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I'm pissed and have to get a COVID test ...

Texts Show Kimberly Guilfoyle Bragged About Raising Millions for Rally That Fueled Capitol Riot

So, if you see a man carrying an AR 15 down the road

Question about TFG.

Upriver @ sunset, southern MD

The Most Bonkers Things Kevin McCarthy Said While You Were Sleeping

Tweet of the hour the suspect in the Atlanta Airport was defending himself

Beto O'Rourke Announces His Candidacy For Governor of Texas in 2022 - The Cross Connection - MSNBC

With Back Channels to Manchin and Sinema, Pelosi Found a Path to a Deal.

Sen Risch (R) dismayed with GOP senators' blockade on Biden diplomatic picks

Acosta says this comment has put Tucker Carlson over the top (CNN)

Milk Bar Is Releasing Holiday Treats All Month, Including a Thanksgiving Croissant

OMFG... Breakfast today...

Saturday night, time for one of my free associations.... so let me tell you about Bob Slater.

Trump Was Named In 1,200 Threat Reports Prior To 2020 Election - Ring of Fire

The New Pandemic Division Tearing Europe Apart

GOP Opposition to Vaccine Mandates Grows Beyond Covid

Anvbody here know Japanese/Chinese?

Sovereign Citizen Bingo

Beto O'Rourke Announces His Candidacy For Governor of Texas in 2022 - The Cross Connection - MSNBC

Waning Gibbous, 99% visible

I have had enough!!

Old-time radio Thanksgiving Comedy Abbot and Costello

So today in the Atlanta airport

Aug 2021: Kyle Rittenhouse dreamed about shooting people days before Kenosha

"A White House Thanksgiving"

Between Sinema(AZ) and Manchin(WV), Who is likely to remain in office after 2024?

*Charlie Wilson's War' on HBO now.

Fox says it did not pay for Rittenhouse film and interview

TFG Fumes After Lawmakers Subpoena Peter Navarro Over Admin's COVID Response

JINJER - Perennial (Live at Wacken Open Air 2019) Napalm Records

Fact check: Minority leader Kevin McCarthy made false claims in marathon House speech

GOP Senator Echoes Dems' Frustration Over Republicans Stalling Biden's Diplomatic Picks

Crews take next step in testing East Link light rail extension

Meters' guitarist has a solo record dropping soon 50 years after he recorded it

Documents Reveal Massive Political Influence From Trump's Team To Downplay Pandemic - Ring of Fire

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State....."

TFG believes he 'made' Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis into a GOP star and expects more appreciation

Now that Florida has tackled vaccines, it's time to address hand-washing mandates - Frank Cerabino

(Jewish Group) Indie film uses shock value to discuss Jewish persecution in Romania

TFG Actively Seeking Vengeful Ouster of Alabama's Republican Governor

They promoted Trump's election lies. Now they're running for office (CNN)

Trump administration surgeon general predicts 'winter surge' in COVID-19

The Daily Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week Of 11/15/21

AOC incinerates Gosar

Pro-Trump nonprofit gives millions to groups boosting his agenda

#23 Utah with a 28-0 halftime lead over #3 Oregon

Nicholas Sandmann JEALOUS Of Kyle Rittenhouse?!

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win.

Kyle Rittenhouse Just Killed our Right to Peacefully Protest

Of Course Kyle Rittenhouse Was Acquitted

Biden marks 'deadliest year on record for transgender Americans' on day of remembrance.

Meanwhile in Kenosha County, the state is still fighting the court ruling that Chrystul Kizer, who,

Justice on Trial: Rittenhouse, Arbery Murder, Bannon Indictment, Alex Jones Default - Legal AF

My latest title. Animal version of The Night Before Christmas

A white high school student in Texas assaulting a Black teacher

Minnesota Doctor: 'We're At Crisis Level' With Covid Surge - MSNBC

Civil suit targeting local officials filed in Kenosha after Rittenhouse verdict

Hundreds protest Rittenhouse acquittal across US

Don't understand this statement about FGs new book

Radio conversation between U.S. Carrier and Spain

"When he lectured in the United States, Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget would invariably

Something Tells Me Kyle Rittenhouse Will NOT Live Happily Ever After

Fox News host Pete Hegseth loses his shit when asked about the 2020 election and fox vax policies

Kenosha judge allowed Tucker Carlson into secure area to film Rittenhouse documentary

Good Evening Democratic Underground.

Velshi: Biden's Physical Exam Is Honest & Transparent. Just As It Should Be. - MSNBC

Happy Birthday, Ming-Na Wen!

In today's installment of 'Biden Gets Shit Done'....

I'm turning off the tv

The Slime Oozing out of Your TV Set

Fats Waller on Art Tatum

What Do We Know Of The Upbringing Of Kyle Rittenhouse.....

Doug Emhoff Is Still New at This - TIME

Make Chile great again? Meet the far-right presidential candidate tempting voters from Chile's left

All this trouble just to hear him take the 5th... Sack Cartoon

Simu Liu hosts SNL tonight. Musical guest is Sweetie. N/T

Trump's Ego Sure To Take A Brutal Blow After Forbes Reports Biden's Economy

Sheriff pulled gun on church youth group that left Thanksgiving thank-you note at his home

Bumper Cars On Ice Is Coming To Maryland And It Looks Like Loads Of Fun.

☦ Orthodox Christian Prayer Against covid from Greek Orthodox Archdiocese

Florida woman arrested after Canadian border agents seize 56 illegal weapons

Blondie Heart of Glass Music Video

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win by a landslide to narrow margin.

Where's Kate McKinnon?...

On Netflix: If you like really original and unconventional vampire stories...

Opinion: Spotsylvania comes to its senses and rescinds order banning books in school libraries.

☦ Messianic Praise and Worship

Protests erupt across US over Rittenhouse verdict

Trump Orders Navarro to Defy House Covid Probe

China Is Trying to Make the Tennis Star Peng Shuai's #MeToo Allegation Disappear. It's Not Working

The dream of high-speed rail in the Pacific Northwest may be on the horizon

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are gonna win by a landslide to narrow margin.

SNL: Jeanine Pirro Cold Open

Amy Winehouse

SNL: Republican or Not

SNL: Weekend Update

Joe Biden Is Succeeding Nov. 18, 2021

SNL: New Military Weapon

Target Thanksgiving Ad - SNL

SNL: Walking in Staten

Acosta says this comment has put Tucker Carlson over the top

Tesla ranks almost dead-last on Consumer Reports reliability list

SF store takes customer to small claims for thefts...says regular customers are more of the problem

Progressives Make Impressive Gains in South King County

SNL: 911 Call

I saw the Rolling Stones in Austin!

SF luxury stores board up after four other luxury stores looted of almost $1 million yesterday

They promoted Trump's election lies. Now they're running for office

"If Kshama Were a Man She'd Be Treated Differently": Democratic Women Defend Sawant

What is long Covid?

Top US diplomat warns Russian group not to interfere in Mali

A fraudster himself

Josh Harder(D-CA) for US Senate in 2024?

Oregon State Police seize 250 tons of illegal marijuana

The Thanksgiving History You've Never Heard

Washington gets another positive state revenue forecast

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Swirly Magic Edition

US Senate elections in 2022 that Democrats will win by a landslide to narrow margin.

Is it a good idea to help police?

When is the January 6 Committee ...

'White male violence' is paralyzing America

Come a Little Bit Closer - Jay and the Americans

Nearly 300 Hanford, PNNL workers sue to stop COVID vaccine mandate and save their jobs


"When you go so hard anti-vax that you come full circle..."

Jimmy Kimmel Torches Q Weirdos Who Are Still Waiting For JFK Jr's Resurrection

I've read some posts on FB that have endorsed Rittenhaus killing a victim because

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, November 21, 2021

Bald eagles return to Conowingo Dam as wintry weather settles in

Trump's Estate Tax Giveaway To Rich Triggered 50% Drop In The IRS Revenue: Report

Bald eagles return to Conowingo Dam as wintry weather settles in

Rittenhouse Attorney Calls GOP Efforts To Cash In On Client 'Disgusting'

Dutch police arrest more than 30 amid ongoing unrest

Kansas City Chiefs to pay expenses for girl hurt in crash

Data: few COVID-19 cases, deaths among Missouri's vaccinated

Partisan tensions flare on Missouri redistricting panels

On this day, Thursday, November 21, 1963, it's wheels up for President Kennedy, on his way to Texas.

Supply chain issues lead to some school lunch shortages

Tweety Bird first appeared in a Looney Tunes cartoon on November 21, 1941

UN peacekeepers face greater threats from complex conflicts

Think about it ...

Beggars Groove

Police hope people will exchange unwanted guns for gift cards

Jim Acosta awards Tucker Carlson "Bullshit Factory Employee of the Year."

China fines tech giants over anti-monopoly violations

US defense chief vows to counter Iran in visit to Bahrain

Judge Banned MSNBC, Allowed Tucker Carlson Into A Secure Area To Film Kyle Rittenhouse Documentary

Repuke Self-Defense Logic

Sudan's Military Frees Prime Minister Held for Weeks After Coup

On this day, November 21, 1980, the MGM Grand fire happened in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Three-fourths of drug overdose deaths in 2020 involve opioids

Good Question From Irishrygirl

Breakfast Sunday 21 November 2021

"Cosmos". A sci-fi gem that slipped under the radar

Now they want Rittenhouse to make money from killing people they don't like.

Trump Urges Peter Navarro To Defy Subpoena In COVID Probe By 'Communist Democrats'

Bringing a RC car to the dog park..

The US Energy Information Agency Expects US Energy Consumption to Rise 27 to 38 EJ by 2050.

imagine for a moment Al Jazeera producing a documentary

Man beaten with dog bone at Las Vegas pet store in mask dispute

I have a suggestion for Trump's next stalling tactic after his "has-been executive sorta privilege"

Coleman Hawkins was born on this date.

Coming Gas Price Drop

'I just can't believe it exists': Peter Jackson takes us into the Beatles vault locked up for 52 yea

After GOP sweep some Democrats say outreach to minority voters was lacking

Manchester United sack Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and announce Michael Carrick as interim manager

Woman's Boyfriend Tries To Win Over Her Possessive Bird

As Gerrymanders Get Worse, Legal Options to Overturn Them Dwindle

What Scares Me Is the Idea That

Holding COP 27 In Egypt Means Working With A Dictatorship W. A Horrific Record On Rights, Protests

How the U.S. Lost Ground to China in the Contest for Clean Energy

5 Georgia officers indicted in naked man's death at festival

Do you know how to tell if you are in maga country

This week's major U.S. economic reports (November 22 - November 26)

Nursing home workers ON STRIKE for a fair contract

Conservative Environmentalism? Hardly - It's Rapidly Becoming Just Another Anti-Immigrant Weapon

so they know the name of the Atlanta

A Child's Garden Of Lies: 40 Years Of Deception, Denial, Distortion And Spin From Energy Companies

Black Friday tech deals: Tips for what to buy and what to avoid

Dozens of looters rush California Nordstrom store

Oops. I had too many tabs open & accidentally posted this in GD. It belongs here:

Remember that episode of the Simpsons where Burns lost his nuclear plant and he made a factory...

If we Democrats and progressives vote for EVERY DEMOCRAT in 2022 AND get our friends, co-workers,

John Cook & Skeptical Science Analysis: RW Denial Has Only Gotten Louder Over Past 20 Years

Pete Buttigieg, handed billions of dollars, gains influence with opportunity to shape infrastructure

Lawyer who wants to ban Black pastors no stranger to controversy

CNN breaks down Gosar's history of controversies prior to his censuring

Madoc's explanation for the kitchen window valance being pulled down

This Is Miami's Edgewater Neighborhood After A Routine Fall Storm On Thursday

Gas Prices and GQP Disinformation

Sunday morning WARNING. Do not watch SNL skits before the DU OPs. All the OPs have no laugh lines.

Adoptees express their fear, anger and insight on race during social unrest

Biden and aides tell allies he is running in 2024 amid growing Democratic fears

French special forces go to Guadeloupe amid COVID pass riots

Top DOJ Officials Were Told There Were "No Credible Threats" Hours Before The Capitol Insurrection

Estancia, N.M., requires people be 'legally armed' to enter town meetings, ACLU threatens lawsuit

Maureen Cleave, Pop Journalist and Beatles Confidante, Dies at 87

Good Day DU (November 21, 2021)

Lawyer who wants to ban Black pastors no stranger to controversy

The COP-26 organizers stopped researchers from accessing the negotiations in Glasgow, UK.

It strikes me that, in the context of the Kenosha killing, the Arbery murder, Charlottesville and

Jeanine Pirro cold opening SNL (with 'Trump'):

People are wrecking their bodies trying to 'detox' from the Covid vaccine

3629 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 1 death

What the hell is Cruz talking about o Face the Nation

What I don't understand about the billionaires and corporations that fund Retrumplicans

Missing Chinese tennis star reappears in public in Beijing

Communists and Socialists...?

How many Mystery Writers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Thanksgiving fast coming - Get your turkey chain saw

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

The American Conservative: How dare you call us Nazis!

Marine Corps compliance with vaccine mandate on course to be military's worst

Another Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

I got the rider mower ready for Winter storage and cleaned a LOT of seasonal debris from the garage.

Report: Texas still at risk of winter power blackouts

Report: Texas still at risk of winter power blackouts

Dan Rather with some words of wisdom: "I would posit that a party in "disarray" does not pass...

How Kyle Rittenhouse's treatment and trial defied norms

kids--don't try this at home

Hamas gunman kills 1, wounds 4 in terror shooting in Jerusalem Old City

Serious question.

John Fugelsang tweet:

I Would Vote for AOC and I Would Vote for Joe Manchin.

NPR - Why the Kyle Rittenhouse 'not guilty' verdict is not a surprise to legal experts

Today in history: Ella Fitzgerald Debuts

Republicans define themselves by misogyny and violence

Dem turnout was at record highs in the last round of elections. So was the opposition's

GOP embraces natural immunity as substitute for vaccines

Would You Appreciate Someone Defending Your Business From Looters

Florida's Republican lawmakers deliver another blow for DeSantis against the common good

Across the Desk - S4:E19 (Sean Cummings - Conservative Dirty Anti-Republic Tricks)

There Is Power In A Union - Billy Bragg

Rittenhouse Would Have Been A Tory

Save your leftovers!!!

How can it be that in Canada,

Racist White Trash Klanscum Don't Want Schools Making Kids Feel Uncomfortable

Cartoons 11/21/2021

SFPD officer who allegedly blamed burglaries on progressive politics may come under investigation

The deplorables have already coined a new term: "pulling a Kyle Rittenhouse on someone"

Monroe High family pushes for action after last week's racist incident

Kyle Rittenhouse Could Face Federal Charges As Rep. Nadler Calls For DOJ Review

Community gardens, food pantries head off COVID food catastrophe in St. Louis

Up next for Kyle Rittenhouse:

What Fiction are you reading this week, November 21, 2021?

The Rittenhouse Verdict and a Supreme Court Case Could Spell an 'Open Season' on Protesters

Asking for a few million Americans

Did you just call the Democrats weenies: Donny Deutsch great advice to Democrats to win 2022

A still life of some of my favorite junk foods!

Bread and Roses - Joan Baez - Women Textile Workers Labor Song

D.C.-area forecast: Milder 50s and mostly gray today, then colder again into midweek

France vows to keep battling in fishing dispute with UK

Rep. Cori Bush calls for expulsion of House Republicans who offered Kyle Rittenhouse an internship

Masculinity and the Republicans/evangelicals

MAGA squad of TFG loyalists sees its influence grow amid demands for political purity among GOP

Wisconsin Republicans Push to Take Over the State's Elections

The "Medicare Advantage" Plan to Kill Real Medicare

A neighbor just put up a large black flag on his porch.

GOP officials in Wisconsin want to eliminate a bipartisan elections agency and charge 5 of its 6 mem

Interesting...Fuel out of the air

Sen. John Tester: Others in party 'need to be open to compromise' on Biden agenda

Candace Owens Trying To Find Her Next Payday Grift - Rebel HQ

Gary Trudeau comments

O'Rourke says he stands by his 2019 'we're gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47' comment

Earthships - America's Off-Grid Desert Community

Efforts underway to get fresh drinking water to Clallam Bay following landslide

Ahmaud Arbery case: MLB star Adam Wainwright serves lunch to Black pastors outside courthouse

I became a member at the JFK Library in Boston today.

Weed Legalization Goes Bipartisan

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Why Democrats' 'Talking Points Are Not Enough'

Judge DENIES Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio's request for transfer to home detention

Politico Playbook is what everyone in Washington DC reads

Which Side Are You On? - Hazel Dickens, Billy Bragg

Virginia Lt. Gov.-elect Winsome Sears on the Tulsa Riots... oh my...

IOC president speaks to Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai

How Stupid Do You Have to Be to Take a Gun in Your Carry-On Bag

I received my booster Friday p.m., Pfizer, after my first two shots were Moderna.

Accused shooter Kyle Rittenhouse has been awarded an AR-15 assault rifle

Facebook's race-blind policies around hate speech came at the expense of Black users, new documents

One of the best pieces of advice that I've heard said to an adult is

'Chilling' near 'sandbar'

Terrified Stray Dog Loves Pets So Much Now

reality dawning

Amazon employees in 20 countries will strike on Black Friday for better working conditions...

Churchgoers Mistake Woman's Cilantro For Marijuana, Berate Her On Video - The Damage Report

To commemorate her birthday, actress/vocalist, Julie Andrews made a special appearance

To commemorate her birthday, actress/vocalist, Julie Andrews made a special appearance

Poppy Northcutt

Smart raven finds secret to happy marriage. He keeps bowing to his wife.

Freight Train - Written & Performed By Elizabeth Cotten

*For the first time in the Company's history, there will be two ways to enjoy a New York City Ballet

The Proud Boys marching in the light of day - although most with their faces covered - in NYC.

One day Canada will take over the world

Of Course Kyle Rittenhouse Was Acquitted.

Seen yesterday at the gas station ⛽️ 😠

did dems pass election protection legislation into law today?

Maliwan And Mae Koy Two Elephants Begin Growing Their Own Herd

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 22 November 2021

A sample of 32,315 pro-Rittenhouse hashtag tweets, Nov 19-20, showed 29,609 with disabled geolocatio

NASA's Eyes on the Earth Puts the World at Your Fingertips

I was on a jury three years ago

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats will definitely win by a landslide to narrow margin

Just a thought...

One of Shadow's favorite places is under Mommy's couch.

One of Shadow's favorite places is under Mommy's couch.

This lady's got it going on for Beto!

Democratic lawmakers blast Supreme Court commission for 'both-sidesing' court politicization

the Fort Worth Zoo has a new baby elephant!

Dark Money Is Driving Today's "Concerned Moms" Attacking Anti- Racism in Schools

John Kennedy Uses McCarthyism To Attack Biden Nominee - The Damage Report

Next year, should I replace Halloween with 31 days of Octobert?

SNL - Walking in Staten

Walking in Staten - SNL

Tweet of the Day

Youngkin, VA Gov- Elect Already Being Rebuked By Rt-Wingers For Insufficient Loyalty To MAGA Madness

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Another voter fraud accusation blows up in Republicans' faces

Man hurt when wife drives over him during theft attempt with bowling ball

Expect to pay more for Christmas trees this year, experts say

GOP embraces natural immunity as substitute for vaccines

US missionaries say 2 abductees freed in Haiti

Research links COVID-19 in pregnancy with stillbirths

Missouri beats Florida on 2-point conversion in OT 24-23

Trump's economic record is being 'soundly beaten' by Biden as economy bounces back: Forbes

Pope to young people: We need you to protect environment

Did another pastel painting, 9x12. Felt like I needed to do something that felt peaceful and safe.

They're doing it to us AGAIN.

Police: Man shot inside Virginia grocery store

Woods and Waters - Bud Leavitt

NAACP president says Rittenhouse trial was a "warning shot"

A word in advertising almost always lies about itself, & we all know it!

Justus Rosenberg, Beloved Professor With a Heroic Past, Dies at 100

Woods and Waters - Bud Leavitt interviewing Bill Lee

Medtronic partners with Amazon to bring the PillCam to your door

The right is Pro-Choice - with respect to which protesters they choose to kill. nt

Second family becomes first to affix a mezuzah on executive home.

What's for Dinner, Sun., Nov. 21, 2021

Top athlete goes missing after accusing Chinese official of sexual assault

Grand Theft Economy V: Let's Play

AP Top 25 poll, Week 12: Ohio State leaps over Alabama and Cincinnati

More Conservatives Turn Away From Death Penalty

Sleepy little potato:

If I don't move he'll never see me:

Okay, who blabbed?

Old time radio Thanksgiving comedies: Lum 'n' Abner - 14 minutes

US Senate Elections in 2024 and 2026 that Democrats are likely to win.

Aftermath on Netflix

Republican Governors Distance Themselves From Trump, Drawing His Ire

Nobody involved in the supply chain crisis has much incentive to end the supply chain crisis

Tough times

Two polls from Conservative Twitter.

US missionaries say 2 of 17 abductees freed in Haiti

George H.W. Bush's Lessons for Kamala Harris - WSJ oped


This is true.

Sununu Suggests House GOP Is 'Ruining America'

Um, I'll just take that, thanks:

Southern Utah cites scorer's error in double-OT men's basketball loss to California

More Covid in our hospital than ever before

Rittenhouse at breakfast today. Many elements. Have at it DU.

Is there a number one source for new parts for old vehicles?

Echo Park's Bacetti Is a Love Letter to Rome

Cutest Pittie Puppy Ever From 8 Weeks To 8 Months Old

*WHUT all about Henry Louis Gates JR. now.

feel good story: Mystery woman returns boy to his family after he gets off at the wrong bus stop

Man sacrifices his car to save unconscious driver:

Tweet of the early evening:

Gun Rights Supporters Celebrate Rittenhouse Verdict

'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' airs tonight at 7:30/6:30c on PBS

November 21, 1970, 'I Think I Love You' by the Partridge Family reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100

Pregnant Woman Gunned Down in Philly After Her Own Baby Shower

At least 1 dead, more than 20 injured after SUV drives through Waukesha Holiday Parade

Car drives through Holiday parade in Wisconsin