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GOP in quandary: How to Walk Back their Climate denial?

Detective told Ahmaud Arbery's mother one thing, but testifies another to the jury

Man pulled AK-47 at Little Caesars after hearing pizza would take 10 minutes

How many here are going to be alone on Thursday?

What the Forward party is really about.

Three metro Denver counties enact mask mandates, will exempt businesses that require vaccination for

Responding officer describes arrival to scene of Ahmaud Arbery's killing 58,054 viewsNov 9, 2021 87

The Republican Party You Knew Is Gone - The PoliticsGirl Podcast

Why We Should Stop Freaking Out About Inflation

Bernard Kerik will comply with Jan 6th Committee sapoena. He was at

'Spend It All': RNC Is Paying Some Of You-Know-Who's Legal Bills

Supply chain woes trigger shortages of critical medical devices

Cowardly Bret Baier Won't Denounce Tucker's Racist Propaganda

What To Expect From The Jury Deliberations In Arbery Shooting Trial - MSNBC

Jim Jordan Had Covid This Summer - Didn't Tell Anybody

Happy Holidays from Customer Service

Property owner doesn't believe Ahmaud Arbery stole anything the day he died

Mary Trump Says Threats Of Criminal Charges Could Cause Her Uncle To Run For President Again - RoF

This Asian Food Is TAKING OVER! (Japanese Hong Kong Fusion)

Sometimes the good people of @Reddit fill the world with generosity, love and support.

President Biden, via Jen Psaki, on abolishing prisons or defunding the police:

Trump Supporter Gets OWNED By The Law - Rebel HQ

Congrats Jackson Browne!

Rude One: Be Thankful for the Health Care Workers Not Being Driven From Their Jobs By Anti-Vaxx Moro

Connolly: The 1/6 Committee Is 'Getting To The Bottom Of The Planned, Prepared Violence' - MSNBC

Mathboi Fly won't find ANY allies...

Affordable housing developer breaks ground on 50 units near Seattle U

Anyone planning to go shopping on Friday?

Cincinnati's ranking is the highest CFP ranking a non-Power Five team has ever achieved.

old time radio Thanksgiving comedies: Great Gildersleeve 1942

Amazon agrees to pay $2.5M after Washington state investigation into pesticide sales

A White Cop Who Helped Assault A Black Colleague Was Given A Lighter Sentence Than He'd Asked For

what is your favorite thanksgiving food

Jury Awards $25M In Damages For 2017 Charlottesville 'Unite The Right' Rally - Deadline - MSNBC

Heads Up - Hillary Clinton will be on Rachel tonight n/t

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger on potential Illinois governor run: 'I'm the only candidate that can win'

This Thanksgiving, I'm Thankful for My Parents.

Democrats get hopeful sign from parliamentarian they can include immigration in $1.75T bill


GOP congressman encourages parents to 'stop paying taxes' if schools teach about racism

Jan. 6 Organizers Used Anonymous 'Burner Phones' to Communicate with White House and Trump Family, S

Please, I'm eating

The alarming message behind the GOP's embrace of Kyle Rittenhouse

Republicans are suddenly in favor of unemployment benefits -- for anti-vaxxers

I have a freind who's

The Crystal Ball of Wired Magazine, 1997.

Inflation Explained: The REAL Reason Prices Are Going Up (It's NOT Biden or his policies)

Read today.

Meet The 'Bonnie And Clyde' Of MAGA World - Deadline - MSNBC

'The next great casualty of climate change' could be global fishing stocks

Crossing muddy waters

House Committee Issues Subpoenas for Roger Stone & Others; Moving Up the Insurrection Food Chain

Washington State Ferries resumes full four-boat service to San Juan Islands ahead of Thanksgiving

Dollar Twenty-Five Tree

Woman missing for half a week found hypothermic near Blewitt Pass

The Lincoln Project - Last Week in the Republican Party

WA Launches Digital Vaccine Verification Tool

Incoming Democratic US Senators of 2022,2024,and 2026.

I've been seeing commercials in the NYC area about how terrible it would be to negotiate drug prices

Hanna Tomorrow.

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread


*NEW* VIDEO: #ShockingUnansweredJan6Questions

Kyle Rittenhouse LASHES OUT, Suing The President?!


Right Wing Mom's Group Offers Bounties To Turn In Teachers Teaching Critical Race Theory

Home from School: 'The Children of Carlisle' Trailer, Native Americans, Independent Lens PBS

Fauci Urges Americans to Use COVID as Excuse to Skip Thanksgiving with Horrible Relatives

Xavier Becerra is the most experience candidate for statewide and national office.

Grandma's Thanksgiving Invitation

Now Showing PBS WETA- Home from School: 'The Children of Carlisle' Native Americans, Independ. Lens

After spending 43 years in prison for a triple murder he says he didn't commit, a MO man is finally

Dr. Fauci: People Weaponizing Lies About The Coronavirus Are Killing People - The Beat - MSNBC

If you have to wear a mask at family Thanksgiving social get togethers.....

With hundreds of nominees to confirm, the Senate doesn't deserve Thanksgiving break

Jen Psaki BURIES Peter Doocy over humiliating question - Brian Tyler Cohen

Kellogg moves to hire permanent replacement workers; Omaha court hearing delayed

Now showing on Amazon Video: MAYOR PETE

SLOPD investigating reported hate crime, assault

Possibly the most moronic anti-vax meme ever ("Pure Blood, Based, Uncucked" Pepe).

Joe didn't give his port program a sexy name like "Operation Shipping Storm" like the Warp Speed

Lower vax rate central calif desperate to send hospital patients to southern calif hospitalss

T-Mobile to pay $20M after outage led to failed 911 calls

From JFK To Trump: How Conspiracy Theorists Went From Outliers To Insiders - All In - MSNBC

Contending With the Pandemic, Wealthy Nations Wage Global Battle for Migrants

Woman Holding A Sign

V.P. buys expensive pot in Paris vs. the RNC paying trumps legal bills...

It's well worth the wait

Wednesday Digit: 6/10 - Still got that chill, but good deal for those out and about

My family's table-made during the gold rush days in Portola Valley Ca.

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Erie County mask mandate for everyone began on Monday.

Book: Trump Asked Intel Director To Investigate 'Totally Nuts' Conspiracy Theory - All In - MSNBC

We're coming up on the anniversary of Jan 6. Has anyone heard

Waukesha Massacre: As it happened per the criminal complaint

Ex-President Trump given ninth-degree black belt in taekwondo


Rittenhouse visited trump after the trial...

Ex-Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Takes The Witness Stand In Her Fraud Trial

Racking Problems with Anderson full window door frames?

New York prosecutors probe disparities in Trump Organization property valuations, report says - CBS News

John Denver - Calypso (from The Wildlife Concert)

Tucker Carlson Late To Work After Being Murdered By Hordes Of Violent Minorities Again

Seth Meyers - FBI Searches Former Landfill in New Jersey for Body of Union Leader Jimmy Hoffa 11/22

Best tweet of week!


Seth Meyers: Guest Rep. Adam Schiff Says It Was Torture Listening to Kevin McCarthy's Speech

Uh, no thanks, that's ok. Gosh, look at the time! I gotta run. Nice seeing you, have a good one!

WKRP in Cincinnati Turkey Drop

Good night, all. If I don't see you before the big day - Happy Thanksgiving

The Trojan tree has arrived!

Chris Hayes: What Ronald Reagan's Trajectory Could Mean For Joe Biden's Future - All In - MSNBC

Ode to Billie Joe - Bobbie Gentry

Venn diagram of presidents: one term, impeached or resigned, lost popular vote.

Harper Valley P.T.A. - Jeannie C. Riley

Son of a Preacher Man Dusty Springfield

Incoming Black US Senators in the Midwest.

My Opening Farewell - Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne

We knew this photo was coming.

Piece Of My Heart - Janis Joplin

Young adult Latino literature faces conservative backlash

RNC dismisses call for Ronna McDaniel to resign as chairwoman over outreach to LGBTQ voters

Rep. Swalwell: They Are Getting Closer To The Commander Of Insurrection, Donald Trump - The ReidOut

Biden slams profiteering oil company corporate thugs using their hostage-taking to push green energy

Defense lawyer prompts outrage for bringing up Ahmaud Arbery's toenails in closing arguments

Paul Gosar's brother, Tim Gosar, appeared on Lawrence and completely slammed his character.

Damn planned obselesance

Winslow Film: #ShockingUnansweredJan6Questiond

San Francisco D.A. charges nine with felonies in $1-million theft wave of luxury stores

Dave Muhlbauer drops out of US Senate race following nephew's death

Joy Reid: Manchin And Sinema Think GOP Must Be Asked For Permission - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Democratic message? We're for the little guy!

Kyle Rittenhouse: Murder or Self-Defense?

US jury awards $25m in damages over Unite the Right rally

Nearly 30,000 borrowers awarded Public Service Loan Forgiveness so far under new rules.

David Bromberg - Yankee Revenge Medley - 1974

Our Fake Thanksgiving - SOME MORE NEWS

3 of America's biggest pharmacy chains have been found liable for the opioid crisis

MI Sec. Of State: Sanctions On Lawyers Who Challenged 2020 Election Send Important Message - MSNBC

Earl Hines - I Ain't Got Nobody

Then there's Gunhild Carling....

NASA's 911 for asteroids (link to NASA viewing at article)

Florida woman fatally shot after pointing gun at man

U.S. unveils invitation list for Biden's "Summit for Democracy"

Dave Van Ronk - KC Moan

Delta variant makes up 99% of COVID-19 cases in U.S., CDC reports - CBS News

Coma-Chi - The Voices of Kamuy

Jerry Garcia - Isolated Guitar - Casey Jones.

Bang Wa Cherry & DJ June - Chin Chin

I know Some fine Democrats got some gruff for this but can we all now agree

NY Man Gets 19 Months In Prison For Threatening Democrats Online - The Last Word - MSNBC

I'll Fly Away - Ransomed Bluesgrass

Tweet of the early morning:

Homeless Cat Falls In Love With The Guy Who Rescued Him

Dead, 11/24/72 - Dallas, Texas - NFA-GDTHRB-NFA

Molly Jong-Fast: President Biden Needs An Enemy - The Last Word - MSNBC

MyPillow Mike's 96 Hour Delusia-Palooza, Trump Gets Naked & the 200 Craziest People in America

In the City - Joe Walsh

Deep Purple - Oh Well (New Album "Turning To Crime" Out Nov 26)

Kevin Strickland, Wrongfully Convicted, Free After Over 42 Years In Prison - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Rachel One-on-One with Hillary Clinton - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Spanish renters are declaring 'war' on the American investors that bought up all the apartments

elderly man swarmed and beaten by dirt bikers in Boston

Rachel One-on-One with Hillary Clinton - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

grandma, granddaughter kicked out of GA hotel at night by cops after leaving negative hotel review

What's it like to study from a hotel? As UC housing crunch worsens, these students are finding out

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are going to win if they end up in the minority.

Bestselling Author Don Winslow Has 19 Damning Questions About The Capitol Riot

Sam Waterston reminisces about Katharine Hepburn.

U.S. soy giants Cargill and ADM linked to 'green land grabbing' case in Brazil

Breakfast Wednesday 24 November 2021

Last Week in the Republican Party...

UT-Austin researchers discover hundreds of ancient sites in Southern Mexico using laser mapping data

Trump poll tests his 2024 comeback map

Malcolm X's Five Surviving Daughters.

Jury Returns $31.8M Verdict Against Defendants in Charlottesville 'Unite the Right' Lawsuit

5 recipes from Indigenous chefs to add this Thanksgiving

Violent locker room ritual at Southern California's Mater Dei High School left bloodied football

Did Vikings really host rituals to stop Ragnark in a volcanic cave in Iceland?

TeapubliKKKans: "We need to go back to the Good Old Days of the 1950's!"

Jan. 6 Organizers Used Anonymous 'Burner Phones' to Communicate with White House and Trump Family

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/23/21

Muslim prosecutor sues Orange county for alleged sexual and racial harassment by former high-level

What kind of Democrat is NYC's Eric Adams?

A new era: Germany is about to meet its post-Merkel government.

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, November 24, 2021

U.S. government under fire for poisoning of prairie dogs plan

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving each year, The Wall Street Journal. republishes twin editorials

The Buttigieg Presidential buzz has penetrated the White House.

Eric Boehlert: GOP violence is the most important political story in America

For poor farmworkers, there is no escape from heat, high prices of California

Block of downtown Fresno buildings razed after suspicious fire causes heavy damage

NASA launches spacecraft to test asteroid defense concept

Ever notice that when geese fly in a V formation one side is longer?

So, it could be best Thanksgiving Day yet....

About 1 million Californians could have to repay pandemic unemployment money to EDD

Keanu Reeves says he's still married to Wynnona Ryder.

Fresno State College Republicans host speaker connected to white nationalist movement

So, what say you sexy girls?

Wednesday TOONs - Just Itching To Use 'Em

O'Rourke Seizes on Energy Grid In Race Against Abbott

Appeals Court Order May Be Bad News for Trump

Guardian: 'Group's 6 January donation shows Trump's grip on attorneys general


Boebert Challenges Cawthorn to Sprint

Another Former Employee Sues Collin College, Alleges Discrimination Based on Race and Disability

Japanese language traced back to farmers in China's northeast: int'l research group

Israeli airstrike on central Syria leaves 2 dead, 7 wounded

The Weekly Pull: Hawkeye: Kate Bishop, Star Wars: Life Day, Joy Operations, and More

Alex Jones Says His Orders for the January 6th Insurrection Came from Trump

The Weekly Pull: Hawkeye: Kate Bishop, Star Wars: Life Day, Joy Operations, and More

The Webcomics Weekly #164: Brain Themed Webcomics (11/23/2021 Edition)

The Rundown: November 24, 2021

The Weekly Pull: Hawkeye: Kate Bishop, Star Wars: Life Day, Joy Operations, and More

The Weekly Pull: Hawkeye: Kate Bishop, Star Wars: Life Day, Joy Operations, and More

Scott Joplin was born on this date.

No posts thursday and friday...

'He Was Disrespected': Dallas County Jailer's Family Denied Benefits After On-Duty Death

Dutch ICU boss calls for tough lockdown to rein in virus

A broken country

Teddy Wilson was born on this date.

Jobless claims: Another 199,000 individuals filed new claims last week

Nobody Loves Me But My Mother

New Zealand to reopen to vaccinated foreign travelers from April

Just in time for the holidays, advice from an old friend -

Deere posts profit surge on soaring farm income

U.S. durable-goods orders fall again, but don't be fooled. The economy is getting stronger

US GDP slowed sharply in Q3 but big rebound expected in Q4

Depression Tips for The Holidays

US to require vaccines for all border crossers in January

Second holiday season without Mom

Biden slams profiteering oil company corporate thugs using their hostage-taking to push green energy

Barbados: "This is the end of the story of colonial exploitation of the mind and body."

The Supreme Court Is Still Fighting FDR.

The Science Behind Why Some People Are Always Late

John Durham - special counsel

Politico & PoliticoPlaybookDC just CANNOT mention President Biden without spinning it into a negativ

Gym Jordan Could Be Heading To Jail As He Refuses To Comply With Any 1/6 Committee Subpoena

One of these guys killed two people, the other killed over 600,000.

Climate Change Might Be Driving Albatrosses to Divorce

Happy Thanksgiving


The race is on!

These news talking heads sure like to play up this gas is

For those who care, YouTubeTV has a free HBO/MAX preview until the 28th.📺

Trump : I could shoot someone in Fifth Avenue and-- Rittenhouse : Say no more.

for THANKSGIVING DINNER I am doing this!!

Anyone else notice the many NFL players going on and off the covid list, and how...

du am temp checkin ad 0633 pst

Weekly jobless claims fall to lowest in 52 years.

2 Astroworld security guards file lawsuit against concert organizers and security company

so, lemme get this straight. the q folks worship a long dead dem prez

Broadway performer who plays Judas in "Jesus Christ Superstar" tour charged with breaching Capitol

Trying to read this novel, but----

Florida Man, Paul Mitchell, Arrested After Sushi Flipping Rampage

Influenza cases are on the rise as fewer people practice masking and social distancing

Airlines struggle with worker shortages after getting billions to stop layoffs

Gov. Mike Parson making trade trip to Israel, Greece in December

Disinformation Alert: Doctored video of Biden being circulated.....

Neo-Nazis Are Using the Waukesha Attack for Propaganda

Tyler Badie named finalist for the Doak Walker Award

Colt Brennan, record setting quarterback of the U of Hawai'i, has died. He was 37.

Good Day DU (November 24, 2021)

Suspect in six killings pleads not guilty to federal charge

Democrats are SOFT on Crime! - True or False

House Full Of Four Rescue Pitties Are Obsessed With The Pool

DHS insists Biden's vaccine requirement for TSA staff will not hold up holiday travel

Want to bet she and her followers are Trumpsters!

Joanne Shenandoah, hailed as 'Native America's musical matriarch,' has died

Justin Moon was always the picture of perfect health, until a COVID diagnosis nearly ended his life.

China accuses US of 'mistake' after Biden invites Taiwan to democracy summit

Kyle Rittenhouse claims ex-lawyer 'set him up' for Proud Boys pic.

POTUS, FLOTUS, VP, and Second Gentleman pre-packaging Thanksgiving meals at DC Central Kitchen

Certainly something to be thankful for, this season.

Did trump make any calls to the rittenhouse judge,

Turkey stopped the traffic to let the other turkeys cross

It's not just Peng. China is cracking down on MeToo movement

It's not just Peng. China is cracking down on MeToo movement

New mattress time for us, any feedback on hybrid mattresses?

Sweden votes in Magdalena Andersson as first female PM

Sweden votes in Magdalena Andersson as first female PM

Samsung chooses Taylor, Texas, as site of new $17bn chip plant

I didn't know that Andrea Bocelli had a daughter...and she can sing, too!

Sweden votes in Magdalena Andersson as first female PM


Jessica Cisneros takes her second shot at the king of Laredo

Kyle Rittenhouse Met with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago

Trump says Rittenhouse met with him in Florida

The biggest problem facing the U.S. electric grid isn't demand. It's climate change

US invitation of Taiwan to democracy summit angers China

Anyone know how Ivermectin became "The drug" for the conspiracy people?

Happy birthday to our Senate Majority Leader @SenSchumer

Pukei Pukei

She's 10 years old, and she's already the CEO of her very own cosmetics company

Don't look now, but...

Kyle Rittenhouse Has Gotten Away With Murder--as Predicted

Nikole Hannah- Jones On 'The 1619 Project': Teaching Critical Race Theory & White Supremacy On Trial

4064 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed; 36 deaths

Biden to Nominate Shalanda Young as Budget Director

Fighting the Inflation Profiteers

"Endtimes" preacher meets UFO's...

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- November 24 2021

Seating arrangements for Thanksgiving explained......

Question about turkey breast in instant pot

I need answers.

Evolution of Photography

9 Charged In Smash-and-Grab Robberies at Louis Vuitton, Other Stores At San Francisco's Union Square

Powdered drink mix recall expanded to include Country Time Lemonade, Tang, Arizona Tea

Lame-Duck speculations about Joe Biden, not even one year in...

This Salted Maple Pie Needs to Be on Your Holiday Menu

The silent hunter.....

The search for extra-terrestrial life is going to look at our nearest galactic neighbor

Legislators from 39 states sign letter outlining possible reversal of 'corrupted' 2020 election

Fairfax schools will return 2 books to shelves after reviewing complaints over content

More than 9 in 10 federal workers are vaccinated, with only a small percentage seeking exemptions

Marjorie Taylor Greene Sponsors Bill to Award Kyle Rittenhouse a Congressional Gold Medal

Family awarded $730 million in wrongful death of East Texas woman

Put The Containers On Electric Train Cars Sort Them In The Boonies

The Biden administration put a $100 fine on every container stuck in the ports

Supreme Court will hear dispute over GOP legislators' defense of North Carolina voter ID law

Saving Thanksgiving

Democratic US House Members that are victims of redistricting.

Something To Talk About - Bonnie Raitt

Scholz Seals Coalition Deal to Become Next German Chancellor

If anything prevents the Democratic Party from

Can the judge in the KR trial be subject to an ethics complaint

Marjorie Taylor Greene makes bizarre claim Biden and Democrats to blame for Waukesha killings

A detailed look back at the life of Doug Hill

Doug Hill, veteran Washington meteorologist, dies at 71

Republicans try to blame Biden for COVID after their hero's f___ ups.

Update on my brother

Former TFG adviser claims to 'expose unvarnished truth' of Covid in new book

Sweden's Andersson elected as nation's first woman PM

U.S. has already seen more COVID deaths in 2021 than 2020 before vaccines were available, as experts

VP Harris bought an expensive copper pot

Rosemary Maple Bourbon Punch

California docks see 'significant progress' with supply chain backlog, port chief says

"Youz can't see mez!"

Will Roger Stone And Alex Jones Be Jailed? MAGA Riot Probe Subpoenas Trump Allies

Some GOP states carve out "natural immunity" COVID vaccine exceptions

The War on Xmas is progressing nicely

US Senate Election in 2022 that Democrats will win to remain in the majority.

"Furious and Disgusted": Teen Survivor Speaks Out After Wealthy White Serial Rapist Gets Probation

Exonerated man shares first request after 43 years in prison (CNN)

Weekly jobless claims plunge to 199,000, the lowest level in more than 50 years

S&P 500 closes at an all-time high for the 66th time this year/Need 12 more to break the 1995 record

Dave Frishberg, composer and performer of inventive, witty jazz songs, dies at 88

Cuomo presses defense attorney: Why make this personal about Ahmaud Arbery? (CNN)

White House: No apparent disruption from vaccine mandate

Mick Rock, photographer who created indelible images of rock greats, dies at 72

The Onion Contacted Borowitz- Someone is leaking their best material to Majorleague Traitor Greene

Rob Reiner ftw!

Germany's Merkel era comes to an end as opposition parties strike deal

Justice Dept. asks court to reinstate Biden's vaccination policy for businesses

Book: Trump Asked Intel Director To Investigate 'Totally Nuts' Conspiracy Theory

Gold rush draws hundreds of dredging rafts to Amazon tributary

The Most Common Allergy In The World - MinuteEarth

Rep. Swalwell: They Are Getting Closer To The Commander Of Insurrection, Donald Trump

Fifty years ago today, on November 24, 1971, Dan "D. B." Cooper took the connecting flight.

Fox News Turns Racism On FULL BLAST

The 2021 MST3K Turkey Day Marathon

A very patient kitteh:

Kid Rock's "protest" against the "system" is as establishment as it gets.

TV's Dr. Oz seriously considering U.S. Senate run in Pennsylvania

On November 22, 1971, Zez Confrey died.

Looking for someone to call on my burner phone

Harvest Moon/Neil Young

White House creates new climate-focused division within Office of Science and Technology Policy

Thanksgiving Shopping

Nope. Nope. Nope.

TDR Live: Kyle Rittenhouse Goes Full MAGA

Rittenhouse Photo Reveals Where Trump Keeps Bizarre Rushmore Sculpture

Bannon Case Status And Anticipated Developments

Police arrest thieves for stealing catalytic converters in Sea-Tac garage

William S Burroughs - A Thanksgiving Prayer

Crisis after crisis! Unemployment drops by 18.6 million from Thanksgiving-2020

Seems like there is a verdict in Arbery.

Making Your Own Crazy Wall for Complete Idiots - The how to join Qanon book.

Arbery jury has reached a verdict. nt

3 men involved in Ahmaud Arbery's killing found guilty of murder and other charges

Pres. Biden releases statement on economic news-" This is a historic jobs recovery."

About a week ago, I got a call from "anonymous."

Living dangerously! What's the worst that could happen?

Alot of people blame TFG for the fascistic trend in US politics,

Peter Doocy is offended that Pres. Biden plans to take the day off for Thanksgiving:

Guilty In GA.

Border Patrol agent arrested in connection with animal cruelty case


Was asked for an update on Snowflake, so here ya' are.


Florida man acquitted of shooting at deputies in raid that led to death of girlfriend

So-much was made that there were too many white people on the jury-

All three guilty of murder.

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes owns key allegations during testimony in criminal trial

Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind (Official Video)

What's the line on Bruce Schroeder being the next Republican running for the WI State Supreme Court?

"Not since "Sugar, Sugar" by The Archies was the No. 1 single have jobless claims been so low ..."

Were The GA Verdicts Essentially 1st Degree, 2nd Degree & 3rd Degree?

Things I have learned about Thanksgiving cooking over the years

anyone else here use tidal?

Thanksgiving's a day early this year!

Wait for it?

As a nurse, you would be surprised at how many people have dirty feet

Cartoons 11/24/2021

CNN #News Proud Boys and Oath Keepers subpoenaed by House panel

It is encouraging to know a Georgia jury did the right thing.

Thanksgiving traffic forecast is heavier than pre-pandemic

Is faux covering the Guilty verdicts ?

South Dakota Supreme Court rules against pot legalization

Three Men Involved In Killing Of Ahmaud Arbery Found Guilty (MSNBC)

Oregon Congressional Redistricting Challenge (GOP)



Anthony Fauci Nails Utter Absurdity Of Tucker Carlson's 'Ridiculous' Attacks

Customer service and $15/hour

CBS Correspondent Takes a Flying Car Up for a Spin

Maryland's GOP Gov. mocked TFG for endorsing a rival to succeed him. 'I'd prefer endorsements from

i called a conservative morning show and tried to name as many punk bands as i could before they ...

Initial unemployment claims last week fell to a half-century low.Initial unemployment claims tumbled

The Crocodile, a historic Seattle music venue, set to reopen as a multi-venue entertainment complex

King County announces new interim sheriff, slew of new sheriff's office hiring bonuses

The Dancers Sharing the Beauty of Indigenous Culture

A Time For Justice ?

Teenager Can't Believe He Gets To Release Wild Bat After Saving His Life

Japan set to pay significantly more to host U.S. military bases

We Democrats are like Sisyphus with his rock.

Appeals court order in Jan. 6 documents case may be bad news for Trump. (Edited)

Maddow: Someone Should Tell Proud Boys and Oath Keepers Their Names 'Sound Really Gay'

Thirty years ago today, on November 24, 1991, Freddie Mercury died.

Arbery trial: At least 30 years in prison, even if the three are parole eligible.

'Historic agreement' $790M settlement reached in Rams relocation lawsuit

Scholz Seals Coalition Deal to Become Next German Chancellor

Kroenke, NFL will have to pay $790 million to settle St. Louis lawsuit

St. Louis aldermen move to repeal city marijuana ordinance

Okay, got a pumpkin pie question

NFL star JJ Watt will reportedly cover funeral costs for Waukesha Christmas parade victims

Migrant boat capsizes in English Channel; at least 31 dead

Housing market trends fuel single-family home rental growth

Joe Madison Radio Host, Civil Rts Activist On Hunger Strike- Save Voting Rights, Democracy: Day 16

Perpetual rudeness

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3 in D Minor, Op. 30

Nothing about this is normal': RNC payments to Trump attorneys irk GOP officials

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3 in D Minor, Op. 30

As a white man, I feel complexed on the outcome of both the Rittenhouse and the McMichael trials.

Wow, look at that! I just tuned to Faux News

Well done, Ashby Police 😂

On the creek behind my house

My poor wife ordered a couple of pies to pick up today.

I shouldn't say it this way, but it gave me great pleasure watching the three murderers walking....

Retiring Republican has warning about Trump

Microsoft Should Be Sued For Bitlocking People's Data Without Their Approval

The Russian Public Is Being Primed for Another of Putin's Wars

Biden picks women of color to lead White House budget office

Germany joins Norway as observers at the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

At Least 31 Dead After Migrant Boat Capsizes in English Channel

Who here likes the idea of a movie being made about Ahmaud Arbery?

I had a "Washington Post" subscription. I cancelled it last night.

On Newsmax, Lauren Boebert challenges Madison Cawthorn to a sprint, with the winner getting to have

The best column ever about Thanksgving was written the year I was born by a friend of my dad's

Statement from Vice President Kamala Harris

What's for Dinner, Wed., Nov. 24, 2021

Keep watching for more changes.

Rev Al just made a great point

The Truth About The Vaccine - Steve Hofstetter

The right wing narrative regarding Waukesha is...something else.

Statement from President Joe Biden

January 6th Video The Right-Wing Has NEVER Seen - The Damage Report

Trump family suffers another legal defeat as they try to hide infamous 'Apprentice' outtakes

I think if TFG continues to make an ass of himself he may sway public opinion

Trump DESTROYED By Average Americans - Rebel HQ

Project Censored's top 10 stories show troubling old patterns are alive and well

'Evening' @ the sandbar

JJ Watt offers to pay funeral expenses for Waukesha victims

Failed 2022 OH Democratic gubernatorial candidates for US House in 2024.

The faces of murderers whose white privilege cards were declined

I just drove by At&t stadium Cowboys play tomorrow

Arizona hospital entering 'crisis standards of care' due to latest COVID-19 surge

Let's go, Brandon!

Sunset, southern MD

TCM tonight:

There are 3 Republican held US House Districts in OH that Democrats should target strongly.

NFL star JJ Watt to pay for funerals of Waukesha parade victims

U.S. Recovery Accelerates on Spending, Labor Market Growth

1-year-old killed in Southeast DC shooting

Rep. Jasmine Crockett is running for Dallas congressional seat, with Eddie Bernice Johnson's backing

Lady Justice isn't done with the McMichaels as they face federal charges

Biden Boom!

After sunset, southern MD

After sunset.

Emmylou Harris - "Luxury Liner Forty Tons Of Steel" w/ Albert Lee on guitar

Trumpism/The Right: The Establishment for people who say they don't like the Establishment

The Ventures - Apache

The Ventures - Sleepwalk

Far right spies an opportunity in Europe's new wave of Covid pain and protest

PM Update: Worry-free weather through a warmer Thanksgiving

Federal judge changes his mind about stepping down,

Directly From My Heart to You -Mothers of Invention

Trump Allies Put Kevin McCarthy on Notice

Biden will be fine.

Felix Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E Minor, Op. 64 NOW!

Felix Mendelssohn Violin Concerto NOW

Justice Dept. to prioritize prosecuting violence on flights

UK: Roman Abramovich wins first round of libel battle over Putin's People book

El Salvador rights groups fear repression after raids on seven offices

NY prosecutors zero in on Trump's alleged 'pattern of fraud' as investigation enters 'critical pha

Fort Wayne IN - Day before Thanksgiving

Many native Americans consider Thanksgiving as a day of mourning

Warnings for Amazon as goldmining dredges occupy river

Feds sending help to deal with surge at Spectrum

It's called "accountability"......

The boys are recharging their batteries, right now. I fear there will soon be zoomies

Trump White House was like a magnet for grift, corruption, and criminality.

BA Flight 149: UK admits it did not warn Kuwait hostage flight

BA Flight 149: UK admits it did not warn Kuwait hostage flight

I just hope that people learn to make better choices


Elon Musk sold another billion in Tesla shares Tuesday.

Muammar Gaddafi's son disqualified from standing in Libya election

I predict the chances of Justice Clarence Thomas resigning in the next year are high

'The Humans' Is the Thanksgiving From Hell Movie You Need to See

Baby Kitten By The Dumpster 😿 Waiting For Someone To Save It

unrolling the hoarse whisperer

I have been looking at my Facebook page and not many are criticizing the news of the Aubrey trial.

Oregon-born gray wolf OR-93 dies after 'epic' California trek

The latest Jan. 6th Insurrectionist Arrest; an Oath Keeper that was a musical theater actor

old time radio Thanksgiving comedies: Burns and Allen 1948

'Nothing about this is normal': RNC payments to Trump attorneys irk GOP officials