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Rep. Schiff on CNN: We Need to Hold Those Responsible for Jan 6 Accountable

The Longest Partial Lunar Eclipse in 580 Years Arrives Overnight Tonight

A vote for republicans is a vote for death and destruction. 700,000 americans are dead.

Found a great roasting pan for holiday cooking at IKEA today

How did we end up here?

I wouldn't wear it BUT it's funny 😄

WATCH: House debates Build Back Better bill before expected vote

Longtime Houston Democrat Garnet Coleman to retire from Texas Legislature

"After this, we can go for a walk"

Talking vs Delivering

"I am Woman" -- Helen Reddy (plus a surprise BONUS video)

Feds charge two Iranians with interference in U.S. election

Agency Trump Picked To Handle Pandemic Spent ZERO Dollars Fighting Pandemic - Ring of Fire

How a mass shooter "manifesto" made an alt-right producer wake up

McCarthy vows to give Greene and Gosar prime committee assignments.

Trump's Mutant GOP Freaks Assemble Into an Evil Voltron

Proud Boy Brownshirts mob School Board meetings in outlaw kerchiefs

Disney Acquires All Of America's Children For $52 Billion

The moon gave me an earworm.

"You see their behavior on the floor says they should not have a gavel be anywhere near them ever."

About bbb and the child tax credit

Arizona's Attorney General Launches New Probe Into The 2020 Election - Deadline - MSNBC

Ever think about...? - Sack cartoon

The Pandemic's Next Turn Hinges on Three Unknowns

Face masks and distancing are most effective measures in reducing COVID-19 spread, study finds, as e

Congress says in this moment,

Ohio Republicans' redistricting map dilutes Black voting power, say Democrats and voting advocates

"Christmas Songs From Pets" to cheer you, truly. Very well made.

Why is no one talking about the real inflationary impact of $8 trillion in military spending?

Biden praises Canada, Mexico as leaders discuss strains

Ultra-Rich Skip Estate Tax and Spark a 50% Collapse in IRS Revenue

TFG Struggles to Get Over Election Loss As Allies Speak Out

San Francisco shoplifter arrested after 120 incidents

Greece, facing another surge, joins Germany and Austria by placing restrictions on the UNvaccinated.

Justice Department Charges Two Iranians For Voter Intimidation Scheme - MSNBC

"The Dawn of Everything": David Wengrow & the Late David Graeber On a New History of Humanity

Texas utilities to charge customers for February winter storm

Final 20 minutes of debate starting for BBB in the House nt

Bernie coming up on Chris Hayes

Oklahoma National Guard is putting its troops at risk in 'Russian roulette' over COVID vaccines

Gov. DeSantis signs legislation against Covid-19 mandates

Isn't it strange that the same people who for years have insisted that rap lyrics and video

'Professor or comrade?' Republicans go full red scare on Soviet-born Biden pick

Request for videos - Protest songs

Friday afternoon verdicts.

Daniel Goldman Announces Run For NY Attorney General - Deadline - MSNBC

Lauren Boebert Goes Mask-Off Racist

This Company Will Pay You to Drink Wine & Visit Christmas Markets

Antonio Brown accused of acquiring fake COVID vaccination card

How Dogs (Eventually) Became Our Best Friends

California asks review of order tossing ban on private jails

Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021 winners and finalists.

Marjorie Greene Threatens BLOOD?!

The impeachment of President Biden and other American nightmares coming in 2023 - Will Bunch

Old time radio Thanksgiving comedy: The Life of Riley 1944

Any Wisconsin residents here?

House Democrats seek answers after Florida professors' testimony briefly blocked

How one election left this powerful Democratic organization fighting to survive

Popular Mount Rainier trail closed after floodwaters damage bridge access

The CBO Says BBB Will Pay For Itself

Another sliver of evidence the GQP hates women - John No Relation Kennedy edition

Trump Threatens Mitch McConnell In The Stupidest Way Possible

President Biden hosting leaders of Canada and Mexico at the White House - CBS News

Jen Psaki Shuts Down Reporters Who Were Silent Under Trump, But Are Now Demanding Biden Press

Handicapping the midterm elections? Let me rewrite that for you. - Daniel Froomkin

how can we add

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread

I cheated on my no carb diet. I went there and had pasta. Will test my sugars.

MAGA's Bannon Jailed? Judge Throws Down On Trump Ally's Riot Silence - The Beat - MSNBC

McCarthy is just pulling numbers out of his ass nt

Council Silent as Ford Threatens County Employees, Calls Pronouns 'Irrelevant'

Inslee plans to adopt OSHA's workplace vaccine requirement without major changes

Media demands to know

Armed man who called himself 'Maserati Mike' identified as fired Ferguson, Missouri, police officer

Slice, chop, dice or mince...

Troopers spot 9 illegal trophy bucks while investigating domestic complaint

Rep. Omar slams colleague Boebert as 'insurrectionist who sleeps with a pervert'

Many Republicans allegedly say privately that Paul Gosar is 'not all there' and 'he's lost it,'


Probably not best to show it here, but if you dare, it is kinda funny...

The Defector.. Religious Right Rob Schenck Regrets His Time in Christian Nationalism.

Lauren Boebert's Ex-Manager Also Targeted in FBI Raid on MAGA Election Clerk

'Because He Didn't Answer You?': Off-Duty Michigan Police Officer Fired After Pulling Gun on Teen

Former D.C. Guard commander demands Pentagon inspector general retract Jan. 6 report

Direct link to the CBO: Summary of Cost Estimate for H.R. 5376, the Build Back Better Act

OMGOSH......we love Jay Leno's Garage.....CNBC.. A W E S O M E. 👍🏻

I've been fuming, comrade

Florida becomes 1st state with law imposing fines on companies requiring COVID vaccine

Why Steve Bannon should worry about the Trump-appointed judge handling his criminal case

Tax Deduction That Benefits the Rich Divides Democrats Before Vote

Matt Schlapp calls for defunding of PBS over 'Sesame Street' intro of Asian American muppet

What do you consider a "fair share" that the top 1% should pay in income tax?

Why isn't the government selling 50 or 100 year bonds?

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021: Here are the winners

Why Malcolm X's murder was revisited and what exonerations say about US justice system- PBS NewsHour

'Prophet' Nathan French Says God Must Restore Trump to Office

You can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man, no time to talk...

so will dems vote for and pass voting rights legislation before xmas? repubs are

"Awesome Mammatus clouds, Argentina.."

A fairer Chile': protest generation aims to reshape country in divisive election

Madison Cawthorn Wants To Seize All Of China's Assets As 'Reparations' For COVID

Seth Meyers - Sex Toy Company Settles Lawsuit with NYC MTA to Advertise on Subways - 11/17/21

Is it just me, or the city I live in, or have groceries gotten REALLY expensive?

Head of RNC says Biden won 2020 election, the first time she's clearly acknowledged his victory

CBO delivers surprisingly good news to Democrats on Build Back Better

The Redistricting apocalypse is here...

Apple aims to launch self-driving electric car in 2025, says report

You Made Me Love You - Helen Forrest and Harry James

'Save-your-ass gas': inside the remote California station where fuel is $6 a gallon

What would be needed for the DOJ to start criminal proceedings against Trump and his top people?

Almost all active-duty sailors are at least partially vaccinated against the coronavirus, Navy says

'Go Get Boosted': Dr. Fauci Says Every Adult Should Get Covid Booster - All In - MSNBC

until dotard is GONE life will never be normal

'We're not gonna be doing tolls. Period': Historic bipartisan infrastructure bill means no tolls

Baby elephant chases birds--watch to the end:

My Son plans to ask for his Lady's hand...

GOP Donors 'Furious' with McConnell

My daughter got boosted today! J&J -- and they gave her a Pfizer booster!

Need help: cleaning upholstery

New Asian American Muppet prompts CPAC president to call for defunding PBS

The GOP Tax Scam was passed WITHOUT getting any CBO score (ending up adding $2T to deficit)

I see the gop in the house is still wearing masks.

Apparently some Republicans don't mind holding talking filibusters

Foghorn Leghorn voice: "Sit down, kid. You're makin' me nervous."

Rest well tonight, knowing that at about the same time, GOP...

Ohio legislature passes congressional redistricting plan giving Republicans a significant advantage

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

TCM Schedule for Sunday November 21, 2021 - Sunday Sex Comedies

If you want to see just how inept TFG is at making key decisions with his a big a brain....

TCM Schedule for Monday November 22, 2021 - Dance Numbers

House Democrats Roast Kevin McCarthy on Twitter for Marathon Speech: 'Please Saw Me in Half and Put

Kamala Harris 'invisible' narrative is false & a deliberate attempt to diminish her

War on Christmas Cancelled

Anti-LGBTQ sentiments on display at Killeen ISD board meeting

I just checked on the tax credit the feds are pushing if you buy an electric car. I'm thinking

Bernie Sanders Rips Record-Breaking Defense Bill: Hypocrisy Is Extraordinary - All In - MSNBC

Republicans Ban Sesame Street from CPAC, Donald Trump Jr Sells Hate & Most Common Passwords Revealed

Middle Age Riot tweet:

*Evolution of Dance By Years*

Kennedy (R-LA) insults Biden nominee over birthplace.

The Top 10 5th Anniversary Special is coming!

☦ Orthodox Christian: Healing Ministry Prayers, Christ the Savior Orthodox Church, Maryland

Tweet of the Late Night:

Another Middle Age Riot tweet:

Now McCarthy's going after the Chinese.

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, November 19, 2021 (Season Finale)

Where is Peng Shuai?

Is it just me or do the three defendants in the Aubery trial seem like dullards?

What did you do, Lauren Boebert?

Infrastructure law boosts Bay funding, other environmental needs.

Jailed MAGA rioter seeks release because it's 'not healthy' to be 'stuck in a bubble' with other ins

Thomas J. Henry files $2 billion lawsuit against Travis Scott and Astroworld concert organizers

Rep. Jamie Raskin: I must admit Kevin McCarthy has accomplished one thing.

Man with AR-15 rifle outside Kenosha courthouse says he is former Ferguson officer

The Daily Show: Chinese Tennis Star Vanishes & Russia Is Back On Its Bulls**t

McCarthy - "I wish I was in Tiananmen Square"

Vials labeled "Smallpox?" Merck owes the public an immediate explanation of this!

Andy Ngo is the most prominent trafficker in anti-Black racism on Twitter.


O'Rourke calls for the end of Title 42 but seeks 'credible' asylum claims

'Joe McCarthy Meets Trumpism': Warren Blasts GOP Tactics To Block Biden Nominee - All In - MSNBC

FBI raids home of Lauren Boebert's ex-campaign manager in Colorado election tampering probe

Don Beyer's tweets are getting me through Kevin McCarthy's interminable monologuing

John Denver - Annie's Song - Top of the Pops December 27, 1974

(Jewish Group) At the Charlottesville trial, defendants got the judge to say 'gas the kikes.'

(Jewish Group) A quarter of European Jewish community leaders say they've considered emigrating amid

(Jewish Group) Brazilian journalist apologizes for saying his country would need to kill its Jews...

(Jewish Group) Sweden's national theater stages its first ever Yiddish production

David Brooks / NY Times (no paywall) -

(Jewish Group) 9 New Jewish Cookbooks for Everyone on Your Hanukkah Gift List

Seth Meyers - House Censures Paul Gosar as GOP Defends Him; Lindell Interviews Trump: A Closer Look

Kevin McCarthy: Gosar Gets Committee Roles Back If GOP Retakes House (MSNBC)

(Jewish Group) 8 Food Gifts to Send for Hanukkah This Year

(Jewish Group) Ruins of a Hellenistic fortress show 'tangible evidence' of Hanukkah story...

(Jewish Group) Racism target cricketer Rafiq apologises for anti-Semitic messages

Inflation & Supply Chain problems are failures of private-sector profiteering, not the government

Sheila E - A Love Bizarre

My Song - Keith Jarrett - Berlin 2009

BBB vote delayed

Kevin McCarthy's late night tour de farce

Paul Gosar's Brother: It's Disappointing He's This 'Unhinged' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Kevin McCarthy Has A Total House Floor Meltdown As Build Back Better To Be Voted On Tonight

Propellerheads featuring Shirley Bassey - History Repeating

House Republicans behind McCarthy have taken off their masks.

Would it totally sink any person seeking Senate confirmation...

Larry Summers: Support for Build Back Better after complaining about Rescue Plan is telling.

☦ Orthodox Christian: Christ the Savior Orthodox Church, DelMarVa

Kevin McCarthy Delays Vote On The Build Back Better Act - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Chairman Nadler's actual tweet on McCarthy:

Kevin Feige revealed that he has a top secret project in development with Scarlett Johansson

Is the lunar eclipse still on tonight?

Anybody Taking Bets On What Time This Moron Wraps Up His Lecture?

Speaker Pelosi Outsmarts McCarthy - Will Hold BBB Vote On Friday

Build Back Better Features Some Forward-Looking Measures, Some Long Overdue - Rachel Maddow

my #1, 1:52 a.m. est, southern MD

2 more from jamie raskin

So mccarthy's first senate filibuster doesn't seem to be working well for him

Well, it's raining. So much for the moon.

Century's Longest Eclipse is Coming and You Shouldn't Miss It!

Friday Morning Bossa Nova Weekend Vibes & Autumn 🍂 Jazz Streaming

#2, 2:17 a.m. Eclipse watch

CVS to close 900 stores: Drugstore chain's store closings represent 10% of locations

What Rep. Jayapal Knows That Reassures Her On Build Back Better's Senate Passage - Rachel Maddow

#3, 2:41 est

Black-haired moon

Cat Stevens - Moonshadow 🌚

Dr. Faucci thinks Covid could be endemic by Spring.

#4+ 2:55 a.m.

#5 3:10 a.m.

The Time Has Come to Pick a Side

Kevin the bazooka mouth is still talking. It doesn't count unless

Galveston TX A Test Case For Republicans Redrawing Districts To Make Elections Irrelevant - TRMS

Cracker -- Eurotrash Girl

#6, 3:26 a.m.

7 Hours & Counting

Mark Chestnutt -- Too Cold At Home

#7, 3:45 a.m.

If you are up, go look at the moon-

Dorothy Moore - Misty Blue

Kevin McCarthy - the Un-Lincoln

White supremacist prison guards work with impunity in Florida

Moon's RETURNING! 4:26 a.m.

I found this somewhat comforting.

Texas and Midwest at risk of winter blackouts if another deep freeze hits, watchdog warns

Congressional subcommittee investigating UF over free speech, academic freedom concerns

The Three Degrees - When Will I See You Again

Indian PM Narendra Modi to repeal farm laws after year of protests

'It was me': Frank Artiles bragged about spoiling 2020 Florida Senate race, lobbyist says

US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats are going to win to remain in the majority.

Report: Eastman Pitched Coup Plan Directly To Arizona GOP Leader

Kevin's total (lunar) eclipse of the brain

2022 IA US Senate Race is very interesting.

White House offering more aid for winter heat, utility bills

Starbuck - Moonlight Feels Right

Billy Childs, Alison Krauss, Jerry Douglas - And When I Die

Thoughts turn to lawsuits, redistricting reform after Democrats' maps approved

Good morning! Or is it?

Breakfast Friday 19 November 2021

Friday TOONs - Attack On Democracy

Struggling with blight, American chestnut tree faces new disease

After Years of Injustice, Black Farmers Had a Shot at Debt Relief. Then Stephen Miller Stepped In.

Tesla news Nov. 18

Trump Endorses Paul Gosar

Adam Schiff: If you took the worst orator in the world... Gave him the worst speech in the world...

Leisure/hospitality employment still only 4/5 what it was pre-pandemic

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez "I did" 👍😆😁

Y'all really gotta watch this with @AOC & @RepRaskin .

AOC Ridicules 'Evil Imbecile' McCarthy During Record Eight-Hour Speech

And now, some appropriate music for your eclipse-watching pleasure:

What's the difference between kinky and perverted

Jon Batiste - Cry

Man used by GOP to push unfounded voter fraud claims pleads guilty to casting ballot under late wife

Trump plans first post-presidency book

Ranky Tanky - Freedom

Amy Helm - Breathing

On Bloomberg this morning, their European reporters indicated in Germany has a large anti-vax

So our seventeen year old is looking at this made in Japan Burny Les Paul

Biden's Schedule for Friday, November 19, 2021

Well I got a good nights sleep...

LOL... Nancy Pelosi press release (from last night): Is Kevin McCarthy OK?

There's an author named Cleo something who writes cozy cat mysteries.

Ohio House passes bill allowing concealed carry without a permit

Just a discussion

House of Gucci

Into day four of seven day free AMC+ preview. Some good stuff including:

Wisconsin Republicans Push to Take Over the State's Elections

BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 12-19 November (2021)

Does anyone know the identity of the arrogant Trumpy gargoyle who tells the lies

BC Flooding Nailed Abbotsford, Which Supplies Half The Dairy, Eggs, Poultry For The Province

A peaceful moment for you today

Speaker Pelosi on now - she starts with

Arbery Prosecutors Roast McMichael On Cross

Biden expected to replace Ron Bloom, USPS board chair and key DeJoy ally, on postal board

FDA approves Moderna ((and now Pfizer)) booster for all US adults

GRL - Earth's Brightness, Measured On The Moon, Dropping In Another Confirmation Of Global Warming

The origin of Superheroes: 3-D Man

Joe Biden Is Succeeding

"Kinky and perverted" is the phrase for today. Modify a DU OP to include "kinky and perverted".

Brazil's Beef Industry Has A New Plan To Protect Against Deforestation. Oh, Yay, We're Saved.

White supremacist prison guards work with impunity in Fla.

He was a friend of mine.

The kinky and perverted origins of Superheroes: 3D Man!

This breaking news just in

It's All Right

When Presidents leave office they generally write a lofty, intellectual book (or two or three)...

Study - Producing Hydrogen From Fossil Fuels Produces "Substantial" GHG Emissions - Surprise!!

"I Survived Pancreatic Cancer"

GQP McCarthy gives longest House floor speech in history delaying Build Back Better vote

Good News Network: Happy 60th birthday to you, Meg Ryan!

Pic Of The Moment: Kevin McCarthy Gives Preview Of What To Expect If Republicans Take The House

November 19, 1955

Middle Age Riot tweet to start the day:

Non-American DUers Have your socialist medical systems denied yer meds

Popular comedies you just don't get.

GQP Members Who Have Openly Expressed Support for Killer Kyle Rittenhouse:

John Fugelsang tweet:

US expands COVID boosters to all adults, final hurdle ahead

Watch how excited and proud The Mcmicheal dad

Another John Fugelsang tweet:

Guardian: 'Beaver moon' partial lunar eclipse - in pictures November 19, 2021

Aaron Rupar tweet about Kevin McCarthy:

4 defining traits of a psychopath

Tommy Dorsey was born on this date.

Speaker Pelosi's latest press release: "Is Kevin McCarthy OK?"

Reuters: Inside the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial in pictures

Health officials to investigate flu outbreak of over 500 students at University of Michigan

Jared Golden of Maine votes against the Bill !!!

Joe Biden is the best POTUS I have ever seen.

The Lunar Eclipse

Animal comedy photo award winners revealed -- and they're good!

Who is the Democrat voting NAY in hr 5376

This takes the cake

Texas Man Pleads Guilty to Selling Chinese-Made Military Helmets and Body Armor to Federal Agencies

Living Blue in Texas Editor's Note: Something Big Is Coming, It Looks A Lot Like A Blue Wave

BBB Passed the House!!!

You raised $25.00 on November 18, 2021 (Kick US Senator Grassley's butt)

Where does one get a covid quick test for home use?

House Narrowly Passes Biden's Social Safety Net and Climate Bill

Tweet of the Day

Dems start cheering "Nancy! Nancy!"

Filipino megachurch founder forced girls and young women into sex, telling them it was 'God's will

grandstanding stunt...

Kevin whines about having to address the Speaker in accordance with house rules.

VELKANA part 2

President Biden will have been in office 10 months tomorrow!!!!

Germany just declared the Netherlands to be a high risk area

Chump losing his shit over DeSantis's increasing popularity with MAGATs.

Did you know the man who recorded Ahmaud Arbery's death faces a sex crimes investigation?

"You love to see it!" For those who missed the moment:

Presidential powers transferred to Harris today as Biden has colonoscopy

Good Day DU (November 19, 2021)

Joyce Vance on the Stephanie Miller Show Talking Jan 6th, Rittenhouse, Bannon

I thought tobacco products were illegal on the floor.

Now that the BBB has passed in the House,

One of my all time favorite Nancy Pelosi moments

DU Poll, chances BBB passes the Senate now

Question about threads with Twitter videos.

"Hell no you can't!"

Their votes for BIf and BBB exposes the. Former guy and the GOP's true intentions

POTUS is doing a terrific job!

Conservatives Think The FBI Is Out To Get Them - Rebel HQ

Pic Of The Moment: What Costs Too Much? Let's Compare

You cannot watch the Ahmaud Arbery murder case without realizing

October's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Texas has dropped to 5.4%.

What's Manchins excuses to stall and weaken the BBB bill going to be this time around?r

Eric Boehlert: Everything the press said about the economy was wrong

Please rec the adieu DU DeJoy thread, link below:

You're not humping me today...I remember you.

Analysis: Why new Ohio redistricting maps are an 'Insult to democracy' (CNN)

House Votes To Pass Build Back Better Legislation (MSNBC)

How many black pastors do we need?

5070 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 78 deaths

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- November 19 2021

Friday Night Kinky And Perverted Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything kinky and perverted.

MAGA's Bannon Jailed? Judge Throws Down On Trump Ally's Riot Silence

Take a moment to celebrate

I feel the need to bring a little class and decorum into this place.

All these news clips and threads about tfg having meltdowns...

Downward dogs: Good boys and girls and their hoomans arriving at the mall for pictures with Santa

Ease your fear(s) and take more chances?

Intrusive advertising, Golden State @ Cleveland:

The Steele dossier and Donald Trump's betrayal of America

UK says it will make Hamas a banned terrorist organization

Harris to be first woman to hold U.S. presidential reins as Biden undergoes colonoscopy

Take a moment. This is a first.

November Photo Contest FINALS - Please Vote Here!

Is this true?? and something I should take action on??

I have stopped watching

Hey! Craig Melvin on MSNBC just pointed out that for a few hours today we have a woman president!

Contest Finals for November posted in GD!

NEWS: Sanders Statement on House Passage of Build Back Better Act

Here, want some?

Funny Tweets during/about McCarthy speech 😆🥸🤓😁

NEVER thought this "dickhead" was EVER funny......Andy Dick arrested on domestic violence charges

Thoughts/questions re: Rittenhouse trial

Speaker Pelosi Twitter acct posted this image around 10am 19 Nov 2021


The Newest Texans Are Not Who You Think They Are

I never tire of videos showing children being given a puppy:

The assertion of 'parental choice' in schools is headed in disturbing directions

U.S. senators move to block $650 million arms sale to Saudi Arabia

"Crypto Could Destabilize Nations, Undermine Dollar's Reserve Currency Status", Hillary Clinton

Pa Man Accused Of Punching 1-Year-Old In Face

What's going on in the lounge today?

The evidence we have now about the blueprint for Trump's coup attempt is utterly damning

2-year-old Pa. boy accidentally shoots himself

Shy Husky Surprises His Foster Family By 'Speaking' For The First Time

Kevin McCarthy has shown more anger about making child care affordable than about the insurrection

"Like a cemetery": San Francisco's colorful houses turning "gentrification grey"

Same energy:

Ex-cop admits to running meth lab out of his N.J. home

The Oakland, California Homeless Problem is Beyond Belief

Who is your favorite actress?

This little girl!

I was reading an article on the PMRC hearings

Trump's ire grows as DeSantis' popularity with Republicans takes off

Austria announces Europe's first nationwide vaccine mandate and reimposes lockdown as Covid-19 soars

In the House-passed BBB bill, is there anything dealing with voting?

Antonio Brown accused of obtaining fake COVID-19 vaccination card to avoid NFL protocols

Here is my neighbor's comment on a Facebook pic of the guy with horns and face paint:

Those new Covid pills.

Divorced parents are going to court over COVID-19 vaccines for their children

COOK POLITICAL moves three D Senate seats to "Toss-up"

Chile's Pinera survives impeachment motion on Pandora Papers

Chile's Pinera survives impeachment motion on Pandora Papers

2 kidnapped Pa. girls, ex-cop dad and his coworker dead after days on the run

Catholic convert Laura INGRAHAM missed the spiritual memo, full blown racist on Kamala

Why is Biden supporting the Line 5 pipeline?

Dog fails escalator challenge - human arises to the occasion

Why do GOP leaders keep complaining about fentanyl seizures?

Word is that the Slobfather and the Florida Governor are so upset

Finding the "sweet spot" is apparently a difficult task

Kevin McCarthy said if GOP retakes House, MTG and Paul Gosar may get 'better' committee assignments

Chris Christie HUMILIATED live on air in satisfying takedown - Brian Tyler Cohen

Last Moon shots, as heading up to bed:

Dwyane Wade reveals having privacy concerns as a father (CNN)

I applaud Democrats in the House of Representatives for uniting to pass the Build Back Better Act.

Fauci swamped by angry calls over beagle experiments after ca"Ympaign that included misleading image

Joint S. Korea-US-Japan press conference falls through...

Democrats will easily end up with 47 US Senate seats after 2022.

Biden confirms US 'considering' diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics

NYC now offering in-home COVID vaccinations

The Amazon lobbyists who kill U.S. consumer privacy protections

Rittenhouse: If convicted, will the Judge give him

Fishing Industry Pushes Back as First Commercial-Grade Offshore Wind Farm Moves Forward

Going after Big Bird isn't enough, Cruz takes on Library of Congress

Restrictive retirement rules for the rich edge closer as House passes $1.75 trillion Biden plan

Why The Shortest Day Of The Year Isn't The Coldest - MinuteEarth

Court bars New York Times from publishing Project Veritas memos in move called 'unconstitutional'

Kenosha families have been called to courthouse

Virus surge worsens in Midwest as states expand boosters

The jury has reached a decision.

Dr. Fauci says he expects babies and toddlers will have a COVID-19 vaccine by spring 2022

McCarthy is being strung along by the former guy,

Lobbyist for truckers on the 'driver shortage': 'If the job that you're offering sucks, is the solut

Rittenhouse verdict up. 1:05 EST CNN Not guilty on all 5 counts. The little **** got off.

Kyle Rittenhouse cleared of all charges in Kenosha shootings

Eldad Rescues Scared Chihuahua From The Streets

Chuck Todd just did it again

Nobody likes those masks!

How Trump's Real Estate Holdings Attract Kleptocrats

I wanted to post this so others can be warned. I have developed a heart murmur.

How one mom launched a porn panic that helped the GOP take Virginia

Shit.....NOT GUILTY.


Jesus God

So cute: Long-nosed potoroo eating strawberries with her youngster..

Murderer Goes Free.

Gaetz soon will hire the little murdering vigilante Rittenhouse as an intern, book it.

Fuck you,rittenhouse you are guilty in my eyes

Rodney King all over again.

And The Demoralization Of The American People Continues.....


Why are Republicans such dicks?

Old Judge Jones

Funny snark about McCarthy's speech:

The Terrifying Future of the American Right

Wow! I'm lost for words!

Start a civil suit.

Catching air together:

Rittenhouse being

Will Karma repeat? (The New Jersey Theory)

Can the DoJ go after Rittenhouse on a civil rights charge?

Question about the Build Back Better bill...

Kyle Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty on All Counts

The media will pay the price ($$) for the Rittenhouse coverage... ala Richard Jewell.

The Rittenhouse cake was baked BEFORE the jury deliberated.

Can the families of those who were murdered/wounded by

Funny joke for today

The ER Charged Him $6,589.77 For 6 Stitches, A Cost That Led His Wife To Avoid ER When She Was Sick

Kyle vs. Trayvon

Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! (Argus pheasant)

Will the feds step in and charge Rittenhouse?

Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all charges

Unsurprisingly, Shohei Ohtani unanimously selected as 2021 AL MVP

$$$ talks - Dr. Jo-Ellan Dimitrius jury consultant to the stars (OJ) was on Rittenhouse team

Cue the Agent Provocateurs ... a Friday night, no less.


TFG Publishing a Coffee Table Book

Madison Cawthorn offers Kyle Rittenhouse "an internship," says he isn't guilty, and tells followers

So can I now seek out Kyle with a weopon -

If There Is Unrest In The Streets Of Kenosha....

Disappointed? Yes. Suprised? Not The Least Bit! This Is America After All.

Well, I certainly hope Ahmad Arbery gets justice!

Most Say Justices Are Motivated by Politics

Wisconsin Republicans Push to Take Over the State's Elections

Prepare for all RWNJs and humpers...

Seattle City Council rejects budget proposal to cut 101 more police officer positions

Was Rittenhouse "overcharged"?

Don't count on the DOJ charging Rittenhouse

Place your bets...

Jury Finds Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty On All Counts (MSNBC)

Question for the Lawyers...

'We're trying to do the best we can,' says Lacey mayor after elected officials threatened

A Republican member of Congress has instructed his supporters to "be armed, be dangerous."

The Rittenhouse verdict should not have been a surprise

I hate to suggest this but I feel its needed

Was anyone really surprised? Especially based on the Judge's behavior.

Pelosi Says She Doesn't Listen to 'Most' of GOP's Speeches After McCarthy's 8-Hour Tirade

Mitch McConnell Predicts Democrats' $1.7T Build Back Better Bill 'Will Never Become Law'

Rittenhouse Rule

And here we go....

Who thinks this will be the last that we'll hear from Kyle Rittenhouse?

One wonders...

Beto O'Rourke raises $2 million in first 24 hours after announcing run against Greg Abbott

VYLE ROTTENHOUSE! That's all I have to say.

Army bars vaccine refusers from promotions and reenlistment as deadline approaches

Warren Pushes New Minimum Corporate Tax

Judge Bruce Schroeder has run unopposed for his seat since 1984

Kenosha will pay the price..."Kenosha Wisconsin The Town that Acquitted Rittenhouse"

New Tee shirt time....why not?

This Is the State With the Most Hate Groups; SPLC Reports and Maps

Madison Cawthorn: "You have a right to be armed, be dangerous..."

Is anyone else old enough to remember George Gwaltney -- (This is about Rittenhouse.)

Don't be shocked when they let the lynchers of Ahmaud Arbery walk in Brunswick next week.

"Rittenhouse verdict will bring everyone together"

Gee, look at all the new posters!

Can Kyle Rottenhouse

ACLU thread about the Kenosha Police Department

So the Rittenhouse verdict, confirms that murder is okay in America

The far right is getting what they always wanted (Rittenhouse ). the right to kill us outright

Get ready for two things with that fuck Rittenhouse.

Technical question about the reading of the verdict

"Miseducation": How Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Push Climate Denialism to Kids in U.S. Schools

Al Franken should be on fire tonight.

DeJoy doing a GREAT job.

"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness"

Rittenhouse did/did not cross state lines with a firearm

My neighbor at it again, just now on Facebook

Texas uses shipping containers to create "steel wall" next to international bridge at Eagle Pass

White supremacist prison guards work with impunity in Florida, AP investigation finds

Beyond disgusted

Defense attorney talking now, and the background is so appropriate.

Matt Gaetz says he's open to hiring Kyle Rittenhouse as an intern

Judge Says Jail 'Isn't Appropriate' For Man Who Sexually Assaulted Teens

Argentine youth soccer player Lucas Gonzalez shot, killed by police

Argentine youth soccer player Lucas Gonzalez shot, killed by police

I stand by what the jury has to say. The jury system works.

I am in an extremely anxious state this week

I guess the "THOU SHALT NOT KILL" commandment

watching the trolls arrive after the Rittenhouse verdict

[Guilty] Verdict announced in trial of KC police detective in Cameron Lamb's death.

Many Changes Still Coming to Budget Reconciliation Bill

Offensive Self Defense will now be the law of the land

Statement of Karen Bloom & John Huber in Response to the Rittenhouse Verdict

New Term Learned at Democratic Underground...."KKKenosha" is this one really new?

House Removes Paul Gosar From Anime And Manga Committee

Biden To Nominate 2 New Members for US Postal Board of Governors, Oust DeJoy Allies

Texas Bans Access To Tall Staircases In Case Women With Unwanted Pregnancies Get Any Ideas

Editorial: Inflation, pandemic add to needs of food banks

Rittenhouse's lawyer is sure full of himself!


The shameless elephant in the room

Seems as if now all protesters should bring semi-automatic weapons with them purely for self defense

We are one step closer to passing the largest investment in climate solutions in U.S. history.

Blow: Five cases test white privilege in the justice system

Lobstermen must start removing gear to save whales, feds say

Three Comedians, Two Trump Jokes - Steve Hofstetter

Cartoons 11/19/2021

Asian students attacked by group of teens on SEPTA train in Philadelphia, suspects to face charges

Kyle Rittenhouse Has New BFF In Congress - Rebel HQ

Inside The Battle of Hayes Pond, When 500 Native Americans Chased The Ku Klux Klan Out Of NC

Cartel Expert Warns 'Don't Go To Mexico Right Now'

Opinion: If women's tennis has the courage to walk away from Chinese money, the rest of the sports w

First look at Nicole Kang as Poison Ivy in Batwoman

Fujimori Dictatorship Advisor Montesinos Sentenced To 17 years

"Kyle Rittenhouse Has Gotten Away With Murder--as Predicted"

Judge MEHTA says Jan. 6 defendants are "pawns" & Trump bears much blame

Civil division chief enters race for Snohomish County prosecutor

Madison Cawthorn offers Kyle Rittenhouse "an internship" tells followers to "be armed and dangerous"

What is the purpose of playing .."Solitaire"?

Peru's Presidential Palace Searched by Anti-Corruption Prosecutor

Democrats will end up with at least 47 US Senate seats after 2022

Shelters, child care in Franklin's plan for $20.6M of federal relief

Newly Discovered Hydrothermal Vents Are an Underwater Wonderland of Shimmering Worms

Spain faces its past in mass graves bill. Will it be enough?

My family experienced white supremacy in WI

Astronomers discover enormous 'barrier' separating the center of the Milky Way from the cosmic ray s

S4:E18 (Stitt Fit - No Non-Binary... Period... The Tantrums of Oklahoma's Governor)

Billie Holiday - When You're Smiling

First Known COVID Case Was Vendor at Wuhan Market, Scientist Claims

When The Sale of a Home Closes, It's an Anxious Day

Kevin McCarthy is NOT full of shit

CDC advisers back expansion of COVID boosters for all adults

TFG endorses Gosar one day after House censure

Can civil suits be brought in spite of acquittal?

Those TV people sure made it seem like a trial was happening

Jimmy Hoffa: Deathbed confession sparks long-missing US union boss body hunt

What's for Dinner, Fri., Nov. 19, 2021

Two people shot in parking lot of Aurora's Hinkley High School

Disgusting. Soulless. I hope they break Travis Scott in court case by case by case by case.


Not gonna lie, I'm playing my salad hand STRONG for today's lunch!

Trump impersonator needs to call the judge and

Chris Hayes Hits 'Most Exuberantly Antisocial' House GOPers With Scathing Nickname

What we were ALL thinking about Kevin McCarthy's tantrum 😂

If Crybaby Rottenhouse hasn't made plans yet to auction off his rifle,

The Murder Of The Rev. James Reeb

While Politicians in U.S. argue over infrastructure - This is happening in China

White Kansas City officer convicted in Black man's 2019 death

Bill Doggett - Honky Tonk Pt 1

did democrats pass national election reform today?

Attempted breach of Ohio county election network draws FBI and state scrutiny

Biden on Rittenhouse verdict: 'The jury has spoken'

ACLU: Kyle Rittenhouse didn't act alone. Law enforcement must be held accountable.

Abraham Lincoln on the existential threat of vigilantism

Spare a thought for the families of Joseph Rosenbaum & Anthony Huber

Supreme Court to Issue Opinions Monday, Possibly Ruling on Texas Abortion Case

Attempted breach of Ohio county election network draws FBI and state scrutiny

Hunter Thompson - Visionary

Biden Replaces DeJoy Allies on Postal Board

Welp, let us know when Rittenhouse decides to visit Times Square.

Rittenhouse is a POS but at least Cameron Lamb

'Cruel, False And Bigoted': Lauren Boebert Ripped On-Air By Local TV Anchor

Just as sick to my stomach as I was when:

'Cruel, False And Bigoted': Lauren Boebert Ripped On-Air By Local TV Anchor

If your white and you know it buy a machine gun (my white privilege song)

Kamala Harris takes on presidential role - briefly - as Biden has colonoscopy

KRit Is The 2021 Version Of The Trayvon Martin Killer - George Zimmerman.....

Do you receive phone calls from police organizations soliciting political donations?

Prediction as a result of the Rittenhouse case in the near future there will be

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

We need to pass as many things as we can, and appoint as many justices as we can within the

Three female senators call NYT coverage of Sinema's clothes 'sexist'

The Rittenhouse verdict sucked and my faith in humanity was shaken today.

Fresno Bee: If Kevin McCarthy can't see the truth about ugly and violent video, Fresno doesn't need

San Diego freeway covered in money.. people stopping to snatch it up

Rep. Madison Cawthorn celebrates Rittenhouse verdict, telling followers to 'be armed, be dangerous'

Kenosha #1 on Gordon West Scanner App

Republican politicians praise Rittenhouse verdict: 'I'm going to arm wrestle Matt Gaetz to get dibs

Ahmaud Arbery defendant asks for plea deal, Arbery attorney says

Got my Moderna booster shot today.

city of Pasadena settles lawsuit for 7.5 million - black man shot running from police

Turkey's currency woes skyrocket after lira free falls

I will be changing my given name to :::: kinky and perverted -- on Monday

I found this one..About saving a "Stray Dog".. Made Me Smile..4min 50secs

Folsom CA is asking retirees, stay-at-home parents, and students to work 20 hours a week at

Laura Ingraham Spews Incredibly Racist Take On Kamala Harris

Biden Issues His First Pardon of His Tenure to Turkey Called Peanut Butter

Biden Issues His First Pardon of His Tenure to Turkey Called Peanut Butter

Congressional Duels, Fisticuffs, and Biting

AOC Brutally ROASTS McCarthy In The Middle Of His Speech - The Damage Report

Biden Nominee Saule Omarova Stands Up To Hostile GOP Questions

Cornerstone preacher apologizes for "Let's Go Brandon".

Republicans Are FURIOUS That FBI Will Now Monitor Their Threats Against School Board Members

Rubio calls Biden bank watchdog pick a 'communist'

Shohei Ohtani Unanimously Wins AL MVP Award

A Grifter Is Born: MAGA teen Nicholas Sandmann urges Kyle Rittenhouse to sue media for defamation

So true about the last election:

so. let me get this straight now . from judge instructions to the jury of r trial

The roots of the Republican war on democracy

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace says Rittenhouse would have gotten life if he were Black

Tweet of the early evening:

Top Democrat destroys dumbest Republican lie in ONE minute - Brian Tyler Cohen

Speeches usually use words to express ideas. Unless you are Kevin McCarthy.

The G.O.P. Has a Bad Men Problem

The Rittenhouse verdict scares the shit out of me.

Rubio calls Biden bank watchdog pick a 'communist'

Does Rittenhouse have a case to sue the media for slander?

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill: Will It Change Everything for Transit?

Nearly 20% Of All The Giant Sequoias On Earth Destroyed By Fire In Past Two Years

Betty Davis - If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up

Most dog friendly countries. Hard to believe Costa Rica isn't on the list.

The whole "self defense" argument has been bastardized over the past decade

Rep Jerry Nadler is calling on the DOJ to review Rittenhouse shootings for potential federal charges

Animal Cruelty: Update on Tiger (good stuff!)

Dallas Cowboys WR Amari Cooper out two games after positive COVID-19 test, sources say

Biden's doctor says he's fit for office after annual physical

Jeopardy Regulars - is Amy Schneider going to be the first really big betting female

Another (pre-verdict) take on the Rittenhouse trial:

Ann Arbor, Mich., will require all public restrooms to carry menstrual products

CNN: Rittenhouse family concerned about Kyle's safety.

Not going to repost it, but a certain twice-impeached Former Office Occupant...

With federal sign-offs, all American adults now eligible for coronavirus vaccine boosters

Breach of Ohio Election Network Draws Scrutiny

Sydney Leroux's mother says abuse and bullying in Canadian soccer drove daughter to US

Just wondering about Joe's future.

Does anyone every go through a really bad patch?

PM Update: Widespread freeze tonight ahead of a cool Saturday and a milder Sunday

Biden's health report

Cleveland Guardians' launch starts with store sign crashing to sidewalk

8 Ways to Mix Up a New Old Fashioned This November and Beyond

Maya Wiley On Rittenhouse Verdict: 'We're In More Danger Today Than Yesterday' - Deadline - MSNBC

Welcome to America, where you face greater consequences for giving a voter in line

Sports world reacts to Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty verdict in Kenosha protest shooting

For reasons that are obvious, will you consider arming yourself?

Bernie Sanders Trashes Deficit Hawks For Supporting Bloated Pentagon Budget - Ring of Fire

Rittenhouse said he wants to become a nurse!

After today's Rittenhouse trial outcome...get ready.

Who are the Mercers?

I'm happy to see that the boys have learned to share

The KRit Verdict Knocked Pelosi's And The Dems Accomplishment Today.....

After redistricting, will new maps give Nevada Democrats permanent majorities?

Two Words Describe How I'm Feeling Today - They Are.....

I needed this John Lewis quote

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

Full Moon, 99% visible

They had Captain Underpants on court TV analyzing the trial

Again, I marvel at how sane Minnesota is, surrounded by rigid, selfish and cruel