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Today is the anniversary of Kristallnacht

Malala Yousafzai 'marries partner' in small UK ceremony...

Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Additional Trump Administration Officials - MSNBC

This pupper tries to imitate his human's cartwheel:

Labor union representing TSA and other federal workers urges WH to postpone vaccine deadline

The look of betrayal in this kitty's eyes!

America cannot give evangelicals what they want

Spa day

House Republicans going after "yes" votes on BIF...

Counties That Voted Trump Have THREE TIMES Higher Covid Rates Than Those Who Voted Biden - RoF


It's dawned on me - in a few months time I'm going to have to reinforce my lap

Tiny black kitten demands that big white dog pal play with him. (Samoyed or Great Pyrenese?)

"While Josh Hawley worked at fancy law firms..."

Speaking of playing cards: The Woman Card[s]

Rep. Allred Calls On The House To Take Action Against Rep. Gosar - Deadline - MSNBC

Let'sCHIP IN: Gohmert might be out of our national hair if runs for State attorney general in Texas!

baby sea lion trying to train with the Navy Seals

Biden chastises GOP for targeting Republicans who supported infrastructure bill

Public allowed to lay flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for first time in nearly 100 years

US Senate Elections that Democrats are likely to win in 2022 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Trump mocks 'Old Crow Mitch' McConnell over Biden's infrastructure win

TCM tonight:

Infrastructure package puts $66 billion into rail. Could power biggest expansion in Amtrak history.

Governor vows to veto Republican-backed redistricting maps

'There Hasn't Been Accountability' For People Involved In The Big Lie - Deadline - MSNBC

White House demands Republicans 'do their job' and stop 'obstructing' confirmation vote for Biden's

Pfizer asks FDA for broader authorization of vaccine booster

French president says anyone over 65 must have booster shot to keep health pass

U.S. Lawmakers' Visit to Taiwan Inflames Tensions With China

Weather Journal: Extreme cold not far away, and a look at snow prospects (guesses) for winter ahead

NBC News special report from 1:13 P.M. on November, 9, 1989 -- 32 years ago today:

Man rescued after 53 hours trapped inside one of Britain's deepest caves

2nd-grader suspended 38 times over mask mandate could flunk out

FYI - here's the Texas trump judge who stayed the vaccine mandate

Just received a Rasmussen Report survey call.

Kellyanne looks strange and feverish. Her lies are manifesting in her face:

AG Leslie Rutledge has dropped out of the Arkansas Governor's race.

The lame excuses NC Republicans had for opposing the infrastructure bill

Ortega, emboldened after stealing the election, is ready to tighten his grip in Nicaragua

CBO Warns Cost Estimates May Take Longer

Brian Williams Says He's Leaving NBC News


Here's what King County business owners are saying about vaccine verification order

Brian Williams is leaving MSNBC

Biden's "historic" $65 billion broadband plan approved by Congress

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar slams Aaron Rodgers for 'directly and deliberately' lying about COVID vaccine

TFG Hammers McConnell Over Infrastructure Bill

Buttigieg claps back to Cancun Cruz on racism in highway design

Sununu Passes on Senate Race, Giving Democrats a Break

Court sides with newspaper over Arizona audit public records

Former TFG aides said his administration acted like the Gestapo, purging anyone seen as disloyal

San Francisco police officer who missed vaccine deadline dies after COVID-19 diagnosis

Once lost to history, Kristallnacht testimonies describe pogrom's aftermath


Biden Administration Takes Action to Alleviate Supply Chain Issues at Ports

I love the return to standard time!

And the Grandson is now officially vaxxed!

Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers, Allen Lazard fined for COVID-19 protocol violations, source says

Lying ads about negotiating cost of drugs. "In countries where

Greg Abbott says Texas is repurposing empty shipping containers for a makeshift Mexico border wall

My kid got COVID.

Pa GOP Candidate- Women loved men who fought off dinosaurs

Judge Rejects Trump Request To Block Access To Records Requested By Jan. 6 Committee

Man Wanted to Give Bomb-Making Tips to Neo-Nazis But Was Speaking to Undercover Feds

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread

Seattle's waterfront improvements continue with new lanes opening on Alaskan Way

UK and six automakers commit to entirely zero-emissions trucks by 2040

Why Algae Could be the Plastic of the Future

Sun set, southern MD, 'actual' time 16:57.

Clever kitten Gryff taught me something about my laptop that I never knew before

Speaker Pelosi Has Called On Law Enforcement To Take A Look At Gosar

At Least 13 Trump Officials Violated The Hatch Act While In Office - Deadline - MSNBC

After some delay, Gov. Ned Lamont now says he is 'ready' to run for reelection

TAOISM The Philosophy Of Flow

Someone may be expecting a DU mail from me

Progressive San Francisco District Attorney To Face Recall Vote

OMG the RepresentUS FTVA Act Advert (featured just now on Maddow)

Austin Currie RIP. Civil Rights icon.

How The Biden Infrastructure Bill Will Transform San Francisco Bay Area Transportation

Some of dis and some of dat

California Leaders: How Biden's Infrastructure Bill Impacts the State

Ted Balks: Big Bird Fact-Checks 'Desperate' Cruz & Fox News Amid Losing Vax Fight - The Beat - MSNBC

Marco Rubio Begs Donors For More Money As Democratic Challenger Gains Ground

Celebrities: Unless you have medical training, STFU about COVID vaccines.

Vermont State Police should be fired

'Sick': GOP Rep. Shows Animated Video Killing AOC As Party Leaders Stay Silent - The Beat - MSNBC

Are you suffering from #ElectileDysfunction?

Kathy Griffin weighs in on Gosar......

How One Man Went From Carrying Trump's Bags To 'Deputy President' - All In - MSNBC

TFG Endorses Challenger to Idaho Governor

Stevie Wonder - I Wish ( Hyde Park 2016)

Federal judge denies Trump's attempt to withhold records from January 6 committee

Am I the only person that is confused about Meta?

What ya wanna bet that Hawley watches porno?

Bobby Caldwell - What You Won't Do For Love

Hayes: Belarus Finds 'Propaganda Victory' In Jan. 6 Suspect Seeking Asylum - All In - MSNBC

If honoring a subpoena is optional,... then democracy is worthless


Bipartisan bill would force Big Tech to offer algorithm-free feeds, search results

MASTER LIST: What Joe Biden Has Done

"Presidents aren't kings, and the Plaintiff is not President."

Trump endorses rival against Idaho Gov. Brad Little

Not that I don't know how to fix it myself, but

The World Breaks Everyone

MASTER LIST: What Joe Biden Has Done

GOP Lies

Question: Can the Jan 6 Committee rescind the contempt referral to the DOJ and switch

the ultimate Ultimate '80s power pop

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet:

Well, I couldn't take it any more. I adopted another cat on Friday

"Supercut" indeed.

Seth Meyers - Biden Reportedly Farted in Front of Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles - Monologue 11/8/21

Kmart is closing its last Michigan store; will have only a handful of US locations by year's end

Isn't There An Ethics Committee In The House & Wouldn't It Weigh In On Gosar's AOC....

Inslee: State agency vehicles must be all-electric by 2035

Moderna and NIH having a bitter dispute over who deserves credit

Oops, I did it again....

Gavin Newsom reveals why he canceled Scotland trip: His kids staged an 'intervention'

The Daily Show - Lewis Black: Daily Show O.G. - Beyond the Scenes

Republicans Accuse Democrats Of Creating 'Chaos' In First Midterm Election Ad

Last week in the Republican Party...

Republicans Silent After Violent Gosar Tweet - Zerlina. - MSNBC

NRA top brass after Columbine shootings

The Emotions- Best of My Love

A family member has advanced lung cancer

"Blonde Hair White Skin" Capitol Rioter Heads to Prison & Trump Associates Subpoenaed Over Jan 6th

Leonardo DiCaprio In Final Talks To Star & Produce 'Jim Jones' At MGM; Scott Rosenberg Writing

REvil Ransomware Attacks Targeted 22 Texas Cities. Now, Two Men Have Been Charged.

Pleased to learn that a friend, my landlord's wife is in Glasgow!

*Brian Williams discussing

Electile Dysfunction: How to Fix Our Government

Charlie Sykes: As Paul Gosar Stokes Potential Of Violence, Kevin McCarthy Tolerates It - The ReidOut

Is it possible they are holding off on Trump until we get closer to the midterms?

NYC is getting its own city coin in line with the incoming mayor's crypto hub vision

It's Raining Congressional Subpoenas; Now More Than Ever, DOJ Must Indict Steve Bannon

(Jewish Group) Getting over the feeling that Yiddish is just for old folks

Getting over the feeling that Yiddish is just for old folks

Anderson Cooper, Carl Bernstein, and John Dean -discuss Jan 6, coup. 9 min 38 secs. Please Watch.

(Jewish Group) Teenager arrested after waving large knife in front of French Jewish school

Jewish Group) Meet the Israeli-born artist who designed the first US coin to feature an LGBT person

(Jewish Group) In UK poll, most respondents don't know how many Jews perished in the Holocaust

Dallas Journalist Barrett Brown Convicted in U.K. for Holding 'KILL COPS' Banner

Superman and Robin came out as queer and achieved super-strength

Federal Judge: Trump Can't Keep Records From Jan. 6 Committee - The Last Word - MSNBC

Amtrak service along Point Defiance Bypass resumes years after deadly derailment

While the media was trolling about Virginia

January 6 committee issues 10 more subpoenas, including to Stephen Miller and Kayleigh McEnany

Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan - We Had To Check Him Out -1st Time Hearing - Reaction

Tuna-Stuffed Baked Potatoes (1971)

Liz Cheney shreds Tucker Carlson ON FOX NEWS - Brian Tyler Cohen

So, are the Democrats in Sacramento finally going to take on recall reform?

Texas Central Seeking Federal Funds to Jumpstart the Texas Bullet Train Project

Promises made... and kept - Sack cartoon

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: St. Nektarios Hymn to the Theotokos

A 22-year-old Texas A&M student injured at Astroworld has no brain activity, family says

I think I've found my retirement passion.

How Walker County Jane Doe Was Identified at Last

Meant to say this earlier. Don't know what I'd do w/out DU.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar-Aaron Rodgers didn't just lie he also damaged professional sports

Pres. Biden praises late Sen. Max Cleland as "an American hero"

Wednesday Morning Cozy November 🍁 Jazz and Bossa Nova Streaming

Liz Cheney: Republicans are willing hostages to Trump and are domestic threats

Local Papers Celebrate Infrastructure Bill's Benefits; Name And Shame GOP Opponents - TRMS

@tribelaw on #TheLastWord on Trump's big court defeat

A Message From Brian Williams - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Utah Saints - Something Good

The Texas Railroad Commission is a 'Captive Agency'

Eric Prydz - Call On Me (Official HD Video) -- Might be NSFW

Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (Official Video)

hare outruns train

Unchecked and Unbalanced

Yazoo - Situation 1982 (WARNING: 80s Club Scene Flashback)

Teen Charged With Mowing Down Cyclists Is Champion Livestock Breeders' Son

Denis Leary - Asshole (Official Uncensored Version)

N.J. bill would create drug price control panel

☦ Orthodox Christianity: Psalm 20, ESV

A couple used surrogates to have 21 babies in less than 2 years.

N.J. Democrats clash over message sent by voters

GOP Eager To Punish Defectors On infrastructure; Gosar Death Fantasies Go Unaddressed - TRMS

Just permanently deleted my Facebook account

Sweeney to concede loss, Senate President election set for Friday

Sources: Cleveland Browns RBs Nick Chubb, Demetric Felton test positive for COVID-19

Corruption In The Republican Party After Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

School districts' lawsuit over state funding heads to trial

'Presidents Are Not Kings, And Plaintiff Is Not President': Trump Loses In Court Again - Rachel Maddow

Reuters Tracks Down 'Untraceable' Trump Supporters Who Threatened Election Officials - Rachel Maddow

Democrats flipped 41 seats in 21 counties across Georgia,

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/09/21

808 State's Andy Barker dies

That Electile Dysfunction Ad that Rachel previewed last night

criminal charges are pending against this woman

Is anyone watching Yellowstone?

If you missed Rachel's show last night, please access it for a replay.

Pssssssssssssst! Slobfather -"Presidents are not kings, and Plaintiff is not President,..."

Kafucking Boom! Judge denies slobfather's request!

Rare cotton candy lobster caught in Maine: '1 in 100 million' odds

T-Pain Just Released a Cocktail Book

US Senate Elections that Democrats are likely to win in 2022 by a landslide to narrow margin.

N.J. man who punched cop during Capitol riot has raised over $30K since his arrest

Calls Grow For The FBI To Investigate Paul Gosar For Threatening The President

If Harkin(D-IA), Johnson(D-SD), and Rockefeller(D-WV) not retired in 2014,

WARNING. Not for those with a weak stomach...

Wednesday TOONs - Low And Lowerer

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, November 10, 2021

'At 38,000 feet, we are all you have': Flight attendants are fed up with a growing number of violent

DC Solar ponzi scam may be largest in history of the US, Jeffrey Carpoff sentenced to 30 years

Telemedicine took off in N.J. during the pandemic but Murphy just pumped the brakes on it

Pfizer asks FDA to approve COVID-19 booster shots for all adults

Being a grand parent is bringing back memories of parenting

Just Curious ...

Top Pa. House Republican wants to greatly expand lawmakers' power over the governor, exec. branch

sign maker asked to make sign: 'Welcome unvacinated and unafraid' but like pretty ya know??

Coalition Demands AT&T Sever Ties With Trump Propaganda Outlet OANN

A massive probe of Pa.'s largest pension fund is nearly done, but taxpayers may never know the

A draft points the way to a possible agreement in Glasgow.

Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf to lift state's school mask mandate

A group of notorious white nationalists met secretly in historic Lancaster County barn last year.

Updated: Loudoun group files petition to remove Sheridan from school board

On November 10, 1871, Dr. David Livingstone was met by Henry Stanley...

US food banks struggle to feed hungry amid surging prices

Breakfast Wednesday 10 November 2021

So you're thinking of Investing in Weed

My wife just told me great big bird is vaccinated

What has Joe Biden gotten done? He protected this and this alone is enough for me.

Pennsylvania Senate backs bill to allow guns to be carried without permit

"The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead when the skies of November turn gloomy" 11-10-75

Vox: Let's talk about Cecily Strong's game-changing "clown abortion" skit

DOJ seeks Four plus years for the Jan. 6 shaman.

That Peter Baker hack just said some shit

The Economy Is In Surprisingly Good Shape. Why Doesn't Anyone Know About It?

From Reuters Pictures: Spectacular fall colors around the world...

A peaceful moment for you today

Nearly 100 Former National Security Officials Urge Congress To Take Urgent Action To Protect Electio

Merkel asks Putin to intervene with Belarus over migrants

'A domestic threat we've never faced before': Cheney on Trump (CNN)

The Sea Has Already Claimed 2/3 Of Tangier Island; Study Projects 10 Years Left For Most Residents

He died doing what he loved: endangering the public.

King Richard Williams - fabulous

Today, it's all about the "stay"

Irish 'making preparations' for possible EU-UK trade war

New Weather Extremes Become The Norm Across Northern China As Shanxi Flooding Demonstrated

Unlike time, cats' bellies are not relative

Thames Supports Seals, Sharks, Seahorses; But Gains Since 1950s Threatened By Nitrates, Microplastic

House takes first step toward impeachment of South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg (SD)

Fun moment in the Oval Office from yesterday:

Kitten therapy, one of the best treatments there is for all that ails you.

Blind Boys of Alabama- Free At Last

Comic Industry's Oldest Distributor Being Held Hostage by Ransomware Attack

The Weekly Pull: Venom, Robin and Batman, What's the Furthest Place From Here?, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (11/10/21)

The Webcomics Weekly #162: Turkey Season Opens (11/9/2021 Edition)

The Rundown: November 10, 2021

Parole should be reinstalled to combat mass incarceration

Top automakers won't commit to selling only zero-emission cars by 2040

"Circus" Of Ad-Hoc Climate Pledges Mean That No One Is Certain On Temperature Projections

U.S. Inflation Reached 30-Year High in October

Rosanne Cash ftw

Nov. 10, 1975, The SS Edmund Fitzgerald sinks with all hands. Gordon Lightfoot tribute.

Another Republican ensnared? Rep. Darrell Issa may be implicated in Fortenberry scandal

Jobless claims set fresh pandemic-era low of 267,000 last week

Never Been Any Reason - Head East

Stuck on a boat - Richmond Va. Marathon medals

Madoc is running around with a zip tie, chasing prism pixies

Oklahoma Supreme Court overturns historic opioid ruling against Johnson & Johnson

Maersk CEO on supply chain its labor & trucking capacity

David Corn: Trump Inauguration Corruption Case Involving Ivanka and Don Jr. Moves Ahead

How many US workers have died of COVID-19?

Check your car inspection due date, appointments are 2 months out here upstate.

Germany records highest daily COVID caseload since pandemic began

Politico: Joe Biden's first 100 days in photographs

CRT explained

Happy birthday, USMC!

Another "award" for Representative Lauren Underwood, winning the coveted "10/10" from Room Rater!

Billionaire rethug fundraising for manchin

Prince Harry says he warned Twitter CEO of U.S. Capitol riot

Michigan State University fires staff, suspends students who refused COVID-19 vaccine

Bentleys to Buddhas: Pennsylvania vintage-car shop restores temple statue

With regard to climate, voting rights and Bannon's defiance of the House subpoena, we know what

White House: About 900,000 kids got virus shots in 1st week

The Latest: Brazil wants rich nations to meet funding pledge

Placebo - Surrounded by Spies

'Failure to abide by public health measures' leads to Cal-USC game being postponed

Merrick Garland Prediction

Happy Birthday USMC!

NYC Mayor-Elect Eric Adams invents a new official seal with...grafitti?

Goddard school district orders 29 books removed from circulation

Autistic Hull man goes home after 15 years in hospital

It's all relative- Last one is a yawner

President Joe Biden has done a great job

John Pavlovitz: 'For White People Tired of Being Called "Racist"'

Eric Boehlert: Republicans, the press, and the "education" charade

I realized something, this morning.

Indian Summer?

Most Expensive U.S. Zip Codes in 2021: 10 Areas Surpass $4 Million Median Sale Price

Republican Said to Be 'Visibly Shaken' After Getting Attacked By Trump For Voting For Infrastructure

Mystery in India:The case of the missing top police officer

Indian Summer - Tony Bennett

You Know How This Ends, Right? SF Cop Was On Leave Over Vaccine

The weapons of 1/6- From guns to tazers to flags

People magazine names Paul Rudd as 2021′s Sexiest Man Alive

Belarus migrants: Poland faces fresh border breaches

This is really fucking outrageous....

Rebuild - The Lincoln Project

The inflation numbers based on the CPI were very high. Highest since 1990. Unfortunately,

Did anyone in the crowd at astroworld

Got a 403 Forbiden message

Another piece of forgotten history - 1943 race riot

Redistricting in Illinois.

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Take the Pew Research quiz: Where do you fit in the political typology?

The cure for Biden's approval woes

look around, leaves are brown, and the sky is a hazy shade of winter

I always think of this Irish Pub song when "the winds of November come early"

The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big lake they call Gitchee Gumee

Cartoon: Systemic high-five By Clay Jones -November 10, 2021 9:02 AM

3794 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed; 39 deaths

Vast Majority of Americans Say Facebook Has Made Society Worse

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Wants To Be The "Party Of Parents?" Sure...

Donald Trump ALMOST QUIT?! - Rebel HQ

Biden to showcase Baltimore as fertile ground for his agenda

Bill Maher on climate reality...

Semper Fi, motherfuckers...

Macron says France will build new nuclear energy reactors

Path carved history into New Mexico; so did those who traveled it

Apparently Kyle Rittenhouse is on the witness stand.

They are domestic terrorists who attempted a coup against our nation

Matthew McConaughey Vaccine Remarks Leave Medical Experts 'Extremely Disappointed'

Being the Ricardos - Official Trailer - Prime Video

D.C. hires former Philadelphia health commissioner who ordered destruction of bombing victims' remai

US Inflation Rate Hits 30-year High (CNN)

GOP asks Congressional Budget Office to exaggerate costs of Build Back Better plan

Frankly, I think that the only path to a more socialistic, egalitarian society would require

Hair upkeep. One of the casualties of Covid.

Republican Dysfunction Sinks to a Weird New Low

US Senate Races that Democrats are likely to win in 2022.


Is Kyle Rittenhouse related to Tucker Carlson

Young Incel

Josh Hawley Will Be Damned if He Allows Women to Get Drafted

Rittenhouse says "I didn't to Kenosha to get into trouble "

Give me a MotherFucking break!?!?!?!?!

Which US Senate seats are more vulnerable in 2022?

Alex Murdaugh Denied Bond--Again--After Psychiatric Evaluation

Rittenhouse had no business being at the scene of the protest.

Mike Luckovich- Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood

Wolf Blitzer spreading lies about gas prices

If a Duck Quacks like a duck, its a duck.....4:46 mark

Kyle Rittenhouse takes the stand at his trial for deadly Kenosha protest shootings

Watching "Heil" Rittenfuhrer testify.

Rotten Eggs Anybody?

Actor Russell Johnson was #BornOnThisDay, Nov. 10. 1924.

Ron DeSantis' surgeon general got his medical license approved in just two days

Why Hate Groups Went After Johnny Cash In The 1960s

Marjorie Taylor Greene's $174,000 congressional salary is being decimated by fines

TV's Dr. Oz considers jumping into Pennsylvania's crowded U.S. Senate race

Watch live: Kyle Rittenhouse takes the stand at his murder trial in Kenosha

Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers and receiver Allen Lazard fined for COVID violations

The Lincoln Project-It's infrastructure week -- four years later.

The Lincoln Project-It's infrastructure week -- four years later.

Basic Question: Why was this little fucking Nazi from OUT OF TOWN in Kenisha, in the first place?

Rivian launches IPO, priced at $78 a share

Google loses appeal of $2.8 billion fine in E.U. antitrust case.

Republicans Tried To Overthrow Our Democracy And Install A King - Period

Why did the defense allow Rittenhouse to testify?

Not a graduate of the Lee Strasberg School of Method Acting...

White supremacists find a new platform to spread hate: A federal courtroom in Charlottesville

Not one tear

Kyle R Trial: DA doing well on this initial attack, IMO

The Dumbest Man Ever Elected In Texas Mulling Run For Attorney General

Rachel video: Damming McCallum voice recording proving intent and actions for insurrection.


Honeybees make a chilling warning noise when attacked by hive-destroying murder hornets

Honeybees make a chilling warning noise when attacked by hive-destroying murder hornets

Did Rittenhouse's face actually get wet when he cried? Because I didn't see any tears.

Kyle Rittenhouse breaks down sobbing on the stand.

Watching Kyle Rittenhouse testify, and...

Found on FB

Kari Lake Is the Camera Ready, Big-Lie Loving Future of the MAGA Movement

US Capitol rioter who assaulted police officer gets 41 months in prison

Yup, the judge is running the show.......he's going to set this killer free.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- November 10 2021

That judge is out of control!

Harry makes the perfect simple point regarding online Media

'Don't get brazen with me'

Colorado ICU Nurse: Great Percentage Of COVID Patients Still Don't Believe Virus Is Real, Blame Hosp

GOP billionaire Ken Langone says he will hold a fundraiser for Democrat Joe Manchin, who has worked

Blast from the past: That time Rep. Gosar tweeted to incels that he's very proud of his penis.

Mitch McConnell's Dreams Of Winning The Senate Are Dying

The Rittenhouse Judge is out of control

Bloomberg pledges $120 million to curb drug overdose deaths

Elie Mystal: I Hope Everyone Is Prepared for Kyle Rittenhouse to Go Free

Biden Agenda Faces New Revenue Doubt

This Rittenhouse trial is a clown show?

Madison Cawthorn was caught riding around in President Franklin D. Roosevelt's wheelchair,

He's been hiding out here all morning! 😂

Biden's Agenda Is Popular Even If He Is Not

The commentators on court tv are totally

If the prosecution of The State v. R. was so bad, why was the defence forced to call him?

GOP Recruitment Troubles Give Senate Democrats Hope

DC hires former Philadelphia health commissioner who ordered destruction of bombing victims' remains

The day she thought she paid off her house, she celebrated. Now, she faces eviction.

Nearly half of Americans do not earn enough to afford to rent a one bedroom apartment.

Sean Meloy running to replace Conor Lamb in PA-17

Bear Cub Brothers Separated For Months Can't Stop Hugging Each Other

THE ROAD TO ELECTRIC VEHICLES Where electric cars could help save coal

THE ROAD TO ELECTRIC VEHICLES Where electric cars could help save coal

US Capitol rioter who assaulted police officer gets 41 months in prison

Geraldo Rivera roasts Sean Hannity--smug vaccinated person telling unvaccinated to exercise freedoms

'We are sinking': Tuvalu minister gives Cop26 speech standing in water to highlight sea level rise

South Dakota House votes to begin 'unprecedented' impeachment probe of AG

Reddit got the best grade on a 'misogyny report card' for social media. It was a C.

How to Cry

Is publishing evidence indicating Colombia's senate is run by a crook a crime?

'A milestone': First woman completes Army sniper course

Colombia continues mass arrest of social leaders, protest organizers

U.S., China issue joint pledge to slow climate change in the next decade

And now they're advocating book burning....

the oscar for fake tears bullsh** goes to that faker on trial. media does not call him on it

If Leahy-D retires next year, Will VT voters elect their 1st female US Senator?

Electric automaker Rivian valuation pops above GM, Ford in biggest IPO of 2021

Borderlands' Tiny Tina DLC is now standalone and free from the Epic store - Till 11/16/2021

Things you forget, and remember, while watching the Heil Rittenfuhrer "trial."

A cover of the Lightfoot classic. The Fitzgerald was lost on this date in 1975.

The Rittenhouse defense attempts to light the fuse

Jared Yates Sexton: The Fantasy of Violence as Violence

I'm Losing Patience With MSNBC....

Per CourtTv Kyle Rittenhouse trial...

How do you milk sheep?🤔

and there you have it......Judge WILL dismiss this trial because he's losing his cool with the

TFG releases statement trashing McConnell for not passing infrastructure while he was president

Doc Faked Hypothermia So He Could Be Airlifted Off Denali: Criminal Complaint

Movie Tweet of the Day

Good for Toronto. Mixed market housing is the way to go.

Jethro Tull has been one of my favorites for most of my life

'75% Of My Patients Are From Texas': A Day In The Life Of An Oklahoma Abortion Provider

So you can fake a breakdown in front of a jury

Now that Hassan(D-NH) is less vulnerable.

Class action lawsuit filed in effort to block Washington long-term care tax

Reminder - 'The Con' @ 4:30PM EST

October inflation spike is not driven by economic overheating

"Crocodile Tears" a definition for this day

I have a question about Rittenhouse trial

GOP megadonor announces plans to fundraise for Joe Manchin

Trial and the rights of the accused

The message is the same, from the Redwoods to the Gulf & Sea to shining sea

Cartoons 11/10/2021

Brace for a wild winter in Washington, but it's no thrill for snow lovers.

Rittenhouse was there to help put out fires and administer first aid.

Lynnwood's $40 vehicle license fee survives with mayoral veto

Report: 11,000 Boeing workers seek vaccination exemptions

25 or 6 to 4 - Chicago (Leonid & Friends Cover)

The day after Max Cleland dies is Saxby Chambliss' birthday.

Someone needs to tell Sen. Cruz how dumb he sounds coming after Transportation head Pete Buttigieg

Seattle removes a second Pioneer Square homeless encampment

What medical training qualified Rittenhouse to provide aid?

Prince Harry "warned" Twitter CEO of "coup" before January 6 attack

What does I dinnit mean ?

Rittenhouse judge's ringtone

Defendant: Ahmaud Arbery trapped like a rat' before slaying

Judge orders CEO of Puerto Rico power company to be arrested

Job resignation, American style

That's where we are today. That's where the crazy is too' - Cooper on Gosar tweet on AOC and Biden

Seems like US is not alone in high inflation. Not Bidens fault.

Why would anyone ask Rittenhouse for medical while he is armed?

Asian honeybees use 'loud, harsh' noise to trigger defense against giant hornets, study says

Roger Stone's DISGUSTING Request To Laura Loomer - The Damage Report

So about the Rittenhouse thing

Biden to visit Baltimore port amid supply chain, inflation woes

NPR: NRA called members 'hillbillies' and 'fruitcakes' in recording

More than 4-in-10 Republicans don't want schools teaching the history of racism whatsoever: new poll

Why Restricting Yakuza is Causing More Harm Than Good! The Dangerous Emerging Power of Outlaws

What's for Dinner, Wed., Nov. 10, 2021

[4K] Japantown 日本町 San Francisco, California USA - 2021 Walking Tour & Travel Guide 🎧 Binaural Soun

So stoked! Finally was able to pay off 2 more collection accounts!

Rittenhouse judge's phone rings during trial...

Palestinian PM: Only two-state solution can end 'apartheid'

If Rittenhouse walks, is there any doubt that he'll do it again?

Trump's personnel head wanted to fire the defense secretary because he opposed Confederate flags on

Seems Rittenhouse falls back on providing medical aid as his excuse.

At the Willard and the White House, the Jan. 6 Panel Widens Its Net

Any opinions on Rivian stock?

TFG walked away from a $2 trillion infrastructure deal in 2019

An un-American question...

Justice Department sues Uber for charging 'wait time' fees to passengers with disabilities

The moment Rittenhouse cracked.

Defense refers to Apple images changed with logrithims? What?

Bolsonaro Empties Funds for Labor Inspection

My company just announced they are offering up to a $1000 bonus to all vaccinated employees.

This Judge SUCKS !! FUCKIN WOW !! Now pinching and zooming video is "altering an image" ?!

At this point I think the Rittenhouse judge will wait until jury delivers a verdict

Avocados In, Butterflies Out - How Illegal Logging is Devastating Western Mexico

Rittenhouse trial: Wow, this is some new kind of bullshit.

Sorry Kyle. Bert Lahr did it better

Americas Former judge Sergio Moro back in Brazilian politics ahead of 2022 vote

Biden in Baltimore speaking now - just started n/t

Swift Ruling Tests Trump's Tactic of Running Out the Clock

This is bad.

The Hatch Act report is damning -- of more than Trump's White House

Waxing Crescent, 43% visible

Doctor denies woman a hysterectomy in case her 'sexuality changes' and she stops being gay

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 11 November 2021

Elon Musk loses $50 billion after posting 'most expensive tweet in history'

Miller-Meeks will run for reelection in new 1st Congressional District

The little creep is gonna start the fake waterworks again.....give me a damn break.

Kyle Rittenhouse's story is a tragedy. The right thinks it's a triumph.

Biden to Sign Infrastructure Bill on Monday

Opinion: The left's armchair quarterbacks need to let Merrick Garland do his job

extreme road rager vs Tesla cameras

Sitting with 30 years of Christmas decorations on the floor and tables

US budget deficit eases to $165B in October, down 42%

This Rittenhouse shit show is bad MAGAt political theatre, and the judge should be removed

Post a line from a TV commercial & see if anyone knows the product without using Google - Part 19

No salt, no pepper, no knife and no fork or spoon...

Is Rittenhouse subject to civil suits?

Lady's Backyard Is A Mini Jurassic Park

Waxing Crescent, 43% visible

Rittenhouse is a bad liar.

This has been a great week for planet-observing, and it's going to stay good

All about apples

Is it me or is the judge kinda buddy, buddy with the defense??

It's been a week, already, since my family expanded

Arm yourself with information RE inflation

Is Mark Meadows running the House Republican caucus?

Prominent San Antonio lawyer Thomas J. Henry anticipates Astroworld damages in billions

Since Sucrets quit putting their lozenges in handy little metal boxes

Book Burning is now a possibility in Spotsylvania County

Wish President Biden a Happy Birthday (Nov. 20).

Rittenhouse posed for a tick tock video

We downsized the office but not the people...

'There are bodies here': survivors braced as search begins at Canada's oldest residential school

The prosecutor caught Rittenhouse lying !

65% of Americans back Biden's Infrastructure Bill

"It used to be...women were attracted to your strength because you could defend them from dinosaurs"

Judge OKs $626 million settlement in Flint water litigation

Footage of Judge Bruce Schroeder outside the court house

Fake crying is now an Olympic sport in MAGA land.

Homelessness: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

term 'crocodile tears'..comes from medieval belief that crocodies shed tears of sadness when killing

'I will never get my eyes back': the Chilean woman blinded by police who is running for senate

How Wealth Inequality Spiraled Out of Control Robert Reich

As Governor, I will instruct the State Troopers to make certain that Federal OSHA Officials are ...

Why is there no one on the news

MeidasTouch ad on Brian Williams:

Montgomery Bell State Park

Leaving the earth behind for a bit, Parker Solar Probe Speeds Back toward the Sun