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Hey, son, come over here and look at this

Kim Jong Un orders pet dogs to be confiscated in North Korean capital

WTF Did anyone else's MSNBC cut out while Rachael was just beginning?

Bam! The 2nd Circuit won't rehear en banc one of the Emoluments Clause cases against Trump

Why Trump wants to do away with the USPS - Big bucks involved

Rachel, Joy and Nicole are having way too much fun

BODY COUNT - Raining In Blood / Postmortem 2017 (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Trump retweets purported audio of Biden call with Ukraine

Lemme see fye gottiss right----Trump misses no opportunity lately to stick out his chin,

Walgreens Pharmacy coding error results in under-reporting of 59,000 COVID-19 test result

tRump's campaign platform...

Turkey Dinner Candy Corn

Democrats use vulnerable GOP senators to get rare win on environment

fucking virus

A man's throne isn't his throne if a cat is around

Distraction alert: tRump says he's planning a major pardon...

Jared Kushner says 'yes,' the US coronavirus death toll of 170,000 is a 'success story,'

These 2 States Are "Missing a Lot of Cases," Harvard Doctor Warns

The 22nd Amendment, of the US Constitution, would like to have a word.


Under the "you can't make this sh*t up category--Pence attacks Kamala over nutrition

Dan Rather reminds America of one important trump trait:

Lincoln Project, Joe Biden, 2min, 51 seconds. "Dad", Please Watch

If DeJoy doesn't show next Monday,

Trump trashes Democratic representative as a 'phony congresswoman' -- and attacks Fox News for puttin

The long wait... (4 years)

Here is the FULL SCHEDULE for Monday's Convention program

COVID 'Clusters' Force UNC To Cancel In-Person Classes After One Week--The SMRT Campus

Coronavirus cases flattening across Washington, health department report says

Have ever seen anything so sad -

Scientists discover 30 new species in Galapagos depths

Bloomberg to Spend $60 Million for House Democrats

Dr. Fauci outlines how the U.S. can learn from other countries in the battle against COVID-19

DNC Chair Wants to End Caucuses

Scientists studied five different types of seafood. 100 percent were contaminated with plastics

Census Bureau lost laptops containing confidential information, watchdog says

8/18 Mike Luckovich: A solution

A former Trump Homeland Security official backs Biden

I have a question about Microsoft

NYC boosts COVID testing in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, following spike in cases

Verify your vote

Seattle's Pike Place Market celebrates 113th birthday

Chilling Anti-Protest Bills Are Popping Up Across America

A seventh Asian giant hornet has been found in Whatcom. Here's where it was trapped.

5 months later, I fear my parody of "in the Time of Pandemic" will prevail

Murder suspect accused of killing police dog formally charged for both incidents

U.S. states seek $2.2 trillion from OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma: filings

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

House Speaker Pelosi expects Republican support for U.S. Postal Service bill

Mortgage Delinquencies Jump by Most Ever. ..... What a Mess.

Has it been said?

DNC Convention -- Starting out good!!! nt

We the People!

Lou Rawls - Tobacco Road

Convention thread 8/17/20

To whoever gave me a membership...

Like a Road Leading Home, Garcia/Saunders, Keystone

Those kids rock

I wonder if the republican convention will start with the KKK burning crosses

Who else is already crying?

Whatta Opening......

This convention is good stuff. They're really capitalizing on the format.

usaa is not providing mortgages or re-fis for condos these days.

Did anyone cry during the National Anthem?

So.True, might work on the job too

Sharon Stone on Covid-19 and voting:

I don't want to anger Grovelbot, and I would like to help DU

OMG The Rising!!!

Loved the opening intro for the virtual convention with citing of preamble to the Consitution

This should have had a "You will need tissues warning."

Bunkerboi will pardon someone "very, very important" tomorrow - CNN

I've watched every convention since 1960

This dog plays dead so well because she doesn't want to go to the vet!

DNC 2020 - the production value is incredible thus far

Warrants For Sen. Louise Lucas, Pres. Pro Tempore, Va. State Senate; CSA Monument Protest Portsmouth

Coronavirus cases force UNC-Chapel Hill to suspend in-person classes after flagship's push to bring

Holy Crap, this is good.

Democrats guide to getting back in the majority in the US Senate in 2020 is winning-

Awww, thank you, anonymous star giver!

What I am enjoying about this convention over any I have ever seen: Clarity of Messages

Former DHS official: Trump wanted to withhold California wildfire money for political reasons

'Anonymous' urges a vote for Biden

Judge tosses another Carter Page suit against DNC over dossier

Senate GOP to include Postal Service funds in smaller coronavirus relief bill

covid, racial injustice, BLM - in the first 30 minutes

Trump bashes 'major loser' Kasich ahead of DNC speech

Imagine the media digesting this tomorrow.

Where to watch convention WITHOUT commentators?

The President has tweeted confirmed Russian disinformation: Trump retweets Russian propaganda about

A bit off topic, but is something wrong in Nicole Wallace's life? She has looked sad all night

this is a BIG FUCKING DEAL. This is f'n awesome I feel rebirth, a cleansig

Gov. Cuome...............KAPOW. nt


Will trump get that he's the virus?

Yes, Sunday was a cooker: It reached 100 at Paine Field

Damn His only pre-existing condition was donald trump POWERFUL

"His only pre-existing condition was trusting Donald Trump."

Pink slips flying at airline workers mean painful autumn ahead

best visual thing about this online convention vs the old style IMO is...

Kristin Urquiza - WOW.

"His only preexisting condition was trusting Trump."

These speakers are knocking it out of the park.

45: "We moved the capital to Jerusalem...that's for the Evangelicals."

So the same donnie dimwit that that tweeted SAVE THE POST OFFICE

AG Ferguson sues federal agencies over Seattle National Archives facility

Coca-Cola: We are giving our employees Election Day off in the U.S. this year and partnering with h

How my great-grandmother lost her U.S. citizenship the year women got the right to vote

The speakers don't seem to be going by the official schedule

Wow ... Megan Rapinoe looking like she's making plans for her post-Soccer career ...

Anyone not think that Russian hackers aren't deperately trying to

At least 11 women have vied for U.S. vice president. Here's what happened to them

Sara Gideon!

The threat to vote by mail isn't fraud. It's disinformation and sabotage

This Conventions is soooooooooo about everybody!!!!

Top 12 U.S. Billionaires Surpassed A Combined Wealth of $1 Trillion: First Time In U.S. History

Look, another dimwit allegedly bought a car with illegal COVID-19 stimulus money

MSNBC needs to stop having Rachel say unnecessary stuff.

WE THE PEOPLE - I'm getting that as a theme. Bumper sticker.

Gov Whitmer speaking from UAW Local 652 Union Hall. nt

"That woman from Michigan" is a live broadcast!

St. Louis couple who waved guns at BLM protesters will participate in GOP convention

Virginia state senator, NAACP leaders charged with felony 'injury' to Confederate statue

Grechen Whitmer is speaking from the UAW hall in Michigan.

Settle in come the Republicans...

Dolly Parton on Why She Dumped 'Dixie' Name From Her Theme Parks: 'Don't Be a Dumbass'

OMG - the in-memoriams!

John Prine, that did it 😢

oh this is rough

David Williams, former Postal Service vice chair (who resigned days before DeJoy was appointed), to

Trump Claims COVID-19 Is God Testing Him After He Built 'Greatest Economy In History'

Donald Trump killed John Prine

Trump wants to take America down with him

DNC Convention: My father died of CV-19...his only pre-existing condition was trusting Donald Trump

Belarus President Sends SOS to Putin, Tells Protesters: You'll Have to Kill Me to Get New Elections

Wow. Best Damn TV Show I've Seen in a long Time.

Donald Trump Is Committing A Crime Against Democracy

Defying Trump, California locks in vehicle emission deals with major automakers

fuck these repukes speaking at a

I have the private number of Biden's Campaign Manager...

Apropos of nothing Trump is an awful human being.

Ok, I was fine with the Republicans denouncing Trump.

The lifelong Republicans Was a good piece

Couple who brandished guns at BLM marchers to make guest appearance at GOP convention

John Fugelsang's response to repugs bitching that John Kasich is not a true republican

The one segment where everyone was white is the republicans for Biden segment

"We'll hear from Bernie Sanders who represents the left wing of the Democratic Party" ...

is there a fire somewhere near Tucson?

Wow guys--this is just the first night!

Are those country club drunks with guns from St. Louis speaking before or after ...

Senator Klobuchar had a good jab at Trump.

Amy Klobuchar is a great woman.

DNC running a vid of all the Presidential Primary candidates

Joyce White Vance: trump says's he'll seek a 3rd term because "they spied on me"

haha - other candidates but...

Klobuchar reminded us that Canada removed Trump from Home Alone movie

Democratic chair: Primaries should replace caucuses by 2024

Amy Klobuchar:trump may hate the post office,but he'll still need to file a change of address in Jan


Oh look. Senator Nottadem.

Not to be fussy but...

It's tweeting (and backtracking)

Oh yeah!

Bernie was good!

Good job Bernie!!!

Wow. That speech from Bernie kicks so much ass!!!

Who was the black gentleman who spoke after the primary candidates video?

Bernie rocked it firewood and all

❤❤❤❤❤ Michelle ❤❤❤❤❤

Our Michelle

Here's ... Michelle!

Now FLOTUS Obama! Nt

Has any Convention night ever held to schedule like this?

I wonder how much of the Dems convention format the dumpsters will steal...

Michelle talking about what it is to be a president.

ha! Teleprompter!

So glad Michelle Obama is going through what President Obama left the country when he left office,

I love Michelle's necklace. I wonder if it comes in silver.

I know that nobody's perfect . . .

Michelle's necklace spells out: V O T E. nt

Patrul Rinpoche - A Guided Meditation - Self-Liberating Meditation - Dzogchen

OOo,sting! 'It is what it is"

"It is what it is".

Iowa Covid - 19 Data Flawed

Fox "news"

The rage tweets should be entertaining tomorrow.

Michelle is wonderful..."It is what it is!"

"It is what it is"

Michelle Obama...

Powerful warning by former Senior Pentagon Analyst @kyle_a_murphy on why he just resigned.

Harrison Ford Broccoli Joke

Lincoln Project just replied to Michelle:

She threw "it is what it is" back in Rump's fugly face!!

Even the die-hards struggle to defend him

I'm in tears watching Michelle Obama speak.

ACLU, others call on Nebraska Legislature to return for special session on racial justice issues

For what it's worth !

I really don't know why people said before that Joe Biden is uninspiring...

MICHELLE OBAMA, bruh: "It is what it is"

Michelle Obama!

Appeals court lets emoluments case against Trump continue

Steven Stills!!!! Woot!

The GOP race to represent Palm Beach

How dare MSNBC cut off Porter and Stills? That song!

I didn't know who was going to break out into tears first.

I feel so much better now

Michelle My Belle

Big Jim Thompson RIP

When they go low, we go high

If you missed Michelle Obama's speech...


I feel

Tweet of the Day

Well, it took 15 minutes

Blow Up! Fire Season 2020 Update from the Front Lines

💜Biden and Kamala

McCaskill: Michelle threw "Elegant Shade"

I have seen many conventions and I think this is the best

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Americans Fight For The Post Office and Obama Speaks Out

That is how it's done, repugs. I'm so proud of my party for pulling off this first ever...

How will they match this night 3 more times!!!!!

Had an interesting evening . . .

How will they match this night 3 more times!!!!!

Best two hours of TV I have seen in some time

Democratic National Convention.

Michelle Obama knocked it out of the park.

It tweeted but it's glitching

OK, Make a Plan

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The DNC Kick-Off & Trump's Boat Parade

CNN: Michelle Obama speech was recorded before Harris announcement...

to my mystery friend: thank you for the star

Michelle Obama's Speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention

to my mystery friend: thank you for the star

Michelle Obama's Speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention

Not True: The Lincoln Project says 'We go low so that you can go high'

One night down...

Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich's full speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention

One of those in the the opening 'we the people' montage was Del. Danica Roem.

State senator charged with 'injury' to Virginia Confederate monument

Sen. Bernie Sanders' full speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention

Morgan Freeman: Come on, Donald Trump. Show us your character. We're waiting...

FL-21: Can Laura Loomer ride a right-wing wave into the General Election?

Trying to update my avatar...

Great meme!

They won't get me again.

Donald Trump has completely psychotic meltdown as Democratic National Convention stomps all over him

Is Putin's guy Manafort getting pardoned so he can help steal another election?

Say what you will about Steve Schmidt, but he was eloquent on MSNBC just now.

Is there someone or something collecting instances of

DeJoy Earned Millions From Company With Financial Ties to Postal Service

Seth Meyers - Trump and the GOP Are Trying to Destroy the Post Office: A Closer Look


Vote Biden for the puppers

One thing that strikes me again and again when Dems speak, vs when pukes speak--signing.

Billy Porter on MSNBC right now

Watch both Michelle Obama and Donald Trump get it right

From Rosa To Kamala

Ana Navarro: Something tells me Melania not gonna be cribbing Michelle Obama 's speech this year.

Billy Porter and Stephen Stills FTW!!

Hate it if you want, but Bernie gave the second-best speech tonight!

A Triumph

VA-05: nternal poll shows neck-and-neck race brewing in Virginia House contest

*WOW, Sally Yates tomorrow! (with AOC!)

America: Endgame

Great Dane enjoys destuffing all of her stuffed animal toys

Mask gun,I want one

Tonight's DNC opening was an onslaught. Grand slam after grand slam!

Trump: 'We moved the capital of Israel to Jerusalem. That's for the evangelicals'

PA-01: A Bucks County election sparks a familiar question: Is Fitzpatrick a moderate?

If you missed Michelle - HERE SHE IS!!!

Esper eyes $2.2 billion cut to military health care

When Michelle Obama said, "I am a black woman speaking at a Democratic Convention"

Oldest-running Black rodeo rides in Oklahoma despite coronavirus

Fox News Hosts Gush Over Michelle Obama: She 'Flayed' Trump

Whatever happened to the GOP congressman who was supposed to endorse Biden today?

Screw the Disturbed cover, this the best version of Sounds of Silence ever

Plan Your Vote interactive site

Bernie Sanders Urges Supporters at DNC Convention to Back Biden and Defeat Trump: 'Price of Failure

...reports that Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney paid $1.8M to a company linked to a political donors ...

Bonus Tweet of the Day

How Colombia's mass media helped terrorize people into voting for Uribe

The virtual-convention format highlights our diversity & message better than an in-person convention

The Lincoln Project foresees the Republicans' virtual convention:

MA-04: Ayanna Pressley and Jesse Mermell Want to Take Their Friendship--And Their Fight--To Congress

Sneak peek at Melania preparing for her speech

Einstein and the God of Spinoza

Marco Rubio Decimated For Tweet Criticizing DNC For Celebrity Host Eva Longoria

Eric Trump:My father has done a greater job in the last 3.5 yrs than any other president in history

What is the most progressive ocean?

Boomtown Rats - Rat Trap (Live at Hammersmith Odeon 1978)

Alvaro Uribe's anticlimactic political death

The Lincoln Project: Donald Trump's Minnesota speech in 90 seconds. (& Claire McCaskill tweet)

Report finds 'abuses of discretion' but no criminal wrongdoing in Kim Foxx handling of Smollett case

Trump to be in Iowa Tomorrow.

🌘Good night DU

Why former paramilitary leader is making people in Colombia uneasy

The RNC is basically a Cancel Culture Telethon

MT-GOV: Democratic candidate Cooney raises $720K in two months

Mary of the Fourth Form - Boomtown Rats 1977

CO-SEN: Gardner Runs Pro-Trump Facebook Ad Being Seen Everywhere -- Except In Colorado

Ted Lieu speaks out after urging FBI investigation into Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

Grandmother of Brazil's First Lady, Michelle Bolsonaro, Dies from Covid in the Federal District

The Daily Show: Melania watching Michelle.

For 47%, Bolsonaro Is Not to Blame for 100,000 Deaths in Brazil

Some names for Trump: "Trump, herder of chumps", "Trump, king of sin"...

2 Are Charged in Killing of Jam Master Jay, Hip-Hop Pioneer

Well, she seems nice

This is why lawn darts were taken off the market.

Who is this drunk yelling on television?

We All Know What's Gonna Happen With The Repug Convention......

Leaked: Keynote speakers for the Republican National Convention

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern responds to trump

Michelle Obama's speech in transcript...

Michelle Obama gave 'elegant but epic shade' during 'absolutely riveting' DNC Convention speech

rumour is trump will pardon someone tomorrow. will it be the postmaster general?

There's a reason Fox aired Hannity rather than showing the DNC convention.

Was Talking With A Friend Today About UNC Going Back To On-Line Classes....

FBI arrests Puerto Rico Rep. Mara Milagros Charbonier, family members in public corruption case

Interview -- a bad lip reading

New Trump Campaign Slogan?

Mississippi quarantines 2,035 students/ teachers as 444 test positive. Gov. responds "Football"

Democrats threaten to ARREST Louis DeJoy in stunning pushback No Lie podcast

The goal for DU for Joe & Kamala just went up again

'Brazilians do not recognise escape as an offence'

Democrats Call On FBI Director To Open A Criminal Investigation Into Postmaster General MSNBC

Fox praising Michelle Obama. Setting low expectations for their own convention.

'Horrifying' data glitch skews key Iowa coronavirus figures, downplaying severity of outbreak

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

SC-SEN: South Carolina Senate Moves From Likely to Lean Republican

Clowns suffer, adapt in Peru due to the pandemic

Pittsburgh Penguins Team Up With Department Of State, Allegheny County For Voting Initiatives

AOC Claps Back At John Kasich's SMUG Lecture

Five of Japan's Best kept Secrets

Trump: If I Lose It Means The Election Is 'Rigged' The 11th Hour MSNBC

Right-wing militia pulls out of event with New Mexico Republicans, citing 'blatantly racist' remarks

Just watched Michelle's convention speech

He should just call her the 'N' word

Treat Williams tweet: I've been crying for 30 minutes. I love this country. Let's save it VOTE

Kushner On 170,000+ Deaths: COVID-19 Response Is A Success The 11th Hour MSNBC

Time for a divorce from Trump

Flies and Mosquitoes Beware, Here Comes the Slingshot Spider

Life in Tokyo after Reopening from the Pandemic..

"Send DeJoy to De Jail"

Flies and Mosquitoes Beware, Here Comes the Slingshot Spider

Lawrence O'Donnell mailed a bday card to travel 3 miles on July 28th. it arrived 18 days later

RNC Convention Speakers and Theme:

Brazil: Kayapo People Block Roads To Demand Help Against COVID

Former Top DHS Official Says Trump Is Dangerous For America Deadline MSNBC

the cost of a slowdown in the mail

U.S., Colombia to bring $5 billion in investment to rural areas

Un-American': Obama Lawyer Warns Trump's Postal Chief Of Possible 'Criminal Liability' MSNBC

In Pandemic, Stocks Fuel Billionaire Boom, Millions Out of Work, Global Super Rich Buy High-End Art

Biden's DNC Brings Together Bernie Sanders And John Kasich The 11th Hour MSNBC

Microplastic particles can now be found in human organs

Democrats guide to getting the majority of seats in the US Senate in 2020 is winning-

Blockades test main forces in Bolivia amid election crisis

The Han Empire (206 BC-220 AD) - Documentary

Reuters (Unsurprisingly) Looks Away as Ecuador Tries to Outlaw Opposition Parties

Chaindrite Termite killer commercial, Thailand

Mike Bloomberg pledges $60 million to help House Democrats

Inside Japan's Chicano Subculture NYT

Inside Japan's Chicano Subculture NYT

Brazil: Extremists Groups Harass Abused Child Over Abortion

Land grab blamed in attack on Guatemala Indigenous community

NEW: Testimonial ad from Trump's Former DHS Chief of Staff

You'd think a guy with mail order brides(s) would have a little more respect for the post office.

Forest thriving after Guatemala's indigenous people take lead in looking after it

Forest thriving after Guatemala's indigenous people take lead in looking after it

Lincoln Project: We go low so you don't have to. #DNC2020

Tapper: This is not the kind of thing you hear first ladies talk about

100 Years Ago Today; The 19th Amendment is ratified, guaranteeing women's suffrage.

MST3k 416 - Fire Maidens of Outer Space

CA-48: Rouda attacks opponent's homophobia and 'brainwashing' of own daughter.

Whoever gave me gold star thank you

CA-48: GOP candidate say hot weather with get rid of COVID-19.

President Clinton is TONIGHT -- Bill... please be our "explainer-in-chief" again!!

Stephen Colbert's LIVE Monologue Following Day 1 Of The Democratic National Convention

If Britain relied solely on British food then it wouldn't even last a year, study finds

Stephen Colbert: Guest Ambassador Susan Rice

Duncan golden retriever puppy has official nickname

80 Years Ago Today; 'The Hardest Day' over England as the Luftwaffe throws everything at the RAF

Daughter of coronavirus victim denounces Trump

Maddow On Michelle Obama At The DNC: 'Just A Riveting Speech' - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

As the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, watch out

Kristin Urquiza Speaks At The DNC After Losing Her Father To Coronavirus

Millie Weaver Arrested For Robbery, Domestic Violence

Instead of making America great, he made America die.

Make America Live Again

Does anybody else think Robert Trump died of covid-19?

Officials Apologize For Arresting Black Reporter During White Supremacist Rally (MI)

Drug-Dealing White Supremacist Stripper Sentenced For Obstruction Of Justice (TX)

Fox didn't seem to like the convention last night, so it must have been good.

Axios reporting that Trump campaign going as low as they can with new ad.

Militias Against Masks

WOW that "The Rising" video is killing me!

Handy guide: How To Vote In The 2020 Election

Happy Birthday FLOTUS Rosalynn Carter!

Fmr. Homeland Security Staffer Endorses Biden: Trump Is Terrifying - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

I had to go bed early last night.

Governor Cuomo Briefing August 17 2020

Breakfast Tuesday 18 August 2020

Breaking: Court rules no evidence Hezbollah or Syria behind assassination of Lebanon's PM Hariri

De joy appearing before the House on Monday

North Korea to hold key party meeting amid economic woes

Ana Duvernay is SPOT ON re criticisms of Kamala...

To me, the ZOOM presentation of the Democratic Convention was more effective,

Trump's schedule for Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Not sure if I really want to sell it or not.

Why do we never hear a poll question about who's " honest and trustworthy"?

Here's the choir from all 50 states performing the National Anthem

Jill Biden, Bill Clinton Headline Night No. 2 of Democratic Convention

Trump's Remarks Before Marine One Departure; August 17, 2020

Tuesday TOONs - The Relay Race

*** DNC Day One *** Your thoughts?

Trump campaign ad attacks Biden's mental faculties

'Trauma and ostracization': Students 'call in' Christian groups for discrimination

Democratic Convention - They hit it out of the ballpark last night.

Happy Birthday, Rosalynn Carter!!

The U.S. forced major manufacturers to build ventilators. Now they're piling up unused ...

The New Pandemic Hobby: Gazing at the Stars

I see the Madman is going after Michelle Obama on Twitter this morning.

Arizona school district cancels classes after several dozen teachers call out sick over coronavirus

Cuomo last night - the virus metaphor was excellent

When you're making stock or simmering meat in water,

Are you a Pope Francis voter?

Looking back into history, the response by the ObamaBiden team to the H1N1 Swine Flu was considered

100 years ago today, the US approved the 19th Amendment, protecting women's right to vote.

Trump, the Mail and the Unbinding of America

A Huge Antitrump Video Ad on the Las Vegas Strip:

Does anyone have access to any machines that can warp the time-space continuum?

Families of Sandy Hook massacre victims say Remington bankruptcy intentionally leaves them in the co

Dr Biden: "I'll be giving my convention speech tonight from my former classroom. Rm 232."

"It is what it is"!


Is Chachi headlining the RNC? Or Ted Nugent?

We have a wonderful woman on a major party ticket for high office.

VERIFY: Fact-checking night 1 of the Democratic National Convention

Trump lashes out at Michelle Obama over address at Democratic convention

Morning Joe just asked

POD ... 3M Morning Mushroom Macro

Suburban Dreams

The Rundown: August 18, 2020

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 08/12/2020

Gov. Andrew Cuomo book on COVID-19 response out in October

Conoco Phillips Planning To Keep North Slope Oil Flowing By Refrigerating Roads & Drill Pads

Uncle Pen

Early days but this looks like trouble in more than one area


New NG Power Plants Already Bankrupt, Or Running Only During Spring And Summer - In Texas

Hummingbirds Feed in Slow Motion

St. Louis couple who pointed guns at protesters to speak at Republican convention

Peak Trump

Trump's attack on USPS is ratfucking the vote

I'm sorry, what???! Cointel report just out??!!

I sincerely welcome the help being offered and given by our Republican allies.

Whitmer caught on hot mic: 'It's shark week mother f******'

Shitstain's Appointees Will Toil Mightily To Maximize Environmental Damage In The Time That Remains


NBC list of things we can do to save the election

US Secret Service bought location data harvested from popular apps

Has anyone noticed this?

Perez defends decision to give Kasich, other Republicans a DNC role

Trump to pardon Susan B. Anthony

St. Louis Couple Who Pointed Guns At Black Lives Matter Protesters To Speak At RNC

Trump to pardon women's suffrage leader Susan Anthony

In 30 Days

"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children.

''Rocco, put your tail down": Cat interrupts virtual UK parliamentary meeting

Remember that picture w/ all the gumballs?

@LindseyGrahamSC: It is what it is. Without @BarackObama there would be no @realDonaldTrump

Seattle Police Defund is a 1% budget cut

Divided Federal Appeals Court Allows 'Historic' Emoluments Case Against Trump to Proceed

Not surprised, but on Bloomberg it was mentioned that Larry Ellison of Oracle fame is a trump

Covington graduate Nicholas Sandmann to speak at Republican convention

Trump says that he "likes seeing democracy" in Belarus as long as it's not "too much democracy..."

Anyone else following this publication today of Senate cointel

This should be good

Thousands pack water park in Wuhan, China, the once-epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic

You raised $21,780.20 on August 17, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

Wuhan, China is celebrating and partying right now

I really L💖VE the virtual convention. It's so much better than I imagined it would be!

The "Liberal Arts"

BOYCOTT the RNC next week....Join me....

Miles Taylor (the "disgruntled employee" Trump has never heard of) tweets back at Trump:

morning laugh:

Female-led countries handled coronavirus better, study suggests

For those who are not yet registered to vote, it is time to do so

The question that must be asked: Are you Republican or are you American?

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern hit back against Pres. Trump

Everlong by the Foo Fighters Drum Cover

Trump to Pardon Susan B. Anthony

Postmaster should be prosecuted for 'obstructing mail,' suggests ex-U.S. Attorney McQuade

Bipartisan Senate report describes 2016 Trump campaign eager to accept help from foreign power

ABC News interview with Miles Taylor:

Roberto Clemente was born on this date.

Chris Wallace lauds Michelle Obama convention speech: 'Really flayed, sliced and diced Donald Trump'

NBC News: Parties at Reopened Colleges Increase Fears of Outbreak

Trump's unhinged Twitter meltdown shows Michelle Obama drew blood

The Tragedy of the 'Tragedy of the Commons' (Scientific American)

Trump PACKS women together without masks to make points for self this morning.

Trump is campaigning on White Supremacy;

Trump doesn't care how he wins the electon.

Trump raises prospect of needing to redo election

Will SHITLER's Pardon of Susan B. ANTHONY convert us into his cult?

If irony is not dead, it must be on life support.

Forget the Trump tweets. This is the Trump action that might actually kill us.

Trump Press Briefing with Supporters Goes HORRIBLY Wrong

Trump Winning Un-Educated White Men

Senate report finds Manafort passed campaign data to Russian intelligence officer

Not for nothing, but the Senate Counterintelligence report discusses Konstantin Rykov.

Gov. Lee signs law to protect businesses and schools from 'frivolous' COVID lawsuits

THIS is why Rump did the Anthony pardon:

Newly released Senate Intel Report: in "Kompromat" section, Trump's alleged affair w/ Russian woman

Louisiana Republican wants to force people to submit a positive COVID test to vote by mail

Miles Taylor snatches the bait and runs with it

We aren't accepting Republicans help.

Pic Of The Moment: Just Another Classic Trump Success Story

They Had To Dismantle The Pandemic Response Team To Drown Government

Coin shortage hits retailers, laundromats, tooth fairy

$16.5million settlement reached in class-action lawsuit over mass arrests during 2010 G20 summit

Found out last night we are getting half a cow. Had to scramble to find a chest freezer

Trump's 2016 campaign eager to accept help from a foreign power, bipartisan report finds

The Youth Choir singing the Anthem last night was wonderful! Here's the Republican Youth Choir

Feeling better today than in 4 years!

915 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues.; 23 deaths

Why did the Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee issue this report today?

John Fugelsang, you could say

David Williams, former Postal Service vice chair to brief House Dems ahead of DeJoy's testimony

Takei: "I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR FAR MORE DEATHS THAN SHE SAID!" is not a winning strategy, Donald.

I think trump is getting very scared of the landslide against him coming

The orange captain explains our sinking ship.

From Reddit - Reply to a snowflake

Republicans online seem scared

Truth Behind the Koch Bros. "LIBRE" Initiative; Working To Keep Wages Low & Poverty High

St. Louis Couple Who Pointed Guns At Black Lives Matter Protesters To Speak At RNC

Old Rivers

Bad Romance Women's Suffrage

Rubio is a gigantic f*******g liar....specifically the latest SSIC report on Russia and Trump

DOSE of Joe -- Aug 18

@AmyMcGrathKY: 25% of homes in Laurel Cty #Kentucky don't have internet access-That's unacceptable

Dog waits for pup to walk through doggy door for immediate playtime

About that upcoming blue tsunami,

Hummingbird moth

I Was a Postal Service Regulator for 18 Years. Don't Panic.

From Terry Pratchett Discworld Series -Captain Vimes Boots theory- The cost of being poor

GOP-led Senate Intel Committee just published a report

As highest ranking woman elected official in New York and on behalf of Susan B. Anthony's legacy we

Natasha Bertrand Twitter thread on some details from the intelligence report

Twitter is so fucking weird.

Jill Biden Is Ready To Be An Excellent First Lady, She Will Help Joe Biden Beat Trump

Seth Abramson: (referring to the released report) GOP redacted critical evidence to protect Trump.

Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy

Celebrities, politicians come out with ideas to help the US Postal Service

Trump Made A Huge Mistake In Drawing Attention to Susan B. Anthony, A Voting Rights Activist!

Susan B. Anthony's eyes

Does Anyone Have Any Information On Repurposing A Blue U.S. Mail Dropbox?.....

These color coded maps of the US showing trend of deaths are ridiculous. Today's map on CNN shows..

Trump doesn't like the mail-in ballots but he doesn't like polling places either.

Some fantastic, positive & hopeful news!

Alabama, Texas and Kentucky Students Return to Classrooms As Georgia Schools Reclose Over COVID

That Biden ad that is showing in Florida - the one where the Con is playing golf

Guilty of nothing: Lt. Gov. Hochul says Susan B. Anthony doesn't need a pardon

A terrorist act or just plain youthful stupidity

Notre Dame traces more than 50 coronavirus cases to off-campus party, official says

S.F. Giants need to start selling ...

VERIFY: Some employees may be eligible for paid leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response

Why does Trump continue to obsess on the Russia investigation?

"It's that time of the month again...."

Texas Just Hit 10,000 COVID Deaths, and It's 'Flying Blind'

House Democrats consider new push on coronavirus relief

Soylent Green is,.........

Sen. Ron Wyden Says Evidence of Ongoing Russian Election Meddling Is Being Covered Up

"Leave! Leave!" Yesterday in Minsk, Alexander Lukashenko visited a factory, traditionally a core sup

More wildfires explode in the West as historic heat continues

USCIS Staff Furloughs Will Grind Legal Immigration To A Halt

Isn't the safest and surest way to vote by mail to deposit your ballot at your local Post Office

DUers, GRASP THIS! Trump will do anything, ANYTHING, to steal the election.

Fed up with anti-maskers, mask advocates are demanding mandates, fines -- and common courtesy.

Day 5 with no mail

Atlantic ocean plastic more than 10 times previous estimates

G.O.P.-Led Senate Panel Details Ties Between 2016 Trump Campaign and Russia

G.O.P.-Led Senate Panel Details Ties Between 2016 Trump Campaign and Russia (NYT)

Florida reports 3,838 coronavirus cases and more than 200 deaths, pushing toll past 9,700

Is anybody else wondering if Miles Taylor might be "Anonymous"?

Trump: More Americans Have Died Under My Watch Than Michelle Obama Gives Me Credit For

The Love Gov's Advice to the President:

"Electing Equality: The Final Push For The ERA" today at 4pm EDT. Put on by ERA Coalition.

Ted Lieu tweet - Intel Report Undercuts Barr & Durham

**Breaking**Postal Service Changes to draw legal action from at least 20 States Attorneys General

I had to call police after Tucker Carlson targeted me on air, photojournalist says

You gotta know the Trump regime is planning to plant many overtly fraudulent mail-in ballots...

At least 20 states plan to sue the U.S. Postal Service over service delays, threat to election

"I wouldn't be here if not for Barack Obama"...

Robert Duncan, chairman of the USPS Board of Governors, is listed as a director of a super PAC that'

Trump's 2016 campaign chair was a 'grave counterintelligence threat,'

Former DHS official: Other Trump Admin staffers will endorse Biden

BrooklynDad Defiant owns Donald Trump

Speaking for the Dems is wonderful Michelle Obama

Trump has spent more time whining about Michelle Obama in the last 24 hours than ...


Walter Schaub: "the president and his party are lying, cheating and attacking the republic with

Artists recreate children's drawings

Really American ad - It is what it is

'We are having rolling nervous breakdowns'

Anderson Cooper is whipping the My Pillow guy right now

Trump's Claim Of New Zealand's 'Big Surge' In COVID-19 Is 'Patently Wrong': Arden NBC News NOW

DNC Chair Perez on Trump's in-person campaign events: 'Ask the family of Herman Cain'

The My Pillow guy is a raving maniac

NRA obstructed the SSCI Russia investigation by slow-walking document production

Coronavirus mutation found in US may be less deadly, expert says

Merkel says Germans will be fined for flouting coronavirus rules amid spike in cases

What will get shut down next?

A New Senate Intelligence Report Dives Deeper Into 2016's Russian Ratf*cking (C. Pierce)

Hear Fred Guttenberg tonight at the DNC

How Las Vegas is spreading the virus

The my pillow guy is losing it right now on CNN with Anderson Cooper

AGs going to court

A Facebook question (problem)

A Facebook question (problem)

My Pillow guy CNN interview video:

Former senior Trump administration official endorses Joe Biden

'Revealing Poll Shows Many Republicans Scared of COVID-19 Are Flocking To Biden'

De Joy backs down

Under pressure, Postmaster General SAYS he's holding off on USPS dismantling until after election

I feel like I'm watching something crumble...and it ain't us.

Days when the Supervisors of Election will mail out absentee/mail-in ballots

NASA researchers track slowly splitting 'dent' in Earth's magnetic field

Top 20 Covid-19 infected California Counties / 8-18-20

Great interview with Nancy Pelosi on C-SPAN now

Postmaster general announces he is 'suspending' policies that were blamed for causing mail delays

Next year, Girl Scout cookies will have a new kind of cookie!

Trying to figure out the "logic" here -- Chuck Todd says the release of the senate intel report

Julin Castro warns Democrats of 'potential slide of Latino support'

"Electing Equality: The ?Final Push For The ERA" panel discussion by the ERA Coalition.

Eviction crisis: Renters still have one protection left until Aug. 24

McConnell forced to answer Postal Service sabotage, tees up bill that Democrats will have to reject

Trump's payroll tax plan: When the 'holiday' starts, how much you might get, when you pay it back

Dr. Birx is in Jefferson City, MO today telling Missouri officials that mask usage is critical...

Bruce Springsteen,"The Rising!"

Postmaster General Suspends Trump's Mail Sabotage Operation

Coronavirus recession: No stimulus deal until September? What that means for you

RUDE PUNDIT: Michelle Obama Scared the Hell Out of Us (For Good Reasons)

Perfect analogy for Obama vs, trump economies.

So bulk mail from the Trump campaign

New US Postal Service rescue bill coming this week? What it is and why it may happen

postmaster general pledges to find slightly more subtle ways to sabotage post office instead.

A Simple Desultory Philippic

New tell-all book from NRA's highest-ranking former executive exposes 'corruption, greed and paranoi

GOP lawmakers want special session; Dems say what's the rush

Mr. Trump, sir---sorry to bother you because I know you're real busy with all those

Cartoons 8/18/2020

George Takei: Drag him!

NYPD used facial recognition to track down Black Lives Matter activist

If I were one of Rump's army of mouth breathers, I would be mailing in a shit ton of phony ballots

When You Wake Up Asian - Jimmy O. Yang

Poll: Less than half of Americans say they'll get a coronavirus vaccine

More projection: trump implies Biden is a cocaine junky

Longtime Republicans Sound Off Against Trump At DNC Morning Joe MSNBC

Pizza Hut Is Closing 300 Locations

Governor Northam Proposes Voter Protection Measures Ahead of November General Election

Chicago Mayor: USPS Shouldn't Be A Partisan Issue Morning Joe MSNBC

'American Spectator' Mag Allege Kamala Harris Slept Her Way To The Top

Belarus president remains defiant as strikes widen

BREAKING: 20 States Announce Postal Service Lawsuit

Three wildfires raging in Napa County, 205 homes threatened

Star Spangled Banner Zoom Dem Convention 2020

Nursing home cases up nearly 80% in COVID-19 rebound

Rafik Hariri tribunal: Guilty verdict over assassination of Lebanon ex-PM

Drumpf's 2007 fan letter to Putin

AP survey: States uncommitted to Trump's unemployment boost

The 2020 San Francisco exodus is real, and historic, report shows

Stunning Bay Area lightning storm photos from this weekend

USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Suspends Delay-Causing Policy Changes MTP Daily MSNBC

Post Office Chief Suspends Controversial Changes Until After Election!

Trump Can't Hide His True Reason for Derailing the Post Office

Sen. Peters Says He's 'Been Trying' To Get To Bottom Of Postal Service Crisis For Some Time MSNBC

DNC lineup of politically powerful women underscores gender gap between Democrats and Republicans

Roger Stone Drops Appeal Of Felony Convictions After Sentence Commutation

Breadline Blues 1932

Watch Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Full Speech At The 2020 DNC NBC News

House Democrats will proceed with their Saturday vote on the bill rolling back DeJoy's USPS changes

Despite PG promises, House Dems to proceed w/Saturday vote on bill rolling back DeJoy's USPS changes

Fox News heaps praise on Michelle Obama's DNC speech:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Calls For Rollback Of Postal Service Changes, Removal Of DeJoy MSNBC

Cheers Mailman John Ratzenberger Supports the USPS: 'Help Your Local Post Office'

First draft of Susan Anthony pardon:

It's tweeting about CA's rolling blackouts

Turkey-Greece conflict in eastern Mediterranean is less about gas than vaccuum left by Trump

Get your ducks out on the job! These guys are coming to get you.....

AOC destroys Bobby Jindal in one tweet

The love story behind Joe Biden's 1967 Corvette

China's First Emperor - Qin Shi Huang The Dragon Emperor

Disney Princess Theology

Document leak reveals scope, audacity of Russian banking billionaire's alleged IRS ripoff

Rep. Connolly: "DeJoy cannot put the genie back in the bottle... oversight cannot be interrupted."

I give Kasich credit for stepping up

Kim Jong Un reportedly condemns pet ownership as a 'decadence' and orders dogs be confiscated

The Only Empress Of China Wu Zetian (Chinese History Documentary) Timeline

Cities, counties sue Census Bureau over ending 2020 head count early

A joke by Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-8)...

Lego comes out of boy's nose after two years

CA Voters - track your ballot, from when it's mailed to you to when it's counted

Adorably weird elephant-shrew lost to science for 50 years is rediscovered

50 mountain goats flown out of Olympics in final relocation effort

When is the earliest date that you can vote the rat out?

Castle in the Sky - Kimi o Nosete / Carrying You / 君をのせて

Here's why more than 1,000 of Whatcom primary ballots were rejected

god, how embarrassing - artifact from Senate Intel report: old fan mail from Trump to Putin

Trump floats idea that fraud could lead to re-do of November election

Trump insists absentee ballots are fair, but mail voting is corrupt. That's nonsense.

Wow, yet more proof that Trump is a putin fanboy

California Gov. Gavin Newsom calls power shortage 'unacceptable'

Nick Sandmann, the Covington H.S. asshole, will speak at the RNC!!!???

Eric Garland for the win

The slow dismantling of the old Trump Plaza casino in Atlantic City has begun

Global temperature record set in Death Valley, California

What Convention event should I log in to at 4 PM?

The Glory (and the Taboo) of 'WAP'

Math Professor Pranks Business Conference in Jordan

Downtown business organizations ask city council to reconsider 'Amazon Tax'

Of course Trump would want to discuss Belarus with Putin

Hennessey Fire: Napa County Blaze Grows to 2,400 Acres Amid Heat Wave

LOL! "Don't touch me!"

Why couldn't we have the option of downloading our ballot from the internet right now?

August Contest

Difference between being motivated for the public interest versus private interest.

FSB plane lands in Minsk

Collusion: Some details about the day of the Access Hollywood tape/Podesta emails release:

Sea Level - Grand Larceny

Oleander??????? The mypillow moron is touting OLEANDER as a miracle CoViD drug? Poison!!

Dumb ass Jr. trying to stir the pot ahead of B. Clinton speaking

I so want one of those!

Yeah....about the people behind the My Pillow guy, pushing oleandrin derivatives...

In my area near Chicago, there are 2 new BLM marches coming.

Fired data scientist (Rebekah Jones) to DeSantis: "That's a lie"

The photography group needs your help...

John Fugelsang takes off the gloves

States struggle to control COVID-19 cases as testing proves problematic

Sandy Hook families: Gun maker trying to wipe out lawsuit

Nice try DeJoy!

Michelle Obama Drops A Truth Bomb And Obliterates Trump

Randy Rainbow: Kamala

Rudy Giuliani planning a major expose

Pelosi on Dejoy response - Not good enough!

Oleandrin is a deadly plant poison, not a COVID-19 cure

Anderson Cooper Calls "My Pillow Guy" Snake Oil Salesman

John Cleese: Next time I'm in court, I shall remember de Joy's defence


Anderson Cooper Puts MyPillow Guy To Bed Over Virus Remedy: "Snake Oil Salesman"

Republicans on Intel Committee KNEW of the info in this report when they voted to acquit Trump:

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/18/20

Guess who is 70 years old today. (No, silly. I mean me.) nt

Anderson Cooper is talking to #MyPillowguy about his "miracle cure" for #covid19! 😜

Trump is currently doing more to stop you from voting

Sooo...Twitler's *MAIL-IN BALLOT* was received by Palm Beach County today


Ex-DHS staffer whom Trump said he never heard of shares picture of them together: 'Haven't forgotten

Is there a way to verify that a KN95 is not a fake?

Speaker Pelosi is coming up on

Pompeo cancelling briefings with Congress tied to anger over probe into IG Linick's firing

OMG - GOP convention speakers?

The advantage of a virtual convention....

OMT---One. More. Time. Could posters PLEASE stop using acronyms that are not VERY

Louisiana's Covid test proposal would exclude 'thousands' from mail-in voting

Grovelbot serves on DU juries?

DNC WEDNESDAY: Schedule and events

Black newborns 3 times more likely to die when looked after by White doctors

If tRump really wants to honor Susan B Anthony

NEW Really American ad - Republican Confessions

California reports first human plague case in 5 years

When you wave at someone then realize they were waving at the person behind you (Twitter)

So, was this badly timed, totally inappropriate or did it just suck?

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 18, 2020

Trump to Putin: "I'm a big fan of yours!"

Irony done kicked the bucket

New Yorker: The Race to Investigate a Coronavirus Outbreak at a Georgia Prep School

Anderson Cooper clashes with MyPillow creator (Entire Interview )

Pelosi Statement on Postal Announcement of Pause to Operational Changes Delaying the Mail

You Can Drive a Full-Size Minivan Through the Loopholes in Louis DeJoy's Statement (C. Pierce)

Don't mess with USPS

Pompeo aide orders State Department to provide Biden, Russia probe documents (To Repubs only)

Pelosi celebrates walkback of Postal Service changes: 'They felt the heat'

Democrats Drop Demand To End Fossil Fuel Subsidies From Party Platform

"the greatest betrayal of the country ever"

A photo directory of every* post office in the United States. Humble photographers, unite.

Senate report on Russia blows a hole in Trump's 'hoax' claim

ok, I just watched on youtube Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention

The Rude Pundit: Michelle Obama Scared the Hell Out of Us (For Good Reasons)

Trump Wrote Putin To Congratulate Him On Being Named TIME Person Of The Year

OH FFS, the "smirking MAGA kid" who taunted the Native American drum circle is an RNC guest of honor

Jeff Tiedrich tweet - pity the prison guards

Gap closing flagship store on San Francisco's Market Street / hasn't paid rent for 2,785 stores

Harlem Globetrotter speaks out after banana thrown at him on live TV by news broadcasters

Remarkable time-lapse video of a container ship approaching port and being unloaded/loaded

Recent News Reminded Of This...

The American people want Biden as their president.


Reminder: it is important to separate your clothes in the wash.

"If the President is reelected, the guardrails will be gone and..." - Miles Taylor on Tapper's show

Louisiana Gov won't sign 'woefully inadequate' election plan put forth by Rep Sec of State

Cardboard fans.

Why is there a pro-dt ad on du?

Postal Crisis Has States Looking for Alternatives to Mail-In Ballots

Trump's USPS defunding efforts prove 2020 fix is already in. Democrats need to act like it.

More casualties of Drumpf's god-forsaken wall (warning: sad)

Takeaways from Senate's Russia investigation.

A GOP Congressman Received "Sensitive Documents" From Russian Officials in 2016

Senate made criminal referral of Trump Jr., Bannon, Kushner and two others to federal prosecutors

New Zealand leader calls Trump's claim of virus surge "patently wrong"

Cliff Clavin from Cheers for the USPS

The irony of Republican efforts to privatize the Postal Service

Here are 7 damning revelations from the new Senate report on Trump and Russia

AP Exclusive: Cindy McCain video on Joe Biden to air at DNC

Vox - Joe Biden's Policy Vision for America

Hasta La Vista, Trump (Lincoln Project)

Kompromat - yup, another affair

GOP-Led Senate Intel Committee's Report Reveals 'Gold Mine' of Evidence on Trump Campaign's Russia..

Change is here, they can fight it but they cannot win...

Celebrate the 19th Amend, 100th Anniv Women can finally vote!

A few Middle Age Riot tweets

Joe Biden's plan to fix the world

Cory Booker tweet about Michelle

Celebrate the 19th Amend. 100th Anniv...Women can vote!

Senate Intel Cmte. made criminal referrals of Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon,...

Russia Fires Back at Senate Report on 2016 Election Interference, Trump Ties

If trump appeared on the outside how he is on the inside...

Just a reminder - The 2016 conversation Paul Ryan wanted to keep secret

trump saying SAVE THE POST OFFICE is like.....

School House Rock The 19th Amend!

Oh nooos!

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Here's tonight's full schedule (Tuesday)

did the fucker do his "very important pardon"

Bette Middler has the best words.

What do I do about this SCAM phone call?

Probably a bad idea, but I booked a flight to Louisiana.

O virtus Sapientiae - Hildegard von Bingen - Anna-Maria Hefele

Has Tammy Duckworth Delivered A Speech At The Dem Convention Yet?

"For What It's Worth" Billy Porter & Stephen Stills (For those like me who were watching MSNBC :( )

5 Million Excuses

BOOM! Someone gave me a Star Membership! Thank you for that kindness. nt

The Trump Obstruction of Justice Mueller Missed?

PBS Live: Full 2020 Democratic National Convention - Night 2

Cindy McCain details husband's friendship with Biden for DNC

Just sat in on a private event with Mary Trump and Tony Schwartz...

After Trump: All the ways the next president can restore trust in the Justice Department

This wild dolphin plays the cutest game with her dog friend

Senate made criminal referral of Trump Jr., Bannon, Kushner and two others to federal prosecutors

Mike Liddell Hadley Lamarr

My apolitical sister asked me to explain the USPS issue to her. I need a succinct explanation

The Stages Of A Cat Falling In Love With His Baby Sister

*Wife of 2008 Republican Nominee For President To Endorse Joe Biden*

This is a genuine LOL moment!!!

Sonic Youth - Disappearer

Rick Wilson says the 2020 election is not about policies.

Trump says he didn't discuss hacked emails with Roger Stone. A bipartisan Senate report says he did

Stray dog collapses on this woman's porch -- and slowly turns into the most beautiful puppy

Something weird has happened to me twice now.

*Gloria Steinem coming up on PBSNewsHour.

Cat goes from hissing at her dog brother to sneaking kisses

I just heard that Jimmy Carter will appear for the Convention tonight. Wonderful!

Has anyone eve heard Trump talk in detail about commercial Real Estate?

Liberal Jewish groups back ADL after progressive coalition attack

Why did the Senate Intel Committee decide to release the "Report" at this time?

Hey, I just found out Wisconsin was the first state to ratify the 19th amendment!!!!!

Roxy Music - More Than This

Miles Taylor: Former DHS official: Trump will 'align with dictators around the world' if he wins

The Senate's 'grave' Russia report: What we learned, and what it means

From 'firenadoes' to record heat, California extreme weather a glimpse of future

Moving In Stereo/All Mixed Up - The Cars

Breonna Taylor billboard vandalized with red paint

Looks like the DNC have bagged Colin Powell as one of this evening's speakers.


Senate made criminal referral of Trump Jr., Bannon, Kushner

If the"My Pillow Guy" was "born again" as he claims,

FYI: All you need to plan your vote.

NC State reports COVID-19 cluster off-campus, plus new cases among Greek community

Trump seeks to pin California blackouts on Democrats

Lincoln Project Accused Of Plagiarizing, Improperly Attributing Viral Content

We are all Chasten!

Wait. WHAT? The Senate Intelligence Committee Found No Evidence Of Collusion Between

****BREAKING**** Debbie Wasserman-Schultz declared winner 18 minutes after polls close!

August 18, 1920. TN becomes the 36th state to ratify the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing women

Postal Service Inspector Gen. Who Resigned In Protest Of Trump Handling, To Brief House Dems. Thurs.

Belarus: Local authorities in Grodno issue a statement protecting right to protest

Soldiers seize Mali President Ibrahim Boubacar Keta

Benjamin Tod Flippo singing a new song in Townes Van Zant's laundry room

I live in a part of Iowa that got wiped out and many still without power.

Thread on Kilimnik being a Russian agent

Senate committee made criminal referral of Trump Jr., Bannon, Kushner, ... to federal prosecutors

Wolf's Sweet Voice Inspires 50 Wolves to Howl

Anyone else getting Trump ads on Youtube?

Women secured right to vote 100 years ago today

Schumer: I just spoke to Postmaster DeJoy. I told him I want a specific, written document of exactly

Former Trump official backing Biden says others will speak out

Passerby Saves Near-Death Hiker, Stranded for 2 Weeks (man finds him twice!!)

Anyone in this group familiar with Bill Stevenson from the Stone Balloon?

Are we going to get another QANON candidate? Laura Loomer is leading in the Florida primary results

Kitten obsessed with watching 'Tom & Jerry' all day long

We Have A Great Line Up Tonight!!

Manafort associate is Russian spy, may have helped coordinate e-mail hack-and-leak, report says

I'm in favor of restoring corporal punishment---

David Crosby: This machine kills fascists

Zoom bombing

Democrats Skip Convention Keynote for 17 Mini-Tributes by Rising Stars

Sen. Ernie Chambers conducts one-man protest over veto by Gov. Ricketts