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This morning I am surfing through the channels and there was Sean Spicer talking about his

Texas Christian University made Lee Harvey Oswald's task a bit easier.

The Hounds Of Winter - Sting

Grateful Dead - Wipeout.

Democratic US House Members likely to become members of the US Senate in the near future.

Two Fox Contributors quit over some damn Carlson special!


PSA: "virtuosity" is not the same as "virtuousness". MSNBC copywriters take note.

Steve Schmidt on Bannon....

After Binging Narcos and Narcos:Mexico

NSFW: video of Waukesha car attack

The first of many more lawsuits from Rittenhouse trial...

"And, That Is Why I Do This"

This Era we live in now....

PROOF that insurrectionists planned to invade US Capital...

Are these Evangelical issues the result of MAGA support, or is it why they support MAGA?

A Conversation with U.S. Special Envoy for Belarus Julie Fisher and Amb. Dirk Schuebel

SHOCK POLL: Matthew McConaughey Tops Texas Gov. Greg Abbott By 8 in Head-to-Head Matchup, Clobbers B

SHOCK POLL: Matthew McConaughey Tops Texas Gov. Greg Abbott By 8 in Head-to-Head Matchup, Clobbers B

Good question 🤔

I now know more about small towns in WI than I ever wanted or needed to, & for all the wrong reasons

The red suv

Fauci on who should get Covid-19 booster shots (CNN)

Critical review of a hot air balloon ride:

Kyle Rittenhouse Tells Tucker Carlson He's 'Not a Racist Person' and Supports BLM: 'This Case Has No

Red suv speeding with gun shots

Don't mess with Texas: Beto bids Biden stay away from campaign trail

The result of 2 professional dancers GETTING MARRIED

More than 20 injured after SUV plows through Wisconsin holiday parade (CNN)

Jury acquits Gifford man who claimed self-defense after girlfriend killed by sheriff's SWAT team in

Just gonna leave this here: Sturmabteilung

Chile's far-right Kast leads in first round of presidential election as runoff looms

Chile's far-right Kast leads in first round of presidential election as runoff looms

How many traffic tickets have you received (lifetime)?

Isaiah Stewart goes after Lebron James on the basketball court

No shooting at the parade

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

1/6 Select Committee Has Interviewed Many Trump Admin Who Wanted Subpoenas For "Cover"

DEATH AT WISCONSIN PARADE .... i blame TRUMP for the toxic atmosphere in todays world.

Capitol Police Hero, Lt Michael Byrd request for help.

Trump receives honorary Taekwondo black belt

Statement from Waukesha Police Chief and Mayor on the current situation and suspect: "We have a

Have we really sunk to the point

some new red eyed tree frog shots

Waukesha Police Chief: multiple fatalities. one person in custody

Southwest Airlines worker fatally shot at El Paso airport parking lot

Susanna Hoffs - I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight

Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu will head President Biden's $1 trillion infrastructure plan

Advice wanted. Should I go with my wife to her anti-vax unmasked nephew and girlfriend this holiday?

Harry Enten: Why Republicans are favored to take back the Senate

Team Biden gets some pep in its step after months of taking it on the chin

What's going on with MSNBC

Waukesha car attack: City briefing at 10 (Eastern)

Gun Owners of America 'awarding' Rittenhouse with AR-15 gun similar to weapon used in fatal shooting

Kyle Rittenhouse spotted at Florida restaurant after taping Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson

Minutemen - This Ain't No Picnic

For Kyle Rittenhouse

i had dinner at 1500, metered @1700.

SUV Plows Into Crowd At Wisconsin Christmas Parade, Shots Fired - MSNBC

Incoming Democratic US Senators during the 2024 and 2026 US Senate Elections.

My Opinion About Rittinhouse...Very Short: He is a "Fool" Who Cannot Keep His Mouth Shut!.

The supply-chain crunch appears to have already peaked in the U.S.

A rural hospital closed its obstetrics unit. Here's what happened afterward.

I have a bad feeling about Waukesha. This is an affluent, predominantly Republican

Jen Psaki MOPS THE FLOOR with Fox reporter after dumb question - Brian Tyler Cohen

Tonight's lullaby is a classic.

Jonathan Karl on McCarthy's James Stewart wannabe - ABC This Week

Two Fox Contributors Quit Over Tucker Carlson's Jan. 6 'False Flag' Special

Recent flooding isolated Lummi Nation. Here's how the Tribe continued to provide services

Former FBI terrorism experts saw something fishy in the red SUV attack that is going unnoticed

So you got someone to boss around, that makes ya feel big now?

Whoa! Massive rally against Covid mandates in Rome.

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats will win if 2022 is Republican wave election year.

Trump Wants To Unseat Alabama Governor

Samba Pa Ti

LIVE: Officials Hold Briefing After SUV Plows Into Wisconsin Holiday Parade - NBC News


Leaked Texts: Jan. 6 Organizers Say They Were 'Following POTUS' Lead'

The Guns Have the Power Now

Chris Christie is co-running the *2022* GOP redistricting map plan. No one asked him about this

Anti-tax extremist hid his fortune from the IRS while living on food stamps, government says

Bette Midler tweet:

well looky at this in the bio of Kyle Rittenhouse's new publicist.

So Fucker Carlson is interviewing Kyle Rittenhouse tomorrow

South Korea: Yoon family cartoons

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 23: Gordon Parks - II

TCM, Nov. 22:

TSA employees face vaccine mandate Monday during busy Thanksgiving travel week

Dear Santa

Dumb question: Will Department store Santa's be required to be vaccinated? Or do we have to worry

November 22

Historical data on people under 30 who have had zero opposite sex sexual partners since turning 18

The GOP have turned Wisconsin into hell. nt

Retropolis This tribe helped the Pilgrims survive for their first Thanksgiving. They still regret it

Tonight's moon, waning gibbous

The Wisconsin suspect.

The GOP bets on resentment over problem solving

AQUA - Barbie Girl

Fatalities, injuries after SUV plows into Christmas parade - NewsNation Prime

D'espairsRay yami ni furu kiseki ENGLISH TRANSLATION

Washington's redistricting failure: What went wrong and what happens now?

GOP Embraces Natural Immunity As Substitute For Vaccines- FL Wrote Natural Immunity Into Law This Wk

Listening to BBC reports of Euro displeasure, and riots, over...

5 dead according to BBC

SUV plows into Christmas parade in Wisconsin - ABC News

GOP Senate candidate bragged that he's not vaccinated but financial disclosures show he's making mon

Drawbridge Stuck Open For Almost Two Days in Seattle

Taking the Fight for Japan's History Online: The Ramseyer Controversy and Social Media

Pay The 6 Billion To The World Food Programme Now Musk Or Forever Be Known

Police confirm multiple deaths when car plows into parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin - CBS News

Here's a video (10 min. long) on how a whale was rescued from crab pots and lines. Worth a look!

Oh God, it's already back. (VIDEO)

Breaking Down What's Next For The Jan. 6 Investigation - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

WISN 12 News 23 injured when SUV hits parade crowd

Has anyone else been getting unsolicited texts from Clive Palmer's UAP?

The Covid-19 Burden.

'Build Back Better' bill now faces Senate hurdle - NewsNation Now

A Socialite Invented This Quintessential Cuban Sandwich.

Summoning George Clooney - Last Week Tonight Compilation

The GOP Appears to Glorify Violence - The Sunday Show - MSNBC


Gottlieb says that COVID-19 vaccines could be considered a "three-dose vaccine" - Face the Nation

Startups, NASA pursuing supersonic commercial flight - 60 Minutes

A 4 trillion BBB bill?

Al Franken: Atlantic Monthly Writer Frank Foer Tears Facebook a New One (Nov. 21, 2021)


SNL takes on the Rittenhouse verdict, McCarthy and beyond in cold open - Washington Post

Emails describe COVID outbreak at Bend High that quarantined 70 students

Hay farmers in Central Oregon face challenges from drought, water shortages

After slow starts, some Asian vaccination rates now soaring

Breakfast Monday 22 November 2021

I just heard on msnbc that one of the Ahmaud

Long-time Oregon companies help State Sen. Betsy Johnson raise $2 million for governor's race

Republican Oregon state Rep. Jack Zika won't seek re-election in newly Democratic district

The Party of Lincoln ...

The Democratic Coalition

Rittenhouse is vacationing here.

Kyle Rittenhouse is vacationing here.

Xi says China will not seek dominance over Southeast Asia

Oregon to get more than $400 million to rebuild from 2020 wildfires

Monday TOONs - The Meat Of A Different Drumstick

AL-GOV: Trump Wants To Unseat Alabama Governor

Jeff Reardon calls it quits after decade in Oregon state House

What an odd coincidence

European thinktank adds U.S. to list of "backsliding" democracies for 1st time

Judge Dismisses Charges Against Portland Activist For 2019 Protest Clashes

Biden's Schedule for Monday, November 22, 2021

Can you tell a difference between the names "Aaron" and "Erin"

Please stay safe Portland DUers

Ballot initiative would put $750 in every Oregonian's pocket

Anything Goes - The Movie

Thoughts about gerrymanderings and phone polls.

How a small rural school district tangled with Oregon officials, netting huge fine

More Fox News People object to Tucker Carlson.

More Antipodean Idiocy: NSW Must Decide Whether To Grant Coal Lease In Heart Of Wine Region

Advocates Launch Petition to Decriminalize Sex Work in Oregon

A peaceful moment for you today

Making fun of Kristen Sinema's poor wardrobe choices is not sexist.

Another Storm Coming Ashore In BC Near Prince Rupert, Then Turning South To Flood Zone

Progressives Denounce "People for Portland" Lobbying Campaign at City Hall

When opportunity knocks..

American Heart Association is encouraging plant proteins:

"pro-Rittenhouse hashtag tweets, Nov 19-20, showed 29,609 w Disabled Geolocation from RU, China, EU"

I was thinking Tucker Carlson was on PBS at one time! I was right.

America's first openly transgender mayor, Silverton's Stewart 'Stu' Rasmussen dies

America's first openly transgender mayor, Silverton's Stewart 'Stu' Rasmussen dies

TX Panhandle Farmers Turn To Native Grasses To Hold Soil In Place As Ogallala Aquifer Fades

Kyle Rittenhouse In Argument With His Former Lawyers Over $2 Million Returned Bail Fund Following

Working Class Hero - John Lennon

Poll: Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio in good shape against Democrat opponents

Keb Mo - Let Your Light Shine

Rep. Peter Welch announces run for U.S. Senate

I just can't get over the Waukesha parade massacre

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 11/17/2021

BOOM! to Launch "All New Firefly" Series

Mignolaversity: February 2022 Solicitations

The Rundown: November 22, 2021

The Most Ridiculously Amazing Hole In One You'll Ever See

U.S. Intel Shows Russia Plans for Potential Ukraine Invasion

Things to Be Thankful For - by Tom Tomorrow

European thinktank adds U.S. to list of "backsliding" democracies for 1st time

I just heard my TV announce that we are "down" to "only" 1100-plus covid deaths per day.

'Indentured servitude': low pay and grueling conditions fueling US truck driver shortage

Self-Pitying Jan. 6 Rioter-on-the-Run Sucks Up to Russia on State TV

Without justice, people take matters into their own hands...and all hell breaks loose

Inside Amazon's Failures to Protect Your Data: Internal Voyeurs, Bribery Scandals and Backdoor Schem

Kayleigh McEnany Still Says She Never Lied

5 Dead, More Than 40 Injured After SUV Slams Into Wisconsin Holiday Parade (MSNBC)

Biden picks Jerome Powell to lead the Fed for a second term as the U.S. battles Covid and inflation

When you see today's date on a calendar or printed or online

Two Democrats kill chances of reforming outdated hardrock mining law

Japan To Release Oil Reserves Per Biden Request

US added to list of 'backsliding' democracies for first time

This is for the folks keeping up with the Ahmaud Arbery

Anyone use a instant read thermometer to tell when their bread is done?

The White Album released on this date in 1968

Target to keep stores closed on Thanksgiving for good

Still a fav!

MU women now 4-0 after beating Idaho State

Democrats confident on methane fee as budget bill moves to Senate

In Africa, Secretary of State Antony Blinken sees limits of US influence abroad

St. Louis man dead after being shot by two year old

Interesting post from a guy stuck in the Ozarks, on owning the libs.

Don't look at Biden's approval rating!

Today is the anniversary of John F. Kennedy's death... Nov. 22, 1963.

US Supreme Court opinions due to be released at 10AM est

this mornings am prebreakfast reading @ 0615 107.

Quote from "The Green Mile" that pretty much sums it up.

"Doggy facts"

Two Dems Could Sabotage Bank Regulator Who Opposed Their Deregulatory Agenda

Jesse Colin Young was born on this date.

Audubon Society Promotes Livestock Industry Propaganda

Audubon Society Promotes Livestock Industry Propaganda (X post Enviroment & Energy)

SCOTUSblog: Announcement of orders and opinions for Monday, Nov. 22

'The Waltons: Homecoming' film

When Some Horrible Thing Happens - Wait...

Parade Magazine: Want to Crack the Case? These Are The 101 Best Mystery Books of All Time

Jeff Tiedrich tweet... precious

Two Fox News Contributors Quit in Protest of Tucker Carlson's Jan. 6 Special

Official: More than 90% of federal workers got shots by deadline

Hartford officer arrested after domestic disturbance in Vernon, police say

George Takei- Seriously, Ted, how are you so bad at this?

Consumer Tip for the Day #1

A Look at How Unions Lift Workers

JFK prayer card.

Skin Deep

Little pupper NEEDS a cuddle:

Beloved 'dancing grannies' among those killed after driver plows through Wisconsin Christmas parade

Seagulls are not the lawless rebels we once thought they were (Twitter)

Pa. boy showing gun to girlfriend accidentally shot her in the face, killing her

Chris Christie's Donald Trump Problem

There are many pictures from November 22, 1963 at Michael Beschloss's Twitter account.

There are kids in that bus! They will LOVE me!

You wouldn't believe the day I've had!

3249 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon; 2 deaths

These Fools Thought a COVID Party Sounded Fun. Now They Are on Respirators.

Good Day DU (November 22, 2021)

LOL! 2nd tweet: I'm ready for my close-up now, Mr. DeMille.

Today's Date Is Historic, But...

The Increasing Importance of Partisanship in Predicting COVID-19 Vaccination Status

FBI taped RWNJ who said JFK would be shot by sniper, patsy set up for blame (9 November 1963)

Mission Impossible:

N.Y. prosecutors set sights on new Trump target: Widely different valuations on the same properties

Former Kentucky Secretary of State Faces Ethics Charges

Court Records Show That Emails and Phone Data Were Searched in Child Porn Probe of Billionaire Denny

Suspect in Waukesha Christmas Parade incident has been identified as Darrell Brooks Jr.

Bob Dylan, Clydie King - ABRAHAM, MARTIN AND JOHN

A Killer In the Family Tree

Person of Interest in Wisconsin Parade Rampage Had Just Posted Bail on Violent Charges

How will the Covid pills change the pandemic?

The universe works in strange ways.....

Tuesday (23rd) is Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's birthday.

'Undeniably a cult': Fringe QAnon group remains in Dallas, awaiting JFK Jr.'s arrival

The Georgia judge has a much better judicial temperament than the Wisconsin one.

Babies emit smell to get aggressively loyal moms and mellow dads, Israeli study says

I had my last fresh sugar snap pea 2 weeks ago ... the vines kept growing until about 5 days ago ...

With no Supreme Court ruling Monday, Texas SB 8 abortion restrictions remain in effect

Today I remember and mourn

Gryff proved to be a bit of a 'shy guy' yesterday

When I think back to the 2016 R primaries I'm still stunned by how low those rethug candidates have

GRAPH: Criminal indictments by administration

Waukesha news conference at 2 p.m. EST.

Bezos on Donation Spree Gives Obama Foundation $100 Million

Baby flamingo learning how to do that one-leg stand:

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- November 22 2021

An alternative (but plausible) Jewish Thanksgiving Day

I know that you will all appreciate that I will not be making any Thanksgiving puns.

She shot and killed her sex trafficker in self-defense, served fifteen years in prison.

Some of dis and some of dat

Cuomo Sexual-Harassment Claims Backed Up by N.Y. Assembly Report

For far-right groups, Rittenhouse's acquittal is a cause for celebration

I'm Tired Boss - The Green Mile

PA-SEN: Sean Parnell has lost his custody battle after abuse claims by his estranged wife

I do remember

Slovakia Mulls Three-Week Full Lockdown as Covid Surges

Republicans really are the death party.

Anthony Huber Was a Hero: Victim of Kyle Rittenhouse Remembered for Trying to Save Lives At Protest

2 weasels, Russell BRAND and Matthew McCONNAUGHEY

Washington State Ferries issues

The fallout from congressional redistricting ripples across North Carolina politics

So in reality where are we when in comes to incarceration and justice.

A happy story

Getting a sinking feeling about the Georgia trial

Nicolle Wallace slams Christie for his book giving Fox News a pass for lies & conspiracy theories.

I was at the gym from 1030 to 1130 today. There was a

trooper vs. trouper

Baby Raccoon Is SO Awkward -- And So Cute

Politics in flux: South Texas in play as congressional shakeups create ripple effects in Valley

Rittenhouse was just an appetizer

Schools, Teaching & Education During the Third Reich: Nazi Ideology, 'Race Science,' Eugenics

Wandering around my neighborhood, just before Thanksgiving:

Last Names Tom Segura Stand Up Comedy "Disgraceful" on Netflix

Bitcoin City

Powderhorn Ranch donation to Texas will one day create vast coastal state park

Fox host MELTS DOWN when pressed on Fox's OWN vaccine policy - Brian Tyler Cohen

When the weariness overwhelms...

Targeted by Georgia GOP, McBath switching to safe Democratic district

Let's Congratulate our November Photo Contest WINNERS!

November contest winners thread posted in GD

At the risk of invoking the ire of DU's new LegalDefenderCorps, here is what I hear at the Arbery...

For those unable to watch the defense closing in the Arbery trial---in a nutshell:

Binational leaders plan to vaccinate tens of thousands of Jurez children against COVID-19

NorCal ;Good morning! Clear & cold this AM. Bundle up if you're heading out the door.

Death with dignity

Winsome Sears, GOP Virginia lieutenant governor-elect, expresses concern over rural broadband access

1996 in Pascagoula MS, the Navy briefed AA Sailors on where they could not go

As Washington spews $1.2 trillion for infrastructure, none for Panther Island. Why?

90% of U.S. federal employees have received at least one COVID-19 dose - White House

Nurse Salaries Rise as Demand for Their Services Soars

Fellow Dane County members......

Senate's Jan. 6 ethics probe into Cruz, Hawley drags on

Okay, this was not necessary...

One hundred years ago today, on November 22, 1921, Rodney Dangerfield was born.

Mistrial declared in case of man charged in 18 Texas deaths

'No time for parlor games': Buttigieg denies rivalry with Harris

Coal-fired power plants to close after new wastewater rule

Michael Cohen ends prison term after Trump-related crimes

Bob Dylan - Murder Most Foul

Virginia Judge's Ruling Favors Fairfax County Moms On A Mission To Expose School Board Spending

How was someone charged with reckless homicide and bail jumping out on $1000 bail?

Thanksgiving Help - TFG Told 30,000 Documented Lies Stops All The Orange Menace Supporters Cold


GOP Senate candidate Sean Parnell's estranged wife wins custody dispute

Man critically injured after being struck near Chiefs game

Elon Musk and Lauren Boebert team up on Twitter over Biden's plan to expand the IRS

Ghislaine Maxwell's Treatment to Be Reported to United Nations, Brother Says

I know how lobbyists make sure Americans don't get dental care-I was one of them

5 Trader Joe's meals contain concerning levels of lead, from spinach salad to pesto tortellini,

'Overwhelmed by the angels': Volunteers flock to Sumas to help clear flood debris

E-Bikes And Electric Motorcycles Could Get A Major Tax Credit

Today we have an attempt at group covid suicide

Florida clears Groveland Four of 1949 rape of white woman

Cutting industry emissions -- another reason Senate must pass Build Back Better Act

Michael Cohen ends prison term after Trump-related crimes

Two Fox News commentators resign over Tucker Carlson series on the Jan. 6 siege

Purge at DSA: Why are Activists Trying to Expel Representative Bowman?

3 teens arrested in shooting at suburban Denver high school

The defense attorneys are contradicting each other

Playful baby armadillo:

Best robot vacuum?

Why does the radical right trash talk hard working road construction workers?

At least 5 killed after SUV plows into Wisconsin holiday parade

Los Angeles' top Catholic is anti woke, anti social justice

Shipyard union keeps working, but prepares for strike

Monster Hunter World : Anjanath Hunt and Capture

My New Favorite Bass Player

This is education! 'How high can you jump? How far can you push a basketball?

Boundaries? What are those?

US Senate Seniority list for the incoming US Senators.


Terrified Rescued Dog Learns To Let Love In

The Soviet-like food lines have begun.

Cartoons 11/22/2021

Is anyone else sick and tired of hearing the F-bomb all the time now?

Harrop: Turkeys in the media playing up inflation fears

Targeted by Georgia GOP, McBath switching to safe Democratic district

Where should Everett Link light rail line and stations go?


Bingo card forThanksgivingwith your wingnut relatices.

Mudslide briefly stalls housing project at former Everett landfill

Port of Seattle sets $4.4B capital projects budget for 2022-26

Opinion: Seattle is still progressive -- but voters demand results

At last - Cat captures the spot-

Seattle area sees slight uptick in Q3 tech job postings

How many terms is Sanders and Welch going to serve for?

Hungary at a 'turning point' after a decade of Orbn 'systematically' attacking LGBT+ rights

After slow starts, some Asian vaccination rates now soaring

Four Black men accused of rape are granted 'full justice' 72 years later

The impeachment of President Biden and other American nightmares coming in 2023

Christmas Tree arriving at White House, with Jill.

We do not hire LIBERALS

#CNN #News 'It was zooming': Witnesses describe SUV plowing through crowd

The QAnon JFK Cult in Dallas Is Tearing Families Apart

TFG's New Book Only Seems to Have Praise From Ivanka & Don Jr.

Target Plans To Keep Stores Closed On Thanksgiving For Good

"I don't get it," RentAHitman website owner said last week. "People are just stupid."

It's Not Polarization, It's Republican Radicalization

Woman convicted for attempting to hire hitman online

An investigation finds overwhelming evidence that Cuomo engaged in sexual harassment

Miami Officer Turned Bodycam Off and On During Wrongful Arrest of Black Man Who Called 911 to Report

Gleaning in the neighborhood after corn and soy harvest

Capitol Rioter Intended to Shoot Nancy Pelosi

Adam Schiff & Preet Bharara will be appearing at my Alma Mater tonight to discuss....

Philippines redeploys boats to shoal after Chinese blockade

Watch the defense attorney for roddy bryan

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win.

How much will it snow in D.C. this winter? Play our forecast game.

China's Hypersonic Weapon Fired Its Own Missile

The GOP Dark Money Group Giving Big to White Supremacists

Democratic lawmakers blast Supreme Court commission for 'both-sidesing' court politicization

When is paranoia not paranoia? Re parades, malls, concerts, etc.

Wasn't there supposed to be a Supreme Court ruling today?

So real quick: Looking to get my booster today. I'm originally Team Pfizer.

Sean Parnell (R-Wife Abuser) is suspending his PA Senate campaign

Had a tech crisis with my 39-inch LED TV this morning. I lost my cable tv feed

Waukesha SUV driver was fleeing domestic disturbance, faces 5 counts of intentional homicide

MAGA Institute Honors Sheriffs Who Defy Laws They Don't Like

Sunbeam sponges

Does anyone have a good recipe for turkey leftovers?

Poet Robert Bly Has Died at age 95

GOP In Disarray As Mitt Romney Praises Fox News Contributors For Quitting

Kyle Rittenhouse Secretly Working With Tucker Carlson - The Damage Report

Former Trump attorney released from house arrest

NY Giants/Tampa tonight! ESPN2 lineup

Is it because fewer of us remember?

Caught a little of Michael Cohen on CNN today.

How about a punny terrible post

Beto O'Rourke Shows Exactly Republicans In Texas Are Terrified Of Him

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that will switch sides.

Survived yet another operation - but the recovery is kicking my butt

PA-SEN: Republican Sean Parnell suspends campaign

You can tell Micael Fernandes is a veterinarian that loves his patients. (watch)

Parnell(R-PA) dropped out.

LOL!!!! First it was the preachers - now it's the Black Panthers

Rittenhouses lawyer calls Don Jr. an idiot

Harris announces $1.5B investment in health care workforce

Trumper slaps phone from woman filming her - Gets taken away

Hellbound: Another great South Korean series. Bonus: Cowboy Bepop.

Who is going to be the 2025 Democratic Nominee for VA Governor?

Does Kevin Gough---defense counsel for Mr. Bryan in the Arbery trial---spell his first name with

Hitler's Alligator - The Last German Prisoner of War in Russia (seriously)

Sean Parnell ends Pennsylvania Senate campaign

Biden Says He's Keeping Trump Pick Jerome Powell as Fed Chair

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 23 November 2021

What's for Dinner, Mon., Nov. 22, 2021

Mike Lindell is ready with his "pillow" case.....

Telling the dog she was adopted

PM Update: Cold and breezy tonight, with chilly conditions persisting through Tuesday

Job Opening: DuPage County Democratic Party social media director

Cops Owned After Enforcing Unconstitutional Law - LackLuster

New Black Panthers about to march for the 2nd Amendment in Brunswick, GA.

Adele - Hello (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Hot in Herre (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Ken Burns discusses how our history intertwines violence with positive happenings.

Black Velvet (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Dam kids they make fun of their youngest brother dunk the golden retriever pup

I just had an extended petting fest with Mittens the Kitten

Jan 6 Committee issues new subpoenas

These Americans Are Just Going Around in Circles. It Helps the Climate.

The QAnon JFK Cult in Dallas Is Tearing Families Apart

Democrats are pushing tax breaks for the rich. They'll cry when voters punish them

New January 6 committee subpoenas issued for 5 Trump allies including Roger Stone and Alex Jones

Have The Repugs Miscalculated And Gotten To Far Out In Front Of Their Skiis Now?....

Roger Stone and Alex Jones subpoenaed by House committee investigating Jan. 6 attack on Capitol

The front runner for the 2025 Democratic nomination for Governor will be either

Nov. 22, 1963: President John F. Kennedy Assassination, Cronkite CBS News Report; Film Natl Geo

Manchin should never refuse agenda that will help these people in West Virginia.

A Working Class... Is Something to Be

Half the country is on "Socialized" Medicine

The QANON cult, today in Dallas.....

RNC agrees to pay some of Trump's legal bills in N.Y. criminal investigation

RNC agrees to pay some of Trump's legal bills in N.Y. criminal investigation

4 dead in Ohio- We are still fighting those eff's

Flowers from my neighborhood...

Despite high vax rates, Europe sees new highs in Covid cases

In the 2013 VA Governors Race.

WHITE HOUSE CHRISTMAS TREE: First Lady Jill Biden received the official White House Christmas tree

12 Year old Tamir Rice was killed by cops on this day seven years ago

How should we rate the 2022 WI US Senate Race if it is going to be an open seat?.

The Lynx- Shadow in the Forest Cat

Court must release the names of Mike Hubbard's cohorts

After blanket testing, 75 incarcerated men at Staton prison test positive for COVID

Cough syrup from 1888

He got away with killing two people because he was white

So many gloom and doom posts these days . . .

The real danger of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict is the consequences to these people.

Ted Nugent offers Kyle Rittenhouse lifetime supply of gun ammo. 'Boy, did he do good'

Okay, Lounge, let's get together on this--