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Archives: November 18, 2021

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

Both hospitals in Flint are at or nearly at capacity

Fresh off being censured, Paul Gosar retweets the same video that got him in trouble in the first...

Murdoch calls on Trump to move on: 'The past is the past'

What age group was Paul Gosar targeting with a political ad dressed up in anime?

Paul Gosar takes it in stride...

PNW Update: State Of Emergency Across BC, Vancouver Largely Cut Off By Road, Rail; I-5 Closed In WA

Young Dolph Shot and Killed in Memphis

If the GOPlague can threaten to murder anyone in the U.S., where's it headed? Not hard to figure

story of my newly purchased iphone 7

Bonus Quote of the Day

Dinner tonight, combining two things I do sort of well; photography and cooking.

Dinner tonight, combining two things I do sort of well; photography and cooking.

The Republicans go punk ass and try to govern by threat

Two Malamutes And Maine Coon Cat Adjust To Life With A New Baby Sister

FBI: International

Vials labeled 'smallpox' found at vaccine research facility in Pennsylvania, CDC says

Old time radio Thanksgiving comedy: Dinah Shore with Groucho Marx

Big win for Biden: Connecting Climate Goals to Industrial Goals

And so it begins.....What happened to peaceful protest people? C'mon man!

PM Update: Thursday will be much warmer than typical, but a cold front is approaching.

Pentagon inspector general raises questions about former D.C. Guard commander's Jan. 6 account

Jeopardy 11/17... spoiler

US auctions off oil and gas drilling leases in Gulf of Mexico after climate talks

Julian Castro One-On-One With Beto O'Rourke - Zerlina. - The Choice

Update: Senate GOP threatens to block defense bill because they don't want to hurt China's feelings

UPDATE: Tofu is now officially Khufu! Today he got to meet two of our three other cats

Hillbilly version of a Neil Young classic

U.S. stands ready to respond to a renewed effort to tear Bosnia-Herzegovina asunder

Tim Gosar Calls For Brother Rep. Paul Gosar To Be Expelled From Congress

For OAITW.r.2

Florida GOP legislators have a big COVIDIOT party

Pelosi: Rep. Gosar Sharing Violent Animated Video Is 'Total Violation' - MSNBC

TFG gave an agency $100 million to fight Covid. Here's what happened.

An Instagram-Famous Piglet Just Came Out as an Anti-Vaxxer

Help me remember a movie, or maybe a tv episode

Brandi Carlile - ''The Times They Are A-Changin' ''

Belarus shuts down Russian oil pipeline to EU, despite Putin's warnings

In re: the judge presiding over Bannon matter -- look what he said as atty in Bush DoJ.

Today in Korea is the KSAT. Dubbed the hardest test in the world. Good luck to you all

'Enough Is Enough' When It Comes To Threats Against Lawmakers Says Rep. Lee - Deadline - MSNBC

*Nice that Chris Hayes just said, to Maya Wiley:

With No Change in Votes, GOP Would Win Through Gerrymandering

The Doctor Who Called Ivermectin a 'Wonder Drug' Caught Covid

Beatles cover by two buskers in NYC:

Paul Gosar made a murderous video. Kevin McCarthy is murdering democracy.

40% of America's trucking capacity is left on the table every day, MIT expert tells Congress

Can't wait to see this documentary somehow someday.

Federal investigators launch civil rights probe into Southlake, Texas, schools

Has anyone seen the pro-life commercials

Supreme Court sends Seattle officer case to trial court

Imagine that they came up with a vaccine that prevented stupidity


Judge in Bannon contempt case once fought Congress' subpoena power

Really depressed today with all the

'Don't block the box': Seattle to install new traffic cameras to catch drivers blocking crosswalks

The definition of 'fully vaccinated' is changing to three Covid-19 doses

Washington State Ferries: Service will be restored 'slowly, one route at a time'

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread

Apprenticeships In Washington Hit Record High

'Disgusting Display': 99% Of GOP Back MAGA Lawmaker's Violent Video As AOC Rebukes Party Of Trump

Look out, Nestor:

Gosar's brother commends Ocasio-Cortez, calls brother 'dangerous'

Anyone else remember Dave Cowens?

Ted Cruz introduces bill that would add $28 billion to the national debt

O'Rourke raises $2M in first 24 hours of Texas governor campaign

It's a happy day for our family!

Democrats go around Manchin, work Republicans for paid family leave deal

*Sherrilyn Ifill to leave Legal Defense Fund;

Nevada man who claimed to have evidence of election fraud pleads guilty to voting twice

Republicans' defense of U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar in censure vote is sickening

Adam Schiff on Rep. Paul Gosar officially being censured by House of Representatives - Washington Post

Lauren Boebert: Do Not Comply

Lauren Boebert Outrageously Calls Ilhan Omar A Member Of The 'Jihad Squad'

What we saw today in and around the Goassar censure was an attack on women in general and . . . .

MeidasTouch - Let's Go Brandon!

OH MY GOSH!!.. FIRST TIME HEARING Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin REACTION

Let's Go Brandon! - MeidasTouch

China coast guard blocks Philippine boats in disputed sea

I love how the prosecution's cross of McMichael is going!

Eliza Dushku tweet

State bill drafted to abolish City of Key West

TFG Asking Appeals Court To Keep His Attempt To Overthrow Democracy A Secret

This one goes out to every whiny brat restaurant customer

AOC rips McCarthy for refusing to condemn Gosar video: 'What is so hard about saying this is wrong?'

After record low, monarch butterflies return to California

Donald Trump's Lawyers Offer The Dumbest Argument Yet To Conceal His January 6th Records

Young Karen Completely HUMILIATES Herself

The inside game and the outside game: procedure plus a mob

Why Won't The GOP Condemn Rep. Paul Gosar? - The Mehdi Hasan Show

*Gosar's sister coming up on Lawrence show.

Any chance Gosar goes Postal?

The Daily Show - Fringe-Watching: Rep. Paul Gosar

Oklahoma Guard commander defends rejecting vaccine mandate as Pentagon warns troops who refuse

'Star Trek: Discovery' Exits Netflix Tonight

Steve Hofstetter: How to Get Lauren Boebert Out of Office

Liberal 'Dark Money' Group Spent $400M In 2020

Barbados PM Mia Mottley's riveting & admonishing speech at #COP26 World Leaders Summit opening

Steve Bannon's Ridiculous Court Performance Exposed - Glenn Kirschner

Neil Young is a treasure

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Minutes After Being Censured, Rep. Gosar Retweets Offending AOC Video

Niche marketing?

Chris Hayes: What Rising Tide Of Gosar-Level Threats Says About Health Of Democracy - All In - MSNBC

John Deere strike ended

Real Time with Bill Maher this Friday:

Video made police injustice visible. Now that visibility is trickling up to the courts.

Matt Gaetz wants to hire Kyle Rittenhouse as a Congressional intern

Two men convicted of killing Malcolm X will be exonerated

Strike at John Deere to end as UAW members ratify contract offer

AZ Central reporting TFG tried to interfere with the AZ election like he did with the GA election

I didn't know why Oklahoma had a panhandle. Now I do.

Nice coincidence: Cyber Ninjas CEO paid off $423K mortgage on same day pandemic loan was forgiven.

Drink these beverages to lower your risk of stroke and dementia, study says

The lab results are in:

Was the Alamo all about the support of slavery in Texas?

Sen. Warren On Oil Prices: This Isn't About Inflation. This Is About Price Gouging - The ReidOut

Bill Maher makes prediction about Trump's 2024 plans (CNN)

Getting COVID Booster and Flu Vaccine Same Day

TCM Schedule for Saturday, November 20, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Marilyn Monroe Double Feature

Lawsuits filed in the wake of George Floyd's killing are piling up and hurting Minneapolis finances

How a Coastline 100 million years ago influences modern election results in Alabama

Aurora Agrees To Pay $15 Million In Elijah McClain Case

Seth Meyers - Trump Considered Ripping Off Shirt to Reveal Superman Symbol After COVID Treatment

The Rude Pundit: Hey, Parents, Most of You Are Too Fucking Dumb to Decide on Your Kid's School Curr

Trailer for the 6th and final season of the Expanse!

MyPillow Mike Sits Down with Trump, QAnon Shaman Gets Prison Time & New Spider-Man Trailer

Why Do We Call the Police?

Fascinating letter from Archie Cox about whether Nixon could have become a dictator.

Drinking Coffee or Tea May Be Linked With Lower Risk of Stroke & Dementia: New, Largest Study

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez destroys House Minority Leader McCarthy for defending Gosar

Will Gosar Censure Help Congressional Decorum? - Zerlina. - The Choice

The Certitude of the Rightfully Ignorant. CRI

Black man stomped by South Carolina officer gets $650K

Drinking Coffee or Tea May Be Linked With Lower Risk of Stroke & Dementia: New, Largest Study

Paul Gosar's Sister On His Censure: 'It Is About Time' (MSNBC)

Paul Gosar's Sister On His Censure: 'It Is About Time' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Feds Have GOP Congressman on Tape

Very profane (but funny) Australian comic, cook, and YouTube star: Nat's What I Reckon

Exercising Weekly May Help Relieve Anxiety & Depression: Study, Sweden

Seth Meyers - Chris Christie Tries to Rehab His Image, Won't Say if He'll Back Trump: A Closer Look

Exercising Weekly May Help Relieve Anxiety & Depression: Study, Sweden

I found another embarrassing ancestor...

The Apocalypse of Saturn

Bob Weir, Dave Wasserman, JGB 1989 - Blackbird

(Jewish Group) Holocaust memorial in Spain defaced by vandals

(Jewish Group) NJ man accused of ordering attacks on synagogues sentenced to a year in prison

(Jewish Group) A mile from Auschwitz, a restored synagogue recalls thriving Jewish life in Oswiecim

Hot Tuna Live - 1970 -Don't You Leave Me Here

F**k Chris Christie and the media for giving him the time of day

"Do you support Trump and his belief that 2020 election was fraudulent?"

Jeff Bezos Just Gave Nearly $100 Million To Help The Homeless

Texas district wants to ban recordings after Holocaust comments caught on tape

O'Rourke raises $2M in first day of Texas governor campaign

MAGA determination of deadly weapon or first aid kit

Alabama Rep GARY PALMER to send a tweet claiming credit for funding even though he voted against it

I see memes calling for more vocational schooling. Do we not already have about as many of those

Democrats will retain control of the US Senate in 2022.

Kevin McCarthy Ignores Gosar Questions But Delivers Masterclass In 'Whataboutism' - The ReidOut MSNBC

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

family comes home to find that someone has taken the golf cart for a joy ride

Outlaws - Green Grass And High Tides - 11/10/1978 - Capitol Theatre

We need to get Build Back Better done

re: Eclipse:

Cheney: I think that Trump broke Ted Cruz.. I think that a real man would be defending his wife

Trump is threatening to sue the Pulitzer Prize board if they don't revoke their 2018 prize to The NY

Meet Jesse Theodore Kline, the disgraced ex-cop and who showed up to the Rittenhouse trial

Bannon Files Not Guilty Plea To Contempt Charges - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

New Electric Propulsion Engine For Spacecraft Test-Fired in Orbit For First Time (msn)

Aurora will pay $15 million settlement over death of Elijah McClain


House Votes To Censure Rep. Paul Gosar - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

mugshot of dog abuser. filmed kicking his dog. Now in the poke.

Glenn Greenwald has the sadz about Qanon Shaman's sentence

Blue Moon - Jo Stafford

Companies bid $192 million in 1st Gulf oil sale under Biden

Hays County could lose almost $800K in funding for its emergency rental assistance program

Rep. Demings Blasts 'Shameful' Republicans Over Gosar Censure - The Last Word - MSNBC

Drug overdose deaths in the U.S. have topped 100,000 for the first time

Schumer, McConnell talk on debt ceiling.

Montgomery County gives up $7.1 million of its rent relief funds: "There's just not that many people

McLennan County at risk of losing unspent federal rental assistance funds

Rep. Aguilar: Ignoring Jan. 6 Subpoenas May Mean Charges Like Bannon - The Last Word - MSNBC

YouTube competitive eater conquers Butcher Shop's burger challenge

Big 12 reprimands, suspends Texas Tech football radio announcers

"My White Brother breaks down the Confederate Flag. #Salute 06" (tweet; video)

Wooing the Valley: O'Rourke talks education, health care in bid for South Texas

Waxing Gibbous, 95% visible, 11/17/2:55 a.m.

Sherman beats Singapore: Texas Instruments chooses Sherman for new $29B facility

Threatened By Blackness: Rev. Barber Condemns Attorney's 'Black Pastors' Remarks - Rachel Maddow

Full Moon, 98% visible

Julian Castro One-On-One With Beto O'Rourke - The Choice

'We Are At A Moment Of Reckoning': Ifill On Finding Encouragement In Difficult Times - Rachel Maddow

Travis McMichael defends shooting Arbery, testifies he feared for his life

*WATCH Henry Louis Gates, Reconstruction: America After the Civil War 2019 ‧

Plant Vogtle expansion cost jumps about $300 million; company says it should meet deadline

County Clerk Tied To Pillow Guy Searched By FBI After Compromising Election Equipment - TRMS

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/17/21

Winds whip up volcanic ash from 1912 eruption in Alaska

Rittenhouse judge unloads wild rant about Black jurors after jury asks unrelated question

New Film and TV Studio Breaks Ground in Athens

D.C.-area forecast: 70-degree warmth today but temperatures tumble tonight as cold front passes.

Get ready for The Full Moon Fever tomorrow, November 19, 2021 at 1:59 am MST*

Rep. Gosar's outspoken brother and sister - WOW

Central Florida teachers resigning in droves due to pay and lousy working conditions

Full Beaver moon SET, southern MD, EST

Matt Gaetz says "he is open to hiring Kyle Rittenhouse as a congressional intern!

Georgia Company & Owner Sentenced for Role in Scheme to Evade U.S. National Security Trade Sanctioms

MARTA bus service to be cut as COVID-19 sparks staffing shortage

Wyoming GOP votes to stop recognizing Cheney as a Republican

John Fugelsang tweet:

Taylor Swift and Whitney Houston fans fight on twitter!

Tweet--the bible said Christians would follow a false prophet and wear his mark on their foreheads

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, November 18, 2021

Record high cases, more rules and partial lockdowns: A new Covid wave engulfs Europe

Breakfast Thursday 18 November 2021

Hate group member pleads guilty in Georgia murder plot

Stacey Abrams' voting rights non-profit raised $51 million in 2020

German disease control head warns of 'terrible Christmas'

Be sure to watch the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial

Reuters Pictures: Protesters await verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial

Indonesia Cuts Its Mangrove Restoration Targets By More Than Half, Promises To Do More "Next Year"

Regardless of the reason, unless we can get a handle on food and energy prices, (inflation), the

China, Russia Block All Attempts To Protect Antarctic Oceans; Now Year 5 w/o Conservation Agreement

Major New Global Study Proves Mask-Wearing Is Super-Effective at Stopping COVID

Thursday TOONs - Contemptsgiving

This POS Gosar is a dentist...

No mask could be a very costly choice for Greene

What about when the algorithm knows you like Jethro Tull and Horslips

China silent on missing tennis star, despite global pressure

Stand By Me

CFACT - Marc Morano's Climate Lie Shop - Perfects Its Grift For Free Scottish Vacation

Funny how it was 2 Republicans who were stripped of...

Something that should be on a billboard...

David Corn: New Revelations Emerge on How Donald Trump Killed 400,000 (or More) Americans

It's November 18th, And There Are Fire Evacuations In CO, WY, MT - Two Deaths Confirmed

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 11/17/2021

Art of the Week: Week of 11/17/21

The Rundown: November 18, 2021

Murdoch calls on Trump to move on: 'The past is the past'

Two Very Different Public Schools Fight

Innocent pregnant woman jailed, shackled while in active labor

Are We About to Find Life on Venus?

No Bird Wants to Live in a Murder Nest

Left-wing Midwest media outlet launching with backing from Dem donor

Help me out?

Winners of the 2021 Natural Landscape Photography Awards

Democratic divide puts congressional action on marijuana in doubt

US government could default 'as soon as mid-December' without action: Analysts

Jobless claims: Another 268,000 individuals filed new unemployment claims last week

'Tis the season: State Christmas tree and mansion tours

A Beloved Thanksgiving Tradition (plenty of time to gather ingredients)

Matt Gaetz Suggests He May Hire Kyle Rittenhouse As A Congressional Intern

Dumb Rep @GOP Glenn Grothman: It is such a gross grab of power to think you can tell other people wh

LDWF Adds Three Juvenile Whooping Cranes To Its Experimental Population

Lookee, Nancy has a new wall ornament!

Question regarding second amendment: Can the mere presence of a gun be considered a provocation?

Johnny Mercer was born on this date.

Major Tennessee universities can enact vaccine mandates in order to keep federal funding

In Charlottesville trial, jurors learn to decode the secret slang of White supremacists

Hate in America: Dispatches from the Courtroom Wars

Senator Ron Johnson hates his job

Exclusive: LAPD partnered with tech firm that enables secretive online spying

Best Q "Shaman" meme

J.D. Vance still hasn't submitted his personal financial disclosure despite months-long extension

In 2 days President Biden will have been in office 10 months..AMAZING!!!!!

Democrats Have Some of The Best Communicators In The U.S. It Was Never About Communication

Star Trek V

House Judiciary Committee Passes the Courthouse Ethics and Transparency Act

Will an innocent man be executed today? 🙏🏽

A man will be executed today.

Gov. Lee pitches officers to join Tennessee Highway Patrol because of no COVID-19 mandates

US warns pilots of weapon fire as war nears Ethiopia capital

gasoline prices...

Philadelphia Fed manufacturing index surges to 7-month high despite rising inflation

Tennessee must pay legal fees for abortion providers

Tweet of the Day

Arbery case: Why does this murderer think he had the right to ask Arbery anything?

It's Throwback Thursday right?

What's Your 'Home Maintenance' Style?

Man who shot Ahmaud Arbery may have tripped up on cross-examination.

Abby: Did you see my appearance on MSNBC? (kick Grassley's butt)

Meet Peanut Butter and Jelly, the turkeys who will be pardoned by @POTUS tomorrow.

Good Day DU (November 18, 2021)

Biden announces the U.S. has purchased 10 million treatment courses of Pfizer's antiviral COVID-19

Trump adviser appointed to panel on US elections (Cleta Mitchell). WTAF??!?

Jay Kleberg, King Ranch scion and conservationist, to run for land commissioner as a Democrat

Meidas Touch video: Let's Go Brandon

Does the modern world still stand for suicide prevention? Unfortunately, the answer is maybe not.

Office To Investigate UFOs Pushed In Bipartisan Proposal, 'This Is Urgent'

IU forms task force to combat rise in antisemitic acts on campus

They hunted Arbery like hounds chasing after a game animal.

Cat learns to talk for lonely mom

Are members of Congress required to have physicals?

Matt Gaetz said his office is open to hiring Kyle Rittenhouse as a congressional intern

Got a Walk-in Moderna booster today...

4184 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today,Thurs; 56 deaths

CNN goes all in for the GOP with this headline

A peaceful moment for you today

One of my wife's friends texted her the other day,

Homemade Pork Potsticker Dumplings Recipe

Jazz squirrel:

Dislike mandates? Work in Tennessee, governor says

You raised $10.00 on November 17, 2021

CVS Health to close hundreds of drugstores

'Secret Sister' gift exchange is illegal pyramid scheme

Experts predict an alarming surge of US COVID-19 cases this winter

Massachusetts opens COVID-19 booster shots to all residents ages 18 and up

Listening to McMichael being cross examined, I feel like I'm watching Perry Mason, waiting for

Manchin undecided on helping start debate on Biden spending bill

An old football buddy is leaving me some money. Three other of our crew too. He was seriously

FLASHBACK: 10 years ago -Nov. 18 2011 at UC Davis

Democrats are going to retain control of the US Senate in 2022.

Why Steve Bannon is losing to the January 6 Committee (CNN)

The most egregious example of racial gerrymandering this year: GOP-controlled county commission ...

Minister withholds Israel Prize from academic over boycott petition

Chuck Todd needs to be fired

COVID Rowboat

California Forecast Shows $31 Billion Surplus

F-ing TV giving the Arbery murderer all that TV time is really sickening

Oklahoma inmate Julius Jones is scheduled to be executed today.

tweet from hoarse whisper

Speaking of Kevin Pollak

Gratuitous Thank you Joe Biden thread

Some of dis and some of dat

You can believe in holistic health and wellness

Indiana Jones sequel where his great-granddaughter, in the present day, pulls off elaborate heists

Democratic divide puts congressional action on marijuana in doubt

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) is an asshole/bigot

The day Florida Democrats dreaded

Trump's rage at Georgia Republicans should unsettle us all

'Solidarity Forever': 40,000 Kaiser Workers Set to Strike to Defend 700 Fellow Union Members

Lunchtime is over !

MSNBC Banned From Rittenhouse Trial

NBC producer tried to photograph Kyle Rittenhouse jurors, judge says

Insurrectionists are finally receiving justice. But the GOP is more unhinged than ever.

Judge Rejects Bannon Effort to Slow Walk Contempt Case

Its been 11 months and no one in his administration have resigned or been indicted...

Judge to decide on racial slur allegedly uttered by murder suspect in Arbery case

Why is it considered to be 'no big deal'

so I got a fund raising email from Jill Stein

California Forecast Shows $31 Billion Surplus

Redistricting squeezes 2 Democratic rising stars in Georgia

Joe Flacco Says He is Not Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Trump gave $100M for COVID response to agency run by Kushner pal -- it spent zero

Oklahoma governor commutes death sentence of Julius Jones

Alleged hackers from Iran charged with targeting U.S. voters in disinformation campaign in 2020

Oklahoma governor commutes death sentence of Julius Jones

Have a question about cutting chicken breast

Trump SPAC must be investigated, Elizabeth Warren urges SEC

Jones is spared the death penalty

Yesterday I requested my medical records from my eye dr's office. She said the dr. had to sign off

People using Facebook as information sources....

The Carbonaro Effect - The Most Compact Survival Backpack (Extended Reveal) truTV

Gaetz's sex game included a 'Harry Potter' challenge and 'extra points' for sleeping in sororities

Florida Curtails Coronavirus Mandates, Reflecting Wishes of Vaccine Skeptics

Oil Slides To Six-Week Low On Reports China May Cooperate With US On Crude Release

How a lawyer who aided Trump's 2020 subversion efforts was named to a federal election advisory boar

It's been a good week so far. Bannon, Gosar, Shaman Learning some things.

Beto O'Rourke vs. Greg Abbott: What Polls Say About the Texas Governor's Race

Some ELO

My Body Says It's Time To Go To Work But Nooooo

Did any of you watch the 6 part HBO documentary, "Q: Into the Storm"? I just finished it.

LIVE: White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds news briefing

CPAC declares war on . . . Sesame Street?

Moderna requests emergency authorization for booster dose for all adults

Biden hasn't golfed once since his inauguration and how this can work against him in 2022

They Need Their Guns So They Can Threaten People

So had it been black people who stormed the Capitol,

Biden Administration: 2.6 Million Kids Under 12 Have Their First COVID-19 Vaccine Shot


Indian forces kill nine suspected militants in Kashmir

What's taking so long (Rittenhouse trial)?

Girl shot by police and teenagers charged: Who is responsible?

Democrats' congressional district map draws ice-water reaction

Weekly new infections again surpass 600,000. COVID-19 updates

Pennsylvania teen had his hands up when fatally shot by State Police, new videos show

Harris pushes back against reports of West Wing tensions

Paul Gosar-R and Tom O'Halleran-D are placed in the same congressional district.

I figured out how Biden can win the hearts and minds of the entire country

Doubt cast on email from Chinese tennis star

What is your NFL team's most heartbreaking loss? From '28-3' to the 'Ice Bowl' to 'The Drive'

QAnon Leader Ron Watkins Is Running for Congress and It's Not Going Great

Your Boss Wants to Spy on Your Inner Feelings

DOJ indicts two Iranians for interfering in 2020 presidential election

White House press conference scheduled for today, November 18th

Pro-Parson committee fined for taking out-of-state donation

COP26: The truth behind the new climate change denial

T-Mobile $50/mo unlimited 5G wifi home internet anyone?


Do we know for sure it was an MSNBC person who followed the jury bus - or Project Veritas

Republican Chair Ronna McDaniel Warns Republicans Can't Win Without TFG: 'We Would Lose'

A thought about the police and FBI misconduct in the Malcolm X murder case

Giant toe beans of black panther cub being bottle fed:

Democratic US House members of VA will end up being

State commission recommends $83K in penalties for Waste Management's missed Kitsap pickups

Biden Admin to distribute several billion dollars in aid for winter heating and utility bills

Things that don't go with Altoids

Lauren Boebert Went Full Racist Conspiracy Theory Against Ilhan Omar

Why Paul Gosar thinks he is a winner

This School District Has Allegedly Threatened Girls for Reporting Rape

Am I Blue? - Billie Holiday

'This is God's creation': Pelosi invokes religion for climate change action after U.N. summit

California lawmakers call for a state of emergency at ports, warning of a 'massive crisis with no

There's No Decency Left In the GOP Caucus

President considering a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics......

Just sitting here thinking about that time Assange told Don Jr. what they should do if Donald lost

funny convo between a farmer and his pet goat.

Someone off-camera: "Oh my goodness." Sen. Kennedy 🤯


Gulls on cove beside river near my house, playing in the breeze, +

McCarthy hints the GOP will remove Omar and Waters from their committee assignments if GOP wins

Ronna McDaniel encouraging GOP to lie to voters, "whatever it takes"

Rupert Murdoch says Trump should move on: 'The past is the past'

Jonah Hill To Play Jerry Garcia In Martin Scorsese-Directed Grateful Dead Pic For Apple

Pennsylvania teen in mental health crisis had hands up when police fatally shot him, videos show

School Removes Student Project About Fascism After Cops Complain

When do we say "ENOUGH!"

Pfizer, US ink $5.29B deal for possible COVID-19 treatment

Amtrak service on the Point Defiance Bypass resumes

Is Rittenhouse crapping his pants right now?

(Jewish Group) Harris and Emhoff place mezuzah on doorpost of vice president's residence

VP President Harris and Doug Emhoff affixed a mezuzah to the doorpost of the VP's resididence

The Terrifying Future of the American Right

Help protecting a natural area

The FBI Raided And Searched The Home Of Embattled Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters

In defending Paul Gosar, Republicans show just how scared they are

Remorseful redistricting panel: Court should consider our maps

Patton Oswald: "... but they went and put BIG BIRD on their poster to say they're not INVITING Bird

New lawsuit filed against deputy in shooting of Edmonds man

Bezos grants $5M to Africatown, Building Changes for homelessness fund

Tenderly - Sarah Vaughan - Live From Sweden

Pittie Lost For Over A Year Reunites With His Dad

NFL chief medical officer pushes back on Aaron Rodgers' claim that some COVID-19 protocols are 'not

Maserati Mike confirms he's former Ferguson PD

Countries where old age isn't locked behind a paywall.

VA-07: Amanda Chase to Challenge Abigail Spanberger

CVS Health to close hundreds of drugstores over next 3 years

If you're tired of Sen. Kennedy's bigotry check out his Democratic opponent.

Gosar Boasts of 'Thug Life' Cred as Own Family Condemns Him

House Covid panel subpoenas former Trump adviser Navarro

The Daily: The Economy Is Good. So Why Do We Feel Terrible About It?

Trump: Letting Congress Investigate Jan. 6 Violates the Sanctity of the Office I Shat on Daily...

Matt Gaetz Offered To Hire Kyle Rittenhouse?! - The Damage Report

Julius Jones: Is the Innocence Project involved at all in his case?

Biden Administration Funds 1,000 New Police Officers

Threatened by Blackness: Rev. Barber condemns attorney's 'Black pastors' remarks

DeSantis signs bills blocking Biden administration COVID vaccine mandates in Florida

Looks like Trump tried jury nullification for Rittenhouse:

Oh hi. You're back early. (Twitter)

McCarthy pledges to restore Greene, Gosar to committees if GOP wins House

Ed Dept. Opens Inquiry on District That Wanted "Opposing" Lessons on Holocaust

Thursday Morning Cozy Time Bossa Nova and Jazz Streaming

BREAKING: Newly exposed text messages reveal that Donald Trump Jr's girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle br

MSM Is Saying Joe's Poll Numbers Are Down And The Dems Will Lose In 2022 & 2024 - But.....

Hong Kong declares wild boars fair game after animal attacks

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Nov. 18, 2021

WI Governor vetoes Republicans' gerrymandering 2.0 maps.

Migrant camps grow in Mexico amid uncertainty on US policy

Tim Ryan, on fire

Indicted GOP Congressman Says the Feds Got Him on Tape--Twice

Non Sequitur cartoon

Austin: Moscow should explain its troop buildup near Ukraine

Mask-wearing cuts Covid incidence by 53%, says global study

Attorney for 'QAnon Shaman' Calls Out Trump Over Jan 6 The attorney for Jacob Chansley, a.k.a. the '

PM Update: Evening showers as a cold front passes, then breezy and chilly through Friday

McCarthy says he'll put Paul Gosar and Marjorie Taylor Greene back on committees if GOP retakes majo

I shared chicken soup with furry boys

2024 AZ US Senate Race

Watch this video of the Ahmaud Arbery killers

Judge Rejects Bannon Attempt to Push Contempt of Congress Hearing Into New Year

Rittenhouse trial judge bans MSNBC from courthouse

Cartoons 11/18/2021

Seattle's State Route 520 and Montlake Bridge will be closed all weekend

Discovery Season 4 Episode 1 just dropped on Paramount +

I've just discovered decaf coffee. I can drink lots of it and not feel dizzy and weak.

Seattle School Board to vote on urging COVID-19 vaccine requirement for all Washington students

what is hardest for me to understand is how they throw their awfulness into our faces, with pride

Senate SALT Plan Would Fully Lift Cap Within Income Limits

Lauren Boebert GOES FULL Karen On House Floor - Rebel HQ

Hyundai releases electric version of 1980s Grandeur saloon car

Bodies found hanging from bridge in Mexico; gang violence blamed

Tennessee Tries to Lure Unvaccinated Police Officers

Paul Gosar's brother says Arizona representative should be expelled from Congress - CBS News

Some good news from a federal appeals court re: cops' qualified immunity:

Biden administration acts to restore clean-water safeguards

The forgotten oil ads that told us climate change was nothing

Twitter is abuzz about BBB

2010 and 2014 US Senate Elections

Harris's communications director to depart next month

Buy Union-Made in America for Thanksgiving - AFL-CIO

Full Moon, 99% visible

I love working from home.

The Partial eclipse is tonight

Doting Cat Dad Builds Elevator For Senior Cat To Help Him Get To His Favorite Spot

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 19 November 2021

Terraces for following the sun surround villa in Sweden by Johan Sundberg

TFG Endorses Paul Gosar

'We Demand Justice', Victims of Fujimori's Mass Sterilizations

A Judge Temporarily Blocked The New York Times From Publishing Project Veritas Documents

Is American Democracy's Survival Dependent Upon An Uncorrupted Judiciary?

Buffy Sainte-Marie honoured with new Canada Post stamp

"I have something in common with CRT deniers...we agree knowledge starts with books"

I know! Isn't it wonderful, Lindsey.!!

CBO Estimate Released for Budget Reconciliation Bill

CBO estimates that the funding for tax enforcement activities provided by H.R. 5376, the Build Back

State Sen. John Whitmire announces he will run for Houston mayor in 2023

America's Real 'Wokeness' Divide

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that are likely to flip.

Governor condemns tweet offering a 'bounty' on teachers

Governor condemns tweet offering a 'bounty' on teachers

Veteran and Cute Pup Heal Together

TFG Endorses Paul Gosar

Rep. Plaskett On Threats Of Violence From Within Congress After Gosar Vote - Deadline - MSNBC

Budget Office Determines Democrats' Spending Bill Will Nudge Deficit Higher

Uncle Bud

宇多田 ヒカル『One Last Kiss』Utada Hikaru

Snowball fight: 1897

Support DU by Becoming A Star Member & Get a Colonoscopy if you are over 44

Thanksgiving Travel Could Be Pummeled by Monster Storm on East Coast

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