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Gitmo detainee's abuse "a stain on the moral fiber of America," military jury writes

Jim Bob Duggar running for Arkansas Senate.

Update on my pension ....

Feeling claustrophobic

I'm spending Halloween playing fetch with Madoc while watching 'The Satanic Rites of Dracula'

GOP to supplement trickle down economics with free bootstraps. Subject to means test.

Well well well, Wanda is a fish storm

Japanese-American Internment During WWII History

Remembering Manzanar Documentary

Scarest Movie Ever? Name As Many as You Can..

Ablation for PVC's

Commander Cody -The Boogie Man Boogie.....

Youngkin is willing to racebait, pretend support "the big lie", and culture wars to win

By now everyone has seen Melania scowling at trump at the Atlanta baseball game last night....

In the Final Days Before Virginia Votes, Both Sides Claim Momentum

Time to do the Monster Mash again...

So Trump and Melania attended a World Series game. I wonder if they asked their teenaged son if he

Best of Mountain Stage - Rick Danko - "Twilight"

Brewer and Shipley - "One Toke Over the Line"

John Fugelsang tweet:

Meddle is 50 years old today

Hot Tuna - Prohibition Blues

I'm cheap, but this is nuts.

Zero trick or treaters


The Greenwich Village Halloween Parade returns...

Carved pumpkin of the year

Developed nations have to deal with this, or else....

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

we had pretty good Covid news here

Deere workers would get immediate 10% raises under tentative deal with UAW

Hey all, the wife and I are taking a RV trip soon

Kaukonen and Bromberg - 2003

Music Puzzle Number 2

Happy Halloween...

Grateful Dead - GDTRFB - 11/70 Capitol Theater (Audio Only)

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 from a solid to slight margin.

They went as twins.

Four Seasons Total Landscaping had the ultimate Halloween costume

Brilliant Halloween costume:

Halloween means we play Ghost Songs

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Tests Positive for Covid - MSNBC

Wynton Marsalis - Smokehouse Blues

*In the Heights, on HBO now.

Japan's Election Was Closer Than Usual, Even Though Party in Power Has Hit Snooze

This week: the Return of ABBA!

* The Dirty, Effing Hippies Were Right *

Biden takes the stage at G20 summit - ABC News

Leon Redbone - My Littlegrass Shack

'Step up or step out': Lawmaker calls out attorney general

I say the best Dylan covers are made by black artists. All Along The Watchtower being the most -

Happy Halloween DU!

I could not be inspired to throw a perfect pitch

Frank Zappa - Inca Roads (A Token Of His Extreme) - 47 years ago...this happened.

The Who / Live at the Leeds / 1970 - Summertime Blues

Tony Rice and Friends - White House Blues

Ruling party of Fumio Kishida wins comfortable victory in Japanese election

Article: Should Job Seekers Disclose Their Vaccination Status Upfront?

Minneapolis voters to decide on scrapping police department, 18 months after George Floyd murder

If you choose a Medicare Advantage plan, you're helping to kill true Medicare

Five Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Joe Biden dismisses bad polling and says domestic agenda set to pass

Soviet-Era Television Presenter Igor Kirillov Dies

Caught this beauty today.

Al Franken rules out Senate run against Gillibrand, who led push to remove him

Savoy Brown - 1971 - Tell Mama

Things I want to know before I go.

Paid leave's demise tough on backers in Manchin's home state

Video appears to show Melania Trump turning away and rolling her eyes immediately after smiling next

Tbilisi's Soviet Underworld (8 photos)

House Rules Committee won't meet Monday on reconciliation package

Al Franken: Ryan Busse, Once an NRA Hero, Gives us the Dirt (Oct. 31, 2021)

As TFG propelled his supporters to Washington, law enforcement agencies failed to heed mounting wa

They do sell "Vaccinated, I have been" Yoda T-shirts, but I was looking for one that says ....

Inglewood criticized after 106-0 win over Morningside in football game: 'It was a classless move'

John Sebastion - 1970 - Darling Be Home Soon

More than 200 celebrities sign open letter opposing efforts to boycott TelAiv LGBTQ film festival

Pediatrician Claire Boogaard stresses safety of COVID-19 vaccine for kids - Face the Nation CBS News

After seeing TFG do the tomahawk chop while the crowd chantef

Wynton Marsalis- Marc O'Connor, Frank Vignola

Jurassic Park, but with a Cat

Hey Chris, don't confuse me with the facts. PUKE

If these kids show up at your door will you give him candy ?

New Republican talking point being floated....

Kinzinger wants House Republicans to find some courage

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says a 'no-fly list' should be considered for unruly

CPD union threats

Reps. Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert 'fantasize' about blowing up Capitol metal detectors while stumping

Van Morrison - Live at the Grand Opera House - Belfast. - Dweller on the Threshold

Trump Trying To Conceal White House Call Logs From January 6 - American Voices - MSNBC

Anti-vax nurse films herself being escorted out of Kaiser Permanente for refusing vaccine

The perfect Ted Cruz costume, with a bonus

The Death of a Spouse Is Hard. Taxes Make It Harder.

Transnistria: the Soviet nation that doesn't exist

Sorry to keep doing this, but Google keeps sending me great music....

DeSantis announced today that there would be no vaccine mandates in schools....NONE!

Email From Trump Team Lawyer John Eastman Further Proves Conspiracy to Overturn Election Results

Jackson Browne / Dave Lindley - 1978 - Cocaine

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene bought up to $50,000 worth of shares in Trump SPAC

Google News

Step it up or step out: Dem lawmaker gives Merrick Garland ultimatum on prosecuting Trump officials

HOMOPHOBIC Parent Interrupts Bullied Student's Speech

Climate Crisis Threatens U.S. National Security, Reports Warn - NowThis News

As some of you may know, we're full time RV'ers and tonight we spent time...

Take the win, Democrats, and don't look back

Jeg liker en gutt.

Antwerp Zoo Animals Enjoy Pumpkins Ahead of Halloween - NowThis News

Dinner With the Dead 

Will the Supreme Court overturn marriage equality? Barney Frank doesn't think so.

Michael Myers Serenades GIRLS on Omegle

It goes without saying ..

Louis Armstrong and the Kid Ory Band - Disney land -1962 -"up a Lazy River".

The Great Resignation: Why U.S. Workers Are Burned Out and Quitting - Amanpour and Company

Ted Cruz Reminds Everyone He's The Biggest Scumbag In The Senate

Hot Tuna - 1988 - Keep on Truckin' Live Acoustic

Granholm: "We've Got Unanimous Support" On The Build Back Better and Infrastructure Bill. - MSNBC

Sam Cooke - 1963- Live - You send Me

Cold Ethyl - Alice Cooper

Prosecutors cite Capitol rioter's claim she won't go to jail because she's blonde with a great job

Paranoid - Black Sabbath

Tedeschi Trucks with Trey/Phish - Mountain Jam

Jan 6th drip drip drip info comes to light

Another NYT reporter falls for 'Democrat voting Republican Average Joe'

Old and in the Way - The Hobo Song - Live - 11/4/73

Republicans are crazy

I have to agree, best Halloween decoration ever.

Antivax doublespeak

Biden Scores Several international Wins As Agenda Moves Toward Passage Back Home - MSNBC

Illinois bills to expand electric vehicle production



Chris Wallace buries top Republican with one simple question - Brian Tyler Cohen

Fed up Jim Acosta goes viral RIPPING Tucker Carlson over new January 6 series - Brian Tyler Cohen

Giant Lizard? Aisle 5

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Homelessness

Finding money: a windfall or theft?

Greg Abbott Reveals His Sick & Twisted Plan For Immigrants - Rebel HQ

Supreme Court takes up Texas law banning most abortions

'Alarming finding': 30 percent of Republicans say violence may be needed to save U.S., poll shows

The Looming Face of Fascism: Mussolini's Italians Goosestep for Hitler: Lgst Parade In Rome, 1938

Congressional redistricting plan clears General Assembly

McHenry County towns enact tax on video gambling hours before deadline

McAuliffe hires Marc Elias for his Atty. (RW Nat'l Review seems worried 🙂)

Deere workers would get immediate 10% raises under new offer

Lower scores, high absenteeism, more teachers: A first look at how pandemic affected state's student

Tonga's main island locks down after 1st virus case found

A string game with most or all fingers?

Fact-check: Rep. Mary Miller's claim about Mexican caravan the size of Minneapolis not gonna make it

Trump's new social media site could be a cesspool of hate and a haven for terrorists and extremists

Millions of huge invasive spiders from Asia take hold in Georgia: "Like a scene out of 'Arachnophobi

All who were involved in the attempted coup should be expelled

Eye -- Smashing Pumpkins

Childish Repubs think "Let's Go Brandon" is cute

Stopping democratic backsliding

Microsoft Just Dethroned Apple as the World's Most Valuable Company With a Brilliant Strategy

A Win for Lynx and Grizzly Bears in Montana

Sacramento Has Become Nation's Least Affordable Housing Market

Red Flags: Before, During and After Jan 6

Seeley Lake photographer Zack Clothier takes international wildlife photography award

Bannon arrest today ???

I have a ghoulish question.

The Buffalo Soldiers in WWI

This is an example of everything wrong with America

Monday TOONs - The Truth Is In There

Biden's Schedule for Monday, November 1, 2021


COP26 Day 2

What's the criminal penalty if convicted for conspiring and committing sedition?

Michigan Central Station last night:

Salisbury train crash: Major incident as two trains collide

Salisbury train crash: Major incident as two trains collide

On this day, November 1, 1941, Ansel Adams shot "Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico."

Why Paid Family Leave's Demise This Time Could Fuel It Later

Breakfast Monday. November 2021

COP26 Watch

On this day, November 1, 1949, a P-38 collided with an Eastern Air Lines DC-4 at National Airport.

Josh Hawley says more men today are watching porn and playing video games because their masculinity

Follow the Money - DOJ

Last night, Madoc was an absolute unholy terror! This morning? A super snuggle bug

The car becomes the weapon

Among Scientists' Jobs: To Remind World Leaders That 1.5C Is Physical Reality, Not A Talking Point

I love all the reporting about how the general public has no idea what's in the infrastructure bills

Brazil Bringing Buckets Of Greenwash To Glasgow Summit; They'll Likely Get The Trump Treatment

China Literally Can't Be Bothered To Phone It In At COP-26; Xi Jinping Statement 2B Published Online

A peaceful moment for you today

'A real lag': Dems fret over Black votes in Virginia

White House unveils strategy for 2050 net-zero goal

Democrats' biggest problem isn't in Congress. It's in your state capitol.

DC Comics Goes Medieval with This Week's New Comic Releases

Soliciting Multiversity: The Best of the Rest for January 2022

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 10/27/2021

The Rundown: November 1, 2021

R Senators; "We All Believe Climate Change Is Real"; IPCC Report "Produced Shrugs And Blank Stares"

10 AM ET--Supreme Court hears challenges to Texas abortion law

Could any DUer who knows Chris Hayes ask him if he has ever

USPS daily reports of election mail status in VA - are they happening? - what do they show?

November 1, 1955 🎙

Brazil's GHG Output Rose 9.5% YOY In 2020, Despite COVID; Deforestation The Main Driver

They Dance Alone

Jan. 6 Organizers Are Raking It In With Trump and GOP Groups

I bet, you didn't know you could build THIS out of LEGO.

It's November. My office is at 100% return to work with 100% vax requirement.

Holy Shit - Barclays boss Jes Staley in shock exit over Epstein inquiry

Cats definitely have "human-like" facial expressions.

Grand Rapids artists, late 1970s

Mexican journalist dies of injuries days after being shot

Should State Earmark Billions for Water Projects Every Year? Voters Could Decide in 2022.

Political violence in Colombia more than doubles ahead of elections

Brazil's Electoral Court Decides to Punish Mass Messaging in 2022 Elections

Poll shows 30% of Republicans think violence may be

Proportion of Children under 13 who Are Victims of Rape in Brazil Has Increased

The great Shift under Ronald Reagan

Tottenham in advanced talks with Conte after sacking Nuno as manager

To offset all of the negativity in the world these days, I present to you "The Happy Slide"

Southwest pilot reportedly used anti-Biden phrase over PA system - (CNN)

You raised $100.00 on October 31, 2021 ($850 total)

Brazilian piano great Nelson Freire has died at 77

Macron accuses Australian PM of lying over submarine deal

Jane Goodall: Life on earth is resilient.

Just a reminder that Trump...

Looking for make-ahead dinner ideas

Chronic diahera and severe leg cramps are not a good combo

Jim Jordan left SPEECHLESS as top Democrat demolishes him with MUST-SEE takedown

Tweet of the Day

"I'm a Hillary-Biden voter," said Glenn Miller, a lawyer from McLean, as he walked into a Youngkin

Born on this date.

The only pitcher to hit a home run in Game 7 of the World Series

Barclays CEO steps down over Epstein report by UK regulators

GOTV In Virginia! Let's send a message to Trump!

What are the odds that these cops who are quitting because of the vaccine...

GOTV in VA!! Let's send a message to Manchin and Sinema!!!

Bolsonaro's security in press altercation as Brazil leader isolated at G20

Those movies where a high official is caught

Earth to COP!

Right-wing media and the pandemic: A toxic feedback loop that nurtured fascism

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is back

Alabama judge booted for racist, inappropriate behavior

Randy Rainbow float at a Halloween parade in NYC ...

VA Governor race stats per Kornacki

With latest payout, Arizona sheriff has cost taxpayers $100M

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- November 1 2021

Build Back Better bill contains nearly $20 billion for better transit and high-speed rail

So what is happening in the "new" META" universe...formally called facebook....well..

Talk about susceptibility, Khloe Kardashian gets covid again

Less than a month before assassination, Kennedy family leaves church this week 1963.

Watch your step 👀😳🤪

U.S. manufacturing sector slows moderately in October - ISM

Facebook allows former Trumpers to push fake news to sway the Virginia election: conservative

Construction spending unexpectedly falls in September

How Can America Help Its Working Class? The Problem With Jon Stewart Apple TV+

Excuse Me Wolf BUT the COP26 is in Glasgow.

Pic Of The Moment: Sick GOP Continues To Sow Seeds Of Violence

Willie Nelson, Chris Stapleton, Lee Ann Womack and Jamey Johnson doing a Muscle Shoals version

Sippie Wallace was born on this date.

At least 12 people were killed and 52 injured in Halloween weekend mass shootings in the US

Kinky was born on this date.

9-year-old fatally stabs 11-year-old Pennsylvania boy

No one TPed our house this Halloween. I was disappointed --

McConnell's plan:

Southwest Airlines investigating claim that pilot said 'Let's Go Brandon' over intercom

Roe Is as Good as Gone. It's Time for a New Strategy.

Good Day DU (November 1, 2021)

Russia will react to attempts to break 'strategic parity' -Putin

Kal Penn Comes Out, Reveals Engagement to Boyfriend of 11 Years

Kal Penn Comes Out, Reveals Engagement to Boyfriend of 11 Years

Lyle Lovett has a birthday today.

Joe Biden gives his opening remarks on COP26 summit in Glasgow

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 1: New Waves Around the World, Continued: Central/Eastern Europe

Listening to Court on the radio

Who had pumice clogging harbours

Some of dis and some of dat

More than a third of white students lie about their race on college applications

How the Dems win 2022 DST Edition

Our 17-year-old vs. their 17-year-old.

Dan Rather: A Party Embraces Vulgarity

Genius A&W Ad Mocks American Exceptionalism - Rebel HQ

BLOODSHED: For 187 harrowing minutes, the president watched his supporters attack the Capitol...

American Airlines cancels 250 more flights

2090 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon; 1 death

When did Justice Clarence Thomas become so talkative??? I've never heard him talk...

Google Chrome Slowed to a Crawl This Morning,

Finally, employer put out the notice for vaccine requirement

This Halloween my costume was states stolen from Donald Trump.

Elon Musk offers to sell Tesla stock if UN can show how $6 billion would solve world hunger

The #s don't lie. Terry McAuliffe should crush Youngkin*. The media is selling "the horse race."

One Republican-led state has given schools an incentive to get child vaccination rates up quickly

While we wait for the American Taliban (USSC) to overturn Roe v Wade, a look at how we got here:

Any more newas about the Buttigiegs' child?

Last day of early voting brings lines of voters in parts of Northern Virginia

Best costume I heard about.

Fall in the Arizona high country.

The State Of Texas After Decades Of Republican Rule


Do not trust Brazil's 'greenwashing' promises, say Amazon activists

What's in Biden's Build Back Better bill. Inform yourself. MSM is useless.

Tiny Kitten Befriends The Wild Deer Who Visit Her Yard

Manchin Hints at Big Statement

It is strange reporting Community Standards violations to Facebook

US Marshalls Surround Bannon...

U. of Florida's Accreditor Will Investigate Denial of Professors' Voting-Rights Testimony

Thank God, it's back - All's right with the universe

Breezy, 12+mph NW, and chilly, southern MD

The Best Memes And Jokes In Response To Facebook Changing Its Name To "Meta"

MTG supports letter from a 'non-violent' Capitol rioter who was filmed attacking an officer

LIVE: Kyle Rittenhouse Murder Trial Day 1

Biden Makes Tax Dodgers Pay As G20 Leaders Agree To Establish Historic Global Minimum Corporate Tax

Smart doggo can detect mom's blood sugar level

The Constitution is only as strong as those who defend it

The tape of the Southwest flight tells another story

Cell phone I ask here??

'Rust' production staff ordered custom T-shirts mocking camera-crew requests for accommodation

Orange Matterless Custard

Stressed out in Seattle: We're the most anxious major metro in the U.S., new census data shows

Sex offender arrested after greeting trick-or-treaters nude

Kona and Mr. Bear: A tale of a nasty divorce and pet visitation rights in Washington state

Rittenhouse bailer outer Ricky Schroeder calling for violence against the post office

Is it so hard for the PR team to learn the spelling of one of the most important counties in ...

Almost one in three of Republicans say violence may be necessary to 'save' US

Former Pres. Trump releases a statement encouraging Virginians to vote for Glenn Youngkin.

Great News! trump endorsed Youngkin again this morning!!!!

No matter what happens tomorrow,,,,

Biden: This is an existential threat to human existence as we know it (CNN)

Bannon sends a message to Jan. 6 commitee

Toobin: This is the most important question a justice asked (CNN)

Southwest probing pilot's use of anti-Biden phrase on speakers

Long-lost 'Island of Gold' resurfaces in Indonesian river

Thom Hartmann essay: The issue for Republicans in elections is always RACE.

Lindsey Graham Allegedly Told Police to Shoot Jan. 6 Rioters: 'You've Got Guns. Use Them'

Justices Gorsuch and Sotomayor Bristle at SCOTUS Refusal to Take Up Case on Secrecy of U.S. Surveill

Squawking in the yard.

Days away from its deadline, Tyson Foods reaches a 96 percent vaccination rate.

Republican "poll watchers" goose stepping through Virginia

Just a feel-good picture all around

The president strikes a deal on his domestic policy agenda, and it's a very good one

Ohio redistricting commission gives up on US House map

I have been shot and punctured

Oklahoma Black Man Found Buried Under Septic Tank After Employer's Lies Are Exposed

"We're all trying to find the girl who did this."

Democrats see progress in adding drug-cost curbs to budget bill

Joe Manchin to speak at 2:00PM on the Reconciliation Bill

This might be the answer.

The Weather Channel today is running some great COP26 Climate clips. Biden, Kerry, & more

Does Mundane, Democratic Small Ball Make Sense Against War-like Trumpian Nullification?

The Weather Channel is running some great COP26 Climate clips. Biden, Kerry, & more

Oh God. Eastman's ideas were influenced by GATEWAY PUNDIT (freeper)

Antimasker Who Used Gay Slur at Lawmaker Is Now Dead of COVID

Supreme Court won't review ACLU request for access to surveillance court rulings

We may be able to finally kick DeJoy to the curb next month.

Rolling Stone:Jan 6 protestors had organizing meetings with certain members of congress and WH staff

The Five Universal Laws of Human Stupidity..(.pocket)

If you don't want to lose your breakfast

Omg, Joe Manchin is blowing up the whole dmn thing right now -


Alpo Martinez, notorious drug lord-turned-federal witness, assassinated in Harlem shooting

Is there anyone here still thinking Manchin and Sinema are going to support BBB?

America's 'Wealth Pie', What's Your Share? Rising Gap Between Rich & Poor, Wealth Inequality 50 Yrs

Is Manchin stalling till the new year to have this year's reconciliation bill lapse?

Manchin may as well be on the Fox payroll also


Advisory Notice: I have updated the article on stupidity to include the five types..

National climate pledges are too weak to avoid catastrophic warming. (WaPo)

I'm seeing a anti-vaxx parallel here...

GOP lawmakers honor hate group on its 25th anniversary

Eric Trump in Tears After Dad Eats All His Candy

TX: SCOTUS: In my email: NYT: MIGHT allow abortion providers to sue.

Hawley Accuses Democrats of Attacking Masculinity

Cartoons 11/1/2021

Gerrymandered: 2018 WI Assembly Dems got 54% popular vote but only retained 36% of Assembly seats

Little girl sings lullaby to parrot sleeping in her arms:

U.S. Supreme Court to hear bid to curb federal power to limit carbon emissions

Alaska Airlines facing renewed demands from pilots after profitable quarter

Handball federation changes uniform rules after pressure over 'sexist' bikini rule

Walking the pups at park with my wife boog dunk

Biden apologizes for US withdrawing from Paris deal under Trump

Walmart is hiring 'supply chain associates' $20.37 per hour on average

NFL player taking a break to 'focus on my mental wellbeing'

Supreme Court signals skepticism over Texas's six-week abortion ban

Police Reform Is On The Ballot In Minneapolis. But It's About More Than Defunding The Police.

Pet Sematary 2019 SPOILERS

Ugandan kids lose hope in long school closure amid pandemic

Manchin says he won't back $1.75 trillion economic agenda bill without 'greater clarity' about its e

The NLRB Recovered Over $56 million and 6,307 Workers Were Offered Reinstatement in Fiscal Year 2021

Why it is so hard for the world to quit coal.

Leaders dial up doomsday warning to kick-start climate talks

Trump campaign paid out curious payments the day after Jan. 6 riot -people not previously on payroll

Gun dealers sell weapon parts, ammo using anti-Biden slogan 'Let's go, Brandon'

The NLRB Recovered Over $56 million and 6,307 Workers Were Offered Reinstatement in Fiscal Year 2021

Eric Boehlert: Biden's universal pre-K would transform America -- the press ignores it

COVID-19′s global death toll tops 5 million in under 2 years

Cincinnati radio station playing non-stop Christmas music

Ask Youngkin About Our Kids Future With A World 10 Degrees Hotter

Joe Manchin NEVER INTENDED to let BBB pass in any form. He wants ONLY the BIF passed.

With a congressional seat suddenly open, Democrats in the Rio Grande Valley race to recruit for a

It's telling that Manchin says this NOW, not last week, but NOW while Biden is on the world stage

Babies Are Dying of Syphilis. It's 100% Preventable.

U.S. Democratic Rep. Jayapal says ready to vote for both bills in the House together

Supreme Court rejects religious groups' challenge of New York abortion rule

Dems in...array?

As mandate kicks in, ranks of unvaccinated New York police, firefighters dwindle


ON STRIKE: Kellogg's workers say HELL NO to corporate GREED

Roger Stone says he'll run for Florida governor if Ron DeSantis doesn't conduct a vote audit in the

Found this disgusting, pro-NYC sanitation post on Facebook

Just saw on TV, they're printing that "brandon" thing

Ricky Schroder appears to be arguing for some militia uprising on Veterans Day...

Biden on dip in poll numbers: 'That's not why I ran'

Tim Scott addicted to Trump farts

This! ----- while our Democratic POTUS is abroad on the international stage and on the eve of

India pledges net zero emissions by 2070

So has Manchin made his defection official yet?

man chin knows once these 2 bills pass

Millionaires urge Democrats to include billionaire tax in spending bill

The People of West Virginia...

With 30 days left of hurricane season, Wanda snags last name on storm list

Michigan GOP Official May Have Stolen A Voting Machine

Rochelle Garza enters race for Texas Attorney General

It's time to make Manchinema put up or shut up

Abbott and O'Rourke in Dead Heat, New Poll From Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation Shows

AC/DC's Thunderstruck....performed by a bunch of Finnish Hillbilly Farmers

The Week Without Driving challenged policymakers and planning professionals to ditch their vehicles.

In blow to Biden, Joe Manchin will not commit to backing $1.75 trillion spending bill

Jump from Trump Tower Slobfather

Great Acronym

Kittehs love sleepin in your sunny spots ...

What Texas's abortion law has in common with the Fugitive Slave Act

20-year-old California man charged with assault on American Airlines flight attendant

Path to the Lake

When do I get to wake up from this bad dream?


Weird cosmic object keeps exploding over and over again, and scientists don't know why

Suspect in fatal Texarkana mass shooting to face murder charge, 9 counts of aggravated assault

I filled out a web form a few days ago about emigration to New Zealand

GOP candidate claims Michael Flynn hoped to blackmail U.S. officials into pro-Trump 'audits'

if the supreme court upholds teh texas law

Tweet we need right now:

Talia Bracha Lavin: Ministry of Violence, Part II

At 2pm today I felt this way

New York City: 9,000 public workers put on unpaid leave for refusing Covid vaccine

So far, only 34 NYPD officers put on unpaid leave

What's for Dinner, Mon., Nov. 1, 2021

Besides Texas, has any state ever had a de facto "he needed shootin'" defense to a murder charge?

80% of eligiable Americans have had their first shot. 70% have had at least two. CNN

Your pupils can count ... sort of

Caro Quintero Is Back in Sonora; He's Disputing Territory With 'El Mayo' And 'El Chapo's' Children

It is pretty clear that we are getting dicked around by to Senators, and it is time to pass

COVID Fuck Around and Find Out: Kristy Swanson Edition

Safeway In Castro Cuts Hours Due To 'Off The Charts' Shoplifting

SOMETHING visited us last night!

Jury says private prison profiteer must pay $17.3 million to immigrants forced to work for $1 a day

Fire set outside Austin, Texas synagogue follows spate of antisemitic acts

Swiss police arrest restaurant owners who refused to check COVID certificates

Argentina, Australia's Fortescue unveil $8.4 billion green hydrogen investment plan

Argentina, Australia's Fortescue unveil $8.4 billion green hydrogen investment plan

GOP Candidate's Wife Said He Tried to Choke Her

Florida 'Teacher of the Year' Allegedly Hit Student in the Face, Arrested for Child Abuse

There is trash waiting to be picked up on my block.

TCM tonight:

Manchin calls Biden's $1.75 trillion spending proposal a "shell game"

RED FLAGS: Warnings of violence before Jan. 6 precipitated the Capitol riot

The United States of Freedom

America's 'Wealth Pie', What's Your Share? Rising Gap Between Rich & Poor, Wealth Inequality 50 Yrs

Early Voting Hits Record High In Virginia

Where is Kamala Harris??

Republicans In BIG TROUBLE Over These Photos

Time for Democrats to cut ties with Joe Manchin

The Many Saints of Newark (Sopranos prequel)

Word of the day is one we all need: 'respair' (16th century): fresh hope; a recovery from despair.

Mom Whose Son Was Killed Robbing Retired Oakland Police Capt. Questions Use of Deadly Force

Elon Musk Mocks Starving Poor People

Pentagon rattled by Chinese military push on multiple fronts

a yes Manchin vote.

250 out of 250 republicans and ONE Democrat, yes only ONE

Vox: How the US made affordable homes illegal

here's another low information voter being interviewed: re Critical Race Theory

It's true. You just can't get good help these days.

DESPERATE Lindsey Graham Turned On MAGA Rioters - The Damage Report

There is a large segment of America who doesn't see the need to invest in our future anymore

Chris Wray needs to go.

Judge starts Rittenhouse trial with trivia and lectures

Mike Kelly (R) PA-3rd and other lawmakers scrutinized for "lavish" spending

There are no more dog whistles

Losing GOP Senate candidate for Delaware wants the Delaware State Police for her own coup

A request for help, for a good cause

Who got to Joe Manchin?

'I don't know what they have to say. It makes no difference anyway.'

Latest data from TargetSmart: (looks good to me)

Olive and Mabel - Squeak and I Will Come to You...

The Climate Wars Are Coming

So many people have signed up to speak at the Hanover County School Board meeting on Nov. 9 that ...

TX-Gov: New Poll Has Beto O'Rourke (D) & Gov. Greg Abbott (R) In A Virtual Tie

Do Dems Have A Failure To Communicate?

Even as Biden Pushes Clean Energy, He Seeks More Oil Production

Texas Police Allegedly Let the 'Trump Train' Nearly Crash Into a Biden Bus

Dead Inside -- Muse

I bought the turkey (frozen) today

Magistrate fired over comments to Alexandria Times

I'm making a bold prediction

November photo contest?

Snagged a bag of discounted Halloween candy

Since Biden was elected, the media talks about how all of the special elections are bellwether for

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 2 November 2021

BTRTN Election Prediction: When a Split Verdict in VA and NJ (Bad Enough) is Really a Double Loss

BTRTN Election Prediction: When a Split Verdict in VA and NJ (Bad Enough) is Really a Double Loss

BTRTN Election Prediction: When a Split Verdict in VA and NJ (Bad Enough) is Really a Double Loss

Manchin's corrupt, most energy is corrupt, every repuke is corrupt

Video: The Psychology and Politics of Conspiracy Theories: NYU Prof lecture

【Colorized】The 1890's Amazing Rare Footage of Cities Around the World 【AI Restoration】

Jen Psaki response to Manchin remarks

Daddy ate all his Halloween candy

On this day, November 1, 1938, Seabiscuit defeated War Admiral in an upset victory.

Just confirmed my 2 grandkids are back to 'virtual' school,

I just got an invitation to one of this year's RENAISSANCE WEEKEND...

Robert Durst indicted in 1982 murder of wife Kathie Durst

Dog has to potty but it's Raining! Hilarious Solution!

Rubio takes Big Business to task over 'wokeness' a year before election

guy says Critical Race Theory is the most important issue in the Virginia Election but has NO idea

So, starting Wed., my school and district will be mask optional

Classic "Talking Dog" video-Dog Wants a Kitty

Texas Medical Board takes 'corrective action' against Dr. Stella Immanuel over hydroxychloroquine


Tax the rich? Maybe not. Democrats' spending plan could be a tax cut for the rich, budget watchdog f

yabba dabba dooo. its raining in sonora ca . clouds: 100% winds: 0 mph,

'The United States is back at the table': After Trump's four-year hiatus, Biden officials plan show

Kavanaugh Asks if Texas Abortion Law Could Be Model for Bans on Gun Rights, Free Speech

A request for help, for a good cause - cross-posted from the Lounge.

House Democrats brush off Manchin

Voice of Baceprot - God, Allow Me (Please) To Play Music (Official Music Video)

Another of Trump's "Only the best".............

Spell check isn't working recently; I've tried a couple

UF's ban on professors testifying against state to be investigated, says accreditor

Colorado Supreme Court signs off on new congressional map

As a Democrat, Do you own a gun?

Facebook whistleblower: Mark Zuckerberg should step down as CEO

Schumer to tee up John Lewis voting rights bill for Wednesday