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Eric Swalwell's handy guide for tonight's speech

Tornado watch: W TN, N. MS & E Arkansas until 9pm

UGGG. A relative just sent me a video of Sen Scott. Supposedly showing that there are black people

Sister Deirdre Byrne did a great disservice to the Catholic Church..

Jokes from my brother part 1

We took some garden produce to the local food bank today.

A 1,000 square foot mosaic of Ida B. Wells is being installed at Union Station in DC

Jokes from my brother part 2

I had never realized that the Leader of the Pack was such a hardcore dude.

joke about trump's public a**kissing

Jokes from my brother part 3

I grew up with and around these vile bigoted people.

A Summer's Day...

Biden, Harris slam Trump over social unrest, Covid response

Jacob Blake, Who Is Paralyzed from Waist Down, Is Handcuffed to His Hospital Bed: Father

KC Star: The Chiefs want to turn Arrowhead Stadium into a voting location this November

WATCH: Kenosha Sheriff Rants About "Warehousing" Black People

Sturgis chickens coming home to roost.

Melania Trump's Former Adviser Details First Lady's Rivalry with Stepdaughter: 'Operation Block Ivan

***NOTE:*** Please Watch Trump Urinate On Himself Verbally Through A Stream Not Cable Or TV

"The Hater" on Netflix. Must watch.

Hot-Mic Video Shows Trump Boasting About Threatening BBB, Complaining About 'Spanish' Judge He Later

Harris: 'Vigilantes and extremists derail the path to justice' for Jacob Blake

*** RNC Convention Fourth Night*** - Where the hell are Nugent and Chachi?

I am just going to watch Mary Trump on MSNBC then turn to someone else. Can't watch the hatefest

NIH: Political Orientations Are Correlated with Brain Structure in Young Adults

National Guard Heading to Kenosha to Maintain Calm in the City

Louisiana residents refusing to evacuate given grim warning

This seems to sum everything up quite nicely.

A "BIGLY, HUGE" crowd at the White House!

With 1+ million new unemployment claims, White House refuses to budge in COVID-19 negotiations

Who on earth are those people attending Spanky's speech?

California, Florida, New York, Texas will not follow new U.S. COVID-19 testing plan

Quoting Scalia, Federal Court Foils Betsy DeVos's Plan to Divert Coronavirus Funding to Private Scho

After witnessing the Kenosha Sheriff and police chiefs comments does anyone still wonder why

Carnac the Magnificent-May An Ill Covid Wind Blow Amongst this Elephantine Crowd of Assholes

Baseball player Aubrey Huff calls rittenhouse a.national treasuree

I just spotted several MN National Guard vehicles in Uptown Minneapolis

Looks like hide5 has been zapped.

Trump stays silent on Jacob Blake shooting but vows to stop violent protests and slams the NBA

Viral pro-Trump tweets came from fake African American spam accounts, Twitter says

Kamala Harris slams Trump's handling of coronavirus: 'He was scared'

Kyle Rittenhouse has been charged with intentional and reckless homicide in Kenosha protest shooting

Perfectly said on RNC pre-show - In a religion, your leader dies...

Guests for Trump acceptance speech get guidance, but not Covid-19 testing

Woman Slapped 11-Year-Old Black Child in Face, Called Him Racial Slur Over Go-Kart Spat: Cops

Preview of White House south lawn set-up for President Trump speech this evening on the last n

Jacob Blake is handcuffed to his hospital bed, family says

Who gives a 17 year old an AK15? Who drives a kid across state lines with a gun?

Michigan Authorities Investigating 'Unconscionable' Robocalls Attributed to Jack Burkman and Jacob W

Trump's convention speech will be full of projection

Demographics of the U.S. Congress

Anyone else completely sick to their stomach right now?

White Cream Matters

A question about gremlins, or, possibly, gnomes.

Not watching tonight's shit show

Leaving a "tip" for a waiter

(Some of) The Obama Administration's Accomplishments

Iowa judge voids 50,000 absentee ballot applications, prompting county to send new forms

Dotard's Covid Kit

The supposed reason for Trump holding his convention at the White House

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Maybe it's time Democrats and progressives run and vote in sherrif elections

Michigan Judge Dismisses GOP Candidates' Lawsuit Challenging the State's Mail-in Voting Process

The Biden Campaign literally just obtained the domain name

DU Economists

I've heard that Trump doesn't want vote by mail because it's more difficult to hack than in person

why do they insist on yelling at us?

Texas Democrats Hammer the Republican Party Over Healthcare

Dotard to throw paper towels at TX & LA Hurricane victims this weekend. Well, sort of....

Former Gov Snot Walker turns off video feed when questions get tough

Stevens Pass announces plans to reopen slopes in November

supertramp - don't leave me now

Nearly 600,000 Texans will lose access to a program that prevented electricity shut-offs during the

"How burgers can you eat?"

Medical marijuana initiative should be on the ballot, Nebraska secretary of state rules

Cartoons 8/27/2020

Oh this is so funny - forget the message (which is hysterical on it's own), but the VIDEO!

LincolnsBible thread - Linking trump org to Manhattan mob

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani is in the crowd and already sweating.....

Biden to resume campaign travel after Labor Day

Ben carson' s speech sounds like he is reading Dr. Seuss

Biden to resume campaign travel after Labor Day

I think Republicans in the House and Senate are on the verge of abandoning Trump to his fate

Apparently Becki is a cougar

Brennan Ctr For Justice, 'Hidden In Plain Sight: Racism, White Supremacy, Far-Rt. Militancy In LE'

Over 300 LGBT leaders endorse Biden for president : 'The most pro-equality ticket in US history'

US Senate Races that Democrats win in 2020 to get majority control of the US Senate in 2020.

Watch this instead of the RNC shit show. Black men round table live with JD, Lt Gov Mandela Barnes,

8/28 Mike Luckovich: Head in the way

What does "great" even mean when you think it's funny to fantasize murdering your fellow Americans?


The Republic Party nt

A song that keeps me hopeful.


I am so glad this is the last day of the Repuke shit storm.

Joe: With anti-Semitism on the rise across the country, we all have a moral obligation to speak out

My nomination for tweet of the day.

'She was the aggressor': Former Liberty student alleges sexual encounter with Becki Falwell

I'm Enjoying the Cool Arrow Show so far.

I wonder if anyone in Tom Cotton's squad had negative thoughts of him.

Who is their surprise speaker?

Have they been mentioning Biden's name more than Trump's? nt

Trump has stood up to dictators - Like Putin, Erdoğan, and Kim Jong-un??

Judge Reveals Process for Releasing More Secret Jeffrey Epstein Files. This Is Going to Take a While

What was the No. 1 song on your birthday?

RNC 2020: "It's midnight again in America....."

Notre Dame is distancing themselves from Lou Holtz!

A Brief History of Anti-Fascism

Nikki Fried embraces role as Ron DeSantis' counterweight

Watch Scott Walker turn off his camera and cut short a CNN interview....

'She was the aggressor': Former Liberty student alleges sexual encounter with Becki Falwell

I'm watching a documentary about Laurel Canyon in the Sixties

Controversial drug administered at nursing home without approval

Not watching the convention. Instead watching this video of Borzois singing on a endless loop

Great tune from Elton John. Reposting

Is Barron there?

Weren't women like Ivanka stoned in the Bible?

Man Allegedly Slapped Epcot Guard During Argument Over Masks, Said Police 'Will Have to Shoot Me to

This abomination may be the most visible misuse of official position for private gain in America's h

Jared Kushner on NBA protests: They're lucky to be 'able to take a night off fro

oh its the father daughter incest lecture. ripping off elton john

***RNC Convention #2*** THE PEOPLE'S PRESIDENT (Ivanka)

This is a sordid tale and an adrenaline rush in terms of the high level of criminality and treason."

This is like watching a D movie

She's shameless. & is doing the GUILFOYLE yelling thing. (Context needed here?!1) ---- n/t

It's 3 AM and the phone rings...

Trump and Laura

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Night all! It has been a long 4 days & I cannot take listening to the moronic twit!

Watching Trump's daughter wife, Ivanka

Over or under

so was her entry song "I'm still standing" a dig at "the portrait?

I guess Trump's acceptance speech will go past 11 pm. ET

Astronomy Blue Oyster Cult

Where's Trashvanka's Wedding Ring?

Revenge is a dish best served cold

Joe: We can't take four more years.

Holy Cow. I am cracking the hell up at Ivanka's speech.

Perfect! Melania is wearing a green dress.

One more before I go to bed!

Big advantage: live audience

U.S. Postal Service Now Telling Customers Late Pkgs. Were Delayed At Their Own 'Request' (Huh?)

Doesn't Even Know How to Escort a "lady" Down Stairs

Fucking HATE Them!

Anyone notice that they have never been able to get the "four more years" chant in sync?

I have never been for the death penalty, but maybe now one exception:..... Kyle Rittenhouse

The Lincoln Project's "Mourning in America" just

havent seen the biden ad yet on msnbc. did I blink and miss it?

Hey Trump supporters!

Trump: "I profoundly accept this nomination..."

Jacob Blake Kyle Rittenhouse

Gawd, I hate that song.

Here is where the wheels fall off

GOP event in Bee Cave under investigation over possible violation to coronavirus orders

Anyone notice Trump walking down the stairs rather tentatively?

Donald J. Trump: The Greatest President In History of All Time The Daily Show

I Hear HORNS!!!!!!!!!!

Socialist! Drink!

Radical! Drink!

Democrat Party!

Joe Kennedy III: Trump is currently breaking the law on national TV. If that matters to you, vote.

The Republican Convention has NO PLATFORM, Making clear that it's Trump's Republi-CON-vention

DUer's in PA, WI & MI. A handful of counties in these states will determine whether we win or lose

Are We Ever Going To Respond To The "Democrat" Party Bullshit?

Kristen Stewart on Playing Joan Jett

Pentagon slams Russia for 'aggressive behavior' that injured US troops in Syria

I'm off to the DU home page to donate to Joe and Kamala. It's the least I can do.

Dan Rather: Tonight might be the most reading Donald Trump has done in many years.

Hugs and kisses?

I'm hearing Trump speak of the living hell...

Would someone remind Trump & the Republicans who started the endless wars

The best speech of his life.There I said it before the media. If he is

First Lady Ivanka meets third wife Melania

Kinda disappointed. Not enough flags at Trump's speech. Nt

Michael Cohen ad

Can someone please tell me what this is all about?

Trump's droning through this teleprompter speech as though he's just seen it for the first time.

The Wall!

Mets and Marlins step on the field, observe a 42 second moment of silence in memory of....

I keep hearing only love can wipe out hate

Parish votes to keep Confederate statue; Laura topples it

Florida Man Who Believed COVID-19 was a Hoax Loses Wife to Virus: 'Don't Be Foolish Like I Was'

Wallace: Kamala Harris 'Indicted Donald Trump With Donald Trump's Own Words'

I love this speech

Wilbur Ross would be more exciting than this speech and that's really stretching it. LOL. n/t

Darnit Now They Are Gonna Hafta Burn All Them Nice Flags

Was this perhaps the finest moment in world history?


Was this perhaps the finest moment in world history?

Fuck this shit -- I need some cheering up -- Gonna watch some lighthearted fare

I'm not watching. I want an honest, objective opinion. How's he doing?

Space Force!

Strap yourselves in for another hour...

Joy Reid Tweets Truth!

Trump Niece Explains How RNC Is Designed To Mask Donald Trump's Character Flaws MSNBC

Super spreading with all the shouting and no spacing.

U.S. economy's historic slump in the second quarter lowered to a 31.7% annual decline, GDP shows

A Chroma Key Green Dress. Noice! How long until the "⬅️ I'm With Stupid" edits occur? UPDATE

NEVER wear a "green screen" dress...

Healing the Nation - What's the Plan????

Will Someone Announce Here When He's Through Talking.....

Wilbur Ross quietly passed away sitting upright in his chair.

Regarding The Flags

Malcolm Nance tweet: trump super spreader event....

Turned it off

Donald Trump is the most amazing and accomplished man to ever live.

These are the 3 victims shot by 17-year old Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha

Just leaving this here

Good point.

I have a confession to make:

Damn, this got to me

Missing Ol' Johnny Cash

NPR Fact Check: Trump's Address To The Republican Convention, Annotated

If you have Netflix

John Harwood: Never seen a politician grip and lean sideways on a podium like Trump

We have to give the police back their power.

I watched Ivanka's glowing speech tonight.

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 30, 2020 - Summer Under the Stars: Charlton Heston

Um... most cities are Democratic. Yes crime happens more in cities.

TCM Schedule for Monday August 31, 2020 - Summer Under the Stars: Alain Delon

Rod Stewart - Maggie May

Sounds like the pResident has declared war on my city

All this talk about law enforcement being killed in the line of duty

Feds in Portland Now Unrestrained in Removing Journalists at Protests

I tried to listen to Trump's speech. I really did.

It's currently 88 degrees in DC

Has He Gone Off Script Yet?.....

Doesn't this orange anus mouthed fucker ever run out of oxygen ???

I am very proud that I haven't watched even one second of the RNC shitshow

Turned on Rachel, and there is a sweaty, orange Jabba the Hut on my TV

The orange is literally dripping of his face.

Astronomers issue report on the effect of 'satellite constellations' on astronomy (

Could you imagine Dump doing this?


Season of the Witch - Donovan

WaPo's Alexandra Petri: Bold of Trump to use up all four more years giving this speech

US Senate Races in 2020 that Democrats win to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

He looks and sounds exhausted and defeated.

Hundreds of protesters march from the north side of the White House to where trump will speak

He's finally leaving the stage.

Mary Trump will be joining the MSNBC anchors in a few minutes (per Rachel)! nt

WARNING: The Orange Gasbag won't stop ranting from now until the election....



Ok, whose fireworks we're better???

Lincoln Project Post-Game Coverage On Now

Love the little kid in front.......and look at tRump not even holding onto him....

OK. their fireworks were better

Who the HADES is cheapening Nessun Dorma?!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Melania 'refused to move to WH until the Obamas' toilet had been ripped out & a new one installed'

trump's "acceptance speech" - the latest super spreader!

Shouldn't pi have been called cake?

MSNBC was really smart to have three women handling

The Only Question Is, Will Biden Get A Bump Out Of This Week's Convention?

they're doing a sing along and he doesn't know the words as he sweats like a pig

All Circus. No Bread

Tweet of the hour

Uh oh..."Surprisingly Flat"

Big Corporations Fund Private Police Foundations: Target, Google, BoA, Amazon, FB, Microsoft, Shell

Just imagine if a Democrat was playing opera

The Daily Show appreciated Melania's green-screen dress

Lightning might well smite me, but man oh man . . . . .

Lute Olson, Arizona's Hall of Fame basketball coach, dies at 85

"F*ck Trump" chant at WH tonight

lucinda williams - something about what happens when we talk (austin city limits-1998)

Wednesday, I received a mailer from an Uglican candidate for City Council ...

MSNBC: Rachel. Joy. Nichole and Brian.

Donald Trump's response to: what do you want to do in your second term?

If you dared to tune in tonight, just watch this again to cleanse your palate.

I'm not going to breathe easier until the next round of polls comes out...

I don't know what frightened me more

Natural selection about to run nutty

Have You Ever Seen An Orange Dreamcicle Melting On A Hot Day?

Look what the protesters spelled out in D.C.

Poor, over-worked Daniel Dale fact checking trump's, speech.

US government website now says Hatch Act does not apply to president and VP

Video of Trump trying to pretend he knows the words to "God Bless America"

Funny tweet

Uglicans sure like to compare Biden and Dems to Castro ....

Thread: How well Trump has "drained the swamp"

The president just condemned people who live in walled-off compounds

Quite the juxtaposition.....America in 2020

a movie quote that shows the trumper mindset, with keys to fight it

Trump "profoundly" accepted the nomination because he misread the word "proudly" in the

Tom Jones - Tower Of Song

Video of Daniel Dale fact-checking Trump's speech on CNN

Remember, you can report a violation of the Hatch Act and Gen. Honore' wants you to!

The callousness is disgusting

McConnell inexplicably claims that Democrats want to tell Americans 'how many hamburgers you can eat

I peeked a few times at the Trump Fest and Covid Super-Spreader

Everybody is going to catch this thing eventually."

How many people were at Trump's acceptance speech tonight.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What Happened to the Federal Election Commission?

I don't normally post music videos ... but ... well, this is unique.

Michael Cohen will be on Rachel's show September 8 - same day as his book is released

I think everyone, at home and abroad,

Kenosha police chief reacts to the killings by victim-blaming says shooter was "resolving a conflict

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Melania, Tiffany and Eric Take the RNC Stage

Amy Klobuchar speaks for me

Are there honestly any undecided voters left, why are they still undecided,

However Much U Want ft Mayte & NPG

BREAKING: Prime MInister Shinzo Abe to resign due to his health, NHK reports

"Villanelle For Our Time"

Mark Hamill tweet on trump's speech

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The NBA Strike, Trump's Testing Order & Hurricane Laura

True story...gut punch graphic

DNC far greater

A fascist manifesto is gaining fans on the right, including Mn. state Sen. Roger Chamberlain.

Please join me in honoring a childhood icon who died today.

How likely is it that your mail-in ballot won't get counted? It's riskier than voting in person.

Houston Rockets Home Court to Be Used as Voting Site in November

It's Time For Reagan's Shining City On The Hill

Our pro athletes give me hope.

What happened to James Carville's wife?

I Feel Perfectly Safe In Hell Hole Seattle Donald

That speech was so boring....

Want to vote at Busch Stadium in November? Cardinals reportedly open to host polling place

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Donald J. Trump: The Greatest President In History of All Time

Jacob Blake is handcuffed to his hospital bed, family says

Arizona Coyotes working to turn arena into polling station for US election

From emergency to active threat: We have again switched settings in our coverage of Donald Trump

Boone County Clerk eyeing Mizzou Arena or Hearnes Center as polling place

Major US companies pledge to give employees time off to vote

wow -- fact checker on cnn just rattles off the trump lies. (this guy is amazing!)

Lev Parnas - how invested trump, Rudy and Hannity were in digging up dirt on Joe Biden

How Social Workers Like Me Can --And Do -- Deescalate Dangerous Situations Every Day

Turkish Potato Salad?

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, August 28, 2020

A friend just posted this to Facebook...

MA-01: Morse campaign treasurer hired to $62K temporary post at City where Morse is Mayor.

Shinzo Abe, Japan's PM, 'set to resign for health reasons'

Who the hell thought it was a good idea for Melanie to wear a green screen dress?!? 😂

Eric Trump declaring his love for China on video

NJ-02: American Federation of Teachers backs Kennedy

An Illegal, Exploitative Nightmare

Joy Reid On Trump Downplaying COVID-19: There's No Politician I'd Die For - MSNBC

Fox News panel offers tepid reaction to Trump speech

MSNBC Host Craig Melvin slams Scott Walker for an administration in a false reality

As Cawthorn Faces Questions on QAnon and White Supremacist Ties, DCCC Adds NC-11 To Battlefield

Maya Wiley Corrects Giuliani's Depiction Of 'Lawless' NYC In RNC Speech - MSNBC

"He wanted to play big-man-going-to-war."

Lindsey Graham Goes On Pro-Police Tirade, Questions Why Jacob Blake Didn't Yield

Trump Boycott: Pelosi Says Trump Not Worthy Of Debating Biden - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Trump over the top 2 plus minute commercial... "Done more for US than anyone in history"

GA-SEN: Democratic super PAC to spend $7 million on ads against Perdue

GA-SEN: Ethics no-no: Doug Collins Senate campaign takes from official page

Stephen Colbert, Can't You Do Better Than Dipshit Chris Christie?

Mary Trump 'Repulsed And Heartbroken' After Uncle's RNC Speech - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Wow. Jim Gaffigan

Tokyo-based space expert predicts US Space Force troops will be stationed in Japan

Rachel Maddow Corrects Litany Of Falsehoods In Trump's Marathon RNC Speech - MSNBC

rand paul: attacked or jeered?

U.S. Republican Senator Rand Paul says attacked by 'angry mob' near White House

US election 2020: Donald Trump's convention speech fact-checked

How many years does Trump have to live ?

I cannot believe Chris Christie is such a jackass!

What Melania wore tonight

CAL FIRE provides update on CZU Lightning Complex Fire

Is there a law preventing the president from giving pardons for pay?

jim gaffigan for the win!

McCaskill On Trump RNC Speech: I Will Never Forgive Him For This The 11th Hour MSNBC

They Are Dividing on Race and Fear - And Its Working

IN-05: How Christina Hale attempts to win Republican voters using empathy

Sleepy Donald closes out the RNC

gaffigan before bed

GOP lawmaker says fatal shooting at Kenosha protest '100% justified self defense'

Cops admitted they dressed in disguises and vandalized the cars of a man who filed complaints

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Resign Due to Health Reasons

Stephen Colbert - LIVE From Night 4 Of The RNC

Stephen Colbert: Guest Governor Chris Christie

The last time drumpf had people gather in mass to worship him, the result was that

The Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, America.

USA Today: Donald Trump sells himself at RNC: Reelect me to fix the problems I created

Dwight sums up my feelings about Tucker

'MuriKKKa thriving on fear: The Extreme Emptiness Of Donald Trump's Promises On Crime

(NORAD) Command are closely monitoring a Russian submarine that surfaced near Alaska today

Could It Be Bush v. Gore All Over Again? by Linda Greenhouse

A picture that perfectly encapsulates

Trump unleashes diatribe of falsehoods and baseless attacks in RNC finale (The Guardian)

The Big Bang may be a black hole inside another universe.

Rosenbaum, killed amid Kenosha unrest, doesn't come from practicing Jewish family

University of Delaware Chabad Fire Was Arson, Investigators Say

65 Years Ago Today; Emmett Till is murdered

The Republican Party is dead. It is a cult

Still can't explain second term agenda

I was watching but I fell asleep

Abandon all hope you who enter here. RNC 2020.

57 Years Ago Today; the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom - "I have a dream"

19 Years Ago Today; A trip down the Hudson for what became a last look at WTC1 and WTC2

There is one major party and one major cult of personality

Michelle Goldberg's best moment of the RNC last night

Trump's firework display in DC (bottom image)

Checking in from Louisiana and the aftermath of Hurricane Laura

We can never have a situation where things are like they are today. - D Trump

Beware of Trump's October Surprise,

Friday TOONs - ReTrumplicans

If MSNBC continues to have Morning Joe and Mika, that is not good ...

Rand Paul

I was watching the Census taker walking down our street the other night

Lord & Taylor closing for good after company goes unsold following bankruptcy

RNC takeaway: America is so fucking terrible, so give us 4 more years.

Right wingers haven't been this crazy since


Trump says goodbye to MAGA rallies

Trolling Trump, Biden campaign claims 'Keep America Great' domain


Snakes on a plane??? No, it's a sheep on a trampoline.

Margaret & Helen: Trump lies and before you know it, you're drinking bleach, sticking a lightbulb...

UAE implicated in lethal drone strike in Libya

NZ takes action over stock market cyber attacks

Latest poll finds Biden still leading Trump among Pa. voters, who also like Wolf's pandemic response

Yesterday I had a nice experience at the gas pump...

Oh, Goody! QAnon And Climate Liars Joining Forces Online As Other Media Opps Shrink

August 28, 2014: America's most unspeakably horrible day of shame. WARNING: SCANDALOUS IMAGE

Univ of Arizona detects covid early with sewer testing


"I profoundly accept this nomination" Trump says.

'Reopened Schools Find Health Risks, Legionella Bacteria In Water After Covid-19 Lockdowns': NYT

Who is this woman with Giuliani?

The real story is over 1,000 of our fellow Americans are still falling to the *TrumpVirus* every day

IMO, the absence of a reThug Party platform is ominous and diabolical.

Teacher reinstated after parents complained about Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ posters

So, I guess the NBA Playoffs are back on?

Penn Professor Wants Probe of Trump's Admission

A Remarkable Scene

12 Years Ago Today; Barack Obama accepts the Democratic nomination for president:

41 times...

The origin of Superheroes: Sargon the Sorcerer

Cutely's Google "Doodle" - Alexandre Dumas

The Rundown: August 28, 2020

Japan's Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, Abruptly Quits Over Health Problems

Despite USPS chief DeJoy's pledge, postal unions say mail delays persist


Rittenhouse criminal complaint:

Charlie Brown

Coast Guard video shows Laura aftermath in tiny Cameron, La. area

[NZ] Covid 19 coronavirus: $300 instant fines for not wearing a mask on public transport ...

Trump said he had never seen Sarah Cooper's "act."

After seeing the disgusting pictures of the trashy Rose Garden rally, one question:

Milestone For Brazil: More Than 500 Major Amazon Fires In Less Than 1 Year, Nearly All Illegal

Trump Speech Attendees Say They Weren't Even Asked if They Had a Cough

Black Elk - Selected Wisdoms for Meditation - Native American Indian

Violence begets Violence

I was hoping that by now Michael Cohen

Trump lies and before you know it, you're drinking bleach, sticking a lightbulb up your ass and usin

Corporate Group: Australia "Woefully Unprepared" For The Climate Future That Is Now Inevitable

Colorado teenager was fatally shot while running away from off-duty officer, lawsuit says

Not even 8AM and world-o-meters has Iowa's daily coronavirus cases over 2000

Man shot by Secret Service officer outside White House apparently was holding a comb, documents show

Cleanup For San Jacinto River Waste Pits, Which Flooded During Harvey, Now Estimated At 7 Years

Holy f**king sh*t ... Iowa reports 2,007 new cases in one day

What has he done in 3 1/2 years? The Dotard came to Greer, SC.

NASA astronaut Jeanette Epps to become first Black woman to join an International Space Station crew

Every Android phone will now help detect earthquakes

Stephen Pyne On The Pyrocene, Which Is Far Older And Deeper Than Just What's Burning Today

74-year-old grandmother says police broke her arm; OKCPD confirms personnel investigation

Charlie Cook: Many Are Afraid To Say It, but This Is Not a Close Race

Weakened but still dangerous, Laura to pose continued threat

TEB: Duncan update

Trump's Convention Becomes Dangerous on Day 3

STOP IT: Trump Can EASILY WIN Re-Election

AR Supreme Court kills constitutional amendments for nonpartisan redistricting and open primaries

MAGAshooter called a friend to say he 'killed somebody,' police say, and then shot two others

Donald Trump's dark spectacle is just a rerun -- and America's sick of it

Trump's Prescription Cost Reduction -- Eye Drops $50 in 2017, now $123 in 2020.

Trump's schedule for Friday, August 28, 2020

UN Sets Vote on Troop Cut to Lebanon Force After U.S. Pressure

Shitstain's FEMA Briefing - "I Wouldn't Use That Glass Contractor" (Slide Of Smashed Office Tower)

Repub words to die by "'Everybody Is Going To Catch This Thing Eventually' (TPM)

'She was the aggressor': Former Liberty student alleges sexual encounter with Becki Falwell

Trump's convention speech was selling a fantasy version of himself

Jacob Blake's father spoke to Biden and Harris for an hour...Trump, not so much

I think I know what's up with Trump's weird lean

Trump's campaign was asleep at the wheel when this happened.

Coca-Cola to restructure workforce, sets voluntary job cuts

Trump sounded like he was asleep while giving his RNC speech

Arkansas reports 411 students, teachers actively positive with coronavirus

Given That Courts Support Qualified Immunity, It's Time For Govts To Dismantle Police Depts.

Ouch: New York Post/Fox News John Podhoretz trashes Trump's speech

Trump presented the mother of all fabrications on the White House lawn

You raised $24,228.20 on August 27, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

Getting lots of calls from Police groups asking for money

Trump's approval rating dropped during the RNC, according to RASMUSSEN

Trump recycled his 2016 RNC convention for his 2020 RNC convention...only with far less energy.

I almost want to believe that Trump actually wanted this way from the very beginning.

4 people at the RNC in Charlotte test positive for coronavirus, county says

Place your bets now....which country will Trump and family flee to?

Pic Of The Moment: Poor Donald Trump

Are Blue Mail Collection Boxes being Vandalized?

Staring down Trump, Kamala Harris says she stands with protesters on racial equality

All these sports figures must also realize that their bosses

Heard my first "Biden will increase taxes by 4 trillion" talking point this morning.

Kenosha Tells Us More About Where the Right Is Headed Than the R.N.C. Did

YouGov poll finds that 57% support NBA players protesting. Only 28% oppose.

Hillary: Law-breaking convention on our dime to celebrate a king amidst 180,000 deaths of Americans

Is There Nothing Donald Trump Won't Say?

Hillary Clinton: What we saw last night sums up so much of the Trump administration: A law-breaking

Post 30K

More than 350 faith leaders endorse Biden, citing 'need of moral leadership'

Dan Rather re: Trump re-election strategy- "Only Trump can save America from Trump's America"

Question for those who live in red areas, do you show support for Democrats?

DOSE OF JOE -- Aug 28

Trump accepts the nomination, may still be speaking, because no one made it past the first hour

Michael Jordan played key role in NBA boycott negotiations: report

'Reopened Schools Find Health Risks, Legionella Bacteria In Water After Covid-19 Lockdowns': NYT

Retired NBA player Etan Thomas: Trump represents every single one of the seven deadly sins. (VIDEO)

Joe Bide campaign ad: "Anthem"


Retailers Continue To Adjust To Survive During A Pandemic

Biden campaign feeling sports fans' pain

Keep America Great!

Breakfast- Lunch Friday 28 August 2020

17 y/o terrorist was spotted at a Trump rally

I'm surprised that Trump has been this hard to takedown

I wish I could write like this. It's a gift plus I suspect a lot of hard work.

Russian navy conducts major maneuvers near Alaska

caption Trump - Putin photo

The Lincoln Project: This is your mind on Trump.

Can't wait for the debates when our Joe dispatches the malignant corpulent narcissistic clown for good

Pro-Trump Students Cause Clash at High School


When Kyle Rittenhouse was at the Militia training school,

It is past time for calling out the Republicans what the are: Fascist Racists.

Belarusian Officials Shut Down Internet With Technology Made by U.S. Firm

Delayed Second Stimulus Already Leading to Cuts in Grocery Store Spending

Harris: Nationwide mask mandate wouldn't carry punishment

Joe: Remember: every example of violence Donald Trump decries has happened on his watch.

Email my husband got:

New Coronavirus Cases in U.S. Rise for Fourth Straight Day

Brilliant fact-check monologue from Daniel Dale (re: RNC)

The week isn't even over and already 4 at RNC test postive

Trump critiques his own speech, good stuff

Coronavirus model projects more than 317,000 US Covid-19 deaths by December

EXXON - Dropped from the Dow Jones Industrial Average after 92 Years.

Biden should go to Wisconsin

RWer John Podhoretz in NY Post calls Trump's speech "worst convention speech of my lifetime"

C-SPAN is covering todays March on Washington (Fri, Aug 28, 2020)

LIVE FEED: 2020 March on Washington

March on Washington updates: Thousands gather at Lincoln Memorial to march for racial equality

The event at the people's house

HuffPo - White Vigilantes Have Always Had A Friend In Police

South Dakota Easily Leads Nation in Covid Spread (+130.2%) Over Last 14 Days

Teen charged in Kenosha killings stalls return to Wisconsin

519 new cases on the AZ Dashboard todat, Fri.; 49 deaths

Vid: Eric Trump saying "I've been to China many times--I love China--A lot of plans for China. We have

I really believe Doug would literally do this

In the Second Volume of 'Hitler,' How a Dictator Invited His Own Downfall (Timely book review)

BREAKING: The House Foreign Affairs Committee has announced contempt proceedings against POMPEO

Trump warns Biden will 'demolish' American dream

Watching Kamala interview on MSNBC. Like Obama, she just doesn't

GOP embraces 'law and order' while downplaying pandemic: 6 takeaways from Trump's convention

BREAKING: Trump makes an ad buy in two critical swing States

What's The Latest On Covid Touch Contamination?.....

With Hate in their Hearts: The State of White Supremacy in the United States

The MAGA crowd is more delusional and agitated than usual this morning

Florida man coughs on, slaps employee after being asked to leave for refusing to wear a mask

Elie Mystal on C-Span Washington Journal Aug 28

House panel initiating contempt proceedings against Mike Pompeo

40% of the people in this country are deplorable

Clay Travis of Fox Sports Radio thinks the Big 10 postponing football is a pro-Biden plot

Whom will Trump order Bill Barr to investigate/punish

It's not original, but at least it's mine...

There is Zero Chance that a Kenosha County jury (or any Wisconsin jury) convicts Kyle Rittenhouse

Rachel Maddow fact-checks Donald Trump's lying RNC speech.

Hell of a thing to watch CNN's @ddale8 fact-check the cascade of lies from Trump's speech.

Can I post this here humor I joke there goes the suburbs as democrat Duncan pup and the chickens

Black Diabetics Lose Limbs at Triple the Rate of Others. Here's How Health Care Leaders Are Starting

BREAKING: Night 4 of the RNC had low ratings again

A 25 yr old patient in Nevada has a confirmed case of #COVID19 reinfection

Alaska's Attorney General Resigns Hours After We Published "Uncomfortable" Texts He Sent to a

'Warren Democrat' Manhattan DA Candidate Promises to Prosecute Ivanka Trump When Elected

Predominantly Black armed protesters march through Confederate memorial park in Georgia (July)

Shot: "If they (NBA) want to protest, I don't think we care."

Bored cat lovers - Have some fun with the beast

The hearing is starting now. #SaveThePostOffice

Cord cutters - what streaming alternative to cable do you use?

It's Time for Decency

Australian Cattle Dog splashes in the water just like a little kid

Of course there's reinfection:

Cells solved Henry VIII's infamous hedge maze by 'seeing around corners,' video shows

Street Photos Taken Over Half A Century Ago (90 Pics)

Brain Saver...The Viral plate Illusion Has The Internet Completely Divided

Illinois Nuclear plants shutting down in Fall of 2021

After 92 Years, Exxon Dropped From Dow Jones

Biden should not "debate" Trump

I often speculate,

They fired the OAN FDA spox!

HB5103 passes in both the VA House & Senate to ensure VA can vote safely in 2020 election

Sometimes life is just tooo rich

The Mystery House: How a Suspicious Multimillion Dollar Real Estate Deal Is Connected to California'

Trump-loving FDA spokeswoman booted from her job after just 11 days

LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "Protect"

History lessons for today

SFV bagseed 52 days in flower.

The point missed by many is this kid had a cop complex,because of a perceived intervention/diversion

Rand Paul swarmed by protesters after RNC... This is your brain on Infowars.

Is it known if Kyle Rittenhouse drove himself to Wisconsin?

Angela Merkel's response to being charmed by trump

Former Bears LB Urlacher criticizes protests

US Consumer Product Safety Commission: "birds are real"

"Before I got married ..."

Cable news & major network ratings for nominee's speeches, Biden vs Trump: Biden 17.5, Trump 14.1

When Trump was asked what he thought of Red China, he looked a little puzzled and then

Thanks for marching back then mom. Thanks to all who march today. And tomorrow.

Dammit Dems, not my hamburgers !

Pierce: The President* Is a Burned-Out Magician

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/28/20 - after Hurricane RNC week

I play this every morning to remind me that he is going to lose

I just finished my fourth book...

I wish Martin Luther King III didn't have a mass of people packed like sardines right behind him...

The three faces of Donald Trump

Here is Russian video of attack on US troops. No comment from Trump.

Come January, Joe Biden is going to make me RICH!!!

Just how activated are Democratic donors right now?

Trump's Litany of Lies from his RNC Acceptance speech

The USS Trumptanik

Professional racists

Locomotive firm NRE consolidates operations at two sites

Groucho - My Adminstration

Lynchburg without the stranglehold of the Falwells

Denton, Texas, agency projects 41% decrease in rail ridership

Another epic Steve Schmidt rant

'Saddest Cat' Looks Unrecognizable A Year After Being Adopted

U.S. says Herbalife to pay $123.1 million to resolve China bribery case

Rand Paul calls for FBI arrests after he's confronted by protesters - claims they 'would have kille

Mrs. Betty Bowers: Fake Christian of the Week: Jerry Falwell, Jr.

Anti-Gaetz rant in local conservative paper (Wonderful read with cartoons)

Russian Navy Conducts Major Maneuvers Near Alaska

Don Winslow Films - #TheRealKellyanneConway

Ben Jealous raised a red flag

Many US workplaces required to report injuries flouted new Labor Department rule

We have to believe...

"undecided Michigan voter" on MTP just now: "I want to see what happens..."

Ben Jealous raised a red flag

Rand Paul claims he was 'attacked by an angry mob' leaving White House. Problem is, there's video

Self defense my foot!

The NBA just announced that all basketball arenas will he turned into 2020 voting locations.

whenever I see POC like this indivudual

tRump's $400 unemployment extension is really only $300...and it will last for only THREE weeks

House Democrats announce contempt proceedings against Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

FOX news coverage of the Conventions (by amount of airtime)

Republican billboard 1949.

ORLANDO SENTINEL: Endorsement: Joe Biden for president, because he can get us out of Trump's mess

If Trump Doesn't Go To Prison After Fair Trials For All His Crimes We Must Free All Prisoners

Mark Twain comments upon Kenosha...

Biden: Trump is rooting for violence.

Biden Had More Television Viewers for His Speech

The white supremacist origins of modern marriage advice

Nice warning to the MAGATs...

Jesus- How'd you like to meet this on your stroll thru the woods?

Jewish Center at UD burned

A final August contest detail

Twin Cities, MN Mail Delivery Report

Anthony Martignetti Dies: Child Star Of Long-Running "Anthony! Anthony!" Spaghetti Commercial

Biden hits Trump where it hurts: in the convention speech ratings

Delaware GOP files lawsuit to oppose mail-in voting

Facebook Employees Slammed Zuckerberg Over Militia Groups And QAnon After Kenosha

Tillis needs presidential cred, but not wearing mask at WH speech has already forced a walk back...

They live among us.

Accurate depiction of how some people view what's going on in amerikkka.

More ratings in, now from a total of 9 cable & broadcast networks: Biden 23.6, Trump 21.6

Well, I'm ready!

Judge delays extradition from Illinois for Kenosha shooting suspect Kyle Rittenhouse

Four People at RNC In Charlotte Test Positive

Ex-Ohio Speaker Faces 162 Charges

One problem with the fact-check as a genre is we have a lead Washington Post story about Trump's att

More people watched Kamala Harris' speech last week than Trump's speech yesterday.

Gas station secured small business bailout money, then paid for Trump billboards

Vancouver's Trump hotel closes doors for good

@SenKamalaHarris: The Trump administration is attempting to violate the Supreme Court's ruling to

In a Biden administration, will fact checkers need to find new jobs?

Evanescence - Use My Voice

They want to defund the police too

Felix Mendelssohn Violin Concerto

Do you believe that Trump hasn't already issued an Executive Order to federally outlaw abortion

Michael McFaul, former Ambassador to Russia: "For those of us who study autocracies..."

Picture released of trump taking cognitive test

Texas tells Harris County to halt plan to send all voters applications for mail-in ballots

P.S. #BlackTurncoats have existed for CENTURIES......

The proprietors at Real Clear Politics are hacks!!!

It will get worse

George Conway, choking back tears - "He is evil."

To qualify for a full pardon, Alice Johnson had to give a speech praising Trump at the RNC

Utah Jazz provides arena as Election Day voting center

Does anyone have any experience using CBG (Cannabigerol)??

Interesting primary stats

Trump was gaslighting this morning--crowing about his ratings.

Love This Ad

Why is Jacob Blake handcuffed to his hospital bed???

TX: AT&T Center to serve as mega-voting site for 2020 general election

The Biggest Con Of All


These staged pardons by Trump are torture to watch

The FBI warned for years that police are cozy with the far right. Is no one listening?

"Get Your Knee Off My Neck" rally

Absolutely bizarre scenes in the Oval Office (Alice Johnson pardon):

Rude Pundit - RNC Night 4: "I Alone Can Fuck It All Up"

It really is this simple



How many days before we see the results of the acceptance speech?

More than 750,000 still without power in Laura's aftermath

The brutal difference

Cricket Wireless 5G Network TV Commercial, 'Expanding'

Anyone remember Oliver Wendell Holmes poem

Headline for 17 yr old murderer vs. 17 yr old victim

chris hayes on rand paul "attack"....

Trump's Remarks in Briefing on Hurricane Laura; FEMA Headquarters; August 27, 2020

"What kind of Shit Hole Country Allow Industry to release this shit and not tell the people "

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate the Following Individual to a Key Administration Post; 08-28-2020

'Everybody is going to catch this thing eventually': Senior Trump official brushes off criticism of

Should Have Never Been Done In The FIRST PLACE!!!

Anybody remember the election of 1972?

Red Raider football players ask fans for respect as they join protest (Texas Tech)

Two P.R. Experts at F.D.A. Have Been Ousted After Blood Plasma Fiasco

Advice to foreign nations:

I'm So Tired

Joe: Mr. President, Americans are canceling weddings and holding funerals without family. They're sa

Amsterdam solved its "wild peeing" problem with hemp planters you can (legally) urinate in

Another nice warning to MAGATs

As Nation Reckons With Race, Poll Finds White Americans Least Engaged

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yevkurov got into an accident in the center of Moscow.

I'd come over, but I'm experiencing an ethical dilemma.

Is Kellyanne Conway the anonymous WH staff member?

Another judicial miracle

Is Your State Ready For The Pandemic Election? A Look At AL, KY, NC, NV, and TN

Joe Biden wants to know when Trump's going to take the presidency seriously

This is how many people showed up to the #MarchOnWashington today.

Florida tops 615,000 COVID-19 cases as state adds 3,815 infections and 89 deaths

Joe Biden's DNC Speech received a staggering 2 MILLION more viewers across 9 networks than Trump's

Texas bars tired of governor's coronavirus shutdown order to open in protest Saturday

Joe: I am grateful for your friendship and leadership, @AbeShinzo.

Just got back from oral surgeon. Thank god for N.O.

2016 polls vs 2020 polls at this time

A phony economy attended the Republican convention

Thursday night: Protesters gather in an attempt to drown out Trump's speech

Jacob Blake's attorney says felony warrant dropped, restraints removed, and cop gone from hospital

Why haven't M$Greedia pubicly corrected the Con, ReTHUGs and their goons

Looks like things are starting to cook in the DU Fantasy Football league

Today's March on Washington in Pictures

George Takei with some green screen help for Melanie's dress

Twerp Charlie Kirk: I wonder why the activist media is silent about the massive crowds and lack of s

NBC: Grim picture of USPS painted by workers.

California files 100th lawsuit against the Trump administration

"If it looks like collusion, feels like collusion, sounds like collusion, and smells like collusion,

TRUMP CASTLE - Andrew Joseph Duffer

It's Time for Trump - The Rudy Schwartz Project

Michelle Obama rips the 'lack of empathy' and 'systemic racism' in Trump's America

Has Anyone In Kenosha Explained Why 7 Shots Were Fired Into The.....

Arkansas County Judge responds to leaked audio

The former Discussionist members got their ProBoards site shut down

Keep an Eye on Texas Covid Cases as Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission Back-Door Opens Dance Halls

DU mini meet-up in Germany!

Remember Melania's "I really don't care, do you?" jacket? Here's Melania's explanation, ...

did the white house celebration violate the hatch act?

This sums up Trump' speeches quite nicely

Ravens Make Statement, Demands for Social Justice

I was asked to provide video of thug Kyle and his interactions with LEO before he murdered 2 people.

FBI says it may have destroyed records on Trump's brother Robert

The Lincoln Project: Chyna

The Lincoln Project: Chyna

Trump is law and order and tough on crime

Massachusetts Poll-Biden 69% Trump 31%

Can we ask for election help from the United Nations?

For the first time: Here is "The Ballad of Joe Biden"

Anyone here know the Canadian refugee/assylum laws?

just planted my

My time for pondering while feeling alone.

White privilege

WARNING! This Will Almost Certainly Induce VOMITING!

David Pakman: Tucker Carlson Defends Murder By 17 Year Old


Top U.S. general says no role for military in presidential vote

Trump and his voters summed up in a Peanuts Cartoon Strip..

The Ballad of Joe Biden

This should be the preface to

Feds gripe about wall backer's rants against prosecution

Fact checker on Trump's RNC speech: He is a serial liar

Trump pardons Alice Johnson after her RNC speech

Donald Trump put our nation on the sidelines. Let's get back in the game.

What is too much to take from the regime? - Walter Shaub thread

MF trump could read effectively and energetically from a teleprompter in 2016.

Do you have a favorite quote?....Part 2

Couple questions for those with law enforcement experience or knowledge:

Abbott Labs ad on Twitter -- here come more unreliable tests I fear

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 18, 2020

Hey trump dummies,

Russian Navy conducts major maneuvers near Alaska

Psychological Warfare - Sara Danner Dukic

82 year old Wilbur Ross at RNC last night, no mask, no social distancing....

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 18

This is what is outside of my window, right now

Trump Advisers: He Was 'Triggered' by Talk of White Supremacy

Someone please explain to me

The System Failed the Test of Trump

Surge of Flood Hits Three Gorges Dam, Wuhan and South China

How to Fight Fascism From a Position of Strength

Trump's motorcade had a send off in DC

We might just do this: Democrats are leading in the polls in Iowa,Colorado, Arizona and Maine

If you're using a slogan, purchase that slogan dot com. Keep America Great

My biggest fear about this election

Memo outlines plan to defer payroll taxes for federal employees

How about saving most of the cops for the night shift, when we see vandals and looters showing up?

This is my favorite part from my 4th book (It's long)

"Silent Witness" on Amazon Prime

Meadows says Trump willing to sign $1.3 trillion coronavirus relief bill

"The CDC COVID-19 Data Tracker has a new look..."

Something interesting about the DNC and the RNC.

Get off our lawn!

'Amazon's Jeff Bezos Becomes First Person Ever Worth $200 Billion'

What would be the better country

Kurt Eichenwald: "Now It's Happened to You"

PMJ Pop-Up: All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor (Cover) ft. Haley Reinhart, Casey Abrams, & More

UNFIT: The Psychology of Donald Trump premiering 9/1/2020

I just realized where I'd seen that MF45 podium lean before.

Peter Navarro melts down: Media should cover Trump like "Fox and Friends" does

Secret Service copes with coronavirus cases in aftermath of Trump appearances

"When where and how black people should protest." By Whitey McSportsfan

Guy's security camera catches kid tearing it up on his driveway almost every day

Lobster fisher's pro-Trump speech sets off political spat. Water Trump open are 120 miles SE of ME

A flaky seventeen-year-old kid represents the Trump Republican example of righteous self-defense.

Zuckerberg acknowledges Facebook erred by not removing a post that urged armed action in Kenosha

Facebook Employees Slam Zuckerberg Over Militia Groups And QAnon After Kenosha

It tweeted (don't forget to add "Mommy!!")

Google greenlights ads with 'blatant disinformation' about voting by mail

*Republican National Convention Orgy Of Hate Aftermath* Trump 39% Approval 60% Disapproval*

Rescue Dog Who Couldn't Walk Loves To Hike Now

The lawyer for the Covington kid is representing Kyle Rittenhouse.

Wow. These stats should be EVERYWHERE

Diver Meets A Very Smart Giant Octopus

US Senate Elections in CO that Democrats have won. Margin of Victory.

MGM Resorts to Lay Off 18,000 Employees

Anyone know when Michael Cohen is scheduled with Rachel?

Jacob Blake's father says his conversation with Biden and Harris was like 'speaking to my uncle and

Black Lives DO matter!

Drudge hitting Trump hard

The Twit tweets: "No, I want Big Ten, and all other football, back - NOW."

The Hand Jive

#TrumpFailed is trending on Twitter

*Flash flood warning DC and environs.

"If Biden loses, 2020 will be the last remotely free and fair election we have for decades"

Joe: As we mark the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I

Terrified Pittie Transforms Into The Biggest Cuddlebug

Joe Walsh goes there

Trump begins his rally in New Hampshire by boasting that officials let in an above capacity crowd...

ReallyAmerican vid ad: #TrumpTalksTrump

Golf course easement in Rancho Palos Verdes CA under scrutiny

He's as tight as a duck's ass - just like dad - MaryAnne Trump


Stray Pittie Can't Relax Until Her Puppies Are Safe

GOP candidate John James' companies hit with tax liens, got tax breaks for jobs they didn't create

Kanye sues to get on WI ballot

Portland's version of The Newsroom?

The Washington Post (Opinion): "police can't control armed militias ".

How many times has he played golf in office?

Anyone take a dive into Black Money Love from Turkey on Netflix?

Postal Unions Say Trump Is Sabotaging The Mail In Battleground States

Mr. Biden, Please Go To Wisconsin This Weekend

Kenosha sheriff says he hasn't watched the videos of Jacob Blake shooting

OMG..Barron's taller than drumpf almost overnight.

Texas Federal Court orders state to implement simultaneous voter registration--any online driver's l

Biden should create a zinger for the debates

White House Openly Threatens Journalist With Dossiers

Erik Prince & Portland?

'Wonder Woman' Lynda Carter about to host onlune fundraiser for AZ legislative candidates

Anyone watching this train wreck

Trump laments that "politically correct" police officers feel like they can't rough up protesters

Some of the ppl in that RNC video about public housing in NYC say they were duped

Right winger gun forum folks going apeshit over Pelosi giving the Floyd family a flag.

Are we not getting toons?

Family Decorates Dog's Special Spot To Entertain All The Neighbors

Breaking: trump says Mexico will pay for the wall

ACLU Demands Immediate Resignation of Kenosha Police Chief, Sheriff, and Mayor

League of Women Voters

Will the voters "evict" Donald Trump from our White House on November 3rd?


Latest Jonathan Pie rant: "Moral Duties"

'Uber & Lyft's Threat To Leave Calif. Over Labor Law, Would Have Been Illegal In Many Countries'

2020 US Senate Election Rating from Safe Democratic to Tilt Democratic.

CNN Live: Cult at Rally Boos(!) When Asked To Wear Masks!

OMG....say it's not so!