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Archives: August 31, 2020

Interesting point that I've thought about a few times

Trumps plan is for everyone in America to get COVID - MILLIONS will die.

Black street medic tried to save the shot RW protester. Police forced her away from him

I miss 2019.

Trump defends the Portland vigilantes.

With 65 days until the election, are the protests helping or hurting Democrats

Historic Administration

Inside Trump's pressure campaign on federal scientists over a covid-19 treatment

Sorry, KISS Army, the concert's been postponed -- a lot.

Looks as though I have a new cat!

Trump's alternate-reality bounce

Trump Embraces Fringe Theories on Protests and the Coronavirus

Accurate Anagram

AP FACT CHECK: Is US great again or dystopian? GOP says both

Don't let Trump's distractions bury his record


Biden to campaign in Pennsylvania Monday, ask 'are you safe in Donald Trump's America?'

Dow Futures Are Up 150 Points

Survivors of authoritarianism: We don't know how to warn you any harder--America is dying

doctoring videos of disabled persons

Russia knows that Putin owns Trump. Under another President we would stand up to Russia.

Ben Shapiro Calls Trump A Liar and Failure

Progressive community leaders call for Portland mayor, police chief to resign

Amy Klobuchar: We are living in Trump's America, the arbiter of hate, violence, & death.

Poll: Biden's approval rating got a convention bounce. Trump's didn't.

Can we please stop over-reacting to everything in the news? Esp. cable news?

Amy lays out the themes

Twitter flags GOP video after activist's computerized voice was manipulated

i think mom's hand broke

If the Titanic was sinking today.......

Encouraging News From The Sunshine State

Kentucky AG says he has FBI ballistics report on Breonna Taylor's death

His version of hunger games

Russians make unsafe intercept of US B52.

You don't need to be black to be outraged. You need to be American and be outraged.

What's second-term agenda?

A 9/11 happens every three days in Trump's America.

Princeton Gerrymandering Project presents "Redistricting Moneyball 2020"

"LAW & ORDER!!!" said the president from his golf cart.

Biden wants to decriminalize and reschedule marijuana

"His politics are appalling": Steve Mnuchin's family speaks out in disgust over his fealty to Trump

"rioters and looters" may lose unemployment benifiets

US Senate seats that Democrats win in 2020 to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Counter-protester who pulled a gun on Black Lives Matter protesters in Florida won't be charged

Fact check: Biden tax plan would raise rates for those who make more than $400K, corporations

Video of that shooting in Portland. Has this been posted?

You may start hearing about "6% COVID CDC" here's the explanation

It was Wainwright's Birthday and Waino gave the Cards Bullpen the present

The message is clear, this is trump's America. He has created the problems from the pandemic

Stochastic terrorism is a real thing. Trump wind-up dolls.

Everybody's wearing number 42.

Andrew Weissman says NYT story on Rosenstein etc. is wrong.

Back and forth

Anti-masker gets debunked & you can hear the pain in his voice realizing he's a dumbass


Trump, Vicar of Fear and Violence

Big Oil Is in Trouble. Its Plan: Flood Africa With Plastic.

Sooo....white supremacists/trump supporters are NOT instigating the violence? Hmmmm...

Oakland A's plan to convert stadium into voting center

Not a great state of affairs when the president has convinced himself chaos benefits him

Here's Trump's public schedule for tomorrow. (Public schedules don't include all of a president's ac

Philadelphia Eagles' Jeffrey Lurie offers Lincoln Financial Field as polling place in 2020 election

Don Winslow Films: An Open Letter to Republicans: 2:20


South Carolina State Senate Elections: Democrats Eye Multiple Districts

If We Had Had Anyone Else in the White House . . .

Biden condemns violence in Portland and calls on Trump to do the same

Found a new way to get on trumpers nerves 😈.

Don't let Trump's distractions bury his record

Trump cannot be allowed to incite his way to reelection

Mike Pompeo is the worst secretary of state in history

Well it's back to work for me tomorrow


What's our chances of winning North Carolina?

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/30/20 - Yep. Six Million.

Portland Mayor slams & blames Trump for recent death: Support us or stay to hell out of the way.

These Kansas districts can break the GOP supermajority and strengthen Gov. Kelly's hand

Hundreds of thousands of voters who didn't cast a ballot in 2016 have applied to vote by mail in the

Bonus Tweet of the Day

10 million letters to be sent. They need volunteers. And it increased voting in Alabama by 3.4%

The Russian navy has conducted major war games near Alaska involving dozens of ships & aircraft

'Fanning the flames': Dems accuse Trump of stoking violence

Trump is authentic...

The Lawbreakers Trump Loves

Newsweek: Elon Musk Says Failed Russian Ransomware Attack on Tesla Was 'Serious'

Think the press is doing a good job?

Jamal Murray is a beast!

Twitter removes QAnon supporter's false claim about coronavirus death statistics that Trump

Lunch Bag dad- A few of Dad's 8 years of drawings on his daughter's lunchbag

Jay Bishop was a convicted felon.

46 Texas Labs and Hospital Systems Have Never Reported Covid Cases to State

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trevor's Favorite Moments from the 2020 Conventions

Ichiban Jpopu Kurabu is really hopping tonight!

Oroho tells Murphy to use his executive power to stop gas take hike

Beautiful Girl - INXS

The Daily Social Distancing Show: This Week's Coronavirus Updates

NJ plans billions more in solar subsidies billed to ratepayers

KellyAnne on Showtime's "The Circus"

NEW Meidas Touch ad - Trump Terrorism

The Lincoln Project: School

Everybody Vote :30 Joe Biden For President 2020

To pose a question:

Everybody Vote :30 Joe Biden For President 2020

Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.

Moon studies with data; Taken tonight, August 30, 2020.

OMG! Biden is TANKING in the betting markets!

GOP candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner faces fraud charges.

John Dean: I Think Nixon Would Have Little Tolerance For Trump - MSNBC

They did a continuation of Karate Kid which got me wishing for another chapter of...

Memo to Trump: 'You Have Ripped Up Any Semblance Of Democracy By The Roots' - Rev Al - MSNBC

I lost my sister tonight.

Adultery - Lincoln Project

Doggie in his kangaroo pouch is so cute!

See if you can guess correctly.

Reporters Detail Portland Clash, Possible Role of Social Media - MSNBC

Charlie Brown knows what's up

How much warning was there for the Iowa derecho?

Do you think the horse meant to do that?

Just watched a trump ad that said we are planning to triple peoples taxes.

FL-18: Protesters call for Mast to resign over Facebook comments


If polls swung as much as they did in 2016

TX-10: Democrat Mike Siegel the subjext of anti-Semetic messages.

Question about Hotmail for my mom, please?

China Just Called Trump's Bluff on TikTok

TX-21: Chip Roy praises attempted hit-and-runs in Portland

Just in time for tomorrow's forecasted snow at my wilderness fire lookout! Whitebark pine firewood!

OH-01: Chabot's Sister: "Kate [Schroder] Can Put Her Sign in Our Yard"

When someone has an opinion on the internet.

US Senate Elections that Democrats win in 2020 to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

MN-01: Ethics Experts Believe Hagedorn Violated House Rules

Civilization as we know it cannot survive a second term of Trump.

IA-SEN: Social Media Analysis Finds Iowans Souring On Ernst

Cat Decides To Move Into This Guy's House

Patient in Nevada Marks The First US Case of Coronavirus Reinfection, Study Says

I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You

Biden: Ending Election Security Briefings Is 'Shameless Partisan Manipulation'

My take on the Kenosha shootings/murders

Games People Play

School (Lincoln Project)

NC to begin sending out ballot this coming Friday

FaceBook is inundated with fake accounts in the past week (since "updating" to their new layout).

Sam Seder discusses the huge wins by progressive Democratic Congressional candidates

Philly is about to get $10 million for mail ballot drop boxes, early voting, and raises for poll wor

thousands of chickens died of hunger, thirst, sickness and heat exhaustion

Pinterest pays $89.5 million to terminate San Francisco office lease due to shift to work-from-home

As much as I hold nostalgic fondness for in-person voting

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - RNC 2020 & Kenosha

Black man'slLane change leads to handcuffing and one hour search of car by Trooper Steven Payton

Trump's autograph sells for $31.50 on Ebay

Yard sign

What Trump supporters think they look like vs what they actually look like.

What if Creep by Radiohead was a funk song?

Is it just me or does Jared Kushner's

Democrats guide to 60 US Senate seats without AL and GA special.

FL: Donald Trump is winning Pasco County, but not by the margin he should

Glenn Kirschner's 3-Point Plan for Police Reform Centered on Full Citizen Participation

The Daily Show - Chadwick Boseman: Being The Hero In Your Own Story

"you Africans are so fucking violent" :"attacked by an African black person" says Today's Karen

America is ready for a civil war.

Protesters vandalize LAPD's Van Nuys station, set flag on fire

Has drumph given up on swing votes

so it's legal to drive around spewing mace???

Mail delivery suspended at L.A. public housing complex with over 1,800 residents

Joy Reid explains how Trump is using "acceleration" "reveling in violence from racial divisions.."

The five dumbest Republican arguments

dynamic dashboard at link: Trump has positive approval in 18 states.

Tori Avey: Rosh Hashanah Recipes 🍎 🍯


Don Winslow Films: An Open Letter to Republicans

Arkansas sheriff resigns after audio of racist comments surface

How do I give someone a star membership?

New Jersey Wind Port project in Salem County is the next big thing

It was mentioned by a board member that hashtag Bidensriots is trending

Murphy Proposal Wildly Out-of-Step with Austerity Message

NJ Treasury Announces Gas Tax Hike Of Nearly 10 Cents Per Gallon

Montenegro pro-West party risks ouster after three decades

'A Whole-Body Rehab Process': COVID Battle Doesn't End at the Hospital Door

Too funny. Melania's green dress gift to the internet.

Painting with roses? Chadwick Boseman tribute

N.J.'s third largest city now has a laptop for every student after arrival of nearly 10K Chromebooks

'Intruders' disrupt Zoom classes at Suburban Chicago Middle School with hate speech, racial slur

Breakfast Monday 31 August 2020

Flu shots for all N.J. kids in school and daycare would be required under new bill

So I talked to my friend today

Monday TOONs - Post-Convention Bounce

State police returning to Portland following deadly shooting

Two local leaders murdered in Colombia

Murphy is trying, again, to tax the super-rich. This is no time to stand in his way

Day of the Disappeared: Garifunas Demand Return of Comrades

Inside Mexico's 'Holy Death' cult

Temple University announces 2-week halt of in-person classes

Coronavirus: 'Covidiots' criticised on Tui quarantine flight

I'm not mad, I'm just very disappointed .

Arctic wildfires emit 35% more CO2 so far in 2020 than for whole of 2019

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya: Belarus opposition leader 'to address UN Security Council'

New Trump pandemic adviser pushes controversial 'herd immunity' strategy, worrying public health off

23 Years Ago Today; Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed, driver Henri Paul die in car accident in Paris

As clashes ... turn deadly, police face complaints of tolerating vigilantes

34 Years Ago Today; Aeromxico Flight 498 collides with a Piper PA-28 Cherokee over Cerritos, CA

The Few, the Proud, the White: The Marine Corps Balks at Promoting Generals of Color

Let us play a game

Protests now may be counterproductive. Instead concentrate on GOTV.

Trump's Remarks in an Emergency Operations Briefing; Orange, TX; August 29, 2020

At Rutgers, with fears of arrest and COVID-19 hundreds of students party -- quietly

Trump's Remarks in an Emergency Operations Briefing; Lake Charles, LA; August 29, 2020

Scientists see downsides to top COVID-19 vaccines from Russia, China

Second U.S. shale boom's legacy: Overpriced deals, unwanted assets

Election 2020: The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2020

*Joe Biden continues to maintain a hefty lead in prestigious USC-Dornslife tracking poll*

4 Years After Needy Amin Donned His Coal Hardhat, Jobs In The Sector Continue Steep Decline

Trump called out by Wall Street Journal for encouraging armed supporters to swarm BLM protests

Girl, 3, survives wild skyride caught in tail of giant kite.

Swift Boat mastermind to launch massive super PAC to boost Trump

Swift Boat mastermind to launch massive super PAC to boost Trump

Midland-Odessa shooting: Families file suit against Lubbock man, arms manufacturer

HOLD ON TIGHT: Dramatic video shows a 3-year-old girl swept into the air...

Hogan Official Fired After Defending Kenosha Shooter On Facebook

Joe: I hope we don't overlook the brave fire fighters & emergency responders in the wake of Hurrica

Man under investigation in fatal shooting

The Sweet Spot

The container-shipping industry's earnings before interest and taxes will be up 41% this year ...

U.S. scraps Philips ventilator order in 2020 earnings blow

Thanks Republican Voters in Kentucky for reelecting #MoscowMitchMcConnell

Nice job everyone who helped get us here.

U.S. scraps Philips ventilator order in 2020 earnings blow

OTD 1962, Fannie Lou Hamer led 17 volunteers to register to vote in Indianola, Mississippi.

I Was a U.S. Diplomat. Customs and Border Protection Only Cared That I Was Black.

Trump offered Kelly FBI director's job, demanded loyalty: report

Records From Once-Secret Archive Offer New Clues Into Vatican Response To Holocaust

Records From Once-Secret Archive Offer New Clues Into Vatican Response To Holocaust

My 2 cents on Rod Rosenstein, Trump, Russia, and the Mueller Report. It was all kabuki.

The Rundown: August 31, 2020

Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther Star, Dead at 43

Help! Michigan needs 5,00-6,000 poll workers for Election Day in November. These are paid positions

Trump mulled "settling" with Mueller amid Russia investigation

Kamala: I join @JoeBiden in condemning this violence. This can not--and must not--be who we are.

Melania's ex-friend: Trump family tainted by 'deceit, deception'

Andrew McCabe Ridicules Rod Rosenstein's 'Revisionist History' On Russian Probe: 'It's Preposterous'

'Just let the weak and vulnerable die' has been the scheme of Trump and his political advisers

The Lincoln Project: 64 days. Time to ramp up.

Never forget: Portland police PD and their cozy relationship with "Patriot" groups

As Trump's popularity slips in latest Military Times poll, more troops say they'll vote for Biden

Update on Dentists who happen to be assholes

New Trump pandemic adviser pushes controversial 'herd immunity' strategy, worrying public health off

Covid-19 has exposed the flaws in the immune systems of some and in the character of others.

So ... you'd like to hear some gamelan, but can't afford to hire a full gamelan orchestra? No prob!

Statue nominations are in for planned National Garden of American Heroes

EOS - Wildfires Trigger Long-Term Loss Of Permafrost In Arctic Regions

America, FYI: you know Joe.

What time is Joe's speech?

Midnight in Moscow (or... Things the grandkids don't know)

Don't trust Abbott's budget cuts

New Trump pandemic adviser pushes controversial 'herd immunity' strategy

Trump campaign accepts donations from neo-Nazi leader

Why didn't Mueller speak up after Rosenstein told him not to investigate Trump Russia ties ?!?!?

@TheDemCoalition Aug 30 Your LOL of the day, folks.

19 Dead As Karachi Floods W. Heaviest Rainfalls In Nearly 40 Yrs; Streets Hip-Deep In Sewage, Runoff

Take your BLM posters and set up voter registration tables. It is time to change the narrative

Aftermath Update 2: Misery and Desperation (Updated)

Don the Con has been successful at silencing ReTHUGs and other tools

D.C. police, protesters clash again near Black Lives Matter Plaza

Man under investigation in fatal shooting after pro-Trump rally allegedly took loaded gun to earlier

Sounds "white" to me too

Legendary Georgetown coach John Thompson Jr. dies at age 78

Former Georgetown coach John Thompson has died

Longtime GOP consultant: This election "is the most dangerous period since the Civil War"

Against Governor's, Mayor's wishes, Trump to visit Kenosha

'Zombie' Herman Cain Tweets That Coronavirus 'Not As Deadly' As Media Said

Rod Rosenstein Didn't 'Land the Plane.' He Made Sure It Never Left the Ground.

Buzzcocks - What Do I Get? (Official Video) + Orgasm Addict

Reasons why Trump's 2016 upset will not be repeated

Republican who 'swift boated' John Kerry to run pro-Trump Super Pac

Legendary Georgetown coach John Thompson Jr. dies at age 78

Another amusing Lincoln Project video

Just a thought . . . . back a few years there was a lot of discussion about the death of the GOP

Reminder: Erik Prince hired ex-spies to infiltrate liberal groups.

Scary Thought, if you're a Retrumplican - Not one of them beats Ivanka in a primary

'A sacred spot': why goldmining threatens Nova Scotia's 'wildest' river

I have some very very good news for you.

Gov. DeSantis' lack of urgency on unemployment: Jobless workers still don't have $300 supplement

New name for him: Slumpy Trumpy

Uribe spending $40K / month to lobby his way out of court?

OPINION/GUEST VIEW: I can no longer support Sen. Susan Collins

The XI Commandment

From homeless to law school: This Dallas man is writing his own story

DU bumper sticker & on USPS delievery time

What do you do when you can't take it any more?

Two little kids sit outside a Taco Bell to use WiFi so they can "go to school" online, sad reality.

Major internet outages hit national regions. Was this just a test of things to come after Nov 3rd?

Walt Shaub: Trump "sees democracy as his primary rival"

American flexibility

Trump campaign accepts donations from neo-Nazi leader

Being fat, ignorant and shameless is no way to govern, Donald.


Voters who voted for third party candidates in 2016, are backing Biden 2:1 over trump

Has anyone here ever had atrial fibrillation or had a family member with it?

The polls are tightening

We Don't Know How to Warn You Any Harder. America is Dying.

The New York Times claims Ames and Iowa City have the worst COVID-19 outbreaks in the country as of

Crimes against humanity

Wisconsin Man Who Says He Marched With Rittenhouse in Kenosha Was Immersed in White Supremacist...

Repukes answer to this - Just work harder

Leonard Cohen live in London. "Democracy"

Uhhhh: Herman Cain's Twitter Claims COVID Is 'Not As Deadly' As 'Mainstream Media' Portrayed

'Wage theft': Treasury signals millions of workers will earn less in 2021 under Trump's payroll tax

Ex-deputy's murder charge is first in California under new use-of-force law

Wisconsin Attorney General Calls Trump A Catalyst For Chaos And Tells Him To Stay Out Of Kenosha

"America is Dying."

The Dish Scrubber Thief

Excerpts from Joe's speech in Pittsburgh today

White House says Trump hasn't spoken to Blake family yet

why do we have a state tax on home repairs?

This Dog Goes Everywhere In His Dad's Kangaroo Pouch

Longchenpa - A Meditation on Space - (Space without Centre or Edge) - Dzogchen - Vajrayana Buddhism

Trump supporters, quit attacking understanding

Who is this KAREN?

Cartoons 8/31/2020

What is the reason for a state tax on refrigerator repairs?

Kushner on a flight from Abu Dhabi to Tel Aviv flouting mask guidance

In the Christian world of QAnon, Democrats and Satanists are the same.

Case Study: Narcissism and Snapping -- When the Narcissist Loses Control

Portland protests: Oregon governor releases plan to curb violence after shooting death

There was no counter-intel investigation of Trump's Russia ties

2nd wave layoffs, may have an effect on some care-free republicons and other voters

Portland Shooting Amplifies Tensions in Presidential Race

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Endless Disrespect For The Military Is Finally Starting To Sink In

Will There Be any Relief For The Unemployed?

China warns Czech senate speaker will pay 'heavy price' for Taiwan visit

Squirrley Nut Bar

State report shows hundreds test positive for COVID-19 at Florida schools in August

Trying to find a George Takei post

United Airlines drops ticket-change fees -- for good

Rapid City, #18 metro area with greatest # of new cases

Fact check: Trump falsely describes Biden's comment on coronavirus shutdowns

174 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; -1 deaths

Pantone 2757 C - "Dark Night" Blue...

Biden Camp Fact-Checks Lara Trump's Claim On Ex-VP Response To Violence At Protests

St John of the Cross - Poems of the Mystic - Christian Mysticism

Chris Rock: Cops, Bad Apples.


In what world is it appropriate for a sitting US Congressman to wear this shirt?

OTD 1962, Fannie Lou Hamer led 17 volunteers to register to vote in Indianola, Mississippi.

About today's ActBlue report

Van Morrison has a birthday today.

Since retirement

Joe Biden with a spring in his step...

Not the Onion: Roger Stone's "re-commitment to Christianity."

Swing and a miss: Guy who says 'masks don't work' tries to blow out a candle while wearing one

A message to all the "good cops"

I truly object to the msm using the word princess

The Post Office's Crucial Role in Working-Class History

Even odds?

Must be a Falwell edition bible.

Nearly half of child care providers could close permanently due to Covid impacts

Itzhak has a birthday today.

Sources: Indians trade ace Mike Clevinger to Padres

Latest tweet from Herman Cain Twitter account..

Trump campaign accepts donations from neo-Nazi leader

What If China Gets the Covid-19 Vaccine First?

Possible future for Herman Cain?

Iron Range mayors pitch Trump with Pence

Saint Teresa of Avila - Interior Castle - Christian Mystic

The GOP is killing off their own voters as they pretend their leader isn't a 'bright orange ball of

Joe: We are facing so many crises under Donald Trump

African Americans should incorporate themselves. Declare that they are a company with all the

In Pittsburgh, Biden to blame Trump for violence nationwide

Joe Biden delivers statement on Kenosha riots

trump vs. reality..

Trump's popularity slips in latest Military Times poll -- and more troops say they'll vote for Biden


Ever wonder how the Tasmanian devil got its name? (Twitter video)

Yes, yes, the ritual is finally complete (Twitter)

Robert B. Reich: The real threat to law and order is Trump himself

We Don't Know How to Warn You Any Harder. America is Dying.

Appeals Court Rejects Flynn Bid To Force Judge To End Criminal Case, No Questions Asked

If you are more worried about the Con inspired violence than you are about 6,000,000

I Was a U.S. Diplomat. Customs and Border Protection Only Cared That I Was Black.

American-on-American Violence is Exactly the Point

A thinly veiled eugenics campaign or herd immunity?

Real Life Heroes Wear Capes

Judge can move forward with Flynn hearing, appeals court says

Gottlieb says "full approval" of coronavirus vaccine unlikely before 2021

WTF? tRump tweeted 89 times in two hours yesterday!

Tiny Sick Kitten Grows Up To Be Huge And Fluffy

Turkey accuses Greece of 'piracy' over eastern Mediterranean

The People's Party's Brain Trust...

Ants, help...

Maryland official fired for social media posts defending teen accused in Kenosha killings

Rep Maloney intends to subpoena that DeJoy slimebucket for documents

Eastchester, Westchester, Worchester?

President Trump blames Democrats for unrest in Kenosha and Portland

Conflating protesters with looters is "Buttery Males" 2.0 !! Fuckin Media and a lot of people on the

Biden Favorability Up, Trump Favorability Down In New Polling Morning Joe MSNBC

Does Cy Vance Already Have the Trump Organization Tax Returns?

Christian Democrats of America

Twitter Takes Down False Characterization of CDC Statistics Concerning Deaths w/o Co-Morbidity

Pure incitement. (Trump retweeting)

Trump's vile tweetstorm reveals the ugly core of his 'law and order' campaign

Petit Pli kids clothing expands to fit as children grow

Trump Starts Talking About His Ass In Deranged Speech

Milwaukee announces stadiums available for walk up and drive in early voting

Democrats and the death penalty. I'm probably in the minority here, but I just can't stomach

Why We Need to Walk -- Now More Than Ever

I never could stand the taste of beer.

Lynx kitties:

The Biblical Flood That Will Drown California ...

The MCGAHN appeals court panel says the House has no legal ability to enforce subpoenas...

Prosecutors are looking into financial crimes committed in connection with Trump's inauguration

'Ridin' with Biden' cars parade through Great Falls

Who is into serious cos-play? Geeks and Comic-book super heroes? Or Stan Lee?

I always think that the 24 hour media can't help itself?

Rand Paul wants the FBI to arrest protesters who heckled him after Trump's RNC speech

Some good new from Sweden, we have not had a COVID-19 death for 7 days now

The tRump campaign has accepted thousands from Neo-nazi leader Gulett

A 2011 video of Harry Belafonte apparently falling asleep was doctored to falsely depict Joe Biden

Dan Scavino Posts Doctored Video of Sleeping Harry Belafonte Replaced With Joe Biden

Biden's 47 year mission Create a system of public financing for Presidential/Congressional elections

This lady on CNN talking with Brianna Keilor is full of shit.

trump won't condemn the actions of Kenosha shooter

The White House has announced a 5:30 PM Trump "news conference."

Map lets you see where your location was millions of years ago.

Biden's 47 year mission.Create a system of public financing for Presidential/Congressional elections

This is a harbinger of the worst-case public health scenario we've all been afraid of.

Maybe I should do a poll asking how long before this happens. It's crazy enough.

WATCH: Biden delivers remarks in Pittsburgh

Stocks edge lower but are still headed for a monthly gain

"Safe from 4 more years of Donald Trump"

Just came in from our garden and I need to ask if anyone has seen any free plans on-line for

I'm closer to a radical socialist than a Trumpkin and I'm voting for Joe!!!

BREAKING: Biden speech on now (CNN, MSNBC, FNC)

Coronavirus: Norway bunker partygoers poisoned with carbon monoxide

Who is protecting? Who is serving?

Very stark words from Joe Biden this afternoon about President Trump:

Rep. Steve Scalise tweets faked video, spokesman claims it is 'common practice' when called out

Campaign theme song for Joe: "Here Comes the Sun"

Don't Let Them Call It A Race War It Is A War Between Good And Evil

Don't be the White Moderate Dr. Martin King talked about in his Letter from a Birmingham jail

Biden on fire!

Donald Trump is like a black cat crossing the road.

Ben Crump @AttorneyCrump Police brutality has been normalized in America for far too long.

"I am not banning fracking"

When it comes to public speaking, I can't see how anyone could objectively claim...

"Well he is president, whether he knows it or not." - Get him Joe!

On "Law and Order" Trump seems like the extremist, while Biden is middle of the road

Biden hit it out of the park with this speech. He sliced and diced Trump...didn't call him

Mark Mothersbaugh nearly died from COVID-19. FaceTiming with his family kept him alive

In 'Stunning' 2-1 Decision, Appeals Court Says Congress Can't Enforce Subpoena Against Ex-WH Counsel


The Lincoln Project trolling Ron Johnson......bwahahaha!

Joe Biden blames Trump for exacerbating unrest in cities

"Congrats for officially becoming a lying piece of trash Trump family member on twitter."

"This person is paid by Florida taxpayers to be the governor's spokesperson."

During Trump's Nov. 2019 visit to Walter Reed, Pence was told to be on standby

Wait.....what??? (Excerpt from Schmidt's new book)

We are here, they are not Speech

A key series of questions to ask of #MAGA

A armed 17 year old kid is now a "minute man"?

I've been eating a lot of zucchini lately

NYT: Mike Pence was on "standby" during last year's Trump "check-up" at Walter Reade

Trump Called Kimberly Guilfoyle After Her Roaring RNC Speech, Compared Her to Eva Pern

Attorney: Breonna Taylor's ex-boyfriend was offered a plea deal where he had to implicate her

USPS Board of Governors Chairman Robert M. Duncan is listed as Director of Mitch McConnell's $130M s

"Who there? I see you. Stop looking at my mommy. Pervert!"

Hawk. Lizard. Mole. Human.

Person, Biden, Kicked, Trumps, Arse.

Kyle Rittenhouse And His Friends Punching A Girl

Mecklenberg County COVID.

No matter how you vote...

Trump's popularity slips in latest Military Times poll -- and more troops say they'll vote for Biden

RIP Ken, the refrigerator...

This is how you reclaim focus from Trump's violent unrest

Thom Hartmann just said Democratic Underground kicked him off.

RIP John Thompson

More wild dishonesty from the Trump campaign "war room."

Political Polls twitter

If Trump tries to hijack the election, we must be ready.

So Barr can't just vacate Flynn's guilty plea, court rules. Everyone back before Judge Sullivan

John Fugelsang - "Ever notice how the Americans who boast that they never trust their government..

It tweeted about Joe's speech (but I don't believe it watched or wrote this)

USPS Board of Governors Chairman Robert M. Duncan is listed as Director of Mitch McConnell's $130...

PeterBakerNYT has allegedly withheld info from 40 min interview with Trump.

Is 'The Lion King' scientifically accurate?

Strands of President Bleach's Fascist Grab for Power

Throughout Biden's speech "Mr. Trump"

Great PBS show just started, "Civilizations, The Cult of Progress"

In the debates Biden needs to call out Trump for being an obnoxious bully and liar.

How to vote in every state: a guide

freeze warnings for wyoming western valleys. winter is coming

I blame Steve Scalise for this!

Biden should serve notice his AG will be free to go after all of Trump's lawbreakers

Trump's Gender Gap Risks Becoming Chasm, Adding to Campaign Woes

The Trump Campaign can be compared to a football team...

Rancid Paul's experience after Shitler's speech the other night is

Kellyanne Conway: "Plus, I don't trust men who weigh less than me." (regarding Rep. Schiff)

Gov. DeSantis suggests he will extend eviction moratorium for fifth consecutive time

NYPD to adopt guidelines for disciplining officer misconduct

Go fund me

Progressive Turnout Project seeks 200,000 inconsistent Florida voters committed to unseating Donald

2nd Lt. Nathan Freihofer, a popular TikTok influencer...posted a joke about the Holocaust

"We need to heal." -- Joe Biden

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 31, 2020

UVA Center For Politics: "Dismantling Democracy"

When you buy a $30 t-shirt direct from the Biden campaign, how much gets to him as a donation?

I've come up with a new mythical character.

I just wrote to the Dean of the School of Public Health at Harvard

Here's a List of All the Horrible Shit Laura Loomer Has Said and Done

'It's Taken Over My Life': Ex-Melania Friend Working With Prosecutors On Inauguration Probe

Biden leads in Georgia

Lincoln Project Ad. 8-30-2020 "You don't need to be Black to be outraged..."

Barr's removal of career national security official, weeks before election, raises concerns

SpaceX makes history with first polar orbit launch from Cape Canaveral in decades

I am not used to feeling this way

Trump doesn't have some grand plan, he is just making his loss way harder than it needs to be

Trump's herd immunity advocate calls "child to adult transmission" as "icing on the cake"

The shenanigans never stop: Barr's removal of career national security official, before election,

Harry Belafonte's response to WH using manipulated video of him.

Lincoln Project ad:

Iowa State to allow 25,000 fans in Jack Trice Stadium for football opener - Des Moines Register

good to see all of these on Twitter..

Apple and Tesla shares surge after stock splits kick in

John Aravosis to Herman Cain.....OUCH!

Voice of America Journalists: New CEO Endangers Reporters, Harms U.S. Aims

The puppet is organized crime. Netflix: Fear City

'Fires are burning and we have a president who fans the flames': Biden slams Trump in Pa. campaign

The U.S. has the most covid-19 deaths in the world at 187,569

One Louisiana city refuses to take hurricane evacuees. Officials blame racial justice protesters.

Infected by doubt: A 26-year-old film editor's descent into coronavirus vaccine conspiracy theories

Liberty announces investigation into Falwell's tenure

August 2020: Presidential Race Tightens After Party Conventions-Biden leads by 2/Trump approval 49%

No plans to meet with Jacob Blake's family

Judge blocks asylum screening by border protection agents

VOA journalists protest new US global media chief's moves

Wolf says he might extend eviction, foreclosure moratorium

Philly Urban League launches reentry program for the formerly incarcerated

Maloney Threatens to Subpoena DeJoy Over Withheld Documents

Steve Bannon's 3 co-defendants plead not guilty in 'We Build the Wall' fraud case


With Canada and Mexico borders closed, Americans are trapped in their own health care system

Was The Paint Ball Militia A Dry Run

There's a new Emerson poll out that shows Biden ahead by 2 points nationally

Three year old entangeled in kite gets the ride of a lifetime!!!

Three Year old snagged by kite, gets trip of lifetime ...

Herman Cain Tweets!

Military Times poll: Trump trails Biden by nearly 6 points among active-duty troops

Trump is supporting and applauding radical far right terrorists in real time

Joe bringing pizza to first responders in Pittsburgh

Breonna Taylor's ex-boyfriend offered plea deal if he would admit Taylor was part of 'organized crim


White supremacist Florida man known as 'Antifa hunter' gets three years for online racist threats

Trump leans into his '180,000 deaths is a statistic' reelection strategy

Voting news from Ohio: I just received my application for mail in voting.

This is all of us:

Trump's New Hampshire speech in 104 seconds. - TLP

SpaceX launches satellite for Argentina into polar orbit

My Biden-Harris bumpersticker arrived! Should I:

SpaceX launches satellite for Argentina into polar orbit

Mitch McConnell names USPS chairman, a veteran vote suppression expert, as director of his $130 mill

DeJoy bought an ambassadorship, federal contracts, head of USPS - even a tennis team place

A Puzzling New Yorker Article


Data firm predicts election 'chaos' as Trump seems to win in a landslide before losing by absentee

Did Kenosha Police Give Water to Teen Later Charged With Double Homicide?

Watch McEnany change subject when asked about Trump supporters taking guns to protests

'White House Cover-Up': Covid-19 Task Force Reports Withheld From Public Reveal Trump Knew of Threat

Roll Tide!

Are 'Herd Immunity' Something That The Administration Seems To Be Pushing Now & A Vaccine......

Ditka, Holtz and all the right wing hick football coaches won't like this:

Mainstream media are whitewashing Patriot Prayer, a violent far-right group in Portland

Damn - Toots Hibbert from Toots and the Maytals is awaiting

No tightening here , folks- The Economist's pollster G. Elliott Morris

Joe Biden smacks down Trump in Pittsburgh

Herd Immunity equals Die Motherfucker

This is what Trumps America looks like

4 Koreans die after plowing into U.S. armored vehicle

For Trump to win, most Americans will have to discount their own personal suffering...

American flexibility 👍 😎 😂

I think I was accidentally Antifa today...

Trump's New Hampshire speech in 104 seconds - Lincoln Project

Trump has to be the whiniest little bitch on the face of the earth.

Isn't there a shitshow this afternoon?

Bill Barr's Hidden Truths About Justice Department's Rule of Forbearance in an Election

"Come Together" - John Lennon

Trump urges keeping tax returns away from Manhattan's top prosecutor

NASA's Retired Spitzer Space Telescope Shows Us Where Stars Are Born

Guess what these pro Trump polls are showing me?

Job postings flattened in Aug after 3 months of gradual gains. Now back up halfway from low point.


Argentina clinches near-unanimous backing for debt restructuring

Argentina clinches near-unanimous backing for debt restructuring

Young John Watson

Donald Trump just endorsed domestic terrorism

Trump calls for "restoring patriotic education in our nation's schools"

Fact check: Trump shares white nationalist's video in retweet falsely blaming BLM/Antifa

My neighbor just got mugged in the alley right behind my house.

Concerned Citizens Urge Trump to Stay Away from United States

Morning Consult National Poll. Trump Approval 38% Disapproval 58%

WHO warns that 'no country can just pretend the pandemic is over'

New COVID-19 cases surge in U.S. Midwest, weekly deaths down nationally

No-one could ever call me Florence

House panel opens probe of Navarro over $646M ventilator contract cancellation

Antifa isn't killing unarmed black men. They're not the problem.

The Lincoln Project Special Report - Live Now - August 31, 2020

I thought Trump was having a press conference?

Turn it off!!!

"On a scale of 1 to Keith Richards; how fucked up is Trump right now?"

The Trump campaign has knowingly taken thousands of dollars from a neo-Nazi leader and other racists

Trump defends a man who traveled 30 minutes away with an assault rifle to confront protestors

Crazy trumper in abq.

Scared that Trump can come back to beat Biden? Good.


He lied. Again. What a colossal POS to lie about talking to Blake's family.

In honor of the Emerson poll, I'm making another donation today.

'Trump's Campaign Has Been Taking Cash From Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist Leaders'

Any Republican colleagues want to step forward and say, "we are not the Mass Shooter Party."

City Lights: Explore Gay D.C. From 1965 to 1980

20 new sexual assault counts for adult film actor Ron Jeremy

Trump is the most transparent President since George Washington...

Trump sounded completely lost today. Like, there's something wrong with the guy..

City Lights: Look Through Library of Congress Videos or Transcribe Documents for the Smithsonian

Official fired over posts about Kenosha shooting suspect


He's so grateful for getting one of his favorite snacks

Tennessee's 'Abortion Reversal' law is being challenged in court

Lafayette won't open Hurricane Laura shelter

Dog left behind when owners moved is so happy in her new mom's arms ❤️

The endless search for the bottom continues at Trump's presser

One Tin Soldier

How do we get young people to vote?

Trump's popularity slips in latest Military Times poll -- and more troops say they'll vote for Biden

How are some of these executive orders legal?

Kid gives her class a presentation about her pittie brother

What we know about the Portland protest shooting

I am so old I vividly remember the prior "law and order" Republican criminal, Richard Nixon.

Lebanon loses defender of heritage architecture Lady Cochrane (from injuries in Beirut explosion)

Stray dog looks so different, his fur even changed color ❤️

City Lights: Explore Gay D.C. From 1965 to 1980

This is puzzling ?? What the hell is he trying to say? He's reading and then, he's ad-libbing ??

Joe Biden's distilled speech forcefully & effectively describing Trump's America and solutions.

Get of OUR lawn! Okay I heard a new "interesting" excuse for Trump's speech from the WH

Coronavirus missteps from CDC and FDA worry health experts

Love wins! Niecy Nash marries singer Jessica Betts in a surprise ceremony

Rachel Maddow: ..when 'it is and isn't appropriate' for the Justice Department to tell the public...

Lincoln Project Special Report - August 31, 2020

For the first time in 160 years, the Republican Party failed to produce a policy platform.

Who's president now?

Twitter labels Trump campaign tweet for misleading clip of Biden speech

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Attorney for injured Kenosha protester raises questions

prezzz pouffy diaper pants looks like he has a leak

Trump Calls Armed Terrorists Who Stormed Portland 'Great Patriots,' Completely Ignores Violence

U.S. Surpasses Six Million Reported Covid-19 Cases

Carter Center to push for transparency, information in U.S. election

America is a political left country population wise

He Shot the Elk on Saturday. It Killed Him the Next Day

Gov Cuomo: We will not tolerate symbols of racism and division. To see a Confederate flag displayed

Make NO mistake. This is TRUMP'S America

Trump defends Kenosha suspect as acting in self-defense

Profs 'Terrified' by Order to Keep Quiet About Outbreak at The University of Alabama

Judge Rules Against NRA In Suit Over WA Gun Control Initiative

10 US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that are likely to flip.

Trump hates questions from women!

Seattle's Plymouth Housing raises nearly $60 million to help build 600 units for homeless residents

Steve Scalise is a miserable POS. None of them have a conscience. None of them.

The gloves are OFF! Joe Biden on trump's press conference two hours ago:

Allentown maintains credit rating, but pandemic's financial blow prevents S&P from upgrading 'negati

Chicago passes 500 homicides, on track for one of the most violent years in decades

Biden Rebuts Trump's Convention Speech, Saying, 'You Know Me'

Trumpy the Bear

2 Cops Fired for Arrest That Left Mayor 'Horrified'

Trump Is an Arsonist Masquerading As a Firefighter

House committee to subpoena postmaster general for 'withholding' documents from Congress

Joe: Anyone who met Amari will tell you that he was a charismatic young man--poised for greatness.

Stalin, a chicken, and stupid people

Refinancing in the time of pandemic

1943 US War Department Anti-Fascist PSA - as relevant now as then. Moreso, even.

I80,000 dead Americans is not a big deal

For those who missed it,here's Daniel Dale on Trump's dumpster fire of a press conference

Adidas Creative Director Out After Calling Accused Wisconsin Protestor Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse a 'V

Racist Moron trump Defends His Supporters' Violence In Press Conference Disaster

Norm Spencer, Voice of Cyclops in X-Men: The Animated Series, Has Died

King of the Jungle- King of the Road-Magnificent

Looting people's lives

Saw a photo of co-eds at Alabama on their way to class.

Just heard on the nightly "news" Barr's FBI claims Chicago gangs out to shoot police