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Archives: August 24, 2020

Before, when we thought @QMAP_PUB was a third party, they offered a check on Jim Watkins' ability

Rahm Emanuel lets his slip show. 'This will be the year of the Biden Republican,'

Awesome Billboard from Meidas Touch:

LA County just tapped Banc of California Stadium for massive election center

I'm seeing an uptick on the number of segments on "bipartisanship" in the news.

Here's some terrifying background on the FDA's EUA process for plasma.

Let's talk about the President's big historic plasma announcement....

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #5

Rob Reiner tweet:

Tiny Wolf Pup Can't Stay Awake

We have some of the world's best scientists, and we get government propaganda praising dear leader

Protests Descend Upon Charlotte Ahead of RNC MSNBC

In a Native American community in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, COVID-19

Democrats guide to a majority in the US Senate in 2020 is a 50-50 tie and a Democratic POTUS/VP.

Here it is

Everyone turn on ABC right now. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing a 1-hour long interview.

A rally of solidarity with #Belarus spreading from Vilnius to the Belarusian border

Breaking in Jamaica- The Commissioner of Police Major General Anthony Anderson

Meet epic homophobes

Getting pretty psyched for #TrumpCon!

Tweet of the Day

President Trump just got lit up by Twitter for violating 'rules about civic and election integrity'

Revealed: Jared Kushner's Private Channel With Putin's Money Man

I would prefer a sit down interview with Biden/Harris instead

NY-01: New DCCC Polling: Goroff Edges Past Zeldin in NY-01 Race

Poll: 57% of repubs say corona virus death rate is acceptable

Puke rick Santorum is on Anderson Cooper again

You're telling me the RNC resolved to have no platform at the convention??

A 2nd Trump Term Might Injure The Democratic Experiment Beyond Recovery, Wash Post, Editorial Board

A generous offer to help you with school supplies from Chrissy Teigen!!

'Gates of Hell' crater has burned in remote desert for 50 years

The deep, twisted roots of QAnon: From 1940s sci-fi to 19th-century anti-Masonic agitprop

Candace Owens Reacts to the RNC Not Inviting Her to Speak

RNC 2nd Term Agendga - astonishingly whiny and pathetic

Ma. : State's highest court considers primary election lawsuit

IL: Metra falling further behind budget amid COVID-19 ridership decline, with cost cuts coming......

An Open Message to Nina Turner on her half bowl of sh-t remarks

Holocaust denial graffiti in Nazi massacre memorial village condemned by French politicians

A memory from yesterday's bike ride.

NC-11: Junior Nazi and woman groper will speak and Republican Convention

Bernie Sanders sounds the alarm on climate change:

Do Japanese People Support Same-Sex Marriage?

NC-SEN: Tillis will be a no-show Monday when Trump thanks RNC delegates in Charlotte

This is not a normal headline for a press release from the FDA and I have been getting FDA releases

...and to think

Here's the drumpf ripoff of build back better

My sister hosted her bridge club (two tables, eight women) about three weeks ago, in south Alabama.

Critics Stumped RNC Lists 'Honorable' Ivanka Trump -- And Omits Title For Her Siblings

The Trump-Navarro mind meld on the FDA "You are all Deep State and need to get on Trump Time"

OH-01: Letter confirms FBI probe of ex-Chabot aide Jamie Schwartz

Turns out that embracing confederate generals after the murder of George Floyd and politicizing medi

Republicans forgo a platform for the 2020 election

Time Flies! Seems like only yesterday teenager Mary Lou Retton won all those medals...

IL-13: Congressman Rodney Davis won't say if he'll vote for President Trump's re-election

Roger Goodell: 'Wished we listened earlier' to what Colin Kaepernick was protesting

Voting options in VA

Lithuanians form human chain to back democracy in Belarus


Dem US Rep Debbie Mucarsel-Powell sounds urgent alarm on climate change

I Luv This: Therapy Dogs Get Political, Maisie & Opal

Something odd about fuel prices:

8.19.20 -Government health leaders (including Dr Fauci) urged caution regarding plasma treatment

More than 500,000 mail ballots were rejected in the primaries. That could make the difference in bat

Horrific video of WI police shooting unarmed black man

Oh, great: NASA says an asteroid is headed our way right before Election Day

Holy crap! The cicadas are out in force tonight...

Pending SEC announcement!

Contrary to news reports, Republicans DO have a platform this year:

Judge rules Indiana cannot reject absentee ballots for signature issues without notifying voter 1st

UK Leader Urges Parents To Let Their Kids Go Back To School

Melania Trump Faces Backlash for Rose Garden Renovation: 'She Cut Down Jackie's Trees!'

Having copy/pasted their 2016 platform, the GOP's current platform says this:


Republicans to forego party platform in favor of full support for Trump's agenda

**Breaking** Kellyanne Conway to leave WH at end of month citing need to focus on family

Do you want this to air during the RNC Convention next week?

Melania's convention speech leaked

Question about a 3rd party I'd never heard of (sounds like another plot to siphon votes).

Kellyanne Conway to leave the White House at the end of the month, citing the need to focus on her f

Grand Tactician: The Civil War Clearly in early access-- but WOW!

I was gifted a star membership tonight

Republicans copy and paste 2016 GOP platform-- President 'has exceeded his constitution authority'

Justin Townes Earle has died

George Conway too. Hiatus

Bannon under the microscope

This is an incredibly disturbing thread. Public defender begins to expose police corruption ...

Falwell Jr. revealed his wife's affair with pool boy Giancarlo Granda

Another family shakeup?

Many people are saying there will be a large gathering outside of the White House on Thursday.

Interference during first 60 Minutes segment?

Sanders Supporters Realize Their Party Is Bigger Than They Are

Almost First Quarter, Tonight...

Video of bats, turned upside down, looks like a goth nightclub (Twitter)

Trump's Crony Grifters

Trump's Remarks in Press Briefing; August 23, 2020

Hate Hoarders

Various tweets about Sunday night's "press conference"

Just looking at voter turnout statistics

I have a feeling these Ben Shapiro memes and TikToks won't be ending anytime in the near future.

The U.S. Has 2 Economies: How Much Longer Will The Losing Side Stand For That? Wash Post

Video shows Wisconsin police shooting a Black man multiple times as he enters a car

Did you see in the SLC tribune

At the fridge again ...

Too MSNBC why do air commercials on your cable network...........from Newsmax?

Losing National Finals Rodeo would be big blow to Las Vegas

August Contest Finals

August Finals are up for voting. Comments on the finals can be made here too.

After Beirut, ports around the world searched for dangerous chemicals. didn't like what they found.

BREAKING: George Conway to leave the LINCOLN PROJECT as Kellyanne leaves the White House

The Lincoln Project: Special Briefing

I'm no political genius, so I have to ask

Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, comatose in Berlin with suspected poisoning, was under survelliance

Trump's family members, conservative allies dominate GOP convention lineup

WOW! Chuck Todd exposes Trump lie about saving the economy and shows him unhinged

RNC speaker is on the advisory board of We Build the Wall

US Senate Elections in 2020 that Democrats win to get majority of US Senate seats in 2020.

justin townes earle - far away in another town (studio-2008) - this one seems appropriate

Meidas Touch video - Whenever Trump hears the word 'hydroxychloroquine'

'Hoax' book reveals extent of internal unease at Fox

FUCK KELLY ANN CONWAY AND GEORGE CONWAY and the rest of that family

Emails show businesses held sway over state reopening plans

Please be kind to Kellyanne.

Revealed: Jared Kushner's Private Channel With Putin's Money Man

Falwell Claims Extortion from Wife's Former Lover

Kenosha Police statement emphasized they provided "immediate aid." after 7 gunshots.

Conway Set To Become Next Rat To Leave The Sinking Ship.

Someone on a James Bond fan site asked this interesting question:

Last minute RNC speaker shakeup (The Lincoln Project)

ABC really embarrassed themselves with the Biden/Harris interview, and both Joe and Kamala

OMG! Ben Crump said kids were in the car when Blake was shot

Is Kim Jong Un the Generalissimo Francisco Franco of the 21st Century?

City naming sewage plant after John Oliver

justin townes earle - harlem river blues (on letterman - 2011) jason isbell on lead axe

(Jewish Group) Japanese municipality holds benefit to commemorate savior of Jews

(Jewish Group) Antisemitic Protests Outside Michigan Synagogue Are Allowed, District Judge Rules

(Jewish Group) Cleveland Doctor Who Threatened to Give 'Wrong Meds' to Jews Loses Her Medical Traini

Michael Cohen on Maryanne Trump Barry:

Kellyanne Conway's daughter Claudia, 15, says she's seeking emancipation

Someone skilled with photo shop should make woman with a Trump tattoo on her lower back,

In Portland, a Prosecutor Must Decide: Which Protesters Should Go to Jail?

I had to trash keyword "Conway".

Some times you gotta fight your own battles..

Kenosha, WI - live coverage of protests after cop shot black man in the back multiple times.

Jill Biden vs. Melania Trump

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Rio Tinto chiefs lose millions in bonuses over destruction of Juukan Gorge

Iran says 'sabotage' caused blast at Natanz nuclear site

Portland police stand by as Proud Boys and far-right militias flash guns and brawl with antifa...

Message to Republicans

Protests underway in Kenosha, WI after shooting of Jacob Blake [LIVE]

So, which Republicans from Trumps administration as well as in the House and Senate does

How many "Nicks" are in the QAnon movement?

** New ** Last Minute RNC Speaker Shakeup

justin townes earle - yuma (studio-2007) his first single, it was about dying too young ...

My nomination for Tweet of the Week

Michigan Democrats target four seats to retake House as GOP counter-attacks

The Daily Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? DNC Edition

RNC Mocked After Announcing They're Totally Abandoning a Party Platform, Just Supporting Trump

Jason Miller, Яump campaign mgr. on Press the Meet regarding the CONvention:

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Get to Know Kamala Harris

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Border Wall II

Karen Attiah tweet about Jacob Blake shooting - good observation

Will Fox News have Russian subtitles for the RNC Convention ? Asking for a friend....

they all knew

Talk of mass demonstration at WH when it accepts nomination

From WT.Social: list of #hashtags and keywords associated with the QAnon

FLIPPABLE: Janet Metsa for MI-HD110

FLIPPABLE: Barb Anness for MI-HD45

Leon Bridges - River

"Networks need to be prepared to handle the RNC as a major political & medical disinformation event"

Several by Svend Erik Tarp

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Can't Stop Liking Female Liberty Students IG Photos

Trump has used the word "hoax" 250 times this year. Any criticism of him is explained as "hoax"

Biden spokesperson issues statemen regarding Richard Spencer's alleged plan to vote for Biden

Blackstone to acquire for $4.7 billion

Storm Marco closes in on Louisiana as Laura buffets Cuba

Lil Marco has fallen apart overnight - now a Tropical Storm

So the Con's sister did not attend her brother's funeral

From Rose Garden to The Ho's Garden.

Biden At His Best...

Twitter hits "Trump for 'misleading health claims' that could dissuade people from voting

Breakfast Monday 24 August 2020

57 percent of Republicans think 176,000 coronavirus deaths (and counting) is acceptable. Holy shit.

Tweet about how evangelicals are seduced by power:

If the Democrats only held one branch of government, which is preferred: WH, House or Senate?

Key White House adviser Kellyanne Conway quits to 'focus on her family' after months of drama from h

No platform, but republicans have a convention theme

Wave of extremist Republicans run for office, many with Trump's blessing

Activists want a rock removed because of a NICKNAME??!!??

Be as kind to Kellyanne as she has been to HRC and her family, or BHO and his

Why the right hates Harris

When Biden wins, Trumpism is far from over

Monday TOONs - The RNC Show: Worst. Pre-Game. Ever.

RNC: No 2020 Platform. We just support Trump.

Two dozen former Republican lawmakers come out against Trump on first day of GOP convention

Trump cites school choice, China as second-term priorities

Right Wing Christian Churches Hurting South Korea's Battle with Coronavirus

Taking the Senate should be A#1 priority

Young Turks founder decries lack of progressive voices at Democratic convention

Great ad by Lincoln Project, "Evil"

Two dozen former Republican lawmakers come out against Trump on first day of GOP convention

NEW: The TRUMP campaign just announced MARY ANN MENDOZA, an "Angel Mom," will speak at the @GOP con

Biden to ABC's David Muir on raising taxes: 'No new taxes' for anyone making less than $400,000

Watch live: Postmaster General Louis DeJoy testifies before House

Watch live: Postmaster General Louis DeJoy testifies before House

D.C. Area Expected To Be A Backdrop For Several GOP Convention Speeches

New list of the top speakers at RNC. Looks like it changed again:

Trump is expected to make a "surprise" appearance at Charlotte.

Mike Pence hopes four years of subservience to Trump paves his path to the presidency

Trump's schedule for Monday, August 24, 2020

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Trump's Boycott - Goodyear OH"

Do not forget that this (plus Biden/Harris) is what the Con is facing on November 3

Lincoln Project new ad

Trump's Sister Begged Him To Stop Tweeting: 'Cut Off His Twitter Account'

My driving instructor.

Trump is a 'kamikaze president' leading the Republican Party to its own destruction: Conservative jo

BREAKING: More former Republican Lawmakers fo endorse Biden

Jimmy Carter Tried to Make It Easier to Vote in 1977 The Right Stopped Him With the Same Arguments

National Guard called out after police shoot Black man (UPDATED)

Raptor gets head:

Guardian - Since 1994, Earth Has Lost 28 Trillion Tons Of Ice To Global Warming

@ProudBoys were having a protest to honor #BlueLivesMatter -so the @PortlandPolice let the violence

30 Years Ago This Week, We Were Warned Of The Climate Future Awaiting Us; We Burned Those Decades

Massive stone structures in Saudi Arabia may be some of oldest monuments in the world

Storebrand Dumps Exxon, Chevron, Southern For Their Endless Efforts To Water Down Climate Action

I never thought I would leave the Republican Party, but I'm voting Biden-Harris this fall

In AK & Arctic Canada, Warmer And Rainier Summers Speeding Permafrost Melt And Erosion

Kanye West booted off 5 state ballots so far -- weakening his so-called 'spoiler candidate' bid

Few Fire Scientists Or Climatologists Surprised By This Year's Explosive Wildfires In CA, CO

Ad Meidas Touch is Putting on Fox During RNC Convention:

Will the questioning of DeJoy by the House committee be covered by any TV stations? nt

I really hope the Democrats exploit the scathing republican report on the trump/Russian connection

Far Cry 6 with Giancarlo Esposito

Today's Dictators Are Different, Rely More On Demagoguery Than Secret Police But Just As Dangerous

Eric Boehlert: If Biden lied like Trump, he wouldn't be allowed on TV


#JuliaLouisDreyfus and the former Mexican President should hit Broadway together ....

You raised $7,273.00 on August 23, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

@gtconway3d Oh I get it--you want us to tweet food images at @MarthaMcSally because she asked people

Jerry Falwell Jr. says his wife had a 'fatal attraction' affair with the pool boy: report

14 killed, 75 wounded in bomb attacks in south Philippines

Does Kellyanne still have secret service protection?

Sr. Rep. Congressional aide: "Owning the libs and pissing off the media. That's what we believe..."

Maybe Gym Jordon will take over for KellyannePolls????....

Stephen King: "What happened to you, America?"

Let the shit show begin!

The Rundown: August 24, 2020

The moment this stray puppy leaps into her new moms' arms

I wonder how much time Melania spent this weekend memorizing Michelle Obama's speech?

Trump Tarnishes Another Pillar Of American Science

2024 could face yet another Trump......Jr.

The Grand Old Meltdown

Another indoor photo project for distancing and


Hey Kellyanne!

MLB Trade deadline preview

Wisconsin police shooting a Black man multiple times as he enters a car

Jim Bakker gets PPP loans during legal fight on fraud claims

Evil is Real (TLP)

Lawyers examined Pompeo's plan to address GOP convention from Jerusalem, aides say

I lost a friend last night.

Thousands allowed to bypass environmental rules in pandemic

RNC convention doesn't know proper flag etiquette.

The Trumplican Party Platform

How much more of this are we suppose to take?

At the Republican Convention hall in Charlotte, masks appear to be "optional" despite City regs

Joe Biden is a decent human being.. that is what we are voting for

Why do I get the feeling that "Mother Earth" is not happy with us right now.

Happy Birthday to In-The-Wind!

Uva employees are unionizing.

More than 500,000 mail ballots were rejected in the primaries. That could make the difference in bat

Work by researchers in Hong Kong finds that reinfection may be possible in rare cases.

U. Copenhagen Study - Only Worst-Case Models Predicted Arctic Sea Ice Loss Now Underway

Conservative lawmakers want to impeach Gov. Mike DeWine over COVID-19 response

Thoughts on the impending GOP shite show happening this week.....

"Love Gov" (Cuomo) briefing and announcement at 11:30 ET

Austria for first time expels a Russian diplomat "The Russian diplomat had carried out economic espi

This should be the ad that should be played non-stop everywhere

DeJoy's family company was sued over shocking racism, sexual assault, wage theft, and more

After Biscayne Bay Fish Kill, FL Braces For Coral Bleaching; Virginia Key Water Temp @ 92.5 In July

America, we need to talk about the GOP's deep faith in Godzilla

It would be awesome to see Texas go for Biden.


RNC kicked off with criticism of Democrats folded into prayer

The Honorbale DeJoy?


*** Protecting the Timely Delivery of Mail - House Oversight Hearing***

Not much polling action

Take a Zoom holiday as conference service goes down across US and UK

Melania on Secret Audio Disparaging Trump Children

GOP Will Not Write a 2020 Platform, Pledges Undying Trump Support Instead

It's amazing that this RNC are acting as if Trump hasn't driven the country into a ditch

Four days to defend the indefensible': Republicans seek to sell Trump to the nation again

Scranton loves Biden, Queens hates Trump

The Senate Intelligence Committee's report really is damning

"Can I buy back my soul?" . . . Please come CAPTION Kellyann Conway!!!

More newborns at the Tiny Kittens shelter

In forthcoming book, Stephanie Wolkoff taped Third Lady's remarks about Dump and his adult kids

"An Easy Girl." An absolutely charming French coming-of-age film.

When the Second depends on the First....

Top Secret Security Clearances? Still?!

"Blinky" DeJoy looks "uncomfortable". Love pats and ass kisses are not the modus operandi in

George Takei: there's no difference between mail-in voting and absentee voting. What is Donald so af

Empty mail trucks leaving early -- while mail sits on docks -- to fulfill Trump appointee's orders: re

Trumpists make California Blackouts an Anti-Renewable issue. Here are the facts.

The Zombie Companies Are Coming

Former Il. Governor Jim Edgar (R) voting for Biden.

DeJoy, the lying sonofabitch now spewing on my TV, just said that he did not order an

What Melania did to the W.H. Rose Garden

House Grills De Joy Today

"Owning the libs".. Not enough caffeine this morning, but that word "owning" struck me hard?

Biden holds 52-point lead over Trump among college students: poll

Doctors at the German clinic Charite confirmed that Navalny was poisoned with a substance from the g

Della Mae, There Ain't No Ash Will Burn

Anti-Trump PAC 'The Lincoln Project' Launching 'Lincoln Women,' Led By Prominent GOP Women

Some times the random shuffle is what I need

Which countries have the most COVID-19 deaths?

Corona virus reinfection...

Virginia Fox's sole accomplishment? She makes Louie Gohmert seem positively brilliant! nt

311 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon. ; 0 deaths

DeJoy is an idiot who knows little about what he's talking about. Here's a sentence he just said:

Has there been a cause pf death for Trump's brother yet?

On this, day 1 of the GOP-trump bullshit fest

Is Kanye West Going to Break the Law and Not File FEC Reports?

Fox News: Jeff Flake joins over 24 former GOP members of Congress to launch 'Republicans for Biden'

South Florida Sun-Sentinel endorsement: Save our democracy. Vote for Joe Biden

Donald Trump's desperation is pathological -- and deeply dangerous for the nation


The Lockpicking Lawyer: British Jaguar Strike Aircraft Missile Lock Switch Picked?

Crybaby-in-Chief is whining about CNN, MSNBC...and Fox News

How a Ukrainian Oligarch's Companies Got Paycheck Protection Program Loans

It tweeted! Heeheehee

A math problem stumped experts for 50 years. This grad student from Maine solved it in days

Breaking from Jamaica - Usain Bolt tests positive for Covid-19 - UPDATE

Republicans keep praising the fossil fuel industry during their convention

Pic Of The Moment: So Much For The "Pro-Life" Party

DNC's roll call is vastly superior to the RNC's.

New AP-NORC poll has Trump's approval at only 35%, disapproval at 65%


Trump Reportedly Considers Fast-Tracking Unproven British Vaccine Before Election

Facebook and Google offered almost $2 million to some H-1B software engineers this year

I wonder if Trump will allow Kellyanne to speak at the convention?

The RNC is doing a "live" roll call vote in the AM session...

RIP Justin Townes Earle

GLAAD Ad Airing on Fox News

SPLC Responds to RNC Resolution

Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup was born on this date.

DeJoy's appointment as postmaster general looks even more dishonest than you thought

It's SHITSHOW week

Every person trump puts in an agency was put there to destroy the agency.

GLAAD Ad Airing on Fox News

Wynonie Harris was born on this date.

I'm embarrassed for my community-covid 19 testing...

Falwell Reveals Wife's 'Fatal Attraction' Affair With Pool Boy

Border Town Links Fight Against Trump's Wall to Movement to Defund Police

Advert free viewing!

"What does an America with defunded police look like to you?" AOC's BRILLIANT quotable answer.

Meanwhile, @realDonaldTrump releases a list of agenda items he says he'll pursue in a second term..

One thing that the RNC has going for it...

CNN is covering the USPS - M$NBComcast is covering Mother's Boy and the

This f*****g dejoy guy and...

The Trump Team Elimination Brackets

Melanie uses children for a cheap photo op to "empower women"--and not a mask in sight except

Okay I got up a little late. Casper the Creepy Ghost is an AWFUL speaker.

The first painting with my new brushes.

Postal trucks traveling across US with NO MAIL following cuts!

How Donald Trump canceled the Republican party

Ready for the four night miniseries of "The Trump Show?"

Look at this beauty!

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) just hammered Postmaster Dejoy's handling of the USPS (Twitter video)

Gov Cuomo: Today I'm issuing five Executive Orders to make sure every vote counts this November:

DOSE OF JOE - Aug 24

#YouthVote Town Hall with Ashley De La Rosa & Symone Sanders feat. a message from Sen. Kamala Harris

I don't know what this is going to be, but I just can't wait! Miles Taylor has been great so far:

Her Former Colleagues Called in a "Wellness Check." Then Police Shot Her to Death.

Is there any real journalistic justification for covering the Republican convention?

"Make America Great Again...again?" jfc. The Shit Show begins...

Best wishes to tonight's guest speaker at the RNC

METROPOLITAN DIARY 'A Woman Waiting to Get On Told Me That My Shoe Was Untied'

TS Marco Update: wind sheer and dry air have reduced its impact to LA coast

Israeli dig unearths large trove of early Islamic gold coins

Santa Clara, CA: Black professor says cops demanded proof she lives in her own house

We've all had the "pleasure" of a Louis DeJoy in our lives

The GOP decided not to have a platform this year because Trump ...

. @flotus now shaking hands and talking closely with the 30 or so children at the art event, also hu

Jerry Fallwell Jr. Watched As He Was Being Cuckolded By His Poolboy

Huh. Do you think that, in this case, it really is to spend more time with their family?

Reminder: in the meanwhile, millions closer to being evicted and no Fed $ for the unemployed

Freudian slip at RNC roll call: "Home of two of our greatest segregationists..."..

Business partner of Falwells says affair with evangelical power couple spanned seven years

It is about to speak

One thing about republicans capitulation

If you want to really drive them crazy say 12 more years

After roll call vote, Trump shows up in person and starts up with his conspiracy bullshit

Jim Jordan tosses his own state under the bus-sized body of Donald Plump by saying he supports Plump

'Mind-bogglingly irresponsible': meet the Republican donors helping QAnon reach Congress

Alexei Navalny was poisoned, German doctors confirm

Republican National Convention to Air on Syfy Channel

My standing theory/take on the Conways.

Don't watch the Trump shit show. You're only adding to his ratings.

AP POLL! Trump Approval 35% approve 65% Disapprove!!!

If the policeman in Wisconsin could grab the victims shirt, he could have used non-lethal action

The crazy is starting...

Asteroid the size of a refrigerator may head for Earth the day before the Presidential Election

Trump is off on an unhinged rant.

💥 BREAKING: New York AG is suing the Trump Organization. Other defendants include Eric Trump and Att

Don Winslow teaser: Something big dropping later today re: RNC

Rs are blowing the Oversight Committee hearing in a big way

What's wrong with Trump's nose?

Thank you in advance to all those watching the republican convention - AKA "The Lice Jamoboree

Well I just tuned into the RNC and this is what was going on...

Ohio lawmaker drafts articles of impeachment against Gov. DeWine over COVID-19 response

How to turn an old laptop into a Chromebook

Postmaster General did not give response Republican Congressman expected, "Only In Washington DC."

Ever see the movie, "Casino"?

Carter Centre to launch first-ever US election initiative, citing 'erosion' of democracy

Federal judge issues stay in Trump challenge of mail balloting in Pennsylvania

This man is FUCKING CRAZY. And the MORONS cheering for him are just as crazy.

Diverging effects of the pandemic visible in the numbers at Target, Walmart

Joe: Yesterday, Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back by police. His kids watched from the ca

Somebody start a Go Fund Me for $1 billion for DeJoy....

Imagine thousands of people making noise outside the WH on Thursday night

How cute is this?

Iconic bread factory gutted in devastating fire in northern Sweden

Chyron on MSNBC: "Trump accuses Dems of Trying To Steal Election Without Evidence."

Backstage at the RNC

BREAKING: Eric Trump hit with new lawsuit from New York's attorney general: court filing

Matt Gaetz, a Lawyer, Asked Sean Hannity, Not a Lawyer, How to Make Michael Cohen Firestorm Go Away

AOC: Praying for Jacob Blake, his children, and his family.

Don't have a yard, can't do yard signs. So......

If Dejoy says he wasn't part of the decision making to remove equipment, cut overtime

Governor Cuomo Press Briefing August 24 2020

Jerry Falwell's "Pool Boy" Claims "Years-Long Sexual Relationship Involving Falwell's wife" + Falwel

I checked out C-SPAN, MSNBC, FOXNews, and CNN...

Need massive contact, phonecalls and marching on CNN and MSNBC

Ezra Klein @ezraklein There's going to be a lot this week. But the truth is in the chart

Manhattan prosecutor agrees to shelve subpoena for Trump tax returns

I had to turn on the TV just to remind myself what an asshole Trump is.

Republicans Jostling For 2024 Presidential Bids Could Face Yet Another Donald Trump (Traitor Tot)

Kamala: "Jacob Blake should not be fighting for his life right now."

Boy, the R convention didn't take long to get boring, idiot is speaking now!

Happy Convention, Eric.

The reason Trump is doing his crazed rant at the RNC right now

"It's rigged unless he wins"?

Why the hell is MSNBC carrying on with the RNC - I want to see the DeJoy hearing

Jerry Lee Lewis and Rory Gallegher

BTRTN 2020 Presidential State-by-State Snapshot: Biden Continues to Rule

BTRTN 2020 Presidential State-by-State Snapshot: Biden Continues to Rule

The Party of No Responsibility

Just got a good laugh at a store near me.

New York attorney general sues Trump Organization, revealing state investigation into the company's

The Republican Roll Call is an absolute dumpster fire....

*** Protecting the Timely Delivery of Mail - House Oversight Hearing - Thread 2***


WATCH: Trump's postmaster general agrees to put sorting machines back online for $1 billion

"Kiss the Senate goodbye."

South Dakota's Covid Positivity Rate Hits 21.2%

Kellyanne Conway's daughter pushing for emancipation.

Matt Gaetz revealed that the Panhandle Republican went to Fox News star Sean Hannity for advice.

Former Trump staffer who penned tell-all book and sued the president, back working on Republican Con

Trump claims Democrats 'using COVID to steal an election'

The six political states of North Carolina

I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE ... Wants Emancipation Despite Mom's Resignation

Who wants to tell them about YMCA?

Shout out for my Congressman:

How is what Mike Pompeo doing not a violation of the Hatch Act?

Dan Rather tweet about journalists

Johnson County, Iowa,

Business partner of Falwells says affair with evangelical power couple spanned seven years

BBC: Man who believed virus was hoax loses wife to Covid-19

Claire McCaskill tweet/Jennifer Rubin reply... About trump talking every day at RNC


Rumors explained: Is Kim Jong Un really in a coma? Will Kim Yo Jong take over?

Rapid Testing Is the New Velvet Rope

Just imagine next years Congressional Hearings

"All of the time is belong to me"

Miles Taylor updated his tweet from this morning with a new graphic

Article:Don Jr Fears His Father Will Lose And..........

Masks are required at RNC 2020 in Charlotte. But many are not wearing one.

Woman Found Alive at Funeral Home "They were about to embalm her!"

U.S. Authorizes Plasma Treatment for Virus, but the Big Prize for the White House Is a Vaccine

Like a dystopian novel, the protagonist lures hungry people into danger with promise of needed food

AOC just came in and sat down during the break in the House Oversight Committee hearing with DeJoy.

Florida pastor who dismissed coronavirus as 'just the flu' dies

Cat flees the scene!

Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny was poisoned, Berlin hospital says

Where's Katie Porter?

I don't want to stir up false hope and complacency, but

The Lincoln Project deleted the "Monkey" tweet

ACLU - trump ignoring SCOTUS decision and denying new DACA applications

Family time ...

Mesmerizing Mass Sheep Herding

Becki was naked as the two discussed their relationship while Jerry peeked from behind a door.

School reopening lawsuit: Judge rules in favor of Florida teachers

Rule #1 for surviving an autocracy.

Speaker Pelosi on M$NBComcast now n/t

"What Happened in Room 10?" Life Care Center of Kirkland WA, COVID, and for-profit neglect of elders

Not kink-shaming. I'm apparently-implicit-extortion-to-get-a-presidential-candidate-endorsement sham

Remember when I promised my tax cuts for the rich would make the economy "skyrocket" and then told y

The View from the Tenderloin

Waterspouts off the coast of Luisiana

John Birch Society

Trump has nothing left but lies, fears and stealing the election

"Is your backup plan to be pardoned like Roger Stone?"

" The Trump Organization has stalled, withheld documents, and instructed witnesses, including Eric T

Trump will be addressing the nation again soon!

Elephants run to greet new rescued baby elephant

Nice comparison of DNC vs. RNC roll call

What's with Fox News? Only 1 hr of convention coverage?????

Thirsty squirrels beg for water

The Voice of the Black Republican...

This DeJoy looks and sounds like a mobster

Like I said since the beginning of this regime. Trump is an authoritarian modeling America after Put

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/24/20

Florida judge strikes down order to reopen schools for in-person classes

What do you think about "work husbands" or "work wives"?

Biden's campaign to run ad seizing on Trump's Goodyear comments

Richard Spencer Backs Joe Biden, Says 'MAGA/Alt-Right Moment is Over'

Humor Heard Today

Texas poll (post Convention): Biden +1

Donald Trump Has Never Explained a Mysterious $50 Million Loan. Is It Evidence of Tax Fraud?

So...Jerry Falwell Jr. liked to watch the pool boy bang his wife.


Isn't it possible that JOE will get the "convention bump" after Trump's convention extravaganza? nt

Trump (post Convention speech): "COVID is fading"

Freudian slip, y'all

Could the Congressional Oversight Committee have done a better job?

Over 100 Nudists Infected With Coronavirus After Outbreak at Naturist Resort

Back to the Falwell story

It's just me, but I'm not sure I would have posted this...

"Trump kicks off Republican convention with rambling speech filled with lies"

Wimpy Meadows says the recording of Trump's sister, "don't actually describe Trump"?

Ohio State issues 228 interim suspensions stemming from student parties

Biden Campaign Perfectly Shuts Down White Supremacist Leader After He Expressed Support for Biden...

One thing about cults of personality

Liberty University asked what classes students were excited to take -- they got hilarious responses

Eric Trump whines about prosecutorial misconduct after facing fraud lawsuit from NY attorney general

Michael Steele joining PROJECT LINCOLN

California Supreme Court overturns Scott Peterson death sentence

Feelin' cocky; dog having way too much fun (Twitter)

Can you pick me up dad? (Twitter)

Texas 4th Worst State For Women's Equality Day: Report

Financial and Health Care Issue

I hear Stephen Miller is auditioning pool boys.


If the USPS has billions in loses. What kinds of profits does the EPA, US Marshals, etc. bring in?

Man that Elad is good!

Is this what NORAD was build for?

St. Louis County Tightens Mask Rules For Businesses, Children

Since I just figured out how to post pics.... Meet KuKui, my cat.

RANT of the DAY: Why are some older women called handsome?


"All For You" - Ranky Tanky and Bobby McFerrin

New Ad: Miles Taylor for Biden

Trump 'agenda' document treats voters like suckers


USPS Informed Delivery - Missing mail/packages

A comment about Falwell, Jr.

Democrat Chris Janicek to debate Ben Sasse in Senate race; Brad Ashford weighs write-in candidacy

"NEW: Former RNC chair Michael Steele announces role as senior advisor with Project Lincoln"

DeJoy: "I'll submit that I know very little about postage stamps"

Breaking: Falwell submits resignation

Am I the only one who always thinks of this song when shopping

Katie Porter reduces Trump's DeJoy to clueless jello

How To Vote In The 2020 Election: A state-by-state guide to voting in the age of COVID-19

Anyone else feel like trumps involved with Bannon , and other wall kickback schemes?

Tango Bastardo! (Tweet). Sound on for all 3 - The 2nd one is All That Jazz. All are short but :)

Michael Cohen re: Gaetz and Hannity

We had a Trump parade through the Ohio Valley

Okay, where is the major annoucement that was supposed to happen today that Donnie won't like?

The Falwell story will be devastating for Trumpers, but.....

For fans of Steve Earle

Rep. Porter destroys DeJoy:

Will gwb formally endorse Joe?

Don Winslow's new video, he told us to watch for today

Arg! This song has been stuck in my head for 2 days now

Aussie pupper being adorable as she howls:

Jerry Falwell, Jr. has submitted his resignation to Liberty University.

Jerry Falwell resigns from Liberty University following allegations of sexual tryst

Well, well, well..It's almost as though Putin designed the New Rose Garden

"A False Narrative": Inside the Coal Industry's desperate Anti-Clean Energy Machine

Robert E Lee Blvd in New Orleans has been officially been renamed to Norman C. Francis Pkwy

Irresistible pupper forces veterinarian to cuddle:

Seth Abramson: Donald Trump Jr. confided to friends that he thinks his father is going to lose

I know Joe Biden will find a place in his administration for Katie Porter. That is all.

Revealed: Jared Kushner's Private Channel With Putin's Money Man

FYI: Amazon has dropped pre-order price on Michael Cohen's Book, "Disloyal" both kindle & hardback

What will Kellyanne Conway do now? Maybe get a gig

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 24, 2020

DeJoy is so slimy I am surprised that the did not slither into the committee room.

California's top court overturns Scott Peterson's death sentence

Full Committee Hearing Video "Protecting the Timely Delivery of Mail, Medicine, & Mail-in Ballots"

Recording of phone call between pool boy and Becki where Jerry is in the background

Let the republican party

A muliti-layered plan of genius

WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is maskless, shaking hands and kissing cheeks at Trump's event...

4-year-old hits a hole-in-one. I can't even do that playing mini-golf. 😂

Falwell is being mercilessly mocked on Twitter:

Katie Porter Takes Just Seconds to Get Postmaster DeJoy to Admit He's Ignorant of Basic Facts

Pic Of The Moment: Highlights From RNC Day One (So Far)

As Census Count Resumes, Doubts About Accuracy Continue to Grow

OK, time for a break. Feat. Buddy Mercury Dog and Lil Sis!

You know when you need eye bleach when you see something disgusting?

Conservatives Have Only One Choice in 2020.

Ari Berman Counts the Removed Machines From Nine Battleground States

Baby changing station

I guess she did answer the question.

Hissing Stray Kitten Just Needed A Dog Best Friend

I started doing this

'You Now Have COVID': Masked Man Hugged Strangers At Walmart, Springfield, Mass.

The Chauncey Brothers

👓 Reading time. Memorandum of law in the New York v. Trump Organization case

World's most patient cat lets her sisters teach her reading

Well that didn't take long. Jerry Jackoff Falwell is gone.

7 Cheeses You Need to Try on a Burger

Update: 10-year-old goldfish turns bright red after he gets adopted -- and finds a girlfriend!

Lol... Jake Tapper keeping it 100:

It is reprehensible

"Jerry Falwell, Jr.'s sex life is really none of our business"

AOC: These women are my lifeline.

Former RNC Chair Joins Lincoln Project

Former RNC chair Michael Steele joins anti-Trump group

Chihuahua Who Ran Away From People Becomes The Biggest Snuggle Bug

Is Suburban Housewives for Giancarlo Trending yet

In 2009, President Obama made a decision to not investigate the Bush/Cheney Administration.

One simple characteristic of Joe Biden that Donald Trump lacks. "Joe cares about people."

Orphaned Baby Donkey Cried For Days Until He Found A New Mom

Congressman's Response - USPS

Tweet of the Day

Jerry Falwell Jr. aka Chauncey Gardner, I like "to watch."

Some know we moved to Costa Rica a year ago Sept 1

Trump's proposal to eliminate payroll taxes would deplete the Social Security Trust Fund by 2023, "w

My sister- in- law lives in Portland. Asked her about reported violence there

📺 NEW VIDEO MeidasTouch: End the Misery

Judge sides with Florida's largest teachers' union in school reopening lawsuit against state

Austin billionaire Smith facing federal investigation

ronald 6 wilson 6 reagan 6

Tattersall workers make history with union vote, raising hopes for industry-wide reform

Jerry? Falwell? I. hardly. knew. him.

All the sorting machines got removed and all the overtime got cut back and all the mail deliveries s

Hey, Joe! Katie Porter Would Make A Great Head Of The IRS. Just Sayin...

Turning guns into garden tools

what changes will be made because of today's deJoy hearing?

Huge DU hug please

Mrs. Betty Bowers - Just for fun, close your eyes and listen to Falwell Jr. and personal trainer.

Becki Falwell, a Trump campaign surrogate, appeared on Trump campaign show last year with Lara Trump

***NOTE***: No Witness's Saw Jacob Blake With A Knife In His Hand !!!

20-year-old woman found breathing at funeral home after being pronounced dead

It's not about sex with the pool boy.

Watermelon-Loving Wolves!

Are diplomas from Liberty University worth the paper they're printed on?

I can't get a break

Monster Hunter World's Music Soundtrack can be pretty epic sometimes.. this especially

Watch the First, Very Emo Trailer for 'The Batman'

Why is Fort Hood the Army's most crime-ridden post?

TOMORROW is Leonard Bernstein's Birth Anniversary,

Social Security Chief Actuary on trump's proposal to eliminate payroll taxes.

Falwell story isn't the affair. It's the money laundering!

Want to bet Eric Trump...

Postmaster General DeJoy hid a new Postal Service report from lawmakers for good reason

Ok, I've pretty much had it up to here with this shit...

New Law for Congress to Pass:

I'm the daughter of Jerry and Becki Falwell and I have some things to say!!

Many people are saying Don Jr is looking more and more like his pool boy father every day

Is the pool boy the same as the coffee?

Republicans are morally bankrupt low quality people, Trump knew this and exploited it

Trumps plan would end Social Security by 2023.

Graduate Student Solves Decades-Old Conway Knot Problem

How pissed do you think Trump is right now?

The fasco-recon-christians

Barr tried to remove US Atty at SDNY because it was about to indict Steve Bannon

To be perfectly fair, jerry is not technically a hypocrite, per the "marriage is between one man and

How fitting, tropical storm Marco (rubio) veered right and petered out. n/t

Half a century ago, Sterling Hall bombing left its mark on Madison and the world

Jared Kushner made a deal with Russia for ventilators during the COVID-19 crisis, but every single m

I am frustrated..

In Case You had Any Lingering Doubts About Trump's Narcissicm

Maybe this will be-Fall-from-grace-well soon.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Is this a prophecy?

So maybe, just maybe, this WAS a photo of Falwell Jr at a Miami nightclub

New: Falwell tells Politico reporter that he is NOT resigning.

Rep. Katie Porter masterfully exposes Louis DeJoy as a Postmaster General who knows nothing

It tweeted

Eric Trump Takes The Fifth As New York AG Tightens Criminal Noose

Trump reportedly directed Homeland Security officials to get their orders by watching Fox Business..

Ya think we will get a Nuremberg style trial after this is ALL over?

Could Rasmussen (51% approval) be more obvious that it is trying to help Trump?

New ad coming out by Michael Cohen

tRump's Handpicked Postal Service Chair Has A Long History Of Voter Suppression

Dan Rather nails 2020.

Jerry Falwell Jr steps down, says he wants to spend more time watching his family.

8/25 Mike Luckovich: Limited appeal

i had fun with this one... MonsutaHantaYui hunts again.

New video series and ad campaign featuring Michael Cohen

Rep. John Curtis (R-UT) Wants GOP To Recognize Climate Issues, Then Dishes Reeking Both-Sidesism

The Republican Party announces that it stands for nothing

My local fox network is playing "The King's Speech" (the movie!)

Liberty University puts stricter mask policy in place

Hmmmm. Falwell insists he didn't resign. Still hanging on like grim death?

OK I am going to don my mental hasmat suit and watch the shit show. questions -

FYI Pod Save America (team that worked on Obama's campaign) is doing live RNC commentary:

George Takei ftw



Michael Cohen to attack former boss Trump in ads for Democratic group

Trump's proposal to eliminate payroll taxes would deplete the Social Security Trust Fund by 2023

Well since my Hawks lost in the first round to Vegas

Jerry Falwell, Jr. Will Not Be Speaking At The RNC