1942

Went to a Black Friday sale this morning...

thinking of Him as black friday draws near🥴

G.O.P. Cements Hold on Legislatures in Battleground States

Werther's Original. I'll say no more!

In case you missed it!

Flashback Friday!

New maps spark debate over majority-minority districts

Does your company have a vaccine-incentive?

Bolsonaro Launched A Trumpian Anti-Vaccine Campaign. Brazilians Got The Shot Anyway.

How Companies Raise Prices Without Raising Prices

Donald Trump Wants To Publish Photo Book

Plumbers call this "Brown Friday" for a reason.

Our very quiet, vegan, gluten-free, nerdy Thanksgiving

Just catching up on some emails this morning.

"Some people's most valuable role in life is to serve as a bad example."

Some science from a real virologist on Omicron variant

More Faux FOX "news"

Good Day DU (November 26, 2021)

What we know about Ukrainian president's coup plan allegations (CNN)

Poor Gryff was slightly traumatized by yesterday's dinner company.

Michael Flynn is now promoting an 'alternative facts' movie about J6 called 'Capitol Punishment'

Back, side, or stomach sleepers?? I start our on my left side then switch to stomach......

'Dollar Twenty-Five Tree' From Ten Million Dollar A Year CEO

Inflation Explained: The REAL Reason Prices Are Going Up The Class Room Ep. 2

Stephen K. Bannon files motion to request all documents in court case be made public

Survivor found in coal mine accident in Russia's Siberia

Charles Moose, who led DC Sniper investigation dies at 68..

3322 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 4 deaths

Ludlow Massacre site work reveals symbols lost for a century

Congress Subpoenas Roger Stone; Stone Reacts by Throwing Trump Aide Katrina Pierson Under the Bus

Republicans Can't Hide This Horrific Secret Anymore! - Rebel HQ

Woman Finds Stray Mama Cat And Kittens Outside Her Office

Somnolent Schiffs

How US gun culture stacks up with the world

S4:E18 (Stitt Fit - No Non-Binary... Period... The Tantrums of Oklahoma's Governor)

Has any media interviewed Biden fans in diners, like they did with Trump?

I do believe this is the most common view I have of Madoc and Gryff

Bitcoin down a wopping 8% at 11:25a est.

Fully vaccinated, with a booster, and

Europe Records First Case of COVID Super-Mutant in Belgium


Some fear China could win from US spat with Marshall Islands

DOW down over 1000 points!

Believing Dr Fauci is my litmus test.

Man Wasn't A Cat Person Until He Rescued A Abandoned Kitten

Does anyone have a recommendation for music/meditation sites for anxiety


I make some dang tasty grilled Brussel Sprouts if I say so myself ...

Fight Republican ideas from a Republican framing

We take you now to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

My brother, an Iowa farmer WHO VOTED FOR BIDEN,

With President Biden opening the oil reserves along

Why Iraqi Kurds risk their lives to reach the West

Evangelicals getting unhinged over Trump worship. I promise this isn't parody

MTG griping about GOP leadership

A Proclamation on National Native American Heritage Month, 2021

How a Prosecutor Addressed a Mostly White Jury and Won a Conviction in the Arbery Case

Aaron Rodgers Wants 'Full Apology' From Wall Street Journal for Reporting on 'COVID Toe'

Today is SHOW DAY, Y'all!

The Spyware That Could End Democracy

Democratic States Battle Over SALT Tax Rules

MSNBC New Covid Variant: Dr Hotez, Transmission, Unknowns, Vax Booster, Mask, Likely In US, VaxWorld

Column: Socking Trump's enablers where it counts -- in their wallets

I have a sort of wonky math question for the room

Metallica: Nothing Else Matters

Chris Christie appointed to the NY Mets Board 🤬

🎁 Gift idea 💡 Banana Loca - banana filler (and straightener)

Monty Python: The Funniest Joke in the World

Fauci says US 'rushing' to get data on new COVID-19 variant

Ilhan Omar: Boebert is a 'buffoon' and 'bigot' for 'made up' anti-Muslim story

COP 26 Coalition's Vijay Prashard Kicks Some Colonizer Ass Re Climate "Work" and "Cost"

Bull Terrier Loves Having His Dads Home All Day

Lauren Boebert CAUGHT ON TAPE comparing Ilhan Omar to suicide bomber in Islamophobic rant - MeidasTo

'I don't respect him at all:' Taylor Greene rips Republican leader (CNN)

"'Hello, Abigail, it's President Roosevelt.' 😆👍😁👍🇺🇸

Lost Leopard Cubs & Mother Happily Reunited In Maharashtra!

It's like it can't help its little self, every time I turn around the damn thing is being adorable

Hold U.S. gun makers accountable for the reign of terror in Mexico

Bouncy baby bison plays in the snow:

The Shortest Scientist vs Creationist Debate Ever

Dem merchandise Black Friday sale on DGA website

U.S. to restrict travel from South Africa and other countries as it assesses risks of new omicron

How Black Friday Got Its Name

Young man who was accidentally invited to 'grandma's' Thanksgiving as a teen celebrates 6th year of

New "variant of concern" is labeled Omicron

Nice deal in indoor, self-contained herb grower

Panelists inadvertently inferred that our mythical free market is a fraud. Did you hear it?

Cartoons 11/26/2021

Rep. Lauren Boebert apologizes after drawing criticism for telling anti-Muslim story about Omar

Snohomish adopts sales tax for mental health, affordable housing

did dems in congress pass election protection legislation today?

U.S. Imposes Travel Limits on Southern Africa Over Covid Variant

What 'The Squad' Tells Us About Progressives' Ability To Win Voters Of Color

Several infected after convention touting ivermectin

Big Pharma uses the patent system to rip us off. Example: Insulin costs $6 to make. We pay $300.

Biden statements 7 min ago on new virus

TFG General Milley should be 'tried for treason' for intervening to prevent a war with China

The Bible Doesn't Advocate For Slavery - Here We Go Again (Atheist Experience)

Maybe Some Real News People Could Do A Special On How TFG Pulled Out All The People In China

Windy & chilly in southern MD,

Native American leaders say Chaco prayers being answered

Republican Lawmakers cancel one-day session after backlash to COVID vaccine mandate bill

The Board of the Barbados National Art Gallery is pleased to announce

Remember when Trump abandoned the Kurds?

Boebert "apologizes" to the Muslim community:

Lauren Boebert's 'Ridiculous' Thanksgiving Boasts Go Down Like Expired Turkey

Trashing Ted Cruz in Texas - Steve Hofstetter

5-year-old fatally shot as teens made social media video

Adam Schiff's book Midnight in Washington: how we almost lost our democracy and still could

Mainstream media reporter tells an inconvenient truth about a 17-yr-old killer & the justice system.

Two turtles

Doctors' 'free speech' bill raises public safety questions

Biden administration to restrict travel from South Africa, seven other countries

Conservatives Go on Rampage against Carnival

Republican Senator Threatens To Stop Coming To Work If Congress Mandates Vaccines

Over 100 Colombia protesters suffered eye damage by police in 2021 marches -report

Gerry & The Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone [Official Video]

Ex-MMA Fighter Convicted of Punching a Cop During Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol Siege Files Notice of Appeal

On this day, November 26, 2010, Willie Nelson was busted.

As exemplified by his recent savaging of General Milley, it seems that tfg's appointments were all

Some random Thanksgiving photos.

CPRIT awards $24 million to three North Texas universities to recruit cancer researchers

Ghislaine Maxwell's brother says US prosecutors seeking to 'break' her

Hundreds of FedEx packages found dumped in an Alabama ravine

T.X. school district used 'racial affinity groups' during 2019 diversity summit, per video

Stores kick off Black Friday but pandemic woes linger

Statement by President Joe Biden on the Omicron COVID-⁠19 Variant

The Animals - House of the Rising Sun (1964)

Ukraine Claims Russian-Linked Coup Plot

Pfizer and BioNTech say they can rework vaccine in 100 days if escape variant emerges

This is why Trump should never be elected President again.

American Airlines is fighting Southwest for dominance at Texas' fastest-growing airport

Giant Giraffe Herd Crosses the Road

Down the up staircase:

Long haul COVID symptoms torment survivors with 'sewage' smells

Fox News Awards Will Make You CRINGE - The Damage Report

I'm off to watch "The X-Files."

There is not way that TtFG has a miniature Mt Rushmore at Mar-a-Lago

Nebraska has outscored their Big Ten opponents...

Congrats to The San Diego State University football West Division Champs of the

Mississippi banned most abortions to be the 'safest state' for the unborn. Meanwhile, one in three

I Got You Babe 1965

First ❄️❄️❄️ in DC?

People Are Strange - The Doors

Moderna announces strategy

Carrot Man to Big Apple: 'I Miss My Baby Carrot!'"

Roast of Rob Lowe: The Ann Coulter Cut

What's for Dinner, Fri., Nov. 26, 2021

Sunsetting, southern MD

Komak is partnering with @oneafghanistan1 to provide gifts for Afghan refugee children in Virginia.

It's the "Omicron" Variant (South Africa/Botswana variant)

Woman was told to put her blind dog down. Her response was perfect.

The golf match between De Chambeau and Koepka.....ya watching??

I'm in a Reddit group where someone just posted they narrowly missed getting shot at a mall.

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

SouthPoint Mall NC

Now you know the answer

Right now oil prices back down to 2018 levels. Headlines in a few weeks, probably:

Snow, cherry blossoms and thunderstorms highlight 'Seasons of Washington' 2022 calendar.

Stephen Sondheim, Titan of the American Musical, is Dead at 91

Time After Time - Yale Whiffenpoofs 2020

Boebert does the classic

Shocking things that liberals believe

The Book Of Boba Fett Explores The 'Power Vacuum' Left By Jabba The Hutt, Says Jon Favreau.

Worst looking turkey I've ever seen

That 'Team Beto' Fund-Raising Email? It Might Not Be From Beto.

Oh slam! O'Toole called Trudeau a hypocrite for doing parliament

Canada releases 50 million pounds from maple syrup reserve amid global shortage

Stephen Sondheim, Titan of the American Musical, dies at 91

Canada releases 50 million pounds from maple syrup reserve amid global shortage

Ohio Lawmakers looking at how to spend $850M in federal funds

Warmonger John Bolton Makes A Bold Prediction About Trump's 2024 Plans - Ring of Fire

Something I've always known about astrology...

Let's talk about the perception of race in the US from outside....

Vice Mayor of CA town declares "bloodshed" is sometimes needed

Shooting At Mall In Durham, North Carolina, Injures At Least One

If this new variant makes its way here

Stephen Sondheim, Composer of 'Follies,' 'Sweeney Todd,' Dies at 91

Need Suggestions on Movies

Biden calls for intellectual property waivers on COVID vaccines

I need advice on a code-generating app for an iPhone 6S.

Who Is Thanking Biden and Harris For Fixing The Economy And Creating Jobs For Almost Everyone

Why can't it be Axe?

Climate Denial Is Waning On The Right. What's Replacing It Might Be Just As Scary- 'Eco-Fascism'

Marjorie Taylor Greene Warns Americans Will Pay 'Price Of Blood' For Passing Biden's Agenda

A little levity 🤣🤣

This may be why Canada has less bullshit than the US: question period.

The Daily Show: Hillary Clinton's Health Conspiracies - Klepper Marathon

Ohio nursing home camera bill known as "Esther's Law" passes unanimously

Canada releases 50 million pounds from maple syrup reserve amid global shortage

Canada releases 50 million pounds from maple syrup reserve amid global shortage

WashPo: Report on the Jan 6 insurrection:

Republican Loren Boebert Apologizes for Anti-Muslim Comment against Ilihan Omar.

Netflix's Daring Social Drama 'Passing' Explores the Gray Areas of Identity