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Going Up The Country

Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Elizabeth Warren live rent free in the head of Donald trump

Seahawks to play first three home games of 2020 season without fans

Jill Biden gave her speech from a classroom

Illinois rapid saliva test for COVID-19 now operating under FDA Emergency Use Authorization

Slade Gorton 'stood on principles': Former senator dies at 92

How did I miss John Legend at the Dem convention

Associated Press Iowa governor's push to reopen schools descends into chaos

Disapproval of Trump COVID response hits new high -- and many aren't hopeful, poll says

Intelligence findings undermine the Trump administration's Beijing-centric coronavirus narrative

Georgia, Texas and Florida lead the country in Covid-19 cases per capita

Andrew Cuomo's last sentence: "Joe Biden can restore the soul of America, and that is exactly

NYC paramedics union sounds alarm over hundreds of looming lay offs

EU Blasts Belarus Elections, Readies Sanctions Against Lukashenko Government

John Legend - Never Break (Live at the D20 Night 2)

Who sends the mandarin orange over the edge tonight?

Trump praises QAnon supporters: They 'love our country'

Trump praises QAnon supporters: They 'love our country'

Trump Sets Up U.N. Battle with Russia, China Over Widely Dismissed Iran Demand

Pelosi: Post office chief 'frankly admitted' he has no plans to restore mail services

Gabby Giffords is going to speak tonight.

Oprah Winfrey makes Election Day a company holiday for her workers


Fed officials say US economy probably needs more aid

THIS FILIPINO MARKET is a FOODIE HEAVEN! Salcedo Market in Makati, Philippines

Trump is a 'textbook example of a shame-driven personality': Mental health expert

NBC New Images appear to show high-volume mail sorting machines out of service and dismantled.

LIVE : Democratic National Convention NBC streaming

The pros & cons

My wife left a nice card and note for our mail carrier

Joe: Let's make history tonight, @KamalaHarris.

Ooooohhhh. This would be the ultimate troll!!

BUSTED: GOP senator's ad on reopening schools uses video of 'class' in former Soviet state --

Found on Twitter: Love The New GOP Logo.

The NIGHTMARE PRESIDENT!!! (suggested epithet/meme to help bury this ass)

Stimulus: 'A growing sense of panic' with no fresh federal relief in sight

Lol. Amy Klobuchar just told Judy Woodruff that she asked Kamala what her husband was wearing tonig

Leave your Postal Carrier a note of encouragement

The GOP can't distant itself from QAnon

Navarro Says Sanders Supporters 'Have A Home' With Republican Party

Onion Headline Following RNC

Joe: When Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, the President threw paper towels and abandoned the

What Rep. Connolly wants to ask Postmaster General Louis DeJoy at the USPS hearing

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Avant Garde anyone..? Audio Architecture - Cornelius

Joe: We can't go back to the way things were before these crises, because things weren't working for

I don't know much about QAnon, but...

Three senior drumpf officials have said they were unaware of its Goodyear tweet

Rand Paul worries Dems want to 'soften the amount of suffering' from job losses

T H I S -

Please remember - if you want to watch the Dem Convention w/o ads & interruptions, use C-Span.

Damn proud to be in Moms Demand Action right now

OH NO!!!

Postal Service blocked lawmakers from key evidence on DeJoy's selection, Schumer says

Gabby Giffords!

Did Sarah Pallin ever go to Gabby Giffords to apologize?

ENC to a furever home. A good thing. 🐕‍🦺

Bruce Springsteen is with Biden. "Come on Up for the Rising"

Standing "O" for Gabby Giffords

Anderson Cooper HUMILIATES the "My Pillow Guy" for Twenty Straight Minutes on Live TV!!!

CNN cut away for commercials. Changed to MSNBC and they were

Gabby Giffords for the win.

D and R on ballot envelopes?

No Trump! We ain't winning by cheating! That is your way of so-called winning!


Turkish proverb - I'm not sure which is correct.

Tweet of the Day

US Senate Elections that Democrats will win in 2020 to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

More Prince Royce, please

I've been singing Stand By Me for 59 years

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 20, 2020 -- Summer Under The Stars: William Powell

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 21, 2020 -- Summer Under The Stars: Diana Dors

Trump Backs Violent QAnon Cultists at White House

The segment with Barack talking about us being a nation of immigrants ...

Mamma's speaking soon!! HRC!!

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 22, 2020 -- Summer Under The Stars: Natalie Wood

This strong women segment kills!!

All these powerful women are the perfect lead in for Hillary!!

Wow!! This woman piece is put together good.

I. Love. Hillary. Clinton.

She should have been our President

Did the Trump Campaign buy Youtube?

Classy Move Giving A Shout Out To Bernie

3 million votes

Nancy Pelosi!

Teary eyed for our young climate activitists...

Hillary Clinton: The Woman in the Arena

Thank you to whoever posted the "In Memoriam to Andy Stephenson" sticky on the big board.

All these powerful women tonight

Gov Cuomo calls drumpf out on a couple things

Can I just say that Hillary looked FANTASTIC and free of worry and stress

Governor, I have some disturbing news for you about the people your party has been actively appealin

I feel we have hope and leadership again...


Maybe covid-idiot will stroke out tonight as he watches women persisting

OK I need the Kleenex box again

If Trump loses, of course he'll say the election was rigged and was illegal...

oh the humanity!

Pushes universities to continue reopening amid a string of campus outbreaks

For your work fighting violence against women- thank you, Joe Biden!

Liz is up!

I Just Realized Joe Biden & J.B. Pritzker Said The Exact Same Thing To Me When I Met Them

I don't want to ever go back.

Up next: Senator Badass Nasty Persisting Woman!

If there had been no Covid-19

Will the QAnon Republicans have their own caucus in Congress?

LOL--classroom letters behind Warren spell out BLM.

Elizabeth speaks!

Georgia, Texas and Florida lead the country in coronavirus cases per capita

Convention chants

text VOTE to 30330 - ?

I'm so happy tonight is ALL about women in America.

"B L M" on the shelf behind Liz Warren!!!!!

Medal of Freedom

Thanks, Aunt Bea!

I have gotten 0 mail in two days

'With Distinction,'

Anyone know a good way to block Trump's YouTube banner ads

HRC: Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda.

ooo yeah, sting him, Obama!!!! EOM

DAYMN Obama is kicking his ass

President Obama

"BLM" spelled out in kid blocks in Sen. Warren's background here. We see you Liz.

Tweet of the hour

Elizabeth Warren's shout out to her "Aunt Bee"

dRump is losing it right now: HE SPIED ON MY CAMPAIGN, AND GOT CAUGHT!

we have so many excellent people who can be part of a Biden/Harris administration

If only MF45 were smart enough

August Photo Contest Voting Thread #1

August Photo Contest Voting Thread #2

August Photo Contest Voting Thread #3

I am crying.

Name this band

To Sir With Love

August Contest Voting Threads are posted in GD

Teaching in the US vs. the rest of the world

One of the Great Speaches in American History

After nearly a decade in prison for a marijuana sale, Derek Harris has been freed

Kamala Harris is elected as the Democratic candidate for Vice President!

President Obama brought down the House.

Obama broke him

DNC 2020: Obama blasts Trump's 'reality show' presidency

I thnk Hell just froze over!


What will Trump do for his convention?

How can ANYONE watch this entire DNC and not see how ALIKE we all are?

OMG..that intro for Kamala Harris ,..made me cry.

Dammit. I almost made it...

One term president

Bonus Tweet of the Day

HEY! America! Both Barack and Michelle have an urgency you cannot ignore

Kamala: without naming names--I know a predator when I see one.

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Not once has trump expressed compassion to those who have suffered so much

Biden Repudiates DNC On Fossil Fuel Subsidies


Kamala is a truly beautiful human being.

"I know a predator when I see one."

10 out of 10 Crazy people agree that...

Barack Obama gives scathing DNC speech: 'Donald Trump hasn't grown into the job because he can't'

He wants civil war "Welcome, Barack and Crooked Hillary. See you on the field of battle!"

The Daily Social Distancing Show - DNC Day 2: Biden Accepts The Nomination & AOC Is Misunderstood

Local affiliates staying on Kamala

Elizabeth Warren gives her highest praise to Biden, complimenting his plans

Obama's take down of Trump is historic

Hillary Clinton pushes Democrats to avoid another 'woulda, coulda' election

2020 D.N.C. Live Updates: Kamala Harris Accepts V.P. Nomination

Trump pushes for universities to reopen even as coronavirus cases spike on campuses

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Veronica Chambers - Reframing the Story of the 19th Amendment

Well done Kamala!!!

TOO BAD they can't hug!

The adults should have arranged for a sitter. The psycho is flinging shit everywhere.

I need them to embrace! LET THEM HUG! I NEED IT IN MY LIFE!

Clinton stole the tag-line of the night: don't let this be a "woulda-coulda-shoulda" election

And Kamala comes to the plate and knocks it out of the park!

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Why You Shouldn't Be Asking if Kamala Harris Is "Black Enough"

Side Note: What a breath of fresh air to see normal people! To see genuinely caring happy family and

Outstanding! Jennifer Hudson singing "A change is gonna come!"

J Hudson - amazing! where?

Best speech of the night

One old fact was reaffirmed tonight in crystal clarity:

Nicole Wallace EN FUEGO in support of, and sympathy for, Obama's attack on Trump

Crowd cheers for Barack Obama as his motorcade departs the Museum of the American Revolution.

2 sets of justice in America on full display

Elizabeth Warren's full speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention

'I'm Gonna Show You What F-----g Freedom of Speech Is': Florida Deputy Threatens Black Man

Former President Barack Obama's 2020 Democratic National Convention Speech

President Barack Obama's 2020 Democratic National Convention Speech -- Full Transcript

76 days.

SCOTUS Schedules ACA hearing for 11/10

Haley Reinhart - Lay It Down

Gloria Borger: Obama was in the Oval Office and

Seth Meyers - Michelle Obama Blasts Trump at 2020 Democratic National Convention - Monologue 8/18/20

Joy Reid--GOP is an "insurgency against America"...


WATCH: Hillary Clinton's full speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention

It was the calm confidence of Obama's speech that probably rattled Trump the most.

Trump Says QAnon Followers Are People Who 'Love Our Country'

Kamala Harris 2020 Democratic National Convention Speech -- Full Transcript

Trump tweets he lives in NY but absentee votes in Florida? Fake Vote!

'There's Something Going On In Florida- I Voted Here Today'

WATCH: Billie Eilish debuts 'My Future' at the 2020 Democratic National Convention

Ohhh, I need some support...

President Obama delivered a speech that said Trump is incapable of growing into the job of President

Mysterious gamma-ray 'heartbeat' detected from cosmic gas cloud

Ahhhh! I missed Obama's speech!

The tRump has killed many living things

In the meantime, California is experiencing major wildfires.

The most damaging aspect of the Trump Presidency for Republicans is ...

Did Anyone See This Pic of Jim Comey ?

Three of Four convention days are now in the bank.

Why would a helicopter fly overhead for about an hour doing sort of a figure 8?

WOW! Absolutely the best convention I have ever seen.

Van Jones smh

You'd think a guy who orders his wives through the mail would have more respect for the Post Office

There's one achievement of Barack Obama that Trump will never match: that man

Reds broadcaster Thom Brennaman Used A Homophobic Slur On Air Today

New York Gov. Cuomo warns NYC restaurants may have to close again in the fall

BOOT-EDGE-EDGE tomorrow night!

FYI - Bernie Sanders is on Steve Colbert, The Late Show, tonight. CBS.

(Korea) Supreme Court upholds decision in favor of Kia union's claim in standard wage suit

Gov. Greg Abbott, other Texas leaders want to freeze property tax revenues for cities that cut polic

Impressive. Ted Cruz Defends Little Marco's Honor, But Not His Wife's?

Tonight made me so proud to be a Democrat.

How are you voting?

Charles Pierce tweet about Obama's speech

Spike in church infections grips greater Seoul, gov't warns of stern response

I toured a house today

Volunteers spot almost 100 cold brown dwarfs near our sun

Dan Rather tweet about trump's Twitter tantrum.

1,254 Americans died for COVID-19 today and Trump did what he does every day

I feel like republicans are shoving

Meanwhile, in Belarus.....Smells like Putin's work

QAnon Groups Hit By Facebook Crack Down

Putin Opponent Alexei Navalny Reportedly Poisoned by 'Toxin' in His Tea

Prince Royce at the DNC

For the life of me, I will never understand how GOPrs perceive basic reality...

Pictures from space! Our image of the day

The Oishii Gakko School Restaurant in Yamanashi prefecture

Voting haha

Putin Opponent Alexei Navalny Reportedly Poisoned by 'Toxin' in His Tea

Is anyone aware of any Biden campaign poster templates that are printable onto standard

Seth Meyers - Trump and Fox Try to Distract from the DNC: A Closer Look

Eric Swalwell tweets to an angry baby........bwahahaha!

Rex Chapman v Darrell Waltrip

'It scared me': Maddow unnerved by Obama warning about potential 'end of American democracy'

Let Me Be CLEAR, There is NO VACCINE for RACISM!!!

Beto O'Rouke: Biden Victory In Texas Is 'Possible' - Deadline - MSNBC

All Good Things Must End...

Elizabeth Warren's subtle nod to the Black Lives Matter movement

Trump Explodes Like A Rotten Jack-O-Lantern With A Cherry Bomb In It During Kamala's Speech.

Dangerous fringe group.

A request to Moderators for a "Good works" thread.

'Democrats Pound Their Message: To Oust Trump, You Must VOTE'

Lifelong Republican friend brought to tears by Obama and Kamala speech

National security law: Hong Kong government slams US decision to unilaterally suspend three treaties

Who can't wait to see the debates?

The Lost Year

Fact is this election is a flat out toss up right now/Don't be fooled into complacency!!

my prediction for how the moderator at Biden Trump debate responds to Trump

"Second to None"

MSNBC Host Hallie Jackson's maternity leave statement upon her return, poignant

Shannon Sharpe mentions Susan Collins to express his concern about the Lakers loss

Pandemic Forcing Working Mothers To Quit To Take Care of Kids; US Job Market May Never Be The Same

Kamala makes it look so easy.

ALERT: The Fat Bastard is now using ads that say 'With Biden, China is in charge'

Like many of you, I watched President Obama's speech tonight

Full damage assessment on Obama's Operation Bockscar on the traitor awaiting completion.

What city was Thom Brennaman talking about when he let go with the slur?

We Can't Just Run Against Trump.....

Mail-order chicks are arriving dead

"Quiet Village" by El Chicano...

I keep seeing adverts for Franklin Graham on local TV

Manhattan hits 13,000 empty apartments

Claire McCaskill On Obama Speech: Trump Has Never Looked Smaller The 11th Hour MSNBC

It's Not a Trump Bubble, It's QAnon

Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) Official Tease "Not the only King" End Credit

Has #MocowMitch publicly denounced his Russian handlers' poisoning

Lifelong Republican Charlie Dent will vote for Biden. Here's why

OBAMA: Those At The Top Take In More Than ever

Thousands ordered to evacuate from massive California fire

It was 116 at my school today and I'm deeply depressed

Kamala! Randy Rainbow 🌈 Parody

'I need you to save Democracy': CNN panel says Obama 'declared a national emergency'

I feel bad for the family members 8-(

Hell's Bells! Look at this from Seth Abramson on the Navaltny poisoning -- Putin helping Trump here?

One by Glazunov and some from other unknowns...

Alexei Navalny is on a ventilator , fighting for his life.

Before John Bolton's book, there was Randy Rainbow's 🌈....

Stephen Colbert - LIVE Monologue DNC Night 3

Stephen Colbert: Guest Sen. Bernie Sanders Worked With Biden To Create The Most "Progressive Agenda"

US Senate Elections in 2020 that Democrats will win to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Why don't they have the text number on the screen at the Convention ?

Will Putin and trump attempt poisoning or murder in the United States?

Update - Florida DUers pay attention - looks like soon to be Marco will be a hurricane

Thursday TOONs - 21st Century Convention

Are USPS Cuts Motivated By Voter Suppression Or Privatization-- Or Both?

Is the gop soon planning to turn on trump?

Axios: Obama switched places with Harris

USC Dornsife launches 2020 election tracking poll; Biden leads by 11 points

Snowing cocoa? Chocolate factory glitch dusts Swiss town

Cincinnati Reds suspend broadcaster Thom Brennaman after he uttered anti-gay slur on air

Prince Royce

Bumper sticker

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; August 19, 2020

It is the casual callousness that gets me

Never heard on an appeal?

Breakfast Thursday 20 August 2020

How to Defeat Trump's Plan to Overturn the Election

I can't wait for that moment in the Presidential debate when Joe looks at Trump and says...

Man threatens to shoot up Jewish day camp on Long Island over lack of masks, social distancing

Both Texas and Florida have now recorded 10,000 COVID-19 deaths since ...

Mr. Zip, the Postal Service mascot, in 'Post-Mortem'

Gun company can sue Grewal in Texas, federal appellate court rules

San Diego PD Says it Will Stop Enforcing Seditious Language Law

It tweeted

A Yale professor's stark warning to returning students: Be prepared for deaths

The Liberal plot

23 Major Wildfires In California, 300 Smaller Fires; Fire Season Doesn't Really Arrive Until October

US pre-markets following global stocks down.

Large-scale Renewable Energy Investment In Australia Falls By Nearly Half In Just 1 Quarter

U.S. State continuing claims fell to 14.8 million. Estimate 15 million.

Goodyear should sue Trump just for the short downfall in stock price. Sue Trump personally and not

Shitstain Dumps Pendley Nomination To Head BLM, But He's Still There As Acting Whatever

Now we know what the U.A.E. got for that Israel "peace" stunt.

Of the speakers, I only caught Speaker Pelosi, President HRC, President Obama, and Sen. Harris

Power Demand For Home AC May Climb 59% By 2050; 17% Increase Likely For Commercial Space

UK Will (Ostensibly) Not Allow Oil & Gas Majors As Sponsors For COP 26, Assuming It Happens In 2021

The Firm of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe Is Well Known

The Rundown: August 20, 2020

Most Of Next Comprehensive IPCC Report Likely Won't Be Available Until 2022 (1 Year+ Late)

Art of the Week: Week of 8/19/20

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 8/19/2020

"Constitution Illustrated"

Sarah Palin to Tucker Carlson: I Never Would Have 'Prostituted' Myself Like Kamala Harris

Journalist Mark Lynas Outlines Our Climate Future, Degree By Degree, In Latest Book

ADSB is showing a B-52 in the vicinity of Andrews. Possible Arlington flyover?

So, your President tweets a ban on buying Goodyear tires, an American company founded

Arizona Supreme Court Reverses Lower Court Ruling Tossing Invest in Ed Prop off November Ballot

Actor/Activist Ron Perlman on Dean Obeidallah's program last night

Teachers could stay in classroom if exposed to COVID-19

Even Trump's signature looks like a Klan rally.

A Yale professor's stark warning to returning students: Be prepared for deaths (non tweet version)

1.1 Million More Workers Applied For Unemployment Last Week

Trump tacitly endorses baseless QAnon conspiracy theory linked to violence

Nonprofit advocacy group pushes for nonprofits to make Election Day a holiday

Infected children can carry high levels of coronavirus, Mass. General study says

Barack Obama's speech put me to sleep.

"The Nightmare Presidency." . . . A meme that might help this November.

Trump Demands 8 More Years at House of Horrors Rally

Jill Biden Would Be a Better President Than Trump

BANNON Indicted?!

Breaking: Steve Bannon indicted

Leaders Of 'We Build The Wall' Online Fundraising Campaign Charged (Steven Bannon)

Rigger In Chief

Are bread riots coming to America?

trump refuses to condemn QAnon: 'They like me very much and I appreciate that'

Washington Post's "lie count*" is far too low because of Fake News & It's a Hoax as per Trump/Russia

Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny hospitalized after suspected poisoning: spokeswoman

Trump Challenge to NY D.A. Subpoena Thrown Out

About The Goodyear Tires on "The Beast"

Food inflation is supposed to be around 4%

Download the Bannon indictment here

More than 170K Americans dead, Pompeo tweets Simpson cartoon gifs

Randy Rainbow's racist & transphobic tweets resurface. There are dozens.

So, gaming out the Bannon arrest.....

Alright Bannon, your move:

It's already been posted but I wanted to resurrect this video- **BANNON INDICTED**

I love it when bots get sloppy.

Michigan to Pay $600 Million to Victims of Flint Water Crisis

Judge throws out Trump challenge to Manhattan DA subpoena for tax records

Homemade Creme Brulee Recipe

How we got to this point?

I Thought Bannon War Running A Violent NAZI Training Camp

So will Bannon be a Cohen or a Stone?

Should I mail my vote or show up in person?

Should I mail my vote or show up in person?

Jaime Harrison: Headlines on Nov. 4th. Speak it into existence, y'all.

Another victory for the rule of law Federal Judge upholds prosecutor's subpoena

Conservatives Are Very Mad That Barack Obama and Billie Eilish Made DNC TV Great Again

Steve Bannon Arrested, Charged With Fraud In 'We Build The Wall' Fundraising Scheme

Is the Bannon Timothy Shea also Barr's Timothy Shea?

Mayor of Akron OH scorches orange dumbass.

Isn't the office that indicted "Stress Testing My Dress Blues" Bannon

Kayleigh McEnany's bizarre evasion of FOX question about Trump's Q-anon response

I have taken a new approach to FB posts

Give an idiot a gun, don't be surpsied when he does something stupid with it!

For a little perspective.

Ok, looking for some new recipes again.

"The Committee has seen no evidence machines were manipulated"

Lincoln Project Tweet:

Jack Teagarden was born on this date.

This is really shaping up to be not a Goodyear for Trump!

Timing is not coincidental

Akron Goodyear workers plan rally after President Trump calls for boycott

Grant Stern broke the story that led to the arrest of Steve Bannon, Brian Kolfage and two others

Frank Rosolino was born on this date.

Just another day where none of my former coworkers on Hillary's campaign are going to jail.

Rick Wilson on the Bannon arrest:

George Takei: If you really understood this, your head would explode from the pressure of the irony.

DOJ 'firewall' may have prevented Bill Barr from knowing of Bannon indictment: legal analyst

Kobach says trump gave blessing to "build the wall" movement (re: Bannon arrest)

WTF? I go with the pup on my early AM 4 mile walk to come back to find Bannon has been arrested?!

Progressive group to launch virtual back-to-school effort to turn out college voters

FBI apologizes for lack of 'context' after tweeting link to anti-Semitic document

Kris Kobach, Erik Prince, Curt Schilling and Dave Clark were also involved in the Bannon scam.

'Most mafia organizations have a better track record in federal court than this.'

"Sneaky' Pete Kleinow was born on this date.

QUESTION: Why couldn't SDNY Charge Bannon post inauguration? Also, do state charges apply here?

This buck was found dead yesterday--trapped by #Trumps Wall-in the hottest month of the yr

Trump's response to Bannon's arrest and charged?

John Hiatt has a birthday today.

Steve Bannon Arrested For Defrauding "Build the Wall" Donors

A potential new weapon in the fight against COVID-19: Food coloring

St. Louis Scientists Develop 'Smart Bricks' That Can Store Electricity

St. Louis Scientists Develop 'Smart Bricks' That Can Store Electricity

FBI tweet about 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' draws sharp criticism

Wait, Bannon was taken into custody by US Postal Service agents? AH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Note two things about the Bannon indictment.

I will donate another 10 bucks to DU ...

You raised $27,096.28 on August 19, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

What Did Trump Do in February?

Dr Anthony Fauci had an operation today to remove a polyp on his vocal cord.

Bannon's getting the lion share of the attention, but I love seeing that con Brian Kolfage...

Ex-Trump official shares his prediction if Trump loses 2020

In the interest of fairness...

Where did Albuquerque weatherman Mark Ronchetti go?

Mr. Trump - What Do You Think About All The Repugs That Spoke At The DNC Supporting Biden?.....

I love Dan Rather. 😂

Well, Postal Sorting System is broken, but...

Bannon Was Supposed to Build the Wall?

It will always backfire. Was Bannon arrested by post office police? In that case

The "We Build the Wall" website is still up with Donald Trump Jr.'s endorsement.

Fed judge DISMISSES Trump's 2nd attempt to Block Manhattan DA Vance's probe

U Of I's Saliva-Based COVID-19 Test Receives FDA Emergency Authorization

Liberals and conservatives may have their differences politically but everyone can agree that ...


Donald Trump's show has been on too long.........

Renato Mariotti thread on Bannon Indictment

Can't wait for the season finale

Came across this today. William Barr in 2001

From the 'We Build the Wall' website...

Rise of QAnon provides an insight into how religions get started and grow

Who is Kolfage, triple Amputee from Castle Rock, CO (arrested w Bannon)? Denver media is on it:

Lemon Sheet Cake

Steve Bannon: Signed, Sealed,

I'm Touched!

trump associates charged or convicted since 2017

2018 Tweet on We Build the Wall:"This almost certainly ends with a group of dumbfucks going to jail"

wait, wait...Bannon was arrested off a BOAT?!

"Sailing, Sailing, Over the Bounding Main..."

723 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs. 50 deaths.

IRS to send 13.9M taxpayers interest on their refunds

Confirmed by NBC - The USPS arrested Bannon!!!

Lincoln Project Town Hall tomorrow night 7:00 edt

Leaders Of 'We Build The Wall' Charged With Defrauding Hundreds Of Thousands Of Donors

Any fans of sparkling mineral waters?

Eric Swalwell goes for the jugular!

Table top studio version 2.0.

FlashBack Of The Day!

*Bannon's Criminal Associate Used Ill-Gotten Funds To Buy Boat That Floated In Trump Boat Parade*

Trump knocks McCain, 'deadheads' who 'sabotaged his campaign from the inside'

Trump now on Bannon: "I don't know anything about the project at all... I don't like that project."

WH statement on Bannon's indictment

'Build the Wall' bought the boat.

Here's Donald Trump Jr.'s testimonial on the We Build The Wall Website.

Omaha native Symone Sanders connects with Nebraska Democrats during virtual watch party

Historian Jon Meacham to speak on final night of Democratic convention

Stop Asking Trump if he will "Accept" the results of the election!!!

"Steve Bannon Indicted" - the first words I saw when opening DU this morning.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/20/20

Argh! No challenge at all from the WHPC when tRump asserts Obama admin was corrupt

Then I said, "Do you feel lucky punk? C'mon, make my day!"

What to expect on Day 4 of Democratic convention: Joe Biden to accept nomination for president

So who is left to speak at the RNC convention?

'We Build the Wall' ⭐️Trump Approved⭐️

Chumpy will do everything he can to avoid being perp walked by SDNY,

Video of Don Trump Jr. as guest speaker at We Build the Wall event in New Mexico.

SDNY Office's "Public Corruption Unit." Which means an ELECTED OFFICIAL is involved

POD [pic/photo/post of (the) day] ... Here's lookin' at 'cha

Was Bannon scheduled to speak at the RNC?

I don't think it took a whole lot of investigation!

Fauci undergoes surgery for vocal cord polyp

Obama and Harris, living rent free in Trump's otherwise empty head.

How many republican criminals have been arrested since the days of Nixon?

Evidence grows that children may play a larger role in transmission than once believed

Looks like no one will be talking about the fantastic 3rd night of the convention eh??

Russia to begin COVID-19 vaccine trials on 40,000 people next week

Woo hoo - DNC bought just our shop pizza! They must have liked our staging!!

Uh-oh, Junior. You should find yourself a safehouse or a relative close by. Lay low for a while...

Here's the 911 call in Lincoln County, Me., that resulted from Tucker Carlson's attacks ...

Iran says holding UAE boat after fishermen deaths

Palin put words on Sen Harris, some of the #KHive has opinions

in other news: trump is asked about steve bannon's indictment. his response...

New WH Guidance: covid exposed teachers can remain in classrooms

Obama returned to torment Trump in ways that only a member of the Oval Office club can


Poetry reading by Juan Felipe Herrera Sep 30 and a discussion of Buckminster Fuller Aug 27

Sean Hannity privately called Trump 'batsh-- crazy,' according to new book

When you hear the 2nd Trump campaign manager has been arrested and you were number 3.

Pic Of The Moment: Oops

Can Pompeo nail the coffin closed on the Iran nuclear deal?

Greenland ice sheet lost a record 1m tonnes of ice per minute in 201

The Postal Inspectors who arrested Bannon

Here's some more real good news. This will hit you in the 'feels'!

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo mocks domestic violence survivors

American Airlines says it will stop flying to 15 US cities in October

USPS Headquarters Tells Managers Not to Reconnect Mail Sorting Machines, Emails Show

Is "I feel badly"code?

Los Angeles Mayor Shuts Off Power At Hollywood Hills House That Hosted Large Parties

In surprise endorsement that roils party's left wing, Pelosi throws support behind Kennedy

Fox News - I went so you don't have to. DEVELOPING

Ship bought with illicit 'We Build the Wall' cash took part in one of Trump's beloved 'boat parades'

A huge thank you to Geoffrey Berman for standing up to Barr!!

What really happened to them

Swiss town covered in chocolate snow after glitch at Lindt factory

And now...Pandas!

Bannon's co-conspirator is NO stranger to thieving and fraud!


Trump seeks distance from Bannon, calls fundraising project 'inappropriate'

Hey! Look at Bannon's "boat". The Lady May price reduced to $28,000,000

40 percent of USPS's high-speed letter-sorting machines have already been shut-down in Sea-Tac

Asked why he'd supported We Build The Wall even though its existence screamed a lack of confidence

The Lincoln Project: Crossroads


"Obama did not go far enough?"

Smart dog knows exactly what the word "adventure" means

Bannon and Build the Wall's Andrew Badolato

donnie: "c'mon, bannon's not a russian agent! you people are never satisfied!"

Steve Bannon's arrest shines a light on web of anti-immigration conservatives

I would HATE to be in the WH right now.

The King Screaming for 8 min 😂😱

911 call centers across Maryland will accept text messages starting Thursday.

Cal Ripken Jr. reveals he beat prostate cancer

OMG! - This email, from a Yale administrator to returning students, is *stunning*

Another thing the Post Office sabotage is screwing up.

Love Brianna Keilar from CNN......where has she been?? Anderson Cooper has been

My dad was just diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.

Raptors president Masai Ujiri vindicated finally by bodycam footage of his cop attacker.

Dramatic New Bodycam Footage Shows Sheriff's Deputy Shoved Raptors' President During Altercation

Arkansas governor and legislators introduce 'long overdue' hate crimes legislation

A Harrowing Night (California Fires)

DOSE OF JOE -- August 20

David Crosby: "Pot is like beer and wine. Legalize it dammit then all the young people will vote"

After Labor Day/Conventions Polls will be informative.

A Texas school system can't make a Black teen cut his dreadlocks, court rules

apparently the key part of republicans' "law and order" plan is a steady stream of criminals....

Butterfly Sanctuary that was going to be destroyed by We Build the Wall celebrates today's news:

Massive 3-alarm fire erupts near I-90 in Seattle, buildings evacuated

MA-SEN: Pelosi Endorses Kennedy In Massachusetts Senate Race

Senate Intel Report and Criminal Referrals of Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner & Steve Bannon

CNBC Right Wingers rendered speechless by news of Steve Bannon's indictment


Trump has officially turned the GOP into the QAnon Party

Bannon was nabbed on the yacht of Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui

More trouble ahead for Bannon, beyond the wall scam!

Laurence Tribe: "Very bad news for Trump"

Symphony #3 "Scottish" Felix Mendelssohn

White House asks Supreme Court to let Trump block critics on Twitter

A Blast From The Past courtesy of SPY Magazine

South Korea COVID-19 infections 'in full swing' after protest outbreak

Why would anyone attempt to assassinate Navalny? Why now? More from Seth Abramson.

Just checked my car's tires.

What are Joe and Kamala's positions on legalizing marijuana for recreational use? Asking for a

So embezzled money was used by Bannon to buy a boat used for a campaign rally?

The love gov: All voters can now request an absentee ballot if they are concerned about COVID.

If Bannon's arrest is the August Surprise, I can't wait for the September and October surprises!

How are you going to vote?

i just had a pear that had been in the fridge for an entire month.

The economics of canning

BREAKING: Cuomo signs Bill allowing no-excuse Absentee voting due to COVID

Department of Energy Announces 8 Winners of Individuals Taking Energy Action in Manufacturing Prize

The garden harvest has begun so I worked a little kitchen magic, today

NEW Republican Convention slogan - "If you're not indicted, you're not invited"

Shape of things to come (Labor day is a pivot)

"Okay folks, everybody squeeze in together for the group photo."

More Than 20 States Suing Postal Service Over Changes, Despite DeJoy's Reversal

The Mythology of Karen

Why Doug Jones thinks Alabama's Democratic voters are 'energized' this year - PBS NewsHour

Former Gov. McAuliffe files paperwork to run again, but said he hasn't made a decision

Teachers Could Stay In Classroom If Exposed To COVID-19

When the House Impeaches a President, Senate must hold a trial

Trump disapproval rating at new high

Eric Prince on the wall: "the last not done yet...mark my words"

What we cannot ignore

Night 84 in Portland.

Merriam-Webster with the Troll of the Day

Bannon's arrest proves one thing for sure!

Today is the feast day of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, reformer and founder of monasteries.

Socialism versus Liberalism

What's Nashville like?

Shooting masks onto people's faces! LOL

AOC to Pelosi: "No one gets to complain about primary challenges again."

Meanwhile at FOX

Coronavirus researchers must examine Trump-backed conspiracy--or lose funding

This VW Vanagon Westfalia helped Philadelphia citizens vote

New documentary on Rock Against Racism

Cartoons 8/20/2020

Vandals with chainsaws slash 5 PUD utility poles in Lynnwood

Night 83 in Portland

Sarah Palin to Tucker Carlson....."I Never would have prostituted myself like Kamala Harris did."

State TV says Iran unveiled 2 new missiles

Angela Merkel has offered treatment for Russian opposition leader navalny in a Berlin hospital

Doug was looking pretty sharp last night in his blue suit and brown leather shoes

VCU reports 25 confirmed student COVID-19 cases and 11 employee cases

Pelosi endorses Joe Kennedy in Massachusetts Senate race

"From the coast of California to the shores of the Delaware Bay." Chuck Berry

Gulf Coast and Texas DUers be careful

trump with people he barely knows

Water already dwindling, Egypt's farmers fear impact of dam

Bill Barr messed up ---Berman is the hero and wins the day

Gulf Coast DUers-two tropical storms headed for Gulf of Mexico

Serious question for our DU legal eagles

I just received a piece of mail

I've been a postal worker for 17 years, and I'm unnerved by the current situation

Bill Barr ordered DOJ officials to meet with Fox News conspiracy theorist about Ukraine: report

Bill Cassidy Tests Positive

Trump blasts McConnell over timing of Senate hearing with postmaster general

Trump team comes up empty when pressed for evidence of election fraud in court


24 Cases of Covid Now Tied to Sturgis Bike Rally

Banks start to buy home loans at below-market prices - Bloomberg

DU Electricians and portable generator owners - please help!

Trump asks Supreme Court to let him block critics on Twitter

After reading Mary L. Trump's book, I almost feel sorry for the man.

New leak: Top USPS official orders local post offices not to reconnect mail sorting machines

So a Fox host compared a Trump boat parade to the Spanish armada

Will Bannon speak at the GOP convention?

Ex-federal prosecutor wonders if Bannon will be so scared of jail he'll sell out Donald Trump Jr...

Lyft will suspend service in California after ordered to classify drivers as employees

You all know how much I love Billy Strings - Blue Grass picker extraordinaire

Video tweet of the day!

Iowa medical director was aware for weeks of COVID data flaw

Republican push to block controversial Alaskan gold mine gains the White House's attention

Top Republican National Security Officials Say They Will Vote for Biden

Top Republican National Security Officials Say They Will Vote for Biden

Russian aircraft.....hopefully sent to get trump in Pennsylvania.

Faux nooz just said drumpf campaign will fly a biplane pulling a banner in DE?

I just received an invitation by the Republican Party of New Mexico

NYT editorial Board: "Inarguable That the Trump Campaign Colluded With a Hostile Foreign Power"

Did a mink just give the coronavirus to a human?

Tiedrich: Bannon stole money from racists. maybe that's a public service. I'm fucking conflicted

Senator Bill Cassidy tests positive for COVID-19

When Republicons say they're voting for Biden/Harris ...

Trumpolini to hold rally near Biden's home town ahead of convention tonite

So I decided to look at Facebook to see what the right wing is now saying about the DNC

Penn State classes haven't yet started. But large parties have

Snapback, The Iran nukes deal is back on ? TODAY of ALL days ???

Cuomo Signs New Laws To Expand Absentee Voting Ahead Of Presidential Vote

Two spot on tweets

Beautiful moments between animal mothers and their babies

Lincoln Project: John Kasich and Joe Biden know that restoring our nation means putting partisanship

Bwaaaahaaaa. Looking at the magats awaiting Trump speech in Pennsylvania and they wearing masks.

Yonkers NY Public Schools to begin school year with remote learning

AOC: This is extremely concerning. The pantry is absolutely not bare.

BREAKING: Steve Bannon's court appearance pushed back to 4 PM...

Netherlands up to 25% renewable

The Truth Is Donald Trump Is A No Good F__king Liar

Sen. Cassidy (R-LA) has a challenger: Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins, a young Black man

Trump cabinet officials voted in 2018 WH meeting to separate migrant children, say officials

4 PM ET Progressive Caucus "hearing" on the USPS?

WTF Washington Post??????

LOL. Kolfage tried to create an anti-BLM GoFundMe. They were stopped. This week.

So Harris was wrong apparently.

Michigan Agrees To Pay $600 Million To Flint Residents Over Water Debacle

Trump Admin Reverses Course, Says CDC WILL Regain Control Of COVID Data Collection

Basketball player Stephen Curry is endorsing Biden tonight

Law and Order!!!


Prosecutors looking to reinstate indictment against Paul Manafort for mortgage fraud

Who do you all believe to be the "Best Guitarist under 50 years old"?

Curtis Stigers "Shut-ins" (Official Music Video)

More Breaking News The Con's Cabinet voted to separate children from their parents

Two tropical depressions forecast in the Gulf of Mexico

Living in President Bleach Land

3 X NBA Champion Steph Curry Endorses Joe Biden

At urging of Trump -DHS awarded $400 million contract to Company affiliated with "We Build the Wall"

Trump cabinet officials voted in 2018 White House meeting to separate migrant children, say official

USPS workers were instructed to hide backlogged mail from Congressman @JoaquinCastrotx as he toured

Sweden records highest death tally in 150 years in first half of 2020

Bannon? Child Separation Vote (!) QAnon Etc.: Coincidence or purposeful?

Paging Moscow Mitch! The Russian co you're bringing to Kentucky is "a proxy for the Kremlin."

-- President Trump, quoted by CNN, apparently forgetting that he's president now.

Senator Coons Said Americans Are Not Interested In Russia

Trump directed Homeland Security to give $400 million to firm tied to Bannon's We Build the Wall sch

Rep. David Lewis resigns from N.C. House after federal charges

Giants promote top catching prospect Joey Bart

Markey shows alotta class.

News out today: New York State has approved absentee voting due to Covid fears.

Extract from Mayor Pete's DNC speech

Read Today-Good Idea

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 20, 2020

GOP sending out request for absentee ballot form on POST CARDS

Perfect description of Steve Bannon

Former Postal Governor Tells Congress Mnuchin Politicized Postal Service

networks cut DNC to an hour because they were worried about airing 2 hours of 'unpredictable" trump

Unchecked privilege rears it's ugly head in the face of every American struggling to make a living

Ben Sasse Says Trump's QAnon Remarks Will Be Partly to Blame if Dems Retake Senate

InfoWars Reporter Hailed As a Deep State Victim. The Cops Say She Just Robbed Her Mom.

Dennis Quaid Adopted A Shelter Cat Named Dennis Quaid

FOX wants to keep killing people

Daniel Dale tweets Trump's latest shit show

Sergeant Who Charged Virginia Senator With Felonies Called Her Cop Criticism 'Repulsive'

Politico: "Win or lose, Trump's new GOP is here to stay"

NEW CONVENTION EVENT: Texas Democrats: Democratic National Convention Pre-Show

Trump was obsessed with which way Hurricane Florence was spinning 'like a 3rd grader', says official

This is a Biden endorsement from a RWer that I wish he'd throw back:

Trump on California wildfires.

Trump says U.S. would retaliate if bounties on U.S. troops were true

Ninety Democrats call on Postal Board to remove DeJoy: letter

Trump says Biden "abandoned Scranton" when he moved from there at age 10.

Record melt: Greenland lost 586 billion tons of ice in 2019

My Pillow CEO says God gave him platform to promote unproven coronavirus treatment

4 yrs ago: Nation's senior Rep. Nat. Security officials warned re: Trump. Now declaring he's worse

Obama said something at the DNC that 'gets under Trump's skin more than anything else'

Georgia State QB announces he has heart condition from COVID 19 & won't play this year (Twitter)

SR-520 bridge across Lake Washington to close over weekend for construction

Bumper sticker version 2

Dump just used wrong name for local boxing hero Larry Holmes and crowd corrected him.

Dump: "A lot of people got rich and got powerful at your expense."

I get mail from Mike Bloomberg's organization. He's scheduled to speak tonite in the convention. eom

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Has Joined the Congressional Freethought Caucus

I just discovered yet another weird thing about Steve Bannon:

New: Prosecutors looking to reinstate indictment against Manafort for mortgage fraud

Troubled Covid-19 Data System Returning to CDC

Republican ex-Congressman Charlie Dent endorses Democrat Joe Biden for president

Sen Franken: BREAKING: Bannon still scheduled to speak Tuesday night at RNC.

Funny Lincoln Project gif:

Each of the three people who led Trump's 2016 campaign has now faced criminal charges

Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Files To (Possibly) Run Again

The Resistance Strikes Back

2020 in a Single Remarkable Photo...

Trump just said that you can't poll "registered voters" because too many of them are dead.

Signed our absentee ballot requests for NC

Spain, France And Germany Report Most Coronavirus Cases Since Their Lockdowns

11:59 PM and 59 seconds on January 19, 2021

Give it up, Eric.

Operation Baghdad Pups: Rescue Mission Update SPCA International

Every time I see a Trump commercial on TV I smile

Has Faux News started to say that Steve Bannon

Former Uber Executive Charged With Paying 'Hush Money' To Conceal Massive Breach

USPS employees got an email today telling them not to talk to the press under any circumstances

On CNN: "Some people may be nervous." (about Bannon arrest)

"Only thing with more hot air is Trump': Rep. Ryan compares Trump to blimp

Slow down, Dad. You'll get us both killed. (Twitter)

Have they posted the order of the speaker line up tonight?

On March 24th Trump made the claim that the pandemic would be over by Easter.

A summary of 2020 republican scams against the rubes:

National Butterfly Center To Bannon et. al.: "SUCK IT!"

Water droplet photography.

This is what happiness looks like at the cellular level!

The MFM sticky sitting at the top of DU's page...

Hannity just claimed that a u haul trip from Californaia

The Trump Crime Family's corruption knows no bounds

CNN: Bannon has 5 million bail bond, restricted to travel in Southern and Eastern districts of NY.

Superhuman Nolan Ryan

It's official: Postal Service employees forbidden from reassembling mail sorting machines

Combine a car, QAnon groupie and a drunk, and you get this...

All that's left for them

In reversal, HHS returns responsibility for collecting COVID-19 hospital data to the CDC

POTUS shows off his pizza at Arcaro and Genell Takeaway Kitchen

This will make you cry:

Live: Waiting for Bannon's perpwalk - He just left, ripped his mask off and smiled

Donald Trump is evil.

still waiting for dejoy to be abducted by camo feds in unmarked van amid teargas and rubber bullets

Meanwhile, Michael Cohen will be on the Late Night Seth Myers show at some point:

2016 Flashback: Melania plagiarized Michelle Obama's speech

Funny T-shirt:

Here's the full Convention Program for tonight (Thursday)

OMG! Bannon's bail restrictions include his being prohibited from travelling by

Hmm...I reported this guy to Delta

Chesapeake City Council

What the f***k?????? Pelosi endorses Kennedy over Markey. What the f*****k??????

Seems like a good time to revisit my favorite Steve Bannon meme......

Union Omaha players hope to spark a dialogue by kneeling during national anthem

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 21 August 2020

Over 70 former Repub national security officials including ex-CIA and FBI chiefs will endorse Biden

Major hurricane could hit Florida Monday, some models suggest: Dr. Jeff Masters

Birds Of A Feather

Has anyone at the white house issued a statement about Navalny being poisoned?

Pose a question about a film, TV show, or song & see if anyone knows the answer w/o using Google

Dump calls for Goodyear boycott again, says workers can always find another job

73 Former Republican National Security Officials Endorse Joe Biden, Say Trump Is 'Dangerously Unfit

America: Part Two

Funny tweet about Trump's whiny tweets:

Former USPS IG, David Williams, said that Mnuchin essentially tried to take over the Postal Service

"It's a Cover-Up": White House Accused of Hiding Mnuchin Role in Recruiting Postmaster General DeJoy

PBS Live: Full 2020 Democratic National Convention - Night 4

Reuters sketch of Steve Bannon appearing handcuffed in court in Manhattan today.

Guo Wengui (the billionaire Steve bannon hangs out with)

Sonoma County fire info.

Rep Katie Porter: The Administration put Big Pharma executives at the helm of efforts to develop a C

(updated with pic) Zoom on this pic and explain whatever is going on with his nose

Oh, That Jeff Tiedrich And His Flowery Verbage

Ex-Trump aide Bannon pleads not guilty in border wall scheme

Public Service Announcement:

Facebook still allowing users to support Bannon's "We Build The Wall"

Perhaps an official recored was set by the 2011 MLB Draft

GOP congressman complains that Austin is 'becoming an inner city'

#Belarus. Something beautiful and emotional is happening right now. Belarusians are singing "Changes

Bannon's indictment confirms that the American right is made up of con artists

I'm expecting a big-time national security-related leak/story Aug. 23-26

Homeland Security won't talk about its endorsement of fraudulent wall scheme

Yamiche: Pres Trump delivering a dark, ominous speech in PA says:

Seth Abramson tweet about official undercount of coronavirus deaths:

GOP architect of infamous gerrymander resigned -- shortly before being charged with federal crimes

Excellent analysis of trump nonsense filled press conference

All Postal employees told not to speak to press

'He wasn't born here': Trump announces Joe Biden birther theory at rally in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Fact check: Trump knows most people involved in private border wall project, despite claiming not..

Steven Bannon was indicted for stealing money from submissive Trump supporters.

Hey, magats! Remember your donation for the wall? Wave bye-bye.

Postmaster general eyes aggressive changes at Postal Service after election

If QAnon, the KKK, David Duke, Vladimir Putin, etc came out in support of me I would have to wonder

Tiny puppy hears huge Newfoundland knocking at the door

Memo to reporters: The Q to ask Rubio, Burr, Risch, Collins, Blunt, Cotton, Cornyn, Sasse, McConnell

"Phoenix has its own 'I can't breathe' case. The outcome was far different"

HHS Sent Rapid Testing Machines To Nursing Homes Without Direction, Resulting In Mass Confusion

Dog Who Was Scared Of Everything Gets More Playful Every Day

Baby Can't Stop Laughing At His Dog

National butterfly sanctuary says, WE TOLD YOU SO! Re build the wall

Watch this dog grow back all her fur and go swimming with her new friends

Every time I think of the tens of millions of dollars worth of beer and Skoal money

The DNC Convention has Republicans for Biden. The RNC has criminals for trump.

Delta bans ex-Navy SEAL involved in bin Laden raid after maskless selfie

Why this chair is on so many album covers

Shake that Trump tree...

Trump's Business Partners Allegedly Involved In Human Trafficking, Probable Money Laundering

This is damning. The directives to sabotage USPS were coming directly from the Trump administration.

Kanye off Wisconsin ballot

I'd love to plunge my face right into that WAP

Watch for Fox and OAN to start a new meme.

NEW Meidas Touch ad - Tick Tock Trump

Would it be wrong for me to become a snake oil salesman that fleeces righties?

The other four, lesser known, wallgate defendants will be in a race to flip.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee. Louis De Joy is a

Nice response to Lindsey Graham bullshit.

A 19-Year-Old Who Blackmailed a Girl for Nudes Just Won a Democratic Primary in Kansas

Oh boy.

US Senate Elections that Democrats will win in 2020 to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

How many Trump advisers have been criminally charged? Manafort, Stone and Steve Bannon makes 7

Funny tweet from Jake Tapper

Just waiting for Friday like...

Liz Cheney condemns QAnon conspiracy

Best ad for getting a pup for when you have a baby

You're so vain.

New Local Election Ordered in N.J. After Mail-In Voter Fraud Charges

How Donald Trump turned an attack on Michelle Obama into a major self-own

God gave Louie Gohmert COVID so he could prove hydroxychloroquine works.

To those in the Trump base who sent money to Bannon---here's a new way to support the

Why Rep. Joe Kennedy is mounting a primary challenge to one of the most prog members of the US Senat

Bannon's indictment raises more uneasy questions about William Barr's SDNY gambit

A tonight is your night Joe thread with a cute young Joe picture

This is the yacht that Steve Bannon was on when he was arrested by federal agents. It is owned by a

Woman Discovers Her Cat's Been Stealing The Entire Neighborhood's Shoes

U.S. says Maduro blocking Americans from leaving Venezuela

Joe: I first ran for Senate when I was 29 years old, and I'm as optimistic about our future now as I