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'Faulty' science used by Trump appointees to cut owl habitat

Stevie Wonder - Superstition

Jacinda Ardern interrupted by daughter Neve during livestream: 'You're meant to be in bed, darling'


Rittenhouse case is going to be fodder for SNL.

U.S. Senate panel to hold Nov 17 hearing on Biden FCC pick

So, I have a recent influx of cash from a sold home that I shared with my sibs.

Why are there so many derailed threads?

I have photographic proof that the urge to sleep, for a kitten, is stronger than the urge to groom.

It is not Congress who keeps america from progress.

Mary Trump has started a newsletter on Substack:

TFG left Rep. Malliotakis 'visibily shaken' over infrastructure vote


Panama's ex-president gets second acquittal in phone-tapping case

Bolivia: Indigenous Farmer Is Killed Amid Right-Wing Strike

New York tells SCOTUS to allow vaccine mandate for health care workers to remain on the books

Kamala Harris is in Paris making the case that Trump's 'America First' era has ended

Cryin' Kyle's Theme

Armed attack on Brazilian Amazon community while delegate at Cop26

Democrats start blitz to sell infrastructure

Woman Comforting Rittenhouse's Mom is jury Consultant Who Selected "Perfect Juror" on OJ Case

These guys should've been huge

Maximum number of US Senate Races the Democrats will win in 2022

TFG suffers blow in January 6 case but keeps trying to outrun the clock ahead of 2022 midterms

Matthew McConaughey says he opposes vaccine mandates for kids

Kyle Rittenhouse was once in a junior police cadet program. (Photo)

NJ Senate president Sweeney concedes in dramatic upset

Rittenhouse is the product

Pennsylvania court throws out governor's school mask mandate

Budget scorekeeper starts releasing estimates for Democrats' massive spending plan

Yikes he's not even on the job and already......hmmmmmmm, he's being trashed.

US Postal Service to receive $6 billion for eye-catching new electric vehicles

Moscow Mitch ups pressure on Manchin, Sinema: They could sink spending plan

Texas schools can issue mask mandates

Mark Meadows says the 13 House Republicans who backed the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure

Striking Scranton teachers take their case to the Capitol

10 yr old commits suicide after racial bullying

At the Willard and the White House, the Jan. 6 Panel Widens Its Net

PA Commonwealth Court rules against school mask mandate, Department of Health appeals

Biden Says Threats Against Republicans Who Voted for Infrastructure Deal Must 'Stop for the Sake of

Justices say Gov. Jay Inslee overstepped veto authority

When both Twitter and Newsmax kick you to the curb... You know the crazy is strong

Congressional map splitting Salt Lake County 4 ways heads to Gov. Spencer Cox

Music Appreciation - For Real

Pa. court panel voids Wolf admin's school mask order; Wolf admin will appeal to state Supreme Court

Newsmax White House Reporter Permanently Banned From Twitter

DOJ indicts 3 people behind pro-Trump 'scam PAC' that prosecutors say raised $3.5 million but only s

Top Pennsylvania Senate Republican leader Jake Corman tests positive for COVID-19

Joan Baez, Jerry Garcia, John Kahn - Turtle Dove

People testing negative for Covid-19 despite exposure may have 'immune memory'

Blackwater Side

Colin Kaepernick vs. Aaron Rodgers meme....

Democrats move to censure GOP Rep. Paul Gosar over violent anime video

Dead - Monkey and Engineer - Accoustic - 1980 - NYC

Tonight's Jeopardy! was great!

After passing vaccine milestone, WA state 'on the cusp' of turning down COVID's delta wave

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread

Authorities use elephant DNA to bust multimillion dollar trafficking scheme

Middle Age Riot tweet for this evening:

Happy Veteran's Day folks - Today's my Friday... Whee!

Kyle Rittenhouse FAKE CRIES on stand as trial goes OFF THE RAILS!! - MeidasTouch

Townes van Zabnt and Nanci Griffith - Tecumseh Valley

Experts: Once-a-Decade States Redistricting Process Seeing 'Supercharged Gerrymandering'

Okay, as a lawyer, I feel a need to interject

Yellen Says Fed Wouldn't Allow Repeat of 1970s-Level Inflation

Townes van Zandt - Pancho and Lefty

Final phase of repairs to West Seattle Bridge begin this month; expect to see crews

Chinook, Cayuse passes in Mount Rainier National Park closed for winter

Former GOP gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner sued by victim of Maryland crash: report

Rittenhouse was one unlucky guy to have his life directly threatened THREE times in one night in

Ricky Nelson - She Belongs to me - 1977

Look at his feet!

Dave Matthews and Emmy-lou Harris Long Black Veail

TV's Dr. Oz considers jumping into Pennsylvania's crowded U.S. Senate race: reports

"Little girl realizes she's got super power."

Awful to say, but after Rachel's coverage of FL surgeon general fiasco,

John Prine - Iris Dement - 2011 - In Spite of Ourselves

Gates Foundation to invest up to $90M in vaccine maker Inventprise

Boeing reaches deal to settle damages for Ethiopian Airlines crash

Texas town's first Black principal fired over CRT, which school district admits was never taught

Wow, this kicked my ass - 1980 - Rowan and O'Conner?

Gov. Inslee appoints state Sen. Steve Hobbs as Washington's next Secretary of State

Recount ordered in race for open seat on Pennsylvania's Commonwealth Court; candidates separated by

Federal judge rules Texas schools can issue mask mandates.

Kaukonen, Douglas, Bush, House - Prohibition Blues - 2014?

Dr. Fauci's Advice for Parents Unsure About Vaccinating Their Kids

Federal judge rules Texas schools can issue mask mandates.

The Legal Stonewalling Is Not Going Well For Trump - Deadline - MSNBC

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee plans to sign legislation stymieing COVID-19 restrictions

"I guess"

Ron Johnson calls for having Republican lawmakers take over federal elections in Wisconsin

All we need is Texas.

AOC says GOP Rep. Paul Gosar can't do simple math and has 'tumbleweeds' for brains

Time for Biden to Play Hardball

Trump Criminal Probe Witness: Election Integrity Matters - The Beat - MSNBC

Does Rittenhouse's "crying" on the stand violate Josh Hawley's Masculinity test?

Human trafficking suit spreads to Hindu temples in 5 states

I am woman, hear me roar

U.S. Postal Service warns vaccine rules could affect deliveries

Celtics Fans - My current starting 5 that need more time together.

Kyle Rittenhouse is going to walk free and eventually into a Congress as a Republican, isn't he?

'We Have A Lot More Work To Do' Says White House Chief Of Staff Ron Klain - Deadline - MSNBC

Tweet of the Day

Bonus Tweet of the Day

'S Is For Self Own': Big Bird Brings The Heat To 'Cancun Cruz' - The Beat - MSNBC

I've received several emails today re. charge card purchases I never made ...

Volbeat - Doc Holliday

Looking at CourtTV - he's a cold blooded SNOT - & soon wingnut hero

Trump Gets a Spanking in Court, Aaron Rodgers Fined & the Silver Lining Singers Lift Our Spirits

Ignorant question from me re:trial

Seth Meyers - Democratic Senators Call on Biden to Lower Gas Prices - Monologue 11/9/21

Tomi Lahren CRIES Over Daddy Trouble

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

John Cleese cancels appearance at university

Here we go back up again (COVID)

The Daily Show: Republicans Threatened After Infrastructure Vote & Hawley's Masculinity Obsession

Rare wildflower found in San Antonio parks proposed for endangered list

9 Miles of two strand topped with barbed wire, laid by the father for the son

Distinctly Experimental

*YUM*!1 - store-bought pineapple lattice pie sprinkled with generic mixed nuts!1

Luminant to lay off 160 workers, shutter Martin Lake mining operation

Thursday's digit: 9/10 - Today we give our veterans a salute;

Manager of lab that sold body to autopsy event lost doctor's license for misconduct

Joy Reid: Attacks On Our Democracy Are Happening State By State - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Heavy burden for consumers as holidays near: Soaring prices

(Jewish Group) Jewish actor Paul Rudd is 'Sexiest Man Alive' for 2021

(Jewish Group) Paris court hands life sentence to murderer of Holocaust survivor

(Jewish Group) Polish soccer referee sends antisemitic rant to group fighting antisemitism

(Jewish Group) Gonzaga University gets its first Torah scroll and Jewish space

so if i'm following things properly,

Seth Meyers - Trump Loses Major Court Case Over Secret Jan. 6 Records Sought by Congress: A Closer Look

(Jewish Group) How Dean Stockwell fought antisemitism and inspired Jewish moviegoers

(Jewish Group) On Kristallnacht, the world ignored Jewish suffering. Today, we risk repeating (it)

(Jewish Group) How the Jewish mayor of Minneapolis won re-election

(Jewish Group) Their same-sex rabbinical wedding was a historic first for the Conservative movement

Their same-sex rabbinical wedding was a historic first for the Conservative movement

(Jewish Group) The secret to a 75 year marriage, from 'the oldest Holocaust-surviving couple'

The secret to a 75 year marriage, from 'the oldest Holocaust-surviving couple'

(Jewish Group) 'Blewish' celebrates Black and Jewish intersectionality through children's animation

'Blewish' celebrates Black and Jewish intersectionality through children's animation

Thursday Morning Jazz - Good Mood Bossa Nova 🍂 Autumn Jazz Streaming

Going Up the Country - Canned Heat - 1969

Infamous Stringdusters - Don't Think Twice

Travel Diaries: Japanese Food Compilation

Gun Country: The NRA's Radical Path From Columbine To Rittenhouse - All In - MSNBC

Jerry Douglas and Tommy Emmanuel - Halfway Home-

Charlee's BJJ Transformation (A Gracie Bullyproof Project)

Troops injured in Iran attack downplayed by Trump were denied Purple Hearts. Now, that may change.

Some House Dems To Introduce Resolution To Censure Paul Gosar - The Last Word - MSNBC

#41 Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds

Maximum Number of US Senate seats the Democrats are likely to win in 2022.

Fulton County Schools lifts minimum pay to $16 an hour, OKs other raises

Dead, 1972, GDTRFB, 100 Year Hall, Frankfurt, Germany

Rep. Tim Ryan: Republicans Are 'Pro-Insurrection And Anti-Infrastructure' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Trump Denied Again In Executive Privilege Case

World past tipping point of renewable energy transformation, says Tesla's Denholm.

Rep. Paul Gosar Says Video Depicting Him Attacking Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is

Dead, Dusseldorf 4/24/72 - Beat it on Down the Line,

Release The Strategic Reserve On Gas Lower Prices Now

London Calling The Clash 1979 Music Video

The paperwork I signed indicated I wasn't eligible for the Moderna booster I got. That's okay if you

Texas schools can again set their own face mask rules after federal judge overrules Gov. Greg Abbott

besides November guess what this Month is??

El Paso expands restrictions on open containers near homeless shelters

Judge approves $626 million Flint water settlement

Texas A&M announces plans to build campus in downtown Fort Worth

Questions Pile Up About Florida's Surgeon General Pick - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Manchin's excuses just keep coming,

Covid Infections Rise In Parts Of U.S. - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Two words come to mind when I hear the anti-CRT crusaders...

FBI Still Seeks Some Of January 6th's Most Violent Attackers Ten Months After Riot - Rachel Maddow

Trump Insult To Wounded Troops To Be Remedied; Purple Heart Medals Increased: USA Today - TRMS

The Daily Show: Celebrating America's Almost Veterans

11/11/21 To my brothers and sisters in arms.

Early Tweet of the Day

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/10/21

Zatoichi 26 -- Darkness is his ally (座頭市 1989) samurai full film HD 1080 日本語 English subs with CC

Shout! - Otis Day and the Knights

South Dakota Legislature approves redistricting map, as lawmakers override conservative opposition

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, November 11, 2021

Stephen Colbert - Guest Bruce Springsteen Takes The Colbert Questionert

Judge Tanya Chutkan Rejects Trump's Attempt to Hide Evidence from House Select Committee

Hundreds rally against vaccine mandates; some enter North Dakota Capitol hoping to be heard

F.W. de Klerk, South African Nobel Prize winner for opening government, dies at 85

Anderson Cooper calls out McCarthy's silence on Gosar (CNN)

North Dakota redistricting plan would set up hotly contested legislative races, top-level retirement

Was St. John's College Not White Supremacist Enough?

Loudoun County to replace segregated World War I plaque on Veterans Day

Breakfast Thursday 11 November 2021

ND Legacy Fund: Who is in control? Part I

Thursday TOONs - Promises Kept

President Kennedy observes moment of silence, Veterans Day ceremonies, Arlington, November 11, 1963

Gerrard named new Villa boss

North Dakota governor's income tax relief proposal advances

At 6:00am today, I was walking up the staircase from the living room...

Biden's move to protect Boundary Waters is great, but we need stronger laws

My Girl by The Temptations.

Death threats because they voted for infrastructure

To the Veterans on DU.

Rittenhouse defense will face its biggest

South Dakotans overwhelmingly support teaching of indigenous history and culture in public schools

A war story on this Veterans Day told to me by a Vietnam marine who was at con thien.

Metro service information for Veterans Day, November 11

Happy Veterans Day

Biden: Infrastructure bill will ease economy woes, just wait

Columbus PD use A LOT of force against Black residents

South Dakota Democratic leaders say they are optimistic about 2022, see good chance to gain ground

Breaking - Judge rejects new Slobfather bid to keep Jan 6 Documents secret

Cawthorn considers switching NC districts, surprising GOP. He'd represent Mecklenburg

11.11.2021 DU Vets check in here

Poem for Armistice Day - Dulce et Decorum Est

Just an observation early this morning:

Noem can't shake off the nepotism monkey on her back. She dumps all over the messenger but can't

I hope the House accelerates the getting the Jan 6th documents post haste before trump and

Al Franken is on CNN now n/t

Crew member sues Alec Baldwin and others over deadly Rust set shooting

Former Cavalier Daily managing editor and cartoonist, local public defender passes away

Remembering pinboy3niner this Veterans Day....

Pros and cons of being born on this date.

164 days is a long time

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 11/10/2021

Art of the Week: Week of 11/10/21

The Rundown: November 11, 2021

In 1921, the first soldier of the Tomb of the Unknowns was laid to rest. The memorial was filmed

Elon Musk Sells Around $5 Billion in Tesla Stock

After he murdered 2 people-He posed with a proud boy, a smile & a white supremacy gesture.

Suitable For Framing!

Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms

Dissident Republicans must leave the GOP unless they want to enable it

"I feel like the Republicans are going to do something tricky"

Tucker Carlson's 'Patriot Purge' full of conspiracies and right-wing propaganda

Actress Christa Helm was #BornOnThisDay, Nov. 11, 1949.

Summer predicted inflation surge

Because of Veterans, we are proud and free

Two mystery photos and a 50-year search for the 'Donut Dollies' of the Vietnam War

For reasons known only by God - there's a "Roadhouse" reboot coming

On this the day of the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month a story:

Bone spur patriots everywhere today,

The DOJ is doing NOTHING

Biden has reached a critical moment in the battle for blue-collar voters

Sacrifice: The 333rd Field Artillery at the Battle of the Bulge

Why we remember......

Why we should never forget the shameful treatment of Black service members

Criminologist: Kyle Rittenhouse's testimony is 'bordering on sociopathic'

GOP Megadonor Announces Plans to Fundraise for Joe Manchin

Criminologist: Rittenhouse 'Arrogant' Testimony 'Bordering On Sociopathic'

U.S. Capitol Violence - Most Wanted (The FBI is seeking the public's assistance in identifying ...)

Biden forced to get real on inflation as the price of nearly everything shoots up

Larry Summers predicted inflation surge. Hear what he thinks comes next (CNN)

Mose Allison was born on this date.

This is starting out as a pretty good Veteran's Day.

Ernestine Anderson was born on this date.

Yesterday, I heard this on NPR--argument against wealth tax

LaVern Baker was born on this date.

Happy Veteran's Day!

State health officials plan to renew New Mexico's indoor mask mandate

Hank Garland was born on this date.

Democrats start blitz to sell infrastructure

Peter Frampton does a cover of George Harrison...

Rittenhouse didn't just illegally bring a gun to a volatile area, he lied about being an EMT.

A different Derek and the Dominoes "Got To Get Better In A Little While"

COVID-19 surging faster in N.M. than in any other state

On Veterans Day, I honor my Father, who served in WWII

The Cold War threat

Polish forces securing border and cities on Independence Day

Some of dis and some of dat

Public transportation sees record success at ballot box in 2021

I guess those $600 a week unemployment payments

Eric Boehlert: Republicans, the press, and the "education" charade

Dominion Voting Sues Fox, Seeking Election Evidence From Murdochs

Texas governor orders criminal probe into 'pornography' in school books

It's National Sundae Day

10 DU points to the first to recognize this

Trump Insult To Wounded Troops To Be Remedied; Purple Heart Medals Increased: USA Today

Israel, UAE, Bahrain, US launch drill in Red Sea in apparent message to Iran

How stupid is Trump - Interesting article

1,000 rounds of ammunition disappear on way to Police Dept.

I hope that someday Rittenhouse and the shitheads who murdered

If you live in San Francisco...four hours away from this view....

Two Female Cops Get Fired After Doing This - Audit the Audit

"...the Velociraptors have figured out how to work the doorknobs."

I Regret - Shaman chant

UB40 - Red Red Wine (Career Opportunities) - Chyprak Remix

GOP lies

Good Day DU (November 11, 2021)

Since Brian Williams announced his departure....

My Sweet Lord -- George Harrison

This Will Set Africa on Fire: Nnimmo Bassey of Nigeria Blasts Progress of U.N. Climate Summit Talks

The Colossus of Apennine

The Veterans of World War II are Going Fast

Kyle Rittenhouse pretended to be a cop

Two million COVID-19 at-home test kits recalled over false positive results

Trump and His Cornfield Still Haunt the GOP

I Feel Like I'm Fipxing To Die Rag

If the defense on rittenhouse

Trump Had A Chance At A $2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Too. He Threw A Fit Instead.

I wish I had been a wildlife photographer

You sanction us again? We'll freeze you, Lukashenko warns Europe, threatening to cut gas supply.

Oh yeah--He was there to be a medic!

Florida woman loses over $700,000 in 'grandparent scam'

Trump could use the courts to run out the clock. They must stop him

3624 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; 24 deaths

Prepare for the Shock Troops

Free agent QB Cam Newton to meet with his former team, the Carolina Panthers

What is the rarest mammal in North America?

Polar bear cub being adorable:

Armistice/Veterans Day bells 11 11 11

Armistice/Veterans Day bells 11 11 11

It's that time of year again...

A cat does not react to harness training well

Vets, can we talk about your VA benefits?

Totally Non-Traditional Croque Monsieur/Madame Recipe

My Grandfather Was A WWI Vet

Trump says he has an ambassador and is conducting foreign policy

Fountain of life:

Have the Founders of the University of Austin Been in a Classroom Lately?

11:11 11/11

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- November 11 2021

If you're selling a home, here's some advice about buyers seeking FHA loans:

Makes me so proud to see President Biden laying the wreath at the TOTUS instead that traitor Trump

Some Announcements:

Cheetah with her baby:

Anyone else spotting how the Right is successfully setting the stage for militias and vigilantes?

The Heartbreaking Result Of A Failed System - Rebel HQ

A dog named Zeus and his human, Frei Petrnio De Miranda, during virtual services (Twitter)

Dave Alvin has a birthday today!

Another suicide by covid

Anybody else watching the lil proudboy trial

I believe I can fly!

so, rittenhouse was there to give first aid.

This is delightful and overwhelming:

Yesterday at Publix Supermarket

11 years ago today I got laid off

Bad English - When I See You Smile

Wishing a solemn, comforting, and affirming Veterans Day

A Veteran to Remember: Astronaut Ed Dwight, USAF

The Bonfires Are Coming

Democrats will end up with 52 US Senate seats in 2022 by winning

College 'Opportunity Centers' at S.D. campuses merely an expression of Republican Party dog-whistle

Trump asks appeals court to stop release of his White House records ahead of Friday deadline

I learned how to do this; ā

Hard to imagine she was a Democratic Presidential candidate...

Last night Rachel Maddow did a segment on still wanted Jan 6th insurrectionists... One was arrested

Proud Boys at South Carolina School Board meeting

Anyone ever post on Reddit?

Court confirms Colombia's ex-president is a suspected criminal (again)

James Blunt - Monsters

Texas Man Arrested After Synagogue Fire as Several Antisemitic Incidents Plague Austin

How to adjust the flow on your automatic water dispenser (Twitter)

BREAKING: Trump asks DC Circuit for temporary injunction to stop records being handed over to 1/6 Cm

Cinematic cave art

The Main Driver of Inflation is a Murderous Maniac in Riyadh

The prosecution is using the defense expert

So OBJ could be a Packer

What's wrong with this picture?

I'm getting 403 forbidden when I'm trying to post something.

Chief Inspector Murphy has a new hair-koot

Every few weeks projects.fivethirtyeight updates their ranking of how Members of Congress...

How SARS-CoV-2 in American deer could alter the course of the global pandemic

TikTok promotes child marriage to teen accounts

Kyle Rittenhouse 'was an active shooter,' according to wounded paramedic

New contract for student loan vultures

Specific to Orange County/Long Beach - chorus

Byrd(D-WV) was 89 years old when he last ran for re-election(2006).

DFW passenger who struck flight attendant among 10 fined by FAA for more than $200,000

Democrats aim to dramatically reshape childcare, preschool

Four slots left for our photography contest !

The nation's ailing bus and rail systems have a D- rating. Can Biden's infrastructure plan fix them?

U.S. vacations in Cuba still come with hangovers from Trump's sanctions

Joe Biden: The Art of the...

Please do not thank me for my service.

Embattled GOP Senator Says a Staffer Messed Up His Campaign Reports and Vanished. We Found Him in

Monday would be a good day to call Merrick Garland back before the Jan 6 committee

what's with the fucking judge in the Rittenhouse trial?

Steve Bannon

"Sovereign Citizen" Pauline Bauer is currently representing herself in Capitol riot case

Death threats, tweets jolt GOP infrastructure supporters

US Media Cowers instead of Covering Chevron's Prosecution of Human Rights Lawyer Donziger

Rittenhouse witness: Hernandez -- Employed by Real America's Voice

Guns and Domestic Violence Panel The Problem With Guns The Problem With Jon Stewart

Manchin may delay Biden social legislation until 2022 on inflation worries - Axios

South Dakota House hiring lawyer to guide AG impeachment

The Onion: Terrifying Excuses Anti-Vaxxers Use To Avoid The Covid-19 Shot

Seriously?!: #Rittenhouse jurors gave the first defense witness Thursday a round of applause.

Gateway Tunnel Is in Line for Funds From Infrastructure Bill, Says Amtrak CEO

Biden announces plan to ID, treat vets' ills from toxic air

Street protests are like a skinny-dipping party in a pond full of leeches


Supreme Court Watergate-era rulings against Nixon may end Trump's executive privilege claims

When you don't want to pay 10 cents for a bag...

If you are planning on flying these days - some advice

Steady Support for Vaccine Mandates

'Mayor Pete' review: Amazon's documentary goes behind the scenes of Pete Buttigieg's presidential

Rainforest Guardians are Ready to Fight Against Climate Change

In this post, I want to discuss the merits of the 'Diversity Visas.'

Bill seeks to aid families of Black WWII veterans deprived of GI benefits

Beware of Medicare phone scam

Jury awards $42 million to Rapid City woman injured at work

The $1.2TN Plan to Save America's Infrastructure

Domestic Extremists Push Violence Against Congress

Hard to believe the Oath Keepers don't keep their words when it comes to paying bills.

One Veteran's response to "Thank You For Your Service"

I'm really up to my limit with these people.

Communities in Southern Mexico are protecting endangered Military Macaws

President Arce vows to defend Bolivia from another US-backed coup

Frustration, defiance in village to be abandoned to the sea

Coup fears grow in Nicaragua following Sandinista victory

Yikes, difference between Court TV and HLN's coverage........whew.

For those who get Amazon, Prime Mayor Pete documentary streaming starting November.

Meanwhile, over at the Ahmaud Arbery trial, "We don't want any more black pastors in here,"

Three-Day-Old Rescue Pittie Needed To Be Bottle Fed 24/7: The Dodo Faith Restored

Senior Bully Always Takes Her Big Stuffed Toys On Walk -- unless Snow comes along

Man Steps Up To Defend Woman Against Bad Cop, And Pays The Price

So TFG is running a shadow government -- sending his ENVOY to Kosovo Serbia border.

If McMullin(UT) become a US Senator next year.

What's the left doing for the right lately?

'We killed Herman Cain'

Japan's Subaru unveils first all-electric car, developed with Toyota

Veterans Day legislation targets GI Bill racial inequities

Chan Chan: Mass grave found in ancient Peruvian city

If the Proud Boys and the other right-winger militia types start wearing

Rittenhouse judge asks prosecutor about his expression as they discuss Wednesday's heated exchange

Veterans Day legislation targets GI Bill racial inequities

Cartoons 11/11/2021

Anti-mask and Anti-vaccine often results in the ultimate form of

What are the Democrats chances of winning the 2022 OH US Senate Race?

West Wing - Secret Plan to Fight Inflation

TFG's ex-ambassador to Iceland revealed as an unqualified, erratic, paranoid, lying sadist

Rittenhouse crying meme

Julius Jones Is Still At Risk Of Execution Despite A Parole Board Twice Suggesting He May Be Innocen

"Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie" dead anti-vaxxers collage

Seattle City Council, mayor trade barbs over proposed police cuts

I just got a Merry Christmas robocall from Trump...or was it SATAN??? 👹

Saudi Arabia denies playing climate saboteur at Glasgow

Richard Hunt: The Gay Man Behind the Muppets

Lawyer to judge in Arbery murder trial: "We don't want any more black pastors in here"

Rittenhouse defense incorrectly claims iPad pinch-to-zoom modifies footage

Not sure of this but, a lot of people are saying that "Judge" Schroeder got his law degree EITHER

If Leahy decides not to seek re-election next year,

COP26: Indigenous Amazon activist 'got death threats' after speech

In Singapore, "unvaxxed by choice" will no longer receive free covid treatment

Coronji Calhoun, Actor in Halle Berry's 'Monster's Ball,' Dies at 30

This Video Is A HIPAA Violation! (According to Wrong People)

Is This Fall's Labor Strike Wave a Tipping Point? Robert Reich

Honest question. Legally, does the Prosecution have any good options

Trump keeps Republicans in line

Rep. Ilhan Omar says a man who called her office and said 'tell her I'm going to kill her today' has

We (everyone, especially the media) need to stop calling it the Ahmaud Arbery trial!!

The Story Not Being Told

Black Texas teen tased by students dressed as KKK members, lawyer says

Tucker Carlson asks why the US should defend Ukraine and not side with Russia

Interresting charts- Survival on Titanic by gender/age/class

Trump is running a shadow.govt..statement just released about "my envoy ambassador"

Teen Nabbed After Driving His Own Car to Torch Texas Synagogue

Let's have ideas from DUers on how to explain the Infrastructure package

Andy Partridge has a birthday today!

New Peruvian bird discovered: The vivid yellow Inti tanager

Rightwing Anti-Vaxxers No Longer Big Fans Of Pharmacists Refusing To Fill Prescriptions

Program to kill Grand Canyon bison nets 4 animals, criticism

Grotesque Outlandish Partisanship

Belarus leader floats idea of cutting gas to Europe in migrant standoff

Throw Veterans Day away

Joy Behar Scoffs at Kyle Rittenhouse's Trial Tears: 'One of the Worst Acting Jobs I've Ever Seen'

Extradition of Mexico Governor Highlights Cattle, Money Laundering Nexus

Seattle ranked as 4th most expensive city to rent in the metro area

Key witness for the Rittenhouse defense Drew Hernandez attended the Jan 6th Capitol riot.

Sudanese general tightens grip on power, 2 weeks after coup

Loud ones, on my path

A sobbing Kyle Rittenhouse already won -- even before his trial is over

Marshall Crenshaw also has a birthday today!

Watch Kyle Rittenhouse's Judge Act as a Defense Attorney While Lil' Kyle Cries for Effect!

Partly cloudy skies this evening will give way to cloudy skies and rain overnight.

Rittenhouse Judge Tells Jury to Applaud for Defense Witness

Crazy Judge's comment about lunch

Paraguay's Glasgow pledge "a mockery," says British environmentalist website

Meadows to 6 January Committee

A question that applies to this group more than others (i think):

Russian Federation Immigration

Has Bannon been indicted yet? nt

It's time to pass the Freedom to Vote Act

Points On How Trump's Latest Endorsement Shows GOP Embrace Of Armed Militancy

Crooked Judge In Kyle Rittenhouse Trial EXPOSED - Rebel HQ

The DC Circuit will temporarily block the Jan. 6 committee from getting Trump's records

How a partially-covered license plate led to the DEA seizing $165K from Missouri pot shops

Why the Justice Department is Taking So Long to Indict Steve Bannon

700,000 Paraguayans At Risk Of Being Evicted By The Abdo Regime

San Francisco Police Officer Died After Failing to Meet Vaccine Mandate

Rittenhouse trial: The judge is looking at photos with a magnifying glass

What you have been waiting for: Narvel Felts has a birthday today!

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 12 November 2021

Appeals court temporarily blocks Capitol riot committee from viewing Trump White House documents

A Texas A&M student injured at Astroworld has died, bringing the death toll to 9

Let's hear it for the hidden veterans

Teen's Eyes Begin Glowing Red While Reciting Forbidden Knowledge From Book On Critical Race Theory

When are we going to arrest these fuckers...?

Biden bill includes boost for union-made electric vehicles

Biden bill includes boost for union-made electric vehicles

I am just beside myself with anger and depression - surgery tomorrow just now canceled

Practicing what pathetic Spanish I know, I enjoyed this despite the cliche

Anyone else just utterly exhausted, beyond frustrated, and at a total loss?

Graeme Edge, Moody Blues' Drummer and Co-Founder, Dead at 80


This cat will never win a beauty contest. And that's okay.

Ave Satani (The Omen) -- Jerry Goldsmith

Veteran and Senior Emotional Support Dog Reunite With Cuddles and Kisses

Damn, Joey Jackson is saying, the little nazi will get off.......defense did a great job....

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Nov. 11, 2021

What if Bloated Tick threatened President Biden in the tranche of papers he's trying to block?

Veteran's Day...

States up for re-election in 2022 that have 2 Democratic US Senators.

The Rittenhouse judge is off his rocker

One, two, I count two insurrectionists...

Jeanine Pirro Spews CRAZIEST Kyle Rittenhouse Defense - The Damage Report

Are threats being made against school board members around the country being taken seriously

I used to be a news junkie....


Appeals court temporarily bars release of Trump White House records to House Jan. 6 committee

My sister has the hoax.

This Rittenhouse case, if he's convicted, dismantles much of the GOP propaganda Op on the run-up/1-6

Trump isn't going to be happy about the judges hearing his appeal

"People are Strange" A new one from The Dead South.

How long until TFG dreams up his own "medal of honor" or "medal of freedom"

The Environment On Capitol Hill Is Worse Than On Jan. 6 Says Rep. Crow - Deadline - MSNBC

California Stimulus Check....

I think what the courts are telling us, and quite possibly correctly, is

LeBron James blasts Kyle Rittenhouse for crying during trial: 'Man knock it off!'

NIH Praised for Standing Up to Moderna in Vaccine Patent Fight

Manchin objects to tax credit for union-made EVs in spending package

Jennifer Hudson, Chris Stapleton rock CMA show with Nightlife/You are my sunshine

Federal Appeals Court Blocks 1/6 Committee From Getting Trump WH Records - Deadline - MSNBC

Life in the Age of the Lie: California passes a law stating that methane is carbon free.

How did Trump get a delay by the appeals court

The only way to stop all the madness

Congresswoman Jackie Speier is on Ari

My confederate covidiot neighbor finally got fired from his government job for refusing vax

Infrastructure week!:

Patton Oswalt's response to the NYT RE: Kyle Rittenhouse...

The unvaxxed must really be getting slammed by COVID

Leonard Matlovich: Time Magazine (9/8/75)

Had my very own Covidiot encounter today

Tweet of the Day

GOP Wrestles with Infrastructure Vote

Biden appointing infrastructure chief

Pittsburgh weather tonight

Pose a question about a movie & see if anyone knows the answer without using Google..Part 2

Counterintuitive Take On Inflation

Texas A&M student injured at Astroworld dies, bringing toll to 9

Black Violin +Sterotypes.

S4:E17 (New Oklahoma Congressional Maps & The Art of the (R) Gerrymander)

Yakutsk, Siberia - World's Coldest Large City At 20C Above Seasonal Temps; Fires Near Magadan

NSIDC - Mountain And Polar Groups Call For Cyrosphere Discussion At COP-26

Germany's Fourth Covid Wave: 'A Pandemic of the Unvaccinated'

Chalk up one for Trump...

Tweet of the Night:

BREAKING: The Jan. 6 select committee is demanding that Mark MEADOWS appear for a deposition *tomorr

Republican Congressman Receiving Threats After Voting For Infrastructure Bill - Ring of Fire