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Archives: August 22, 2020

For some reason I was in the mood for some Freddie....

Mei Xiang Has Given Birth To A Panda Cub At The National Zoo

I love this yard sign!

More Freddie and Queen

National Zoo's female giant panda has a new 'miracle' cub

Alexei Navalny: Russian doctors agree to let Putin critic go to Germany

Wow! Bannon and Kolfage practically bragging about their criming!

Appeals court sets September 1 hearing on deadline for Trump's financial records subpoena

D.C. Police Sunsets Special Horseback Unit

Seattle's Elliott Bay Book Company to finally reopen its doors amid pandemic

Footage of lightning that caused some of th California wildfires:

A Russian Dissident is Fighting for his Life. Where is the US?

Inslee: The idea of fans at any Seahawks games must wait behind getting kids in schools

Update on Navalny! An ambulance to transport Navalny has arrived at the hospital. The German plane o

One more from Queen

Leaked audio shows Trump touted low Black voter turnout in 2016: report

Trump, the Postal Service, and the Russian kleptocrats' playbook

'This will be the year of the Biden Republican,' Rahm Emanuel says

Comedy tweet of the year:

Gettin' a couple cocktails in me before Rachel & the Friday Night News Dump

Gabbard says she 'was not invited to participate in any way' in Democratic convention

Over $900k in loose change left behind at airports in 2019

Covid deaths now predicted to reach 310,000 by December

The yacht Bannon was arrested on is owned by Guo Wengui, a billionaire who has a membership at Mar a

Joe Biden captured the romance of decency

ATTENTION: The most detailed and accurate account of what is happening to the USPS:

RepLeeZeldin on DNC: "It was a very depressing, bitter, negative, oftentimes angry, divisive message

Something about my EKG is freaking medical people out.

Steve Bannon Jokes About Ripping Off 'We Build The Wall' Donors In Resurfaced Clip

JUST IN: VT Republican Gov. Phill Scott announces "I won't be voting for President Trump"

Whoa. NASA TV special on Space Shuttle filming

My Trip to Maine

Wow. Watching NASA TV. Special on space shuttle filming

Trump really, really does not want to turn over his tax returns to NY investigators.

This is how influential we are in the world now.

What poignant and cozy stories will Melania tell about her husband?

When does Cy Vance get dumps taxes?

Video Resurfaces Featuring Images Of Hitler And Local GOP Party Chair Tony Krvaric

Sneak peek of Melania's upcoming RNC speech

Am I a bad person?

'It was great': In leaked audio, Trump hailed low Black turnout in 2016

Topless car wash

BillyBaldwin: Anytime you'd like to call me I'd happily walk you through the long history of how lib

Propublica: Cellphone Data Shows How Las Vegas Is "Gambling With Lives" Across the Country

It tweeted to show it's just like Joe

The Expendables - Bowl For Two (YOU can thank Juju for this)

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

"It felt as if I were suffocating. The other symptoms -- racing heartbeat, excessive perspiration, vi

Mnuchin WAS instrumentally involved in USPS sabotage. Here's part of his plan...

Trump campaign fails to show evidence of vote-by-mail fraud, filing reveals

A hearse, with Robert Trump's casket, slowly pulls away from the White House as his family watches.

Largest school district in Kansas. Board voted last night 5-2 K-5 in person 6-12 remote. No activi

What is the latest info on the "children in cages"

Here's your laff for the day

National Protest Sat...Join "Save the Post Office Saturday" on 8/22

The Daily Social Distancing Show - In Other News: Bannon Gets Indicted & Mosquitos Get What's Coming

SNL's version of Pres-Elect 45's first press conference.....

Latest ad from @Eleven_Films called #BlueWave2020.

It is hell living in Trumplandia...SW PA

Zombie - The Cranberries

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Bernie Sanders - Mobilizing Progressives for Biden

Sturgis rally linked to 15 Minnesota COVID-19 cases, including 1 hospitalization

NEW: Brayden Harrington says DNC appearance boosted his confidence, wants to help others who stutter

Just in: John Brennan's spokesman; he is not a subject or a target of a criminal investigation and

Missing parts suggest infrastructural sabotage. This is the type of criminality a functioning DHS wo

'Conmen, grifters and criminals': why is Trump's circle so at odds with the law?

US Senate Elections that Democrats win in 2020 to get in the majority in the US Senate in 2020.

Five charts that will change everything you know about mud

Joe Biden, in an interview, tells America what he thinks should happen to our Police departments.

The Daily Show - Fox News Is Right: Any Idiot Can Read Off a Teleprompter

Almost everybody has failed Trump's memory test

"Earlier today Brennan was interviewed by US Attorney John Durham on issues related to Russia's..."

Hope Hicks got $1.9 million for FOX gig.

George Takei for the win

To "St. Michael" Pence: hoping for a miracle is not the same thing as

How The Dambusters Sunk Hitler's Invincible Battleship Sinking The Tirpitz Timelin

Navalny and his wife are on the plane off to Germany

SenMcSallyAZ is "telling her supporters that they could come up with more campaign cash to donate, i

If you have an extra Biden-Harris bumber sticker...

American Deaths Per Day by COVID in Perspective

Rachel talking about the new book HOAX

Seth Meyers - Steve Bannon Indicted by Federal Prosecutors - Monologue 8/20/20

Georgia cop fired after arresting a woman for "TALKING TOO LOUD" on her own front

Pro-Hitler, White Nationalist Video of Tony Krvaric, San Diego Co. GOP Head; 2 Adult Sons

Rachel Maddow is reporting on an upcoming book 'Hoax'...

Mounting US deaths reveal an outsize toll on people of color

After admitting to false statements in federal court, Trump DOJ agrees to $200K legal-fee settlement

Van Morrison - Moondance

Toronto police pay $16.5m to protesters wrongfully held at 2010 G20 summit

This Tactic Can Save Democracy From Trump's Far Right Court!

James Corden: Guest Senator Chuck Schumer Is Fighting for USPS & COVID Relief

If Anyone Needs Me, I'll Be Living Vicariously Through the Post Office Agents That Busted Bannon (F)

Plane carrying dissident in coma leaves Russia for Germany

Got my flu shot and pnumonia shot

Can I use epoxy to put in a couple of tiles?

Open offices are overrated

Iran sanctions: nearly all UN security council unites against 'unpleasant' US

Zinger tweet of the night !

Joe: .@DrBiden and I are keeping all those affected by the wildfires in California in our prayers. P

Roy Orbison - I Drove All Night

Laugh of the Day (because you've earned it)

Navalny will land in 5 hours in Germany

Stephen A. Douglas' statue to be removed from Illinois Capitol lawn

Vox: Andrew Yang said the smartest thing about Biden at the DNC

Ex-Green Beret Charged With Spying for Russia

ATTENTION: Additions to my USPS thread:

Tennessee gov signs bill upping penalties on some protests

same system that sentenced Crystal Mason, a Black mother of three, to five years for voting when she

Kansas City police officer indicted on felony assault charge

I am excited for once in years

Connecting the Mobsters

Get ready for the shitstorm next week.

Biden to ABC's Robin Roberts: 'I don't want to defund' the police, but Trump does

Male Karen goes on homophobic rant, pulls penis out over store mask policy

The secretary of the state will send out absentee ballot applications to every registered voter

Iowa cuts four sports, becoming the first Big Ten school to ax programs during the pandemic

FAI Airservice Bombardier CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 D-AFAD is climbing out from Omsk Tsentralny for

Biden to ABC's David Muir: 'I would shut country down' to prevent spread of COVID-19 if scientists

George Takei: Heartbreaking news. Climate change is the challenge of our lifetime. We must act, and

Kamala Harris responds to Trump calling her 'nasty,' 'madwoman'

How do I do a poll of tRump vs Biden signs in yards of where we all live???.......

We need a graphic, side x side comparison of platforms

I'm sitting here seething.. watching Don Lemon talk about the Postal Service...

The Republican Embrace of QAnon Goes Far Beyond Trump

Ad from ACT.TV "They All Knew"

Public health has been so politicized, that it may be time to recognize and deal with it.



Ex-Green Beret arrested, charged with conspiring with Russia

Warren: Enough is enough: The Board of Governors must remove Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and reve

Has to be the worst episode of Bill Maher I've seen in a while

Billie Eilish at DNCC and

Dark, gloomy and angry convention? Hardly.

If you ain't indicted...

Awesome Reaction Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction (Live)

Bonus Tweet of the Day

RNC convention schedule, courtesy of Mike

Friday Depeche Mode Mood -- Lookin' At You, Republicans

Hey Joe, no cabinet appointment for Pete BOOT-EDGE-EDGE

Chris Hayes: In Every Aspect Of His Life, Donald Trump Is A Cheater - All In - MSNBC

I Just Don't Understand ...

Foreshadowing a loss for the Evil Orange One.

Wasn't the traitorous murderer "hosting" his brother's funeral today in OUR House (and at OUR

UPS Driver Arrested for Seven Shootings Along Interstate 5

COVID-19 outbreak at St. Michael's (formerly Harrison Hospital) in Kitsap County (staff & patients)

The Brink

Badfinger - Baby blue

"someone in town for Robert Trump's White House funeral punched a server tonight"

Should the Polls be a problem?

O'Jays supporting Biden/Harris with remix of Love Train

How QAnon Conspiracy Is Spreading In Christian Communities Across The U.S.

The End of Steve Bannon--and Maybe Trump, Too

Marquise Love turns himself in to Portland police.

The lack of response from Trump -- and from his GOP supporters -- should be alarming to EVERYONE.

Bill Moyers Talks with Lisa Graves about the Ongoing Threat to the US Postal Service

Is there a film #Blue Wave 2020?? The only thing I can find is labelled 'trailer'. So I'm confused

I HAVE A QUESTION DU... Are you gonna watch the Republican Convention? ...

AZ-SEN: McSally asks supporters to skip meals so they can donate to her campaign

This. New. One. Grabbed. Me. NOTE: Graphic Image for Sensitives

New RVAT ad:

Tennessee governor signs bill that would punish some protesters with loss of voting rights

ME-SEN: Collins helped cripple the USPS: Now Maine farmers are getting dead baby chicks in the mail

COVID-19 has hit close to home.

'Miami- Dade, FL Schools Say Almost 600 Staff Have Tested Positive For Coronavirus'

I'm on a rum punch and girl band kick tonight

Several Kanye electors had no idea they were electors:

Terrific news: The Carter Center to become involved in monitoring our 2020 election.

The Daily Show: Fox News is right: Any idiot can read off a teleprompter

8/23 Mike Luckovich: What a show

Midnight Train to Georgia: Gladys Knight and the Pips

Sauerkraut Makers--How Much Salt?

Miami- Dade, FL Schools Say Almost 600 Staff Have Tested Positive For Coronavirus'

After the convention, I'm kind of warming up to "build back better."

Oh, the irony

Just a thought about votes

Rush Limbaugh: "We're supposed to feel sorry for Biden" because his wife and children died

NYT - Trumpism Is a Racket, and Steve Bannon Knew It

Aren't there usually some polls that come out after a Convention?

Mural Highlights Dolly Parton's Black Lives Matter Quote

Weather outlook for the next few days, California

Mounting US deaths reveal an outsize toll on people of color

MA-01 Morse received donations from family, attorney of Holyoke officer who beat 12-year old boy

New York City creates online portal to request a mail-in ballot..

"It was great" in leaked audio trump hails low black turnout

OK, who has "killer asteroid" in the 2020 "how many ways to die" pool?

The correct answer

Spooky vibes - Soundtrack from The Thing

I won't be raising my hand

Captain Kirk explains FOX News

Mortgage Delinquencies of At least 90 Days Rise To Highest Level In 10 Years

'Complete Bombshell': Former Top USPS Official Reveals 'Disturbing' New Details of DeJoy Selection..

US Senate Elections in 2020 that Democrats win to get majority control in the US Senate in 2020.

PA-10: Payroll tax holiday: Perry sticks by Trump, DePasquale aims to yoke him to it

Why am I seeing Trump ads everywhere?

Schedule of Speakers for the 2020 Republican National Convention (McSweeney's)

Watching a heron stalk live on Africam - pretty cool

VA-02: Prosecutor Says Scott Taylor's "Entire Campaign Is Under Investigation"

Sen. Paul suggests cutting days for rural postal deliveries

Haley Reinhart - Shook (Official Music Video)

NC-GOV: As big campaign donor sentenced to prison, Dan Forest records still a secret

Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra feat. Haley Reinhart - My Baby Just Cares

Kamala Harris' husband, Doug Emhoff, could also make history

Tiny Puppy Confidently Steals Food Bowl From Much-Larger Dog (Fun!)

tweet of the hour

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 8/21/20

Not enough "resources" to fight California wildfires

CO-03: Warrants Issued for Boebert in Multiple Cases After She Didn't Show Up for Court Hearings

Joe's Fearsome Weapon Against Trump: Simple Decency

DeJoy lied several times today.

Mexico's famous floating gardens reopen after virus shutdown

Twin Storms Head to Gulf of Mexico as Oil Workers Evacuated

IN-05: Efforts to lift up women help define 5th District candidate Hale

Twin Storms Head to Gulf of Mexico as Oil Workers Evacuated

Iowa governor's push to reopen schools descends into chaos

AZ-SEN: McSally asks supporters to 'fast a meal' so they can donate to her campaign

So... I went back and rewatched Biden spank Ryan in their debate

Tara Reade might be speaking at the RNC convention.

AK-AL: Nationa Democrats book ad time to defeat the Alaska Republican

Trump's Crazy Strategy to Convince America Things Are Actually Great / Darkness? What darkness?

CA-48: Michelle Steel Following In Dana Rohrabacher's Footsteps on Foreign Corruption

Sean Hannity called Trump 'bats--t crazy' behind his back, according to book by CNN's Brian Stelter

CA-53: This queer Brown woman is running for Congress to dismantle the system

El Salvador hires, then fires, lobbyist booming under Trump

Bannon Legal Woes Leave Trump Scrambling For Distance (Again) - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Still Without A Plan, Trump Admin Holding Out For Coronavirus 'Miracle' - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti - In The Light

Major Corruption Cases Pile Up in El Salvador

Led Zeppelin - In My Time of Dying

Honduras: The Struggle of Garifuna Land Defenders Continues after the Kidnapping of Four Leaders

Robin Trower - In This Place

Robin Trower - Too Rolling Stoned

Ocean Rebellion climate action group launches with protest against cruise ship

Scientists create 3D-printed buildings from soil

All University of Illinois Students and Staff Being Covid Tested Twice a Week

big head todd & the monsters - please don't tell her (live at red rocks, 2008) my contribution

After a repentant Trump voter's one-man protest, what happened next?

Colombia calls on US to extradite warlord over fears he will escape justice

Conservatives, GOP candidates sue to block early voting extension

Children with no COVID-19 symptoms may be more contagious than sick adults, study finds

Do you count your sneezes?

When you mark your ballot this year, Vladimir Putin will be on it

House holding rare Saturday vote to send USPS emergency funds

I've been using Q Landers. Quackpots or Quackheads might be good too. Any other ideas? n/t

U.S. Schools Worried About Inadequate Ventilation Systems, Mull Outdoor Classes Amid Pandemic

Tennessee governor signs bill increasing punishments for certain protests including right to vote

U.S. Schools Worried About Inadequate Ventilation Systems, Mull Outdoor Classes Amid Pandemic

Here are some of the speakers scheduled for the republican national convention

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Next week's Covidention will be a disaster of epic proportions

Go hungry for Martha McSally

Corpus Christi pipeline explodes, USCG searching for missing crew members

Reinforcements arriving to help in deadly California fires

Good News - Marco will remain lil Marco

Here's a hypothetical question...

BREAKING: NBC News: A Trump funeral attendee attacked a waiter in DC

Someone in town for Robert Trump's White House funeral punched a server at D.C.'s Fig & Olive

Fairfax County Library Board Member Accused of Racist Remarks

Woman killed, child injured in car crash with Baltimore Light Rail on Howard Street

I do not get it.

Irish and a Jewish deli snacking kind of day

Court orders Donald Trump to pay legal fees in Stormy Daniels suit

Stock up on Home Schooling Supplies Here

Pentagon: Use of Surveillance Planes in Protests Was Legal

Comatose Russian dissident stable upon arrival in Germany

On this day, August 22, 1914, country music impresario Connie B. Gay was born.

I'm chortling over my witty FB comeback.

BTRTN: Unconventional Wisdom... The Virtual Format Elevates Obamas' Warnings and Biden's Acceptance.

BTRTN: Unconventional Wisdom... The Virtual Format Elevates Obamas' Warnings and Biden's Acceptance.

6th Annual Chuck Brown Day to be celebrated virtually on Saturday

On this day, August 22, 1936, Chuck Brown, DC's "Godfather of Go-Go," was born.

Uggh, Coloradoans, Californians... Anyone else wake up this morning with smoke from the wildfires?

Trumps presidential campaign is his most lucrative scam ever

The Hippopotamus Song by Flanders & Swann Featuring Donald Swann & Michael Flanders

Australia's Suncorp Will End All Insurance Coverage, Financing For Oil & Gas Sector By 2025

771K Acres Burned, 119K Residents Evacuated, 6 Dead, Smoke In Nebraska - California, August 2020

super tornados?

Yep, Trump's reelection is in trouble.

The basil is blooming ... time to make pesto

The problem is a lack of empathy.

Mr. Trump---about these hurricanes headed for our Gulf coast---

When Joe Met Brayden (the boy who stutters)

"Safety Not Guaranteed" on Netflix

Biden/Harris strategy the next 2.5 months?

It's tweeting

Old Farmer's Almanac Winter 2020-2021 Forecast and Predictions Are In

Old Farmer's Almanac Winter 2020-2021 Forecast and Predictions Are In

RT if you hear the word "GOD" during the Pledge of Allegiance at the Democrat National Convention. I

All Men Are Liars - Nick Lowe

A South Texas chaplain prayed with his hospice patients. Then the coronavirus came for him.

Smokable Hemp

NY-2nd CD

Mourner from Robert Trump's funeral 'punches restaurant worker in the face and breaks his nose' ...

Fact Check: Can the President send law enforcement officers to polling places?

Trump tweets that the DNC took 'under God' out from the Pledge of Allegiance. #TRUMP IS A #LIAR

It's amazing what a short attention span we seem to have.

Happy Anniversary! Love, D

Four years later, Republican senators admit, "yes, Trump conspired with the Russians"

"Nobody should be in any doubt," the director of Spain's health emergency center said on Thursday.

I understand these "shock" type store incidences...I was the victim of one.

David Pecker out as CEO of National Enquirer parent company

So, Trump spoke to God about fixing the economy.

WSJ: 2 full pages of signatories: The most lauded Nat. Security Officials of 30 yrs ENDORSING BIDEN

Biden's convention embraced racial justice. BLM leaders saw it as mostly lip service.

Please join me and !!!!! ⁦@Alyssa_Milano⁩ !!!!! for a FREE event on Aug 25 as we talk ⁦@JoeBiden an

BBB warns of popular diet app Noom after thousands of complaints filed

ACLU: Know Your Rights - How to Deal With Voter Intimidation (pdf)

BBB warns of popular diet app Noom after thousands of complaints filed

Grape leaf with water droplets

Jason Alexander: I texted VOTE to 30330 just to check my registration status. I KNOW I'm registered

Weekend TOONs - Straight Outta Scranton

I think I've seen this behavior in another species:


You're scaring me, Little M.

They all knew then. They all know now.

Tropical Storm Laura to sweep Caribbean, avoid most of Florida; TS Marco picks up strength

Thank you, Evangelical Christians, for accepting my position that marriage is between one Unrepentan

Berkeley police make arrest in fatal shooting of Cal student

This clip of Biden first meeting Brayden is doing something weird to my eyes.

Gov. Stitt's office withheld White House COVID-19 report recommendations from public

Breakfast Saturday

The difference could not be starker

Sunday Morning Breakfast with CSN

McSally wants people to send their lunch money

Trump Told Homeland Security To Take Its Orders From Lou Dobbs

Ivanka Trump Whines: 'I Gave Up My Life to Move to Washington DC to Help Americans'

China, S.Korea hold high-level talks

What I want to hear from the Democrats is there will be NO conceding the election UNTIL

Donald Trump is "psychic".

Jonathan Capehart is doing "AM Joy" this morning, and doing a GREAT job...

Sunday Morning Breakfast With CSN 2

California fires: Governor asks Australia for help

Amazing fact: apparently the DNC convention was helmed from (Emmy winner) Glenn Weiss's living room

It seems every where we go

My vote doesn't count this year

Sunday Morning Breakfast With CSN 3

Republican vets say they refuse to vote for trump (Twitter vid)

The White House Rose Garden "renovation" - removed trees, installed concrete

The House is in Order

Sooooo, working from home for more than a year the days run together.

Joe: To everyone celebrating the Hindu festival of Ganesh Chaturthi in the U.S., India, and around t

'We didn't wait for the feds': How New Mexico worked to contain Covid

You raised $28,130.00 on August 21, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

Woman in Colorado accuses Chinese owned cafe of cultural appropriation

They all knew. They all know now.

SATURDAY! Morning Breakfast With CSN

Graphic: cell phone data shows where Sturgis attendees went:

Guest for Robert Trump's funeral punches waiter in DC restaurant for not accommodating large group

Lincoln Project: Joe on coronavirus (Twitter video)

'It's just nukes.' Trump brushed off N. Korean missile to show off singer at Mar-a-Lago

SATURDAY! Morning Breakfast With CSN 2

VERY cool sighting on today's Safari drive - a Pangolin!!

Hulkdogs - pixs of dog after playing in the freshly cut grass (Not photoshopped)

I hope these 4 years have given us wisdom to roll our eyes when certain people talk of "sacrifice"

*NEW NAT'L POLL* Joseph R. Biden (Democrat) 49% (+1) Donald J. Trump (Republican) 39% (-2)

SATURDAY! Morning Breakfast With CSN 3

*Steady As She Goes* Biden ticking up to 74% probability in 538 Forecast

i must have missed something

CSPAN Live Stream Saturday House Session USPS

Dear America, You are waking up as Germany once did ...

One pitch from our presidential nominees I'd like to see

YouTube Could Be Blocked In Russia Over "Bribe" Video Of Oligarch Linked To Trump Campaign

Portland clashes rage again outside US immigration building

David Cross is starting to regret his vote for Trump

oooo...Monday is gonna be fun!

SATURDAY! Morning Breakfast With CSN 4

Martha McSally: "... if you can fast a meal and give what that would be"

The Lockpicking Lawyer: Last Year -- Picked Ballot Box Time Lock

Dido Harding to run agency replacing Public Health England

USPS Board of Governors - anyone know why there are no Obama appointees on the Board?

Portland - Night 85 ends in riot: More property destroyed, 9 arrested

Fools for Trump

Psssssssssssst! 180,000 Covid deaths coming up along with 6million infected people

Police union that backed Trump in 2016 won't endorse this year

So Bannon was arrested on a yacht where he "had been living for months"

Navalny landed in Germany overnight and is getting the treatment he needs.

Alarming rate of absentee ballot rejections this year

Covalent surface modifications and superconductivity of two-dimensional metal carbide MXenes

I am concerned many people are confused about whether to vote in person or by mail.

Ali Vleshi - Repeat after me: "The stock market is NOT the economy."

She made it all white

Michigan election officials call Detroit's primary voting problems 'appalling,' 'alarming'

trump team criminal record - 7 convictions and counting...

Claude Taylor is hanging out at the Trump Hotel in DC. Trump won't like it.

Mar-a-Lago: the Grift that keeps on grifting

996 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat.; 68 deaths

I got a speedy delivery today from USPS.

House approves bill to send $25 billion to Postal Service and halt changes

Posted without comment

Thankfully, we are more modern now and only use the Bible to punish Nasty Women and the Gays!

This Susan Collins Post Office ad is on heavy rotation on my Sling channels here in Miane

Trump Has Already Spent $1 Billion on His Re-Election

My Saturday Supermarket Visit in St. Paul

AP FACT CHECK: : Trump's distortion on Dems and the pledge

Must-read Ali Velshi thread about QAnon, Trump and the GOP

A different opinion on mail in voting, please don't be mad at me

Trump calls out FDA chief, suggests agency is slow-walking Covid clinical trials

Trump says FDA slowing coronavirus research to hurt him in election

Return to Sender: A History of the Mysterious Postal Police Who Arrested Steve Bannon

Former CIA Director John Brennan interviewed for 8 hours in Durham probe

Medicare coverage could expand under a Biden presidency

This is quite a litany of all the damage that Trump has done to our country....

Alas... a long tradition is over for me

COVID-ravaged Brazil becoming vaccine lab for English, Chinese researchers


Jonathan Capehart, WaPo: Trump is too much of a threat for anyone to 'abstain' from voting

Looks like the GOP convention is heavy on nepotism,

Turkish navy, air force drills in Aegean Sea amid tensions

Biden Gets No Immediate Convention Bounce, but Still Leads Trump

Nancy Pelosi tweet with livestream of her press conference, right NOW

Confusion reigns as Canada turns away American students

Kanye West's Campaign Unraveling

Report: US Plan for Contact Tracing International Airline Passengers is Delayed

My Grandson's new album out today!

How can you check to see what your signature is like on file at the voter office?

Bacon joins Democrats in supporting bill to give U.S. Postal Service $25 billion

"American indifference to evil has consequences..."

30 Of The Most Savage Things God Has Said On Twitter

Well, that ain't right.

Ted Lieu's response to trump's tweet that Dems took the word God out of the Pledge of Allegiance

Joe: America is a nation of immigrants. Each new generation that comes to our country makes us stron

California Superior Court orders trump to pay $44,100 to Stormy Daniels to reimburse attorney fees

Texas GOP has become the party of Q-ANON-We are the Storm

53 coronavirus cases now confirmed from Millinocket wedding, one death

Joe Biden's Conspicuous Pocket Square

The GOP Is Not a Majority Party

RNC will be the Trump gas-lighting event of the year

Local Officials Across Oklahoma 'Blindsided,' 'Shocked' By White House Report Not Shared By Governor

Trump says he 'listens better to African Americans' than Martin Luther King III

DCers can check voter registration here

Jack Sherman, an early guitarist with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, dies at 64

Lego Trump says...

In the Hamptons, some hosts are paying for party guests to take rapid coronavirus tests at the door

Sneak Preview of the RNC Convention!!!

'Is this a joke?' North Carolina voters are being mailed absentee ballot request forms with Trump's

I just spent the last 20 minutes "unsubscribing" from about 25 political websites

I put almost 80 hours into this jolly 2:30 song. Beatles, Beach Boys, Kinks influence.

"State Fair" Lemonade - Best Lemonade Ever - Food Wishes

Melania Trump has destroyed the White House Rose Garden

Today is Dorothy Parker's Birthday.August 22, 1893 - June 7, 1967

Fascinating interview with Mary Trump by Jane Fonda

Conservative pundit Kathleen Parker: The party of Trump is already a convention of ghoulish clowns

COVID-19 vaccines could become mandatory. Here's how it might work.

What is it about Trump that attracts low lifes?

Report: Seattle metro on pace for huge plunge in new apartments this year

Here's Something Kind Of Cool...

How is this anything other than pure evil?

fwiw: "You all don't get it. I live in Trump country, in the Ozarks in southern Missouri..."

84% of medical misinformation on Facebook is never tagged with a warning, and is viewed billions...

Democratic convention was awkward -- and authentic

Facebook is reportedly planning for Trump to meddle with election results

Every time Rand Paul speaks

The Week in Trump a contrast to Democrats' convention

These 'We Build the Wall' donors say they aren't victims of fraud: 'I hope I get to donate again'

Conservative Max Boot: Kushner, Miller, Navarro would be allowed into a normal WH only in tour group

THANK YOU to the whoever gifted me a star membership !!!!!!!!!!!!

What leadership looks like!

Captain develops close bond with seagull he saved

Cartoons 8/22/2020

BBC News - QAnon, coronavirus and the conspiracy cult

Yay! Edmonds, Mukilteo weekend ferry runs back to 2 boats

Mrs. Betty Bowers FTW: The new Rose Garden is very Melania: unnecessary, expensive, rigid, cold, and

A thousand thanks for my secret star-giver!

Belarus blocks news websites amid large protests

CEO compensation surged 14% in 2019 to $21.3 million

Bill Nye Has Strong Feelings About Wearing a Mask While Hiking and Biking

Detailed plans in place for careful removal of Lee statue

Are you registered to vote 2020? Check Check Check

Chris Cornell - Patience (Official Video)

trump saying vaccine being delayed to hurt him in election.

William Barr told Murdoch to 'muzzle' Fox News Trump critic, new book says

Sneaky cat returns home with hilarious note around her neck from Toby Carvery

Kitteh is mad

Young voters prefer Biden, but they may not vote

Embattled Sen. McSally Tells Backers Not To Eat -- And Give Her The Money They Save

So Bannon stole $1 million to buy a rug.

A judge asked Trump's lawyers to prove his claims about mail-in voting "fraud" -- it did not go well

Bwahahaha.....The RNC Menu

San Diego Co has an openly misogynistic & racist elected official - proudly doubling down.

Nazi Julius Streicher, Pub. 'Der Sturmer' Newspaper; Antisemite Genocide; Nuremberg Crimes, Executed

The Rose Garden was probably "renovated"

STFU, Donnie...The DNC did not remove the phrase 'under God' from the Pledge of Allegiance...

"It doesn't look good": Fox News Judge Andrew Napolitano breaks down the case against Steve Bannon

"From the most remote village in the Alaskan tundra to the tiniest island in the Everglades,

Steve Bannon made joke about taking money from "We Build the Wall" donors during 2019 telethon

Trump to attend Republican convention as Biden promises coronavirus action

Tom Nichols: Trump is a gigantic weenie so scared of his own shadow that he couldn't break out of a

Children with no COVID-19 symptoms may be more contagious than sick adults, study finds

Biden Leads Over Trump in Five Battleground States as Much as 12 Points: Poll

THIS has to be front and center

Oliver Stone, Bill Maher tangle on reliability of US intelligence on Russia: 'You think they're lyin

Are any other Firefox users having issues with slowdowns?

Uber launches prescription delivery service across Seattle

Getting closer to the season finale.

Sharpie getting some use

As Republicans imagine the post-Trump era, race card still in the deck

Lara Trump: GOP convention will show 'a very different depiction of America'

How Four Brothers Allegedly Fleeced $19 Million From Amazon

The Last Call: This is what it is like when you lose a loved one to Covid-19.

IAEA chief to visit Iran this week seeking 'concrete progress' in inspections standoff

back in my late teen's I used to read inside jokes about this album in 'Creem' magazine.

South Dakota Reporting Highest Number of Covid Cases Since Pandemic Began

NYTimes: Poor Planning, not Renewables, Lead to Cal blackouts

I was at one of the PO demonstrations today and one person told me about her coworker...

Photos: #SaveThePostOffice Events Take Place in Virginia (and Across the Country)

Trump Supporters Tricked Into Shouting they want to Fellate Trump

New Really American video - Tucker Dunks Trump

WATCH: Rachel's interview with Brian Stelter on his new book "HOAX" if you missed it....

"Save our Earth. There is no Planet B," is a good motto, except...

Hey, Trumpites teach those damn liberals a lesson

I'm sure this is a total coincidence

Gabby's French Horn

Washington Post Editorial Board Debunks Donald Trump's 2 'Huge' Election Lies

Now that it is yard sign time I'd like to share something I did to stop my X from messing with my

The Texas GOP's new slogan echoes a conspiracy group. Its chair says there's no connection.

The Moth-- wonderful stories I hear on my local NPR station...

Remember when you made a donation to build the wall?

Officers Involved in Notorious Wrongful Conviction Aren't on Prosecutor's Do-Not-Call List

San Antonio postal union leader describes mass delays, says Postal Service hid backlogged mail from

The president is at his Virginia golf property today. Our @NBCNews crew captured these images from

I've found the solution to the chipotle problem

And Trump said he's never paid for sex.

Mark Hamill tweets about "Joebi-Wan"! (has this been posted already somewhere?)

Disappointed in my Democratic Headquarters today

Post Office Fall-Out

Post Tortoise

Trump's 3 Ring Circus

My prediction for the RNC convention...lots of dead screen time.

Totally Unhinged Radical Liberal

Heroin Meth Trump

Let's make history in November.

MAGA - the acronym that is a gift that keeps on giving.

Woman convinces this neglected dog's owner to let him start a new life

Guest at Robert Trump's funeral later punched DC restaurant server

Trump Evangelicals

2020 as a song

Best 2020 meme yet - IMHO (of course)

Ohio Republicans try to regroup in crucial state for Trump

This horse waits outside her mom's deck every morning until she wakes up

Don't reconnect mailing machines, Postal Service tells plants. Tacoma does it anyway

Lady finally realizes why this goose thinks she's his mom

If you plan to watch the RNC, here's a BINGO card...

Mama Duck Decides To Raise Her Babies In Woman's Pool

One of my feral cats had a kitten this morning

Cat left on the street by his owners won't stop kissing his new mom on her nose

Police in Portland arrest 9 in clash near precinct station

Md. House Dems Organize Effort to Get Constituents to Vote by Mail

Tiny Dog Goes Everywhere On Top Of His Big Brother

Ketamine that's injected during arrests draws new scrutiny

Trump to be 'the star' each night of the GOP convention

Miami ICU nurse: I have never in my life seen so many deaths

Before and after....

The Motorcade!

Barr met with Murdoch in part to muzzle Napolitano after criticism of trump, calls for impeachment

Omaha man released from hospital care two years after contracting West Nile Virus (LINK ADDED)

Look what came in the mail today! 😊🇺🇸

Movie: #Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump' Review: A Documentary Dissects the President's......

US Senate Elections in 2020 that Democrats win to get in the majority in the US Senate in 2020.

Ex-official says former Mexico president directed corruption

Rescue crews recover body of off-duty firefighter who went missing in the Detroit River

Aerial photo of blah new WH Rose Garden:

Why did the Republicans release the Senate Intel Report at this time?

So, I work in the Executive Branch

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google - Part 32

What's for Dinner, Sat., Aug. 22, 2020

Nashville mural highlights Dolly Parton's Black Lives Matter quote

Hey, Omaha Steve! We're closing in on $1,000,000.00!!

AOC: Talk to me again about how a Green New Deal "goes too far to address the problem"

Trump tweets a lie today: Trump spreads false claim Democrats dropped God from Pledge of Allegiance

just got back from our Save the Post Office protest

WTF hotmail?

Trump rages at the FDA for being part of a 'deep state' conspiracy to oust him from office

Nicolle Wallace & John Heilemann on how to stop Trump from stealing the 2020 vote

Alright! I found out who Q is!!!

Photos of the people who "renovated" the White House Rose Garden...which now looks like a cemetery

This Makes Me Feel Old

Current forecast is for two hurricanes to hit Louisiana Monday and Wednesday

Trump Told Homeland Security To Take Its Orders From Lou Dobbs, Former Official Says

Rep. Dan Meuser tests positive for COVID-19

Analogy Dr Birx pushes between choosing to spend money in a Starbucks and voting

Ted Lieu tweet on trump golfing today

How the bloody goddam fuck can you have a rose garden with no roses! Melanoma- GO HOME!

Love helps make the world go round

Meidas Touch video - Bye Eric

My VCR croaked!

Dear Grovelbot

Now they're trying to say Biden speech was taped...reporters present respond

We just crossed 180,000 coronavirus deaths

So, when was Robert Trump's funeral?

Been thinking about you, Mom

Impending doom: The most dangerous aspect of global warming that few are talking about.

The Daily Show: Any idiot

Covid-19 Is Dividing the American Worker

Your every day dose of those invincible Belarusian protesters who are singing right now outside the

Beautiful photo of Jill Biden....

..."those were Jackie Kennedy's crab apple trees"

tweet of the hour (regarding Rose Garden)

When the Stock Market and Economy Seem Disconnected

trump at the golf course again today

2 bodies found, 2 missing after explosion in Texas port

Great seeing the outrage

Any updates on Texas Towelie?

Republican Convention Schedule: Who's Speaking

At Trump's behest, Mnuchin Paved Way for Postal Service Sabotage


2020 US Senate Elections that Democrats win to get majority control of the US Senate in 2020.

The House is voting on passage of HR8015 right now.

Trump's displaying the name of Trump donors on screen during the RNC

NY-24: In new Dana Balter for Congress ad, former John Katko voters say they won't support him

Eleven Films: The #BlueWave2020 Trailer [I love it]

Eleven Films: The #BlueWave2020 Trailer [I love it]

MA-01: What did Mayor Alex Morse do when Holyoke police beat a 12-year-old boy?


PLEASE VOTE for THE hot topics at the Republican Convention

Why Republicans seems to score better on economic issues than Democrats

Nebraska Republican endorses Biden, invites colleagues to join

Trump Jr. pals around with polygamy honcho

86 45 11/03/20


House passes $25 billion rescue for Postal Service

Useless "Independent" Justin Amash Voted No nt

"any idiot can read off a teleprompter"

Do your worst

IA-SEN: George Takei appears in ad for Theresa Greenfield.

Worst Choose Your Fighter screen of all time

These lines from Sarah Kay's "B (If I Should Have a Daughter") remind me of how we crave the

Cher: It's up to us to show up & fight to #SaveThePostOffice

Spot the difference?

QAnon infighting......ha ha ha ha!

RNC 'split-screen convention for the ages' with 2 hurricanes making landfall: 'Basically God endorsi

Woman, 21, Arrested and Charged for Stealing 7-Year-Old Trump Supporter's MAGA Hat, Destroying Pro-T

PickMeUp Anyone? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rude Pundit: Biden and Harris Believe You Deserve Sanity in Your Daily Lives

House passes an additional $25 billion for Postal Service as Trump tweets opposition

California wildfires threaten historic Lick Observatory

Why Orange County (Ca) officials have been downplaying COVID data

FORBES Mag: WA State postal workers defy USPS orders and Re-install Mail Sorting Machines

'SKIP A MEAL' Just Fast, Gimme $$: Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) Greedhead In Race w/ Mark Kelly, WTH?

Sunrise at Copernicus crater: How to see the 'Monarch of the Moon'

Northern California wildfire now 2nd-largest ever as total blazes scorch nearly 1M acres

Put me back in there!

For all those RWNJ's that whine about "illegals" taking their jobs...

Colombia ends terrifying week with three massacres in one day


Here are the states where Kanye West is on the ballot

Honest Government Ad Mail-in Voting

Honest Government Ad Mail-in Voting

OKAY, this is funny...

It is not about sending ballots

Rescuer Shares Her Lasagna With Crying Little Puppy

50% of the key speakers at RNC Convention are named trump

A message for today: don't ever underestimate women.

Trump Goodyear Boycott Inspires Workers & Politicians To Rally Around Brand

What Is The Soul Of America?

Morton County wind farm could be built by end of 2022

"Sloppy Steve" Bannon took all that money from #WeBuildAWall

Lifelong Republicans Explain Why They're Voting Against Trump NowThis

The House has just voted 257-150 to give the U.S. Postal Service $25 billion and reverse operational

Trump looks to Republican convention for optimistic campaign reboot

I am 79 today. Miz t. is making my birthday dinner.

Active COVID-19 cases statewide hit new high

Why Antibody Tests Won't Help You Much

You know who sucks? The people at Stouffers. (Update: it's ready)

Easy Living - Uriah Heep