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I can't tell the difference between pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie

Flight Attendant Union President: Air Rage Incidents Creating 'Hostile Environment'

Peter Doocy Tried To Drag Jen Psaki Into The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial And It Backfired

RIP "Infrastructure Week" - Cause of Death: Actual Infrastructure Week

Map of Japan's Covid cases for 11/15/21

So, Bannon wants war with the top Democrats and has declared war?

Someone brought cookies to work & damn we got a lot of work done....(Taxi episode)

Seeing how smart everyone else here is...

Giving EVERYONE a platform

(Tweet) The boy is amazing. The end is funny

my most fav space launch sequences.

Is the Chinese Gov't holding a female tennis player captive?

I still can't believe tax dollars that go to the wealthy is not an issue. Some rake in more than

Man gets into a cab...

The Culprit!

One Nation Under the Wrong Impression

Cult of the Big Lie Party (Political Cartoon)

Most of the GQP hates Biden and Democrats more than they love America.

The spirit of GG Allin lives in Vocalist Sophia Urista of Brass Against.

So I was doing an infrequent wash today....

I just read in Politico Playbook

Neighbor told people she didn't need to get vaccinated. Now she's on a ventilator.

Who here thinks that TFG and his people in 2016 did not know that Flynn was "Russian Dirty?"

Dash Cam taken in 1963 Hollywood Sunset strip.

Hey, I Am A Recovered Catholic & The Pope Is Making Sense?

Pelosi Says House Will Stay Until Spending Bill Passes

Mocs at the table

Some Smooooth Malarky

TFG's 'Envoy' to Kosovo Draws White House Eye-Roll

Julius Jones Execution Date Set For Thursday, As Many Anticipate Governor's Decision

Thousands without power in Seattle area, flights at Sea-Tac Airport, Boeing Field temporarily ground

I hear about Trump trying to have Georgia come up with the votes for him to

Sinking Tuvalu laments watered down U.N. Glasgow climate pact

State announces vaccine mandate for certain indoor events as Mountain West states grapple with surge

Future First Cat of Texas!!!

MAGA rioter who echoed sovereign citizen talking points now says she's 'learned the error of her way

Jakucho Setouchi: A freewheeling nun who bucked conventional norms for women

Idaho Lawmakers decide to take the "How stupid can you get?" challenge.

I washed my flannel sheets today.

Right-wing Mom's for Liberty group offers $500 'bounty' on teachers who violate New Hampshire law ba

Senator Leahy trivia I just read

"Over the next 10 years, the military bill is $8 TRILLION.

With COVID caseload rising, St. Louis County again at 'high' risk

Biden and Xi meet virtually as US-China chasm widens

Getting YouTube on my resting cell phone. I don't know what the image

I'm taking a course in drying clothes.

Thinking about my grandmother... gone in '57. September was the time of year for canning tomatoes.

Entire city of Merritt ordered to evacuate after flooding of wastewater treatment plant

Jared Kushner said he was too busy with the Middle East to challenge Trump on his doomed effort to o

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread

Congress designates Interstate 14 across five states with I-14 corridor through San Angelo

McConnell told Cheney to stop criticizing Trump, warning it could hurt the GOP in the 2022 midterms

Offer Government Services Only in English, Says Colorado GOP Senate Candidate

Students disciplined after 'slavery' petition sue district

The truth of the matter is that there are a hell of a lot more working people

Colorado GOP Official Openly Praises Three Percenters Militia Movement

How Many People Didn't have To Die?

Republicans are soiling Americans' view of the economic recovery

10 Mysteries The James Webb Telescope Might Solve

Luis Elizondo and why aliens are absolutely visiting us...

Cop ousted from police association. Indicted. Faces 20 years in prison for exposing police brutality

Desert parkour. Are you in?

Anyone in Bellingham/Whatcom county?

How Republicans Are Distorting Inflation and Supply-Chain Problems

Colorado GOP Vice Chair Speaks to Conspiracist Group FEC United

A politician's embarrassing argument with a puppet

Tucker Carlson & other Fox hosts are holding an event that requires vaccination or a negative COVID

COVID Situation in Colorado Unsustainable, Polis Says

An Amazing Experience on the Internet..Found the Location of a Business that just made a scam call.

Joe's working to reconstruct while...

Rob Portman tries to give credit to TFG for advancing infrastructure bill

Marsalis Family - Struttin' with Some BBQ.

So many NFL players have long hair

Why Denver Substitute Teachers May Prefer to Work at In-N-Out

I want to be Happy. - 1973

Real American History

Steve Bannon Surrenders To Authorities After Indictment - Deadline - MSNBC

This is sad, but then the truth often is.

Operator - Jorma Kaukonen - and a whole bunch of friends....

New Bryan Adams - So Happy It Hurts

Hot Tuna - That'll Never Happen No More - with Papa John Creach -

MAGA Crime Spree? Bannon Circus In Court As Riot Silence Backfires - The Beat - MSNBC

How has covid changed your life?

What say you? I think these two did pretty good.

One Shot to Wake

Heads up! Leonid meteor shower to peak morning of November 17 (

Trump Takes Sides In Member vs. Member Race

New Riders with Bob Weir - Me and My Uncle.

Dead - 1972 - Big River

Another Trump Lawyer Wrote Another Memo Pressuring Pence To Overturn Election - All In - MSNBC

Death Threats?

Taxing the rich might work.

Audience member disrupts Guthrie's 'A Christmas Carol'

Bannon seems upset.

Sandy Hook Families Win Legal Victory Against Alex Jones In Defamation Suit - All In - MSNBC

Trump's Pre-Riot Blowup with Pence, Aaron Rodgers Returns & New Book for Kids with Anti-Vax Parents

'Walgreens fed my family': inside the San Francisco stores closing over 'retail theft'

Oye, crispie creme gonna be on B. Williams' show later.

Beto's race for Texas governor - analysis at the Texas Tribune...

Beckham ran the wrong route and allowed an INT

Kyle Rittenhouse Is Part of America's Long Embrace of Vigilantism

Sec. Pete Buttigieg: The pressure Is On To Deliver With Infrastructure Bill Being Signed Into Law

Proud Boys Leader Seeks Release from Jail

Goodreads Has A Bit of a Nazi Problem; Inside One of Reading Platform's White Power Book Clubs

Louis Armstrong - All of Me

Brian Williams proves why it's important he is quitting

Why Are All Bannon's Operatives and Funders Foreigners?

Inside Kamala Harris' frustrating start as vice president

Rep. Gallego Slams Michael Flynn Call For 'One Religion' In The U.S. - All In - MSNBC

Cambridge mayor (Republican) arrested, charged with 50 counts of distributing 'revenge porn'

West Virginia - The Meme State

Tweet of the Month

New York City tells health providers to give booster shots to all adults who want them.

Leon Redbone - An Enigma inside of a 6 string.... Do Wah Diddy

Seth Meyers - Steve Bannon Indicted for Contempt of Congress; Trump Defends Jan. 6 Mob: A Closer Look

Survivor - Poor Man's Son

"I'm All About The Truth"

Roger McGuinn - Whiskey in the Jar

About the CNN hit job on VP Harris...

Six teens injured in drive-by shooting at park next to Aurora high school

50 percent of people who survive covid-19 face lingering symptoms, study finds

The Daily Show: Trump Asked Pence If He Was a Patriot Or P***y on Jan 6th & Bannon Turns Himself In

L.A. Guns - "Get Along"

Weezer -- Say It Ain't So

From the Pew Research Center: Where do you fit in the political typology?

Little Kitten LOVES His Mouse Toy

'Scout a target': Suspect in Congregation Beth Israel arson kept diary, feds say

'Scout a target': Suspect in Congregation Beth Israel arson kept diary, feds say

I grew up rurally around guns. It was a different world then.

Beto O'Rourke: Pecos County - Rural Health Care Roundtable

The Daily Show - RIP "Infrastructure Week" - Cause of Death: Actual Infrastructure Week

Texas House gains a Republican as South Texas Democrat Ryan Guillen switches parties

Tuesday Morning Great Feeling Jazz & Bossa Nova Vibes Streaming

VT-SEN: Welch preparing to run for Senate

Hong Kong leader defends US bank head quarantine exemption

I've seen very little of the Rittenhouse trial. I have a question.

Small breakthrough in my studying Japanese

☦ Orthodox Christianity: "Whoever has seen Me has seen the Father."

O'Rourke plans busy first week in his campaign for 2022 Democratic nomination for governor

Nueces County Sheriff J.C. Hooper is a former Oath Keeper. What does that mean?

WH Chief Of Staff: Biden Did What Trump Couldn't - The Last Word - MSNBC

Shot, Chaser

Heather Kurtenbach, Seattle ironworker, introduces President Joe Biden at signing ceremony

5 factors that could determine the strength of Beto O'Rourke's campaign for governor

Bannon Makes Curious Choice Of Lawyer For Contempt Of Congress Case - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

fired cop Chad Vorce pulls gun on "frickin Black guy" teen delivering papers in his neighborhood

officers stand guard as workers remove graffiti related to Rittenhouse trial

driver, missing tires, wreaks havoc

Drought makes Utah farmers wary of the future

Infrastructure Bill A Victory For Biden As Well For Democracy As A System Of Government - TRMS

Could Biden work with Governors to unclog the shipping issues, and driving prices higher?

A Maryland mayor has been charged with 50 counts of distributing revenge porn on Reddit

World's Autocrats Eager To Fill In Where U.S. Democracy Falters On World Stage - Rachel Maddow

'Dixie' no more: Utah Legislature votes to change Dixie State University's name to Utah Tech

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/15/21

One Potential Solution for Curbing Heat in Phoenix? Sunblock for Streets.

Tried another painting from the same reference photo, keyed it darker in value

US Senate Races in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win by a landslide to narrow margin.

'You made my skin crawl': Charlottesville trial goes off the rails as Nazis accuse one another of so

Tuesday TOONs - Only Sanity Checks, And Yours Just Bounced

Republicans are owning the Dems by not getting flu shots. Huge gap of 25%.

D.C.-area forecast: Less wind, more sunshine and warming temperatures

So I heard this new Way Too Early Lemming referring to the

Have you heard of Cole's Law?

The Beaver Moon lunar eclipse on Nov. 19 will be the longest of the century.

When Phones Were Fun: Nokia N95 (2007)

Choppers rescue travelers on Canada highway after mudslides

Ruff Sqwad - Together (Instrumental) 2005 Classic Grime 💎🎵🎤💊🧪

Pfizer Will Allow Its Covid Pill to Be Made and Sold Cheaply in Poor Countries

10-yr-old girl Haghatta ran into the street after a ball without looking & was hit by a car

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Energized Chris Christie Ready For Next Chapter Of Humiliation

Patrick Leahy Announces He Won't Seek Reelection To Make Room For Next Generation Of 70-Year-Olds

JFK briefed by Wernher von Braun on NASA's new Saturn rocket at Cape Canaveral, November 16, 1963

Missouri GOP redistricting draft map would split Springfield between two state Senate districts

At this point I wouldn't even mind all these TFG enablers selling books

FDR also got personally involved in the infrastructure project of Washington National Airport

Hundreds of QAnon supporters are back in Dallas's Dealey Plaza awaiting JFK Jr's return and singing

In 2020, Ohio Republicans won 57% of votes across U.S. House races and could translate that to ...

Wifi printers are creepy!

Florida lawmakers move forward on vaccine mandate bills

NBC News: Speaker Pelosi told members of House Democratic leadership they will NOT leave Washington

Squirrel 1 - Pupper 0

Election of Senators,

BC - Record Flooding In Multiple Locations, Vancouver Now Cut Off By Landslides On Key Highways

Breakfast Tuesday 16 November 2021

Reuters In pictures: Inside the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse

GRAPHIC: Wrongful Death Suit, Officers Ignored Complaints of Distress and Denied Medical Care

Conservative White Parents Want the Freedom to Ban Books

Waiting to go into the maneuver area. Listening to Townes

According to the Genesee County (MI) Health Department, we are at 47.8% fully vaccinated

Beau Of The Fifth Column: Michael Flynn and comments (take 2)

In the 70s, nearly half of all swinger parties began with mildly competitive air hockey games.

"...we flew all the way to Dallas and stood around for 16 hours so we could have a T-shirt...'

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 11/10/21

The Rundown: November 16, 2021

Republicans will defend anything -- even Steve Bannon


New Reporting Reinforces Trump's Criminal Liability for Avoidable COVID Deaths: An Analysis

Documents Prove Trump Manipulated Covid Response For Politics

Brianna Keilar is grilling Steve Bannon's lawyer.

Abusey Junction

Bipartisan infrastructure bill passes: Here's what California will get

Rolling Coal, I'm sure we can all agree, is some really stupid shit.

Life before M4/3! (it's a camera thing)

The problem with Kevin McCarthy's overdue reaction to Paul Gosar

Question about Rittenhouse jury instructions.

Going to say something (hopefully) uncharacteristic of me (A. Jones)

Russia rejects accusations of endangering ISS astronauts

Roger Daltrey disses The Rolling Stones: 'They're a mediocre pub band'

Daniel Goldman (TFG impeachment manager) is running for NY AG

Strong sales, profit from Walmart on cusp of holiday season

Chris Christie is on Morning Joe!

"Alternate facts" create an "alternate reality". Here's the one in which the Trump cult lives:

Nothing like a Nazi pissing contest to brighten up my day (Charlottseville trial)

Congresswoman Jackie Speier of San Mateo Co. won't run for re-election

On this day, November 16, 1960, Patsy Cline recorded "I Fall to Pieces."

I am predicting that Bernie Sander(VT) will retire in 2024.

November 16, 1960 📻

What is my risk of getting COVID-19 at a family Thanksgiving celebration in Missouri?

Audit: Governor improperly used COVID funds for salaries

Better wake up and pay attention to this

Tucker Carlson's Jan. 6 'Documentary' Is His Most Nakedly Fascist Piece Of Propaganda Yet

By 2060 60% To 87% Of All World's Oceans Will Be "Substantially Altered" - Temps, Acidity, Chemistry

Almost $500bn 'lost to tax abuse by firms and super-rich in 2021'

Are US Senators Murray(WA),Wyden(OR) and Schumer(NY)

Big Ag Furious After EPA Determines Top Herbicides Driving Vulnerable Species Toward Extinction

Uncancellable Mel Gibson Reveals He Will Direct 'Lethal Weapon 5'

339 Square Miles Of Brazil's Rainforests Destroyed In October - Highest October Loss Since 2007

N.M. House Republican leader calls Lujan Grisham 'incompetent'

The labor crunch is helping to feed the rise of the robots

N.M. House Republican leader calls Lujan Grisham 'incompetent'

Got my COVID-19 booster yesterday.

Benjamin Mendy: Manchester City footballer charged with two further rapes

She was billed $809 for a boot for her broken foot. Amazon charges $80

Albuquerque D.A. files complaint against Facebook for release of information on N.M. 'Civil Guard'

Albuquerque D.A. files complaint against Facebook for release of information on N.M. 'Civil Guard'

Photo Contest Preliminary Round One! Vote Here!

Trump and the Mogilevich Defense

U.S. Allies Drive Much of World's Democratic Decline, Data Shows

There was a time Madoc could actually sit in this box, with room to spare

Photo Contest Preliminary Round Two! Vote Here!

Photo Contest Preliminary Round Three! Vote Here!

cnn has christie on again with Jim Sciutto who isn't buying his bullshit

What La Nina Means for California's Drought

Treason or something else?

Amazon to pay California $500,000 for 'concealing' COVID cases among workers

W.C. Handy was born on this date.

S Abramson: DOJ is dealing with the American bin Laden and acting like it's dealing with a jaywalker

Cases among vaccinated rising in New Mexico

Cases among vaccinated rising in New Mexico

Hubert Sumlin was born on this date.

What happens when your Home Depot guy wears a 'We install HV⚡️AC' mask similar to the AC⚡️DC logo?

I'm here to tell you all that Bill Gates created COVID for the ghost of Hugo Chavez...

Diana Krall has a birthday today.

Flynn called DoD official Ezra Cohen and pressured him to help seize ballots after 2020 election.

UK Taxi Driver hailed as a hero, after locking terror suspect in his cab, just before bomb blast...

Goin' Fishin'

How much will your state get from the infrastructure bill? According to CNBC

Biden Delivers - The Lincoln Project

The US city run by Muslim Americans

Some of dis and some of dat

I am really upset with the prosecutor in KR's trial

Lawyer Who Backed Up Trump's 2020 Lies Lands Federal Election Agency Adviser Role

Preliminary Rounds for Nov. contest posted in GD!

The court orders depriving vulnerable children of their 'liberty'

The virus that causes 'immune amnesia'

Video: PetSmart Workers EXPOSE Horrendous Conditions

Real quick the nazi out on bail?? Or is he in jail throughout the trial?

Video: PetSmart Workers EXPOSE Horrendous Conditions

Americans broadly support Supreme Court upholding Roe v. Wade and oppose Texas abortion law

And Rittenhouse put himself in the risk of harm by showing up with an AK-15 during a riot/protest

More than half of Detroit public school students are considered chronically absent this school year

'Megaspider' is biggest of its kind we've ever seen, Australian reptile park says

The Police Fatally Shot a Young Girl. Two Teenagers Are Charged With Murder.

Jury selection under Judge Schroeder

"pro tip" on paying taxes (from tiedrich)

Americans ramped up retail spending a strong 1.7% last month

BBB bill literally (figuratively) in front of the House today

Most Republicans oppose teaching kids about the lingering effects of racism

A Thousand Cats And Their Kingdom at Elephant Nature Park

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- November 16 2021

This Moment in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Stopped Me Cold

Do you remember these 1970s restaurants?

A maternity ranch is born

3240 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 83 deaths

The Very Thought of You - Nat King Cole

RE: Rittenhouse, Self Defense, and Provocation.

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

Emad al-Swealmeen: Liverpool bomber who died in taxi explosion named

What's caused America's supply chain crunch?

Chris Christie responds to Adam Kinzinger's critical tweet (CNN)

Ruth Ben-Ghiat - Waiting for the Apocalypse: The Unnerving New Normal

WY GOP no longer recognizes Cheney as a Repub, nor virology as a science, nor the law as binding

Durbin calls for Garland to remove federal prisons director

'A death sentence': Indigenous climate activists denounce Cop26 deal

Keilar to attorney: Bannon is using executive privilege as a 'cop-out' (CNN)

Attorney General of New York (poll)

Iowa Governor falling in line with GOP corruption:

The outcome of #COP26 shows us that it has never been more important to hold our leaders accountable

Draymond Green on the Manning show last night wanted to kick Barkley in the ...

Historic failure': pandemic tragedies in the meatpacking industry were decades in the making

Just made a batch of cranberry-maple butter

An image Belarus wants to transmit (Beware the Lukashenko apologists)

Lotus in monochrome

Amy Goodman: Defending Her College Thesis

Walk in History

Prosecutor Glenn Kirschner on Trump team IGNORING subpoenas - Brian Tyler Cohen

Proud Boys leader complains about jail conditions, wants early release

National treasure, Katie Porter, grades Louis DeJoy's performance as Postmaster.

New York sanitation workers suspended amid probe into fake vaccine cards

WOW! Republican Rep. destroys Trump: ENORMOUS POLITICAL LOSER who led us into a ditch, & much more!

Something we haven't seen before': Haberman on state GOP's move against Liz Cheney

#CNN #News Inside Kamala Harris' frustrating start as vice president

House eyes vote this week on $2 trillion Biden spending plan

The funnist Laura Ingraham clip I've ever seen

Dems versus Pukes

Suck on this Beatles!

U.S. bishops to weigh communion rules that could rebuke Biden over abortion

Stuff that tastes better the next day, the day after that, and the day after the day after that?

U.S. Chamber of Commerce says businesses should implement vaccine mandate until it is 'shut down'

U.S. judge to hear House bid to get Trump tax returns

Man Threatens TSA Agent's Life, Throws Checkpoint Stanchion, Strips Naked & ______

Bannon Threatens Biden After Surrendering To Authorities 18,437 viewsNov 16, 2021 2K 16

Budget Office to Publish Cost Estimate for Biden Agenda by Friday

Texas Soup Thrower Identified, Faces Charges (VIDEO)

CNN : "This is Joe Biden's America"

Black principal who resigned after parents accused him of teaching critical race theory says 'we're

Dear Chuck And Andrea If The Coup Was Successful Dictator TFG Might Have Had

Leahy gives emotional speech in Senate on retirement plans

Jamaica v USA this evening at the National Stadium

Defendant picks his own jury?

Rescued Tiny Piglet And Baby Cow Adopt Each Other


Sad story of "Hold my beer"?

Packers are having a share offering.

Doom & Gloom?

How crazy is this thought?

U.S. shale has a message for the Biden administration: Ask us to increase oil production, not OPEC

GOP state senator announces potential challenge to Slotkin in Michigan

Is it possible that a dirty dozen are shaping up for future bipartisan votes?

Here's what the GOP thinks of bipartisanship: Wyoming GOP votes to no longer recognize Liz Cheney

AZ Patriots Are Back To Harassing Migrants At The Border. No One Is Stopping Them.

Well, I've about fucking had it.

Rittenhouse case, Arbery death trial reflect deepening political and racial divides

Trump Super Fan Hosts 'Miss Holocaust Survivor' Beauty Pageant

State Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks (D-NE) officially running for Jeff Fortenberry's (R-NE) House seat

Dems Senate Staffer Wins Millions Over Sexual Discrimination

Ahmaud Arbery was shot twice by shotgun, medical examiner testifies; jurors shown autopsy photos

Hoyer: Vote on $1.75T spending package likely Thursday or Friday

Biden administration expected to purchase 10 million courses of anti Covid pill

GOP Lawmaker Takes Credit for Funding He Opposed

The Rittenhouse effect: Republicans want a Stasi of their own

Flynn Asked Pentagon Official to Help Overturn Election

Two baby elephants play with balloons and then with each other & the balloons:

Criticisms arise over Tacoma's selection process for police chief

China sends warning to Biden after summit

Whatcom sees vaccinated resident die, but COVID case rates still higher among unvaccinated

Over half of Americans in new poll say Supreme Court should uphold Roe v. Wade

John Fugelsang tweet:

Rittenhouse's mom begs for money to cover her son's legal fees (per CNN).

Manchin channels Susan Collins over timing of Biden climate and social spending plan

Charities see more crypto donations. Who is benefiting?

I've been making soup again. Today it was Cheesy Asparagus Potato Soup

8 dead, 89 infected after Covid outbreak at Connecticut nursing home

Biden heads to N.H. to spotlight crumbling bridge that just-passed infrastructure plan will fix

'Eternally' By Raul Malo of the Mavericks - (Classic From Chaplin's Film 'Limelight')

Vaccination videos target young people using stories of long Covid

Mexican president says he will call out US lawmakers who vote against immigration reform

A persistent scam?

Pat Leahy will be the 4th longest serving US Senator in the nation.

"I know the other blue sock is in here somewhere.."

Will the Supreme Court side with 27% of Americans who support overturning Roe v.

Biden blocks energy leases in New Mexico's Chaco Canyon as tribal nations summit meets

Any word on if David Zuckerman will run for the Senate in VT?

Covid suicides of the day

Why? Because I can.

LIVE at 2:45 PM app: Biden delivers remarks on bipartisan infrastructure law in New Hampshire

Scorpions flood Egyptian villages after storm, sting and hospitalize hundreds

All the little cygnets:

McConnell TRIGGERED Historic Trump Meltdown

iF you were on the jury, would you let Rittenhouse walk? No matter what judge says?

California Rep. Jackie Speier, survivor of Jonestown massacre, to retire from Congress

Squirrel-1; pupper-0

Does this bed make my mutt look big?

Wait for the result:

Fraudsters stole $4.4 billion from DES, and it could happen again

Harrop: Time to oust Congress' political freeloaders

Fox News CAUGHT Attempted Murder LIVE On-Air

Perfect shower curtain:

Peter Welch(D-VT) performance in all of his US House Races.

Cartoons 11/16/2021

Mexico's military arrests wife of powerful drug lord "El Mencho"

Rain, wind and high water foreshadow the return of the sun

Most ransacked office on 1/6.

Here's the Deal. It's not a joke. For God's Sake

Seattle housing director takes new role with national nonprofit

This is an authoritarian plot by the GOP to separate the suburbs from the Constitution

United Medicare: "We've been trying to reach you."

Chinese, Japanese, Korean Cup Noodles difference

Blinken to Africa to boost US response to regional crises

Biden, Xi try to tamp down tension in long virtual meeting

McConnell TRIGGERED Historic Trump Meltdown - Rebel HQ

Michelle Beckley, one of the Texas House's most liberal members, joins Democratic primary for lt gov

Bolsonaro govt accused of censoring Brazil school exam

Facebook took down an armed New Mexico group's accounts. Prosecutors say it deleted key evidence.

Metal detectorist finds 2,000-year-old dagger wielded by Roman soldier in battle with Rhaetians

Chilean Senate to Decide the Fate of President Pinera Today

Killer relationship! So jealous.

D.C. will no longer require masks in many public settings, Bowser announces

Indigenous Mayan people of Guatemala continue to seek justice from 36-year civil war

US Senators up for re-election in 2024 that might retire.

Well! I hope my judge will allow me to help remove the jurors which decides my fate!

Hypocrite Ted Cruz Says Laws Are Lawless

Hillary Clinton Trolls Steve Bannon With Just 5 Words

Brnovich asks Ducey to call special session

Congressman Scott Perry tests positive for COVID-19

"Say their names. 'Anthony Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum'" being chanted

Cartoon: Looking for trouble By Clay Jones -November 16, 2021 12:20 PM

Billionaire Clan From Brazil Heads to New York in Hunt for Deals

Meadows Sent Pence Plan To Coup - The Damage Report

DE US Senator Tom Carper should not seek re-election so

In case you missed it with the Dow way up and retail shopping up

OMG! A handful of newborn otters!

China's monthly coal output rises to highest since March 2015

Breaking - Gosar censure vote will be tomorrow

I see there's still a live feed going of the Rittenhouse trial

GOP candidate compares Kenosha shooter to Captain America

Scott Perry (R-PA) Tests Positive

Residential Real Estate Is Still Hot - in Some Places

Rittenhouse Judge Allows Him To Draw Names Out Of A Hat

Iowa GOP Gov. Kim Reynolds accused of misusing COVID relief funds -- again

A nice break from the "Dems in disarray" diet, namely Republicans in disarray

Saudi Arabia announced net-zero carbon floating city

Follow-up: Fired Dallas Paramedic Brad Cox, Who Kicked Mentally Ill Man in 2019, Loses License

Republicans Take Lead on the Generic Ballot

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Rescue Crow Goes On Walks With His Favorite German Shepherd

Justin Brannan (D - NY City Council, 43rd District) wins his re-election race!

State legislation tracker: Major Developments in Sexual & Reproductive Health

After Being Sentenced for Jan. 6 Charge, Jenna Ryan Says She Plans to 'Do a Lot of Yoga' in Prison

Geesh! That clump Christie is on with Nicolle Wallace

Ha, ha! Nichole Wallace is shredding Chris Christie!

Pfizer asks US officials to OK promising COVID-19 pill

WA becomes the second state (along w/ VA) where a state supreme court will take over redistricting

Nicole Wallace has an extended interview with Christie, across 2 segments, and she is NOT allowing..

Republican Harris County leaders sue over new precinct maps they say benefit Democrats

S4:E18 (Stitt Fit - No Non-Binary... Period... The Tantrums of Oklahoma's Governor)

What's for Dinner, Tues., Nov. 16, 2021

Alex Jones Really Is THIS DESPERATE For Money - The Damage Report

House Democrats Plan 1,000 Events Before End of Year

What does a zip code have to do with getting better benefits from Medicare???

Paul Gosar compares his AOC assassination anime to a Charlie Hebdo illustration

HUGE LIES.... Chris Christie.... from "This" book

Worker shortage: Employers are 'rolling out the red carpet' for job seekers

Jury delibertions... short vs. long

Biden to Announce Big Purchase of Anti-Covid Pill

Florida woman who sued for ivermectin dies from COVID

Watching Chris Christie with Nicole Wallace.

Cambridge, MD Mayor-Elect Andrew Bradshaw (R-Scumbag) Faces 50 Counts of Revenge Porn.

As I suspected: the "real" QANON has decided that Dallas was a false flag to make them look dumb...

@ the sandbar,

Disinformation Isn't Just a Tech Problem. It's a Social One, Too.

Trump impeachment prosecutor Daniel Goldman announces run for New York attorney general

House Freedom Caucus has elected Scott Perry to be its next leader-he tried to overturn 2020 electio

Buttigieg touts progress in clearing backlogs at ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach

Twin Cities area sees surge in carjackings, putting drivers on edge

Covid and Flu Safety - As It Should Be

Audio of ISS crew taking emergency steps to avoid Russian missile debris field

World Cup Qualifiers JA v USA

Explain this, if you can

Tweet of the Day

GOOD evening, from southern MD

I was on a felony jury in July

What happens when a congressman threatens a colleague with violence?

Huntington Steelworkers Dig In for Multi-Month Strike at Warren Buffett's Special Metals

FFS... Nicholas Sandmann writes an editorial supporting Kyle Rittenhouse for The Daily Mail.

The F.D.A. plans to authorize Pfizer-BioNTech boosters as soon as Thursday.

Daniel Goldman for NY AG.

Trump BULLSH*T CALLED OUT by Reporter


Cops Thought Sand From Her Stress Ball Was Cocaine. She Spent Nearly 6 Months in Jail.

Young man who was accidentally invited to 'grandma's' Thanksgiving as a teen keeps tradition going

Myanmar: Aung San Suu Kyi charged with election fraud and 'lawless actions'

Are you cooking or going out for Thanksgiving?

How Peru became the country with the highest COVID death rate in the world

You ever decide to just make something NICE for yourself to eat? Just for you I mean?

TCM tonight:

Mexico's President slams US-imposed sanctions against Cuba

Justin Bieber Suffers Testicular Damage. (Funny vid)

Snowflake Insurrectionists have a Sad On

Just curious what were y'all on doing Jan. 6th other then watching TV.

Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter - Herman's Hermits

What tastes better, sweet potato pie or pumpkin pie?

Fusion GPS interview with House panel leaves huge pile of breadcrumbs for Trump-Russia investigators

Betty Bowers responds to Ted Cruz's childish tweet

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Just saw an add for

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