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In Florida, a coronavirus showdown as DeSantis rejects Tampa-area schools plan

Ted Cruz is a scuzball....

Governors air frustrations with Trump on unemployment plans

The 'Blue Shift' Will Decide the Election

Yeah, totally no cognitive issues whatsoever . . .

Why Biden will choose Susan Rice as VP?

Governor OKs plan for voting centers

America's Lost Year of Education: A Warning!

Daniel Dale tweet..... Fact checking trump's comments today

French Seasonal Crop And Forest Fires Have Moved As Far North As The Belgian Border

Today's Derecho (NE, IA, IL, WI) Has Left +/- 500,000 Without Power So Far

C-19: Trump could temporarily block Americans from returning to the U.S. if they're suspected of hav

C-19: Trump could temporarily block Americans from returning to the U.S. if they're suspected of hav

Judge balks at White House's executive privilege claim over Ukraine emails

Difference between Ferraro, Palin, and ????

If every American started wearing a face mask today, this is how many lives could be saved

How we'll know Biden has picked his VP

Trump taking unusual steps to put its stamp on Postal Service ahead of November election

Media Tycoon's Arrest Sends Warning to Hong Kong's Free Press

Hawaii launches site to help local businesses/artisans sell their products...

Could Kanye West Be Charged With Electoral Fraud?

Vibes for tomorrow, please. A principal called me and asked me to come interview

Viral video shows police pointing guns at Black teens who were allegedly victims of attack

2020 deadlines to request mail-in ballot

One thing I dearly want... is to outlive Trump.

How Arizona Latinos Could Help Turn It Blue for First Time Since Clinton in '96

State of emergency extended for parts of St. Mary's Co. due to impacts from Isaias.

Senator Johnson is a "two-fer". He makes Gohmert seem not so stupid AND he makes

My advice to those running the DNC Convention

Worldwide COVID-19 infections approach 20 million

Aren't all political appointees subject to impeachment?

Caption Time.

What Matters: When the mail is politicized, everything is politicized

Listening to Senatorial Debate: Daines v. Bullock...

New Meidas Touch ad: Vote Proud

Nine Central Texas men, three of them Fort Hood soldiers* snared in two-day child prostitution sting

Did anyone see the movie "The Madness of King George"?

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Conservative white men are clueless

New York lawmakers hold second hearing on state's handling of nursing home during coronavirus crisis

'Marco Rubio admits it: It's just the Olds, so it's not so bad. Reaps what he sows on Twitter'

Herpes, AIDS, and hepatitis are all viruses....

Court ruling involving Victoria's Secret founder could spill more Jeffrey Epstein dirt

Wanna prove Blue Lives Matter?

'Yo Semite' t-shirts are a big hit for one Jewish museum following President Trump's blunder

If the Spanish were responsible for the Spanish flu?

Six people arrested after vandals target Seattle businesses ahead of 'Defund SPD' vote

Deal would bar Seattle police from targeting some people

Washington Post Op-Ed: The Republican Party No Longer Deserves To Survive.

Trump wants states to pay 25% of his new unemployment benefit. States say they can't afford it.

Here's some great news you'll enjoy:

Alyssa Milano Reveals Coronavirus-Related Hair Loss After Hospitalization for 'Blood Clot' Concerns

stray cat leads stranger to pet food section... gets adopted

Unwanted Truths: Inside Trump's Battles With U.S. Intelligence AgenciesEDIT:

A part of me would love for Joe to pick Hillary just for 24 hours so we can enjoy Republicans absolu

It's not just the US where we see those w/MORE education voting for more liberal political parties

Get Yourself a (Tiny) Jeep from the U.S. Postal Service

As Trump falters, Democrats and Biden eye an elusive prize: Texas

Florida Man Jailed After Allegedly Dousing 7-Eleven Employee With Slurpee During Price Dispute

Arizona Republicans fear state Senate nominee could jeopardize their hold on the chamber

***Unwanted Truths: Inside Trump's Battles With U.S. Intelligence Agencies

so basically rachel is doing her best

Vietnam vet and counterterrorism official knows Trump is not good for the military - or our country

Trump says people need to 'stop politicizing' COVID-19 moments before blaming China for the pandemic

Democrats deny outreach to Trump since talks collapsed

Double standards: IOKIYAR

Judge Orders Uber, Lyft to Stop Classifying Drivers as Independent Contractors

Rachel Maddow is talking about authoritarian governments and it is scaring me.

Could Wake County (NC) voters cast their ballots at PNC Arena this fall?

"proliferation of office-reopening paraphernalia"while "more dangerous activities are still allowed"

Joe Biden need only watch this 8 minute video to decide to choose Kamala Harris:

Susan Rice shot to the top on Predictit

Biden ad: The world has built a wall around us:

Trump Plaza Casino in Atlantic City to be demolished as early as 2020

Georgia school seen in viral photo temporarily closes after 9 students and staff members test

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that Democrats are favored to win in 2020.

In Florida, a coronavirus showdown as DeSantis rejects Tampa-area schools plan

Thank God the Big Ten is smarter than our politicians...

How reckless White allies could lead to the reelection of Trump

New Member

Trump Sends In the Economic Quacks

I'm hoping the rethugs efforts to hinder the vote blows up in their faces

Take this as a known fact.

Trump Teases a Gettysburg Convention Speech. Experts Say It's an Ethics Breach.

Stephen Miller Is Just Like Donald Trump--But Competent

"Did the Secret Service take you to the bunker?" - did I hear the reporter correctly?!1

Just bought this yard sign thanking postal workers

Pose a thought

Dershowitz loses in court....underwear still on, Alan?

If I had a billion dollars:

Cold as ICE: How Local Sheriffs Are Driving Trump's Deportation Agenda

Rate of positive Texas COVID-19 tests is at 21%, highest recorded

Coronavirus testing in Texas plummets as schools prepare to reopen

Screw it. If my father can board a ship to fight the Axis powers,

Things were a little dicey even at the hospital today.

Family rescues dog nearly 4 miles offshore in Lake Michigan

Whistleblower alleges ESD errors opened its own systems to fraud, left jobless in the lurch

Seattle City Council approves historic cuts to police department budget

Local families praise state's online early education program

The wreckage that Joe Biden might inherit in November

When Trump's stormtroopers impound ballots in Dem areas in battleground states, then what?

'Totally unacceptable': Testing delays force labs to prioritize COVID-19 tests for some, not others

GOP senators tiptoe around Trump as the party faces growing political dangers ahead of Nov. 3

Agent Running in the Field

*Neal Katyal on Lawrence show now.

Now that's the America I remember! One that condemns violence committed by regimes against their cit

If these leaders define the future of the Republican Party, it doesn't deserve to have a future

This is both gross and stupid (& ugly & uncomfortable!):

Ed Markey Slams Ted Cruz's Comments In Senator Spat Over Coronavirus Relief

Biden statement on elections in Belarus

'Splain this to me, please. According to the USPS, based on past (successful) experience,

Spot on Dan Rather

Some Good News for a change

How Did Americans Become Such Wimps? Silence As 10s of 1000s Killed, Social Security, PO Destroyed..

Bill Barr's Remarkable Interview on Fox News and a Preview of Tomorrow's Court Hearing in Flynn Case

DSB Exclusive-The Two VP Finalists

Paula Poundstone: Dear Ted Cruz

Don the Con and his goons have started the war on Christmas

I need to catch up, medicare at 60 on the table

Liberty University taps Falwell fill-in

Trump's line of attack on Joe Biden

Congratulations to Joe Biden's VP pick!!!

famous hymn writer accused of sexual misconduct. Catholic church pulling his hymns

My Dark Journey Into the Soul of a Model Young Republican Candidate

Encountered my second maskhole today, this time at the grocery store

"History has shown that when people stop fearing an autocrat, they will no longer obey him.

It is not enough to win this election.

2020 US Senate Elections that Democrats are favored to win from Safe to Tilt.

Men tend to choose higher paying careers?

Solar flare threat

USPS cannot "lose money" any more than the DOD or DOT can

Will Nancy Pelosi be our next President ?????

19th Amendment/Women Vote postage stamps

Joe: This is the latest dire consequence of Donald Trump looking the other way on Beijing's repressi

UAW president, Sanders divided over convention event

So I'm watching Brian Williams, having been media free for most of the afternoon...

1/20/2001 - 8/10/2020 "Thank's For The Memories" ....

Hattori Hanzō: The Demon Samurai/Ninja (Japanese History Explained)

i don't have cable, i'm OTA

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Best of Good News

I like any other sports fan would love to see football pro or college played this year?

1918 what a year, all the soldiers got sick and WW2 ended

Sierra Club's Endorses Joe Biden

What is the true state of the American economy right now?

Capital One Arena To Be Used As D.C. Polling Place For November Election

Trump Accuses Biden of Dragging out V.P. Search Instead of Picking First Clown Who Says Yes

You know you've been playing computer games too long when...

Seth Meyers: Trump Signs Sham Executive Orders, Takes Credit for Obamacare: A Closer Look

George Soros, Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, the Democrats.

I missed Rachel tonight

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Makes a Mess of COVID Relief & Eyes a Spot on Rushmore


Trump Yacht Parades - Why Can't Unions, Students and Middle Class Do The Same for Dems?

Court: LA County owes $8M to man killed like George Floyd

Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers

Seth Meyers - Trump Signs Sham Executive Orders, Takes Credit for Obamacare: A Closer Look

Pokey is a damn treasure, but Adam Hoskins is my pick 4 best guitarist under 60

George Conway, love him or be disgusted in his choice of wife

Virginia Will Require Tracking Codes On All Absentee Ballot Envelopes

Protesters met with jeers by crowd with guns in Nevada city

Report: Agency in Alabama city segregated public housing

I re-watched the first episode of the West Wing just now

Susan Rice was photographed shaking hands with a felon.

(Jewish Group) Wetherspoons drinker tells Jewish student: 'We should have gassed you'

Mexico City lets bars 'change' to restaurants to reopen

Cortez the Killer

Court record in Colombia reveals Uribe's mounting legal bind

watching Netflix Immigration Nation and am ENRAGED!!!

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats the Democrats are favored to win in 2020.

I just had a pretty decent laugh that's been missing for so long. The taunts of the 'big boy'.

Future books by Republican Senators

How Uribe's conspiracy theories got him in more trouble with Colombia's Supreme Court

I watched this band practice in my friend's garage. In 7th grade.

His first big lie was that he was a "conservative".

The Debate Over Reopening Schools Continues As More Children Test Positive - Deadline - MSNBC

I Am the Highway Audioslave

Audioslave - Cochise

'It was all a lie': Top GOP operative delivers 'a searing indictment' as he abandons the party he

Trump Signs New Executive Order Granting Himself Unemployment Check in January

MonsutaHantaYui is out on the Hunt with friends again ...

Huckleberry season

any more news about the victim of the shooting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Dan Rather recs Jon Pavlovitz

Neal Katyal: Trump's COVID Relief Orders Are A 'Legal Catastrophe' - The Last Word - MSNBC

My Generation - The Small Faces (documentary)

8/11 Mike Luckovich: Everything's fine now

A mix of classical. Sorry, no titles in my subject line. Ima fading...

This is what a history degree from Trump University will get you.

House GOP super PAC adds $45M to fall advertising

Belarus opposition candidate safe in Lithuania.

Teaching Torture: The Death and Legacy of Dan Mitrione

AZ-06: David Schweikert's Staff: "I Hate this Job"

Trump Again Attacks Mail Voting As COVID-19 Cases Top 5,000,000 - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Babs allows MeidasTouch to use her "Enough is Enough" hit and the ad is glorious!

US Veterans deported on regular basis under Trump admin

Are you living under lockdown restrictions?

Having a snack. Who this dude Eivind Groven? 1st selection just played on radio. Niza-nice...

robert earl keene - feelin' good again (live in studio-2017) one for 11/4/2020 AM

I need beddy-bye. What wrong with me. (Dont answer that!11 😆) Flute Sonatas..

GA-14: QAnon ally could secure her ticket to Congress in safely red Georgia seat

Portland protesters gather for the 75th straight night

Three members of military among men arrested in central Texas child prostitution sting

Trump Wielding Presidency Like An Autocrat: To Preserve His Power - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Trump Weaponizes Postal Service To Hurt Americans Voting By Mail - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Colbert The Late Show 8-10-20

drive-by truckers - gravity's gone (studio-2008) a mike "stroker ace" cooley classic ...

More Than 800 Students In Cherokee County GA Must Quarantine Due To COVID-19

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/10/20

Stephen Colbert - Dr. LaPook Offers A Realistic Timeframe For Safe And Effective Coronavirus Vaccine

How will Trump's weaponized USPS affect overseas military ballots?

Russia unveils coronavirus vaccine, claiming victory in global race before final testing is complete

There really is a tweet for every occasion

Randy Rainbow serenades Christopher Cuomo

#InterruptTrump Don Winslow

Seriously - who the fuck gives a flying fuck about the Con doubling down


I literally knew that Morning JoeScum would start with the Con saying that the

Trump says considering cutting capital gains tax, and income taxes for middle-income families

Federal agency to reopen 53 Native American schools despite coronavirus fears

Wolf says large Trump nomination crowd in Gettysburg would violate state ban -- he 'hopes and expects

I (still) believe the president, and in the president

Global Coronavirus Cases Top 20 Million, Doubling In 45 Days

DeVos publicly absent as critical decisions are made on public school reopenings

UPDATED: DNC Speaker Schedule

Heading into final stretch, Markey-Kennedy race looks to be a dead heat

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best says she will retire amid protests, City Council cuts

I (still) believe the president, and in the president (satire) by George Conway

California judge orders Uber, Lyft to reclassify drivers as employees

I had the sweetest dream

Covid is society's moral correction.

Ask Jack Pardee How That Works

handy voting info: absentee, early, in-person, info, voter registration, etc

'The Unravelling of America,' Rolling Stone. Even Great Empires Have Their Day

Tuesday TOONs - Water Is Now Officially Wet

New Zealand reports first coronavirus cases in 102 days: "We had all hoped not to find ourselves in

Rhino Charging Down Indian Highway

Now that was one hell of a storm

"Oh, Slippers, what have you done?"

'Biden Will Work To Protect & Expand Social Security'

Brazilian Deforestation Only Growing As Bolsonaro Gov Lies About Data, Policy, Laws

The Twit tweets: "John Bolton, one of the dumbest people I've met in government and sadly, I've met"

55 Years Ago Today; The Watts Rebellion begins

Kanye and election fraud

I figured it out!

For UK Climate Liars, It's A Hop, Skip And Jump To Becoming COVID Liars; Bonus: Miracle Cures!

RUDE PUNDIT: The Real Trick Behind Trump's Executive Actions: PASS THE BUCK

The Lincoln Project: Moving Day

The Lincoln Project: Moving Day

Hopefully my Biden 'swag' gets here before November!

Sterling Heights [Michigan] clerk receives dozens of late absentee ballots in mail

'Joe Biden May Be Uniquely Positioned To Fascist-Proof The Presidency'

I can hand carry my absentee ballot to the Board of Elections and Circumvent Trump's Destruction...

Trump's Brain Breaks On National TV As He Claims The Spanish Flu Ended World War II

Microbiologist: "I'm angry as hell & if I die please let the world know that Donald Trump killed me"

Lost on the frontline...

An economic crisis in Kentucky has workers, businesses furious with McConnell

At Christmas time every year the Postal service delivers up to 607 million cards a DAY.

'Postmaster General DeJoy Called On To Resign For 'Nefarious' Efforts To Destroy The Postal Service'

Stock market futures sky high again today!

Hand deliver your ballots...make sure they count.


My sister called yesterday. A relative told her huge blocks of zip codes missing when the mail was

5 horses butchered near Texas town since May - and police think someone's eating them Read more her

The Rundown: August 11, 2020

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 08/05/2020

"Raging Trumpitis"

Help! I Can't Believe My Son's Friend Fed Him Indian Food Without Calling Me First.

Albuquerque Police Chief of Staff accused of abusing city-issued credit card

Lincoln Project expands GOP target list, winning Trump ire

"Mailed votes leave a paper trail that renders them less, not more, susceptible to fraud."

Many Wall Street analysts are noting that the numbers seem to be going down, or leveling off.

Science vs. Everything Else

Experts Warn Trump Exec. Action On Unemployment Insurance Deliberately Leaves Out Poorest Americans

Is Lindsey Graham Actually in Trouble in South Carolina?

Common sense people.

Eric Boehlert: Memo to media: Stop pretending Trump cares about the pandemic

Gave up my favorite sports message board today

CSKT Division of Fire puts out grass fire started by bear falling from power pole

Biden picks Congresswoman Rice

Democrats Announce Inspiring Lineup of Americans Who Will Speak at the 2020 Democratic National Conv

Biden campaign puts VP team in place ahead of announcement

Dress rehearsal for 12:01pm, 1/20/21

Russia unveils covid vaccine 'Sputnik V', claiming breakthrough in global race before final testing

If you only needed one reason to vote for Biden, here it is (some sanity in the morning):

Did an ex-military contractor throw IEDs at Portland protesters

'Listening to experts is elitist': Idaho Republicans to strip power from public health officials

What If The Press Stopped Letting Trump Interrupt?


'Postal Union Leader Warns Assault on USPS Puts U.S. on "Path Toward Dictatorship"

A 16 year old just called.

sHitler's "October Surprise" - manufactured dirt from Ukraine, investigation of Russia investigation

Biden camp puts VP team in place ahead of announcement

Hey! I'm reading here!

Trump just now: "Some people would say men are insulted by" Biden's commitment to choosing female VP

Beto for keynote!

You raised $5,043.00 on August 10, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Everyone! Vote for Joe Biden because He Is SO Not Donald Trump!

Steve Doocy: "What's one thing a lot of people don't know about Trump?"

Trump says men may be 'insulted' by Biden's female VP pledge

Kasich speaking strictly the DNC convention is rather extraordinary isn't it?

Breakfast: Tuesday, 8/11/20

Wait for it?

A reminder not to read too much into VP "hints." Also that nothing's official until it's official.

Breakfast Tuesday 11 August 2020

Joe Jackson has a birthday today.

Florida's unemployed struggle with system designed to fail

So Russia has a vaccine....Talk me down.

What time is the Flynn court matter taking place

Re-opening schools during a pandemic

What Arpaio's primary loss could tell us about Trump's future

Trump campaign dispatches Pence to shore up Mormon support -- after harsh criticism from Mitt Romney

The Dark Side of Being a Female Shark Researcher

Lincoln Project expands GOP target list, winning Trump ire

Brightline drops Virgin as partner

Florida's Covid-19 cases in children have increased 137% in past month

Gold. $90 drop this morning. Silver a greater percentage drop -7%

So, how long will it be before Trump buys a bazillion dollars worth of Putin's unproven

Re-opening schools during a pandemic

This Article Totally Defines Trump. He wants to open the football season as soon as possible

To the Deplorables STILL trying to justify a vote for Trump:

Osterholm warned a back-to-school surge in COVID-19 "will far surpass what we saw after Memorial Day

Tennessee lawmakers continue special session Tuesday

My new yard sign

Hush-hush preparations are underway at a hotel ballroom in Delaware.

Live audio of Flynn hearing

Hit piece in the NYT?

Drunk History: Trump Edition

Speculation over Biden's VP pick grows after list of DNC speakers released

'Trump Says He May Accept Presidential Nomination At Gettysburg Battlefield'

Good morning to everyone except @LindseyGrahamSC, who spent the weekend at a fancy country club in N

US producer prices up 0.6% in July, biggest jump since 2018

Trump Given Deadlines to Produce DNA in E. Jean Carroll's Defamation Lawsuit

Repukes and Donald approve new C-19 masks

August 10, 1927: President Coolidge dedicates site of Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

OK, what am I missing? Why isn't this argument being made by both Democrats AND Republicans?

Trump WALKS OUT of News Conference When Confronted on Lies

Impaired Trump Tool Visibly Struggles with Arithmetic

NC-11: Republican Congressional candidate deletes photos from Hitler's retreat vacation


BTRTN 2020 Snapshot: Dems Likely to Rock the House in November

Live tweeting on Flynn here (for twitter types)

BTRTN 2020 Snapshot: Dems Likely to Rock the House in November

BTRTN 2020 Snapshot: Dems Likely to Rock the House in November

BTRTN 2020 Snapshot: Dems Likely to Rock the House in November

Pic Of The Moment: Nothing To See Here, Just The President Getting People Killed, Move Along

caption TRUMP photo

must read. Delves into Russia's ongoing attack on US elections with the help of Putin's pawns in Sen

Hi-Yo, Silver! Away! Get 'Em Up, Scout- Something to perk you up

If Donald Trump Controls The Mail, He Controls Democracy

President Ford and his family remained in their home in Alexandria, Virginia, after he took office.

Let Me Be There -- Olivia Newton-John 🆚 Tanya Tucker 🆚 Elvis Presley

"Calibre". Wow, one intense drama.

It's Primary Day in CT, VT, MN, WI and GA

one possible root cause of our issue - my feeling of how we face big problems these days

'Sarcasm' among most requested emojis according to UT study

Justice Department bid to drop criminal case against Michael Flynn returns to court

Update: 826 students (GA) under quarantine in Cherokee after possible COVID-19 exposures

Attending a nominating convention

Agency in Alabama city segregated public housing

NC-11: My Dark Journey Into the Soul of a Model Young Republican Candidate

I should not have done this...

Just my about once a month post of "How's Everybody Holding Up"?

Trump: If I don't win the election, China will own the US and you'll have to learn to speak Chinese

Will trump try to have his BFF Putin send him 100,000,000 doses of their "vaccine" in October

We are binging The Sopranos again - we've watched it twice (well spread out since it came out in 21

NPR: How This Conservative Florida County Became A Surprise 2020 Battleground

Team Biden wishes it had known something was slightly wrong with every woman

I will NEVER take a vaccine from Putin.

Mail-in Monday

"God's Cleansing Plan"

CT Republican ends bid on primary day, after arrest

CT Republican ends bid on primary day, after arrest

1213 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues.; 45 deaths

The White House-Kodak Controversy Has a New Angle: A Billionaire's Huge Stock Gift to a Synagogue

How not to assure the nation that you are a good attorney general

I have watched Midway 2019,

Kanye West's lawyer demands Democrats prove Mickey Mouse didn't really sign his ballot petition.

Idaho Republican: Listening to the medical experts is an elitist approach


A Record 75% of Americans Can Vote by Mail in 2020

"They've had enough of everything': Record numbers of Americans are giving up their US citizenship

Sen Perdue, who wanted to abolish Education Dept. now wants to give Betsy DeVos $50 billion

Trump wants to host G-7 -- and Russia -- after election

In New Zealand, Life Is Ordinary Again After 101 Days With No Community Spread

Lawmakers urge the FDA to temporarily clear e-cigarettes from market amid Covid pandemic. Here's why

Aquarium Is Washing Old Wishes To Pay Bills During Pandemic

I dared to call our illustrious Senator Lankford's office this morning.

A History of Violence: Why I Loved Cop Shows, and Why They Must Change

An economic crisis in Kentucky has workers, businesses furious with McConnell

$12 Trillion Has Been Spent Propping Up The Stock Market So Far Anyone Know About This?

Trumpinistas in Fla encouraged to vote absentee

Republican candidate in Connecticut's 2nd District abruptly drops out following his arrest

How Trump's mail voting sabotage could result in an election night nightmare

Salt Lake police pin black man to ground, then sic police-dog on his legs while they sit on him.


An economic crisis in Kentucky has workers and businesses furious with Mitch McConnell

Daughter of Tennessee prison administrator killed in escape files $5 million lawsuit

Why Trump's attack on Biden's faith is really an attack on all religious Americans

Have you spotted a satellite dish on a beaver lodge? Here's why it's happening

This is not looking good for Flynn or the Con

I didn't know Putin had children.

Fox News is now running ads for QAnon Trumpy Bears. This is not a parody.

"'And when I say Biden wants to hurt God,' I don't mean . . .' Come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

I've got your back !

Republican candidate for Congress in Connecticut's 2nd District abruptly drops out...

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/11/20 - 20-MILLION CASES

Here is who are hosting the Democratic National Convention on MSNBC:

Russia registers virus vaccine, Putin's daughter given it

White House-Kodak Controversy Has a New Angle: A Billionaire's Huge Stock Gift to a Synagogue

Sirus/XM 148 is blasts from the past. Last night I was listening to Fibber McGee and Molly...

Wearing a neck gaiter may be worse than no mask at all, researchers find

Trump-loving GOP candidate rushes to delete vacation pics at Hitler's favorite retreat

Just a few dozen showed up for a Trump campaign rally in the Orlando area featuring Eric Trump.

How to watch the Democratic National Convention...

The president continues to lie about coronavirus. It's August!

Don't Turn Us Into Belarus

If the Dem Convention speaker list is a tell we know who the VP pick is:

Fishin' Blues

Hidden Words

"Anti" means "against". "Antifa" is short for "anti-fascism". Therefore, those who are

FRONTLINE: Love, Life & the Virus

Andrea Mitchell is on with Tom Perez and he is discussing the upcoming convention. Andrea

The So-Called 'Intelligence Community' Has Once Again Folded to an Incompetent President

"Zombie cicadas" infected with mind-controlling fungus return to West Virginia

I have stopped watching cable news until

DNC lineup includes high-profile New Yorkers: Cuomo, Schumer, AOC, and the Clintons

A local political sign battle is creating WW3 on our Next Door!

Republican drops out of congressional race after he's arrested for domestic violence

Seattle police chief retires after vote to trim up to 100 officers, $3 million from the force

Ghislaine Maxwell complains about 'uniquely onerous' conditions behind bars

Trump's deep admiration and respect for women

Serbia considers buying Chinese missiles despite US warning

No, Now Is Not the Time for Another Russia Reset

Rachel Maddow's thought-provoking comment on "Autocrats".

What a postmaster from the Midwest has to say.

Yang not asked to speak.. And no Beto???

Man punches Sesame Place worker who asked him to wear a mask

Would you take a coronavirus vaccine produced in Russia?

Donald Trump - President's Public Schedule...... Good info at Factbase

Now the US has a vaccine?

METROPOLITAN DIARY 'The Guy in Front of Me Called a Name, and the Other Guy Turned'

There's a Massive Onion Recall Right Now After Salmonella Outbreak in 43 States

Trump Says He Already Has 'Excellent' Supreme Court Nominee Lined Up in Case of Surprise Vacancy

She beat the Spanish flu, and now 107-year-old New Jersey woman beat COVID-19

Russia Is Attacking The 2020 Election, You Idiots. Not Iran. Not 'GIIIIIIINA. Russia.

I don't want a vaccine-- I want TREATMENT!!! OK, I'll take a vaccine if they come up with...

White House Forced Changes In Intel Warning That Russia Wants Trump To Win: Report

The Rude Pundit: The Real Trick Behind Trump's Executive Actions: Pass the Buck

Heidi P on MSNBC: $25-million in taxpayer $ to provide private security for DeVos

Red Deer doctor dies after attack at walk-in medical clinic

SC Senate race between Lindsey Graham and Jaime Harrison to TOSS-UP!

Trump Attacks Protesting Athletes, Pushes For Football Despite Coronavirus Concerns

Kamala Harris

Trump-loving GOP candidate rushes to delete vacation pics at Hitler's favorite retreat

Paul Begala: Democrats can seal win with Social Security

One Nomination Sent to the Senate; August 11, 2020

Russia announced an Ebola Vaccine too

Trump: If Biden Wins, You'll 'Have To Learn To Speak Chinese'

Vote Proud: Enough Is Enough

She Explains 'Mansplaining' With Help From 17th-Century Art

Vote Proud: Enough Is Enough

Trump's Remarks in Press Briefing; August 11, 2020

5 Big Ten athletes diagnosed with myocarditis, a rare condition that can lead to heart damage

Legal experts walk through 'the crazy' of Ron Johnson's fake 'investigation' of Joe Biden

Nice sign.

any news on the shooter at the whitehouse y day?

Why does COVID-19 strike some and not others? Fauci sees an answer in new study

WARNING: Coronavirus Cases in US Children Rose By 90% in About Four Weeks This Summer

Portland "Bible Burning" Story Was Russian Disinfo

'It's risky': Russians are divided about its poorly-tested new COVID-19 vaccine

Tweet of the day contender

Top Washington lawmakers ask for border exemption between Canada and small Whatcom County town

Name a book plot twist that causes you to immediately cease reading.

Trump Tries to Shore up Support Among Women as Polls Show Him Trailing

When is Biden is announced the winner I will put speakers on my porch and,

Finally, an answer:

Barr Has Secret Reasons for Dismissing Michael Flynn Case

How could you possibly get more on the nose than this headline

Another foster gone in the morning

"When I die ..."

Thunderstorms freak our 12 year old golden retriever and the golden retriever puppy

Trump: 'George Washington would have had a hard time beating me before the plague came in'

Pa. Gov. Says Large Crowd In Gettysburg For Trump Nomination Would Violate State's Crowd Limitations

Benghazi versus 200,000+ dead by election day

Nickelback bruh

Please announce the VP pick during POS45's daily news-campaign rally!

Somebody Has A Great Sense Of Humor

About stealing the election or refusing to leave

Family seeking legal action after bodycam video shows alarming arrest of 8-year-old boy

COVIDiot Carried Out of Grocery Store by His Son Amid Mask Meltdown at Employees: WATCH

Interrupted by shooting, Trump continues to spin false narrative around mail-in voting/Covid

Family seeking legal action after bodycam video shows alarming arrest of 8-year-old boy

Question about USPS oversight

House needs a TELEVISED HEARING with the Postmaster General right now!!!

Brianna Keilar (CNN) is my girl crush.

NC-11: GOP Candidate Was Rejected from Naval Academy

How Joe Biden's Plan Could Be a Transformative Step to Addressing the Climate Crisis

Well, I'm hot-blooded, Check it and see....

Sing us a song about a lesson we should have learned

CNN Biden has chosen his VP

Update - Now TD#11

Retail Chains Abandon Manhattan: 'It's Unsustainable' (no office workers, no tourists)

HE has NO CLUE about World and American HISTORY.

Can any self employed folks help with EDD question?

Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist Rick Wiles Claims Democrats Are Trying To Kill Trump

'Evil Geniuses' Looks At 'How Greed Was Unleashed' Morning Joe MSNBC

Nickelback teases an announcement. 😂😂😂

The Big Ten presidents have voted to postpone the 2020 college football season

Donald Trump *actually* wants his face added to Mount Rushmore

AP: AP sources: Man shot near White House had shouted threats

****Biden has made his decision. Announcement imminent****

Some scary shit from Slate re the Supremes - "The Supreme Court's Most Partisan Decisions Are Flying

I absolutely LOVE AND APPROVE of Biden's VP choice! I'm very ENTHUSIASTIC about...

The feast day of St. Clare is today; Clare was a friend and follower of Francis of Assisi.

Putin Claims Russia Has A Coronavirus Vaccine TODAY

******BIDEN VP PICK KAMALA HARRIS thread 1*******

Trump's War Room. How low can they go? Pretty low, it would seem.

Eric trump once again proves he's the stupid brother. What's wrong with these numbers?

Trump Mountain

Retail Chains Abandon Manhattan: 'It's Unsustainable'

I just called my 2 useless Georgia Senators. I asked them what they are doing to get a Covid bill

How to Film a Good Sword Fight Video Essay

It's possible that Trump actually isn't the hardest-working president in history

Poll: Whom will it be?

Big 10 to delay season? Just Breaking on CNN nt

The American blog pushing Xinjiang denialism

Republicans Furious At Trump After He Yells At Billionaire Donor

IF trump* is holding a press appearance, today, that's when Joe should announce his VP.

The Ninja: From Reality to Myth

How will Trump try to blunt the VP announcement?

POLITICO: "Biden Chooses Running Mate. Dems Shocked and in DISARRAY!"

Meet the Company That Writes the Policies That Protect Cops

Big Ten officially postpones fall sports, including football, with hopes of playing in spring

Ex-VA official: Residents of veterans homes 'left behind' during pandemic

Brian Williams might be flawed but he's a pro's pro.

Waiting for the VP announcement be like....

Trump's Scottish and Irish golf resorts spur a new round of scrutiny on his businesses - Democratic vice president nomination

Sabotaging the Census Is a Gift to White Power

What Trump was really doing in the Bunker, in a rap cartoon

Joe should hold off until after Trump has his briefing?

Any Word As To How Things Are Proceeding In Sturgis?....

How Sen. Ron Johnson's Investigation Became an Enabler of Russian Disinformation: Part I

Memo to every network decision desk: bookmark this.

Trump could face more legal trouble after group finds evidence he inflated the value of his golf

A Bible Burning, a Russian News Agency and a Story Too Good to Check Out

Supernatural stars meet with Sen Cory Booker and Texas Democratic candidate Mary 'MJ' Hegar

Karen Bass is not Biden's VP pick - just on CNN

Major stock market tankage as Mitch says no deal

tRump suffers

I got the job! Elementary Ed tech in a lovely school. I'm very excited that I will

Just a few dozen showed up for a Trump rally in the Orlando area featuring Eric in a used car lot.

Poor Eric Trump doesn't understand Presidential terms. Or math.

How Sen. Ron Johnson's (R,WI) Investigation Became an Enabler of Russian Disinformation: Part I

Tweet of the Day

Coronavirus cases lead over 800 to quarantine in Georgia school district where masks not required

Trump could face more legal trouble after group finds evidence he inflated the value of his golf...

I love this. The press is completely ignoring trump

I donated thru DU as soon as the VP is Pick was announced

We have NEVER had a VP pick like this. Lets look at the difference this time around. All women.

Seen a few Ron Paul ads on the TV in the

One last VP prediction

Florida's Covid-19 cases in children have increased 137% in past month

Working hard: Per the FAA, Trump is expected to return to his private Bedminster, NJ club Thursday..

It's not Whitmer, Dems tell @katieglueck and NYT

Yes - "Close to the Edge" live

BREAKING (CNN): The VP choice is...NOT Karen Bass

I was not chosen as VP

Jokes in movies and TV that technology has ruined.

CNN Stacey Abrams was informed today that she is not Joe Biden's vice presidential pick

It's KAMALA!!!!!!!!

Kamala Harris is the VP Pick, per text from Biden campaign!

MSNBC: Biden has called all of the candidates

U2 Drummer Donates $100,000 To Help Navajo And Hopi Families

If Some Drunk At A Bar Told You That "WWII Ended In 1917 Because The Spanish Flu...

It's Kamala, and I'm happy. My choice was a long shot anyway

Introducing Joe Biden's Fantastic Running Mate!

(Jewish Group) White Nationalism and antisemitism


Kamala Harris!

Joe Biden selects Kamala Harris as his running mate


That entire family is just mind-numbingly stupid.

Kamala! nt


So, who will replace Kamala in the Senate?

Ummm It's NOT Kamala

I am disappointed

Congratulations to Sen. Harris! Soon to be VP Harris!

(Jewish Group) The latest Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories from the Middle East and far right

It's Biden/Harris!

Harris was not my pick, but I support her as VP!

There is still not enough questions being asked about why the stock market is booming

'Calif. Judge Orders Uber & Lyft To Convert Their Drivers Into Employees Right Now'

I had not chosen a preference for his VP pick

I think Harris is a fantastic choice.

All - the grassroots fundraiser I circulated a notice about w the VP choice will be TOMORROW...

I got a secret email from someone SUPER well connected 48 hours ago: it's Kamala Harris for VP

Yep I cried.

Get ready, because HERE WE COME!!!


Kamala is the first woman of color on major presidential ticket

How many different Kamala threads will appear in the next 30 minutes!

Congress' Stinginess Is Putting Democracy at Risk, State Election Officials Say

Welp! I got my Dream Ticket

It's Harris!

Congrats to Kamala Harris! Next,

Here's to all the great women who weren't picked!

I can't wait for a Harris-Pence debate, if Mother let's Mikey be alone on stage with a woman.

Text of Biden's email:

Kampala Light

Pence won't come out of the bathroom.

Yeah! The thing that we all knew was going to happen but wondered if it would happen...

I'm happy.

Cartoons 8/11/2020

I am disappointed ONLY in that I desperately want to see her

Well, the Freepers are going apeshit nuts...

I like the graphics

Harrop: Every country made mistakes; we didn't learn from ours

A heartbeat away from the presidency.

Biden Website update

Darn... I looked for the sweet young girl who wanted Kamala's autograph on her Special K box.

I Would Have Been Happy If He Had Chosen Susan Rice...

Rep. Larsen tours small businesses given federal PPP loans

Doug Emhoff Tweet - America , lets do this


The pie was fully baked when Harris dropped out.

Multnomah DA (Portland) is dropping many charges on protest arrests

and she can dance.....

Live shot of Mike Pence (Twitter)

Bill Barr has a meeting with Mitch mcConnell. Will not say what was discussed. 2020?

I feel a little cry coming on and there's a lump in my throat. This has been such

Who's that 20-foot masked man? It's the anti-virus Muffler Man

Now Katie Porter can become a senator

France and Germany had already informed the White House they would not attend the G-7

So can Dump come up with a nickname for Kamala Harris that is not racist?

Constraints gone, GOP ramps up effort to monitor voting

Harris will skewer Trump. I hope she doesn't even mention Pence. No need to.

Kamala Harris works for me...

Congrats to Maya Rudolph

Maya Rudolph

I'm Calm with Kamala!

Kamala Harris's secret weapon: the sisters of AKA.

Ok, it's silly, but...

Harris will kick Pence's weaselly ass in a debate.

AND.....Trump responds

So I'm hearing first African-American, first Asian American

This is everything: Dr. Biden and Douglas Emhoff...

Harris on being first:

EU to review ties with Belarus, mulls action over crackdown

Trump angrily denies trusting Putin over 'sleaze-bags' in US intelligence

I appreciate not only who Joe Biden chose as his running mate, but also how he treated those he

"Biden Harris" equals "Brains Hired"

Got something interesting in the mail today

Help. I have at least 6 or 7 cartons of books and a pile of magazines. I've been taking them ...

Do you think Trump will now dump Pence in favor of, oh say, Nikki Haley?

So...odds on Trump dumping Pence and going with Nikki Haley...

How to ring in 2021 the right way:

How a slowdown in the Postal Service is impacting small businesses

Good for the Big 10 Conference!

Pac-12 postpones all sports competition through end of year, aims to play in 2021

The whole world should be impressed

Remember the President Obama meme, "I got this"?

Can't wait to hear Harris use her prosecutorial skills

Borowitz - Woman Wildly Overqualified To Replace Mike Pence

Video Showing Florida Police Attempting To Handcuff 8-Year-Old Draws Outrage


Trump picked a VP to compliment him. Biden picked a VP to complement him...


The rise of Howard University in 2020

An oportunity for Gov. Newsom

The Lincoln Project: Kamala. It's time. Let's go.

Bidens 10 to 12 point lead is now gone

Pac-12 follows Big Ten, looks to postpone fall sports until spring

Sen. Kamala Harris and Mike Putz are scheduled to debate each other Oct. 7, per previous schedule.

DNC announces Convention Virtual Roundtables

*The Dictator's Playbook*: Will Enough Americans Show Up To Stop Trump From Using It?

Don Winslow: White House Press Should Try This Next Time Trump Lies

I have no time or patience

One thing you can bet on with this pick. The Republicans will overplay the hand.

**Fun Facts** BOTH Trump and Ivanka donated to Harris' prior CA AG campaigns! Delicious!

Kamala was an obvious choice. She checked all the right boxes. Still, I can't get over a feeling of

I just tried to order a Biden/Harris lawn sign and bumper stickers

Border Patrol agent arrested and charged with trafficking over 350,000 pills believed to be fentanyl

How will they attack Harris?

Tweet from Senator Kamala Harris

Patton Oswald doesn't like it Joe. 😆

So will Karen Pence allow Mike to be on stage alone with Harris at the VP debates?

Bill Barr under fire for calling Black Lives Matter a 'Bolshevik organization'

Chuck Todd just showed up on MSNBC...

Finally got my text from Joe about picking Kamala as VP just now

The Vice President and California's Attorney General are coming for you, Trump!

Susan Rice tweet re: selection of Senator Kamala Harris as VP.

Kamala. It's time. Let's go. -New Lincoln Project Ad

Right about now, tRump Humper racist heads are 'sploding

Fauci has questioned whether Russia's coronavirus vaccine is safe

I have always wanted Harris as VP

I have already seen one negative thread on DU about the VP selection. Today is NOT the day for that.

Joe & Kamala... A ticket I am excited about

Democrats Unveil Lineup Of Speakers For Next Week's Convention

How I know Harris was the right pick.

******Barack Obama - "Joe Biden Nailed It..." ******

Joe just grabbed trump by his neck vagina in picking senator Harris as vp I cannot wait for debates

"In 2011 and again in 2013, Trump donated a total of $6,000 to Harris' campaign"

Conservative Columnist Explains Why GOP May Not Deserve To Have A Future

Sen Kamala Harris questioning AG Low Barr:

So is the Con holding a shitshow today

Dear Sen Harris: on Oct. 7, please ask Pence why he was SPECIFICALLY chosen for VP by MANAFORT

The "Slow Joe" and "Phony Kamala" ad is already

Long a Republican Safety Net, White Middle-Class Voters Are Slipping From Trump's Grip

Shiny new avatar (thanks to cayugafalls for graphics assist)

Anyone else crying???

Joe B: Back when Kamala was Attorney General, she worked closely with Beau. I watched as they took o

I like this. This feels good. This feels right.

Statement from Sen Elizabeth Warren re: selection of Sen Kamala Harris as VP.

The Under the Bridge crew will likely be busy this evening. I think I already smell a few. nt

Joe Biden tweet on choosing Kamala

So if Harris debates Pence will Mother have to be on stage between them?

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 11, 2020

President Obama statement on selection of Senator Kamala Harris as VP.

March on Washington reconfigured to comply with virus rules

I keep getting messages from people saying it's great that Biden picked someone half-Asian.??? They

In honor of our wonderful VP candidate...Let's do Frank...

Just a little peek into the christofascist approach to smearing Kamala Harris...

While this is "somewhat" of a joke, it would be priceless

I had forgotten what hope felt like.

First photo together as candidates

Nice Lincoln Project ad. "Kamala. It's time. Let's go."

Why would Nikki Haley want to be on a losing ticket?


Good one from Randy Rainbow ...

After 3 1/2 Years Of Hell, I Finally Feel Hope

chuck todd needa to SHUT THE CRAP UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden/Harris gear ready to go!:

Favorite Biden/Harris hashtags?

Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris as running mate

Republican Jesus please rapture us before the VP debate

Well I'm jazzed about Kamela

Kamala be like...

One of the best things about the Harris announcement this afternoon? It pre-empts trump's show.


Photo of Biden asking Harris to be his Running Mate

Been a bit since a piece of news made me legit happy.

This is one of those great days on DU....

Joe Biden's Praise For Kamala Harris, In His Own Words

Kamala is of Indian descent.

Harris was my choice in the primary. She is charismatic,

Somewhere around 10 years ago I read a story about Harris online

F*** the "KaMAlA iS a KOp" kru!!!

Joe Biden, by putting Kamala Harris on the ticket, did more good than trump's done in 3-1/2 years

Neither CNN or MSNBC are carrying trump live. They're talking about KAMALA HARRIS.

I have nothing against Chuck Todd. A person needs to make a living

I like Tucson


"Will you vote for Trump or for a big goevernment socialist?"

Is Kamala the first ever fully 'First Generation American' on a presidential ticket?

Home Page of

Biden's VP pick: Why Kamala Harris embraces her biracial roots

Tammy Duckworth statement on selection of Sen Kamala Harris as VP.

Haha Anderson Cooper just said President Biden

Attention Trump Crime Family:

Florida's GOP Governor Shoots Down Trump's Plan To Extend Unemployment Benefits: 'Not An Option'

just updated my picture on fb

Now, I'd like Joe to do a slow rollout of his cabinet. One pick a week.

Dump is whining about Biden picking Harris.

Bunker Boy is on Fox sounding like a tired old washed up fool, droning on & on -

Trump talking about Harris now.

Karen Bass statement on selection of Sen Kamala Harris as VP.

Trump really has no other options, it's time to kick Pence to the curb

ROFL, Chump attacking Harris for being against, wait for it, fracking!

Kalama Harris should throw out the opening pitch at the San Diego Padres Los Angeles Dodgers game

George Takei: Well this is awkward.

"Mama Don't Allow" - Dom Flemons, Molly Tuttle, Billy Strings, and Old Crow Medicine Show

Oldie But Goodie. Harris Demands 'Respect' From John Kelly.

Cabinet choices.

Kamala Harris' Formal Acceptance, In Her Own Words

And let us not forget that Biden's choice of Kamala Harris is proof that Biden, unlike Trump,

Dang it! Now we are going to need a new senator!

Justice Rice. US Attorney General Susan Rice.

wow...Equal rights mean what??

I absolutely love Charles Pierce!

I think that this is the most pleased I have been for a

Kamala Harris' Best Moments


I wished Biden would have timed the announcement for just after trump finished his bs presser

The sheer joy in people's voices! Cory Booker on MSNBC is over the moon!

Black women have been the backbone of our country FOREVER!

The Supreme Court's Most Partisan Decisions Are Flying Under the Radar

The perfect response to Trump just now calling Kamala "nasty."

Kamala Haris and Mindy Kaling in the kitchen

Biden has made his choice. End of discussion.

I'm terribly disappointed

Hold it! Kamala Harris is AKA?!?!!

On Faux....

Disease-Bearing Ticks & Insects Thrive As Climate Chg. Heats Up: Blood-Sucking Bugs Beyond NE

Why does MSNBC keep running Kamala's out dated poll numbers over and over?

As Trump exits his press conference, one journalist asks: "Mr. President, why did you donate to @Kam

"Mike Pence has been a good suck-up"

Disease-Bearing Ticks, Insects Thrive As Climate Change Heats Up: Blood-Sucking Lyme Bugs Beyond NE

Are you starting to feel audacity of hope?

Kamala Harris is "ambitious"

Today would be a great day to donate to the Biden-Harris campaign!

Wow, Chuck Todd actually made a good point about Biden!

$6 million in two hours.....

Today is a good day to donate through ActBlue up & down the ticket

I Am Giving Trump A New Name Today - Orange Death

FB is blowing up!

President Obama likes the selection of Senator Harris by Joe Biden

President Obama praises Kamala Harris VP Pick "Joe Biden nailed this decision"

Borger: Kamala Harris a transformative pick for America

Preet Bharara for AG

Happening tomorrow: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will deliver remarks in Wilmington, Delaware

What I learned about guitar pedals today.

OMG, just realized we get 4 years (at least 4, I hope!) of Maya Rudolph as Kamala on SNL

What's this about FISA abuse?

A historic photo: Joe Biden asking Kamala Harris to join the ticket

Kamala & Beau Biden Were Friends

Who is going to be the next junior US Senator from California?

Yup, he's a con man

How The GOP Is Trying To Use Kanye West All In MSNBC

Powerful storm leaves 2 dead, heavy crop damage in Midwest

Pierce: Mike Pence Felt a Cold Chill This Afternoon. He'll Be Debating Kamala Harris.

Donald Trump must have thought very highly of Kamala Harris... he donated to her campaign twice.

WHITE HOUSE JUST IN: Trump TRASHES Kamala Harris after she's picked as Joe Biden's 20

I'm not social media savvy, but can a Facebook and Twitter group be created

I'm thrilled with Kamala, but let's come down to earth and get ready for the attacks

Imagine this historic moment: "Donald Trump first POTUS of 21st century to lose reelection bid"

Let me paraphrase something Lyndon Johnson said the night of his innaugural

Who is Kamala Harris? A look at her background and career in politics

Wartime OPCON transfer plan may face setback (South Korea)

Max Scherzer

Max Sherzer

It's like a giant knee has been taken off America's neck

Buggy design swatted from consideration for new Mississippi state flag

Onward & Upward!!!

Text READY to 30330

Fired up...

"This is your night tonight, everythings gonna be all right !!!"

We have lost our way.

Anybody have a favorite pedal steel guitar solo?

Joy Reid: Harris Pick Proves Biden Wants 'Person Who Forces Him To Be Better' MSNBC

Joe's campaign meme.

On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you that Joe picked Kamala?

There are 84 days left and tomorrow constitutes

Pence will not debate Harris.

"Harris accepted donations from money-laundering swindler with history of racial discrimination"

Amy Klobuchar rips Trump on Fox News for calling Kamala Harris 'nasty'

Report: At Least 10 Big Ten Football Players Have Heart Condition Myocarditis

Trini Lopez, 1960s- Era Singer Mentored By Sinatra, Dies

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 12 August 2020

How people are reacting to Kamala Harris's VP nod

Hillary Clinton on the selection of Kamala Harris as Biden VP choice

It's "COMMA-LAH," not "KUH-MAL-UH."

Lets stop the speculation: Trump is not dropping Pence for Nikki Haley or anyone else...

Neera Tanden and Jonathan Capehart are absolutely giddy on Joy Reid's show!

South Korea- Senior judge once arrested for National Security Act violation nominated to Sup.Ct.

Many health-care workers don't get new paid sick leave, because of 'broad' exemption for providers,

From Charles P. Pierce

The Lincoln Project is in HYPERDRIVE;

NAACP launches drive to boost Black voter turnout in six key states


We pay for VOA to spread democracy and point out corruption around the world not act like a some ri

Maxwell taken off suicide watch?

Peepaw Trump Calls Harris 'Meanest' and 'Most Horrible' U.S. Senator

Are Thump's minions hacking the JHU website?

States mull how to carry out Trump order on unemployment aid

CNN: Obama said "Joe Biden nailed this decision".

Can someone direct me to an article I saw here early today?

President Trump blasts Biden's VP pick, Kamala Harris, as 'meanest, most horrible

STATNEWS: Inspired by llamas' unique antibodies, scientists create a potent anti-coronavirus molecul

I was called a bootlicker by a "progressive" friend

Kamala has that something.

Moscow Mitch: Time to restart coronavirus talks

To those who don't know what "The Divine Nine" is, just mentioned on "The Reidout"...

STATNEWS: AAMC, the medical school trade association, gave $500,000 to dark-money group in 2018

Who else is sick of the Kenny Smith BetMGM commercial?

Bernie's ad for Progressives for Biden

Tulsi is trending on twitter. The so called progressives are back at it

Tulsi is trending on twitter. The so called progressives are back at it