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School Board Recalls at All-Time High as GOP Puts K-12 Issues in Spotlight

TFG's dad (Fred) was a arrested at a Klan rally in NYC (WaPo). He took us in the same direction

Fox News Would Like to Make It Clear That Tucker Carlson's Deranged January 6 Show Is Not on Fox New

Pity. Pity is eshewed in our society.

The Democrats' Bill Could Change the Lives of More Than 7 Million Undocumented Immigrants

So. it's been a month

More than 100 world leaders will agree to end deforestation by 2030 at COP26...(CNN)

Why Allies Have Mixed Views of America

VoteVets for McAuliffe

Justice Sotomayor Dissents as Conservative Majority Denies Death Row Inmate a Chance to Prove His

No Trick or Treaters.🥺

What happened to Newsweek? It was once a distinguished publication, but now seems full

Treasury Secretary Yellen breaks with Biden and says Democrats should consider lifting debt limit wi

Don't Choose Extinction -- It's Time For You Humans To Stop Making Excuses and Start Making Changes

Pete & Chasten's Infrastructure Twins

2,300 NYC firefighters call out sick as vaccine mandate begins, but mayor says public safety not dis

The White House passed the Kremlin names of Russian hackers who attacked US agencies, testing if Put

Russell Wilson: 'No more pin. Time to win,' chances rise he will return to Seahawks soon

Not embarrassed yet? Asa Hutchinson got caught in vaccine stance stupidity

Bernie tells House progressives to demand commitment from Manchin & Sinema for Build Back Better

Mayoral candidates push for votes ahead of Election Day Tuesday

I just check my voter status and I VOTED no problem

Ghislaine Maxwell prosecutors can call accusers 'victims', judge rules

Manchin, progressives aren't holding infrastructure bill hostage. It's you holding America hostage.

Puget Sound's Wettest Month Gets Underway With Some November Rain

Gubernatorial hopeful Don Huffines says his Texas Senate loss tainted by 'election irregularities'

JUST read that Buttigiegs have moved/are moving to Michigan!

82% of Fox News, 97% of OANN, Newsmax viewers are dumber than fucking rocks

Jan. 6 Organizers Are Raking It In With Trump and GOP Groups

University of Florida bars faculty members from testifying in voting rights lawsuit against DeSantis

I just heard an oxymoron on CNN: "Conservative values"!

If McCauliff loses, should Dems claim election fraud?

NYPD arrest a suspect for torching a NYC Deli with a molotov cocktail

Trumpunk committed election fraud via telephone to Georgia and still no charges

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Thread

The history of the world according to cats - Eva-Maria Geigl

Roger Stone Threatens to Run for Florida Governor

Texas Gov. Abbott joins fight over books, saying 'pornographic' content shouldn't be in schools

So he won't vote for a bill with unpaid for spending

Half of Republicans Doubt Their Votes Will Be Counted (How does this favor Republicans?)

'We can't let that f***er win!'

Huge Central Texas property near Rockdale sells for $240 million

Ha! Roger Stonie boy threatens to run for governor!

Woman accused of pointing loaded gun at trick-or-treater now charged, Texas police say

U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Hear Three Post-Janus Cases Over Union Dues

LUPE begins search for progressive candidate for District 15

Tomorrow is Election Day...

Jesse Jackson rushed to hospital after fall

a little about our new Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar:

Washington Post Refuses To Print TFG's Full 'Inflammatory' Response To Its Jan. 6 Stories

New WaPo Report Details How Warnings Were Blinking Red Ahead Of 1/6 - Deadline - MSNBC

The Ill-Fated Idea to Move the Nation's Capital to St. Louis

Union seeks Biden admin's help in Charleston port dispute

A GOP Texas elections official says she was forced out of the job after 'fierce attacks': 'I

Why is the Republican party still called the "conservative party" ?

Trump-backed Senate candidate Sean Parnell 'tried to choke me out,' estranged wife testifies,

North Korea urges citizens to eat less until 2025, resorting to black swans for meat

Talking To John Eastman Is 'Talking To Someone On Another Planet' Says Reporter - Deadline - MSNBC

A tip for playing streaming video in the MS Edge browser

Everything is left bare...

They purposefully use Democrat Party

Xi demands US money and delivers a dud at COP26

66 former Democrat and Republican lawmakers oppose TFG's attempt to block Jan. 6 records

Sen. Joe Manchin Calls For Vote On Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill - MSNBC

They closed the town Library for two weeks because of Covid infected librarian ...

Georgia Secretary Of State Didn't Know Trump's Order To 'Find' Votes Was Being Recorded

Dallas Cowboys' 'Cooper-to-Cooper' touchdown pass is a first of its kind, NFL says

Liberal justices warn that guns, same-sex marriage...could face limits if Texas wins abortion case

So what would happen if a flu shot were injected into a lipoma instead of the arm muscle?

Update on my brother

Russia's Petty Race With the West Ends in Dire COVID Crisis

Three weeks to go!

Gary Patterson out as longtime TCU football coach as sides agree to part ways

'HBCUs survived': Historically Black colleges poised to get billions in spending bill

'HBCUs survived': Historically Black colleges poised to get billions in spending bill

Finally my operation is scheduled!

'Crying Nazi' Hijacks Charlottesville Trial to Rant About Antifa

Trump: Until recently Israel 'literally owned Congress' -- and that was a good thing

I'm sorry I know I am suppose to support democrats but Manchin is not ...

If TX Abortion Law Stands, "No Constitutional Right Is Safe" - Zerlina. - MSNBC

Manchin is the biggest moron in politics

Rachel Maddow: NJ GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Counter Ad -- Do You Really Know Jack? F*CK NO!

Why Does This Keep Happening and What Are We Going to do About It?

How Justice Kavanaugh May Have Upended The Texas Abortion Ban With One Question - MSNBC

Oh dear Lord Keith Olbermann tweet

Alabama judge booted for racist, inappropriate behavior

Washington Post's January 6 Deep Dive; Is AG Garland/DOJ Criminally Investigating Donald Trump?

The Lincoln Project - Anti-American

2021 NJ and VA Gubernatorial Election Prediction.

Gitmo Jurors Liken CIA Torture to Acts by 'Most Abusive Regimes in Modern History'

What might have been

Trump Crashes World Series, Let's Go Brandon Pilot Investigated & Unwanted Halloween Candy Challenge

Winning: Biden Vax Mandate Gets Shot In The Arm From SCOTUS - The Beat - MSNBC

IRS sends 430,000 additional tax refunds over unemployment benefits

GOP Unforgettable Moments

US prisons face staff shortages as officers quit amid COVID

Tourist breaks into tiger pen in China

He Reported An 'Avalanche' Of Warnings Before Jan. 6. So Why Wasn't It Heeded? - All In - MSNBC

Republicans set trap for Democrats over Build Back Better Act - Brian Tyler Cohen

Did manchin do anything to help the Democrats today

Bigot Boebert (R-CO) issues homophobic attack against Transportation Secretary Buttigieg

I just found out

i noticed that there was a uptick of earthquakes again in and or near puerto rico.

Michelle Obama to speak with college students nationwide

Cannibal Karen LOSES IT On School Board - The Damage Report

Seattle mayor issues executive order aimed at reducing city's greenhouse gas emissions

It's been over 40 years since a Democrat won re-election in New Jersey

Jen Psaki Sends Sean Spicer Into JEALOUS Rage - Rebel HQ

Ex-Maldives president to tell Cop26: do not compromise on 1.5C

Seth Meyers - Trump and the GOP Are Trying to Cover Up What Happened on January 6: A Closer Look

World's biggest loser PREDICTS That Republicans Are BIG Losers

Polls....meh. I say many of them are created so the candidates spend more money.

Initiative could make Washington's controversial long-term care fund optional

Democrats are going to win the 2021 NJ and VA gubernatorial election.

Mississippi blues promoter and raconteur Bill Luckett dies

Anti-Vaxxer Threatens To Burn Down Schools

Driver walks free after hitting six cyclists, killing one in Liberty County


In one tweet, Elon Musk captures the everyday sexism faced by women in STEM

I think McAuliffe is cooked.

One thing to remember about McAuliffe if he loses

After being subjected to a zillion Medicare Advantage ads over the past month

Yikes! NC's Lt. Governor needs to STFU

ID Refusal and Homicide - Not Your Average Auditor

Vacationing in Phoenix

Rep. Schiff: Trump Is Trying To Hide What He Did On January 6th - The Last Word - MSNBC

(Jewish Group) At least 9 former Nazis died in the U.S. awaiting deportation.

(Jewish Group) Trump: Until recently Israel 'literally owned Congress' -- and that was a good thing

Kenosha man who identifies himself in Rittenhouse shooting video says case is personal to him

The Corps' COVID-19 vaccination deadline is coming. Marines who refuse will be booted

FEC lets foreigners finance U.S. ballot fights

I'm concerned about the trending

Richard Ojeda Weighs In On Infrastructure Bill

Woman is billed $700 for visiting the ER despite getting NO treatment

history teacher convinces 8th grader that Trump is still president & vaccinations are bad

Sticker Alerts cops To Presence Of Person With Special Needs who may not understand simple instructi

Maskless Janesville school officials criticized while COVID outbreak sends Washington Elementary

Funny dog sounds like Curly from the Three Stooges

Weird trend in Virginia

buffy the vampire slayer (& trumper) kristy swanson in hosp w/covid; wants your prayers

actress who played Kai Opaka on Deep Space Nine dies

Saudi Arabia wants businesses and families to pick Riyadh

Global Covid-19 Death Toll Tops Five Million

Union challenges postal service over moving Oshkosh truck building to South Carolina

☦ Orthodox Christian Welcomes Contemporary Scripture Memory Praise Music

Rep. Khanna: Democrats 'Have To Come Together' On Biden Agenda - The Last Word - MSNBC

Absurdity Of Texas Abortion Law Laid Bare In Supreme Court Arguments - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Bonus Tweet of the Day

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Luke 21:28 - NKJV, "...your redemption draws near."

NBC News Poll: 50 percent of Republicans doubt their vote will be counted accurately

Prison Or Presidency, New Trump Company Factors In His Uncertain Future - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

A Serious Question for the GOP

Dr. Aaron T. Beck, Developer of Cognitive Therapy, Dies at 100

early frontrunner for dumbfuck tweet of the month

List Of Documents Trump Wants To Keep Secret Hint At January 6 Presidential Actions - Rachel Maddow

reading an article about someone dying of covid i always wonder if they've been vaccinated

Police dog bites 5-year-old's face at South Pasadena National Night Out

COVID survivor revisits Washington hospital to apologize for being unvaccinated

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/1/21

NASCAR officials will require Kyle Busch to take sensitivity training before the start of the 2022

Stephen Colbert - Guest Huma Abedin

November Photo Contest Theme & Info!!!

Stephen Colbert: Guest David Byrne

Former Ald. 'Fast Eddie' Vrdolyak ordered to report to federal prison by end of the month

'Wrong, immoral and anti-democratic' -- Wisconsin's voting maps get a public hearing

Farro and Cauliflower Parmesan

The Waukesha school firestorm grows hotter

Wisconsin elections administrator Meagan Wolfe says she won't resign despite calls from GOP for her

The Pentagon quietly removed more than 130,000 Afghanistan War photos and videos from public view

Joe Manchin (owner of his own coal company) was a headliner at a secretive coal CEOs' confab

Leading Minnesota Democrats skip campaigning against policing question

Climate Change Summit: Thank you Mia Mottley - you make me proud to be a Caribbean woman

BP profits surge as oil and gas prices bounce back

Science has proven that women have more fecal matter on their hands

Former Gophers men's gymnastics athlete sues the University of Minnesota

Having his cake and eating it too!

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Republicans pushing 'hit and kill' bills to allow motorists to run down protesters: report

Tuesday TOONs - Virginia On My Mind

A peaceful moment for you today

Same-Sex Partners, Spouses Finally Eligible For Social Security Survivor's Benefits

Pete Souza with the shade AND the receipts (Ronny Jackson):


New dating show where the guy picks which woman is already in a relationship

Breakfast Tuesday 2 November 2021

St. Paul city laborers, Teamsters settle contract with retroactive pay bump

Large crowd of what appears to be QAnon believers at the AT&T Discovery Plaza in downtown Dallas

You Don't Say! Breitbart Leads The World In Creating & Spreading Climate Lies On Facebook

Electric truck maker Rivian to go public in possible $8.4-billion IPO

Minister who uses wheelchair denied entry to Cop26 venue

Bosnia is in danger of breaking up, warns top international official

JD Souther has a birthday today.

Biden's EPA Unveils Broad New Rules For Methane Cuts In Oil & Gas Operations

Phil Woods was born on this date.

Jay Black was born on this date.

Jessica Simpson: I knew in this very moment I would allow myself to take back my light, ...

Jury seated in Kyle Rittenhouse homicide trial, setting stage for high-profile case

Image Comics Staffers Form Union

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 10/27/21

Ghosts of Comics' Past: November in Comics History - Richie Rich, DC hotline, and library donations

The Rundown: November 2, 2021

NASA - Expect Global Corn Yields To Drop By Roughly 20% By 2030; Wheat Output Could Rise 17%

Election Day - "The people have spoken, the bastards."

Electric truck maker Rivian to go public in possible $8.4-billion IPO

Top Five States For Vulnerability To Climate Breakdown - FL, MS, TX, LA, CA

Zillow seeks to sell 7,000 homes for $2.8 billion after flipping halt

Oh this is a good one. Manchin: The Political

Donald Trump apparently lied about being invited to the World Series, because of course he did

How the sausage is made at 1000mm, 1/25 sec, f36, ISO 1400

Nature - Survey Of 40% Of IPCC Authors; 6/10 Expect At Least 3C, 82% Expect "Catastrophic Impacts"

S.F. Giants owner Charles B. Johnson is again facing questions about his political spending ...

Stop Spending Time Trying To Find The Magic Words To Convince Enemies Of Climate Action To Change

MAGA Shit Fight May Land Marjorie Taylor Greene in Legal Hot Water

I just voted. If you know anyone in VA, contact them & make sure they vote. We need turnout to win.

AZ Senate President Karen Fann won't seek re-election

Food program chief responds to Elon Musk's challenge on world hunger (CNN)

She was sold to a stranger so her family could eat as Afghanistan crumbles.

Let's see what's playing this month @ Manchin-Sinema

Poison in the Air

Tweet of the Day

Time to be proactive

Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)

PA-SEN: Senate candidate Sean Parnell's wife testified that he choked her and hit their children

Would it be better for Democrats if Dump had not been taken off of Twitter?

You raised $5.00 on November 1, 2021 (Total $855)

What if the truth about Jan. 6 is revealed -- and the American people just don't care?

Early vote percentages (of registered voters) per locality (Va. map)

Enslaved African-Americans confront difficult choices

Over 100 countries vow to end deforestation at climate talks

Isaly's chipped ham, Klondikes celebrated in new historical book

Isaly's chipped ham, Klondikes celebrated in new historical book

Senators Back FDA On Electric Shock Device Ban

Don't worry he's okay, I just checked.

Texas Radio Host Gets 3 Life Sentences For Scamming Millions From Elderly Listeners

Another a**hole-interrupted flight

David Corn: It's Time to Use the F-Word for Fox

News Media Finally Providing Actual Numbers of Vax Refusers

Young People Are Over Democrats -- and Republicans -- New Data Show: What That Means for 2022

Cartoon: Let's go who? By Clay Jones -November 2, 2021 10:12 AM

Win or lose, Democrats have got to better control the narrative & message. Watch this VA voter...

Curtis Sliwa brings one of his cats to the polling site.

Fox News is not news. Say it with me.

Well, Glenn's not having it!

21st Century kids - In my day we walked from house to house

Q-Anon nuts think TFG will be reinstated, then resign so JFK Jr becomes president, with Flynn as VP

According to NewsMax, the vaccine contains "Luciferase"

Big, if true

A potentially faster-spreading Delta variant, AY.4.2, has been spotted in 8 states

Elon Musk keeps fans guessing by tweeting mysterious Chinese poem

Tis the season - Upstate NY in the fall

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- November 2 2021

Rudy Van Gelder was born on this date.

Virginia Polls are open until 7 pm

Big day! JFK Jr. back, Trump reinstatement and resignation, new VP Michael Flynn

OMDS announces the first re-branded product with the new logo.

CONTAGION: Threats and disinformation spread across the country in the wake of the Capitol siege

Caption This Shark...

Justices Kagan and Sotomayor Weren't Taking Any Bullshit at SCOTUS' Texas Abortion Hearing

Scalise claims vaccine mandates for police officers are a "de facto Defund the Police strategy."

Dogs and a pile of autumn leaves - Fun, fun, fun

Leaders at COP26 Can Take Home Change Models for Their Five Foundational Sectors

COP26 Watch Day3

Fact check: No luciferase enzymes - or satanic connections - in coronavirus vaccines

Couple Rescues Baby Sparrow And Turns Their Living Room Into A Habitat The Dodo

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 3: Sydney Greenstreet

NC Legislature just seated an insurrectionist. Dems walk out.

Who is going to be Governor of VA in 2025/2026?

Jewish space laser soros unit Goyim section

Reminder that every vote matters!

Check Out This Handy Book of Data, Climate Action Networks and Activist Names Worldwide

My EarthCam app shows Dealey Plaza right now. QAnon crowd size?

The NRA's 'First Lady' Thought Donald Trump Owed Her a Favor. Here's How That Went

Received my Moderna booster yesterday...

Manchin's Secret Meeting With Coal Barons and Climate Deniers at a Luxury Golf Resort

Seems like a small crowd at Dealey Plaza...

Good Day DU (November 2, 2021)

At a time when half our people are living paycheck to paycheck,

Dear store with an app

New blood test can spot more than 50 types of cancer - many hard to detect early

Dorothy Parker on people like Elon Musk, Thiel, Bezos, TFG, Koch Bros., etc.

2350 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today; -6 deaths

Kristy Swanson, Trump supporter and critic of anti-COVID public health measures, has been hospitaliz

Andrea Mitchell seems positively giddy at the prospect of a Youngkin win

I've been hearing V22s all morning.

What's up with the Malloy podcast?

Teach Kids Klan Approved History Then Watch Global Warming

Just pulled a 12 pound pork shoulder off the smoker after 14 hours at 225f.

Whoever wins today, Dems will have to reckon with this: They are facing a lopsided communications...

BOOSTERED! YAY! (half reg. dose)

New York woman sues Kellogg's for $5 million over Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts

FBI Investigating Loretto Hospital's Vaccination Program As Part Of A Criminal Probe

The Crazy Lies That Donald T Has Been Spewing About How Elections

The Biden Administration Pushes Cities to Get Serious About Homelessness

KELLOGG'S STRIKE LATEST: Union negotiating team flying to Virginia for talks this week

First frost predicted for tonight

🗳 VOTE today, Nov. 2, 2021, in your local GA elections! 🍑

A Southwest pilot and flight attendant fought over masks. One was cited for assault.

Playing hid and seek in a kitten barn antique

President Biden will be back by tomorrow.

Poison In the Air....

Hundreds of QAnon Fans Are Going to Texas to See JFK Return. No, Seriously.

Why are we all silent about Republicans asserting a Constitutional right to spread deadly disease?

Antonio Conte confirmed as new Tottenham boss after agreeing blockbuster 15m contract

Beyond that Q-anon is insane, how do they explain supporting staunch Dem, JFK JR with TRUMP

White supremacists target Muslim prosecutor over false claim she covered up assault case

U.S. rental vacancy rate tightens in third quarter

My great-grandmother died from an illegal abortion. Her story could be one you know soon.

U.S. Justice Dept files lawsuit seeking to block book publishing tie-up

Across the Desk - S4:E16 (Stitt Fit - More Tantrums from Oklahoma's Governor)

It's Time for Democrats to Take a Win on Spending

Manchin didn't sign off on framework, no 'rush' to get deal

I don't know what it means but there's major movement towards Terry in the gaming markets

I am now officially Bi

So I just effing VOTED!!!

Facing a shortage, Arlington PS hikes wages for substitute teachers

Facebook, Citing Societal Concerns, Plans to Shut Down Facial Recognition System

Predictic just flipped on the VA race

I'm very unhappy with myself today.

Army of Thieves on Netflix is strange, exciting, very entertaining. I recommend it. NT

Cartoons 11/2/2021

Maybe - just maybe -

Dogs raise the alarm after their owner, 71, collapses on hillside

Alrighty. So what does everyone think about Kristen Stewart playing Diana, Princess of Wales?

Costco has broken ground, but Lake Stevens group sues again

New Jersey governor, Ohio special elections: Here are the other races to watch on Election Day

Updated D.C.-area forecast: After rain, clearing skies and the fall's first frosty night.

Biden Administration Moves to Limit Methane, a Potent Greenhouse Gas

John Dean tweet:

The Dangerous Power of Insecure Billionaires (Paul Krugman)

Democratic Governors of VA since 1981

Democratic Governors of VA since 1981

TFG blames 'perverts' for making it look like candidate Glenn Young and him don't like each other

Why Hasn't AG Garland Arrested Manchin Yet?

The Baby's - Every Time I Think of You

Have you ever heard of a "loaded cake"? Google it.

'Make it a Christian town': the ultra-conservative church on the rise in Idaho

The Sonics - Strychnine

Is a vote on the BBB legislation scheduled next couple of days in the House?

A 'Genetic Goldmine' in Chile's Desert Could Help Create New Drought-Resistant Crops

Top GOP Donor Worried About TFG's Cooties Wants Him To Walk Back Nevada Endorsement

SNL: Raygun, The Gipper Gives Soviet Leader Gorbachev A Tour of DC: History & DC Lovers Horror

The media ignores Democrats - True or False

Channeling TFG Gingrich says Democrats will try to 'steal' close election if they lose in Virginia

A 14-year-old won a prestigious award for his discoveries on 'antiprime numbers'


Just read that 20% of registered voters voted early in VA...

International envoy warns of Bosnia breakup amid tensions

An Oklahoma woman vanishes while searching for her missing son and his friend

Janine Trooper

Bezos pledges $2bn for restoring nature

With winter coming, this is what Bellingham is doing for homeless youth

FEC affirmed that foreigners can fund US ballot measures because they're technically not elections

Modern pentathlon votes to ditch horse riding after Tokyo Olympic turmoil

Joe Biden makes the case for democracies to lead the way on climate crisis during final day in

Of course I won't "name names", but several here today seem out of sorts. Is something

TFG's 'Heads I win, tails you lose' play in Virginia

CRT Republican Boogie Man

People Gather at Dealey Plaza for the return of JFK Jr.

Republicans Name Joe Manchin Employee of the Month

China tells citizens to stockpile food as Covid controls are tightened

Apparently third time's the charm when it comes to voting.

Christian radio host sentenced to three life sentences for Ponzi scheme bilking millions from elderl

Ok, it's kinda growing on me......that goll dang Burger King commercial.....

Election Day Today

Some states confront 'prison gerrymandering' as they redraw district lines

The Scientists Are Terrified

PA election day thread

Woman pooped pants - carried the load to finish marathon in PR

Let's talk about the FEC's worst decision since their last one....

Parrot Photobombs Highway Traffic Cam #Shorts

Rick Santorum Continues Fall From Disgrace, Lands at Newsmax

Any artists here who write/record/release original music that use CD Baby?

I know it's past Halloween, but, this really creeped me out.

Gaetz and Boebert threaten to BLOW UP Capitol to applause at rally - MeidasTouch

Libertarian venture capitalist funding more than 150 candidates in PA School bd Race

See where tossup Virginia governor's race may be decided (CNN)

Surprise! Marjorie Three Names is Not Vaccinated!

Washington Post's January 6 Deep Dive; Is AG Garland/DOJ Criminally Investigating Donald Trump?

The repuke agenda is the theocratic agenda

It's a Failed Nation when something 3/4 of the people support

Explaining homosexuality to toddlers - Who knew it is so easy!

Biden's climate plan aims to reduce methane emissions

Josh Hawley is here to save American manhood

File this under "Insane Laws by Idiot Lawmakers"

Leave Joe Manchin ALONE!

Did my duty today.

'It's the Jews': An antisemitic tirade at an Arizona school board meeting spurs a response, debate

Brazil's Bolsonaro meets Italy far-right leader

"Why there are no good conservative comedians."

Bacteria in ferry water systems

When Youngkin loses his race today to Terry McAuliffe, watch Trump turn on him...

(Jewish Group) 'It's the Jews': An antisemitic tirade at an Arizona school board meeting...

Very cute kitten:

Kyrsten Sinema epitomizes 21st-century political corruption -- but she didn't cause it

Watch out. Scam Alert!

I see that TCM is showing the movie "The Women". I think it is one of the most demeaning and

Couple Rescues Baby Sparrow And Turns Their Living Room Into A Habitat

Felix Mendelssohn Violin Concerto

Ecuador expands Galapagos marine reserve

Felix Mendelssohn Violin Concerto

Attention Stealing Parrot Slowly Accepts His New Puppy Brother

Senate Democrats strike a deal to cut prescription drug prices in Biden's social spending plan

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will definitely win.

Two things on Virginia election (on local radio)

Another Osprey video, from Scotland

JFK Jr. a no-show at Qanon event in Dallas

Money has shifted to McAuliffe...

US partially dismissed money laundering charges against Maduro envoy

Who is dying of Covid? People who are younger, white and Southern, according to latest numbers

In Person Voting Rises To Match 2017 Levels In Charlottesville

Washington Post Refuses To Publish Trump Response To Their 1/6 Investigation

Thanks To Biden And Democrats Obamacare Premiums Drop To An Average Of $67/Month

Religious exemption to the hard is it to get one?

Colombian Candidate Feared by Investors Leads Presidential Poll

Fairfax County is reporting a 26.1% turnout with 3 hours yet to go.


Republicans Are Already Claiming the Virginia Election Has Been Rigged

The Pandemic - A Children's Song

Gun Violence in America

Curtis Sliwa Tried to Bring His Cat to Vote

GOP Group Sells Trump Christmas Wrapping Paper

Vast patches of glassy rock in Chilean desert likely created by ancient exploding comet

Rev. Jesse Jackson hospitalized after fall at Howard University


Housekeepers, Hotel Owners Square Off Over Daily Service

Richmond VA Mayor Stoney on turnout

I like David Plouffe he's on MSNBC now, always like his discussions.

I would be useless to the prosecution as a juror on this one:

Marching band goes hard on flawless 'Sesame Street' tribute

Poll Closing Times (Eastern)

Good afternoon from the lake

Schumer announces deal on prescription drug pricing, a key obstacle to mega-bill (Sinema in)

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Jamie Harrison: Republicans have become the party of fascism and fear

Dog dances while owner sings Happy Birthday!

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

A story I heard today, regarding American Airlines.

Pete Buttigieg says no-fly list is "on the table" for violent anti-maskers on planes

I strongly believe everyone has the right to refuse vaccination for covid---

Just voted in Leavenworth County

Qanon/Maga idiots in dallas for the return of JFK

So, the Dow crossed 36,000 today...

Biden taps Navy admiral to be Joint Chiefs vice chairman

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 3 November 2021

What's for Dinner, Tues., Nov. 2, 2021

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) on Republican plan to address climate change:

The Murders Down the Hall 393 Powell Street was a peaceful home until residents started dying

Checking on the crowd at Dealy Plaza. 4:05 pm ct

CDC panel unanimously recommends Pfizer Covid vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 in critical step toward

Ohio GOP lawmakers propose abortion ban echoing Texas law being challenged at the Supreme Court

I learned yesterday that I must quit an addiction to nicotine gum I have had

Klobuchar: 'We Are Going To Pass A Voting Bill One Way Or Another' (The Hill)

Virginia's Gubernatorial race in a nutshell:

Early Exit polls in Virginia 53% women, 73% white was 67% white in the 2020 race. Older voters

Oops.....JFK Jr & other celebs now expected to show at Rolling Stones concert tonight

Boosted by the pandemic, 'constitutional sheriffs' are a political force

75,000 early votes in Fulton County GA. 30,000 more than 2017.

De Blasio files paperwork to set up run for governor

Anyone have a great mushroom soup recipe? I had some 10 days ago

Pence says James Madison and the Bible helped him certify election results against Trump's wishes

Blasts and clashes at military hospital in Kabul kill 20 people

Virginia Exit Poll data

ok, so who loves their medigap plan?

After passing abortion bans, two Ohio city councils face voters

D.C. posts second-warmest October on record.

Exit polls include data from early voting.

Viva Las Vegas

This Elderly Woman Never Stopped Looking For Her Missing Cat. Four Years Later, He Finally Came Home

President Biden isn't shoving anyone -nice pic

Senate Confirms First Openly LGBTQ Female US Appeals Court Nominee

I just voted

PA-SEN: Sean Parnell's fiction thriller features graphic violence against women

AP: Democrats reach drug price deal, Biden upbeat on Manchin

Waiting for the "I hate Steve Kornacki" posts! They seem to pop up every election.

Bosco: This Tiny Sausage Dog Loves Finding And Carrying Big Sticks

I feel a bit slimy after voting today,

Last week my son and I went and did our early voting here in our local

Las Vegas Convention Center to host NFR youth rodeo contests in December

Beast of the Day

Democrats Eye 5 Years of SALT Relief

45% of local CEOS said they do not expect to require employees to return to in-person work in ...

Raleigh police detective fired after accusations of planting fake heroin on group of Black men

Cloudy and damp, rain early; becoming clear overnight. Low 39F

ACLU and LWV petitioning to keep

NEWS: Sanders Opposes Rumored SALT Tax Breaks for the Rich

Pittsburgh will make history today - our first black mayor Ed Gainey is about to be elected

High turnout in VA Dem strongholds

About one-third of Virginia voters call economy the most important issue facing state, exit poll sho

Sinema Office Statement on Historic Medicare Drug Negotiation Agreement:

I don't see this, but it's pretty important news re: FEC selling out our elections to foreign ...

Meanwhile in Virginia... GOP voter hurls the N-word at volunteers

QAnon Believers Gather In Dallas Awaiting Return Of Long-Dead JFK Jr.

Huma Abedin Opens Up About Her Life And Marriage In 'Both/And' Memoir - Morning Joe - MSNBC

A man in the audience shares how Whoopie helped him with autism. Beautiful.

Live Blog: Virginia Election Results 2021

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene gets fined again for refusing to wear a mask in the House chamber.

Rudy Giuliani seeks to block feds from getting 3 items of thousands seized under search warrant

Watch early fairfax absentee/early vote numbers per Wasserman

Biden says he will announce Fed chair pick 'fairly quickly' with Powell term up in February

Do the exit polls include early and mail-in voters?

Voters have had at least one shot of a coronavirus vaccine support McAuliffe by 14 points

Polls closed in Virginia. Too early to call. Exit polls not looking good. CNN

Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind

The Daily Show: Biden's Euro Trip: Visiting the Pope, Climate Talks at the G20 & A Nap at the COP26

"Autumn leaves don't fall, they fly. They take their time and wander on this their only chance...

UW Medicine anticipates children ages 5-11 vaccine approval soon

For The Children.

WA Hospital Association Shares Concerns Over Stagnant COVID Cases

Florida man jumps off bridge into river after fleeing traffic stop

Seattle to finish construction on 'missing link' of Burke-Gilman Trail in 2023

Lauren Boebert's Staff Forgot What State She Represents - Ring of Fire

Joe Biden won the presidency one year ago today

Fear not, anti-vaxxers!

notice all were seeing is the SAME DAY vote

what are the Virginia recount laws?

College football selection committee with a different top 4 than the polls

NoVA numbers looking good so far.

Wasserman: McAuliffe wins Arlington early/absentee 82-18

Zillow to shut down Zillow Offers, lay off 25% of company

Biden: Build Back Better Agenda Will Bring 'Historic Investment In Clean Energy' - MSNBC

I'm getting a "forbidden" message when

Mario Batali to face April trial in sexual misconduct case

President Biden Announces Prescription Drug Pricing Plan in Build Back Better Framework

89 NYPD officers on leave over vaccine mandate, despite unions warning 10,000 would resist

With all due respect, Alexandria and Fairfax are irrelevant.

Bipartisan group of senators announce compromise on voting rights bill

Fuck the Republican Party.

I thought early on was supposed to favor McCauliffe

Democratic chair issues subpoenas to oil executives

Democratic chair issues subpoenas to oil executives

Blue Virginia Blog

Student loan forgiveness: Heavily redacted Biden administration memo becomes public


Lawmakers demand apology for border detention of Iranians

Democrat Ken Welch has declared victory in open mayoral race for St. Petersburg, FL.

Decision 2021 - The Choice/MSNBC on Peacock - LIVE Election Coverage

U.S. judge orders continued pretrial detention for accused Jan. 6 rioter 'King James'

24% of Virginia vote counted; Youngkin leads 57-41 (+117,000 votes)

Latin American countries join reserves to create vast marine protected area

Latin American countries join reserves to create vast marine protected area

Arizona court is going to decide whether to hold the state Senate in contempt for failing to hand

Jujitsu Manchin

CDC signs off on children's coronavirus vaccine, allowing providers to begin immunizing kids

Texas woman accused of pointing loaded gun at 7-year-old trick-or-treater

Isn't there a site that'll show all the votes for ALL the elections tonight??

Tom Cotton drops opposition to vote on Biden choice for top China post

Not a Hate Kornacki post BUT a Child's view of Kornacki

Mark Warner on MSNBC: Last year Senate election he didnt take the lead in the vote until 10:30pm

Must win US Senate races the Democrats need to win in 2022 are PA and WI.