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There is a current thread about the GOP, and the infrastructure Bills.

The Joy Of ᗅᗺᗷᗅ

Tesla is letting non-Tesla EVs use its Supercharger network for the first time

Have Democrats reached the limits of White appeasement politics?

Tx gov Abbot wants to ban books with sexual material

Lindsey Graham Calls Off His Friendship With Biden for Political Points

Please caption me....

For Veterans Day I want to say something nice about the crazy PTSD Vietnam war vet who took me in...

McConnell Will Skip Infrastructure Bill Signing

Congress and Pentagon Must 'Work Together' To Combat Extremism In The Military - Deadline - MSNBC

Two views of my fern...

The GOP has one massive ally.

Elie Mystal and Newsome Bass on Democracy Now, regarding the Rittenhouse case

Carolyn Wonderland, solo. Covering a classic

Texas Book Banning Or Burning?

Is everyone else getting spammed by the sports betting ads to "help education," too?

The Cult of Doug Quinn.

Outrage Erupts After Kyle Rittenhouse Judge Makes Bizarre Asian Food Comment

Insurrection Defendant Gets 41 Months in Prison. But What of the Cases that are Set for Trial?

The Fantasy of War: The Far Right and the Military

Florida Man Allegedly Plays With Self On Ring Camera

FDA Recalls 2 Million At-Home COVID Tests From Australia's Ellume Because of 'False Positives'

U.S. Warns Europe That Russia May Plan Ukraine Invasion

Democrats' lofty tax agenda imperiled by resistance from within

An Air Force sergeant killed himself on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Joe Biden's Approval Ratings Set to Bounce Back As Infrastructure Deal Widely Supported

Kayleigh McEnany Tells January 6th Panel She Never Worked at White House

Attorney: Teens in KKK garb shock Black teen with stun gun

U.S., Europe plan for speedier climate pledges irks developing countries

Project Veritas and the Line Between Journalism and Political Spying

On NBC news tonight....Covid cases up in 17 states.

Chinese Voters Came Out in Force for the GOP in NYC, Shaking Up Politics

and I know, I know, i've Talked of the Carol Burnett show previously.......but

Abuse allegations against Senate candidate Parnell put Republicans on edge in Pennsylvania

Godless grifters: How the New Atheists merged with the far right

Manchin Opposes Bonus EV Tax Credit for Union-Made Cars

I'll always be a broken person.

The Daily Show: Gosar Virtually Kills AOC, TikTok Saves a Kidnapped Woman & Inflation Sets Records

No, Joe Biden Did Not Refer to Satchel Paige as a 'Negro' During Veterans Day Speech

'Depraved Menaces': KKK-Dressed Texas Teens Shot Black Teen With Taser on Halloween: Lawyer

Eastside Men's Shelter Nears Groundbreaking, Thanks To Donations

Still hate Hillary? Get over it: She was right about Trump then -- and she's right now

My unvaxxed cousin is infected but still going out and about

Future of Seattle Cinerama remains unclear, as petition circulates to save iconic theater


Tulsi Gabbard becomes Rittenhouse cheerleader

Scrambling Trump's Last-Ditch Effort To Stop WH Docs From Reaching Jan. 6 Committee - The Beat MSNBC

"Wars have been fought against nations which hate books and burn them." Kurt Vonnegut

North Carolina Republicans Passed A Heavily Skewed Congressional Map. How Will The Courts Respond?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

What a mensch!

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread

Battleground US Senate Races in 2022 that Democrats have a strong chance of winning in order to

If interested, read some stuff about one Spotsylvania County VA school board member

U.S. gold medalist Suni Lee says she was pepper sprayed in racist attack


Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Judge Asks Jury to Applaud Defense Witness

If Crybaby Kyle is acquitted,

Want to do some about the Judge in the Rittenhouse trial, file a complaint.

A Capitol police officer wished a 'Happy Veterans Day' to all who served - except those who were inv

Rittenhouse witness: "From the witness stand straight to an appearance on Tucker"

You know? It is getting old!

Republicans Face Death Threats After Backing Biden's Infrastructure Bill - The Beat - MSNBC

Peter Navarro is unvaccinated and unrepentant

A sweet surprise:

Kyle wasn't the only one 'emotional' and pretending tears.

My customer... the only politician I like his drump cuz he's not

Friends: baby sloth and kangaroo

It was always about racism...

Judge denies Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich's request to halt federal vaccine mandate

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Lion king

LockPickingLawyer: Snapping Open Locks with a Bicycle Spoke

searched for Madness, my search engine knows I love Wilko and Norman so this popped up

'Traitor': GOP Rep Who Voted For Infrastructure Gets Death Threat Voicemail - All In - MSNBC

Hey Garland, wake the fuck up! The bastards ransacked our Capitol and Bannon was a ringleader.

What happened to Eric Clapton?

Judge in Kyle Rittenhouse trial makes inappropriate Asian food joke

Combat vet has pertinent comments about Rittenhouse:

Is it wrong to think the Judge of the Rittenhouse wants Kyle to be found not guilty?

Tweet from Sarah Cooper

Covid survivors + double vaxed

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, November 12, 2021

Public access television channels are an untapped resource for building local journalism

Why the hell didn't you people tell me about Garfunkel & Oates?

Putting "nice guy" Kyle Rittenhouse in perspective.

Travis County Democratic HQ bomber is out of jail.

The Lundin mining group will invest 4.2 billion dollars in Argentina

The Lundin mining group will invest 4.2 billion dollars in Argentina

Dog decided today was the day.

5 People Hurt in Crash on Golden Gate Bridge Near Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protest: CHP

LeBron James Reacts To Kyle Rittenhouse's Breakdown

These GQPers are getting bolder and more dangerous. Garland needs to send a message by indicting

Let's send a message to Manchin. You need to get in line, sir.

The Daily Show: The Hist-HERY-y Of Female Veterans

Still on a bit of a Jethro Tull kick

Josh Hawley claims American manhood is broken. So where are his solutions for fixing it?

Austin Jewish Film Festival celebrating culture, promoting dialogue amid rash of antisemitism

First Quarter Moon, November 11, 2021.

Texas regulators approve higher gas bills to pay out companies' winter storm-related profits

Sierra sounds like she'd be at home on acetate 78s

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Friday's digit: 7/10 - Over half the day is decent, after rains end by midmorning,

'We are staying vigilant': San Marcos teen charged in Austin synagogue fire on Halloween

'We are staying vigilant': San Marcos teen charged in Austin synagogue fire on Halloween

F.W. de Klerk, South Africa President who ended Apartheid, dies at 85

Seth Meyers - Trump Cannot Shield White House Records from Jan. 6 Committee - Monologue 11/10/21

From the trenches

Weather Photographer of the Year

BELFAST - Official Trailer

Doctor's orders

Insurrectionists Face Prison, Trump Salutes Troops, Texas Mask Controversy & Is Lauren Boebert Real?

Winter, star of 'Dolphin Tale' movies, dies at 16

Three bear cubs burned in eastern Washington wildfires making full recoveries

Just found out a friend died of COVID a few months ago.

Kyle Rittenhouse witness vowed 'bloodshed' at rally shortly after Trump's 2020 election loss

Big Bird parody account goes viral, claiming he will unseat Cruz

If Social Security thinks inflation is only 6%,

Additional charge filed against former Williamson Sheriff Robert Chody, assistant county attorney in

Holder: Trump Executive Privilege Bid 'Inconsistent With The Law'--And His Own Past - All In - MSNBC

Why Is Conservative Comedy So... Not Very Good? - SOME MORE NEWS

Substitute shortages, staff burnout lead to Seattle-area school cancellations

Joy Reid: The Rittenhouse Trial Is Fundamentally About American Vigilantism

Democrat running for Texas Railroad Commission focuses campaign on power grid failure

Friday Morning and Cozy Weekend Bossa Nova Jazz Vibes Streaming

The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper On Going Inside The MAGA Movement - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Jonathan Karl: Almost Comedically Unqualified Trump Staffer Dangerously Led Much of the White House

Question regarding the Rittenhouse trial.

Seth Meyers - GOP and Fox News Lie About the Economy Under Biden vs. Trump: A Closer Look

Boz Scaggs - Lowdown (Live) 2004

Arturo Dominguez, Racial Justice Advocacy Journalist, on Latino 1619 project issues and #WEOC.

Trump's attacks on McConnell seen as prelude to 2024 White House bid

We just spent a week in Maui.

Harvey Wasserman explains Democratic failures in Virginia. Remember Georgia win.

Paxton asking Austin lobbyists to join him and former President Trump for a fundraiser at Mar Lago

Reuters unmasks Trump supporters who terrified U.S. election officials

Larry Kudlow Reminds You That He's ALWAYS Wrong

What the Charlottesville Trial Against White Nationalists Means for Lawsuits Filed Over Jan. 6 Riot

Rep. Karen Bass received USC scholarship worth $95,000 while in Congress

Al Sharpton Slams Lawyer's Objection To 'More Black Pastors' - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win.

from 2016: The New York Times' first article about Hitler's rise is absolutely stunning

☦ Orthodox Christianity: 'The Kingdom of Heaven/Heaven and Hell', Orthodox Church in America

Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town -- Kenny Rogers

bringing a sword to a gun fight

Cats can mentally map your location by ear

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: *Ncense sings "Who Is So Great A God As Our God"

Winter the Dolphin, star of 'Dolphin Tale', dies at 16

Another unhinged RW general, running for NH senate.

I Really Want To Leave - Americans Trust Republicans More To Handle The Economy

A new recruitment tool for employers -- paying workers every day, moments after shift ends

UW delays bulk of reorganization until 2023

Inflation Is 99% TFG's Fault

I Will Take Higher Prices Over Being Dead Any Day - Thank You Joe Biden For Caring

"If things become hopeless we might secede from the US" said the hopeless horse's ass!

Kem - 'I Can't Stop Loving You'

'Dramatic Work Done For Years': New Book Details The Race For A Covid Vaccine - The 11th Hour MSNBC

Jill Scott - 'Golden'

Philip Glass - Pruit Igoe

Usher and Ella Mai - 'Don't Waste My Time'

Army Captain Fights For Recognition Of Wounded Troops Denied By Trump - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Ring camera catches cat jumping fence and escaping coyote... Seattle

Lonr. - 'Make the Most' feat. H.E.R.

catalytic converter thief caught in the act

Biden Admin. Puts New Attention On Veterans' Exposure To Toxic Burn Pits - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

something's up in Monaco

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/11/21

What's up with Marc Ash and Reader Supported News...

Utah doctor Jason Lance lied about suffering hypothermia to get airlifted off Denali, facing charges

San Francisco police officer dies of covid while on leave for failing to meet vaccination requiremen

The Zemmour Effect: The rise of the far right commentator in the French presidential race

Florida ordered 90,000 child vaccine doses. Texas ordered 1 million.

Most Millionaires Would Get a Tax Cut Under House BBB plan

Andrew Garfield Reflects on Sony Ignoring His Idea to Make Spider-Man Bisexual

Up On the Roof - The Drifters

Trump Says Cheney Has 19% Approval Rate And Is A Threat To "Fair And Free Elections"

Yellowstone Superintendent Open To Changing Name Of Mountain in Yellowstone

BBC: 'Africa's week in pictures: 5-11 November 2021...

% Of Americans Who View Climate As "Serious" Problem Flat Over 7 Years; For GQP, Down 10%

Murkowski announces reelection bid opposed by Trump

2/21 TX Cold Crash Left Utilities In Debt; Now State OKs $3.4 Billion In Rate Hikes To Pay It Down

BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 5-12 November (2021)

Having coffee in my bedroom slippers

Supreme Court Ruled 5-4 14 Years Ago That EPA Could Regulate GHGs; Now A New Case On Same Question

Corvallis lawyer sentenced for money laundering, tax evasion in real estate investment scheme

Analysts Dissect Australia's Climate Modeling: "May As Well Have Been Written In Crayon"

CBC* Photos: Your North: Best reader photos for the week of Nov. 1 (2021)

I have comedy in my blood.

Breakfast Friday 12 November 2021

Biden's Schedule for Friday, November 12, 2021

Montana Nurses Association said it's shut out by Gianforte

Dion -- The Wanderer

Depeche Mode -- Halo

Whitefish Security CEO Pleads Guilty to Federal Crimes in Scheme to Defraud Billionaire Goguen

Ho, ho, no: For maker of wooden toys, the struggle ahead of Christmas isn't finding supplies, ...

Taliban: Bomb hits mosque in Afghanistan, wounds at least 15

All Czech students to be tested to curb surge in virus cases

Who should replace Rachel next year?

Freeways force out residents in communities of color -- again

Note to Republicans

The bond market isn't pricing in high inflation

Friday TOONs - A Little Short

Dutch government expected to announce partial lockdown

The Rude Pundit: What We Can Learn from Germany on Teaching the Hard Past

A Man Was Arrested For Threatening A Republican Who Voted for Democrats' Infrastructure Plan

Fugitive Jan. 6 Rioter Makes Insanely Desperate Plea on Belarus State TV

Iceland Skewers Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse With New Tourism Ad

"Hang Mike Pence" vs. "He said he was going to kill me."

Yelling judges.

I can't see...damn lightbulbs.

Johnson & Johnson will break itself into two companies.

Ron Flowers, Wolves midfielder and England 1966 squad member, dies at 87

I miss Keith Olbermann

Black Farmworkers Say They Lost Jobs to Foreigners Who Were Paid More

"-- well, the people were very angry," Trump replied before defending treats to "hang" Pence

Guardian: The week in wildlife - in pictures (November 12, 2021)

As if Madoc isn't already sweet enough

CNN's John Avlon on Inside cults: how people get in & how they got out

The origin of Super Villians: Jason Todd

Graphic Novel's Texas School Ban Leads to a Sales Increase

The Rundown: November 12, 2021

Eric Boehlert: Good grief, CNN's promoting feel-good special on Chris Christie

General Electric's Power Business Faces Stiff Competition as Spinoff Looms

Robert Reich: The Real Cause of Current Inflation Is Corporate Power

media madness

Lebensborn (Spring of Life) - having babies for The Fuehrer, or using the State for procreation.

Covid vaccine holdouts are caving to mandates--then scrambling to 'undo' their shots with detox baths

Electric Avenue

Cat Lady

Gene Simmons shreds anti-vaxxers as delusional and enemies

57 Years in a Cage Is Long Enough. It's time Henry Montgomery came home.

Opinions of Al Fox Jr?

Ocasio-Cortez Isn't Wavering. Are New Yorkers on Her Side?

Westchester GOP leader resigns after racist remark, sparks calls for diversity training

Rep Clyburn:"How are you going to let this country come down over 1 guy who's mentally challenged?"

WH: "Outside of his very active imagination, Donald Trump is no longer President"

Is it time to nationalize vaccine research, development and production?

U.S. diplomat flees after suspected hit-and-run accident in Seoul: police

Biden to nominate Dr. Rob Califf as FDA commissioner

Striking Coal Miners Take Their Cause to Wall Street

A local idiot is making $$ selling tfg2024 flags & signs outside of his gun store.

Kellogg's lawsuit targets striking Omaha workers

Biden can turn his negative economic perception around easily.

Beneath the mystery of Tom Brady's greatness is a modest secret: Self-discipline

"Last Chance Unicorns"

Netherlands to impose partial lockdown as Covid cases hit new high (first by an EU nation in months)

Tough sentences for Jan. 6 rioters should freak Trump out

'We'll Never Be in This Position Again': Striking Deere Workers Hold Out for Better Deal

Black Violin +Dreamer from the CD Take the Stairs

Diamond hauled from deep inside Earth holds never-before-seen mineral

Combat veteran clarifies the issue with privileged Nazi white-boy Rittenhouse

Bukka White was born on this date.

"The Possibility of COVID-19 after Vaccination: Breakthrough Infections"

Booker T has a birthday today.

Shoplifters in Connecticut pull off a heist to steal carts-full of laundry detergent

If a post is just repeating something TFG said, I'm not reading it.

Neil Young has a birthday today.

Oath Keepers in the State House: How a Militia Movement Took Root in the Republican Mainstream

Stupidity, more dangerous than malice

VERIFY: Yes, these small ladybug lookalikes can be harmful for your pet

So let me see if I get this - the same Slobfather who said that it was

Love or denomination or just something unnatural

Meadows says he will not appear

Not one, not two, not three, but seventeen Nobel prize winning economists

Bernie Sanders distributed $20,000 to each of the four strike funds shortly before Halloween

Good Day DU (November 12, 2021)

BLS Report: September job openings and hires little changed, quits at a series high

Bernie Sanders distributed $20,000 to each of the four strike funds shortly before Halloween

How Rep. Gosar's constituents reacted to the violent video he posted (CNN)

A record 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs in September as labor market tumult continued

Our Waldo Moment (1 of 2)

Pic Of The Moment: Self-Defense Arguments Then Vs. Now

4.4 Million Americans Quit Their Job Last Month

Judge in Kyle Rittenhouse trial faces backlash from 'Asian food' joke: 'Definitely not okay'

My "WTF?" story of the day...

Hey Mike... TFG is justifying his cultists wanting to hang you

Are People Lying More Since The Rise Of Social Media And Smartphones?

Allen West reportedly being as Allen Westy as possible.

Simple solution to solve the supply chain issue ???

'I Cut Her Head Off and Set Her on Fire': Blamed the 'Holy Spirit'

Racist attorney gives non-apology for being racist in open court

Golden Retriever Rescued From Puppy Mill Treats Her First Toy Like A Baby

Chipmunk Gets So Jealous When His Favorite Girl Talks To Other Chipmunks The Dodo Wild Hearts

THE most important story...... SMDH

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- November 12 2021

I don't know what it is - Except it's kinda fun to watch

Jimmy Kimmel: Was SNL Too Mean to Congresswoman Lauren Boebert?

Oliver Stone's 'JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass' Doc Lands on Showtime This Month

Inspector generals investigate DC Metro over not reporting rail car defects

You Went Out With Rock And Roll - Waylon Jennings

BTRTN: Joe Biden Urgently Needs a Chief Brand Strategist

Christie Pretends He's Standing Up to Trump

BTRTN: Joe Biden Urgently Needs a Chief Brand Strategist

Inspector generals investigate Metro over not reporting rail car defects

4447 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today; 51 deaths

Myanmar court sentences US journalist to 11 years in jail

Can anyone offer a step-by-step way to uninstall or get rid of the "octopus" known as

At least ...

Donald Trump defends calls to hang Mike Pence during Capitol riot

Slammed Colorado Doc Warns America: COVID Ain't Over Yet

And here we go, another week gone by and Bannon still not complying with the subpoena or

Florida men ask Desantis to strike down "NO SHIRT-NO SERVICE" policy

On November 11, 1960, The Twilight Zone aired the episode "Eye of the Beholder."

Kyle Rittenhouse Worship Is Just the Beginning for Twisted GOP

Any advice welcome.

What's showing on TV tonight, November 12, 1971?

Abby Finkenauer (D) for US Senate (vs Chuck Grassley) reaching out personally

Dark money group list of claims as evidence of CRT being taught in K-12 schools in VA

Has anyone started on Christmas prep?

Inside the QAnon Cult That Believes JFK Is About to Return

Just a quick suggestion for all the phone/email/text threats we've been seeing...

Sickening - Trading/stealing Cheetah cubs for profit

The Left Needs More Than Low-Hanging Fruit to Win Power

We're all developing huge cases of

Dr. Hurst (for US Senate IA) Honoring Our Veterans

90s "X-Men" Series Gets Revival For 2023 - Disney+

As an old guy, I normally don't use the term "throwing hands", but

Ars Technica - We suggest you don't buy the $60 Grand Theft Auto Definitive Trilogy

WHY is Pence so quiet? He's been virtually invisible every since Jan 6 except....

Watch the video of the Kenosha murderer crying again - there are absolutely NO TEARS!!!

Judge asks Rittenhouse prosecutor about look on his face (CNN)

My 94yo father is headed to the hospital

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Man Creates Tool for Facebook Addiction, Gets Banned for Life

I just heard a few minutes of the Ahmaud Arbery trial for the first time & the judge seems

Icelandic parody of Zuckerberg's Metaverse.

How could the killers of Arbery claim they were stopping

Can't Threaten Others If You Don't Have Guns - Right Wing Thought Process

Map shows the best-selling English artists by county of origin

Youngkin's Racist Yearbook Imagery ("An Oriental Occasion") Shows He Was Not Vetted

Long Beach City College Will Let Students Sleep In The Parking Garage Overnight

Rep. Connor Lamb made a good point on MSNBC

FOX enjoying music:

St. Jude Hoards Billions While Many of Its Families Drain Their Savings

'But he's Jewish': Opponent questions Mandel's faith in Ohio Senate primary debate

Squirrel & cat best friends:

"I sounded the alarm for authoritarianism in 2016, and I am sounding it again"

And's time for Muad'Dib's Dance Party

Job opening with the Yosemite Conservancy

Kangaroo enjoying a nice stretch & scratch:

Lawmakers May Subpoena Kristi Noem Daughter's Records

U.S. Coast Guard veteran who lost arm in World War II salutes President Lincoln

McConnell Slams Biden's Supreme Court Commission

Amazing: man raised snapping turtle from tiny thing to big, cuddly pet:

BBC: US Olympian Sunisa Lee 'pepper sprayed in racist attack'

ASTROTURF ALERT: Big Pharma behind ads against allowing Medicare to negotiate Rx drug prices...

In watching the rittenhouse trial on court tv

Breaking news: Evidence mounts of team Trump plot to occupy the capitol Jan 6.

Big Bird is running for Senate. Someone has to run against Sen. Cruz ...

Committee probing Capitol riot threatens to hold Mark Meadows in contempt

GOP Sen. Shelby vows to spend $5M to help his candidate defeat TFG's

2 men detained after vulgar banner shown during Va. Veterans Day ceremony

Clip of the Rittenhouse judge.. Jesus Christ on a triscuit!

Lawsuit over Benton Harbor water seeks class-action status

Biden plans big bipartisan bill signing; Republican backers face threats

Virginia Supreme Court rejects all three GOP nominees and one Democratic nominee to help redraw ...

TFG defends Jan. 6 rioters 'hang Mike Pence' chant in newly-released audio

Defense lawyer in Arbery trial objects to Sharpton's presence in court

As a foreigner, I have a question about US Congress.

Turkey halts flights for some Mideast citizens to EU's door

The Hedge Next Door

Biden Marks First Veterans Day in Two Decades Without a War Underway

Prosecutors want jury to consider lesser charges in U.S. teen Rittenhouse's murder trial

When you give the bouncer a fake ID:

Austria on verge of Covid lockdown for millions of unvaccinated people

2 States-total population numbers area similar

Wisconsin Law Provides...........

I saw a new Chump Flag today.

Animals are cute when they sleep:

Friday Psaki Bomb

Tito and Tarantula's debut album is pretty special

TFG supporter who brought 11 molotov cocktails to Jan. 6 rally pleads guilty

If Leahy decides not to seek re-election.

so I'm thinking the Rittenhouse judge made sure we heard his ringtone on purpose

Time Frame For Release Of Trump's Documents.

Bertrand Russell's Ten Commandments for Living in a Healthy Democracy

Severe storms, flooding threaten Northeast on Friday after snow, wind plaster Upper Midwest.

So what is happening with the 'Build Back Better' bill?

I've got it!! Democrats need to tell Manchin if he does not

My dad had a choice. Get vaxxed or get fired

How clean cooking helps the climate

Biden presser up now. 2:50 pm EST. CNN Not taking question. BBB will

Former Trump chief of staff could be next to face criminal contempt vote

Long Article about St Jude"s Hospital Destroyed the Positive Image I had... Worth Reading

Gene Simmons Blasts Unvaxxed 'Evil,' 'Delusional' Aaron Rodgers

Manchin opposes Biden FDA nominee

Cartoon: Earth Stove 2021

Arkansas governor backs Sarah Huckabee Sanders to replace him

Arkansas governor backs Sarah Huckabee Sanders to replace him

Fox Executive leaks Vaccine Documents To David Packman:

Evidence of Trump Administration interference with CDC

Jack Ciattarelli concedes to Phil Murphy in New Jersey governor's race

I don't think I've ever felt quite so cynical before.

The Washington Post corrects, removes parts of two stories regarding the Steele dossier

A 300-Million-Year-Old Fossil Discovered in Utah Could Be a New Species

The 2022 US Senate Races in CO,NH,AZ,NV,and PA

Cartoons 11/12/2021

Pretty sure the Rittenhouse judge has a notebook full of "Judge Bruce Rittenhouse" written over...


Biden's infrastructure bill promises to address 'racist infrastructure.' Here's what that means.

The Real Betty Crocker May Never Have Existed, but She Still Became a Symbol for American Women

The Real Betty Crocker May Never Have Existed, but She Still Became a Symbol for American Women

ICYMI: @pflugervillelibrary perfectly illustrates why libraries defend the freedom to read.

Yolanda Renee King, MLK's Granddaughter, Wants Congress to Act on Voting Rights

Squatters bury woman's mummified body in back yard and steal her home: police

Why mandates are working to drive up vaccinations

When ignorance on right, left sets the lesson plan

They want you be fed up, tired, cynical and afraid

The progressive case for restoring the SALT deduction

Sweet babies

Snohomish, Skykomish rivers may see major flooding Friday

Steve Bannon indicted

Andy Dick Arrested for Allegedly Hitting Boyfriend With Liquor Bottle

Andy Dick Arrested for Allegedly Hitting Boyfriend With Liquor Bottle

CNN is just reporting that Bannon has been indicted.

Lynnwood publisher files new campaign finance complaint against Binda

Cawthorn won't run for re-election in current district

Federal grand jury indicts former Trump adviser Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress

Suspected Drunk Driving Deputy "I Do This All The Time, Can't You Just Call A Friend"

South Korea- the best presidential candidate the conservatives can offer ?

Amazon, Alaska Airlines join effort to lower aircraft emissions

Who are the Republicans in OH going to nominate to

Breaking on MSNBC: Grand Jury has indicted Bannon for contempt of Congress

Aunt Crabby on Kyle Rittenhouse

Trump says it was 'common sense' for Jan. 6 rioters to chant 'Hang Mike Pence!'

Michigan's AG Apologizes for Getting Wasted at a Football Game

Paging Mark Meadows.....

Law and Order!

Can world's climate target and India's development coexist?

Rep. Debbie Dingell threatened with violence. Told to kill herself.

Climate talks soften stance on fossil fuel phaseout

A Big Thank-You to those who urged patience re Bannon

EU ready to make offer to end Northern Ireland border dispute

Can Everyone Who Was Losing It Over AG Garland Take a Breath Now?

I hope they arrest bannon this evening

bUt MeRrIcK gArLaNd!

Kane scores the perfect hat trick

'Unbalanced' Trump Fanatic Who Took An Arsenal To The Capitol On Jan. 6 Pleads Guilty

Detainees Were Kept Sitting Naked in a Prison Yard in Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Neighbor Who Called Police on Ahmaud Arbery Expresses Regret, Property Owner Says Arbery Never Took

Copy of Bannons Indictment

Student loan forgiveness: Education Department erased $2 billion in debt for 30,000 borrowers

Are you mixing your covid shots?

Although Bannon's charge is a misdemeanor, he still wouldn't be getting off completely scot-free.

Did COVID-19 mysteriously single out Arizona or was Gov. Doug Ducey just inept?

In 20 years on the bench, Merrick Garland has NEVER been reversed

U.S. court voids emissions rules for heavy-duty truck trailers

Gee I thought nothing would be done about Bannon?

To throw Bannon in a cell in the Capitol

What's for Dinner, Fri., Nov. 12, 2021

A short story of true fact:

Orange Anus you're next bud

Question about DoJ convening grand juries...

Mapuche people under siege by Chilean military; genocide being charged

Louisiana board votes to pardon Homer Plessy, namesake of Supreme Court's 1896 "separate but equal"

To the doubters and skeptics, I have but 2 words.......

New Jersey state senator-elect deletes Twitter after receiving backlash for racist, derogatory tweet

A Reason Why All of This Investigation is ..TAKING SO MUCH TIME...

Kudos to Attorney General Garland for today's indictment of Bannon. I believe that each of

Cross-post: Pennsylvania Senate backs bill to allow guns to be carried without permit

Lets go Bannon

Happily eating crow

Black Ohio police officer whose white chief put KKK note on his coat breaks his silence

Who are the Republicans in MI going to nominate to

Its been a rough week in Wisconsin.

Who are the Republicans in PA going to nominate to

Rep. Liz Cheney says House Republican leadership has 'lost their moral compass' over their silence

I understand that the time for it has not yet arrived, but oh, how great would it be

The United States of America vs Stephen K. Bannon -- for the record

Capitol riot suspect who fled to Belarus seeking asylum said he was afraid the US would torture him

Who are the Republicans in VA going to nominate to

Is Bannon in the US?

Feds have more than 11,600 pages of evidence, 50 recordings in Rep. Fortenberry(R-NE) case

Tucker Carlson Gets Absolutely Destroyed By Republican Congressman - Ring of Fire

Is this true?

Mitch McConnell's Angry Op-Ed About The Supreme Court Leaves Out A Key Detail

Who are the Republicans in WI going to nominate to

(Jewish Group) Holocaust survivor reflects on antisemitism rise 83 years after Kristallnacht

Former Argentine Army officer arrested for a crime dating back to 1976

(Jewish Group) Ways to get involved after antisemitic, racist messages found at central Austin park

Ways to get involved after antisemitic, racist messages found at central Austin park Tuesday AUSTIN

ALERT: Law enforcement expects Steve Bannon to self-surrender on criminal charges in DC on *MONDAY*

And all the Freeps down in freeperville....

Jon Gruden files suit against the NFL and Roger Goodell; says they forced him out of Raiders job

Early footage of Bannon's perp walk.

(Jewish Group) ADL's Never Is Now 2021 Disinformation Campaigns Fuel Antisemitism and Extremism

I like Friday news dump'

(Jewish Group) Israel, Jewish groups invoked as white supremacy expert clashes with defense...

Documents reveal new details of Trump political interference in COVID-19 response

Rittenhouse didn't learn from this guy how to cry

The earth's secret miracle worker is not a plant or an animal: it's fungi

Tiger Woods' friend says Tiger will attempt a golf comeback

Meadows defies Jan. 6 committee, risking contempt charges

If i'm right... The real victory here is not really about Bannon jailed for contempt...

Meadows defies Jan. 6 committee, risking contempt charges

TCM Schedule for Thursday, November 11, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Veterans Day

Newly translated letters offer indigenous take of Brazil's bloody birth

TCM Schedule for Friday, November 12, 2021 -- What's On Tonight: Directed by Francis Ford Coppola

Steve Bannon Indicted By Federal Grand Jury For Contempt Of Congress - MSNBC

Bannon's case is assigned to Trump appointee who clerked for Clarence Thomas.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, November 13, 2021 -- The French Connection 50th Anniversary

Haitian gang leader says he will temporarily lift fuel blockades

Went to a craft fair today...

What Whoa...

The DC jail has been a hell-hole for decades. All of a sudden ...

Trump just released a statement about Bannon!

Britney Spears' Conservatorship Terminated After 13 Years, Finally Giving Freedom to Pop Star

YouTube temporarily suspends Ron Johnson's channel over COVID-19 misinformation

Chilean presidential candidate Kast says he is not 'far right'

Valley Fever - child became sick after attending Brophy's outdoor homecoming


Lincoln Project has a tweet about Bannon.

'This is great news': GOP lawmaker reacts to Steve Bannon indictment (CNN)

U.S. judge in Rittenhouse trial says jury can consider teen provoked attack


"403 Forbidden"----again and again. Why am I a "forbidden client"? nt

Please let us see Bannon cuffed, perp walked and stuffed! Don't slam his head though! We aren't

AfD leader in Germany contracts CoVID-19.

Lock him UP!

Matthew M. Graves took office monday as United States Attorney for the District of Columbia.

Some of dis and some of dat

Birds in the Amazon are adapting to climate change by getting smaller

Birds in the Amazon are adapting to climate change by getting smaller

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What Kyle Rittenhouse's tears reveal about America ( Opinion by Peniel E. Joseph )

Merrick Garland Appreciation thread.

Amazon Deforestation Records Reveal The Truth About Bolsonaro

+ Jupiter?!

Kyle Rittenhouses' mother goes on Hannity and.........

Republicans declare war over race in public schools -- and Black kids get left out of the discussion

Fist sculpture knocked down after crash near George Floyd Square in Minneapolis

Showtime's Gory Survivalist Thriller 'Yellowjackets' Is Not for the Faint of Heart

Sinema: Households Earning $9 Million a Year Are Too Poor to Pay More Tax

Watching Bannon live. He's not discussing his indictment.

Former 'Apprentice' contestant Zervos abruptly ends lawsuit against Donald Trump

Former 'Apprentice' contestant Summer Zervos abruptly ends lawsuit against Donald Trump

Tomorrow is Merrick Garland's birthday

Interstate bridge's crack likely dates back to 1970s

Who are the Republicans in AZ are going to nominate to

Washington's redistricting commission has until Monday to decide on new legislative, congressional d

Who are the Republicans in NV going to nominate to

Fall foliage has peaked in the Washington region, and it's magnificent.

U.S. huddles with allies over possible Russian invasion of Ukraine

Britney's free; Bannon's on his way to lockup. Works for me!

Vaccine Makers Project video: How the mRNA vaccine works to fight the coronavirus.

Tweet of the Day

U.S. Warns Ethiopia May Implode, Sanctions Eritrean Entities

Who are the Republicans in MT going to nominate to

Has global warming affected the size of Amazon species?

Human rights groups claim Facebook is interfering with report on hate speech in India


Who are the Republicans in WV going to nominate to

US backs plans for high-risk presidential election in Libya

Michigan woman pleads guilty after trying to have ex-husband killed through fake 'Rent-A-Hitman' sit

U.S. Strikes Show Workers Are 'Fed Up,' Labor Leader Says

Can we expect a pardon for Bannon from the Faux-ty Fifth Pres

LAPD says teens ages 13 to 16 motivated by racism were behind 'swattings' of BLM leader

In Kansas, anti-vaxxers are showing up to municipal meetings wearing yellow stars

Who should the Democrats in FL nominate to challenge

Trump's Former Chief Of Staff Refuses To Cooperate With January 6th Committee - Ring of Fire

I am stung and hurt, my cat's an a-hole

killer tossed his elaborate killing plan in the trash can

Who should the Democrats in TX nominate to challenge

Medicare Part B outpatient premium to see one of its largest hikes ever

As I understand the Bannon situation now . . . . .

What Is Wafu Spaghetti? Here Are 5 Places to Try It in LA

Experts say the first wars over climate are already starting to happen

Steve Bannon Expected To Turn Himself In On Monday - Deadline - MSNBC

You can't let bullies win. Ever!

I'm going to be looking for mea culpas over weeks of grousing about Garland

Happy Vaccine Awareness Day Chicago! No school for the kids today!

Kevin Bacon's Secret to Staying Unrecognizable in Public - The Graham Norton Show

Waves of clouds breaking on mountain side

Message from the Jan. 6 Committee:

Steve Bannon ARRESTED, Is Trump Next?!